Debt Based System Running Out of Steam-Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, sees trouble for the economy. Dr. Roberts explains, “This image of a strong stock market is based essentially on debt, borrowing and debt, money creation and debt.  It’s a false signal that shows prosperity, and it’s not really there. . . . So, during a period of time when there has been no interest income on peoples’ savings in the form of bonds or CDs, there has also been no growth in Social Security income.  So, the elderly, or the largest block of them, are hard pressed.  The young come out of school with student debt and no good jobs.  A large percentage can’t find sufficient employment to support an independent existence.  They can’t possibly pay off the loans.  So, wherever you look, you see a debt based system that’s running out of steam.”

Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says this is why retail is getting killed. Dr. Roberts contends, “A lot of people blame this on internet shopping and that people don’t want to be bothered to go to a mall.  The mall experience is old and outdated, and they would rather sit in front of a computer and order online.  This is the explanation people give who don’t want to see a problem.  An alternative explanation is that people have run out of any discretionary income with which to purchase things.  When you consider mortgage payments, car payments, credit card payments and food, there’s no money left to drive consumer discretionary spending.”

Dr. Roberts says the Federal Reserve basically prints money and intervenes in all markets to prop them up or, as in the case of gold and silver, hold prices down. Dr. Roberts says, “It looks like the whole system is rigged.  People don’t understand this, and you can’t find any discussion about this in the financial press or in the economic profession. . . . Since the Fed has unlimited amounts of money, it can create endless amounts of money by pushing a computer button.  They don’t have to worry about losses.  So, they can support or rig all markets.”

Dr. Roberts, formerly a top editor at the Wall Street Journal, says nuclear war is the most dire problem Americans face. This comes at a time when trust between Russia and America is at all-time lows.  Dr. Roberts says, “The danger is both warning systems, ours and the Soviets (Russians).  During the period of the cold war, there were many false alarms of incoming missiles.  Both sides would see incoming missiles, and yet no one believed it, and the reason they didn’t believe it was that the governments were working together to defuse tensions.  You had Kennedy with Khrushchev.  You had Nixon who gave us SALT-1, an anti-ballistic missile treaty.  You had Carter who gave us SALT-2.  You had Reagan and Gorbachev who ended the cold war.  So, all during these periods when false information of incoming missiles came in, no one believed it, but if you have distrust between the two powers as we now have, and Putin has said on a number of occasions we can no longer trust the Americans, if you can’t trust and you get incoming missile alerts, you are much more inclined to believe it.  So, the prospect of nuclear war is more likely.  Washington and the media . . . are creating distrust among their populations with Russia with this constant anti-Russian propaganda.  With all this bogus and false allegations about Russia. . . . the chances of all this going poof are very high.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-one with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. dslarsen

    I read everything Mr. Roberts writes, and watch every interview I find. I only wish he could tell me EXACTLY when the system is going to melt down. hehehehehehe. Super interview. Thanks to both of you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DS.

      • Wayne

        I think all of us who prefer a return to sound money usage are disgusted by the workings of the Federal Reserve System-US government/Treasury affiliation. But this Central Bank model, which originated over 300 years ago and had morphed into the Bank of England, is the model also used by other nations throughout the world. This includes the ECB, which having secured a stranglehold on the EU, now resorts to looting its member states (see its poster child of Greece).

        As I’d commented on previous posts to this site, the point is that all of the financial-fiscal-commodity-currency systems today are interdependent. They are all connected, operating around the clock at internet speed. The time for any one sovereign nation to make waves in this arena with few or no consequences is long gone. Similarly, there was a time when one country’s bankruptcy (Weimar, Zimbabwe, Argentina) was “containable.” Today “contagion” is far more likely (thank you, derivatives!).

        As you say about the US, the Fed Ponzi scheme “is at the very heart of your countries (sic) financial and social degeneration.” But the entire population does not knowingly turn a blind eye; almost all *are* blind. This is what PCR means by Americans’ “insouciance.” They have been dumbed-down and not taught about money and finances. Many are struggling now to just to keep their heads above water. They know something is very wrong and that is why they elected Trump, the outsider.

        But in case you haven’t noticed, much of rest of the world is also asleep in this regard. Courtesy of their fiscal systems and Central Banks, especially in the West. Probably why the globalists have made such headway toward their NWO.

        What will replace the existing system, when and how? These are the 64 quadrillion dollar questions of the day we are all waiting to be answered. We share your frustration.

      • Will Carr

        Dear Greg,
        People are afraid to use real names. That is what it’s come to. Andrew Jackson wasn’t afraid to stand up to the central bankers, but where are today’s Old Hickories? Unless or until some of cabalisy are dragged into the streets, people will remain silent…appeased by what PCG just described in the FR’s manipulation of markets.

    • al

      It has been a quarter century of corruption starting with Mr. NWO himself, Papa Bush. That’s EXACTLY what I want to know too. I keep looking at the canary in the coal mine, gold. Once gold and silver shoots up like a rocket, that will signal the end of this corrupt system… but when?

      • al Hall

        Al, Greg, & all- Must see this – this man has great inside info and this is a coming warning. Dave writes a short lead and then see short video.

        If you are reading this column, you are probably more aware and more willing to correct the abuses that the American people are laboring under. Trump is paralyzed because the Deep State has launched a full frontal assault against him. He needs our assistance and we are not answering the call.
        Trump Is Loyal to His Mission

        I do not agree with everything that Trump has done, but he is loyal to his mission. He is the first President in a long time that has given a damn about the American people. And how have we responded as a nation? We have gone back to sleep and are doing nothing to help Congress break through the Deep State control which they labor under
        Trump’s Constituency

        If Trump supporters, those who voted for him, were to step up, we could reclaim our country. Of course there would be a fight, probably even a civil war. However, if only 10% of Trump voters were to send Congress an email or a phone message everyday, that would add up to millions of messages that would let Congress know they are in deep trouble if they do not move to support the people. Supporting the people means to support Donald Trump.
        Consequences for Inaction

        Let me be blunt. The consequences for a path of inaction are dire. The chronology will be as follows:

        1. False Flags

        2. Martial Law

        3. Red/Blue Lists

        4. FEMA Camps

        5. Labor conscription

        6. The separating of families through assignment of “state” duties

        7. World War III

        8. Extreme population reduction

        It is your choice America. Help Trump today, or fight for your life tomorrow. Here is a summary to share with friends and family.

        I know if your on Greg’s channel your awake and paying attention.
        Stay alert!

    • Tim

      Nobody knows “EXACTLY when the system is going to melt down.” What we do know is that it cannot continue much longer, whether it’s a few more months or years. That’s why we need to be prepared.

      • Frederick

        That’s very true Tim You have no way of knowing so it’s imperative to prepare and prices are great so keep on stacking while the getting good

      • BetterChetter

        we all want to know ‘when’, either to protect ourselves from loss, or to profit from the insider info … which means we have the same ‘greed’ (profit motive) that the elitists have, tho on a smaller level … & as PCR notes, the further we go in the process (down the road to ruin as J.R. says), the more deceptions are exposed – more strings are placed on the puppetry in this fiscal game we are playing – that with a strategy of a global take-down as well as US collapse, it could go on much longer than we can possibly fathom

      • Paul ...

        I know exactly when the dollar will be allowed to melt down “after Trump brings back factories to American shores” (so that we can produce goods to sell to foreigners and eliminate our balance of payments deficit) … in about one year Trump will have nominated six(6) of “his guys” to the Federal Reserve Board … the Fed Banksters won’t have the votes to push for a monetary re-set that will collapse the American economy … remember with Trump forcefully showing how he is “protecting Japan and South Korea” against North Korea … it will make it easier for him to ask Japan and South Korea to spend trillions in America to re-build our manufacturing capability … only then will Trump have the ability to declare all our “Federal Reserve Note” paper money “null and void” and print new Treasury money as prescribed by the Constitution … those holding Fed Reserve Note paper dollars will have to turn them in for new Treasury Dollars (and the IRS will be waiting at the window asking people like Hillary “how they earned the money they are trying to exchange”!!!

        • Paul ...

          The banksters (printing fiat to infinity) are preparing for the day Federal Reserve Notes are “declared worthless” the same way we are … after they took our 100 cent US dollar and made it worth one penny … now JP Morgan is currently standing for “physical delivery” of every single ounce of silver they can get their hands on at the COMEX!!!

    • Dan S

      dslarsen – When WW3 starts

  2. Pat

    As usual, a brilliant, informative interview. The world owes you a debt of gratitude for your efforts to keep true journalism alive. One guest I’d love to see here (and I’m certain that Catherine Austin Fitts would agree) is Jon R appoport who runs the site He’s brilliant on a wide range of subjects. Thank you again, Mr. Hunter.

    • Anne Elliott

      I second the motion on both counts, Pat! Thanks for all you do, Greg, to keep people informed!! And Jon R. would be a very interesting and informative guest.

    • C romana

      Great interview with my favorite writer on political subjects. I looked at Jon R. …..very interesting ideas on group identity.

  3. James Brown

    You rule brother!!!
    I love Dr. Paul Craig Roberts!!!
    That Dude is so cool and right on!
    Keep on Rockin baby.
    Please get Martin Armstrong soon when you can.
    DJIA is going to 40,000- let Martin explain it.

    • Jak

      Yes Martin Armstrong says the Dow phase transition may bring it up to 30,000 to 40,000 but he also has said that it would result in a disastrous outcome so be careful what you wish for.

    • Alanon

      Yes, Martin Armstrong would be good to hear from.

  4. Boston Field

    To quote Charles Laughton in Witness for the Prosecution: The question is, Ms. Rice, were you lying then, are you lying now, and are you not, in fact, a congenital and habitual LIAR?!

    I have not yet heard anyone emphasize that none of this truth would have been available to us, had Hillary won… this would have all been buried, and continuing lies would have been our fate. It would have been, continued, corruption, without interruption.
    Yes, there must be a God!

    Michael DelGiorno fills in for Michael Savage
    Tuesday, April 04, 2017 Full Show
    You must listen in!
    The man of the year last year was not Donald J. Trump, but the hacker!
    Yes, the hacker who had to hack, to do the job of the hack journalists who wont do theirs! The Chuck Tod’s, the Rachel Shadow Maddow’s, all Lemons and of course the lemon of lemons, Don Lemon.

    • Frederick

      Boston Field they’re all liars from both parties It’s called being a politician

    • Macray

      Boston Field
      If Ms is called to testify in front of Congress, will she show up? Take the 5th?
      ??? Any thoughts on this ???

      • Macray

        Ms. Rice : )))

  5. Jerry

    PCR is right about the system being rigged by the Federal Reserve Bank. Its beyond being rigged, in fact based on the information I’ve seen the central banks with the help from the IMF are using it as a Trojan Horse to completely transform the world banking system into a totally new system. Evidently I’m not the only one seeing it.

    Last week I posted information about the connection of former treasury secretary’s Hank Paulsen and Timothy Geithner with “The Working Group” which is an organization being used to transfer RMB currencies into U.S. banks. Both of these men had connections with the Federal Reserve Bank. And it should come as no surprise to know that Susan Rice’s father (who I’m sure will be mentioned in your weekly news wrap-up) was a governor with the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Everywhere you look, you see the globalist agenda being orchestrated right before our very eyes. You’d have to be blind not to see it. If anyone thinks this will continue without having a direct impact on our lives they’d be wrong. When the system is rigged, and manipulated, freedom cannot exist. Want proof? I still see chemtrails six months after Donald Trumps election.

    • Jerry

      YES….there’s nothing quite like two Federal Reserve families sitting down to have a little chat.
      For the fact checkers, Andrea Mitchel is married to Alan Greenspan. Susan Rice’s father was Emmitt J. Rice, the former Federal Reserve Governor. Such a close knit little global community eh.

      I have to laugh when I hear the denial streaming out of the MSM about wiretapping. My family has had their phones wiretapped for years going back into the seventies because my cousin (different cousin) worked for the Secret Service in California. The truth is every time you use an electronic device you’re being monitored. Technology has allowed surveillance to become an art form to be twisted into whatever purpose it needs to be used for. As we shall all soon find out, it also provides the perfect mechanism for criminals to cover their tracks.

      • Jerry

        Its all in the family.
        James Comey was on the board of directors with HSBC bank before taking the directors job at the FBI. The cartel always likes to have an inside source, and I’d day this time its paid off. He most likely will be instrumental in taking Trump down.

    • Jerry

      Oh yes, those were the days. It seems like only yesterday Hank Paulsen was telling us that if we didn’t bail out the central banks, martial law would be declared. Here he is putting the Chinese on notice. LOL.

      • Frederick

        Ahh Frankenstein Paulson I had almost forgotten about that squidlike creature

      • JCD

        Jerry pats on the back of China will not cause them to change direction. A old wise man said it is easy to fool a fool that don’t see his foolishness. Telling China to lower their currency is like telling a frog not to eat the fly.

        • JCD

          Correction (Not to lower their currency)

    • Jerry

      Do you ever wonder what’s going to happen to Deutsche Bank? Wonder no more.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Have you all read Jamie Dimon’s new letter to his bank…it’s on Zero Hedge, April 4. The man seems to have had a Come to Jesus moment and is sounding all patriotic and caring. Way to go, Jamie!!! Shalom this Passover, too.
      I read PKR every day and feel he is uninspiring and predictable. I like to read people that help me feel life is worth living, in this world and the next. We are poor people. Whe I get up early with ideas about doing things, helping somebody laugh…then I read PKR and others like him, I feel down and want to give up. He sounds like an old Calvinist from Aberdeen.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        When John Barrymore in “Sylvia Scarlett”sees Katharine Hepburn, dressed as a man, take off her clothes, he says, “Life is so gloriously unpredictable!”

        Here this 70 year old boomer with a disabled husband on Social Security and part time work….and the first stuff I’ve read online in years I really love is by Jamie Dimon. You just never know what a tease God will make of you every new day!

  6. Gadfly


    Just like Katheryn Fitts said, we need a war. A Nuclear War would end the population problem and give the rest of us some much needed “elbow room”, as well. We would be forced to change and go back to the bare essentials like our forefathers. No more wanton luxury or hedonism, as currently is the State of America. Bankers and bureaucrats would all disappear. Amish would be left alone again. America would be fixed in a way no politician or political party could do it. Peace would then rule America.

    • Frederick

      Gadfly I would hate to think of nuclear war as a “good ” thing but now that you put it that way it sure would clear out a lot of dead wood

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The REST of US? Whodat?

      • Frederick

        Deanna I think Gadfly is referring to the ten percent or so who live in the rural areas and are self sufficient and prepared as best we can be That rest of us

    • Anne Elliott

      That scenario would be The Hunger Games come to real life. Just a few families would come out of their bunkers in good shape, and the rest of us would be scavenging like animals. Who knows??? Maybe that’s what they’d really like to see.

    • Paul ...

      And the way the CIA spied on Trump (and made it look like Russia was doing the hacking) … the CIA probably has back doors into all the chips in our underground Missile Defense Command computers … they can make it “look like” the US is under a nuclear attack from Russia (so that we will immediately launch a nuclear retaliatory strike) … pure neocon evil has no moral bounds!!!

  7. Rodster

    I’ve gotta disagree on his online shopping take. Online shopping is exploding for several reasons. The first and foremost is to save money on taxes, secondly there’s the convenience of waiting for the delivery instead of hopping in your car to go get it.

    Wal-Mart and Best Buy have been getting hammered by Amazon. Best Buy has stepped up by matching Amazon’s pricing and has beefed up its online presence. Wal-Mart purchased the startup online retailer to beef up its online presence as well. Wal-Mart is now offering free grocery pickup at some of their stores, which is expected to go national. They are also exploring grocery delivery to your home like Amazon offers in some locations.

    People are spending and it’s online. The bricks and mortar retail sector is being replaced by online shopping. Sears could go bankrupt and JC Penny is also in tough shape. Heck at one point Best Buy was being labled as’s showroom.

  8. Alanon

    Here is another opinion we should consider.

    • Greg Hunter

      He may very well be correct but this kind of rally will not be without spiking interest rates and that is going to be the big problem that trump is going to have to deal with because of the $20 trillion in debt and way more than $100 trillion in liabilities. I am pulling for Trump but there are going to be some negative side effects.

      • Jerry

        The globalist are going to pull out the stops to take Trump down before the IMF World Bank meeting on the 21st of April. We may well be in a congressional hearing battle that will decide which side of the bed the shoe will drop on.

      • Gadfly

        Not necessarily Greg. My stock broker at Morgan Stanley keeps stating so when I bring-up the subject of increasing interest rates. They have been said to be going-up ever since they spiked after Ben Bernanke’s ” Taper Tantrum” comments in July 2013. 10-Year Treasuries then dived back down and later “spiked”-up again late last year from a second bottom at 1.3%.

        Long interest rates can probably go down once again, as I am often reminded. So, double digit interest rates during Trump’s term is definitely not a given. Pundits really know little about it. Opinions, yes. Only the market knows for sure, not you or I. The global bond market ( huge ) has the last word too.

        • Greg Hunter

          You think there are honest markets?? You are in great peril.

          • Gadfly

            Not really. Follow trends and relative strength. I win no matter what.

            • Greg Hunter

              Not really, what? You think the markets are normal?? Do you know why the Fed has a trading desk?? “Trends and relative strength” Good luck with that.

              • Gadfly

                Better stay away from investing in the stock market and stick to commentary and Alternative News. Some people just don’t have a “knack” for money management. “A man has to know his limitations” ( Clint Eastwood, in “Dirty Harry”.)

                • Greg Hunter

                  You are not “managing money” you are gambling in a rigged casino.

          • Gadfly

            That’s O.K.

    • Frederick

      Roadster just imagine how it would takeoff if gasoline went ballistic say to ten dollars a gallon That is if anyone had any spare cash to shop at all

  9. regular NJ guy

    I respect PCR. However, the Russians have earned our distrust with their ploys to disrupt our electoral process and their spy programs. There is evidence that the Russians have infiltrated some very sensitive areas of our own government. It is becoming increasingly clear that war with Russia is in our future. The question is whether things will escalate to nuclear levels. I’m on board with Trumps assessment that we need our military to be the biggest baddest force on the planet so that when we exert our will verbally it can be backed up militarily. At this point in time, it is plainly clear that we need to wipe that shit-eating smirk off the face of Putin and show him who is boss. We’ve got a great foothold on Ukraine so it wouldn’t take much to punch a hole along that border and commit a 350,000 troop invasion force and march them all the way to old Leningrad.

    • Frederick

      NJ guy First of all we shouldn’t be in Ukraine Second of all your promoting invasion of Russia is not only dangerous but insane as well Are you a John McCain troll?

    • Canadian Prepper

      Seriously ? Maybe you should ask Napoleon or Hitler? Wait they are enjoying a well deserved dirt nap

    • The Ogs

      With respect (and no offense) your comment is far off base…
      As Dr. Roberts has stated, you have been ‘drinking the koolaid’ and BELIEVE all the ridiculous Washington propaganda shoveled your way! It’s very sad.
      And I’ll remind you that Hitler invaded Russia with almost four MILLION guys – and that didn’t work out so well for him and them.

    • andyb

      NJ guy:
      If it were not for the mistake of invading Russia Hitler, in the opinion of many historians, could have won WWII. That ambitious step resulted in the death of millions and the decimation of the German Army. To ask this country to support the psychopathic neocon agenda and commit our youth to another world war (that no one can win) is equally psychopathic. Putin has shown resolve, restraint and patience unlike that of US politicians and policy makers. I served during the Cuban Missile crisis, a crisis that was manufactured by psychopaths in the Kremlin placing nuclear missiles within 90 miles of the US. Were it not for JFK, we all might be dead now. The US has now placed, not only troops and armaments along Russia’s borders, but nuclear missiles as well. Pure folly!!!!!

    • BetterChetter

      when you consider the economic hitmen that the US has employed to disrupt other countries, IF Russia had done this to us, it would have been ‘a long time coming’ – karmic payback for all the disruptions the US has done to countries with ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or other propagandized misinformation – – your regular guy approach to this is highly reactive & not well thought out – – do you really want your children/neighbors exposed to WWIII ? That is the tactic that Russia has been having to use, to not take the bait of US aggression to get their own citizenry exposed to ww3. If that is true, Putin is much more the diplomat than any US statesman is (or any regular guy could aspire to be) ~

    • dbcooper

      We are wondering if you know Mr. Airman Rich Treadway?? DB.

    • Linda L.

      Regular NJ Guy
      As Tucker Carlson says in regards to Russia interfering with the elections
      “where’s the evidence?”. Just because a few high level government officials say that Russia hacked our election process doesn’t mean that it actually occurred (yet we’re all suppose to believe this nonsense without proof?). I can’t for the life of me understand all the aggression against Russia when it was the US (under the Bush/Obama Administrations) that completely compromised the stability of the middle east, with ultimate responsibility for the forced exile of the Middle East by immigrants fleeing their unstable environments into Europe and the US. Look at America’s proxy involvement in the murder of President Gaddafi of Libya. The lying Hillary LAUGHED as she said regarding Gaddafi “we came, we saw and he died”. And then there was the US Administration’s outright, stupid invasion into Afghanistan and Iraq, with these areas now comprising out of control RADICAL TERRORISTS, who get off on killing (and sometimes eating the remains/organs of) Christian men, women and children and everyone else who won’t bow down to their medieval, small minded agendas. If the neocons/far left/mainstream media and uniformed Americans don’t stop the fake propaganda against Russia, we’ll be in WW3 soon and there won’t be any winners. Folks who make it to the other side will be living in the stone age, and if I survive myself at least I won’t have to listen to this “Russia is hacking the elections” crap any longer.

    • Gil Favor

      Total rubbish. Prove they have inside control over our electoral system. Lots of foolish talk emanating from the US to get people thinking “the Russkis are bad, bad, bad.” Typical propaganda ploy. Our sanctions on the Russians are illegal according to international laws, but the US doesn’t care one bit. We are a lawless nation and individual rights, your rights, have been taken from you whether or not you realize it. Maybe you can’t admit the US is a rogue nation, maybe you fashion yourself as a very special patriot, but it sounds to me that you are practicing jingoism and not reality.

    • Peter Armstrong

      “…the Russians have earned our distrust with their ploys to disrupt our electoral process and their spy programs…”
      For goodness sake, wake up and smell the coffee.
      Dr. Roberts is so right on when he says the majority of the American public is insouciant. Added to that there is obviously an uncritical acceptance of the sound-bite legacy media news.
      And it just occurred to me that perhaps you didn’t listen to the whole interview, whereby you would have had the issues clearly described for you. Thermonuclear war is a when, not an if, proposition given the levels of American (un)diplomatic belligerence, further complicated by surrounding European Russia with “defensive” nuclear weapons systems, and having convinced the Russian leadership that the US can’t be trusted. A recipe for total disaster.
      With the destructive power of modern thermonuclear weapons, no one wins but everyone loses.

    • M. Rostov

      Hey Rich,
      If at first you dont succede, try try again! ISIS ISIL Daesh
      Al-Nusra Front; جبهة النصرة الله-ليثيوم أهل الشام من مجاهدي الشام في الساحات الجهاد

      Hegelian dialectic, a strategy of Cause the problem-Observe the target’s reaction-Propose their desired solution.

      Who’s the target this time and most the time? The American sheeple of couurse, but this time is Trump drinking the kool aide too? Most time everybody is left out the loop, but the Trumpster always lands on the side of the truth!
      Never fear, the Neocons will hear, Book em Dano! Intell code, they will see jail.

      Assad Apparently ‘Gasses’ Civilians Days After Tillerson Hints He Can Stay in Power
      Evidence of a sophisticated chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime suggests the dictator in Damascus thinks he’s now got Trump’s carte blanche to kill as he likes.
      This article ends with;
      “Those who defend and support him, including Russia and Iran, should have no illusions about Assad or his intentions,” Tillerson added.
      He neglected to mention his own tacit support of Assad, voiced just days ago.

      It happend again! When Assad is in the cat bird seat, he does the gas attack? Yet again? Does this guy have a death wish? Does he have a secret desire to get it up the poop shoot like Mo? Or does the deep stasie strike again where the sun dare not shine?
      Whats wrong with this picture?

      Assad did not order Syria chemical weapons attack, says German press
      Bild am Sonntag cites high-level German surveillance source suggesting Syrian president was not personally behind attacks
      Simon Tisdall and Josie Le Blond in Berlin
      Monday 9 September 2013 03.39 EDT

    • Dave

      You literally sound insane.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Who IS boss? A troop invasion into Leningrad? It isn’t even called Leningrad anymore.
      The last empire that did what you suggest lost everything beginning with a sacrifice to Moloch on July 1, 1916….the Catholic feast of the precious Blood of Jesus. Well, that showed Him who the boss was!!!

    • Wayne

      Warmongering rhetoric like this should not be taken lightly. Thermonuclear war might well extinguish all life on earth. In fact, PCR is one of the truth-tellers trying for sometime now to alert people to this danger from rising US-Russia tensions.

      Newsflash! All nations, past and present, spy on each other. Are the actions of the NSA-CIA any different? The “evidence” provided by Crowdstrike that Russia interfered in US elections, which formed the basis for the meme of “Russian hacking,” has been thoroughly discredited, not that the MSM would tell you this.

      You mention Ukraine as a “stronghold.” Do you know that its democratically-elected government was ousted in a coup d’etat engineered via the US, chiefly through Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, a protégé of HilLIARy Clinton? Is it this and Nuland’s husband, Kagan the neocon, whose world hegemonic-Wolfowitz doctrine policies, you admire?

      Modern warfare would not pursue the land invasion you suggest. The invaders would be annihilated. NATO knows this and pushes such nonsense to create fear, justify its existence and continue armament sales that feed the military-security complex. In any case, ask Napoleon and Hitler how well that strategy worked for them.

      Russia is not the communist USSR. It is modernized and its military is also. By most reports, its weaponry is at least a generation ahead of the US. Its Su-35 warplane is the yardstick, while the US throws away a trillion dollars on the F-35 that can barely fly in inclement weather. From what I’ve read, the Russian S-500 system can seal off its airspace and its Satan-2 can destroy an area the size of Texas or France. The US would appear to have no defense against its nuclear warheads’ unpredictable trajectories. As an American, I take no pleasure in citing this nor in prospects that needlessly put our nation and its service personnel in harm’s way.

      In southern Ukraine, Crimea, a part of Russia long before the US existed, had a referendum deemed legal and fair by international law, to rejoin Russia. With an 83% turnout, 97% voted to rejoin Russia, which was approved. You won’t see such numbers for any US politician.

      Putin, as ex-KGB, is surely no Mother Teresa. But he appears to care about his country, its sovereignty and its people. He is a statesman, the likes of which we have not seen in this country for a very long time. See his speeches to the world at the various Valdai summits. Then ask yourself if his overall goal is to promote peace or war. I hope President Trump will keep his campaign promise to cooperate with Russia and that Tillerson’s recent puzzlingly contradictory remarks about Russia amount to nothing.

      • Frederick

        Well stated Wayne That guy is a troll or insane Obviously a friend of John Wetstart McCains

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          With friends who still think the city is called Leningrad, McCain needs friends with grammar school educations. Mr. NJ takes for granted that mass murder is perfectly justified as long as America does it…..he’s psychotic or just cashing his weekend check for following the directions and doing his job on the keyboard.

  10. Kim

    Very insightful interview! I always learn something from these. Thank you for everything!

    • TimW

      You are insane.

    • Dave

      You literally sound insane.

    • Matt In Pa

      You sound like a Ne0Con warmonger. And from Jersey, a socialist loser state.

  11. mushroom

    Wonderful interview – thanks to you both.

    Dr. Roberts has said that Michael Hudson is the world’s best economist. Could you get him as a guest?


  12. Jack-G

    We fail to seek and use the wisdom of the elders to direct and shape our future. It is a terrible waste of knowledge and experience. This may be one of the biggest mistakes our society makes in the modern world…..thinking that we know more, or know better, than those who have lived our history. It truely is a shame. Great mind. Great interview, thank you, Greg.

    • BetterChetter

      employing ‘wisdom of elders’ seems a very native-approach, & yet much needed at this time …
      … I watched Dances w/ Wolves the other day, thinking of their not speaking about the dead (Stone Calf talking about death of Stands w/ Fist husband, to JJDunbar/DWW), & it got me to think that we only need think of the living, & to think positively of them, where –
      – to harbor tension toward the dead (even for legit reasons) not only resuscitates the trauma, but focuses us to a past we cannot resolve (other than to release, for the lesson it taught us, in claiming our sovereignty via self love & not giving power to others/wanting their love);
      – to harbor tension towards the living (even NWO/elitist cabal) can not only build them up into more powerful foes, but also reduce our esteem/empowerment to be able to take/make proactive choices in & for our lives

      re-reading ‘Power of Awareness’ by Neville Goddard, 1952 … aware that USA WD has given me alternate/underlying info, but also perpetuates my fearing/lessening my hopeful expectancy of both elitist & fellow men rising to new, yet ever possible attitude of positive future visioning – not blame/anger game the NWO may even want, to give reason for shackles to be placed upon rioters … at collapse

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes…PKR calling Angela Mercel a whore numerous times in this morning’s essay was weak and unbecoming. That sort of 3 am Jack Daniels language is only for rap ‘artists’.
        I isn’t a matter of truth or not….but of the Christian imperative to pray for enemies, souls for whom Christ shed His blood.
        The Koran forbids hatred in war as dishonorable, ignoble, and weak. Look it up. It means that one’s cause is selfish and personal, not for God’s purposes. It implies doubt, like all extremisms. That alone should make people wonder just who ISIS is? Who any hater is.

    • Paul ...

      Trump uses great wisdom too … guess how Trump easily disarmed Soros plans to create riots this spring with his color revolution … Trump declared himself a Presidential candidate for the 2020 election … now all Soros plans to unseat Trump with a color revolution will have to be cancelled … as it is illegal to interfere with a Presidential Candidate running for office … as it is a violation of our election laws and illegal to interference in our election process … these neocons are finding it very difficult to deal with a great mind!!

      • Paul ...

        Those worried about Trump putting neocons in his “public cabinet” positions … should consider that he may be doing this to get a feel for the Deep States game plans … while he has a real “private cabinet” (that includes Flynn) where the real work gets done!!!

  13. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the false and vicious lies by Obama, Rice and company about Trump and his/the “Russian” connection will come out. After Rice and Obama & his deep state cronies are outed for their criminal acts against Trump a better trust between Russia and the W-House will commence. At this moment a thaw can’t be started because it would look like the allegations of Russian influence was true, but after the “outings” and criminal conspiracies have concluded the thaw will be a good thing for both our peoples. The deep state needs a buggy-man at all times so Russia has the designation at present to be it, but in time things will change and the American people will stop being scared of the Russians and focus on our real arch enemies who is out to destroy us; China & the Muslims States.

  14. Russ

    Outstanding interview today Greg. I always (enjoy is not the right word)… appreciate Paul Craig Robert’s perspective and you always seem to ask the right questions, which makes for time well spent. Thank you.

  15. Mohammad

    I do not see it “tactical”
    I see it strategic:

    “The response of America’s chief diplomat to North Korea’s latest missile launch was an abrupt departure from the usual — which may be a turning point, analysts in Asia say.

    The statement from U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson totaled 23 words: “North Korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile. The United States has spoken enough about North Korea. We have no further comment.”


  16. David John Williams

    Just catching up with your fantastic back to back interviews, first Rickards, then Roberts…doesn’t get any better. Thank you Greg. Speaking of false wars, msm correspondents are quoting an anonymous(Deep State?) source who is essentially threatening military action against North Korea (doesn’t he {or the media} want to consult the President?).
    Meanwhile in corroboration with this, other alt media sources warn of insider claims that there will be a false flag nuclear event in Seattle or LA that will set the precedent for all out war with North Korea.
    Additionally Porter Stansberry is advertising a conference in Baltimore this evening that will host a deep state insider who will speak about something that is going to have a”HUGE” effect on the country.
    Not sure what to make of all this but I have noticed that Trump seems a bit resigned lately, he’s not tweeting as much and I have to wonder if he’s been ‘briefed’ on events that will occur that are out of his control. If Trump is sincere about draining the swamp and protecting the constitution, would he not be screaming from the rooftop that he is being neutralized by the Deep State? Perhaps not if he has been threatened and coerced into playing the role of a paper tiger while the Deep State continue with their plans unimpeded. It seems obvious to me at this point that Trump is having to cooperate either willingly or unwillingly with the shadow government. I’d be curious to know your take Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David!

      • David John Williams

        I just wanted to appeal to you to use the power of your position to call a spade a spade. Seeing Trump condemn Syria was to conclusively witness the swamp drain Trump. It matters not whether Trump intended to cooperate with Deep State agenda or was coerced into cooperating. It should be obvious to everyone that the Constitution and the Presidency are meaningless. Trump has been relegated to a paper tiger president and the shadow government is clearly calling the shots. As for this chemical attack: What would Assad stand to gain? Nothing. What would Russia stand to gain? Nothing. A chemical weapon attack is grounds for escalated military intervention. Who stands to gain from that? The US/Deep State Alliance. The US no longer has a President or a Constitution, it is being run by a shadow government. All Americans, whether they support Trump or not, should raise their voices in unison to protest this obvious coup against their republic.

  17. Mohammad


    Today there is a vote in the security council of UN on Syrian chemical attack.
    If it does not get blocked by a Russian Veto (I suspect it could be double veto the Russians and the Chinese) then it opens the door to putting Syria under (chapter VII).
    that is opening the pandora box of an all out war launched on Assad’s regime.
    Will be interesting to see how the vote goes today:مشروع-قرار-في-مجلس-الأمن-لإدانة-مجزرة-إدلب.html


    • Frederick

      Mohammad That wasn’t the first time they have tried to pin this Chemical attack nonsense on Assad is it? TPTB truly think the people have short memories don’t they?

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yeah, funny how that happened in a rebel held town…just by magic, I guess.

    • Flattop

      Mohammad: Since when has the UN done anything but run off at the mouth. The In is what they call in Texas, “all hat and no herd “.

  18. Walter Baumgarten

    Excellent Greg, well done. It was especially telling when Dr. Roberts described the evolution in his thinking from when he questioned how long it could go on, to realizing that as long as they can “print money” they can keep the farce in play. Money is a deceptive word and a misleading concept. The very word distracts us from what it really is and that is POWER! They are printing, or manufacturing out of thin air not only the power to maintain their control over those who do the work, but power to keep us all concentrating on working, not on the fact that were are being manipulated so that THEY do not have to do ANY work, or lose any of the easy life that they have assumed. One issue that not many concentrate on these days is the state of the American wage. Words like “flat”, “stagnant”, “lagging” are bantered about and these kind words soften and disguise the fact that just as those in power suppress the perceived values of PM’s and other commodities, they suppress the abilities of those who work, those who keep it all functioning, to do anything except keep on working.

    I have served as an elected official myself for many years now my friend and let me assure you that the absolute First responsibility of government is to CONTROL THE MASSES. Without control, those who have will not have for long. Self preservation is the absolute prime directive. and the more affluent the human being, the more desperately they will fight to maintain this. Us or them – a basic principle of existence in this dimension. At least to those who do not Believe. Sad but true.

    • Paul ...

      As Robert’s says: “As long as they can print money they can keep the farce in play” … but we know exactly what to do to defeat the banksters … when the Fed prints money out of thin air we know it is inflationary and weakens the US dollar … so the banksters tell their buddies in Japan, England, etc., etc. to print up more of their currencies so the US dollar won’t fall relative to other currencies … but we know the entire world is printing fiat out of thin air and know exactly what to do … but the banksters knowing that what we will do will drive the price of gold upward (and reveal their scam that there is no inflation taking place in the world) … so they short gold and silver to drive the Comex price of these metals down … but the bankster fools are just giving us (in the know) a golden opportunity to buy gold and silver at bargain basement prices … as long as the banksters in the US, Europe, Japan, etc. print paper dollars together in unison on a worldwide basis they can keep the relative forex value of these currencies “in balance” (to try and hide the real exponential inflation going on) … but they can’t fool the people who can use their brain!!

      • Paul ...

        And as the Banksters of the world print their fiat currencies to infinity … they also cook the Consumer Price Index books to show there is no inflation going on … depriving senior citizens a rightful cost of living increase … the evil crooks simply state that any increase in the cost of things we buy are really “quality increases in value” and thus can be ignored by them (like that can of tuna I bought recently that went up 20% in price … the crooks simply say they are ignoring the 20% price increase because the higher radiation levels in the tuna from Fukushima gives the tuna a longer shelf life … adding value to the product)!!

        • Joni

          Paul, I had to do a PCR giggle while shaking my head as I appreciated your comments, especially your spot on addendum. For what it’s worth, I swore off tuna (I was a tuna sandwich lover) in 2011! 🙁 Also, lets add to the list – Pacific salmon and cod, etc. Oh, let’s not forget the bottom feeders, Gulf shrimp, with the corexit. Geez, what a life!

    • C romana

      What we need to analyze is, what changed after the 1980’s when wages stopped going up. And the 1% took over.

      • C romana

        Global trade and jobs exportation, offshore havens? Unbridled greed?

    • Tin foil hat

      “to realizing that as long as they can “print money” they can keep the farce in play.”
      Walter Baumgarten,
      It should be more like, “as long as they can make others accept the dollar reserve status or chips in the casino, they can keep the farce in play.”
      Basically, they can control prices of all commodities only if they could control the futures market – they can disregard supply/demand and make $120 or higher/barrel of oil until they run out of storage spaces or $1200 or lower/oz of gold until they run out of physical in the vaults.
      That can happen only if they have control of the denomination of the wagers being used in the casino which they can PRINT out of thin air. Hence, the casino managers will suppress any chip made out of gold.

  19. Hanomy

    We now have talking about the system meltdown but not so much of what alternative to be to either prevent it or replace it. I think it really is the time to talk about such. Last year I came up with solution to the current system. I think it is the time to have the word of this spread out. The new system I came up with is a new social, financial, and political system called Hanomy. It’s a 112 pages document and I am working to revise (2nd) now with FAQs section. Hanomy Manifesto can be downloaded/reviewed for free fro the non-commercial site I am not making money out of this, just want to have a hand to save the world and make the world a better place. Please help me spread the word and get people of the world aware of this alternative. Then people worldwide can demand it … at that time, a serious discussion can take place around the world. We ave technologies to take us there right now. The time is now. Thank you.
    Highlights of Hanomy:

    • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence
    • Basic human rights observed everywhere
    • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated
    • Upheld liberty and freedom
    • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money
    • No taxes on income, profit or spending
    • Interest charges and usury practices abolished
    • Power of money creation where it belongs – the people
    • An end to the fractional reserve system
    • Upheld free market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility)
    • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation
    • Reduced income inequality
    • An end to corporate welfare
    • Advanced technology benefiting humanity
    • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving
    • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism
    • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders
    • An end to “modern day slavery” (this includes you)
    • Improved care of the environment and world resources
    • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along

    • TimW

      “we’re being manipulated so that THEY do not have to do ANY work…”
      Hence the rubric above the gates to Auschwitz.
      How many years does it take before the truth finally sinks in?

      • Frederick

        So true Tim so true

    • Tin foil hat

      Hmmm, where have I heard this before?

  20. 4321Dud

    Mr. Hunter, at about 1 minute 45 seconds into the interview Mr. Roberts said that the banks have been propped up by the Fed Reserve and are using that money to buy dividend stocks. I would have liked for you to have done your trademark “Stop, stop, stop!” and gotten some clarification about that point. What banks are buying what stocks? If a bank is buying Sears or Macy’s, then just how solid is that asset for that bank? And, just how “fair” is that practice for small time investors who compete for an inflated-priced stock when the banks essentially use free money to buy that stock? Just asking. Keep up the good work.

    • Wayne

      Typically, it is the C-level people of the companies that increase their own stock prices by buying them with currency from the Fed at near-zero interest rates. Their main motive is to guarantee their huge “performance” bonuses. Paying dividends to shareholders is a side benefit for them that placates the masses.

      Nearly bankrupt companies like Sears, etc., are not the ones being “purchased” in the bigger picture of things. The US government’s Plunge Protection Team works to maintain the “markets.” Mostly the DJIA, from either falling too far or pushing it upward to new heights, through stock and/or S&P futures purchasing. The Dow is only a small group of 30 of the largest companies. So the PPT may only need to “influence” 5-6 of them to achieve its desired effects.

      The Federal Reserve Bank is neither a bank nor has it any reserves, just a Ponzi scheme facilitating fractional reserve banking as a mechanism. As I have said in comments posted about prior USAW interviews, the Fed is not part of the US government but a privately-owned cabal dedicated to enrich its owners. It does not really worry about “solvency” or its balance sheet because it creates through the US Treasury Federal Reserve Notes (debt instruments) called “money” out of thin air. This is backed by nothing but the redeemers’ confidence (full faith and trust) in the US government.

      The bill that the House committee just passed to “Audit the Fed” will almost certainly be fought tooth-and-nail. If truly enacted, it would reveal the *astounding* amount of “money” that has been stolen from the productivity of the American people since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 as “profit” for this cabal’s owners. Its magnitude likely parallels the fact that in little more than a century, the dollar has lost some 97% of its purchasing power.

      You mention “fairness.” That does not enter into the equation for Wall St. Especially for small investors, contemptibly labeled “muppets.” As a percentage of all trading, estimates for high-frequency trading, which can facilitate market manipulation, run as high as 70%. The small investor has near zero impact on anything. Much like studies have shown that the voter’s impact on determining US policies is zero. But Wall Street’s impact is definitely greater than zero.

      • 4321Dud

        Thanks Wayne, your input helps me get a better picture.

  21. dlc

    I think Stefan Molyneux stated the country’s dilemma on target. Guerrilla V was also hitting a bullseye in the last few days.

    If those currently in power do nothing to clean up the pharma/narco state that is this country, we will be either passed by or run over by the rest of the world that is tired of taking a sanctimonious whipping by this thuggish mafioso power structure that intimidates those abroad and stateside. Syrian gassing. Timely, huh?

    Susan Rice — black, female, Democrat — all the right stuff for a free pass. Barry hiding out on some island. He needn’t worry. He’s bulletproof too. Trump way more likely to wind up in a maximum security prison or on boot hill.

    There will be no recovery that lasts under the circumstance of 2 sets of laws. At what point will the population howl “screw the laws?”

    • Flattop

      dlc; We better hope Pres Trump does not end up in prison or boot hill, for if he does, we will be in a civil war worse than the other one.

  22. Fred

    The only way to get rid of ALL the corruption is to put them in jail. Why isn’t this being investigate and prosecuted? If you take the position that there is to much left over Obama administration that is corrupted then why aren’t the Trump administration CLEANING House or draining the Obama Swamp. Either way it seems that very little is being done to combat the Evil of our day in the USA. Then again, maybe there is too much corruption to clean house!

    • Paul ...

      It is beginning to seem to me like … Trump righteously put on his high boots and waded into the swamp to clean it out … but has now gotten stuck in some “neocon warmonger quicksand” and needs some help to get himself pulled out … yet … now he finds that even his son-in-law does not have his back … et tu Brute’!!!

  23. dlc

    Manilow comes out as gay. Big whoop.

    It will get more press coverage than Susan Rice.

  24. Mohammad


    Just done listening to the US rep in security council:

    She said if the council fails to take action sometimes it is the individual states in this council that will take a UNILATERAL action…..

    Falks …. drums of war are louder and louder.


    • Mohammad

      “When the United Nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action,” the US ambassador to the UN said.

  25. Mohammad


    “Decrying an “affront to humanity,” President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that a chemical weapons attack in Syria “cannot be tolerated” but did not say what the U.S. might do in response. He blamed the attack squarely on Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    Trump, speaking alongside Jordan’s King Abdullah II in the Rose Garden, offered no details about what steps the U.S. might take in response, even as his U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, was promising a strong and perhaps even unilateral response. But Trump said the attack was “so horrific” and noted that it had killed “innocent people, small children and even beautiful little babies.”


    • Paul ...

      Sounds like another ISIS “trick” to me … to take down Assad … wonder who supplied Trump with the intel that Assad did it?? … the CIA who created ISIS???

      • Frederick

        It’s ALL a bunch of BS but hey look They got away with the 911 attacks and profited immensely so I guess they realize the American sheeple will believe just about anything and do absolutely NOTHING at this point

  26. Larry Galearis

    Boiling the frog is a possible theme of decline for the West. Remember the old Soviet Union did the same thing – and it went bankrupt. Could American living standards devolve to that of the old Soviet system where the disenfranchised citizen (the 90% who did not belong to the Communist Party) had to spend most of their free time standing in food lines to feed themselves. Sure, I think it could happen for all the reasons PCR states.
    Note that Stephen F. Cohen wonders how Americans can be so complacent as to watch their own government destroy its own political institutions INCLUDING the institution of president of the United States because the people’s choice was not that of the Deep State. If this is the case, and I think it is, then Americans will stand in lines for all kinds of abuses. And they won’t care enough about the lies to protest against a government that is running to a war with Russia. I suspect the decadence of a people and the corruption of government has compromised Americans to that extent. So given that premise, who is the American patriot? Cohen states that he can count the real patriot – the dissident to what is going on in Washington – on one hand. If this angers a reader, I hope people will also wonder if that anger is misplaced….Are they angry because they think they are a patriot, or are they angry at hearing a truth?

  27. Matthew

    How can it “Run Out Of Steam” when it’s printed “out of thin air” and the people all accept it? Queen Elizabeth II and Rothschild have partnered up. The Queen runs the Admiralty law (Contract Law / Law of the Sea) that the Nations are now using. Rothschild controls the Gold and Silver Treasuries of the Nations and runs the FIAT (paper) money, stock and bond markets, etc. They got control over the Vatican’s Treasury and therefore they control the Vatican now and also the Pope.

    Listen to Floyd Taylor’s MP3 Audios for first-hand knowledge of who is running this world, what their agenda is, and how set yourself apart from them and stay safe.

  28. Paul ...

    Do you think the brain dead libatards protesting against Trump will “ever realize” that the MSM spends 99.99% of its time writing news stories about “false accusations” against Trump … and simply ignores the “real stories” about all the evil people who have actually violated our laws and committed Treason against our country???

    • Frederick

      Paul with this chemical weapon nonsense I’m beginning to think that Kushner is the real guy in charge or that Trump has been compromised and is just following orders And I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt

  29. Phil

    After tracking global warming and multiple sources of radiation pollution,
    likely the approaching economic crisis needs a bit more prospective.

  30. Peter

    Sell your gold, buy stocks, because Trump is positive for the economy. Even a monkey can throw darts and make money in stocks.

    Susan Rice has now admitted to unmasking Trump. She is corrupt and violated Trumps civil rights. Time to sue OBama administration.

    • Frederick

      No thank you I’ll hold my gold and my silver and work my hotel and farm

  31. pat the rat

    Maneco 64 says that the fed may be ready to take away the punch bowl, when a man tells you something like that you listen. The man has 25 years in the London stock market and can be found on you tube.

  32. Linda L.

    I see that the POTUS has blamed President Assad of Syria for the recent gas attacks directed towards his citizens. Why would Assad do such a thing to his own people? In President Trump’s meeting today with President Abdullah, Trump says that our inaction and failure in the last administration created the “vacume” that created ISIS. Since it is quite clear that ISIS is a product/creation of the globalists (and the globalists want Syria), isn’t it more logical that the gas attacks were done via Assad’s enemies (global backed terrorists)? Why has Trump suddenly done this 90 degree turn with the scary prospects of war with Russia?

    • Mike R

      Trump is inches away from starting what could be WWIII. Reporters are standing by at the Pentagon presently (8 pm CST), and activity is fairly heavy on talk about a ‘saturation strike.’ If Trump does something this stupid, then surely Russia will suddenly not be so Trump ‘friendly’, particularly if any of their military are taken out by our air-strikes.
      This whole thing is a rotten mess with Assad, and reeks of early 90’s Iraq all over again, especially with this chemical weapons stuff.

      Why is the US ALWAYS so itchy to pull the damn missile trigger ? Very disappointed with Trump, and in particular the neo-cons who appear to be in total control. Trump’s arrival has created a huge power vacuum, that he just hasn’t addressed quickly enough. Its being done on purpose by all of his attackers from both parties and the deep state, and neo-cons, but surely he had to have been warned about this long before he ever got into office. Sickening, just sickening stuff.

    • Paul ...

      And remember … Assad volunteered to give up all his chemical weapons under a stringent agreement negotiated between the the West and Russia … did ISIS agree to give up their chemical weapons??

  33. Robert Peter Bailey

    I have been studying now since 1979 the many complex aspects of contemporary history along side geo-politics and listened to many great minds. Some Christians and secular but I have not found many people who have fully connected all the dots about the United States of America in its over 200 year history !

    Except there is supernatural insight and guidance that’s contained in The Holy Bible that reveals everything about this slowly growing corrupt Hyper-Global power called the USA. In Revelation chapter 13: 11-18 ” This Lamb- beast that comes out of the earth will force the whole wide world to eccept this Lucfarian One World Order and no nation will be left out.
    Even Russia and China will be forced to comply within this global system of Governance in the framework of a new model of the United Nations, which is underway right now as we speak. In Gods Holy Book, the Scriptures of Revelation 17 : 16-18; He calls this Satanic Global system ” The Ten Kings”
    Further information will be given to this subject after you read Daniel 4 : 17 ” The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men. We are not and have never been left alone to the evil control of these Globilists. Amen

  34. Jim

    Greg, thanks for having PCR on again. I always look forward to his insights. Another great interview with a knowledgeable, highly educated, incitefull individual. This man spent years in politics and knows his stuff. Along with your WNW’s, he is certainly one of the main reasons I frequent your site. Keep up the great work!

  35. coalburner

    NJGuy, you must be Evelen Fartcus the second or one of Soros’ butt monkeys. Russia is not pushing us around and all that BS about Ukraine is nothing but a death trap. Let me see………., Napolean, and Hitler marched 350 thousand troops more or less to Lenningrad and they all came home dead or more to the point became piss poor fertilizer.. Yes, we have the tools to forget marching but no reason to use them. Greg if you want to cut my message, you may!

    • Frederick

      Sorry Mohammad but that’s nothing to cheer about since Lindsay is a nutjob

      • Mohammad

        She has found her peace.
        She has gotten her sanity back when every one failed her including herself.

        It is something to cheer about, she is nutjob no more.


  36. Dee Garmon

    There is no one else
    can take his place.
    One and only PCR.

  37. Linda L.

    Bill Holter’s Commentary “Surprise! From our friends…..”

  38. Linda L.

    Ron Paul is right! I don’t think that Assad killed his own people (why would he?). The global backed terrorists are behind this false flag event, with the cronies never ending goal to remove Assad in order to take control of the strategic located Syria. With Trump being advised by the Pentagon to attack Syria and take out Assad, we may be headed for war with Russia any time now:

    • Paul ...

      We need Flynn back!!

  39. Wayne

    There is a most interesting quality overall about this interview with Dr. Roberts that is shared by the recent ones on USAW (John Williams, Doug Casey, Michael Pento, Jim Rickards, etc.). They mainly feature recycling of the same/similar concepts they have presented over what is now a considerable period of time. Typically, they adjust for recent variations in the confluence of geo-political/economic events.

    This is not meant as a criticism of the guest speakers but rather as an observation about our times. That is, we’ve come to realize through these persons (some might call them independent media “thought-leaders”) that our nation, indeed the world, has been in a “holding pattern” for some time now. And the entire set of global economic-financial-political interdependencies perpetuating this pattern only seem to (intentionally?) preserve the status quo. Is it because what could replace it is too frightening to and not (yet) controllable by ThePowersThatBe?

    The viewers of USAW and similar sites, plus those posting interview comments, seem to think along these lines. And the person on Main Street (at least in Flyover America) seems to be on this wavelength, perhaps by intuition (without understanding the dynamics at play). So is that what this inertia boils down to, at both the individual and collective level: that the devil you know is better than the one you don’t know?

    Greg, I have heard you ask all of these interviewees over quite an unexpectedly long timeframe now: when is this going to end, i.e., can they keep this going indefinitely? With PCR, you were almost exasperated (but not of course because you expected him to provide an answer). He has often repeated he’s amazed it’s all gone on for this long.

    People “know” something will happen soon that will qualitatively change the nature of our lives in an epic way. Despite being talked about for years now, we sense we’re close to critical mass. It’s as though, “Get on with it already!” People are tired of waiting while their conditions continue to deteriorate. They want answers, resolution. This is probably a major reason why Clif High has become so popular. His predictive linguistics tune into the psychic impressions reflected by our language usage over time and when data mined, can suggest outcomes.

    I’ve just scanned the comments for this interview before submitting this one. Many of them seem to be in this vein or echo it. Anyway, food for thought. While we’re still allowed to think, eh?

  40. Ron

    I’s very frustrating and depressing to encounter the willfully ignorant “insouciant” people of the general public PCR refers to who get their only news from the TeeVee — and believe what they are told. When I was trying to hand out copies of some of the videos people would look at me as though I were a pitiful misled child, and some would actively defend against the violation of God’s laws of nature that have been discovered by various scientists; ie, so called “Newton’s Laws of motion”, the laws of thermodynamics, laws of conservation of mass, aerodynamic principles, etc, that you would have to believe were violated in order to believe the governments fantasy account of what happened on September 11, 2001 — but I suppose that is because they are unaware of God’s laws concerning the physical world. If the Deep State’s puppet mainstream media can convince the public of such blatant fraud as they did with 9/11, then the public can be convinced of *anything*, and that is very scary.

    It’s demoralizing to try to talk with the brainwashed zombies that live in their little fantasy world; ie, the “insouciant” people PCR refers to, so I have given up. Is there hope that people are beginning to wake up from their trances? I hope so.

  41. coalburner

    Pertr Armstrong;
    What are you talking about? Russia never had anything to do with our Elction. That was all Fake News Propaganda. People like you are why they think they can keep telling the same lies that have been proven lies by the admission of those who started the lies. Wake up man!

  42. Mohammad


    So far it seems like a warning signal to Russia, according to CNN the Russians were notified with the attack, however the secretary of state made very harsh points towards the Russian’s incompetence in removing WPD of Assad or their possible complicit participation in the attack to test the resolve of US.


    • Frederick

      Mohammad It’s all VERY dangerous stuff and enough to make me lose sleep at night

  43. Tim McGraw

    I like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and I used to subscribe to his channel and send him money, but he believes in the bullshit CO2 man made pollution is going to destroy the Earth. CO2 is a beneficial trace gas in the atmosphere that keeps plants alive that keep us alive. Sad to see such a wise man fall for such hokum.
    Thanks for the interview!
    Tim McGraw

  44. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg,
    Just got back from visiting my folks in KC. We toured the great WWI Museum there. Every warmonger in the USA and the world should have to walk through that museum every day for the rest of their lives. War is Hell.
    Am watching “Fury Road”. Great movie. Am exhausted. Air travel is Hell, too.
    All the best,
    Tim McGraw
    PS: To Hell with the TSA.

  45. glen charles

    VN was the micro theater
    Oklahoma city was an escalation
    Execution of suspect was the starting gun
    Syria is a battle front
    The entire world is the macro theater of war now

    There is no turning back as this final battle and war unfolds
    It’s huge

  46. Allen Conner

    I agree paul. Isis is another bad creation of criminals in action cia. There are two financial systems in the world. Those that use interest debt and those that forbid interest namely Islamic banks. This is the crux of all the world’s social ills and main reason of conflicts. Fear of Muslims allows the power elite to discount sound solutions and keep the human family divided.

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