Crazy MSM Calls Trump Crazy, Antifa Repugnant Like KKK, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 298 8.25.17) 

USA Today publishes this headline that reads “Talk of Trump’s Mental Health Spreads.”  The reason why it is “spreading” is the fake news of the propaganda media is trying to destroy Trump by fabricating a completely false narrative of Trump’s mental health.  Any medical doctor practicing psychiatry that can make a diagnosis by watching someone on TV is either a quack, a total partisan tool of the left or both.  It’s more fake news and false narrative from an increasingly desperate left and Deep State.  They know nothing is working to remove a duly elected Donald Trump from office.  They are desperate to find some scandal to take him out before he destroys them and their evil plans for America.  Don’t believe the hype and BS by the lying MSM.

The propaganda media refuses to dwell on the radical left wing paid protesters of Antifa. They are the so-called Anti-Fascists, but they are also steeped in communism.  This movement is nothing new and started in Germany by communist Russia. The Communists are equally evil to the Nazis and KKK.  Communist Joseph Stalin of Russia is estimated to have killed nearly 50 million under his reign of terror in the old U.S.S.R.  Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Father of the Chinese Revolution, murdered 20 million of his fellow citizens in one year.  Yes, the Nazis are evil murderers, but so are the communists, and that is what is trying to overthrow the government of the United States.  People like George Soros are paying for the chaos.

According to new figures, nearly 78% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. That means, when the economy turns down again, many will be in danger in a very short amount of time.  Now, the Commerce Department is signaling a new downturn may not be far away.  New home sales just plunged by a whopping 9.4% in July.  That is a 7 month low.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Steve Quayle, radio host, book author and filmmaker, is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Quayle talks about the coming civil war and the evil people trying to start it.  Quayle says it all comes down to a monumental fight between the forces of good and evil.  You can find Steve at

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  1. Dan

    How bizarre is it that a large group of the country sees Trump as a crazed, racist, sexist buffoon while to another large group, he can do no wrong, even if he did kill someone in public as he boasted on the campaign trail. “He probably deserved it” Trump supporters would shout, not even knowing the facts & if anyone disputed it, they would claim “fake news”. By the way, why is Trump threatening a government shutdown (which I’m all for, by the way) if the wall isn’t in the budget? I thought Mexico was supposed to somehow miraculously pay for it? Just another lying politician, but on a larger scale. By the way, nice plan for Afghanistan – “we’re going to prolong this second-vietnam-type (only longer!) war”. Just another big fat lying politician (I know, Hillary was too – I agree!)

    • Frederick

      Dan I agree I supported Trump but now see the hypocrisy and lies he spewed and it’s very concerning Afghanistan was a big lie from day one and many people with critical thinking abilities see that It seems to me that for some reason they want a US base in Central Asia probably for many reasons actually The Taliban nonsense is just a cover I doubt VERY much that the majority of Afghans welcome our presence in their country

    • This sceptred Isle

      Divide and conquer

    • Paul ...

      Dan … One thing I think we can all agree on is Trump shutting down the Dept. of Education that only produces snowflakes … another thing he can do is chop off 2.3 billion dollars off the Defense budget to pay us back for the money they stole right before 9-11 … and have the Fed pay us back for the money they needed to prop up their failing banks … if Mexico doesn’t want to pay for the wall have all the illegal’s in our country build it for no pay (otherwise their benefits get chopped), etc., etc. … it is pay back time … lets take back all the money the crooks stole from us to help balance the budget!!

      • Paul ...

        I would like to know where all the money we collect from the crooked banks “in fines” is going? … “all” the money in fines collected should be going to pay off our National Debt (not into lawyers pockets who should be working Pro Bono on these market manipulation cases for all the American people)!!

      • Frederick

        Paul it was 2.3 Trillion with a “T”

    • Arthur Barnes

      Dan, the Afghanistan continuance is puzzling for me too, however, I think the Generals sold him a bill of goods about going into Pakistan and cleaning out the Taliban swamp there, Trump was somewhat emphatic about Pakistan when he announced his plan after Camp David when that decision was made. If nothing changes and drones, missiles, and clandestine Taliban strikes are not done in Pakistan shortly then I agree with you it was a totally waste of breath to even talk about it. You can’t win a war if the enemy hides just across a border any your not allowed to go after them their in their safe haven, Vietnam is a case in point. That is my only answer to your learned query about Trump’s change in policy since the election. We shall see. Your comments are well taken, however, on the Wall issue Trump said Mexico would pay for it one way or the other, meaning trade tariffs if not actually writing a check. Mexico has a 50 billion trade surplus with the U.S. a year, a small tariff for a couple of years pays for the wall, period! We shall see about that one too, presently I am standing staunchly for Trump in light of both parties are after him, but I agree with you that my support is not forever if campaign promises/policies keep changing. Best Regards, a b

      • RealityCheck

        one word… Opium

      • The Seer

        Pak has nukes. Very unstable there. Something must be done.

        • Greg Hunter

          This might be why Trump is sending troops to Afghanistan under cover of war there????? Who knows what is going on behind the scenes?

          • Arthur Barnes

            Interesting theory to say the least?

          • freebrezer

            Greg – that is the trillion dollar question … what is going on behind the scenes? Is it new major resources that have been found in Afghanistan? I know they have huge deposits of lithium and rare earth minerals – untouched … I doubt it is the opium – chemist can now create fake opium drugs 100 times more potent in a lab (I.e. 100 times easier to hide and smuggle), thus what is the gravity that is sucking us in to Afghanistan? the deep state sucking our tax money? I sure have not seen an explanation that is satisfactory!

      • Dan

        Wow, I don’t know what I was more impressed with, the intelligence of your reply (I’m actually rethinking my position) or the cordialness of it. It reminded me of how much it’s lacking in today’s discourse. I, myself, am certainly guilty of snarkiness, at the least. I truly believe that first Obama & now Trump have exacerbated the situation. I am just saddened because I viewed Trump as an anti-politician hope when he was campaigning & now am convinced he’s just a big con-man & not even very good at politics (different than business). I only hope I’m wrong!
        Sincere regards,

        • Dan

          Just re-read & “the situation” refers to the devisiveness in the country. I, too, believe that there are wrong-doers on BOTH sides, without a doubt!

          • Greg Hunter

            Here is the big difference in the two parties. I don’t see the KKK or Nazis in Charlottesville with a plan to take over the country. George Soros and Obama DO have some sort of plan to take over, and that is the real enemy of America.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Thanks, I try to always remember that learned persons can and should at time agree to disagree. Civility is not around anymore as it should be. Take care, regards, a b

      • Frederick

        Arthur I doubt very much we would be crazy enough to invade Pakistan Nukes or no nukes But then again Johnny MCCain is still around so anythings possible

      • Robert

        Raw materials. All wars are based on the other person has something the invading force wants. Gold , silver, and materials used for the new lithium batteries in cell phones. PS- also note it should be no surprise that the over abundance of heroin on our city streets comes at a time when we’ve been at war with a country that produces 90% of the world’s opium. I’ve read that America paid for the airport runways in Afghanistan to allow for easier distribution of that opium. In return, the Taliban gives our military information. In the mean time American and European streets are filled with heroin addicts.

    • rwmctrofholz


      The USA has had a trade deficit with Mexico EVERY YEAR since NAFTA was signed. Doesn’t seem too complicated to me. Pay for the wall Mexico, or we’ll pulling out of NAFTA.

      • Arthur Barnes

        RWMC…z – Trump claims he pulling out of NAFTA anyway, that alone will save almost a trillion a year!

    • al

      Trump validated my vote multiple times by giving the lame stream fake news media a black eye. Can he do wrong? Absolutely! But this deep scar on the MSM will go a long way towards future peace in this country. If the man did anything, give him that much.

      • Arthur Barnes

        al, and yes, Trump has been at the MSM for their fake news again & again almost every week, they can’t take the heat that is fore-sure. Like you said, that alone is validation.

    • William Stanley

      Dan: I’m am more than a bit skeptical of your claims. I think you are conflating “a large group of the country” with “an overwhelming majority of the MSM.” I also doubt that “another large group” thinks Trump can do no wrong. It strikes me that you’re trying to argue for moral equivalence between President Trump and the real lying psychopathic criminal politicians such as the Clintons and their ilk. Your attempt to make them “morally equivalent” is disingenuous at best. Your claim of “I know, Hillary was too — I agree!” was very clever, and I applaud you for your cleverness but, you’re going to have to up your psyops game to a higher level to escape notice here.

      • Dan

        I don’t usually reply, but couldn’t resist showing you how wrong you can be! You think I’m a Clinton supporter? Hillary should be in prison (although it will never actually happen), not the POTUS. I’m more of a Ron, and to a lesser extent, Rand Paul kind of person. You know – end all foreign entanglements and bring all of our troops home, something else that Trump gave lip service to & has done the exact opposite, like prosecuting Hillary, draining the swamp, repealing Obamacare, addressing the deficit, ending the many wars, Mexico paying for the wall, whether there will even be a wall (doubtful), etc. Yes, he’s done a WONDERFUL job – WAKE UP!!!

        • William Stanley

          Dan: I misjudged you: I did actually perceive you as a troll trying to create moral equivalence where it is inapplicable. Thanks for setting me straight. I liked your response much better than the original. I actually agree with much of your frustration and righteous anger.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Clinton, Bush & Obama had 24 years to grow alligators in the swamp, I think I will allow President a year or so to start draining it!

          • Bill

            Arthur Barnes: Right on Bro.

          • freebrezer

            AB – in 24 years the alligators can grow to be pretty damn big and ferocious … i.e, savagely fierce, cruel, and violent!

        • susan

          Dan, it is very difficult for President Trump to do anything with both the democrats and republicans against him. I. too, am curious about Afghanistan, but I still trust my president until proven wrong. By the way the congressional war mongers will go along with any effort in Afghanistan.

        • Sherry Davis

          I don’t usually comment, but I do reald most comments and try to learn. I follow a man by the name of Thomas Wictor on Twitter who has help me understand what is really go on. I believe most of what you read is a diversion. I have confidence( Thanks to Wictor) that Trump has destroyed the Democratic Party, the MSM and working on the Republican eliest. Some have gone on and read every tweet since Thomas Wictor started. It is very eye opening and informative. He does back up with research. Worth a look at.

    • Gene

      It’s really quite simple: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So long as scum like the MSM, and rotten politicians like John McCain and Paul Ryan seek to destroy President Trump, I will support him.

      All the rest is moralizing tripe and self righteousness.

      • William Stanley

        Gene: Bingo!

      • Diane

        Me too, Gene
        The fact all those scumbags hate Trump, “trumps” all other concerns fi me.
        I still believe in and am proud if my president.

    • Dominic Joslin

      Democracy in America (and much of the world), is totally broken, and out of date. This is dramatically evidenced by the continued extreme polarisation of US society, despite the fact that the presidential election has been completed. The basic problem is that genuine, grassroots representative democracy has been usurped by the (naturally evolved) two-party system, with its vulnerability to distortion by vested interest groups (party ‘professionals’, lobbyists, financiers, etc).

      To cut a long story short, the only answer is to move as quickly as possible to embrace the referendum based system as practised by Switzerland. The result there is stability in both society and economy. And perhaps most significantly, no ‘famous’ politicians. Think about it for a moment: can you name one Swiss politician??? Ahhh, bliss! No Trumps, no Clintons, no Blairs, no Merkels. And NO MORE WARS.

      • susan

        Aaaah, but the Swiss banks are controlled the deep state – elitists.

        • Frederick

          Goldman Sachs as well Susan

  2. Levantine

    Greg Hunter: ” Communist Joseph Stalin of Russia is estimated to have killed nearly 50 million under his reign of terror in the old U.S.S.R.”

    Israel Shamir says: “here…. you can find full numbers of all killed by Stalin, and it is about 600.000 for all thirty years of his rule.”

    He gives a link now defunct, so I’m gonna continue quoting others:

    Andrei Martyanov says: March 15, 2017 at 4:05 pm
    a group of Stanford University which in late 1990s went through GULAG archives and then compiled a data base–CSPAN had their press-conference, the group was shell-shocked when giving this press-conference because of the fact that instead of billions of “repressed” they found numbers very close to what Zemskov gives. The numbers were given to everyone here by Israel Shamir.

    Andrei Martyanov March 14, 2017 at 2:00 pm GMT

    It is a very interesting way the number of tens of millions “repressed” may have migrated into Solzhenitsyn’s “literature”. It is established fact that most of GULAG realities, of which Solzh had very little clear understanding, since most of his time spent in Sharaga, were “borrowed” from Shalamov. In one of his Kolyma Stories (don’t remember which one) Shalamov, when describing the nature of a criminal world in GULAG exclaims to the effect that “millions, tens of millions of such people populate this Carthage. This Carthage must be destroyed”. Shalamov was very specific there–he spoke about real criminals. Evidently, Solzhenitsyn had no problems using hyperbole as a “historic” number. Later, in his, yet another, opus “The Russian Question At The End Of The XX Century” (1995) Solzh continues this BS and refers to professor Karaganov’s number which he “estimated” as around 60-65 millions repressed. Solzh graduated from physics-mathematical faculty but, evidently, basic math and basic statistics were not taught there. But then again, arresting “quarter of Leningrad” or Red Army “retreating 100 kilometers a day” (the distance between USSR’s western border and Moscow is about 1100 kilometers–so 11 days to Moscow)–this is his “contribution” to “Russian Question”.

    melanf says: August 11, 2017 at 4:57 am GMT
    The Bolsheviks disgusting, but this statement (“on a scale far exceeding anything the Germans did in WW2″) is an obvious lie

    “…In fact, the number of prisoners for political reasons (for “counterrevolutionary crimes”) in the USSR in the period from 1921 to 1953, i.e. after 33 years was about 3.8 million people… during this period ( 1921 to 1954 ) has been convicted 3 777 380 people, including to capital punishment – 642 980, to the contents in camps and prisons for a term of 25 years and below – 2 369 220, into exile and expulsion – 765 180 people“.

    Hope this helps.


    • Greg Hunter

      There is lots of the same numbers in the echo chamber of the search engines. Here is a quote I found: “For the Soviets during the Stalin period, the analogous figures are approximately six million and nine million.” Got it from here: No matter it the number is 50 million or 9 million the number of communist atrocities (and we are only talking Stalin here) numbers in the millions of actual people killed by communists and their evil ideologies. Let’s not soft pedal what is going on here. Obama’s good friend communist terrorist Bill Ayres was quotes as saying “25 million Americans would need to be eliminated” in a takeover of the U.S. Source: More on the creeps and friends of of Obama: Here is video from of former Weather Underground (WU) terrorist Larry Grathwohl spilling his guts on what he heard form his evil former friends. Start at the 30 sec mark:

      How about a Soviet newspaper that pegged Stalin’s death count at 20 million???

      My last source is from Professor Jordan B Peterson at the University of Toronto, during an event organized by the group Students in Support of Free Speech. He pegged the Marxist/Communist deat toll at 100 million people. I especially loved this beat down of Communism/Marxism:

      I “hope this helps too”!!!! Don’t come here and troll us all with soft pedaling the murder these commie a-holes want to inflict on America.


      • Diane

        Me too, Gene
        The fact all those scumbags hate Trump, “trumps” all other concerns fi me.
        I still believe in and am proud if my president.

        • Greg Hunter

          Me too Diane!!!!! The MSM is trying to get everyone to hate him. This is a huge PSYOP by the propaganda media. Look at what the management is letting their propaganda reporters do. It’s one big Op-Ed where you don’t have to be fair and you can omit any fact you wish to make your point. Pray for our President!!!

      • Jallen

        Congrats for bringing up the Marxist / Communist killing of Christians. We hear about the six million Jews in Germany but very little about the 50 million Christians killed by the Marxist Communists in Russia. Let us all join together to condem all killing, no matter where it is. Wake up America, the time grows short for freedom. America is headed down a cesspool

  3. Oracle 911

    Rhetoric question:
    Will they blame Trump for that hurricane and the downpour?
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Dan

      No, but you can count on an idiotic tweet about it from him!

  4. Frederick

    Caecescu was Romanian not Yugoslavia Greg

  5. dlc

    Watched Right Side Broadcasting on Tuesday as they interviewed the line of people in Phoenix waiting to get into the Civic Center rally for Trump. Maggie Howell, formerly of Infowars, did some of the interviewing.

    The people were in a festive mood, very upbeat and friendly. They stood in sweltering heat for hours, no shade, no clouds, walking on concrete or the hot tar streets. There were almost 50 cases of heat exhaustion, some needing to be sent to the ER.

    The Bikers for Trump were on hand and the founder was interviewed. This group is trying to start chapters in all 50 states. They have a well-organized chapter in this state but still called on other states to attend this rally. Their purpose on Tuesday was to keep a watchful eye on the event, escorting people to their cars after the rally. They formed a prayer circle upon arrival and then made their presence known throughout the day.

    The agitators were by and large from out of state, left a good deal of debris in the streets as they raised hell in the dark. Have you ever noticed all the garbage that the paid agitators leave behind at these events?

    I thought the day went well. Our AZ liberals have not reduced us to the savage level yet. It did me a world of good to observe the festive atmosphere, so unlike what the press tries to conjure.

    The whole race thing is just the latest distraction to keep people from looking at who is actually responsible for gutting out this country. At least Trump came to the table with his own bucket of money.

    • Justn Observer

      Dlc… true… John B. Wells had someone report they were in a cafe’ and watched bus loads of ‘protestors’ file off …which including people that were dressed and had signs of both sides… so seems at least some of the ‘white supremacy people were schills to cause trouble. It was last nights show so you can go to youtube Caravan to Midnight and listen to that and some other interesting information….

  6. Robert

    Greg, in 2014 the NDAA was updated to allow the American people to be propagandized. The following act was put in place in to ensure that propaganda wouldnt be used on the American people by factions within our govt. Obama changed that .

    So much talk of the coming civil war in America .

    The msm is seeding it. Thanks to Obama who never left WADC. I voted for Obama twice. Now, after watching him, his wife, the Clinton’s and the DNC divide us by race the past two plus years, I have to wonder did I totally misjudge Obama and the role he is now appearing to have been groomed for long before he ran in 2008? Why did he stay in WADC after he left office and who is pulling his strings? He was a neocon from the beginning. His choices for his cabinet showed he was just the hope candidate as nothing changed and the NSA grew even bigger and more sinister during his presidency.

    The msm elevated Trump in the run up to the 2016 election because they thought he’d be the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat. Now theyre so angry their strategic planning actually worked in his favor theyre in total meltdown and will cause the same to happen to the American people in their quest to destroy the candidate they created.

    The msm is the culprit along with social media that spreads its queues.

    It may be that the only thing we as individuals can do is keep our head down as the seeds of growing discontent are sown by the propaganda channels of the msm, including the social media sites.

  7. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    HIPPA laws protect the privacy of a persons medical records. any doctor who allows himself to be an establishment media stooge and attempt medical evaluations on air should be prosecuted . Journalists who purport to have knowledge of someone’s medical condition are guilty of fraud. Also Greg, please stop using that term “antifa”. They hate and oppose you Greg. Are you a fascist? Why do you acquiesce to their Orwellian newspeak abuse of the language. These are very ignorant, stupid people foaming at the mouth with hate who have no clue what fascism is and who’s own behavior bears a powerful resemblance to that of Hitler’s Brown Shirts..

  8. dchayden

    Great wrap up Greg !!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DC!

  9. vincent_g

    The Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer
    33 destroyers of our fleet were built in the 1990’s
    The fleet has 62 of these ships and they make up our entire fleet of destroyers.

    The Zumwalt-class destroyer was to be our newest ship which was to replace the aging Arleigh Burke class fleet of ships
    We have one Zumwalt-class destroyer with 2 more planned to be built.
    There were 32 of these planned to be built but all but 3 were canceled.

    It appears the reason for the two collisions which took place recently is due a shortage of well trained sailors which is due to cuts in the navy budget. The two ships were built in the early 1990’s and the crew had the least training it seems.

    This story was covered by CNN which is hard to believe but yes they did cover it and seems they got it pretty much right.
    This proves they can print real news when they want to.

    We have a real problem with our navy as our fleet is almost outdated and we have a shortage of trained sailors. Much of the current fleet has outdated electronics and upgrading costs is very high and not being done.

    The problem can be turned around but the cost will be high as we quickly need 30 new ships to replace this aging fleet.

    On the bright side the two ships that were damaged are near the age of decommission.

    These ships are our front line defense of our Air Craft Carriers so it’s imperative that we have the very best designed ships to protect our carriers.
    Without proper protection of our Carriers we have no navy at all.
    World War 2 has proven that with the elimination of the Japanese Air craft carrier fleet.
    Once Japan lost all it’s carriers the war was for all practical reasons won as Japan had no defense of it’s Navy Fleet against air attack. The US at that point forward ruled the seas.

    • Steve Twitchell

      I think you are missing the point and believing the smoke screen. Don’t blame the sailors. They are trained. Blame corruption in new weapon development budgets. Those ships were targeted examples to warn off the US. I would say a targeted EMP, microwave or systems hack. Seems like I read of similar loss of radar by our jet fighters inSyria just a few years ago. Also, we don’t need to give military an excuse to ask for more $$ for “training”.

    • Paul ...

      As you say Vincent: “without proper protection of our Carriers we have no navy at all” … and that could be the point China and Russia are trying to make to the warmongering neocons in Washington who just put sanctions on them with regard to N. Korea … seems Russia and China share the same secret EMP technology (EMP technology Russia used to knock out our ship in the Black sea and China tested on one of our Carnival cruse ships a few years back)…

      • Frederick

        Paul How long do you think the carriers will stay afloat in a real war with thousands of SS 400 missiles aimed at them? It could get very messy fast

    • Glenn Shumway

      The damage done to the U.S. destroyer “John J. McCain” was just forward of amidships on the starboard (right) side, and was caused by the bulbous bow of the tanker which struck it.
      This means that the McCain CUT ACROSS THE BOW of the immensely larger (AND SLOWER, AND LESS-MANEUVERABLE) ship, and was struck by it. There is NO EXCUSE for such an event, virtually UNPRECEDENTED in U.S. Naval history!
      This happened in broad daylight, in one of the most heavily-trafficked shipping lanes in the world, and represents a dereliction of duty by those in command of the very highest order.

  10. Tim B.

    Trump’s capitulation’s on Afghanistan is a major story but was “buried in the back pages” here….Very disappointed with the President for pulling an O’Bama and this edition of the WNW.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tim B.
      You have to start and end somewhere and I simply put it in the order I wanted.

  11. john duffy

    Get rid of google, use DUCKDUCKGO

    Google Attempts to Block Bill to Hold Sex-Traffickers Accountable

  12. Rodster

    Steve Quayle has acknowledged that geoengineering has been taking place for quite some time now.

  13. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The poppy field protection is just a cover (!)…it’s those rare earth minerals that are luring us into Afghanistan.
    Without those the smart phones and Ipads won’t get upgraded and make billions for the corporations. Imagine the college kids going to fight for the minerals to keep their gadgets up to the minute. Yeah, right….
    Trump just reneged on the the reason I voted for him…he’s running out of campaign promises to double cross.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point DJC!!

    • Steve Twitchell

      Rare earth metals in North Korea too.

    • Frederick

      OK so there are rare earths Great Can’t we just purchase them on the open market like everyone else? Why on earth do we feel the need to invade a country and occupy it for 16 years to obtain that which is available in the marketplace I’m not buying that arguement

  14. Flattop

    When the economy collapses a major portion of Americans are going to be mad as hell, saying, ” why didn’t someone tell us this was going to happen”. They are going to blame everyone but themselves.

    • Steve Twitchell

      Gee. That sounds like some of my old bosses. It’s the CEO way and the minions have leaned it from them.

    • Frederick

      Flat isn’t that always the way?

  15. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Good summation of the ongoing news. The MSM is what it is, just more so with President Trump in the WH. It’s not like they turned anti-American overnight, the propagandists have been there for a long time.

    Antifa: If the DOJ & FBI aren’t on this already and looking at these guys as domestic terrorists it’s only because too many of Obama’s people are still in place. They’d have been more in the background under Hillary, but it’s not like a group of this ilk sprang up overnight. Trump as President is just a useful rallying point for these useful idiots. FOLLOW THE MONEY. If it leads to George Soros then sobeit. Whomever is funding these guys is also a terrorist.

    As for ships being hit by other ships and bumping into things that haven’t noved since Magellan circled the globe — this is not a coincidence.. Too many incidents in too short a time. However, people smarter than me and with access to what really happened are on this like white on rice. You won’t see much about it in the MSM, but the US Navy is taking this extremely seriously. These are warships that have been taken out of action without a shot fired and sailors have died. I have no idea how one could “hack” a naval warship, it’s not like the ship’s navigation is available to the internet. A saboteur inside the ship would be more likely, but that implies an organization rather than solo players. We will probably never learn.

  16. Linda L.

    Career Politician Paul Ryan said in latter 2016 that he’d NEVER EVER support Donald Trump, and so one of the first mistakes that President Trump made was putting weasel Ryan in charge of the initial attempt at healthcare reform after his election. Maybe we’d get more progress in changing this horrible healthcare insurance nightmare if the Congress had the same insurance as those who elected them (what a farce).

    • The Seer

      IMO, Trump is purposely allowing people to show their true colors. Outright over expose them. Then go after them with the additional accumulated evidence. Long chess game.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Linda L., totally agree, Trump’s first disappointment for me was kissing Ryan’s behind, and, as usual, Ryan did what he always said he would do; never support our President!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art, Don’t forget McCain LITERALLY going over to his buddies Schumer, Feinstein, and Co. for hugs and kisses after the Obamacare repeal fiasco. Schumer told his media toadies that McCain was a “hero”. The career jerks in Congress are there for themselves, and themselves ONLY. Without a term limit, and without a ban on lobbying (the other word for that is “bribery”), we are toast. Please don’t give up on President Trump. Not only is he the right man, without him it is O-V-E-R. It may be, anyway. If it come to it, I go down with him. Best always. PM

        • Steve Twitchell

          McCain early in his naval flying career thoughtlessly killed US carrier sailors. His nonchalance has not changed.

        • Frederick

          Don’t even get me started about Johnny ” Wetstart”

        • Arthur Barnes

          Paul, I won’t give up on Trump, I agree we are toast without him, McCain was a war hero made good, after being in Congress 30 years or so they all lose any humility as to what they represented in the beginning. The elite are very clever at training our leaders to eat out of their bowl and, of course, to do their bidding. Shameful, shameful, Congress, but the truth is Paul you just can’t shame them, period – they are shameless!

          • Frederick

            Arthur MCCain is no hero He’s a sellout traitor PERIOD nothing more

            • Flattop

              Frederick; John McCain deserves our respect as a naval officer and a prisoner of war, BUT, as a politician, he is one sorry human being.

  17. Diane

    Awesome wrap up Greg.

  18. Tommy

    There’s no question that those with a vested interest are working overtime to foment racial and socioeconomic unrest. Three days before Charlottesville the VA governor was, in my opinion, encouraging protestors to come to Charlottesville. At the time I believed he was trying to make it a bad situation. Add to that the actions of the authorities who seemed to throw the two groups together and well… But in Main Street America, I don’t see it. My city was wreaked by racial violence in the 60’s, but today I don’t see people wanting to recreate that scene. Obama tried for 8 years to stir the pot and we ended up with Trump. Riots would make it easier for the government to take our liberties from us, with many if not most giving up their freedom voluntarily. However, they will continue to try to subdue the American citizen, so you can guess how that will come out.

  19. H. Craig Bradley


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robin!!!! Soros is paying big bucks to undermine our country and our president!!!

  20. Jerry

    Germany’s preparing for a currency reset. Are you?

    Apparently whatever form the currency reset takes whether its in crypto currency or SDR’s its going to be backed by gold. This along with Allen Greenspan’s advice to buy gold says so. The bigger question is why now? Think about it. The elites always know ahead of the general public what the central planners are up to. Don’t you think Angela Merkel needs a fall back plan for her supporters in the event Deutsche Bank goes down? I do. FYI. The central bankers are making plans in Jackson Hole this weekend. How fitting, bankers retracing the footsteps of other robbers like the hole in wall gang?

  21. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    The one of the things about being on the road is that when I get back I have all your newscasts to catch up on. WOW!!!
    The Holy Spirit is moving and people are hungry for the WORD. My wife and I stayed a week longer in Illinois than we were originally asked because there was so much interest in the cycles of our Creator. We’ll be home this week, just in time for hurricane Harvey and yes we live in southeast Texas, and then we head out to NM for 2 weeks and then La. and Alabama for 2 weeks. We are having to turn down invitations .
    The common denominator is, people are afraid and their fear is making them realize that they need the Father.
    So, if you are spiritually prepared you should FEAR NOT!!!
    If you are not spiritually prepared be afraid, be very afraid. (Matthew 10:28)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC. I always say, . . . and above all, prepare yourself “spiritually.”

    • Steve Twitchell


  22. RTW

    The left wing media has labeled antifa as a “Peace Group”. The very same group who show up wearing helmets and masks, wielding weapons, with the intent to do bodily harm to anybody who gets in their way. According to their logic, I guess ISIS is also a “Peace Group”. Their statement was nothing more than a feeble attempt to discredit Trump for accurately claiming BOTH sides were at fault in Charlottesville. The corrupt media and the Left are getting more desperate as time goes on and it doesn’t appear that they have any boundaries.

  23. al

    The tea party movement started under the Bush administration, that was the original anti-fascist movement. What we see now are communist Soros brown shirts, and yes, they are paid off.

    BRAVO!!! OMG!!! AWESOME!!! I couldn’t add another word to your expose’ on the lame stream media.

    Remember, Hitlery loathed people calling them degenerates and where is she now? The same loathing is occurring in the fake news lame stream media. They failed and are doubling down while they are circling the toilet. FLUSH!!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Texas. I had to go through hurricane Matthew last year which was devastating for many people. Not the wind, but the flooding.

    God bless you Greg, I say that no matter what I seem to be in the eyes of the alt-ISIS/antifa Soros cronies think.

  24. Roger

    During the campaign, Trump supporters refused to hear, ‘But what about governing by the Constitution?’ And they still don’t want to hear it.

    Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’ but drained his own incoming team. Now he is hell-bent on ‘winning’ in Afghanistan. I challenge Trump supporters to answer 2 questions. Could you define specifically what would have to happen in order for America to ‘win’ in Afghanistan? And specifically how will the people of Afghanistan be better off than they were before we came?

    Trump is just another traitor to the Constitution, bowing at the altar of the industrial/military/congressional complex. War, war, war just like GW Bush and Obama.

    • Flattop

      Roer: Appreciate you expressing your opinion. I happen to be a trump supporter, so lets wait and see what happens in Afghanistan, then you can criricize.

    • Paul ...

      Roger … China and Russia have most likely given their secret EMP technology to Iran so it made it easy for Iran to give up their plutonium nuclear reactor knowing full well they could put the American Navy completely out of commission with such EMP technology (the way it is now being used by China and Russia to cripple US ships in the South China Sea in retaliation for sanctions regarding N.Korea) … the military/industrial/congressional complex “is fuming mad” that they can’t get a big war started to keep the dough rolling in … so they are picking on the poor Taliban again who (even without secret technology) are beating the pants off the neocon warmongers running the opium poppy field drug cartel in “their” country!

  25. Paul ...

    Recently Saudi jets using US made weapons destroyed Yemen hospitals, clinics, water and sewage systems … think people … why those targets? … because right after that a deadly strain of bacteria created by the neocons for biological warfare was released in Yemen to cause the worst epidemic in living memory … these warmongering neocons are pure evil … God is now offering his hand to mankind to pull us up out of this evil swamp created by the neocons … all we have to do is have the courage to place our hand in his … the evil neocons will tell us to renounce God and his teachings … they proclaim the only way to solve a political problem is to kill more men, more women and more children … so off with their heads … burn them alive … spray them with bio-weapons! … stop and think people! … is this the kind of world you want your family to live in … a world of constant “incessant war” that kills millions of innocent people and families … God gives us a choice and gave us a mind to imagine the world as a beautiful place to live … put down your sword, quell your anger and the lust for worth-less fiat money and take the hand of God who will place your hand upon your neighbors shoulder … so both of you can work toward the betterment of mankind … rather then for the destruction of man as Satan and his warmongering neocons plan!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Can you source this story? I do know the U.S. some SA weapons.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … I read about the Yemen “cholera outbreak” in Veteran’s Today … seems the neocons love weapons that can kill innocent civilians on “a massive scale” and are invisible and difficult to place the blame for releasing the deadly bacteria, fungi, botulism, toxins, cholera, etc. and it is not just bio-weapons specific to killing people … but they are developing bio-weapons in hundreds of laboratories around the world to destroy the agricultural crops of “targeted nations” so as to undermine their economies! … when evil people have no morals “anything goes” … God’s people must put a stop to this before our world is completely destroyed by Satan’s minions!!

        • Greg Hunter


          This is a source but there but speculation too. It’s not a dead solid gotcha.


          • Paul ...

            Greg … there are not that many absolutes in our world … we have to connect the dots as best we can!

            • Greg Hunter

              Yeah Paul, but you jump to some pretty big conclusions and I do not like jumping into a tar pit.

            • Frederick

              Paul You don’t expect Greg to accept anything from VT do you? They are extremely critical of the Zionists both in Israel and in our government

      • Country Codger

        Hi Greg,
        I think you can Google a search for the US using a CIA front company in Florida that was a toy company and did billions of dollars in business with Saddam Hussein, Saudi Arabia and UAE.(A lot of the arms were illegal under international treaty and Hussein used them on the Kurds that is how we knew he had “WMD’s”. I still say they are buried in Zagros mountain range.) A heck of a lot of that money flowed through BCCI. It was also the preferred bank for heroin money coming out of Burma in the middle to late 70’s as well as the white slave market @’77-’90. Even though the center of the white slave market was Amman Jordan the king did not sanction it but someone on his staff did, I don’t know who.

        • Paul ...

          CC … If those WMD’s are still buried in the Zagros mountain range … guess who has control of them now? (Iran) … great idea the CIA neocons had doing 9-11 so they could invade Iraq and take out 7 countries in 7 years … look where it got them … Iran has now fulfilled “an ancient Persian dream” of opening a direct corridor to the Mediterranean Sea … Netanyahu should be proud of his hard line policies … he has created one hell of a nightmare scenario for Israel … now how do we get out of this fix? … we have a military bloc composed of Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Hezbollah in Lebanon backed by two super powers Russia and China where the soldiers under their control are battle hardened and armed with accurate missiles that can strike deep into Israel … nice job Bibi … what we need is a new Israeli leader (someone like Trump) who can begin to resolve the regions differences by negotiation and make Israel great again!

  26. Angie N

    I have never said this but I would like you to know I am grateful for choice in guests and your no nonsense commentary especially when it comes to the so called news. I am also very appreciated of your ending statement of having God in charge. No matter how bad things are you put it in proper perspective. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Angie for your support, and I love your picture!!!

  27. Corleone

    – Thousands companies are filing for bankruptcy.

    – Big retailers have closed hundreds outlets.

    – About 42 million people are depending on EBT card.

    – Tent cities are growing in number and dimension.

    Janet Yellen’s conclusion: we are on the right track.

    “Gold is safe and I am Buck Rogers’s brother.” (Mnuchin)

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yes, tent cities are going up all over America cities, the MSM little dirty secret not mentioned in their “chicken in every pot” programming. Estimated 100,000 in Los Angeles alone! Many Americans out of work, but, all the MSM wants you to know is Wall Street is rocking up so you better get on the band wagon! The reason they want people to invest is they need investors to buy their positions without a panic so they can get out while it is high. Beware the BEAR RALLY, yes, things are not good, glad you see the reality of our situation. Folks, get out of the market(s) before you left holding the bag (empty bag that is).

    • Frederick

      Corleone Looks like a big one may be coming very soon Sears and Kmart are teetering

  28. doctoryes

    Any good mental health pro could create a list of differential diagnoses from Trump’s public/TV appearance and interviews over past two years. But one would also need a one to one psychiatric interview, neuropsychiatric testing and perhaps medical tests in order to confirm final diagnoses.

    However, you don’t have to be a mental health pro to know when someone is a manipulative, cunning, deceptive, untrustworthy bully either. You just have to be willing to not be an easy mark.

    • Greg Hunter

      Doctor “Quack,”
      You have allowed your left communist political views totally cloud your objectivity and scientific discipline. You too, sound like a total “quack.” Please turn in your medical license now, and do NOT try to treat anyone. You might tell a little boy that he is a girl. You idiot MD quack.

      • SusieQ

        True story: A shrink I follow on Twitter was asked if he could diagnose Trump. He responded as above that he could not do that ethically without a face to face interview, and then he wrote “But the person Trump plays on TV is a sadistic narcissist.” True dat.

        • Greg Hunter

          You doctor has just exposed all the MD’s saying Trump is crazy as Quacks. Every single one should lose their medical licenses. You “Q,” are a left wing wacko paid troll.

      • sweetpotato

        Oh, my god, the doc sure hit a nerve. The differential diagnosis is not leftist or communist. It’s a foundation of medical practice. The current debate on Trump’s fitness includes the concept of a duty to warn, in addition to appropriate evaluation and patient confidentiality. It was also clear that his/her second paragraph was opinion, not evaluation. Why are you so defensive??

        • Greg Hunter

          I am always on guard for political and medical quackery from paid trolls like you!!! Now go play in the street.

    • Paul ...

      doc … do you mean manipulative like bombing Syria and then telling the Chinese about it over chocolate cake? … or cunning like warning the Russians the Tomahawk missiles were on the way … deceptive like calling for regime change in Iran and N. Korea and then sending troops to Afghanistan … and bullying Venezuela with threats of military action? … perhaps it is simply the way Trump gains advantage while practicing the art of the deal!

      • Paul ...

        Now Trumps threat to sanction poor Venezuela who’s people are eating dogs and cats might “sound crazy” to the snowflakes (what will they eat if sanctions are imposed rats?) … Maduro just abolished “the bought and paid for Venezuela Congress” who were supposed to give the CIA neocons rights to their oil fields (after the regime change they implemented) … but things just don’t seem to work out as the CIA plans … Maduro is now offering to sell Russia a stake in their oil fields to generate the cash needed to revive the Venezuelan economy … so you see … Trump is not crazy!

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey Paul,
        You should keep one thing in mind while you are criticizing Trump: If you criticized any of the leaders in the countries you named, while living in those countries, you would be in jail or disappeared. You should go there, and open an email account for a week, and use your real name. Be bold, and let them have it. You know there is plenty to criticize in Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and Syria. I mean it Paul, be bold and use a full verifiable name and give contact info, so they can easily find you, and see how long you would last. Please keep this in mind when you are carrying the torch for totalitarian dictatorships.

        • Paul ...

          Greg … I’ve been carrying the torch for America all my life … until the Patriot Act turned “us” into a totalitarian dictatorship … now I will criticize “every nation” I feel is doing wrong by putting “their actions” in the spotlight … especially the warmongering ones (like the Saudi’s) who “may have just” violated International Law using bio-weapons in Yemen!!

          • Frederick

            Paul In Poland the people seem to be much more in tune with reality maybe from all those years living under Soviet oppression If the people don’t like a policy they march to the presidential palace or the Senate and the govt always backs down I think they are much freer than we are as Americans to be honest

    • Steve Twitchell

      If they “examine” Trump then how about an exam of Pelosi, Obama, Hillary or even Lynch? Narcissists all.

  29. Jerry

    Like I’ve been saying, a global currency reset is coming, and coming soon. Need more proof?

    This time its not about driving gold prices down, its about securing a place in the new monetary system. Whatever form the new global currency takes, crypto currency, or SDR it is apparently going to be backed by gold. I have several sources who have confirmed this, and if you don’t believe me just ask Allen Greenspan.

    • Jerry

      Unless I’ve missed my guess, next week when this currency exchange system launches you will see U.S. bond holders scatter like chickens in a storm.

      Its like the amazon of the currency world. Eliminate the middle man ( the U.S. dollar peg) and trade directly with your clients. There is a reason the central bankers are snapping up gold and it isn’t because they like shiny rocks. They’re sacred out of their tidy whites that they are losing their grip on fiat currency. This is what’s happening:
      – The Federal Reserve is clearing its balance sheets in September
      – The European Central Banks are selling off U.S. treasuries for Yuan.
      – The Central Banks in Africa are now trading in Yuan instead of dollars.
      – The Saudi’s are beginning to take payment for oil in gold.
      And at the bottom of this list is a plethora of companies that are using in gold backed crypto currencies for payment. The (ESF) Exchange Stabilization Fund may have a money laundering mechanism in place to buy back treasuries dumped in the market, but what do you do when no one else wants to use you’re currency for trade?

    • Jerry

      DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE A REALLY STRONG STOMACH!!/2010/11/james-traficants-us-bankruptcy-speech.html
      Our demise was baked in the cake along time ago.

      • Frederick

        Jim Traficant was great but I doubt Greg will touch this with a ten foot pole because Jim was a harsh critic of Zionism and it’s stranglehold on the US govt He died under somewhat shall we say ” interesting circumstances”

        • Greg Hunter

          That’s right Frederick. Israel is God’s eternal land and you will NEVER see the Jews ejected. “Those who curse Israel will be cursed and those who bless Israel will be blessed. So important, it was in the very first book in the Bible. (Genesis 12:3) It is a theme throughout the Bible: I think the whole Zionism thing is just a political cover for anti-Semitism.

          You never utter a singe word about the murdering Islamic terrorists that kill on a daily basis. It’s all documented on a daily basis here: Let’s talk some crap about you dictator leader in Turkey that is firing public servants by the hundreds and taking more power. Let’s have some comments about that from you as you are living there. Give us some street reporting. I am sure there are some negative things about a leader taking doctorial powers from the Turkish people. I bet I hear crickets.


          • Frederick

            Everyone is entitled to their opinion Greg And no one ever mentioned the Jews being ejected from Israel Jim Traficant never did He did however oppose the hypocrisy of the Zionists control over politics in DC and over our inancial system ( the FED and Wall Street) and for his honesty and patriotism he got thrown out of Congress Absurd f you to denigrate a true American patriot like Congressman Traficant

      • Matt In Pa

        No doubt.

  30. David

    Hilary’s 30,000 mails are all stored in the US governments intercept facility in Utah/Idaho. When the facility was being built, they bragged that all emails and phone conversations would be taped for security protection worldwide. Two billion+ dollars were spent on this facility. Now the government says they don’t exist. What a bunch of Hillary BS. It is high time for the US Government and the FED to each have their own special prosecutor appointed to End this HGH TREASON !

  31. Sharon

    Trump was not the normal candidate and as president, he is not accepted by the “average” Republicans because the people/voters rejected them and their candidates. Of course he is rejected by the Democrats because they were the party for the people and “the people” rejected them and their globalist views. Trump’s election was a revolution, the voters took a conservative party and turned it into a working man’s conservative party. No one speaks about that.
    This event was history, the people gave a middle finger to Washington DC.
    Trump is in for the fight of his life, we are in a civil war, you can tell it by the chaos that is ensuing in this country. Don’t the democrats know that the confederate statues they are destroying and removing are of historical Ivy League College benefactors? It’s like these leftists are insane. Why pick at the Civil War sore?
    Both political party’s are to blame for not supporting the will of the people. The next election will not be pretty.

    • Bill

      Sharon: Re the next election. If trump forms a new political party, as there is now some talk of since the RINOs wont do anything to support trump, sign me up

      • Steve Twitchell

        Me too!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Where can I sign up, build the wall!

  32. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Love the political cartoon at the top of this article, Greg. Great weekly wrap up!!! Our public school system and institutions of higher education are jokes. Most degrees aren’t real – meaning they’re not in STEM or a related curriculum (yes, those really are the only real higher degrees – promote a PhD in Feminist Dance Therapy as much as an institution of higher learning wants for profit, but it’s still just a bunch of nonsense). And most real degrees were not earned but bought. Meaning that too many people with them shouldn’t have them. Real or not, earned or not, most higher degrees will never yield returns on the investment (except for those who deserve them the least and use their degrees which they didn’t earn for profit and/or political expedience). Some will but most will not. The entire system of education in the US has become feminized. Look at Title IX and VAWA and their application on college campuses.

    “Talk of Trump’s mental health spreads.” Meaning: gossip. Almost all those in the field of mental health (social workers, clinical psychologists, etc…) are nothing but feminist quacks. There are some real diseases that challenge mental health. But most diagnoses aren’t real. They aren’t based upon any real and objective criteria. The “symptoms” are entirely subjective. Besides, what if Trump does have a real “mental illness?” Who cares? It’s better than Obama and Clinton, both of whom don’t have a mental illness but are psychopaths. Crazy is the way good people deal with evil. Most psychopaths are psychopaths by choice. It’s not the result of head-trauma or child-hood abuse or pathogenic agent. Most psychopaths don’t suffer from a disease. They’re just plain evil. Evil born out of laziness and stupidity. They’re parasites. Lots of people who have to deal regularly with psychopaths have real and measurable behavioral responses to them. Whenever I’m near a psychopath, my skin crawls, my palms itch and my gums bleed spontaneously. If Trump seems a little off, well maybe it’s a response to the evil psychopaths around him. Crazy is the way good people deal with evil. I’ll go with mental illness anytime over psychopathy. Better known as evil.

    • Clare Doll

      Let me guess — those psychopaths, this plain evil you speak of , Eve-related is it?

    • Steve Twitchell

      Ver well said Dr. J

  33. William Stanley

    Greg: Thanks. It looks like you’ve got some people pretty scared: they are sending more skillful trolls after you each week. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I can beat them back WS!! I thank you for your caring support!!!

  34. paul

    Again agree with how the fake news is unbelievably anti-Trump and agree the deep state conspiracy is desperate to block the draining of the swamp, but must correct an error related to Ceaușescu who was not Yugoslavian, but rather Romanian. The point made was obviously quite correct in terms of the detestsability of his Mao, Stalin and Pot. In any case fascists and communists and for that matter American (native Americans) and British (native Australians and others) have committed atrocities despite having constitutions and rule of law in order to advance the interests of their ruling classes. It is not the political ideologies that are the cause of such atrocities it is an issue of wealth protection and accumulation and prejudicial hatred against those who are in some way different.

  35. Flattop

    GREG; Could someone find out who paid for the buses that hauled the demonstrators to Charlottesville, and where they picked them up

  36. Flattop

    I think the wall should be built, around Wash DC . Any of those worthless —-, who call themselves congressmen who attempt to leave should be arrested for incompetence and dereliction of duty. A sentence of a couple years living under Obamacare would be a good punishment.

    • Diane

      Love it Flattop…great idea#

    • Arthur Barnes

      Flattop, another thing which would be good is to have a legal ballet with an option of “none of the above”, bet lost of them would win elections!

  37. Rock

    Another great week of work. Looking forward to hearing from Steve Quayle next. Perhaps you can ask him to comment on the Luciferian infiltration of transgender people in entertainment, politics, sports and so forth. It is unbelievable how deceived we are. All a part of the Baphomet agenda. Thanks Greg!

  38. Justn Observer

    Greg… Breaking…. dirty bomb plot discovered in Indonesia not far from U.S.S. MaCain incident… and more evidence that the destroyers in fact might have been scanning for the material in shipment…with new tech. described in this article… Appears maybe they were then taken out to keep them from detecting the right ship or from intercepting one.
    Interesting and plausible now that the U.S. Navy might not be candid about what is going on so as not to alarm the people living near the U.S. ports?

  39. Canadian spectator

    As a Canadian all I can say I wish I had someone like Trump leading our country. He is far from perfect, but are any of us? The moment he was elected he has been fighting for his political and physical life. He has to make bargains with the devil and choose his battles. Can you name someone who has his back? Almost everyone around him has knifed him. He is the only horse in the race to salvage Western civilization so suck it up and back him up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to our northern Brothers and Sisters!!!

    • susan

      CS, thank you for your astute comment. We will pray for your country as well. You are our best neighbor!

  40. Hatemail

    Trump was “crazy” to take the job. This is not going to end well for him or for us.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are “crazy” Hatemail for making this comment and giving up like woos. You are falling for the MSM propaganda. That’s all they got now because they sure don’t have any ideas where people will vote for the Communist/Democrats.


      • Hatemail

        The deep state had their way with JFK, RFK and MLK. You think Trump can outlast them?

        • Hatemail

          9/11 was another deep state operation.
          The MSM was largely responsible for the resignation of Richard Nixon.
          Before the election I fully expected Trump to have a helicopter “accident”.
          Looking at this rationally, I’m not betting on Trump to survive.
          I do have a $100 bet on Conor McGregor to win tonight.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes! Read Matthew 28:18.

  41. SamAdamsGhost

    Thanks Greg for your excellent work.

    I’m very concerned with the US Navy surface fleet. There may be a problem with training and leadership that goes back many years. This endangers the security of the nation and the lives of those officers & sailors serving aboard our ships-—what-are-root-causes—operational-pause

    • Paul ...

      SAG … it is not a training or leadership problem but more likely an EMP attack in retaliation for “unwarranted sanctions” on both China and Russia!

  42. bob

    The donald has finally come out of the closet with the Oligarchy agenda….Boy was I fooled, that is until shortly after being elected he brought in
    Goldman Sach ex employees to run the show. Still better than Hillary, but I am afraid it is going to take a national disaster to effectively change the culture in thus usa

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey “Bob” don’t be shaken. If you are trying to repatriate 2 to 3 trillion dollars from abroad you need people to help you do this. I don’t like the Goldman thing either but trump just pardoned Sherriff Joe and said he’s probably leaving NAFTA. He’s not all bad.

      • KatieP

        One racist birther bigot pardons another racist birther bigot.
        It’s interesting that you’ve gone from fervent adoration of trump as a king appointed by God to saying he’s not all bad. Does that mean you’re coming to your senses? It would be a welcome return to the way this website used to be.

        • Greg Hunter

          Katie P,
          Obama pardoned felony drug dealers and murders. Sherriff Joe was convicted of a misdemeanor. So, you are good with that. Also you know the “birther” thing was started by Hillary–right? One last thing. Why did President Obama go to such great trouble and expense to seal his college records??? Sherriff Joe said Obama’s birth certificate was a “computer generated fraud.” You know not one of you mainstream media propaganda buddies did an investigation into proving this to be a false statement–Not one. We both know you are a paid troll, and I am actually flattered that you have been paid to try to thought shape us here on USAW. Not going to work. Now, go off and play in the street.

          • Robert G

            Your wrong on Hillary starting birther . . . (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off your comment. Now I know why I kicked you off here the last time. You are not going to come on here and dispute proven facts. I really do not have the time for the paid troll thing for you. So, let’s move on and you stop coming here with you Communist/Marxist/Nazi dribble and lies. OK? Please go away.

            • Robert G

              It’s your site ,I will do as you request. But I will post when he resigns. And stop with the troll lies will you. That’s getting real old and I think more and more will see through that as time goes on. A person should be able to post an opposing thought with out being called names.

      • Steve Twitchell

        When are you going to have Warren Pollock back on? BTW agree w the good news re Sherriff Joe.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Steve,
          Probably next month and Yes a pardon is a good idea after all Obama pardoned drug dealers. I need to call you man and I will.

  43. jodyp

    Trump crazy? Ha! Like a fox!

  44. Tad

    Rebuilding the military runs counter to financial realities. The next paradigm, perhaps.

    Actually, minting new aircraft and aircraft carriers is becoming somewhat passe. Job creators and political points accumulators. Cost effective means of overthrowing governments via CIA and Special Forces ops has been customary for decades.
    Is that what the average Christian or atheist desires?

    Peace may only be achieved when the dollar is totally destroyed. Wishing the Russians and Chinese would accelerate their plans–if they have any.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should move to Russia or China and comment against the government and see what happens to you. Oh, and be bold, use a real name so they can easily find you.

      • Tad

        They already know me, Greg. Just like you, Greg Mannarino, Fox, NBC, Mr. Trump himself, Obama, NSA, CIA, HR. McMasters, etc., know me.

        Yes, the Russians know me by name, not necessarily by face.

        How’s my old man?

        Yes, indeed, it’s been nice to have be electronically monitored, and video monitored all these years.

        Right now, its about taking a series of predictable steps to get there (Russia). This assumes when the radical conservatives succeed in totally destroying the currency.

        Lots of assumptions; few guarantees.

        First name is Matt, for which you already knew.
        That’s what a “peace at any cost “philosophy has given me: peace of mind.

  45. Tad

    Because the POTUS has little to no effect on monetary and budgetary matters, reason or wishing thinking demands that a Harvard-trained with PHDs’ in economics and psychiatry, would present similar findings against Janet Yellen and Co.

    Which Fed governor will keel over first due to work- induced stress (heart attack)?

    One could make a case against McConnell and Ryan for backpedaling the president’s good plans.

    I think a Wharton degree far surpasses one from Harvard or Yale. may have something to do with getting one’s handy dirty–as in manual labor.

    Now it’s called, manuel labor.

  46. ecobel

    If I say something negative about you comments, will you take my post down?

  47. Keith wilson

    Andrew Maquire tells world on kingworldnews, gold and silver fireworks start on September 5th. Expect the reset anytime after this date. Massive orders coming for gold and silver. So where is that new York currency trader hiding. I asked for 12 dollars an ounce for silver and he has gone AWOL on me. NY currency trader where is my 12 dollars an ounce. Where are you hiding. I thought you could put the price of silver anywhere you wanted. Where the hell are you hiding ? Where is my 12 dollars an ounce ?

    • Paul ...

      Keith … NY Currency Trader better sell you that silver ounce now and take the two(2) dollar loss before silver skyrockets to $600 dollars per ounce or more … isn’t it interesting that the Fed uses an inflation rate of 2% in its monetary calculations and that is exactly gold’s inflation rate (at roughly 3,200 tons of new production annually) which is about 1.9% of above-ground stocks? … the Fed likes to pretend that its fiat money doesn’t have a different rate of increase … but when the pretense is lifted between above-ground gold stocks and ballooning fiat debt money quantities it will drive the price of gold (measured in un-backed currency) much higher … as gold reaffirms its role as sound money the Fed will view it as it always has (as a potential threat to their power) and so they will try to substitute worthless crypto currency “made out of electrons” for their worthless fiat currency “made out of paper” … and by doing so they think it will restore their “credibility”??!!

      There can be little doubt that without the propaganda war against gold led by the US monetary authorities, without the expansion of unbacked paper gold constituting artificial gold supply in the futures and forwards markets, and without the secret interventions of the US’s Exchange Stabilisation Fund, the gold price would be considerably higher, expressed in dollars.i

      • Keith wilson

        Paul,I was hoping to purchase 1000 ounces of silver. Even at 17 it is still a bargain. New York currency trader has let me down. He was full of bs.

        • Frederick

          Keith Wilson New York Currency Trader is most probably a shill for Wall Street Of course anythings possible with all the manipulation but I’m a buyer at 17 dollars Especially with the dollar looking so weak lately Your upside potential is much greater than downside That’s all you can ask for

      • Frederick

        Pauli I’m getting ready for a relatively large purchase on any substantial dip that’s for sure

  48. Flattop

    GREG: New subject: Can you ask one of your guests about the silver mine in Central America that was shut down for environmental reasons. As I understand it was a high volume production mine. Is there now a shortage of silver?

  49. Tracy Welborn

    Bernanke speaks at a blockchain conference?
    Putin likes Ethereum?
    Cryptocurrencies aren’t sounding very “decentralized” over the last few weeks.
    It couldn’t be that we are being groomed to accept a cashless society could it? I know, I know, Bitcoin was invented by a man named Satoshi Nakamoto who had nothing to do with the global banking system. It is a complete coincidence that Bitcoin and crypto’s are coming to life at the exact same time that our fiat currency system is dying.

  50. Independent

    Hi Greg,

    this must be the companies new catch-phrase

    IMPROVING ORAL HEALTH GLOBALLY… by placing turn your back on Trump Ads?

  51. dlc

    Looks very Antifa to me.

  52. Seth Rich Jr.

    Hi Greg
    A search of Ultradent Products led me to this:

    Ultradent Products Company Profile | Owler
    Ultradent Products has 128 employees and an estimated annual revenue of $2.4M. Check out Ultradent Products’ profile for competitors, acquisition history, news and more.
    I did not follow the link but it appears they are smaller than their CEO stated in your quoted ad. Also found this link showing they were in hot water with the FDA.
    Anyway, he is free to express his unhelpful view and I (along with you I would guess) would defend his right to do so.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Jr., And I am free to disagree as are many of the people here. I think the CEO was stupid to involve his company and employees in this sort of political trash talk. Let me share what one of my USAW viewers experienced by contacting the Ultradent company and letting them know his displeasure in the full page add to trash out president:

      “Here’s what I wrote:

      “Turn Your Back On Trump”? Really? You must be hard core Communists and Socialists, and World Government Internationalists. I will make sure my dental needs reject any products from you folks.

      Here’s their response:

      Thank you for your response. Dr. Fischer’s ad represents his opinions and his opinions only. Ultradent is made up of a caring, diverse, and dedicated group of over 1,600 people who represent multiple backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. I will certainly relay your message to Dr. Fischer, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate your feedback, as he is a very reasonable and caring man.

      Here’s my response:

      A “reasonable and caring man” would not put out such a divisive ad. Additionally, he should not have tied his business name to it if he didn’t want his company and employees to suffer any loss from his personal political views. It also makes me wonder just how far sighted and thoughtful an individual he really is.”

      Plenty of the 60 million are not happy with the CEO of Ultradent. I suspect there will be some consequences for this and I hope people don’t lose their jobs because the CEO is stupid.


  53. Flattop

    GREG: Concerning the gold in Ft Knox. I listened to an interview on Sarah with Wayne Jett. The programs are labeled, ” what you didn’t learn in school”. In part 2 or hour 2 of his interview he explains what happened to our gold. You will shake your head in disbelief

    • Frederick

      Flattop knowing the past actions of the psychopaths in charge NOTHING would surprise me anymore

  54. dlc

    “Red Pill”

    Seen it all before and we know how it plays out. It’s in our streets now looking very familiar.

    • Greg Hunter

      I cut out the link. I am not going to post Nazi propaganda on USAW. “Red pill” would mean truth, and there is nothing true about NAZI propaganda. Don’t try to post this crap again.

  55. Flattop

    GREG: Sorry, forgot to include that it is a 4 hour interview broken up in hour segments

  56. Roger Carpenter

    They are all untrustworthy! Both parties are simply not functional.. Big changes must happen NOW! IF not we as a nation will go down in history as in CRASH and BURN. I served 31 years, my father, 29 years.

    I’m very sad and even though I love my country, I will no longer support the mission!

    Trust has been shattered. Lies, deception, deceit and betrayal of what is just and richeous are past tense.

    How sad is that?

    Thanks Greg your terrific.

  57. Hatemail

    I bet the Deep State is setting up lone gunmen patsies like Oswald to do their bidding. Things are getting ugly in the homeland.

  58. Independent

    it looks like the turn your back on Trump campaign is starting to backfire.



    Dr. Dan Fischer is the founder and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., a dental manufacturer, and he’s calling for Americans to turn their backs on President TRump.

    How about turn your backs on Ultradent. Boycott their products and let the liberals support his business.

    Trump voters new mission – turn your back on Ultradent. I bet this CEO would be very happy to have Democrats as his exclusive customers.

    Whenever you buy any dental products like teeth whitener, just check the manufacturer. If it’s Ultradent, turn your back and go.

    Here’s a look at his full ad in USA Today.

    Controversy regarding Trump presidency spills over into dental industry

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah, USA: CEO and founder of Ultradent Dr. Dan Fischer has written an open letter calling on Americans to turn their backs on the Trump presidency. In response to Trump’s reaction to the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 and 13, the full-page letter in USA TODAY has now caused the already maxed-out political turmoil to spill over into the dental industry.

    In his opening sentence, Fischer wrote: “As the founder and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., a proud American manufacturer that employs over 1,400 Americans and exports 65% of what we manufacture, I feel it is my duty and obligation to make my voice heard.”

    Pointing to Ultradent’s core company values of “integrity, quality, care, innovation and hard work” as guiding his leadership of the company, Fischer felt compelled to voice his disapproval at what he describes as an “out of control” Trump, going as far to say “should I ever find myself in the presence of Donald Trump, I will literally turn my back to him.”

    This heart-on-sleeve call to action from Fisher has not been met with open arms from all corners of dentistry, with some loyal Trump supporters who work in the industry suggesting via Facebook that Americans and dentists turn their backs on Ultradent products. This was however rebutted by individuals suggesting they triple their supplies to counter any revolt.

    In the letter, now published on, a site hosted by Fisher, he concludes by writing: “For those of you who support this person or who don’t feel comfortable that it is correct to ‘turn your back,’ you too are my fellow Americans, and I equally defend your right to freedom of speech. Do as your conscience dictates.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this Indy!!!

  59. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I enjoyed your weekly news review as well as most of the commentaries of your devoted readers.
    If you can, would you be so kind to let us know what happen to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts? I last two weeks, I have not received any of his postings. It is very very troubling, because he used to send something almost every day, or every other day. I am seriously worried about his well being.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not know anything was wrong. Dr. PCR is a good man.

    • Frederick

      Well I am Too from what you wrote He is angering a lot of powerful people by speaking the truth so I’d be very worried

  60. dlc

    Greg, my apologies. I had just finished watching this and it was not as I thought it would be. I should have caught it sooner but did not. I just assumed it was similar to so many other historical films, but this made Hitler out to be saint-like and everything being the fault of the Jews. I kept looking for a twist in the end that would show the fallacy of all of this. I’m surprised that this could make its way to any site.

    I have no affinity with the point of view shown in this film. All my grandparents were immigrants and I was raised to understand the brutalities and unfairness of the old world. I see pieces of that world starting to materialize here and it causes much angst as to where it is all heading. I was expecting this piece to show what anger, deceit and violence in the streets eventually leads to.

    I am glad you caught this for me because I did not know how to undo it myself once I realized what was unfolding. I finally watched it all the way through hoping my initial impressions were wrong. This was not like any version I have ever seen. I accept your criticism and once again apologize. I got snookered but I should have watched more than the first moments before I downloaded. Will not do that again.

    Glad you caught this. I am against everything portrayed in it. Over the weeks as I watched what is unfolding in our streets, and the press portraying good as evil, it reminded me how the Nazis would stand truth on its head. I would not knowingly promote a furtherance of same and feel stupid about doing just that. I am no end embarrassed.

    Did not know what “red pill” meant, just copied the title as presented. I never saw the Matrix, heard you once refer to the “blue pill” and just thought it meant people who are lost.

    Truly sorry.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are good. It had me fooled for awhile too. No problem. You’ve had more than 300 comments (I have a counter in the back end of the site) and all good. This was a mistake and no problem let’s move on and stay focused on the real enemy. Peace sister.

  61. dlc

    Justn Observer: I missed John B’s show that you cited. I use my weekends to get caught up on shows such as his and will be sure to catch that very program.

    I believe that both groups, Antifa and Nazis, are feathers on the same bird. Collectivists on both sides and both bankrolled to cause chaos. Do they not remind you of the brown shirts and the commies battling in the streets of Berlin?

    There was a husky white male who sucker-punched a black conservative in California. Turns out this puncher lives in Ohio. You can bet somebody paid his fair and upkeep to get to this rally. I keep hoping these people get discredited just like the Russia, Russia, Russia ploy.

    As the wife of a 2-tour Nam vet and first-generation parents on both sides, I am keenly aware how things can start out as specks and morph into boulders seemingly overnight. It is hard to gauge what the general public is aware of or concerned about since there is no truth in the MSM.

    What ultimately unsettles me is that people who voted for Trump are being called Nazis by the legacy press, planting the seeds to make it okay to abuse people like those who go to Trump’s rallies. I made a point of watching the lines of people in Phoenix last Tuesday. I am hoping they are the average person who has little to no voice.

  62. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Rat Ryan and Mitch McCommie are swamp creatures of the worst kin and they have got to go.

    The gummyment has long run out of other people’s money. Once the borrowing and money printing scheme falls apart, you bet there will be civil war. There are hundreds of trillions worth of debt and impossible promises this corrupt government has made that can’t possibly be met.

    One small correction, Ceausescu was Romanian, not Yugoslavian.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the correction and I agree on Ryan and Mitch!

  63. Flattop

    I hear rumblings that Bannon and Gorka left the White House to begin a new political party for Trump. Do you know anything of this??

    • Greg Hunter

      Lots going on in the background we will not know about until later. Notice how trump did not criticize either of them? Why is that.

  64. dlc

    McCain and Flake, as usual, critical of Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe. Never a peep out of either of them over Obama’s pardons or shady doings. You will never ever hear either of them criticize a democrat.

    If memory serves, the sheriff before Joe Arpaio was a lawnmower salesman as his qualification for sheriff. Sheriff Joe was tireless in serving this community for 25 years.

    We now have a solid liberal structure in this state in all phases of law enforcement. Soros gave several millions to Joe’s opposition. If Joe needs jailing, how is it that the Clintons and Obamas are walking free?

  65. dlc

    Greg, just for clarity. My posting of “…..Kill Them All” was in reference to Trump supporters being called Nazis, and thus, fair game. The monsters, actual Nazis, in that clip felt thoroughly justified in killing everything that moved.

    The Antifa are acting righteous with MSM backing of their behavior. With the press using the same labeling as Antifa, the people are being set upon each other which tends to lead to wars and sprawling memorial parks peppered with headstones.

  66. helot

    How should people align the support usawatchdog has for Trump vs. that which is presented on ?

    It’s a might bit perplexing.

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