CV19 Virus & Vax About Control Not Health – Dr. Michael Yeadon

By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. Michael Yeadon was a chief scientist in drug discovery research and also a VP at Pfizer for 20 years.  He has been sounding the alarm about the Covid “lies” being told and warning the so-called vaccines for CV19 are “neither safe or effective.”  Yeadon contends the entire Covid plandemic is just a piece of the puzzle in a much wider plan by “evil” globalists.  Yeadon contends, “Governments all around the world have lied to their people in the same set of absurd ways simultaneously.  So, it’s not a mistake. It’s not copycat because it’s so obviously stupid that if a neighboring country did it and you weren’t in on it, you would say I don’t want to do that, it’s literally absurd, and yet every country except Sweden did it. . . . Pretty much all the countries of the world did the same absurd things at the same time.  The reason why I have said this repeatedly is you will not get stronger evidence of ‘Super-National’ evidence behind the scenes.  There ain’t no way this happens by telepathy . . . They must have agreed to do this.”

When will the medical tyranny be over?  Dr. Yeadon says, “It’s never going to be over. . . . Why would they do this?  I think it’s to end the model of free humanity.  It’s literally going to do that.  It’s going to smash the currency, and that will bring an end to the economic system that has taken 300 or 400 years to build, and we don’t have a suitable replacement.  Let’s say the currency does not buy anything.  What will governments do?  Let them starve or ration the food that is remaining?  I think they will do the latter, and then they will need an ID system to make sure you don’t get two rations.  You see where this is going?  I think this was designed to end the world we just came out of.  The objective is control.  It’s not about money. . . . It’s not about to make a bit more loot out of our hides.  I am not saying some people have not made money.  Yes, they have, but is it the driving underlying motive?  I don’t think it is in any way, shape or form.  It’s control.  How would they get control?  I think ultimately by marking you with a vaccine, and you don’t need a vaccine.”

On the mRNA first-of-a-kind gene therapy vaccines, Dr. Yeadon, who was chief Pfizer scientist in drug discovery research, warns, “We have no mass market so-called gene-based vaccines.  They use DNA and messenger RNA to encode a piece of the virus, and then it hijacks your cells to become factories for a bit of the virus.  There is no precedent for that whatsoever.  It’s a hideous, dangerous thing.  Why?  I describe it like a little go-cart or racing cart.  The engine is running, and someone puts a big house brick on the throttle and then lets it go.  That’s like these gene-based vaccines.  There is no off switch!  Some people will make lots and lots of whatever it’s coding, which is the virus or spike protein.  They will make loads of it for ages. . . . none of the manufacturers were required to study how long their material would stay in the body. . . . So, when people rolled up their sleeve, my word, they were trusting.  I read the packages, and I said I am not going to have this stuff . . . When they say the CV19 vax is safe, I say you have no idea if it is safe.  You have literally not done the experiments.”

Dr. Yeadon also talks about Monkey Pox, more lies on future vaccines, mass murder and the fight we face, which Dr. Yeadon describes as, “It’s evil what has gone on, and I do think this is a diabolical push.”

There is much more in the in-depth 1 hour and 18 minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former 20-year Pfizer VP, as he explains why the so-called CV19 vax is “dangerous,” “not effective” and is “being used for control,” not your health.

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After the Interview:

Dr. Yeadon has written what he calls “The 12 Lies of Covid.”  Click here to read it for free.


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  1. Farmer Ron

    Good work and great guest Greg!
    Nothing like hearing it from a high level insider…
    If this guy doesn’t convince you, no one will!

    Hey Anthony from Down under…. beat you to the first comment!
    (Lol) … i always look forward to your Two cents!
    Farmer Ron

    • Warren B.

      I agree,
      An absolute Monster of a Guest and MONSTER interview. Kudos for having him on. I understand he is now residing in FL…..the story about how he got here from this home in England is a real adventure story. He even managed to by-pass the checkpoints without evidence / proof of COVID Vaccination. Brilliant. I for one am glad he is on our side and is able to have platforms like this to espouse the TRUTH. 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

    • Anthony Australia

      Brilliant Ronny, I took the day off 🙂

      I was embroiled in the election fallout here and my conclusion is the whole system is a fixed game. (Ray we are way off track now as a nation and the unavailing of the new Ministers on the world stage is quite embarrassing).

      What an excellent and unprecedented interview it was. A+

      Who is going to hold the Monsters accountable for all the lies, deception and pure evil theatre?

      • Farmer Ron

        Sorry to hear Anthony. But the embarrassment remains here in Canada where politics has become a fixed circus act that has even the comatose noticing.
        Trudeau is still the fascist king …
        Brother, you and I and your NZelanders neighbours are all in the same boat, and it’s sinking fast! The U.S. is the last standing hurdle to totalitarian globalism… let’s hope they can hold the line and turn things around….

        God bless.

        • A Watchman

          Hello Farmer Ron,

          After doing a fair amount of looking into the matter I, an American, humbly submit to you that if one does a deep dive it will be found that Russia is the last standing hurdle to totalitarian globalism.

      • Steve jones

        Only God will hold them accountable, unfortunately.

        • Ed

          As Bo said, the harlot deep state is going down. Rev.17 describes her destruction.

        • JJ

          I am the proud first member of the Michael Yeadon fan club! From the first time that he first spoke, I have loved, appreciated, and admired this good man! May the Lord keep and bless him and reward him in the coming Kingdom for what he has done for all of us by speaking the truth regardless of its personal cost to him. He is truly a saint! Thank you, Dr. Yeadon, for being who you are!
          PS. Dr. Yeadon, I, a layperson, knew from the beginning that allowing an outside force to take over your cell machinery was evil and wrong and filled with potential dangerous and harms. It was for this reason that I refused the vaccination as did my entire family.

  2. Alan

    Wow Greg, congrats and many thanks for bringing Dr. Mike Yeadon on USAW!!!He is one of precious few impeccable world renowned experts willing to call the scam for what it is and has been since day 1: a de-pop weapon foisted upon the world based on a psy-op of non-stop fear, an unprecedented mass formation hypnosis predicated on a total lie, full stop.

    • Debora Watson

      Greg, this was an excellent interview with important information. Thanks!

      • JJ

        I am the proud first member of the Michael Yeadon fan club! From the first time that he first spoke, I have loved, appreciated, and admired this good man! May the Lord keep and bless him and reward him in the coming Kingdom for what he has done for all of us by speaking the truth regardless of its personal cost to him. He is truly a saint! Thank you, Dr. Yeadon, for being who you are!
        PS. Dr. Yeadon, I, a layperson, knew from the beginning that allowing an outside force to take over your cell machinery was evil and wrong and filled with potential dangers and harms. It was for this reason that I refused the vaccination as did my entire family.

        • TruthStandsClear

          I’ve been a big fan of Dr Mike Yeadon too, which is why I’m surprised I didn’t see this sooner. In a recent interview he’s now saying there are no respiratory viruses at all. Wow. Respiratory illnesses are his specialty.

    • Shirl

      but but but…where are the few LibTarded “IT’S ALL TRUMP’S FAULT, I CAN’T Forgive HIM!” tools fools and DemTarded IDIOTS at???

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Shirl,
        Trump did many good things – pulling the US out of the bogus Paris Climate Accord being a major indicator that he is not one of ‘them’. However, I do have legitimate concern about Trump’s promotion of the ‘C-19 vaccines’. This does not make me, or the many who share my concern, LibTards.

        P.S. It is a feature of LibTardism that only one narrative must be adhered to – no debate is tolerated. Debate is an essential element of a truly free society.

        • Shirl

          The “Kong Flu” (Covid-19) as President Trump coined it is the most treatable fear mongered up concoction ever with HCQ, IVERMECTIN, & ZINC and a host of OTHER already on the shelf therapeutics just as he mentioned and was attacked for relentlessly – recall this and that w/out these existing therapeutics there could not have been an Emergency granted for any “vaccine” roll out in the first place…

          To his credit also, he pulled out all stops and authorized necessary funding $BILLIONS$ providing for what should have been a “Safe & Effective Vaccine” but, turned out to be just another Bio-Weapon from the Lab….which is like ordering a steak at your favorite restaurant and getting a raw fish head instead as was mentioned previously here at USAWatchdog.

          The worst thing is that MILLIONS DIED and are DYING because of this, including the vast array of injuries that run the gambit.

          Exactly when did or has he realized yet that he and all the world 99% had been duped is debatable…many still believe it is a “safe & effective vaccine” and call it that even though deaths and injuries continue to break records AND there is no inoculation included with a virus particle to induce immunity build up in the body as the new definition of a “vaccine” has been changed.

          New definitions run amok in LibTarded circles who are trying to foist upon the world various upside down Clown World chaos from vaccine to what a woman definition is – even the newly minted millennial Supreme is using the new confused definition on that too although she stated she didn’t know for the record.

          If you are still confused or LibTarded you are apparently not alone, as many are in denial of these FACTS…

          • PersonaNonGrata

            You make a cogent argument. Pity to dumb it down by labelling well-meaning, freedom loving, Trump supporters ‘LibTards’. IMHO, your initial comment was of a ‘LibTard’ nature in that it left no room for debate. Your response to my comment shows you are very capable of making your point. Less of the name calling may help you to persuade others to your point of view.

            • Shirl


              Thanx for the constructive criticism.

              More than ever, I believe it is a time to trust in God Almighty.. Pray. It’s the top advice I have been passing along when all else seems to fall on deaf ears.

              Have a nice day.

  3. David Bagley


  4. Rodster

    Wow, a blockbuster interview Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rodster!

      • Tom C

        As always, another great interview, Greg. Thanks so much. God bless.

        • William Goode

          Greg top shelf interview Dr.Y was great 👍

  5. Country Codger

    Whoa! Stop! In less than 10 minutes Dr. Yeadon blew away the entire narrative. Since Obama was not an American why can’t we get Dr. Yeadon to run for President? This is awesome.

    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      CC, I agree!!

    • Ken Shear

      Dr. Yeadon is my hero he should be our health secretary.

      • IIG

        Yes – Dr. Yeadon has moved to Florida hoping to work alongside Governor Ron DeSantis – lets hope President DeSantis makes him our next Health Secretary – Dr Yeadon said: “I know enough about biotechnology to know that bio-scientists can easily create pathogens which don’t look like they’re related to what you’ve intended for them to do. And what’s even more horrifying is bio-scientists can by design separate their lethality effects in time, so an injection (which will later make you ill or kill you) can be premeditatedly separated in time from the point of you being jabbed. So you might die a year later of liver cancer or something else and you wouldn’t connect it to the jab. And if you can imagine these bio-scientists making a smorgasbord of different pathogens (like Corona and Monkey Pox) it will be so that [not everybody dies of the same thing at once] and you can literally do away with big slices of the human population by insidious and devious design. And ordinary people will be running around like chickens without a head while the evil Globalists pre-meditatively and methodically depopulate the world by design.”

  6. L.J.

    Dear Greg, thank you for these interviews. I always look forward to your posts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks L.J.
      You made my night.

      • Ray

        I am an Englishman living in the Philippines. I listen to everything you produce. I am unable to comment except on a thread – are non-American IP addresses barred?
        Here we can have shots from all makers worldwide, however, I am giving them the dodge. Have you noticed that the Chinese will not allow mRNA serums into their country, wonder why?

        • Greg Hunter

          You bare not barred my me in any way. Is big tech barring you in some way? I simply do not know.

  7. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Wow, all I can say is wow!

    You bagged the big one getting Dr. Yeadon on. He is the epitomy of a whistleblower.

    Awesome interview that shines even more light on the big plan they have been trying to push on us with the clot shots.


  8. Justin

    Thank you Dr Yeadon and Greg, makes me feel a little less crazy.
    God Bless.

  9. Vincent Johnson


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Vicent for the very kind words of appreciation!!

  10. William Glaser

    Timeline to Enterprise Fraud and the destruction of the world.

  11. Denise

    Greg you do know how to find the most amazing guests! God Bless You

    • Greg Hunter

      It took me better part of a year to bet Dr. Yeads booked. Thanks for noticing and for supporting USAW!!!


  12. Rodster

    Greg, you should have “David Icke” on as a guest. He has been labeled a kook, nutjob and conspiracy theorist but he has been saying the exact same things as Dr. Yeadon. I believe them both and CAF has been saying this as well. She also believes this is all about control as the end game.

  13. layne

    Maybe you should ask Michael why Borla’s neck was bulging in and out on TV… 🙂

    • IIG

      The most common medical condition indicated by the symptoms of bulging neck veins and visible pulsations is “Congestive heart failure and Aortic regurgitation” – did this idiot take his own “jab”???

  14. dean myers

    Revaluation is WAR ,,get your area in context NOW !

  15. Sylvia Sires

    Sounds like the vaccine is NOT our only problem, starvation will be and the digital currency they won’t allow you to pay for your bills or buy anything. Depopulation and no way around it was my understanding.

    • laura ann

      More bio weapons ahead. I’ve noticed some are loading their phones with all kinds of apps incl store discount apps and restaurant apps, social media on and on. This is conditioning people to use a QR code on their phones for personal ID later on for banking and buying or selling, entering fitness centers, concerts, other activities.

  16. Dave

    Dr Michael Yeadon, what an impressive, intelligent, decent person you are. Also, thank you Greg for the quality of your informants. God bless and keep you and your guests who inform and speak the truth, often at great personal cost to themselves.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dave.

  17. Joseph

    He said he’s “…an enemy of the state.” I’ll pray for his salvation. He is a saint!!! Thanks for your persistence in booking him Greg.

  18. Chip

    Viruses are not real. Wasting your time

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Chris,
      “Viruses are not real. Wasting your time”
      Your point is moot. Dr David Martin expresses his frustration that even the awakened are arguing among themselves about ‘trivia’. He draws an analogy, and I paraphrase, ‘It’s like a murder scene where someone has been shot in the head, and the detectives are discussion the merits of copper’. Whether viruses are real or fiction is not THE issue. The issue is; are malign forces out to kill and control us? By all the objective evidence and logic, they are!

    • Cassie

      True. Viruses are exosomes our own bodies emit as messengers to the body to get busy and clean up toxic messes. We feel sick because our own body is cleaning house. Welcome the down time: it exercises our immune systems and we become stronger.

      Why is this important to know? Because until people realize they don’t need to fear each and every planned epidemic of illness the powers-that-shouldn’t-be foist upon the human race, this will never stop. Once people understand the difference (that a virus is not an invader from the outside), they can stop believing the lie of “but this new virus IS the really, really dangerous one! Take our vaccine!!!”

      Educate yourselves, everyone, with the work of Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman.

    • Cassie

      One more thing on the truth about viruses: it is important to know the truth because once people see the depth of the entire pharmaceutical pure evil scams, they cannot be deceived again.

      • IIG

        And with these new Monkey Pox “jabs” being required – we only have the word of the same evil people who have been lying to us all along about the Clot Shot “jab” – now suddenly they are telling us there are all these sick people all around the world who came in contact with a monkey and caught the Pox (like all the people in the world previously caught Covid from coming in contact with a bat) – what people actually need to avoid is coming in contact with a Doctor on Big Pharma’s payroll telling you he wants to put the Monkey Virus into your arm (to protect you from the Pox) – that’s like Satan throwing you into the lake of fire “to protect you from being burned”!!

  19. Mandy

    Excellent guest & another excellent interview Greg! He’s right about New Zealand. There are people that have looked deep into the Christchurch ‘massacre’ with frame by frame video footage. It was a load of rubbish alright! Many of us here knew at the time it happened that it was a false flag operation. And here we all are, like sitting ducks with an out of control WEF, tyrannical Marxist government at the helm. New Zealand is getting a frightening place to live! Next weekend I’m heading North to the hills to prepare for what the Red Witch rolls out next!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mandy,
      The US is the last bastion of ‘Second Amendment’ freedom, and consequently the US is fated to witness more and more mass event shootings – either real or staged with crisis actors – as a psy-op to gain popular support for public disarmament. TPTB are typical bullies – cowards at heart, who fear an awakened and armed resistance.

      • Mandy

        Yes, I’m watching closely the situation in Texas. Wreaks of Christchurch shooting to be honest! It is SO obvious what they are doing. And I agree….due to most ppl being armed in USA, they have to tread carefully. You are essentially a handbrake to the advancement of their agenda, so I expect their to be a ramp up of this type of thing! DONT hand your guns over…ever!

    • laura ann

      Real men are needed to educate and resist the Marxist agenda in New Z and other countries in the world like Austria and France, etc. People need to organize in their communities and not comply/ressit the mandates, etc.

  20. James Barrett


  21. Vincent Johnson


  22. Bodych

    Dr. Yeadon is right at the top of most trusted experts. He’s been right over the fake-covid target since day one. His explanation for why there was no “Spanish Flu” was absolutely brilliant…they DID use poisonous phosgene gases, and those gases DO cause bacterial (and fatal) diseases.

    If he’s reading these replies, Dr. Yeadon, you did the right thing! The price you paid was financial, but the rewards you will ultimately receive–including your own peace of mind–are immeasurable. I myself left the disgusting corporate world over a decade ago; I suffered financially from doing it, but when I realized how slimy the entire corporate world really IS, I wouldn’t alter my decision if I could go back in time.

    Thank you for bringing him to your wonderful channel, Greg.

  23. IIG

    The Corona virus got spread around the world with the “vaccine” (that injected the spike protein directly into millions of peoples bodies and the “jab” also weakened peoples immune systems “so the virus could enter our cells” – and “do its deadly damage”) – the same will now be done with the Monkey Pox virus (they will spread it around the world by giving the “Pox Shot” to millions of people – and without a doubt this “Monkey Pox vaccine” (Biden is buying by the millions) will contain “additional ingredients” that will intentionally do us harm!! – we must do to the Globalists and their minions what God the Father did to Satan and his demons – “Send Them To Hell” – it should not be that hard to round up the 300 or so Globalist psychopaths intent on killing off 99% of humanity and put them aboard a Space-X rocket ship – and shoot them all into the “lake of fire” (the Sun) as God the Father showed us what was to be done to evil – lets call out the Globalists and have them show us by example “what men they are” and how their depopulation works “for the greater good” (but sadly “these Globalists are not men” (and won’t willingly board the Space-X rocket ship) – as they are a bunch of queers)!!

    • Johnny Cool


      ‘We are now in the post-Covid-19 Pandemic/Vaccination world where everything must be questioned due to the obvious lies that the public has been told over the last two-years. Do we ask ourselves, are Trump, Biden, and Putin’s ineptness part of this mass charade of engineered plague, engineered shortages, and engineered famine and war? If Chinese bio-weapons laboratories are working with NATO and Ukrainian bio-weapons laboratories, then who is the enemy?’

      ‘ Apparently, most of humanity has been designated the enemy by The Elite. No one is coming to rescue us.’

      • IIG

        What seems to be going on now is a fight among the highest ranking Globalist Mafia bosses – to see who will be the Al Capone or Bugsy Siegel of our day – powerful mafia bosses in America (like Hillary) are well known to the world for their involvement in drugs, child smuggling, etc., etc. and small mobsters like her vie to be the most powerful – acting out their fantasies in public “of being a goodfella” – so they can then be elected as the top US Federal Boss (President) – once their dream of becoming the President of the United States or dictator of Canada or dictator of China, etc. – these criminal gamers then set their sights on becoming the “World Boss of Bosses at Davos” (Davos is where the most powerful mob conference among the worlds bosses id held each year) – from the looks of things – Klaus Schwab is currently the agreed upon supreme boss for now – but Bill Gates is vying for the job – you can see in his eyes he has a burning desire to become the Boss of Bosses (likely by creating a virus that will wipe out the competition)!! – although Gates can knock off Schwab for us (with one of his virus’s) we should put our money on Putin (who has some powerful nuclear weapons that can do the job) – rooting for Putin to become the “World Boss of Bosses” makes sense because he at least speaks of increasing the Russian population and making a better life for his people!!

        • Johnny Cool


          Remember this…

          G.A. Stewart: Below is a video of Yuval Noah Harari expressing his feelings for The Common Person on The Street; this would include both the MAGA Crowd and Progressive Liberals. He is Klaus Schwab’s Brain Trust, working for the World Economic Forum.

          The Alternative Media shines when videos like this are circulated on the Internet. Apparently, most humans are Useless Eaters, and The Elite feel confident that they never need fear a Mass Uprising With Torches and Pitch Forks, because all of the Useless Eaters are Cyberspace Sheep too busy playing video games.

          Apparently, Yuval Noah Harari has not met some of the people who I know; they hunt alligators with spears in the swamp at midnight. My guess is that there are a few million more folks like them across America and around the world. Some of them might be inclined to use people like Yuval Noah Harari and other Elite Eugenicists as alligator bait.

      • Frank D2

        I beg to differ with your characterization of Putin as “inept”. He is fighting the combined West/NATO and kicking their asses. His 2 stated goals with his SMO (Special Military Operation) in Ukraine are 1) to demilitarize and 2) to de-Nazify Ukraine. And his SMO is accomplishing this fabulously.

        Begin to read these blogs daily:

        Also, open a Telegram account and search for INTEL SLAVA Z….lots of pics and videos each day proving that the Ukrainian Nazis are dying by the boatloads each day under Russia’s unrelenting barrage of longe range artillery, cruise and hypersonic missiles. You’ll also all of the THOUSANDS of surrendering Nazis and learn about the US/NATO bio-weapons labs in Ukraine which the Russians have begun to share with world.
        “It’s always important to remember that Operation Z started on February 24 with around 150,000 or so fighters – and definitely not Russia’s elite forces. And yet they liberated Mariupol and destroyed the elite neo-Nazi Azov battalion in a matter of only fifty days, cleaning up a city of 400,000 people with minimal casualties.”

        Putin is doing what we hoped Trump would do (fight/annihilate the corrupt West banksters and MIC).
        Frank D2

        • Beverly

          Frank D2
          Although it seems like Putin is doing our job for us in a round about way, he is not. He is NOT the good guy that the media makes him out to be. It’s hard for us to know exactly WHAT his goals are, but I believe they include getting some very significant world power. I don’t think it’s wise for any American to put their trust in Putin. He will be here on our shores sooner than we think, I’m afraid.

          • IIG

            Given a choice between Putin (who is fighting the WHO and the Davos crowd) and Biden (who is under the control of the WHO and Davos) – Putin wins hands down!!

            • Frank D2

              IIG, I agree!

          • Frank D2

            Please provide links to ANY Western media “making Putin out to be the good guy”. All I see in the media is the same crap they said of Trump: Hitler, Angry, Unstable, etc. Allies! Ask the people of the Donbas (Donetsk and Lugansk) what they think of him….he has saved them after 8 YEARS of Nazi shellings, rapes, murders, etc. all ignored by the Western media.

          • Tin foil hat

            I concur Putin is not the “Good Guy”. However, he is indeed doing our job for us in a round about way.
            I believe he is a nationalist and his main goal is to keep Russia for the Russian rather than a vassal state or a lapdog nation for the NWO.
            He will not be here on our shore for the same reason we will not be on theirs – MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). WWIII is mainly an economic war and Putin has won the first round IMHO.

            • Grasshopper and AtomAnt

              I’m not a Bible scholar, but I do know Jesus went high atop a lofty mountain to fast and Satan appeared before him and offered him all the kingdoms of the world. Proof he owns them, (Government’s.)
              If, he Jesus did an act of worship to him. He’d give em to him. Of course we know he refused and Jesus said he would wait on his father, to kick Satan and all his demons out and into the lake of fire. (Ouch, that smart’s!) He said his kingdom would come and things would be done on earth as in heaven, too!
              Daniel 2:4 or 44, confirms it even before his earthly birth.
              So smoochin Putin, sliden Biden, or even Hillary and all her skulldullery, are gonna get it in the end, of they’re constabletency of iniquities.

              So my friends and enemy’s, wake me up when it’s over🥱💤
              and the fat lady sings,
              Gory, Glory, Halilujah!
              Because unless those days were cut short no flesh would survive and those that endure to the end will be saved!
              You have his word, the words word, on it!

              • Tin foil hat

                I’m not a Bible scholar either but I suspect a NWO global government is likely inevitable.

                The only global government authorized by God and His Word will be when Jesus Christ returns to planet earth at the second advent and rules the world with a rod of iron from Jerusalem.

                All other global government, no matter how “benevolent” its intention, is frowned upon by Scripture. Yet, the Bible teaches that God will allow evil to form a
                global government during the second half of the tribulation for the purpose of our Lord’s global judgment just prior to the second coming of Christ. Thus, current
                moves toward globalism are preparation for antichrist.

  24. Dave

    They are too frightened – Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  25. Dave

    corning glass was using a new machine to mass produce vials in 2015.

    • IIG

      This is the “Proof” these Globalist murderers were preparing to “jab” us to death (go way back to 2015)!!!

  26. Dr. T

    The core reason for covid-19, vaxxes, etc. that is going to lead to a massive depopulation is because there will be no jobs for the vast majority in the near future. This is not conspiracy theory it is a fact.

    For several years I have been tracking the advancement and increase in AI, robotics and automation. Currently, there are few jobs that can not be replaced, from basic blue collar work such as truck drivers, factory workers to highly technical work such as medical surgeons performing intricate operations.

    Eliminating almost every job people currently have is not something that will occur in the distant future. It is here now and is increasing at a rapid pace, especially during the plandemic. Within a few years 70% or more of the jobs held today will be gone.

    The PTB understand with the ability to eliminate the human worker, they will reduce a liability they can not afford to let exist. When the jobs are gone, people will become restless to the point they will revolt and the elite already know this. This they will never let happen and that is why things will continually get worse until only a small percentage of you remain.

    So we have all three parts to explain how this is being played out – motive, means and opportunity. If ever there was a perfect crime, this is it. And unfortunately everyone of you is going to become a victim. The only question left is when.

    • catherine cronin

      T….not everyone becomes a victim. once the plan is devised there are always ways of getting around it. trust me…there are. however when this occurs and you are expecting to get destroyed your life must change its focus. the focus becomes survival and I dont mean hiding in a forest. there are also the ones who win and the ones who can feed off them. however, there are the hidden ones that can do things others would never do to survive. that is the only way.
      hopefully it won’t come to that. but it might.

      • Dr. T

        Sorry, but I have no idea of what you are saying or what your point is.

        To simplify it for you, certain countries are the main targets the elitist want to take down and for those with “eyes wide open” you should be able to know the countries I am referring to.

        If you reside in one of the targeted countries, your odds of survival over the next few years is quite slim. My guess, you live in one of those countries. End of story.

  27. Cassandra

    He brings up a valid point: It’s not about the money. It’s about control.
    The countries that like control are communist countries: China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand (although Thailand is not an official communist country, it has ethnic and cultural ties to its motherland: China). There’s no doubt that the depopulation agenda is communistic in nature and origin.
    Another British expert is Richard Dearlove (former head of MI6) from the British Intelligence publicly declared that the unleashing of this Wuhan Virus was released from the Wuhan Lab in China and it was a man made bioweapon.
    The first experts DISCOVERED the Wuhan Virus as a bioweapon had their public research paper scrubbed. Yet why hasn’t anyone interviewed the Indian experts or did someone did and it’s not yet available?

    • Tin foil hat

      Thailand is indeed not a communist country and it has ABSOLUTELY NO ethnic and cultural ties to China.
      The better question is why we, the Deep State, have covered up and continued to keep covering up the fact that COVID is a bio weapon for Communist China.

      • Patriot

        Tin foil hat,

        A simple search online will fix your errors: Thai language and people are not native to SE Asia, but originated from China.

        “Originally, the Thai language was very similar to Chinese. They are both tonal (though Thai has five tones vis-à-vis the four tones of Mandarin Chinese), consist primarily of monosyllabic words, use similar word and sentence construction patterns, and they do not conjugate either verbs or nouns (their grammar is quite simple).“

        “What are considered modern-day Thai people today actually emigrated from China into Thailand a long time ago. Between the 8th and 10th …”

        The Chinese in Thailand: Past and Present
        Joseph P. L. Jiang

        You’re welcome.

        • Tin foil hat

          A simple search online on Tai people:

          Tai people refers to the population of descendants of speakers of a common Tai language, including sub-populations that no longer speak a Tai language. There are a total of about 93 million people of Tai ancestry worldwide, with the largest ethnic groups being Dai, Thais, Isan, Tai Yai, Lao, Ahom, and Northern Thai peoples – NO CHINESE.

          The Tai are scattered through much of modern-day Southeastern China, which was Dali and Dai Viet back in the 8th and 10th centuries or the Nanzhao Kingdom in the 7th and 9th centuries, and Mainland Southeast Asia, with some (e.g. Ahom, Khamti, Tai Phake) inhabiting parts of Northeast India. Tai peoples are both culturally and genetically very similar and therefore primarily identified through their language.

          Dai Viet or the modern-day Vietnam has a lot more ethnic and cultural ties to China than Thailand. Perhaps if you wanted to get a taste of Thai boxing, lol, you should ask any Thai person if he or she feels any cultural or ethnic ties to the motherland – China.

      • Tony

        Not trying to be contrary Tin Foil Hat, but if you research the leading business families in Thailand you will find that the overwhelming majority of them are Chinese Thai.

        • Tin foil hat

          Not trying to be a wise guy but if you research the leading business families in America, you will find that the overwhelming majority of them are Jewish American.

    • Johnny Cool

      Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 15
      It is all about control, and this will be the only dependable measuring stick of what is real for each and every person in the industrialized and technologically dependent world.

  28. J. Jaeger

    Your interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon was absolutely wonderful and very enlightening for all of us, who were lucky enough to enjoy this experience!
    Certainly, one of the best interview you have ever done along with Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy Eades)
    Thanks Again!

  29. Vincent.

    Greg, you did it, you finally got Dr Yeadon on. Thank you so much, he’s so articulate and on the money. Greg the guy he was talking about, The Iceage Farmer is called Christian Westbrook and he’s on Telegram and You Tube. Christian has been talking about engineered food collapse for the last 4 to 5 years, hopefully you can reach out to him, I believe he’ based in the outskirts of Chicago and has a small holding. Thanks again Greg and Dr Yeadon. God bless you. Vince in London.

  30. Brian Marsh


    Just excellent.
    Out of curiousity, Could you post the number of views on your site?

    Brian Marsh

  31. Linda Luhtala

    Great! Great! interview. One of your best. Thanks Greg

  32. Lady Au Stackers United

    Dear Mr Hunter,
    When I introduce folks to your website, they read the transcript up until the first advertisement then think that is the end and don’t realize they needed to scroll down further between advertising in order to read each part of the transcript. Another newbie to your website didn’t even realize that there was a video interview until two days later when I talked again and told her to scroll through the advertising.

    • Greg Hunter

      The advertising is now gone on the site when you open the second page but not off the smart phone yet. Working on it.

  33. PersonaNonGrata

    At 13:09 into the interview, Dr Mike Yeadon says, “The third part, which is very, very frightening, is the passivity of our fellow man and woman.”
    Totally agree! The compliance of the vast majority has been the greater shock and disappointment to me. ‘We the people’ are assisting in our own demise! As Dr Yeadon points out, this “is very, very frightening”.
    On that note, thank you Greg for all you are doing to disseminate truth. The more people awaken, the better our chances of meaningful revolt.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Passivity is what the ruling elites are counting on; otherwise, it’s a numbers game, and they lose. Best always. PM

    • laura ann

      passivity of the masses: a lady told me years ago when some were informing others about agenda 21 and issues on property rights and socialist agendas, the UN, and gov. corruption etc. that majority of people (I say 90% or more today) are living in their own self absorbed world, lack left brain function to Q things, and many too trusting of gov. and mainline news in general. when confronted they say “not interested, no time to study it, etc. ” Many are nihilists and programmed in public schools, colleges and 501c3 churches which push globalism in various degrees. Apostate church leaders, national assoc, seminaries are teaching and preaching social justice as they are globalist gatekeepers churches primarily used for social activities . Civic org. are more social also collecting money for this and that. People have been dumbed down over time.

    • drew

      It is true, the passivity of fellow beings is frustrating.
      However, check out what “CounterspinMedia” dot com do in New Zealand.
      They tour NZ to an ever increasing following. IMHO there is only one way forward: grassroots activism.

  34. David Jordan

    Another great guest and thank you again for bringing the TRUTH TELLERS forward, but to be completely honest, your guests DEPRESS me so much. I have my faith in God and his son my savior Jesus but my goodness what a mess things have become and it’s just getting hard to keep my head up and carry on. For me to sit and watch the whole interview at one time is almost impossible. This is not a complaint but a personal observation of my own behavior. I am grateful to hear the information because like you have said “you know the truth when you hear it,” and I would never hear it from anywhere else. But man, it’s getting harder and harder to watch.
    PS I’m so grateful for Bo Poiny. He is always smiling when he delivers his message and that seems to make the message a bit more bearable.
    Keep up you good work and I’ll stay tuned and pass along your work the best I can.

  35. Todd

    Like this guy, too bad our governments hate us…

    • Mark Gunderson

      Wow Greg,
      Grand slam ! I am amazed at the quality of people you bring on for your interviews. Week after week of quality people at the top of their game. This one is going to freak out the normies.
      Thanks, Mark

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Mark.

    • Frank Gysler

      It’s not that the govt. hates the people. It’s the people that hate each other. See the so called Right blaming the Left. The Right are perverted and communist as the Left.
      America has welcomed commies from China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Laos, etc…with open arm and gifted them everything including the kitchen sink.
      The govt. is derived from the demoralized people that looks more communists than freedom loving and God fearing people.

      • Todd


        Naw, they hate us too. If they didn’t everything and I mean everything would be different.

        That’s not to say they don’t play off our personal prejudices and hatred as well.

        • Tin foil hat

          Sad but true.

  36. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I’m commenting in early morning from the UK and you’re moderating and posting within minutes. When do you ever sleep?!

  37. William R Nicholson

    Thanks Doc for giving this interview to us all ! I am sure that your presentation will reach many as your motives are pure & not one person will be able to think of any logical , well reasoned point to make any counterargument ! I avoided the jab easily since I thought it was very suspicious that my local McDonalds was giving everyone that took the jab , a FREE Happy Meal ! That was my final nail in the cofffin that showed the Plan dem Ick was all a depopulation agenda . I have never had McDonalds in my mind as something that would ever bribe me to get jabbed ……. Thanks Again Doc ! Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

  38. Phil, Wales, UK

    Wow! That was one hell of an interview. I don’t usually comment on your site Greg, as your interviews are ‘normally’ good every week, but this one was phenomenal. This guy really knew his stuff and comes from a totally appropriate background, so he knows what he’s talking about. You’ll have to bring him back in the future if he can update us on any new information.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Phil from Wales!

  39. Martin Coombs

    Pawns the lot of them ( satans minion’s) the ac that is coming will deal with them to the great joy of the lost who all will worship this sudo christ. The deception was very deep & will get deeper. 2017 September 23rd revelation 12 sign in the stars ( Gods workmanship) psalms 117, 2 years later at the end of 2019 the plan thrust in to action ( psalms 117 2 verses) psalms 119 Aleph, the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet 22 LETTERS ? , through (22) letters to tau ( tav) 400,( out of Egypt) psalms 120 is the lies, as in numbers 21? Verse 8/9 & John 3 verse 14/15 look upon the exalted One Jesus. It has been written so you will know before these things come . He comes with a bow ( Greek / toxon) deception ( pharmkea ( pharmacy) sorcery, Rev 18 verse 23 ( All nations deceived ) God bless y’all . From England

  40. Steve

    Great! interview Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve!

  41. Sheryl

    Thank you Greg. The interview just solidified what a lot of us thought for some period of time. If we could only get all people to hear this. Your efforts to get across this msg is so important. I guess my method of verbally trying to convince my family falls on deaf ears. I had to just drop the subject. Mr Yeadon is very brave and you too. All I can say is thank you. In the end we are all affected!

  42. r,v,

    Good News: Navy Board Rules Against High Command’s Orders Mandating Covid Shots. Younts successfully argued before the board that “the order for military members to receive the experimental COVID 19 injection was not a lawful order.”
    chosenites free pass: sanhedrin rules: Forbidden for Israel to sign WHO resolution
    Hashem, do not grant the desires of the wicked; do not let their plan succeed, else they be exalted. Selah. Psalms 140:9 Psalms 140:9 (The Israel BibleTM) Cursed is he who trusts in man, Who makes mere flesh his strength, And turns his thoughts from Hashem. Jeremiah 17:5. “In summary, the Beit Din has made a ruling according to Halacha that it is forbidden in the strictest terms for the government to sign this agreement and to transfer the sovereignty to a foreign power.
    Going out on a limb monkey-pox created Nov 2021. .
    Starving the masses and digital ID is the best way to prevent the masses from using their 2A Rights to defend themselves against domestic gov. tyranny..
    G/M Thank you!

  43. Martin Coombs

    Ps. 22 22 22 = 66 books in the bible. Which is, which was, & is to come . Jesus 1st warning , do not be deceived, ??? . Pestilence,? ??. Wars & rumours of wars ? ?? . Famine ?? ? I am ( God) Alpha the 1st , omega the last , the beginning to the end ( of this age) Gods mandate ( not theirs) agenda ( dna age ) altering ( age of dan) a gender ( lgbtq. ( XY ) as in the days of Noah . ( read your 22 ? Books of apocalypse ( revelation) revealing . 🙏

  44. Martin Coombs

    Ps. 22 22 22 = 66 books in the bible. Which is, which was, & is to come . Jesus 1st warning , do not be deceived, ? . Pestilence,? . Wars & rumours of wars ? . Famine ? Alpha beginning Omega

    • IIG

      Interesting that 2/3rd of the Angels were Good (and 2/3 = 66) and it’s reflected in Good Book (the 66 books of the Bible) – I bet the Mason Globalists have 33 books to represent the Evil 1/3rd Angels under Satan – and Schwab is probably a 33rd order Mason!!

  45. Russell Holmes

    Obiden let the cat out of the bag big time a few days ago. He said: “we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over,” 
    I’m sure Greg and most who follow his work get it, but for the few that may not he’s saying that he and all the other swamp pigs are purposely destroying our existing infrastructures and “transitioning” to their “new world.” The CCP sees this clearly, BTW. That’s exactly why they shut down Shanghai which was the number one exporter of goods to the US in the world. They’re doing all they can to take us down, another knife in the back at the same time the fascists here are conspiring to destroy America.  

  46. Nicole

    Wow! What a powerful discussion, Greg. This is one of your best interviews yet! I think the last few statements regarding the 2A were almost prophetic. As horrific as the situation was, and I am praying for all of those who were affected by yesterday’s tragedy, I believe it was an orchestrated FF. I may be wrong, but with all of the truths being revealed right now, and the gun control push (again) the timing seems a little too convenient.

  47. Svartberg

    I have shared the news today to other unjabbed. Its just fantastic, and so well connected. And he is right, this is pur evil. This will become a block buster.

  48. Paul

    Another great guest with reminder of the fraud and intent to push for global governance by the “chosen”.

    Don’t follow their plans even it results in hardships.

    Keep the fires going at our war dance.

    Paul from arkansas

  49. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yes Dr Yeadon offers a God-sent reminder that not all Englishmen are wimps, while back here in the U.K. most Brits remain fast asleep. Only Christ can save us.
    Thanks as always Greg.

  50. Gerry

    Dr. Yeadon must know of other experts who agree with him. Can they be referenced. Also, why hasn’t he been called as a witness to give testimony to politicians on Capitol Hill, like Rand Paul, also a doctor. Is the justice system so corrupt, that this man could not be brought in as a witness against these murderous politicians in a court of law. I am shocked, just not surprised!

  51. Brian

    Another excellent discussion.

    Well done Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Brian!

  52. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Yeadon , a great interview where Mr Hunter light the fuse and stepped back,such a rarity where inquisitors of Mr Hunter’s calibre produce more information by strategic silence and laser like questioning. Mr Hunter is indeed a force to be reckoned with,as is Dr Yeadon whose analysis of respiratory disease was just exquisite.
    I am still here in the UK and fear that our rogue government and bureaucracy have sold out to the World Economic Forum and the United Nations who are our enemies and who have openly called for our slaughter,not hyperbole. Looks like we will have to flee from here and soon.
    It will be a sight to see, if we survive ,to see the execution of the elected parliamentarians by the super elite WEF .The Swiss are now the enemies of the world as they host the most poisonous organisations outside of Washington’s Neo -Cons. Even reporting on the WEF and the Swiss Stasi descend on reporters, nasty indeed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria! Dr. Yeadon came on with something to say and he said it.

  53. eddiemd

    What was very sad was the number of church “leaders” who promoted the mRNA poison. They still are promoting it to their flock.

    They were afraid to tell people not to get it. I had one ask me my opinion and told him that I would not get it or recommend it. He said that he could not tell people not to get it. He told the church members that it was between them and God.

    There are still “pastors” promoting the injections two years later with all the adverse information available. The Dallas church leader Robert Jeffress was a promoter. They call him a megachurch leader. Somewhat like the pope but on a smaller scale. Don’t forget the pope is a promoter of the injection. The dead leading the dead.

    Even the JWs punted on this one.

    Certainly the Israelis were onboard with one of the highest injection rates in the world. Or we are told this.

    The churches are a part of the deception.;OJB;RVR1960

    • eddiemd

      Confusion is rampant. And lawlessness.

    • Sean

      The objective is the destruction of democracy and reinstated fedudalism. This is why so many shows are about the “return of a lost king”

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, Tip of the hat to you and Ph’d Michael Yeadon. Great interview that needs to be heard!
    Yes, control and GREED =

  55. Robert Dotson MD

    Greg… Great guest and interview. Dr. Yeadon is a brilliant and good man. Would that there were more like him speaking up.
    I have pondered the entire COVID scamdemic for a couple of years now. I agree with Dr. Yeadon – the main goals are depop and control of the peasantry. Additionally, given the presence of people like Gates and Schwab in the mix, I believe that TPTB hope to eliminate the innate immune system of Humans and replace it with an articial “immune system” which will need Microsoft-like software updates periodically for life. The goal is to generate an endless revenue stream by essentially programming every person on the planet such that they will need “antiviral” uploads forever.
    The psychopathic ghouls pushing this seriously believe that they are gods among us…
    Anyway, thanks for getting Dr. Y to do an interview!

  56. Sue Patterson

    We are blessed to have you with us here in Florida, one of the very few remaining, sane places to live. Thank you, Doctor, for your willingness to be a target. Thank you, Greg, for another outstanding guest.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Florida is sane? Have you seen Miami? Florida is a time bomb. Only so much of it is habitable, and people keep flooding in. Despite the thankfully conservative leanings of the current majority, you are facing a social Armageddon. What made Florida as we know it today possible is AIR-CONDITIONING. “Green” energy advocates hate that, except for themselves, of course. Electrical blackouts are now being discussed as a possibility for the nation, coming perhaps as soon as this summer. You may get your chance to see how “sane” it actually is. Best always. PM

      • Tin foil hat

        Forget black/brown out in midsummer, I can’t imagine what kind of parking lot the highways may become when a major hurricane hits Miami

  57. Grant Schneider

    Greg…This is one of your top 5 guests and the information he has to share! Good work my friend!

  58. Tom

    Joe Biden was elected to the US Senate in 1973, he became Vice President in 2009, and “President” in 2020.  In his 49 YEARS of public service in Washington D.C., what “in God’s name” has he done to sponsor gun control legislation, not cosponsored, but sponsored, and gotten signed into law?  About as much as Obama, from Chicago where black on black violence kills people nearly every weekend.  NOTHING.

    • Warren B.

      Not only is Biden an imposter …he is a FAKE POTUS….he was an illegitimate Senator too. He was elected to the Senate in 1972….not 1973.
      How many times did he dodge the draft?? …just like his predecessor.
      Who he really is … something that most Americans cannot fathom. Presidents are not elected …they are chosen by the unelected Aristocracy and put there to service their needs. They all have bloodlines/links back to the Nobility of England /France. ALL OF THEM. They do not rule in favor of American citizens…they rule in favor of America Inc.
      Those families that settled this Nation came with great wealth (or had an abundance of monied support behind them back in their native country) . They created the backbone of industries and had monopolies to retain and grow their wealth. Biden’s ancestors were included in that mix. Biden (and his handlers) dont want you knowing his history ….nor his families history …for if the people knew…there would be a revolution. Its apparent that these Aristocrats have the power and influence to ensure that their offspring, through the generations, continue to manage to find their way into Politics or Corporate or Entertainment……which then allows them to acquire a certificate of sorts that gives them unfettered access to greater wealth, however that may be achieved.
      No more explanation is required. Everything you see between the FAKE Parties (RED v BLUE) is intentional. It is a distraction. They are all vying for an opportunity to get a share of the riches by representing and potecting their Families interests…..all working towards the same end goal.

    • Dwight Branson

      The PTB will continue to sponsor and increase the “gun violence” until they manage to disarm the American People in the name of compassion; at which point they can safely bring in the UN troops to suppress, control, lock down, mandate jabs, and compassionately kill 90% of us. Guns are not the problem, hearts without Jesus are the problem; Thou shall not murder.
      Turn to Jesus Christ, He is the only way out of this mess.

  59. Tim


    WOW. WOW, WOW. You managed to get Dr Yeadon. This is bigger than a grand slam during the World Series. People who took the jabs and are still supporting them will either be too sick to impede freedom or not be around (providing that Cliff High is even somewhat accurate that 19 of 20 Democrats took the death jabs). When the numbers will be high enough to turn this around is only known by God. I do pray and hope that cures can be found for people who were coerced into taken these shots and realize they were meant for genocide.

    God bless you


  60. Bill Heuschele

    I’m still praying for you. I cant thank you enough.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill!!

  61. Dan Knight

    What a fantastic guest! Dr. Yeadon was a fire hose of good solid science and reasoning.

    I love all of your guests, but many are obviously confused when they stray out of their lane and into ‘science.’ Dr. Yeadon is not one of these, and when he strayed out of his lane into non-science topics, it’s pretty clear that he’s well informed. Very, very impressive guest. Like Dr. Eads, Karen Kingston, and Dr. McCullough … I can tell he knows what he’s talking about. And his deductions and conclusions are also well thought out.

    Hope to see him again.

    Thank you, Greg – and God bless you and yours!

  62. Robert Dotson MD

    Greg… Great guest and interview. Dr. Yeadon is a brilliant and good man. Would that there were more like him speaking up.
    I have pondered the entire COVID scamdemic for a couple of years now. I agree with Dr. Yeadon – the main goals are depop and control of the peasantry. Additionally, given the presence of people like Gates and Schwab in the mix, I believe that TPTB hope to eliminate the innate immune system of Humans and replace it with an articial “immune system” which will need Microsoft-like software updates periodically for life. The goal is to generate an endless revenue stream by essentially programming every person on the planet such that they will need “antiviral” uploads forever.
    The psychopathic ghouls pushing this seriously believe that they are gods among us…
    Anyway, thanks for getting Dr. Y to do an interview!
    Great to hear he is in FL – we escaped here from PNW about 4 years ago and thankful we made it out alive…

    • Tin foil hat

      “I believe that TPTB hope to eliminate the innate immune system of Humans and replace it with an artificial “immune system” which will need Microsoft-like software updates periodically for life.”

      I think you nailed it; “antiviral” uploads forever is the ultimate control which they are after. Instead of backing whatever the next global reserve currency with gold or real productivity, they will back it up with “antiviral” uploads forever!

  63. Roger Stamper

    Tks Greg, Michael.

  64. Shan Chin

    The interview with Dr. Yeadon just flew by it was so good! One of your best by far – actually they have all been outstanding lately. I was so happy to hear Dr. Yeadon has moved to Florida. Please Dr. Yeadon, apply for US citizenship! We need good people like you. Thanks again Greg, for all your hard work and journalistic integrity.

  65. Rick Larson

    Good work letting your guest finish those long thoughts!

  66. Catherine Cronin

    If Sherlock Holmes was a real man this man would be him. Holy cow! Talk about being logical and methodical in his presentation, full of facts and quite knowledgable. Where is Dr. Watson? Or is he Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes in one!
    Yes, if the Messiah doesn’t not show up then the world as we know it is finished and only the United States will survive the control from Mr. Global…..and at that level only the southern free states who actually have leaders who believe in God.
    Run and don’t look back folks. Sodom and Gommorah is real and its here. We all know how that ended.

  67. Rich R

    Thanks Greg. A short time to tyranny

  68. jim

    a totally fantastic interview. one of your best ever, greg. thank you both !!

  69. James Hall

    Bravo !

  70. Todd

    Naw, our Government hates us too. That’s why they want to “death shot” inject us. If they gave a toot…everything and I mean everything would be different.

    That’s not to say they don’t play off peoples prejudices and personal hatred as well.

  71. Nina Cox

    Best interview ever! Dr. Yeaton was very precise and clear.

    I am a retired suspicious RN who work in federal law enforcement in a medical center for federal prisoners. I thought the same things that Dr. Yeadon noticed. Basic medical principles. I, nor my husband, were “vaccinated”. First, I thought, how many corona virus vaccines are there, zero. I’ll wait. Also I watched a 2017 YouTube video on microneedle patch delivery system for lipid nanoparticles and knew there was a problem with injecting this drug. Retired feds know how the system will screw over their own employees. Watch what they do not what they say. Actions speak louder than words.

    • IIG

      It is time – it is time for good people working for our evil government to throw a shoe into the Globalists extermination machinery – give it a Clot Shot (so that it begins to shake uncontrollably) – put a Pox on all their gay sex education operations (that reduces our children’s immunity to immorality) like for instance demanding the firing and immediate arrest of all the gay queers in our schools who are currently teaching our 5 year old children “how to give blow jobs”) !! –

  72. Merry Piper

    Greg: Phenomenal interview! Dr. Michael Yeadon is a hero for humanity. Every single day I research this crime scene that has never, ever happened on this scale in the history of history. Greg, YOU are the news now. Thank you with all of my heart for your service.

    • Warren B.

      THe “history of history “…that has been written for us.
      What about the untold History? What are we not told. The truth is out there if you are willing to look for it.

  73. Carol Anne - Tucker Trucker Patriot

    EXCELLENT Interview with Dr Yeadon! The man is SPOT ON as well as YOU are!
    God have mercy on us ALL!

  74. Judy

    Welcome to America Dr. Yeadon!!
    I’ve listened to you from the start of this plandemic. It’s an honor to have you here.
    We can always use another Patriot of Freedom, born of England.
    You actually look younger, sound younger, more energized, lighter and free. It’s a tonic to us and I thank you for it. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you smile in a video.
    The free sauna that comes with the Free State of Florida subsides a bit in fall and winter and will be aided by the coming of the Great Solar Minimum so hang in there.
    May the smell of Freedom last forever! God Bless you and yours.

  75. Roger...

    COVID-19: The Great Reset – buy the book

  76. George

    Health department head is resigning in my state in the beginning of Covid he was pushing the jab and wanted to lock people up who didn’t take it maybe he see the writing on the wall and know that he will be arrested

  77. Justn Observer

    Greg, Meet Klaus Schwab’s family =

    • IIG

      Well Well Well – WHO would have guessed – Klaus Schwab’s father ran his own concentration camp – where prisoners had to work for nothing – and “were happy about it” (because they were still alive)!!

  78. Anita

    Thank you both. Greg more of your shows should be longer.

  79. Paul in oz

    Great interview … on a personal note I have tested positive for monkeypox, but I am asymptomatic … of course now I have natural immunity so wont be getting this jab either.

  80. William Bailey

    This was a great interview. I don’t believe anyone has given Yeadon a platform where he was able to express himself like he did here. Keep this up.

  81. Tamara Fox

    Just Wow!! Excellent video!! Thank you so much!!

  82. SkeptiSchism

    Wow my head was spinning with so much information. Another great interview!

  83. David Dansker

    “People are wondering when it’s going to be over, but it’s never going to be over because it’s not really happening” – Priceless!

    • IIG

      Exactly what the Main Stream Media wants us to believe!!

  84. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg!
    Dr. Yeadon was the first big name doctor I heard who said unequivocally not to get the jab. Since hearing him and knowing that he was censored, but never refuted, I have been absolutely convinced that under no circumstances would I ever get the so-called “vaccine.” I’m very glad he’s still alive and still spreading his truth. He says what many do not want to hear, and for that reason we should all listen to him. I’m glad you interviewed him. Thank you.

  85. Robert M Stiles

    OMG This interview was breathtaking in its content. Perhaps the best you have ever done. You were the perfect interviewer. Just stand aside and allow Dr Yeadon to impart his brilliance upon us. Dr Yeadon has for the past two years my candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. He above all others deserves it. Thank you so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert. I did not realize Dr. Yeadon had some specific things to say and they were complicated. I made the decision to let him run on the fly. I was hoping I was making the right choice and looks like I lucked out. Thanks!!!

  86. Don

    Great interview, good info. However, I could understand only about 70 % if what the guest was stating …. bad acoustics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don, You are in the minority.

  87. Carol


    Brilliant interview! Thanks to you and Dr. Yeadon for your courage and caring to speak the truth to We The People. You’re both HEROES in my book. I hope family members who are reluctant to hear the truth can see this interview. He is highly credentialed, logical, great communicator and you asked all the right questions. Wonderful, breakthrough interview. WOW!

  88. Coal Burner

    Beware good Doctor, they are not above murdering you. A considerable of murders have taken place by these evil scum in the last twenty years. Many people could not hide and now we have the Jan 6 demonstrators and the duped by the fbi are being tortured by our government for a year and a half. Some have been killed in jail. Never drop your guard to these evil scum.

  89. Marie Joy

    Paul, WHEN did you test positive for monkeypox? Do you know what kind of test you were given? WHY were you tested for monkeypox. Thank you.

  90. Justin Harmon

    Brilliant interview mr Greg.

    RIP ROB KIRBY. The greatest of all time.

  91. Justn Observer

    Greg, How about some historical vaccine circle back to where we are today?

  92. Linda Majors


    Another excellent guest! Thank you for allowing Dr. Yeadon to continue, and not cutting him off due to time constraints. I forwarded this interview to others as well. It warms my heart to know there are so many good and brilliant individuals on our side.


  93. David Gordon Dunne

    I love Dr. Yeadon. I have watched him from day 1 along with Judy Mikovitz, Tennpenny, Mercola, Cory and Dr. Yeadon is quite frank about the situation we are all in now. It feels like we have no chance now to survive this EVIL. The Globalists have been plotting this since at least 1901 when Margaret Sanger and her boyfriend proclaimed at a big Gala at the WH of Teddy Rossevelt. That was pretty much what was written later on the Georgia Guide Stones. 95% of humanity needs to be dead. No one is going to save us and it looks like there is not much we can do? Some beg to differ with that assessment and think we will rise up and fight. I see mostly apathy like you would see in the movie “The Time Machine” where people obey and go to slaughter. I am more of less banished from America now in Thailand. Talk about scared and easily manipulate people. Sickening to watch. I think masks are here forever. I give us maybe a 40% chance of coming out of this and if we do, the pain will be great. I am waiting for Jesus now. I pray so much it about makes me ill. God Bless all of you and Greg, I so admire you and all you do. One last point, I watch Wayne Alan Root a lot. He was one of the greatest Handicappers of all time in Vegas. He was hosting Alex Jones Hr. 4 two days ago. He got married 6 months ago and invited hundreds. Over 200 came to the wedding in Vegas. He said he called all 200 to thank them for coming. Shockingly, he told everyone that of the over 200, 19 are now dead or disabled. They all took at least 1 kill jab. Let that sink in.

  94. Neville

    Hi Greg,
    Having scanned the comments above ,I think that this interview has raised the very high standard and quality of this platform to even greater heights.GOD Bless you and the venerable doctor Michael Yeadon for an excellent 5 Star Performance.
    What the world is witnessing is the FACT that AAcrime with the assistance of the coalition
    of the willing are trying their damnedest to “Pre-empt” the Book of Revelations by committing acts of gross atrocity against mankind. In this endeavour we can all plainly
    see that The Mark of the beast via the injections is their primary objective. then the spiked protein using graphene oxide and other lavatory cleaner is their to track and trace and to control mankinds ability to Buy and Sell.
    Then they satanic scum of the earth known as the cabal are also trying to turn the LORDS PRAYER upside down by using their stinking filthy evil version of the Great Reset……..
    All this idiotic futility by the satanic cabal will in the end be to ABSOLUTELY NO AVAIL.
    Their cards have been punched and whatever they try an afflict on mankind will count more and more against them.
    The cabal will and everyone found to aide and abet them in any which way will also suffer the same fate……Which is that they and their families will be wiped off the face of the Earth and will then spend eternity in Purgatory /Hell

    Many thanks,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Neville!

      • Prays before eating

        Thanks for another great interview, Greg! I was glad to hear Dr. Yeadon mention Ice Age Farmer / Christian Westbrook, who I think would be another great person for you to interview. He started mapping the destruction of the food supply chain back in 2020, years before anyone else.

  95. Roger...

    Monkey Pox simulation

    Attendees at the conference were told that by May 15, 2022, monkeypox would appear out of nowhere and begin spreading. At first, the fallout would be minimal, but by January 10, 2023, the death toll is scheduled to reach 1.3 million people. And by the end of 2023, hundreds of millions of people will be dead from monkeypox.

    By the end of 2022, it is to be revealed that the unusual monkeypox strain in circulation is resistant to all vaccines. This is to add more fear and paranoia surrounding the virus, allowing “national responses” that likely include even more medical tyranny than what was seen throughout the covid plandemic.

    The supply chain will continue to degrade throughout this time, only to culminate in mass chaos and destruction that will be blamed on a “terror group,” the simulation revealed.


    Stated 1st pandemic only fear 2nd pandemic will be serious.

  96. Richard

    What a powerful interview! I am to the point where I won’t ever trust the mainstream ANYTHING – media, science, industry…you name it. THey have ALL lost my confidence – its great to see independant journalists and people like this doctor that have the courage to stand up to them!

  97. Doug W

    Let me tell you a story that fits right in on what you were talking about 55 minutes into the interview, food shortages, no food grownen farm land. In here Minnesota, south of the Twin Cities, there was/ is/ the tribe of pi** poor Indians that were all on welfare , ” They would of all starved to death if it wasn’t for their welfare checks ” untill ” they they got the rights for gambling. Now they are the richest tribe in Minnesota and one of the top ones in the United States because of their Indian Gambling. Any way, they don’t pay taxes because of the asshole that were in government at the time, ” THANK YOU ASSHOLES”. They started to buy up farmland , 2500 acreas at last count . They don’t pay taxes on it like the farmer use to do, Once in awhile “THE RICH INDIANS” will throw the town of Shakopee in “NEW FIRE TRUCK” to keep the city officals happy, ” THEY GOT A NEW FIRE TRUCK ” from the rich Indians. Any way, again, The Rich Indians are letting all this farmland go “BACK” to nature. How wondering is that ? Those Indians would of starved off if it wasn’t for the welfare checks. Maybe when there are food shortages, maybe the Indian will let the white people back on they land to grow that fine looking Indian corn.

  98. Felix A Renteria

    Great interview greg,love Dr. yeadon and all the doctors that are giants on this earth that stood up for the love of man and that take the persecution and shrug it off.Since the beginning of time its been good against evil and these scumbags will not go unpunished.This is why we have are faith because know man is evil by nature and the savior of the world teaches us to follow his plan.All we can do is expose these scumbags and love and protect your family and say your prayers,stay strong my fellow americans we were put on this earth for a reason.

  99. Thomas Wigand

    FANTASTIC INTERVIEW GREG (thanks for letting Dr. Yeadon proceed uninterrupted; in this case I believe that this was a plus).

    First, to Dr. Yeadon – welcome to Florida! (I’m blessed to live here too.)

    With Dr. Yeadon, and Dr. Robert Malone, we have two brilliant scientists, from different countries. Each by training and experience conduct research, and then draw conclusions based upon the best available evidence … and yet remain intellectually flexible should new evidence emerge, or existing evidence be refuted.

    Hence the credibility of their warnings about the so-called vaccines. Even more intriguingly, in my opinion …


    (Along those lines, see Dr. Malone’s Substack series, including this one of 5/25/2022: It is a “must read.”)

    That such intellects agree with the same conclusions that we have drawn is heartening, and makes it more difficult for the “fact checkers” and their ilk to dismiss as “conspiracy theory” and tin-foil hat.

    Finally, I got a “WOW” when Dr. Yeadon, who presumably has the means to land anywhere, alluded to a very dark period coming, and concluded that the American south is the most viable potential refuge.

  100. Self Exiled

    Jesus Calling: May 26
    In a world of unrelenting changes, I am the One who never changes. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Find in Me the stability for which you have yearned.
    I created a beautifully ordered world: one that reflected My perfection. Now, however, the world is under the bondage of sin and evil. Every person on the planet faces gaping laws of uncertainty. The only antidote to this poisonous threat is drawing closer to Me. In My Presence you can face uncertainty with perfect Peace.

  101. Nika

    Hi Personna,
    I wonder Why, Jim Jordan voted to send the $40B to Ukraine. I have always viewed Jim Jordan as a Knowledgeable Super Patriot, but I am at a loss to explain Why he voted for the $40B to be sent to Ukraine. I see Marcia Blackburn voted against it. So, if anybody else has a good reason for Jim Jordan’s actions, please send me a reply. Thank you

  102. Scott

    Please, PLEASE keep banging this drum, Greg – you are the only one who’s staying the course. Everyone else in the media has moved on to “Ukraine War” or “gas price extremes!” or “high inflation.” These are serious issues as well, but the TRUTH about this vaccine-beast-regime is being hushed up and buried. Please keep after it and getting the truth out!

  103. Judith

    All countries did the same thing worldwide because of DECEPTION….. Jesus warned about it.

  104. Frank S.

    Thank you, Dr. Yeadon. You were the first “misinformer”. MSM would label you the “Don Quixote” for all the Purebloods and Awakened. However, history will honor you for your contributions, sir!

  105. Robert Goedde

    Great interview! Thank you so much for letting the good doctor speak. So many hosts will so many times try to speak over their guest… You were perfect. He had a lot to say and you let him say it, you steered the conversation masterfully. I will have to listen to this interview several times over.

    • Suzanne

      Very much agree!!

  106. Judith

    Greg, I love Michael Yeadon. He’s such a treat in an interview. He’s also a genius. Good job on getting him. I had to laugh when he said he’s shy. LOL !!! Great show.

  107. Eli

    God Bless this brilliant man and God Bless you, Greg! Even though the information shared is sobering, somber, and shocking, this is precisely what we need to hear in order to remain clear headed about the genocide that is taking place. Take care,



  108. Bible Reaer

    A good interview. Dr. Yeadon lays out his line of reasoning clearly. Thanks for not interrupting him, Greg. Crazy like a fox.

  109. Debbie Francis

    Excellent Interview! Thank you to Mr. Hunter and Dr Yeadon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Debbie!

  110. Farmer Ron

    You are a Goodman
    An honest man
    And a man moved by his passion for sharing his truth with his fellow man.
    I have followed a slew of alt media personas over the last 15 years
    All have let me down
    Kudo’s to you
    Even though you keep saying you are a sinner
    I believe you have earned your place in the kingdom
    Like many of us
    You keep speaking your truth
    Not for money
    But for the ethical foundation of right and wrong.
    You should sleep soundly at nigh you have done your part in spreading the word of truth
    It shows in your face
    Your photo of a youthful
    Has been replaced with a piscture of a man
    Who actually cares for his fellow human beings.
    God bless you
    I admire you
    Because I know from experience
    How hard and costly it is to speak your truth.
    From the bottom of my heart
    And the hearts of my family
    Thank you
    And may God bless you!

    Thank you for persevering

    Farmer Ron

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ron. I struggle with sin every day.

  111. Sean


    Great interview ! So happy you got him on finally !
    Please consider getting Geert Vanden Bossche on. He is immunologist, virologist. He was interviewed by highwire del big tree and Maria Zeee. He believes in next 2 months a much more serious variant is coming that will cause hospitalization rates to increase a great amount and end up overwhelming our health care system.

  112. Grant Hill

    I think people took the vaccine because they believed in the CDC, FDA WHO, etc. And also the governments. NEXT TIME, I believe most people will tell them to fook off!! What they did by lying and this whole conspiracy, is they’ve lost the trust of the people! They’ve lost their credibility with the public, globaly!! You lose the public trust, you’re done!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Grant,
      I’d love to believe you’re correct. Most of my contemporaries here in the U.K. are still asleep and totally compliant! They are also resistant to any facts that challenge their paradigm. Anacdotally, I estimate only 30% realise there is something not right about the scamdemic and less than 10% who fully understand the evil intent behind it.

  113. al

    so he lives in Florida huh? The land of the Free. Well, there are other places in the US that are less communist than the North East or the UK. They’re not Florida but close to it. Texas, Wyoming, South Carolina (somewhat) and Tennessee. Soon to be other States by end of year

    In other words… FLORIDA IS FULL, NO VACANCY.. except for God lovin’ Trump votin’ Constitution totin’ people. You ain’t from round here is ya?

    Don’t NY my FL

  114. Ted Kanterman

    Greg, I think you outdid your self this time! Very well done to both of you!

  115. Keith

    Incredible interview, Greg. One for the highlight reel in a few years.

  116. Colleen Allen

    Your Watchdog is so appealing as you present the TRUTH!
    Truth is a magnet. It draws you in….and you know it’s honest when you hear it!

    Dr. Michael Yeadon,
    Excellent presentation!
    I’ll be adding your name to my prayer list ( next to Greg’s😊) . I pray every day for those
    who are fighting the “good fight” !🙏🏻

    Blessings to both of you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the very kind words and more importantly for your prayers!!

  117. K. Cook

    Thank you to Greg! We love your analysis and guests. God Bless You.

    Dr. Yeadon was one of the first voices of Calm and Reason that I heard during the storm of uncertainty when this Plandemic started in 2020. Thank you to him for his courage to speak the truth.

    Family and friends around me became sucked into mind control of the TV programming. Once they fell for the jab I stopped short of commenting because what can you do? It’s done… Spikes swimming around in their bodies. I simply note who took what, when and observe. But we must protect the children! Stop the madness. Who can trust Science now, if Science is for Sale?

    However, I believe the lies will backfire. Courage is contagious. We outnumber the psychopaths. United we must stand.

  118. K. Cook

    PS The 12 lies of Covid is in pdf form to download!

  119. Alan in Tallahassee

    Dr. Yeadon has the rare combination of having a deep understanding of what he’s talking about and the ability to convey it in simple terms using the English language.
    Many highlights, one of my favorites loosely paraphrased from 1:00:30,

    Greg: What about the Monkeypox? Would you take the shot?
    Dr. Mike: No. … Gimme a break. Why would they suddenly start telling the truth now?

  120. Steve Heckler

    When are arrests going to be made by States Attorney Generals on Fauci and Gates and Schwab.

  121. Colleen Allen

    Greg and Viewers,
    Do you think President Trump and Melania got the real JAB or a saline solution? I heard Dr. Judy Mikovits state that there WERE saline solutions. I thought perhaps the elites didn’t want everyone ill at once. Better to stagger out the illnesses thus not bringing attention to the fact that the JAB creates illness. What do you think, did the President get a toxic jab or a saline jab?🤔

    • Suzanne

      I want to know where Dr. Mikovits stated that. I am a big fan of hers, but it is a little difficult to “find” her. Thank you,

  122. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you, Greg and Dr. Yeadon for the Truth Bombs!
    LOUDER, please!
    God Bless. God Speed. Namaste. 👊👊🙏🏻🙏🏻

  123. Alan in Tallahassee

    Regarding the Christchurch event I share Dr. Mike’s doubts. As ex-army I watched the video before it was taken down. I watched the part near the end several times where there’s a poor sobbing woman lying in the curb face up being executed. I could see no impact or impact movement caused by a Mach 2+ rifle bullet hitting her. The video wasn’t taken down because it was too gruesome. Young people pay Hollywood money to watch similar effluent. It was taken down because even amateurs like me can see it as suspicious.

    I agree with Dr. Mike. The scariest thing is people’s passivity.

  124. Lorraine H Sherman

    Why these injections? Isn’t it the ‘greatest surveillance system ever?’ The dude in charge of Operation Wharp Speed in the Trump administration repeated several times that they have the greatest surveillance system with these injections ever.

    Injecting pregnant women and children is evil. Am 62 yr old female here, NEVER, EVER, EVER did we EVER vaccinate pregnant women. That changed in the recent past. MD’s are giving pregnant mom’s flu shots, DPT’s, and others during pregnancy – will hide the cause of Autism and other childhood epidemics as the kid will never be normal…… before that last shot……….
    Personal testimony from mother of 4 and grandmother of 13: If you stop or never vaccinate, you will not need a Pediatrician, just an emergency room or walk in ER clinic.

    Thank you Dr. Yeadon for being brave and compassionate. Thank you Greg Hunter for hosting such excellent guests.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I believe they are targeting pregnant women for the very reason you discuss. Because mothers are with our children 24/7 we KNOW our babies better than anyone else and we can tell that doctor that child changed the very DAY that (s)he was injected. There are literally thousands of testimonials that go this exact way, with that mother swearing off any future vaccines completely. They can’t have that in their “new world order” so they have to target babies in the womb. It’s absolutely GROTESQUE. We are right to expose all of this. When I was in nursing school and pharmacy school 30 years ago there was never any such thing as giving a healthy pregnant woman or young child an experimental medicine. These were reserved ONLY for those who were literally on death’s front door, and the inclusion criteria were very carefully spelled out. The threshold, as Dr. Y said was about 50 deaths and that drug was pulled from the market. That is, for drugs that have legal liability and the company is financially liable for injuries, as well they should be. I have been out of the medical profession now for about 17 years. I just cannot believe what has happened. I am just sickened by it.

  125. CL

    I have a front row seat to the vaccines and boosters. I live in a 55+ active senior neighborhood, with a high rate of vaccines received ( as stated by my friends and neighbors). Every social activity or contact, seems to result in folks boasting that they are not contagious as a result. People who before being triple boosted were constantly seen bicycling and walking in the neighborhood daily, are now home with health problems ( blood clots, nerve damage, and heart problems). They are in the 55-65 age group so not closing in on their latter years quite yet. I know these folks by name, because as an active gardener would chat with my neighbors going by my house. Now, when they do feel well enough to take a walk, they tell me about their new health issues. Disappointed, bewildered, and confused as to why they are suddenly sick after just retiring, their days are now filled with doctor office appointments and treatments. What the MSM and Fauci did in terrifying seniors is disgusting! Thank goodness for the courage of educated science and medical professionals like Yeadon that speak out regardless of the cost! Thank you Greg for this excellent interview 😊

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting, CL!

  126. Kurt

    Wow he really gets it, he’s one of us. Smart move to Florida. Smart money.

  127. Suzanne

    Hi – BIG Heart felt thanks for speaking out. I would like to have more detailed explanation of how, with this type of technology, some people are getting no (apparent, yet) adverse effects, others die within 24 hours, and everything in between. Also, I am not agreeing with Dr. Yeadon about one small point, and that is the asymptomatic transmission — I do NOT believe there is any such thing as Asymptomatic transmission but I do see multiple instances of evidence of PREsymptomatic transmission. IE, I go to see my elderly parents once a week / quite recently my husband, myself, and my mom got sick with what felt like a respiratory flu. I felt perfectly healthy the day I was visiting them, but got symptoms the day after. They began to get symptoms a few days after I did. So of course I got symptoms, but apparently was PREsymptomatic when I “gave them the flu”. There is no other explanation, as nobody else who visited them had symptoms. They get visitors from only a few people and don’t go to stores. Oh BTW, none of us has taken the poison injection. Oh, and BTW, although my mom had an awful couple weeks (refuses to take suppliments because “they don’t taste good”) everyone recovered from the flu and nobody died. Thank you in advance for anything you care to say in future episodes about those two things, and much appreciation for all that you do.

  128. Gail Kindstrom

    I came to Orlando in 1973. Only went back to Illinois for a High School reunion once. WELCOME to the free state of Florida Doctor.

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