Demonic Globalist Elite Starting World War III – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Sunday Special) 

Renowned radio host, filmmaker, book author and archeological dig expert Steve Quayle has amassed a deep network of sources, especially in the military.  Quayle is hearing that America is closer to nuclear war than it has ever been.  Quayle says, “This is a detonation broadcast because of everything that is ready to explode:  in the economy, in the world of WWIII, the events taking place in Ukraine and the events taking place off of the West Coast of the United States.  Never in the history of the United States and Russia have we had multiple submarines, strategic missile submarines doing tests in international waters warning the US government, especially the FAA and the Pentagon, that they are going to be using dummy warheads. . . . Here is the striking thing about this.  The United States, Western Europe and the NATO confederation have declared in the next 10 days they are going to be moving up to 90,000 men onto the border in Ukraine.  We have declared that F-16’s (that can carry nuclear missiles) are going into Ukraine. . . . or around Ukraine.  Russia has said that when they touch down, they will hit them on the ground.  What is more astonishing is the time period for this test missile launch is also 10 days.  It syncs up totally with NATO’s time frame to deploy troops and F-16’s. . . .Russia is the leading nuclear power in the world, and they have advanced technology, such as hypersonic missiles we, the United States, do not possess. . . . We are talking about somebody making the wrong decision, and at that point, it’s WWIII from then on.  This is not a military exercise.”

Quayle says there are no peace talks to cool things down and deescalate tensions.  Quayle points out, “Everybody wants war, and it’s the West triggering the war.  You get into the Deagel Report and there is going to be 250 million less Americans by 2025.  This means the population of the United States is going down to around  90 million to 100 million people.  The Deagel Report was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, and how did they know this?  It’s simple, we are watching the globalists and the elite initiate World War III. . . . The Russians have told us their time of patience is over.  We need to talk about how dangerous this is.  One wrong move and everything you have known in the United States, our freedoms are over. . . . I am fighting for the undoing of World War III.  We have some, and I won’t call them insane, I would call them ‘demonic infectons.’ . . . . They are running the country. . . .  A demon is a disembodied evil spirit.  This is not a human being.”

Quayle says another huge warning sign that something is very wrong on multiple levels is the Friday closing price of gold and silver.  Gold is now well over $2,400 an ounce after a nearly $40 per ounce run-up before the weekend.  Silver is more than $31 per ounce after nearly an 8% jump on Friday.  Quayle says, “Nobody wants to be short metals over the weekend.  This is a sign people are worried.”

Quayle also says, “Russia is saying we are 300 miles off your coast, and by the way, we are going to be launching some missiles.  The Russians are demonstrating they have the capability, and in my opinion, this is the last step.  They are pissed off at NATO.  They are pissed off at Great Britian, and they are totally pissed off at the United States.”

In closing, Quayle says, “People ask me what shall I do? And I say there is an answer, and his name is Jesus.  There is a Bible, and God says call me on the day of your trouble, and I will hear you.  I am telling people to get right with the Lord. . . . The United States declared war on the Living God, and the Democrats and the Zombie Cons went along with it. . . . If you are looking for a political solution for a spiritual problem, you are already dead.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 11-minute in-depth interview.

There is an 8-minute video to explain how easy it is to ride out any terror attack or extreme storm.

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Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle as he warns of nuclear war that could cripple America and change it forever 5.18.24.

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  1. Steve Nussdorf

    this is off subject..its hot here in Florida….ac just went bad…repairman says need new one…6900 now, up then 25% in June….what are alternatives for a condo in Florida…fans seem to help….any more insights appreciated.

    • sam

      Move to Lake Erie….

      • Steve

        to old to be moving around…a house too many headaches…bugs, animals….plus i’m a loner……midwest….need family backing…moving…takes one two years out of your life…metals going up so that’s some sense of security..that’s it. quayle will give advise..but we no thinks cant continue..he’s not sending money my its everyman for himself…

      • Norlin Gutz

        My Granpa used to wear long John’s in the summer….sweaty long john’s was his cooling answer…..I don’t think he smelled to good though.

        • Mike D.

          Like Hussein 0bama said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F* things up.”

    • James macareo

      Move away from Florida!

    • Cliven Bondi

      Steve, do what you’d do at the beach. Get wet!
      Evaporation. It could be 💯”% degrees out when you get out the water at the beach. With a slight breeze you’ll cool off, even with no breeze. That’s why we sweat!
      It’s our portable air conditioning system.
      Around home or inside, wet you hair. Wear a wet tank top. Or really cool down with wet shorts. Or simply wear a wet towel around your neck.
      Wal*Mart sells special cooling towels that work great and inexpensive, probably made in CHINA.
      Works in Michigan and mid summer is hotter than Florida for many days with terrible humidity. We got the great lakes that have a cooling effect, but nothing beats an ocean. That’s why on hot days everyone wants to go to the beach!
      Hope that works out for you. I feel your pain with inflation. Remember when Greg used to say, get it on sale now, while it’s on sale. Compared to now, Greg was right, everything was on sale then and those prices will never be baaaaccckkk!

    • christine reeves

      If you might want to look at what the home shopping networks have to offer……..QVC and HSN both have free shipping today. They have quite abit to offer…… sure to look at the ratings of their products.

    • christine reeves

      And if you bought a product from them , you have 30 days to see if you want to keep it! Otherwise you can return it. Hope you find something.

      • steve

        love your suggestions….its 90 out…but just rained…i’m able to sleep when its 83 in condo…keeping many fans going…good suggestion thx

    • Rob

      Move to Canada. Then spend at least 6900 for a wood stove to stay

      • steve

        you re robbing me rob ha..

    • Jim

      Look for a farm boy heating cooling guy. What component failed?

      • Steve

        the condenser outside….had a c fixed two years ago while still under warranty..blower motor and control motor were put in..he probably check the condenser on roof which i didn’t see and said they ll just leave it instead of spending the money…so rusted out…what abut these portable ones put in a room..not window ones.

    • Sally

      Get a second opinion
      May just need parts switched out

      My ac is real old

      American Home Shield fixes it every couple years with a few parts

    • Marcus

      Move to a catamaran like I did everything is 12 volts

      • steve

        good to know sally will look into i

      • steve

        what is a catamaran

    • Chris in Arkansas

      If your system is 10-12 years old or less, find another repair guy. It’s true that today’s system don’t last as long but they are still repairable. If you are near a shoreline expect a slightly lower lifespan for exterior units. Anyway a competent repair guy can probably get it going again but expect coolant to be expensive. What did he say is wrong? Bad compressor? Bad valve? Bad coils with pin holes? Did he do a dye test to find specific leak points? If you cannot afford to repair or replace get a small floor unit with exhaust tubes that mount in a window. About $600 for a good one. If I were in a condo in FL with neighbors on either side or above/below, I’d put a couple of portable floor units in for $1200, and then save for the replacement. At least it will keep your condo’s interior dry and cool and prevent mold.

      • steve

        good comment chris…good deed on your part andhelpful Its a bad compressor he said..unit 11 yrs old..warrantee ran out last year. not near shoreline..8 miles inland.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I know the industry and can tell you that most contractors will try to upsell you with a whole new system. That gives them the best profits and time management. Be sure of all your options and what is best for you. If they are reluctant to do a repair and insist on a whole system, find another repair guy- I’ve some heard some shady stories.

      • Steve

        good think Jeff..appreciated…he said compressor on roof going..

    • petedivine

      Your AC unit may or may not be bad. AC repairmen get commissions for selling air conditioning units. You need to find someone that can look at the unit and give you a truthful answer. Having lived in Florida that is a tall task. Mke sure you check your drainage hose. During this time of year they often backup from mold that grows in the pipeline outside your house. The AC will shutoff if that happens. And it happens a lot in Florida. Use a wet Vac to suck the hose from outside the house. If that was the issue start using bleach or vinegar to maintain the line. Pour it in where the hose and the AC unit meet. There should be an opening with a cap. Watch Youtube or find a friend if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

      • steve

        hey devine..devine advice…once a mos put vinegar or chlorax in drain…yes all hustling down here have a friend of friend who has a brother in business..said he would take a look but no call yet…people don’t help that much these days…some do but not often..they like to talk tho

    • Jbrand

      it is extremely hot here in Florida. I dont remember it being this hot and dry. My ac has been working overtime. my ac faces the West so my home has been warmer during the day. Im thinking it will be a wet summer and busy hurricane season. Hang in there.

  2. Really Awake

    “Wars and rumors of wars….. food shortages… earthquakes [including natural disasters and man-made disasters]…. all these things are a beginning”

    There has been a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of what Jesus actually ment when he spoke of “the last days” leading up to the “great tribulation” and the “Second Coming”.

    Let me just say this: the wars, famine, pestilence, natural disasters and other very deadly crisis that all constitute “the beginning ” of the last days and subsequent great tribulation are just what Jesus said, “the beginning “….

    In the beginning of the last days the Bible doesn’t specify just how many human souls will perish because of wars, famine, pestilence and natural disasters. WW2 took out tens of millions. And WW3 could take out billions. We simply don’t know when or even if Almighty God allows Satan to continue to instigate another world war.

    One thing is for certain: Jesus Said not to be “terrified” . So then true Christians will do their best and heed Jesus’s words. Don’t be terrified. Keep on then seeking God’s Kingdom first. Keep on doing God’s will. Don’t allow yourself to become so terrified that you make the wrong choices. And don’t be beguiled into thinking that any man or group of men will bring world peace or some institution of government that lasts.

    Regarding the question about “are we past the wars and rumors of wars, yet”?

    The answer is “no”.

    You and I and everybody will know when the Great Tribulation starts. Just read what Jesus revealed to John in the last book of the Bible:

    Revelation Chapter 6:
    “Then the kings of the earth, the high officials, the military commanders, the rich, the strong, every slave, and every free person hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains.  And they keep saying to the mountains and to the rocks: “Fall over us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, Because the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand”….

    Everyone will know when the “wrath” of Jehovah and the Glorified Jesus Christ is unleashed upon Washington, Moscow, Beijing and all the other power centers of Satan. And anybody who isn’t a true Christian will be “terrified”….

    See that you are not terrified now for all these things must take place.. And know this: the wars and rumors of wars and nations rising against nations and food shortages and earthquakes means that a lot of people will die. Jesus has warned us far ahead of time. So all these things in a period of time should be taken seriously. Jesus didn’t mean to sit back and relax and do nothing.

    • Steve jones

      Mathew 24;21,22

    • Schmedly

      NIV Much???

    • Katy Bar

      The Last Days and Subsequent Great Tribulation has begun with “a Formal Declaration by the Demonic Rat Globalists” that it is now: “Discriminatory to Believe in Genders”!! According to these Demonically Infected Rats “there are No Men and No Women” (only Transgender Queers who can not have babies). Enforcing their Great Tribulation and Final Human Extermination Solution upon the world with the ultimate goal being ZERO POPULATION!!

      • Ken Yu

        What the true discrimination is: “DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN” probably due to male (mostly queer) jealousy over the fact that women have the God given power “To Create Human Life” while the jealous “mostly queer men” now in powerful positions are out to Create Plagues, Famine and Wars. With their stated eugenicist goal to exterminate 99% of the human population Which Includes All The Child Bearing Women “Off Planet Earth” (and things have now gotten so out of hand that even “our woman nominee’s to become a US Supreme Court Judge” can no longer define what a woman is!!!

  3. Steve

    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
    -Sun Tzu

    America has already lost WWIII.

    • FJB & Obama

      FJB & Obama.

      nuff said.

  4. Mike B

    Greg —
    The last couple of posts have great interviews, and I really like listening to Steve Quayle.

  5. S W

    Babylon as a picture of America.
    Notice how the “arrows” are described. They are as a skilled warrior. That is a description of a smart weapon.

    Jeremiah 50:9 For, lo, I will raise up and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her; from there she shall be taken: >>>their arrows shall be as of a skilled warrior;<<< none shall return in vain.
    An assembly of great nations from the north country.
    Jer.50:12 the hindermost of the nations
    Jer.50:3,13 no longer inhabited

  6. Bruce McGott

    Really Awake,
    Always enjoy your comments, concerning the truth of these, the last of the last day’s of this wicked, wicked system, at the end of the age🤔.
    One believer said to me, God would never allow nuclear bombs to launch during the tribulation.
    I replied, he allowed it during the last world war.
    Two times, at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, 🗾 Japan!
    Which reminds me of my childhood schooldays in the 1960’s, having scheduled hydrogen atomic nuclear bombing drills, especially when the Soviet Union was trying to do in Cuba, 90 miles from our shores. What were doing in Ukraine now at the Russki’s border.
    It seems much cooler heads prevailed back than, real adults in the room. Today there seems to be a determination of every criminal for himself. That the project Mockingbird media propaganda and deception, is falling apart for our elite politicians non- representation of the people, but big Pharma and their governing intelligence agencies and law enforcement
    attitude of Wall Street, that they stole this money legally, maybe not fair and square but legally?
    So we’re on this run away train, that only an almighty God can stop, or nobody would survive what that great rebel Satan the devil in opposition to God, has in store for mankind!

    • Really Awake


      Nobody really knows for sure whether or not weapons of mass destruction will be deployed in the future.

      It is my belief (which is based on Holy Scripture, e.g., Revelation Chapter 6) that the Four Horsemen are part of a metaphorical language used by God to communicate with the “elect”, i.e., choosen, true Christians.

      When properly translated and understood what the ride of the Four Horsemen basically means in its simplist translation is that there shall be a critical period of time where mankind is trampled to death by Bibical sized events. In another words an ongoing massive slaughter of great proportion shall occur. So, yes, I think it possible that a massive nuclear war, biological war and space war could happen. I also think it possible that secret weapons (genetic modifications for example) could be used to kill off tens of millions, perhaps billions. It could actually hurl mankind back into a Dark Age. But that’s not the worse of it.

      The most powerful demonstration of invincible force shall happen when Almighty God and the King of Kings (Jesus Christ) wage the greatest war in history and totally wipe out all those whose names are not written down in the Book of Life. No underground bunker will be deep enough to hide from The Great Day of God the Almighty. At that moment material possessions won’t matter at all.

      I’m really glad you derive benefit from what I’ve written. Writting helps me, too. It helps me think more clearly. All the credit goes to the Holy Bible. The scribble I write is nothing compared to what’s written by the inspired men of God.

    • Felix

      Good comments, just want to throw something at you,weren’t we told nuclear bombs dropped on Japan and nations would radioactive for millenia,well how come hiro,nag are bustling with life only80 yes ago does that make sense to you,were they nuclear

  7. Brianroy

    I have a question.
    If the USA is Mystery Babylon of the Book of Revelation,
    how many times are we supposed to be annihilated,
    and according to Revelation, when is that?
    Steve is right in that we should be concerned, but he does so in a way of an unbeliever scared out of his mind, or as Paul puts it, someone who is beside himself. The gifts of the Spirit are what? perhaps I’ll leave that as something for you two to be reminded of by you two looking that up and thinking about. I am not trying to be disrespectful, just mindful in a way that the Holy Spirit may like a parent and tutor in a friendly way nudge you two to remember without being offended in the remembrance.
    If we know that the USA makes it to the middle of the 7 year Peace Treaty with anti-Christ, and we believe GOD and His inspired and GOD-Breathed Word of the Bible, why the panic? Are we not to diligently prepare where we can but spiritually fully trust in a Spirit of Peace within and in our lives that GOD will deliver us FROM a nuclear annihilation in the US for the now? Even if one or several nukes go off, the way the Revelation Prophecy reads, we have a functional Federal Government and we export many goods to the planet at the time several years or more into the future when all that stops in one hour.
    So why the panic? Peter fell through the waters because he feared the Storm and lost his focus on Jesus. When we have trusting faith into Jesus, even when things seem at their worst, the miraculous can happen…whether we are drowning at sea with the Apostles or cast into boiling oil like John walking into an Ephesian uproar for Artemis that Paul fled and that John had no idea what had happened the day before.
    Have Faith. Be prepared, but like the Pilgrims, trust in Jesus for deliverances always.

    • RichMac

      I find what you wrote very inspiring and totally agree that if we are true followers of Christ, that we really have nothing to fear. I do think that Greg has many who listen who are at different levels and many need to hear of the warnings, myself included, to better remind us to seek God in all thing… and to “prep” so to speak for coming tribulations that none of us can truly comprehend. Many are already suffering on many different levels and there is nothing wrong with presenting the horrors that we face to help folks come unto Christ. As He is the only answer to what has been prophesied will occur and is at our door steps….
      I have this quote where I do not know who said it… but this is very enlightening to me….
      “ To anyone who is hurting, feeling alone, feeling forgotten, feeling neglected, or mistreated, I pray that you will find peace from the source of all peace and from the love of your father in heaven, who adores you, believe it or not his son our savior will put all of this right for you and I hope soon.”
      May God bless us all in our different stages of spiritual and temporal “prepping”….

  8. James Johnson

    I have followed Steve Quayle off/on for a number of years and he does have great info, but I don’t always agree with his assessments of various situations. As for nuclear war, there will be a great deal of “sabre rattling” BUT–THERE WILL BE NO NUKES! THIS COUNTRY WILL DEVOLVE INTO TOTAL INTERNAL CHAOS AND THE ENEMY IS HERE AND READY FOR COMBAT! WE WILL COLLAPSE FROM WITHIN—OUR ADVERSARIES WANT OUR LAND, NOT OUR CITIES AND RADIOACTIVE SOIL IS NOT ON THEIR WISH LIST!

    • RichMac

      I agree, but Satan and the Anti-Christ are enemies of humanity and would care nothing to ruin the spoils by irradiating this land.. and that could and sounds like it’s the dark evil corruption from within you are talking about that looks like they are “hell” bent on causingWWIII… including nukes. What theyve already done from within gives me no faith that they would not push things to cause our enemies to send nukes… rather than allow themselves to be nuked.

    • Coco


    • Pete+only

      James, I certainly hope that you are correct regarding the sabre rattling, as the U.S and the West are now virtually out of conventional weapons such as ammo, and artillery shells, not to mention patriot and atteckem missiles, and the Russians are winning on all fronts in the Ukraine War.
      I seriously doubt that NATO will scrape together 90,000 troops to fight the Russians. You don’t hear about it here, but there are lots of protests going on in European countries regarding the Ukrainian war, and sending troops to be killed in the war would push things over the top.
      A single Tomahawk Missile uses 500 ozs of silver alone, on top of other commodities such as copper, and the BRICS nations are actively working on creating a Commodity Based Block Chain enabled payment system to ensure nobody is manipulating the commodity prices like the U.S has been doing, so this may represent the final nail in the U.S dollar’s coffin. Attached is a very informative podcast on how the BRICS new monetary system may represent the end of the U.S dollar, and more sooner than later.

  9. Lane

    Point of correction. Medicare is not mandatory, anyone can opt out. Visit or for further information.

  10. Thomas Malthaus

    The Day The Earth Stood Still.

  11. christine reeves

    Your guest said the moment people hear the P word, first word I thought of was Pedophile…….. I did not think of Panic. We are a sick world with sick people. I sincerely wish I did not know this awful word.

  12. Rober from Alabama

    There are two people that I blame for the mess that we are in. Mike Pence claims to be a Christian but I don’t really believe that he knows the definition. There were over 100 allegations of voter fraud. by our politicians, but when Tommy Tuberville from Alabama voted not to accept the election results the January 6th riots began and Mike Pence quickly held the vote even though he legally had 10 days to investigate. He should have known how evil these people in Washington are. When Ken Paxton from Texas and the Attorneys General from many other states took the lawsuit to the Supreme Court John Roberts refused to hear it. In my very humble opinion both Pence and Roberts had parts to play in the destruction of America. I believe that both men had skeletons in their closet and would rather kill 250 million Americans than their secrets be known. The Lord Jehovah God will not be happy with these two men.

    • Michael

      Why does anyone think that the people who occupy government, at any level, are honest people? They have proven themselves time and again to be anything but honest people. It’s time to stop wishing and accept what is. No amount of bible reading will change the nature of humans. Accept what is in front of you and act accordingly.

      • Thomas Malthaus

        That also includes law enforcement.

  13. Texar1991

    Now this will be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the peoples who have gone to war against Jerusalem; their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongue will rot in their mouth.

    Zech 14:12.

    • Katy Bar

      And just like Israel has the right to Self-defense against Hamas we the American People have the right to Self-defense against the illegal aliens. I’m not saying we should bomb and kill and totally wipe out all the illegal aliens for invading our country, but the Demonic Rats now in power in the US “won’t even allow us to put up a fence”!!! And yet, these same Illogical Crazy Demonic Rats are spending Billions of our Tax Dollars to support Ukraine’s right to Self-defense???

  14. Bennet Cecil

    The Russians do not want to kill Americans but they are not going to let NATO kill them. The Russian revolution was financed by American and English bankers a century ago.

    The Russians are smarter and tougher than the and lazy Americans. Putin knows that Biden and his administration are criminals and illegitimate. No cabinet member has a sworn written oath to the US Constitution as required. They are a criminal cabal, but Americans are too ignorant to remove them.

    Nikola Tesla developed scalar weapons and the Soviets perfected them. They had them available during the Cuban missile crisis. Lt. Col Tom Bearden explains them in this declassified document from 1984.

    Within seconds the Russians can deploy them from 1,000 miles away. They can subtract or add energy to any city in the US in minutes without causing nuclear fallout. A cold explosion would freeze and kill all humans and animals. A heat explosion would kill also and burn the infrastructure.

    Within an hour, every military base in the USA could be eliminated along with the personel.

    The US has these weapons also. They used them on 911, the California fires and Lahaina.

    The Russians and the Americans have space weapons as do the Chinese. These may be like the days of Noah.

    • John Leigh

      I do not agree that the Russians are tougher and smarter than lazy Americans. I am not lazy and most of the people posting here are not lazy. I lived in Russia for twenty years and know Russians well. I can’t say they are tougher and smarter than any other people group. Yes, the majority of any people group might be lazy, whether German, Bolivian, Portuguese, etc. Remember Russia has been around since the year 862, America a much shorter time. Today Russia is still much lower on the UN Human Development Index than the US even though they have had a lot more time to evolve and develop. The US is still a teenager age-wise in comparison.

  15. Katy Bar

    As Ken suggested previously we must begin to incentivize our Politicians in Congress to do Good (the same way the WEF Globalists have monetarily incentivized our Politicians and Family Doctors to do Evil)!!

    • Michael

      Incentivize our politicians? Seriously? They have the easiest job in the world! It was not meant to be a persons sole occupation.
      “A government of the people, by the people, for the people”
      NOT a government of a political class, that is not in touch with the constituents.
      We need to create term limits on our own, by voting out WHOEVER is the incumbent, regardless of their party affiliation. You cannot let them get a power base, or you will have what we have now.
      You are WAY off saying we need to incentivize them. Their incentive is to serve their fellow man or stay in the private sector and try a real job, where you have to actually produce something….besides a sound bite.
      Good lord….America has truly become something to behold!!

  16. Marie Joy for radiation equipment and information.

    • James

      It’s been Said that 11:11 is an angel number. The fact that your interview time is 11:11.11 is a bit interesting . Should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I have been seeing that number alot lately.

      • Greg Hunter

        I did not know this until people started to say this about the time. I dod not edit it this way either. Can you tell us all more about the “Angel Number”?


        • N L

          Look up angel number in your browser. It’s really a mystical new age belief. Not really a Bible thing.

  17. John Leigh

    If it gets as bad as Steve and others are predicting, does it really make sense to survive?

    Getting a SAT phone, generator, precious metals, etc, is not easy for most people.

    And what really are we surviving for? To live on in a wretched post-nuclear world in total desolation?

    Why? Why would you want to survive and live like that?
    Is that really living anyway?

    I do not see the point of surviving—only to live on in total desperation, surrounded by extreme barbarity and total devastation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Evil wants you to give up. Satan is smiling at you.

    • Katy Bar

      John, our Founding Fathers had no electronics or modern equipment of any kind (like computers, cars, telephones, etc., etc.) and yet they felt life was worth living!! Of course back then calling out to God “was free” (today the Globalists want to put to death all those who freely call out to Jesus – saying it is “Idol Worship” and yet these Insane Demonically Infected Rats can worship “their god” Satan and kill babies without consequence!!

  18. Susan R

    I have been progressively unveiling myself to this coming apocalypse for over a decade and did reach the point a while ago that Steve brought up several times, which is be prepared to return to Jesus and our Father. I recognize the fragility of my surroundings, although I am not in a city and when the trees are in leaf, I cannot see other houses, anyone with intent would be able to break in. The reality of preparing is it may keep us calm thinking we will survive, but only bunkers hidden underground with years of rations will give anyone a chance. I would not want to be in one of those bunkers where I would lose my mind overcome by the fear of what would be waiting for me two years later.

    • L N

      The air to the bunkers can easily be cut off as can other things required for survival. For the short term, a bunker might be nice, but it is not a sure thing for survival in the long run.

      • Ken Yu

        The way Hitler did it LN was to drop cyanide gas pellets down the air intake vents!!

  19. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    I have a hard believing (if there is a nuclear war) that there will be 90 to 100 million people left here in the US. It would be far less than that. May be close to zero.


  20. Frank

    Why is it that everyone secretly wants total world Armageddon ? Some hidden sadistic quality whereby our deeper jealousies of others have us all hating each other and WANTING to see everyone else suffering, starving, dying, bodies drying under the Summer heat and stinking to high hell ? How can I say such a thing ? Because everyone is just sitting back waiting for it, hoping that somebody else is gonna save their carcinogen-filled asses. Nobody is coming. If you don’t start moving, they are going to come to you and machete your damn dumb head off, and this world will not miss you one bit, so what do you have to lose ? If you don’t fight, you will most certainly die, if you do fight, you just might WIN ! Think it over, America. Not much time left. The anti-humans are VERY determined.

  21. Russ 2

    “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” — William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

    It’s all about fear.

    “NOTAM Sparks Confusion Over Possible Russian Hypersonic Missile Test Off California Coast”
    …“According to The War Zone, the NOTAM is actually in anticipation of a Russian space booster splashing down in the Pacific.”…

    In my opinion, if this was an actual launch from a Russian sub sitting off the coast of SOCAL, then it would be a great demonstration — rare that a serious opponent telegraphs a punch by issuing a NOTAM. There are a lot of US fast attack subs in San Diego, so for the Russians to park one of their boats here without our Navy knowing would be impressive, what chutzpah. I may be a fish but that hook is a bit big for me to swallow.

    Honestly, your guest’s hyperbole is really only good for causing worry and mental stress. There’s no submarine launching ICBMs at us while parked off our coast. The NOTAM was simply the Russians being responsible by issuing a warning of an impending reentry… or not. No Fear.

    “Fear is the mind-killer.”
    “Fear is the little-death that brings obliteration.”
    — clipped from the Bene Gesserit “Litany Against Fear”

    I prefer to face fear and not stress out. Preferably with a nice glass of Bordeaux.

  22. Julia

    I am surprised Mr. Quayle did not bring up the prophecy by Dumitru Duduman concerning America. I am posting the prophecy it is a little over an hour.

    Our Nation steals other Nation’s assets, sex traffics children and sells drugs all to keep our lifestyle going and has done so since at least WWII. Our government has been at war against God since the Revolutionary War. Why do we have insane people running the government? We are under God’s judgement.
    8 O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against thee.

    9 To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgivenesses, though we have rebelled against him;

    10 Neither have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in his laws, which he set before us by his servants the prophets.

    11 Yea, all Israel have transgressed thy law, even by departing, that they might not obey thy voice; therefore the curse is poured upon us, and the oath that is written in the law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against him

    Interesting closing. After Mr Quayle’s imploring us to save food and water, to purchase solar panels he wants someone to subscribe to a streaming service?

    • Thomas Malthaus

      Armageddon with a capitalist bent.

  23. Robert Matthews

    Just curious, if a EMP device takes out all electrical/electronic devices, how is a satellite phone going to work? Faraday cage?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes. You can buy Go Dark bags from They thought of everything. Most of the government’s key people have sat phones and Go Dark bags to keep them in, by the way.

      • Lisa

        I don’t have anyone to call

        • Greg Hunter

          Sister Lisa,
          Call on Jesus and Jehovah and you don’t need a phone. You are not alone.
          Brother Greg

  24. LoriQ

    My favorite guest. Thank you for having Steve Quayle on your podcast. Unfortunately, there will be nukes dropped on the USA. We have too many enemies that are waiting in the wings to try and destroy us. Coupled with the deep divisions amongst Americans and embedded foreign troops on our soil waiting for the dog whistle to bow, I see fighting taking place within our borders sooner rather than later. I hope I am wrong for all of our sakes.

    It would be better if we seized our government, replaced politicians with competent leadership, shut our borders, returned to law and order, brought back manufacturing, kicked corporations out of politics and Washington D.C., rid America of the satanic LGBTQ+ agenda, and embraced God (and repented of our iniquity) as a nation once again. I almost forgot: Get rid of the Federal Reserve, return to energy independence, and reel in Big pharma and the military-industrial complex. Natural food is key and clean up our air, land and water.

    Tall order. Doable. But, most of us would have to be on the same page. With our people so horribly divided, could we even make an attempt?

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%. The trouble is that the vast majority have been trained to look to the Government for solutions.

      • LoriQ

        Randy, it’s the cradle to grave mentality that most Americans now embrace. How can that mindset be undone without war or hostilities breaking out?

  25. Daniel

    How does SAT phone monthly autopay system continue when all grids are down?

    • Greg Hunter

      Daniel, There are phone numbers at the top of the page. Ask them.

  26. John Maskell

    Greg , that was an excellent but worrying interview . Steve Quayle is correct about something happening soon . I know Clif High has been opinionated about certain people ( which I think is unfair ) but his data sweeping has been picking up a high emotional tension value around the 19th\ 20th June this year .The issue that concerns me is the huge spike of this data ponit. He says, the tension value is the biggest spike ever recorded by his computer ! He’s not sure what event it could be but the way that Steve is talking about a dummy Russian launch , could this be the event . Whatever it is , be the elect Greg . Thanks John .

  27. Lowell kaul

    Psalm 23 God is in control

  28. S_Adams

    Be careful on who you are paying to; Reinasance 2.0 is going to be a huge eye opener.

  29. Dewey DeMarco

    Did the Iranian leadership just die in a helicopter accident today, May 19? Did Bo Polny state that something extremely significant would happen either on May 18 or 19?

    Greg…thank you so much for great guests!

    You never back away from the truth. You never wavered from the truth during the COVAIDS insanity. My family is healthy and pure bloods thanks to you!

    • Pete+only

      Also of significance on May 19th, is that Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted by the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court for STARVING the Palestine people, and in addition, the leaders of Hamas have also been indicted for their atrocities on the Israeli people.

  30. FastMark

    Read 1st John 5:19. There’s no doubt why the world is in the condition its in. This is Satan’s world until Jehovah destroys the wicked including Satan.

  31. Prospector

    Michael Yon and Matt Bracken would make great guests ,

    Michael Yon: Callsign BIG HONEY 6
    Those who follow my work year after year are now on into 4+ years of warning we are going into global famines. US government will not help. Wasting your time thinking “white hats” or any “president” will suddenly “wake up”. They are awake. They work for someone else.

    Dr. Janci
    If I am understanding this correctly. artificially engineered viral strains of bird flu that are now infecting across species and causing a call by the USDA, for livestock to be culled, have now been traced back to a Former Gates Foundation scientist who is now the Director of the USDA lab in Georgia (US) where GOF research on bird flu was being done on this facility. It’s time for our state Governors and US legislature to step in and say “No”— not again! You will not terrorize the planet with these bio weapons against US citizens and our food supply any longer!
    Sense Receptor
    May 16
    “GAVI…[says] ‘bird flu will be the next Disease X, the WHO has put out major warnings…on bird flu…so has the CDC, and there’s been a massive surge in…PCR testing for bird flu in animals…there was a dolphin that got bird flu, off of Florida…”

    Attacking the food supply does two things , depopulation and control.
    YOU WANT TO EAT ? Take the mark of the beast !

    Melissa Ciummei
    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been pushing for digital ID for BANKING with a timeline of 2025 for every country to have implemented digital ID. It only works if people comply. REBEL now!!

    Australia passes DIGITAL I.D. BILL

    Iceland has it too.

    ” To control nations , control oil. To control people , control FOOD. ”
    Henry ‘ gee it’s hot down here ‘ Kissinger , creator of the US State department depopulation policies in The Office of Population Affairs in 1975.

  32. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    There will not be a nuclear exchange, God will not allow it, nor is it written in His word.
    The destruction has begun and will continue from within by the evil demonic WEF and their pupets in Washington. The dismantling of our country such as farms, food processing plants and the systematic destruction of family farms and our livestock will continue. They know that who controls the food controls the people. Once food becomes scarce, most of the population will fall in line and do as they are told or they will be cut off and starve.

  33. John Duffy

    Japan’s most senior cancer doctor: COVID shots are ‘essentially murder’

  34. David

    Do most civic and federal agencies have sat phones? And if so, how do we get their sat phone numbers?

  35. Led Skeletor

    “Demonic Globalist Elite Starting World War III”…
    aka The Puppetmasters of Joe Genocide and the Chozen Ones?

    “Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Confirmed Dead”
    If don’t don’t stink to the high Heavens of CIA and Mossad.

  36. Adam Munyard

    Blinken is a real weasel. He quite literally looks like a rodent

    • Pete+only

      Adam, yes but boy could he (Blinken) play guitar!!

  37. Joe Wong

    Steve Quale is CORRECT here !!!! The DEMOCROOKS & REPUBLIKUNTS warmongering neocon LOSERS in DC have SOLD this nation and their souls to the DEVIL !!!

    Also, Japan is now the biggest sellers of US Treasury bonds (aka USA Debt) just to prop-up their free falling Japanese Yen as we are seeing now as well.

    BTW -Steve, did you know that there’s a outbreak in Chickens in Colorado which sent 53 persons to the hospital there ???

    Also, who owns most of these chicken and poultry farms now ??? You’ve guessed it –> Its BILL GATES of the WEF that wants to reduce the worlds population down from 8 billion to a more controllable level of 3 billion people.

    You still wanna eat chickens ??? The you should cook it really, really well, this way you will kill-off all of those harmful chemicals that are injected into them at their time of hatching which is causing them to get fat and grow much faster, and sent out for slaughter at 4 months of age. They also do NOT have an immune system as well.

    One must never forget that EMPIRES RISE & EMPIRES ALSO FALLS !!! and we are witnessing the FALL now, since the USA is really no exception at this point.

    Have a nice weekend, and you wonder why Asians still eat cats !!!!

    • Ken Yu

      But cats eat birds Joe!!

  38. Joe Wong

    To Steve, Its called DESPERATION by the US, UK, EU and NATO, because they are watching themselves COLLAPSE and FALL APART at the seams.

    Its also because this current Joebama Buyden’s administration completely lacks any concept in conducting DIALOGUE and DIPLOMACY, and are now making more enemies since 2021.

    Just look at all of those HOMELESS TENTS filling-up the streets of Los Angeles (now HOMELESSVILLE) in California before and after the Grammys and the Oscars !!!!

    What a damn SHAME for the whole world to see what the California has degenerated into !!!

    Also, the book of Revelation (aka Revolution) is coming to pass now.

  39. Nat

    Thank you Greg for trying to keep Steve on point. He is obviously smart and has lots of good info but trying to follow him is like trying to follow Ricochet Rabbit! I lost count of how many statements/points he would start and then jump to something related but never form a conclusion from his initial statement?

    Hard (for me) to follow.

    • L N

      I totally agree. Greg did the best he could with a guest who refused to be corralled.

  40. Terri B

    I heard Greg say don’t retire if you are dependent on a pension or social security. What jobs are going to be paying if the 401K’s are gone and the SS.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would pay off as much as I could and keep working as long as I could. It will help cushion the blow. Many will be knocked who are unprepared.

      I would also be finding deals on can food and storable food. I would make sure I have water and a good water filter system: This one is relatively cheap and very good. It’s not pretty but it works well!!

  41. Curt

    Greg, very informative interview, and thank you very much. I have great respect for Mr. Quayle and subscribe to his site as well, but with regard to Operation Sandman, which I have been hearing about for a couple of years, apparently that is not going to take place because Japan dumped a bunch of their bonds and their currency dropped 20% (a good time to visit Japan if so inclined, I have friends there now) because without the world’s current reserve currency to support their own, the yen lost value. Jim Willie (another really smart analyst) indicates “…the BRICS nations have learned a lesson, and that Operation Sandman must be revised and will feature 20 nations selling $2 trillion in USTBonds, but over a 24-month period, not 24 hours.” According to Mr. Willie (and this makes sense) “no nation has the luxury of selling, dumping, discharging a massive volume of USTBonds without inflicting tremendous harm on their own currency, their own sovereign debt structure, and their own banking system, with harmful follow-on effects to their economy.”

    God bless you for your continuing quest to provide us with the truth, no matter how unsavory it may be, but if God is with us, who can be against us? You are instrumental in helping us keep the faith, Brother.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting and analysis. Ed Dowd was most worried about Japan and their currency crisis. It’s one of the things that the Deep State could “lose control” of according to Dowd.


  42. War Monger

    Satan loves stupidity, he wins again…

    ‘Fully Vaxxed’ CNN Correspondent Alice Stewart, 58, Dies Suddenly

  43. Pete+only

    Options are now running out for the deep state, because so many people have woken up..
    We are in no means out of the woods yet. Please have a read to the below attachment, and pass it on to as many people as you can…the collapsing narrative is definitely causing less people to trust our so called authorities…

  44. riskin

    USAW probably could get NFL Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker to guest and talk about the war on Christians.

    is fwd to circa f 6:01 – 6:13 where he effectively rebukes LGBTQP

    obviously this won’t make happy Trump–who dances to the YMCA and hangsout with Tim Cook and Peter Thiel.

    This Harrison dude is the new conservative movement. The old one led by Israel idolizing Evangelicals is on the way out, accdg to Clif High’s data.

  45. Prospector

    This is just some of the destroyed food plants , the rest at link :
    Many are officially classified as arson.

    Apr 9th 2024

    All the food plants that have been destroyed since Biden took office [2021&2022]:
    1— 4/30/21 Monmouth Smithfield Foods pork processing plant
    2— 7/25/21 Memphis Kellogg plant
    3— 8/13/21 JBS beef plant
    4— 8/24/21 Patak Meat Company
    5— 7/30/21 Tyson River Valley ingredient plant
    6— 10/21/21 Darigold plant
    7— 11/15/21 Garrard County food plant
    8—11/29/21 Maid-Rite Steak Company
    9—12/13/21 San Antonio food processing, West side Foods
    10—1/7/22 Hamilton Mountain poultry processing
    11—1/13/22 Cargill-Nutrene feed mill. Lacombe, La
    12—1/31/22 Winston-Salem fertilizer plant
    13—2/3/22 Wisconsin River Meats
    14—2/3/22 Percy dairy farm
    15—2/5/22 Wisconsin River Meats processing facility destroyed by fire in Mauston, Wisconsin.
    16—2/15/22 Bonanza Meat Company goes up in flames in El Paso, Texas
    17—2/15/22 Shearer’s Foods Food processing plant explodes in Hermiston, Oregon.
    18—2/16/22 Indiana Louis-Dreyfus soy processing plant
    19—2/18/22 Bess View Farms
    20—2/19/22 Lincoln premiere poultry
    21—2/22/22 Shearer’s Foods potato chip plant
    22—2/22/22 Fire destroys Deli Star Meat Plant in Fayetteville, Illinois.
    23—2/28/22 nutrient AG Solutions fertilizer facility burns
    24—2/28/22 Shadow Brook Farm & Dutch girl Creamery burns
    25—3/4/22 294,800 chickens destroyed at farm in Stoddard, Missouri

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this.

      • Prospector

        Your welcome. I have no doubt your reporting as a real journalist has saved lives.

        This is a very good interactive food plant fires map ( worldwide ).
        Sidebar lists locations , dates and cause if known. 2021-2022.
        If anyone has an up to date list please post.

        Best =


        Alternate =

        • Katy Bar

          Prospector – Looks like the “Illegal Alien Army” Bribe’n has allowed into our country “is already Hard at Work” massively Destroying our American Food Infrastructure. Are we going to “Wait” to see “What This Alien Army Does Next”? Or are we going to take decisive action “NOW” against this “Million Man Foreign Army” (that was purposely allowed through our gates like a million Trojan Horses by an Unpatriotic Demented Demon Rat Traitor for 20 Pieces of Silver)?

    • Seer

      If these are not “organic” healthy food plants we can do without them, imo. Why consume what processed GMO, chemicals and heavy metals can accumulate in your body and kill you?

  46. Marie Joy

    Buy food that doesn’t have to be cooked and lasts forever, like poptop nuts.

    • Justn Observer

      and learn how to make Pemmican , Ghee, hardtack, etc.. LOTS of good you tube vids on such…but for those that think the grid may go down at some point….one should have by now, a decent library on such. herbs, medicinal stuff. Also, plenty of good books out there…time is a wasting…and one does not have to be rural to gather up the makings and equipment to do. If in is living in a large city and in multi-living accommodations, one might want to ensure they at least live on the south facing side of a building, with a deck and where one hang/present a solar array to charge their eco-flow generators.?

  47. go for God

    a drone and a Glock ….. asymmetric highway robbery (video clip)

    this is why you wanna carry two wallets; the faux and the functioning one

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, thinking the ‘conspiricy theory’ is larger than JUST de-population of the U.S. =
    Goes along well with killing off the American youth age military age men and giving U.S. military with the jabs? The U.S. NOT only weakened but invaded…= JADE HELM on steriods?

  49. vince capone

    Bo Polny is all around the internet proclaiming we are living in biblical times.

    If we were living in biblical times, Steve Quayle would have at least 101 comments by now.

    • Greg Hunter

      As I post your comment, Steve Quayle has 110 comments, and I deleted a lot of evil trolls.

  50. A Friend

    I just want to remind everybody to read Psalm 8. In Psalm 8, Jehovah makes it perfectly clear that mankind was given dominion over the works of the father’s hands.

    This is not implying an easy solution to the world’s problems. It is saying that it is up to people to fix the problems here on Earth. That must be so, since God gave up dominion over the works of his hands to humankind. That sounds strange, and you won’t hear that preached from the pulpit, and yet it is there in the Bible. Psalm 8.

    • Greg Hunter

      A Friend,
      If that were the case Jesus would not have to come back and he would not have to “shorten the days” or there would “be no flesh left.”

  51. Holly

    That’s complete bullshit!!! If at all the Nazis in the Kremlin & their Chinese accomplices are going to start WWIII!! And that’s why they must be stopped NOW!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Look at Ukraine. NATO started this in 2014 and will not sit down for peace talks. Who wants war?

  52. lemon rind

    i.e., the stock-market is a Ponzi scheme

  53. virginia clark

    What Greg is trying to get him to say is what is coming will be a repeat of the great depression, which was made worse on purpose by Hoover to kill the middle class.
    Usually I really like your interviews with Quayle, but this time he was rambling and sometimes incoherent. Surprised. He is a wealth of information and worth listening to, but I found it difficult to follow his answers to Greg’s questions. Maybe because he is so full of information he’s ready to explode with it.
    We need to go back and study the G. depression and find out what people did to survive

  54. regaleagle

    Our time under the sun is short……so walk in righteousness and enjoy the beauty God has allowed in this fallen world. You cannot change it……no matter how much you strive. God will make everything beautiful and judge the unrighteous in HIS time to HIS perfect will. Do not spend your time under the sun in bitterness, but filled with joy and happiness as the sun rises and sets.

  55. Bill Holder

    According to Quayle, the defintion of a Bastard is the offspring of an Angel and an Earthling, a devine creature with a human, right? So, Jesus is what?

    Folks, people, read the Bible, the answers are all in there. If you have not figured it out yet, you will be up for a surprise so immense that will stop you on your tracks.

    Put it this way, we are in a war, in a very nasty war and all humankind is caught in the middle, one group seeking support of the other. The mark of the beast is in your DNA, if you alter your DNA, you become the Beast. The beasts are the Goy/Goyem that is Hebrew for Beast/s, filthy animals. How do you segregate the population? My tagging, labeling, just like animals. The UnVaxxxed are the Wheat, the Shaft is who?

    We are in that point that humans are getting sorted and segregated.

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