CV19 Vax Deadliest Fraud in History – Edward Dowd

By Greg Hunter’s 

Wall Street money manager Edward Dowd has made billions of dollars for companies such as Black Rock picking good businesses with good products.  He can also spot a fraud, and Dowd says Pfizer simply made up the research that said it’s CV19 vaccine was safe and effective.  According to Dowd, it was neither safe or effective.  Dowd says, “The data was garbage.  As far as I am concerned, they made up the data.  It was garbage.”  Dowd thinks the CV19 injections will be the deadliest fraud in history.  Dowd explains, “This is something we have never seen in the history of our country and the history of the world for that matter.  We have a product (CV19 Vax) that is so fraudulent and so deadly from an acute basis and kills you right away, but the long-term implications of this health impact we don’t know yet.  It’s looking grim.  This is going to be with us for decades.  This is going to change the face of the world.  We have to try to control the outcome because people are going to try to take advantage of this and spin it and turn it into the ‘great reset.’  We are not going to allow the ‘great reset’ to happen.  If it happens, it’s going to happen under our power, and we are going to take control and not some nameless elites that say I am going to own nothing and eat bugs.”

Some people say the perpetrators of the deadly vax fraud are going to get away with it.  Dowd says not a chance and explains, “The problem with this fraud is it is a bridge too far.  220 million Americans took the vax (at least one shot).  Three million Americans are disabled, and it’s probably higher, and those disabilities are going to continue to grow.  The economic impact, the young working age men and women dying in their families and the psychological effects show this is not your run of the mill financial fraud.  This is a different kind of fraud, and this is a trust issue.  It violated trust on so many levels that the politicians are going to turn on these people at some point. . . . These things don’t end until the elite pay a personal price, and that’s where we are headed.  Some of these people are going to pay a very personal price.  I don’t wish that on them, and this is why they need to come forward and start whistleblowing so they can be protected in jails.  These crimes are so difficult to hide that there will be that kind of action.  If you look at the story of Marie Antoinette and the saying “Let them eat cake,” the French Revolution did not end well for the elites.   The consciousness is rising in this country at an alarming fast rate. . . .”

How does Dowd know we have passed an inflection point?  Dowd says, “In October, November and December of last year, people all over the media, celebrities and people I knew were saying the unvaccinated are the problem and they need to be put in camps.  Well, that chatter has disappeared.  They have not apologized for that, but doubts are starting to enter people’s minds. . . . It’s like the stages of grief.  The first one is denial, then anger, then depression and then acceptance.  We are in the denial/anger stage.  We are still in the denial part, but we are quickly approaching anger.”

In the economy and what’s coming, Dowd points out, “What’s going on is we are basically at the end of the super bubble. . . . We are going to have to have a new economic system . . . and what’s going on is the collapse of that.  The defaults are coming, and they are going to start in other countries first and make their way here. . . .It’s going to be a disaster, and we are going to see a huge amount of defaults, bankruptcies and collapse of the economy. . . .99.9% of the world does not know the social contract has been broken.  What does that mean?  It means all the entitlements, social security, the pensions, and there are a lot in Europe, they are gone.  They are not going to get paid.  That’s the bottom line.”

There is much more in the 50 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he as he goes One-on-One with money manager and investment expert Edward Dowd for 6.7.22.

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  1. Rodster

    Greg, you are off the charts lately. Another zinger interview !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rodster!!

      • Jeronimo

        Is it true many “Ramon Mercader”s, with very ressourceful, mainly foreign organizatons, were deployed to take out the plotters and “the 1% of the 1%”, if not (yet!) all of “the 1%”?
        If true, in order to avoid them being captured and info about their handlers being leaked, better put them in high security prisons.

        • Melinda R

          Not true
          Also IsraHELL has the Samson Plan.

      • Tim

        Love Edward Dowd and your outstanding interview skills!!!!! You are a good Christian and a patriot.

        God bless you


      • Sir Mantelope

        Great interview as was the previous one with Dr Ryan Cole. The only thing I would question is when Ed Dowd says that everything goes down in a crises because everything is bought on leverage. Whilst I agree, how does this apply to gold? Does anybody really buy gold on leverage or in other words borrow money to buy gold? Surely they buy gold shorts using leverage in which case the shorts would disappear. Could be totally wrong. Would be interested in peoples’ thoughts.

        • Shirl

          Hello Sir Mantelope,
          Concerning one aspect of your question about HARD MONEY (Gold & Silver) history teaches us that they ride the wave of hyperinflation very well in maintaining their purchasing power. From the Weimar Republic era that offers evidence of historical written accounts documented in a book called WHEN MONEY DIES to other countries of more recent history around the globe such as Zimbabwe of several years ago and Venezuela currently, Hard Money is recognized & respected for what it is and is used as it has been for thousands of years.
          I believe the point Mr. Dowd was making on that is only initially there may very well be a drop in everything. Seems to me that Gambling on that may just end up being a fools errand if one doesn’t time it right…

        • Sean

          People sell gold to meet margin calls for other investments, so gold will sell off too.

      • J

        I’m now going to “unfavorite” USA watchdog because of this interview. Black rock IS the company platform that the globalists use to funnel their $ into assets. Don’t trust them!

        • Greg Hunter

          Dowd stopped working for Black Rock 10 years ago. He’s an insider giving inside info and analysis only Wall Street gets. You will be missed.

          • Kristi Louie

            Absolutely. I love Edward. How would anyone expect to get inside information without an insider? Where do private investigators go for their information?! I don’t get people.
            Great interview.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Kristi,
              Dowd is taking crap for what he is doing. I heard Ed Dowd was just kicked off of twitter. So, you know he’s one of us and you know he’s telling the truth!!

        • Melinda R

          Exactly what I thought. God is going to destroy Blackrock. This Edward guy forgot to factor in God’s plan. The people will string him up right along with the elites. IsraHELL has the Sampson Plan.

    • Rodster

      The entire interview is beyond riveting. I’ve heard heard the name Ed Dowd before but never heard him speak. He is 100% right on the money. It’s going to end in pitchforks and torches for the elite. It is something Martin Armstrong eluded too as well. History has shown us this always ends badly for the Elite. I was thinking of the French Revolution before Ed mentioned it. The Plebs got fed up and stormed the castle so to speak.

      • The Seer

        Spend your cash. The dollar will be so weak it will not be wanted in trade. Silver will be preferable. Your dollar today is already buying less so get rid of them. You should already have your supplies for survival using the last 5 or 10 years to get everything and built community. Having some gold is not the advice imo have enough gold to transact buying lower priced property in the restart. This guys advise is measured so prefer Pento, Schiff and High vision.

        • Rodster

          You obviously like to throw the baby out with the bath water. Okay, so we have established he’s not Eric King from King World News. He didn’t say don’t hold gold. He is essentially saying the same thing as Martin Armstrong. When things collapse the commoner won’t know what the value of the gold you are trading for. What he was saying which is what Armstrong has repeatedly said is that when things get really wonky, trading in a currency the kid across the street understands is money that was used prior to the collapse. I personally agree with that. It will have temporary value until a new form of money is created.

      • Paul from Indiana

        First, they went to the state prison-armory (Bastille St. Antoine) for gunpowder. We Americans don’t have to do that. What we have to do is USE the ammunition we have. Up to this point, I see no evidence anyone is prepared to do that. Best always. PM

        • IIG

          The “ammo” we should use is to “Revoke the Security Clearances” of all the members of Congress who are essentially “working for foreign entities” (like the WEF, WHO, UN and CCP, etc.) – we can’t have members of Congress working for two or more masters – their obligation and duty is to the American people only – and if they are not going to work for us – and abide by our Constitution – “They Are Essentially Traitors” – and should be denied access to the House and Senate by American Patriots in law enforcement (or by Citizen arrests) to prevent them from passing Legislation “to help promote a foreign entities agenda” – or to take it upon themselves “to amend the Second Amendment of Constitution of the United States of America (just because some psycho shot some teachers and children) why are these “Representatives” not passing legislation “to outlaw scalpels”? (to prevent millions more children from being hacked up with scalpels by psycho doctors who then sell the children’s body parts to Big Pharma to use in their vaccines and to help flavor our food)??

      • Rob Lindeman

        Spot on Rodster ! The only way that the elite will temporarily escape would be the Rapture of the Church. If this should occur, their judgment will be curtailed for 7 years, after which they will wish that they had been judged by man and not God.

        • Melinda R

          That prophecy be was fulfilled long ago.

    • Brooklyn


      We totally agree, Dr. Ryan Cole was probably one of the more fluid experts, with his down-to-earth explanations the entire covid fraud, AND, now you go back-to-back with Ed Dowd, who has the same way of explaining complex medical and financial issues (problems would be a better word) so that all can comprehend.

      Thank you Greg, you are a scholar and a patriot, and as a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus, I recently introduced your, “Jesus is Real” theme into our Assembly with total acceptance.

      Onward & Upward,


  2. Tim

    Greg, I got my wife a bag and wallet from Happy Hollow Farm and they are truly jaw dropping. The quality and style is unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for connecting us. Keep up the great work! You have been a tremendous help with truth in the last few years! God Bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the positive feedback!!

    • Mark Gunderson

      Morning Greg,
      Another great interview. God help me because you are a better man then me. Nothing would make me happier then the people behind this start having their heads explode off their bodys. Their murders and thieves and you know their security teams know it too. These are bright people and they have to know that they will be eliminated when the politicians and banksters are done with them. Money buys alot but security people have family too. It is only a matter of time.

  3. Jim

    Greg – No video in this link.

  4. jim

    Finally appeared. Sorry. Good job!

  5. Robert Coleman

    Fantastic Interview with someone who understands the fakeness of the whole Covid debacle. Keep up the great work Greg.

    You should get John Moore from ( The ) a fellow Missourian who also discusses the reality of Covid and the Takeover of the USA by China.

    Found this very alarming – listen to this – –
    John Moore ( The LibertyMan DOT com ) takes advice and loads Smart Phone App
    ( FINDMYBLUETOOTHDEVICE ) and Locates those who have had the Clot Shot which shows up on the App as an Alpha Numeric Identifier Number.
    What is creating the Signal ?
    If The Clot Shot is able to Transmit a Signal – Is it able Receive a Signal ?
    Listen and Learn

    • Ginny Silcox

      Hi Robert,
      I’ve spent years in R&D in electromagnetic compliance on light-based medical monitors. I’ve stayed on top of the discoveries of graphene oxide etc. in the shots, and La Quinta Columna has done amazing work on what appears to be self-assembling nano-particles. It seems to me that the Bluetooth signature in injected people stems from the same tech that makes people magnetic…though they will never tell us what is in there. The initial research I’ve found started with making 10 micron ferritin nano-particles pass through the blood/brain barrier, but then they moved onto graphene oxide…which is the same material you find in CB car antennas. At that size, graphene particles resonate in the microwave range…whether they are in the bloodstream or not. So people are responding with a Bluetooth ID due to two possible factors…either they are already IN a microwave field and they are resonating, OR, since the human body uses bio-chemical electrical signaling, body tissues themselves may be sufficient to cause the graphene to transmit. The actual data content of the signal is open to interpretation…Bluetooth apps may see the signals as an ID, but other apps (including 5G) may interpret them differently. I’m guessing that this material has been injected to make it easier to track (and command) people through their smart phones.

  6. Beverly

    Just reading the summary of this interview makes me SO interested in what this man is saying. I think he is right—-they will not get away with it when people start dying all over the place. But, people are going to have to fight because of famine. I believe that the whole country will go into chaos though, when the powers that be shut down the electricity across the U.S. People are going to have to start living in a totally different way that they aren’t used to. If people don’t have any food stored away, they will be in big trouble. Some people in this country live in a dream world. They just don’t see what we are talking about and they don’t care to know. They just want to care about worldly things—not being a responsible citizen. So, boy will they have to wake up fast if this crisis comes upon us quickly. And, like Alex Newman says, desperate people do desperate things. The Deep State might shut things down more quickly than we imagine them to. But, I sure hope that people have enough GUSTO in this country to fight for their rights and say to themselves—NO, THEY WON’T GET AWAY WITH THAT!

    • Valerie

      Awesome guest! Great interview!
      Thanks again, Greg!

    • Andrew

      Guns work without power grid 😉

  7. Mark Miltner

    Greg. Another spectacular interview. Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!

  8. Johnny Cool

    Martin Armstrong: It was Gates who wanted to vaccinate the entire world in six months. Did he understand the real science that such an act might create the next Black Plague and kill 50% of the world population?

  9. IIG

    The Globalist perpetrators of the greatest fraud in history using Big Pharma as their “murdering hit men” are not going to get away with it – as such crimes (like the “jab”) and evil perversions like Queers telling our children “they can’t lick themselves” (implying they need our children to help them out) is difficult to hide “when they plaster it on walls in bright lights” at their Drag-Queen-Gay-Transgender Burlesque Parties held for “little children and minors” who are encouraged by their “mentally sick demonrat parents who voted for Biden” to not only put dollar bills into the panties of the dancing queers – but to join them on the dance floor!! –

    • IIG

      June 8, 2022
      What we need is a Unanimous Declaration (from all 340 million American people) – To Declare to the evil Globalists that we will “no longer put up with their BS” –
      It has now become necessary – in the middle of the current human extermination events (like the “Jab” and the promotion of a “Nuclear War) – that We the People of the United States dissolve both the Demonratic and Republican Political Parties (which have essentially connected together “as one” to assume the power of life and death over the American people – and in total violation of God’s Genetic Laws of Nature) –
      We the People of the United States of America are thus impelled to do this – As We Hold These Truths to be Self-evident – that All men are Endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable (DNA) Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and when any Political Party becomes destructive of these ends – it is the Right of the People to Alter – or to Abolish it – and to institute “New Representatives of the People” who will effect their Safety and Happiness – all our recent experience with the “Jab” (like people dropping to the ground dead) – and the other perverted evils these Demonrats and Republicans have colluded together for us to suffer like the purposeful shooting of our children in school (to do away with our right to own guns) – or teaching our children to become queers (to foster the extermination of our species) – along with a series of other abuses that has reduced our Representatives to a bunch of “Bribe Taking Despotic “Commie” Nazi Warmongers” –
      Therefore – it is Our Right – and Our Duty – to throw off these two(2) evil Political Parties – and provide “new” Guardians for our future security – our present bunch of “lifetime” Representatives have done many injurious things to We the People (like the “jab”) – but especially their perverted sanctioning to allow queers to turn our children “into new queers” – their evil aim is to establish the worst possible absolute Tyranny over the American people – and the Facts with respect to the Kill Shots and the Tampering with the lives of our children speaks for itself – our Representatives have repeatedly refused to do what is necessary for the public good – they have failed to pass Laws of pressing importance (to protect the American people from a truly evil Gang of Big Pharma “murderers”) – failed to protect us against another evil Cabal of Globalist “eugenicists” – and failed to protect against an evil bunch of Queers “coming after our children” – instead – they have become Tyrants and Traitors (causing “others just like them to be elected” – by manipulating votes) – and have exposed our Nation to the danger of invasion – by allowing unsecured borders – threatening other Nations with a nuclear first strike – and causing National convulsions by threatening or murdering our Supreme Court Justices and others – our disgusting Representatives have assumed “lifetime tenure in office” – have sent swarms of FBI Officers to harass Patriotic people (who dared protest on Jan 6 by holding up an American Flag) – and in times of peace have tried to render (with their FBI snipers) superior power to our Constitutional Laws – they have now combined with foreign entities at the WEF, WHO and the UN to subject We the People of the United States “to Foreign Jurisdiction” in direct violation of our Constitution – hence Overruling the Laws of Our Nation and “giving their Assent to the Takeover of Our Republic” (which by any definition is Treason) – they have also imposed Economic Sanctions and cut off our Trade with other Nations around the world – they have imposed Inflation Taxes upon the people (by allowing the Fed to double the money supply in one year) – Without our Consent – they have deprived many Jan 6 Patriots the benefits of “Trial by Jury” (for their own manipulated false flag break into the Capital) – they continually “Do Nothing to Stop” the altering of our Fundamental Rights to Free Speech and to Bear Arms –
      Therefore – We the People in Search of a Better Union – Suspend the two Political Parties in control of our Legislative bodies – as they have “Abdicated their Duties” – and are in fact “Waging War Against Us”! – like blowing up and plundered our food processing capability and shutting down agriculture, egg and meat production (to create famine), burning down our towns and cities by de-funding the Police (to create chaos) – and destroyed the lives of countless people with their Warp Speed “jab” mandates (to murder us) – while at the same time are allowing and transporting large Armies of Foreign Emigrants to cross into our border (and no doubt are planting them in strategic locations do nefarious deeds in the future) – our Representatives have become “The Executioners of our Families” and friends (with their “jab”) and have Mercilessly allowed queers to “Come after our Children – For All These Oppression’s and more –
      We the People of the United States of America – to form a more Perfect Union – seek Redress from the two(2) evil Political Parties (clearly found to be Unfit to Rule in Our Place as a Free People) – they have been “deaf to the many voices” Looking for Justice against the likes of Bill Gates, Fauci, Schwab, Horrori, etc., etc. – and therefore out of necessity –
      We the People of the United States of America declare the Demonratic and Republican Parties “illegal entities” (that need to be totally dissolved and decimated in every State of the Union this coming election “by voting in all newcomers” and eliminating all the old ingrained bribed and “lifetime freeloaders” (working for foreign entities) – and in support of this Declaration –
      We the People of the United States of America also mutually pledge our sacred Honor to Protect and Defend our Children “from all Enemies foreign and domestic” that are now coming after them” (at all costs) – and we rely upon the One True Almighty and Divine God in Heaven to Protect Us in this Undertaking “To Free America From Evil”!!

      • Paul

        It’s always that three to 5 percent who refuse and bear the resistance and determine the fate of the society.
        Don’t be discouraged.

        I’m not

        Gloom and doomers have never participated in winning.

        Paul from arkansas

    • Laura McDonough

      The USA is over, we have no representation; every agency is corrupt and compromised. MIllions of foreigners have been admitted and forced on communities creating chaos and crime, while perversion and lawlessness has been normalized. Voting won’t fix anything esp since McConnell and over 170 rinos in congress now. Churches remain silent muzzled by the 501c3 and their hierarchies/nat. assoc. Economy is now decimated and reset planned then people will line up for aid and willingly go into enternment centers. Nihilism and apathy in most people. Enslavement and genocide will procede using UN troops and military. America is not mentioned in the Bible, get it? Hello?

      • Charles H

        There’s not much sunshine in your comment, Laura. However, you may not be far off the mark, either.

        • Laura McDonough

          Here is another update on the WEF reset: Have kept up with this for 4o some years off and on, now this whole plan is going full throttle. People overall are nihilists and self absorbed in their own tiny world of social media and other trivia living in the now. Most lack left brain function (critical thinking skills) is why over 2/3 got the covid shots.

          • Robert F

            Correct, your comment isnt “dark” or nihilistic.
            You are correctly pointing out that nihilism is one of the tools being used in this ultimately Satanic system.

            I agree,

            For years this served me great pain, wondering if my country would be saved, for yrs searching for answers. Until one day, I thought, what if my nation was already deceived, as in it already sold out to the devil, and thst God simply wanted me to open my eyes to him, and stop worring about what I cannot change.

            I do want America to survive, thrive, and prosper, and all that I can really do is be a man of God and lead by the truth, and by example. but I am afraid you are right, our enemies have really done a number on the younger generations, ultimately they are nihilists who put their faith in govt instead of God, or science instead of God, The problem with science is that it always changes, over time, the theories always change, and its too politically driven and agenda based, it cant possibly provide an ethical foundation as religion does for society. There is no love, no heroism, no faith, no compassion, or human qualities in the machine of the science world, it denies anything that isnt materialistic or identifiable with a particle counter

            Is there a love particle? Nope

            This only ends with global dictatorship, which is what the enemy wants. If people put faith in govt, when govt fails, where do they turn without God? They will burn, loot, murder, cause chaos, until a powerful dictatorship rises and puts them all to subjugation ie global dictatorship.

            I think Albert Pike letter to Manzini talked about how ww3 would use the nihilists against the populations against the world, and then using the dissatisfaction with christianity people will abandon their christian forms of govt and adopt a
            new system thst is guided by lucifer

  10. BjR

    You are on a roll Greg …..
    Great guest after Great guest ..


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, BjR!

    • Chris Leigeber

      Yes, Greg has been absolutely ON IT lately! Thank you, Greg for being that “light on the hill” for us!

      I also ordered some gifts from Happy Hollow Farms and I am very excited to receive them! They are even shipping some polishing product for me because I had not selected the free shipping. What a great business!

      I only wish that they made all-leather backpacks!


  11. tim mcgraw

    I see that the CDC has recommended that masks be worn again because of Monkey Pox. But then doctors and scientists pointed out that Monkey Pox is not an airborne virus. The CDC deleted their recommendation. Oops!
    I also read that most of the victims of Monkey Pox are males engaging in homosexual behavior.
    Today I was at the local grocery store. 50% of the people were wearing masks, especially the elderly.
    From the above data, I can only conclude that they were wearing masks to prevent the insertion of a penis in their mouths.
    I see no other reason to wear a mask as they cause harm from rebreathing exhaust gases and pathogens.
    Now when I see someone wearing a mask, I laugh at the thought of oral penis avoidance by the wearer of the mask.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      :). :). 🙂

      • Doug


    • Pete+only

      Tim, when me and my wife see so many people wearing masks in public, be look at one another and start to imitate sheep….bbbbaaaaahhhhhh. These useful idiots to the elite shouldn’t be easily let off of the hook.
      True, they are probably toxic, but they are still capable of bringing down society along with much of the current social media crowd.

      • Andrew

        EXACTLY! This is an exploding meme and it goes VIRAL: where I live many people do this imitation and go ” BAAAAHHH” when they see people wearing masks. That happened the other day at the entrance to a supermarket: suddely I found myself surrounded by a whole ‘herd of sheep’ all going “BAAHHH” because of some dumbwit telling his boy to put a mask on. We ‘sheep’ looked at each other and started laughing out loud. It made my day!

    • Brian Dougan

      Face masks, and (ahem) locked underwear.

      • tim mcgraw

        Andrew: Your story made my day! Thanks!

  12. i: a man; travis moss

    entitlements? it is not the Americans that are in debt; it is the UNITED STATES CORPORATION that is; every woman, man, daughter and son has a trust that was stolen when we were born; it is worth millions and even billions; it is the cestui que vie trust; look it up; david straight explains it; so ask these big wallstreet big shots if they know about that trust; because i can guarantee that all these billionaires don’t own anything; but control everything;
    another topic i thought i would share is a 5 minute clip of the x files titled the x files knew what was coming for all of us

    • stanley skrzypek

      Thanks…for the Information….Research is a Great mind opener..

    • Fred

      Another great guest, sharing to grow your audience. Bought messenger bag and wallet from Happy Hallow Farms. Good people.

    • Fred Fingerd

      Reply to i: a man; travis moss
      Video: Russian Pranksters Trick George W. Bush Into Talking ‘Information War’ & Ukraine Biolabs
      by Kelen McBreen May 23rd 2022, 4:42 pm
      Oblivious former president chats with man he thinks is Ukrainian President Zelensky.
      Does Bushie junior realize? He’s been pushed into sore ass Soros’s NWO Beijing Biden US taxpayer moneys, Ukraine laundromat.
      If daddy Bush were around he would be giving George Jr. a severe talking down to, heard deep into the heart of TEXAS!

      TEXAS Published May 23, 2022 1:21pm EDT
      Texas girl trafficked from Dallas Mavericks game listed as a ‘runaway’ before nude photos surfaced
      Oklahoma authorities began noting online ads for commercial sex acts with the missing Texas 15-year-old ‘s photos
      By Danielle Wallace | Fox News
      CRIME :::::::::::::::::::
      Gang rape of 11-year-old Texas girl is on cell phone video, say police

      Who is Elon Musk?
      Visionary or villain? Genius or huckster? No matter what you think of Elon Musk, you can’t ignore him. Whether it’s building… More
      4-28-2022 • 35m
      Greg? He knows you. . . .
      Unlike our chicken hawk elitist’s, he see’s de-population as a danger!

      TOTAL DEFENSE: Huge army of 8.000 special British men deployed to the Russian border! 45,719 views Jun 8, 2022

      The Historical Dispute Behind Russia’s Threat to Invade Ukraine
      Putin claims that, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the U.S. promised not to expand NATO beyond East Germany. Does he have a case?
      By Joshua Yaffa January 25, 2022

  13. Vince Johnson


  14. tim mcgraw

    Peter Schiff agrees with your guest. The FED will end the tightening and go back to QE. “But what does that do to the price of fish?” Asked the Irish Woman.
    The Federal Government spends too much money it does not have! Cut the budgets of every Federal agency by 90%. NOW! And that includes especially the Pentagon.
    Or you can kiss your savings goodbye and enjoy your empty refrigerator and pantry.
    Who cares how many Euros a dollar buys? I’m trying to buy food and gasoline.
    You are now entering the Weimar Republic.

    • Paul from Indiana

      We’re not quite there yet but certainly setting the stage. The government will make this mistake: Stagflation will bring on a recession, pretty damn quick, I think, especially if gas continues to go higher, creating what I call the “girdle effect”, meaning you squeeze here and the bulge shows up somewhere else. Americans won’t cut their gasoline consumption, so other areas of spending will suffer, and a recession ensues. Then, in an attempt to save their rotten, government asses, they start “printing” again with the “helicopter” money (stimmie checks, debt-payment moratoria and all the rest), adding to the excess money in circulation. That’s when we go “Weimar” , and it’s every man for himself. The consolation is that the government that inflates to that degree does not survive, and we need desperately for this government to go. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        I agree Paul. Will a fascist dictator like Hitler arrive on the scene after the hyperinflation? Or will reason and Austrian Economics prevail?

  15. William Glaser

    This is Global Genocide with Bioweapons, nothing less than that.

  16. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the guest, but after 9 minutes I can see and hear that he is a stock guy. He doesn’t care about Main Street or us retirees who are getting shafted with the low interest rates on our savings. The low interest rates that helped your guest make billions in the markets.
    The Federal Reserve should be abolished. Interest rates should be set by an open and free market.
    Inflation IS always a monetary phenomenon. Your guest is wrong to suggest otherwise.
    Take care.

    • stanley skrzypek


    • Adam

      I own a business with approx. 30 employees. With the exception of me, they are 100% vaxxed and boosted. This week I have 2 staff members out because they had to have emergency surgery to have their gall bladders out!? What are the odds of this.. Anyone else hear of gall bladder complications? These are both under 30/healthy people.

      • tim mcgraw

        Adam: The odds of 2 gall bladder surgeries in one week amongst 30 employees is not normal. I agree with you on that. The enhanced virus in Wuhan started all this and then the Big Pharma “Vaccines” to solve the problem Fauci created; finished off the culling of the herd.
        I fear your two gall bladder surgery employees is just the beginning.

  17. tim mcgraw

    Leviticus 26:
    27 And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me;

    28 Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins.

    29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.

    Are we not eating the “flesh” future of our own children with this currency based upon debt? This existence we have now based upon future payments from the children and grandchildren to support us now?

    Are we not indeed deaf to God?

  18. Marie Joy

    Politicians know what is coming and that’s why fences are going around the White House, etc.

    • IIG

      All we need to do is remove the Security Clearance of Nancy Pelosi and all the Demonrats and the Security Clearance of Mitch McConnell and all the Repugnantins “for their Treasonous Acts” (of doing the bidding of foreign entities at the WEF, WHO, UN and CCP) instead of representing the American people (as they should be doing) and they won’t be able to get behind the fences at the Capitol (for protection) – We the People need to Declare the two(2) Parties (Democrat and Republican) “Treasonous Organizations” and “Declare Them Illegal” to represent the will of the American People!!

      • Doug

        The massive fences are making more sense every day. Actually, I thought it was an ominous start to a new administration. Satanic!

  19. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Dowd , love the gulag or bust comment!
    The stats,here in he UK, of those available are full of holes at best and exhibit a pattern of fraud at worst. The fraud is not accidental rather it holds a pattern which itself has changed since the inception of this phage and experimental laboratory work. Friends I was at university and worked with in clinical trials,mysteriously lost their jobs in February 2018 as their analysis of many phase III trial medicines were “inconvenient” all seven of them at different companies got the boot with the same letter. How strange!
    Back to our economy here which is just a tragedy in action.Inflation is horrendous and credit lines are being pulled and housing is on a tear,tradesmen are as rare as hen’s teeth.
    The revolution that is coming is gathering huge amounts of kindle for the conflagration that will erupt, our “justice” system is so compromised I just can’t see the legal system being allowed to function as the corruption is so deep, as witnessed by the Prince Andrew affair, that I fear the justice handed out here will be in the Mussolini era type.
    I work as a cleaner ,my scientific work had to take a back stage as there just was no money in my field, in quite nice houses and buildings in nice areas here in London,UK. Some of these houses are empty and the resident help are helped by us to do a deep shine clean almost weekly.Many of these houses have had the same postcard sent to them depicting the “Mussolini necktie”,the resident staff have been just filing these for the house manager/boss to return.When some are reported to the authorities they seem unfazed as this has been happening all across the home counties and the wealthier parts of London. As this is purely anecdotal I can only assume anger is at boiling point.

    • Andrew

      What a brilliant idea to send postcards with the “Mussolili necktie”! Just BRILLIANT!

  20. Lois Douglas

    Hello Greg.
    As I Write my Father in law lays in a Hospice facility. He’s dieing from a rare biliary Cancer that has spread like wild fire thru his abdomen. He received his booster in October 2021. By January he has lost 35ILBS. At the same time my Mother in law
    , also booster at the same time has dementia. It’s awful Greg. My heart is broken. Our lives forever changed. Genocide is to soft a word for what is happening all over. Don’t stop Greg. Please continue to scream this message from the roof tops. All around me the vaxxed are coming down with COVID and my company is trying to force me to get Vaxxed or be tested weekly. It’s insane. Total crazy insane.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give in Lois. You are in the right and protected by the grace of Jesus.

    • William R J Nicholson

      Lois ; so sorry to hear of your pain & heartache ! I have so far only lost an uncle whom was in his 50’s but was in great physical shape until he started taking experimental shots . Only about 1 month after his 1st booster & Suddenly died of a Heart Attack ! I believe it was the shot. I am still trying to warn everyone that will listen & am happy that at least people are not telling me that I am outta my mind when I say Do NOT Get A Jab ! Everyone is still surprised I never took even 1 shot. Keep a smile up & know that at least if your loved ones & friends depart too soon that you’ll see them again in Heaven if they have Jesus as their Saviour . Nck , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

      • Tin foil hat

        I lost my sister in-law’s husband whom was 57, in good shape and no prior cardiovascular history. He also died in less than a month after he got his booster.

    • The Seer

      Use your own cotton swab if forced to test. Get the test kit at the pharmacy and get reimbursed for the cost from your employer if forced to test. This way you will avoid the graphene oxide and/or sodium oxide on the tip of the kit supplied swab. Follow the directions of the kit. It works just fine with your own swab.
      If more controls come back and you have to test at an airport or border bring some medical packaged swabs from medical supply store. They are packaged in twos and box of 100 for $6 to pass around. You do not want the toxins going up into your brain and not repeatedly. Just say you have the right to use a safer swab.

    • Tin foil hat

      My sister got her Moderna shots in April 2021, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September. Her doctor advised her take the booster with the Chemo last month. I concur with “Total crazy insane.”

      • Mary Lou Longworth

        So sorry to hear about your sister. Your sister’s doctor sounds like a mad doctor who will hopefully one day pay for his crimes against humanity.

        • Tin foil hat

          Thank you for your concern, my sister is actually being treated in one of the best cancer centers in the world. At this juncture, I don’t know if I were crazy or the doctors were mad/reckless.

          She felt a severe back pain in September and wasted three months with a rheumatologist and an internist until she went to Sloan Kettering Memorial in December.

      • Jeff robbins

        I had an uncle die recently from pancreatic cancer- boosted. They thought they were doing the right thing. It’s the hope that our ‘officials’ are looking out for our best. I think the real culprit is a severe lack of Christian values in our society in many different aspects.

    • Judy

      Go to: On the far right column near the bottom, you will find Covid-19 Forms and Resources. Download PDF for Employee Disclosure Form for Covid-19 Injections. It reviews ways employers are breaking the law or ethical principles related to human experimentation and choice and how they are 100% financially responsible for any damage to your health. Decide how best to play it with your company… serious talking points or they back off or sign off on it. If they sign off and require you to get it you must walk…Lots of jobs our their right now, many employers want unvaxed as more reliable . Best of luck to you.

  21. David Showers

    “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” This has never been more true.

    • Juli B.

      No matter how hard they try, the globalists cannot turn the US into a socialist-communist-Marxist craphole. Won’t happen.

    • Clare Doll

      I must take issue with you. Whatever emotion you assign to the concept of money is the problem. If you shy away from the study of money because you are afraid of the evil you believe it harbors, then you will always be ignorant of the world. Knowledge is without emotion. It may be worthless knowledge or it may be helpful. But money has to be handled, understood and worked without emotion. You must arm yourself with knowledge above all else. That was the lesson of Eve.

      • wayne hardin

        No what you take issue with is the word of God .
        Since that is all he quoted .
        I guess the word of God is ignorant to you .
        Good luck with all of your so called knowledge .

        Wayne Hardin .

        • Clare Doll

          Wayne, you know what God thought of Eve and all her so called knowledge right? I don’t “believe” in luck. But thank you for the compliment of your response.

  22. stanley skrzypek

    Good Man you Interviewed…no-nonsense or self important attitude…USAWATCHDOG is still a Favorite Truth Telling place to go…..and Thanks to you….I was Introduced to Clif High…..the smartest lecturer there is out there….

  23. William R J Nicholson

    Your guest really surprised me Greg ! I thought when he said he lived on Maui , you would shift into his exploits of surfing . It was a good interview & I am glad I did not hear some more stories bout the great wave that he just missed by half a second …….

    • Paul from Indiana

      How did he get the means to be able to afford his Maui lifestyle? Who better to understand the government trough better than someone who benefitted from it? NOW he’s coming clean, right? Best always. PM

  24. Linda Majors


    Another fantastic guest! Thank you!

    I’ve been following Edward Dowd on gettr for several months. I knew he could be trusted when he mentioned during an interview that Dr. Robert Malone had helped him get on Steve Bannon’s War Room. Edward told the story about praying to God and asking him to provide a way to get more exposure and help more people. His prayers were answered a couple of months later, when he attended a gathering in Maui and was introduced to Dr. Malone. Apparently, they became friends after Dr. Malone went to his home where Edward shared some data he had collected and his analysis of what it represented.


  25. Bob

    That was a very good interview. Good sane comments.

  26. Jerry

    Keep sounding the alarm bells. The globalist are planning a major false flag attack sometime between now and the fall elections. Whatever happens, cyber polygon will be in the middle of it.

    With today’s technology the elites have multiple weapons at their disposal ….and they are planning on using them. For all intents and purposes we are at war with them and they know it. That’s why they are attacking the second amendment so hard. Keep up the good work Greg. You are saving literally thousands of lives. Pray.

  27. John Forgione

    I wish I had a spare 5 grand to send thee! ‘Corse yer worth it mate! I am a poor olde pensioner usin my c/c. Metals stashed away for the BIGGE DAYEE!

    • Greg Hunter

      Please enjoy the USAW site guilt free. Your kind support is enough. Thank, You!!

  28. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great interview with Edward Dowd. Love everything he has to say about the Covid ‘vaccine’ fraud!
    I am not troubled by ED’s prediction of a ‘temporary’ fall in the price of gold when the shtf in stocks. When people witness the upcoming stock and bond crash, the consequent wipeout of the pension funds, and the concurrent exponential increase in the cost of necessities, many will rush to sell whatever they can to survive. Due to the zombie economy, many large company stocks and corporate bonds are valueless and will be unsalable – while gold will always (5,000 years of human history) find a buyer. Edward Dowd is a player in the big league – ex BlackRock! – and when he says ‘cash is best’ during a period of acknowledged 8% – but actually nearer to 20% (John Williams) – consumer price inflation, I can only assume he has access to a super-secure yield-bearing cash fund. For us ordinary folk, holding cash is currently a guaranteed loss-making proposition. Cash – even the mighty US dollar (Federal Reserve Note) buys less and less real stuff by the day!! Gas, not too long ago at $2 / gal – now at $5 / gal most places, and reportedly $10 / gal in CA!! Sure, the US$ is rising against other unbacked fiat currencies but so what? Every fiat currency is currently in free-fall when compared to real stuff. Also, if as ED predicts, the ‘faceless elites’ lose and ‘we the people’ win – then the shackles holding the price of PMs in check will be broken . . .

    • Tin foil hat

      Regarding the upcoming stock and bond crash, I have been kicking myself for selling some of my commodity stocks too early. Even off shore drilling companies like DO and RIG have taken off.

    • Pete+only

      Good points Persona NonGrata, but I just wanted to add also that during the next financial crisis, even if you may have cash inside of the banks, your accounts might not be accessible, or only in small amounts, so the choice probably becomes to hold a bit of physical cash and a quantity of physical precious metals, other strategic hard assets, food, water, and a means of securing these things.
      Edward brings up a point to hold a lot of cash inside banks to buy some bargains after the crash, but this may not be possible.
      We all know that precious metal prices are manipulated, so the more depressed their prices become, even better to add to your position, but eventually, and not far from now, it may become even cheaper, but totally physically unavailable at the same time.
      Over 500 currencies have come and gone since the middle ages, so the U.S dollar may eventually become the last currency standing, but with that might mean even worse horrendous inflation as all the trillions of dollars abroad start to come home.
      Irronically, the elites want us all to come running to them to install a universal digital currency when this happens, to put us all into digital concentration camps, but they may just find people running after them with pitch forks.
      I am hopeful that the Lord can save the best of humanity, and purge the rest of it.
      We need to rid ourselves of the political party system, and install people in government that actually cares about our needs as a society, which may be a tall order, but perhaps not if our Lord has a say in things.

  29. Ed Mustafo

    Those who we were taught to trust the most we should trust the least. The Great Awakening continues. Unfortunately many people wouldn’t believe that before all of this.

  30. Marie Joy

    Big Pharma’s vaccine immunity does not hold because of fraud, lies, and murder. Even IF the courts do recognize their immunity, when the masses realize they, and their families, have been destroyed, poisoned, and murdered, by the millions, the anger will have these traitors, publicly, executed, including doctors and nurses.

  31. Chris Tait

    Another fantastic interview Greg. He’s right about gold – keep what you’ve already got but don’t buy more just yet because because there will be an opportunity at (temporarily) lower prices before the next long- term rise.

    Love your show. You get all the best people. By the way, did you ever ask or try to get Stephanie Seneff on? Maybe you already have and I’ve missed it. She would be an awesome guest for your show.

    All the best. Chris.

    • Earth Angel

      Agree.. Dr. Stephanie Seneff is fantastic! She would be a really valuable guest to interview if you can get her on the show. Another good guest might be veteran nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson- to discuss all things nuclear and Fukushima. He has done much for the Japanese people to give what help is possible for the ongoing tragedy of Fukushima. His website:

  32. Nick de la Gaume


    Lord, I beg You, grant us the power to push the darkness back.

  33. MC

    this interview was very well done by the host. It could have easily gone in some strange, perhaps dangerous directions, esp because this was someone unfamiliar, someone with an affinity for risk and without a subscriber or client base to worry about, and given the topics being discussed during these days of wrath.


  34. Stacy


    • Frank D2

      Buy a safe and keep it there. Or hide it somewhere else in your home or attic. Bury it in your backyard, etc. There are lots of places to hide it. Get creative. Just don’t tell anyone.

    • Bill Albano

      Under the mattress with a 00 BUCK loaded shotgun nearby 🙂

  35. Tim

    Just about everyone i know has taken at least 2 shots and no one has gotten sick. Even the people that have taken the booster are not having problems. I am not disputing what all these experts say but the people around me are not getting sick. Maybe its a time thing or some other reason. I have been a prepper for over a decade and don’t trust the people in charge. My family and friends think I’m a nut case for the things I believe in and say. Very confusing times.

    • Charles H


      Like radiation – the effects of let’s say, a good alpha particle emitter gets lodged in your lungs: it could take up to ten years before the cancer begins. The time span between acquiring the particle and the onset of cancer is the deceptive part. Many who get the ‘vaccine’ – will not show symptoms for a long time. Time then tends to disassociate the cause from the disease.

    • Tim


      It will happen. It will just take a little longer.

    • Hazleton Barbara


      I hear you. No one I know has had any symptoms from 3 “vaccines” However, there is some information coming out that many “vaccines” were not stored properly or are placebos. Certain lot numbers have been published as being the deadliest. My guess is that the “elites” are doing their own research on us seeing what these different variations do to us. I am grateful no one I know has gotten sick, but it makes me look crazy, I must admit.

  36. Laura

    Great Interview! Actually all of them have been. I am sharing them on TruthSocial as it is my belief people can learn a lot from them as I certainly have. Thank you very much.

  37. Juli B.

    Thanks, Greg. You are on fire. You’re a great patriot, not as recognized as you should be (imo), but I know there are based young people who will remember to include you in our US history books to come. Seriously.

    That said, for a minute I thought I was watching Steve Bannon’s War Room. LOL. That’s where I’ve seen your guest. I love that you survey the sociopolitical landscape and draw from it an array of key and interesting people. Being driven by the search for truth as opposed to partisan ideology puts you on the correct path at every turn.

    Honest to God (praise intended), I can’t think of anyone else in the news biz who can host guests ranging from Bo Polny to Clif High. Big props, kudos, and thanks to you.

  38. Christopher Sandiford

    Love you Greg. Your interviews and interviewees just keep hetting better & better & better.

    God Bless you and your family.

    Chris S

  39. Catherine Cronin

    Greg. I love Edward Dowd. I first saw him on Naomi Wolf you tube channel and noticed how smart clever and heroic he is. He gets around the the term “conspiracy theory “ by using the term “my thesis”. Useful way of having listeners pay attention instead of dismissing whatever you say.
    Thanks for having him on. His assurance that we will have a say in rebuilding our country once these creatures from hell pay a PERSONAL PRICE for their behavior is exactly what non vaxers want to hear more of.
    I hope he is right about justice prevailing eventually. The sooner the better.
    Need to hear more about how to come out ahead of the looming financial debacle though.
    Thanks again.

    • Tim

      Good post and I agree!!!

      Take care


  40. ALF Drummond

    Bloomberg News Complains Nobody Cares About Jan. 6 As Democrats Prepare Televised Hearings June 7th 2022
    “Congress plans televised hearings on the Capitol attack but voters have forgotten.😴 They’ve been rewarding election deniers,” says outlet.
    Polls show voters much more focused on record-high inflation, rising gas prices and high crime.
    Bloomberg News opined that voters aren’t interested in the January 6 Capitol protests as Democrats prepare to shift focus onto televised hearings meant to demonize former President Trump and his supporters ahead of the midterm elections.
    “Most bad government has grown out of too much government.”
    _____________________________THOMAS JEFFERSON
    Take a look at this motley crew, a group of sad people of mixed background now one, with a common goal. After the hearts of the American people, WITH A RAZOR AND THE PEOPLE KNOW IT!🗽

    “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson
    “When motley crew governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear their motley crew government, there is tyranny.”
    If this motely crew of a George Soros son and Obomber 3rd. term president and a dumb blonde RINO, think an unarmed mob that was invited in to an insurrection by Nancy Pelosi, an insurrection? Well if we have secret weapons’ somewhere out there in space somewhere like Bill O’O’Reilly keep’s trying to sell us. I have a Jimmy Carter administration insurrection by Ronald Reagan to sell you, done legally like what the mid-terms will do for Donald Trump, NO MULES NEEDED!

    ‘Only God can help’: Hundreds die as Somalia faces famine
    By OMAR FARUK and CARA ANNA, Associated Press – 4h ago
    MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — No mother should have to lose her child. Owliyo Hassan Salaad has watched four die this year. A drought in the Horn of Africa has taken them, one by one.

  41. john geis

    They NEED a Russian default to blame Putin for the loan drfaults Mr Dowd is predicting. So their plan is to FORCE a Russian default to make it the Putin financial crisis.

  42. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg edward

  43. David

    At my wife’s workplace, almost all employees got vaxed and some have gotten boosters. Fast forward….they keep getting sick with COVID-19. My wife did not get vaxed and has not gotten sick once since the initial outbreak in early CY 2020. All of this is anecdotal, but it’s hard to reconcile the risk/gain. The more significant question is whether the COVID-19 vaccine is actually making people more susceptible to variants. Standing by as this story unfolds.

  44. ProvocateurAstrology


  45. Steve

    This inflation is a MONITARY event. Our currency quantity has doubled in 2 years 2020 and 2021 and is set to increase another 50% this year. Cutting oil supply by executive order just makes so much worse. Dollar is strong is because all other currencies are printing more than the US. It’s all about money supply and goods AVAILABLE! If the Fed pulls out the cash then prices will go down and reach another equilibrum and a recession. Much greater poverty for us Serfs. It’s all about control and the plan is on schedule.

  46. Craig

    “I’m going to the gulag or I’m winning”
    Brilliant guest, excellent interview. Very insightful!

  47. Justn Observer

    Greg, Dollar going UP?

    ” Here’s your ‘reserve currency’ thought for the day: Every US dollar is a check written on an account that is overdrawn by 30 trillion dollars.
    It’s true. The “full faith and credit” of the US Treasury is largely a myth held together by an institutional framework that rests on a foundation of pure sand. In fact, the USD is not worth the paper it is printed on; it is an IOU flailing in an ocean of red ink. The only thing keeping the USD from vanishing into the ether, is the trust of credulous people who continue to accept it as legal tender.”

  48. Mary

    Thank you Greg for an excellent guest and interview. I have been following Ed Dowd since he first came on the scene. I am a retired Board Certified anesthesiologist so I have a lot of time to study this scam. I realized it was a hoax from March 2020. Like Ed, I was stunned at people rushing to take the shots including some former colleagues. A 1st cousin, 58 yo, died 2 days after the booster in Sept. 2021 and just found out a former heliski friend, a DDS, died last month from an intracerebral bleed. He took all the shots since he went to Canada to ski this year. He won’t be skiing now at 6 ft under. Meryl Nass, MD, states 28% of the US is up to date on the shots. More are waking up finally. On Del Bigtree, a pediatrician was quoted as stating that some of his pts. parents are calling him a shill for the CDC since he recommends the childhood vaccines. These parents no longer want their kids to get ANY vaccine. Thanks for all you do exposing all the lies.

  49. Jim Miller

    To have managed a fund size that grows from 2 billion to 7 billion over 10 years, is a notable track record. Better than Warren Buffet over the past 10 years.
    To have managed that a large a fund and produced that consistent return over the past 10 years of extreme political fraud, and extremes of financial fraud proves Ed Dowd demonstrates an ability to see through the fog of political and financial.
    Ed Dowd has clearly foreseen and profited from the true trends of the past 10 years. SO pay attention to his advice. Ignore his advice, at your own risk.
    Greg, thank you so much for consistently providing us with the highest level of truth seeking individuals found anywhere on the internet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dowd grew it from $2 billion to $14 billion in 10 years. I am sorry if I did not make that clear. Thanks for the support and comment.

      • Andrew

        That is as impressive as questionable.
        I appreciate the frankness of Dowd and that he has seen the light. However, it should be clear to all, that ‘investment’ in this fictitious money paradigm (=perverted capitalism) means ‘making money’ on the shoulders of producing people, while srewing them through fiat creation out of thin air.
        And that IS the conundrum, which even Dowd has difficulty to tackle when he tries to advise on what’s best to hold to survive the coming maelstrom: it is the hard to comprehend plane of illusionary ‘money’ vs the physical plane of ‘worth’. When that illusionary plane collapses as it WILL, EVERYTHING will find new evaluation as ‘worth’.
        And then, for once again, true labour will be ‘worth’ REAL money.

        • Greg Hunter

          It was also free, Andrew, and you are welcome.

      • Jim Miller

        Thanks Greg for your clarification.
        Given the earlier track record calculation, Dowd already stood on the podium for an Olympic medal for investment achievement. But, redoing the calculation using 2 billion to 14 billion, that produces an average yearly return of 70%!!
        Given that traders always have some losers, and some winners, then there had to be many years when the returns were even higher – just to average 70%.

        The long term persistence of this performance points to the stellar quality of Dowd’s analysis.
        Bottom line. Ed Dowd stands out as one of the top 1% of all time top traders.
        Pay attention to what Dowd is saying and it is likely you will emerge a winner over the long term.
        Go directly, against his analysis and you may be surprised at the downside of your future.

        Could you get Ed Dowd on as a more regular guest?

  50. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    Great. I really enjoyed that. Great interview. Great perspective on current events.

    • IIG

      Any news down in Georgia about removing the Georgia Guidestones?? – those stones are more of a racist affront to humanity then the stone statues of George Washington and Tomas Jefferson now being removed because they owned slaves!!


    Thank you Greg, interesting and unique viewpoints. Edward is the first financial analyst that I have heard saying to hold on to cash and he gives less weight to precious metals. I was stunned when he explained how the dollar will continue to rise in value in the world market before it crashes. I don’t understand the financial arena — won’t the new currency for the U.S. need to be backed by gold and silver? Won’t this make their value rise?? In summary — I agree with Edwards recommendation to have a balanced portfolio.

    • Robert F

      Hi Mary,

      This is very confusing stuff, because it involves many dynamics and many players, take for example the BIS, the IMF, and the World bank, as one aspect, then you have the Fed reserve, bank of england, bank of canada, etc. representing another aspect, then you have the top buldge bracket investments banks, such as Jp morgan chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Deutsche bank, credit suisse, citigroup, etc.

      Its very deep and complex. For years people though the world bank and IMF were working together to put nations on their sdrs, special drawing rights, which was designed to put these growing economies on loans by the imf that they would never pay back, then when they defaulted, they would trade this for more control over say an industry, and this would continue, they would get these nations on their sdrs. Then people said that they would collapse the dollar and use these. new sdrs, and the UN world bank etc would all agree to this and so on…Also the BIS is basically the central bank for all central banks. So when BIS makes claims about Cbds, thino of that as your corporate boss in your region answering to the multinational boss of all corp regions, but this is for central banks.

      But as time went on the dollar looked like it was going under, and people thought this was all about China, and making China the top dog, abd started promoting these other theories, BS imo, that Somehow china is behind all of this and not the rockefellers and rothschilds of europe who had been planning and talking about this for decades.

      So it a red herring, you have to figure out who is on what side, what agenda are they selling etc.

      Its the most complicated topic out there.

      Id recommend looking up Silent Weapons for Silent Wars, and learn about how economic manipulation is down to a science, comparable to electromagnetic theory.

      You can model an economy as a circuit model, using test signals ie inflationary or deflationary triggers, interest rate manipulation, etc you can send small signals into a circuit and model the propagation throughout, its basic circuit element theory but modeling say an inductor as a process of money creation and so on. This is where Aladdan and Blackrock come into play.

      Remember how Martin A talks about his AI modeling? Well take his AI and think much bigger. They have this for blackrock, and its basically been a test in theory, for the int banking mafia, I believe it was a test model, but turned out to be the real deal, and since has done nothing but grown in massive proportion to everything else, and its basically like a part of the Fed now,
      Catherine Austin fitts exposed that with the blackrock going direct reset plan the fed initiated.

      Anyways, long story short, this guy says dollar will die UP, as in it will be the last man standing, as the rest go down one by one, the world js gonna be sent into hell. as this occurs, they will initiate the next part of the plan, destroy the american faith internally and externally. and then use this sequence to justify the need for a new reserve currency that is more balanced and not backed by a single “broken” nation like America. In fact that might even use us as the “bad” example to say “never again” allow one nation to be the reserve of most of the world..

      • Tin foil hat

        In fact, I believe they will use us as the “bad” example. Hence, they picked the perfect couple, Biden and Harris, to take the fall.

    • Robert F

      Sorry to be so long, Its a very complicated issue. You could for ever about banking and economies.

      I want to add, the whole thing should be clear as to why they want to bring america to its knees. This is all by design. We know that now right? I mean seems most of the alt media community is aware of this now. So we know its being done on purpose, we even know thier end goals..its a world wide socialist utopia ruled by them. where you dont have any assets, you are brainwashed to love it ala think HG Wells.

      We know in order to reach the next stage their has to be a “sacrifice”
      these things always must occur for a proper transformation, rememeber these people are evil, they dabble in the craft and other occult practices, this isnt just a reset economically, its a reset of the mind of the individual, and of mankind itself, think Transhumanism

      Also, I think either Putin is in on it, or they triggered this response on purpose, knowing how Putin would react, they wanted this, because europe must be put on a new plan, and to do that they must be harshly forced off their old ways ie think energy and climate change.

      Same with America, but at a slower pace, they want to change our ways, remember its not just about money, its about changing you, your behavior, getting you to accept a system where you have no privacy, no assests, no say in anything other than what color icecream you want or what movie to watch, Its over, and whats occuring now is the mental programming to make the youth become the new leaders of tomorrow, the future where all of this utopian ideal will supposedly blossom, and then as marx claims the state can wither away and thee global leaders can go into the “background” and guide humanity to the stars and “be as the gods”….this is literally what they believe…some of them at least.

      The other “half” of this evil is simply using this as a ploy to gain supremacy for their bloodlines, and they simply have hatred for all who are not like them. They are considered the mark of cain. They dont believe in any commie utopia lol they simply want power and control over mankind.

      Its just really a war against Gods creation, and some of these elite know they serve Satan, while others simply are pawns in it all….well they are all pawns IMO

  52. Neville

    Another fine crime report on the status quo.
    I like Edwards method of investigation and grasping the urgency of situation.
    Greg ,that these fraudsters are not behind bars and the gangsters like fauci
    and others sent to the electric chair IS PROOF POSITIVE THAT JUSTICE
    DOES NOT EXIST IN AAcrime!!!
    In the final analysis this is going to count heavily against the citizens of AAcrime
    when Our LORD JESUS returns as he already knows the extent of the culpability
    of the felons free ranging in AAcrime.
    Before that all happens a MONSTROUS NATURAL EVENT the likes the Earth has never seen!!!
    As for the reset a reminder that AAcrime nor any other country will be a party to that
    as they broke the system and are therefore incapable of fixing it……Letting the Cayote
    decide what’s for dinner when discussing the menu with with a bunch of chickens is an exercise in absolute futility.

    have a blessed rest of the week and many thanks to you and Edward on a good
    exposure of all the deceit going on in your country
    will occur on american soil.

  53. Cheryl

    Thank you for an exceptional interview. Dowd speaks coherently using plain English and
    comes across as refreshingly transparent by providing clear and specific reference to his information sources. It is evident that his comments are based on empirical facts and careful, informed observation — in contrast to the rock stars who reference mystery data upon which they form opinions to suggest they alone have the “inside scoop.” Would love to hear him speak again about pharma shenanigans with the clinical trials data and their FDA accomplices.

  54. Bill Albano

    Thanks again for your Ministry for the Corroboration of Truth report Greg. The short and sweet take away…The numbers have been crunched. The data has been crunched. Heads will be unceremoniously crunched…Get your seat at the table for the “GREAT RESET” fore-warned and fore-armed…Renew and/or subscribe to Soldier of Fortune Magazine…

  55. Alan

    Outstanding Greg, one of the best sessions with Ed Dowd I have seen to date and I have seen darn near all of them, incl on War Room w Bannon, AJ, etc, etc. His voice/perspective is one of the most unique and valuable out there today, plus he frames it all in objective terms and real world context.

    One of the best things he said, imho anyway, was “My goal has been to create a consciousness where we tip the scale of the marginal mind… and we convince enough people they’ve been poisoned”. Also “This is a trust issue… they’ve violated the public’s trust”

    Like so many others I have enormous respect for Ed’s candor, courage, and convictions. And would invest with Ed in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presents and I hope it does. It’s never been about Ed trying to sell anybody anything, he is a modest and highly intelligent individual whose theses are next to impossible to find fault with.

    Greg, your work is among the very best anywhere, no overstatement there, and is of incalculable value to your global audience. May God bless you richly for your relentless commitment to finding and reporting the Truth and for bringing on others whose voices echo that love for Truth and Humanity. “Thank you” barely begins to convey how I and *many* others feel about you and USAW!!!

  56. Frank D2

    Greg and Watchdoggers, see this regarding recent statements from “Mr. Vaccine”:

  57. Ranlar

    Greg, great interview, another grand slam. I will quote directly a study on Ivermectin that is on the National Institute of Health. Note; The study confirms that Ivermectin BINDS with the Spike Protein.

    “In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honored the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments. Reductions in deaths correlated with the extent of IVM distributions in all 25 states with p < 0.002. Sharp reductions in morbidity using IVM were also observed in two animal models, of SARS-CoV-2 and a related betacoronavirus. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains." 

    The reference here:

  58. Rob

    This guy has listened to Harry Dent to much!
    Bankruptcy kills dollars! He admits bankruptcy’s will be huge and in the same breath he states dollars will get stronger!
    I disagree with dollar crashing up!


  59. Mort

    Not so sure the vaccine kills people, but I can’t say it is “effective.” I did my duty and got the jab and suffered no ill effects. However, after two shots and a couple months went by, I contracted Covid even though I was supposed to be in the fully vaccinated club. The news said my case was a rare breakthrough incident, but then it turned out to not be so rare. I’m still alive and kicking, but we’ll have to see if I keel over and die suddenly.

    • Robert F

      Hmmm Vars says otherwise, it def kills,

      Just because you got lucky, doesnt mean it doesnt kill,

      Again, you could have gotten saline for all you know

      Point is, even with their own studies as RFK jr showed prob over a yr ago, that for every person supposedly saved by covid, you were killing about 3 with a heart attack

      Again, you are wayy off, cant tell if you are being sarcastic?

      • Mort

        Yes, I guess I’m sarcastic about my own mortality, but what can I do ? I hope that the vaccines didn’t doom me, but if I find out otherwise, it will be too late. I’m older than most here I suspect and I trusted the medical establishment not to harm the people. That’s just the way my generation was brought up. There use to be a sense of duty. There also use to be a sense of trust. Now, maybe both are long gone. It would be a hell of a thing if we learn that this whole ordeal was a master plot to kill millions of people. My account above is simply what I know to be 100% true. I’ll leave the theories and other conjecture to those who have the investigative skills and tools to tell us what has been afoot. One thing that does bother me though as a Trump supporter and that is why he supported rushing the vaccine. Trump always seemed like a bright man to me and not naive at all. If he got fooled by the medical establishment then who the hell am I ?

        • LoyalWeim

          You really sound like a great person, Mort and I pray that you as well of the billions of others are able to recover and heal from this. I was completely distrusting of Trump from the get-go and his desire to “take the guns first and due process second”, and his pushing an experimental gene therapy confirmed clearly that he was not to be trusted. He was good at talking his game though.

          Your humble response speaks a lot to your character and I am thankful to at least have what I call, a “friend on the other side of the fence” with respect to these vaccinations. We need more like you because I do think inevitably at some point that you will understand the truth in which case you would be a valuable advocate for more rational (and ethical) directions down the road.

          I also apologize for the edginess of my reply earlier. It’s just that I get so frustrated and angry about all this nonsense as even my own family participated. I am scared for them.
          I am long past the denial phase. For the most part I am in the acceptance phase but I do sometimes revert back into anger and despair.

          Make no mistake, these Eugenicists are not done with us yet so you need to get “onboard” ASAP. It appears that maybe “monkeypox” is their next move.

    • LoyalWeim

      “Not so sure the vaccine kills people, but….”

      So….. you think VAERS is lying? According to VAERS, 28,532 have died, but this is severely under-reported. So yes, wake up sir as the vaccine certainly kills SOME people.
      The real question is how many MORE will it kill 3-5 years from now.

      “I did my duty and got the jab, … ” DUTY would be to preserve our freedom (whats left of it anyway) by saying NO and not complying with tyranny. You and millions of others have only empowered our overlords by willingly giving them your compliance and giving up your own bodily autonomy. If you don’t own your own God-given body then what DO you own???

      Please, get out of the denial phase and move to the anger phase, Mort.

      • GRY

        The current estimated capture rate of VAERS is around 2-3% and possibly as low as 1%, this means that 28,532 might actually be 2,853,200 and this value could be an underestimate as well.

        Watching some of the other guests like Clif High whom I mostly agree with, the numbers will be very high but not totally catastrophic.
        It depends on the number of shots you got and there is no accurate reporting on that anywhere.

        My own ballpark estimates are that the 1 shot people are probably going to have a 10% mortality rate and probably a 20% injury rate.
        It goes up exponentially from there, the reported excess deaths that was mentioned in this video of 20% is a combinations of everyone who got the shots and I think that number might creep up to 30% for the next two years.

        But many people stopped at 1 or 2 shots, the ones who got 3+ are probably already going to end up dead in 5 years(from Clif High’s estimates). I pray that the one shot people will be spared but that remains to be seen, the two shot people are going to suffer enmasse and I think many will be crippled for life if they don’t die.

        As for Mort doing his duty, that’s a personal decision and I don’t think it’s fair to criticize him for it.
        I warned many not to get those shots and was cast out by many now ex-friends. I take no satisfaction in saying “I warned you” because it won’t make any difference, I expect the ones who went to three shots to not be here in 2030.
        I also have other friends who took all three because they needed to keep working to put food on the table, they didn’t cut me off but told me they have no choice, vax or lose their jobs and their support for their families.

        What is more important now is to take the fight to the enemy.
        In Canada, Trudope is still pushing the boosters though he’s had to backtrack on punishing the unvaxxed with travel bans and restrictions .
        As Mr. Dowd says, these psychopaths will not stop until we stop them, they even said as much through their mouthpiece, Klaus Schwab at the recent WEF meeting.

  60. Kay

    I immediately sent this interview to my family, and friends, who are still asleep. I hope it wakes them up to hard facts. Thank you for giving me quality tools to warn and help others. God bless you and all your guests. Praying for God’s protection for all of you!

  61. William Bissell

    Edward is really straight forward and Smart. THey have already said we may see as many as 400 cities Burn down this Summer/Fall.

  62. BobTheWelder

    Mr. Dowd …Terrific talk …Thanks

  63. rainer baudrexl

    Very few “Blind Spots” for a smart man of his limited years. His orientation in the financial markets is simply a reflection of his life experience. His analysis of other issues ; particularly the Covid 19 Murderous Enterprise is worthy of the Sages. He will be a major ; and influential voice for fair dealing and sanity in the coming decades. We hope you have him back on your program in the future.

  64. Scott

    Pfizer attorneys went into court in the Pfizer Whistleblower case and asked for a dismissal. Their defense was that their lies, false statements and other malfeasance did not matter because US government agencies were working with them on the fraud. Not Kidding!!!!!

    • IIG

      So – if we can get the Government involved in a crime – then all the criminals participating in the crime “become innocent of that crime”!! – no wonder the Justice Department has no work to do!!!

  65. James

    Excellent program, Greg! Thanks. Minor quibble – Marie Antoinette did NOT say “let them eat cake.” (see The Guillotine and the Cross) But then the “French” Revolution was an opening salvo in the war on Western civilization.

    “this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire” – Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920, pg. 5

    The French Revolution –

  66. Thomas Wigand

    Yet another great interview Greg – I’ve posted / recommended it on GAB.

    “I am going to the Gulag, or I am winning, that’s where I am … I refuse to live in the world that they have set up for us …”

    The so well describes where I believe many of us now are. My daily prayer includes asking God for the Holy Spirit to guide me in heart and mind so as to enable me to be His good and faithful servant, doing His will, and accepting His will, whatever that may be.

    Through that I endeavor to continue to find the strength to peacefully resist (and hopefully not be forced into anything more) while on this earth, knowing that whatever happens here for however many years I have remaining, it is but a pittance compared to eternity.

  67. Enrico

    I did not know about this guest. Thank you so much for making me aware of him! Fabulous episode!

  68. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, great interview with lots of good information and insight. Mixing his views on the Covid fraud with his investment acumen made for an interesting discussion.

    The Marie Antoinette,”the French Revolution didn’t end well for the elite” comment is very much on point. This will not end well for the WEF members, Big Pharma executives or politicians who went along with mandating vaccines for all of humanity.

    5 year olds? What are they smoking? The hubris is unF’ing believable. How do we really get parents up in arms? Go after their kids. If vaxxing grade schoolers isn’t enough (apparently it wasn’t), go after toddlers. Not going to end well.

    All we need do is weather the storm which is upon us. Get ready and stay ready.

  69. Robert Scott

    Ed needs to be corrected, silver went down 50 percent and took a year to recover but gold went down 30 percent and was back up in a few months. Check for yourself on
    In my opinion a bird-in your hand will serve you well as nobody knows what circumstances will be prevailing which may cause you to be unable to obtain metals. Additionally, this will be the mother of all crashes so things will not be exactly as they were in 2008. Having cash is I agree valuable but don’t be foolish as nobody can say with certainty what will happen!

    • Robert F

      Well said, good points.

      I think he is right avout dollar dying up though,
      lt seems like that is their plan, look at the war for example. its punishing europes energy situtation and thats exactly what they want for the new system, to get rid of gas and oil,

      Also, they are doing the same here, punishing gas useers, and pushing solar panels now

      Its so obvious that they intended to do this all along.

  70. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. It’s nice to hear someone so positive of ultimate victory. I hope he’s right. But I think he may be too over-confident. I agree the effete have crossed the Rubicon. There’s no going back for them or their brainwashed politicians. The judicial system’s broken. There’s no safety for politicians who change sides. They’re stuck. They might leak, but that’s why Assange is still in jail and incommunicado. They plan to win, or they wouldn’t have become so blatant and bold. Remember, they probably have robot soldiers, drone police, AI, and who knows what else. Keep preparing for a long hard slog and keep saying your prayers. This is probably going to take Divine Intervention.

  71. Felix

    Good afternoon patriots I, was just talking to a friend,he is a mortission and I asked him how business was going with all the vax deaths and his reply was word for word.The blood in these bodies is all clotted up.When I go to embalm them its virtually impossible to get them to drain.This is totally crazy what these luciferians have done to our fellow man ,these people need to hang all of them

    • IIG

      The “jab” is like injecting jello into your blood stream and simply waiting for it to “thicken up” and give you a heart attack!!

  72. Country Codger

    Wow, Greg, Mr. Dowd was fantastic. He is like an economic Alex Newman.

    Keep your eye on the week of September 26th 2022. This is a great time or a financial crash. It is the beginning of the coming war cycle which reaches a peak between October 25th and November 8th with the spike being November 1, 2022.
    Lo Iyrah!!

  73. Kayla Cameron

    This large migrant wave coming to the US upsets me because our border patrol agents are already overwhelmed. I want to go volunteer with border patrol on the weekends or figure out a way to support border patrol member families. Any ideas on how an average person can help? I know prayer is the most powerful, but I wish there was something tangible I could do.

    • Linda Majors


      In the early 2000’s, the Minutemen group was formed by Jim Gilchrist in Southern California. They consisted of volunteers who went to the border and assisted the Border Patrol. Very successful! They had hundreds of volunteers. Police officers, firemen, veterans and people from all walks of life. The Border Patrol loved them. However, the globalist Mainstream News Media proceeded to label them “racists, bigots, xenophobes, . . .” and succeeded in turning public opinion against them. There was also infighting within the group leadership in California and Arizona. Unfortunately a very successful, patriotic endeavor was destroyed.

      I suggest going online and doing a search for Jim Gilchrist in California, and Glen Spencer in Arizona. Possibly they can help you connect with groups who continue to volunteer at the border to save America. Good luck!


      • Kayla Cameron

        Thank you so much, Linda! I will do my research and keep my prayers going up in the interim.

    • IIG

      Anyone ever think of putting thousands of venomous snakes into the tunnels used to bring illegals into the US – and putting thousands of Alligators into the waters separating the US from Mexico – to scare the illegals away??

  74. Leethal

    Methinks, the deaths will come slowly over the next few years on especially OLDER people to preserve the pension and Social Security payouts. Think of the billions they will save as older people are killed off for what they think that they are being overpaid.

    • regaleagle

      Billions are nothing to these mindless idiots……they can print that in a weekend. It’s the power and authority they want……they just use excuses to keep the sheep sheared.

  75. Fred Daake

    The only way to stop the breech of trust on society is to publicly hang a few of the truly guilty perpetrators. It would only take a few. But it should not be done with Democrat style kangaroo trials. When there are thorough investigations and bullet proof evidence for each public prosecution, the problems will stop.

  76. wayne hardin

    I had to listen twice to make sure i heard him right .
    He said having cash so you could take advantage of the blood in the streets .
    I thought Greg had got Stan to come on the show .

    Wayne Hardin .

  77. wayne hardin

    Most people are talking about the end game is they want to kill us .
    God said / And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    So people need to realize that dying is the beginning of the forever life .
    Where we spend it is the only question that matters at the end of the day .

    Wayne Hardin .

    • IIG

      Each individual has a unique DNA code – tamper with that unique code “that God gave to each individual” (the way the globalists want to do) and you lose your soul to these Devils!!

  78. Linda Majors


    California Department of Health continues to promote the vaccines, as well as the locations to get them. They play ads all day long on local radio stations. It’s all about power and control, and raking in huge amounts of money. No doubt Big Pharma is paying the State to keep this criminal enterprise going.

    Last week, a high school in LA County refused to allow unvaxxed students from participating in the graduation ceremonies. Those “dangerous” students were instructed to go around to the back and pick up their diplomas. That is cruel! Had nothing to do with keeping students safe and healthy; it was about punishing anyone who refuses to get with the program. I hope the parents of those students hire some good attorneys and sue the L.A. school district.

    Fortunately, parents throughout California are removing their children from public schools, and enrolling them in private schools, or doing home schooling. There are lots of non-profit, private groups forming to help parents who are not qualified to teach.


  79. Marvin

    All your interviews are excellent but this one is at the top of a very short list of extraordinary interviews. It is overflowing with the kind of real information that is needed by everyone, and especially by those who have been injured by the vaccines or the financial consequences of the lock-down’s and related policies. Well done to both you and your guest for bringing all this to light.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marvin. Ed Dowd is one of the good guys!

  80. Pamela Hankins

    FYI: The War plans of the CCP vs the USA –
    I wonder if any of this discussion echoes in the war cycles?

  81. James Sorbo

    “It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it, foreign substances are introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual, certainly without any choice. That’s the way a hard core commie works.” Jack Ripper, 847 base commander in Dr. Strangelove.

  82. Marci

    This comment is for all of the USAWatchdog viewers…If every person that watches Greg, would donate one dollar for each show that they watch, Greg wouldn’t even need any advertisers! Imagine what a $2 donation could do!!! The bible says that a workman is worth his wages, and Greg is worth million$$$$!!!
    Just so that you know, we have donated for several years, and we figure that Greg’s time is worth more than $2 a show!!
    Thanks Greg!

  83. Donna M Gilio

    I have been listening to you for a long time Greg, I’ve listened to all your guests, but this interview? I walked away saying to myself “he is a really smart guy”. Wow.

  84. Anita

    Thank you both

  85. Barb

    Very good interview Greg!
    This is a link to an interesting video on covid shots. Do they have mRNA or not?
    It says, no mRNA but the shots have graphene, which has been in many other products and food. I know – personally – months ago I found a steak that a magnet stuck to.
    I know I have had reactions around people who I – LATER – find out got the shot, and I’m not the only one.
    But I personally only know one person who had a reaction from their shot. Most of my family got the shots and boosters with no problems or illness.
    What have the rest of you all – PERSONALLY – observed, NOT heard???

    • James

      saline was put in some lots of the snake oil to cause confusion just like you are experiencing get with the program Barb!

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure anybody outside a controlled study got saline.

  86. Lady Au Stackers United

    Now hear this! When the equity markets crash, it’s then you will see a spiked rise in the value of precious metals ( Gerald Celente).

    Have plenty of cash in your cookie jar so-to-speak. Bank bail-ins could occur and it could happen to your account.

    Stock up on non-perishable food.

    Ride the tsunami wave and wear your life-jacket which is the full armor of God. I personally choose the teachings of Christ rather than Muhammad. Although I never argue my choice. I only confess the miracles and answered prayers in my life through Christ Jesus.

    I also believe these horrendous fuel prices will be brought down once we have a constitutional president and house of representatives. Energy independence with oil production and supplemental green energy can happen again like the track our country was on during the latter part of the Trump administration.

    The goons in power won’t win.

  87. Dean

    This is Trump’s legacy…

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what the Dems will say in 2024.

      • Dean

        Well, Greg, Donald (one of the main perps involved in this crime) himself was so eager to take credit for the KillShot that he wanted it to be called the “Trumpcine”…this alone disqualifies him from being considered for President ever again and his political opponents, regardless of Party affiliation, SHOULD use Trump’s HORRIFIC “Warpspeed” policy against him.

  88. al

    He started off odd, stating that people voted for Trump due to economic reasons… NO!
    Most everything else was right on the money. Wow. A man of this stature is talking to other big money people and they all agree that there’s a problem? That it’s not all roses and champagne?

    Greg, This was a very encouraging and informative interview . Thank you Greg, you got a winner here

  89. Marius

    Hi Greg, Thank you for another great interview.

    The past two years have been totally crazy in South Africa. The “vaccine” roll out was filled with the usual stories of corruption involving the top Government Officials, even the then minister of health. President, Cyril Ramaphosa, said initially that the shots were voluntary and not to be forced on people. They made the shots available first to the elderly and then to younger people.

    This being in line with the provisions of the South African Constitution, as follows:
    (2) Everyone has the right to bodily and psychological integrity, which includes the right— (a) to make decisions concerning reproduction; (b) to security in and control over their body; and (c) not to be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without their informed consent.

    But given a few months time the Government Officials saw that their 70% target was not being met within their set time frames. Then, to the surprise of many, the President shifted his position, by saying that the vax is “Safe and Effective” and encouraging people to take the vax.

    People do talk and tell of stories of family members and friends who either died or gotten sick, some cannot work, after the shots. A local family doctor, Dr Rapiti, posted several videos on social media discussing the vax injuries he treated in his practice. Some heart breaking stories of people not covered in the mainstream media. If you saw the interviews of Dr Shankara Chetty he explained the situation well.

    There is a lot of pressure on people to get the jab, but people are resisting and fighting this in our Courts, being the last line of defense.

    What Clif High said confirms human nature, if people’s loved ones and children are hurt or killed that will push people to their limits.

    To illustrate this we saw this playing out locally when the community formed a mob and rounded up a perceived criminal (who allegedly tried to kidnap two girls) and beat and burned him. This happed in Parkwood, Cape Town, just a few days ago.

    Guns are not needed for this level of violence and brutality from being unleashed.

  90. Z+

    Is there a law to pay income taxes ?

    What is the law ?
    What is a mandate ?

  91. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks, another great guest. I think Dr. Elizabeth Eads says the same that they won’t be able to walk down the street. This is the sort of confidence we need to bring these crooks to justice. And more importantly put an end to their objectives, which I believe was to alter medicine to primarily treatments of vaccines instead of one on one relationships with your personal doctor.

    That seems to be a general trend among the Davos crowd, to dilute the influence of credentialed professionals, most likely in an attempt to automate their profession. They did it to my profession, engineering, and now they are after the medical professionals.

    I also found it valuable what he thinks about the dollar. Charles Hugh Smith says about the same thing, it will only get stronger as we work through a deflationary collapse to liquidate all the malinvestments made since around 2000, or maybe earlier with the collapse and bailout of Long Term Capital Management which led to the policy of bailouts and TARP in 2008-09..

    Then after that collapse we’ll get the money printing again leading to another bubble unless the dollar is dumped as the world’s reserve currency.

  92. ICON

    Big Pharma in conjunction with criminal entities inside the US government executed a CONSPIRACY to commit MURDER. This is GENOCIDE plain and simple. That alone eviscerates the immunity clause in Big Pharma’s contracts. They will all declare bankruptcy and be replaced by other pharmaceutical manufacturers. Using Trumps first E.O. (which Biden just EXTENDED!) the Elites in charge of this conspiracy need to have their assets frozen and seized to pay reparations and damages along with repaying our citizens for the theft through illegal taxation. Our criminal government needs to be replaced. I believe Devolution is real and BIG CHANGE is coming. As a wise man said a few years back, “Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING.” That same man also said, “There will come a time when it will be unsafe for them to walk the streets.”

  93. Far Queue

    Great interview Greg, certainly one of your best, and with one of the most credible people out there for the topic diacussed and the time we are living in.
    You’ve had quite the stellar list on the show lately. Congrats, you deserve it.

    I’ve been saying exactly what Ed is sayimg for about a year, maybe more.
    When humanity reaches that point of real understanding about what has been done to it, we the awake to all this criminality are not whom they will need fear. It’s the parents who got conned into giving the venom to their small children who will be seeking their blood.
    It is an inevitibilty now. The only question remaimg is when that tipping poimt is reached.

    God help us all, for it will not be a pleasant time for anybody.

  94. Colleen

    Off topic: I read today that Putin is removing its United States Embassy among Nuclear talks. Read this on American News Network. Does anyone know if this is accurate information? Scary!

  95. Allen Sachetti

    You know Greg the majority of the American people are outraged by the criminal election fraud committed last Nov 2020 and we want the US Supreme Court to hear ALL the cases and look at all the evidence to remove and imprison not only Biden but all of the other political criminals who were NOT elected.

    Until this happens all of us American Citizens are compromised and America itself is in clear and present danger.

  96. Billie Krein

    They told us before.

  97. Mark

    Obviously a very smart guy. Very successful but he said the dollar has gone straight up. Ok but that’s against other currencies. Not against real stuff. Why hold lots of currency when it’s being devalued at breakneck speed. I’ll stick with 90% of my assets/wealth in physical silver and gold thank you very much. I’ll go with 5000 years of history

  98. WD

    Hey Greg,

    GREAT Interview!!!!! I am wondering if the lack of workers in the work force that shows where people have just mysteriously have fallen out of the work force and there are 2 job openings for every one person is due to the premature die off or have become handicapped due to the vaccine? It makes ne wonder because this is to great of a divergence to explain it by calling the great job resignation. There is more to this than that. People have left the job market b/c of or handicapped caused by the vaccines!!


    Hi Greg,

    Best new guest in a long time! Mr. Dowd spoke an objective truth the likes of which a society based on integrity should long to hear. His analysis of the corruption of government is what I like to call SYSTEMIC DISGRACISM.

    Thanks for ally do!

  100. Helen Rudinsky

    Thank you Greg, for providing for us good speakers who educate us on what is ahead and how to prepare. Could you bring on Mark Taylor again?

  101. James

    A app called locate my Bluetooth device allows you to locate people who took the shot!
    I am a pure blood and went to a area far away from any Bluetooth interference and ran the app with no devices found .Once I got near people several devices were found .I am a electronics engineer and the found devices look like a stream of hexadecimal values that humans can read which is converted from BCD binary coded decimal which is the language that computers communicate by basically 1 and 0 values. Please tell your viewers about this. When the road blocks start this is how the evil government will determine who is under there control or a pureblood.

    • Judy

      Read somewhere that the next lockdowns in Europe are to go after the unvaxed.
      Also read, US military base for illegal military age men is used for training in: Isolate, Collect, Quarantine! It ain’t over folks, it’s just beginning!!

  102. Lisa

    I worry they will use war to cover up their crimes. Divert attention and create mass injury/death. I had critical Covid, hospitalized for 11 days – no vax. Its been a year and I am still not the same. I fear the end result of vax vs critical Covid is the same due to the high spike proteins. Hope not.
    Been watching you for years Greg and am so thankful for you and your guests.

    • Judy

      Listen to Greg’s interview with Ryan Cole. He names several treatments for Spike Proteins, many are OTC.

    • Robert says no

      They could use a nuclear bomb or the kind that just kills life forms, I think it’s called neutron, and then no proof of the role the vaccines played will ever be made.

      People need to read the obituaries and see all the 20,30,40,50 and early to mid 60 year olds dying. Go to the actual funeral parlor websites.

  103. Judy

    At this point, the question for me is no longer are they really doing this on purpose? It’s just how long have they been doing this on purpose!!!??? We know about Gates in Africa and India. Arthritis runs in my family. At least I thought it did! Once retired, I stopped getting annual flu shots. Haven’t had a serious arthritis flare up since!! Is the flu shot the first to lower your immunity so any underlying potential chronic diseases of aging show up? The number of adults on a maintenance medication for chronic conditions is staggering. My theory is that’s the money shot. Medicate for chronic conditions. Then medicate for side effects of the treatment. Get people on several medications. Then monthly appointments for med checks!! Practice Rentier Medicine.
    Make big money. Ever watch the commercials on the news broadcasts…all for medical treatments. I remember listening to the side effects warnings (many potentially deadly) and wondering who the heck would take that pill? Do you know any one going through this process? Any one suffering from Covid or with losses from Covid?
    And that folks, is how you ” create consciousness and tip the scales of the marginal minds of people so the pressure points start to crack.” Why do so many kids have autism since we’ve been giving infants 26 shots? Why are flu shots offered nearly Everywhere to make sure everyone can easily get one? THINK ABOUT IT!!

    • Jello

      Excellent post, Judy! I completely agree with you. People must stop ALL jabs. They deteriorate health.

  104. Judy

    Listen to Greg’s interview with Ryan Cole. He names several treaments for Spike Proteins, many are OTC.

  105. Judy

    Read somewhere that the next lockdowns in Europe are to go after the unvaxed.
    Also read, US military base for illegal military age men is used for training in: Isolate, Collect, Quarantine! It ain’t over folks, it’s just beginning!!

  106. For F.F.

    Video: Russian Pranksters Trick George W. Bush Into Talking ‘Information War’ & Ukraine Biolabs Published 2 weeks ago on May 23, 2022
    ________By Miami Standard News Staff
    Popular Russian comedian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) made headlines this week after they duped the former duffas, U.S. President George W. Bush into appearing on a Zoom meeting.
    Coincidently; Pitcher James Cooper Duffus,
    played in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system in 1948 and 1949. For the Winston-Salem Cardinals in the former campaign, he went 6-5 with a 3.40 ERA in 13 games. In ’49, he was 7-5 with a 4.08 mark in 24 games for the Allentown Cardinals. Overall, Duffus went 13-10 with a 3.78 ERA in 37 games.
    While at Yale, he was teammates with President George H.W. Bush and pitched in the first two College World Series.
    He also wrote a book, Thank You Baseball.

    Top Gun betrays Hollywood’s weakness in China
    Yesterday 8:46 PM
    Some are cheering the release of Tom Gun: Maverick – an action thriller – for supposedly “standing up to China”. That misses the point, writes Isaac Stone Fish.

    38 views Jun 8, 2022
    Somebody answer the🚏phone!🌍!⛽!🚽!
    WW3🌪 in all our future’s?

  107. MacGuy

    There will NOT be any justice for those injured or killed by the shot. It is time to face reality!

    • Greg Hunter

      You kill someone’s kid with a jab and they are not thinking about going to court. You see what the left is doing protesting at the homes of Supreme Court Judges homes? Wait until the left figures out they have been irreversibly poisoned and got a few months or years to live.

      • Rodster

        On the flip side Greg, the Left worship government. They consider government their parents. So who knows because many of the Left get their handouts from Daddy and Mommy Gov’t.

        As the saying goes: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

  108. Rodster

    Greg, when you interview Dr. Kory can you bring up this article that Paul Craig Roberts linked on his website? I would like to know if he agrees with it?

    “Dr. Naomi Wolf Announces a Covid Vaccine Genocide“

  109. Steve Bice

    Justin Bieber just cancelled his concerts because he is sick and “getting worse”. The illness is supposedly “not Covid related”. Remember, his 25-year-old wife suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for blood clots.

    The vaccine injuries are insidious. They will be fully outed only when the numbers get too large to ignore, since they manifest in different ways in so many different body systems.

    • Rodster

      That seems to be the new tag line these days, “not Covid related”.

      • Brian Dougan

        Justin Bieber: “Worsening [Illness] not C-19+ related.” If he dies; God forbid; the headline will read “Unexplained causes.” (“Routine” cardiac problems?) Quite common among young men his age; particularly highly conditioned athletes. Nothing to see here; move along.

      • Steve Bice

        Good point!

    • Jello

      Celine Dion has been continually rescheduling concert dates also – due to “medical reasons” and “health issues”.

      • Steve Bice

        Thank you for that report. “Muscle spasms”… could be linked to neurological damage. Scary stuff..

  110. Gary Pennington

    I’ve been following you for years, Greg, and this interview ranks up at the top. Thank you and Mr. Dowd!

  111. Donald Wood

    I sure hope that Edward is correct in all he said.

  112. Vie Venard

    US Politicians Gaining Ground on Gun Grab Laws as Globalists Rig Planet to COLLAPSE from Race Wars, Food Riots, Medical Tyranny –
    The Alex Jones Show June 9th 2022, 10:40 am Posted 3 hours ago
    We are in the most volatile times in history! Stay steadfast and DO NOT let tragedy, economic ruin, pandemics and world war convince you into accepting slavery!
    A L S O :
    The American Journal: Humanity Worldwide is Awakening to the Takeover of Society
    Everything is happening so fast now Greg, I’m actually becoming fearful!
    Thank you for instilling these so many years in me, to fear not!
    John Davidson reminds me so much of you here Greg, thank you so much. John
    Mama Cass was right Greg,
    there is a new world coming and not Klaus Scwab’s BS!
    Wow, I was in love with this man as a little kid!
    I really lost it eh, but I don’t care and I have no fear! Cuss I’m laughing my butt off!

  113. Vie
    Here he is, sorry. John & Mama

  114. Self Exiled
    Who is this that darkens counsel [questioning my authority and wisdom] By words without knowledge? Job 38:22.
    Will the faultfinder contend with the Almighty?
    Let him who disputes with God answer it.” Job 40:2

  115. David

    S.A.D.S. SUDDEN ADULT DEATH SYNDROME is what they are now calling it when 30-40 somethings are dropping dead for no apparent reason. It came out in news feeds today!!!

    Also, a big problem with bringing these elites to justice is that the whole military and law enforcement community has been vaccinated.. The elites might bring in U.N. troops with their blue helmets. Under the blue helmets will be Chinese soldiers. If the elites war gamed this genocide out, they war gamed it all the way.

    • Jello

      There is a correlation between SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) & vaccines.
      SIDS for infants.
      SADS for adults.

  116. Catherine Bowman

    This won’t even be the beginning of the end until the MSM starts to blame Trump and Azar (and basically everyone, but Fauci) for Operation Warp Speed.

    … also the GOP isn’t going to save anyone…

    Also ask your guest “Who is “we”…?”

  117. Self Exiled

    I dedicate this movie to all the forensic doctors who come to Greg’s site and are caught in the dilemma of this atrocity we find ourselves in that they will speak out and declare truth with bravery around the world. Also, I have spoken negatively about the Chinese and wish to acknowledge that there are many citizens in China and citizens of the US that do not adhere or condone the policies of either of their governments. We must always remember that we who are of the faith are one around the world. I find it heartbreaking that there are so many people misrepresented and suffering/dying because of the evils the governance. At the end of the movie the doctors speak out about their profession, please listen. This movie displays the beauty and talent of the Chinese, I hope you can see beyond the religious and cultural differences and understand that God is above all my/our prejudices and absolutely just and beyond our comprehension of how things should be or how people should think and worship HIM. Only he can judge the heart and mind of a person. All those who are HIS will come to HIM. Not one will be lost.

    • GRY

      The average Chinese citizen is no more than cattle to the CCP elites. Look at how they’re treated under these covid lockdowns by their government.
      The only reason why Americans are still relatively free isn’t just because of the 2nd Amendment and being the most armed population on Earth, it’s because they still possess a level of individuality and an independent streak which is culturally burned in over the past 300+ years.

      The one weakness of the Chinese civilization is that it’s been indoctrinated and trained to tolerate and even accept authoritarian rule. China until about 1900 had 2500 year history of imperial rule, they were one of the first civilizations to establish a widespread Bureaucracy to manage their empire.

      “ The civil service exam system in imperial China was a system of testing designed to select the most studious and learned candidates for appointment as bureaucrats in the Chinese government. This system governed who would join the bureaucracy between 650 CE and 1905, making it the world’s longest-lasting meritocracy.”

      Centuries of totalitarian rule has bred into the Chinese population a certain level of tolerance for such conditions which no modern Westerner would ever tolerate.
      But unlike the West, the Chinese have never truly known what a free society is like, culturally they are still ruled by the edicts set out by Confucius around 479BC.
      Democratic principles as laid out by the Greeks are in some ways alien concepts to those raised in traditional Chinese culture. It’s why you really don’t see many rebellions in the country based on these concepts, they will rebel if there is a lack of basic necessities like food, water, housing etc, it’s why the CCP bends over backwards to maintain the illusion of wealth and prosperity.

      Unfortunately it’s too common for patriots in the West to blame those ‘chinks’ as a group for the CCP’s infiltration of the West and their silent war on Western civilization.
      The CCP unfortunately is also a western invention (Marxism) adapted to Chinese cultural idiosyncrasies which is why it still exists when many of their western counterparts have fallen.

      One western idea which was imported in the 7th Century but actually gained popularity in the 13th Century was Christianity, and this ‘idea’ is still seen as a supreme threat to those in power today and which they are actively trying to corrupt to their own ends.
      Christian Westerners generally don’t seem to understand they have brothers and sisters in faith behind the lines and tend to think the Chinese are still godless heathens when there are in fact 44 million Christians there, a small percentage of the 1.4 billion but still surviving even through the terrors of the Maoist era of extreme repression.

      The Chinese people are not the enemy, in fact they are also the victims of the same people who call themselves globalists and are seeking to expand their rule over everyone on the planet and have allies in the CCP with the same goals and vision.

  118. Computer Guy

    As far as I’m concerned the perpetrators have already gotten away with it. Pfauci is still there, no pharrma rep has been arrested, no politician besides a handful are questioning the vaccines. To this day no one in the msm, government or health care industry admits their vaccine is at best ineffective and at worst a depopulation shot. You have the braindead sheeple still walking around wearing masks, still getting jabbed. My imbecile brother in law who is a pediatrician just had his 3 kids, 9 and 11 year old (twins) double jabbed. Because he’s smarter than the average guy right? He’s a doctor he trusts vaccines he has to show us poor shlubs that he knows better.

    And those poor kids, all jabbed now even though they had covid in September of 2021 and didn’t need it. There is zero benefit for them and nothing but risk.
    I’ve sent him your interviews and other independent news stories about the dangers of these shots. And his response : I’m a conspiracy theoriest antivaxxer.

    I just don’t care anymore, I’ve done my job I’ve warned them.

  119. Curt

    Great interview with Edward Dowd. Just for the record. There can be NO Immunity for criminal acts. I do understand that these companies were given immunity from ‘vaccine’ injury. Once it’s proven that these deaths and injuries are the result of criminal acts the origin immunity is null and void. No one can be given immunity from criminal acts. It’s just that simple.

    Unfortunately, the rule of law has been undermined at the very highest levels of government. Many of these big pharma people feel they are immune from the laws that pertain to others. And that may have been true, but as Edward Dowd says the intentional murder and maiming of millions of people is ‘a bridge too far’.

  120. Mikem

    This is what I got from my work email today:

    On May 4, 2022, Governor Cooper issued Executive Order #257 – “Establishing an Incentive Program to Encourage State Employees to Receive Their COVID-19 Booster Shot”

    UNC President Peter Hans has authorized each UNC institution to provide the COVID-19 booster shot incentive leave program for their SHRA and EHRA non-faculty staff, and for their faculty who earn leave… in accordance with the rules in the executive order and the corresponding Office of State Human Resources policy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Baby killer Cooper wants to expand his murder!

  121. Steve Bice

    I thought Ed’s comment about the dollar was interesting: “The dollar will fail up.”

    So, the dollar will get stronger and stronger…but clearly not against everything.

    It will get stronger against other currencies…but not against the basket of goods we need to survive.

    Inflation is off the charts, and everything we buy is more expensive. So, it appears he is saying relative strength in the dollar against other currencies will increase financial pressure on non-dollar economies leading to mass bankruptcies abroad and ultimate collapse of the world financial system…while here at home, our dollars buy less and less.

    So, it certainly makes sense to hedge against the dollar’s loss of buying power here in the U.S., and going to cash won’t do that.

  122. Bob Clayton

    The only way is up Greg,the truth outweighs everything and the big man will make sure we win.God bless you and Edward Dowd.

  123. Frank S.

    With 3M rise in disability claims, coupled with around 1M excess deaths , if 200M were vaxxed, that equates with the earliest EudraVigilance percentages from 2021, at about 1.5% serious vax injuries & .5% vax deaths.

    • Greg Hunter

      So far and that’s if the data is complete. Do you think they still might be lying???

      • Frank S.

        I agree totally with “so far” – Its the gift that keeps on taking!
        Industry stats (mortuaries, insurance, etc.) are often from public companies with SEC watchdogs vetting their filings. So, it adds credence to both if their numbers independently confirm the EU’s.
        BTW, another great guest ,Greg.

  124. Eli

    Amazing discussion great guest I should say,
    Another amazing discussion! Even the normies on Normiebook are waking up. Lol. God Bless you, Greg!!

  125. Nat

    Really like this guy, thanks Greg!

  126. Matt

    Now is the perfect time to interview John Williams. Greg, thank you for all that you do!

  127. Eli

    Never forget they wanted to put us in camps! They were scared and listened to the boob tube and thought this was a perfectly reasonable response to the flu 🤒

  128. Bert Ludwig

    Checkmate, game over. Watch the government’s next economic move closely.

    If the government hands out massive increases to entitlements; or a huge increase of the number of people getting checks; and/or huge handouts for all, it will fuel the hyper inflation to a Weimar. We are that close to the end. This time there are no more cans to kick.

    Then listen for Biden giving last ditch dictator edicts, PRICE FREEZES AND CONTROLS while handing out trillions to the masses on a weekly basis, and ordering the national guard to guard the stores and armed guard the transportation of goods. Crime will be so bad that your police will quit.

    Watch Biden confiscate food stuffs from farmers and finally anyone that has a pot to pee in. In just weeks the trucks could cease to transport due to fuel and wage costs. Stores closed due to bankruptcy. The greatest real estate crash of all time.

    The government rushing out emergency checks on a weekly basis, valued at more than a full time worker earned just two years ago- on a weekly basis, to people that never worked a day in their lives.

    Good thing MLB had drag queen night, you know those drag queens on display were booed and laughed at. I hear one park had 10,000+ fans, but only about 24 fans remained in the stands after the game was over to witness this madness against GOD.

    Were all ‘Uecked’ and all that is left is WWIII to cull the herd. Leave the cities and never return.

    What should the government do? Raise interest rates to 20%, cut entitlements of all able working age people, cut government spending by 75%. Allow the GDP for fall as far as it can and allow the forces of supply and demand to rebuild the economy, this time money must be earned into existence, not just handed out to people that would rather beg than work for it.

    And that doesn’t even cover the morbid obesity medical costs that will exceed $1 trillion in 2024, and each and every year thereafter with built in 20-2,000% increases due to hyperinflation. The people ate the seed corn, and they borrowed and already ate the seed corn for all the crops for the next 10,000 years.

  129. Brian Dougan

    Greg: Always interesting, and informative. Never a dull interview. If you don’t mind; When will we next see Martin Armstrong? He and “Socrates” must have some new forecasts for us.

  130. HereThereEverywhere

    Greg, I just want to express sincere admiration for one of your best interviews ever. It’s fascinating where the conversation can take you when you’re not sticking tightly to a script. That was some very, very interesting and enlightening discussion. I hope you bring this guest back when the opportunity presents itself.

  131. Chloe

    I like this guy Greg. He seems to be prophetic.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!

  132. WD


    It would be interesting to find out statistic of how much Social Security Disability claims have risen. from the time of the vaccines came out…..Just wondering

    • Jello

      Great point!

  133. Hazleton Barbara

    I’ve heard Edward Dowd on different platforms. This was the best interview yet. You got him to talk about finances and he even mentioned he was divorced, which was really interesting.

  134. Jennifer K

    The teenybopper, Justin Bieber, cancelled his tour and announced that one side of his face is completely paralyzed. Someone needs to ask him if he got the jab.

    • Jello

      Check his social media posts. They usually post about it.

  135. Phil

    Great interview. Nice to hear someone commenting on all the craziness that doesn’t sound a little crazy. Dowd is a voice of reason.

  136. Paul Simmons

    Great critical information. I think it a huge, huge mistake to allow evil into offices of power for any period of time. Those that fear exposure will turn to violence to silence all future criticism and warning. That is what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and such of that evil nature did. Then that attack evolves into civil war with all that horrific loss. Remember what has been said and done recently by Obama and other puppet masters about controlling negative information in respect to presen govt. admin. actions etc.. The desperate do desperate things.

  137. Rick Larson

    Only revenge remains.

  138. john

    Ok this is what I see, and it’s only one of about a hundred scenarios. There will be whistle blowers, but it will go nowhere. The media won’t report it and only the government can file criminal charges. Only when money can be made by embracing the health catastrophe theme will the health catastrophe theme be recognized. That could be when people start getting money from injuries. Or possibly a law firm will sue the drug companies using their investigative trial fraud to get around the immunity. People will want the money. The question would be how much money can still be made, or is being made, using the safe and effective model. Karen Kingston said Covid is a trillion (I’d say billion) dollar industry now. It ain’t goin’ nowhere. PLUS, if 60% of the injected people lose their N antibody immunity, and say half of Americans got shots, that leaves about a third of people will get it over and over again, until they are all dead. IT AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE.

  139. Doubting Thomas

    I get that pensions will have a dramatic decline in value.

    I understand that paying the existing pension holders will not be possible.

    However, if jabbed pensioners all die, will the pensions be large enough to pay the survivors?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good question DT!!

  140. diane

    Great Interview, Greg, thanks!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diane!!!

  141. Jen

    Interesting to see Edward’s Twitter account is now ‘suspended’.

  142. Ozden

    Edward, please let your beloved drink a lot of pine needle tea, have n-acetyl-cystein each morning (3000 mg/day) on an empty stomach, zinc, milk thistle, vitamin D3, magnesiumcitrate etc

    As Greg says, also ivermectin to help flush away the spike proteins as much as possible !

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