Creating the Worst Socioeconomic & Geopolitical Crisis in History – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente, contends the world is going into a very dark period.  Celente explains, “We are facing the worst socioeconomic and geopolitical crisis in modern history.  The Covid war, this happened and that happened because of the pandemic.  There was no pandemic.  This happened because of politicians, little pieces of scum crap . . . one after another said close down your business, don’t go outside, don’t go to the beach, close down the swings and don’t let kids go and play.  You have a socioeconomic crisis, the likes of which are unprecedented, and the damage caused by the Covid war is incalculable.  (The CV19 Vax is part of Covid War.)  Office occupancy rates are at about 45% tops.  So, all the businesses that depended on commuters are gone.  30% of dry cleaners are out of business.  No more happy hours.  In New York City, there are about 1,300 less people that clean office buildings now.  This is real.  People forget that in 2019, Germany was going into a recession.  There were protests and demonstrations going on all over the world. . . . People were taking to the streets and protesting a lack of basic living standards, government corruption, crime and violence.  It was one of our top trends.  This is before the Covid war.  They artificially propped up the governments.  It was the Federal Reserve and the central banksters.  They artificially pumped up the economies.  There is almost $8 trillion pumped into the U.S. economy by the government to artificially prop it up. . . . When you look at the Covid war, the draconian, demonic mandates and lockdowns that they imposed on businesses, when you look at the Ukraine war, the sanctions and the stupid things they are doing, they are creating the worst socioeconomic and geopolitical crisis in modern history.”

Celente points out, “Nobody is talking about peace . . . and don’t you dare talk about peace. . . . We are being driven to war by mentally ill people . . . All they want is control.”

Celente says the number one investment trend is physical gold.  Celente explains, “I don’t give financial advice, but to me, gold is the number one safe haven asset. . . . Gold keeps going down because interest rates are going up and bullion does not pay interest.  It’s true, but gold is a safe haven asset in times of socioeconomic and geopolitical despair, which we are in now.  That’s when you need to have it as I see it.  Can gold go down further?  Yep.  It could go down a little bit more.  Then only reason the dollar is strong is because all the other currencies are so weak. . . .Sales are down, and when you put inflation into it, they are really down.  So, to me, gold is the one, and I am only speaking for myself, and on Friday, I bought more gold.”

In closing, Celente says, “At The Trends Journal, we see things the way they are, not the way we want them to be.”

There is much more in the 55-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the top trends researcher on the planet, Gerald Celente, publisher of “The Trends Journal” for 9.17.22.

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After the Interview: 

The picture to the left is Gerald Celente with Van Morrison backstage at Forest Hills Stadium September 10, 2022, in New York.

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  1. Johnny Cool

    I hope he’s right about gold.

    Many years ago the late Richard Russell said “gold will be the last man standing” but when does it happen?

    Being too early is the same as being wrong.

    • rwmctrofholz

      Richard Russell was a legend; is a legend.
      Thanks for posting that article.

      • Janet

        A new financial system (based upon gold and natural resources) is close to replacing the Bretton Woods system – success is close – direct settlements in rubles, yuan and rials is already taking place – US and London Commodity Exchanges are losing status – as “an eastern” Commodity Exchange is soon to be established in Vladivostok – which will facilitate futures and derivatives trading with a rising Asia and offset the gold and silver price manipulation imposed by “western” financial entities!!

        • Johnny Cool

          Maybe, but listen to what Brent Johnson says about U.S.dollar strength, start at 6:38.

          • Johnny Cool

            Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital says that the only two assets he would own are Dollars and Gold as he expects we are headed towards a …


        • Johnny Cool

          Rick Ackerman: I’ve provided a big-picture perspective this week to explain why any weakness in the dollar, even if severe, would not jeopardize the very bullish projections possible using charts that go back as far as 20 years.

          • Janet

            JC – The “true” CPI is now north of 18% – Ackerman can pretend the dollar is strong (while its purchasing power is disintegrating right before everyones very eyes) – “pretending” is not the highest-and-best use of ones human intelligence – consider this example – when we saw the dust rising high into the air from the collapsing Twin Towers we didn’t say “the building is rising” – No! – instead we focused our minds on “the building structure” (not the building’s rising smoke and dust particles) – similarly – we should not be focusing our mind on a US Dollar/Yen chart (that by a smoke and mirrors comparison shows the US dollar strong against the Yen) – the reality is – the Yen is in “free fall” (just like building 7) – whereas the US dollar is falling at a slightly slower rate!!

    • Shirl

      Love Gerald and agree with most of what he trend forecasts…however…We Must stop the corruption of the DemonRats and RINO uniparty to save America…which would NOT involve breaking up the Republican Party to form some other Independent party. IMHO.
      Strengthening the Republican Party into a Super Ultra MAGA Republican Party is the future and the future is NOW.

      A great big middle finger to Big Tech and the ESTABLISHMENT who tried to bury the story…what story? The Laptop from Hell Story:

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Just don’t keep your gold someplace stupid (like Switzerland or a safe deposit box). If you can’t stand in front of it with a rifle, you don’t own it.

      • Sharon Ferree

        America is being destroyed from within a planned Demolition is what it looks like

        • Craig Yeargin

          This has been a long train running for many years.

    • Earth Angel

      Great article JC. Thx for posting!

      • don

        HE is wrong about people not waking up to the reality of the death jab. He just quotes main stream lame stream press that he himself doesn’t trust whatsoever. On twitter and other places NOBODY is pushing the get the shot narrative. What is being pushed is the death jab.

    • John Forgione

      Cold feet? Put it all in fiat. I sleep very well with my gold under the pillow!

    • Benjamin Johnson

      It’s better to be 10 years early, than one second late when it comes to Gold and Silver. My personal ratio is 100 oz’s of Silver, 2 oz’s of Platinum, one oz of Gold. When the dam breaks it breaks bigly. Better to be prepared.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        No Palladium, huh? I guess you missed the run from $175 to $2,000.

        • Mike G

          I kick myself for not buying 1 ounce of palladium when it was at 300, way under what gold was going for. Duhh

    • Stewart

      I think being early is better than being 2 minutes late🙏

  2. Johnny Cool

    Celente points out, “Nobody is talking about peace . . . and don’t you dare talk about peace. . . . We are being driven to war by mentally ill people . . . All they want is control.”

    Give Peace A Chance – Plastic Ono Band

    • Janet

      JC – As you probably know Nostradamus predicted the world would be driven toward major war at the end of the Queen’s reign (sort of makes one think time machines are possible – and that Nostradamus perhaps escaped from such calamitous future events “by going back in time”!! –

      • Johnny Cool

        Yes Janet,

        It’s ONE OF THE LAST SIGNS – The Age of Desolation (dotcom) September 08, 2022

      • Tin foil hat

        The Chinese believe they will the next target of the Deep State if Russia fell, they are preparing for war – military and financial.
        They also believe Putin is making a big mistake since he seems to be fighting merely to get a upper hand in the next negotiation with NATO while the Deep State (NATO) is fighting to end Russia’s monetary independence.

    • Pete+only

      I hope that I am wrong, but I believe that on or about September 24th, the big event on that day will be the NATO Countries Collectively declaring war on Russia.
      This would then give the authorities “the right” to censor the internet, cut electricity, diesel fuel, gasoline, blame everything such as food shortages on Russia and the war would then take away people’s interest in the stolen election, and the vaccine injuries among other things.
      Also it might give the authorities “the right” to lock up anyone opposing the narrative as being “security risks”, and possibly even cancel or postpone the upcoming 2022 November elections.
      Greg, I hope I am wrong, but your last show could be next Friday if war is declared on Russia on the 24th of September.
      It might also help transition the U.S currency into digital concentration camps.
      Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS would have their own currency, and be the AXIS powers.
      I hope that I am wrong about all this, but the declaration of war on Russia does help solve many problems for the new world order at this point in time.
      Gerald Celente once said that “when all else fails, they take you to war…”

  3. Sam

    Yes, no one’s perfect since JC walked the earth over 2000 years ago including you and me.

    ” I want to Boogie before the lights go out ” GC

    • BeesKnees

      President Trump is divine providence to America’s reset by the Commies Crooks and THIEVES:

    • TitanTrader

      Turned 60 last week. I worked 100 hours a week two periods in my life. under the last few years of Reagan into 1990 and the first 3 years of Trump. Covid crashed it all but by then I realized I had enough to retire. Was Trump perfect, nobody is, neither was Reagan but I’ll be forever grateful for the two of them. I like Gerald a lot and watch most of his interviews for years but don’t understand why he had to trash Trump at the beginning of this interview. I’m not a Trump sycophant but it can’t be denied his policies benefitted the working class. I believe he got rolled on Covid but had he rightfully served his 2nd term we wouldn’t be on the verge of total collapse. Gerald claims he’s a political atheist yet at some point you have to pick sides don’t you? If you truly care about people, especially Americans, you have to choose someone to lead, do you not? Gerald claims he told Van people won’t listen, people won’t care. Gerald then finishes interview by saying we better do something. Well which is it? BTW, I don’t use my real name and never have on the internet. I saw the cancel culture coming 20 years ago but will admit I didn’t see 87,000 armed IRS agents being brought into the mix.

    • sidj

      Several scriptures, including the one you just posted, clearly state that Satan was and is the ruler of this world. And he has seduced the elites with power and riches. That will change at Christ’s return. Now we are to endure until the end. Here are a few more:
      John 12:31: “Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.”
      John 14:30: “I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me;
      Ephesians 2:2: “in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience.
      John 16:11: “and concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.”
      2 Corinthians 4:4: “in whose case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving so that they might not see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is the only scripture on who the ruler of this world is and it trumps all others: Matthew 28:18 “18 And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” End of discussion. Jesus said this AFTER the Resurrection.

  4. Johnny Cool

    “The picture to the left is Gerald Celente with Van Morrison backstage at Forest Hills Stadium September 10, 2022, in Flushing NY.”

    No, Forest Hills Stadium is not in Flushing NY, It’s in Forest Hills, borough of Queen’s, NYC. I saw The Who there in the early 70’s.

    Flushing NY is where the 1963-64 World’s Fair took place.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fixed it.

      • Van Gates Some interesting information from Brittan on the floor on shady money and Central Banks.

      • Thomas Malthaus

        Greg, do you have any plans to go live should Bo Polny’s prediction surrounding September 24 have substantial?

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not sure.

    • Rodster

      I remember going to the World’s Fair with my parents in the 60’s and going after when it was closed down. Fond memories.

      • Johnny Cool


        It was a lot of fun. No security checkpoints or metal detectors, no security guards, minimal, if any police presence. Those days are gone.

        • Rodster

          A different era and i’m glad I had a chance to experience when America was still great and the land of the free. Today, neither applies because of the two party system that has wrecked this country.

          That’s why Celente gets angry because he also knew and experienced a totally different America than what it is today.

    • argy bargy

      We all get old, don’t we….Van the Man.

      Van Morrison & The Band – Caravan Live (1976 – The Last Waltz
      Director:Martin Scorsese)

  5. Rant

    Why??> is this going on, Satan hates the Image of GodJesus and we have salvation in the BLOOD– satan has not this ! The Rapture is at hand and the earth dwellers will been thrown into the 7 years of shear HELL! So it was written so it will be done.

  6. Janet

    Celente says: “Lets see things the way they are – and not the way we want them to be” – this is going to be hard on all those who took the “jab” – but the truth – is the truth – all the people who got themselves jabbed (even once) – will die within 3 to 5 years – get your affairs in order for those who will survive you (those who were unvaccinated) – your time is short – if you happen to be in a position of power – try to use that power for good – and try to correct what the psychopathic DemonRats have done to us!! –

    • Janet

      Sadly the unvaxed “are not out of the woods” – as the DemonRats want to create a nuclear war (to kill everyone they couldn’t persuade to get “jabbed”) – so if any of you unvaxed are in positions of power – “you too” should be working to stop the psychopathic Demons!! –

      • Freebreezer

        J- here is the Israel article – Read it a few days ago … they came from Texas (go Texas!). Interesting in the article, in that they were born during covid, and the dude that puts ear tags in the cows was not able to? Need red heifers that have never been adultered or worked. Due to covid they fit the bill – Go figure!

        • Janet

          You know – with all the modern technology we have to produce “pure activated carbon” (to make a disinfectant to enter the Temple) – it seems to me like a grave sin to kill this poor little innocent cow!!

    • Janet

      Here is some very interesting conjecture: Supposedly a “red heifer” has been born in Israel (which allegedly fulfills a prophecy in both Christianity and Judaism “that the end of times is near”) – the Bible states that: After the birth of a perfectly red female calf the Jewish Messiah will return) – but who will be the Jewish Messiah? – does it necessarily mean it will be Jesus Christ?? – or the Anti-Christ??? – remember Moses came from a Nephilim bloodline (attributed to have a height of 8′ 11″ allegedly from among the Hyksos “giants” of Egypt) – then we have the recent disclosure by some that Nimrods body was retrieved by US Globalist Neocons (who supposedly have cloned and put an actual spirit back into his body) – so could there be a possibility that this red heifer may have been “genetically engineered to fulfill the Biblical prophecy” and thus place Nimrod on a throne in Israel by the evil Globalists “for him to rule over mankind”??

      • marti baker girl

        Janet, can you give the particular scripture reference in the Bible regarding the red heifer as I would like to look that up? Thanks!

        • Johnny Cool

          Regarding red heifer, see eddiemd comment with link, further down.

        • Robert Messina

          Num 19:1-10 defines a need for a red heifer but there is no verse that links the need for one in order to build the third temple . However, the Temple Institute, will not build a temple without one as described. It is a sin cleansing ordinance they want to do for themselves before they start.
          5 Red Heifers Arrive in Israel 2022!! Third Temple Update 2022 | Red Heifer Prophecy
          2 days ago

        • Janet

          Numbers 19:1-10 – It seems a heifer cow was burnt to create “activated carbon” to be mixed with water and hyssop (and used as a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer to cleanse the body of germs, bacteria and virus before entering the Temple) – seems activated carbon binds to human DNA and kick starts the immune system into action to prevent viral infection and also binds to virus DNA (slowing its spread) – few people realize that activated carbon has a long history of use as a cleaning and purifying agent by humans for millennia – we were using charcoal for cleaning for well over 3,500 years to reduce odors in the air and to purify water – ancient sailors used activated charcoal on the inside of their water barrels to keep their drinking water safe for long periods – and even during America’s westward expansion charcoal was commonly added to water barrels during those long covered wagon treks (turning undrinkable swamp water into something that could be consumed) – but the question arises – why burn a cow to create activated carbon?? – perhaps – because burning coconut shells has a high concentration of alkali earth metals – and activated carbon made from coal is loaded with heavy metals!!

          • Robert Messina

            If I were GH I would censor you (I suspect you are a troll) /\ . . . . . . you grab hold onto an important topic and carry it into never never land that makes no sense , please do not add to any of MY comments any more . . . . but most certainly, if GH does not censor you, . . . you will not respect my request . . . . not looking forward to any more of your comments . . . on this precious site

            • Janet

              Fine – as long as you don’t add to any of MY comments any more!!

            • Cry Me a Ruble

              I agree with your analysis. A few days ago Janet said that woolly mammoths found frozen in the Artic were proof that solar flares aka Carrington Event had happened and had flashed frozen the beasts with food in their mouths. When I asked why no other specimens from other species have been found with the same condition I did not receive a reply. She or it appears to be a “drive by post it” operator.

              • Janet

                What am I supposed to be “your Socrates computer” with all the answers?? – for your further enlightenment “other animals” such as woolly rhinos and prehistoric deer, etc. were also found to have died at the exact same time as the woolly mammoths!! – if you do your own more detailed research and analysis (to see if these other animals also had grass in their mouths) let me know your results!!

                • Cry Me a Ruble

                  No where does it say they were flash frozen in a Carrington Event only that they happened to die in the same area with other animals. Floods, blizzards, other local disasters could have killed these mammoths with plants in their mouths

    • Johnny Cool

      Vaccine campaign moron. Good riddance.

      Morto il dottor Luciano Boatto, malore al lavoro: era già in pensione ma era tornato per la campagna vaccinale.

      Bing translator – Dr. Luciano Boatto died, illness at work: he was already retired but had returned for the vaccination campaign.

  7. James

    Gerald is right. I respect and appreciate him speaking up and laying it out so boldly.

    How does him raging about these crazy people and what they are doing help us solve the problem and stop this though?

    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Most people are sound asleep. My family is. All they care about is football and going to the beach. They probably could not name the Vice President or the Majority Leader in the Senate. Snoring. Oh, and they all took a least 2 injections.

      • Janet

        Greg – Your “sound asleep family members” have unknowingly given up their rights as a human being – for according to a US Supreme Court Ruling on 06/13/2013 (which needs to be overturned like Roe v Wade) – vaccinated people “are products”, “patented goods”, and “no longer human” – taking a DNA, RNA or mRNA vaccination changes their genetic code – thus – a vaccinated person according to the US Supreme Court “legally ceases to be human” and “becomes the property of the vaccine patent holder”(Big Pharma – to be done away with as they so choose) – the vaccinated are now legally considered according to the US Supreme Court to “no longer be human” (but have become “trans-human” – a category defined as a life form that no longer has any Human or Constitutional Rights) – so all the millions of vaccinated people in the world “now with genetically modified mRNA” – are legally considered “trans-human” – and hence “no longer enjoy any Human or other Constitutional Rights granted under the US Constitution of the United States or the United Nations Charter – – here is a short translation of the 2013 US Supreme Court Ruling in French and German for your international readers –
        PS: When Trump tells his supporters to take the “jab” – what “fruit” has he provided? – [They are no longer American citizens – meaning all their Constitutional Rights have be taken away – and by “his fruit” – he should be judged]!!

        • Jim Hall

          Thank you Janet for your commentary. I have heard about the “Red Heifer” from people far more knowledgeable than I am about Biblical prophecy. The Tribulation was taught to me by an English teacher in my high school. This was 1972 mind you so that should put it into some context. I was utterly amazed at how the class was riveted by Mr Burke’s message. I was not at all religious but this was not an event that I was able to dismiss lightly. This is not the same country that I was born in and grew to adulthood. It’s very obvious to anyone watching that the government is not being responsible in the treatment of the people who they have been entrusted to represent. Catherine Austin Fitts has said many times that we don’t need a new constitution, but we desperately need to adhere to the constitution that our founding fathers enshrined. I personally believe that this has gone too far to be resolved peacefully but I still hope that we can resolve our differences amicably.

        • Shirl

          Janet WOW, if you’ve taken the Jabs have a Listen to President Trump and take some alternative cleansing therapies such as HCQ/Ivermectin and the regimen of vitamins with Zinc. Good Luck 🙂

          For the rest of us that have working brain cells, have a listen here to the link with the BRILLIANT Karen Kingston interviewed along with other INSIGHTFUL guests incl. Bo Polny:

          • Harvey


            Your TDS ( Trump Delusion Syndrome) is showing.

            In case you’ve been under a rock for the last 1-1/2 years, Trump has never stopped promoting his “beautiful vaccine” and claims it has saved millions of lives.

            I hope you seek treatment for your TDS.

            Have a wonderful day!

            • Shirl

              Hello Harvey,
              Last checked, he hasn’t been reminding people to take their “vaccines” or the other alternatives of treatments for prevention for sometime now,..his last rally in Youngstown, Ohio was AWESOME and not a word on any of them…everyone is coming to realize that the “vacinnes” are not what they were sold to ALL of us as..FYI..POTUS Trump never mandated any of the medical recommendations for the Chyna Flu from the beginning….this isn’t TDS, these are the Facts of the matter whether you want to beLIEve the hateful lying smear narratives spewing constantly out of the Fake News Legacy Failed 24/7 sewer or not, the Facts don’t care about your FEELINGS….I’d advise you to take the cleansing protocol that he mentioned and was furiously attacked for as HCQ/Ivermectin vitamins zinc etc to get your mind right..good luck. Oh BTW, I’m having a wonderful day Covid & Clot-Shot free life because I used my brain in listening to the choices offered by President Trump and decided NOT to take experimental drugs.

      • tim mcgraw

        My family isn’t just asleep, they hate my guts for not taking the jabs, getting on planes, or believing any of the government BS. And they all keep getting Covid!
        It’s madness.

        • Greg Hunter

          LTC Thresa Long said the Lord told her “To be kind and gentle to the vaxed.” Your family is going to need you. That’s the science and not the political science or the science fiction. We all know the unvaxed did the right thing and your family will know this too soon enough. Hang in there.

          • Bosco P. Horowitz


            I’m not so sure they will get it…if, by two-plus years into this, people have not comprehended this scamdemic, there’s not much more anyone can do for them. One’s time, energy and effort is likely best spent on building community and those who DO get it. Tim, I can totally relate–about 85-90% of my family have complied and show no sign of waking up. I have seen similar trends among others I know (sometimes even higher). Thanks for sharing!

            Greg, thanks again for having Gerald on, as he always brings the unfiltered truth with passion!

            • Warren B.

              Its not only Family members but also friends who after 2 years still do not get it. They refuse to connect the dots about the poison that was administered to them.
              An example is that a neighbor couple have had some health issues this year (both have been triple vaxxed). Him developed a Vertigo issue – internal Ear problem causing imbalance (which after 7 months still has not resolved – blood clotting of the miniature vessels within the ear ?). She most recently has developed a cancer of the lymph nodes in the neck/throat and had to have surgery to remove them and the tumor. They were/are otherwise healthy before taking the toxic shots. Suddenly their lives are turned upside down. No one deserves this and the sad part is they cannot make any connection with their health deterioration. I cannot and will not make comment to them about what the COVID shots have done to them. They are also one of many people who proudly made it known that they had received their full vaccination regimen and how they were strongly encouraging others to participate because it was the right thing to do if you wanted to participate. Yes they, like many, were/are fully indoctrinated.

      • dav

        hello greg, what can we do, the little people, the ones that platon, who had an aristocratic background, called “that”; buy gold and silver, you have to have the ability to do so, and in the end, gold and silver will not be eaten; to move to the countryside to buy agricultural land to learn to garden to buy seeds all that requires money and knowledge and practical knowledge it is necessary time to acquire them the small people taken in its necessities of the daily newspaper to pay the invoices the rent to make boil the pot does not have time to prepare itself with the brothel in progress and the majority of the people that I know acts like your own family …panem and circenses

        i do not know any more what to make I am a person and a useless eater… I am tired of this fight for life and survival this “life” doesn’t interest me anymore suffering has become intolerable

        best regards

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t give up Dav. Do what you can, and keep going.

      • J. Loughran

        I attended Church this day, Sunday. The teaching was, “No one can serve two masters.” Not sure what the Celente Church of Peace gesticulated, but I never tire of the lesson about “the astute steward.”
        Greg, those who have separated from Authority (Father/ father) are apparently predisposed to Mass Hypnosis. And accordingly, those under mass hypnosis are more likely to seek a Totalitarian soothing voice. For reference, beyond USAWatchdog, I have read and listened to PCRoberts, Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski substack and Patric Coffin media this week. Somewhere in this digital pile is a discussion relating to the “Sleepwalking and Anxious”(Zombies?… if so, there is a lot of movie pre-conditioning and messaging out there). Apparently, it is best to relate to them individually with sacrifice and patience as opposed to speaking to society with facts, etc, see Prof. M. Desmet. In an effort to reach out, I actually for the first time since Papa Joe C.’s, Bite me (sports) Wednesday listened yesterday to the college football highlights. Whoa.
        Best Wishes, especially to everyone’s favorite bad/good guys… Dads. Sincerely, Jim L.

      • leo

        Gee whiz Greg we must be in the same family as that is exactly what my family does I will only add that they must at all cost have their Starbucks coffee and drive cars they cannot afford. Also my son comes home today from 9 months deployment in the Mediterianean sea on the us Harry Truman aircraft carrier. Prayer works

    • Dr. Joseph Monteleone

      Moses bloodline can be traced from Adams linage. Read the bible it shows the entire bloodline from Adam to Jesus Christ, no Nephilim in the bloodline of Jesus Christ, where did you come up with such trot? Furthermore all ‘Souls’ are from GOD and all souls return to God who created them, no one but God can create a soul and they all belong to Him…

      • Janet

        OK – This is going to offend a lot of people – but we are here to discern the truth – so lets shake things up a bit – we “the useless people of the world” are now under extreme life taking attack by WEF Globalists “with a mission” (like Moses had a mission) to kill off every man women and child by using the “jab” in a brutal “War of Extermination Against the Human Race” (just because we have a bloodline and DNA that makes us the image of God the Father) and Schwab, Horrori, Gates, etc. want to change our DNA to make us Trans-human (as a Trans-human we will no longer have the DNA bloodline that links us by our image to God the Father) – Klaus Schwab “is a Warrior” in a Great Battle to cleanse the Earth of “Useless Eaters” (just like Moses was a warrior intent on cleansing the Earth “of a particular bloodline of Giants” (who followed Enki’s teachings) – I think enough has been said for now to jog some minds just as these individuals are trying to seek the truth and get around the censorship imposed by ancient scribes who like the Main Stream Media of today “manage the news” supposedly with the best of intentions!! –

  8. donna armstrong

    Gerald Celente is a foul mouth man. Loud mouth and arrogant . Will not be listening to him again

    • Rebel

      People are different the way they talk, but one thing is certain he is right. Your choice not to listen.

    • Rodster

      Really? Too bad for you then, go listen to CNN instead.

    • Neville

      PROVERBS: A lie has a short life but THE TRUTH LIVES ON.

      Here donna listen to this maybe you get some quite solace.Enjoy

      • Southern Girl

        Wow thanks for the link! What a brilliant commencement speech….telling the truth. Imagine That? Wish I had him when I was in college. I would have signed up for every class the man had.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Nevil,
        Great speech. Thanks for the link.

    • CJ

      Miss Donna,
      If Gerald starts yelling, I mute it until I see Greg talking and then start listening again. Gerald makes some good points and I think he gives good advice, but I too can’t take the screaming rants. But, we live in different cultures. I’ve heard that is not uncommon in New York where he grew up. In my area, if someone is screaming that loud, we either go check on them, or call the law, ’cause something is wrong and they need help. LOL.

    • Ray

      Fair dinkum…….
      You arc up at Celeste’s choice of words, as if they are somehow offensive.
      What about your leader’s choice of actions…….like war after war after war…..for DECADES?
      And you’re upset about how he speaks!!!
      Fair Dinkum…….
      Allow me to plan your next holiday Donna.
      I’ll happily pay for it all.
      First stop, Beautiful, historic Iraq……2 fun filled weeks with you walking around ancient Baghdad with a “I Love NY” T-Shirt proudly emblazoned across your chest.
      Should you survive, then it’s off for 5 magical days in hellish Afghanistan, followed by the sweet delights of war torn Somalia for a blood soaked week of unmitigated US cheer.
      After that, look forward to a fun filled a weekend of slaughter in Yemen, savouring the delights of Raytheon and McDonnell -Douglass as your mind your “P’s & Q’s” in general conversation with the local crippled and maimed of US taxpayer hegemony.
      Finally, your perfect vacation will wind up in the gorgeous bowels of the Earth…..Washington DC, where you can sit in on the next War-Room-Briefing, and plan the deaths of untold thousands across the globe, all the while remembering not to speak in the manner of Celente.
      WHAT FUN!!!!
      What a FINE AMERICAN you appear to be.
      And hey…….I proomies you…..not-a-one of those you see slaughtered will cuss like Gerald Celente…….no….they will just take it……as they have for decades…..and as you expect.

      Grow up Imbecile……FAIR DINKUM!!!

      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Timmy

      Perhaps watching “Gutsy” would be a better match.

    • Sue Patterson

      I agree, he is sometimes way too annoying. I put the volume way down and tried to ignore the stupid stuff.

    • Don Hyatt

      So what? Gonna listen to the smooth talking MSM propaganda that is easy on your ears? Gerald is very passionate about what he sees the evil ones doing to destroy the world and especially our country

  9. Anita

    Thank you both, very good interview

    • E Beth Ray

      On the back of most food products we buy at the grocery store there is a line saying “contains bioengineered food products”. This is unsettling to me. Can you speak about this and bring it to the public’s’ attention?

  10. Jessie

    It is time to SWARM THAT SHITHOLE DC, ENDLESSLY, WITH 1 million people, round the clock, demanding “ NO MORE WAR……WE DEMAND PEACE.”

  11. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Outstanding! The best interview with Gerald Celente ever. Great rapport between the two of you facilitated your timely interjections – without interrupting the flow. Who am I to judge, but I think GC is wrong about people not waking up. Sure, some people are deep in the ‘matrix’ but, as Gerald says later in the interview, only 5% of Americans were initially in favour of rebellion against British rule. My guess is there are way more than 5% who are fully awake to the evil being perpetrated against them – and this number is growing exponentially. Families are losing loved ones. Young people are being permanently disabled. IMHO, these tragic events are not going to be ignored . . . or forgiven.

    • James

      Completely agree. Trump’s calling out of the media was the first MAJOR task and the 2016 campaign and victory, his 4 years, and the subsequent theft have opened the eyes of most of the nation. These folks are now primed for deeper, uglier truths. No place for negativity in a war. Thanks as always, Greg, for your stalwart efforts.

  12. Jack

    The Urgency to tank the economy is because their COVID scam has been laid bare. Our Govts are silent as the vax deaths and illness become obvious. UK has banned Covid Vaxxes for 5 to 11 yr olds and Denmark for under 50’s. They will destroy all our currencies and enslave us with CBDC’s .They are losing and as Gerald says,”When all else fails, they take us to war.” Media silent.

    • Janet

      However the longer the Ukraine conflict drags on – the worse it’s going to get for Europe and their plans to “Bringing Us to War” – especially if God (the Prince of Peace) does his part and brings a bit of Global Cooling to the WEF/UN Cabal (of global warming psychopathic warmongers) – perhaps a lack of heat this winter “will sweep out” the current crop of WEF politicians Klaus Schwab put into office – who are presently arming and sending Billions in tax dollars (the people need) to that criminal queer Nazi running the Ukraine (Zelensky)!!

      • jack

        Remember that neither Putin or China can be trusted either. They just want what our criminal elites want ie total power and enslavement for their people . Sadly, the corruption and perversion is all pervasive.

        • Janet

          When you choose to buy a crate of apples being offered by a crafty farmer – you usually try to pick the crate with the least “rotten fruit” in it – for example in the 2016 election Hillery’s poison fruit was “nuclear war” – Trump’s poison fruit turned out to be the “jab” – Trump turned out to be the better choice (but only for those who refused the “jab”)!!

  13. al

    I disagree with Celente. More and more people are speaking up against the jab. This is big! I don’t know how he can say that people won’t notice. THEY NOTICE !!!

    People are not buying the lies of the Marxist Enemy Media. What is Celente talking about? He should stop reading those NY rags.

    • Jamesmmm

      Some areas of the country are worse than others

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sure, they notice, but what do they DO? Oh, yes, they dutifully, deferentially await their chance to VOTE. Nothing says “taking action” like voting. Best always. PM

  14. Dwayne

    God will handle all this. We just need to do our part. Jesus said if I put just a cup of water in your hand then just a cup of water is all I will ask.

  15. William Calvert

    In the past, I subscribed to his Trends journal. I stopped getting it and seldom watch his video as all it seems to be is endless negativity and bitching about EVERYTHING and every one. What he says is probably true, it’s just how he says it…. Maybe I’m just getting old and crotchety…

    One more thing I’ve noticed is that the auto and video in the past have not been in sync. Not a big deal – just thought I’d mention it. …

    Love and appreciate your work…. Bill

  16. Mary

    FYI – google chrome browser is no longer allowing the connection to the video interview. maybe have your geek take a look at it. it started with the friday interview. do not post this please. just take a look and correct if possible.

  17. Eric Thorp

    The reason they’re destroying Europe is to bring down the Anglo-American world empire and to make way for their tyrannical planetary dictatorship. People have no idea what’s coming down the road. I would describe it as a Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 on a global scale. A euphemism for a mass-slaughter of the human race. Wake-up people!

    • Jamesmmm

      thanks Eric but we will probably have another false revival before the B 2.0 – thank God some people get saved in false revivals also!

  18. Dale Whitmore

    Did I hear Gerald Say he was against Trump moving our American Embassy to Jerusalem?? I’m dumbfounded. Most of his stuff I agree with, NOT THIS!

    • Dale Whitmore

      BTW, that was at about the 2-minute mark on this video.

  19. Eric Thorp

    I just came across an article in Global Research by Dr Michael Yeadon.

    “The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written.”

    He’s right on the money!

  20. Steve

    Gerald, anything wrong with silver or is gold the only option?

    • Johnny Cool

      Supposedly big money is draining COMEX and LBMA of silver.

      • Janet

        I wonder JC – if Stan realizes that the big banks are currently accumulating precious metals as he is shorting them???

  21. Eli

    We look around the world and think, how can the people go for this? Yet, here we are, in the land of the supposed free and encroachments on our freedom and civil liberties have happened at such a rate over the last several years that I scarcely remember the pre-Covid America and Trump feels like it was a million years ago!

    All we have to do is look at what happened in Russia and Europe a 100 years ago to see that with the Revolutions and wars, things can change quick and permanently! Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have Mercy on is sinners! ☦️🙏🏻😔

  22. Ketosabe

    I just watched the 1954 film version of 1985. We are at the part of Big Brother’s HATE WEEK, only that it shall continue indefinably until the Marxist-“woke”-Democrats are all locked up.

  23. Jerry

    You can’t make this stuff up. The warnings keep coming.

    I have no idea of what they’re talking about, but the dates are lining up with the other warnings that have been complied. It sounds like a global reset followed by an era of peace and love? Really? There’s nothing peaceful about a-worldwide economic collapse. But hey that’s how they have to spin it to the masses to keep people calm. In seven days we will find out. It could be nothing but after watching the stock market heading south the past few weeks, I think they know the time is up if the fed raises rates again this week.

  24. Rod Brumley, Sr / Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The Nightmare is upon us – the Sheep are Blind to it and are headed to Slaughter. The amount of Trillions pumped into the economies of the world is way beyond mind boggling – the real debt is several hundred Trillion. My choice of wealth is accumulating more physical Silver especially pre 1965 US dimes, quarters and Half Dollars – they are the best for Barter purposes.
    One last point the housing market is starting to implode in Florida – my buddy who is a big time real estate Broker in Florida said over 40% of the deals they had last month fell thru.
    Mr Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot

    • Johnny Cool

      Here we go again, Rod. They never learn. Boom-bust.

      A boom-bust cycle is a series of events in which a rapid increase in business activity in the economy is followed by a rapid decrease in business activity, and this process is repeated again and again.

      We must avoid the damaging boom-bust cycles which characterised the 1980s.

      • Paul from Indiana

        WE need to avoid BIG GOVERNMENT, the antithesis of freedom and individual liberty. BIG GOVERNMENT has been the scourge of mankind since time immemorial. Best always. PM



  26. Mike S

    Here’s my prayer for warriors like GC and Ron Paul ( Greg you might want to ask Ron on too down the road).

    “Dear God.

    You can turn the tables of this sick system over! Lord we know You get GC’s anger and Ron’s too. Righteous anger!

    And we know You know how to break the system that’s turned us into what we see today!

    Lord don’t let the sun set on these great peace loving warriors without first breaking the backs of those they are fighting…really take them down!

    Let Ron and GC finish their years with us in the peace and prosperity they’ve been fighting for us all. Let the world see and know Who turned the tables.
    Despite HELL still being in play, that You’ve seen and heard what they’re fighting for and You find it pleasing in Your eyes. And we will see the results of that. Soon! In the Name of The Father,, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families!

  27. Jeane Melendy

    The best politicians are narcissists. The very best should be committed.

  28. Janet

    I think if Einstein was around today he would say:
    “If you keep voting expecting a different result” – “you are a commie”!!
    So why even vote for “bought off criminal murdering politicians who don’t give a damn what we think”? – why not vote instead “with our money” for Good corporations and against the Bad Corporations (like Big Pharma, the MSM, YouTube, Amazon, etc., etc.) – this is “the key” to our ability to “take back America” – Big Corporations need to care about what we think because we are their customers – we buy their products, their goods and their services – and they need us to keep buying – these companies are also publicly traded on the stock exchange – if they do bad things (like “jab” us to death, “lie” to us or “censor” our speech, etc., etc.) – we should be selling their shares and not buying their products – when their sales drop and their stocks decline – the CEO’s of these evil corporations will get fired – thus – by using the power of the purse we can force big corporations “to bribe our criminal politicians to do the right things for America” – Thus We Can Once Again “Effectively Vote” (because we have the power to put these evil corporations out of business and get their CEO’s fired) – “let’s commit to regaining our voting power” – “it is way past the time”- “to use the power we have in our hands” – “to change America for the better” – and “make our Nation Great once again”!!

    • Paul

      A strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen-money, transport, To shame it. mock it. With art, music literature, our stubbornness, display joy, brilliance, relentlessness – and to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Janet

        Yes Paul – this is “total war” – “and we must fight in every way possible to save our human species from extinction” – the WEF thinks that now that we were made trans-human with their “jab” (and thus no longer have human rights according to the US Supreme Court) – they can exterminate us (just like the dinosaurs) for we are mo longer considered human beings!!

        • Janet

          Boycotting the products of bad corporations can be further amplified by the workers at these “evil corporations” striking and shutting down their manufacturing operations – and leave the “good corporations” open to gain market share – striking is the one weapon humanity possess that can cripple and destroy the Globalists economic and political power – winning this battle for human survival is crucial to us as a species made in the image of God – we need to chip away at the power of “evil corporations” (like Big Pharma, etc,, etc.) through strikes and boycotts of their products – and we will begin to regain control over our lives!!

      • Gunny HiWay

        Hi Paul,
        I LOVE this take.
        Thank you.
        They thought Afghanistan was tough, wait till they try on Alabama, Texas, North Dakota or Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho.
        Till then, let’s MOCK THEM.
        Be well,

  29. Carol Anne - Tucker Trucker Patriot

    I just LOVE watching Gerald TELL EM LIKE IT IS!!!!

    • Janet

      Let’s “Truck” the WEF/UN Demons off to Hell – simply load all the psychopaths on Space-X Rockets and point with our middle finger to the Sun (indicating like God the Father did) the direction to the Lake of Fire “their one way rocket ride” should be aimed!!

  30. James j

    Love the passion …here is an old warrior, finished with soft pedaling the crap.
    Id glad thre are people like gc in the world. It lifts my heart.

  31. Judd

    Gerald inevitably tests the speakers systems every time he speaks. Starts low, mild mannered and escalates into screaming maniac. Like it!

  32. John Patrick Rice

    Link to film-

    God Bless Gerald Celente=he’s in the film

  33. Peter

    Hey Greg — It’s so bad we need a new party. Celeste has described the Leaders and Congress Correctly I Agree with him. They are Agogant, Incompetent and mental ill. How do we Create a REAL 3rd Party or tear down the existing. RED AND BLUE Gangs I don’t know. They have the Media now WE have alt Media. They get Billions. from Pharma , Big Oil , Big Agriculture etc. We need a Way to Raise Big Money . I want Small Farmers and Everyday People who have decent judgement to make policy not Evil deranged Lawyers who want Power and Control. It is Sickening and Such a waste of Potential for these sickos to be running the country. Pelosy just wants to run to Rome and Live in Luxury after they loose in the midterms. We need to Produce OIL < DIESEL< PIPELINES , and get back on track. The BORDERS NEED TO BE CLOSED and People should be sent packing. A Yellen is dangerously Incompetent. No Digital Dollar. – No Spy Control Dollar.

  34. eddiemd

    Jesus of Nazareth. The Messiah. He is Messiah the Prince in Daniel.

    Very good presentation. Messianic Jewish people really know the Scripture well. Especially the relationship between Old and New Testament. It is crucial to know both. How will you be able to witness to the Jewish brethren? They only know the Old Testament. The Gospel is for the Jews also. Even today. Learn the Messianic Scriptures so when the time arrives you will be prepared.

  35. Saved by Grace


    You say you want to win in life
    Accomplish all of which you’re capable
    Then get up off your procrastinating duff
    Take action, be responsible.

    Decide clearly and precisely
    Exactly what you want to do
    Then with persistent perseverance
    Work hard to see it through.

    Don’t be distracted by urgent stuff
    Focus on what’s important
    Make plans progress toward your goal
    Then to creativity’s voice you shall harken.

    Next, build a team of kindred souls
    Who share your heart’s desire
    Working together, all with a stake
    Fans the passion for your fire.

    Look to serve before you’re served
    Make everyone a winner
    The whole is greater than its parts
    The pie gets bigger, not thinner.

    Listen closely to what others say
    Be humble and empathetic
    Holding your tongue while others talk
    Reaps dividends that are more than cosmetic.

    Last, neglect not care of yourself
    If you do, others also will
    Growth, love, diet, exercise and rest
    Such sharpens all your skills.

    – R.E. McMaster, Jr.

  36. wren

    Absolutely correct about Ukraine and Russia. Most people don’t understand this at all.

  37. M.Shriver

    Your two most useless interviews are with Gerald Celente and Bo Polny. Aside from lots of opinion, these guests offer nothing to USA Watchdog but cheap entertainment.

    • Ward Kelly

      Absolutely correct

  38. Kim Beaney

    Anybody breathing should see this interview.

  39. thought bomb

    7-seconds of bambino Celentini making quick work of the globalist fruits:

    Luke 1:41

  40. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Enjoyed the video very much. Love Gerald, he tells the truth without apology and the grit of a free man..

    • Rodney

      I tell my wife he’s a fire cracker on a short fuse, he’s a hoot to listen to, passionate to boot.

  41. Kim Beaney

    Is this your first time Donna? Pls don’t come back.

    • Ray

      + 1 Kim.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Ward Kelly

      It is that kind of attitude from people on our side which makes it impossible to reach those on the other side

  42. Jeffrobbins

    My thoughts about Ukraine are this; both Russia and the US want to drag out the proxy war in the Ukraine. Most wars boil down to who is the most depleted. For the Russians this is more economic as we see supply side inflation driven by energy equaling less goods and services. Putin wanted the sanctions and said so in like 2017, he knew what energy would do. Our leaders thought we could just use sanctions to cripple Russia, but i can’t for the life of me understand how they thought that would work with China and India as willing buyers of Russian oil. The longer this drags out the greater the potential for some kind of bank collapse from the rapidly rising rates and i think this is Putins real agenda. Our leaders only agenda is to see who is the most useful idiot, unless the plan is to kill off a billion people or so. We do not have the high ground. If i am wrong we still wind up with a lot of trade no longer using the dollar.

    • Janet

      Yuval Noah Horrori a few months back talked about how humans are now “hackable animals” – “no longer subject to an intelligent God above the clouds” – but subjects of the WEF and the Globalists who have their own designs on us” – Horrori went on to state that: “the idea that humans have free will” – “is over” – that today we have the technology “to hack human beings” on such a massive scale “we can make them do and think what we want” – NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN – WHEN THE EVIL WEF GLOBALISTS ARE FACING PUTIN (WHO IS AGAINST THEIR EVIL NAZI TRANS_HUMAN PLANS FOR HUMANITY) – we hear Horrori speaking in different tones – like about “the indomitable human spirit” – about how Russia cannot win over the Nazi’s of Ukrainian “who are not animals” – but “good humans that have free will” – and these “free men will not be forced to abide by the dictates of some foreign ruler” – “nor ever be conquered” – “by some foreign despot” (who thinks he rules the world) – Horrori states “we are human beings after all” (made in the image of an intelligent creator) – and “we human beings will not bow down to some foreigner who thinks he is God”!! –

      • Janet

        Hey Horrori – first you tell us “humans have no souls” – now you tell us Putin cannot conquer the “spirit” within Ukrainians’ – you obviously need stronger glue to hold your forked tongue together or just admit you are a demon – you tell us “there is no God” – yet – “you make yourself into a god” by telling us “You” will decide the evolution of humanity – such “delusions of grandeur” is an obvious symptom of an out of control mental illness – it is either schizophrenia or a bipolar disorder – in either case you better get yourself checked out!!!

  43. Neville

    Thank you Greg and our fiery friend the one and only Gerald Celente.
    Gerald gave us vintage overview of the past to show us all that those
    who forget or don’t know their past are DOOMED to repeat it.
    The above is exactly why AAcrime is in the crap it is in today having
    had a succession of absolutely useless presidents since Lyndon B. Johnson 1973.
    Thieves, liars, racketeers, drug dealers, warmongers, counterfeiters, gun runners ,
    election riggers both in and out the country.A bunch of villainous cretins if ever you
    saw one !!!
    All of the above were accompanied by their partners in crime ,namely the chairmen/woman of the useless corrupt,lying federal reserve bank.

    The last 3 years of AAcrimes history is beyond a doubt the darkest as the DEBT,UNEMPLOYMENT,POVERTY ,INFLATION ,MONEY CREATION OUT
    Events beyond the borders of the usa have indicated that we are coming very
    Just a few words about the american C19 virus is that the deaths worldwide
    will be added to AAcrimes tally of overall murders which include the deaths
    of 70 million unborn babies. No COVENANT exists between our LORD GOD
    CREATOR and any nation that prides itself on its murderous achievements.

  44. Linda Majors


    Gerald will reallly be angry when he hears about the child trafficking on the border.

    Lara Logan (investigative reporter formerly with CBS 60 Minutes and Fox Nation) held a conference in Texas last night to bring attention to the child trafficking operation at the Southern Border. The Biden administration and Catholic Church are doing nothing to help the children. It appears that child trafficking is a huge money-maker and the Catholic NGS send $$ to the Vatican.

    Children are filmed while being raped and even murdered, and the porn is sold on TikTok, Facebook, and InstaGram. Lara wonders why these Big Tech companies have the Sec. 232 protection and cannot be shut down. She said if they find out someone is a Trump Supporter, they are immediately censored and deplatformed. But child trafficking and porn is acceptable. Why anyone would anyone go on those platforms?.

    It is the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. The woman being interviewed, who works for Border Patrol investigating child trafficking, said the Biden Admin. does nothing to help the children. The little kids, usually 5 or older, are raped for a couple of years, until they are “used up,” and then are killed or their organs are harvested. The ones bused into the interior of the US end up with people who aren’t their relatives. They pimp those little kids. It’s horrible!

    Something has to be done to stop this horrible situation on the Border! Why isn’t Gov. Abbott getting it stopped? Do the politicians get a cut of the profits from the Cartels who operate the child trafficking? It is unbelievable!


    • Linda Majors

      Followup to comments re Child trafficking:
      The estimated number of children being trafficked is 198K. Unbelievable!

      • Janet

        Child trafficking in the US makes us an “Obama Nation” – even the early Church Father Tertullian (160-220 AD) recognized there is no difference between child sacrifice and abortion – He wrote: “When you kill a baby – whether you do it as a sacred rite – or just because you choose to do it in some other way” – it is still murder!!

  45. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and a passionate Mr Celente.
    You can feel the despair of Mr Celente about the unwillingness of the people to be aware of the dreadful deceit being inflicted on the mere plebs. Why the people are willing to accept this is beyond reason. It cannot be lack of education,as so many are credentialed, perhaps as a mere cleaner I am hearing only the worse of people instead of the best, I can only accept what they do instead of what they say. Actions shout louder than words for me.

  46. Ed Mustafo

    These are the most important trends that Gerald “ The Never Trumper” doesn’t mention. In November, Patriots endorsed by Trump take back the House and Senate. The 2020 election gets overturned ( watch for the Supreme Court ruling next month about the legislators) and Trump takes back the White House. Then it’s time to Make America Great Again. Watch…..

  47. Robert says no

    Celente’s right. People aren’t going to know or accept that the vaccine is killing people. Morrison is right too. The public is mostly sheeple and want to believe their leaders .
    When I speak of the Globalist culling the population the responses I get say the population peeked in the past 10 years and is naturally dwindling because of low birth rates. This is how the globalist will get away with the vaccine being the cause of the accelerated deaths.

  48. Ward Kelly

    When you call yourself the “trends” guy and then say we need a new party while not recognizing that Trump and conservatives who support him ARE the new party….you are not much of a prognosticator. Trump couldn’t accomplish what he set out to do because he was fighting the swamp within his own party. The MAGA people see this and are working towards that goal while Celente is lost in his own corn maze.

  49. Paul Anders

    When it comes to a border wall, it is nothing more than a symbol. When you come upon ANY wall you immediately know that someone else has claimed that land and does not want you to proceed.
    The cure to illegal immigrants is to fine and/or seize the assets of any company caught hiring them. I guarantee that would stop the flow immediately…
    They will not come if they have no way of feeding themselves.

  50. Roger Stamper

    tks for post gerald greg

  51. Foley Sab

    ChemTrail Interception?

  52. Arnold

    Until Clownservatives admit the truth about Trump (he’s an utter fraud and back-stabbing Traitor) and take responsibility for having elected/supported Republicans who have been every bit as bad as “the DemonRats”…and as long as you continue to blindly place the hostile foreign nation of Israel above America… I will consider you all as deluded and asleep as the jabbed blue-haired progressive sheeple you like to mock.

    • Sharon Rogers

      @Arnold… bravo!!!

      One sentence and you said it all. At least Celente is not sucked in too.

      I always enjoy his passion his sincerity and his background which gives him this broad view.

  53. Vernon Tart

    Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote over 10 years ago now.


    Government is not for the people. But the people don’t understand.

    Young people give up their lives for their country but it only profits the business man.

    Do we need the whole world to be like each other? Is the country really free when freedom is up to them?

    When the president of a nation has the right to kill any man.

    This is dictatorship but the people are blind and don’t understand.

    I see the people of a nation give up freedom to feel free.

    But you know freedom is a weapon the government uses as they please.

    America is dictatorship, nazism is our creed.

    We are the world bullies, we pretend it is a patriot dream.

    We spread freedom like communism, we spread freedom our democracy.

    We might call it freedom, but brother we ain’t free.

    In this land is your land that what Woody Guthrie said.

    In this land is your land better listen to what he said.

    In this land is your land better listen to what he said.

  54. Kyle SMITHERS

    Peer-Reviewed: 94 Percent of Vaccinated Patients With Subsequent Health Issues Have Abnormal Blood, Italian Microscopy Finds

    MUST READ MUST WATCH: Investigative Journalist Lara Logan: Invasion of Southern Border Part of Plan For Global Government
    Sep 18, 2022 Lara Logan [Your]News

    The Kigali Amendment : A Little-Known UN Treaty Screws America And The Senate Can’t Wait To Pass It /Sep 18, 2022, By Ben Lieberman [Your]News

    New World Order: In a first, EU moves to cut money for Hungary over ‘damaging democracy’/Sep 18, 2022
    Donald Trump Slams ‘Militant Left-Winger’ Tim Ryan for ‘Kill’ MAGA Comments

  55. Paul

    Thanks Greg and Gerald,
    For Being in the ring.

    He spoke of the office cleaning crews being reduced in numbers and in next breath talks of all the vacant office space.
    A little hiccup in thought there.

    On subjects, He has been right much more then wrong over the years. His Passion can be misconstrued.

    The surface of learning is hearing what your ears aren’t prepared to hear, and the core of learning is hearing what your ears don’t want to hear.

    Best to all,

    Paul from arkansas

    • Paul

      By the way,
      I don’t need much now
      Just 30 of your ball caps to pass to others.

      Paul from arkansas

  56. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & Gerald

    But keep in mind that the corrupt bankers & corrupt MSM keeps these scumbags in power until this is changed we go no where. I have referred to America’s clueless as the GDP ( Generally Dumb Public ) for the last 20 years.

    A powerful short video.

    Listen to the Voice

  57. Sherri Glynn

    Two of my most favourite people – Greg Hunter and Gerald Celente! Can’t wait to watch this. Just in the middle of the Alex Newman interview. Love your videos Greg – fantastic news source. Love your wit and wisdom both.

  58. James PTY

    There are forms of Digital Gold with little or no storage fees and offering a yield, they are not a substitute for physical rather a compliment of. Example, small amounts in hand, large holdings vaulted at international locations, kyc/aml compliant yield offering digital tokens designed to be used as money- previous watchdog guest Andrew Maguire/Kinesis is an example…

  59. Joseph Boudreau

    I am growing my own food this year. I built my own table for my new upright mini-freezer. I built my own lean to greenhouse at my back window to keep growing through the winter and bring in warm air into the house during mid day for free. It really works!
    Let’s start working for ourselves and not be so dependent on others for the things we really need.
    Oh and one more thing – pay with CASH!

  60. Cheryl

    Mr Celente openly shares his ire for crimes agains humanity. Yes, the psychopaths but equally about the ignorance of those being duped into digging their own graves. It’s refreshing and reminds us that put to good use anger and rage can be fruitful. Must be lots of fire and Mars in his chart plus fifth house ignited — creativity! What I picked up on most was his self proclaimed practice of looking at things as they are, not how we would like them to be. Applied to whether or not people are waking up to the hokey poke scam — I still see bumper stickers like “vaccines cause adults.” (Of course this a neighborhood where young women wear I love Fauci tshirts with his mug displayed on their otherwise beautiful young selves.) Back to the topic, people in the ‘hood still believe everything is life as usual symbolized by just wear a mask. Our public libraries hand out free masks and testing kits. I made the mistake early on of trying to describe to a neighbor where BlM was getting their funding and feared for my life afterward. It stirred up ire like I’ve never seen before. I don’t see anyone around me waking up. Scareeeeeee.

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, more from Lara Logan on the ‘NWO Invasion plan’. =
    who we notice her ‘no agenda segments’ on FOX went away just after she went after Fauci?…=

  62. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — always great to hear from an upstate New Yawker.

    Covid vaccine requirements seem to be on a down-trend… First we saw:
    “US Navy Quietly Cancels Vaccine Requirement Order For SEALs”
    and now we see:
    “US Marine Corps Quietly Drops Punishments For Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine”

    So it looks like SECDEF but no-longer-a-General Austin’s vaxxine policies are being reversed — not soon enough IMO, sometimes the wheels of justice turn too slowly. Now let’s see every soldier, sailor and marine who was kicked out be reinstated with backpay and an apology. Yeah, don’t hold your breath.

    The company I work for has lawyers who looked at the mandates and saw the writing on the wall; the front office encouraged anyone hesitant to request an exemption — mine was approved in a day. “Hesitant” — LOL, I was like No F’ing Way from before the vaccines were announced. In the face of a reported viral “epidemic” where ~99.97% of those exposed survived we were supposed to fear for our lives? WTF??? Faced with those odds or taking a virtually untested new technology (mRNA) drug, the decision to refuse the vaxxine was made before it was available.

    Who convinced me to be vaccine “hesitant”? Besides the strong odds of surviving, the words of Fauci, Birx, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Bill de Blasio (not his real name) and his free french fries… the list goes on. Then came August ’21 and Comirnaty — which from day one was obviously a bait and switch. The fraud that is Comirnaty needs to be prosecuted.

    So many people have been dumbed down and lost their ability to discern fact from fiction, and think critically. If it’s on the front page above the fold, must be true; I read it on the internet, must be true; Dr Fauci said … must be true; and on and on.

    Never tested and never jabbed. Fear Not.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good news Russ 2!! Fear Not Vax Not!

  63. Doc Brown's Time Machine

    A greater number from the past two generations behave like boobs because their biological father *and* biological mother together didn’t have talks with them about how to be a man or how to be a woman. Why no talks? Because they aren’t together as one, or the just don’t know the answers on how to be a man or how to be a woman themselves.

    1620-1900… Discipline, common-sense, empathy, integrity, gratitude, patience, excellence, commitment, dependability, honor, courage, self-sacrifice, compassion, respect and how to be respectable, loyalty, honesty, prudence, authenticity, grace, tact, adaptability, charity.
    …Only the very best made the playoffs.

    1980-today… Entitlement, apathy, ignorance, sacrilege, divorce or bastardization, stupidity, ‘grossness and sick’, lazy, vulgar, obese, YOUR life has no value, revenge, spite, rudeness, anti-civilization, dishonest, undependable, freaks of nature, gimmie gimmie gimmie you owe me!!
    …If you have a winning record you’re likely to be in the playoffs.

    Tomorrow… You’ll be happy owning nothing because everyone else will have stolen it from you!!
    …Everyone gets to be the grand champion for not even participating.

  64. Ed Mustafo

    EXPERIMENT- Get in your car or truck and drive for 400 miles. Now picture a wall that long. It’s nothing according to Gerald. Really?? But Greg pressed him on it. Good stuff Greg…. Anyway WHO stopped construction of it ? “ The Resident “. Don’t worry though, Trump will finish it when he comes back….

  65. ken

    Dwight Eisenhower starved to death 1.5 to 2 million German POW’s right after the war. Not exactly a bell ringer for an upstanding honorable person. He changed their status from POW to Disarmed enemy forces which allowed this according to .gov.
    meanwhile as the Germans were being killed by America and UK Stalin was killing all captured USSR soldiers calling them traitors or sending them off to Siberia. Bet a good portion of six million can be found between those two offings.
    At the same time the reds in Berlin raped just about every female from 8 to 80 in case you might wonder what happened to the Germans and why their men are such wimps these days. It was so bad some women disfigured themselves hoping to turn off the sex starved troops from the USSR.
    You won’t find any of this in history books. At 73 years old I now know EVERYTHING I thought I knew coming from schools and other sources was/is totally wrong. Believe me,,, that’s hard to grasp.

    Do not believe anything .gov or its mocking bird media say.

    • Keith Wilson

      Ken have you read the book. The war between the generals. By David Irving. It is full of stories about the real Eisenhower and how the American and Allies came to nearly losing the battle in western Europe. Paris was full of us staff officers selling cigarettes,booze,c-rations, and petrol,whilst there soldiers where freezing to death in fox holes and going without supplies. It was estimated that the US military was losing 2000 men a day to frostbit, trenchfoot ,sickness, and self inflicted wounds, whilst Eisenhower and his staff where living in LaLa land.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I first heard about the Andersonville-style Eisenhower death camps in Germany from Germans in 1972. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. That didn’t make it any less real. Americans don’t want to believe the Left is destroying this country. That doesn’t make it any less real. Best always. PM

  66. Linda

    Gerald Celente is very bitter and I get it, but Trump was swimming against a very strong tide.
    Greg, I just noticed in the note above where you “reserve the right to edit comments for grammar and spelling errors”. I think that would be a bit job, but it is a good idea. However, I think most of your commenters are pretty good. I once sent an email to a friend I hadn’t emailed in a long time and when she replied, she was profuse in her complimenting me. She said that she couldn’t believe that I used punctuation and paragraphs. Such mundane things do aid in the ability to understand nuance. My young acquaintances often don’t even capitalize.
    Late to comment, but I often can’t get around to listening right away.
    Sincere thanks to you …..

  67. Hunter Wolf

    I like Gerald, but OMG he rants a lot and rarely stays on topic, or answers a question without going on a rant.

  68. Arizona

    HERES THE WAY IT IS….the politicians in america realize THEY CAN BE HANGED FOR TREASON,and ALL of them are GUILTY..GET READY FOR WAR IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA,the US MILITARY are going to attack RUSSIA ,and then the NUCLEAR BOMBS will fall on america like rain…very few of you will survive the attack,GET CLOSE TO THE LORD..YOU”LL ALL BE STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM VERY SOON…

    • Janet

      And to help things along – psycho demon “brain fogged” Biden (ranting on TV like a “red commie” Satan-Rat about how he wants to dispose of (kill) all the Trump terrorists in the country – is arming the IRS to collect the $10 Billion dollars per month he is currently sending to the Ukraine to keep the war going and make it into “a nuclear conflict” – and – he is spending all this money in the face the grave financial breakdown we are experiencing in the US where “real” inflation is now approaching 18% percent!!

  69. thought bomb

    re: German parliment warning about 24 Sept 2022, that the world to suddenly change forevermore.

    Europe, aka WEF HQ, writes this date as: 24/09/2022. Therefore, cf, Simpsons season 24. episode 09:

    This episode hosts an EMP event & nuclear plant catastrophe (the latter already being attempted by Zelenskyy in Ukr). . . . The plot denouement—the townspeople getting-over the EMP event—is, of course, suggestive of WEF’s mantra “you’ll own nothing and be happy” (the globalists to cause mayhem , however the sheeple appreciate the solutions of the globalists).

  70. Poochiwoo

    Gerald is a beautiful spirit. He came here for these times. I am working behind the scene towards the new Renaissance. A new world is our destiny.

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just a heads up on sometime new that may be breaking soon?

    = ‘ Candace Owens’ new father-in-law, Baron Michael Stahel Farmer, has controlled the gold, silver, metals, oil, trading, communications (propaganda) and now carbon credits markets for 50 years.
    Lord Farmer, who now spouts Christianity, is likely Khazarian Jewish, German and Sabbatean-Frankist (sin with abandon) like the Rothschilds, if not in fact, then by interlocked association.
    We believe Lord Farmer facilitated the ENRON false flag to consolidate ICE FUTURES exchanges* in London and gave control of gold & silver to JPMorgan Chase which since inception in 1799 has always been a Rothschild–Alexander Hamilton (British Spy #007) creature.
    * Intercontinental Exchange

    Yes, I agree the swamp seems to be getting darker and deeper every day…lol

  72. Iambic Pentameter

    Pencil in a food shopping hoarding day as early as Tuesday.

    And the Great Rail Strike shuts it all down. $2 billion of the economy lost EACH DAY!
    30% of all items transported in the USA is via rail.
    Power grid brownouts and blackouts. electric cars LOL.
    No Gasoline [all ethanol is via rail]. Gasoline cars SOL.
    2/3rds of all imported goods leaves the ports via rail.
    Remaining steel and metal mills shut down.
    Biden thinks he had reached a tentative agreement with a 25% pay hike.

    You’ll see the cost of many store items literately double by xmas IF the strike ends by then.
    If the strike doesn’t end, well… by XMAS very few people will have a job to do by XMAS.
    Good thing we’ll have 175,000 armed IRS agents.

  73. Catherine

    It’s just seems the government of demonic creatures are setting the United States up for a big fall. In the eyes of the world America is a laughing stock due to Biden’s group of transsexuals he chose as advisors and cabinet members.
    So it seems as the older generation’s wisdom of reality is just ignored as young people both left and right fall into the category of youth with lack of real life experience as they hide their heads into cell phones and pretend all is well. My sons millennial generation is what I personally know well.
    They sense change is in the air but they still use Venmo to pay their friends after enjoying dinners together and just don’t worry about what WE see. Many got the jab and many didn’t but they just accept each other and move on. It’s not part of their conversation. They have moved on from covid and just see the possibilities before them. Many have made the internet work for them. Some are well known on you tube. All of them love country music and none of them do drugs or are alcoholics. They are various ethnicities but don’t care about that or the immigrants entering our country. They all HATE Biden most loved TRUMP and know the country was taken over but they just seem to accept it. As they all say “it’s terrible but we can’t do anything about it”.

    I know this because my son a major conservative as well as his fiancé and some, not all, of his friends are liberals, some are unvaxxed some are vaxxed but they like all youth are fearless. The 26-30 year old group of my sons friends are doing very very well financially.
    They all are working on their careers and businesses and most are putting their money into real estate around the country and then rent them out on AIRBNB. all their vacations are AIRBNB . All the conservatives friends plan on moving to red states after marriage to educate their children without the liberal agenda. While their liberal friends just love being liberal.
    So in the future I believe our country will split into two realities lived out in states that support their realities and maybe in their lifetimes the USA will be a United country. Or not.
    But for us old folks it’s really just finished. America has ceased to exist. All our live’s realities are no longer. It’s just mind blowing but then again the baby boomers we are a part of yet didn’t fit in, but those who loved drugs free sex and partying wanted change. They turned their backs on all this country stood for and left God in the dust and embraced Mick Jagger hippies and the lifestyle that did not include patriotism but instead wanted all the rock and roll lifestyle while the churches of their parents became desolate and empty.
    I married later in life and my husband is from a previous generation. I couldn’t relate to drugs and constant partying. I had a career in teaching had fun but just never left God and thought my generation to be just LOST….. and very selfish.
    So as my sons life is unfolding and I am very proud of him but I worry for him. They are coming into a world that as we older folks know has never survived long.
    But then again fascism and communism with total global control is so vast and connected through technology that anything is now on the table. I honestly hope and pray he and all his friends survive what may happen to our country. I hope their lives here are prosperous and healthy with a connection to God and that their children grow up strong and also lead good lives.

    • Justn Observer

      Catherine, the entrainment is long and deep …the use of media and Hollywood, drug use, and the schools has increasingly made the children vulnerable…
      NEAR the bottom of the link aboue = a repost of the ‘stakeholder ownership of it=
      is a link to a vid rather important that people at least consider =
      and below that is also a link about Gen. Flynn’s prayer given at a conference and is in reference = Flynn’s Prayer: “We are your instruments of the sevenfold rays.”
      which i a Christian analysis? of it and what might be behind it which also might be considered as a matter of discernment and wider views on entrainment and use of media illusionary MAGIK use not unlike the depth of BABYLON MONEY MAGIK behind creation of money out of thin air use for economic enslavement…as we now also are under current MSM overkill with the nonsense in England/UK used to ‘stockhome syndrome’ the people of the world and acceptance of the ‘ROYALTY’ and ‘ELITES’ who have bribed, murdered, been the traffickers -opium war-cocaoine- fentanyl- and worse, including incest to invest and contain ‘their’ wealth within ‘their’ privy…as they enslaved and colonized and stripped how many nations of resources and wealth via their ‘banking’ systems?

      Why is Mike Flynn promoting the sevenfold rays of Alice Bailey?

      Truth is….’they’ have already WON ! but what remains to be seen is IF we can WIN it back! Sure, all IS possible, and prayer will help…but prayer without active rejection of ‘their’ plans and explicit acts of one’s freewill will not win the day. Our beliefs might save us personally….but as a nation abortion is still on deck, CRT is still being pushed, gender confusion and perversion and porn as bad as the days of Sodom… and that does not even touch the greedy and corruption at every level…so do we really EXPECT HIM, or Trump and anyone else to be a savior and fix this mess? Add the fact the parents WERE supposed to protect and be the guide of their children…good luck with that. So, I do not go too hard on the gen Y AND Z. We, as a society world wide tolerated this all too long…NO NATION is exempt… so in rideth the PALE HORSE.

      I do find comfort being among the people here at Greg’s site…and his efforts to bring the light to what most we not even talk about to their own family members! So, sad most have lost the ability to even discuss such. Personally, I think we are about out of time to turn the ship around…and sometimes things just can’t get fixed…they must just be torn down and start anew IF they leave enough of us alive to do so! Maybe, a bit of starving and freezing will encourage a better WORK ethic…once the ‘free stuff’ mentality is gone?
      Peace !

    • Johnny Cool

      The iPhone.

      Yes, Apple is part of the deception and distraction.

      Rick Ackerman: Which brings us to the bear rally in stocks. I’ve been looking anxiously over my shoulder, waiting for a crazy-loco short-squeeze to make investors forget we are so deeply in debt that only a full-blown depression can pay it off. This will come mainly through bankruptcies, in relentless deflationary waves that will make us nostalgic for today’s rampaging consumer inflation. Wall Street chose AAPL to distract us from this grim reality, but the ruse failed. Employing subterfuge that I described here in great detail and with relatively small outlays of cash, DaBoyz levitated the biggest-cap stock in the world to within 3.7% of new all-time highs.

      • Janet

        Like Adam we took a bite of the apple – now look where we are – Jesus said: By “their fruit” we shall know them – and now “we are marked by that apple” (just like Adam was)!! –

  74. Pam

    Hi Greg,
    Yesterday I sent you a comment about the Social Credit System (CSQR-SM). I ask you not post this comment. I have another link I found (Nexus Newsfeed .com) with many current updates from Gideon and interviewer Bill Sweet.!/search/Oculum%20Labs/1
    or look up Oculum Labs Intel.
    I’m still reading the updates but noticed this, they mention Martin Armstrong, Jim Rickarts and Michael Burry in post dated 08/08/22 #12 , they might know about this info but aren’t saying. Time is of essence. I understand if you won’t talk about this and I suggest you don’t, I just want you to be aware of it. When this CSQR rolls out no one will be able to talk about it, all will be demoted and targeted. We understand what the Bible says in Revelations. I think Bo Polny might be the closest on the mark about time lines. Gideon says this will happen before 2024. My wish is that Mr. Polny get this information too. This may sound crazy but when you look at China with their Social Credit System, what’s been done to their injected, what happened with Evergrande and the fact Black Rock, Vanguard and the major banks own everything it’s not a stretch. It’s fact they’re creating Trillions that could never be paid back and just disappeared like CA Fitts has said. They’re putting a lot of that money into their own CSQR accounts. The whole system is being taken down and the US isn’t warning their people like other countries are to get prepared for what’s to come. Even China imported tons of grain.
    I was following Clif Highs video’s, your interviews with him included and others he posts on Bitchute and You Tube, and his timeline seems to be accurate. I wonder if Clif is aware of CSQR. Would it be possible to talk to him about this and get him back on your show? Catherine Austin Fitts too. Let’s be honest and face what’s happening.
    I pray for your protection and hope that you are able to inform us for as long as possible. And I really appreciate all your efforts. Thank you!

    • Shiloh1

      I think CAF (and WW)
      has been talking precisely about this for at least 2 years now. I suspect all she can add at this point would be how many seconds to midnight.

  75. tim mcgraw

    Gerald mentions turning $5,000 into $750k when he was thirty. Gerald and I are about the same age so that would be in 1982. I also had some dough in ’82 and invested it wisely, but I didn’t receive such huge returns as Gerald because I didn’t buy stock on margin.
    No doubt Gerald did buy on margin which is why he ended up with $150k because he “kept gambling.”
    My advice is “Don’t gamble.” Never buy stocks on margin. You will lose most of the time. You will lose your entire investment when the stock goes down in price.
    As for Gerald’s gold deal in the seventies at $187.50 an ounce, factoring in inflation, the price of gold today isn’t much different in constant dollar purchasing power.
    I own gold, but I know that it is a store of value, not a producer of value. You have to take risks to get a return.
    Be careful about the risks you take.
    But we all have to take risks. That’s life.
    Be careful out there amongst the English.

  76. rick

    What does MAGA mean (make America great again) anybody that doesn’t want to make America great again should be put in prison for treason.

    • Harvey


      Trump did the opposite of MAGA.

      Conservatives suffer from TDS: Trump Delusion Syndrome just like they still suffer from RDS—Reagan Delusion Syndrome.

    • ken

      Make America Great Again is an attempt to return to an era when Americans were respected and the country envied for the freedoms it had which was why it was considered the land of opportunity.

      Then came the war between the states… ending any States Rights. The federale’s were King and Queen and anything in between. Land was stolen,,, women (all colors) raped,,, State governments forced to ratify amendments before allowed back in to the now forced union. Too much to this debacle to continue,

      Now a very short story on how to destroy a nation. Volumes left out but highlights some of the larger events… extremely sad how our forefathers allowed this and we still are. Our just reward for not taking action

      Then 1913. The central bank and taxation was forced upon us. The Central Bank to destroy the Peoples money,,, the 16th Amendment to make Americans Tax Donkey’s and the 17th rejected to eliminate the republic and create a demockracy.

      WWI was just about over when the US decided to jump in. The US gov got to use their Federal reserve for the first time to fund the army. Then after the war a recession ensued because of the excessive printing to fund WW1. They claim the recession was due to the excesses of the people in the 1920s.

      WWII came along started by Britain and Poland refusing to negotiate the problem with Germans being killed and swindled in Poland. Germany decided to take Poland and dictate terms which is why Germany is blamed for starting the war,,, (Russia today is doing the same in Ukraine),,, When Russia invaded the Eastern half of Poland and were called saviors?

      By sanctions the US conned the Nippon’s into attacking thus the war officially began.

      In Asia the Chinese were thoroughly beat by the Nippons and Japan was destroyed by 2 alleged nukes.

      After the contrived world war America ‘was’ Great. Had all the gold and manufactured goods for most of the world. The A Bomb made it the most powerful nation on earth.

      The 1950’s were great for America. Almost a utopia. But there was that pesky USSR. They had their bombs, we had our bombs and the race was on. Then the US allegedly put men on the moon which is when America being great peaked. Our troops were in N. Korea fighting ‘communism’ then in Vietnam for the same cause but also causing monetary problems. As the dollar was convertible to gold the US started printing. War and Butter Johnson called it. Other nations (France especially) exchanged their dollars for gold. When most of the gold was gone Volker (Fed ) talked Nixon into stopping the exchange and to allow the dollar to float marking the beginning of Americas decline.

      Then inflation took hold. Hero Volker was able to slow it by using very high interest rates. It worked for awhile but inflation slowly crept up. By then Nixon had opened China up to the world. A poor, agricultural country but perfect for what they needed.

      Immediately the corporations with US gov help relocated their manufacturing to China while putting millions of Americans out of work. This has been credited as the rise of China or the miracle of China. What it was,,, was the crushing of America. Not only that but the education went down the s-chute, now indoctrination. Few jobs left for Americans that need a good education and those are being filled by ‘immigrants’ replacing Americans.

      This continued through the 1970s, 80s, 90, and 2000s. Then came the sand wars, the 9/11/2001 event attributed to Osama Bin Laden (OBL) immediately. Any information and evidence to do a decent inquiry was immediately destroyed.

      By now Most Americans are flat broke using credit to live their life of Riley. Most of the jobs left are stocking foreign goods, mowing each others yards or scamming each other.

      There is no way to undo all that!

  77. tim mcgraw

    Gerald is also being a bit too non-descriptive of President Mossadegh “Nationalizing the oil” in Iran. Yes Mossadegh wanted Iran to own the oil fields, but his offer of recompensation to BP was very generous. Mossadegh wasn’t like Castro who just took the sugar plantations and Mob casinos/hotels in Cuba.
    One thing I’ve learned about the British is that they are greedy at the top.

  78. tim mcgraw

    Putin on the Ritz:

    I see England
    I see France
    I cut gas to your power plants

    I see Yankee
    I see Kraut
    I put Ukraine army in rout

    I see Sweden
    I see Finn
    I finish what you begin.

  79. Lady Au Stackers United

    When all else fails, they take us to war. We’ve heard him say that always during the Celente interviews. And here we are. They’ve once again taken us to war.

    An acquaintance has an adult son in prison. Inmates are a vulnerable population to force the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA shots. Two years after being forced to take shot #1, then shot #2, then booster #3, the prison inmate reports a history of bronchitis going back to childhood but this time for the first time he has an active outbreak of bronchitis with “blood tinged sputum”. I am assuming this latter sign is a result of the mRNA Experimental shot. Just reporting more confirmation for you all.

    Oh, and keep stacking Au & Ag, they’re both great. But always keep Christ Jesus in your heart, for He is greater.

  80. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Gerald Celente is absolutely, positively right on the money. Great report.

  81. Jerry

    I’m not sure what to make of this.

    Chinese troops entering Ukraine though Russia? If this is true the bar just got raised about China invading Taiwan. This week will be pivotal.

  82. Del Tacovich

    WATCH: Prof Dolores Cahill – ‘Everyone Who Has Had an mRNA Injection Will Die Within 3-5 Years’ /4 months ago/
    MUST SEE AGAIN/We Are In The Biggest Experiment In Inhuman History!
    Professor Dolores Cahill’s research suggests that those vaccinated with an mRNA injection have between 3-5 years to live – even if they have had only one jab.

    China’s first Mars exploration mission achieves rich scientific results
    Zhang Dan,Hu Zhe – Yesterday 12:02 PM /New Mineral Found!
    Houston Alarmed!

  83. Mark Eliser

    I love and watch your channel religiously because it is first class media and research, but I can only watch Gerald Celente up to the point that he starts his rants, which remains always about 4 minutes into his interviews everywhere. I guess his delivery method and I don’t mix well. Bring back Martin Armstrong, Charles Nenner, and Clif High. They have research and a great delivery temperament.

    Thank you for your great work!!

  84. PersonaNonGrata

    WARNING: This will not be to everyone’s taste – but it is relevant. This is the way many young ‘normies’ will be challenged to WTFU. Hard hitting new song by Tyson James . . .

  85. Jeff Kindley

    As a Christian,
    I totally DISAGREE with Gerald when he says he disagrees with Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. He has shown me that he is not a christian and does not know his Bible.

  86. Randy

    Trump & Fauci = Greatest Snake-oil Salesmen Of All Time

  87. Clay Lane

    Rainy Monday in ST PETERSBURG, Russia. LIVE
    276 watching nowStarted streaming 72 minutes ago
    Baklykov. Live
    Live stream from St Petersburg on rainy Monday morning.
    Enjoying the autumn time in the northern capital of Russia.

  88. Misty Grey

    Please don’quit talking about the shot and the many deaths it is causing. People are waking up but we need your voice. I googled the search term (in quotation marks) “died suddenly” in Google News. The articles are endless about these young healthy people people dying suddenly and no cause of death given. A pilot just died over the weekend and before the plane landed. The copilot had to take over. Thank you vor everything you do. I always send your link to people to get the most recent real news.

  89. Steve Bice

    Here’s my prediction for the 24th.

    Nothing, nada, nil, zero, zilch out of the ordinary.

    No one can predict the future. Some occasionally get it right by extending the present via analysis of changing variables. But the future almost never unfolds in linear fashion.

    Life can be chaotic and unpredictable, with occasional periods of seeming stability that lull us into complacency. But the norm tends toward intermittent, unexpected chaotic interruptions to the status quo.

    If everyone is expecting “it” absent definitive signs, it is less likely to happen. Catastrophic change strikes when we least expect it.

    What will happen on the 24th? The odds say “nothing” unusual. But odds leave room for the unexpected.

    So, I will watch with bated breath like everyone else…since I cannot predict the future.

  90. MacGuy

    Hi Greg,
    After listening to Mr. Celente expound on politicians I have to add my personal experience with both my locate Senator and Congress persons. I live in Cleveland OH my Senator is Rob Portman (not running for re-election) and Marcie Kaptur is my Congress person. After I was forced out of my government job due to the jab and PCR testing. I had received a separation package from DFAS which contained an SF form which I could use to request the monies (4.4 % from every pay check) they withheld from every pay check since 2014.
    The DFAS HR department sent me the wrong form and my request to OPM was denied. Since I was entitled to receive a monthly pension I could NOT request to have my contributions refunded. I therefore had to resubmit a request for my pension, which meant OPM placed me back at the bottom of the barrel.
    I wrote and called Senator Portman office requesting help in getting some money since my separation from my job was unexpected and I desperately needed the funds. I received a letter from his office about 2 months later stating that if they hear any updates they will let me know. He is one RINO I will not miss.
    I then decided to contact Congress person Marcie Kaptur office (since Catherine Austin Fitts had previously spoken so highly of her in past interviews) in Toledo OH and spoke to her representative Sue Rowe. Every time I asked for the opportunity to make an appointment to come in and speak with the Congresswomen I was denied. It is now 7 months later and still have not received a dime and I am told by OPM customer service that neither my Senator or Congresswoman contacted them on my behalf.
    Well low and behold today there is front page article touting the wonderful job Ms. Kaptur is doing for the citizens of Ohio. I am voting for Republican JR Majewski!!!! These career politicians have to go because they care nothing for their constituants.
    Here is a link to the article:

  91. Gordo

    Gerald is dead wrong when he suggests a renassance. What The West needs is a spiritual awakening but first a major revival in the Christian church.
    The Church is the main reason why the world is in the mess it is in! It has not been salt and light for several decades at the very least.
    My comments from Toronto. Canada

  92. Frank Cooper

    19 Sep 2022
    Putin: The SCO Represents Economic Development; The Collapse of the West Is a Result of Their Own Bad Policies /By Dennis Small

    WION Wideangle | Russia-Ukraine War: Is the tide turning?
    437,503 views Sep 16, 2022

    Gravitas:Chinese delegation banned from seeing Queen’s coffin:WHY?
    237,750 views Sep 16, 2022
    Gravitas: Joe Biden sends a bold message to China
    11,006 views Sep 19, 2022

    Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 9/18/22 | BREAKING FOX NEWS
    Miranda Devine Washington corruption

  93. Mandrake Sibley

    Dem’s calling for legal actions against DeSantise

  94. M.Sibly

    Ron Johnson Asks Dem Chair If He Wants To Retract Original Statement On Hunter Biden Laptop 162,384 views Sep 19, 2022
    Dising Disinformation

  95. Warren B.

    Who gave this guy a Medical Licence to practice?
    You may think he is EVIL….well wait to you see how many Agendas he actually has.
    Why do the World Leaders treat him like a Head of State?
    See for yourself…make up your own mind.

    This makes a lot of sense.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Warren,
      Your ‘postdiscus’ link is spot on – worth archiving and forwarding . . .

      • Warren B.

        Its preposterous what they get away with.
        I have long known that POTUS is merely a figurehead….and that the Aristocracy has more control over the affairs of the Nation. This short transcript/video speaks volumes in that regard. It isnt any clearer when it is spoken by the person that most attribute the many negative agendas imposed on humanity by the so called Unelected rulers.
        “Compromised/Impaired/Vulnerable” ….are not sufficient or adequate adjectives that are suitable to apply for what has been demonstrated here and in many preceeding events of a similar nature. A Conspiracy to overthrow all Governments/Sovereignty. A complete whitewashing of the Constitution and of history. Cowardly acts of those operating in the shadows ….under the cover of lies and deceit…they work to broaden the divide between the have and have nots, raising inequities in education, health, wealth and festering slavery and racial inequality.
        Thank you for paying attention in this world of distractions.

  96. Steve Bice

    My understanding…

    Many prophecy scholars believe the third temple must be rebuilt before the appearance of the anti-christ.

    The “perfect” red heifers “without spot or blemish” in the article below are significant because they are used in temple worship in accordance with Jewish priest purification rituals specified in the Book of Numbers.

    Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24), says the following:
    15 “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand)…” {snip…}

    21 “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” {snip…}

    22 “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

    The anti-christ desecrates the Temple and causes the sacrifices to cease (Daniel 11:31) , so…the Temple must exist and the worship rituals must be ongoing for this to occur.

    The second temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Romans, and temple worship has been quiescent for almost two thousand years.

    The short take: The rise of the anti-christ…who claims to be god…potentially coincides with the rebuilding of the temple and resumption of the ritual sacrifices.

    Why is this important?

    The appearance of the anti-christ triggers the great tribulation and the convulsive last seven years of this age. The age of grace ends as God’s judgment is poured out on a sinful and unbelieving mankind. Could it be this close?


    Note: The second temple was desecrated and destroyed by Antiochus Epiphanes some 150 years before the birth of Christ. Those who take the view above see the Syrian ruler as a type of the anti-christ that foreshadows the last days events for mankind…hence the requirement that the 3rd Temple exist.

  97. Steve Bice

    Sorry, it’s late and I’m tired.

    The second temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D as I stated earlier.

    I meant to say the “first” temple…was desecrated and destroyed by the Syrian ruler Antiochus Epiphanes as described in Daniel’s prophecies.

    • Steve Bice

      Good grief. I’m awake now…I think. Last try to see if I can get it right. Antiochus Epiphanes desecrated the second temple in or about 167 BC by sacrificing a pig on the altar. The temple was later destroyed by the Romans in 70AD. The first temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. Whew…

      • Ray

        Your diligence and perseverance in the pursuit of accuracy are well noted.
        Thanks for your detailed postings mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park.

        • Steve Bice

          Thanks for your kindness Ray.

          My kingdom for an “edit” button. I just need to slow down…especially late at night. I’m actually a pretty good proof reader, but impatience sometimes gets the better of me.

          Fascinating times. On we go…

  98. Johnny Cool

    Billboard in Italy…

    Mega cartellone “no vax” davanti al centro commerciale di Piove di Sacco
    Si invita a segnalare al proprio medico di base e all’Aifa tutta una serie di sintomi che vengono definiti, senza alcuna ombra di dubbio, come “le reazioni avverse“

    BING TRANSLATOR – Mega billboard “no vax” in front of the shopping center of Piove di Sacco.

    We invite you to report to your general practitioner and to Aifa a whole series of symptoms that are defined, without any shadow of a doubt, as “adverse reactions”

  99. Justn Observer

    Greg, Many moving parts , any of which could be a 34 Sept event?=
    Truth of Uvalde, bank accounts in Credit Swiss, Un authorized phones brought into SCIFs revealed, Railroad strike might fall apart – they got what they wanted and now many are going to retire early leaving trains without engineers? – take your pic? -=

  100. Future Boy

    has become SOUTH PARK.

    They don’t enforce the laws unless you are a white straight male with assets to seize.

    Exburp from 60 Seconds TV show: “If you can imagine it, it must be absolutely so.” -Strokin’ Joe 2022

    The Moon is a toy made out of recycled underwear, and if you disagree you are da racist and you’ll have your head chopped off as retro-obortion.

  101. rich milford

    Thanks as always Greg.
    Archbishop Vigano, an enemy of the Vatican, has recently posted a very illuminating message on the Great Reset and someone from the org that hosted it might make a great guest someday!!

    all the best,
    Rich Milford

  102. Justn Observer

    Greg, Important interview of COVID and now that Biden says pandemic is OVER.- a massive law suit being filed in CALIF to hold people accountable – Drs, Bryan Artis and Rashid Butta =

  103. Galaxy 500

    Another great interview. Keep up the good work.

  104. Lisa Mooney

    I 💯 % agree with Gerald about facts not waking people up. I am in amazement the highly intelligent physicians I work with are not waking up about the harms of thr Jabs, now well documented, and the ineffective yet devastating masking and lockdown measures. Of course their pay checks have kept coming, so most of them have not been directly harmed by these policies. Same with my RN peers, only 4 including myself in my circle are awake. Thank You 🙏 Greg for keeping us informed in these dangerous and rapidly shifting days.

  105. xyz

    I was just amazed to see your post. I got my whole attention. I just can’t explain how much informative this was. Thanks admin for such a fascinating post.
    Check out Hp laser injector

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