Dastardly War Will Prop Up Failing System-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial analyst and trader, Gregory Mannarino says the new Iraq crisis is no accident.  Mannarino says, “They are letting this happen on purpose. . . . We have an economy that needs to borrow cash into existence.  It is built upon the acquisition of debt–period.  This cash needs to be borrowed into existence and then dispersed.  They don’t even care where it goes.  If this mechanism becomes impeded in any way, the whole thing will collapse.  We do not have a wealth based economic model.  We have a debt based economic model. . . . The United States of America has been involved in more military conflicts than every other nation combined, multiple folds, why?  It’s the mechanism, the U.S. dollar being the world reserve currency, needs to be borrowed into existence and then spent.  So, the propagation of war is paramount with this type of an economic model.”  Mannarino thinks, “I believe they allowed this thing to develop and this whole thing to come apart because this is part of the scheme to keep the whole thing propped up.” 

Mannarino predicted this type of move a few years ago in a book he wrote titled “The Politics of Money.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “This is a very dastardly and evil mechanism.  The propagation of war, their next step in keeping this propped up.  What people also don’t understand is the U.S. military is mandated to protect the oil of OPEC nations.  Iraq is an OPEC nation.  We have to get in there and do something.  So, it is a set up.  The whole thing is a complete setup to keep this propped up, and this is being done in collusion with the Federal Reserve, our policy makers and the industrial military complex.  This has to be understood for what it is, and we have all known that war was in the cards for a long time, and we are starting to see it unfold now.”

It appears there is no urgency to stop this rout by al-Qaeda related terrorists in Iraq.  Mannarino contends, “They need to sell this, and it’s already being sold on the mainstream media to the average person out there.  What they are going to do on the mainstream media is start showing more brutal acts by these people to get the fear brewing in people’s minds.  I would not be surprised and fearful of a false flag to get people to back another war over there.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “This has to happen.  This is in defense of the petro dollar . . . this is the basis of every single thing that is going on right now.  This is to defend the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency, to defend the petro dollar.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “This is how we know we are at the very, very end of this entire thing.  The European Central Bank is making the most desperate move possible with negative interest rates.  The Federal Reserve will be following suit with something else, and I don’t know what, and we have the propagation of war to keep the dollar propped up. That is what this is. . . . But it won’t last.” 

Massive fraud has been keeping the system propped up since “the party over moment” of the 2008 financial meltdown.  Mannarino says, “It is so evident, the amount of fraud across the board is epic.  We have never seen anything like this before.  It wasn’t this bad during the credit derivative bubble that devastated the global economy, and it has gotten worse.  Their goal is to prop things up, and they don’t care what reality is.  Forget about the last credit derivative bubble, it is much, much worse now.  This is distortion being created by the world’s central banks on purpose.  That one metric is allowing fraud to bleed across every asset class.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Gregory Mannarino predicts, “I think we are going to get record high after record high in the stock market until the whole thing blows up.”  If you would like to buy a copy of Mannarino’s book titled “The Politics of Money,” click here.  (Look for a RED book cover on the right side of the page when you scroll down.)  Click here for the Home page of TradersChoice.net.

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  1. Dwain

    It makes me wonder if the US has redirected al- Qadea forces from Syria to Iraq. It will be interesting to see if things change in Syria or remain the same.


  2. Ugly

    Flush money into the system and create the demand. A bomb at $1 million. Jets at $28 million. Guns at $2,000 a piece. People die, but business is good….

    • allen ols

      greg ugly

      Pope says economies sustained only by war, collapse coming.


      • Kerry

        Such a collapse was prophecied in the Bible ages ago…Alas! You great city, you mighty city, Babylon! For in a single hour your judgment
        has come…

        • Galaxy 500

          Yeah, sure…the 12 disciples thought they lived in the end times, too. If your talking about it I am not worried. I’ve lived thru many world end scenarios and you know what…it didn’t. And the.people that played along either went bankrupt or drank the koolaid and died.
          But if you pay attention, Babylon is in the new (and its still.in the middle.east)

          • Charles H.


            Wars and rumors of wars… I too was loaded up on the “imminent” return, the Rapture – even BEFORE graduation from college! That rushed a bunch of kids to get married before graduation; and was not a good thing. I didn’t believe it either. But now, I am warming-up to the idea I may see it in my lifetime. These ARE perilous times.

  3. Fraser

    As an outsider, I find it outrageous that you sit there and talk about the crimes of your own Government in the “third person”, as if you were not responsible. Germany’s citizenry failed to control Hilter and paid the ultimate price. Japan’s citizenry failed to curb their Government and Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed. To end the wars today, the world will “de-Americanize” (one way or another) and the American citizenry will “reap as they have sown”.

    • Curlly

      Time to move downunder? Got to work on that Aussie lilt, now where was I born, Perth, Sydney? Wondon Valley? Yes! Like Cookie (Vernon Locke) used to say, armagetton outa here! I think I need a flying Doctor , call the Nieghbors! Turn off the T.V..

    • art barnes

      Frazer, very interesting observation, a lot of truth to it sad though it is. Yes, there will be many like on this blog that can say I told you so, but as you say if we don’t stop it somehow all of us here will be Hitler”ized” in the end. Thanks for your comment its good food for thought.

      • Charles H.


        America’s unique position in history and the world – being strong AND privately armed citizenry: means that it could not have been subjugated from outside – it has to be defeated from within. And looks like it’s happening before our eyes.

    • Eddie Laidler

      As an outsider (whatever that means) you may be spot on that the world will de-americanize. I don’t think many here would argue that point. In fact the evidence of currency wars is quite stark and seems to be accelerating .
      Allow me to ask who would you have in control of the worlds currency?
      A New World Order Financial System?
      Because unless you are Chinese or Russian you may be in for a bit of surprise if the world goes off of the dollar as the reserve currency.
      The chaos and fluctuations without the stability inherently created by the military strength of the U.S. would be terrifying.
      These guys waiting out there are not some benevolent landlords waiting to let you into the club.
      They are power structures that want what the U.S. has and has controlled.
      Your post sir is naive and filled with slings and arrows.
      We here are people trying to see beyond the government propaganda and hype of all countries including the U.S.A.

    • Doug C.

      Sounds about right. I sure hope that the reaping doesn’t come over the boarder into Canada (fall out), but I think we are all going to pay the price for what has been allowed to happen. When people are happy and have what they need, they are less likely to write or call their representatives to complain, “if I have what I want, I don’t care what they do” is the attitude. I am just going to keep stacking Silver and hope to come out the other side brused but hopefully still standing.

    • Emeth

      In a democracy, all you can do is speak out against the evil. The alternative is very ugly, as evidenced by the pro-active on the left and the right. Greg is certainly speaking out. Public opinion needs to change, but that change is always slower than it could be. It takes a long time to change minds .. that’s not Greg’s fault.

    • Wolfgang Zuttermeister

      As an outsider, wherever you might reside, you certainly have the luxury to be outraged from a comfortable distance. But the fruits of said luxury add up to less than zero. Should we Americans submit a civil complaint petition to disband Congress and the Obama Administration and hold new elections? Should we telephone our representatives to impeach Obama? Occupy Wall Street was labeled a “terrorist organization” and undermined and harassed by the FBI and local police departments. The system is way too far gone and any serious threat to it showing up in DC would be shot down like dogs. Out here on the wild edge of the world in Santa Cruz, California, however, it’s a nice sunny day. I’m going surfing.


      • allen ols

        I used to live near Scotts Valley, I know the feeling. ha

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice to hear from the penal colony down under. I vote but my vote is made irrelevant by the theft (voter fraud) as dead people vote and some people vote in more than one state. What do you suggest we do up here? Perhaps armed insurrection? We write letters and call our congress people. But then there are some people like Al, that posts frequently complaining about govt, who don’t vote. The only real power they have for change and they can’t be bothered to stand in line to exercise it while making excuses that both parties are the same. One way they are different is that not a single republican voted for the job killing liberty stealing Obamacare.
      There may be a time where the only choice left to patriots is a second American Revolution but its not now. And I pray that we can avoid this as it will be the young that will have to fight it and the ones I know dont appear to be up to the task.

    • Fraser

      Sorry, but your country is murdering millions of innocent people around the world – in your name – so I think you deserve a poke in your collective conscience.

      I also understand your predicament, but all is not lost. I see that you have got rid of Eric Cantor – great start – who can you take down next? Without a revolution, you are going to have to do it step by step – but time is running out – so get going!

      • Galaxy 500

        Funny, I’ve meet many Australians in my travels that went walkabout. I’ll take responsibility for the ones that didnt deserve killing that were done by the administrations I voted for if you will.kindly point them out. As I recall, you guys decimated the indigenous peoples shooting them for fun. It doesnt sound a lot different from up here except we did it out of greed instead of fun. So please dont pretend moral superiority.

        • Galaxy 500

          Sorry, when poked, I have a bad habit of pulling a hot poker out of the fire and poking back. Just.consider.it playful banter

          • Curlly

            Fraser, Don’t mind G500, us Yanks have never had any better friends than the Australians. Not even the Canadians come close because they stayed loyal and we didn’t, there’s still a bit of resentment, our invading their country didn’t help either! We fought with you digga’s four generations and four wars! And England sent there prisoners to the original 13 North American colonies right up until our Declaration of Independence. Maybe we share a little bit of larceny together in our hearts, it would explain a lot! July 4th I’ll put some shrimp on the barbi for ya, ah, I mean prawns, eh!

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    The debt market already began bursting: http://www.acting-man.com/?p=31099
    And it will only accelerate after the BRICS and associates drops the US$ officially.
    So the circus will go a month or 2 maybe 3. And we can make the best buys in our life. 🙂
    The bad part is, while innocent people are dying. 🙁

    Your thoughts.

    • TJ Jackson

      What do you suggest that we do? Unlike the Chicago mob, we have only vote. We are preparing for the inevitable economic chaos that is to come. We are trying to associate with like minded people. Are you suggesting that we take further action? If so, what?

    • Doug C.

      Sounds about right, but I sure hope the reaping doesn’t spill over the boarder (fall out) into Canada because of our close proximity, but I am affraid we will all pay the price for what the Bankers have been allowed to do. Good times lull people into not caring enough to write, or call their representatives, “as long as I have what I want, it doesn’t matter what they do”! Keep stacking silver and maybe some of us can come out the other side, brused but still standing.

      • Doug C.

        Greg. this responce was placed in the wrong spot. Can you delete it please.
        Thanks, and keep up the great work of informing people.

    • Darren

      @Galaxy your straw man argument holds no water, past and present are two different realities. History also records native American Indians being massacred by your fellow peoples not to mention slavery. The USA is/now responsible for many current & past atrocities against other citizens of this planet so that you (USA) can reap the rewards of better living conditions. These abused citizens have had enough of being raped and pillaged to support YOUR current lifestyles and decided they (rest of the world) no longer want to continue living in dire poverty at YOUR (USA) expense. Fraser was only pointing out it is up you (USA citizenry) to fight back against your current leaders, but why would you at the cost of losing your status quo?

      • Charles H.

        Darren & Fraser,

        It is always easy to generalize; and there are times this is necessary – but Americans are “murdering millions of innocent people around the world”? Even discounting a time-frame here: this IS really over-the-top. And are Native American Indians really getting “raped and pillaged”?? Lots of tribesmen are killing each other over their share of the Casinos they own. Yes, there are lots of problems; but there are also lots of programs from the Federal government. But even applied to the world: rape and pillage are too strong of accusations. America DOES take advantage or exploit other nations. I think there are better ways to express the sins of America without being too inflammatory

        As to jumping up and fixing “our” government… ummmm … the US has the best high-tech monitoring; it has the biggest and broadest intelligence agency in the world; it is corrupt as heck; Fed agencies are arming to the teeth: and they have no qualms coming after you. So how do you suggest we “fix” “our” government without being “disappeared”?? I write my Senator and Representatives; and I vote. The USA is like the Titanic – fixing isn’t going to happen: looking for materials to tie together for floatation maybe a better course to pursue.

        For the record – I filed a total of $4600.00 total income last year for me and my wife. Such is hardly in the Lap of Luxury; but I live in Mexico, in the lower-middle class. Not all of us Americans are raping, pillaging, and murdering the world to support an exaggerated life-style. But I generalize here.

  5. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Hello ewrybody

    Please separate ISIS / ISIL from FSA and other more moderate groups,,, FSA and many other groups ARE currently fighting ISIS and have done so fore many months .ISIS is so ekstreme that even Al Nusra is fighting them…
    So this is close at being bad journalism,,,,:-(
    I am not saying that ewrything is perfect in the FSA , fare from..
    The west ( or what is left of it ) are making hisstoric mistakes….we have forgot about Freedom,,, .The FSA in Syria are representing freedom ( in an early form ,, but still a start ) from oppression and are looking towards the west with hope of support,,, and we are letting them down,, Assad misinformation and propaganda have partly succeded.
    Assad is cruel but not dum,,,, foreexampel….. Many reports of partly Assad army Intelligence infiltration in ISIL in northern Syria,,,, resulting in that the ISIS army NOT being hit by artillery and the Assad airpower,,,, all while they fight hard against the other rebel groups And at the same time the propaganda maschine is running full speed , painting a picture ,, of ALL the revolutionary groups are al quida ekstremists ,,, and deserve being bombed back to the stoneage , all while the Assad security apparatus partly using ISIL against the other rebels.
    Did I say that Assad is running ISIL. NO I did not say that,,,,,, but to some extent they are tactical allied ,,,,
    But just an exsampel…. Of the many dynamics
    What about the continuing use of chemical weapons,,,, many reports about this ,,, totally ignored,,, by the MSM and more,,,

    It seems to mé ,,, that the US government is motivated by total chaos and implosion of the world economy ,,they cant be responsibel themselves of course,,, the support of the facist government in Ukraine ,,, is prof of this ,,, and by the inaction in the middle east / syria they are holding a balance of terror where NO ONE can win,,,

    Best regards


    • Frank

      Yep! BRICs bank in July and gold backed ruble and yuan within a year. gold backed Nordic Euro will emerge as well. And a new gold backed dollar! Oh wait, we HAVE NO GOLD. Dang.

    • Darren

      Charles all I can suggest you re-read what was said as I clearly explained the past and present are two different realities in relation to G500 comments in relation to walkabouts which is a term rarely used in Australia other than the local outback indigenous people going for a wonder somewhere generally unknown whereabouts. Colonial Australia was cruel to the indigenous population, where the concept of land ownership did not exist. Again American Indians were raped and pillaged plus slaughtered by settlers seeking new lands and fortunes under the guise of religion to justify their actions again in the past. Do you honestly think all the wars that the USA and its mates (Australia included) alone have created has not caused the murder/deaths of millions since WW2? And for what reason? I know it certainly was not for the expansion of Christianity.

      • Charles H.


        It seems that our take on history is very much different, not just from a national perspective – but also considering the sources we were exposed to. Going into, or trying to sort-out the specifics then devolves into arguments concerning the sources; and historically this can be as different as the East from the West. Even I get caught-up at times – pushing – my point hard because someone responded in a way that rubbed me wrong. But please consider this: arguments are not for “winning” – because, basically, nobody wins one. Arguments are for “expressing” – that is, to lay-down your points well and support them: then let them go. If, once you have set your argument out, and it is misunderstood, or mis-interpreted: then a clarification is good. But beyond a second comment, the clarification – there is no use ‘taking anyone to school’. All you should do is let whatever you wrote – sink in; otherwise you become “an arguer”: and you lose readers.
        You write well, Darren. And you are obviously sensitive, and care for people. There are some fine points to entering into a blog like this: and you could be one of the better ones here. Thanks for your reply.

  6. allen ols


    I have been checking GM site reg. He has a great grasp on stuff. tks. al.

  7. allen ols


    pope says collapse immient;sp


    • jc Davis

      Allen. I think many will listen to the pope. Good read.

  8. Galaxy 500

    Don’t worry! Obama is considering his options in Iraq! Hes been considering them for four months. He’s a slow thinker when he.thinks at all. Nero played the lyre while Rome burned, Obama…he plays golf while the world burns.
    I love the way the way the MSM feigns surprise. They didnt see the terrorists retaking Iraq. Just goes to show you that a community organizer position doesn’t prepare you for the position of President. It also goes to show you that social promotion is a bad idea.

  9. Galaxy 500

    Gregory M. says, “What people also don’t understand is the U.S. military is mandated to protect the oil of OPEC nations.”
    I missed this mandate. Where is this mandate written?
    And where did Lois Learners email go? Obama and his minions are willing to lie to our face and don’t care if we know its a lie as we can’t do anything. And did you hear that Krugman says last year was a great year…a banner year for Obama. I’d hate to see what a bad year looks like to this dumba$$. With this type of reasoning, it’s little wonder his economic theories are unadulterated bull shiite.

    • Paul from Indiana

      G500, the “mandate” to which GM refers is the stipulation in the Nixon-era petrodollar agreement, a classic Faustian bargain, whereby we, as undisputed world #1 superpower, commit to OPEC’s (meaning Saudi Arabia’s) defense in exchange for OPEC settling all oil trade in dollars, thereby creating and preserving an on-going worldwide demand for dollars. This is the real reason we haven’t told OPEC over the years to shove it, as we have enough energy resources here easily to be independent, but should we do so, there goes the dollar scam. So, in the scenario where we have to fight or lose the petrodollar scam, you can bet your “sweet bippy” (as Rowan and Martin used to say) that we’ll be fighting again over there. I see this evening that Obama says we’ll have ground forces going in. No surprise here. Best always. PM

      • Galaxy 500

        I dont see us defending every member of OPEC. Sorry. Even if we wanted to, we are not in a position to do it. I sure dont see us defending Iran when Isreal nukes it. But thats just my analysis and its worth every dime I charge for it.

  10. Galaxy 500

    How about Obama=Iran? Both are evil. Both have a stated goal to destroy America. Obama’s fundamental transformation=from super power to third world power. From a republic to a police state run by his minions who are above the law. They are not even attempting TO PRETEND to enforce the immigration laws. 90,000 minors have invaded our land so far.

  11. art barnes

    Greg, the MSM is, as your guest said, starting to sell a new bombing campaign in Iraq. I disagree that Obama wants to get involved and that is why he is finally discussing such moves with Congress; he doesn’t want to go in, but if forced to do so, he wants Congressional cover. Remember if Iraq is lost what will that do to sell the finally pull out of Afghanistan as any 3rd grader could figure out it can’t be far behind when we leave. I believe the present Iraq crisis is that last thing Obama wanted to happen and that is why there has been a coverage shortage of the insurgency until Mosul was defeated and its couldn’t be kept out of the media front page any longer; defeated a million person town, with the use of CIA supplied weapons, U.S. military ground hardware, etc.; you can’t make this stuff up and now you can’t cover it up any longer; the bombs are getting ready to go off once again.

    Another thing your guest said was the stock market will continue to climb and I agree wholeheartedly. As I have said in the past the FED understands that if the market continues to move upward it can continue to sell a recovery, its a psychological thing left over from 1929, which is still very much alive in modern day economic college text books; that a economic collapse is tied to the hip with the Wall Street Market. Using that old model to its fullest psychological advantage the FED, the elite, and the Government claim recovery no matter what other negative markers are signaling doom & gloom. That is why, as I have said, the market will be propped up no matter what until the fat lady sings.

    • Fraser

      Art, you raise a very important point. Countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan will only “revert back to type” once America ‘tampers”. Or worse – descend into chaos because their infrastructure and social cohesion has been destroyed. Let me give the classic example:

      The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was formed in April 1978 and was one with a help-the-poor, anti-drug and pro-farmer agenda. By geographical proximity, it also had close relations with the Soviet Union, with whom they signed a trade and friendship treaty in December 1978. On July 3, 1979, United States President Jimmy Carter signed the first directive for covert financial aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.

      The Afghan government, having secured a treaty in December 1978 that allowed them to call on Soviet forces, repeatedly requested troops in the spring and summer of 1979 to provide security and to assist in the fight against the mujahideen rebels. These requests were (at first) ignored by the Soviet Union, until increased military support for the insurgents by the United States required increased Soviet support for the Afghan Government.

      With support from the West for America’s destabilization, the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan never had a chance and the resulting decades of turmoil in that country is history. The obvious irony is that the insurgents that the United States so vigorously supported, would later be labelled as terrorists and cost the United States a trillion dollars and thousands of lives trying to quell.

      America might claim now that “it won in Afghanistan”, but at what cost and for what long term gain? Because as soon as America “tampers” its military presence there, the country will revert back to its former allegiances in the region. Just as other countries have rejected US hegemony after their invasions, such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, etc, etc…

      Yes, yes, I know that it is all about oil, the petrodollar and US hegemony BUT the amount of money spent on war could have bought the world’s oil supply many times over, OR (better still) could have been spent on establishing a lasting friendship by building infrastructure, which (for example) is the Chinese model in Africa.

      While America bombs and steals and becomes the most hated country on the planet– China builds and pays and establishes long term relationships. You tell me which is the better business model !

      • Curlly

        Struth mate!

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow, you make Afghanistan sound like a workers paradise and then Jim Carter and the evil Americans caused the kindly govt to call on the equally kind Soviet Union whom provides protection. As I lived thru all this it.seems to be revisionist history to me.
        Kindly explain why you guys asked us to put a military base down under.

        • Fraser

          As I understand it, we had no choice. But I note that former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (who still carries influence) has called for Australia to de-Americanize and politely ask all US military personnel to leave. A sentiment that I have long supported. The only question is, what happens when (not if) the US refuses to leave?

        • Fraser

          G500, what “revisionist history”? I also lived through this time and think my account is fair and reasonable:
          So maybe it’s you who has the “coloured glasses” on.

      • Charles H.

        Point well made. Fueling the Military Industrial complex requires extensive Field Trials, apparently. China is the better model. Perhaps the corruption of power leads to madness.

    • Jason Emery

      I usually agree with Greg M., but in this case I think Art has the more logical explanation. As John Williams, of ShadowStats has pointed out, we’re on the verge of the start of hyperinflation. Would Obama really want to throw a bunch of gasoline on the fire with a major war in one of the top oil producers?

      They would much rather fight a war in the eastern part of Ukraine, the part without as many major natural gas lines. But it isn’t that easy to start wars. Look how much trouble W. Bush had getting us into Iraq.

      Lately, gasoline has been going up, along with the price of crude oil, as one would expect. But diesel fuel has not gone up at all. Either refineries have been secretly ordered to cap the price, or usage is tanking along with the economy. Anyone have any idea which one is in play? Distillate inventories are at the bottom of the 5 year range. Seems like diesel fuel prices should be soaring.

  12. William Betts

    The most important thing that GM had to say was that America has a debt economy not a wealth economy. A wealth economy would have the people’s money created by the gov’t at no debt. This would assure full employment and a democratic economy that everyone would have a stake in. Paul Warburg was sent to America in the early 1900’s by the Rothhchield’s to begin a process to set up a debt economy in conjunction with J P Morgan et al. By 1913 The Federal Reserve was born, and by the time the first WW came about the FED found out what the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL complex was all about because the FED financed the war with large profits for the BANKSTERS. And so it goes today until the whole thing comes falling down. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the biggest crime ever brought on the American people…..

  13. lastmanstanding

    Regarding Greg M.’s comment on the velocity of money…recently, I talked to a guy that purchased a state-of-the-art piece of construction equipment. Tiny interest rate, no money down, no payments for the 4 winter months and delivered it…they practically gave it to him at cost. Just a last ditch effort on their part to do business.

    Wife saw a refi rate for homes that was below 3%.

    Another friend is in commodities. He can make his company (and himself) a lot of money when there is volatility…the more the better. Steady as she goes is disaster. He works for a huge international outfit.

    Many folks leaving cities to get to Montana…cash purchases of modestly priced real estate. Local banks have lots of money to lend. Fact is, most of the lending is to folks that can pay cash, but why burn up your still accepted fiat when you can borrow cheap. Read it however you like.

    All of this resonates with what Greg M. is saying.

    Prayers to you Greg H. for having to deeply deal with all of this info daily.

    • Gabe

      NOTHING will change in U S of A until we have the government owning up to there Constitutional responsibility of giving the people a sound currency. When the international bankers behind the Fed are swinging from lamp posts then we will have a chance, until then, the rich stay healthy–the sick stay poor.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Gabe – you nailed the fundamental problem in two concise sentences!

  14. Jerry

    Well I guess we all know now where our money went .

    Central banks around the world, including China’s, have shifted decisively into investing in equities as low interest rates have hit their revenues, according to a global study of 400 public sector institutions.

    “A cluster of central banking investors has become major players on world equity markets,” says a report to be published this week by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (Omfif), a research and advisory group. The trend “could potentially contribute to overheated asset prices”, it warns.

    The report, seen by the Financial Times, identifies $29.1tn in market investments, including gold, held by 400 public sector institutions in 162 countries

    Nothing like using paper created out of thin air to purchase hard assets. What a Ponzi scheme!

  15. Galaxy 500

    A G500 News Update
    Global Central Banks adding equities to holdings (listed countries, China and Switzerland) Analysis: everybody knows all bonds are riskier than stocks.which are inherently risky
    MEDTRONIC flees US to Ireland for tax reduction : Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America continues. Between 72,000+ pages of tax law, Obamacare, and a lawless gov’t, major companies that can relocate are. And MEDTRONIC was targeted by Obamacare for extra taxes as a medical device maker. Walgreen’s is under pressure from shareholders to re-domicile (move) to Switzerland.
    And a news flash that I find particularly troubling, a US tech firm rescinded a job offer to a person that had passed all college class (deans list) and certifications required for the job because he was home schooled during high school. Think about that…if your child isn’t inculcated with the worker bee liberal anti-American bull shiite, the company doesn’t want them.

  16. Galaxy 500

    It’s official, to work for the Obama administration, you must be incompetent. People with a proven track record of success or an IQ 70 need not apply.
    But you must be a partisan willing to lie, obstruct justice, destroy evidence and drink the koolaid. You dont have to be competent in these skills either, you just have to work at them.
    “He (Kerry) said ISIS does not have the capacity to capture Baghdad, Iraq’s capital city”

  17. ThirteenthFloor

    Financial Mkts are a complete fraud. The Fed Res. was buying Mortgage Securities in billions per day in 2006, any working investment banker knows this fact….long before QE was “invented”. The significance of this is when the Fed says …”we never saw the mortgage bubble coming” they were in reality building the bubble themselves. That is tip of the fraud. In my view QE is just a public relations sales pitch, what is really trading at the Fed is only captured on their recording system. It is the same falsehood as Obamacare, or Ukraine Crisis media reporting (i.e., all sales pitch statements to US public).

    Gregory Mannarino is completely correct, the Bond Bubble is the real leading indicator, and trying to get a read from the markets is a waste. Gold, silver and real property for insurance, real assets. People need to understand what ‘debt based economy is’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny 500.

      • jc Davis

        People think I am a news junkie. Truth is I find Lois Lerner, John Kerry, E Holder and all the crap from the president and congress to be more interesting then the show big bang theory. Then start following the money trail and it becomes highly addictive.

  18. Calgirl

    It is soooo depressing to think that our government would send young men and women to die and be maimed just to protect their power and fiefdom. Just as it is horrifying to think that 3000 people died and a country was sent to war to destroy some damming evidence and protect the petrodolar. So, I have turned my attention to local matters and thought I would share a letter I may send to the editor:

    Are You Kidding Me?

    The city of Jacksonville has decided to require residents to pay 25.00 for a permit to own a $3.00 chicken! And, that’s not all. The city also requires chicken owners to go to some sort of educational class prior to buying their permit to own that $3.00 chicken! I forgot to ask whether this $25.00 fee is a yearly recurring charge and whether there are continuing educational requirements. I wonder just how many city employees will be required to teach this class and what computers, programmers, buildings, etc. will be required to house all this permit issuing, tracking and compliance. Will they hire inspectors to visit the chicken coops? How much will our property taxes go up to fund this endeavor?

    Certainly, the city can find more viable ways to acquire revenue. One idea is to fine dog owners per bark! This would require the complainant to rent a barking monitor from the city owned warehouse, to document the disturbance. Of course, the city will need more computers, programmers, and employees could maintain these records. As with the chicken permit, a committee could be established to set the rules and fines, and tickets could be handled through the Jacksonville court system. Gosh, the city could even establish a discovery process to document the crimes, thereby employing more people and allowing for larger fines!

    So, if you live in Jaclsonville, Florida and you want to buy a couple chickens so that the eggs you feed your family won’t be loaded with growth harmones, anti-bacterial medicines, etc., you can expect to fork over $25.00, gas to commute to the permit office and then to the class, your precious time away from work, a chicken coop with covered protection from predators, feed and water containers and so on. The cost associated with wanting to own 2 chickens won’t be chicken feed, but you will be doing your part to support the Jacsonville bureaucracy.

    So I ask you, how much does it cost to save $3.00 on a dozen eggs?

    • art barnes

      Too funny, but all to real. Why doesn’t your city just say we need some money and stop playing its citizens for stupid.

    • Fraser

      This is a grand opportunity to give College Graduates a job AND provide a much needed boost to the military / industrial complex – assign one Graduate to each chicken – heavily armed (to protect against pecking) – which will both drop the unemployment rate and increase gun sales!

  19. Dee Garmon

    Jolly good show, Greg. They might convince the domestic population, but the rest of
    the world is not listening to the lies of CNN/Fox/MSNBC.
    In less than a decade, Der Spiegel ( hardly a left wing paper) reports RT’s now officially surpassed CNN and only second to the BBC. And guess what the latter’s response is:
    Fire 40 journalists and replace them with reality tv showman Kind of like the Senate discussing a new name for Redskins!

    • art barnes

      We all are just dumb blokes over on this side of pond don’t you know?

    • Curlly

      Sounds as if russia’s taking over our once exceptional, exceptional-ism!

    • Galaxy 500

      You might want to remove Fox from your list. They are biased but much less so than CNN and MSNBC and I dare say they have a wider sway than Der Spiegel, which I also follow. I.personally believe ALL news sources are biased toward the writers beliefs, whether its a domestic or foreign publications. The BBC is a good example of the liberal propaganda machine. Their reporting and editorials always have the greasy feel of liberalism/ socialism. At least Fox attempts to present both sides and reports the government’s misdeeds while ABC/CBS/NBC lie by omission… refusing to even report on our fearless leader’s many indiscretions.
      To recap…Yes, Fox is biased but its the best we have here

  20. Robert Burke

    I know this is going to be hard to believe but a US newspaper actually wrote the following. “Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth”
    Can you imagine? The insanity grows.

    Here is the link.

    • Fraser

      Robert, I read that too and my heart just sank. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?
      Next year, the MSM will be calling for privately owned gas chambers to cleanse ethnic minorities – and Americans will just yawn and turn the page!

  21. smaulgld

    Per Gregory’s request to educate yourself re the petro dollar-here is some background

  22. pessimest

    I disagree with this Mannarino dude. I think the Iraq events are the direct consequence of what Jim Willie predicted about the Saudi turning their backs on the USD petrodollar and aligning with Russia-China moves to topple the USD reserve status. Saudi’s Abdullah let loose the jihadi on Iraq to keep the US military over-extended while Russia makes the move on Ukraine to enforce/protect gas flows into EU after cutting off supply to Ukraine (reports of Russian armor columns headed to Ukraine over weekend).

    Clif High of Half Past Human and creator Web Bot predictions also predicted that mid-June to mid-July would be the period of the beginning of the USD collapse and that by November we will begin to feel the effects here in the USA. Very little time left to prepare for the great transition.

    • pessimest

      I should add that I do not disagree with Mannarino’s view of the debt based fiat coming from the FED but rather with I disagree with his view of the current Iraq events.

    • allen ols


      …I think your correct… we will have to wait and see, meanwhile, buy food, fuel, tangibles, etc. al.

      • Pinocchio

        Hi Greg, Hope this is okay to post on your blog.

        @ Allen Ols

        I agree, we need to be getting food, fuel, etc. And NOW!

        Would love to see pictures of your barrel gardens. Any chance I can get a few pictures? email: agfornow It’s a gmail account. Thanks. Always enjoy, and look forward to reading your posts.

    • Jerry

      I totally agree. This thing is winding down much faster than even I thought. The question I have is whether the bankers have used up all their stall tactics? In 30 days we’ll find out.

    • Fraser

      Pessimest, you need to consider these facts:
      – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and ISIS are Sunni muslims
      – Iran, Iraq and Syria are Shiite muslims
      – These groups hate each other and want to kill each other more than anything else
      – America wants to keep the petrodollar going and has sided with Saudi Arabia.
      – BUT America made the mistake of not only killing Saddam Hussein (who wanted to sell oil in Euros), but also his minority Sunni army and Government.
      – This has allowed the majority Shiites to regain control – which are alligned with Iran
      – So America is now allowing ISIS to cause havoc in an attempt to flip Iraq back under Sunni control (alligned with Saudi Arabia rather than Iran).

      • Curlly

        No-brainer Fras.

  23. EyeWideShut

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview with Gregory Mannarino! He’s absolutely correct about what’s happening in Iraq! It’s a very bloody dog and pony show! This article by Global Research nails it precisely. We all know this is just another contrived ploy of the West to stay in control knowing that its days are numbered. This article puts the diabolical pieces together nicely! Must Read


  24. Jerry

    Still don’t think the collapse is staged ? Check this out…

    • jc Davis

      Looks like two gangsters planning a takeover. Our president is a agent for the reestablished K G B Just my opinion. Obama said I can do more after I am reelected What has happened.. ?.

  25. supreme allied commander


    It’s already decided, the marines don’t go to the pesian gulf without putting boots on the ground. all it will take is one accidental shot fired at the marines and it’ll be on. mannarino is right about the hero’s of america being mandated to defend the opec oil w/ blood.

    no optimism for cooler heads to “prevail”


  26. David

    I spent a year in the middle east in 1976-1977 and it was an eye opening experience. This was before the fall of the Shah of Iran and relatively tranquil politically. I visited Iran and Pakistan as well as every other country in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and North Africa. We could travel freely throughout Pakistan and were not bothered at all. And while in Iran we were treated with respect and had no problems whatsoever. Now here’s the deal – I was in the US navy aboard the command ship for Middle East Force at the time. What’s the point? The point is this: the amount of violence and discord in that part of the world has grown in proportion to the US’s interference with the internal affairs of these sovereign nations over the last six decades. We keep sticking our nose into their business, altering the outcomes of elections and overthrowing those that don’t play ball with us. As someone who has seen it fairly close up I’d say America is largely responsible for the mess that is the middle east today. It wages a foreign policy based on the philosophy – “What’s ours is ours and what’s yours is negotiable” basically treating that part of the world like its own private service station. And if it chooses to send its young men and women into some sort of contrived war then it will get what it richly deserves which is body bags in return. “If you live by the sword, you shall die by the sword.”

    Finally, a little historic primer regarding the Iranian hostage situation. The US’s CIA and Britain’s MI6 worked together to overthrow the democratically elected prime minister –

    “Mohammad Mosaddeq is widely regarded as the leading champion of secular democracy and resistance to foreign domination in Iran’s modern history. Mosaddeq became prime minister of Iran in May 1951 and promptly nationalized its British-controlled oil industry, initiating a bitter confrontation between Iraq and Britain that increasingly undermined Mossaddeq’s position. He was finally overthrown in August 1953 in a coup that was organized and led by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. This coup initiated a twenty-five-year period of dictatorship in Iran, leaving many Iranians resentful of the U.S. – legacies that still haunt relations between the two countries today.”

    In other words, because Iran wanted to retain its oil for its people America and Britain orchestrated a coup and placed the shah in power. It’s no mystery to me that everywhere the US attempts to “nation build” all it leaves behind is a steaming pile of manure. Take a look at Egypt, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, et al. If America gets drawn into WWIII it will be because it created the conditions which lead to it.

    • Diane Ryan

      David, your comments and perspective are very interesting. It took me a long time to stop blindly ‘waving the flag’ and seeing the pattern of lies and shedding of innocent blood. Satan loves both and his favorite weapon is government. And our military is one of his best tools. They say ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ For that reason, I can no longer give our military men and women a free pass because they are supporting evil.

      • David

        Diane – I stopped giving the military a free pass a long time ago. In 1999-2000 I went back to SE Asia to help with landmine clearing operations in Laos and Cambodia for a few months. It was shocking to see what the US military did to that part of the world even 25 years later. When I got home I promptly shred my DD-214 and (not so) honorable discharge and threw all my medals and ribbons in the dumpster. You cannot have war without soldiers and as long as people keep enlisting then this crap will continue. All the US military does is serve as an instrument for global banking interests. Period. Unfortunately, people in this country have been inculcated by a Prussian influenced public school system to revere the military. Further, the military has done a brilliant job of marketing itself as unique, special, separate and morally superior to the rest of government when nothing could be further from the truth. There is no difference between a soldier and an IRS agent. One is trained to kill and the other to steal, both morally reprehensible acts. And both are paid with money stolen by way of direct taxation. There is nothing moral about joining the US military.

    • allen ols



      As more US firms use Chinese Yuan in payments for the endless flow of imports, one must ask the question when the first US city will register a RMB conversion hub. The Jackass guess is Los Angeles, or possibly San Francisco. The city of LA has the ports activity, but the city of SF has the financial power. The Chinese Renminbi is rapidly displacing the USDollar as a trading currency not only in Asia and Europe, but recently also in the US home market. The value of RMB payments between the US and the rest of the world rose by 327% in April this year from the same month a year ago.

      hat trick letter

      • Jerry

        That is the game plan. Collapse the world economies into a new exchange system. First the Yuan. Then digital currency.

        • Charles H.


          Digital is WORSE than Fiat. Glitch? What do you mean, glitch? Frozen, what do you mean, frozen? Why is my negative interest higher? Enter the microchip.

    • Ugly

      Good points. It is too bad that us civilians have no control over these matters. In the very near future we will wonder what has happened to this land….

  27. Sylvia Sterling

    Enjoy listening to your guest Greg Mannarino. His message is clear and understandable for the average person. Some of your guests get a bit over my head, using wording and terminology that they assume we all understand.

    • EyesWideShut


      Everything you said is true! There was a global poll taken recently in which citizens of various countries said the world’s greatest threat to peace and security is the USA!! I fear that one day everything that Americans have let our rogue government do to other countries in our names will come back to us 3 times worse! That means this country is in for a catastrophic, hellish future!

      • allen ols

        eyes W. shut;

        The angle few analysts seem to notice or comment upon is that an Iraq in constant conflict mayhem and violence cannot support an Iran Gas Pipeline, under construction from Iran to Syria ports. An Iraq in chaos cannot support the growing Russian energy firm investments and infiltration. The pipeline is to be linked up with Gazprom. The Jackass finds a Gazprom angle to cut through Cyprus to Syria to Ukraine in a common theme. In Cyprus, the large GazpromBank was prominent, in a land where the Russians were converting USTBonds to Gold bullion. The Syrian conflict is to make a firewall in preventing Iran gas supplies to reach the European market through the Gazprom system. In Ukraine, the scorched earth policy is to destroy an entire nation in order to interrupt Russian control of Europe in energy supply. In general, constant conflict in the Middle East region supports higher crude oil prices, a Rockefeller goal and priority. In addition, an environment of chaos enables the Bush Mercenaries to steal gold bullion held in banks, even the gold flushed out in movement to safer locations. The American populace is told that gold has no value, while the Shrub Teams steal gold at every opportunity.


  28. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

    While I like Greg Mannarino, we’ve heard him quite a bit on USAwatchdog and he pretty much always says the same thing. To wit: Our debt based financial system creates money by loaning it into existence. The financial-political-military-industrial complex is always in need of yet another military adventure to loan more money into existence to continue propping the system up. This is not sustainable and will ultimately collapse. Buy gold and silver. End of story. While these are important concepts to understand, most of your other recent interviews have offered far more content to chew on.

    • pessimest

      Yep yep … I agree. I think Greg should bring in Dmitry Orlov so that people realize that things are going to change a lot and metals will only get you so far for a very short period. People will need to change the way they live and the way they think. People like Mannarino think that all we have to do is stop the Fed from printing fiat and allow free markets to run the economy and everything will fix itself ….. these folks are in for a rude surprise. We are way way past that fix. We are beginning to experience the largest empire ever to exist on planet earth crash and burn and it will make the fall of the Roman Empire pale in comparison … welcome to the Dark Ages version 2.0.

      • allen ols

        I kinda agree with u, this is not going to be easy, and from my Christian background, I feel this will lead to the rise of the anti christ, as all nations will look for a leader full of charisma, to solve the worlds woes; my think pick for anti christ, none other than B cliton himself.

      • allen ols

        Pessimist; review this;

        As July Fourth approaches, the Jackass regards the red, white, and blue on the flag to warrant red stripes for rivers of blood in endless war, white stripes for lines of cocaine and heroin from Langley Inc, and swastikas instead of stars to signify the nazi takeover in the last few decades. Many leaders pass treason as their business cards. Their Patriot Act is a Gestapo Manifesto of the most blatant order. Most people observe the captured flag, which has lost its meaning. The definition of domestic terrorist has been transformed into what was once a US patriot in the 1950 decade. The Vietnam War started the profound changes. The nation building there failed also. For a horrendous review by a CIA insider, who has gone public with open forum speeches, review the John Stockwell essay on “The Secret Wars of the CIA” exposure. The agency is a true plague upon humankind and the earth. John Stockwell was former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, working for then Director George Bush of the CIA. He spent 13 years in the agency. He gives a short history of CIA covert operations. He is a very compelling speaker and the highest level CIA officer to testify to the Congress about his actions. He estimates that over six million people have died in CIA covert actions, and this was in the late 1980’s. Therefore estimate that eight million people have died from their actions. See the Information Clearing House article (CLICK HERE).

        HAT TRICK

      • Alyce

        I stopped listening to Mannerino and Celente because they repeat the same thing. I understand the petro dollar and that the US will do anything to prop it up. However, the Middle East has been at war with each other for centuries. Now there is this current ISIS, army of terror. I’d like to know exactly how the elite, powers that be, whatever, has manipulated this and is behind such barbaric violence in order to keep up the petro dollar. I just fail to see a connection. Yes, the US gov’t will do terrible things, I get that. Yes, the US gov’t will send soldiers to war under false pretenses, get that too. But the Middle East is screwed up. They behead people. They want sharia law, they want to kill women for no reason. They are barbarians and they are crazy.

        • Galaxy 500

          I agree. A lot of posters here remind me of the people chained toward the wall in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” People look to explain the world thru complex conspiracies when the true is that the world is chaos and its a bunch of competing forces of self interest.

      • Curlly

        W O W !

  29. Oregon Patriot


    Gerald Celente has been saying this for years. When all else fails, they take us to war. Looks like they have exhausted every option in their toolbag, and off to war we will go. Infuriating.

    • smaulgld

      That is short changing Mr. Mannarino. That is part of his message. He also knows that there are trading opportunities created by the scenarios of this debt based economy and Fed manipulation. He appears to be very good at spotting stock market opportunities that he talks about in his podcasts and posts on his website traderschoice.net. Gregory is certainly worth a full listen as are just about all of USA Watchdog’s guest.

      • Beligerant

        @SmaulGold : I used to listen to Mannarino several years ago but his consistently wrong calls in the gold and silver market left me questioning what he really knew. If he was really connected in the investment world he would had figured out in 2011 what was happening and warned his listeners away from the metals until the manipulation grew tired and neared its end. Instead, he kept telling everyone to pile into the metals back in 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2014. Lesson learned: The stock trades you get are worth what you paid for them!

        • Galaxy 500

          There is no.way to verify Gregory M.’s record based on what he puts on his web site. You just have to take his word for it.

  30. vic mick

    The Fed can buy any and all debt. central Iraq and Syria have no oil so no one cares. If you don’t understand these basic principles you are just spewing meaningless verbage.

  31. Coalburner9


    I like Mannarino better than anyone you interview. Just something about him, maybe it is honesty! I don’t think Obama wants to go into Iraq either. He just keeps getting pushed around and his minions who keep starting trouble that he does not want to deal with. I do not want him leading from behind in a war. He is too incompetent and uncaring to be leading us too war. I bet it is like a billiard ball in his security meetings and the reason he does not like them. He is just not into that part of the job. He is busy making us third world. Somehow he thinks it will be better for everyone that way. His ideology doesn’t compute “power vacuums” and evil people filling those vacuums. I still think we are better off watching our enemies kill each other while we sit and watch. Maybe cheer quietly a little! In Greg M’s book he thinks there will be a population reduction anyway, why not these guys?

    • EyesWideShut

      It’s not just about the oil! It’s about free access to territories without hindrances. The Syrian crisis, initiated by the West, is really about stopping the plan to build a natural gas pipeline from Iran’s giant South Pars field, traversing Iraq and Syria, with a possible extension to Lebanon.

  32. Jerry

    Greg, I talk with my son sometimes, who reads your site regularly about where we are in terms of collapse time. Here’s is my assessment based on the information I have.
    1. We moved from paradigm shift ( development of alternate currency markets) mode
    to reset mode, approximately at the end of the first quarter when the GDP numbers came out.
    2. We are now in the reset mode, which will officially launch July 15th, with the planned war between NATO and Russia. This thing in Iraq is just a preview of the main event.
    3. This will mark the start of the official countdown to collapse with the dollar, which according to my sources will officially take place at the end of the 1st quarter in 2015.

    So what does this all mean? Jim Willie is absolutely correct, when he says that events will begin to occur in much greater frequency as we approach liftoff. Those paying attention will have a front row seat. The others asleep at the wheel, won’t know what’s happening until impact, which can occur suddenly at anytime. Greg like I discuss with my son, what difference does it make, if its tomorrow , or next year, if you’re not prepared? The scriptures say that the lord will come like a thief in the night. I totally agree. But so will the Bankers. Suddenly and deliberately. Just my opinion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your son has a smart dad.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Guys, I never let my gas tanks in my cars/truck get past half-full anymore. Sometimes I top off at just 1/4. Yes, it’s a nuisance, but one morning, having a full gas tank when no gas is available will be a blessing. And keep your vehicles up and in shape. Make sure your tires are good–NOW. There might not be a “later”. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Me to Paul.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Maybe the Iraq thing is a strategem to get boots on the ground in an area “close” to the Ukraine/Crimea? Turkey, as a NATO member, would be a logical “jump off” point as well. The solution, really, is for the US, Eurozone, IMF, whoever (a coalition of the willing!) to pay off Ukraine’s gas bill. It’s chump change in the overall scheme of things in this QE world of money “printing” . So why isn’t that being done? Could it be that Ukraine’s gas debt is a straw man? Best always. PM

        • Galaxy 500

          I dont understand why we are helping Ukraine at all. They sold their advanced weapons. I dont see it as an issue that the American taxpayers should be involved in.

    • Galaxy 500

      I’ll wager you ten rubles that NATO doesn’t go to war July 15 or anytime in July with Russia.

  33. Coalburner9

    G500 is on a roll! One of the most important take away from this and other interviews is to take some of your money and buy Precious metals and other stuff. If you read people like Bob Bauman, Simon Black and even JS Mineset carefully they say get something out of the country. Survivorblog says bury it in the dirt. Sometime, ask some of these guys like Mannarino about that, please! if you have to do it carefully, do it carefully! Another question I pose is why would the west just sell off all their gold to the far east, nothing I hear really makes sense. If it was Obama and Kerry, maybe they are that stupid but not the best minds in the bankster world.

    • Paul from Indiana

      If you have to hide something, put it in PVC pipe with caps, screw in a lag-screweye, attach a copper wire, take the lid off your septic tank and drop it in. I guarantee you no one will scan for it there.

    • Veronica

      Hi Coalburner9,
      You said: “Another question I pose is why would the west just sell off all their gold to the far east, nothing I hear really makes sense. If it was Obama and Kerry, maybe they are that stupid but not the best minds in the bankster world.”
      I would like to try to answer that question:
      There is a difference between what is good for the country, and what is good for an individual, such as Obama or Kerry. Is the gold that is going East Obama’s personal gold, or Kerry’s personal gold? No, it isn’t.
      Just as it wasn’t in Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s interest to help save the economy. What is in his personal interest, is to do what the monied interest groups ask of him, and then make 200.000 or 400.000 dollar per speech when after he resigned his chairmanship (see: http://www.moneynews.com/StreetTalk/Ben-Bernanke-speech-Federal-Reserve-dinner/2014/05/21/id/572665/). But you have to play ball with the monied interests to get that kind of money.
      So, it is just cronysm. Obama, or Bush, makes no real difference. The only difference is that Bush was an iron fist, whereas Obama is an iron fist in a velvet glove, which makes Obama even more dangerous than Bush ever was. But please, whatever you do, don’t make the mistake to vote for a mainstream Republican or Democrat because one of them is supposed to be “the lesser evil”. They are both evil. The only way out is a third party:

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote, “But please, whatever you do, don’t make the mistake to vote for a mainstream Republican or Democrat because one of them is supposed to be “the lesser evil”. They are both evil. The only way out is a third party:”
        Just vote for Hillary and be honest about it. If you were paying attention, you’d understand that.there isnt a third party. I often think this.logic is perpetuated by socialist/communists as it plays right into the hands of the Democrats. We have a chance of influencing the Republicans, we have no.chance of doing so.with the Democrats. This kind of thinking is the height of stupidity but the uninformed trot in out regularly. I’ve heard this tripe regularly from people to lazy to vote. Its almost as stupid as the Republican RINOs taking their election platform advice from the Democrats such as is happening with Cantor and others pushing immigration. We the people don’t want it and Cantor found out.the hard way.

        • Charles H.

          With everything that is wrong with our current state of political affairs – a Third-party vote certainly WILL cause a dilution in the election: and that dilution will mainly affect the Republicans. These next elections are critical and solidarity to conservative causes may never get another chance. Cantor proves this.

  34. windcatcher

    In conclusion: “They can do what they want”, and just who are “they”? Well, they are the enemy of the USA within our government; far more dangerous than any outside enemy.

    • allen ols

      As Iraq is over-run by Sunni militias, and vast money sums are stolen and looted, one must conclude the war was is a grand failure. No matter, since they move on to the next war! The huge number of Iraqi civilian deaths, estimated between 800,000 and two million, are testament to the low value put on human life that is non-white. If this is nation building by the hands of the USGovt, it is a failure. If this is democratization of the nation, it is a failure. The United States has routinely called it nation building, but the war is better described as subservient to the grand crime syndicate. They can be assured of many accomplishments for their many business partners. Consider the huge service contracts to Halliburton and Blackwater for meals, fuel supply, village raids, road explosive dismantles, even helicopter side shows in civilian murder contests. Consider the huge arms contracts to the usual gang of military hardware producers led by McDonnell Douglas and Boeing.

      Bear in mind the chemical weapons and biological weapons were cleaned up back in 2003. Do not believe the various expert accounts of nothing found, since the Jackass met an ex-Halliburton contractor in Costa Rica who was part of cleanup of Bush items. They found ten warehouses full of chem/bio weapons, all with ‘Made in USA’ markings, sold by the Bush I Admin. -Jim Willie-

  35. Diogenese

    What kinda worries me A LOT , is the two stealth bombers sent to Europe , the talking heads are procrastinating that they will be used in Iraq, dumb dumb dumb DUMB , they don’t need stealth to bomb Iraq , they need stealth to bomb Moscow .

    • Galaxy 500

      Hate to break it to you but we used B2’s in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  36. jc Davis

    Just as I was considering selling some silver jewelry I changed my mind. Enjoyed it Greg’s.

  37. Frank

    The U.S. funded, equipped, and trained ISIS is attacking the U.S. funded, equipped, and trained in order to provoke the Iranians into invading Iraq as well. Thereby giving the Fed/bankster elites the excuse they need (and the cover needed with the American sheeple: its OKAY to bomb countries when you’re a democrat/Obomber) to finally destroy Iran.

    Too bad they’re going to hit us first. Russki subs off the coast 12 minutes incoming. A nation turns its eyes from God is a nation that God turns its eyes from, until ALL Americans are down on their knees and begging God for forgiveness and until then we’ll fall like flies.

    goodbye and good luck.

  38. vincentg

    This is the type of stuff that seems to get by the press.
    The headline on drudge: FEDS TAKE RECORD $1.9 TRILLION IN REVENUE

    Revenue source
    income tax: $903.024 Billion
    corporate tax: $164.840 Billion

    Now this is the income in taxes!
    But wait they include $694.268 Billion which is set aside for Social Security!

    So what is the short fall for each?
    Maybe the shadow knows!

    But no matter things are fine and don’t pay attention to small details.
    Don’t worry about the fact we are going to spend one trillion more than we took in.
    Everything is fine.

    Have a question for Greg
    Why is it that I see so many errors in printed news?
    Doesn’t the editor or someone else proof read the story before going to press?

    • Galaxy 500

      Great insight! If you look at the Clinton surplus, you will find that it came from the same source.

  39. art barnes

    Greg, the present insurgency of northern Iraq is a big, big, deal. The MSM has it on the front burner all the while our President went golfing in Palm Springs for the weekend, that signals poor realization of the crisis at large and lack of sensitivity to the hundreds if not thousands of Iraq’s military & police forces which were executed while our President worked on his golf handicap. The murderous insurgency should come with great outrage from Washington but its not, simply stated, it is an outrage. We lost good sons, neighbors, and friends not to mention treasury to support the present day Iraq military and police forces and to watch them being executed is outrageous and in my mind a retribution is in order. But it won’t happen, remember Ramadan is nearing and our country, especially with Obama, will not engage Muslims during their holidays, so the executions continue unabated; outrageous violation of all human and moral humanity, politics aside. Washington is living in a fantasy world where the religion of peace can kill at will and still expect legal, religious, political, and economic cover. Friends, it is time you see the religion of peace as it is, a disguise for inhuman violence; oh, only a small minority you say, I’m not from Texas but I know bull crap when I see it. The vast majority of Muslims support the radicals or it would stop,; to make my point do you ever hear any of them protesting against it? Do you think attacking attacking northern Iraq and taking a bunch of cities just prior to Ramadan
    a mere coincidence, if so, just watch how it plays out. Radical Islam may be inhuman, depraved psychopathic in nature, but they aren’t stupid and they know the U.S. is weak and only wants to always avoid a fight.

  40. allen ols

    Emailed to me from Dr. Art Franklin

    SEALS Reveal Truth
    About Bin Laden Raid
    Osama Bin Laden was killed within 90
    seconds of the US Navy Seals landing in his compound and not after a
    protracted gun battle, according to the first account by the men who
    carried out the raid.
    The operation was so clinical that only 12
    bullets were fired.
    The Seals have spoken out because they were
    angered at the version given by politicians, which they see as portraying
    them as cold-blooded murderers on a kill mission. They were also shocked
    that President Barack 0bama announced Bin Laden’s death on television the
    same evening, rendering useless much of the intelligence they had
    Chuck Pfarrer, a former commander of Seal Team 6, which
    conducted the operation, has interviewed many of those who took part for a
    book, Seal Target Geronimo, to be published in the US this
    The Seals own accounts differ from the White House version,
    which gave the impression that Bin Laden was killed at the end of the
    operation rather than in its opening seconds. Pfarrer insists Bin Laden
    would have been captured had he surrendered.
    There isn’t a
    politician in the world who could resist trying to take credit for getting
    Bin Laden but it devalued the intelligence and gave time for every other
    Al-Qaeda leader to scurry to another bolthole, said Pfarrer. The men who
    did this and their valorous act deserve better.
    It’s a pretty
    shabby way to treat these guys. The first hint of the mission came in
    January last year when the team’s commanding officer was called to a
    meeting at the headquarters of joint special operations command. The
    meeting was held in a soundproof bunker three stories below ground with
    his boss, Admiral William McRaven, and a CIA officer.
    They told him
    a walled compound in Pakistan had been under surveillance for a couple of
    weeks. They were certain a high-value individual was inside and needed a
    plan to present to the president. It had to be someone important. So is
    this Bert or Ernie? he asked.
    The Seals nicknames for Bin Laden and
    his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri are a reference to two Muppets in Sesame
    Street, one tall and thin and the other short and fat. We have a voice
    print, said the CIA officer, and were 60% or 70% certain it’s our guy.
    McRaven added that a reconnaissance satellite had measured the targets
    shadow. Over 6ft tall.
    When McRaven added they would use Ghost Hawk
    helicopters, the team leader had no doubt. These are the most classified,
    sophisticated stealth helicopters ever developed, said Pfarrer. They
    are kept in locked hangars and fly so quiet we call it whisper
    Over the next couple of months a plan was hatched. A mock-up
    of the compound was built at Tall Pines, an army facility in a national
    forest somewhere in the eastern US.
    Four reconnaissance satellites
    were placed in orbit over the compound, sending back video and
    communications intercepts. A tall figure seen walking up and down was
    named the Pacer.
    Obama gave the go-ahead and Seal Team 6, known as
    the Jedi, was deployed to Afghanistan. The White House cancelled plans to
    provide air cover using jet fighters, fearing this might endanger
    relations with Pakistan.
    Sending in the Ghost Hawks without air
    cover was considered too risky so the Seals had to use older Stealth
    Hawks. A Prowler electronic warfare aircraft from the carrier USS Carl
    Vinson was used to jam Pakistan’s radar and create decoy
    Operation Neptune’s Spear was initially planned for April
    30 but bad weather delayed it until May 1, a moonless night. The commandos
    flew on two Stealth Hawks, codenamed Razor 1 and 2, followed by two
    Chinooks five minutes behind, known as Command Bird and the gun platform.
    On board, each Seal was clad in body amour and night vision goggles and
    equipped with laser targets, radios and sawn-off M4 rifles. They were
    expecting up to 30 people in the main house, including Bin Laden and three
    of his wives, two sons, Khalid and Hamza, his courier, Abu Ahmed
    al-Kuwaiti, four bodyguards and a number of children. At 56 minutes past
    midnight the compound came into sight and the code Palm Beach signaled
    three minutes to landing. Razor 1 hovered above the main house, a
    three-story building where Bin Laden lived on the top floor. Twelve Seals
    roped the 5ft-6ft down onto the roof and then jumped to a third-floor
    patio, where they kicked in the windows and entered.
    The first
    person the Seals encountered was a terrified woman, Bin Laden’s third
    wife, Khaira, who ran into the hall. Blinded by a searing white strobe
    light they shone at her, she stumbled back. A Seal grabbed her by the arm
    and threw her to the floor. Bin Laden’s bedroom was along a short
    hall. The door opened; he popped out and then slammed the door shut.
    Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo, radioed one Seal, meaning eyes on
    At the same time lights came on from the floor below and
    Bin Laden’s son Khalid came running up the stairs towards the Seals. He
    was shot dead.
    Two Seals kicked in Bin Laden’s door. The room, they
    later recalled, smelt like old clothing, like a guest bedroom in a
    grandmother’s house. Inside was the Al-Qaeda leader and his youngest wife,
    Amal, who was screaming as he pushed her in front of him. No, no, don’t do
    this! she shouted as her husband reached across the king-size bed for his
    AK-47 assault rifle. The Seals reacted instantly, firing in the same
    second. One round thudded into the mattress. The other, aimed at Bin
    Laden’s head, grazed Amal in the calf. As his hand reached for the gun,
    they each fired again: one shot hit his breastbone, the other his skull,
    killing him instantly and blowing out the back of his
    Meanwhile Razor 2 was heading for the guesthouse, a low,
    shoebox-like building, where Bin Laden’s courier, Kuwaiti, and his brother
    lived. As the helicopter neared, a door opened and two figures appeared,
    one waving an AK-47. This was Kuwaiti. In the moonless night he could see
    nothing and lifted his rifle, spraying bullets wildly.
    He did not
    see the Stealth Hawk. On board someone shouted, Bust him!, and a sniper
    fired two shots. Kuwaiti was killed, as was the person behind him, who
    turned out to be his wife. Also on board were a CIA agent, a
    Pakistani-American who would act as interpreter, and a sniffer dog called
    Karo, wearing dog body armor and goggles.
    Within two minutes the
    Seals from Razor 2 had cleared the guesthouse and removed the women and
    They then ran to the main house and entered from the
    ground floor, checking the rooms. One of Bin Laden’s bodyguards was
    waiting with his AK-47. The Seals shot him twice and he toppled
    Five minutes into the operation the command Chinook landed
    outside the compound, disgorging the commanding officer and more men. They
    blasted through the compound wall and rushed in.
    The commander made
    his way to the third floor, where Bin Laden’s body lay on the floor face
    up. Photographs were taken, and the commander called on his satellite
    phone to headquarters with the words: Geronimo Echo KIA Bin Laden enemy
    killed in action.
    This was the first time the White House knew he
    was dead and it was probably 20 minutes into the raid, said Pfarrer. A
    sample of Bin Laden’s DNA was taken and the body was bagged. They kept his
    rifle. It is now mounted on the wall of their team room at their
    headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, alongside photographs of a dozen
    colleagues killed in action in the past 20 years.
    At this point
    things started to go wrong. Razor 1 took off but the top secret green unit
    that controls the electronics failed. The aircraft went into a spin
    and crashed tail-first into the compound… The Seals were alarmed, thinking
    it had been shot down, and several rushed to the wreckage. The crew
    climbed out, shaken but unharmed.
    The commanding officer ordered
    them to destroy Razor 2, to remove the green unit, and to smash the
    avionics. They then laid explosive charges.
    They loaded Bin Laden’s
    body onto the Chinook along with the cache of intelligence in plastic bin
    bags and headed toward the USS Carl Vinson. As they flew off they blew up
    Razor 2. The whole operation had taken 38 minutes.
    The following
    morning White House officials announced that the helicopter had crashed as
    it arrived, forcing the Seals to abandon plans to enter from the roof. A
    photograph of the situation room showed a shocked Hillary Clinton, the
    secretary of state, with her hand to her mouth.
    Why did they get it
    so wrong? What they were watching was live video but it was shot from
    20,000 feet by a drone circling overhead and relayed in real time to the
    White House and Leon Panetta, the CIA director, in Langley.
    Seals were not wearing helmet cameras, and those watching in Washington
    had no idea what was happening inside the buildings.
    They don’t
    understand our terminology, so when someone said the insertion helicopter
    has crashed, they assumed it meant on entry, said Pfarrer.
    infuriated the Seals, according to Pfarrer, was the description of the
    raid as a kill mission. I’ve been a Seal for 30 years and I never heard
    the words kill mission, he said.
    It’s a Beltway [Washington
    insiders] fantasy world. If it was a kill mission you don’t need Seal Team
    6; you need a box of grenades. Hooyah!
    As Paul Harvey would say:
    You now know the rest of the story!

  41. allen ols

    from the HT letter, Jim Willie;

    “Nazis are consistent creatures. They always isolate themselves, since they wage fierce war on their enemies but alienate their allies from treachery. The American Nazis are no different, the isolation soon to be extreme. Observe Russia as the new created enemy, and France as recent betrayed ally. Worse, the Saudi cutouts have begun to turn against the Americans. This will get ugly fast, since their assumed USMilitary superiority is illusory, if not a fiction.” ~ KarlM in Switzerland

  42. Ken

    Hello Greg, Bingo! Greg has his fingers firmly on the pulse of the situation.
    What is a False Flag?
    False Flags appear to be an American tradition.
    Merriam-Webster calls them “deliberate gross distortion(s) of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic.”
    In other words pure unadulterated BS.
    They turn the truth upside down, a divergence of reality!
    It’s the alibi and pretense used for militarism in attacking another country or their very own country to steer popular opinion in one direction or another.
    The US and their central bankster overlords have been attempting to conquer the Middle East as part of their One New World Order delusion and it isn’t happening as quickly as they would like. As a result, countries wanting to maintain their sovereignty and autonomy can see the writing on the wall and are moving in a different direction from the US Dollar.
    Countries like Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and a contingent of other countries are moving against the dollar as the reserve currency consolidating gold and are creating their own World Bank. This will result in bypassing the dollar for oil purchases (petro dollar) and national trade payments. The major crisis events we are seeing are moves being made on the global chessboard by the oligarch banksters.
    The psychopaths are desperately ramming down their NWO hegemony agenda but the world is pushing back. Syria is still the path and Iran is the goal then Russia and China. The Ukraine coup backfired and hasn’t isolated Russia so they are creating instability to try and keep Russia unbalanced. The unrest in Iraq is being used to blame Syria to justify NATO military intervention into Syria.
    Conspiracy theory, tin foil hat perturbation theory? You tell me. Look around and what do you see? Is rational thought and common sense even applied these days? You can at least admit that the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket but I submit to you that the majority of the events are being orchestrated.
    The puppets in Washington have actually gotten the sheeple to believe that the way to manage our Trillion Dollar debt is with more debt. That QE to infinity (debt on steroids) is stimulus.
    They have gotten the people to believe that we must continually “destroy a country to save it” because we are the new Aryan “EXCEPTIONAL” country and people.
    They have gotten the people to except burdensome taxation and inflation to fund our nation building around the world.
    They have gotten the sheeple to believe that a mostly group of foreign banksters the Federal Reserve (neither federal not a reserve), which is one of the oligarch bankster players; need to control our money supply and ultimately the money supply of the world.
    Sadly the most disturbing development is that they have gotten the people to confuse blind loyalty with patriotism, integrity and moral principle. What’s going on around the world isn’t random chaos, the psychopaths in charge are leading us down their path through one False Flag after another to try and achieve their New World Order wet dream. And they are using their corporate owned presstitutes, their pied pipers of propaganda to direct the sheeple and frame the latest false flag to promote their plan.
    Conspiracy theory? That ship has sailed, ask Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning!

    • Charles H.

      Definitely – the Duck Rule. If it walks like a duck; if it quacks like a duck…

  43. Jerry

    Is it just me, or does the entire world seem to be gearing up for war. Why does Canada need 120 German tanks? Who are they planning on attacking?

    • Galaxy 500

      Anyone with a wealth of natural resources will need to be able to protect them in the future

  44. Saeed

    Hi Greg

    Thanks for your discussion with your guest, which is quite informative. However you said: Iraq is being “invaded by the people we armed in Syria”!

    I would like to assure you that what is going on in Iraq is far from an invasion by anybody –regardless of who armed whom. It is nothing less than a popular uprising against the Al Maliky regime. While it is true that most of those who are rising are Sunnis, yet few Shia are joining forces with them against the corrupt and ruthless Al Maliky regime. Please try to explain to anyone how an army numbered in tens of thousands, at whom the US administrations spent not less than US$ 40 Million (out of your and other taxpayers pockets) to arm and train, ends up surrendering or fleeing in hours (not days) against a mere gang of few thousands! If the uprising does not have a popular support in the areas it “entered” that would not have been possible, don’t you agree?!

    Most Iraqi Sunnis are fed-up (to put it mildly) of Al Maliki regime and are willing to join forces with “The Devil” (the devil in this instant is Isis) to get rid of Al Maliky regime. I assure you that Al Maliky Regime is promoting a US agenda to dissect Iraq into failing ethnic / religious / race based entities. Final point here, regardless of who is financing whom, Isis members are a heterogeneous group from the local areas (M.E. countries), plus a few Internationals to add to the “flavor” (excuse the joke).

    So while your point of view that the rebels “stole” millions of dollars from the banks, the local population point of view is that these funds were “liberated” from the oppressive central regime who practically stole them from the local population.

    You were surprised that Senator John Mc Cain photo was taken with “top Al Qaeda People”. My question to you is this: Please define who are “Al Qaeda people”?! Define who is “Terrorist”?! Define “Terrorism” for that matter!

    Are they Isis? Are they The Syrian Free Army? Are they: Al Nusra group? Are they all the above and then some?

    Have you noticed how the US administration pick and chose as to who is a member of Al Qaeda? Those who are today allies of the US Administration could very well be the US enemy Number 1 tomorrow! Remember how Saddam Hussein was “in bed” (to use a US expression) with top US administration officials and then all of a sudden had “links with Al Qaeda”?!

    Without a doubt Al Qaeda is a CIA established entity, is infiltrated and directed by Langley, and mainly do Langley’s bidding. Yet many fighters on the ground whether in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, etc.. are genuine fighters who are fighting against oppression, and many were literally starved to death (almost), and oppressed to losing their basic human rights by the puppet regimes of Assad Family in Syria, Maliky in Iraq, Qaddafi family in Libya, Saleh in Yemen, and the list goes on… Would you believe that “freedom to express your opinion” even within a closed group of your friends is a foreign concept to many in those areas? They have been raised with the notion that “Walls have ears” and the consequences of an uttered word could mean imprisonment, torture, and even death!

    Greg; please, keep in mind that there is a majority of those people fighting for their basic rights where you in US, Western Europe and other scattered parts of the world, take for granted –after decades of fighting centuries ago! Many of them are not murderers, thieves, or thugs. While I agree with you 100% that murder and mayhem are taking place in those areas, but to give credit where credit is due: aren’t these atrocity due to the “organized chaos” that was planted by the various US administrations?
    Wishing you all the best.

  45. Old Times Guy


    Its been a long time since we have had a real war like World War 2. By the way, WW2 didnt destroy us. It made us as Americans better. That is why we shouldnt fear the next great war, which I believe will occur soon. You see Greg, America has lost her way morally. We fight small scale wars now only to make the military industrial complex rich, but we need to have an idealogy that is worth fighting for. How about fighting the Muslim proliferation of Sharia and the evils of Communism. The Communists and Muslims do so much harm in the world that it is a moral imperitive as a Christian Nation to destroy the muslims and communists. I believe that if we take hold and kill them now, that we can preserve a better future for our tommorrow. Together we can make a free world to believe in. Lets make the American paradigm a reality.


      Thank you for doing an excellent narrative of the truth. As usual the
      “lame stream media” is reading the script that is handed to them by
      the Government. I also have been addressing the same facts that you
      state in your post. Hopefully with continued effort more people will
      see the truth.

      • Saeed

        Off The Rails,
        Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am positive that one day truth will prevail as much as the mid-day sun of a summer day. 🙂

  46. Mason

    Great interview as always, and good to have some behind-the-scenes perspectives on the current situation in Iraq! Kudos for the two Gregs on this one!

    Michael Krieger from LibertyBlitzKrieg inserts an important piece of the puzzle: Al Qaeda is state-backed, namely by Saudi Arabia. I repeat: Al Qaeda is backed by Saudi Arabia! They were our main ally for decades!

    He mentions a few important points that gives another disturbing perspective on the situation in Iraq:
    1. It is beyond bizarre that the U.S. launched a war against Iraq following the terrorist attacks, yet never really questioned the potential (and obvious) Saudi involvement, despite the glaring fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens (the official 9/11 story stinks to high heaven).
    2. The U.S. at first went to great lengths to try to declare war on Syria, despite domestic and international opposition (remember that?!). When the Obama-administration finally backed down, the Saudis were extremely furious at the U.S. for not launching this war. They even gave up a highly prized seat (non-permanent) on the U.N. security council over this. A little bit too furious one would say.
    3. The gas-attacks in Syria were probably a Saudi provocation to begin with.
    4. Two Congressmen are pushing for the release of the 28-Page document showing Saudi involvement in 9/11.
    5. The Bush administration knew this, and subsequently so the the Obama administration.
    6. The Sunni caliphate has been sponsered by Saudi Arabia (http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/iraq-crisis-sunni-caliphate-has-been-bankrolled-by-saudi-arabia-9533396.html)
    7. This makes sense from the perspective of Saudi Arabia. They are extremely zealous about their Islamic faith as well. And they are Sunni too. The threat of Iran to Saudi regional power, Assad, and the Sunni-Shiite sectarian war trumps the U.S. goal of stabilty and moderation. Saudi Arabia needs a fighting force, a proxy like Al Queda, to defend their Sunni goals (just as Hezbollah is a proxy to Iran to defend Shiite goals).

    So think about this:
    What does it mean if the U.S. knew a long time ago that their prime ally Saudi Arabia was en is sponsering Al Queda?
    Think about that.

    Anyway, there’s more information, so you should check out the link yourself:

  47. Galaxy 500

    News flash
    Frapachino guy (ring leader) who lead Bengazi raid was finally picked up several years after attack. He was in hiding. So if you knew where he was, why now?

    • Galaxy 500

      He was hiding at starbucks…the same place he’s been for years giving interviews.

  48. Saint Lawrence

    American mythology and propaganda are started to infect some of the commenters above. Stick to the facts; when the oligarchs shut off the electricity, and the water, and the petrofuels – who will you be talking to about gold?
    Government oppression of Coal, Alaskan oil slowing or stopping, nuclear generation slowing or stopping, means fracted oil will cost more.
    The real oligarchs agenda needs to be identified: no energy means lights out and a new dark age.
    June 17 evidence:

  49. NY Cop on the beat

    People, it is likely that Gregory Mannarino is correct in his predictions about what is likely although we may not completely agree on the causation. I will just say that we are on very high alert in NY City right now as there has been an innordinately high amount of chatter detected and we know that there are several terrorist cell operations at work right now. Several recent raids haver turned up abandoned hideaways and safehouses for making intricate and advanced devices for demolition manufacture as well as thermite incendiary devices and nuclear materials. Literature and know how about making and operating drones has also been found. We need an alert and vigilant citizenry. If you see anything. If you hear anything. Report it right away to authorities. I cant tell you all how very much we are very very concerned right now as there are grave dangers out there. This new ISIS movement is very concerning to us as well as these terrorists have issued direct threats to the NY business establishment as well as veiled threats against federal buildings in Washington including the Pentagon, the Capital and even the white house. My friends in the FBI tell me that we are in a state of high alert and that a foreign attack by terrorists may be imminent. Again, I beseech all Americans to be very vigilant as it would be a horrible thing to wake up to a mushroom cloud in a town near you. Its seems like a lifetime ago that 9/11 happened and so many people including those in government have let down their guard, but the threat has re-emerged stronger and more determined than ever. They hate our freedoms and will go to any lengths to destroy us !!!!! There may also be the liklihood that the Russians have also pooled in with the Jihadist ISIS terrorists and are providing them with copious amounts of nuclear materials. WAKE UP Citizens !!!! BE ALERT !!!! Report suspicious activities !!!!! I will personally be very surprised if an attack does not occur before the next 9/11 anniversary and the intelligence is rife with warning !!!!!

    • Diane Ryan

      You must be very connected to have inside knowledge of foreign and domestic treats to NYC, the Capital, the Pentagon and even the White House. I’d like to report a lot of suspicious activity. Let’s start with 9/11/2001 and 2 airplanes hitting 3 towers. Exactly who did that? I suspect the answer to that question gives us a good idea as to who would think nothing about creating a mushroom cloud in NYC.

    • Mason

      Hi NYCop,
      Thanks for the warning!
      But I also have to make the following points:
      1. If a mushroom-cloud does happen, I suspect this would be either a false-flag attack or something the authorities know about beforehand, and just let it happen. Just like 9-11. This will play into the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION dynamic. This would the be another example of how elites throughout history commit acts of terrorism as a pretext to create enemies and corral populations behind a tyrannical agenda.
      2. The fear-mongering that I constantly hear, plays into this agenda of the US becoming a Police State as well.
      3. The foreign policy of the U.S. has created a breeding ground for terrorists. When Saddam was in power (yes I agree he was a very bad guy), there was NO Al Quaeda in Iraq. Nowdays, in contrast, they are all over the place.
      4. The US government has been supporting the Al Quaeda branch (they are called al Nusrah Front) in Syria and now this has seriously backfired, just as Greg pointed out.
      5. I could go on and on and on, but in the interest of brevity I will not.

      My point is, if anything happens, this would play right into the hand of the elites, and you should scrutinize the US government very very carefully. And frankly, don’t just believe anything they say. I mean, have you seen Gregs link to the demolition of WTC Building 7 (http://rememberbuilding7.org/) on 9-11? This is just one example.

      Please, I’m begging you, we need Cops to be on the good side of this, when the US is in danger of becoming a Police State, not on the bad side (such as the NY Cop in the video in this link: http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2014/06/14/cop-who-punched-occupy-wall-street-protester-receives-120k-annual-pension-from-nypd/). I’m saying this because the police force will be the enforcers of a Police State, and there is a very real danger in this. So I am just highlighting this aspect, and I am really begging you to take a look at what is going on.

    • Wolfgang Zuttermeister

      Dude. 9/11 wasn’t caused by 19 wild-eyed jihadists with some box-cutters. What I fear most is our own government, ever willing to perpetrate false-flag ops on its own citizenry. So cut the crap already.

  50. Coalburner9

    Thank You Veronica! That makes sense!

    • Veronica

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  51. Galaxy 500

    Its.official, Mooch Obama aint really that smart. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/06/16/Michelle-Obama-I-Couldn-t-Feed-My-Kids-Right-Even-With-A-Harvard-Degree
    If you arent smart enough to feed your children with a Harvard degree it must be because of social promotion.

  52. Coalburner9

    NY Cop, I assume you got through Greg’s web so you might be legit but a few things you say raise my fear monger antenna. I am not afraid of two bit coward murders like real terrorists. They might get someone, maybe me, but I will not walk in fear. I will not tattle on my neighbor for a few extra rounds fired in the dirt on July fourth, I will not tattle on him for his three year old Grandson pissing on the city flower patch. One more thing, Russians told us about the Boston bombers. If we weren’t crapping on their doorstep we wouldn’t be having a problem with them now. They hate terrorists as much as we do and they don’t turn them back into the terrorist fish pond like our great leader does. In Russia those xprisoners would be dead not leading ISIS in Iraq.

  53. Jerry

    Greg, I just heard from my source that the largest pipeline in Europe (owned by Gazprom) has just exploded , as a result of U.S. led covert actions. This is big people. It will have a direct economic impact on France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Chec Republic. The largest portion of Russia’s energy and economic profits comes from this pipeline. It will be viewed as a direct act of war by the Russians. This is the beginning of the world wide economic collapse we have been talking about.

    War is coming people. If the July 15th date holds true, you have less than 30 days to get prepared for the eventual collapse of the dollar. Like I said before. You can do what ever you want with this information.

  54. Jerry

    More information on gas explosion .

    • Jerry

      Sorry wrong clip. But that ones good to.

  55. Ken

    Hello Greg, excellent interview with Mr. Mannarino. When will you have Jim Willie on again? The conditions in the world are moving at a dizzying pace and Mr. Willie seems to have a penchant to put the pieces together in following the money and the moves of the oligarchs who are really running the show.

    We are living in interesting times and personally, I wouldn’t miss them for all the tea in China!
    “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.” George Carlin

    • Greg Hunter

      Tonight after midnight.

  56. Pak4L

    Greg got it all wrong on Iraq. I think its an indigenous uprising, instead of an invasion.
    how do 30,000 Iraqi troops just throw down their arms and decide to go home? If there isn’t popular support?

  57. Stu


    Thanks for another great interview. Gregory Mannarino has it figured out. His comment about M1 or Velocity of money is spot-on and not only is it at an all time low, but M3 supply is at an all time high. USFed is not tapering at all. They are trying to keep up with the dollars that Russia, China, and others are dumping into hard assets like real estate and physical gold.

    His comments on the significance of the petrodollar are also on target as the same players mentioned above, plus Iran are abandoning use of the dollar in oil/gas trade agreements.

    Thanks again,


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