Western World Failing Now – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned Internet data mining expert Clif High says the rise of crypto currencies is nothing more than a reflection of failing states in the West. High, who uses what he calls “predictive linguistics” to forecast future trends, contends, “Here we are in a failing state, and basically, all of the western republics are failing states.  We are so far in debt we can’t ever recover.  So, our ability to trade has weakened anyway, and yet, we are going to launch a trade war with Russia?  This is really a lot of smart thinking there fellows. On top of that, we have this giant move in cryptos.  As the dollar dies and keeps shrinking, it’s got to go somewhere, and it’s coming into the crypto currencies. and they are expanding.  So, at the same time, they are trying to use the dollar as a trade weapon.  This one over here (crypto) is growing like mad to the point we just don’t care about their sanctions on trade.  It’s not ever going to stop any kind of crypto currency trade.  If I wanted to do business with Russians now, I could do it and the government would have no way of knowing about it.”

What about silver and gold and the price suppression game? Crypto currencies will set them free.  According to High, “What we got in our data sets is silver is going to be set free by the cryptos.  Silver is going to go first.  Our data sets said it was going to occur in July.  Over the course of June and into July, a number of organizations were created for a crypto encapsulation for the performance of energy necessary to extract and deal with silver.  So, basically, it’s not silver backed.  It’s not a silver commodity coin.  It’s something different, and these things will be appearing over the course of this year.  At least one or two of these is going to break silver loose at its fiscal restraint level because these guys will be providing a vehicle around the control structure of the U.S. dollar and the COMEX and LBMA. . . . That really is the all-enveloping price structure for gold and silver because they control it through those large contracts.”

When is the crash coming? High says, “We are crashing now.  That’s the problem.  We may not have a big crash down, but we are crashing now in the form of the crack up boom. . . .  When your currency is dying, and we saw this with the greenback (after the Civil War), the currency went into this brief burst of hyperinflation and then no one would touch it.  So, we are getting into a period right now where we are seeing the hyperinflation of our dollar.  Technically, you could see the Dow go up to 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000, and it will be as meaningless as those numbers might suggest.  At the same time, we might see Bitcoin in the neighborhood of $13,800 by February of next year, and that is just the start.  That’s when we launch the crypto explosion into the USA population and society, and that’s February of next year.  Prior to that, it’s like the orchestra tuning up.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com.

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After the Interview: 

Clif High’s latest report is titled “Collected Curious Crypto ~ Paruski!” Because of the amount of time and analysis involved, High is charging $99.  It focuses heavily on crypto currencies.  Go to HalfPastHuman.com and scroll down if you want to buy the report.

High tells me he will have another report out at the end of August that will focus on predictions for society, civil unrest, chaos and politics. That report will be the standard $15 charge.  There is also some free information and videos on HalfPastHuman.com.  



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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg! I could listen to Clif for hours.

    • John Waterman

      I generally agree with Clif on what inflation is, but to define it by cost of Bitcoin is not accurate for numerous reasons.

    • betterchetter

      Cliff entertains & educates from data “mined” from the internet. He is equal to a psychic, as intuitive readers gauge the thoughts, feelings, desires that encircle a person – Cliff gathers similar energetic expressions around the world.

      Rupert Sheldrake, in “Science Delusion” notes that science is being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. The ‘scientific worldview’ has become a belief system. One assumption is that “Consciousness is nothing but the physical activity of the brain” – in the brain – So, Greg, how about a guest on to talk of this?

      • AA

        David Icke?

    • Mike


  2. James Brown

    You rule!!! Way to go. I love you man!
    PCR and then Clif High. Great stuff.
    I personally think Clif is a little kooky but he is very interesting and he gets it right enough so we should pay attention to what he says.
    Who am I to call someone kooky? I believe an alien from another dimension is the saviour of mankind. Jesus.

  3. stonewall

    Greg, I spent over 40 years working in mining exploration and I categorically state
    that Cliff High shows his ignorance when he states that gold is too plentiful because it’s
    so easy to discover and the world is full of gold. I nearly choked on my drink when I
    heard him say the Grand Canyon is loaded with gold which is total BS. Therefore I conclude Cliff is nothing more than a smooth talking con artist who knows absolutely
    nothing about geology although his spiel is entertaining and he may be correct
    about the future of crypto currencies. Unlike Cliff I don’t comment on something
    I know very little about.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Clif was referring to this 1909 gold find that was reported on and then covered up by the government: http://www.crystalinks.com/gc_egyptconnection.html You points are well made and well taken though!! Thank you for making them here. I will tell you I would not put Clif High on if I thought for one minute he was a con artist. He’s not. He may miss on some info but he’s honest. By the way, I think you cannot go wrong with physical in your portfolio but what do I know.

      • KeZa

        And perhaps the answer is somewhere in the middle of this controversy…. http://philipcoppens.com/egyptiancanyon.html

        So anyone that takes this story for 100% real is not the person I look to when it comes in the future of this world and what’s going to happen…

      • Keith wilson

        Apple inc .market cap today is valued at 807.7 billion dollars.You could purchase all silver production for 2017 for about 15 billion us dollars.So for less than 2% of apple inc stock price you would be able to purchase every mined ounce of silver for the next 12 months.This just shows you how the price of silver is so cheap compared to the market cap of apple,amazon,Microsoft etc.Also many of the products these companies produce, depend on silver components.Without silver they would not exist.

        • Keith wilson

          Greg, Apple inc also have about 256 billion in cash . It is currently looking for a home to invest this money into. What if apple decided to use some of this money and purchase a few hundred million ounces of silver ? What would that do to the silver price ?

          • Greg Hunter

            Good point Keith! I think other tech companies would stampede into physical silver too.

          • Eric

            Keith I considered the idea of putting their cash into gold/silver. What a move that would be.
            But I seriously believe Apple is in tight with the government (NSA ect) and would never do it.
            I believe Apple, Google, and Walmart are supported by the government and for the government.
            It’s all about control.

            • Paul ...

              Eric … you got it … “it’s all about control” … like the Demonic pedophiles want to take and hold in their possession “our children” to eventually be killed … they also want to take and hold in their possession “our money” to eventually be killed … but they can’t get their hands on our children we hold dear … nor get hold of our money (like gold and silver) we hold near!!

          • R. L. Knarr

            It is interesting to read all this a year and more after they were posted.

        • This sceptred Isle

          I think Bitcoin only has the advantage over silver if you need to make a transaction with someone located in another country. If you want to make a transaction locally, silver would be preferable as you could take it down the road and exchange it on the spot. If the global financial system breaks down we may find ourselves dealing more with our neighbours and local communities as global supplies chains break down.

      • stonewall

        You are one of the good guys Greg and I luv your program. BTW I
        started stacking silver coins back in the 1970’s and am still stacking
        so I believe in physical. As an item of reference many gold mines
        today are mining ore that runs around one gram which means they
        need to mine one ton of rock to get one gram of gold or put another
        way they need to mine more than 30 tons of rock to recover one
        ounce of gold. Most people don’t realize that.

      • Chris Gordon

        Greg, perhaps he (CH) truly believes everything he says and is honest in that respect but I have heard him utter things which are blatantly false and his viewers and listeners are probably taken in by him as he has developed something of a ‘cult’ around himself: you are either a believer in CH or you are an ‘infidel’. Well, I am neither. I don’t take anything I read or hear on trust – I always try to get confirmation from other, independent sources. CH has said several times that Adolf Hitler was a ‘socialist’ which, according to CH, was the reason why he was never to be trusted and why he has the desire to conquer the world. This is a total misinterpretation of the path Hitler (and later the Nazis) took to achieve power . In truth, he was infiltrated into a socialist political party, the German National Socialist Workers Party as a member of the Freikorps (German right-wing mercenary army) in 1921/2. The Freikorps consisted, by and large, of discontented and ‘disenfranchised’ German soldiers who were enraged by the terms of the Armistice of November 1918 which ended the First World War. They felt they had been ‘sold out’, betrayed (the famous ‘Stabbed in the Back’ theory of Germany’s military defeat) and they blamed socialists and Jews without except and also anyone who had opposed the war! These soldiers thought that they had been robbed of the opportunity of negotiating an honourable peace with their enemies (Britain, France, Italy and America). Their discontent led directly to the start of a bloody civil war in Germany which the ‘disenfranchised’ soldiers, led by members of the German Military High Command, took full advantage of to settle scores with their political enemies – the Socialist, the Communists and the Jews (who were ultimately blamed for everything)!
        Now as I said, Hitler was sent as a Freikorps spy to infiltrate the NSDAP (see above for English translation). He wasn’t a ‘socialist’ – he was a hard-right thug who had been battled scarred (physical and psychologically) by his experience on the Western Front. He happened to be able to capture people’s imaginations by his oratory but his reason for attending NSDAP meetings was not to embrace or further the aims of this rather insignificant political organisation but to keep tabs on their activities and to report back to the leader of the Freikorps, General Erich Ludendorff. However, Hitler got so good at fooling people that he found himself leading this party which he turned into the Nazi party by dropping the word ‘Workers’ from the title! At the same time, he and his early followers such as Röhm and Hess (the thug and the pseudo-intellectual) developed the kant on which ‘National Socialism’ was based. It wasn’t ‘socialism’ at all – that was just a convenient ‘cover’. It was, from the beginning, full-blown state fascism – merging political and economic power – a merger of the state and big business. That is why even American business moguls such as Henry Ford and Thomas Watson (founder of IBM) fell over themselves to court Hitler and offer him funds.

        So, CH is misleading people on this point. Why he is doing this I have no idea. If he doesn’t understand then he should enlighten himself by reading about the subject a little until he does. The truth isn’t very hard to find.

        • JungianINTP

          Chris Gordon, go to Amazon.con and order the dvd, “The Soviet Story,” which is an in-depth analysis of Adolph Hitler’s (( Nazism’s )) initial collaboration with communist Russia (( Hitler’s embracement of SOCIALISM / Marxism )). Your perspective is oddly off the mark, as LEFTISM drove all of that insanity (( it’s very pricey, but try and purchase “Leftism: From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse” )).

      • JungianINTP

        Define “store of wealth,” Greg, then challenge the idea that “BitCoin” can – logically! – be defined as a STORE OF VALUE; i.e., at least burning greenbacks to keep warm in the dead of winter proves some STORE OF VALUE there. Pray that there’s no interruption of the STORE OF VALUE in an electron.

        • Greg Hunter

          I like physical assets like land, art, diamonds, metal, a car title, and a house title, food, water, and even some cash in small bills.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      I believe Bix Weir said something similar about gold and the grand canyon.


    • Kevin

      Thank you!

    • Mike from the North

      What may or may not be in the GRAND CANYON has yet to be determined.

      I think that this area is vast and difficult to access. Exploration is not permitted there to my knowledge and for that reason it is highly possible that there is in fact riches there either yet to be found or maybe even hidden.

      Think what you wish of Clif but I think it is fair to state that his actions are that of an honest person. Yes maybe his in fact a person with a level of knowledge and intellect that may allow him to connect dots that some of us find a little difficult to connect

      Based on the status of financial markets and the levels of debt one can likely be assured that any hidden hoard of gold will need to be disclosed soon if the USA is to find a way to recover it’s position without extreme measures.

      2017 is proving out to be a year of Truth Bombs. imho

    • Tom

      Cliff may have a velvet voice but he sounds to me like a guy who pulls things out of his arse. He says Energy From Space is affecting events on earth and Greg doesn’t call him on that for an explanation – scientific or otherwise. Seriously? He has his linguistics model that has no verification of existence and the big technology guys who designed the global search engines aren’t confirming any of it. Ask yourself this: If Google, Apple, Microsoft haven’t discovered Cliff’s fortune telling secret, do you think that caution to his pronouncements is warranted?

      • Doug C.

        Do you think they would tell people if they found a fortune telling secret?

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Tom, I agree with you that Cliff’s comments that Energy from Space is disturbing or agitating humans and affecting events here on earth is in need of a rational and scientific explanation. There are so many rational explanations for our earthly turmoil and for why people feel so disturbed and agitated. One need not look UPWARD, but simply to look around one, to find the answers.
        That Cliff offers, as he has called it in the past, “Woo Woo” (non-) explanations for his conclusion, one could find rather disturbing…and THIS FEELING WOULD NOT BE COMING FROM SPACE. RATHER, IT WOULD BE COMING FROM HIM.
        I will add, though, that he does offer up a lot of interesting and thought provoking observations. He is brilliant, but nothing should be accepted on faith. One should always follow up by doing one’s own homework as we all are responsible for the conclusions that we draw.

  4. Constance Powers

    A widow relocates from 1911 New York to the Arizona Territory.
    Lucretia “Lu” Rogers (Debbie Reynolds) is a brave woman who refuses to let tough times get her down.[Sound like a president you know?]Yup and tough times are a corrupt town! Though she initially struggles with the cultural differences of frontier life and finds her innocence and naiveté challenged by the wildness of the town, ends up to be the only one to take up the challenge of cleaning up the town swamp, up!
    DEBBIE REYNOLDS’ diminutive image is one of a woman whose power you should never underestimate, just as they have and still do Donald J. Trumpster!
    The singularities of the Wild West and corrupt Washington are skimpily amazing! Great summertime vacation film! Or winter doldrums movie, Down Under!
    Enjoy;FREE FULL MOVIE! In Spectacular YouT00Vision!

  5. FC

    Crypto-currency, not currencies will definitely be the future and will be regulated by the Globalists (IMF). It amazes me how so many people believe it’s untraceable and they also believe they are rebelling against the Government, when in fact they are helping them to fully understand the Pros and Con’s of Block Chain Technology.
    IMHO, The Globalists are allowing the popularity of all these different types of Crypto- currencies to happen until a time of their choosing. This will happen when the Public has complete confidence in Block Chain Technology, but this will be brought down to an event of their choosing and then they will introduce a Gold and Silver backed One World Crypto-Currency.

  6. This Sceptered Isle

    Cryptos could help the precious metals break free but I also feel the exponential increase in solar power could swallow up silver supplies quicker than expected.

    • This Sceptered Isle

      What is Clif High’s prediction on solar power?

      • This sceptred isle

        Interesting that the dollar is falling on us dollar index where it is measured against the QE inflating currencies the of the Euro, yen and pound.

  7. Pat

    Thank you very much for letting Mr. High’s views be broadcast. I think that he’s great, and you are in my not so humble opinion the preeminent interviewer of anyone, any where. Question: I’m so very confused about the mechanics of investing in crypto currencies. What first step do I take in order to convert a few US$ into Bitcoin, etc.? Then, step by step, how do I bring that to fruition? Is there a website that explains all of that for a moron such as myself?

    • This sceptred Isle

      don’t worry, we are all united in our ignorance of crypto-currencies

  8. JC D

    Has anyone had a nightmare experience using crypto ?
    Hour well spent, Thank you Greg.

  9. Jason Hall

    Yeah now I’m a little suspicious about Clif…….. I’ve liked him, I’ve even purchased a couple of his reports………..BUT I just got that feeling when a car salesman climbs all over you, or your local politician doing a neighborhood door-knock. Sorry, don’t wish to be disrespectful, but 2 months ago Clif was talking Gold at $60K (I think it was)- NOW it’s the very metal not be in out past 2 yrs. I just got a real bad feeling about this guy………. “Crypto’s are a store of wealth”…… are you kidding me?? There is ABSOLUTELY zero underlying value- ZERO!!!! Crypto’s is the last ditch effort from the elites to squeeze is last drops of blood from the stone before they kill the whole system.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then you can just buy physical silver and hold it. Silver is cheap and High said that too.

    • AndrewB

      Jason, I got the same uneasy feeling about Clif’s interview – something just didn’t ring true. Like you, I have enjoyed Clif in the past and have purchased one of his reports but there seemed to me to be too many contradictions this time . . .

      • Greg Hunter

        High has a 100% money back guarantee. He will refund your money if you don’t like the report. It was a free interview too.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Greg, Have read all the comments here and many are far more negatively critical than mine . . . BTW, I did not intimate that I was dissatisfied with the report I purchased from Clif – I simply concurred with Jason Hall that, having liked Clif’s prior interviews, there was something ‘off’ about this latest one. At a time when the alt / new media is being targeted, and establishment pressure is being brought to bear on truth-sayers, it’s only prudent to be alert to apparent ‘changes in character’ . Some of what Clif said appeared to be ‘out of character’ and I think this is reflected in the volume of negative commentary this time around. This is not a criticism of USAWatchdog.

          • Greg Hunter

            A B,
            No problem. I put up lots I don’t agree with but put it up anyway so people can compare what others think.

  10. murcus

    Greg Or is it Guy…
    What a load of rubbish, We are on brink of war and Cliff is predicting BitCoin wont suffer, what a load of garbage.
    Gold is worthless as there is too much available ?? Yeah we are taking it out of the ground by 1 000000000000 tones, and not to mention Russia and China think it’s done, then he says America is only good for 1 war, seriously can this guy hear himself contradict all he says, Let me tell you the war is about Gold not BitCoin.
    Economic strength comes from production of a work force, real tangible assets.The coins are not attached to any tangible assets, its just software.
    So Easy can do all in a matter of minutes.
    Block Chain is definitely required, for transparency, honesty I can see value.
    Cliff how do I pay my speeding fine.
    Cliff how do I pay for a loaf of bread if I don’t have an electrical device, what would happen if my device got wet.
    Bix and Cliff The common people of the world ,is the majority, I can not understand how to use it myself, and you think the farmer is going to trade his cows for softwear, all over the world, I m sorry i think i will stick to the Truth that is seen, I see Russia, China, Asia, Arabia the list go’s on and on BUYING GOLD answer that with your linguists computer.
    Then it comes down to Quantum computers will have the capacity to brake codes, who has the most money will have the latest Quantum system, again the small guy gets screwed, as all i have is a smart phone that can be hacked.
    PM must be mined with real men, machines labour, sweat and tears.

    • Greg Hunter


      I put a lot of analysis on the site including yours. Thank you for your comment and feedback.


    • Tin foil hat

      “Economic strength comes from production of a work force, real tangible assets.The coins are not attached to any tangible assets”
      If nations attached its economic strength, production of a work force and hard assets to cryptos, the only tangible asset which the defeated government can get out of the country in time of war is gold – crypto reserve and the local currency would be worthless.
      Without the stolen Austrian gold , Adolph Hitler would have been an insignificant player in world history. By mid-1938, Berlin was almost out of foreign currency and gold largely because of its rearmament program and would have been forced to cut back their war buildup. The rapid implementation of rearmament was only possible because of the use of available gold from the former Reich. When the Germans later invaded other European countries, one of their first stops was always the local central bank. Hence, central bankers desperately tried to get the gold out of their countries and shipped them to America and Canada.
      If history repeated itself, I can’t imagine central banks would desperately try to get/transfer the cryptos from their blocks to ours here in America.

      • Freebreezer

        TFH – In a similar view per Austin F. … Try bribing the border guard with a few crypto coins when things get really bad – Not! Per the gold in the Grand canyon, one newspaper report in 1911. And yes, as we clearly know … newspapers would never ever, ever, ever lie and they would never, ever, ever make up a story – they are the bastions of truth! If it is in print, and in a newspaper, it just has to be true! The old miners of the west searched every crevice and crack to find gold and they all missed it (???) … It – the biggest gold find in the history of man … Please. In addition, during the depression all those unemployed men who went prospecting, again missed the biggest load of gold ever known? And in the late 40’s and 50’s all the Uranium prospectors who searched every small canyon in the southwest missed it! Hmmmmm?

  11. Mike

    It’s amazing how he can go from gold as an end all last year to now where it is just a short lived currency hedge due to the “supremacy” of crypto. Same with Max Keiser
    Hey, just move your crypto around the world, pay no taxes, and Uncle Sam won’t come after you. And your crypto can’t be confiscated because it’s virtual. Yea, sure.
    The government can confiscate your gold but they can also erase your crypto.
    Now he ‘s arguing that silver can become virtual through crypto.
    The elite puts their money in gold and stores their gold bars off-shore; the currency of the elite is gold and they make the rules. The currency of the drug dealers, international swindlers, get rich quick artists and tax evaders is crypto; these people are eventually arrested, fined or neutralized and their crypto won’t be confsicated – it will be erased.
    Living in a virtual world is not reality – but that’s the big con.

  12. Elaisa Kasan

    +Greg Hunter Please interview Dr. Steven Greer, Director of SiriusDisclosure. Call him out on the contradiction that several working free energy devices await funding, while Greer states he has funding for such projects. These projects need to go forward: InfinitySAV, Akula Kapanadze, Noman Shah Afridi and BrilliantLight Power are examples of cheap energy.
    Rare earth magnets are not a problem, since they are not actually rare. A donation for your efforts will follow the Q&A.
    Russia, Russia, Russia . . . is a distraction from important issues, such as high E.R.O.E.I. energy which directly affects low income and middle class wealth.
    Bitcoin transfers can be used to fund these enterprises over banking cartel attempts to block funding, and whose quadrillion dollar energy derivatives will devalue upon mass distribution of free energy. This is why the cartel fears bitcoin; they cannot control it. The cartel cannot prevent bitcoin or Monero from funding free energy enterprise. Perhaps now you can understand the purpose of the insane levels of distraction the cabal creates; e.g. 911, Russia, Syria etc.

    • Freebreezer

      EK – Cheap energy? How about the simplest solution coal … “energy which directly affects low income and middle class wealth” yep get rid of coal in America, sell it to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar and watch the Chinese economy boom! Cheap energy sure works for the low and middle class Chinese! And America’s economy falters with all these alternative energies … Hmmmm? I am sure glad Obama got rid of our coal industry and bankrupted all our coal companies so that the Chines could buy these coal deposits for pennies on the dollar! …. What insight. Al gore and Obama smile as they fly over the west in there private jets knowing that the Chinese own all the clean American coal deposits! Yep all us Americans should be proud that we do not burn coal … let the Chinese burn it. We don’t need no cheap energy!

  13. Frederick

    What happened to the 600 dollar an ounce silver?

    • Greg Hunter

      He did not say it was going to be this month. It’s what his data has been point to and he has said in the past that he has a bad track record on calling precious metals. Remember he is just giving his date mined form the Internet.

      • This sceptred Isle

        perhaps his data is telling him what silver should be doing but is not taking into account the rigging. $600 silver seems fair given bitcoin’s price.

  14. Mike M

    There is going to be a lot of small wars and North Korea is not a big deal? Just wait until the lights go out and don’t come back and we’ll see if North Korea was a big deal or not.

  15. Marvin Double

    Cliff is always interesting and always timely and on the edge. Two concerns I have related to Crypto currency are both entirely practical. The first is simple: In desperation to retain control, under the guise of a “national emergency” the government declares the Internet as an essential resource. This then would allow them to seize the physical equipment which is the actual mechanism on which all Crypto currency transactions take place. Irrespective of the secretive nature of block chain technology, control of the physical network would allow government agencies to police all traffic and or shut down those sites where Crypto currencies are used. Secondly, as happened with gold in the past, citizens might be required to liquidate crypto in dollars. This would be done in concert with the above mentioned emergency seizure of the physical network.

    • Chris Gordon

      Question: do you mean the US (Corp) government seize all computer resources running the internet aorund the world – US domestic and foreign alike? This is the problem with Ameri-centric thinking. Of course they can’t seize everything! What do you think the response of 100s of countries affected is likely to be if they tried to do this? No, I shan’t offer suggestions – you think of the consequences of such actions. I will just offer one comparison: it would be as if the American military attempted to invade all the other countries of the world at the same time! Do you think that is possible?

  16. Kevin

    Greg, you never ask Clif about his failed predications. So he comes out with another newsletter! So what? He hasn’t been right in most of what he predicts!! I’m not saying this guy isn’t smart in his thought process, but he rambles on and on. What happened to the gold and silver market and prices?? You hurt yourself as a journalist not asking about his past predictions. Clif makes my head hurt….sorry I need an aspirin.

  17. Robert

    Ive heard about the supposed individual that cashed out of their ether based cyber coin investment and the supposed lack of the IRS to be able to find that individual to tax them, sounds like an anecdotal story. Where would all that 200 million cash money go? It would have to show up in some account wouldn’t it? When that seller sold the settled funds have to go somewhere dont they? To become usual funds they have to be entered into a bank or brokerage acct dont they, to become usable funds and wouldn’t any deposit then be traceable?

  18. Rumplestiltskin

    I have been purchasing Clif High’s reports for about three years now, but I can barely listen to him on video. He has a tendency to ramble and waste time filling in his monologue with stuff that is of little interest, and I’ve called him on it before. Other than that his reports are worth reading though.

    Now, remember that predictive linguistics as is any predictive language, only about 50% correct, (what we call “Hits”) so it must be taken with a grain of salt. Clif is also aware of this specifically because of the capriciousness of the human language.
    In his reports if you see the same thing come up over and over again over the months, then that lends itself to a more affirming prediction.

    • Paul ...

      Rumplestiltskin … like in the Rumplestiltskin child’s tale (by calling out their name … their power is diminished) … so too when “predictive linguistics” is called out (as being only about 50% correct) … “the power of predictive linguistics” is reduced (to simply a flip of a coin) … and if we have no intrinsic idea about the worth of gold compared to an electron on a computer you can flip a coin … then when a heads comes up … buy a gold or silver coin … and if a tails comes up … buy a crypto coin … however … you don’t put “everything” into crypto … just like you should not put “everything into gold” (10% of your available funds is enough)!

  19. J

    It’s not because of lack of money, because they (the elites) sure have enough to pay our enemies to come here, live here, steal our jobs, take our homes and to kill us. Don’t believe them. There’s tons of money here in USA. AND they’re stealing from our hard earned tills and giving to Russians, Muslims, Chinese and other foreign troops to live here until the second it’s time to take us (all Americans) out. That’s why they’re here. The foreigners are the foreign troops and their families in plain sight.
    Wake up. Don’t believe this money shortage thing. Ever.

    • Tin foil hat

      You should google “Petroldollar Recycling” to understand why our enemies?? are here.


      “Slave Labour Dollar Recycling” for China.
      “BMW Dollar Recycling” for Germany.
      “Electronic & Autos Dollar Recycling” for Japan and S. Korea.

  20. Mebane

    How do you purchase crypto currencies such as Bitcoin?

    • Petedivine

      Coin base is the easiest way. You can go to coinbase.com.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Mebane, if you know someone who owns Bitcoin, you can buy it from them directly. If you don’t know anyone, then you set up an account at an exchange such as Coinbase.

  21. Yankee in NC

    I really enjoyed your interview with Clif High. What bothers me most is his conclusion that the Governments can’t ‘crack’ cryptos anonymous feature. The Germans in WW2 believed that their enigma code was uncrackable. It did take years but eventually the allies did crack Enigma. Therefore, the possibility that anonymous feature that prevents government from monitoring crypto transaction is dubious.
    Your questions about crypto currencies backed by silver or gold were excellent. The retort that gold and silver are hard to move around was not sufficient to rule such a crypto.
    Lastly, Clif is a very smart man and his analytic system is ingenious but his accuracy of predictions by his own statements is about 50%. This means 1/2 of his predictions will be right and 1/2 will be wrong. All you have to do is pick the ‘right’ ones.
    I thank you for all that you do.

    Yankee in NC

    • Paul ...

      Unlike the Hebrews who came into possession of some of the “crystals of the gods” (according to the Book of Ezekiel) like the Ark of the Covenant and those Trumpets that blew down the walls of Jericho, etc.) … Clif is not in possession of such a weapon (it is simply as good as flipping a coin) … on the other hand “the crystals” lost by the gods when the Fallen Angels were kicked out of Heaven had tremendous power … these crystals were able to focus photons into a high energy “light beams” (laser death rays) or focus phonons into high energy “sound beams” … such secret weapons were desired by the Nazi’s … and that is why they created the Holocaust of WWII (to get hold of these secret weapons of the gods) and now these NeoNazi’s today want to create a WWIII Armageddon that will threaten to wipe out Israel … so that Israel will now give up the secret (sound) weapons in their possession!!

    • Chris Gordon

      The Allies cracked Enigma! No, the British on their own at Station X, Bletchley Park, with maths geniuses such as Alan Turing, cracked Enigma. Churchill decided not even to tell the Americans about Station X! The first electronic computer was designed (by Turing and Tommy Flowers) called Colossus was installed at Bletchley Park and the Americans were not told about it until after the was when they demanded that it be destroyed (after they put pressure on the British government to hand over the plans for it. Those plans were handed on to IBM – for irony, see my post elsewhere about Hitler). The whole staff of Station X were silenced under the Official Secrets Act, 1911 from talking about Station X or writing memoirs or other books on their work there until 1974 – a date from which the ‘personal computer’ started its amazing journey. Coincidence? Not likely? And which company dominated the PC market in the early years – IBM whose founder, Tom Watson was an ardent admirer of Hitler and Nazism. Coincidence? Not likely! Not after CIA ‘Operation Paperclip’ from 1948 onwards coupled with the shutting down by the Dulles brothers – (one Sec. of State and the other Director of the CIA – possibly with the collusion of President Harry Truman) of the successful ‘denazification’ programme in 1947. Is America now the Fourth Reich? You decide.

  22. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, you don’t have to “data mine” to know the dollar is becoming toast, just go shopping, see what $60 will buy at the grocery store. The working class’s paychecks are not keeping up and are on the verge of moving to their new lot in life; the working poor. Oh, I forget, the FED says inflation is low, LOL. Seriously though, the entire West as your guest discussed is in a downward period, however its not just economics, its culturally, morally, and spiritually as well. Maybe it just the “new norm”, maybe its “end times”, maybe its a period leading up to another global war, whatever it is it’s very recognizable and there are no solutions being presented by any county or anyone so we march on into the night.

  23. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, Strange interview with Clif. While I appreciate he is a VERY intelligent person, his background, working for Bill Gates’ Microsoft, gives me cause for some scepticism. In the 35th minute Clif says of Bitcoin speed of transaction, “. . . it’s software and we fix it”. Now, Clif could have been using the collective pronoun ‘we’ to refer to the wider IT community BUT I believe there is a better than evens chance this was a Freudian slip and that Bill Gates et al have more to do with the creation and maintenance of crypto currencies than anyone is aware of. A bit like ISIS, Bitcoin appeared ‘out of the blue’ fully equipped and ready to go. As I say, ‘strange’. Also, on gold: Clif appears to have changed his tune rather dramatically. Review your earlier interview/s with Clif and he was using his ‘predictive linguistics’ to forecast huge rises in gold – just around the corner. Now he tells your listeners that there is SO MUCH gold it can never appreciate substantially in value. He even refers to Bix Wier’s commentary on the not so secret Grand Canyon gold. Strange that those ‘stupid idiots’ running Russia and China are still buying gold as assiduously as possible – they mustn’t have heard of the Grand Canyon gold . . . . ? I believe Clif’s linguistics software is very clever and is able to accurately define what people are thinking RIGHT NOW. But, his extrapolations into the future are nothing more than an expression of the hopes and fears of the Internet community as expressed in the here and now and their accuracy is severely compromised by the fallibilit of people in general.

    • This sceptred isle

      AndrewB – Great post! Enjoyed reading it. If there is all this gold in the grand canyon there won’t be enough time to set up the mining infrastructure before the financial crisis hits.

      • Freebreezer

        TSI/AB The grand canyon gold is such a ruse! Just a sprinkle of Common Sense says it is. Someone or some organization finds the largest gold find in the history of all man kind and they decide to be altruistic? … Forgo all the luxuries of wealth, importance, fame just to keep the gold standard alive in the 1900’s – please. Man’s lust for greed knows no bounds, except in this case … this alone says it is not true! Per a technical side – the grand canyon back at the turn of the century was federal land and any one could file a claim, but in this case the prospectors realized that this was too much gold, thus they gave the claim to the Feds – yeh right. As per the other story of ancients with temples of gold … I think that was an Indiana Jones movie, this fails for the same reason. Man’s lust for fame, wealth etc,. say it is not so! It is the same old story since the early Spanish explorers searching for El Dorado! It is a fun dream, but that is all it is, a dream.

  24. Hatemail

    At 28:30 he states science will have the ability to achieve the alchemist holy grail, converting energy into matter by the year 2024.

    • William Stanley

      Hatemail: I found that interesting, and not as proof that Cliff doesn’t know what he’s talking about — I’m not sure which way you took it. Dr. Judy Wood and, more pertinently, John Hutchison, have looked into physics that would seem to open up that possibility, especially if one means the more modest effect of turning lighter metals, such as lead, into something heavier, say gold. There seems to be some connection to rumored classified directed energy weapons research as well. One more thing to possibly further discredit myself in your eyes: the rumors of the death of cold fusion (yes, Pons and Fleischer) may also have been exaggerated if other recent rumors turn out to be true. Yes, I know, rumors.

      • Hatemail

        Discredit? Hardly!
        I’m impressed that someone else takes an interest in science these days beyond playing alien bashing video games.

    • William Stanley

      Hatemail: Looks like I knew even less than I thought. In atomic mass lead is heavier than gold even though it is less dense. Platinum would have been a more plausible example than lead. My attempted point was that it does look like technology may be available to stuff more particles like protons into an element using energy and end up turning energy into mass.
      Cold fusion as an example of turning energy into mass was also probably off the mark. My apologies to everyone.

      • Paul ...

        The Sun of God has been turning hydrogen gas into “heavy metals” (up to the weight of iron) for millions of years … however what the Sun of God does not produce is gold … gold metal is only produced when a Sun (dies) explodes and goes Super Nova … so gold “is rare in our universe” … irrespective of what people say may be in the Grand Canyon!

        • Paul ...

          Ask God how rare gold is in our universe … he will tell you that it is only produced when his Sun dies … now think about how often Christ died on the Cross? … that is how very rare Gold is in our universe!!

          • Paul ...

            Ask the “aliens” (in league with the Deep State) if they want payment in “paper fiat”, “bit coins” or “gold” for their help in providing us with “advanced technology” … their answer would be “we only take payment payment in “physical gold” … why do you think the Russians and Chinese need so much gold? … they want laser death rays for their fighter plans also … so don’t think all that gold the Japanese stole from China during WWII is still around … and I wouldn’t count on any gold being left in the Grand Canyon … all Earth’s gold is likely being shipped off world … to “beings” that value it highly!!

      • Hatemail

        If you believe the Big Bang Theory, then all matter was derived from energy. Where the energy came from in the first place is ignored. So much for theory.

    • The Seer

      Past and present master metaphysicists know how to convert the universal energy into materials. Humans are suppressed by institutions and governments in order to suppress
      their natural abilities to beam themselves to other locations (teleportation), materialize matter, telepathic communication, live on light (no food or water required), etc etc.
      For those of us who have experienced these enhanced abilities through practice it is currently unpractical to us them as other humans turn you into a guru or a nut. So most of us keep it quiet and only use them with others who have the ability. IMO, to have the ability it is easier to be very pure in thought and relaxed to operate in the energy system
      that the human body has the natural faculties for such thought power. If humanity was allowed and supported on a mass scale to evolve there would be world peace, sharing, joy, love and happiness on a mass scale.
      As for Clif, his data sets bring date according to his software design. The “interpretation” of the data may be equal to a psychic “interpreting” the vision being seen – misinterpretations can take place so the 50/50 . . . . . . At least he is trying to predict . . .

  25. mushy

    GRAND JURY the Clinton’s – both of them…….

  26. Sylvia Sterling

    This man, Clif High, stimulates the thought processes and stretches the imagination to the limit. I find him extremely interesting and thought provoking. He has given us an alternative to U.S. government control of our finances. Thanks , Greg, for putting him on your show.

  27. AndrewB

    Just a ‘foot note’ to my earlier post: The conclusions drawn by Clif’s linguistics software are totally dependent upon the values he ascribes to the adverbs and adjectives applied to each target verb or noun. For example, Clif could decide to ascribe a maximum score of plus 10 to the word ‘LOVE’ and a minimum score of minus 10 to the word ‘HATE’. (I realise this is a very simplistic example, but bear with me). If Clif created a linguistics software report on a particular ‘target’ item and did not like the result, and was motivated to alter it, he would only need to redefine the values ascribed to the descriptive linguistics. In my simplistic example, he could change the value of ‘love’ and / or ‘hate’ so that they were not of equal and opposite value. This would create a totally different report. Not saying Clif deliberately skews the results to suit ‘an agenda’ but it’s possible. Therefore, caution is required, as usual, when listening to Clif’s predictions. In 2017, the truth is an elusive creature.

  28. Neil

    Greg, how do we know that anything happens that is not planned by the elites/deep state? Clif is very pro cryptos and things are good now. What about the world currency stated by the Economist in 1988? I think the elites have cryptos up their sleeve too and ready to counter the fiat currency. What happens to us then?

    • Greg Hunter

      You need everything to really prepare. do not go all in on nothing. The simplest way to play this at this point is just buy some silver along with food and water and anything else you think you will need.

    • william lesieur

      Simply look at his track record.

  29. Kim

    Great video! The best interviews by the best interviewer!!

    This blog and the people who comment has opened my mind and education to make things much better for my life! Information is POWER! Thank you!! God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim for your comment and support.

  30. Dev

    Greg and clif thanks for sharing….
    sorry i have very little understanding of currency, finance, governance …

    – 26% of the world are illiterate, but they can still use fiat currency.
    – There are many fiat currency in this world may be one for every country
    and cryptos are fiat on steroids cause any group can create there own version.
    – when SHTF, along with the fiat cryptos will also be toast. if there is no network and no
    electronic gadgets to transact.
    when SHTF and a brewer wants to sell beer he would rather exchange it with fruits or nuts or
    or other basic needs, and fiat and cryptos would be valued zero cause they dont hold any
    intrinsic value for any useful purpose as of that TIME.

    Root of troubles/confusion is human greed.

  31. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for your efforts. You may want to consider putting up a wallet address for Litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum etc. Your cost to setup is almost zero and it would be easier for a donation. Some people may prefer not to do business with paypal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point and thank you for making it here.

  32. Blake Mann

    Clearly Cliff is a very smart and knowledgeable guy but for such a software genius as Greg points out his website pretty much blows! BTW, I’m not referring to the content but to the layout and the interface. Also when he talks about “strange energy from outer space” without being able to explain it, it always makes me cringe and think “whacko”. Sorry just being honest – Blake Mann

  33. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Wow! Your guests have been outstanding! And, yes, a little controversial. But, still, they evince deep and wide understanding and knowledge. Cliff is very definitely thought provoking and I’m looking forward to the flow of comments. I personally am still skeptical that cryptocurrencies will be able to evade the grasp of the government for very long. Thus, silver still has more allure for me. Still, I am leaning toward purchasing an electronic crypto coin wallet — just in case Cliff and some other pretty smart people really are right.

  34. Silverado

    I like Bill Holter’s latest quip (which isn’t exact but it’s close enough) about crypto-currencies where he said (about precious metals) “that’s the difference between investing in something real and investing in air…in my opinion”
    And I would say that I agree with that sentiment.

  35. Bob from mo.

    Hey GREG! Thanks !! For all those who wonder if cliff is a Kook or not….Remember this. it is not important so much if he”s ” Right or wrong” But what is important is that it makes one “STOP AND THINK” for your self. He gives you info, now go find out if it has merit! He does what any good sensei does…. use your own brain!!! cliff if your reading this Thanks!! Greg you are the MAN!!!! bob from mo.

  36. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I assumed Bitcoin was being pushed so that banks and drug kingpins could bypass the middle man…retail little helpers. A lot of boats and SUVs and other bling would sure get hauled away if their ‘owners’ had to go back to selling coffee, corn dogs, and little baskets of peaches by the road.

    • Mike R

      Deanna, you are right about use of Bitcoin and the crypto’s. It’s exploded in use as a tremendous money laundering mechanism, and especially in all of the black market (illegal drugs ) “commodities”, such as cocaine, heroine, and opium. The users can remain completely anonymous, which is really what has every government extremely worried. There is just a ton of business being conducted using Bitcoin in the most riskiest of black market goods, that are also the most profitable, and thus worth the risk to the exchangers of the volitality. That has been the biggest price driver as so many have discovered Bitcoins effectiveness for disguise. Bitcoin has been far too risky and volatile for mainstream businesses to use, but the drug dealers are loving the Bitcoin as its price has tripled in the past year, making them even more money, while they launder money and buy and sell massive quantities of drugs. The other benefit is they can do these ‘trades’ in very very small amounts, but with ease of frequency, and thousands of transactions, making trace-ability even more challenging. Of course ease of tax evasion too is a major bonus. And avoidance of all banks makes it even better for the criminal networks and cartels.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Thank you, Mike! I just had a gut feeling and you have explained it! I’ve always had a natural suspicion of the Latest Big Thing…at 21 in 1969 read all the Feminist books and smelled money, power, and exploitation of women….but couldn’t explain why. The French call it the Dernier Cri…the Latest Shrieking.

  37. Paul Anthony

    Thanks Greg

    Cliff always gives us lots of stuff to think about. I find his data mining fascinating. (in a good way)

  38. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Clif High is always interesting — not to be taken literally, but interesting.

    So I was listening to Clif talking about how there is all this gold out there and how plentiful it is and then I asked myself, “self, if there’s so much gold out there, why is leverage at such high levels and why are naked short contracts used to keep the price suppressed? Why not just sell some real gold into the system rather than paper gold?” I’ve still got crypto currencies lumped in with Tulips, color me not convinced.

    There’s lots of paper gold out there and the markets get away with substitutung paper gold for physical gold. The COMEX can normally satisfy a futures contract by delivering paper dollars rather than by delivering physical metal and as long as traders are willing to take paper rather than demanding physical, why not. At some point people holding those contracts will refuse the paper and demand the metal supposedly behind that futures contract; there will be a failure to deliver and then all hell breaks loose. With the crack-up boom, the day will come soon when holders of gold/silver futures contracts will stand for delivery and they will want metal — they will not want hyper-inflated US dollars in lieu of that physical metal.

    I wonder if Russia or China are holding any futures contracts on the COMEX. As part of the trade war that is apparently picking up steam, would Russia or China attempt to crash the COMEX by demanding physical delivery? It wouldn’t take much. The trade war could also get ugly when EU decides to ignore the US sanctions, and go with Russia for oil and natural gas; pipelines are more reliable and less expensive than tankers crossing the Atlantic. All Putin needs to do is play nice, not sure he can.

    * The Russians didn’t hack the DNC; Seth Rich leaked the info, apparently for $$.
    * That 530/535 sanctions vote made it very clear that Republican members of the House and Senate are no longer worthy of my vote.
    * Sanctioning Russia for something done by a DNC staffer is inane.
    * I’m no longer a registered Republican.
    * The sanctions will eventually isolate the US (maybe that’s the plan).

    So what am I missing?

    • Macray

      Great questions to “self”. I have no doubt that “self” was very capable of bringing you “self” enlightenment. I would suggest that most Watchdogger’s that do just a little brain storming with “self” will also be provided with similar answers!
      Perhaps in the future, if Bix Weir or Dr Willie were to exercise their linguistic talents on the internet and for some reason suggest that trillions of tons of Silver are located in the Grand Cayman’s, “self” will be ready for your questions again!
      I was hoping that the web bots would be able to answer the question of whether or not I should toss my smart phone?
      More Lonely, Fewer ‘Friends’, Less Sex – Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

      • I'M Zulu

        Hey Mac,
        It’s a pretty obvious confluence of events:

        TV is 24/7 propaganda that the smartest, most attractive, most competent, and most noble are: government, then the experts, then the media, then rich people, then ordinary people, then anti-establishment types.
        TV is 24/7 propaganda promoting homosexuality.
        TV is 24/7 propaganda promoting single moms.
        TV is 24/7 propaganda promoting bitchy women.
        TV is 24/7 propaganda that women are not responsible for their actions.
        TV is 24/7 propaganda that men are stupid, incompetent, unreliable, emotionally unstable, emotionally needy … liars.
        Much (perhaps most) psychology is junk science.
        Chemicals in our environment (i.e. consumer products, food, air, water) are reducing testosterone and are thus making men more obedient, submissive, and conformist — very unattractive.
        They are jealous that we can have the kind of good relationships that they will never have.
        They are conditioning us to be controlled like animals in a zoo, which is not that much further from where we are now.

        The kids know, instinctively, that something is deeply wrong with our world.

        Yes, but they are taught to blame their parents.

        I often wonder, who to blame? For the assault against the species.
        And that assault is about to intensify severely. And who to blame?

        The god of this world and the true God for allowing it to continue so long!

        They will all be dead before they hit 60 via EMF induced cancer. Party on!!

        Don’t blame it on smart phones…

        Remember Obozo’s words to Russian president Dimitry Medvedev, “After my election I’ll have more flexibility.”

        Unfortunately, part of that flexibility was “inflicted” on the homeland and the American people.

        After 2012 was when Obozo was into his 2nd term and he and his apparatchiks doubled-down on the socialist liberal agenda & policies of the Left with a demonic passion, flaunting hundreds of laws.

        He knew he was unimpeachable and he acted accordingly. He did whatever he wanted. He didn’t give a shit about the economy (only putting the stamp of the LEFT on every facet of the government) and the young people suffered accordingly – worse than any generation in decades. Many could not get jobs and had to live in their parent’s basements.

        No wonder they’re so screwed up.

        In addition, and worse, their self-esteem took a huge hit when (after supporting Obozo in both elections by the millions) many of them finally came to realize they were wrong about their hero and the self-absorbed turd really didn’t give a shit about them and and had left them in worse shape than before and here’s the real reason why!

        Barack Obomber’s Coming of Age in Africa. Never Before Seen Video;
        Obama Whines About White Privilege https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fItxli7-uU0

        He went to private school, and grew up in Hawaii. It must be hard to have that kind of privilege growing up… Then seeing your cousins in Africa who couldn’t afford to go on Safari in their own land, but only these white or Asian foreigners able to afford this privilege.

        Hey Barry it even happens in family’s, like your own family and In my own family. I’m not invited to certain activities because they know I simply cant afford it because I’m poor and their rich.

        Barry, life’s a bitch! Yer never gonna change it, except destroy it trying!

        Obama’s half-brother in Africa is a Trump supporter and another is also a Muslim. So, hes living in confusion just like the rest of us and the rest of the world! GIVE PEACE A CHANCE EVERYBODY! BURY THE HATCHET. NOT IN YOUR BROTHERS HEAD!

        • Macray

          I hear you Bro!
          For me, I lost the TV almost 7 years ago now and I assure you I haven’t missed the fake news.

          Karma is a bitch and what our country has been putting out into our Universe, way before O, will be coming back to us very shortly.

          You can cite many factors, of which you did. But the one that brings it full circle for me is this 23 second clip.

          Madeleine Albright – The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq’s non existent WMD’s


          • Paul ...

            Actually Bush sent military teams to Iraq to “plant” weapons of mass destruction (as a big false flag operation) … however the “good guys” in the Alliance against the Cabal “fracked these teams” … and so the weapons of mass destruction were never found!

    • Russ

      Here’s another discussion regarding Bitcoin versus gold, this time between Peter Schiff and Max Keiser — “Peter “Gold” Schiff Vs Max “Crypto” Keiser – Are Bitcoins The New Beaver Pelts?”

      🙂 Beaver pelts and tulips… They’re rare and in high demand…until they aren’t.

  39. Tin foil hat

    Wow, strange energy from space having collective effect on our brains???? Where did he get that from? “Cosmic Knowledge” from the Ancient Alien????
    Bitcoin will take over the dollar as the reserve currency????? Nooooo way!!!! I imagine there will be a crypto currency circulating among central banks. Every central bank will probably be equipped with blocks link and secure via cryptography.
    Instead of using the blocks/computers to generate/mine additional crypto like ordinary civilians, the central bank/nation would have to either create trade surplus or mine gold (domestically) to add to the crypto/gold reserve. IMF would probably be the one and only cryptocurrency exchange – Bitcoin will be considered financial terrorism. That means any nation which have their entire reserve in crypto will be under total control of the IMF. No sane nation will not have certain percentage of reserve in gold to maintain independent sovereignty – Russia and China are doing that right now to shake loose from the dollar hegemony.
    I don’t think Mr. Clif High understands gold or interprets the internet datas correctly.

    • John

      Yes, cliff is a harmless waste of time for those who understand his predictions are babbling nonsense supported by imaginary data sets, but, sadly, a menace to those who follow his ramblings as guidance.

      Did you notice how Greg talked over him when he started to predict the silver price, clearly to stop him from repeating his previous prediction for next year at 100000 usd+

      Greg, i think you are producing a sensationalism porn show with this guest ?

    • FC

      TFH, you are also of the opinion that the only type of legal crypto currency will be under the IMF’s control.
      In the same way, the IMF won’t accept my Monopoly money, they won’t accept a non-issued IMF crypto.
      I say congratulations to the few who will profit from this madness, but to those who will lose everything, you can’t say you hadn’t been warned.

  40. Sean

    Clif considers cryptos above precious metals. Cryptos are created by man and are unevenly distributed which is why sudden dumps occur when the early adopters try to take profit. Cryptos are being used like a ponzi scheme in general bUT blockchain is of great value for business. I’ve followed Greg and his crew for almost a decade most are bad at forecasting or just try and play the emotional volitility in people’s hearts. Beware of any who have a stake in the game to make money

    • Paul ...

      Clif has a computer box and deals in zeros and ones all day long with his computer programs … so he is going to have a “natural bias” toward anything that is denominated in zeros and ones (like crypto) inside a computer box … as for me I have “a different box” in front of me all day … filled with gold and silver Panda coins … for me … I like the 100% certainty of “physically holding my Pandora’s Box” (and feeling the weight of it in my live hands) … rather then “imagining” some zero’s and one’s in a Crypt somewhere buried in cyber space!!

  41. william lesieur

    Whenever I try and open peoples minds up to this website and others that host personalities like Clif, Lynette Zang, Greg Mannarino, Mike Maloney,Chris Martenson, etc. the one word I use to describe EVERYONE’S motivations is—-ALTRUISM.

  42. jak

    Clif is saying that gold is on it’s way to becoming worthless. That’s more than a little difficult to believe. I still don’t get cryptos. Where is the tangible value to some numbers in a computer? Gold has had tangible value for thousands of years. It has always been a store of value. How are cryptos a store of value when they can crash and they are springing up like mushrooms.

  43. toukerb

    Much as I find Clif to be a thoughly charming and stimulating speaker I often find that his analysis is sometimes flawed. When he speaks of cryptos providing greater velocity of money with a mature crypto platform, as in his real estate example, it seems to me that the effective increase in liquidity (not velocity) he refers to woulld be the result of an integrated blockchain platform rather than of the ‘currency’ properties of any particular crypto.
    Many thanks for your continued dedication to the pursuit of truth

  44. Uma

    Pls bring Mr Warren Pollak on or Egon Greyerz and ask them about the nonsense Mr. Cliff is babbeling about.
    He is cocky and his studd might go ober his head.
    I could hardly take that trash he stated here … so sorry …
    not clear at all, …

  45. Tad


    If you read this article, you’ll understand Clif’s theses about the likelihood of a major US/NATO-Russian conflict. He rates it as low. I’m not so sure, but time and political stupidity will tell. The system is installed on most Russian aircraft and surface ships.

    I’ve heard Bill Holter discuss this system, though not by name, re the USS Fitzgerald collision.

    A few words: USS Donald Ross, Black Sea, 2014 -2015, ship electrical system shutdown.
    With this as a backdrop, sanctions and and increased show of force in Baltics as part of dog and pony show, Washington has few-if any- cards to play.

    The only card they may have is a false sense of confidence in, is next year’s Russian elections. While Putin hasn’t formally announced, he’s said he would run as an independent. Not Independent Party. So he’s guaranteed a ballot spot.

    I would hope he’d consider kicking out more Americans other than what has been announced.

  46. Keith

    So I question Cliff’s take on the scarcity of gold. If true, that there’s 80X more gold than currently thought that could be mined, why is it not reflected in the plethora of “independently owned and operated” gold mine’s balance sheets. One company “De Beers” controlling the amount of diamonds that come to market is a poor analogy for the thousands of independent gold miners that would have to be doing the same thing. Gold, like silver, would have to show up as a by-product in all sorts of mining if it was that plentiful, and it’s not.

  47. Jeannette

    Thanks for having Clif High on again. I am always fascinated by what he has to say. Does his current $99 paper teach the ignorant about how to navigate the crypto world? I would like to learn more. For some of us who are seniors, silver and gold may be the only alternatives to the dollar.

  48. Paul P.

    Greg, another fantastic interview. Silver to skyrocket !! The real question as you posed : When will the cork be unscrewed? Answer- it starts this year and will rocket over $600 in 2018 ! In and of itself , this is mind boggling! It seems the catalyst will be the introduction of some form of crypto encapsulation which bypasses today’s Comex/LBMA complex and a silver wire which it seems will replace fibre optics. The organizations he referred to establishing the crypto encapulations have yet to be publicly announced and it seems once this comes to fruition the investment world will wake up to a new dawn in Silver. Yet given the decades old suppression scheme and the BIG Banks controlling it…I ‘m having difficulty imaging this won’t go down without a fight. That said, Clif is one smart cookie and his knowledge of the crypto world is unmatched …sofar he has been bang on! Keep him coming on as this evolves. Would also like to see Andrew Maguire on get his view on his upcoming Bullioncoin for both Gold and Silver. Again Greg very much enjoyed you interview. Enlightening!!!!!

  49. Mike Harvey

    Not convinced by a long shot by Cliff.s verbiage. We are at peak gold and he is going against all those experts that do not rely on his formulae of linguistics. Bitcoin is backed by thin air and a hope by those speculating in it that it will become the norm. Central Banks will not tolerate it in the future, the World is in turmoil at the moment and anything goes until it doesn’t. The future of currencies in a world of indiscipline and debt is to introduce a system backed by gold. Cliff is way off beam and needs to inspect his analysis. In his last interview he predicted gold at 4800 dollars per ounce by February 2018!
    Jim Rickards may have something to say about Cliff,s hypothesis

  50. jodyp

    Toward the end Cliff talks about Russia and Chinas ability to take out our electronics. No current(electricity),no currency(cryptos).And whats to stop our government from outlawing businesses from dealing in cryptos.Golds been outlawed before.Not totally against the crypts,just don’t feel its for me.

  51. Jared

    It does make some sense that in today’s world cryptos would be more logical for trade, however I still see the beauty and history of precious metals as the place to be. That being said I can see a new monetary system being created where both are very integral parts. The only thing that worries me is if we go all in on cryptos a character such as the Antichrist could come to rule the western nations. I have been contemplating this because Revelation says the armies of the East will come against Antichrist and I believe this could be an economic issue with the Eastern nations being more aligned with precious metals and the Western nations being more aligned in cryptos.
    We shall see I suppose.

    • Dan

      I am with you about the crypto’s. After all how do you obtain crypto’s? With paper money. Also, I cannot be sure that every stroke of the computer is not known by the NSA. The government can outlaw the use of bitcoin. In fact the SEC has now said that bitcoin and others will be regulated by the SEC. Also what about EMP? No internet, no bitcoin. I actually think that the only reasons that the U.S. government has allowed bitcoin and others to continue is to (1) see how the public takes to electronic money so the Banks can get rid of cash and box you in by (bail-ins). (2) Wait until those who have been buying and selling bitcoin get monkey hammered by the IRS for not reporting and paying taxes on capital gains.
      I will stick with real things called gold and silver, land, gems, guns and ammo, food etc.

      • jodyp

        My line of thinking,Dan. You just stated it better. I’ll say it again. Mr.High promotes cryptos as the future. Then tells us it could be wiped out. Where’s the value in that?!?!

  52. JSmith

    Good show. However, Cliff High is wrong on the Cryptocurrencies. There are now 70 Hedge Funds investing in Cryptocurrencies and the number is rising. There are several hundred cryptocurrencies worldwide. They are not rising because the dollar is dying (or else gold and silver would also break free). They are rising because of excess liquidity and speculation.

    These digital currencies have low / zero intrinsic value at this point. They only have value because some people elect to believe that they have value. As Warren Pollock pointed out – many are way too slow to be of real commercial value.

    Much of Cliff’s suggestions earlier in the year regarding near-term market shocks, dramatic moves upward in gold and silver within months — have proven to be wrong. Further, this whole idea that the economy is doing good in a crypto versus a dollar world is detached from reality. The jobs market is weak (for quality jobs), the US consumer is burdened with debt, and we are on the cusp of debt ceiling crisis.

    What is Mr. High smoking?

    Not trying to be rude — just so many elements of the argument are unhinged from reality — even if you put on a nuclear physicist’s cap and start looking through a relativistic lens (and start think in terms of frames of reference, internet eyeballs, or other historical abstraction).

    There is a new reality around cryptocurrencies emerging — and that is all likelihood on cryptocurrencies that are collateralized (by gold and silver for example). That would be a breakthrough.

    • Paul ...

      Does anyone ever ask themselves why? … why? … would people sell their highly valued crypto? … for some worthless fiat paper dollars?? … does that make cents??? … how much worth can something have if it can be bought with something printed out of thin air?? … of course one can say this for gold and silver too … but at least with gold and silver you are getting something physical … not simply more hot air!!

      • Paul ...

        Imagine the world in great danger … and a UFO lands on your street to take people in the neighborhood to safety on Mars … but they only have room for a few people … do you think offering them fiat paper dollars, yen, euros, yuan or bit coins would get you on board? … however gold (being a “universal currency”) would likely easily get your family tickets aboard that UFO !!

    • Mike R

      You are right. Cliff has not mentioned much about any of the other crypto’s which should show up in the lingustics too. He’s pretty much only specifically focused on Bitcoin. Any crypto at any time, could rapidly rise in price, way above Bitcoin, or have far greater appreciation in a shorter period of time than Bitcoin has had. or equally implode even faster. The world has very limited government issued currencies, but there is an infinite number of potential crypto’s that could be issued by ANYONE ?. So truly what is the difference between this and individuals issuing their own forms of currency or IOU’s ? That is banned by most governments, but is exactly what is occurring now with crypto’s. ICO’s (crypto offerings, otherwise known as Initial Coin Offerings) have exploded in number in vary short time, so there truly is ZERO scarcity. Its all infinite. Infinite number of them can be issued. The ‘scarcity’ concept of ‘block chain’ and ‘mining’ has been perpetuated by myth and stated perception, and further based on the issuer’s essentially assuming (falsely) that all of man-kind is too stupid to figure this stuff out. Well we aren’t stupid, and a whole lot of very smart people, including mega fund Billionaire Howard Marks, who manages more money than Clif High will ever dream of, has this whole crypto thing pegged.

      I’m not into predictions, or gambling at all, cannot stand Vegas, or any casino, but if I was a betting man, I’d bet big money this whole crypto experiment ends very badly, with billions being ‘frozen’ and unaccessible indefinitely , completely ‘lost’, or vaporized by some anonymous hackers, before end of 2018. If its on-line, it CAN BE HACKED. Never ever forget that.

  53. Fred

    This is where Cliff High is stupid, dumb, ignorant and arrogant about gold. The Chinese have not been buying tons of gold over several years to waste their money. Gold will be used for international trade between nations as the discipline so no nation can create new currency by the billions out of thin air by hitting a keystroke button like the USA does now. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are backed by NOTHING…..they are software ponzi schemes…….they are a new kind of software multi-level marketing scheme that they conveniently renamed as Block Chain technology. Cryptos are worthless tulip bulb mania enhanced by the greater fool theory.

    Cliff’s predictive linguistics is incredibly flawed. Governments only make public what they want to make public and that is propaganda and fake news. They don’t make public what they are really scheming behind closed doors despite what many seem to say that they telegraph to the public ahead of time which is nonsense.

    Cliff is SCI-FI on steroids who is looking to sell his SCI-FI Half Past Human SENILE newsletter to make a living now that he doesn’t do work for Microsoft anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point on gold but High has also made some incredibly good calls right here on USAWatchdog.com. High would be the first to tell you he’s not a 100% on anything but My personal experience he’s made some big calls. When Bitcoin was around $700 per unit he said it would go way up. It’s hard to say he got that wrong. That is one of many.

    • Dan

      Cliff is a techno-geek and Cryptos are just right up his alley of what he is used to. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

      • Greg Hunter

        High likes silver to and that is the safest play around.

  54. Jim

    Sorry Greg, energy from space causes all wars? Real inflation is measured by the price of Bitcoin? $13,800 Bitcoin by February is caused by inflation? Gold will go to Zero? He only thinks in terms of Bitcoin to determine value? Bitcoin’s better so his wife doesn’t need to lug a sack of Gold coins to go shopping? Maybe she just needs a tenth of an ounce. I’m sorry Greg, I got 15 minutes in and I just had to shut you down. Do people really believe this guy? I really can’t remember any of his predictions being accurate. I’ll be back on Wednesday.

  55. Kevin Lawton

    Clif mentioned that Ethereum’s switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) will solve the scalability problem. That is not true. The version “Casper” which adds PoS aims to decrease the Ethereum transaction *latency* from say 15 seconds to a few seconds or lower. The bigger savings is eliminating wasted power consumption from Proof-of-Work (PoW) like in current Ethereum & Bitcoin. Actual transactions-per-second is anticipated to scale to 2x or 10x (which won’t keep up with demand, especially given many coins/smart-contracts are being created on Ethereum faster than that).


    The Ethererum project which actually takes aim at transactions-per-second is sharding. That’s still in the future.

    When talking about Bitcoin prices in the future, guests should state which one. Currently there are 2 bitcoin forks. And in Q12018 there is anticipated a 3rd called “bcash”, which is bitcoin + the privace layer from zcash. I’d imagine there will be others. As well, there’s the anticipated hard fork this November for Bitcoin#1, to increase the block size (which is now even more needed to stay competitive with Bitcoin#2).


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kevin for coming on and commenting!!

      • Dave

        China, India and Russia today, buy all of 3000 tonnes of gold mined. That’s all of it. That excludes all other purchases. Gold is not in excess, it is in scarcity when one factors in just some, modest risks.

    • David John Williams

      Kevin, they’re trying to make a Ferrari out of a Model T….they can fork all they want, it’s lipstick on a pig. Those who are are paying attention know the Ferrari already exists…the future is IOTA. People always take too long to wake up.

  56. Roger Carpenter

    Greg Thanks For That!

    I doubt Cliff would say anything he does not believe as truth. To do so would cement his reputation in a bad light. He is very intelligent and I for one believe much of his work is accurate sooner or later.

    Nice work Greg..

  57. don

    Gold/silver will always be used as money. The availability of gold/silver based debit cards will be every bit as reliable and acceptable as crypto currencies. It would be interesting if Greg set something up on his site where predictions made by his guests are compared to what actually occurs months later.

  58. Kevin Lawton

    I would also like to address “store of value”. Neither bitcoin nor any physical good (e.g. silver) store value. Clif mentioned von Mises. The intellectual father of that movement was Carl Menger who stated that all value lives in the minds of people (but this is lost on the von Mises followers).

    Store of value is a mis-direction belief-system happily encouraged from the establishment. The only real economic system is a flow-of-value, akin to the velocity of money. Any true currency has to flow, thus the word currency comes from “current” (most economic terms come from Maritime trade). When it’s locked up (investors, speculators), it causes shortages and artificial volatility, which chokes the economy and makes the poor even poorer (because volatility and scarcity translate to extra costs). And it chokes the commercial uses of said commodities.

    The currency creation model of today’s crypto currencies lends itself to an indefinite number of new cryptos (thousands already). Each new one dilutes the share of cryptos that a given person has. Thus, more fiat currency is needed to keep acquiring cryptos to maintain a person’s share. This is a broken system based on millenia old dogma.

    I wrote the book “Beyond the Bitcoin Trap” to express a far better system which creates a “flow crypto” to create a flow-of-value based economy. No matter how many new cryptos are created with this model, the baseline currency mined for each person is also the same in terms of percentage of the entire pie.

    We are not going to get anywhere with the current crypto model. It’s nothing more than the current establishment system in digital drag.

    Additionally, for those of you who think cryptos are outside of price-capture, have a look at the analysis from Brad Peters. He identified what he calls a pulse wave attack. Now with the CFTC approving options for bitcoin, what he describes will not only be worse, but price manipulation will be profitable:


  59. Kevin Lawton

    Let’s also take on the anonymity/privacy facade. Too many people are spewing this nonsense about bitcoin. People, bitcoin is not anonymous!

    Here’s Clif High’s bitcoin wallet balance & transaction ledger, based on his public bitcoin address (on Half Past Human). About $108 thousand:


    Bitcoin was not created to hide transaction tracks. Additionally, many of the places (exchanges, online wallets) have to abide by Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) laws, with the goal of tracking backward a few transactions. Making this worse are de-anonymization techniques that gather multiple datasets and divine identification even if any one data set is anonymous.

    Many of the so-called privacy cryptos are not truly private. The only one so far that looks to have real privacy potential is zcash. Monero for example has honey-pot potential issues:


    Clif seems to carry the tone that Bankster’s are behind the times on cryptos. You won’t have that idea after you watch JP Morgan’s demo of Quorum at Consensus 2017. They took Ethereum, replaced the consensus model and integrated the privacy layer from Zcash. It spits out what look like hundreds of thousands of transactions per second:


    • Corleone

      Richard M. Stallman said that what people really need is a system of anonymous payment via internet, not a cryptocurrency. He also said that blockchain technology is 1980s technology developed by some of his friends.

  60. Neil - usual one

    I would put Clif in the same cage as ‘false prophets’. The attention loving part of him is becoming arrogant too.. “guy”… really? In troubled times where people are inclined to worry about the future because they are not getting information or good leadership people will listen to irrational sources for assurance or guidance. Clif strikes me as being something of an old hippy having a second wind but somewhat immorally capitalising on his relative maturity. I don’t view him as that intelligent as much as a clever exploiter of his good fortune. He can babble on monopolising all the air time and people will hang on his every utterance. As others have mentioned he is actually not very accurate and probably no more so than anyone not using his computerised word sorting game. To be honest I am not sure his predictive linguistics is anything more than bunkum. Overall I don’t think this is useful to the mission of preparing people for adversity but hey its your site.
    I am inclined to agree with Scott in that I think this was one of your lesser weeks but you seem to be stressed by other matters. I hope if you find you are needing donations to offset YouTube losses you will put that out. 110k viewers ought to be able to help out.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif is NOT a “false prophet” Clif is sharing what he is finding with Internet research he does that takes weeks to compile with billions and billions of data points. He comes on for free to share his thoughts on what his “predictive linguistics” reveals. High will be the first to tell you he’s not 100%. That said he’s made some spot on predictive right here on USAW and no he’s not 100%. As far as the USAW site and You Tube channel, those are free too and nobody is 100%. Thank you for your comment.

      • Neil

        Greg, we will have to respectfully disagree about the nature/worth of Clif’s predictions. I not going to be influenced by what he says. His character does make for an interesting guest though I will give you that…. From the outside I am more than a little frustrated that Americans are not more focused on taking concrete action to save their country rather than dwelling on the possibilities of aliens in Antarctica, hidden technologies, Bitcoin plays and such. That’s just who I am. I want to pick up the bucket and put the fire out. Reflecting on my own contributions here and whether they are helping people confront important issues and motivate them to prevent the worst coming to pass I am not sure there is much point in continuing. Sadly I think the stage is now set for an epic disaster. I wish everyone in the US good luck however. In the most part what is likely to transpire is not your fault.

      • Tom

        Greg, Stop talking down to people who have deeper perception of reality than you have, High [if that’s his real name] is an obvious fraud , you are undermining the value of your, usually valuable, work with these idiotic interviews and seriously eroding your personal credibility.

        • Greg Hunter

          Clif High is NOT a fraud. He has a 100% money back guarantee and that, in no way considered fraud. I take down false and inaccurate statements like calling some one a “fraud” when that is either a troll lie or just wrong. If you want to talk about my credibility then just a verifiable full name like I do. You can trace my body of work and my career. Use a verifiable full name so we know you are not a paid troll.

          • Fake Trolls

            You become a Troll yourself when you accuse fellow contributors of trolling for giving valid opinions that you don’t like, for balance how about naming all that agree with you as trolls as well?

            • Greg Hunter

              Fake troll,
              Use a real verifiable name if you want to criticize and NOT be suspected as a real troll.

  61. JC D

    If this silver/gold don’t outlast a economy at zero how can one think it will get better Yuan bring it on ! I have been expecting a crash since 2010. one week its a crash, next it is the reason it did not crash.. For me it is all become mombo jumbo. Greg you know I think your a honest man, BUT at some point you gota be sick as I am prepping for things that never happen. I have more food then 25 people can eat in a week. I feel like a fool, but not like I felt when the stocks crashed in 2008. This crypto talk is a waste of good time. The MIC is far greater the all the crypto combined. A spoon can serve dinner. It will never stir 5 gallons of wine. crypto is the spoon. Jim Rickards please

  62. Diane

    Cliff may or may not be right.
    I couldn’t not understand any of his theories.

  63. Len Penzo

    I’m sorry Greg, but I just can’t understand how this guy has so many people willing to give him the time of day. Every time he’s is on, that famous quote from P.T. Barnum comes to mind …

  64. mike

    Hi all.

    Article on Zero Hedge tonight about China and block-chain. The government seems to be preparing to take control and intends to use it to collect taxes and faciltate monetary transparency. Looks like China will have it’s own crypto currency, controlled by them, not speculators. The central banks around the world will do the same. IMO, the central banks put the crypto trail balloon out there, just like the bail-in trial balloon. The tax collector will be at the door of crypto currency speculators very soon; if they think that speculators may be avoiding taxes, then they cancel their passports and ability to leave the country. Their is no free lunch. I suspect their will be a lot of amended tax returns among crypto speculators. If my read of the Zero Hedge article is correct, then the game may have just changed.

  65. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    I do enjoy Cliff. He is entertaining. I would enjoy a weekend of camping with Cliff. I’m sure it would be exciting, mentally. I due have concerns, he has lived to long in California.
    Disagree : Bit coin…..YOU NEED THE INTERNET. LIKE…..I NEED AN ATM.
    This is like stocks…being driven high by fad….but when it drops, your screwed.
    Silver coins: Pre-65. BUY in $5, 10, 20 bags and hide. Everybody can tell what
    your trading with. Silver bullion is not workable. Funny shaped
    Silver stamps are not going to work for YOU.
    Gold…..not even going there. Always has been, always will be, FINITE.
    It’s a wealth bridge. He is to……futuristic in his outlook. Digital is SHIT.
    Let me say this……you pull paper out in some shit hole or pull out silver
    or gold…..and they are all over you with the coins.
    Bit coin….If you can afford to LOOSE some money, play in Digital….Ease some
    some money out, BLEED the investment and keep your principle.
    He admits, the Dow could run up because of inflation….but equates the
    rise in Bit coin as positive. It’s digital fantasy.
    Confiscation….NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Do you think Cops will try and
    confiscate your guns…..NO….your Gold/Silver….NO. They
    will die to quickly. He doesn’t think, they can Digitally
    confiscate? Obama transferred control to the UN.
    Biblical…..We are at opposite ends. I believe….he thinks woowo.
    North Korea….Is not a blow off. It will kill millions and burden us with Trillions
    in costs. Missions creep …and then it’s a FUCKING mess.

    Note: You need to decide, if the system will rock on for ever…..or is there a sanity point,
    where physical turns out to be a MONSTROUS investment.

    I’d like to chill around the fire pit with Cliff……but…..I see REALITY.

    Great job. Love Cliff. Shift your focus to preparation and survivability.

    • Tim McGraw

      James Hastings; Clif High lives in Washington state. He is moving from the Olympia area to the coast of Washington.

      • Paul ...

        Clif … Alert! Alert! … Hope you are taking precautions as the solar eclipse due on Oct 23 may create a massive quake in the Pacific Northwest followed by a Tsunami that will inundate the West Coast!!! (I’m not predicting it will definitely happen but there is a “good likelihood” as the “big one” according to scientists is way overdue!!

  66. DaVinci

    Cliff High has a cryptocurrency agenda, pretty obvious.

    • Greg Hunter

      He likes silver too.

    • Diane

      Okay Cherokee Jim, thanks,
      You and other posters just convinced me.
      To trust in crypto curencies is to trust in the politicians to do what’s good for people instead of themselves.
      I’m not buying Cliff’s sales pitch.

  67. Jak

    If a government can make gold illegal, as they did before, they could simply make crypto currencies illegal.

  68. John


    The love affair that many have with crypto currencies will wane when such a complex system experiences its first major crash/hack. It is absurd to build complex digital systems for daily transactions when you can simply issue paper notes backed by unencumbered physical Ag/Au- i.e. silver/gold standard. These digital currencies that are showing up around the globe should be coined “entropic currencies” instead of crypto currencies because when the grid goes down under an all digital system there is going yo be chaos/disorder – kind of like having electronic medical records when the power goes out while you are seeing patients.

    • Greg Hunter

      Safest play is silver.

      • mike

        Silver is poor man’s gold. Swiss banks only put their customers into allocated gold bars. If you want to speculate, then just buy gold shares, it’s more volatile than silver but the upside is many times more than silver. Gold has less volatility and it’s easier to borrow off it from your bank for other investments. If you can’t open up a Swiss account, then fly over to Singapore; they will get 99.999% pure bars for you and store it. You can get unallocated bars at around 10,000 dollar for about eight ounces (depending on price); it’s safe, you just don’t have your own separately numbered bar like an allocated bar.

        • Paul ...

          mike … listen to Greg … “silver (in hand) is the safest play” … silver has much usefulness (think not only solar but fiber optics) silver has been found to transmit signals many times better then fiber optics … imagine what changing all the fiber optic lines across the continents of America and Europe will do to the silver price! … and why go out of your way to encumber yourself with “allocated” metal (or stocks) that put “strange people” between you and your money!

  69. Steve Reddoch

    This article is good about how easily bitcoin and other such currencies can be manipulated just like gold., silver, or anything else they choose to. Cliff is too much in love with these currencies that require some kind of internet connection. Silver/Gold don’t and haven’t for 5000+ years.


  70. Rick Geisler

    You were right Clif High was wrong. Teddy Roosevelt ran as a Bull Moose party candidate in 1912 but did not win. So he was not a new president like Trump is. He may have been treated really bad during the campaign but he was never in the white house.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick!!

    • Paul ...

      Well … Clif had a 50% chance of being right … win some and lose some!

      • Paul ...

        I bet most people would get the date Columbus sailed to America wrong … it was not 1492 but many years before that … but the MSM at the time kept it a secret … Columbus had a map of the entire world which was handed down from antiquity (even before the Bible was written) … he was not trying to prove the world was round (he already knew that) … the map Columbus possessed came from the Library of Alexandria (which luckily was not burned) and contained the knowledge of “a space faring civilization” that existed on Earth in antiquity!

        • Rick Geisler

          I never call out anyone right off the bat after reading what they state. I have history behind my statements. You need to provide solid sources to back a statement like that. Unless you are kin to Al Gore with an agenda like Climate Change…..oh excuse me….. I mean Global Warming …..oh excuse me… I mean Global Cooling aka Ice Age. Progressives anymore blow with the wind. Whatever lie is convenient they go with if it pushes their agenda. Anymore it isn’t even hidden. They depend on the ignorance of the masses.

          • Paul ...

            Rick … I was also informed that Columbus was Jewish … should I discard that info??

  71. murcus

    Thank you for hearing my thoughts, it is very optimistic of you to read all that is place before you , I love the Knowledge i find in your comment section.
    Zero hedge had an excellent article for BitCoin followers, and boy does it hit a home run.
    I have always understood who has the most money will dictate the game. “Spoofing” Can BitCoin be spoofed, by those with all the money, It seems so “Mysterious Trader” or bankster attached to Wells Fargo, Bitfinex is also in the loop.
    Buy beware SPOOFY is looking to feed his wallet, in both currencies.
    I also recall all the woo woo was coming from Antarctica here on Earth, Have they left and are now in space< could you please ask Cliff .
    Thanks again Greg this show helps me find the truth amongst all the deception,
    Kind regards Marcus.

  72. Calgirl

    JMO….Sounds like Clif talking his book. Not much about dataset info……………O.K. he’s smart, but what is his opinion and his book versus dataset info. He’s obviously heavily invested in crypto.

  73. pat the rat

    About 2 months before the allies invaded Europe in 1944 words overlord,sword and Omaha all came up in the crossword puzzle in the London daily paper. This is the basic for Cliff High work.

  74. John f

    Greg, go back and watch your face when Cliff starts trashing gold. That was worth a bitcoin.

    • Greg Hunter

      John F,
      I don’t agree with Clif on Gold but I never agree with anyone 100%. High has lots of useful information with his Internet data mining projects that can make us all think. That’s why I have him on. High would be the first to tell you he’s gotten plenty of stuff wrong, but he has also gotten lots of stuff correct too.

  75. Erika Miller

    Congratulations, Greg and Clif. One of your best and most interesting interviews. Time just flew by.

    One thing that in my opinion is not emphasized and understood sufficiently is the spiritual aspect of crypto currencies. I believe the blockchain technology is a key to opening the door for creating an environment of complete transparency. Since blockchain technology is decentralization it encourages cooperation. The Ascented Master St. Germain has been working for eons to introduce an age of cooperation. And complete transparency opens the door for the creation of wealth beyond our imagination and therefore bring about prosperity and abundance. The Ascented Master St. Michael has been working for eons to introduce an age of abundance. Both St. Germain and St. Michael and others have been working tirelessly to manifest a new Golden Age for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Perhaps the day will come soon when humanity will awaken and understand the work being done in the spiritual realm for our benefit and we will show our thanks from the depth of our hearts.

    What I find interesting is that Catherine Austin Fitts on your show stated that what we need most is complete transparency and she also said that humanity, if freed, could create tremendous wealth. This lady has an amazing level of understanding.

  76. John f

    Roberts comments about the sold crypto having to go into an account when converted to fiat is (in my mind) abosolute proof to anyone with a lick of common sense, that the privacy claim is ludicrous. Off topic. Something I have been wanting to say for years. It’s not too bad on this site but horrible on some. People can’t express a view or an opinion without profanity, some try to be as offensive as possible. I use them all, but not in public, in a restaurant etc. This is public! Show your style, as Roger Stone would say, and just post a request to keep it out. It would add a touch of class. Not that you need it. You wouldn’t do your show in your underwear. I’ve been long term stressed like many waiting for reset? I stumbled upon a you tube vid of Justin Bieber telling about being asked to molest a child to advance to star status in The Club, which he refused. Others did and he heard later that the child died. I’m not feeling too stressed now. Kinda put things in perspective for me. Do a story on sex trafficking to raise awareness. Something more important than our financial fears. But then again, it might get you killed and your site and info would be lost. They don’t like their ugly bits revealed. Sorry, I wandered a bit.

  77. Angie

    Bitcoin more valuable than gold and silver??? BS! These tech geeks have no clue. What is the allure of bitcoin; it is not a fiat currency. What is wrong with fiat currencies – nothing is backing them. So what is backing bitcoin – nothing at all as it is only a computer program yet you need fiat currencies to purchase it. BTW, keep it “safe” in a virtual wallet – gee what could go wrong there.

    Playing the bitcoin market is like playing musical chairs but when the music stops in this game all the chairs will be pulled out at once.

  78. Tim McGraw

    Clif High is always entertaining! Thanks for the interview. Silver is also used in medicine. My Dad’s company used silver in Silvadene; a burn medication. Silver has many uses. I remember he told me once they hired this wise guy from Harvard who was in charge of procuring the silver. This wise guy didn’t hedge the price of silver in the futures market and his mistake cost the company a few million.
    I don’t know shite about crypto currencies. I do believe in the analog world. Still don’t really trust the digital world.
    Thanks again for the interview.
    Tim McGraw

  79. Doug

    At 3.20 minutes in he said that everything is being caused by strange energies from space. No doubt Clif has a special machine (which you never see like his bank of computers) that picks up these energies being beamed to us by the evil Emperor Ming. Only Flash Gordon can save us…. or may be the Great Crypto Warrior Clif High The Predictor.

    I gave up at this point as a glass of cold rose wine had my name on it.

  80. BDS

    Great show, always stimulated.
    When can we start donating using BTC??

  81. DaDiz

    Privacy = Freedom
    Digital Currency Kills Privacy
    Cash Currency Produces Freedom
    Cash Currencies with Value, of course

    Cryptos are a Crock

  82. Paul DeCorsa

    A quote from this interview: “much of which is probably going to be influenced by these strange energies from space”

    My response: This is an absolutely spectacular claim. Absolutely spectacular claims must be supported by absolutely spectacular volumes of evidence. Yet, we are presented with none.

    Gold equivalent to a can of beans? Not in my lifetime, or that of anybody else

    Beware people, Beware

  83. Roger D

    The problem I have with crypto currencies is that I can’t get by the word ‘crypto’. There is much to be said for tangibles. As the saying goes, ‘If you can’t touch it you don’t own it’. Greg’s advice “some silver along with food and water and anything else you think you will need” is sound to me. And live debt-free.

    • Frederick

      I agree They scare the begeebees outta me Cryptos that is

  84. mike

    Good timing having Cliff on at this time, especially after Michael Pinto. This seems like part of “the everything bubble” as some of your guests have maintained. Cryptros seem to be part of that bubble. The only assets not inflated seem to be PM’s and PM stocks.
    A lot of people forget the 3-D printing craze and the Rare Earth minerals craze where their stocks went up like this, or real estate where “their not making anymore of it anymore”. The FAANGS, Tesla and cryptos are the crazes of the moment in the context of the Everything Bubble. Hardly anyone gets out on time and few take profits on the way up. Cryptos seem like gambling chips to me; the slots and tables over give a slight advantage to the house – so I think there must be people operating the crypto roulette table that are skimming on the way up and on the way down.

    Your well chosen and well timed guests have certainly provoked a lot of great commentary here. Thanks.

  85. Vietnam Vet

    Greg, I have been following your site for a long long time but this is my first comment ever. Normally, I appreciate much of what your guests have to say or at least the conversation that they bring up. However one topic I just choked on and which stopped me dead in my tracks was Cliff High’s commentary on North Korea. On this subject , he most assuredly does not know what the hell he is talking about. My father and two uncles served in Korea and I myself served in Vietnam. Both theaters were supposed to be cake walks and I can tell you with complete authority they absolutely weren’t. Just to make sure you understand that the brokered peace to stop hostilities in Korea was a necessity of the time. Things would have gone full circle then ending in nuclear exchanges that would have prevented the last 65 or some odd years we have enjoyed. Cliff’s remark that North Korea could easily be swatted away with no problem is absolutely wrong. All along the DMZ, the North Korean army has programmed artillery to incinerate the lower South Korean peninsula and most population centers in Japan and many other targets in the event of the slightest resumption of hostilities. Now they also claim the ability to hit our mainland with nukes. One must understand that this has come about as a result of our insistence on regime change all across the globe. The establishment has hidden this fact for years. Today we call them neocons. The result however is the same. Truth is, the US has provoked others to attack our allies and us. In WW2 Japan, we ourselves provoked Pearl Harbor because we wanted to starve out the Japanese in terms of petroleum, rubber and other commodities. We knew well in advance of their intentions to attack and did nothing and even encouraged it. When Ho Chi Minh requested our help to broker independence with France and later requested assistance from us to supply them with arms to ward of the Chinese on their northern borders, we told him to pound sand. So Ho Chi Minh asked for help from the Russians and got it and a few years later the US entered the war full force as a result of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which we later found outr was total bogus. Fast forward to Iraq in 2001 and they said we had to go there because Sadaam was involved in 9/11 … and then Libya and now Syria because Basharraf is a “ruthless dictator” according to CNN which is a fucking lie. Everytime I hear that lie I want to chuck my boots through the television set. He was democratically elected and we have no business there except someone wants to build a pipeline through Syria. Now, in North Korea – the US is hell bent on starving out the North Koreans and create additional drama by putting words in the mouth of Kim Jong Un. I just want everyone to know and MARK MY WORDS ! North Korea will NOT be a cake walk and billions (not millions) will die. We are walking right into the worst foreign policy disaster that anyone living has ever seen and Why ? Because the US wants to dictate terms of survival to many countries in the world, and this time North Korea. I challenge Mr. High to put that $#@! in his pipe and smoke it. Because he is definitely high on drugs if he believes the statement he made on here today.

    • Frederick

      911 was a false flag(think Reichstag) event so the attack on Afghanistan was illegal and bogus as well Those pesky neocons sure have been busy killing Americans and foreign innocents haven’t They This has to stop I agree with Vietnam vet 200 percent

    • William Stanley

      Vet: Well said! North Korea has demonstrated its determination to become a nuclear-capable nation. Our bellicosity is calling up hell itself and nothing good is likely to come of it. I fear that we massively overestimate our ability to control events. Let’s focus on draining the swamp — or just surviving long enough to begin building a new civilization after this one gets destroyed.

    • Tatarewicz

      Have you noticed that Vietnam seems to be more aligned with US than Russia or China?
      US administration is obliged to perform a war dance around North Korea because Israel considers it to be an enemy for supplying nuke data to Iran. Democrats and Republicans rely on the Israeli lobby to arrange the funding, organization and media to get them elected to Congress.

  86. Doug

    I like Cliff. But I thought the bots were woo when they came out over 10 years ago and I think they’re woo today. Depends on your worldview. If Cliff is atheist or agnostic then everything he thinks is filtered through those lenses. Likewise I believe Jesus Christ to be the Savior of the world and that God is sovereign in his creation and his word immutable so I view everything through my world view.

    The whole crux of the webbots is that somehow mankind in his subconscious intuitively knows the future and by careful data mining we can tell the future from man’s unconscious. Or in other words mankind makes his own future and crafts his own events with no intervention or design of a supreme being. I disagree with the whole thesis that man is naturally clairvoyant.

    But what do I know….I’m a simple man. I don’t have Cliff’s education, background or degrees and neither do I get bent out of shape because of various guests that you have on that disagree with each other or contradict on various things. Since I don’t know the future I don’t make predictions and especially when it comes to dates and times.

    Here is what I do know from both the scriptures and what I observe around me. This present system is unsustainable and is in failure mode for those that have eyes to see. That which is unsustainable must fail at some point. Because of this I prepare.

    Cliff likes cryptos and sees them as the currency of the future. Fine!! Problem is that in order to go crypto or totally cashless you need the infrastructure than can handle it and support it. As it is just about anything can be hacked, hijacked or influenced and even the cryptos are not immune [Mount Gox] for example. In addition the nations of the world are in financial and economic distress and it will be a global distress in the near to mid future.

    Unless you have an almost 100% effective infrastructure to support a digital crypto currency it’s not going to thrive. Take away the power and Internet and its going to go ‘poof’ for most of the people. Show me your crypto’s and I’ll show you some physical gold and/or silver. Where is all this money going to come from to build up this incredible global infrastructure for a cashless society when cities and states can’t pay pensions or even maintain their streets? I don’t see it happening as the money isn’t there and isn’t likely to be there in the immediate future. Venezuela today and the Balkan’s 20 years ago are our immediate future.

    Again, I’m a simple man. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it. Both physical gold and silver under your control are biblical money, are real money [as most central banks and sovereigns will attest to by their actions of hoarding as much as they can] and have been money for almost all of recorded human history. I suspect they will retain value and be money in whatever future we find ourselves in.

    I’ll let Cliff do his thing and I thank you for the interview. For me it’s tangible things such as food, shelter, clothing, tools, firewood, ect and then for spare wealth having some gold/silver to see us through the destruction of the dollar system. And then because God is in full control and is sovereign in his creation I sleep well at night knowing that everything is going to the fulfillment of his plan and nothing, not even satan himself can prevent or oppose what God knows must come to pass.

    It’s all good!

    • Mike from the North

      The truth eventually emerges.
      Thank You Vietnam Vet for telling it as you see it.

      History is seldom as they tell us it is….Thinking for ourselves. I dying action?????

      Hopefully an action that will find new life.

  87. Son Won Seong

    I listen and not understanding. Everybody say how genius Cliff High and intelligence. I wish I can understanding. Everybody needing go back to school for understanding his level otherwise can no advantage from his knowledge. He a lot like Einstein but even Einstein say we understanding something. Correcting Greg many times and Greg admit he superior so must be brilliant.

  88. Vietnam Vet

    My second post demonstrating another lie and ALL IN ONE DAY. So 62% of us Americans want to go to war in North Korea ? I want to see who those first volunteers are. Yeah Right ! This is just the typical bullshit to bring Americans who cant think for themselves up to speed for another stupid war. Stop being idiots ! I’m a vet, but will not allow any of my kids to serve ever again until we get back to real American values. If you join the military now, you are just a “dumb animal” as Kissinger himself said working for the good of a few Oligarchs for a pat on the back for false patriotism, which is bullshit. You want to fight for their agenda then go ahead. You sure as hell are not fighting for “my freedom.” Anyone who says so is full of shit.


    • Frederick

      Vietnam Vet absolutely right and I think the neocons should enlist and lead the attack on the North Korean front lines Maybe MCCain will still be alive then

  89. Alastair Carnegie

    G = 7, R = 9, E = 5,, G = 7, — H = 8, U = 3, N = 5, T =2, E = 5, R = 9. … I just wanted to check if that number was a prime. missed one by two. but The factors are a Big Juicy Prime and 3*11 or 33. A very Masonic number. So for fun, using another name, I constructed a dual-prime composite, as used in Crypto-Currency hashes. Bitcoin uses a 256 bit hash. (hash-cash) …So I constructed a Masonic Greg Hunter “Dual Prime Composite” …
    69,169,636,942,962,173 … This is large enough for demonstration purposes. …. If you placed playing cards on a table in a continuous spiral, first the block of cards might begin to look relatively square, but eventually the block would revert to the aspect ratio of the playing cards themselves. . There is an asymptotic algorithm, that tests for “Square-ness” on a Goldilocks basis, starting with a guess. This particular “Dual-Prime Composite” is near enough 95:113 aspect ratio. So we first multiply our p*q composite by 10,735 (= 95 x 113) and …
    69,169,636,942,962,173 x 10,735 = 742,536,052,582,698,927,155

    The square root is 27249514721.967048768623552191132…etc.
    We see it is very close to 27,249,514,722.
    The square of 27,249,514,722, is 742,536,052,584,494,737,284 and if we subtract 742,536,052,582,698,927,155
    we are left with a remainder of 1,795,810,129 which just happens to be a square number. 42,377 x 42,377.
    So we add 42,377 to 27,249,514,722 and get 27,249,557,099 and that looks like it will divide by 113.
    27,249,557,099 /113 = 241,146,523
    AND Drum Roll Please:- 241,146,523 x 33 = 7,957,835,259
    Which spells G-R-E-G — H-U-N-T-E-R.
    Visualise four playing cards laid on a table in Rotational Symmetry, …Next do the same with four “Near-Square Blocks of Cards”, and you get a feel for this very simple method of finding the Factors, in this case 241,146,523 and 286, 836,551.
    The point I wish to make is that knowing the hash-cash 256 bit “p*q” dual-prime composite factors, is a temptation to double spend somebody else’s Bit-Coin, especially now the Block Chain is now so vast, it could take days before the attempted theft was discovered. … I chose small primes so that people could check this with Windows Scientific Calculator. (many free download calculators have corrupted software…!!!…)

    • Justn Observer

      So what is the countable uncountable of the infinite set within the Mandelbrot that will define the block as specific to a specific coin/token that defeats the Banach–Tarski Paradox sufficient to identify it as unique to a certain ‘contract’ /chain =set = bitcoin/token to be ‘owned’ / assigned a value once the total number of coins/tokens has been limited. And which ‘scientific calculator’ do you recommend ?

  90. Paul from Indiana

    Clif’s kookiness is part of his charm. Plus, as the nominal inventor of this internet data mining phenomenon, he is learning as he goes. There is a huge entertainment factor to Clif High, his possibility thinking and his cosmic outlook being assets not liabilities. Lighten up, everybody. Nobody has all the answers to this stuff; we are in uncharted waters. Greg sticks his neck out to give us this great asset. Show some appreciation. USAWatchdog is the greatest cocktail party going. Maybe the Grand Canyon is where Karen Hudes needs to look for General Yamashita’s gold… Best always. PM

  91. Don Chapin

    Greg, This interview with Clif High was so intriguing and informative that I will listen several more times. His predictive comments on the dollar were so interesting. His comments on Crypto’s makes me want to change my distribution of funds globally to crypto system.
    Would it be possible for Clif or another specialist or both together to do a special 1 hour talk on how crypto works for businesses and then how a small businessman who ships globally can change to the crypto system for reconciling contracts?
    As always Greg, my time is invested well with your interviews and listening to your guests. You ask penetrating questions and then, this is key, you allow your guest time to explain. Thank you very much. DC

  92. donna s.

    Kevin Lawton,
    Thanks for your comments. I got more out of your comments than I could understand in the whole interview. I am always appreciative of the interviews Greg does. He is the best. But I think I enjoy the comments section just as much as I learn a great deal from the post and people on this site.

  93. donna s.

    Greg ,
    I also went back and listened to the interview you did with Kevin Lawton on USA WATCHDOG. It helped to clear up some areas I couldn’t quite grasp with Cliff. Proves these interviews are timeless. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donna S. If you are unsure about investing in Bitcoin just buy and hold silver. It’s simple and silver is right abouit at actual mining cost which means it’s cheap.

  94. Justn Observer

    NO – THIS NARRATIVE SHOULD BE REJECTED….IT’S THEIRS NOT TRUMPS ! although he should not have signed it…with the support it had if he did not…they would have played the RUSSIAN COLLUSION CARD…and overridden his veto anyway…so IT BELONGS TO THEM…PERIOD !
    and now it appears it will only speed up the rejection of the U.S. dollar and it’s world reserve status…

  95. larrythelogger

    High’s comment about the Fitz and the Crystal are nonsense. For creds; I graduated in ’79 from the Naval Academy. If we know anything from Navy, it’s the international rules of the road (IRR’s). Every mid has to pass tests in them each year or not graduate, period. Full disclosure, I did fly helicopters on active duty in the Marine Corps and similar maneuvering rules apply to aircraft as ships but I did LOTS of training at Navy wrt IRR’s.

    The Fitzgerald was the burdened vessel and had the obligation to maneuver OUT of the Crystal’s way for two IRR reason; 1-Per the published GPS navigation tracks of Fitz and the Crystal, the Fitz saw the Crystal’s port side (red) running lights for almost 30 minutes and Crystal saw the Fitzgerald’s starboard side (green) running lights. The Crystal had the right of way during ALL of its so called wild maneuvers. The Fitz was the burdened vessel and was required to maneuver out of the way of the Crystal.

    Weather at approximately 1:30 am local was clear skies, so there were ZERO visibility issues between the Fitz and Crystal wrt running lights.

    2-the Fitzgerald was orders of magnitude more maneuverable than the Crystal and THAT fact also made Fitz the burdened vessel and made Crystal the privileged vessel; the Fitz was required to maneuver and give way to Crystal.

    The area of ocean where the collision occurred is one of, if not THE heaviest sea traffic areas on earth.

    It doesn’t matter if aliens from Mars caused all the electronics on Fitz to shut down; it doesn’t matter if some “directed energy from WW1” caused the Fitzgerald’s electronic navigation systems/radar to shut down and it doesn’t matter if Putin and Trump colluded to shut down the Fitzgerald’s electronic navigation/radar systems during the event; the Fitzgerald could have and DID see the red running lights of Crystal for almost 30 minutes, the Fitz was also many, many times more maneuverable than Crystal and the IRR required Fitz to maneuver to give way to Crystal, period.

    All that said, Clif doesn’t know and I don’t know exactly what led up to the collision and will not know until the investigation is complete. My best guess is that the crew dorked the dog big time, did NOT wake up the Skipper which is always a requirement for close encounters (1 mile or less), and maneuvered too late. However, this blanket statement of Clif’s that some super secret directed energy, so advanced, it’s from WW freaking ONE because the linguistic data sets say so, is beyond laughable.

    • William Stanley

      Larry: Given your background, what do you make of the reported incapacitations of the Donald S. Cook in the Black Sea and the Baltic? Is there anything to worry about when we send something like 59-60 cruise missiles to attack an airfield in Syria and half of the missiles miss the field altogether? How sure are you that “our enemies” don’t possess technologies (whenever they might have developed them and whether or not they are “directed energy weapons”) that could incapacitate the Fitzgerald, making it a “sitting duck” for the Crystal? You sound like you’ve been around long enough to treat the results of official investigations with some skepticism. Why wouldn’t you in this case?

  96. Jeff B

    I think is terribly ignorant of those who think profits will escape government taxation. Clif is telling us that somehow if you suddenly end up with an asset like a house out of no where the IRS is going to be okay with that because they will be confused about how you got it??? Yah right. Remember, their computing power is increasing too. I am a Patriot and believe in freedom, the American way and capitalism, but I wouldn’t bet against the IRS. Profits will always be taxed. Once all this crypto stuff gets converted into something, it will get on the radar screen. The IRS will figure out a way to spot these types of transactions.
    Enjoy your interviews Greg.



    • Greg Hunter

      You got to pay taxes. Not worth taking a short cut. I agree.

      • Jeff B

        I agree Greg. We must taxes on gains as citizens if the USA.

        • Jeff B

          That is pay our taxes. I have some fat finger typing going on. Lol.

    • Angie

      IMO they have not shown due diligence in monitoring cryptos because they want to see if people will accept them and to what extent. They have allowed this to go on far too long without interference and it is not because they do not know what is going on. Cryptos are what the cashless society is all about and we have been warned about. Some will stay away from it because of that yet some will be drawn to it because of lack of government, banking, and legal interference.
      One event that would be difficult to trace would be an increase in purchasing power. As the value goes up so does the purchasing power and therefor to avoid capital gains one would only have to use it for payment of goods and services. This is another attractive feature.

  97. Ricardo Picardo

    Love the interview and the different perspective he gives. Sure, I have doubt about some of his predictions. If everyone said the same thing, how boring would the world be? The part that I especially liked is how he said congress and .gov won’t matter. We can only wish right? Government has basically given the middle finger to the people they are supposed to represent time and time again. They don’t care what we want, they just say the things that will get them elected and take the highest bribe to make decisions that also, by the way, screws the average person. If we don’t matter, then let’s just separate from .gov, because they do not matter either. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, let’s see how accurate Cliff’s prediction will be.

  98. Flattop

    On Direct TV here is a channel called OAN, (one American news). Are they for real or are they part of the deep state news conglomerate?

  99. Flattop

    GREG: Regarding our running out of gold, I have read that our 49th state has vast amounts of gold still in the ground.

  100. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg: I find Cliff fascinating and I have a lot of respect for him. I am not a gold bug, but some things he said do not seem to make sense. I won’t recite them here, but it’s well known that scarcity is not gold’s only claim to fame, as he said. Whether there is 40x’s, 80x’s or more gold on the globe than believed 100 years ago, is irrelevant. The Grand Canyon is a National Park and is not going to be mined in our lifetime. If all this gold is known why aren’t gold mining cos. falling all over themselves to capture it? Exploration is difficult and expensive. Did he ever check out the cost to build a mine? You are looking at greater that $100 million on average. As Doug Casey likes to say, gold cos. are like burning candles. And Rick Rule has said, basically, mining is a miserable business.
    Cliff then said that by 2024 there will be creations of materials out of energy that from this point on the need to mine and to spend time digging stuff out of the ground and refining it..starts disappearing fairly rapidly. That’s only 7 years away. So this means that before the market can ever mine this 40-80x’s of suspected supply, the need to mine it will be abandoned in 7 years! It all comes down to supply and demand. That supply isn’t forthcoming by then, but demand in all likelihood is.
    Crypto currencies has NO intrinsic value. Turn off the grid. Turn off the internet, just like China has turned off Facebook in China, turn off the lights, and you’ve turned off the crypto.
    One last point. He said that we are used to plastic (true) and the digital translation of wealth into goods. He doesn’t see this going away. Just how the government and the banks want it. This type of system contradicts, at its core, freedom at its core. Our society may be used to plastic, for now, but plastic and digitization of wealth has not been tested for 5000 years.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      I might add that when someone throws around inflammatory numbers like 40x’s, 80x’s or more gold may be than once believed…this is analogous to saying that Cliff High may be worth $1 billion, $2 Billion or more. That is, the spread between $1 Billion and $2 Billion is the same spread, dollar wise, between zero and $1 Billion. In other words, the spread is SO WIDE AS TO REVEAL THAT THE SUPPLY QUANTITY IS SIMPLY UNKNOWN.
      Sorry to say it sounds like he now has an agenda.

  101. foggygoggles

    Hi Greg,
    The next time you interview Clif, please ask him about the ability of quantum computers to hack private keys. Thanks.

  102. Frederick

    I just listened to a video regarding Sessions being compromised It was Stew Webb and a guy named Heneghan on beforeitsnews


    Hello Greg. I always look forward to listening to Clif High. He certainly make one think outside the box. I, like quite a lot of your listeners, was a little stunned at Clif’s change of heart towards gold. He is really pushing Crypt currencies hard and I would like to know how much he has personally invested into Cryptos – time , money and development.
    I’m just saying he is trying awful hard to push the herd through that gate.

  104. Jerry

    All jokes aside, the dollar is about to be dislodged from its perch.
    For months I have been hearing from my sources inside Wells Fargo that a transition is taking place inside the banking system. Apparently gold backed currencies (I’m assuming the Yuan) are being saturated on all bank tiers internationally. I speculate that once this transition is complete the Federal Reserve Bank will clean their balance sheets in preparation to absorb the exchange of new currencies. The timeline of said saturation is a total unknown, but if I had to take a guess, it could be timed with the IMF board of governors meeting in October. Though multiple dates have come and gone, based on what I’m hearing from my sources at Wells Fargo I would take this serious. Don’t expect any advance notice ahead of this reset. What purpose would it serve the central banks?

    • Jerry

      Take it for what its worth. The Fed is talking about clearing its balance sheet in September. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2017-08-08/erlam-impact-of-u-s-unwinding-not-yet-clear
      Once that ship sails there’s no turning back. Its just business. What would you do. Be caught holding worthless paper, or buy treasuries that are actually backed by hard assets? Last count the Fed claims they are holding 2 trillion dollars in U.S. treasuries from the QE experiment. I think its more.

  105. Jerry

    If you had any doubts where this is going, check out these numbers.
    The U.S. reported exports of 1,501,845,863,833 in 2015. How in the world can the U.S. hold onto reserve currency status at this rate?

  106. Al

    Greg, I tried funding Gold Money’s BIT GOLD through my bank they would not touch it. It’s in the U.K. but so is Coinbase which is an exchange where you can link your bank account to it. I had no problem with Coinbase but gave up on BIT GOLD.

    MY BANK WOULD NOT TRANSACT WITH BIT-GOLD…. BUT…. they transact with Crypto Exchanges like Coinbase…. WHY? My take is the Central Banks are ok with Crypto Currencies because they keep the limelight from gold.

    Bit-gold is worth something because if NO BANK wants to transact with it you can still redeem your physical gold. Bitcoin? What is it worth when NO BANK will transact with any of the d0zens of crypto exchanges out there? Please ask that question to anyone who brings up cryptos in such a strong manner again.


    Clif High, Andy Hoffman, Bix, Jsnip4, and others …. they turned coat on precious metals just because cryptos are stealing the limelight due to hyperinflated price…. GREAT JOB BANKSTERS!!! YOU FINALLY DID IT! YOU INFILTRATED AND DIVIDED THE ALT SPACE.

  107. Hairy Herry

    A “laser in radar?” you ask? It’s called the maser and was the predecessor to the laser. The laser is essentially a Maser of Light.

  108. brvalentine

    The $USD put in a Short-Intermediate term low last week. Look for higher prices in the forthcoming weeks/months. Plenty of overhead resistance but, the Greenback is going into “Bounce” mode.

    • Greg Hunter

      BR V,
      You may be right, it’s up a lot since last Friday.

      • brvalentine

        Short-term Bounce Greg. Ultimately, we witness a devalue of 50% minimum. The $USD is heading to its death bed. The US is in isolation mode and global trade is going to become very difficult for the US as the $USD Reserve Status will cease. Global supply chain disruptions; Enormous price inflation on imports; empty shelves; civil unrest etc will emerge as a result…Eurasia will and are presently, settle trades in RMB/Rubles etc… backed via Gold. The world has become tired of the US printing machine and its abuse. The machinery to circumvent the SWIFT system is becoming reality and operational in the not too distant future. The days of the Petro$$$ are and will fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, this is why we witness all of the geo-political events taking place today and perhaps, an eventual World War. The MIC protects the Reserve Status that they fully realize is rapidly under pressure and desperately attempting to save.

  109. brvalentine

    Not to mention the battle of Pipelines and Resources. I know that you are very well versed and aware of everything just stated.

    Thank you for all of your work and efforts. Much obliged!

  110. coalburner

    Greg; Regarding Jennifer O comment about gold mining. She is of course right, no one is going to mine the Grand Canyon for a long time to come unless our politicians like Hillery and Harry Reid sell it to China. In fact there was an outfit in Alaska who tried to bring in a huge mine on for ten years. I have no idea how many hundred millions they spent in environmental studies, reports and professionals trying to get permits. The final kill was made by Obama and his administration. Here in the Lower Fourty Eight we heard very little about it but it consumed Alaska for many years because of the impact, the large number of jobs promised and the many years it would have operated. I have said before that EPA won’t let anyone in the USA turn a shovel of new dirt (soil, rock) besides the government.
    That is right, unless Trump has fixed the problem all building on new ground in the USA was completely stopped. OK except a few warehouses. But the EPA had practically shut down even farmers. As you know they are in peril if they plow the wrong field.

  111. Tom K

    Greg; I think you are trying very hard to get the truth out.

    Having said that, I have a real problem with this interview.

    Cliff High makes a lot of statements that should have been questioned.
    His statement that Teddy Roosevelt was elected president when he was with the Bull Moose party and he had a rougher first 2 years than Donald Trump is currently having, is totally factually incorrect. It’s hard for Teddy Roosevelt to have a rough first 2 years in office since he did not even win that election.

    If you cannot trust Cliff High to be correct on easily verifiable facts, how can you trust him on other statements he makes as fact.
    Start with his statement about this energy force which is affecting everyone’s judgement.
    Where do I go to find more scientific information on this alleged energy force?
    Who has done the scientific studies to determine that this force is altering our judgement?
    Hopefully, you get my point.

    When it comes to crypto currencies, I think they are a total ponzi scheme just like tulip mania.
    And just like every other ponzi scheme, the few people that created it and got in at the beginning will make a lot of money while the many that got in later will lose money.
    This is a zero sum game. For every dollar someone makes, someone else has to lose that dollar.
    All ponzi schemes have a similar pattern, so it wouldn’t be surprising that Cliff High called the pattern correctly.
    And by the way, what is his level of conviction on these predictions.
    If he is so sure of these huge moves, did he mortgage his house to the hilt and bet all his money on these huge moves in the crypto currencies.
    Is he now a billion heir, and if not why not?

    As for the government not knowing about crypto currency transaction, I wouldn’t bet on that one. So the guys that created the stuxnet virus to remotely destroy the centrifuges in Iran, aren’t smart enough to track a crypto currency that by design records every transaction ever made on many computers.
    I’d pay my taxes and assume that the government ( at least the NSA) is following every transaction.

  112. John

    Gold is an economic tool, in deflation It provides the ultimate liquidity vía gold revaluation. Can bitcoin do this?

  113. Barny Google

    The Power and Powerlessness of Even Real Money

    Granted, money has power and real money possibly more security. It can buy a fine home, a wardrobe, and furnishings. It may also temporally buy adulation, compliance, or flattery, even producing a few temporary and obliging friends. But that is about as far as the power of money goes. What we need most, money cannot buy—the love of one true human friend, peace of mind, a crumb of heartfelt solace in the hour of death. And for those who cherish their relationship with the Creator, money cannot buy God’s approval and saving grace!

    King Solomon, who had all the good things that real money could buy in his day, recognized that trusting in material possessions does not lead to lasting happiness and real peace and security. (Ecclesiastes 5:12-15) Money can be lost through bank failure or inflation. Real estate can be destroyed by severe storms. Insurance policies, while partially replacing material losses, do not make up for emotional losses. Stocks and bonds can become worthless overnight in a sudden economic crash and even real money can be lost looking down the barrel of a gun! Even a well-paying job can be here today and gone tomorrow. All too, can soon be gone, in an EMP drop.

    Totally preposterouse? Young people could not even fathom their digital devices shut down permanetly! A weapon sending us almost back to the stone age?

    How, then, can we keep money in its place? What role should money or possessions play in our life? Please examine the matter further to see how you can possess something that is truly valuable—“the real life.”

    Paradise Will Be Restored

    While on earth, Jesus taught his followers to pray for the very means that God will use to restore righteous conditions earth wide. Jesus said we should pray: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10) God’s Son is the Ruler of this Kingdom, which will carry out God’s purpose that Paradise conditions be enjoyed everywhere on earth.

    The Bible say’s: “There has been a child born to us, there has been a son given to us; and the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder. And his name will be called . . . Prince of Peace. To the abundance of the princely rule and to peace there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:6, 7) Yet, how will this government under such “princely rule” carry out the will of God?

    The Bible answers, “At the time of those kings, the God of heaven will establish a kingdom that will never be destroyed. No other people will be permitted to rule it. It will smash all the other kingdoms and put an end to them. But it will be established forever..”—Daniel 2:44.

    Consider the conditions that will prevail on earth in a restored Paradise, yes, “in a re-creation,” when God’s Son exercises his power as the ‘princely Ruler’ in his Father’s Kingdom.

    But in the meantime. . ..

  114. Michel T Pierre

    Greg, please watch this, and the Cliff as well, this is major!


  115. Boris chikvashvili

    How could we let Cliff get away with statements such as:

    Government cannot find
    Government cannot track
    Government cannot stop

    As is said, Cliff as only half computer expert. I takes one second for CICSO and JUNIPER networks ( controlling entire world network ) to stop the Port of Bitcoin from functioning. I am not even talking about government resorting to draconian acts like RICO and anti – terror laws it can use to stop this nonsense.

    Of course I was the only person in world who predicted BITCOIN 50% and rise back up just couple weeks ago( see my site or linkedin , boris chikvashvili) .
    Can you please toughen up your standard and go from entertainment to reality show. Thank you. I do think you do good work, but do not let lightness take you down

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