Criminal Bankers Threaten Entire World Economy-Helen Chaitman

Helen ChaitmanBy Greg Hunter’s

Helen Davis Chaitman was the lead attorney representing the victims of the $65 billion Bernie Madoff scam. Madoff had help form JP Morgan Chase Bank, and what she found out was stunning.  Chaitman explains, “JP Morgan Chase was the subject of a criminal complaint . . . it was charged with a criminal violation of the Bank Secrecy Act, which is a felony violation.  JP Morgan Chase disgorged a small percentage of the profits it made on the Madoff relationship, and the government called it quits.  Nobody was fired.  Nobody disgorged bonuses, they just went on doing other crimes.”

Chaitman, who wrote a book called “JP Madoff,” documented that JP Morgan Chase paid nearly $36 billion in fines for various crimes just in the last four years. Chaitman says all the big banks are basically criminal organizations, and “all of them regularly engage in fraud.” Chaitman also says, “I could have written this book about HSBC, Bank of America or Citi Group.  All the banks, and the government encourages them to do this, all of the banks have been operating like criminal enterprises. . . . The bankers have become such criminals it threatens the entire world economy.”

A key component in the Madoff fraud was Madoff never bought securities for his victims even though he claimed he did. The client statements were bogus, and Chaitman says JP Morgan Chase knew about the fraud for years.  Chaitman contends, “Madoff had a group of people, a small group of people, who were grossly over compensated, who would just make up the statements after the fact.  They had no securities.  They had no stocks.  They just had pieces of paper saying they had stocks. . . . Madoff never bought the stocks.  He just kept all the money, and in fact, that’s why JP Morgan liked him as a customer. He kept on deposit billions of dollars, and JP Morgan Chase was free to use that money for its own purposes.”

Why no jail time for the management at JP Morgan Chase for a slam dunk criminal fraud? Chaitman says, “We have a President who doesn’t believe criminal bankers belong in jail, and he appointed an attorney general, Eric Holder, who had this nonsensical rationalization that the banks were too big to put in jail.  In other words, JP Morgan Chase, America’s biggest bank, who does business with 50% of American households, and 80% of fortune 500 companies, should keep all the criminal bankers because we would not be able to operate without them.”

Chaitman says JP Morgan Chase alone has paid fines for multiple crimes and frauds. Chaitman explains, “They have admitted to violating the foreign exchange rules.  They pled guilty to a felony with respect to that. . . . They have defrauded veterans.  They have defrauded credit card holders.  They have defrauded homeowners.  There is no group of customers they won’t defraud if they can enhance their profits.  Yes, in the last four years alone, they have disgorged $36 billion as settlements of charges brought with respect to all these violations.”

Chaitman says the $36 billion in fines is just a fraction of the profit JP Morgan Chase is making by committing various frauds. Chaitman says, “If you look at their financial statements, they are generating huge profits.  That’s why everyone loves Jamie Dimon, but a lot of people loved Carlo Gambino too.  (Dimon reportedly has a net worth of $1 billion.)

Chaitman contends the big banks are like mobsters. Chaitman says, “There is no question about it.  They operate illegally because they can generate huge profits by doing so.  They go from one crime to another, and when they get caught committing one crime, nobody gets fired.  Nobody disgorges bonuses.  They just take those people and put them in a new area where they haven’t yet been prosecuted.”

What will happen to the customers of the big banks in the next financial meltdown? Chaitman warns, “The customers will be destroyed, and if the banks still have enough money to buy Washington, the government will protect them just like it has since 2008.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Helen Chaitman, author of the new book “JP Madoff.”

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Chaitman is appealing two rulings in Florida and New York for victims of the Madoff fraud. She continues to try to get money back for victims from JP Morgan Chase.  You can keep up with Helen and the Madoff scandal by going to There is also a book buying link on the home page.

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  1. Jerry

    Do you really think the rest of the world is going to stand by and watch their own currencies collapse in order to keep the dollar propped up for trade? If you do, you’re not living in reality, or paying attention. Admittedly, my understanding of all of this is shallow, but I keep posting nonetheless. As soon as the gold is gone out of the LBMA its game over for the dollar no matter what the ESF or the Federal Reserve Bank decides to do. You can print money out of thin air all you want, and you can manipulate digits in a computer, but you cannot reproduce a hard asset like gold.
    That is reality.

    • Jerry

      Whoever tried to quote me, at least get it right. This is what I said.

      “Do you really think the rest of the world is going to stand by and watch their own currencies collapse in order to keep the dollar propped up for trade? If you do, you’re not living in reality, or paying attention. As soon as the gold is gone out of the LBMA its game over for the dollar no matter what the ESF or the Federal Reserve Bank decides to do. You can print money out of thins air all you want, and you can manipulate digits in a computer, but you cannot reproduce a hard asset like gold.
      That is reality. ”

      This is not hard to figure out, and you don’t need to write a book to understand it. If you’ve ever owned a business you get it. If your a government employee, living of the government, or believe in socialism you never will. Its a process of checks and balances. Nothing in life is FREE. I’m reminded of that every three months when I send a check to Washington. Somebody at the back of the line has to pay no matter how much FREE stuff you think you’re entitled to. But guess what? The rest of the world has had enough of the Banker Ponzi scheme and doesn’t want to play this game anymore. See my next link.

    • brian

      If by game over you mean draconian capital controls, rampant warfare, naked tyranny and the complete forfeiture of any semblance of dignity we might have once had as human beings, then I wholly agree.

      In light of all the negligence, lawlessness and general destitution not only coming but pretty much already here to see, I still wonder what happens to all the nuclear power plant sites that have a whopping assload of rotting radioactive metal sitting around needing obscene amounts of cooling water to keep from blowing sky freaking high….you know those same power plants that are already beyond their service life and leaking as it is. Yeah we are pretty much fucked.

      • Jerry

        That’s an awesome point. I have never considered the impact of social collapse on nuclear power plants. Those rods have to be cooled and maintained by somebody. Most likely those employee’s will be home fending for their families needs instead of risking their lives at a power plant. One of my close friends is a nuclear power inspector. He has told me multiple times that these companies buy power from each other, and that if one plant goes down, it will most likely take the whole grid down with it. There are so many unknowns that we have not even begun to consider.

    • Ryan

      I have never made a comment about any interview on any site however, outside of Paul Craig Roberts commentary, this lady’s interview was about the most prolific in content and shear information about the criminality of the banks!!….period, point blank…the end.

      Bring her back at least twice a month!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        I intend to bring her back so she can update her Madoff cases. Ms. Chaitman is a gem!!! Thank you.

        • Ken Williams

          One of the very best interviews I’ve seen on Big Banking! She is 100% legit!
          In the event of economic collapse at the federal level, look for mom and pop banks to begin galvanizing.

    • Gloria Evangelista

      Thank you Greg Hunter.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Gloria for your support!

  2. Silence is Golden

    If you can believe what Helen says (about the Bankers ….which I entirely support) is true, then ipso facto….the criminality extends into the Political, Enforcement and Judicial classes. The whole system is corrupt…..and we are the living breathing cells that constitute the whole…..floating in some sort of nebulous…..unable to engage…or make alternative choices. We are just particles floating aimlessly in a vacuum. They have control of YOU….whether u like it, understand it, accept it, unaware of it or otherwise. There is a vast chasm between the so called Rulers and the servants of this world. Servitude is what we are borne into and how we eventually exit this world. The period of time in between is to provide a resource to someone higher than yourself.

    • JC Davis

      SIG like batteries in a child’s toy.

      • Silence is Golden

        Yep, and the battery manufacturers keep developing new batteries that have extended lives.

    • Robert Lykens

      SIG, I highly recommend self-employment in which you are the owner and manager of your own business. If you use your head you can avoid the great majority of imposed servitude the rest of the world must endure.

      The biggest drawback to business ownership is the tax burden. But even including that it’s the best thing I ever did. I’m free!

      • Silence is Golden

        No offence, but I liken self employment to living in a prison. Freedom to make limited choices….lifestyle…. dictated by the effort and energy you exert to keep the business alive. Can we say lifestyle choice ?
        Ultimately there is no escaping the fact that employed, self-employed or retired….we are all still slaves to the system that they have constructed …for their benefit.

        • Silence is Golden

          Whatever the line of thinking….we are all still ruled by the Elites…..who continue to use ancient sacred writings as their playbook to control everything.
          You are only free in your mind….bcos every citizen is a piece of liquidated capital…and your birth certificate is a certificate of debt slavery. You have no rights…. only privileges. Like the US…you are a corporate entity.

        • Robert Lykens

          No offense taken. Self-employment is certainly not for everyone. For me it is freedom from trying to fit into someone else’s philosophy of how business should take place.

        • Casey

          It might be a prison of sorts but at least you get to be the warden. Working for someone else, you’re just out in population doing whatever the The Man tells you to do and keeping your head down trying not to call attention to yourself.

          I’m with Robert, working for yourself is the hardest job you will ever love.

    • Jerry

      For centuries we’ve been living in a Luciferian empire (similar to the matrix) built on the backs of tax slaves. The banks are merely the means to extract their authority.
      Does the word living in Bondage mean anything to you? Just try not paying your taxes and see how long they let you keep you’re “supposed property”. The tax system, the court system and the markets are all rigged for their benefit and control. The only real freedom we have is that which the Lord God almighty gives us through our obedience to him. It like the old Bob Dillon song ” You’re going to serve somebody”. Its just a choice of who its going to be. Just my opinion.

    • OutLookingIn

      The global financial system has at it’s core the “Almighty” US dollar.

      The US dollar is backed by a technically bankrupt government, run by corrupt politicians who serve as well paid human puppets, for the banking and corporate interests who control them.
      It is the aim of the elite to further enrich a very small percentage of very wealthy people, allowing their greed and short sighted stupidity to imperil the future well being of entire nations.
      There will be NO CHANGE until “true justice” is restored to the people.

  3. eddielaidler

    Think of what all that money could do for America and the people. All tied up in greed and power. And we worry about funding social security……..Ha! Greg I was wondering wile you were interviewing where the money from the fines goes. Do you or anyone else know exactly what it applied to?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question Eddie but I don’t know.

      • angelo

        Is there a guest that might be able to shed some light on the topic? So we know that there was a prescription but if you don’t complete the treatment, then it will not benefit your overall health would it?

    • frederick

      Eddie İ dont know where it goes but it would seem right if some of it went to the clients of Madoffs who were defrauded

    • JC Davis

      Eddie my bet would be the money goes to lawyers, and corporation’s that could not be bought off.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Here’s a Fortune article on where bank fines from the mortgage crisis misdeeds went.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        That article isn’t about Madoff, but it’s a good example of what the government does with fines. Reimbursing victims evidently comes from separate settlements not from fines.

        • JC Davis

          Diana It is still a good report. In every state there is a rainy day fund. At one time it was called the judges retirement fund because if the state did not use it the retired judges did. It is comprised of every fine the states impose from speeding to DUI. The end result is like Silence Is Golden says we are slaves without knowing it. Corporation’s have been running our lives (All )of our life.
          Greg it would seem we are in a holding point. Kind of reminds me of the 1st gulf war. We waited till they all gave in. Just to be able to walk straight into Bagdad. Something must give. Be aware everyone.

  4. Mike M.

    Let’s not just stop with the crooked bankers. The entire USA is nothing but a corrupt, immoral, dysfunctional and war mongering nation that will fortunately soon be headed the way of the dodo bird – ie it will be extinct by 2018.

    Only in a dumb downed nation where most people are ignorant, arrogant and just plain stupid can you have such an out of control level of fraud, deceit, manipulation and outright criminal activity happening right under your noses and do nothing about it.

    Your legal, financial and medical systems which fleece you day in and day out are all a joke. You are all run and controlled by a completely useless, incompetent and corrupt government, military industrial complex and ruthless corporate power elite. And yet many of you still think you are exceptional and living in an exceptional country. Again, another joke that will soon be dispelled.

    Based on my best guesstimate, I would say only 1/1000th of 1 percent of the US population really knows what is going on and what is heading their way. For the other 99.999 per cent, you won’t need to wait much longer to see how bad things are really going to get but fear not. Pain and suffering does not last forever on this planet, though for some, it will seem like an eternity when it comes. Tick tock, tick tock…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M.
      America is worth saving and the majority are good people. It’s the leadership that is corrupt not the people.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes…MM just hates the US obviously.
        Wherever he lives, I’m wondering if they like his personality!

        • Greg Hunter


          America is worth saving and you can save anything unless you know what is going on. This is the point of USAW. I’ll bet MM would be jailed in his country for doing a site like USAW. Thank you for your support and comments!


      • frederick

        Greg obviously by your comment you have never been to the NY area Yes sure there are lots of good people but also lots of not so good ones in that area İ lived in Raleigh in 2014 for 6 months and now have a bunch of new friends there The south seems much healthier from a cultural point of view to me anyway

        • Greg Hunter

          I lived in Manhattan for 10 years. I worked at two different networks.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, America has problems. You seem to hate everything. What is your plan if Jesus doesn’t come in your life time or thst of your grandchildren?

    • frederick

      İ had silver stored at northwest territorial mint in Seattle that recently declared chapter 11 bankruptcy and İ thought İ had lost around 50K but by some miracle the trustee an honest man named Mark Calvert has informed me that they located my allocated metal in an audit so there must be some redeeming value left Mark but İ was starting to lose ALL hope Between the healthcare legal and financial systems in the states there certainly is lots of disfunction out there no doubt

  5. Weimerica Republic

    Russian AirForce has killed 28,000 terrorists in Syria
    Tuesday, 24 May 2016

    Since Moscow started its air operation in Syria on September 30 last year, the Russian Air Force has eliminated over a third of Islamic State fighters in the country, the deputy head of Russia’s top security body revealed.

    “We estimate that at the beginning of our operation Al-Nusra Front and Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] possessed about 80,000 fighters, of whom 28,000 (35 percent) have already been eliminated. This is [the result of] our actions together with the Syrian Army,” Evgeny Lukyanov said at the VII international security summit being held in Grozny, the capital of Russia’s Chechen Republic.

    “Well, the [US-led anti-terrorist] coalition eliminated an additional 5,000 in two years,” Lukyanov added.
    “There were people predicting that it [Russia’s anti-terrorist operation in Syria] would result in another Afghanistan or something like that. That would never be. There are only limited military plans,” Lukyanov said, stressing that Syrians “must solve their issues for themselves.”

    The principle task of the Russian operation in Syria has been to force the sides to start a political dialogue, the Russian Security Council’s top official stressed.
    “Otherwise this [war] would have no end in sight.”
    “A deal is needed, and arrangements must be made through compromise,” Lukyanov added. “There are no victors in a civil war, everybody loses.”
    The war in Syria has witnessed a turning point, Lukyanov also said.
    “Only those politically motivated could deny that fact or interpret it differently.”

    However, judging by the reaction of certain parties on the Syrian battlefield and the aggressive actions of intransigent opposition, “they would like very much to wreck the settlement process.”

    The forces that oppose the peace process would do anything to torpedo attempts to mend the tensions, Lukyanov noted.
    He noted that over 100 Syrian settlements have already recognized the armistice and are observing it.
    Another sign of relief in Syria is Russia’s withdrawal of most of its contingent and military aircraft, the Security Council official pointed out, stressing that the Russian military is “busy conducting an assessment of the situation.”

    While 59 armed groups have joined the reconciliation process in Syria, which began on February 27 with the introduction of a ceasefire, terrorist factions like Islamic State and particularly Al-Nusra Front continue their efforts to regain ground. The city of Aleppo, once a major stronghold of terrorists, remains a hot spot of Al-Nusra activities.

    There’s an old saying that might be more true today, “doctors bury thier mistakes.”
    Can it now be said, Russia’s burying our’s?

  6. gardener1

    Absolutely stellar, one of your best shows.

    Beneath the astute, direct, blue-eyed facade of this woman there lies a 200 mm self-propelled Howitzer.

    • asmith

      I concur. Reminded me of Brooksley Born.

  7. Andrew Butterworth

    Good interview:
    Just a possibility that came to mind after listening to the last two interviews.
    What if thousands of ghost people and Companies exist on the computers that control and manipulate world markets, each with a massive amount of ghost money.
    The computers are interacting with markets and the ghosts are buying and selling to keep markets within an acceptable trading range.
    These ghosts would never be audited because the IRA would be involved, they can remain ghosts forever and be electronically reproduced to add to their numbers, they can also die off and leave the money to a ghost beneficiary who is added to the super computer.
    This would explain how the whole mess can just keep going with more and more ghost money getting allocated to these ghost traders.
    A little bit like a new dimension interacting with our own and no one can see them except the neocons who invented and control them.
    Even a good person would be powerless to close down the dimension of ghost traders without crashing our World.

  8. James

    Sounds like the original scam perpetrated by the very first Pharaoh of Egypt as told in the book of Jasher. The book is not very long and contains additional information about several stories from the book of Genesis. The story tells how a man defrauded the people and hired a gang of thugs for protection then gave huge gifts to the king who then appointed him to be pharaoh.

  9. David

    A superb interview. Thank you Greg!

  10. Dan

    It’s an indisputable fact that the majority (99.99%+) of Americans are UNINFORMED/IGNORANT COWARDS:

    You guys are letting these banks get away with this sh*t. She said 50% of Americans have banking relations with JP Morgan. Yet none of these idiots are pulling their money out. Mind-boggling.

    As for the COWARDNESS fact look no further than the following:

    Shocking Images Of Record Long Lines At US Airports

    Viral Video Shows Nightmare TSA Line Stretching “For Miles”

    As per these videos/”police state procedures”, how many people do you see complaining or protesting? Zero. Zilch. Zippo. Just like a bunch of scared little sheeple. Don’t you think this is pathetic?

    Same goes for holding your Criminal Congressmen & Congresswomen accountable. You’re doing nada. Nothing.

    If you Americans don’t wake the hell up soon and TAKE ACTION (Greg seems to be the only guy here actually DOING anything), then you can only blame yourself when your country becomes the next Venezuela. This is an absolute certainty.

    But hey, keep posting videos of puppies surfing on Facebook and keep debating that any presidential candidate (including Trump) will make one damn bit of difference. It won’t! (See Donald Trump’s True Colors Emerge as He Snuggles up to Wall Street URL: You’re are all blind and ignorant and naive if you think it will.

    Nothing will ever change until you lazy asses put an end to the Fed and its banskter owners!

    • Tracy Welborn

      Not sure what country you’re from but I’m positive you’ve never been to Texas. Yes, we have some areas that lean to the left, but generally, we are good hard working people. Everyone I know, friends and family, are working as hard as they can to make a living, take care of their kids, and be good neighbors. Therefore, you can take your “lazy ass” comment and put it where the sun don’t shine. Also, if your driving through Texas, please don’t stop.

      • Dan

        Thank you for your reply Tracy. By “lazy asses” I didn’t mean with regards to working, as many Americans are hard-working and productive people (especially Greg Hunter!) in the workplace.

        To clarify, I meant this with regards to what you and your fellow citizens are **actually doing** to stop the banksters, the corrupt Congress, et al.

        To me it doesn’t seem like much real action (that’s actually leading to some concrete change) is taking place.

        Can you tell me what *you* personally are doing to stop this? Prove to me (and the other readers here) you’re not lazy in this respect.

        Actually, the solution would be sooooo simple. If you guys got together and pull your money out of JP Morgan, Bank of America, & other big criminal banks, demand the end of the Fed, and stop paying the illegal income taxes to the IRS (the Fed’s collection agency), and require that your government let the Treasury (the only body legally allowed by the Constitution to issue money) issue honest money (not the debt instrument you call the Federal Reserve Note) then your country would easily recover in a matter of months. (I dare any of you to contradict me on this previous statement). But hey, this is just too hard I guess, right?

    • Chip2

      Americans have been subjected to a lifetime of propaganda. They are nothing but lied to by their government and media. Most people on earth wouldn’t have fared any better.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Dan, long lines are a fact of life in any crisis.
      In Russia the lines were plenty long for groceries. The Brits are famous for keeping their sense of humor in long “queues”.
      Many of us are passing up slave goods and helping in other ways. What a grouch! Sheeez!

  11. Solomon


    Absolutely one of your best interviews specifically because Helen Chaitman is speaking truth to evil. With few exception most of your excellent guest focus on the indications and affects of evil doers, but Helen Chaitman has focused an honest eye on the root source of the evil that plagues our culture and economy. The miscreant banksters and their ilk are evil and must be stopped or their will be no quality of life remaining on the planet. They are vampires who survive by sucking the life out of life to feed their soulless existence. All of the wars, mass destruction, and loss of life on this planet for the past 250 years are directly related to same types of Shylocks money lenders, criminals, and banksters.


  12. wondrouscat

    Their fines, if indeed they actually for real coughed up that dough (very questionable) and it wasn’t just “on paper”, should have been used to pay back Madoff’s victims. I know, ridiculous.

  13. Hannah Shipley

    What an eye-opener, so clearly and intelligently presented, both the questions and responses.It is going to be difficult to crack the barrier of suppression the offenders are determined to perpetuate, however, with this high professional calibre of exposure, the truth can not be stopped. Your speaking out will ultimately be recognized as a service to all Americans. Thank you both, and keep up the brave work!

  14. Paul

    Great interview and job Greg. It just points out these banks are so powerful we the people cant do anything about it. Unless there is a collapse of the system we are stuck with criminals running our Country. The Banks are the criminals that commit the crimes, they are allowed to be their own judges and make up their own fines. They are at the top of the food chain. In the mafia there is always someone trying to be the big boss, but with the criminal banks there is no one else trying to take their place they are the one and only, and are the only ones that can take themselves out I’m afraid. Sad for our country and the world they control. Thxs.

  15. Jallen

    Thank you for interviewing Helen Chaitman. Helen’s Testimony is priceless.
    It is my hope that all Watchdogs will pray to the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring into Judgement the Banks and Bankers that have committed high crimes against America and its citizens.
    Our prayer is to have THE FEDERAL RESERVE and its ALL TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS brought into Judgement and eliminated and replaced with honest bankers and money. We ask from the top of Government on down be judged for being complicit in this Ponzi Scheme. Is there no higher crime than destroying a free country than giving the power to a private group known as The Federal Reserve to create America’s credit and money!!! I think not! Wake up America all you have left is prayer, for the lender calls the shots not the borower. Wake up Christianity and Judiasm for we are under attack.

  16. Paul

    Greg, riveting interview! Criminality is rampant in Wall Street and worse Main Street financial press is it’s accomplice. What a sad state of affairs! Thanks for bringing us this important story . Helen Chaitman deserves a Medal of Honor!

  17. The Mohawk

    Greg, my only comment is a copy past comment from myself from yesterdays discussion and one added comment at the end. I had no responses from you sir. I do believe you are a fine and honorable man though and God bless you for your work. You are a man of love and a man who loves our Lord and is doing his work. God Bless you for that.

    “The most obvious proof of an ongoing criminal act AND organizations is that many of the major players (banks-HSBC, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutche Bank,-among others) have been found guilty of fraud and deception, money laundering for drug cartels and other organized crime organizations yet NOT ONE (save a few lone small traders such as the London Whale guy) have been sentenced to prison and had their assets seized. I’m referring to Dimon, Blankfein and a number of other individuals. They merely had to pay many billions in fines. Who ends up paying that? We do by way of increased fees and further bailouts. Baloney.”

    This is an ongoing criminal enterprise (I am referring to the entire legislature and bureaucracy and each and every department and has RICO tattooed all over it.) This also includes The Federal Reserve (which is by no means federal and has no reserves) which is oddly charged which regulating itself (and is owned by these same organized criminal banks) .That is evidence of government complicity beyond a shadow of the doubt. We have no representation..NONE. (has Mr. Ryan done anything about the ongoing invasion of “immigrants” when our unemployment rate is north of 25% and 100 million are of work and 50 million are on food stamps and rents have increased by 40% yet we have no inflation?-no, nothing..he continues to fund this madness–he is a traitor as are 99% of them) The entire operation is an ongoing criminal organized operation. We have been infiltrated and taken. Further evidence of this is that a leading candidate for the President of the United States is a Bolshevik Communist who espouses Karl Marx on a daily basis and the masses just love him and will vote for him. Absolutely frightening.

    Say what you will about conspiracies but the 16th amendment was never ratified by 2/3’s of the states and the act itself does not give the Eye Are Yes the power to tax a mans’ labor (social justice warrior geniuses, the term man is short for human beings so get over yourself and read something someday and get off your damn phone) . The only tax allowed under our constitution are business taxes (who have not so cleverly based themselves offshore to avoid most tax….see Google, F-Book and most of the larger ones). That is a fact. The filing of a return is also VOLUNTARY (even according to the law), not legally required. That again, is a fact. Unconstitutional in it’s entirety as is The Federal Reserve.

    Only one way to fix this–reduce spending to 17% of GDP AFTER The Federal Reserve is shut down, investigated, charged and punished by The People. Seize ALL of their assets and that of their owners. Including personal and offshore assets. Reduce the size by 50% of all employees TO START and go from there. No interest will be paid to a private bank to print money. Eliminate almost every agency..just shut them down or we’re done. I wonder if your wonderful guest has considered suing The Fed about reported inflation rates and unemployment rates. All lies reported now. All data is corrupt. BLS, and inflation data is a lie.

    These are predators and have almost destroyed their host. Well, thats probably the intent. They are purposely fomenting revolution so as to further crack down on We The People using phony “terrorism” as a reason. The chipping of people in their wrists is happening NOW and it’s even on the news as a “safety precaution”. This is what Aaron Russo warned about years ago and even gave the phony reason why. That is why you are seeing calls to ban cash. That is the ultimate tyranny. We are all treated as suspects as they spy on US and allow millions of those with no allegiance to this nation in on a daily basis. Soon you won’t need a smart phone or Facebook account to be literally physically tracked.

    This is High Treason of the highest order. We either address it or we perish.

    Love One Another. Help Those in Need. Reject Personal Ambition of the Sort That Destroys Others. Reject Abject Greed. Reject Sexual Depravity. Protect The Little Ones Among Us. Teach Them. Love Your Father. Follow his Words and ACT. Apply his words..don’t just read them and go to Mass and take Communion.

    Sorry for the long comment Greg but I believe we are in the final phases of their evil scheme. Building 7 was a part of their scheme. (thanks for the link…already was aware–never saw that particular one)

    • andyb

      Speaking of Building 7………..The Saudi press just accused the USG of blowing up WTC as a pretext to global war……I saw this on Breitbart and then on SGTReport; then poof! it disappeared. I think that you can still find it on Thefreethought


      • MCasey

        Saudi Press Just Accused US Govt of Blowing Up World Trade Centers as Pretext to Perpetual War

      • The Mohawk

        Vanished from Breitbart? Shocked..not so much. Look at who funds them and you’ll have your answer. It ain’t Saudi Arabia I’ll tell you that. Maybe a neighbor’s supporter/dual citizen? (and Ted Cruz campaign funder..same guy–multi-billionaire). Was Mossad “dancing videographers” mentioned? I’d guess not.

        Mention building 7 on Breitbart and you are usually quickly deleted and banned. Big First Amendment Patriots….not.

        • frederick

          Mohawk the dancing photographers who were in NJ with a moving company van? İ read that they were arrested and turned out to be MOSSAD agents and were mysteriously spirited back to their homeland a week afterwards Strange huh?

          • Greg Hunter

            Frederick ,
            I don’t think any of that has ever been confirmed as a proven fact.

  18. Matt Jaymes

    This piece just lends more veracity to my argument that the Jamie Dimon’s & Lloyd Blankfein’s of the world amass their wealth employing methods that are less than legal because as people, they are merely average at best. They don’t have the intellect, tenacity, imagination nor testicular fortitude to actually come up with an original idea, or improve on an existing methodology, thus they resort to the only thing left to their feeble cognitive abilities and dull spirits: depravity.

    Good scoop Greg, here’s a ping for Nomi Prins.

    • susan

      By the way, has any of you read Nomi Prins novels? They are quite good!

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, “The customers will be destroyed, and if the banks still have enough money to buy Washington, the government will protect them just like it has since 2008.” That says it all, but I would like to add that the U.S. Government is a silent partner in this fraud, they get their share with sanctions (fines) all the while posturing like the a sheriff in a tall white hat!

  20. Paul Anthony

    Good Interview and scary. I think it helps to show how really deep the corruption is and how the corruption is very protected.

    VERY informative. Thank You Greg!

  21. Jerry

    I found your interview with Helen Chaitman very refreshing. The central banks are in serious trouble. I’m seeing a very similar pattern to 2008. My youngest son is a developer. The last 6-8 months he has seen closings with loans that appear to be subprime. In other words there is no money being put down on these loans. You have to wonder when you see Deutsche Bank being downgraded again how much longer this can continue?

  22. WC

    Well done Greg! This is your best interview to date (and I’ve watched them all over the years). You really are a credit to the Internet.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind WC but it was MS. Chaitman that shined here.

    • Ross

      Have to agree.

  23. Daniel Eckstrom

    im going to take a wild guess that it probably goes to the politicians who are covering for the banks. can you say “kickbacks”?

    • frederick

      Daniel good guess buddy

  24. DBCooper

    Greg, Great new interviewee … a person of good and great courage, Thank you both.
    To Notyourpatsy … back in the early 70’s we lived in New Brunswick and would go down to Englishtown to the flee market there … whew!! … it was acres of incredible and if you got there @ oh dark thirty when the dealers were dealing … the deals were unbelievable. Thanks for your current report. We are in the redoubt now and have spent years scouring old barns/sheds/back 40’s for ‘stuff’ that is not made any more and will probably come into its’ own again. We use tools and equipment that was patented over 100 years ago … still going strong … we have acres of horse drawn equipment sitting ready to use so it will not be sent to China and be melted for Rebar !!
    Anyway, that is our report, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB. Thanks again Greg.

  25. Country Codger

    I’m in love. She’s brave, she’s smart, she’s honest, did I mention Brave? WOW! Greg, great interview. I am now in the Helen Chaitman fan club. Week after week you have experts from all walks of (financial) life attest to the criminality of the big banks and nobody listens. We are not going to have a Zombie Apocalypse we are in the midst of one. We are tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists but yet, they can’t see that they are the zombies. Amazing!


    • Shadow of Doubt

      Spot on, Country Codger! P.S. May I add my thanks for sharing with us your online articles, they are exceedingly well written and thought provoking.

      • Country Codger

        Thanks a bunch Shadow,

        I spent several years preparing for and writing about the judgement coming to America. I think my first article was about 1980 or ’81. Probably ’81 because I had just left NSA and could see the handwriting on the wall. Everyone thought I was crazy when I tried to describe the technology in a way they could understand. It sounded like sci-fi to them so they blew it off. Then, a couple of years ago it dawned on me that I was writing the wrong kind of “prepping” articles. I should be trying to minister to the spiritual needs rather than the physical needs and altered the direction of my blog. If you want to know what if going to happen read what has already happened and you will learn. ((Genesis 47:13-26. Please pay special attention to verse 22 and instead of the word priests add the words (501[c]3 organizations) But, look at verse 25. See how thankful the people were for having lost everything, including their freedom, for food. This is the blueprint for slavery in America.

        Yah Bless,

  26. Sylvia

    Outstanding interview ! ! ! This woman knows what she is talking about, and doesn’t mince any words. I look at her and the word T R U T H shines in her eyes.
    Thanks Greg.

  27. Jeff Bertrand

    Hi Greg,
    Great job as always. I have a question- in a banking collapse that involves one of the big 5 banks, would a large regional bank who has been conservative survive ( few derivitives etc) or do they all go? It seems to me that all the banks would be in trouble because the panic would spread, but I was wondering if anyone has ever answered that question. Thanks again for the job you do. You’re interviews are excellent. Jeff

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s the bond market and the currency (USD) that are your biggest threats. The money is debt (Federal Reserve Note) and debt can be defaulted on. Meaning drastic cut in buying power of dollar debt instruments.

      • The Mohawk

        Greg, were you aware that the CR John Boehner passed in December 2014 put the American People on the hook for all derivative losses the banks hold. At the time the number was $340 trillion and is much much more today. Thanks John!! What a patriot you were. We will not forget as you hang out and drink in your new mansion. Thanks Paul Ryan. I’ll try to throw a thank you note over the new 20 foot iron wall surrounding your mansion paid for by the American People. You will not be forgotten either you dear patriot. And thank you Greg. A great interview once again. What a brave woman as are you.

        • JMiller

          The Mohawk,

          The amount of derivatives held by U.S. banks are much less today than that $340 trillion number. More like $250 trillion according to the latest data. And that number could be much less because some derivative contacts are being counted twice. You can’t just add up the notional total that each bank has and say that this is the total amount that the banks have, which is what people are doing. Why is that? Because the banks mostly trade derivatives amongst themselves. For example a derivatives contract traded between JPMorgan and Citi with a notional value of $10 billion is being counted twice, once for each bank. So a $10 billion contract is now wrongly being counted as $20 billion.

          Now while derivatives are a concern, mainly for the big banks, I agree with Greg that the debt market and the dollar should be the biggest concern for everyone that has money in the banks and credit unions.

          • Greg Hunter

            That is still a very big number. In fact stunning.

            • JMiller

              I sure can’t argue with that.

    • JMiller


      All the banks are not going to go down just because 1 or 2 of the big 5 banks become insolvent. If any bank that is listed as a systemically important bank becomes insolvent then the plan would be for the FDIC to create a bridge bank and transfer all the good assets and liabilities of the failed bank (cash, Treasuries, MBS, deposits, loans) to the newly created bridge bank. This newly created bridge bank would allow for the day to day operations of the bank’s customers to continue. Most derivative contracts would also be transferred to the bridge bank which would prevent counterparties from terminating the contract (close-out netting) and taking the collateral held by the bank.

      Now the stockholders of the failed bank would be written down (wiped out) and bondholders would also either be written down or converted to equity. This is called a bail-in. Also under the bail-in laws, uninsured depositor’s may also suffer loss by having some of their uninsured deposits converted into equity, if needed. However I believe that the amount taken from uninsured depositors would be minimal. Something around 10 or 20 percent of their uninsured deposits.

      As far all the banks being in trouble because of the panic that could spread because one or more of the big banks become insolvent, in other words a nation wide bank run, the government could use capital controls to stop that from happening.

      I agree with what Greg has said. The biggest threat for most people by having money in any bank or credit union is really the bond market and the dollar. I have some money in a good community bank. Very well capitalized, no derivatives, no unsecured loans like credit cards, no subprime loans. However my bank, like all banks and credit unions, have some of their assets in cash and in bonds, like Treasuries, MBS, and other debt instruments. If the bond market were to “collapse” which means that interest rates would rise sharply and some bonds would be defaulted on, it would cause some of the bank’s assets to lose value. This would cause the capital ratios of every bank to decline. If the decline in the value of the bonds that the banks hold were very significant, many banks, and may be all banks, could become insolvent.

      • Jeff Bertrand

        Thanks for the terrific explanation J. You and Greg gave me a good perspective on what might happen. I have moved some of my business assets to stronger banks just to spread out some risk. Had all in BOA (we inherited from Merrill Lynch) which made me a little nervous. Good luck to all. It’s tough making friends and family understand how our lives are going to change.

    • JC Davis

      Jeff Bertrand. Your on the right track. When a big bank fails it effects all (All ) banks. even those outside the big banks. In short when the trucking stops so goes the country. The BDI is at a slow motion pace.

  28. Michael

    Hi Greg,

    It appears the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, the Congressional Branch, and the 4th Estate have all been corrupted by the influence of unlimited supplies of free money printed out of thin air. We just have to remove ourselves from the rotten system, watch it implode, and pray that we don’t go down with the U.S. Titanic.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hard to remove yourself from a system that surrounds you

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      The money isn’t free. Money issued by the Federal Reserve is actually a *loan* to the government, which increases the national debt even more. Too many people don’t realize that.

  29. Gordon Carpenter

    What more can be said than:” The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jer 17:9. The only answer for the U.S and Canada – my country – is revival in the church.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Gordon.

      • Wayne

        Also, John 2:24, “But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.”
        Its chilling how extensive this could be. What if brokerages are doing it too and not just the commercial banks? Great interview, Greg.

  30. Justin Observer

    GREAT INTERVIEW GREG…! and please thank Helen Chaitman for her courage and persistence! And do wish her God’s protection and blessings and hopes for her to be surrounded by trusted friends… Apparently a ‘government’ witnesses protection plan would not suffice! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !

  31. Diane D.

    The first part of the Constitution to be restored should be applying it to those who have committed treason against the United States.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Great new guest. Backs up what Dr Black said in spades.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir! Thank you 500.

  33. Larry Carter

    Greg, the reason that Helen is not worried about blow back from the banksters is that the banksters have effectively excluded her from being reported on by all forms of MSM.
    Helen is a breath of truthful fresh air and I look forward to your presenting her many times more on your show!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry,

    • frederick

      larry MSM is irrelevant nowadays anyway so they are doing her a favor Bunch of “presstitutes” as Celente says Sites like USA Watchdog and Zero Hedge are where free thinking people go for their news today

  34. Jerry Snyder

    eddielaidler – I believe God blesses us with material wealth to be a blessing to others. Whether it is to create jobs, make charitable donations or effect a difference in the life of an individual. When it is all said and done, I believe we will be judged on relationships with others. Charity is pure religion

  35. Galaxy 500

    David Stockton was on Cavuto Coast to Coast and says a Recession is coming. Then they had a guy on to disagree.
    Stockton keywords
    Bubble finance, overvaluation of everything

  36. bill

    GREG; I was told a few years ago a story that during the 2008 bailouts, some of the top management in Goldman Sachs took 25 million of the bailout money, divided it up, and put in their personal accounts. Our government knew about this, and did nothing about it. Do you know of this?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not but Dimon (JPM) and Blankfein (Goldman) are both worth $1 billion each.

  37. JimH

    Question. JPM mentioned that they paid big fines. Is this true?
    What about the bailout of Wall street ? They paid zero dollars.

    After the bailout of wall street JPM was used to pay fines and off shored 80 percent of IT jobs to India. JPM with their bailout money also bought Honeywell stock. CEO Cote
    sat on the Board of directors of JPM. CEO Cote threatened the governor of NJ to fire every American and move operation to India. Only little people pay taxes. Honeywell must be like GE and pay zero taxes. FORD and GM with Bailout money moved jobs to Mexico and Brazil with the taxpayer money.

    And the bankers use the bailout money of taxpayers to bail out the Frauds of the Banking system.

  38. al hall

    You know the media is in on this when they don’t want to talk to her on air!! The people need to rise up- ASAP!! The government is all bought and paid for by( JPM and the like), it is a criminal operation. As the people rise-up, they will collapse the system. It’s coming!
    It’s already planned!

  39. Concerned american dad

    … And no one gives a $h/t.. Dow up about 500 in two days and gold is @ 1220 now…..and on and on and on

  40. Chick wilson

    WOW, great interview. Both Trump and Bernie would do well putting her in charge of the DOJ, and get rid of the shill in there now.

  41. Agent P

    What fascinated me most about the Made-Off farce, was the moral indignation shown Bernie by his ‘clients’ who went from making 16% on their money, to Zero… Such ‘victims’ were they, to have their (over-the-top unrealistic returns) slashed to nothing by the revelation of a Ponzi scheme. Yep, you get what you pay for…

    • wondrouscat

      Every con-artist preys on the greediness of their mark. But still, it is against the law to commit fraud, and the victims of the con, no matter how greedy they were, should be reimbursed if possible. Yet I agree with your premise – if it seems too good to be true it probably isn’t.

  42. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Whether banks collapse or not, the big banks are engaged in fraud, and everyone who has any account with them is enabling the fraud. People want convenient locations and ATMs and tell themselves their account is too small to make a difference. Catherine Austin Fitts has called for years for people to pull their money out and to not even socialize with people who work for those banks. But that is easier said than done. When I moved to my current city of residence over 20 years ago, I opened a checking account then over the years watched the name of my bank change 4 times due to buyouts. The current bank isn’t JP Morgan, but it’s another big bank that probably has the same systemic dishonesty. It’s hard to find a strong local bank that is honestly run and will remain both solvent and independent.

    • JMiller


      You might want to check out Weiss Ratings to see if there is a good local bank in your area.

      • Pvt. Mushroom

        You might want to check out Weiss!

        • JMiller

          Why do I need to check them out? Have you? If so, what do you have to say about them.

        • JMiller


          Just to clarify. Weiss Ratings gives a list of recommended banks that they have given a rating of B+ or better. Those banks on their recommended list are a good place to start if you are looking for a good bank. None of the larger banks are on that list. I would NOT recommend people look at the bank ratings from or They rate the big banks too high. Weiss also has a section on stocks, mutual funds, ETFs that they give investment ratings. I do not know how good they are about that nor do I care. I just recommend that if people are looking to see if there is a good bank in their area to check the Weiss recommended bank list as a good starting point and go from there.

      • Donna

        Mine is on that list for AR!!

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Thanks, JMiller. Unfortunately Weiss doesn’t list any in my area.

  43. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, tell your guest you know one of your bloggers is single, 6′ 5″, great shape, handsome as the day is long, high IQ & ideals and hangs out in the Western Front holding the line against the oligarchy, Thanks, p.s. you got my e-mail to give to her – a b

    • susan

      Way to go Arthur! You have my vote.

  44. vincent_g

    All we need do is look at history.
    Not one big bank went under since 1913.
    Show me one that went down in the great depression.

    Not one.

    So people will not get wiped out due to a major bank failure unless they change the laws.
    That’s a problem because if they try to again change the laws to favor the banks it will destroy the market system completely.

    I don’t think they will do it and I don’t think such a thing will happen.
    What will happen is the banking sector will just downsize and the bigger banks will again get bigger still.

    That is what history shows us.
    Smaller banks go under and bigger banks take over for pennies on the dollar all loans issued by the failed banks.

    This continues until the system is changed or until there is only one bank left standing.

  45. wondrouscat

    It is terrible when the system is corrupt, but isn’t it a million times worse when the corruption is so carefully pointed out, so blatantly revealed yet they are absolutely fearless knowing that they are in charge and protected? They then just laugh at us imperiously. Yes, that is a million times worse. Helen Davis Chaitman said she is no threat to them – so the truth can’t hurt them. We are in a monarchy lorded over by the royal house of banksters served by the criminal crony class who catch their every crumb.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point.

    • JC Davis

      Eyes wide open.

  46. Coalburner

    Greetings Greg:
    I have a Q for Jerry and anyone else who wants to take it on. If the Yuan is going to be backed by gold and I believe it will sometime. And China keeps devaluing the yuan, then should we buy yuan? Ours is is only country where we cannot easily buy Yuan. The other western banks systems now have exchanges, so cash in yuan can be had. What say you????

    • woody188

      If you hitch your wagon to the rising dragon, you’ll be in for a wild ride in all directions.

  47. john duffy

    Is there any institution in our society left, that hasn’t become corrupt? Whistle blowers like this woman are either ignored or prosecuted if they present any danger to the ruling elite. The time to act and nip this in the bud was years ago, but no, as long as the party was on and the public was not affected nobody cared.
    We are now reaping what we sowed.

  48. Robert Lykens

    Katie Couric Deceptively Edits Interview With Pro-Gun Activists

    • Robert Lykens

      Does “frederick” wish to harass me further because of my “Lykenslike” post?

      • frederick

        Call it “harassment ” if you like but if İ disagree with you then yes İ will call you on it as İ see fit Sorry for you if you feel a need to call it “harassment” because it most certainly is NOT Get over yourself

        • Greg Hunter

          Let’s maintain some mutual respect on the site please.

        • Robert Lykens

          Yes it’s harassment when you make your response personal and insulting. I’m telling you right now to stop your personal attacks against me. Are we clear?

    • JC Davis

      I was denied the right to own a pistol. The pawn shop owner said it was TBI that denied it. So I went home and called TBI, they said it was the FBI that kicked it, so I contacted the FBI to find out if they have a problem with me. They said it was the TBI that denied me a gun. I told them to kiss my … I will buy a gun at the gun show. I got a call from the pawn shop telling me I am good to buy the gun.

      • Robert Lykens

        What kind of gun did you get?

        • JC Davis

          S&W 40 cal.

  49. Jay Dee

    Fantastic interview!

  50. Dan Reynolds

    Just follow the money. I can’t help but think back to the days in the late 70’s and beyond right on up to 2007 where profits realized throughout the public sector were enormous ! Between the stock market , commodity trades , the bond market , real estate , and so on America was on fire ! Just imagine what these big banks were gearing up for as far back as the early 70’s . They fattened up America only to put it on the roasting spit !
    The sizzling is only starting to take place now. The likes of Dimon and Blankfein have been licking their lips all the while. The sad ending to all of this is that all of these thugs most likely will take out to go bags of their cut of the feast and fly off to their private islands.

  51. Blabber Mouth

    Yes, why do people at the top and responsible never go to jail? We have many presidents and one usurper that should be charged with treason or war crimes.

  52. NC Gal

    None of this is surprising, when you consider that Mayer Amschel Rothschild [Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), the founder of the Rothschild banking empire pronounced, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Many of the speakers here have talked about this criminality repeatedly, and yet here we are, listening to a searing indictment in detail, and powerless to do anything about it.
    Our entire system has become a cruel joke, a parody of what it was created to be, and it has been taken over and corrupted to such a degree that it is a miracle that anything occurs in the courts. We have no recourse. Our votes don’t matter. Our politicians don’t listen to anyone except those who pay for their campaigns and get them into office.

    I believe that once the last drop of financial blood has been sucked out of the system, they will pull the plug and bring it all down, so they can provide the solution they have been wanting to put in place all along: a single, global government; a single digital currency, and the deliberate elimination of 90-95% of the existing population by 2030 (hence the name, Agenda 2030, which was officially ushered in at the United Nations on September 25, 2016).

    While I don’t agree with any of the other points made by Bix Weir at the beginning of this week, I do agree with his timetable, as it matches with what my own sources have shown me. I foresee a period from June 20 to around August 20 when the shift will occur, but I don’t know what form it will take, what will trigger it (possibly a series of triggers), but of this I am certain. Before we have an election in this country, everything will have drastically changed.

  53. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, This 1 min video is the ONLY thing that will show you that they must have martial Law in place with-in the next very few Month’s & to look what’s not just coming, it’s already HERE.. I continue to follow your great work too a well.. Until the GOV shut’s down the internet to silence the astronomers from getting the word out..

  54. Silence is Golden

    Is TRUMP….the real deal…is he truly anti-establishment ???….read this to get some perspective….
    Some further insight….
    The fact that he (Trump) is getting close and friendly with ex GS staff….cause for concern ??? ….
    Also he is getting very chummy with Christie and Giuliani…that should set alarm bells ringing.
    True colors always come shining through.
    Beware the false messiah…..not unlike BHO….and his promises to the blacks of America.

    • Weimerica Republic

      Don’t worry Silence, not till you’ve heard Donald has been invited on the Michael Medved show and accepted!

      Just remember Silence, Trump’s the only one that has exposed the bubble! At least someone who took the heat, for getting it out there to the land of the ignorant and home of the cowards. A funny thing happened on the way of him saying the emperor has no clothes so long and so many times. His numbers just went up and up!

      • Silence is Golden

        What was his (real) motive for “exposing the bubble”..?
        Is his intention to stir up trouble…because that is exactly what will transpire when the oppressed/marginalised need to voice their anger/exasperation. What better way to start civil disobedience….you know the next part of the story….!!!….and it doesn’t bode well for the majority.

    • frederick

      İ agree with you SİG he has reached out to AİPAC and nefarious types such as Giuliani who İ believe may be complicit in 911 Christie is a unsavory windbag who should stay in NJ Lately İ am beginning to think Trump is nothing but a good actor and saleman and just pandering to all the angry people out there İ really hope İ am wrong

      • Greg Hunter

        So you are not worried about Muslim Brotherhood or any other number of radical Islamic groups who want to destroy America? Just AIPAC?

        • frederick

          Greg my wife is a Muslim from Turkey and you couldnt find a more peaceloving person Oh course i am concered about radicals of ALL religions but i believe the Muslim boogeyman hype is being pushed as an agenda ever since 911 From my experience here in Turkey over the last 11 years İ have never met any anti American people but thats just my on the ground experience

    • David S

      listen to trumps speech to Aipac and you will see there will be no change. trump is the 1% of the 1% , why would he want to change anything?

      • Greg Hunter

        I Respectfully disagree David S.

  55. Pvt. Mushroom

    This beautiful intelligent lady is like light and truth blasting through a midnight stockyard. She certainly is one of your best guests of all times.

    Many thank Greg – keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pvt.

  56. Banjo Pat

    World War II vet dies on his ‘final mission’ in London

    USA TODAY 9 hrs ago

    MELBOURNE, Fla. — Until earlier this month, U.S. Army Air Corps veteran Melvin Rector had always regretted not having returned to the place where he served during World War II.

  57. notyourpatsy

    05/25/2016 •

    Greg, Great new interviewee … a person of good and great courage, Thank you both.
    To Notyourpatsy … back in the early 70’s we lived in New Brunswick and would go down to Englishtown to the flee market there … whew!! … it was acres of incredible and if you got there @ oh dark thirty when the dealers were dealing … the deals were unbelievable. Thanks for your current report. We are in the redoubt now and have spent years scouring old barns/sheds/back 40’s for ‘stuff’ that is not made any more and will probably come into its’ own again. We use tools and equipment that was patented over 100 years ago … still going strong … we have acres of horse drawn equipment sitting ready to use so it will not be sent to China and be melted for Rebar !!
    Anyway, that is our report, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB. Thanks again Greg.

    Another EDUCATED GUEST WAY TO GO GREG! It’s because of your ability and determination to get these guests that the WD’ers get to hear the real truth about what’s happening.

    DB COOPER/JWR FOLKS, I have been going to Englishtown too since 1972! I have gotten great deals on all manner of old farm/garden gear there over the years. It is THE medium sized flea market I was/am referring to with regards to 100 tables and 10 or so bullion vendors. The place STILL floods with heavy rains being in that floodplain with the stream in the back DB! I still walk the whole place at Sunrise to check out the dealers before I setup there on Saturdays. I sell farm fresh eggs there and honey, along with odds and ends I can turn into bullion LOL! DB do you need me to ship you a Jersey care package? You know some Taylor Ham, Pizza, Tastycakes, LOL! Db the other flea mkt is in Collingswood off rt 33, which is kind of rundown now and ratty, but has dealer Fridays that I attend when I can. Did you ever get to that one?

    Are there flea markets where you are DB? Are any vendors selling legitimate Bullion? Curious if any other WD’ers can report on their towns/states flea markets if bullion or coins are being bought and sold.

    DB/Greg, reason I stopped posting for a few months here was one of my horses got attacked by 2 pitbulls and I had to fight them off with my ax for over 20 minutes before help arrived. Wished i had grabbed the Saiga instead! 87 stiches in the hind quarters and face of that horse.

    Even though all of my Spring Field work is planted, and everything else is attended to, I can’t help but pay attention to a nagging feeling that I should bugout of here everyday?! Pretty unnerving feeling at that.. getting more persistant each day, week, month. Trailers and trucks are all prepped for hauling out, load and go. ‘Exit Tax’ my A$$ !! Hard to leave a perfectly good farm behind but that seems like what I’m about to do and head West.

  58. Scott

    Has this lady been on before? I really appreciate hearing what she has to say and do hope you’ll bring her back on soon.

    Thanks so much, Greg. Take care…

  59. Banjo Pat

    China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US

    The Guardian Julian Borger World affairs editor 1 hr ago

    The Chinese military is poised to send submarines armed with nuclear missiles into the Pacific Ocean for the first time, arguing that new US weapons systems have so undermined Beijing’s existing deterrent force that it has been left with no alternative.

    China has been working on ballistic missile submarine technology for more than three decades.
    The Other Side Of Wall*Mart,KMART,TARGET,KOHLS ect…

  60. Pinocchio

    Helen Chaitman: “They had no securities. They had no stocks. They just had pieces of paper saying they had stocks.”

    Pinocchio: “The worst is they do no longer have those pieces of paper. Now they are just saying that they have stocks. ”

    Flash Gordon: “Very touching.”

  61. Ross

    What happens to civilisation when we lose all the honest and diligent people like Helen Chaitman Greg ? Will the living envy the dead ? A world run by computers ,robots and psychopathic banksters is not a meaningful existence. Perhaps this is their objective.

  62. woody188

    Just wanted to say thank you Greg and I note the Hillary’s campaign took a big hit in the email national security scandal yesterday, just as you predicted. Will an indictment be far behind, or will Eric Holder fail to hold anyone accountable again?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary = TOAST. Thank you for your comment and support.

  63. Donna Gilio

    Another great interview Greg, thank you.
    It’s not surprising to me banksters run the world.
    Paper money is one big ponsi scheme anyway and if
    People really understood how money works, they would
    Not have allowed the passage of the federal reserve act
    In 1913.
    It’s too late to reverse any action of honest money as they have
    Had 100 years to buy the world with fake money. All governments
    Around the world are bought and sold, the media is their brainwashing
    And we as people are forced to buy their crap from their massive corporations.
    Our only hope at this late hour is Jesus christ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Sister Donna.

  64. diane s.

    He’s got to get familiar with these people SIG
    Find out what exactly he will be dealing with.
    I don’t know if he’s the real deal pr not…but we really have to take a chance…or option is beyond unexeptable. Hilda beast is satanic.
    I do not believe El Trumpo is.

  65. Hatemail

    There will be no collapse. If you are working, then you are contributing toward world domination. Stop complaining and get on the gravy train. Be thankful you don’t reside in a country we have marked for destruction. They have the choice to cooperate or die. Vietnam for example has decided to get on board. Interesting how we win in the long run. Life is good in the USA. Don’t rock the boat, we are all working for the Man. I enjoy my morning espresso and my new car. Life is beautiful.

    • frederick

      Thats a very sad assessment of the situation and İ actually feel sorry for you “hatemail” Very fitting moniker by the way

  66. notyourpatsy

    DBCooper, i replied yesterday to your comment about Englishtown. It’s still the same and the larger flea market I attend since 1972. I guess my post was too long for Greg to allow it? I have my trucks and trailers ready to roll when I decide to walk away from a perfectly good working farm and head West to JWR territory.

    It’s going to be interesting who actually gets chosen to run with Trump. He’s going to need someone with broader appeal to the independants than he is IMO.

  67. JimH

    Where is the American Bar Association?
    Answer: Silent. That is where the rigging is accomplished for the elites.
    I agree with my friend Paul Craig Roberts.

    1] Libor Fraud – Felony
    2] Forex Fraud – Felony
    3] Madoff Felony — This has been known since the 1990’s
    4] Enron Trading Floor – Actors from Hollywood pretending to be traders and using a turret. As People give their money for stock to Madoff for Enron. Enron usually would hire from the Acting guild.
    5] MFGlobal

    Instead ABA pushing
    1] Gay marriage
    2] Abortion
    3] Transgender bathrooms
    4] Diversity = Offshoring so companies can hire slave labor from Communist China.
    Suicide nets are going thru the roof. GE provides the a prize Ethics Award at the ABA !!!
    5] IRS Scandal – Lerner talking about attacking her enemy Freely at the American Bar Association meeting

    ABA is Silent on every Felony. The rule of Law they say. All about the 1000 per hour lawyer fee.

    Helen is excellent. For every Helen there are 10,000 lawyers promoting fraud and taking a fee. Helen is more than a lawyer. She is a human being with courage.

    I think it should be a requirement that the President must be a NON Lawyer.
    They have done enough damage.

    • Greg Hunter

      Excellent Jim H!! Where in the heck is the American Bar Association?

  68. Adrian

    Great interview as always Greg, but for all the people that hasn’t seen this John Titus video check it out, it blatantly shows the corruption within the DOJ in regards to Goldman Sachs. Cheers

  69. David S

    great interview, very concise. you can see why they wouldnt want Helen Chaitman on the msm. i just saw the 2 minute interview she had on fox business and it looks af if the maria one was told to cut the interview asap

  70. Colin/IRL.

    What do you make of this Planet X/Nibiru talk?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know Colin. I would not be surprised if is real and the elite would let us fry while they hid underground.

  71. Donna

    There will be a point where these criminals will answer to red neck justice,when law and justice no longer works.I believe they know it too.I read Mrs Madoff can not spend over 100 dollars without accounting to a judge.

  72. Jim

    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you . It is refreshing to hear from such a person who is down at the grassroots level speaking so frankly about what is REALLY going on.
    When the “Proverbial ” onslaught happens , whether it be this year or next or in the next three or four we all have been worn.
    This circus we call a economy provide by the crooks of Washington,Wallstreet, and the bought media comes to a ugly abrupt end many will suffer.
    I hope when it happens the pitchforks an axes march toward those who prospered. Every elected official. From Union leaders to politicians, to the media. May they take they take retribution towards those responsible. This is history repeating itself, let us hope we do it before the crocks in charge put us into another world war. God Bless the Innocent and destroy the guilty

    • frederick

      Jim there is so much fraud going on you have no idea İ have been defrauded so often in the last 15 years that İve lost count

  73. Billy

    China is taking control of critical strategic sea ports in the South China sea (No one see’s this). America is about to be besieged in trade wars and locked out. much like Japan did in the 1930’s to other countries. China controls the sea ports much like the US and Britain has for the last 200 years. America will soon be frozen out of world trade, were getting trade war before world war 3.

    German and the EU will join the BRICS nations and dump the dollar soon. Britain will not be a part of the EU. the EU will also fight a trade war with US and Britain.

    Germany led EU will be the country that attacks America, China and Russia will fight trade wars, but Germany will invade. God is going to use Germany to attack America!! We are about to be humbled.

    People think Donald Trump, will save them, i totally agree that he has been so mistreated by the media but don’t put your faith in man. Trust God.

  74. M Orlando

    Thank you Greg.

    Because of this last interview you have had with Helen I have donated a generous amount to you website. SO glad you are digging deeper and deeper to get the truth through to America. On this last piece with Helen, I also thank Her.

    I have gotten so much out of your interviews, MORE than MSM and you have been a Godsend Sir. My Hats off to you Greg. Also my hats off to women like Helen who are willing to speak the truth. Bravo!

  75. bernie

    Greg, this is the most powerful interview you have ever done. The facts come from a superb professional designated by the courts to represent the victims. She is careful with her words and fully knowledgeable of the facts. She calls the banks criminals and warns your readers they are in danger. This also speaks well of your reputation and credibility. People of this quality trust you to get the facts out accurately and not edit out information that would offend the rich and connected. Fantastic interview!! Thank you for America.

  76. CPDLC

    Thank you Greg, great interview with Helen. It prompted me to get it on Kindle and to immediately read it right through in a single sitting.

    We hardly need reminding just how awful these people are but the book serves as yet another indictment of the financial system and the scale of the corruption across judicial, political and regulatory institutions that allow these crimes to go unpunished.

    • Greg Hunter

      Chaitmam’s book is stunning and it is fact after fact. You could not make it up. Thank you.

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