Crash of All Crashes Coming-Bo Polny

Bo PolnyBy Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says the vote by the UK (Brexit) to leave the European Union is a big turning point. Polny says, “Brexit is England and part of the cycle and I believe looks to be the actual trigger that is going to take gold higher and the trigger that is going to cause the world equity markets to collapse.  It looks like it started, but we will have a little bit of time yet before things get extremely crazy.  We are not going to get out of June before all heck breaks loose.”

Polny also is predicting the Dow will eventually grind down to around the 5,000 level. Polny explains, “Basically, after the Dow hits that 5,000 or 6,000 point, it never recovers. This is the crash of all crashes. This is the one where there is no recovery.”

On gold and silver prices, Polny says, “We have a gold bull market and a collapsing of the world equity markets. . . . If you are not positioned before the end of this month, June is the zero hour we are days away. If you are not positioned, it’s going to be very painful.  Also, good luck getting some gold and silver when this happens because the moves will be so dramatic.  I am foreseeing new all-time highs for silver and gold very shortly.  That means silver is going over $50 per ounce.  Gold is going over $2,000 per ounce in the near term.  These prices now are obnoxiously low.  For the last six months, you’ve had a chance to buy gold between $1,050 and $1,250.  That’s a $200 move.  In the future, you are going to get $200 a day move in the price and maybe more.  If you haven’t accumulated, you are almost out of time.”

Polny predicts that people will catch what he calls “gold fever.” Polny explains, “The moment gold goes vertical, people are going to realize gold is money.  Well, yeah, but actually it is insurance against paper money.  When paper money fails, then your insurance policy pays out with money, gold money.  So, it’s just that simple. . . . Gold is only an asset and insurance policy if you are holding it.”

On silver, Polny says, “The deal with silver is it’s going to be exciting. . . . The ratio of silver to gold is 80 to 1, but the in ground ratio is 9 or 10 to 1. . . . So, if gold doubles in price, then silver could quadruple. Gold and silver have always been money, but silver has been the money of the people, so the banks hate it more.”

Polny says his big cycles measure 252 years. 1764 was the beginning of the last cycle, and there was turmoil then too.  Polny explains, “We are out of time, and 2016 will be judgement, and there is all kinds of judgement that the Bible talks about.  This is a judgement cycle.  Last time, there was the currency act of 1764 (imposed on the U.S. by Britain).  They forced this currency, and you got poverty, hunger, joblessness, anger and then war.  That same cycle is about to repeat now.  There’s going to be wars and rumors of war.  There’s going to be poverty.  There is going to be hunger.  There’s going to be all these things happening, and I think it’s going to be sudden.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bo Polny of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

There is free information on If you want to become a subscriber to Polny’s cycle analysis and forecasting go to the home page and scroll to the bottom.


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  1. Harry Mintzer

    Greg- I follow your work closely. I am very worried that we are being lead into a trap. I do not believe that the “elite” or whomever, were held ransom by the voters. It is hard to believe that the guys that can control the markets and economies cannot control the ballot box, and by direct methods. In short, I am concerned that they wanted this outcome. If so, what is their plan? How do we survive the next step? Thanks for your tireless work. I tell all my friends about your website. Prepare mentally, physically, and above all spiritually.

    • Tim


      Your comment is interesting. Brandon Smith, whom Greg Hunter has interviewed, is one of the few in the alternative media who correctly predicted that the Brexit vote would pass. He believes that this is a controlled demolition. He will be posting an article this week that contains his predictions for what is likely to happen in the markets in response to the Brexit event. Brandon’s work can be found at:

      • Jerry

        I took a lot of flack for this one.

        Jerry 05/11/2016 •

        You and your readers may want to mark JUNE 23rd on your calendars. This will be the next inflection point of the global economic collapse. On June 23rd England and most likely Germany may be leaving the EU for greener pastures with the AIIB. Yuan bond sales in England are off the charts and are the highest in the world outside of Beijing. Frankfort has already been established as the main Yuan trade hub in Europe and have offices and trading platforms in place throughout the EU. Why now?

        The LBMA is predicted to default on physical delivery sometime the first part of June. Should that happen, the gold price fix will shift from London to the SGE in Shanghai and the Chinese will reset the gold price, with a much higher benchmark than it is right now. The central banks will have exhausted their ability to control the PM markets with paper contracts, and the dollar is going to get slaughtered in the market as people rush to the gold backed Yuan for safety. The British and Germans know it its coming. That’s why they were the first ones to sign on to the AIIB over a year ago. Now with CIPS and SWIFT in place and SDR by the IMF, they are ready to push the plunger and let it rip. Even the anointed one couldn’t stop it.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have pointed out many important facts and have given solid analysis with sourcing!!!! This is why we love you man!!!!!

          • Jerry

            Thank you Greg.
            Your site is the only place left to find real truth. I deeply appreciate all the work you put in and the guest you bring on.

          • al hall

            Greg; I noticed Bo said own only physical metals. I was told this also about 10 years ago.
            Those who own paper gold/silver will be burned too!!

        • Tim

          Well, June is nearly over, and the LBMA hasn’t defaulted.

          • Jerry

            That you know about.

        • RJ

          LBMA is still around…June’s almost up.

        • WD


          Welcome back….I would imagine the BRICS is drooling right now? You think?

          • Jerry

            I agree with many here. Its a planned demolition. Soros bags on the Brits for leaving the EU while he buys gold. Go figure?

            • WD

              But do you think it was done because they had to?

              Since their original plans when into the can? They put a lot of money into trying to get them to stay… Why spend so much on trying to stay if it was planned to get out…A lot of these 1% will be very hurt over the Brexit…I just don’t see how this was 100% planned.

              Maybe 10-20% but they almost ended up staying in EU, seems like it was too much of a chance for it to be planned.

              What do you think…

              • Jerry

                I’m going to stick with the view that the central banks have planned this all along. The BRICS had help in forming the replacement system with China.
                This is their plan B. Plan A (QE)didn’t work and they have no other option but to start over with a replacement. They’ve done it before, when they went to the fiat system.

        • Laura

          Thanks Jerry! I’m glad you’re back!

        • Rusticus

          Brandon’s analysis of BREXIT over at Alt-Market is unparalleled in the blogosphere, great link. Greg’s interview with him a few years back remains one of USAWatchdog’s finest.

          It’s important to view the “controlled demolition” of the Eurozone cited herein within the context of the IMF’s planned moves later this Fall – with the SDR basket re-weighting taking place in October, a weaker Pound, Euro, Dollar, and Yen can spell only one thing: Significantly increased weighting to the Yuan, eventually culminating in a “pseudo” gold-backed supranational (read: One World) currency.

          All as scripted by the Globalist marauders:

          • Beligarant

            @Rusticus: This was all foretold by Precious Metal Pete which removed all posts and his website some time again. His timing was off by several years but according to this article got the main facts correct. China will be the new controller of price going forward which was decided many years ago. Only GOLD will benefit from this movement!! Gold is about 70% of its all time high while silver is only about 36% of its all time high. Its obvious the money has mostly been flowing into gold.
            If China does set the price I wonder if the other part of his prediction comes true and that is the spot price crashes to its true derivative paper price which the real physical does a moon shot. His dire warning: Anyone holding paper gold in any form, no matter its backing, will get paid the derivative crashed paper price. Enjoy!!

        • Galaxy 500

          It’s past the first part of June with 4 days left in the LAST PART of June. Another day, another deadline past.
          If the deadlines don’t materialize, then what about the validity of the other info?

          • Jerry

            Just because it hasn’t been reported doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened yet. As the metal markets begin to compress you will see a trail of paper contracts that lead back to the dates I have said. I promise you deals are being made behind the scene.

        • Jerry

          Yes… if all else fails, print some more money. That will work won’t it? Nothing to see here people move along to the crash site.

        • Boris

          Jerry –

          You didn’t take any flack for this that I can recall. You predicted (you said they ‘may’ leave the EU) Britain would leave the EU. Big deal.

          Trying to predict dates of events is a fools’ errand. Good luck trying to predict an LMBA default.

      • Ark

        Harry Mintzer and Tim ….
        Reference the Brexit vote …is it a trap/controlled demolition ?
        I suspect it is.

        Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair are speculating that it could be an AGENDA of the …my words ….SCUM at the top.
        A video covering Brexit titled ‘Rogue Money Radio’ aired 6.24.16 carried a comment reference satanic numerology and the date of the referendum 23-6-2016.
        23rd June — 2 + 3 + 6 =11
        2016 — 2 + 1 + 6 =9
        Resulting in 11/9 and as satanists like to use reverse script, the true meaning of the referendum date is 9/11……..a demolition !

        So the supposition is the ENGINEERED IMPENDING FINANCIAL COLLAPSE will be blamed on the British vote to leave EU.

        YOU-ROPE, incidentally is hated across the Nation States of Europe and its demise would only be a matter of time irrespective of the Brexit vote.
        However, rather than owning up to their incompetence, the Masters of the Universe need SCAPE GOATS to pin their FAILURES on……. hence the British PATSIES.

        Additionally having looked at the referendum results and simply added them together………
        16,141,242 – 48.1% Remain
        17,410,742 – 51.9% Leave

        The result produces an intriguing set of numbers……..

        33 could signify the 33rd Degree Mason AND as 11 is an esoteric favourite …3 x 11 amounts to a tripling of special ness !

        55 ditto 5 x 11…. that special number 11 again.

        1984 is I assume a reference to the book ‘1984’
        Authored by George Orwell real name …..Eric Arthur Blair…..born 25th June 1903.
        The book outlines a nightmare distopian existence imposed by a BIG “BROTHER” infestation of peoples lives.
        The interesting thing is the ORIGINAL TITLE of the book was to be “Last Man In Europe”.
        George Orwell was sponsored by Lord Astor and was provided with a cottage in Scotland during the period of the writing of the book.
        Lord Astor was known to be a member of the so-called “elite” and incidentally he was I believe, a STEP Great Grandfather of ‘Sam Cam’ wife of David Cameron soon to EX PM of the British Isles.

        Finally the number 1000, the best I can make of that is, it is the number of years the so-called “illuminati” have been unlawfully occupying the British Isles.

        Interesting times indeed………forewarned is forearmed.

      • Ark

        Addendum …..Tim and Harry Mintzer……..

        Perhaps…….occult numerology ……would be a softer turn of phrase ….in place of satanic numerology.

        This comment refers to one ………awaiting moderation.

        However, my comments across the internet seem to be disappearing into the ether and I am aware others are experiencing the same “difficulties”.

        • Paul ...

          Ark … if you like numerology … this should turn you on … silver is at 17.76 … now all we have to do is multiply by 100 to bring us full circle to our Constitutional beginnings!!

      • Henry Bowman

        Thanks for the advertisement. It is always nice when guys use another name to plug their own stuff.

    • MCasey

      Harry, interesting thought. If “Brexit” is an Elitist’s trap to crash the economy and deflect blame, then David Cameron has orchestrated his successful “exit” from the sinking ship; a lot of “in the know” Elites made a killing with the bookies; and Obama and his puppet masters are officially on record as “against Brexit” (while at the same time goading the Brits to vote for it)!

    • Anthony Australia

      Dear Harry,

      I too agree and have always stated that the ‘establishment’ are ultra smart.

      You can never guess nor underestimate their plan of attack

      • Paul ...

        The important thing is not who “predicted” what was to come … but exactly why such things “are made to happen” … what good is saying “I was right it happened exactly on the date I predicted” … when on that date you lose your life savings and/or your life!! … knowing the reason what is to come is “made to come and happen” is the important thing … and whether it is nuclear Armageddon or economic collapse the neocons create … reason is simple … massive destruction (purposely created) is needed to cover up massive fraud (like in the financial markets), cover up treasonous crimes (like 9-11) … and all manner of other Ponzi schemes!!!

        • Paul ...

          Lets wipe some WD40 on our guillotine blades because a lot of neocon heads must roll!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Considering how hard the progressives are working to get a remote, I find your thesis untenable

    • Collateral Damage

      Surprise, surprise. Workers in Britain, many of whom have seen a decline in their standard of living while the very rich in their country have become much richer, have turned their backs on the European Union and a globalized economy that is failing them and their children.

      And it’s not just the British who are suffering. That increasingly globalized economy, established and maintained by the world’s economic elite, is failing people everywhere. Incredibly, the wealthiest 62 people on this planet own as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population — around 3.6 billion people. The top 1 percent now owns more wealth than the whole of the bottom 99 percent. The very, very rich enjoy unimaginable luxury while billions of people endure abject poverty, unemployment, and inadequate health care, education, housing and drinking water.

      Could this rejection of the current form of the global economy happen in the United States? You bet it could.

      During my campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, I’ve visited 46 states. What I saw and heard on too many occasions were painful realities that the political and media establishment fail even to recognize.

      In the last 15 years, nearly 60,000 factories in this country have closed, and more than 4.8 million well-paid manufacturing jobs have disappeared. Much of this is related to disastrous trade agreements that encourage corporations to move to low-wage countries.

      Despite major increases in productivity, the median male worker in America today is making $726 dollars less than he did in 1973, while the median female worker is making $1,154 less than she did in 2007, after adjusting for inflation.

      Nearly 47 million Americans live in poverty. An estimated 28 million have no health insurance, while many others are underinsured. Millions of people are struggling with outrageous levels of student debt. For perhaps the first time in modern history, our younger generation will probably have a lower standard of living than their parents. Frighteningly, millions of poorly educated Americans will have a shorter life span than the previous generation as they succumb to despair, drugs and alcohol.

      Meanwhile, in our country the top one-tenth of 1 percent now owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Fifty-eight percent of all new income is going to the top 1 percent. Wall Street and billionaires, through their “super PACs,” are able to buy elections.

      On my campaign, I’ve talked to workers unable to make it on $8 or $9 an hour; retirees struggling to purchase the medicine they need on $9,000 a year of Social Security; young people unable to afford college. I also visited the American citizens of Puerto Rico, where some 58 percent of the children live in poverty and only a little more than 40 percent of the adult population has a job or is seeking one.

      Let’s be clear. The global economy is not working for the majority of people in our country and the world. This is an economic model developed by the economic elite to benefit the economic elite. We need real change.

      This is an article written by Bernie Sanders. In this article he very graphically explains/describes the instability inherent in our existing world-wide economic system. He describes a system that is unstable and unsustainable. If we, the human race, cannot adapt to create a more equitable/stable system, we will not survive as a species.

      Yours Truly,

      Collateral Damage

  2. Robert Lykens

    Greg, another word about the Brexit –

    If membership in the EU was “all that and a bag of chips”, why would the UK want to leave in the first place?
    It’s only New World Order globalists who are gung-ho over globalism. Patriots around the world who love their countries are sick to their stomachs over all the politically correct “inclusion”, “tolerance” and “multiculturalism”.
    NWO globalism is why Hussein Obama and the leftists have erased our borders. They’re trying to create the “Amero” zone right under our noses. Once the general public realizes what’s happened – that the populations of North, Central and South America have merged – it’ll be too late to try to stop the Amerozone from becoming a political reality.

    Although I have to admit that the New World Order cannot be stopped anyway. It ‘s prophesied in the Bible.

    • Deanna Clark

      It would not be prophesied in Scripture unless it could be stopped. It was a prophetic warning of what would occur in the chain of causality IF things were left to a humanity without faith and spunk. ..a timid humanity.
      Nothing is written…that is another fatalistic world view, not the Christian. Christian culture is progressive, dynamic, and courageous…for all it’s failures, fatalism has never been among them. One of the first signs a church or group is going downhill is the turning to spirituality and fatalism. “God so loved the world…”

      • Robert Lykens

        Sorry, Deanna, I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I disagree completely. If the Bible says that these things will happen, then they WILL happen.

        Here’s where the Bible says the New World Order will happen:

        Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.
        – Daniel 7:23

        Please notice it says, “…shall be”.

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          So Daniel says to sit on our fat American fannies and not even try? And that’s it? No sale! Besides, who says what that means? Who’s the decider for Daniel?

          • Paul ...

            Deanna … you are right … we can’t just sit like couch potatoes watching MSM TV and accept all their lies and bull shit the neocons give them to throw at us (making us think think it is the fulfillment of some Biblical prophecy) … we knew the neocons wanted to bring down the World trade Center 10 years before it happened when they placed a bomb in the basement which wasn’t big enough … eventually the traitors used bigger bombs and more explosives to bring the towers down … if we did something about “the intent” the traitors had in mind 9-11 could have been avoided along with the many lives lost fighting in unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan! … the neocons will use the Bible to their advantage by saying the Towers of Babylon came down therefore the World Trade Towers had to come down … or they will say Armageddon is written about in the Bible … therefore don’t do anything about us traitors starting a nuclear war with Russia and China!! …

            • Paul ...

              Many may say “it is God’s will … that we be done in by neocon traitors” … just who may I ask? … made the neocon traitors … “GODS”!!!

              • Paul ...

                Reminds me of what Captain Kirk said in a Star Trek episode … “What exactly does God need with a Star ship”?? … what do these neocons need with starting a nuclear or economic Armageddon?? … a way to “cover up their crimes against humanity” that they know will mean a death sentence for them?

      • James Hastings

        That’s interesting….but very generic. I don’t wish to “corner” you, but, the Bible is very plain, consistent and up front. If you ignore “Denominational” doctrines, and spend time researching each question. 🙂

      • Gary Canuck

        Deana & Robert, A old Buddhist Proverb
        “A wise man remonstrates three times with the Government, and then retires to Mount Minobu”

        Translation: “Get out of Dodge while the getting is good”

        Today our useless PM Trudeau waived the requirements for Mexicans having a VISA to enter Canada, and Obama was all for it, “In the name of NAFTA”

        Amero here we come, better get used to it, because you cant stop it.

    • Galaxy 500

      It is also written on the Bible that no man know the time of the 2nd coming, not even Jesus Christ. So when I see people making predictions. I laugh. If Jesus doesn’t know, some road side or TV preacher surely doesn’t

      • Robert Lykens

        G500, “the end of the age/Beginning of Sorrows” is completely different from the Second Coming of Christ.

        We live in the Church Age/Age of Grace, when “whosoever will may come”.
        In Matthew ch 24, Jesus describes “the end of the Church age”, not the “end of the world/Armageddon”.

        Hebrews makes it plain that we can know the time is close –
        ” …but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”
        – Hebrews 10:25

        Love ya man!

      • Daryl

        Yes it is at Mark 13:32. This clearly does show that, although we do have signs to show when the last days will occur, that no one, even Christ, knows the exact time of the end of this wicked system of things controlled by Satan, namely what some call Armageddon. Only God Almighty Jehovah does.

  3. Roger

    Thanks for tell

  4. Larry White

    Here is a summary of reactions to the Brexit vote (which could of course contribute as a trigger to a crisis) that I found looking over the various sources I track for my blog:

    Also, Robert Pringle has this interesting article out on his blog site:

    Mr. Pringle is a former Executive Director for The Group of 30 so his views provide some interesting insights from someone inside the system I think.

    see his bio here:

    • JMiller

      Thanks Larry. I appreciate your work.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thanks for the article…Mr. Pringle certainly reasons in purely materialistic thinking. I’m not sure that’s the picture. Communism failed…Stalin’s conduct made too many shall we say, disenchanted with it. Globalization has become synonymous with totalitarianism. The “moral majority” of Nixon’s 1968 now all have a gay kid or choir director. Self righteousness no longer satisfies the soul. Neo-liberalism has failed, the cynicism of that smacks so much of Judas…these substitute religions are all gone now. Many are falling in love with the roots of their identity…the old values of love of country, Christian forgiveness, community They don’t want to destroy those of others anymore either just for gasoline, not really. It’s over. Like many other “isms” that became religions…the list is long.
      Those empires are dying. I turn off the news with that wonderful line from “Miracle of the White Stallions” about Louis Podjasky and Patton saving the Riding School in 1945. The radio is shrieking propaganda about how gloriously the war is going and Robert Taylor clicks it off with, “The cries of a dying empire. I know it’s dying, I just don’t want to hear about it!!!”

  5. Deanna Clark

    I read Churchill’s Gathering Storm years ago and remember his radio address: “France has fallen. We are all alone. I find that EXHILARATING!!”
    When I saw Obama over there trying to scare them, and also Jamie Dimon threatening them with ‘the sack’ if they voted Brexit…well, I just knew the bulldog breed would have finally got enough of that!!! That may have tipped the votes.
    Both American bullies overlooked the English character…and the Welsh. England’s favorite old saying was, “Don’t flinch!” And so they didn’t.
    I also wondered how Jamie D. would know who voted what? Nobody seemed surprised at his claim! Do we take it for granted that even votes are no secret to the big folks…or do they troll Facebook?
    Look who’s flinching now!

  6. Michael

    Hi Greg,

    I guess it is obvious after Brexit but Mr. Polny did predict this months ago. Also, when we started getting reports of Billionaires shorting the markets and buying gold we should have rushed to the nearest coin store…look out below!

  7. Rundy

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been listening to you and your guests for some time now and love your show, you help us to understand what’s going on. There’s one area that hasn’t to my knowledge been address and that is, when do you think it will be when gold and silver are thrown in the streets? For the Bible to indicate such, it’s a message saying that something of great value will in the future be worthless. The current price of an ounce of silver is equal to 2.5 Big Crap burgers. So the price of PM’s is going drop to zero from here which I doubt or it’s going to skyrocket first. When do you or your guests feel the bottom will drop out so as to fill Bible prophecy? Thanks Greg!

    • al hall

      Rundy: Don’t worry about the financial collapse. No one should worry about it!!
      Your worry is the fact that planetX (Nibiru) or Wormwood is coming back. Greg knows my CIA friend and Black Ops scientist “W”. He believe by Dec. this year we will all see it next to the sun. As he told me- if you are not prepared to be below ground for many years, “your toast.” This is not to scare anyone- money won’t be needed after this. Elite’s have known this since 1983 and have stolen trillions to build their underground cities. For some great input go to – Bob Fletchers He is up to date.
      Get right with “your God now”

      • mike

        Planet X. lmfao!

        • mike

          It’s a good time to start maxxing out all your credit cards…cash advances etc… Leave them holding the bag of excrenent!!! Play their game!

      • Paul Murray

        Al, I’m “toast” anyway. For as in Adam, all die. You are right; we all need to get out of this “terrified” mode. If we have an economic crash, and social chaos; if we have a planet collide with our own; if we have a “war to end all wars”, so what? There is nothing we can do except deal with it. Talk of survival is well-intentioned but absurd. Survive to what? Live and die with purpose; otherwise it’s all meaningless. Best always. PM

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Well…Kowabunga!! Who wants to live without sunshine and fresh air below ground anyway? We watched many build fallout shelters in the 1950s, cramming them with toilet paper and canned goods…that’s living? I don’t get this fear…
        Isn’t a Christian prepared to die anyway?
        Anyway, “Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans !!”

      • Kerry

        I just can’t agree with you about Nibiru coming back, at least without causing some gravitational effects in the solar system. If a large planet is coming and will be seen by December, NASA and other astronomers surely would be seeing gravitational perturbations in the planets’ orbits, or some other effects. I think it makes more sense to prepare for local, man-made disasters, such as loss of liberty, globalists manipulations, economic upheaval, etc.

      • aussie jeff

        And if we all dont see it by dec????
        Will it be the following dec? Or the one after that?
        Just asking………sorry Al i could not resist.

        • Charles H


          At 90% burned-out – I’ll just cruise along from here. One thing – the longer this game goes on: the worse it will be when it ends. So let it come.

    • FC

      In Biblical times, Gold and Silver was considered money and a store of wealth.

      Today, paper currencies are considered money and a store of wealth, hence it will be thrown into the streets, as it will be worthless……………IMHO.

      • gregd

        Great point . I never looked at it that way.

    • James Hastings

      Ezekiel 7:19…..they cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it…..
      Answer: They didn’t store up as the “ant”…..Proverbs 6:6 “and gathers her sustenance in harvest”

      Haggai 2:6….I will shake the nations……The Silver is mine and the gold is mine….

      There are over 400 scriptures on Gold….perhaps 300 on Silver (I didn’t care to count)
      …..GOD RULES…..paper is outhouse wipes…..LOL

      Gold and Silver will be currency in the Millennium and beyond.

  8. Jerry

    Bo has been much aligned by many in the alternate media as a crackpot for some of his predictions. But I go on record here saying I’m on board with Bo for his timeline for October. Before my detractors jump all over me, for such a statement, let me remind them that although I have been wrong many times, I was right on the IMF giving SDR to China in October, the Gold Price Fix in April, and Brexit in June.

    With the constant interference of the ESF in the bond market it’s hard to be accurate on timelines. But, there is a plan going forth to replace the Bretton woods petrodollar system, with a gold backed Yuan replacement. The evidence is everywhere if you’re paying attention and ignore what the cabal controlled media try’s to put in your brain as truth.

    In my mind, I believe the Yuan replacement is a construct from the central banks following their dismal attempt to restart the global economy with quantitative easing. Negative interest rates is merely just a financial stint, to stall off financial death until a new heart can be transplanted into the dying patient.

    Deutsche Bank will be the next stroke to the heart of the global economic system. I predict sometime in July. I wish I could tell you Brexit was about embracing liberty, but it wasn’t. It was exit stage left to AIIB, from an EU time bomb with Deutsche Bank as the fuse. You can say what you want about the Brits, but they had enough sense to know when to get out. Americans? That’s anther story.

    • Jerry

      Don’t worry. Everything will be alright with Deutsche Bank. And with that thought you can cozy up to this information.

    • Jerry

      Read this document very closely. Do you see who was at this meeting? Peoples Bank of China, and….wait for it…..Bank of England. Three days before Brexit.

      • JMiller


        Sorry but I find nothing surprising that the Bank of England was there since the G20 Green Finance Study Group is chaired by the People’s Bank of China and the Bank of England. This was a scheduled meeting and included the rest of the G20 countries.

        • Jerry

          No offense, but you wouldn’t see a muddy elephant in a snow storm. But don’t feel alone. Very few saw the Brits leaving the EU either. Here’s a hint. The PBOC bought the biggest gold vault in England from …….?

          • Jerry

            In the elephant theme, its going to look like a herd of elephants trying to get through a keyhole before this week is over at the COMEX.

            I must admit, I enjoy watching the “deer in the headlight look” by most of the talking financial bobble heads. MSNBC is like a soap opera.

          • JMiller


            First you say no offense but then you say something that is offensive. That is like saying to a overweight person, no offense but you are fat.

            • Jerry

              You have to think outside the box to understand what’s going on. I get by your post you do investing. I do to. But I had my eyes opened in 2012 when I learned from first hand experience, just how rigged the system really is. I now see things from a whole different perspective and sometimes I come off with a coarse attitude in my comments. For that I apologize.

              • JMiller


                I know sometimes you are not as “gentle” in your posts as you could be. Your apology is accepted.

  9. Paul

    Greg, fantastic interview with Bo. The naysayers have maligned Bo and others for their prognostications on Gold/Silver . Many of the same hold agnostic or atheistic views when it comes to the Holy Bible. Those who fail to comprehend or ignore the prophetic teachings of the Bible do so at their peril. History is littered with failed Empires that moved away from God. His warnings of imminent calamity is there for those with discerning minds such as Bo Polny. Yes, the world will continue to discredit God’s warnings financial and otherwise just as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gamorrah. The Prince of this World ( world system) has sown the seeds of deception sprouting Greed, Hatred, Idolitry, Immorality , Perversion , lovers of self . As Bo says judgement is upon us ! May God help us! Get Gold and Silver! Again thanks for another enlightening guest .

  10. Shadow of Doubt

    Hey Greg,
    I recently had a conversation with a couple Special Ops Members (SF) who had just separated from the service. I was sharing with them the challenges of getting my daughter to see the need for a “Get Home” bag.
    The SF’s didn’t laugh and were a wealth of information:
    As key members in many joint service ops, particularly UO (Urban Ops)*. They see a real chance of martial law on the horizon. Why? Various briefings they attended gives credence to a foreseeable economic meltdown, a pushed crash, or a large scale terrorist hit by IS. A backlash from any has already been deemed extremely detrimental or destabilizing to our “system”.
    *For clarification see British Military acronym for FISH & CHIPS!

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Part 2
      Since the military operates on actionable intel, this they say explains why you have seen Urban Ops occurring thru out the U.S. Therefore the SF’s see the time to prepare as now, as they say some predictive software models have pointed to the possibility of a major incident(s) dovetailing on either side of our political conventions. Cover your 6!

      • James Hastings

        I mentioned in an earlier post, I have family in the Special Forces (Green Beret…) I was a security sergeant at Camp Mackall Special Forces Training Facility. (James “Nick” Rowe Special Forces Center) I’m not honking my horn…..but I talked with, worked with… and fell in the shadow of better men….some of those who were dragged through Bagdad in early 2004, passed through our Camp. Family has access to limited Strategic information. They are trained on tactical information. For a specific mission. A well coordinated deployment with specific goals. They see how societies mutate…..they sense where society is heading. They know where things are headed. ……But, few are tuned into “killery’s level. I have 10 years active, 5 years National Guard. I traveled to 23 countries. Married overseas. Have videos on youtube….and if I could figure out how to post pictures…would share American pride. It’s common sense, we are led by thieves and liars…..and SF at “A” Team level know it……And if Mr. Hunter needs supporting data…..Please call. 🙂 Or look at the “Veterans of Underage Military Service”. I’m so ashamed of my country. Not my comrades. F….urman U

        • Shadow of Doubt

          James, let me begin by thanking you for your service! My family has also done its part in various conflicts and wars. All have slogged thru either jump school, ranger training and/or search and rescue–and quickly came to the conclusion a career in the military wasn’t for us.
          This will probably come as no surprise to you-but when the above SF’s shared with me that DoD sources were alleging North Koreans were now coming into our country via our southern border –all I could do was shake my head. How our citizenry thinks our open border policy won’t lead to an outcome similar to ancient Troy is beyond me.
          USAF 85-89

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Correction: The North Korean allegation should read “probing and crossing” our southern border!

          • Kerry

            First-hand experience on the border-having been born and lived in Texas most of my life, the border is an open door, basically. Even after 9/11, when traveling in west Texas, back and forth across the border, we were hardly questioned or stopped at all. We were waved through the border checkpoint on the US side without even having to slow down. It’s a good thing I had no ill intentions, or a dirty bomb in the back of my SUV! True, I am a blue-eyed, red headed Texan of Irish descent, but what different does that make? I could have been an ISIS sympathizer. I was fully prepared to stop and show my ID and US passport, but I didn’t even have to slow down. West Texans have been reporting for years about illegal border crossings of orientals and other ethnicities (such as Arabic), but no one will listen. Not being racist, its just the truth.

        • 8Ball

          Try “dropbox” for posting photos, etc.

        • Kerry

          James-I respectfully and sincerely would like to know your take on the question of military forces and martial law-as this would impact those of us who are civilians and how we make tactical plans for a crisis–is it realistic to expect that the military would be asked to enforce martial law–and if so, how would those military personnel you know feel about an order to fire on civilians? I have spoken with some servicemen I know about this but I would like a broader view. And thank you for your service.

          • James Hastings

            I have discussed this with Family in a Special Forces “A” Team. An “A” team is a small “Action” detachment supported by a “B” Team…..Base support. I HAVE BEEN ASSURED…..SF IS ALL AMERICAN. THEY WILL NOT SUPPORT THE ADMINISTRATION IF IT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION. These men are independent minded. They will not enforce martial law. They will not deploy against Americans……BUT, They will deploy against…..foreign illegals. The vast majority of Service personnel will not support martial law….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SOD for the intel!!!

      • allen ols


        It sure is amazing how lucky the Clinton’s have got when people are going to testify against them and then they die.

        Ashe was due in court Monday with his Chinese businessman co-defendant Ng Lap Seng, who is charged with smuggling $4.5 million into the US since 2013 and lying that it was to buy art and casino chips.
        Ng was identified in a 1998 Senate report as the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration. (Ng was not charged with any crime.)
        Ng and Trie had visited the White House several times for Democratic fund-raising events and were photographed with then-President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton.
        One source told me, “During the trial, the prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng. It would have been very embarrassing. His death was conveniently timed.”
        DOBBS FERRY, New York — A former president of the U.N. General Assembly awaiting trial in a bribery scandal died in a weightlifting accident when a barbell he was lifting from a bench dropped on his neck, an autopsy revealed Thursday.

        • allen ols

          by Gov. Mike Huckabee

          George Will has virtually declared, “Enough of those ruffians and peasants who went and voted in record numbers in the recent Republican primary,” so he’s headed for the door, announcing that he is leaving the Republican Party. Don’t let the door whack you in the behind as you leave! Were we all supposed to say, “Oh no! How on earth will the GOP even organize a county committee meeting without George Will there to instruct us on what to think and especially how to behave in the proper way?”
          George once called me “disgusting” over one of my utterly “disgusting” views of faith that he, the self-proclaimed atheist, found revolting. So in his own little party of one, he won’t have to tolerate the likes of my Southern, redneck, grits-eating, gravy-slathering, less-than-Ivy League-educated, church-going kind. And all those hard hat and factory workers who lost jobs, pensions, homes, and their sense of self-worth because of the brilliant globalist policies that the elites pushed as “good for us” will now know that the party of Lincoln and Reagan will again have some respect for the “little people” that the George types looked down their noses at. Lincoln is quoted as saying that “God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them.” Reagan’s election coined the term “Reagan Democrats” that represented the many working men and women who were ignored and held in contempt by the “swells” of both parties…… more….
          by Gov. Mike Huckabee

          • Greg Hunter

            George Will is part of the criminal crony class and is irrelevant. He’s part of the old command and control media, and it is clearly dying. Good riddance Will is gone.

            • allen ols

              agreed, I couldn’t stand him and Krystle and kraughthammer is getting on my nerves. I would turn g will off

            • Paul Murray

              Greg, “Amen!” to that, but I did like his analyses on baseball and America. One of the biggest of all human flaws is not knowing when to get off the stage. The stage is moving under these Republican Establishment types, and they will fall like Wile E. Coyote. Best always. PM

            • Gator

              Greg..I am one of your harshest critics and I totally agree with you on this one.

          • Kerry

            Best eating in the world, grits, gravy, and fried chicken and biscuits. Oh, and BEEF bar-b-que, preferably, mesquite wood smoked with sweet and hot sauce, yum. None of that vinegar stuff. Let it cook low and slow for about 13 hours and you are in beef heaven! And please, no coleslaw in the sandwich, but on the side. Sorry, Virginia, but ya’ll just don’t know how to cook good beef bar-b-que.

        • allen ols

          greg; from the president of the EU

          Schulz: “The British have violated the rules. It is not the #EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”. #TBC

          • Greg Hunter

            Tyranny and arrogance.

          • Paul ...

            If the crowd is not going to be allowed to decide its own fate … the crowd will begin to decide the elites fate … the elites can violate the rules, inflict all types of Ponzi schemes, create traitorous incidents like 9-11, etc., etc. … and “their” philosophy “does not allow” for the crowd to do anything to stop it … better sharpen your guillotine blades people … we have an awful lot of work to do to unseat these traitorous elites ideas from the body politic!

    • Jerry

      Shadow of doubt.
      My sources say DHS is locked and cocked for martial law. I never travel anywhere more than a tank of gas can get me home, and I have a 72 hour survival bag I carry in my car along with a gun. We are on the clock.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        I’d bank on that being the case! Kudos to you for preparing for Murphy, its certainly beats suffering with him. Be blessed.

      • WD


        There is no doubt about it… by chance I went to 3 different malls within a 25 mile area near where I live….the malls were ghost towns. Never saw this before.

        But DHS is going to collapse upon itself, I still think “V” was right….what do we pay them with toilet paper? Even if they do begin martial law, it cant possibly last for long.

        Take care

        • Kerry

          Does anyone understand how BIG Texas is? It takes 11 hours just to drive from Beaumont to El Paso. How would you police with martial law the entire nation, let alone Texas? Just try to take a Texan’s gun, and see what it gets you. West Texas ranchers on the border are tough dudes, I just don’t see how they would lay down their arms and go quietly.

          • James Hastings

            All the government agents and all the military, can not control more than a hand full of US cities. LARGE CITIES. But, they can cut off power, food, water and aid… surrounding areas…but, they cannot move out into the country side. They expect to starve the CITIES and surrounding urban areas into compliance. The Hatfields and the McCoy’s….are another problem. LOL

            • Charles H

              Agreed – I always notice the triple-cable median-crossing barrier on the highways. If one has to move – they’ll be trapped. Government can supply more than we can. A Waiting Game and control of resources will spell dominion.

        • Jerry

          I would like to think V is right, but from my experience people will do anything to survive and save their families when nut cutting time comes. From some of the reports I have read, our government transferred several trillion dollars into foreign banks during the 2008 debacle to be used for the reset. The elites are always one step ahead of us and will always find a safe place to land “literally” while the rest of us are fed to the wolves.

      • susan

        Lucky you, Jerry. When you live in the middle of nowhere and are hundreds of miles from everything, you have to be prepared to go a long ways to get home. Luckily, we are very prepared for living off the grid. It just isn’t good for everyday shopping, etc.

  11. James Hastings

    Great interview. Really like Bo, time will tell, if my faith is well founded. Hope he has it all figured out. Love your site, stay strong.

    disillusioned Patriot……fatter, …….I just…..take a little longer… 2 blinks, verses 1…:)

  12. Bill

    Rundy; When the gold and silver is thrown into the street as the bible says, it will be a time when there is nothing to buy, NO FOOD, is predicted also. Famine in the land. Look to Venezuela, that’s what is soon coming to America. PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. God is in control and will bring to pass what he says in his word regardless of the NWO, Obama, China or anyone else. To HIM be the glory

    • aussie jeff

      Amen Bill.

  13. Paul ...

    The time is now … the thermite debt bomb is lit and explosions are occurring … the economic towers are beginning to fall … “pull it” are the traitors watch words … bring it all down … and make sure no history books remain to tell the story of how these traitors created all the economic destruction to cover up their fraud and Ponzi schemes … inflame the people … and then bring them to war! … a good plan … unless … unless the people turn on the traitors who created this “mad max” situation … and begin using guillotines to chop off their heads! … say it can’t happen? … it has happened before … in France some years back!!

  14. Bill

    GREG; As I understand it, the Brits have been working on developing a strong relationship with China. Question: When the NWO attempts to get the Brexit vote reversed, will the Chinese intercede???

    • Jerry

      Bill count on it. The Chinese have to much invested,

  15. clare doll

    So Cameron is planning to stay until October? So if a major turning point or deception occurs, will he pull an Obama and be there forever?

    • diane s.

      No…he’ll leave . He’s probably been offered a job with GOLDMAN SACHS.

  16. Jeremy

    Bo Polney was calling for $2000 gold last June. At the end of April this year he was saying we were “not months, not weeks, but days away” from a dramatic increase in the gold price. He puts himself out there with specific predictions but subscribers to his newsletter must have been burnt trying to trade his information.

    • Greg Hunter

      He came on here last time and admitted he was wrong. Nobody is 100% especially when you have primary dealer bankers massively rigging the markets for gold,silver and everything else. His subscribers like him and so do many here.

      • Mike Jose

        Dear Greg,
        Most of your guests are excellent, even exceptional. Unfortunately, Bo is exceptionally inaccurate and badly thought-out. He is much reviled on professional forums which watch gold and silver action, eg TFMetals Report. You would do well to interview Craig Hemke to get a more balanced view.

        • Greg Hunter

          Nobody is 100% but you have to be fair and give some credit to Bo. He has been wrong in the past and came on and admitted it in the last interview, but I don’t think he’s wrong now. That said I cannot make “all of the people happy all of the time.” Thank you for your comment.

        • Paul ...

          Stop being so concerned with “predictions” as to when things will happen … what you should be concerned about is the “plans” the neocons have stated publicly they want to do … like 1) start a nuclear war against Russia .. 2) start a nuclear war against China … 3) start a nuclear war against Iran … 4) start a nuclear war against Venezuela … 5) start a nuclear war against Brazil … 6), 7), 8) …. 100) etc. etc. … until all the enemies of the neocons are annihilated … what ever the cost in American lives!!!

  17. Clare

    Brilliant information. Thank the Watchman from for blowing his trumpet, God would be proud.

    God bless you both and everyone.

  18. Dan

    Much more solid stuff than in his previous interviews.

    Thanks Bo!

  19. Don

    Greg, good as always. Mr. Polny may be right. I haven’t followed his work, but do believe most markets do follow cycles. His exact timing, I’m a little skeptical of, but I’m sure he knows more than I. Mr. Bix Weir, believes Germany’s biggest bank has had it derivatives triggered, and he expects the markets to tail spin soon also. We’ve been talking about this for so long now, I try not to focus on a specific date or event. The reason Bix gave for the crash in derivatives is the Brit’s exist. Seems to me, the most disturbing part of all of this, is the global threat of global government, being implemented at this time in history. Things are so out of hand, and corrupt, the money system, the political system, along with this western world invasion of Islam, just doesn’t make me feel good for my descendants. I believe really strongly, that allowing Islam in this country in the numbers that have been allowed, is a seeding effort being made by a Muslim extremist President, who understands the theocratic ambitions of Islam, and a direct effort on his part to destroy our nations culture and fabric. The London Muslim mayor is an example of what I’m talking about. A threat of terrorist attacks if Trump stops Muslim immigration. This is Islam, in a nut shell. They are commanded to subdue the earth for Allah, a conquest theology, that uses threats, terrorist activity, intimidation, murder, and every possible avenue, regardless of the evil, to either convert, or to bring in total subjection of all peoples of all cultures. This is, in my opinion Islam, and if allowed, it will totally destroy every fabric of our culture. All one has to do, is view the world, and the fruits of Islam, to know it can’t be allowed here in great numbers. They will never assimilate into our culture, they will seek to dominate it, and justify all sorts of evil, while it does it. It must be stopped now.

    • wondrouscat

      Some things don’t blend. They hate us for imposing our Western ideas on them, just as we cannot tolerate their Middle Eastern ideologies imposed on us. They want to kick us out of their countries same as we are realizing that we cannot live with their religious beliefs which dictate annihilation of our culture. Donald Trump understands this and is not afraid to speak it because he will call a threat a threat when he sees one and for that he’s got my vote if it counts for anything.

    • Colin

      The Vatican created Isalm:

      • Colin

        Also look at what Francis is doing right now with trying to bring all faiths together under Rome…One World Religion…. The Vatican also runs NATO and is currently behind the push to build the third temple next to the dome of the rock. Rome is the decedents of Esau which the prophet Obadiah prophesies about. I highly recommend you checking out Steven’s youtube channel. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

      • Kerry

        So, Mohammed had nothing to do with the founding of Islam?

        • James Hastings

          Bing…..GO……Love your sarcasm…..HISTORY IS HISTORY….that’s all I have to say about that….:)

    • 8Ball

      > These are serious nutjobs and Obama is shipping them into America… Americans need to wake up! Europeans are already screwed…

    • Paul Murray

      Don, yes it must be stopped, but will it? Most of us who recognize the needs and the dangers are on the downhill side of 60 and beyond. The youth of today are not fighters, because they have no core beliefs, core beliefs being necessary for conviction, and conviction being necessary for making a stand. I have resisted the idea up until now that we might be in the last days, but we may indeed be. Best always. PM

      • Charles H

        Another astute comment, Paul Murray. Only a few connect the dots so well.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Indeed! Paul’s analysis is concise and telling . A Psychologist I know refers to them as the “Eloi Generation”!

  20. S. Murphy

    Sorry Greg, but my b.s. Feelers are pegged with Bo Polny. I tried very hard to accept Bo’s predictions , when he was on your site last fall but his calls were vague and off. I guess that I am not a numerology type and can’t be convinced that events are that predictable.
    Am I glad that brexit passed? Yes. Do I think that it will negatively affect the world stock markets? Yes. Do I care? No, because like most of your followers, I have been expecting and preparing for quite a while for the trigger event to take place.
    In closing, I would like to predict that in ‘7’ months there will be a change in government here in the U.S. It is my hope that the new president will be a change in the status quo from the last twenty five years. I hope my prediction comes to pass.

  21. Zoey

    This is what Jeff Berwick says about magic number 7:
    “The last major market crash occurred on September 29, 2008. On that day, the Dow Jones fell 777 points, of all numbers…. its biggest one day point drop ever.

    On Friday, in the aftermath of Brexit, the Dow fell over 600 points. What’s interesting about Friday’s date?

    It was 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days since September 29, 2008.”

  22. Faith

    Another excellent interview. It is going to be an interesting week. And next weekend will be a three-day holiday weekend. Got cash?

    • JC Davis

      Good point about the forth of July. World events are happening a lot more often. I have the feeling something will happen soon.

  23. DLC

    Savage made the remark: “We’ve gone from a melting pot to a chamber pot.” One fact he brought up (that has been buried in the press and the textbooks) is that we had no immigration for 41 solid years up until 1965. The reason for the freeze was a tidal wave of immigration and a country that was flat on its back, the Great Depression, a war, etc., and the need to assimilate the masses of immigrants who came here which takes a generation or 2.

    I used to grocery shop around midnight. No more. A nearby grocer turns into Pakistan after sundown. The same is the case most everywhere, a bee swarm of immigrants who speak no English. A lot of the employees speaks no English either. They get by with an interpreter who leads them around. This is intentional deconstruction.

    I repeat, 41 YEARS. My, we must have been a bunch of racist SOBs. Paul Joseph Watson (Infowars) commenting on Brexit said that after you’ve been called a racist about 100,000 times it starts to lose its cringe factor.

    I also avoid shopping for groceries at high noon. I call this the EBT hour. Never saw so many idle adults shuffling through the aisles, either still half asleep or on Thorazine. This is another time bomb. When you make life comfortable and affordable for the shiftless, they have all the ambition of a park pigeon. Take their lottery away and just watch the meltdown.

    I know what it is to be desperate, broke, frightened, but totally unwilling to be a ward of the state. It does make you resourceful and responsible in the long run. To me, gov’t help is akin to being an organ grinder’s monkey. You get a cute little hat, a cup, and perform little tricks to amuse your keeper — and always on a leash. No thank you.

  24. James sullivan

    Greg, i ve been a loyal USAW reader for a few years now….and while i respect the right of anyone to hold their own opinion …i also frown at those who replace critical analysis with religious writings that have been massaged by the power brokers from time to time.
    Mr Polny is one. His Shermita ramblings of last year were an interesting distraction, but only a distraction. Surely, we only need to pay attention to the greed and larceny that has taken over the planet to know this cannot end well …..and so we prepare. As for when the wheel will fall off, we merely need to watch the wobble as the wheel works itself off the axle. I don’t need long range cycle theories, planet ‘x’, or conspiracy cults …only a recognition that the laws are being subverted, that greed sits on the seat of power …and the common people suffer. I suggest your readers compare two pictures: The signing of the Glas Stiegal act in 1933, and the signing of its repeal in 1997. In 1933, we see FDR and congressional leaders …with sober concerned faces . In the 1997 picture, Clinton and congressional leaders are smiling and having a grand old time. I see the contrast more telling than all the grand overarching theories of people such as mr polny. It is greed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny admitted he was wrong on his 2015 predictions. He says he was off by one year. We shall see. Thank you for your comment.

    • Robert Lykens

      James, two thousand-year-old Bible prophecies are being fulfilled every day.
      Please seek Jesus.

    • David S

      spot on James. while i would love gold to go up i cant help but feel this Bos cycle stuff is made up off the back of an envelope after his previous predictions fell flat.

    • 8Ball

      Yes, after the G-S act the bankers regrouped and methodically purchased the government… now they own it.

      • Paul ...

        What good is owning a Government that the people have given up on and won’t listen to? … Brexit now … Amexit tomorrow!

  25. DLC

    “Exporting Raymond.”

    Barry is creating a U.S. Tower of Babble. English and U.S. loyalty no longer required. We are expected to adapt ourselves to the other cultures, the invaders. Forget that old unifying, American-izing model. How is that even possible when we are overrun by 100 (?) plus cultures?

    I found this example of just 1 culture. This is the mindset of a country after 70 years of tyranny by the state. It was a funny but frightening example of what is heading our way.

    I had a Bulgarian change out my garbage disposal. He had been here 3 years, and let me know just how much he despised this country. But, heck, if you can get freebies, health care, and some American’s job, why not?

    I never watched sitcoms or series of any sort and did not think this would appeal to me. Ever watch “Everybody Loves Raymond?” This series was exported to Russia. It illustrated the crippling effects of layers of bureaucracy, maddening red tape, an undependable work ethic, and all those wonderful traits that Socialism/Communism creates. It also screamed of a clash of cultures. So, just imagine a clash of 100+ cultures. You know, like your new Amerika.

    This film expires in 4 days. It can be found on “Crackle,” free movie site.

  26. truth seeker


    As indicated by an earlier commenter,( Tim), Brandon Smith, whom you have interviewed previously, was, I think, right on the money, on the Brexit vote “allowed” to happen to serve as a scapegoat and to unleash a controlled demolition. Here’s the link to the article: . Brandon might be worth interviewing again! Thanks for your great work, as always!

  27. Bernie

    The government lies all the time. This loss of confidence in the leadership is cumulative so Bo might be right. Here’s the latest lie from govt. Did the Orlando cop swat team kill people at the Pulse night club? Sure sounds like it.

    • JMiller

      If that was the case would not the other couple of hundred survivors know this. Of course they would. Why did some of the victims text relatives hours before 5:13 am about the shooting? Why did witnesses say that there was only one shooter?

  28. Tommy

    The global markets have been propped up for years. The lies were harder and harder to pass off. So now we can have a new lie. The markets crash and it is all the fault of Brexit. Yes, all you anti-establishment types are to blame. In order to ensure the safety of mankind you will now have to surrender all freedom and liberty to the establishment. The house always wins.

  29. Steve Bice

    Ten Kings here we come? Reorganization underway…there seems to be a bit of urgency to the effort.

    • Charles H

      Ten Kings, and a new Round Table; but not of nationalities per se. I doubt it will be publicly known.

  30. aries russo

    What nobody seems to talk about is how the ENGLISH QUEEN FEELS ABOUT SEA OF MUSLIMS SURROUNDING THE PALACE.

    • diane s.

      I have wondered that too

  31. Gator

    Greg..great interview..Bo has more credibility than many of your guests and explains in detail how he arrived at his ask great questions and I like how you press your guests for answers…again, I am one of your biggest critics..,

  32. Robert Lykens

    “EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged today.”

    Expect more nations to quickly leave the EU if this report is true.

    Folks, this is nothing less than Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes.

    Please seek Jesus while you can. Time is !!!SHORT!!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Jesus seeks us…that’s what Christianity is!
      All the world’s religions seek God.
      But God came here to us and remains with us.
      That’s why a little child gets it and smart people miss it.

  33. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, we’ve had 5 straight quarters of receding corporate earnings, 4 straight quarters of declining GDP. We’ve had the Fed stall out in “normalization” of interest rates. Now we’ve had Brexit. I say it’s time for Dr. Numbers himself, the one and only John Williams, to come on, and QUICK. Best always. PM

    • Arthur Barnes

      Hey Paul, you left out the job numbers since the beginning of the year, dismal too! I agree, love J. Williams, his perspective about the Brexit would be enlightenment I’m sure. ab

  34. irv

    hey mr. hunter could you please get Brandon smith on your show . I do believe as he does this is a controlled demolition aka psyop this is biblical times deception everywhere ..ww1 council of nations ww2 united nations ,nato. ww3 so bad people will beg for help aka new world order ,the beast will rise but in the end our lord and savoir will conquer these evil people will not be able to hide in the hills or rocks the book of Daniel thanksfor all the work you do greg

  35. Oxfarmer

    Hey, Greg, how about having Jerry on? I’d like to know how he manages to nail some of these.

    I am assuming that a ‘controlled implosion’ means that, as usual, some people know in advance, and are therefore making a killing, such as Soros, and putting the dough out for their favorite causes.

    Ps. 37 says, “Fret not because of the wicked, over him who carries out evil designs, for he shall soon wither like the green herb.” This Ps. is all that keeps me sane some days.

    Thanks for your work, and for the trouble you go to to moderate the site. It is one of the best in that respect.

    • Paul ...

      The only way these green herbs will wither and die is if pull them out by the root and chop them up!!

  36. glen

    close to peak excitement

  37. Gerald

    Get Kirby back on cant wait to hear his thoughts post Brexit!

    • Charles H

      Agreed – Kirby pulls no punches.

  38. Kerry

    In light of what is going on in the EU, can someone please tell me why UN vehicles are being transported on US highways? If this is a hoax, it isn’t very funny.

    • JMiller


      These vehicles are made by a company in Herndon, VA and the U.S. supplies them to the U.N. so they are on their way to being delivered to the U.N. which uses them around the world. I seen people bring this up for the last several years and other normal military movements and making a big deal about it . There is nothing surprising about it.

      • MCasey

        But when WND contacted Alpineco [Herndon, VA], a spokeswoman denied the vehicles were produced by the company.

        WND then was referred to another company, BAE Systems, where a spokesman also denied his company’s divisions were in any way connected to the vehicles.

        • JMiller

          Well I am not worried about it where ever they are made. They are made somewhere and are just being delivered to the U.N. in small numbers. It has been going on for years.

  39. Htc

    For anyone who hasn’t seen this.. the sign in revelation 12 the woman clothed by the sun is a specific celestial sign given that will physically appear September 23, 2017. What is interesting is the wording used by Jesus to describe the last days like a woman having labor pains. The constellation Virgo will become pregnant by the planet Jupiter on November 20, 2016. It will remain in the abDomenica of Virgo for the same human gestation period before giving birth 23 sept. 2017. It is interesting to note that this falls during the feast of trumpets Jewish holy day. Now.. if I were a betting man, I’d wager to say that we are in the first 3.5 years of tribulation as the Rev 12 sign signifies the half way point. It is interesting to note also that from the first blood moon of April 15 2014 to sepremier 23, 2017 is exactly 1,260 days on the Jewish calendar.. or 3.5 years. I’d urge Christians to check this out and research and pray over this information. The only issue I find is that I cannot put an exact date or event mentioned by Daniel as to the CONFIRMING OF A COVENANT WITH MANY.. that does not mean a peace treaty, but a confirmation of what could possibly be an existing covenant in place years ago. Daniel is the only one who makes mention of this covenant, and it is not spoken of again in Scripture. This could also be a hidden agreement unknown to the people. I find it interesting that Jesus tells us to watch watch watch and gives us many signs as the sign of the times. I feel that if we were to watch only for this covenant then it would make the words of Jesus pale in comparison. Keep that in mind as well.

    Also.. the day or hour no man knows is reference to the new moon as observed on the feast of trumpets. It is also known as the last trump. The shofar is blown 100 times upon the moons sighting and then one long final blast to finish it. When Paul references being changed in the twinkle of an eye as that last trump.. this is what he is referencing here.. the trumpets of revelation were unknown to Paul at the time of his writing. Johns revelation of the trumpets had not yet been written. Interesting times indeed..

    I will multiply thy sorrows at they conception to they birth. Reference to rev 12. A physical and literally celestial event taking place Nov 20 2016 to sept. 23 2017.

  40. Andy Sutton

    I agree with many of the comments above. The establishment is not stupid. Whether they planned on allowed Brexit to pass or had contingencies regardless of what happened you can sure bet they had a way in advance to make mileage out of Brexit or it NEVER would have made it through the vote-counting process. They routinely rig elections in the US; why not elsewhere. So they allowed this. Maybe they even subtly encouraged it for whatever ends they have in mind. These guys don’t take two steps without a plan. You can bet the people have been duped.

  41. Pinocchio

    It seems to me that Brexit is a sayonarazation of EU by British landlords. I am afraid it will inspire landlords in other EU member countries to sayonara each other in the coming years. It that happens, we will see a series of gigantic sayonaras which will break Europe into myriad of small sayonaraed local communities.

  42. Larry Galearis

    @ DLC
    Your Bulgarian must have been an exception. Perhaps not. Perhaps many immigrants become disillusioned by their American experience. Perhaps it comes down to the efficiency (if one can pay) of the health care system, perhaps about affordability of pre-natal care to address the growing infant mortality of your nation’s poor. Perhaps it is the heavy involvement on the consumption end of corporations when some areas of obvious corruption need to be, dare I say it, socialized. In Canada everyone is covered by a “free health care system” out of the tax bill; nobody is one major illness away from personal bankruptcy. Think about how much Canadians want to move south!
    My wife had an aunt that moved to California, and perhaps like your Bulgarian, was less than impressed with the country. Again she was from Canada and her biggest complaint was that Americans did not seem to be very much informed about anything going on in the world and decidedly closed minded. She too was never “Americanized” because to her mind it was a step down intellectually. To my mind (and verified daily by people like Paul Craig Roberts) Americans will likely go to war – which will be nuclear – without a single hint that things were going that way or why. Most Americans do not even realize that most of their constitution is now ignored by Washington, as are many laws and political frameworks. Would they be upset if they realized this? Could we still hope the American people are not jaded or insulated or brainwashed enough to take a stand against the empire from within? I realize these words will anger readers. That’s fine but can a patriot be objective enough about crimes of his or her country to put all of the above in context and organize a national protest against an autocratic government? Whether they will or not will likely determine whether we all live or die!
    AAR, my other comment was about how close we are, Greg, to a Reset. Back in 1998 on the Kitco Forum (yep, I go back – when Kitco really was the ONLY metals forum) when the famous poster ANOTHER (Thoughts!) delivered some amazing wisdom. About “the END” he quoted: “In the end both gold and the dollar will rise together”. We may be there if the present rally in gold shares its path with the USD. It has taken me some ten years even to start to understand that inevitably the safe haven status of both currencies will benefit from this almost obvious monetary crisis. Obvious to perhaps 1% of us, that is, because in a world of competitive currency devaluations, high inflation, rigged markets, growing war risk, an imploding bond and derivative market realities, safe havens are all that is left. So for the 1% who paid attention who picked gold, we should be at the top against the 99% who are dumping a lot of paper and buying dollars. Isn’t it funny that when one finally gets to this point and have striven to understand the process, one can look back and know we are verified in our world view. Everyone we know who stayed in general equities (shares) have lost their shirts – even with strident warnings from out camp. My dentist can no longer retire – and I warned him and explained my warnings to him for fifteen years! He chose paper over metal and did not understand that a diversified portfolio is nothing of the sort if your basic national currency, which is in decline, defines your profit. This seems to be a simple concept, but apparently not simple enough! To most people money is money and has only one form, paper.
    So another rant from the north. A FYI: the ANOTHER writings have been archived on Google Another usagold and it should turn up for you.

  43. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Why are the Marian apparitions and Bible big shots blasting the world over the Wrath of God coming to punish us all? I began to suspect long ago they were not of God. But they are from those who want to blame God for their own genocides and wars, perhaps. God is being framed as a patsy.
    Jesus said only to read the times…that humans were creating a chain of causality that would destroy The temple. All evil begins in the human heart, tempted and giving in to it.
    As for churches…the line cuts through them all…the good and the bad.

  44. Daryl

    Very interesting interview Greg. It is fascinating when people use numerology and try to tie it to Biblical prophesies. If I get Mr. Polny’s numbers right 252 times 8 equal 2016. He starts his cycles with the birth of Christ. Since there is no zero year this puts Christ’s birth in the year 1 B.C.E. The problem is that using known secular dates (in this case it would be the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, which was in 29 C.E.) that match Biblical dates (Christ being baptized when he was 30 years old) will put Christ’s birth in the fall of 2 B.C.E. not 1 B.C.E. [see Luke chap. 3] This would make Mr. Polny’s 8th cycle fall in 2015 not 2016.

    Not that this is a big deal, but to think that the judgement prophecies of the Bible that refer to the end of this wicked system of Satan’s and a new wonderful world will emerge under God’s Kingdom with just a global financial crisis is short sighted. The Bible’s so called judgement prophecies speak of times getting so bad that if God does not act to stop it no one would survive. [see Matthew 24: 21, 22] Obviously Biblical judgement prophecies refer to more than a financial collapse. They may be a small part, but not the sole element to these prophecies. Think about what Dane Wigington mentioned in your interview with him about geoengineering. Now that is a global catastrophe waiting to happen that will effect all life on earth. World war can too. Put all of the crazy events that are taking place at one time, in this era we live in, to the degree they are happening, and you have the signs that we are near the end of the last days the Bible refers to. (See Matthew 24, Luke 21; 2Timothy 3)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Daryl.

    • Robert Lykens

      “BCE” – as opposed to “BC” – is an attempt to diminish Christ and is a middle finger toward God.

      Just so you know.

      • Daryl

        Why? What is your reasoning on your opinion? Whether one chooses Before our Common Era (B.C.E.) or Before Christ (B.C.) the point is to use accurate dates and terminology that line up with our present calendar. If you want to use B.C. than you will need to adjust all of your dates by two years from our present calendar to be accurate. So go ahead I have no problem with that, but make sure you note it or you will confuse everyone. It has nothing to do with honoring or dishonoring Christ. It has everything to do with accuracy. Something the Bible is heavily based upon. Why do you think accurate dates where included in the Bible. Besides Christ never wanted any attention to be given to himself. He wanted all glory to go to his Father. (See Luke 22:42; John Chapter 17 as an examples).

  45. Herb

    The question that I use to evaluate prognostications based on scripture is “Who gets the glory if the prediction pans out?” Will Bo Polny be the one? Personally, I don’t think so.

  46. Robert Blundell

    Two quotes from history should be instructive when considering when a financial collapse will happen and why. In the late eighteen hundreds Banker Baron Rothschild said and I quote “I care nothing for the politics of a country if I can control the finances I can control the politics”. The second quotes from Thomas Jefferson quote ” a central bank is more dangerous to your Liberty than a standing army.” Put these two quotes together and you understand or should what is been happening in this country since the corrupt Clinton administration. Under the Clinton administration glass-steagall was repealed and Banks were allowed to buy stocks. Once they had the ability to buy stocks it was possible to manipulate the stock market and the election cycle. This along with your cohort treasonous scum at the Fed they were able to engineer a stock market crash in the year 2000. This of course was aided by Alan Greenspan raising interest rates 10 times previous to the election. Best combination of interest rate hikes along with a stock market bubble aided by the bank’s ability to buy stocks and dump them at will caused the crash of 2000. Believe me the Democrats did not want to win that election of 2000 because they had set in place this economic disaster. The real estate bubble of course was also a manipulated deal engineered by the Socialists of the Democratic Party. That’s too involved to get into at this point. What’s more important is the Democrats do not wish to win the next election either. My guess is it Hillary Clinton’s indictment will come down come conveniently after she has received the Democratic nomination. This will course will eliminate her from the race and some unelectable Dunce will be substituted. This will clear the way for the plant known as Donald Trump to be elected as a Republican such as he is. I suspect mr. Trump has made some backroom deal and was sent to take the fall and destroy the Republican Party. Of course in the long term he will be rewarded and Republicans will take the blame for the crash which will then follow. It is something that the Republicans will never recover from and we will now have a one-party system that is to say, socialism. This is the ultimate goal of the so-called Democratic Party. when all this happens as I say it should be apparent to anyone with half a brain which is half more than a Democrat that the Socialists ultimate goal has occurred. This of course is treason at the highest level, keep your guns. My technical analysis of the stock market tells me that we have to be test the 2008 Lows. And by the way wasn’t it convenient for mr. Obama the stooge to be able to predict in 2009 it was a good time to invest in stocks. From that point on I knew the fix was in and I told everyone everyone the stock market would never drop as long as this stooge was in office. X I’m not very egotistical but I was right then and I believe I will be right in 2017. Good luck all and you’ll need it. You are witnessing the end of our Republic.

  47. Country Codger

    Dear Greg and Mr. Polny,

    I have listened with interest to your, Mr. Pony’s, interviews and enjoy them immensely. My problem is that you refer to Daniel’s timeline and in fact Daniel was a Hebrew and viewed time as a cycle, not a Greek timeline.
    First, do you know how many cycles there are supposed to be? (It is a finite number.)
    Second, do you know the length of each cycle?
    Third, do you know where you are within the finite number of cycles?
    Fourth, do you know how to count each cycle?
    Fifth, what is the total numbers of years encompassed in the total cycle?
    Sixth, what is meant by the Hebrew word “Shabua” for week?
    Seventh, do you know the beginning and ending of YHWH’s calendar? (hint, it’s not Jan/Dec.)
    Eighth, if you use the Hillel II calendar to make your computations, do you know how many years it is off? And why?
    Ninth, if you count by Daniel 9 what happened to Daniel 8 and why did you forget to use it?
    Tenth, do you understand why your calculations for 2015 didn’t work out? ((No, last year was not the stupid Shemitah made famous by Pastor Cahn and this year is not a Jubilee.))
    Eleventh, do you understand your responsibilities in a sabbatical year?
    Twelfth, do you understand why this is unlike any cycle you have ever witnessed?
    Thirteenth, and final question, do you know why the same time period is expressed in three (3) different ways? (i.e. 1260 days, 42 months and times, time and half a time.)

    You guys keep up the great work. As I said I enjoy your interviews immensely.


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