Western World Failing Now – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned Internet data mining expert Clif High says the rise of crypto currencies is nothing more than a reflection of failing states in the West. High, who uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to forecast future trends, contends, “Here we are in a failing state, and basically, all of the western republics are failing states.  We are so far in debt we can’t ever recover.  So, our ability to trade has weakened anyway, and yet, we are going to launch a trade war with Russia?  This is really a lot of smart thinking there fellows. On top of that, we have this giant move in cryptos.  As the dollar dies and keeps shrinking, it’s got to go somewhere, and it’s coming into the crypto currencies. and they are expanding.  So, at the same time, they are trying to use the dollar as a trade weapon.  This one over here (crypto) is growing like mad to the point we just don’t care about their sanctions on trade.  It’s not ever going to stop any kind of crypto currency trade.  If I wanted to do business with Russians now, I could do it and the government would have no way of knowing about it.”

What about silver and gold and the price suppression game? Crypto currencies will set them free.  According to High, “What we got in our data sets is silver is going to be set free by the cryptos.  Silver is going to go first.  Our data sets said it was going to occur in July.  Over the course of June and into July, a number of organizations were created for a crypto encapsulation for the performance of energy necessary to extract and deal with silver.  So, basically, it’s not silver backed.  It’s not a silver commodity coin.  It’s something different, and these things will be appearing over the course of this year.  At least one or two of these is going to break silver loose at its fiscal restraint level because these guys will be providing a vehicle around the control structure of the U.S. dollar and the COMEX and LBMA. . . . That really is the all-enveloping price structure for gold and silver because they control it through those large contracts.”

When is the crash coming? High says, “We are crashing now.  That’s the problem.  We may not have a big crash down, but we are crashing now in the form of the crack up boom. . . .  When your currency is dying, and we saw this with the greenback (after the Civil War), the currency went into this brief burst of hyperinflation and then no one would touch it.  So, we are getting into a period right now where we are seeing the hyperinflation of our dollar.  Technically, you could see the Dow go up to 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000, and it will be as meaningless as those numbers might suggest.  At the same time, we might see Bitcoin in the neighborhood of $13,800 by February of next year, and that is just the start.  That’s when we launch the crypto explosion into the USA population and society, and that’s February of next year.  Prior to that, it’s like the orchestra tuning up.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com.

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After the Interview: 

Clif High’s latest report is titled “Collected Curious Crypto ~ Paruski!” Because of the amount of time and analysis involved, High is charging $99.  It focuses heavily on crypto currencies.  Go to HalfPastHuman.com and scroll down if you want to buy the report.

High tells me he will have another report out at the end of August that will focus on predictions for society, civil unrest, chaos and politics. That report will be the standard $15 charge.  There is also some free information and videos on HalfPastHuman.com.  



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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg! I could listen to Clif for hours.

    • John Waterman

      I generally agree with Clif on what inflation is, but to define it by cost of Bitcoin is not accurate for numerous reasons.

    • betterchetter

      Cliff entertains & educates from data “mined” from the internet. He is equal to a psychic, as intuitive readers gauge the thoughts, feelings, desires that encircle a person – Cliff gathers similar energetic expressions around the world.

      Rupert Sheldrake, in “Science Delusion” notes that science is being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. The ‘scientific worldview’ has become a belief system. One assumption is that “Consciousness is nothing but the physical activity of the brain” – in the brain – So, Greg, how about a guest on to talk of this?

      • AA