They Just Take Turns Ripping Us Off

Many people think that there is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans, but I think there’s not much difference at all.  I have long said, the left and the right are really one body with two heads–they just take turns ripping us off.  Both parties are not all bad.  There are a few good eggs on both sides of the isle but only a few. Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research, thinks much the same way as I do.  Celente is famous for making many spot on predictions about the future based on trends of today.  He is predicting that Congressman Ron Paul could win the Presidency in 2012.  He adds, “To me the dream ticket would be: Judge Andrew Napolitano from Freedom Watch Ron Paul and Ralph Nader, and I say Ralph Nader because I am concerned about the food I eat the water I drink and the air that I breath . . .  I believe in Ron Paul Judge Napolitano and a guy like Ralph Nader just to keep the oligarchs away from the door…” (Click here for more from Gerald Celente’s site.)  I like Mr. Celente’s ticket too.  My prediction, neither Democrats nor Republicans will be happy if Doctor Paul gets the nomination.

Brandon Smith of doesn’t think much of the left-right political paradigm either.  He too thinks it is a scam, and feels both political parties are bought and paid for by the “corporate oligarchy.” I am happy to introduce him as a guest writer today.  He has come up with a very well written post that predicts “impending doom” for the country because we are all busy watching meaningless junk like the “Royal Wedding.” Please enjoy his take on Democrats and Republicans. –Greg Hunter—


Circus Clowns and Sideshow Freaks

By Brandon Smith, Guest Writer for

In my worst nightmares, when the lights are swallowed by the smog of some nefarious gloom and the air itself becomes a stale sarcophagus into which I am entombed, and the grim hands of putrefied fate sink their wretched grip into the thick of my neck and all seems irrevocably lost, I merely recall that soon I will awaken to the horror of a terminal America infested by career criminals and certifiable morons, and suddenly, my off color dreams don’t seem so bad. Ultimately, there is nothing worse to me than a public majority that takes everything they hear from the mouths of political warlocks at face value. Even the fear of death is truly a pittance compared to the threat of being enveloped by a stampeding herd of frightened, stupid, human cattle.

Is this melodramatic? Not at all. When a man is aware, and by aware I mean honest with himself, he inevitably suffers the pain of being certain while the rest of the world enjoys the bliss of false assumptions. We live in a culture that inflicts great punishment on those who know, and lavishes enticing but short lived rewards on those who ignore. In such a place as this, meaning disappears, and countries die.

The first century satirist, Decimus Juvenalis, grief-stricken by the destruction of the Roman Republic at the hands of a succession of emperors and tyrants, wrote: “The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now meddle no more and long eagerly for just two things — bread and circuses.” At that time, the autocratic rulers of the empire were highly visible. Even celebrities. They played the hollow Roman Senate like a pipe organ and created elaborate events, moments of pageantry in the otherwise terrifyingly bleak lives of the citizenry, and of course, the people were thoroughly distracted while their economy, their government, and their land crumbled around them.

Today, our autocratic rulers in the form of a corporate oligarchy keep rather hidden from the prying eyes of the commoners, but they wield the same power as the emperors of old, with the same obvious results. America is ripping apart at the seams. Our currency has been destroyed. Our treasury is indebted beyond the point of any return. The cost of our daily survival is quickly rising beyond any average person’s means to pay. And, our political system is a never ending parade of googly-eyed muppets singing and dancing to the tune of the false left/right paradigm. Yet, where has our attention been lately…?

Apparently our impending doom is not as entertaining as the Osama Bin Laden Show, which has been written and choreographed like a bad Tom Clancy novel, or a contrived episode of ‘24’ (Jack Bauer finally shoots Bin Laden square in the head with his hawk-like vision and badass marksmanship while Osama in typical TV land fashion uses a woman as a human shield. Sorry to spoil the ending for you if you haven’t seen the final episode yet). Or how about the battle of “wits” (I say this knowing full well the irony) between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, two soulless rock-em’ sock-em’ robots in a fake duel for fake polls, fake votes, and a fake presidency. Let’s not forget about the “Royal Wedding”, the eagerly awaited international event that featured a throng of throwbacks from the Dark Ages prancing around in Nutcracker outfits and partying to the tune of millions in British taxpayer dollars.

Do any of these things really matter? Not in the slightest. How long must we endure this hokey carnival ride before we finally start focusing on legitimately important issues? That’s really up to us…

Day after day, we allow ourselves to be conned, befuddled, and frightened by a cast of clowns and freaks. Why do we do this? How can we stop the madness? First, we have to understand how the propaganda works, before we can diffuse it. Let’s examine some of the tactics of disinformation being used today, as well as the purpose behind some of America’s most prominent distractions.

“The Boogeyman Is Under Your Bed…”

A collapsing dollar, state funding on the brink, a still irradiated Japan, gasoline price spikes, and, the only thing that has lately been able draw people outside of their television and microwave fajita saturated cocoons is the orchestrated hoax of Osama Bin Laden’s death. No independently corroborated physical evidence? No independently corroborated video? Body dumped at sea in less than a day without independent verification of the identity (apparently to avoid his rising from the grave as the invincible Zombie Bin Laden)? No problem! We fully believe every word the Obama Administration says without question! Lets go do keg stands on the White House lawn, yeehaw!

A boogeyman is a very powerful tool for corrupt governments. In fact, every despotic regime in history has concocted one fantasy villain after another in order to maintain their psychological stranglehold on the populace. Killing one only means a replacement is soon to be introduced. While many Americans are intelligent enough to at least express some concerns about the obviously deceitful manner in which the Bin Laden death has been handled and promoted, there is still a significant swath of the population that has invested themselves so completely in the Bin Laden myth that they will support the official story without question.

Sadly, villains often become the drivers of history. Most events on the human timeline are merely reactionary movements of states and peoples to counter a dangerous antagonist, whether actual or fabricated. Very rarely do people act in concert to change the shape of their society or their surroundings without a symbolic devil to spur them on. This is not to say that there are not real ghouls to be dealt with in every generation, but problems surface when we become ADDICTED to the idea of villains. We become so lethargic when it comes to putting in the effort of determining our own destinies that soon we start to need monsters to inspire us to take action in life. We welcome governments to conjure enemies for us because it makes us feel as though we have purpose again. As though we are a “team”. Just look at the deluded lemmings that roamed D.C. enthralled at the unconfirmed and unsupported claim of Bin Laden’s death. A civilization caught in this circle of pure reaction usually devolves into something utterly pathetic; a people without principles feeding on each other for comfort.

Interestingly, the fermentation of amoral or destructive behavior is found most often in power structures, like governments and corporate institutions, where the desire for overt control can be satisfied. It is at the top of the pyramid that we find the bottom of the barrel in terms of humanity. So, it is not strange at all to consider the fact that elitists seek to create monsters out of thin air, like the “axis of evil”, terrorists, lone gunman, homegrown extremists, barter networkers, or Amish dairy farmers. They know that people seek out dragons to slay and so provide proxies and facsimiles. If they didn’t, the masses may turn their attentions towards a real threat, like the elites themselves.

Again, this is common sense and a consistent tactic, one which has been admitted to openly by establishment authorities for decades. The true boogeymen are not under your bed, they are not your next door neighbors who participate in activist groups, they are not right wing extremists, they are not even men in caves in Afghanistan or Pakistan. The only monsters worth so much attention and dedication are those that are closest to us. To find them, we have only to follow where all our money goes, where all our votes are misspent, and where all our decisions are made without our consent.

“If You Didn’t Vote, You Have No Right To Complain…”

Perhaps the most effective scam of all time is the construction of the false left/right paradigm. Anyone who does not understand this fundamental fallacy of our political system will never be able to understand the bigger picture of how our government works or why or “elected” officials do the things they do. If you cannot accept the fact that both major parties are essentially the same, supporting the same primary legislation and differing only in rhetoric, then you will probably attribute the constant failings of our leadership to “greed” or “stupidity”. This is simply not the case.

When Obama went back on his election year promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pull troops out (there are still thousands of troops and private contractors in Iraq too, for those that bought the second pullout lie), for instance, or when he decided to support the Patriot Acts after criticizing them, this was not because he has a bad memory, or even because he wanted to win your vote. He made promises and then nixed them because that’s HIS JOB; to perpetuate the false idea that the Democratic Party is anti-war, and different from the Republican Party.

When Bush Jr. ran on a platform of limited government and conservatism, then tripled the size of the Federal Government, it was not because he is an idiot man-child. It is because it was his job to pretend as if he cared about traditional conservative values, while instituting socialist globalist programs under our noses.

When a hypocrite and a bottom feeder like Donald Trump, a confessed liberal on taxes, health care, and trade, a man who stooped to using eminent domain in an effort to steal an elderly woman’s home so he could pour a limousine parking lot on top of it, is suddenly presented as the new hope of the Republican Party and limited government, I think its time to pack up our preconceptions about there being any such thing as a two party system.

In the end, most political leaders are more like circus clowns, meant to amuse us. They bumble about the center ring spraying seltzer water at each other and cracking each other’s skulls with rubber mallets, but who really cares which clown wins this slapstick contest? They may make us feel as though we have a choice, and thus a voice, in our government, but at bottom, it is the ringmaster that decides the course of the show. The clowns are a sidenote. Not voting for either of them seems to be the only option left, or, voting with one’s conscience for a candidate that’s not an establishment favorite (aka Ron Paul).

“War Is Necessary To Perpetuate Freedom…”

War leads to many things, but rarely does it ever lead to people being more readily free. WWI (a fabricated war) led to the implosion of Germany and the subsequent rise of National Socialism (a banker fabricated political movement) which led to WWII, which then destroyed most of Europe making way for the construction of the EU (a banker fabricated supranational union), basically a more subversive and insidious form of socialism with even greater control and unaccountability. Most wars are planned like cross country vacations; you may deviate here and there, but eventually you’ll find yourself at the destination mapped out for you before hand. The vitriol brewing in the Middle East today is no exception.

Wars not only break down and then centralize sovereign systems, they also rally the masses to support governments they otherwise might oppose. Wars create fear, not to mention the thrill of tribal victory. Wars collectivize societies, dissuade and shame individualism, and bring everyone under a single banner and a single philosophy. Where I might be applauded today as a writer for speaking out against the nonsensical involvement of the U.S. and the EU in an internal civil war in Libya, I may be attacked tomorrow if a terrorist bombing occurs in Libya’s name. Where I might point out that only a year ago and despite his disturbingly violent nature Gaddafi was the globalist go-to man for the African Union, and supported widely by the UN for purchasing African Union memberships for poorer nations with Libyan oil money, others might say that I am undermining U.S. solidarity in the “war on terror” by being factual. Wars have the ability to turn the common man into a mini-tyrant, not to mention a censor for the establishment.

In the end, if you want to distract the public away from the horrifying strife of economic collapse or even hyperinflation, the only conceivable avenue is war. Nearly every engineered financial disaster in modern history has been followed by an engineered conflict to muffle the cries for new management. In America’s case, these wars are always preempted with calls for the “spread of democracy”, making the target country more than a target, but a monster (as discussed earlier) and making us the knight in shining armor off to rescue the poor helpless villagers of the planet. We play out the myth then find that we have again only furthered the aims of globalists, and weakened ourselves in the process.

The Show Must Go On

The world that we experience through what is often termed the “mainstream” is, quite simply, an illusion. The life many live is not real, but an elaborate production. A rented life. A life they do not own.

Is this not the stuff of “conspiracy”…? That is the wrong question. Is this the stuff of fact? THAT is what we should be asking ourselves.

It is time for the American people to stop fooling around with what is “probable”, or “more likely”. Occam’s Razor (the misinterpreted version of the principle) has never been applicable in terms of human systems, and especially not those dominated by a handful of men, as most usually are. The “simplest explanation” for a social situation is rarely the correct one, and is completely up for interpretation. I would replace the word “simplest” with the word “practical”. What I deem as practical (the influence of elite minorities over the flow of historical events) may be considered outlandish by others because their perception is skewed by their lack of knowledge. Perception changes with knowledge. Practical explanation changes with awareness. The underlying truth, after all is said and done, is constant. The truth does not change, we change.

Propagandists have always understood this condition, and the science of manipulating perception with diversion, bias, and fear, is ever present today. Whether it’s a faux attack on an Al-Qaeda compound containing a Bin Laden body we’ll never see first hand, a sham of an election with marionette candidates, or a war in Libya that is never officially categorized as a war, you will be lied to by government, and these lies, whether you accept it or not, will eventually hurt you, or someone you care about. Recognizing the distraction is the first step in dismantling disinformation. Knowing what we are facing is the key to undoing the damage done.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

From ‘Propaganda’ by Edward Bernays (named one of Life Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the 20th Century).


You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]

To go to click here.


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  1. Art Barnes

    Great article, reality is harder to bear than the illusion of thinking all will be well after the next election. I know how I could become president. I would legally change my name to “none of the above” and get on the ballot of each state! But, even I, after winning would be presuaded to start acting presidential. As the article discussed the whole process is just stooges on stage play acting. For instance, we all know the debt ceiling is going to be raised, its a done deal, Greg you know it, we all know it; so why the play acting, because they know there are alot of stupid people out there that don’t know its a play.

    The article, as great as it was, lacked a solution to being lead to the showers (hitler showers). One might assume that as each american wakes it soon becomes a solution in itself as the article suggested that recognition is the key. But what do each of us do when we recognize the illusion, just go on to work and fill up the tank, business as usual? I would ask Mr. Smith to write a follow up about what steps if any the average american can do to help the masses after recognizing the stage play of our stooges/government. My bet is that most americans, especially the financially well off ones, likes the play acting and refuses to accept that it is staged. I, for one, will not vote unless I have a “none of the above” on the ballot to vote for. At least if “none of the above” wins we won’t have to pay for the play as the stage will be empty.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art for your comment and support.

  2. Norm Ezzie

    Our legacy as “baby boomers” will be: “We’re the generation that was too busy enjoying America,rather than caring about it”- we were the ones that grew up in that “golden era of capitalism”- fast cars,fast women,rock’n roll,unprotected sex,all the while refusing to grow the f–k up……and deal with the vast corruption that took place while we were too busy buying imported sh-t from 13,000 miles away! Never mind we lost our manufacturing base- after all that was done by promising those union workers a life time of bennies- rather than becoming co-owners of that industry they we’re employed by! The nail in our collective coffin’s isn’t a far off enemy- its our central bankers and central planners- but hell,some of us are still listening to the music,just stand in any check out line in America- tweeting and hard wired to some chat room- technology is wonderful isn’t it? In the end,its that technology that will “own us”- just watch!

    • Greg

      You have out done yourself with this quote, “Our legacy as “baby boomers” will be: “We’re the generation that was too busy enjoying America,rather than caring about it” I love this, and thank you for your entire comment.

  3. nm

    After killing Bin Laden, I’m not sure if the republicans will be able to defeat Obama.

    I don’t see many people complaining about gas prices this time either (so that is not even a political hot potato anymore).

    I’m beginning to think that Americans have just decided that they can get away with not paying their debts and this shift in mind set has left them with a little more disposable income and as a result, they’re just not feeling the economic pinch as much. Credit reports? who cares about those anymore?

    Also, since the banks are getting billions in bailout money, they don’t really care if people aren’t paying back their debts. They’re not feeling the pinch either.

    So, until (or unless) this “monopoly” money runs out, Obama will be voted back in (thanks to Ben Bernanke’s printing).

  4. Gary B

    Thank you for bringing the brilliant work of Brandon Smith to our attention. This article isn’t “opinion”, it is AXIOM. Those of us
    whohave had occasion to witness first hand the type of people who occupy the upper tiers of the pyramids of corporate America can attest: “at the top of the pyramid we find the bottom of the barrel in terms of humanity.”

    • Greg

      Gary B,
      I just loved this article. Smith is always good but this was over the top good!!! Thank you because I know Smith is reading the comments.

  5. brian

    We are failing as a nation, failing to adequately cover the basic maintainence costs of our freedom and prosperity, the proof of this is everywhere to be seen as tried and true tyrannical forces are ascending to feast on the dying flesh of our forefathers dream.

    • Greg

      Thanks Brian,
      Yes, “. . .the proof is everywhere. . . ” Thank you for making that point here.

  6. g. johnson

    greg, thank you.

    very eloquent mr. smith. and quite concisely presented. i only hope that you are not just preaching to the choir and that some of the posters on this forum who are living under the misguided belief that gold and silver will get them through will come to a deeper understanding of just how “present tense” this situation truly is. the investor class has been way more problem than cure and only committed decisive resistance will give us any chance at all to turn this hall bound ship around.

    the only criticism that i have of mr. smith’s article is his use of the term “democracy”. only our elections were meant to be democratic, and only because it was seen a far lesser evil than elitist appointment. constitutional republic, of the people by the people for the people. because the unfettered human mind free to explore it’s unlimited potential is far and away our greatest resource. so, i guess believing in this simple makes me a republican. true enough. only i would not go within a mile fo the republican party in a hazmat suit because there are no republicans in the republican party. just fabian socialists “competing with marxists from the democratic party to see if incrementalism can destroy the last vestiges of freedom before “revolution” does the job.

    invest if you must, you do have to take care of yourself. but to do so without understanding the deep connection to your fellow humans beings will only bring you to grief and a not so happy ending.

    • Greg

      Thank you G. Johnson and Jose. I really liked the article too! Thank you for the comments and supporting of this site.

  7. Jose

    Wonderful, extremely insightful, and righteously on-point! I wish more people would think for themselves and smell the BS we are all under. Ron Paul is the clear choice for America but most people are blinded by The Man’s Army – The Media – and are led to believe he (like Napolitano, Nader) is some weird, radical extremist. As always, thanks for the good work, and keep fighting the good fight!

    • Art Barnes

      Jose, “the man’s army – the media” great line man! I would add one more as well, “the working man’s enemy – the media”.

  8. MasterLuke

    First: Great Article

    Second: The day Osama died people where driving around my campus (maybe drunk), shouting “WOOO Osama is dead”. It seems entertainment is truely god in this world. The masses will likely destroy everything to protect their complete self pleasure at the expense of others. At least, until the masses no longer can afford to do this. I think of my neighbors and how their daily life is comprised of two things, entertainment & survival. This wouldn’t be that bad if, survival was a substainable goal achievable by all, without the expense of others, and lack of unified self destruction. The by product of my neighbors is this “self destructive” characteristic. NOTE: I live in a college setting and people do change, but I see a lot of adults share the same behavior. Its a mass phenonmenon.

    • Greg

      Thank you Master Luke, Gary and PHC for the comments and for supporting this site.

  9. Gary

    Thanks for the article Greg. I am relieved that there ARE people in these United States that have the same view of this circus that we like to call “government”. In fact, I have often thought, why would the United States want an image such as Uncle Sam? He looks like a circus ringmaster of a three ring circus! “May I direct your attention to the center ring…!”, all the while they are dismantling everything the United States represents in the other two. I hope the ticket buyers wake up soon and reject this “Greatest Show on Earth”!

  10. PHC

    Powerful stuff, because it’s all true of course.
    Nothing is more powerful than reality.
    I love the last paragraph quoting Edward Bernays: did he have all laid out or what? Very scary, because Bernays wrote Propaganda in 1928, before the advent of television, and we know what came out of the groove tube…

  11. Mitch Bupp

    Another on-the spot reporting at USA Watchdog where the naked truth is laid bare. I love Geraald Celente, who also calls it the way he sees it. I also enjoy Max Keiser who has no problem calling the banksters at JP Morgan, criminal scum, and is pushing the purchase and take delivery of silver to crash JPM…

    keep up the good work and Thank you, Brandon for your reporting!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch Bupp for weighing in.

  12. Ken Boedeker

    A couple of years ago, a guest on Bill Moyers’ Friday night show laid it out concisely: We don’t have a two party system any more. There is only one party, and that is the party of money.

    Here’s a link to another great article focusing on the economics of today’s hostage-taking:

    • Greg

      “There’s only one party and that is the party of money.” Love the quote and link Ken!!!!!

  13. george

    Occam’s Razor (the misinterpreted version of the principle)….Glad Brandon added the misinterpreted part. Maybe 1 person out of 100,000 knows the real principle. It one of the most misquoted items, second only to “Ignorance is bliss” which is a misquote of “Where ignorance is bliss, ‘Tis folly to be wise” said by Thomas Gray

    • Greg

      Short but very good comment!!! Thank you.

  14. ncdirtdigger

    Greg, thanks so much for posting Mr Smith’s fine piece. Although I must admit, I was drawn in because I will read anything related to Ron Paul and his son. As a Libertarian, I daydream of hearing Mr Paul give a SOU address and telling us what the state of the union really is.

    My best to you and thanks again.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your comment and support!!!

  15. Brent

    Great article, would like to see thousands of comments on it like what you see about how awesome neo-cons are and libs are Satan.

    To the gentlemen wanting a follow up article with a solution. You figure one out, try to have an original idea and put it into action.

    To the gentlemen mocking gold and silver. Shut up. There always has to be ‘smart guy’ telling everyone gold and silver are stupid. Don’t buy any and be ready with big unapproving smile and headshake.

  16. Larry W. Bryant

    Alas, Mr. Smith’s article comes close to, but still misses, the precise characterization of the process by which our country’s government has been stolen from us. He speaks of “socialism,” but the entity we’re REALLY having to deal with is FASCISM, where both of the two major political parties have merged with the help of corporate influence and control. The next phase in this unwholesome transformation is our becoming a fascist POLICE STATE, whereupon it’ll be far too late for any of us to reform.

    I’ve been an independent voter for more than 15 years, but that foresight has brought me no satisfaction that the fascist juggernaut will yield to the lessons of history. I despair that “USA,USA,USA!” has become a battle cry of self-destruction, and I remain ashamed to admit I’m an American in such a climate of rampant nationalism coupled with the ultra-deluded body politic. — Larry W. Bryant (14 May 11)

  17. markm

    Hey Greg,

    Smith’s article was a nice diatribe. Some truths there. Some mistruths there.

    Ron Paul won’t be nominated. Someday, Rand Paul could be nominated, and win the whole enchilada.

    Enjoyed reading the article.


    • Greg

      Thanks MarkM and Sam for the comments and feedback.

  18. Sam

    Great article, it reiterated my views since Hank Paulson went before congress, brow beating them with a “chaos in the streets” scenario, if cash (which is now unlimited) wasn’t given to his bank buddies. It reminded me of Bugsy Siegle threatening to break your legs if “insurance” money wasn’t paid to him. What happened when 80% of the US population was against this bailout? The outrage of the people is still there simmering below the surface. I fear one day it will explode like a volcano.

  19. Greensboro Native

    Unfortunately, a very true article of the state of our country….and many folks don’t even notice, or prefer not to “notice”. Bread and circuses is correct. The good news is that many are finally awakening to the issues at hand.

    Greg, I heard about Ron Paul in early ’07 and have done much research on him over the last several years. After reading his book A Foreign Policy of Freedom, I was convinced that his foreign policy was correct. We’ve been lied to by our government too many times to count, inluding the Vietnam War (i.e. THe Gulf of Tonkin)

    I supported Ron Paul in his ’08 run, and will do my very best to get him a huge majority here in Guilford County. I traveled to Minneapolis/St. Paul in Aug/Sept. ’08 to attend his Rally The Republic event being held opposite the NRC. As I stood listening to Ron Paul speak that evening, I stopped and did a 360 degree turn. Target Center seats approx. 18,000, and it was full. I knew at that momemt that “we the people” could make a difference.

    Those of us that attended didn’t just come back home and put our feet up and complain. We joined our local GOP’s,Campaign for Liberty, and other Libety organizations and stayed connected. We started talking up Constitutional obeyance.

    In ’07 the Guilford County GOP didn’t even have a copy of the Constituton in its’ headquarters. They now proudly display it and the Declaration of Indep.. That was one of many small differences …it was a beginning and it opened the way for conversations to begin.

    Don’t get me wrong, many in the GOP just don’t like Ron Paul, but, many more than you might believe, have started listening to him and realize that he is not a part of the Left/Right paraadigm. He is a statesman.

    I attend a presentation of his at NCSU earlier this year in March. The Young Americans for Liberty were hosting the event. They had set up chairs for 1,000. I asked at the end of the event about how many they had as it was delayed because they had to bring in more chairs.(as it ended up as SRO).

    There were approx. 1,500. Most were college age, and were enthusiastic about Dr. Paul’s mesagge of personal responsibility and freedom. That evening he was mostly talking about Obama’s decision to enter the Libiya uprising. These kids “get it”. They know that the military industrial complex (supported by Dem & REp) see them as only so much more fodder for their endless wars.

    I not sure if as a reporter you can offer an endorsement, but, ..
    I hope at some point you will send Dr. Ron Paul a letter of endorsement for him as President of the USA in 2012 and of course post it here on your blog.

    • Greg

      Greensboro Native,
      I cannot endorse Mr. Paul, but I can say his ideas (especially on the U.S. dollar), are verifiable and spot on. I like Mr. Paul very much because as you say he is one of the true “statesmen” of our time. I want what is good for the country, not what is good for either party. Thank you for your comment and support.

  20. Greensboro Native

    Guess I should ask it a different way. Can you endorse anyone…or do you as a reporter pretty much have to remain neutral.

    • Greg

      Greensboro Native,
      I have to remain objective. I might have to criticise Mr. Paul someday and I will not hesitate to do so if it needs to be done. I do take political advertising from all parties on this site. Thank you for your question and interest. I am flattered by your request.

  21. Greensboro Native

    Thanks….and by the way you are among the few that understand “objective” reporting. Thanks!

  22. Linen Ghost

    Sorry folks to rain on the ‘Ron Paul Parade’ but he has no chance of garnering the GOP nomination, and here’s why:

    one/ he is too old, at 75 years of age now, twilight is a polite term and while seemingly hale; we all know that can change in an unfortunate moment.

    two/ The GOP does not want to hold the White House (aka Executive Branch) as A) that removes a ready made target for attack and diversion from their real power which is the B) the Supreme Court (Judicial) and the House of Reps and with teh stupidity and fearfilled US voter the Senate after the next election cycle. Ergo, let the Democratic (in name only) party hold the White House and keep the status quo – Presidents suggest budgets, but Congress passes them and controls the spending of the treasury. As for the Supreme Court, well they just toe the GOP line whenever they can and keep the dance going for the conglomerates.

    three/ The GOP ‘powers that be’ will ensure that ‘their’ candidate will be shallow, ineffective at addressing the issues, and will really rub a goodly portion of the electorate the wrong way; assuring defeat and sympathy for a GOP that just cannot beat that liberal, socialist BHO-I can hear the soundbites now and they are 18 months in the future.

    Too Bad, Ivoted for Mr. Paul in the last GOP primary in 2008 and knew then that anyone as seemingly straight, plain talking as him had zero chance-and I was right; we were served up a candidate out of touch with our country, the world and his own health and just one heartbeat away from the Oval Office the “twit from Wasilla.”

    If you believe, “Supreme Being help us” save us from that which we crave and will destroy us; an irresponsible life.

    • Greg

      Linen Ghost.
      I hope you are wrong, but thank you for your comment and support of this site.

  23. Andrea

    Grandfather clocks all in a row tick-tocking in unison. The elite have nature to do half the work for them. It will take a big shock of greater energy to dislodge the clocks from their entrained unity. It pays to be flexible and open to change.

  24. Agent X

    “In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

    We have seen the enemy and its is us…..

  25. Caitlyn Wilsen

    If nobody paid taxes all at once for 3 months…the government falls…who dares?

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