The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations

I love the article you are about to read because it is very much in line with some of what this site is about. is neither “Democrat nor Republican, liberal or conservative.”  I just want to connect the dots and find out what’s really going on, no matter which party is in power.  Guest writer Barry Ritholtz does a great job of laying out real issues Americans need to deal with.  His post centers on corporations and how they have corrupted both political parties.  For example, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein gave equally to both political parties this year.  Big corporations don’t care who is in power just as long as they get to call the shots.  It is a foregone conclusion that the U.S. House of Representatives will change over to Republican control.  The folks holding the signs that say “fire Nancy Pelosi” are going to get their wish.  But when she is gone as Speaker of the House, I ask, then what?  I haven’t heard Republicans (or Democrats vs Republicans for that matter) talk much about the big banks ripping off the country.  What is unraveling now is the biggest financial fraud in history, but it is not a campaign discussion.  I don’t think it will be addressed when the Republicans take control of the House proving, once again, both Democrats and Republicans are just one body with two heads.

Ritholtz describes himself this way, “I’m Chief Market Strategist for an institutional research firm, and the Chief Economics Commentator for an asset management firm.” I say Ritholtz is a big thinker and a regular commentator in the financial press.  I have been holding this article for about a month because I thought it was more appropriate a day away from the mid-term elections.  I hope this enhances your perspective.  –Greg Hunter–


By Barry Ritholtz

Guest Writer for

Every generation or so, a major secular shift takes place that shakes up the existing paradigm. It happens in industry, finance, literature, sports, manufacturing, technology, entertainment, travel, communication, etc.

I would like to discuss the paradigm shift that is occurring in politics.

For a long time, American politics has been defined by a Left/Right dynamic. It was Liberals versus Conservatives on a variety of issues. Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice, Tax Cuts vs. More Spending, Pro-War vs Peaceniks, Environmental Protections vs. Economic Growth, Pro-Union vs. Union-Free, Gay Marriage vs. Family Values, School Choice vs. Public Schools, Regulation vs. Free Markets.

The new dynamic, however, has moved past the old Left Right paradigm. We now live in an era defined by increasing Corporate influence and authority over the individual. These two “interest groups” – I can barely suppress snorting derisively over that phrase – have been on a headlong collision course for decades, which came to a head with the financial collapse and bailouts. Where there is massive concentrations of wealth and influence, there will be abuse of power.  The Individual has been supplanted in the political process nearly entirely by corporate money, legislative influence, campaign contributions, even free speech rights.

This may not be a brilliant insight, but it is surely an overlooked one. It is now an Individual vs. Corporate debate – and the Humans are losing.


• Many of the regulations that govern energy and banking sector were written by Corporations;

• The biggest influence on legislative votes is often Corporate Lobbying;

• Corporate ability to extend copyright far beyond what original protections amounts to a taking of public works for private corporate usage;

• PAC and campaign finance by Corporations has supplanted individual donations to elections;

• The individuals’ right to seek redress in court has been under attack for decades, limiting their options.

• DRM and content protection undercuts the individual’s ability to use purchased content as they see fit;

• Patent protections are continually weakened. Deep pocketed corporations can usurp inventions almost at will;

• The Supreme Court has ruled that Corporations have Free Speech rights equivalent to people; (So much for original intent!)

None of these are Democrat/Republican [1] conflicts, but rather, are corporate vs. individual issues.

For those of you who are stuck in the old Left/Right debate, you are missing the bigger picture. Consider this about the Bailouts: It was a right-winger who bailed out all of the big banks, Fannie Mae, and AIG in the first place; then his left winger successor continued to pour more money into the fire pit.

What difference did the Left/Right dynamic make? Almost none whatsoever.

How about government spending? The past two presidents are regarded as representative of the Left Right paradigm – yet they each spent excessively, sponsored unfunded tax cuts, plowed money into military adventures and ran enormous deficits. Does Left Right really make a difference when it comes to deficits and fiscal responsibility? (Apparently not).

What does it mean when we can no longer distinguish between the actions of the left and the right? If that dynamic no longer accurately distinguishes what occurs, why are so many of our policy debates framed in Left/Right terms?

In many ways, American society is increasingly less married to this dynamic: Party Affiliation continues to fall, approval of Congress is at record lows, and voter participation hovers at very low rates.

There is some pushback already taking place against the concentration of corporate power: Mainstream corporate media has been increasingly replaced with user created content – YouTube and Blogs are increasingly important to news consumers (especially younger users). Independent voters are an increasingly larger share of the US electorate. And I suspect that much of the pushback against the Elizabeth Warren’s concept of a Financial Consumer Protection Agency plays directly into this Corporate vs. Individual fight.

But the battle lines between the two groups have barely been drawn. I expect this fight will define American politics over the next decade.

Keynes vs Hayek? Friedman vs Krugman? Those are the wrong intellectual debates. Its you vs. Tony Hayward, BP CEO, You vs. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO. And you are losing . . .


This short commentary was conceived not to be an exhaustive research, but rather, to stimulate debate. There are many more examples and discussions we can have about this, and I hope readers do so in comments.

But my bottom line is this:  If you see the world in terms of Left & Right, you really aren’t seeing the world at all . . .


If you would like to go to Barry Ritholtz’s website called “The Big picture” (click here.) If you would like to to know more about Mr. Ritholtz (click here for his bio.)

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  1. John Bernard

    This is spot on. My son-in-law is an executive with a large conglomerate. He is a very fine person and doesn’t see the problems presented in this article. Yet, though he is not a lobbyist, he tells me of laws his company influences and even writes that benefit the sale of their products. This is done at the Federal and State levels.

    In the new national paradigm described in this article the top sales personnel appear to be lobbyists. I think if one could review recent consumer protection laws carefully for true intent it might not be surprising to find a strong economic interest at the heart; liberal or conservative.

    The Stewart rally participants made this all too clear. For the most part they seemed childish, unaware, and left behind.

    The view that our bought and paid for pols are something to trust is crazy. I was always confused about the liberals hating GWB as he was as progressive as and Democrat. Most of the wars since 1918 were lead by Democrat presidents. This was not unprofitable for our new masters.

    • Greg

      I agree with you. The folks at the Stewart rally have no idea of the train wreck that is in front of them, and they are on the train! Thank you.

    • Robert

      John Bernard, my dislike of Bush wasn’t from the beginning. It came after discovering the motives that drove him and probably more so, Cheney. Not many of us knew about the Project for the New American Century and its world domination goals until well after 911, the event that they were looking for to begin thier quests.

      Many of us in the center and left believe we were lied to about the reasons for the war against Iraq. The Viet Nam war showed us how lies are used to begin very profitable aggressions for the military industrial complex.

      None of the people on those jets were from Iraq, but we couldn’t attack the countries they were from because they were supposedly our freinds. As more and more facts came out I think many people began to wonder what was the real aim of the Bush Administration and the neocons. Not to mention how odd it was that the VP’s relationship to Haliburton and its role in supplying the military services would prove to be a big +++ to a company that was going to lose big $$$$ because of a law suit regarding asbestos ( I believe it was their affilate KBR, that had the asbestos liabilities)… The war sure helped out that situtation didnt it.

      We hear about freedom and the supposed loss of it from the right since Obama was elected, but where were these same people when The Patirot Act was dusted off the shelf it was sitting on just waiting for a 911 type event to come along so it could be invoked (When in governments history has a document as big as the Patriot Act been created in 5 weeks). And then there was the Military Commissions Act and the warrantless wire-tapping that still goes on to this day and all the other anti-constitutional freedoms acts that somehow only matter to the right, now that a black man is in the presidency.

      That’s what I find inconsistent and I suspect why so many in the center and left have a hard time understanding the right and far right and why we grew to dislike the agenda that became associated with GWB… It wasn’t that we in the center and left didn’t think a response to 911 wasnt warranted because it was (if you believe the official story), but it was all the extenuating circumstances that caused the great divisions that exists to this day.

      • Sharon

        Robert I was with you all the way until you got to the “black man” cliche. It has nothing to do with color. You should know better than to buy into that propaganda. I think Obama has done a lot of people a big favor, they are finally seeing that all politicians are liars no matter what “side” they are on.

    • Noreen

      I disagree that the Stewart rally participants seemed “childish, unaware and left behind”. There is nothing wrong with a bit of old-fashioned optimism and faith in the human spirit in an age of pessimism and rudeness.

    • bptr

      I do agree that Congress is totally corrupted by Corporations. But I think it still is a Left/Right problem for the following reason:
      The sole purpose of The Republican Party is to support corporate profits and the rich.
      They care nothing about social issues, the working-class, the environment, etc. other than to get their support so that they can continue to be in power. All the supposed issues such as abortion, gay rights, immigration are merely subterfuges ised by the Right to rile up gullible and uninformed “Conservatives” (study the demograpghics of Red States in relation to education and intelligence).
      The article entioned Elizabeth Warrren. What Party is she with? Democratic Left!
      They are the inly ones trying to reign in corporate influence. Yes, Dems are still subject to corporate influence or downright corruption. The difference is that th in s is not in tjeir badic dna.
      How “Conservative” cannot see this and continue to vote against their self-interests is beyond all logic and rational thinking. In their minds, corporations can do no wrong and profits are always good (despite never being shared).
      Corporations have been making record profits for decades with trillions in cash held in offshore accounts. The working-class ithinks that the economy is bad because they see no new jobs and wage increases. It never occurs to them that corporations WANT no new jobs or raises in order to keep their operations more of a lean Profit Machine.
      Why would they ever want to cut into their profits? The working-class “Conservatives” (the name sounds good to less bright people who actually support Radicals) are simply brainwashed by Fox News and am radio millionàire çult hosts to belive that all their problems are due to “Big Gubment”.
      In fact Corporate Profits is the single biggest problem in this country. You can trace almost all other problems back to that. Corporations scam, poison, ruin our environment – all with impunity. For instance (just one example), our Healthcare system is now the Mediscam industry that spends billions in tv ads for incessant nonsense drugs that serve only to increase their money machine. They care nothing about public health or welfare.

      People need to abolish the scamming Republican Lying Party and Corporate Profit.

      • Greg Hunter

        You simply have to be a paid troll to write this drivel. Hillary was the darling and paid political criminal hack of Wall Street by a very wide margin according to the political donations. The DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat nomination and he was the anti-Wall Street candidate. Those are the broad facts. So in your mind we just need one “scamming … Lying Party”? You are a lying weasel and please don’t come back.

  2. hoppe

    Barry has a good handle on the real struggle facing Americans. It is a good indicator of where our country is heading economically.

    As grass roots movements like Tea Party grow, many will realize the gross power in the hands of corporations and what it costs the average American.

    Congress’ response will be predictable- give away more. They never reduce or take away. This is why we are looking at major stagflation. As Congress continues to give to Big Corp, they will give with the other hand to peons- to shut them up. More spending, more regulation, more entitlements. Europe writ large.

    • wanda wagstaff

      I am in ageement. Politicians are controlled by wallets that feed them. It does not matter if Republican or Democrat. I think most (not all) politicians that have reached state-level are corrupt to some degree because the corporations that are helping them achieve their goal of winning a campaign is expecting something in return and I don’t think the politicians always has the best interest of the masses at heart. wouldn’t it be something if the politicians were not allowed to take (bribes) also known as contributions and enacted legislation that was good for the whole and not just a part of the population. wouldn’t it be something to see on the Nightly News the legislation that’s enacted and how it benefits a particular corporation or business and how it impacts the average taxpayer that works everyday and does not benefit from their quid pro quo. I will be voting for candidatess that are not for sale so it’s possible that I won’t be able to vote in many elections. I would hope that Americans will wake up and stop the thievery by Corporate America. I would also like to see change in our social programs and how they are administered. I don’t think I should be responsible for (by the taxes i Pay) for having multiple children that they have no way to support. For instance , if you already have a child and you are on public assistance you should not get an increase in your benefits for being stupid and expect me to continue to pay for it. people need to be responsible for theirself and not rely on taxpayers to subsidize their rent, food and Health Care. I do understand that some people are in a situation I was put in and need assistance for a short time but sooner or later they need to rely on their self.

  3. Tony, Brick, NJ

    I totally agree. The individual is an endangered species.

  4. simply scott

    Excellent points and all 100% correct. The Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporations to get involved in elections through campaign contributions as a “citizen” was the icing on the cake.

    Americans are only focused on their own wallets, and until that changes, America is in trouble.

  5. Robert

    …” The folks holding the signs that say “fire Nancy Pelosi” are going to get their wish. But when she is gone as Speaker of the House, I ask, then what? I haven’t heard Republicans (or Democrats vs Republicans for that matter) talk much about the big banks committing fraud and theft. What is unraveling now is the biggest financial fraud in history, but it is not a campaign discussion. I don’t think it will be addressed when the Republicans take control of the House proving, once again, both Democrats and Republicans are just one body with two heads.”…

    Why I vote for democrats isn’t because I think they are not as in bed with the corporation as the republicans because they are, but because they don’t typically run on a anti-intellectual, anti-science, government is bad and so are regulations platforms….

    PS – Im a registered non-party affiliated voter. We need viable 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, et al parties… the toxic politics we now experience will only change when we get authentic politicians that are not relying on corporate dollars to get elected (Tea Party’rs are not authentic and will soon see who they must tow the line for or perish).

    I thought our country was founded on government of for and by the people principles but a recent Supreme Court decision in essence giving human free speech = money status to corporations has destroyed that.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your voice.

  6. Richard R

    It’s not us against corporations, it’s us against corporate executives. This is an important distinction, as these later day robber barons act only in their own interests and clearly not in the interests of shareholders. The billions in bonuses and other excess compensation is the shareholders’ money, but they can’t anything about it.

    Don’t be angry at corporations, which are buildings, thousands of workers, products we use, and cute commercials. Get angry at the oligarchs who use the corporations as a setting to rape and pillage.

    If a pithy moniker for these creeps can be coined and put into common usage, the battle will be much easier. How about running a contest.

    • David

      That is an excellent distinction to make, and a good observation that a meme needs to be developed around the people calling the shots.

      • Atchinson

        You need to go allllll the way back in time to see that many of the same families that were the cause of the French Revolution, and the World Wars continue to operate behind the scenes, and they hide behind the Jewish Religion. Anytime someone brings up anything about this sect they are labeled, and ad hominem’d to death. I can’t believe more people aren’t aware of how this country was subverted, their is tons of compelling evidence, but it takes years to filter through the garbage to find.

        What caused the decline of America? Morals, Money, and Monopoly. Now go see which institutions are behind these corporations. The NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, The FED, All major media (now owned by them) , JDL, and on and on. They fund both parties, and they have borderline directed our wars for the last 100 years. Anyone who can not see this, will not be looking at the root cause of our problems.

        Andrew Jackson was the last president who fought the fraudsters and won. Zionism started back in the mid 1800’s, and has been a small cancer growing in this ‘once’ great country.

        Through research, I do not believe this country can be saved from the oligarchs, they have too much influence through the media, schools, and government. I am afraid this Country is done, and seeing as how people are completely disillusioned as to what the truth is, I don’t think its even worth saving anymore.

        Modern Americans accept with pride: Greed, Corruption, Slander, Violence, Hatred & Anger, and depraved sexuality. I am not a religious person, but to my eyes, these words definitely describe the MAJORITY of Americans.

        Good luck to those of you who care, and are aware. Keep your powder dry.

  7. Bob

    I been living in this lawless land all my 60 years and always known people send people to office to bring home the bacon. What’s good for one man may hurt another nothing new about that. I have no solutions but everyone may end up with the freedom to go hungry and cold. I don’t care if DC prints money and inflates the dollar, labor will still cost what a man wants to work for. The rich thinks it’s wrong to inflate I don’t blame them it’s thief but were use to it in this lawless country.We can go back and live under the laws are forefathers set up that’s fine to say but that’s not a solution. What going to happen is the rich will be rob and killed the poor will be jailed and beaten on the streets and mothers will cry rich and poor. Why is this, because we lost the power to control what the dollar is going to be worth we turn that over to the world market and cheap labor. The people who think they can educated there way out of this should of stayed in school themselves. Free trade what a joke, if you get hungry kill something and eat it,that’s what are forefathers called unemployment.PEACE

  8. Sean S

    Good article Greg.

    I see what is going on in the entire process essentially as corrupt and fraudulent and unfortunately it is not new of course. Until the mainstream media really go to town on this then nothing much will change I suspect. Don’t hold your breath because in my view that won’t happen.

    I still find it hard to believe that the American people embrace this process. They seem to have become so de-sensitized to what is happening that the status quo is seemingly accepted as normal and morally upstanding. Far from it. The GFC and the aftermath just woke a few more sleepers up.

    I do not see this as a fight between individuals and corporations. The problem lies with the political parties and the candidates who foster and encourage the whole dirty process. The fight is between the voters (who want accountability, honesty, integrity and transparency) and the “corrupt” candidates/political parties who wish to retain the current process such as it is.

    Unfortunately too many Americans are just stupid, uneducated and apathetic. They are seemingly far more interested in endless mass media trivia fed to them on a daily basis than the real problems of the economy and the corrupted political process.

    It is just hilarious to see the many US Congressmen bought and sold by corporations standing up criticizing foreign countries for their lack of democracy and lack of accountability to the people. America is not the beacon for democracy it pretends to be and it is not alone among western countries on that score.

    Hopefully articles like this will gather momentum and become more direct and scathing.

    Thank you.

    • Greg

      Thank you SeanS for adding to this post.

  9. James


    George Orwell would’ve have a “Field Day” with this scenario.

    It makes “Animal Farm” look like a child’s story.

    Everyone, keep your powder dry.



    • Greg

      There will be a good feeling after the mid-terms, followed by reality.

  10. Jan

    The average working person is too busy trying to make ends meet to pay attention. Many feel helpless, they cannot wrap their minds around trillions of dollars in bail outs. They are ticked off, but feel there is nothing they can do. When the bricks fall, these poor folks are going to be wiped out and still not know what to do. When the people do begin to pay attention some Red Herring is tossed out to distract them masses.

    Please reserve some of your rath for non profit foundations. By law, they are forbidden to lobby, so they make grants for “Fellowships” to plant their people in the office of our Congressional leaders to help the them understand legislation and write the laws that benefit the foundation. The medical/industrial complex and the holy grail of health care are costing the taxpayers dearly. Our health has entered the public domain and therefore the public must pay. Fellows are lobbhyist with more direct access and influence than lobbyist.

  11. Ken

    Well, I’m sure you know this Greg, but it is a bit more complicated than that.

    It isn’t JUST the coporations. It is corporations acting in concert with governments AT ALL LEVELS against the interest of the citizenry.

    The interest of the government are distinct, and even contrary, to the interest of many corporations (as well as most people), however governments use corporations to do an end run around laws (e.g. privacy) and increase their power and control. The interest of many of those who seek power in government are overtly statist and these people often have NO interest in making money. They are simply in it for the ideology.

    The interest of corporations are a bit more straightforward. They want money. The power and control that government has is a good way of getting more of it if you can influence the government. That’s why they do it. Corporations use government to create regulations that disproportionately affect their competition, and which give them a leg up in the market place. In addition they get to influence buying and favorable tax laws, etc.

    Goldman Sachs is probably the ultimate example of this, having insinuated their representatives in government to the detriment of their competition and the benefit of their managers and shareholders.

    Some have termed this “American Facsim,” but wouldn’t call it “Facism” per se, because that implies that there is some overt cooperation and a common interest. Rather I think it is more like two nominally rival gangs who have temporarily teamed up against the rest of us.


    • Greg

      Point taken. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  12. John

    I live in a state where a Democratic Governor and his appointee rammed new regulations down the throat of the industry I work for. Capital dollars are cowards, and because of these onerous and down right ridiculous regulations, I’ve watched the companies and the jobs move to the border states. To think that government can regulate business without business input is naive.

    • Greg

      I hope the Governor is up for re-election soon if not this year.

    • Matt

      Yes, but business should not have the opportunity to double dip.

      A “business” is just a collection of people. By allowing a business to give political input, where only a few people get to decide content (the CEO, Board of Directors, etc.), we’re allowing the corporate executives to speak on behalf of the employees, without giving the employees any say in the conversation.

      That sure doesn’t sound fair to me.

      • Greg

        You are on target. Thank you for your comment.

  13. erle

    This corporate money genie will never be put back in the bottle. Our politicians on both sides are COMPLETE WHORES. Their driving interest is to get reelected, not to govern. Sadly money normally determines who gets elected. Money is too intoxicating to all politicians. The money that can and will be contributed to our corrupt politicians is now unlimited. We now have a good possibility that a government in the near future will be “bought” by corporations, or groups that are able to take autonomous unlimited donations of money and fund political campaigns. Our citizens are not much better than the politicos, they mirror the confrontational polarization that is exhibited by the politicians. Our citizens vote on feelings,fears,and the herd mentality. Posturing and position trump intellect and rationality today.

    The average American unfortunately does not know about this issue. The majority also really don’t care.

    It may take 15-30 years to fix this…but we may not ever be able to.

    But there is good news from this! Corporations and wealthy interests are very happy today!

    Welcome to the United States of Who has the most money, and has the most politicians bought…RULES

    • Greg

      Good point. BOTH Democrats and Republicans are sloshing around in special interest money. Thank you!

  14. Dr. Neal Joel Houston

    Just a few words on this article:
    Eye-opening, well written, reality of it (left or right)..

    My Best regards

    • Greg

      Thank you Dr. Houston.

  15. James M

    Just a simple example. I am a homebuilder/remodeler. We are by law forced to use TYVEK house wrap or and equivelant product usually produced by a large chemical company like DuPont. When doing remodeling I generally find that a 5-10 year old home that used this product, forced upon the origional builder by coporate lobbyists, is far more likely to have substantionally more rought after a short period of time as opposed to a hundred or two hundred year old home that had absolutely no under siding protection or had 5lb felt paper for protection at a small fraction of the cost compared to the “legal” wraps. How is it that a two hundred year old home that was properly sided with absolutely no underlament last 20 times longer with out rot than a ten year “new” home with TYVEK? Ask your lawmakers why.

    • Greg

      James M,

      Thank you for giving us this information. I found this very interesting.

    • Deborah

      Incredible. Was wondering how Tyvek managed to be plastered on every building under construction. Thanks for that info.

  16. Matt Marino

    Been a fan of Barry’s for quite a while. I followed him when he had his website the Big Now it is Excellent insights and commentary.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Matt Marino
    Patriot and Capitalistic Beer Vendor

    • Greg

      Thank you Matt Marino for the feeback and kind words. Barry is very good.

  17. mariah haveen

    Lots of comments on how we are all screwed. Not to mention how dumb Americans are.

    Still, the Supreme Court ruling can be changed, simply by new legislation. No, we’re not there yet to change it yet, but it’s possible. The US is re-inventing itself right now. The changes in power at least show that voters have voted.

    The corporations still need the people to spend. that’s their paycheck. they also need our investment money.

    Why is no one talking about HR 4646, which proposes a 1% tax on every bank deposit?

    I am already planning how to not make bank deposits….geez….the whining and lack of solution thinking tanks all our power.

    • Greg

      Maraiah Haveen,
      The only thing you ncan do now is try to put yourself in the best position possible.

  18. K Whitney

    I agree that “both Democrats and Republicans are just one body with two heads.” and I agree that politicians are too easily bought by large corporations. However I do get very nervous about this trend of viewing large corporations as “evil”. President Obama seems to be sending that message as well. Large corporation employ the vast majority of our work force, and in a free country they have a right to their free speech and to make profits.

    Although, it does not seem to be the intent of Mr. Ritholtz’s article to offer up recommendations on how to improve this situation, I am wondering if there is an implied desire by himself and those that have commented to rectify this by MORE legislation and there by, reducing the freedoms of these said corporations? I hope not.

    Instead, I wonder if this can be handled by Campaign Finance Reform and the Downsize’s “Write the Laws Act” ? Which would put our Government officials in check, not the corporations. What do you think?

    • Greg

      Thank you K Whitney.

  19. Doc Williams

    One of the biggest problems is that the corporate world of today is not the corporate world of fifty-sixty years ago. Back then, even large corporations were mainly family-based or regionally owned, specializing in a limited product line and usually holding local stockholder meetings, or in the case of larger corporations, holding stockholder meetings on a rotating basis in the areas in which they had production facilities. Then these well-managed, productive entities started getting swallowed up by the international conglomerates whose only function was to produce the maximum bottom line each quarter. The production of quality products or services was of little interest in the boardrooms of these new money-generator organizations which are largely owned by various types of funds rather than by individual stockholders. Living in the northern Ohio “rust belt”, I’ve seen one good company after another being swallowed up, its’ production machinery shipped to Mexico or China, its’ facilities abandoned, and its’ former employees and managers left to fend for themselves. The international corporations manipulate our governments and our national resources to their own immediate financial benefit. Only when we start recognizing that corporations are not “citizens” and start putting reasonable restraints on what these “bullies” can do to the rest of us individual smaller businesses and private citizens, will we ever begin to recover our status as the world’s premier economy. This situation developed while most of us were busy with other things and did not realize what a mess we were letting develop. I only hope that it’s not too late to start reversing the trend.

    • Greg

      Thank you Doc.

  20. Geoff

    Everyone is scratching their heads to get the “Big Picture” and provide perspective.

    I.M.H.O., the big picture is out of control population growth. No matter how much energy we save, or how much money we save, or how much we are individuals vs. corporation or Republicans against Democrats or Rich vs. Poor, or east vs. West; it’s always the same old rat race- and we can’t ever get control because there are so many billions of new mouths to feed on the way.

  21. Cliff Case

    I am impressed with the worldly wise comments even though some people cannot spell well. American Fascism? More like National Socialist or for short…
    Apparently our leader marches to a different drummer. And, I must say, he is quite a sophisticated drummer himself.
    As for us Joe the plumber Americans, its Gold, Groceries, & Guns. Oh, & God, too. Its called neo-survivalism.
    “What a revoltin’ development.” Been watching Gerald Celente lately?
    For you American citizens, tea partiers, free inhabitants of America, you are on your own.

  22. moon

    It really all boils down to greed.
    The political world has been corrupted by external influences that have been sleazing their way in for a long time now.
    For a political system to work for the people, it must be totaly isolated and seperated from external influence such as corporate money/lobbying, religion ect. Nothing wrong with capatalism when implemented correctly, but the current way it is used as a thin veil covering a plutocracy reality makes my stomach turn.
    The best slaves are those who dont even realise they are slaves. Stop chasing bling and material status and get out there and live.
    much respect

    • Greg

      Thank you nfor the comment.

  23. Chris

    This is exactly what we’re learning about in my Journalism class at college. I attend Western Washington University, and our professor has shown us videos and taught us about the corporations and how they have come to corrupt our society and political process. Creating a consumer society, and a virtual mass media monopoly. All forms of media our owned by the big 6 companies.

    We the people need to do something.

    • Greg

      From a former ABC News and CNN investigative correspondent this gives me hope for the future. Thank you for the comment and please come back.

  24. Dave

    Greg, sounds like you need to take a visit to Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and start seeing what Ron Paul has been warning about, and trying to fix for over 30 years.

    All of the citizens in America should group up and form a lobby, called “The American Citizens PAC”, just so we can have some representation after we elect our representation… ugh… how sickening it is to even have to say that… and so disheartening.

    • Greg

      I am already a fan Dave. Thanks man!

  25. d. davis

    Honestly, I find your article somewhat juvenile. The Tea Party has never been about Left versus Right, or Liberal versus Conservative, or even Democrat versus Republican – it’s always been about personal and economic freedom. Even some of the bywords that appear here are rather old and silly – oligarchy, fascism, even status quo – we’re tired of hearing them. We see this as a corporatocracy… borrow from the Fed and print money to provide “stimulous” and the bankers get rich; create mandatory national insurance programs and insurance companies are enriched; European, South American, Middle Eastern good will tours do nothing but encourage investment and open doors for corporations which will likely export jobs. Stupid question but have any of you even read United versus the FEC? Because it’s all about the right of the individual to associate and televise, the right of the individual to express through free association; as such it is an accurately “constitutional” ruling. If you wish to restrict the corporation (although I have no idea why; this is not their modus operandi, they have “soft money”) then look elsewhere, you are attacking the wrong law. The problem with many of you, left or right, is that you are entirely too superficial. Meanwhile it’s business as usual for the lobbyists and the poltiticians, a field day for the totalitarians through both legislation and the courts, loss of the independent voice, and the gap between rich and poor is ever widening.

    • bobby

      Frankly, my observation of the “Tea Party Movement” is that of angry monkeys throwing feces at the crowd and hoping to hit the one responsible for their captivity.

      • Greg

        Do you think the Fed should be audited? Are you ok with the rip offs that are being allowed by both political parties? Your comment is ignorant and juvenile.

        • bobby

          In retrospect, I find my comment neither juvenile nor ignorant. But I find yours aggressive and judgmental. You have no idea what I think of the Federal Reserve, corporate power, or political parties. You are of course entitled to your opinion even though my comment was not directed at you.

          I am sure you understand that the “Tea Party” movement is corrupted by the likes of Dick Armee and the Koch Brothers, who prey upon the ignorance of people who have every reason to be angry. And unless you are a shill for the Republican Party then you must be offended by that fact as well.

          • Greg

            I am not offended. Thank you for your spirited comment. As I always say, “Good men can disagree.” Comment anytime here.

  26. Clayton Jones

    Monopolies are the problem not corporations at large!!! Folks were must be very careful when we attack corporate America! For us to be free to carry on commerce and trade is essential to LIberty! The first monster of a monopoly, the Federal Reserve needs to be busted up! WalMart would be another corporation that must be disassembled!

    Bobby you are totally wrong!

    d.davis the cliques like oligarchy may be worn out , but the truth of the matter is that there is a shadow government and the leaders are in high places, but not just in the corporate systems. These men and women are as evil as evil gets. One memo from the right supreme councilman and a million people can be snuffed out in between heart beats! Good day

    • bobby


      I may wrong on somethings but on the “Tea Party”, I don’t think so. It basically was an out growth of the supporters of the Ron Paul campaign and then it was early encouraged and organized by the likes of Dick Armeys with funding by the Koch Brothers and others with a strictly corporatist agenda. It was used by Big Pharma to defeat health care legislation. Picked up by Sarah Palins for what appears personal or republican legislative gains. The “Tea Party” folks have every reason to be angry and in most cases they are being used by Republican candidates who will vote for even more corporate power.

      You are right that commerce is important to a viable democracy, but monopolies are a symptom of the problem and the problem as Reagan claimed is not government. It’s people who buy the government.

      The fact is we have been had on all fronts and that includes the ballot box. I am afraid that Benjamin Franklin’s concern that we might not be able to keep our republic was a valid concern. I am betting my future and money it’s gone.

  27. GD

    With a citizenry that is unable to understand the 40% devaluation of the dollar during the last administration as a hidden tax, but only focus on the $350 they get back at the end of the year as a tax cut we will never get out of this mess. We cant even get the people or a party to back a straight tax and do away with the IRS and tax codes. Right vs Left it seems is at the limits of the majority of this countries citizens mental capabilities.

    • Greg

      You may be right on this point but I hope not. People are not going to start caring until things get really bad. I hope I am wrong.

  28. Rob

    Yes, the right/left right/left right/left is a well fueled distraction. And, it is not an “accident” but a well planned distraction. It is two totalitarian jack boots wearing the same uniform hitting the pavement in its robotic goosestep of thuggery.

    According to Benito Mussolini, Corporatism=Fascism. And that best describes what is now taking place, not only in America but internationally because the Criminal Financial Cartel and their minions, own most of the money in the entire world. It is a giant Casino of Organized Crime with loaded dice on behalf of the house. Meanwhile the public is distrated by left/right entrainment and fed a dog and poney show through mindless media pablum called “news” and “entertainment” which can only be called propaganda and “scientific” greasy salesmanship by the spiritual decendents of Dr. Mengele.

    How did it get this way? It does have a long history, but most are only just now noticing. Time to wake up. Want to know about it? Simple. Just follow the $$$. The facts are undeniable. You could start by simply finding out the criminal history of the Federal Resevere System and who it is really affiliated with and was affiliated with from its very beginning.

    The Great “Unsinkable” Titanic has now hit the iceberg of its own creation because fraud and hoxery is no longer sustainable and can no longer be covered up.

    Is it “fixable”?

    No it is not. What is needed is nothing short of an entirely New Paradigm, not remodeling, but an entire make-over where basic human rights are the PRIMARY motivator.

    So, uncommon creativity is now called for as never before in the history of the world and we the people are the only hope for that. We are not quite slaves yet. Nor are we helpless “victims” but, make no mistake, WE fully allowed this to happen due to complacency, docility and placidness, as well as our own selfishness and willful blindness to the truth. WE played along.

    But this is not the time to play their “blame” game but to help you recognize the need for rethinking, re-evaluating and reconstructing everything from the ground up and basing it upon the solid foundation of basic human rights for all. Remember? We once had a Constitution and a beautiful Bill of Rights. And yes, there were times in our history when the money supply was in the hands of the people with the resulting prosperity.

    We could begin by applying the U.S. Constitution and no longer allowing High Treason with impunity, wars of aggression by a King’s decree (the real America does not allow Kings) criminality without consequence and murder without justice. Here is just one of the possibilities:

    We must get our money supply back into the hands of the people instead of allowing the worst crimnals who ever walked the earth steal it for the sake of their own selfishness and carry out their psychotic agenda which they call a “New World Order” which will mean total and brutal slavery (body, mind and spirit) over you and your children.

    Yep, its serious.

    • Greg

      Rob, thank you for the very well written comment.

  29. ewkeane

    One problem that faces the world is the role of the eggheads who have been poisoning the minds of 4-5 generations of economists, and other social studies types, with the doctrines of Keynes, and of the wild
    theorys of micro and macro economics.
    Helicopter Ben, an MIT economist, for example.

    His thesis was named “Long-term commitments, dynamic optimization, and the business cycle” and his thesis adviser was Stanley Fischer (wiki)
    I dont think the globe is the proper place to apply principals of a theory that is not universaly accepted as gospel by learned men the world round.

    I think that certain men of learning need to be muzzled, or even put in a dungeon, to save the rest of us from their folly.

    Here is more about macroeconomics;

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding to this post.

    • Atchinson

      Took that course, got an A. Biggest bunch of illogical bullsh*t ive ever read. Some of the theory is sound, but the majority is illogical nonsense. Not all eggheads are morons, just the ones who study for money. Some of us actually want to learn, but let me tell you this. IF you want to learn in college, it better be math, physics, chemistry or a science that can’t be easily polluted, every other class I have taken is rife with communist doctrine, praising the likes of Karl Marx, and his ilk. The teachers preach down to the classical philosophers. This is why you HEAR so many retards with degrees, they have to JUSTIFY their degree somehow, many just so happen to be prostitutes to the very problems this blog is speaking of. ‘Man Made’ Global Warming for one. People who do not understand science ought not trust those who ‘profess’ to be experts on the subject, especially when their research and federal grants, are dependent upon it being TRUE.

  30. rex

    I’ve been telling people for a while that the R-L paradigm is completely false.

    I remind them:

    1. Has EITHER PARTY done anything to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws? NO! (Now, we have CHERTOFF’s nasty Strip-Search Machines because of a (Contrived incident) which I bet will replay itself at: Mall, Grocery store, stadium, school, hospital, etc and soon, these machines will be all over the place!..If I’m wrong, that’s great. It’s also spectacularly funny to see that NEITHER Chertoff or Napolitano gave or gives a rat’s behind about SECURING our borders or enforcing our IMMIGRATION LAWS, but they want these STRIP-SEARCH Machines foisted on us.

    2. Didn’t the majority of BOTH PARTIES sign those BANKSTER BAILOUTS twice (without reading the bills-loaded with earmarks) and now the Banksters are working on QE2.

    3. NEITHER PARTY did anything to stop the Disasterous Trade Laws of:
    NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement).
    CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement).
    GATT (General Agreement on Trade and tarriffs)
    WTO (World Trade Agreement).

    These people who are SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR US are representing the corporations, Banksters and everyone else on this planet except for USA LEGAL CITIZENS!

    They’re too fu…ing busy championing ILLEGAL ALIENS and the Chinese.

    And don’t get me started on these SHYSTER HUCKSTERS in the MSM (Mainstream Media) and “economists” like TOM FRIEDMAN.

    I was watching Dianne Sawyer tonight and saw Tom Friedman also recently. If they and the rest of the MSM and “economists” are so enamored of foreign workers, I say fine: Leave this country, go to China or India and stay there, NEVER to return. Don’t let the door smack them on their behinds on the way out!

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in on the Left-Right BS that is really a smoke screen. You got it going on man!

  31. Sal w

    They both support endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

  32. johnnie

    excellent points.
    means we can’t vote our way out of this mess, when all we get for choices are R or D, and whoever gets in, will toe the party line or be blackmailed, bribed, suicided into compliance.

    • Greg

      Maybe there will be a true third party in 2012.

  33. acudoc

    This article is right on the money—-pun intended.

    The real divide, as Max Keiser is fond of pointing out, is between the savers and the speculators. What is being contended over is the nature of our money: do we want an honest money with inherent value that cannot be manipulated by politicians or banks, a stand-alone money in other words; or the present chimera of fiduciary media, of debt-based money managed by a cartel of fractional-reserve banks that controls the government and corporatocracy and charges interest for the privilege of creating money out of nothing!

    Screw the present banking system! It is evil, plain and simple, and it buys and pays for our so-called representatives in Congress, whether Democrat, Republican, or Tea-Party…

    • Greg

      Thank you acudoc.

  34. G

    WE THE PEOPLE are fighting a two front war with Big Government on the LEFT, and Big Business on the RIGHT. Often our enemies work together for THEIR greater good (TARP, Tax Code, etc), and at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE. There is NO conspiracy, rather, it’s a CONOCRACY.(

    To put the power back in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE, I call for the following Constitutional Amendments on my website:
    (1) Balanced Budget
    (2) Repeal the Income Tax (Amendment 16) []
    (3) Campaign funding only by human beings, not corporations!
    (4) Real Money backed by precious metals.

    You will know the end of America is here when the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) replaces the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency with SDR (Special Drawing Rights).

    Screen every bit of government/media propaganda through the litmus test of LIBERTY!!!

    Kill your television!

    • WhereisJustice

      Sorry but you are too late to the scene. This should’ve been done in the 80s.

  35. Masonicon

    The worst things that Democrats and Republicans did was: they made Global warming and The War on Terrorism the biggest things in the 21st century(if not the entire history)

    • WhereisJustice

      Sad thing is that it’s all designed to distract us from the missing transactions.

      When 9/11 happened there was an investigation going on at the Pentagon for Trillions of missing dollars not being accounted for and strangely enough all those people were killed.

      If the *Islams* wanted maximum number of deaths they would’ve tried to crash that aeroplane onto the roof where there is likely the most people such as the lobby areas but instead they rammed into a part being renovated which is where the investigation was taking place.

      Everytime someone in The Senate speaks out about missing money suddenly bigger issues come up.

      This whole Health Care debate is to cover up Obama wanting to go to war as people were losing faith in him so he had to act fast.

      There is an article about how the Pentagon actually benefited from the attack which gives out reasonable points and was a real eye opener.

    • WhereisJustice

      And they’re all phoney using a couple pieces of truth adding on several lies.

  36. Pat

    No, worst thing America did is screw up the banks and award Congress oversight of their own salaries and perks – both disasters, and both have wrecked the nation.

  37. Tom

    The Secret Empire

    Janet Lowe

    Written 20 years ago explains how 25 multi-nationals rule the world.
    This book was an eye opener and really gives the informed reader who believes in democracy,free will and free enterprise can fashion a strategy for survival under the New Corporate World Order. How timely it was 20 years ago. If only the masses were aware of the agenda of those whom really are in control of fiscal and monetary policy. Another book would be “The creature from Jekyll Island” by Griffin” explains how Bankers from Europe met with politicians in 1910 to implement fractal banking in 1913. The demise of the republic.

    We need to abolish the Fed and congress needs to take back the right to coin money.


    seeker of truth!

  38. SortingHat

    Our family motto is “pretend to live or live to be”. meaning you can pretend to be living and get involve in world affairs or actually live as good of a life as you can make it and as opportunity allows.

    The rich do not get their by their own power they know how to take advantage of good opportunity that is coincidental at first but turned to their favor. Stupid people can have good luck too but don’t know how to use it and wind up screwing themselves and be involved in *the system*.

    The smart ones know how to game *the system* to their favor and BS their way to the top and it’s the ONLY way to make it in politics. If you have any hopes in getting your voice heard you have to make an impression first and that means to be the biggest BS’er the media would want to hear.

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