Crash of Biblical Proportions Coming in 2016-Bo Polny

Bo Polny Photo ORIGINALBy Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says don’t bet on the U.S. dollar or the stock market to hold their value in 2016. Polny contends, “The dollar is going down with the stock market.  It did in December of 2015.  It did in August of 2015, and the dollar is falling right now again.  As soon as the stock market gets started to the downside, the dollar is going to go with it again.  So, the dollar is going to go down with the stock market with this next meltdown.  What’s going to end up happening when they hit the cycle low is what they did the last low (2009) and had QE 3.  Guess what, that’s going to mean (in the next crash) QE 4.  Then, that will mean they will be printing money like crazy.  Let’s say there is a 20% drop on the dollar, even 10%.  Everybody goes to sell the bonds.  If the 10-year is only giving 1.7% yield, if the dollar drops 10%, they are losing 8%.  If the dollar drops 20%, they are losing 18%.  So, all these countries will be losing on billions or trillions of dollars of bonds, and then you will get a fire sale on bonds. Everyone will be dumping the bonds because they will be trying to get rid of them as fast as possible.  That is what’s going to happen when they announce QE 4.”

How long will the stock market take to bottom in the next crash? At some point, the stock market will “walk off a cliff.” According to Polny, “It will go straight down . . . Yes. . . . I want to educate the world as to what I see because this is important.  What’s coming is Biblical.  People need to understand this.  This is not going to be a 1,000 or 2,000 point crash.  What’s coming is going to be world changing.  It’s going to come quick and fast, and what is going to rise out of the ashes is gold and silver.  If you don’t have it, you are going to have a big problem.”

Polny says the time it takes the stock market to hit bottom from its prior top is getting shorter. The 2007 top to the 2009 bottom in the stock market took a little less than two years.  The latest top happened in July of 2015, and Polny says this top to bottom crash will take half the time of the last crash.  Polny predicts, “The next bottom will happen between now and this coming August. . . . This is going to be Biblically bad . . . . You are going to have a day where the Dow might drop 4,000 points . . . the next turn is going to be a crash low, and that’s supposed to come in the next few months.  Being long in the market is crazy.  We keep having lower highs. . . . Being long in the market is extremely dangerous.”

Polny closed by pointing out, “The reason for the crash will be because gold and silver will be exploding higher. That is going to create a huge derivative issue.  That, then in turn, triggers the collapse and the meltdown of the stock market.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with cycle analyst Bo Polny of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Bo Polny says there is a lot of free information on the site. It you need Polny’s specific dates for trading, you can become a subscriber by clicking here.



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  1. Craig Bradley


    Phony Baloney. HARRY Dent says exactly the same thing. Get Attention, drum-up some fear, sell gold. Not buying it today. Sorry.

    • Ross

      Harry Dent however says gold will fall to $700 oz. Harry says that gold is not money and will only rise in an inflationary environment. Harry says the US $ will be the safe haven.
      Well gold and silver fulfil more than the requirements for money. They are a store of wealth, divisible, compact , portable and a medium of exchange. Our current fiat money is not a store of wealth. It has lost 98% of its value since 1913.
      Harry Dent also fails to realise that we have never been here and this inflation of all assets is global. There are few assets left that have not been over inflated. Harry says gold is in a bubble. How can this be so when the retail price is near the costs of production ? Even in a deflationary environment people are looking for safe havens to put their money. How can the US $ be a safe haven when the very basis of its value ie petrol and trade is being eroded by countries fleeing the US $ ? Farmland and precious metals are some of the few assets that are not over valued. Harry’s predictions on gold are defying all logic.

      • John FX

        Let all stocks fall and crash 50% now .

        It is time to let all stocks Fall 50% ,
        So we can buy them 50% cheaper .

        Sell , sell and sell from May onwards ….

        Let all stocks fall deepen .
        Let the stocks Crash begin ..
        Let there be Sellings against every rally from now on…

        Let the Bear conquer the bull .
        Let the stubborn bull exhausted and fainted .

        Let there be multiple Crashes for global stocks :
        Asian stocks ,
        European stocks ,
        U.S. stocks , etc ….

        Let all stocks Fall deep and hard now .

        It will be good to see multiple crashes :
        $SPX crash to 1700 – 1600 – 1500….etc
        Dow Jones crash to 14,000 – 12,000 – 10,000 , etc.

        The Faster the Crash, the better ,
        so the stocks will be cheaper n cheaper .
        Then we will buy the dip cheap .

        Let them Fall ,
        Let them fall freely .
        Let them dive deeper and deeper .

        Don’t delay the crashes ,
        don’t withhold the fall any more ..

    • Scott Miller


      Thanks for writing that. Felt like there wasn’t anyone willing to write it.

      Here, some take shots at you for expressing what you stated.

      Good for you!


  2. Smaulgld

    Gold was down “in the rest of the world” in March so his call was wrong . Gold held its own against the dollar in march only because the dollar cratered

  3. Tim

    “…You are going to have a day where the Dow might drop 4,000 points…”

    That’s not going to happen. They would halt trading before the Dow could drop that much in one day.

    Don’t misunderstand me, Greg. I believe that we’re headed for another crisis, one that the central banks won’t be able to “fix”. I also agree that gold and silver are the only way to preserve wealth. But I don’t have much confidence in your guest’s predictions. As a Christian, I believe Mr. Polny is a Christian who has good intentions, but he doesn’t have a good track record.

    • Greg Hunter

      Surprisingly, Rickards and Polny made a few of the exact same big points. Watch and see Wednesday.

      • jim c.

        Greg its not fair to compare polny to rickards, that is a down grade to jim rickards. Polny is not even in the same league.

        • Greg Hunter

          Jim C.
          They have come to the same conclusions. That you will know when you see Rickards he’s on Wednesday.

          • PriceCollarsAlready


            There are price collars (Gold:Aurum, Silver: Argentum) already instituted on the COMEX. Please kindly remind everyone.

      • Gil G.

        While I agree that Polny has been wrong on his gold calls going on three years, this time around he may be correct. If you follow the Ichimoku cloud method of trading there is a hugely powerful set-up on the weekly chart falling into place. This set-up is like a nuclear explosion. Should it follow through and fall into place the ensuing break out will be stunning.

        • Greg Hunter

          Gil G.
          I put him on the spot and he admitted he was wrong. I don’t think he’s wrong now–I agree.

    • JMiller


      The DOW could drop 4,000 points in one day.

    • frederick

      Tim that sir is an understatement thank you

  4. Ross

    Good question Greg about market manipulation by the bankers. It has never been this great in our history, so Bo is a brave man making predictions to the exact day.

    Many people are now reaching the same conclusions about the demise of our economies. QE4 will not inspire confidence and far more people since 2008 are now aware of what’s really happening. Wall St detached from the real economy decades ago and now the latter is in tatters. The collapse will last for years because the development of industry and education is a slow process.

    Unless the power of money creation is returned to the people, real prosperity and freedom may never happen. Real prosperity is having time to spend with your family and savings for your future without being debt slaves to this evil system.

  5. freebreezer

    Greg, If possible, keep Rickards on for as long as possible … he is an incredible wealth of information per almost all subjects economics and world affairs. I have read all his books and an hour + would be fantastic! And if possible, again, his take on Ukraine and Syria is a must ask! Thanks!

  6. gregd

    Yes, its suppose to crash in June, July, August, and even if it was, can’t the Fed just manipulate us out of it? At least that’s what he’ll say when it doesn’t drop. He’ll say the Fed jumped in and bought the market.
    And by the way, isn’t it true, the Fed can buy the entire market like the Bank of Japan has done? They (Japan)haven’t been hurt by this manipulation. And by hurt, I mean, there has been no price to pay for that specific act, no crash.
    Perhaps Japan was the test, like Cyprus was for bail ins.

    • Scott Miller


      Thank you as well. Amazing to read these ideas. Wonder why all of the sudden 2 comments that show the opposing viewpoint.

      The site is better for it.


  7. Paul

    Greg, another fascinating interview with Bo. Kudo’s for challenging him on some of his past calls yet in fairness to Bo he faced your tough questioning with remarkable class. Wonder if you could get some Fed Governors or better yet Fed Chairwoman Yellen to come on the show and explain their past calls! While for some Bo’s predictions/calculations may seem somewhat “pie-in-the sky” or “chicken-little” sounding, I think he may be more pragmatic than we think. Afterall Greg Manninaro, Michael Belkin, Rob Kirby, John Emery , Eric Sprott and a host of others are in the same camp as Bo The difference is Bo has put timelines on the financial demise. Biblical prophesy for the unwise brings condemnation; for the wise salvation. Only time will prove Bo right or wrong. If he is wrong, no one will care and the bashers will have their day of fun and ridicule. IF he is right- things are about get very very frightening! NOW is a time for chosing. Many thanks and look forward to your interview with Jim Rickards.

  8. Vince Shook

    All the points discussed in this interview are also supported by the following recent article on Here is just a portion of that article:

    “Regional Economies.

    The USA:

    Summary of statistics for 2015:

    Decreasing: GDP, tax receipts, housing starts, corporate earnings and CAPEX, exports, dollar hegemony, ‘petro-dollar,’ military capability, household income/consumption, vehicle sales, productivity, wealth