Cuomo Vax Injury, Trump Trials Fail, Failing Banks Coming

Greg Hunter’s (WNW 633 5.10.24)

A CV19 vax injury that will help wake up the world has been reported.  Former CNN News anchor Chris Cuomo is on the airwaves telling the story of his CV19 vaccine injury.  He says he has “inflammation” and “brain fog.”   Cuomo reveals he is being treated on a regular basis with Ivermectin.  Good move, Chris.   Sure, Cuomo is eating crow now after he “shamed” people on air who were using Ivermectin to treat Covid a few years ago.  I don’t want anybody to be sick from this evil vax or allow it to cut decades off their lives.  This is more about waking people up to the fact they need treatment, like Cuomo is getting.  Millions of the CV19 vaxed are NOT getting treatment, and Cuomo can shine a light on how they need to be treated with things like Ivermectin to fight the negative effects of the CV19 bioweapon vax.  Ivermectin is a cheap, safe and effective “miracle” drug, and more people need to be treated.

All the lawfare (like warfare) cases against Donald Trump seem to be falling apart at the same time.  Now, there is evidence from Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey all the cases against President Trump may have been conceived around the same time by the Biden Administration.  AG Bailey says he is demanding the DOJ turn over all communications of the illicit prosecutions of President Trump.  Bailey says he has evidence that all the prosecutions against Trump were coordinated by President Biden’s minions.  Legendary fight promoter Don King says, “We must elect Trump in 2024 to save ourselves.”  King might get his wish because it looks like the Biden lawfare cases are not going to stop Trump.

Top people in the financial world are telling the public to brace for bank failures—a lot of them.  One billionaire investor named Barry Sternlicht says there will come a time when bank failures will be happening each and “every week.”  Sternlicht says, “We are entering a new dark age.”

There is much more in the 53-minute newscast.

There is an 8-minute video to explain how easy it is to ride out any terror attack or extreme storm. You can get more information at or

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 5.10.24.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Financial expert Ed Dowd, author of the popular book “Cause Unknown,” will be on USAW Saturday to talk about the economy and explain why it’s going to be getting much worse in the weeks and months to come.

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  1. Truth

    I am pretty sure Cuomo had a bad case of “brain fog” before he was vaxed.

    • Thomas Malthaus

      Inhaling all that NYC smog while being a genetic Democrat.

    • sam

      He grew up as a democrat under father Mario…another Corrupt Governor of New York………..he was “born” into the “Club” that we ain’t in….

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct, but Cuomo gives an important wake up call for Ivermectin treatment for all. People need to be treated and millions (billions globally) of victims are not being treated. This is the point and why I led with it. That said you are 100% correct about Cuomo’s life as opposed to “We the (little) People.”

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Greg I think the owner and creator of WESTON SCIENTIFIC is a true patriot and is truly blessed trying to help people as much as possible and not raising his prices not all of us are able to buy them yet trying to pay our extremely high home taxes NJ , our extremely high gas & ele bills, our medical insurance, triple high food prices, 8 yr loan for a new roof , all the little cats 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 I
          have rescued and had fixed and have rescued from my yard and woods behind me and stay in the house 🏡 thank God for CHEWY pet supplies otherwise they would be truck fodder. So with the day to day pain as you say WESTEN SCIENTIFIC IS WONDERFUL were not all rich like most of the people who come on your show remember most of us COMMON people don’t have $500. to repair our cars let alone buy gold and silver. I hope to be able to buy 2 of Weston’s air cleaner this month and no I haven’t been able to buy any gold or silver busy buying ivermectin at $100 a box for my family of vaxed LOVED ONES. I texted you on your show in 2021 that my husband got vaccinated and the cancer that they believed was stopped came back with a vengeance and they started him on new meds he passed out while driving and totalled our 4 yr old Rec Focus “”Rosey” thank you FATHER GOD I still had my 24 yr old Gold Focus wagon “Goldie”. Thank you Lord JESUS ❤️ 🙏 Thank you WESTON for thinking of others who only live on month to month 💰 I did purchase a water filter and some food but also 2 of my 3 children have Type 1 diabetes from the childhood vaccines as Robert Kennedy Jr said that is what caused all the childhood crisis which is so expensive needles 😭 insulin, pump, test strips. I gave 10 yrs of my life to have a family which I desired all my life 5 children miscarried 3 boys and 2 girls and 1 live daughter Kimberly and 2 live boys Daniel and James and after all that our evil country tried to kill them too. Bless you 🙏 ♥️🕊️🇺🇸 Bless you, Bless you Mr Weston may Almighty God, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit keep you in ALL your ways. Also I pray Ed Dowd’s children are well and in Father God’s mighty ✋✋ hands. I pray FATHER’s LOVE and PEACE over all. TRUST IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL YOUR HEART 💖 LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING BUT IN ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM 🙏♥️ AND HE WILL DIRECT YOUR ( OUR) PATHS stay close to LORD JESUS CHRIST, Lord Jesus sends HIS LOVE TO ALL. ❤️

          • Greg Hunter

            I like Weston Warren too, Linda!!

      • Dale Anderson

        Sounds like Cuomo is backpedaling now and claiming he’s not vax injured, he just has long covid. Ok, sure Chris, might be long term steroid use injury, you never know.

    • Katy Bar

      Ed Dowd proves with the statistical facts that America as a Nation is “disabled” with a bad case of brain fog compounded by neurological, cancer and heart deaths, etc. “that are abnormally killing people by more then Ten(10) Standard Deviations”. And the Evil Perpetraitors who deviously engineered this Mass Murder are now purposely driving us toward a Nuclear War with Russia (to cover-up their crime of human genocide “before the election”) probably thinking that a lot more deaths from Nuclear Bombs Falling On America will cover up their Evil Eugenicist Covid, Bird Flu, etc., etc. Plans to Depopulate the Earth!!!


    Could Adrenochrome be the source of all the insanity
    we have been witnessing over the past ten years?
    A very good article that connects the dots.

    • Anthony Australia

      Joffa this is scary and well planned by the demonic freaks.

      For decades, Ray Kurzweil has been an unofficial spokesman for the trans-humanist movement. And in 2008 he said that humans would become infused with nano-robots which would vastly improve the human body.

      “If you go out even to 2045, that’s only, you know, four decades from now, most of our intelligence, of our civil… of our human civilization will be non-biological. We’re going to put this inside our bodies and brains. So we’re going to become machines, but not… and if you say that people go, well I’m going to become a machine, because they’re thinking of machines as we knew them from the 19th century, which were much lesser than humans. And machines today are still lesser than humans. I’m talking about a new type of machine that’s actually greater, more subtle, more supple, more intelligent, more creative, more beautiful than humans.” ~ Ray Kurzweil

      • Earth Angel

        Kurzweil- a complete nut job. Imho, the man should be in a rubber room in a straight jacket for life. Very dangerous for all of us to allow someone (something?) like that free rein in society. Just look at the repercussions already. Of course there are others like him that need to be rounded up too. Where’s the posse when we need them??

  3. bruce stork

    video is not pinned to your site, only your write up and three comments.

    • Greg Hunter

      video is processing on Rumble.

  4. Really Awake

    For Christians:

    Marty Armstrong just posted some excellent secular information on Rule of Nine, Armageddon & Megiddo…

    Some really good historical background on the history of the region. This is why I like Marty. And he was kind enough to post for free and not part of his usual payed conference.

    For those of us who understand the importance of knowing history the information is priceless.

  5. John Patrick

    The video is not included in the post, only the commentary / summary is shown.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s there now. I had a tech problem.

  6. Stuart Baroff

    Good morning,
    Hope all is well.
    Not able to access your weekly report.
    May 10th, 2024.

    I look forward weekly to your wrap-up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Had a Rumble upload problem. Had to start over but it’s OK now.

  7. Point of Know Return

    Please ask Ed his opinion and insights on RFK Jr., especially since he wrote the forward to his book. It’s appearing that a great number of the anti-vax experts are in RFK Jr’s corner. I think it would be beneficial to hear his take on his support, especially since Trump will never succumb to saying he made a mistake about anything CV19, and Biden is too far gone to even realize what he had for supper last night. Thanks!

    • Paul Anders

      Not to stick up for Trump but not only did he tell everyone TWO TIMES that it was not only a hoax, but that no medicine was needed. People just don’t listen.
      He himself did NOT put a lab coat on a design the shots…

    • GoldiLocks

      You really need to look deeper into Rfk jr and his past

      Not only has rfk jr flipped many times upon being pressed by media, he shows little backbown on any issue that would seem detrimental to his campaign, such as transgender, illegal immigration, israel vs palestine, abortion, gun control,…and he even flipped about vaccines on several occasions. He first made claims about ashkenazis and vaccinss, the retracted his comment. He also has been saying “i am not anti vax” despite several times he was questioning ALL childhood vaccine scheduling

      he doesnt hold his ground on anything,

      Also, look at his history with drug abuse, his sexual affairs, his comments towarda his suicidal second wife. He was a very nasty person, people call trump nasty, well rfk jr is a known womanizer with massive history of drug abuse and sexual escapades.

      Last, but not least, look at his VP pick, She is a lockstep, google aristocrat whome us supplying rfk jrs funding, She obviously has ties to the WEF, and the big tech elites.

      Rfk jr is not a conservative, or a constitutionalist, he continually promotes govt intervention, and has been a long time promoter of climate control

      No way, he js not the right choice, Even if he had a chance to win he wouldtn accomplish anything in office, He would be limited by both parties just as Trump was…he stands no better chance at being effective. He would be like Jimmy Carter, nothing woukd get done, and it would be a shit show

      • Russ McMeans

        Thanks for pointing out the facts about Robert Kennedy. He’s highly intelligent but delusional. What a fool.
        Like most politicians!

    • Goldilocks

      Yeah, please talk about rfk jr, if you got the time.

      Thanks Greg

  8. Thomas Malthaus

    Do you plan on having Bo Polny on in the next two or three weeks, Greg?

    To say the economic milieu is becoming interesting is an understatement.

    • Dawn

      RFK just said, he is all in for abortion up to 9months !

      • Greg Hunter

        Stick a fork in him RFK jr is finished. Now we know he has no Jesus.

  9. Linda

    Dan Bongino said that Biden is so frail that the Secret Service should be accompanying him when he walks up the stairs. I have a theory that they (Dems) want him to fall and sustain a head injury or worse so they can replace him. Biden probably won’t just step aside.

    • Dale Anderson

      If the people that are handling his handlers want him gone and he won’t go, they will give him a stroke shot or something similar designed to get sympathy, but also get him out of the way.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        The bigger question: Why doesn’t someone get Soros & Son “out of the way”? The Israelis are good at this type of thing (Eichmann, Post-Munich assassinations, Entebbe, Operation Opera, etc.). It wouldn’t be hard.

  10. Lora

    Good morning Greg,
    Isn’t it enlightening to watch the college riots over their supposed concerns of civilian deaths in Gaza, but not one iota of real concern by anyone over deaths and displacement of civilians in the US financed, proxy war in Ukraine.
    War is war and civilians always get caught in cross fire, as demonstrated in history by Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq, Afghanistan and EVERY WAR that the US has been involved in. Where were all the demonstrating college students then?
    Just goes to show that the Globalists/Western Powers could care less about human life unless it fits their political agendas (such hypocrisy sending Blinken to Israel in order to dictate to Israel how they should conduct a proper war).
    God Bless and Protect Israel in their righteous efforts to rid themselves of Hamas and every counter attempt by the Globalists to destroy Israel.

  11. Zandra Potter

    I think Cuomo did not take the vax and is not getting treatment. His poor me, I am vaxxed injured may be a plan to keep from being held accountable to the misinformation he gave to the public. If he states he is vax injured then he can play the victim?

  12. christine reeves

    I just called a pharmacy to see if they are honoring a prescription for ivermectin. I had to pray before I made this call, that I would no matter the answer be kind. I was going to let them know Chris Cuomo is taking it daily because of his shot injuries. She readily said yes and seemed puzzled by my question. This same pharmacy would not give it during the so-called pandemic. We are living in nightmare times, wishing the awful reality of these shots was not true, then the realization once again, that what we know is true. So many people with cancers, neurological problems, so we continue to pray. Thank you Greg.

  13. Tommy

    Interesting about Cuomo since his boss, Dan Abrams and comes on right after Cuomo on NewsNation, just ran an interview last night saying that a new study says that the covid shot was not dangerous. I hope Cuomo addresses this. Here’s a link to the Abrams interview.

    A link to an interview Cuomo had with his doctor that isn’t so sure about its safety.

  14. Susan R

    I see we are in an end of life cycle and yet so many say this in one breath and continue on with status quo. This is a Great Divergence. We are separating. I am. There is a Mask that most think is the face of reality which I have not worn for a very long time. I still have much love for those who do not see and try not to tug at their mask. We all go the same way described by many different visions, yet there is only one way, one source. Our divisions create war which is embedded in our history. We will never be alike and that is used against us. I graduated from a predominately Jewish collage being a Roman Catholic. My eyes were wide open taking in all the new versions with no shield. The indoctrination that has erupted on campuses is war staging and apparently that will follow soon. Some entity is amping up the collective to support its intention. Each of us decide and usually the majority wins by ballots but not now. There is a great undertaking underfoot to collapse this nation and no rules or authority are a match for this power. Nothing we have become accustomed to holds the answers, but history can show us how great nations can disintegrate. Archeology shows digs where one civilization tops another. For me, this is the time to be an archangel, to hold the core entity of humans safely for the ravages of war. We have to know that this very point here on this planet is not safe for humans. All of the weapons are stationed and ready for the finger to push the red button. Many are deceived as planned to be taken unaware. Be aware.

  15. Marie Joy

    Foreign countries don’t need to bomb us. We are being killed by our own politicians, Medical Industrial Complex, poisonous food, Big Pharma, etc.
    If the vaxxed are all shedding disease, it’s not safe to be around people.
    Bill Gates said, “The next one will get their attention”.
    The current online discussions are Bird Flu, Disease X, and TB brought in.
    If someone is going to hiccup in the ME, Mossad knows it before it happens.

    • Rodney

      One day Bill Gates will stand before the Almighty God, the Rightous Judge…be assured He will have Bill Gates undivided “attention”.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen to that Rodney. Romans 1:21-22 was written for Gates and his buddies. Fools one and all.

  16. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Cuomo has always had “brain fog”, he is not a smart guy to begin. He is low IQ. I am not sure I believe the stories of these well known people who suddenly have ” vaccine injuries”. They are insiders, part of the elite, I think they knew all along the jabs were dangerous. So I am sceptical that he is really “injured”. These people lie about absolutely everything. This could be a PR ploy so people feel sorry for him and don’t get angry with him for pushing the vaccine and insulting people who used ivermectin. Anyway, if he is ‘vaccine injured”, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Be kind and gentle to the vaxed.” LTC Flight Surgeon Teresa Long (MD) at Fort Rucker said the Lord (Jehovah) told her this. Pray for the vaxed.

      • Goldilocks

        Yeah, but

        thats not the point though.

        This guy has an agenda, and he isnt admitting this to be truthful

        he is dojng this for another reason, perhaps to blame trump?

      • Helen Ann Rudinsky

        I remember her saying that the Lord told her to be kind to the vaxed. That is good advice –but that was God’s specific word to her personally. Cuomo’s platform in the news put him in a position of influence and authority. He could have researched the vaccine, Covid, Ivermectin, etc. The truth was out there if he wanted to find it. Instead, he spouted the party line and arrogantly ridiculed and denigrated others who opposed him and spoke the truth. Just as in the days of old, when God had prophets, Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc, call out the sins of wicked leadership– so should some people do today. Jesus called the corrupt leadership of his day, “serpents” and “vipers”. Cuomo, with no medical training, blatantly abused his powerful position of authority and influence. He led many astray and brought harm to many . Matt 18:5-6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble…it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and be drowned in the sea” Matt 20:25-28 –Jesus tells his disciples that leaders should not exercise authority over others but be servants. When did Cuomo do that? James 3:1 “Those who teach (or today are in leadership) will be judged with greater strictness”. Cuomo has harmed many people. And even more so, people like Fauci, Birx, Bourla and hundreds of others have abused their positions of their authority. Someday they will be called to account and judged. So far God has not asked me to pray for them

        • Steve Bice

          “So far God has not asked me to pray for them”

          Sure he has.

          ” But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

          And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

          And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

          Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

          Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

          But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you…”

          Confront him as necessary. But you can’t deny we are called to pray, difficult though it may be…

  17. Justn Observer

    Greg, good book to get up to speed on GERM WARFARE…The Sleeper Agent by AW FINNEGAN. =
    AUDIO preview= by John OLoughlin,
    2024 02 17 Te Art of Germ Weapons from The Sleeper Agent by AW Finnegan February 17 2024

  18. Takuto

    Thank you for your invaluable work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank, YOU, Takuto for your support and very kind words of appreciation!!

  19. Prospector

    Don’t believe Cuomo. I think this is another head fake. AstraZenica has now pulled its vaccine off the market for admitted blood clot problems. The Cuomo ‘ story ‘ is a MSM attempt to absolve themselves of LIABILITY for suppressing Ivermectin / HCQ while pushing the now known to be toxic vaccines.

    ” We were given BAD INFORMATION ” he says. – Gateway Pundit , May 4.
    ( I say B.S. ) They want to use Long – Covid as cover for vaccine damage and Turbo-Cancer. They know it is not over.

  20. R L Batchelder

    At the end of your show was an advertisement for Reviv CBD Gummies. They stayed ove n over that nicotine is addictive-which is false!
    Nicotine it self is not addictive, it is the chemicals the tobacco industry adds in to the ‘tobacco mix’ ; the addictive chemicals- not nicotine!
    If in doubt go back n view Dr. Ardis on nicotine to treating Covid poisoning.
    This company is deceptive and the statements just like the fear propaganda on Covid 19.
    Smoking is unhealthy but nicotine is not addictive.

  21. Prospector

    Correction : The quote by Cuomo ” We were given bad information about Ivermectin ” is from Gateway Pundit , May 8th edition.

    ” “We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why? Everyone’s going to say, ‘Joe Rogan was right.’ But that’s not what matters. What matters is the entire clinical community knew that Ivermectin couldn’t hurt you. They knew it. I know they knew it. How do I know? Because now I’m doing nothing but talking to these clinicians who, at the time, were overwhelmed by COVID, and they weren’t saying anything. ”
    ” Ironically, Cuomo was one of those spreading misinformation about Ivermectin during the pandemic.”

  22. Trinacria

    Thank you so much Greg for another truthful and hard-hitting report. How sad that we refer to the truth as “hard hitting” these days. I look forward to the Ed Dowd interview on Saturday. Also, I was wondering if you could at some point ask both Martin Armstrong and C. Austin Fitts about the “The Great Taking” by David Rogers Webb. Here is a link to the documentary:

    What are your thoughts on this? What do Armstrong and Fitts think about this?
    Thank you and take care.

  23. Mary

    You don’t need a prescription to get Ivermectin. I got my original purchase from a company in India back when it was first mentioned. Now I get it through a U.S. company that gets it from India. NO PRESCRIPTIONS.

  24. kevin

    I get my Ivermectin from an online pharmacy store in Canada?
    Fast easy ordering, good price, pills come from India.

  25. Kim Beaney

    Thanks Greg for all your brilliant reporting, USA Watchdog is world class!

  26. Seer

    Let’s use “Gene Hacking”
    instead as editing sounds too nice. Non jab groups meet for coffee weekly all over New Zealand and support each other. Same day same cafe each week 10:30 am. Cafes meet at are ones that did not require masks and proof of anything 2021-2023 so we support them!
    Start a group in your area. We also Created a protocol two page instruction sheet for jabbed to halt and clear some of the damage and cancer. Everyone needs to emphasis the truth and solutions. Speak up. Do more.
    So far in meditation the Nov election looks cloudy and foggy if one will be held as enormous chaos and violence will be prevalent. Will meditate again to see if future stays the same in another month or two. Prepare for more home protection and be situation aware when out. Use daily divine protection.

  27. Boswell

    Hmmm? Another high profile “died suddenly”? Was perfectly healthy a day ago!?!
    “Sam Rubin, one of the most respected and connected entertainment anchors in the nation, died suddenly on Friday at the age of 64.
    The circumstances surrounding his death were not immediately released.”
    Stay tuned…

    • Glenn

      No one can know if they are perfectly healthy including you. Only God knows.

  28. War Monger

    Across the U.S., hundreds of small and regional banks are feeling stressed and may be at risk of failure. Of about 4,000 U.S. banks analyzed by the Klaros Group, 282 banks face stress from commercial real estate exposure and potential losses tied to higher interest rates. Most banks facing risks are categorized as small, or community, banks. Though the risk is less systemic compared to the Big Banks, community and regional banks are an important source of credit to local businesses and governments. “There’s no doubt in my mind there’s going to be more bank failures,” former chair of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sheila Bair told CNBC. Watch the video to learn more about the risk of commercial real estate, the role of interest rates on bank balance sheets and what it may take to relieve stress on banks — from regulation to mergers and acquisitions.

  29. Coal Burner

    IF Hamas does nto want to let them go, then forget them and still kill the Hamas. If most of the civilians get killed no real loss. They are all guilty of murder and kidnapping anyway.

  30. Graham Leadbeatter

    If you watch the PBD interview with Como, he says that his doctor is a female.

    • Greg Hunter

      OK, Now we know he is being treated by a doctor.

      • Graham Leadbeatter

        What really gets me about Cuomo and the woke in general is that when they find out that they’ve been lied to about something, they don’t ask the important question – why? Is it because the answer will send them down a rabbit hole that they do not want to navigate?

  31. Lancelot link

    Theoretically,Trumps warp speed caused more placebos to have to be used. That’s how he can say he saved millions. He can’t stop them.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is zero data on that claim.

      • Lance


  32. Patricia Holloway

    God Bless you and your loved ones, Greg.
    Indeed. Gene editing is demonic blood lust for all to see.

  33. Lord Nasdaq

    Brother Greg, you floored me with Jimmy Carville impersonation at the bar from 19:37 to 20:10! Just chilling – it is May and “summer breeze” traders; nothing for me to do until quads maybe in June.
    Take care and may Jehovah bless
    Lord Nasdaq

  34. Pete+only

    Fascism is a merger of both government and corporatism in controlling every aspect of our lives, particularly in the west.
    Attached is a good summary discussing the history of fascism and the form it is now taking on us in western society. I am hoping that the BRICS nations might be a good help in taking some of their fascist powers away from the west, particularly in both military and economic areas. It is a good read.

  35. Robert

    Not going to hold my breath on that Oct.7th investigation.
    “By way of deception thou shalt make war.”
    Thanks for another great report.

  36. Otto Maddox

    Eight percent for Biden? I think he’s doing well with the Communists/Socialist 20% as well as with the significant population that gets money from the government. So they don’t like him but they want the regime to continue.

  37. Guardian Angel

    They will ban you from the synagogue, yet an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering a service to God.
    John 16:2

    Jesus Revolution – Official Trailer (2023)

  38. chris

    changing the genes or their expression is generally called ‘GENE THERAPY’, whether it is ‘editing’ or any other ‘procedure’, a changed gene is a CHANGED GENETIC CODE of that one specie. To go that deep without consent is a CRIME, no matter the way it was achieved.

    • Dale Anderson


      I like to read comments and post while listening. The problem is when I hit post, I have to start your program at the beginning again. Not sure if this is fixable, just a heads up. Btw another great broadcast! Much looking forward to the show tonight.


  39. William Glaser

    Greg why have you banned my ability to comment on your rumble channel ?

    • Greg Hunter

      You probably said some nasty crap I did not like.

      • William Glaser

        Well I do not write ” Nasty Crap” so I am at a loss. I value your programs and feed abused by this buisness and your reply. I will stop commenting.

        • Greg Hunter

          Well, what did you write, William? I am not sure your comment even got posted.

  40. Don Doerr Sr.

    What amazes me is that most Americans do not realize that the Democrat Party of our Grandparents died on November 22, 1963, and that its infiltrators took full control of the former Constitutional Republic of America via the Election of 2020!

    Equally amazing is the Fact that the Regime now in control is Blessed by the New and Modified Catholic Church temporarily controlled by his “Holy Father” Pope Francis.

    Only Jesus can Restore both America and the Church.

    Are we now in End Times, or are we being given one last chance?

  41. Tal Yaros


    Thank you for being one of the few voices in the alternative (or even mainstream!) media to NOT join the pro-Hamas propaganda.

  42. Justn Observer

    Greg, one hopes people take prior posted comment more serious and actually listen to it. Strategic use of such weapons are will founded in history…and little doubt now that it has occujrred AGAIN… the only question is WHO – which nation…and their ‘true’ intent…other than ‘de-population.]
    Part 2 of Sleeper Agent reading shows their historic use…of neurotropic and cardiotropic and other attacks on food and immune systems by various entities. Why do people NOT think it is happening again?
    will post PART 2…
    BEST is people maybe buy the book or go to Mcduff Lives on Rumble for the continuation of enlightenment on such use and the millions already killed.
    With the already LONG LIST of attacks on children viz ”’injections’ from birth…and the excesses of SUGAR and just that into about every product that itself cause such damage to sight, organs, obesity, diabetes and othr neuropathies …requiring the need for MEDS and medical attention and those costs on the taxpayers…is that not a strategic assault on nations’ economies in itself?
    The people better WAKE UP…
    Can’t wait to hear your interview with Ed Dowd and his data and insights as to what and how deeply the deaths and side-effects will hit the world population let along the U.S.

  43. Paul Harris

    Pfizer reminds me of the cartoon when the character slings a brick through a house window with a glass repair company business card attached to it…

    Paul H

  44. Gene Machine

    Russia geo-political expert Andrei Martyanov makes 3 critical points in a recent blogpost:

    1. We ARE NOT on the path to WW III, we are already in WW III and the West already lost it. NATO has neither troops nor resources to introduce anything in 404. Russia’s tactical nuclear drills was a message to European chihuahuas, primarily UK, after showing UK ambassador in Moscow the list of British targets Russia will strike OUTSIDE 404 if London continues with terrorism. Russia is not afraid of Article 5.

    2. US is NOT a republic anymore–it is a corrupt uniparty oligarchy sliding towards totalitarianism. Its foreign policy and media are controlled by the state of Israel and Zionist lobby inside the US, which is based on a broad foundation of Christian Zionist population in the US.

    3. US higher education as related to humanities is over. It has been over for some time. Eventually, all remnants of a free thought and facts-based academic study will be purged.

  45. Harvey Silk


    Are you planning on having someone on to talk about the antisemitism law that Congress recently passed?

    It’s an astonishing assault against American free speech and the Constitution and a terrifying demonstration of the control exercised over our government by a foreign nation and its 5th columnist agents inside America.

    How much longer can you and your fellow Clownservatives maintain the delusion that Israel is “our best friend and ally”?

  46. Doug

    If Biden number is 8 % according to your source can you ask them what their number is for the Trump and Kennedy

  47. Diana Brown

    Appreciate your measured perspective Greg. Looks forward to your wrap ups.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diana!

  48. Don Doerr Sr.

    Greg, when they get rid of you – and they will – to whom shall we turn? Most loyal formerly Christian Constitutional Republican Americans are now becoming RINOs to protect their finances. Anyone who doubts this should examine our Evil Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin and IL. We can pray to Jesus, but what other alternatives do we have? Will Jesus continue to defend us when 91% of the American people – including his “Holy Father” Pope Francis and his “Good Catholic” Joe Biden – prefer the antichrist Obama and his Hillary and our current prostitutional Vice President Kamala Harris, and such low-lifes as Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Bill Gates, etc.? Americans are losing hope! Do you have any advice, Greg?

    • Greg Hunter

      Brother Don,
      I am a roadie for Jesus. Always turn to Jesus and Pray to Jehovah in the name of Christ Jesus! You cannot go wrong.
      Brother Greg

  49. John Maskell

    Great work Greg . With Biden’s approval rating at 7% , isn’t it a shame that the bio weapon injection couldn’t match that number . So many Americans are waking up to the disgusted talents of Biden’s regime, but the general public can’t wake up to the fraud of these murderous injections . I know people are questioning the horrific side effects of the CV clot shots, but too many good innocent people are asleep still. The population of the world has been fooled and played by an evil group of psychopaths in many ways. If they don’t acknowledge this rapidly , we are in great danger ! Why can’t they see what we see? As long as we have our faith Greg , our future lays in the hands of our creator , Jesus Christ xx. Thank you USA Watchdog .

  50. Darren Nelson

    Greg, love and appreciate your content. My wife and I listen to your WNW faithfully.

    As you have pointed out: The Lord has said if he does not intervene in these last days, THERE WILL BE NO FLESH LEFT ON THE EARTH.

    Being such that we find ourselves with a front row seat to these end time events, There are some specific prophecies in the Apocrypha, (Used to be part of the KJ version of the Bible) that I would like to talk with you about offline.

    Here is a brief sample of what I’m referring to:

    1 – Our current president, (VP Biden) will not finish his first term in office, let alone serve a second.
    2 – None of the 2024 candidates running will serve as the 47th. President, (kills me to say because our country so badly needs an America First candidate like Vivek, and or Trump).
    3 – There is a very good possibility that the 2024 election does not take place.
    4 – Biden will be our last “Duly elected president” even though he was put in office by fraudulent means.
    5 – There will be someone to step forward, in an upcoming crisis, that “Volunteers” to lead the country thru an historically difficult political, economic, and global military conflict.
    6 – Much more in the prophecy. I ask myself: “Why do the masses need to understand and know these things?” The simple answer: We need to know to prepare for these events and be spiritually, mentally, and physically ready. Those who are not aware will be not only caught off guard, but will be more prone to paralyzing fear when these events happen. The Lord has given this prophecy to help as many of us, his children, choose to know and recognize his voice. He wants all of us to know him and not be deceived by evil. And there are evil influences competing and desperately wanting the good and devoted Christian’s of the earth to choose the common, easy path of the world designed by Lucifer himself. Satan is putting the finishing touches of his plan in place to snare as many of us as possible. And I believe, by his mercy, The Lord is going to help as many of us as he can to recognize the great imposter, Lucifer, and follow the true Master of truth and light Jesus Christ.

    Enough said, Greg please reach out to me by phone or email. Thank you…

    • John Maskell

      Darren, you have a good strong structure to the problem that’s upon us. Your faith is so positive in our creator . Greg is absolute right when he says ” the elect will be spared . ” I pray that the ” elect ” is a greater number of people because so many are asleep and need to be brought up to speed , fast ! Love from the UK , John.

  51. Anna

    To control rabies in Forested areas across the nation drop by planes these edible packets that are filled with pellets that are filled with dead rabies vaccine that is bound with live adenovirus. There use to be a document online that explained it all along with complete details – can’t find it anymore. I always thought it was old that there was a nationwide outbreak of adenovirus back in 2012 or 2015 right after those firefighters came across the country to fight huge Forrest fires then went home. I thought they walked thru the pellets or slept in them , got adenovirus then spread it to their family members… And now…a vaccine for it a virus they are literally spreading themselves…..

  52. Russ McMeans

    I bought the Dry Element water filtration system. I camp in my new RV trailer along good almost clean creeks and lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and with the 2 five gallon buckets will be able to filter a lot of water for my trailer water supply and drinking water. Very nice setup!

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