Dane Wigington – We Face Abrupt Climate Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says this year’s unusually cold winter in the United States was “manufactured” by geoengineering. Wigington explains, “Where you see the most anomalously cool place on the entire planet is the Eastern half of the North American continent. If we look at the departure for normal temperatures for the surface level going back nearly a decade, the most anomalously less warm place consistently for that span of time is the Eastern half of the North American continent. That is not nature. That is the country with the military that’s bigger than the next 10 militaries combined using its massive military resources and climate engineering operations to consistently cool down the most populated portions of the U.S. to continue fueling division and confusion in regard to the true state of the climate. . . . Here’s the bottom line. It’s not about our opinion at GeoEngineeringWatch.org or our theories or conjecture. It’s about hard data and frontline facts. That’s all we are asking people to look at.”

Wigington says things like the “Green New Deal” is a distraction that keeps people divided. Wigington says, “I would argue anybody on any side of the political equation that the orchestrated political theater that the power structure uses to divide the population to keep their eye off the horizon is a mistake. We need to get past any form of political division. Number two, there can be no legitimate discussion about the environment or the state of the climate without, first and foremost, discussing climate engineering. There can be no legitimate discussion about climate engineering without the winter scenarios it is creating. . . . Mathematically speaking, if we remain on the current course of business as usual, we will all be gone in a decade or less—all of us. This is a statistical mathematical fact. . . . We don’t face global warming. We face abrupt climate collapse.”

In closing, Wigington says, “We must reach a critical mass of awareness. We must awaken families of military members so that those military members know what they are doing to their own family and, hopefully, stand down. The only way to stop this issue is from the inside out to wake our military brothers and sisters to what they are doing. We are asking people to prioritize this most immediate threat we face. The radio frequencies that I want to weave into this, as well, that’s an immense threat. We are about to hit 5G. 5G is the same frequency as crowd control. It is an extremely dangerous frequency. These frequencies are part of climate engineering, as well. They are used to manipulate the particulates in the atmosphere. All these issues intertwine. They are all incredibly lethal. This is nothing short of an assault against life itself. . . . Please look past the theater of the absurd, and focus on the threat we face right here and right now. It’s an existential threat, and please help us sound the alarm. We need all of us in this battle or we have no chance.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of GeoEngineeringWatch.org.

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After the Interview:

GeoEngineeringWatch.org is packed with information, scientific data, interviews, videos of chemical spraying of our skies and much more. The site is totally free, and Wigington does not sell anything, not even sponsorships or ads. The only way Wigington operates is with donations. If you want to support GeoEngineeringWatch.org, go to the upper right hand side of the homepage, and you can donate through PayPal or snail mail, or you can simply click here and go directly to the GeoengineeringWatch.org support page.


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  1. paul ...

    The Godfather of Climate Engineering is dead … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-05/deathbed-video-godfather-climate-science-begs-world-leaders-deploy-last-ditch-solar … if we don’t stop the geoengineering cooling our planet as Dane advises … there is going to be less food available for everyone … and our latest mouse trap won’t work any longer … https://thumbs-prod.si-cdn.com/0B5RM_sGawWVuv5LI4n1b9Pz7Sw=/800×600/filters:no_upscale()/https://public-media.si-cdn.com/filer/98/67/9867546f-6808-438d-970e-a6720c0c18e4/manhole_rat.jpg

    • paul ...

      Bottom line … keeping the birds and the bees alive is more important then keeping rats fit and happy … especially if they are Demon-rats!!

      • paul ...

        AS Dane explains 5G is the same frequency used in crowd control and climate engineering … but are people aware there is a “dark silver lining” to 5G … it has one other effect (it sterilizes men) … which will ultimately help stop the baby killing by Cuomo and put an end to evil abortions … but at the cost of exterminating the human species … at least my idea of sterilizing women who show up for an abortion and also sterilizing their husbands “does not totally exterminate” the human race!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-05/will-5g-cell-phone-technology-lead-dramatic-population-reduction-large-numbers-men

    • oneno

      The likes of Edward Teller, Roderick Hyde, Lowell Wood sold Climate Engineering under false pretenses using active technical management of the radiative forcing of the temperatures of the Earth’s fluid envelopes, rather than administrative management of atmospheric greenhouse gas inputs.
      The “greenhouse effect” was debunked shortly after Carl Sagan first suggested it (See Sagan’s Eighth Problem).
      The Planet “Venus has thousands of times more (atmospheric) CO2 (than Earth), yet the “Greenhouse Effect” doesn’t work there” (on Venus). The entire Greenhouse gas argument is bunk! (Listen to this 28-Feb-2019 science-hour podcast starting at the 21:15 mark to about 39:00.
      The real issue is the depletion of the life molecule oxygen with the burning of inert fuels (coal, oil, nat-gas, nuclear) and the concomitant industrial polluting molecules emitted into the atmosphere that is the real issue. Those inert fuel power stations should only serve as back-up for a giant global network of WING Generators.
      Planetary weather is the result of a planet discharging the solar capacitor.
      The call to the men and women in the military to stop this will fail as the information on the subject of Climate Engineering is deliberately confounded. The men and women in the military either follow orders to climb the ranks while they are getting paid or be discharged. A better suggestion is the call for the general public to pick-up a hobby of manufacturing smart rockets to bring down chem-trailing aircraft.

  2. WD

    Was in south Louisiana past week….I saw chem trails for 3 days straight….in a tic tac toe pattern…..Was not sure before, but now I am. Nothing natural in that display at all.

    • Rob

      Dane is 100% correct and his timing of the destruction of the environment of earth completely agrees with your latest Martin Armstrong interview of economic destruction of the earth all occurring during the next decade!!!

      The powers that be know this and are advertising the exponential destruction of human life by 2025 on one of their military websites:


      Every Christian needs to study the book of Exodus because all of us must experience the “exodus” of “spiritual Egypt” as God allows men to destroy the earth before He then destroys them:

      Revelation 11:18 And the nations were wroth, and thy wrath came, and the time of the dead to be judged, and the time to give their reward to thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and to them that fear thy name, the small and the great; and to destroy them that destroy the earth.

      Jesus gave us very clear signs in the Olivet discourse found in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 of what will take place during the tribulation

      Luke 21:10-11 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; (11) and there shall be great earthquakes, and in divers places famines and pestilences; and there shall be terrors and great signs from heaven.

      If Dane is saying pestilence and famine are coming by 2026 then that means the Christians are heading in to lots of tribulation before all those things:

      Luke 21:12-13 But before all these things, they shall lay their hands on you, and shall persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governors for my name’s sake. (13) It shall turn out unto you for a testimony.

      Christians better get ready for the tribulation because it is for the church:


  3. Sayonara

    My only comments are who is going to be WRONGER?

    AOC = 12 Years
    Dane Wigington = 10 Years ( A Decade)

    The greatest variability on the climate is that star named the “Sun”

    And nobody scientifically injects this into the equation as the climate pontificators are the most narcissist and ignorant idiots in the world.

    A massive volcanic eruption will have an exponentially more impact on our climate than the last 100 years of human activity.

    And by the way, the massive Paradise fire in California altered the Northern California climate for a couple of weeks by reducing organic daytime high temperatures and increasing organic night time lows due to the extensive smoke in the local atmosphere.

    • Sayonara

      Is the climate changing?
      Yes – Absolutely!
      It has been changing long before our ignorant and narcissist species roamed the Earth and it continues to change while our ignorant and narcissist species roams the Earth an it will continue to change when our ignorant and narcissist species is no longer on the Earth.
      I may sound like a Misanthrope, but I am just stating the facts as planet Earth’s history has demonstrated.

      • paul ...

        Say Sayonara to life on Earth … “weather Dane” is right or AOC is right it will be curtains for Humanity and the last “roundup” for Monsanto!

        • paul ...

          Hey … if we all have to die … we might as well do it laughing at the ignoramus capitalists who will do anything “to make a profit” … and the commie neocon warmongers who will do anything “to rapture us in a nuclear Armageddon” (and hence regime change control of this planet back to the ants)!!

      • Dane Wigington

        Hello, Sayonara, in regard to the part the sun is playing in the current changes occurring on our planet, it is minimal. FYI https://www.skepticalscience.com/grand-solar-minimum-barely-dent-AGW.html
        In regard to the comparison between human activities, volcanic eruptions, and the impact of both on the climate system. FYI https://www.skepticalscience.com/volcanoes-and-global-warming.htm
        Human activity (which includes climate engineering) is altering the climate and biosphere at a rate which is exponentially faster than natural forces. FYI https://www.iflscience.com/environment/humans-are-changing-the-planet-hundreds-of-times-faster-than-natural-forces/

        • Freebrezer

          Dane – here is an argument that argues a different direction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYoOcaqCzxo&t=4s … both sides are passionate. I always take a look at this and say Hmmm ….https://www.universetoday.com/65583/is-the-earth-bigger-than-the-sun/ if the sun hick-ups, the earth is SOL. One of the most important advice a professor from college gave: Do not get the three C’s mixed up … Coincidence, Correlation and Causation … Correlation does not equal Causation … As an Example: Just the word Monsanto should stir horror in a persons sole – The insect collapse can easily be correlated to their insecticides and to GMO.

          • Greg Hunter

            Dane is talking about climate engineering/geoengineering and not climate change. Also, show me a source where the insect collapse is “correlated to insecticides and GMO.” If you want to get in a war of sources Dane is not the guy you want to go up against. Have you studied Dane’s site? https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

            • Freebrezer

              Greg – no war intended … and Yes, I have spent quite a bit of time on his site … my purpose was to show that the field that Dane is covering, geoengineering vs. weather, is so (SO!) complex and at its simplest is a multi, multi variable equation. The variables per weather are all supposition vs. causation. Dan cited a site that pushes the theory (theory!) that the sun is not a variable. I sited a site that says whoa, we do not understand all the variables from the sun, thus do not jump to conclusions (this is called science … the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment). I am not disputing the geoengineering, I am putting forth do not associate the wild changes in weather to solely geoengineering. Correlation does not equal Causation! And a whole lot of the time Correlation has little connection with Causation, i.e. it is a big Coincidence. Example – Big fires in Cal have always been since the 49’s burnt and cut down almost every tree in the foothills for gold. The California Foot hills have absolutely no old growth forests! https://www.hcn.org/issues/251/13986 … Per insect collapse look no further than Monarchs vs. gmo corn with the imbedded gene to kill insect. https://www.ewg.org/agmag/2016/03/gmo-linked-herbicide-may-doom-monarch-butterflies And CO2 vs. volcanoes … https://www.livescience.com/40451-volcanic-co2-levels-are-staggering.html … another area where the science is not conclusive yet! It is supposition vs. Causation

              • Greg Hunter

                Wigington has collected orders of magnatude more data on https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ that you could ever put together or vet. It’s supposition to you, in your opinion, and nothing else. Wigington has been researching and collecting data for a decade.

                • Freebrezer

                  Greg – Exactly … there are PhD solar physicists out there that look at the same data and draw a different conclusion … The science is not settled. That is the point … Hypothesis (opinions) per the data.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Yes Free but Geoengineering is not a hypothesis. It is settled science and is ongoing. There is a decade of hard science research that talks all about climate engineering on this site: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ You may want to like at it.

                • Freebrezer

                  Greg – there is no question that the fools are doing geoengineering. The point I was getting at is I think it is multiple variables feeding in to the wild weather, natural and man made, and no doubt geoengineering is one, but I wish he would address the other variables also. And what variables contributes to what % effect … I have no clue?

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I don’t need a homework assignment. Have you studied all the hard scientific data on GeoengineeringWatch.org? Please go there a spend a few hours.

        • Sayonara

          Dane :
          Thank you for commentary. I absolutely oppose climate engineering. I greatly appreciate your work!
          My question is if human activity is really altering the climate in a catastrophic manner, why haven’t the “Anti Climate Change Advocates” highlighted climate engineering as part of the new “Green Deal”?
          One would think that they would be fully advised of this treachery?

        • oneno

          Multi-vector activity are in play harmful to all life with what appears to be purely profit motivated.

          The nuclear energy establishment could have used safer thorium as fuel but instead chose uranium that could be enriched to nuclear bomb-grade material. Now, bomb-grade fuel is being used as fuel in nuclear reactors that were never designed for such a fuel. There are in excess of a hundred nuclear reactors leaking radiation into the water and atmosphere and will continue to do so for hundreds of thousands of years. So much for the claim of clean nuclear power without forgetting Fukushima.

          On the subject of human-caused global warming article that you posted above, makes no mention of the Earth (and planets) discharging the Solar Capacitor that drives the weather. That solar capacitor was severely drained by comet Hale-Bopp between 1995 and 2002. Comet Hale-Bopp closest approach to Earth was three times the distance to the Moon (about 1 million km). Yet, the nucleus of Hale-Bopp was visible, the size of a dime at arms length, to the naked eye through the debris field at closest approach. This suggests Hale-Bopp diameter was much more than 40 – 80 km but likely larger than the Earth’s Moon and possibly as large as 1.5 Earth diameters. Hale-Bopp had an orbital companion allowing the determination of the mass of Hale-Bopp to be 4 Earth masses using the orbital period and radial distance of the companion. Hale-Bopp was on a direct collision course with Earth when first discovered (but not announced) back in 1991 by Robert S. Harrington. It was the tail-drag that was responsible for slowing Hale-Bopp sufficiently and allowing the Earth to move ahead and avoid disaster (pollution via Moses type event or deluge via Noah type event). The tail-drag reduced the orbital period from some 4200 years to some 2600 years. Hale Bopp developed an intense very narrow UV sunward spike when crossing the ecliptic plane and also exhibited x-rays for many years. A sunward spike of sufficient duration and energy intensity, originating from the Sun, is responsible for circularizing the obloid nucleus of a comet by making a comet nucleus molten (This is Velikovsky’s reasoning for Venus to be a young planet). Whether or not Hale-Bopp’s nucleus was circularized is not clear. The negatively charged nucleus of the comet attracts protons from the surrounding environment causing the comet nucleus to grow with each pass near the Sun. Hence, the Sun is in the process of recharging.

          Strongly recommend that you listen to the 7-March-2019 Science Hour podcast on the “Myth of Alternative Energy” the corporations use to acquire substantial government subsidies to promote designed-to-fail 3-Blade and Solar. And once everybody learns that alternative energy systems don’t work, the corporations will return to the push for nuclear power as they claim to be a “clean” energy source.

          Weather manipulation by the usual suspects, whether from chem-trails, steam exhaust from nuclear power stations, or hurricanes is real.

          The warming of the Earth is natural as the Earth relaxes from the last planet-sized comet upheaval event that resulted in mountain building, rapid biological evolution, and global cooling as described in the Weather book.

    • GoneWest

      Interesting link from deagel.com. But what a bunch of utter bull****. They show that the USA will lose over 2/3 of it’s population by 2015 – 6 years from now. Germany as well with France losing about 1/2 it’s population. Sorry, I can’t buy into that.

      Why? Because if things get that bad in the USA, Germany, France, etc. do you really think the military is just going to sit back and watch it happen? No way. More likely that we have a global war. In which case, you’ll see population reduction in nations like China, India, and others. In fact, the planet will likely be a smoking, nuclear waste dump at that point. Not a great outcome. The USA is not going to simply sit around and watch 66% of it’s population evaporate.

      I also did a bit of poking around about deagel.com. See https://www.metabunk.org/website-deagel-com-projects-massive-depopulation-by-2025.t4933/

      Enough time wasted.

      • jesus_loves_you

        The military will do whatever it is ordered to do. They are not a bunch of free thinkers.

  4. Kansas City Chief's

    KANSAS PACIFIC [Sterling Hayden] [Full Length Western Movie] [English] – HD – 720p
    With the Civil War about to begin, Southern saboteurs attack frontier railroad construction.

    Critical times hard to deal with are here, with our nation about to once again, bust open in Civil War!
    This little piece of historic film. Is posted, to help us prepare physically as well as spiritually, as Greg say’s. For the rough times before us. As with us today, saboteurs are among us!
    So beware and enjoy your ride on the Kansas Pacific railroad!

    • jesus_loves_you

      The military will do whatever it is ordered to do. They are not a bunch of free thinkers.

  5. Kansas City Chief's

    Border at ‘Breaking Point’ as More than 76,000 Migrants Cross in a Month
    For the fourth time in five months, the number of migrant families crossing the southwest border has broken records, border enforcement authorities said Tuesday, warning that government facilities are full and agents are overwhelmed.
    More than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February, more than double the levels from the same period last year and approaching the largest numbers seen in any February in the last 12 years.
    “The system is well beyond capacity, and remains at the breaking point,” Kevin K. McAleenan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told reporters in announcing the new data.
    Diverted by new restrictions at many of the leading ports of entry, migrant families continue to arrive in ever-larger groups in remote parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. At least 70 such groups of 100 or more people have turned themselves in at Border Patrol stations that typically are staffed by only a handful of agents, often hours away from civilization. By comparison, only 13 such groups arrived in the last fiscal year, and two in the year before.
    Washington swamp creatures are licking their chop’s, at the thought of new dis- Uniting Americans from Central & South America!
    NEW Norte Americano voter’s, that will be encouraged to vote more and more often! North America, welcomes Latin America. Babies born here, not so much anymore. If born poor here, you will be killed. If born south of the border your welcome! Don’t over stay your welcome, unless you keep voting and vote often. Don’t forget to forget your I.D. if any, so as not to hinder your voting! Vote, vote, and vote and don’t stop voting, so your always welcome in this once home of the free and the brave-hearted! The last to leave down south America way, please turn out the light’s. The party is over!
    Them Yank’s! We loveem, don’t we!

    The Difference Between a Democracy & A Constitutional Republic? One Is A Lynch Mob With A Guy Swinging At The End Of A Rope – The Other is Just Laws That Protect The Guy At The End Of The Rope From The Passions Of The Mob
    Tim Brown 1 min ago

    Without Capitalism, You’re Venezuela
    Center for Self Governance (CSG) Administrative Team 1 min ago

    Capitalism is based on human greed. Socialism is based on human need. Right?… No. Wrong! So wrong, it’s exactly backward! And I’ll prove it to you.

    • paul ...

      If the Demon-rats won’t let Trump build a “complete Wall” across the entire southern border … I suggest building all our G5 towers in the gaps along the border so that the illegal aliens coming across “get sterilized” … and thus can’t create any more Demon-rat voters intent on converting our Nation to Commie-nism!!

  6. Paul in oz

    “if people do not find their moral compass” … the comment around 16:10 indicates we are now in a hopeless situation. There is no chance that will happen. NONE. If Mr. Wigington is half right we will be extinct soon in any case … Sad that the youth of this world will never come close to living half as long as me. Horses taken to water cannot be made to drink. Horses are a lot smarter than today’s average American citizen.

  7. D70inilm

    Any organization that wants the US military to stand down, for whatever reason, is showing its true colors: green on the outside, red on the inside.

    This “sky is falling” schick is getting long in the tooth. “We all are going to die in ten years” is at least 50 years old. Ted Danson, Alec Baldwin, Paul Erlich before them, the list goes on and on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for being a disinformation troll!! You are doing a great service to “We the People”. He read some of this:https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello, D70inilm, unfortunately, blind support of the military industrial complex is perhaps the largest single factor that has brought us to the dark place we now find ourselves in. In regard to what others have stated in the past, that is not in my power to control. In regard to the current state of the biosphere and the web of life, statistics are what we should base our conclusions on, not ideology, bias, and preconception. FYI https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/biodiversity/elements_of_biodiversity/extinction_crisis/index.html

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Equally unfortunate is to think that this dark place is only being fought on one front. Your focus on the climate while important isn’t the only lynch pin currently being manipulated. Best of luck in making your clarion call to the masses. I suspect we will continue to argue and bicker until the end is sitting directly on top of us. SOD

      • sandra sullivan

        We must remember that traitors Blinton and Dama fired the generals and replaced the honest ones. This needs to be remedy by Pres. Trump and soon according to Dana’s information.

  8. Marie Joy

    Plant lots of trees.

    • paul ...

      You know … cancer can’t live in an oxygen rich environment … so if we can just get the smoke and chem-trail chemicals out of the air we breathe, grow more trees, convert to electric cars, use free energy, etc., etc. and we will be able to take some nice deep breaths once again “everyday” … and that will keep our bodies cancer free!!

      • paul ...

        Look into the eyes of your pet dog or cat … and you will see “a conscious being” … looking back at “you” for guidance and dependent on “you” for it’s food to eat … what will “you” tell your pets when we can’t grow enough food for them … as we killed all the bee’s with our chem-trails … that supposedly are going to save us from the Sun (when it cyclically goes into Nova mode every 12,000 years) … spraying chemicals in the air is not going to save us from the atmosphere being blown away by a Solar Blast that is due again in 2042 … we need to stop the Geo-spraying and collect up as many species as we can right now and transport them to an underground habitat on the Moon … where we don’t have to worry about rising tides or tsunamis washing over the continents on Earth … let’s use the Moon like it was intended by God … “As a Noah’s Ark” … then once the Sun calms down … we can leave the Ark and re-introduce the clams, fish, dolphins, bees, elephants, etc., etc., etc. back onto our planet where they will be safe until the Sun Nova’s again in 14,o42!!

        • paul ...

          Remember the Myan’s were very very very good at astronomy … and “they knew” about the 12,000 year Solar Cycle … and how the world always “ended” each time the Sun Nova’ed … that is why they based “their calendar” on the Sun’s Nova Cycle … not the way we idiots do basing it on the Earth’s rotation around the Sun!!

          • paul ...

            Stupidity is why all the “advanced civilizations” geologists keep finding are no longer around … perhaps … if we use our brains … our civilization will be able to “pass the test” (like Jesus did in the garden) … and bypass the “Luciferian” automatic extinction mode that is built into the Sun!!

  9. paul ...

    This is interesting … India buys S400’s from Russia … and all of a sudden … some Pakistani terrorist group (paid for by the neocons?) bombs India … creating an India/Pakistan armed conflict … with the potential of “creating a nuclear war” on China’s border … as the neocon “Korean war option” has been put temporarily on hold with the Kim/Trump talks!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-05/slippage-continues-india-resists-trump-everything

  10. paul ...

    You know … one would think that with the power structure creating “conditions of war” around the entire globe (to divide populations and keep our eyes off their hidden agenda) … that gold would be rocketing upward … however … take look at the tea leaves in this cup … we may soon see a big reaction in gold upward … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/gold15month030319.jpg

    • paul ...

      However … remember the biggest mistake anyone can make when investing … is to put someone “between you and your investment” … so stay away from all stocks, bonds, etc. … buy “Only Physical Gold and Silver” and then keep the metal close … in your own hands!!

  11. Jerry

    I am not a Q follower per say, but the date he lays out aligns with some of the information my sources are telling may happen.

    I will admit, that when I have posted information from other links and media sites more times than not I have been wrong. As for the information I get from my own sources, it comes from direct on the ground observation from a military contact, and a close friend that works for a government agency. Do we know specific information? No. As I bave stated 9o% of the time it is observation, and we are left to fill in the blank. For example my military contact says his unit has been training for civil unrest and urban warfare. My government contact says he has seen homeland security units going into private upscale neighborhoods and bringing out people in handcuffs and loading them in black security vans. He has even followed them to bases in Kansas and watched them being offloaded onto military transport planes. Do we know who is being arrested, or where they are being transported to? Absolutely not. That kind of information would have to come from very high sources with security clearances. As I have said these are observations. On the other hand when I find a company in Missouri that specializes in portable buildings heading to Gitmo to erect court rooms one has to wonder?

  12. Zoe Chomsky

    Accused Killer of Mollie Tibbetts Says County Is Too White To Guarantee a Fair Trial

  13. Dennis DeLaurier

    God Bless Dane Wigington
    But Dane sees Geoengineering under every tree and fails to look into the coming Super Grand Solar Minimum. This plus Geoengineering (which is an insane idea and act on humanity) will probably reduce the population of the earth to a very low point because of a collapse in food production. Dane will not debate the SGSM which is even worse than Geoengineering . Dane thinks that the GSM will have little or no effects on our weather and its all Geoengineering. The earth’s magnetosphere controls the jet streams which go out of their usual patterns during magnetic reductions and this is what is happening this winter here in the states.. The sun is going into a 400 year reduction (cycle) which causes all this. It will get worse as time progresses.
    Dennis M. DeLaurier – Author of “Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum”.

    • Dane Wigington

      Hello, Greg, thank you for your support in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. In regard to the actual impact of the solar minimum, mathematically speaking, it is almost meaningless against the backdrop of anthropogenic damage that has been inflicted on our planet. FYI https://www.skepticalscience.com/grand-solar-minimum-mini-ice-age.htm

      • Mario Borsato

        Hello Dane

        I actually can’t believe that you think man is the biggest cause of climate change. We have definitely screwed things up and polluted most of the water and caused the death of millions of birds and animals, but we are not the main cause of the climate changing.
        You are 100% correct about geo-engineering/chemtrails etc. Before I even heard of you (not before you were writing about this, but before I found your site) I read about Chem trails and the spraying of nano particles in the upper atmosphere etc.
        One major volcanic eruption is worse than the emissions from vehicles. Is exhaust bad for the environment? Of course, but it’s not causing the changes we are seeing. The climate is cyclical. We are either heading into an ice age or coming out of one. And those that think the sun has no effect on the weather, well they better do some reading, that’s ridiculous! The sun causes the wind! The solar distance causes the seasons, in addition to latitude obviously. The sun has now entered into the “Grand Solar Minimum” phase. There will be a huge reduction in sunspots which has a huge impact on earth. Solar activity causes earthquakes! Check out suspicious observer to learn more.
        Everything man messes with in nature we screw up for sure. However the major changes that are coming aren’t from us. Read about the coming mini ice age. Read about the coming pole flip. These are real things, as is geo-engineering. The effects of the sun on the earth is enormous, while the effect of some CO2 is minimum.
        SolarGuy out

        • Mario Borsato

          Hello Dane
          I just wanted to clarify something from my previous post please.
          I believe weather modification is possible and happening. As you know they were able to “seed” clouds decades ago to make it rain. I believe that some of the flooding and drought is induced by HAARP , and hurricane intensification is possible with the technology “they” have. There is even some reason to believe that some of the fires in California were likely started by a means other than a match or spark…
          What I don’t believe is that climate is changing mostly because of anthropogenic reasons. And I know that solar activity plays a huge role. I find it hard to believe that you think the sun’s role is irrelevant.
          SolarGuy out

    • paul ...

      And lets talk about the 12,000 year Solar Cycle … whereby the Sun goes Nova (expels a giant blast of particles) that can rip and tear back our atmosphere for many hours before gravity pulls it back … and is due to occur again around 2042 … now how many people can hold their breath for hours? … the woolly mammoths couldn’t and died with food in their mouths … people will need to be underground in air tight bunkers with portable power equipment that can generate electricity for a number of hours to produce breathable oxygen through the electrolysis of water!!

  14. francis m reps

    Fitts and then Wigington ?. There may be hope for you yet Mr. Hunter.

  15. al

    How do we little people stop 5G? How do we stop chem trails. There are days I look up and it looks like a checker board of contrails. I know something is afoot but my question is, how do we stop it other than sounding the alarm, because when we do the next question will be “how do we stop it”?

    I also have to point out that the Sun has much to do with our weather and it has been acting up lately, also we are experiencing a pole shift. All of this has to be taken in to consideration. There is climate change in other planets in our solar system as well. The whole matter is complicated.

    • paul ...

      I know how the little people can stop G5 … simply don’t buy G5 phones and equipment or have G5 installed on your home by the electric company … let them eat dirt!!

      • paul ...

        As for chem trails … you must begin building electrolysis units inside your home now (you can use Solar panels to generate the electricity as long as the chem trails have not completely blocked out the sunlight) … then vent the hydrogen gas from the negative electrode to the outside atmosphere … and release the breathable “non-polluted chem-trail free” oxygen from the positive electrode into the living space of your home … once you start generating these gasses in sufficient quantity you may want to consider storing your hydrogen (platinum is ideal for this purpose so buy your platinum now while it is cheap) … then in the winter months the hydrogen gas you stored can be released from the platinum by gentle heating and burned as necessary as an ideal “non toxic/carbon monoxide free” fuel to heat your home!

        • paul ...

          You know … once all of us “get good” at creating our own air and fuel … we can kiss the oil, gas and electric companies goodby … and guess what … we will also solve the problem of these constant continuing non-stop wars the neocons keep starting to obtain other peoples oil (like the banksters accumulate other peoples money) … the “little people” have to just get off their ass for an hour and put two electrodes in some water, feed in some electricity and viola we will be “home free”!!

    • Mac

      First a note of thanks to Greg for having Dane on and this article, as to the question you asked it is on each person to share the info on this Spraying of us, this destructive weather manipulation geoengineering. If you go to geoengineeringwatch.org there is an ads link with handouts Dane has, using a handout is easier than trying to explain, they can be printed at a print counter or some you can print yourself. Hand them to others, mail them, whatever it takes. It’s on each person to do something. Focus where you live, share info where you live – geoengineeringwatch.org


  16. Jallen

    A follow up to your response, The old Testament states someone will always sit on King David’s Throne and the best guess is currently the Queen of England. There is Biblical support for this theory. It goes something like this; The surviving Israel Kings blood line is through the the Kings daughters and they left Israel with Jeremiah the Prophet for Ireland, then went to ? and then settled in England. When a new Queen or King is incarnated in England it has all the trappings of a Biblical Israel Coronation. You know how the Brits love their King / Queen. This continues with Joseph’s sons Ephraim becoming a multitude of nations England being one of them and Manasseh becoming the United States. I don’t think what we call Israel today is Biblical as it was created via the Balfour declaration via the efforts of Theodor Hertzl (Father of Zionism) and not the calling of G-d. There are some Torah Jews who do not think the current Israel is the calling of the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as they continue to wait for the regathering of Israel. Time shall tell.


    • Mohammad


      The gathering of jews in Israel is written in all holy books. It is a must, and it is happening as we speak.

      England is the BABYLONIANS that escaped from babel to Rome, then to Venice, then to Amsterdam, then settled in England, notice all those places are the same topography, swamps of rivers. What you see in England as a thrown is false, they are on the surface defending jews whilst in reality harming them, gosh they financed Hitler through their arm in NewYork’s Prescott Bush…How can you explain that?


      At any rate, the god fearing jews know that they are forbidden from gathering in a state or a kingdom or whatever, they say it themselves like what you have mentioned above, the rest of the jews are unfortunately following their leaders to form Kingdom of Israel, IT WILL HAPPEN, IT IS DESTINED TO HAPPEN….

      I am here describing and not subscribing…

      Time Will Tell.


      • Jallen

        I agree Hitler was financed By Prescott Bush and and I have written on this site the fact much f gold left the United States and found its way to Hitler’s coffers. The main point is the Bible states someone will always sit on King David’s throne and the bloodline continues. As far as financing Hitler, it was done to go after Russia (By the Remnant Bolsheviks?) and as a by product to force the German Jews to populate the Hertzl version of Israel.
        By the way is not Netanyahu American trained? Does not America use Israel to serve its purposes? (Netanyahu went to school (Cheltenham) a few miles from where I lived at the time.) Mohammad you may be describing but you do not know it all, you would do well to read the Biblical book of Genesis and what Jacob foretold his sons especially Joseph as it foretells the future of the Bibical Israel. Please keep in mind the difference between Israel the people and Israel the Land. Again, some Torah Jews are awaiting the call from G-d to be regathered….


    • Mohammad


      Please spend sometime on this vid. you will find it interesting:



  17. Mike

    Dane Wigington points out that a force of evil has a plan in action to exterminate humanity and they may succeed in their goal. The environmental groups are bought and paid for shills of the globalist cabal just like most members of congress. Dane offers a zero cost solution of “just stop” and that should happen. This is quite a contrast to the fake crisis of “global warming” where the solution pushed is carbon taxes which does absolutely nothing to solve the “problem” even if it was real. Some would say that the green new deal is dumb as a box of rocks but that would be an insult to the box of rocks.

    • Donald

      “Dane Wigington points out that a force of evil has a plan in action to exterminate humanity”

      Yep, this has been an ongoing plan now for thousands of years. It would seem that the majority (if not all?) the problems of history are traceable to this same source. The majority of people have been suckered in by this same source. There is book after book after book about who these people are and what they have done. But as it is, we are rapidly approaching “crunch time” well before 10 or 12 years from now. All of past history and what is about to unfold aligns perfectly with the Bible, despite the last part of it having been written about 2,000 years ago. Most people “exterminate” themselves by what they do or fail to do. I suspect the next major development will be in the Middle East.

      I am astounded at just how well the Bible has indicated this, and

  18. Russ

    BTW, the latest drought map of California shows very low drought levels throughout CA and the Sierra snow pack is at ~150% normal.

    It rained here this morning but not right now. That’s weather trying to keep up with climate change 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      By the way, Russ Dane was talking about Geoengineering NOT climate change. Why don’t you watch the and read the report before you comment.

  19. Rodster

    “Mathematically speaking, if we remain on the current course of business as usual, we will all be gone in a decade or less—all of us. This is a statistical mathematical fact. . . . We don’t face global warming. We face abrupt climate collapse.”
    Dane has always come across as sincere, honest, knowledgeable and passionate regarding Geoengineering and it’s why I listen and learn from him. However I wish people and this is not directed just at Dane, would stay away from target dates because if what they say doesn’t happen then it tends to hurt the message and messenger.

    • paul ...

      Rodster … with the Sun getting ready to Nova around 2042 … I think it is necessary to give people a target date … who cares if Dane is called a “Chicken Little” for warning us a bit too early … better to be prepared (you can see what the last explosion did cratering the surface of the Moon) … you “need time” to not only save the necessary money but to build your own private underground shelter … the way the rich 1% have done (using taxpayer money for their private gain (just like the Fed has done for 100 years)!!!

  20. Jay Dee

    I don’t disagree that this is real and deadly, but I do question what might be the primary purpose of the program. It goes well beyond a scientific experiment for weather control. Also, it makes no sense as a means of population control where germ warfare would be grossly more effective. Consider that the purpose of the program might totally unknown to the public and until recently to all but a few in the military and government. One such possibility has been hidden in classified documents for more than 30 years. It is the occurrence a mini-nova from our sun which is postulated to occur periodically every 12,000 years. It would burn up “a third of the earth” like the End Times prophecy in the Book of Revelations. A thread to such a catastrophe can be found on Youtube under the title : Causes of the Ice Ages, Part 4A; the 14C Evidence of the 12,068 year Clock Cycle.

    • Walter Baumgarten

      I would suggest that this is being done as a method of population control. The herd needs to be thinned out don’t you think? Over population has never been addressed as an issue here in America and I believe that they are implementing a covert method so that it looks like a “natural” event. They can also profit from it as we all die off slowly and was probably why they mandated “healthcare”.

    • paul ...

      Jay … I don’t believe chem-trails will be any good at mitigating an explosion so powerful it can blow Earth’s atmosphere away (for at least a few hours) … Earth’s gravitational field will eventually pull the atmosphere back … but only those with an independent oxygen supply will survive!!

  21. Bruce W Vetter

    If “Q” is high level military, and is not talking about this, I question his/their veracity. Keep this in mind. And never forget The Georgia guide stones. It’s written in stone…….reduce earth’s population by 93%.

  22. Paul from Indiana

    At the risk of offending the esteemed host of this site, who has called me “willfully ignorant” on this issue, I must say that, in my view, this is a non-issue. Why? If Wigington is wrong, nothing changes. If Wigington is right, nothing can or will be done about it absent revolution, and we have proven ourselves unwilling to muster that effort. The net result is the same: nothing changes. I respect, value, and support this forum. Best always. PM

    • Freebrezer

      PfI – very sound logic! Every one should prepare for it to happen, and live life as if it won’t … a perplexing balancing act!

  23. jeffersonian

    For those who you who are still skeptical, go to the following :

    Brennan: 2016 address to Council on Foreign relations regarding SAI and geoengineering and climate control
    Harvard edu/geoengineering

    Dane is correct when he says this is happening now and it is harming humans, plants, animals, and everything we and they need to survive. As for less than a decade, hard to say.

    In any event, spread awareness and pressure your elected officials. My wife called the White House regarding geoengineering and they sent her down a meaningless rabbit hole. Don’t rely on Trump to fix the problem–he’s just trying to survive in office.

    As for the American people, I don’t know if they can be woken from their slumber. Probably too dumbed down, medicated and content with their cheap GMO food and poorly made Chinese toys.

    Greg and Dane, thanks for an informative , meaningful, and relevant discussion on geoengineering.

  24. Walter Baumgarten

    I have absolutely no doubt that all that Dane professes to be going on is factual and actual. He is a good man for fighting the good fight that he has done for so long. How there can be any doubt that this is happening when the people that are doing it come right out and publicize it amazes me:


    Perhaps the Lithium that they are spraying us with is having the desired effect on the herd:


    Thank you Greg for at least trying to wake them up. Keep up the great work.

  25. iwitness02

    On the eastern plains of Colorado, we have a panoramic view of the sky. Nothing disrupts the view. 360 degrees of openness. On a beautiful summer day, I could see two planes at a high altitude begin to spray directly above . I took a photograph every 15 minutes, for two hours straight. Those pictures showed the dispersion perfectly. Then the same aircraft then moved farther south and began a new pattern. I emailed these pictures to some friends that I assumed were open minded. I was wrong. The pictures I sent, convinced no one. A neighbor had stopped by during the Christmas holidays, and I brought up the subject of the overhead spraying that happens weekly. Our neighbor suddenly had to leave. Saying that was crazy talk, but I don’t think you are crazy. But I have to leave now. OK, bye.
    And so it goes. It is so sad to know about this, and yet be so powerless to do anything about it. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him look up.
    Yes, I know. I got it wrong. Sounds like AOC was right. But for the wrong reasons.
    We will all be dead in 12 years. She blames it on nature, instead man. Which brings us back to man’s inhumanity to man. We are in desperate need of help.
    There is a small number of people that I pray for (by Name) that are outside of family. Greg and Dane are two of them. Plus all of God’s people everywhere on the earth.

    • iwitness02

      Actually, I guess AOC does blame man. All we have to do is tax all of mankind and it will be fixed.

  26. Carl William

    I would like to contribute to this topic with some observations from down here in South America:
    1. Only you guys in NA are freezing. I live in southern Brazil high up in the mountains at 5500 ft. The seasons have gone crazy in the last couple of years, like all new leaves out on trees in the 1st week of August (equivalent to 1st week in February in NA). Our trees’ leaves are now yellowing since the 2nd week of Feb (equivalent to your August). All too early! January saw two weeks of the hottest weather here that even the old timers had never experienced. The southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul had the hottest average January temperature ever recorded since measurements were started 75 years ago. Last summer (2017-18) it rained every single day from Christmas to the middle of March!
    2. São Paulo city (12 million) has tremendous air traffic but you don’t see the so-called “condensation trails”. I almost never see any where I live. Why not, if they are normal for jet aircraft? Nothing like what I saw on several trips to Arizona in the last 20-30 years.
    3. I have a double glass door to my varanda which I do not block with a shade at night. Even 2 years ago it used to be covered with 30 -40 moths in the evening. Today maybe one or two. I can leave the door open all afternoon and maybe get one or two flies in the house at most. Used to have those small, almost microscopic ants in the kitchen every spring and summer. This year nothing! No insects on windshield when I go to São Paulo (220 km away). No insects – no food. It is very simple.

    All I can say is the any one who says that he/she doesn’t see climate change need to make an urgent appointment with an eye doctor.

    Congratulations to you Greg and Dane for this report. Dane is now confirming what other scientists and reporters, like Paul Beckwith, Peter Wadhams, Guy McPherson, Dahr Jamail are showing backed by real data. Let Trump deny it. As Gerald Celente would say: “Think for yourself”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carl for your eye witness reporting from Southern Brazil!!

  27. Tommy

    So what is the point of cooling the Northeast of North America and heating up the rest of the planet? What’s the intended result? Not buying that confidentiality agreements are going to keep people quiet if they and their families will be gone in 10 years anyway.
    In regards to contrails and chemtrails, yesterday I watched a jet flying overhead with a contrail that was like what I saw when I was a kid. It kept its form and dissipated quickly, unlike how I usually see jets with trails that do not go away and spread out turning a clear blue sky cloudy in a relatively short time. So I don’t dispute the screwing around just that it’s hard to believe anyone would follow a path of self destruction.

  28. Country Codger

    Excellent interview gentlemen!
    Greg, the person who made me aware of “chemtrails” and their chemical components was Clay Douglas also known as “The Free American”. He has been in the truth telling business since the mid-90’s that I know of. He has awakened a lot of folks to a lot of things.

    • Country Codger

      Hey Greg,
      Your Thank You came straight to my inbox for a change. Maybe we’re winning this one.
      Lo Iyrah!

      • Greg Hunter

        Good!! I am getting a lot of bounce backs not from Hotmail.

  29. Benjamin Golan

    Wow, the post I made last night/early morning was not accepted by th moderator? I provide scientific evidence – genuine scientific evidence of what is causing climate change, and it’s not relevant? What?

    How sad. You lost my respect.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not post it because we know you are a disinformation troll. No go away and collect your check.

  30. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I live in Washington, DC. The “chem-trails” I see in the sky are INCREDIBLE. They often make a tic-tac-toe pattern. I see them more and more, even at times in the evening.

    I point them out to people and I get mostly a blank stare or if someone comments, it is “condensation” from jet exhaust.

  31. Major Payne

    I respect Dane but I’m having a hard time buying this. The Grand Solar Minimum cycle is intensifying, which is a big part of the picture. And just what does Climate Collapse mean? We all face abrupt climate collapse in ten years. He’s sounding like AOC now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please spend some time on his website. Lots of hard scientific data. We are NOT talking about “climate change” we are talking about weather modification of all forms of geoengineering. Don’t take my word for the geoengineering going on. Listen to former CIA Director John Brennan speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations about this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_kqpeP_2Rs (Skip to about the 2:24 min mark)

    • Country Codger

      Shalom Major,
      If you won’t believe Mr. Wigington I know you won’t believe me because I don’t have irrefutable scientific data at my disposal. All I have is Scripture. What Mr. Wigington is saying is not too far off from what Scripture is saying. The only difference is that using Scripture mankind makes it to 2044 instead of 2026. Am I right and Mr. Wigington wrong? I am not saying that, I am saying that Scripture supports what Mr. Wigington is saying. Maybe my dates are off but if you will read Leviticus 26:14-46 and most of the book of Revelation you will find just exactly what Mr. Wigington is talking about recorded there for all to see. The solar minimum is just what part of an equation that once you do the F-O-I-L method of solving the equation you will see that not nuclear war but rather nature will destroy mankind. If you want to read what I have written about it, and Greg is not too tired of seeing these links, you can read about it here:
      and here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/why-i-was-wrong-about-americas-destiny-part-two-the-sin/
      and here: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/why-i-was-wrong-about-americas-destiny-part-iii-the-timeline/

      Our Father in heaven gave us His Word and it contains everything we need to know about the future. ‘Nuff said.
      Lo Iyrah!

  32. Benjamin Golan

    There are other very real factors affecting our planet Earth, all scientifically established by highly respected scientists, including btw Albert Einstein!

    Please take one moment and investigate another possibility for climate change, which may also even explain why the government is utilizing chemtrails in the first place!

    Look up the works of Dr. Schoch, Robert Felix, Dr. August Dunning of JPL, CalTech, Douglas Vogt of the Diehold Foundation,

    The C.I.A. classified a 284-page book on earth’s catastrophe cycle and crust displacement in 1966, which was recently declassified!

    What about watching this one video explaining the topic of climate change by a well known & credentialed scientist: https://youtu.be/auGj_FoZRzI

    • Greg Hunter

      Again Ben, Dane is talking about climate engineering NOT climate change. This video is from an anonymous site with poor sourcing at best. You are talking about something totally different than Dane.

      • Benjamin Golan

        Greg, I’v spoken to several of those scientists I mentioned earlier, they are will to debate Dane Wigington on your show!

        It will a be a civil debate!


        • Greg Hunter

          I have heard Dan in a debate and it was not pretty for the scientist. I guess when CIA Director Brennan brought this up top CFR in 2016 it was some sore of joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBG81dXgM0Q There is no debate this is established science and it is ongoing–period.

  33. George Mubarek

    Dear Greg, I really love this guy! His message rings true and echoes my sentiments of 45 years ago when I read Revelation 11:18 where “God will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth”. That is what has calmed me these many years. Would anyone allow his home ruined if they could stop them? Why would God allow His Earth to be vandalized ?

    • Greg Hunter

      George, and yet it is being destroyed by stupid people who do not believe in God the Father or his Book.

  34. Frank F Buchanan

    This is one of the best interviews I have seen Dane give. Very succinct and concise. Covered lots of critical points in a very short amount of time. Thanks to Dane and thanks to Greg for having the stones to get this info out there!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks frank!

  35. Phil

    Hi Greg,
    Chemtrails are actually aerosols of mostly metal particles that block and reflect solar radiation and help cool the planet. The process is also called global dimming. Without the aerosol and pollution particles in the atmosphere global dimming goes away and planet earth heats up faster than humans can cope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Based on what source Phil?

      • Phil

        Hi Greg,
        Dr. David Travis, University of Wisconsin, was researching contrail chemistry when 9/11 happened, and the entire USA airline fleet was grounded. Over the next three days, the loss of particulates in our atmosphere caused the temperature over the USA to shoot up one whole degree Celsius. At this rate, habitat for mammals on earth would be gone in no time.

      • Diane

        You already know Greg…

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Diand, “Climate Change” is a scam, but climate engineering is not. Just ask CIA Director Brennan in 2016 when he brought this upo to The Counsel on Foreign Releations:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBG81dXgM0Q

  36. John M.

    Thanks Dane and Greg.
    You both do so much to try and inform people about what is really happening around us, accompanied with great hardships and sacrifices I’m sure.
    When I try and awaken my friends about our crooked money system or deep-state corruption or climate engineering, they usually laugh at me and think I’m crazy. They probably tolerate me because of friendship and because they could us a little mental stimulation in a brain-dead world. “Condensation” is what I always get back from them and some have Air Force and flight experience.
    But a multiple of life-changing events will be coming at some point as there’s too many devilish things happening in the world, and only pleading to God for mercy with unending prayers will be all that can save us.
    May God bless you two always in disseminating facts and truth.

  37. paul ...

    Can I ask a simple question … we live in America … and have a Constitution that proclaims the right of each citizens to have “freedom of religion and belief” … so why do we need a “new law” to give that right to Muslims and Jews? … seems these “commies” obviously don’t recognize our US Constitution … and are now going to write “their own Demon- Rat Laws” with regard to religion simply for the Muslims and Jews? … what about the Hindu’s, the Catholics, the Atheists, etc., etc.?? … what is wrong with the current US Constitution that is already on the books??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-06/chaos-erupts-closed-door-session-house-democrats-revolt-against-pelosi-anti

  38. paul ...

    This is a bit off subject … but can anyone explain how we can have “true dough” if all his henchmen breaking the law resign?? … perhaps Canadians should revert to “fake dough” (as the bankers call it) … namely gold and silver!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-06/nothing-see-here-former-trudeau-aide-denies-corruption-allegations

  39. Mohammad


    Something in this interview struck me and made me scratch my head:
    He said we have only a decade before humanity extinct…
    Well , Where did I hear that before?


    The rats that were rude to senator Feinstein, were saying exactly the same..!!!

    What is it that makes the two , three if you add AOC, on the same channel ?????????


  40. mike

    Cloud seeding and rain enhancement has a long history in many countries. China has the largest cloud seeding system in the world. To clear the air of pollution.

  41. paul ...

    By the looks of things … it seems the neocon warmongers Trump hires and puts in key positions at the White House did a good job “adding conditions” that now seems to have sabotaged the Korean talks … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-06/north-korea-has-started-rebuilding-long-range-missile-site-satellite-images-show

  42. Russ

    So, why is President Trump supporting 5g?

    • paul ...

      Russ … Perhaps Trump wants to put the 5G towers along the US-Mexican border to sterilize the illegal aliens sneaking into the US!!

  43. paul ...

    Children fighting for their survival are told by Demon-rat Dianne Feinstein that since they are not old enough to vote they have no say in whether they live or die … sort of like what her buddy Demon-rat Cuomo believes in with regard to aborting babies already born and under the voting age … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-22/dianne-feinstein-snaps-group-earth-conscious-children

    • paul ...

      Seems to the Demon-rats (politicians that they are) anyone under 18 does not count … hope these kids “remember this well” … perhaps God should have extended a woman’s pregnancy from 9 months to 18 years … so that when babies are born they immediately have voting rights over issues that pertain to their life or death … right now people under the age of 18 are not voters the politicians need to stay in office … so they are ignored and simply don’t count … if 10 years is all we have left … all these kids under 18 don’t have any say in the coming extinction of humanity … these kids parents should be doing something … like voting the Demon-rats out of office!!

  44. Eileen

    Many peoples comment I would love to reply to. “Long ago” there existed a website named Weather Wars. That site was hacked to pieces and destroyed by most likely, “people” like Brennan. Around these parts, about 5 miles from the Ohio border, we are being sprayed be chemtrails. Won’t say who, but an associate of mine, a TRUE HEALER, told me he has/had a client who told him that he used to load planes from a nearby Ohio AIR FORCE BASE with canisters of this s**T. I know what the jets look like spraying the chemtrails. Wake up in the morning and the sky is bright blue and beautiful. Round about noon after the jets pass over the sky is white. And then the next day, it is either raining or snowing these DAZE.
    Have been an organic gardener for over thirty years. Don’t know what the crap is that they are spraying perhaps coal ash? Toxic, toxic, toxic. Plants that survive this crap have had black crud all over them. The worst part for me this year is that “whatever they are spraying” seems to have EXCITED mold spores where I was very, very sick for about 6 months this year After this long saga of un-wellness, I find it VERY HARD TO BELIEVE that somebody, somebody, somebody, Can Anybody Tell Me, who is trying to KILL ME? (Imagine this last to the tunes in Bohemian Rhapsody).
    I for one BELIEVE that in addition to the HEAVY METALS in the chemtrails there is TICK LARVAE as well as a FUNGUS being sprayed amongst us in the Northeast.
    I have a great dentist who blasted that out of my sinuses with several Ozone/Oxygen treatments. Not a pleasant after effect. Herkheimer reaction. Which meant indeed, something deadly in my sinuses was killed off. Versus the options to take antibiotics, and use steroids or the deadly Prednisone. I look for causes in my health issues – NOT PHARMA.
    Don’t really care if the Great Big Eye in the eye of Sauron (Google Earth) see that I will be growing all of my food under cover cloths this year. Put that on your FORK.
    Thank you Greg for allowing me to rant.

    • paul ...

      Eileen … A glass greenhouse (if you can afford one) may be a better more effective method to keep the crap off your vegetable plants (then using cover cloths)!!

      • Diane

        Good tip Greg

  45. Alton Magson

    Hasn’t there been ice ages followed by warming periods for millions of years? Does the sun having hotter and cooler phases play into this? What about changes in the earth’s orbit which will be closer to the sun at times and then farther away?

  46. Ivan

    I think the solution for most of america’s problems can be found in our constitution .
    To change the constitution it must be amended,so this is still the law .
    http://freedom-school.com/law/federal-grand-jury.html It was not written in the constitution this is the law unless the drafters of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure decide to change it .

  47. Donald

    “The only way to stop this issue is from the inside out to wake our military brothers and sisters to what they are doing.”

    As to what the military is doing, I have little idea. Some years ago I did a bit of investigating and found that the US military was burning about 1 million barrels of fuels a day – 5% of total USA consumption. To me this is a problem. But there is an even massively bigger problem. About 10 years ago I found a study of what international shipping is doing to the ecology. In that study, the world’s fleet of about 100,000 ships was producing about 250 times more pollution than the world’s entire fleet of cars, trucks and motor cycles (which was estimated to be about 800,000,000 vehicles at the time. I believe the number is now around 1 billion vehicles. These ships produce so much pollution because they burn the cheapest, dirtiest, fuel available – bunker oil. This is wreaking havoc on the oceans, rain patterns, ice pack melt and so on. The solution to solve this problem is simple – install scrubbers on each ship – but the owners don’t want to spend the money. One could write an Encyclopedia Britannica on things like this. This is why stupid doesn’t work – its self destructive. But the world has been is overrun with stupid, psychopathic, and so on. The solution to this problem is not talking, as only a small portion of people will actually respond. Knowing this, the only solution is what the Bible addresses.

  48. paul ...

    This is interesting … Turkey tells the US it is buying the advanced Russian made S-400 air defense system “over Washington’s objections” … US neocons see the S-400 as a threat to their ability to do regime changes given the S-400’s potential to compromise the F-35’s advanced radar evading and electronics capabilities … seems Turkey, India and many other nations are buying the Russians S-400 air defense system … they likely feel the way David Stockman does … who suggests the neocon swamp can’t be drained by Trump (who for some reason continually surrounds himself with neocons (intent on starting new wars) … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-06/david-stockman-undrainable-swamp-inevitable-recession … as for the American people it seems we are back in the same old “bad deal” … where we are forced to feed the swamp creatures “with our blood” … Trump tells us he wants to get rid of the swamp but then says “he likes Hillary”? … and surrounds himself with the biggest swamp creature of them all “the neocon military industrial bankster complex” making it stronger and stronger (which can only lead to the loss of his base) and the evil commies winning in 2020!!… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLjook1I0V4

  49. fpv

    The timelines we are hearing about global weather related catastrophe from Mr. Wigington and Representative Cortez have an uncanny correlation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Big difference is Wigington backs his words up with hard science.

  50. Willard Ferch

    We are in a Grand Solar Minimum, exactly what caused the Little Ice Age. 2,000,000 died as a result. The cycle is 412 years. At least two billion or more will die this time.
    Good Luck! Fiddlin

    • Chip


  51. Mohammad


    I am convinced that the spray of the aluminum in the sky is for one good reason, to short circuit any possible EMP that could be deployed on US and protect our infra structure.

    They are building a Faraday wrap.
    Unintended consequences? yes? but the risk is higher, much higher, and protecting our grid is more vital.

    I am not buying the crap that we will be done as humans in a decade, that is AOC’s argument to push agenda.


  52. ED1

    I concur with Dane. The spraying of heavy metals (and God knows what else) is more of an issue than some of these other issues that’s being crammed down our throats. It must stop. I personally believe this is meant to conform with the UN agenda 21, which has now morphed into agenda 2030. I suggest this is more about population reduction, and carbon taxes, than anything else.

    I find the link below to be very interesting. When I was in college back in 1988 I wrote a research paper on acid rain, which was the big fear that was being perpetrated at that time. According to all the information available from the ‘experts” at that time (pre-internet) acid rain was the result of sulfur dioxide, which was the result of burning low grade coal with a high sulfur content. This sulfur dioxide was supposedly coming over from Europe and in to Alaska. The general consensus back then was acid rain was going to deplete forests around the globe, thus resulting in doom for the planet.

    Now today we have professors from Harvard wanting to come up with a “new idea” of spraying “sulfur dioxide” from aircraft to combat global warming. Do these clowns even look back at their own data?

    Just to recap some of the doom and gloom perpetrated by some of these so called “experts” that I can remember from over the years.

    First it was sulfur dioxide caused by acid rain. It was going to deplete our forests around the globe. Now we seldom, if ever, hear about acid rain.

    Within a few years the new fear mongering was the hole in our ozone layer from green house gases. This one went on for a few years before, for the most part, it too slid away.

    Next came Al Gore where he emphatically preached that every coastline was going to be under 10 feet of water within a few years. This one has been debunked as more condos, homes and other buildings continues to be built on shorelines. Do folks even stop to consider that big banks and other financial institutions would actually continue to fund the building on shorelines if they were all going to be under water?

    Then came along the global warming claims that so many was so vocal about, which for the most part, has morphed into the new kid on the block……..”climate change”. Do any of those folks ever look back at history obtained from ice core drilling in the artic? It clearly shows that planet earth has been in a continual climate change state for a few million years and long before man had any impact on the planet. And more than once the planet has been hotter and colder than were what we are seeing today, with all kinds of climate changing events in between. Yet the planet survived and without human intervention.

    I accept the fact that climate change is for real. That is a given. But I do not accept “some” of the junk science reports that’s being perpetrated upon us by some of the so called “expert” scientist. Many of those folks (and universities) are being payed to publish data that corresponds with the current UN narrative. If they do not publish what the powers to be want to see, they stand a chance on losing their funding, or perhaps their jobs.

    Follow the money!

    Last week when I was surfing the web I came across some old data from the archives from the UN. I wished I had kept that information. However, in that information it reviled some documentation from back in 1970 where there was a fella in Italy speaking. He clearly stated that “we need to come up with some other form of fear information, other than war, to keep the population scared”. His suggestion was using global environmental issues to do so.

    Follow the money!

  53. ED1

    Well crud, for some reason I cannot get the link to pull up but I’ll keep trying.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

  54. Anonymous

    I posted this as a thread on https://8ch.net/qresearch – It was delisted from the catalog within 10 min. It’s concerning that the moderators quickly hid the content. https://8ch.net/comms/res/3899.html

    Subject: The perfect Q Proof – pretty please?

    The ultimate Q Proof is simply a pure blue sky. Here’s why…

    When I look up and see chemicals sprayed by the US military, or permitted by the military, I see military personnel commanded by POTUS/Q+ allowing someone to poison my family, my children and my land.

    Most of America watches those damned planes spray stripes that disperse to a white haze over our heads. We all know that those planes, or the ones that should shoot them down, answer to POTUS who can stop them anytime with an order.

    Here’s a dose of critical thinking… Which is more insane, the new Green Deal, or permitting the military to spray poison on the people and their land while begging those same people for belief, faith and loyalty?

    The truth is painted in the sky. We witness hate as we watch our weapons flown by our children dowse our nation with poison.

    We hear the malice as scum-balls like, Brennan, brag to the CFR how CIA-deep-state-evil endorses death for all by environmental insanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8OFllOka8Y

    We feel the evil as we watch autism destroy our children, the CDC shred the evidence, and the FDA ignore parallel escalation of vaccine use and autism incidence. Insane.

    We anger as intellectual-elite attack anyone who dares to stand up while the media and social outlets censor all who speak the obvious.

    We irk when the media tells us what we see, hear and feel isn’t real – those aren’t planes; the bugs aren’t dying; our kids aren’t maimed, and we aren’t sicker each day.

    Every “Q Proof” erases my faith in POTUS and Q/Q+. I cannot stand for a leader who permits his military to poison my family, my land and my children.

    If you want my vote & my loyalty stop spraying poison on me.

    We know POTUS commands those planes – for better or worse, regardless of history. Time escalates the political vulnerability of inaction – a large quiet many seethe in anger impatiently praying that POTUS is a good human and Q isn’t just another cruel PSYOP.

    The day I see a clear sky is the day I will believe POTUS / Q/Q+ are real – Until then I live in fear that evil reigns.


  55. Matt

    One of the questions asked of Dane is why do the elite destroy their own environment? Dane may be right that they’re too power hungry to care but I personally disagree. If there really is a global system of underground bases, they would just move underground while everything is killed up top. Then when the smoke clears they come back up. Heck, they could even go off planet for all I know.
    We know for a fact the global elite want a vast majority of us killed. It sounds like their plan is working and I guarantee they’re not so power hungry that they don’t intend to survive.
    Great but darn scary interview Greg and Dane! I’ve been aware of chemtrails and fighting the good fight for almost 20 years but still nothing has changed. Sure hope it does soon.

  56. Jerry

    If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

    Nothing like Deutsche Bank handing out warnings. Meanwhile it’s own stock yo-yos back up down below 9.00 . Time is all we have left folks. Lord knows there’s no money.

  57. Mohammad

    Sequence of events on Brexit is bringing some vague dots from the past :

    1- Why it was known all along but swept under the carpet that Qaddafi was financing the red army in Belfast Ireland and no one made any attempt to stop it nor uncover it?

    2- When violence in Ireland was bringing people to knees and they were ready to accept any solution, comes Tony Blair with his magic Friday agreement that ended the violence but at a price…. Splitting N Ireland from main land Ireland to keep it as an Achilles’ heel for the future:
    And let’s not forget who was The Godfather of the deal….NON OTHER THAN CLINTON.
    England joined EU

    3- Of course dead people do not talk and Qaddafi was killed , again you find the name Clintons in the midst of Libya affairs.

    4- Now the Brexit comes and we are back to square one , Northern Ireland staying with UK and main land Ireland with EU and the talks about a hard border are back and possibly the violence is back , the North Ireland minister peddled back a statement she said earlier indicating that “Killings by U.K. Forces ‘Were Not Crimes’”:

    So what does that mean? Is it a warning to Irish people from UK? or it was just a slip of the tongue….?

    5- Seems we are heading to a no deal Brexit and if so it will be interesting to see if Germany will insist on a hard border splitting Ireland into two and eventually splitting Ireland from UK.

    6- Who is the immediate beneficiary?



  58. Dan

    Armstrong says the “climate change” crowd is full of crap.

    This isn’t man made induced change…not on the global scale we keep hearing about.

    Yes…POLLUTION can and will kill us all….including the crap they keep spraying in the atmosphere (CHEM TRAILS).

    But if it doesn’t, changing SOLAR CYCLES may do us in because there is proof from previous expeditions to the poles and other locations after taking core samples that the climate changes in direct proportion to the amount of heat the earth receives from the Sun. And instead of a CO2 induced HEAT SCAM melting all the ice and flooding the earth, the exact OPPOSITE is happening RIGHT NOW. Colder and colder winters, and colder climate is directly related to SOLAR CYCLES…and the next MINI ICE AGE may well be upon us. THINK FROZEN GROUND more then 2ft deep, NO WINTER WHEAT CROPS, etc.

    That means FOOD SHORTAGES, and a BULL MARKET IN AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES within the next 3-5 years. It also means LOTS OF TROUBLES because when people can’t afford to EAT, they LOSE IT.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Dan but we are talking about climate engineering not climat change.

  59. Mohammad


    Why you deleted my post about the fires starting with the houses’ meters in California?
    It is a fact.
    Fires consumed the houses to take out the biggest power company in the west.
    Those fires on record had the houses taken out with trees intact and foliage intact?
    Why to omit those facts?
    Houses without smart meters were not burned, doesn’t that spark your investigative instinct Greg?
    I will post vides and photos:


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes I deleted the comments you mad because there is no scientific source. You post a video withj two guy talkinjg about this? If you want to say things like this get some real sources with scientific evidence.

  60. susan

    I absolutely believe that someone is geoengineering the world’s weather. That said, where I live on the northern tier of the US, I have looked and looked and have not seen any Cris-crossing here. Maybe they are saving this area because of the great farmland and cattle herds. I don’t know. But the weather has been nothing like when I was young. Back in the day we had much harsher winters and shorter summers than we have had for a long time. Actually it is becoming closer to normal. This is something with which all of the old-timers agree. Waiting to see when we plant this year.

  61. Christopher

    Wait. It’s been “global heating” last time we checked. Now global cooling? which is it? FACT IS IT’S ALL CYCLICAL AND IN GOD’S HAND ! The chem trails are real and are fire accelerants in the Autumn. That’s Agenda 21 and HARRP and we pay for our own demise. Dane is a gate keeper but, at least he’s raising the subject in a dumbed down America. Thanks Greg for your platform.

  62. Tim McGraw

    If Dane is right; what’s the point? We are all “On the Beach” (read the book , see the movie.) I think your guest Karl Denninger was right. It’s over. Enjoy the time left.

  63. Chip

    I have no doubt that there is local climate engineering going on. However, the current trend in colder temps on a global scale has to do with solar cycles, NOT geoengineering. We are entering a cooling period and it will continue for decades. Next year may be a bit warmer but the trend over the next several decades will be downward… Chip

  64. George Mubarek

    Dear Greg, Again, I really must commend you on this excellent interview! Your skill as a Great Journalist came to the fore. Thank you for having Dane on to clarify this confusing issue. I look forward to Our Father rescuing us and saving the Planet. Thank you for all you do. It is much appreciated!

  65. sam wright

    Insects disappearing because of the radaition emitted from all the cell phone towers
    Dr. Warnke summarizes the findings of his report as follows:
    Bees, Birds and Mankind – how wireless radiation is destroying the natural world order
    “Today, unprecedented exposure levels and intensities of magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields from numerous wireless technologies interfere with the natural information system and functioning of humans, animals, and plants. The consequences of this development, which have already been predicted by critics for many decades, cannot be ignored anymore. Bees and other insects vanish; birds avoid certain places and become disorientated at others. Humans suffer from functional impairments and diseases. And insofar as the latter are hereditary, they will be passed on to next generations as pre-existing defects”

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