Did the Mainstream Media Blackout Wall Street Protest?

Wall Street ProtestBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  Have you heard about the Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan called “Occupy Wall Street”?  It started Saturday, and it basically is a protest against greed and corruption in the financial markets. The Wall Street protests really haven’t gotten much attention from the mainstream media (MSM).  I wouldn’t call it a media blackout, but it sure looks gray to me.  Organizations such as Forbes, CNN and ABC have covered the protest that was still going on yesterday.  Saturday was the opening day, and that was the biggest turnout.  (Click here to view coverage from CNN.)   It was reported by the MSM that only “hundreds” turned out.  Here’s a picture (lower left) from a FOX News story that, appears to me, was written off a CNN story.  This picture would make you think that nothing much was going on.    A friend of mine from Brooklyn told me that the coverage locally was pretty light.  Yet, this is a story where reportedly the NYPD arrested nearly a dozen people, and traffic snarled for a few hours.  Monday, the International Business Times reported a much different story than American media.  It said, “When the protest [Wall Street Protests] began over the weekend, several thousand showed up in New York’s Financial District, protesting with signs like “JUST BECAUSE WE CAN’T SEE IT DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT HAPPENING” and “WALL STREET IS OUR STREET.”  Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange weren’t open when the largest crowds kicked off the movement over the weekend. By Monday, the group’s numbers were smaller, but the presence of protesters led New York Police to barricade blocks around Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, forcing residents and workers to show identification to enter the zone.  The group has said it plans to turn Lower Manhattan into an “American Tahrir Square.” (Click here for the complete IBTimes.com story.) A story from RT.com (formerly Russia Today) also told a different story, and this one came with video.  See if you think this was just an insignificant story that didn’t merit local or national coverage. This is also being called “a day of rage,” but it overwhelmingly is a peaceful protest.  The OccupyWallSt.org website touts “the use of nonviolence to achieve our ends and maximize the safety of all participants. . . . The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.”  The site was also offering “free pizza” to encourage participation.  It looks like the protesters are going to be there for a while.  This was the message yesterday from the Occupywallst.org website, “We’re still here. We intend to stay until we see movements toward real change in our country and the world. This is the third communiqué from the 99 percent.  Today, we occupied Wall Street from the heart of the Financial District. Starting at 8:00 AM, we began a march through the Wall Street area, rolling through the blocks around the New York Stock Exchange. At 9:30 AM, we rang our own “morning bell” to start a “people’s exchange,” which we brought back to Liberty Plaza. Two more marches occurred during the day around the Wall Street district, each drawing more supporters to us. . . . Food has been donated to the plaza from supporters all over the world. Online donations for pizza, falafels, and other food are coming in from supporters in Omaha, Madrid, Montreal, and other cities, and have exceeded $8,660. . .” (Click here for the OccupyWallSt.org site.) The irony here is that a few of these protesters have been arrested and taken to jail.  On the other hand, not a single Wall Street banker has even been investigated, let alone gone to prison.  Only in America can someone go to jail for protesting crime and greed while the people that cause a global financial meltdown get bonuses.  And, only in America would our own corporate controlled media largely ignore the entire story!

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  1. Roderick Pagnossin

    What is going on in America is we have become a ostrich flock and most of us have our heads in the sand. Safety is not questioning what is going on because reality is much scarier that the darkness of keeping our heads in the sand. The darkness is reassuring until the day we get bit in the ass.

    The real stupidity does not begin at Wall St.

    The protestors would be doing America and the rest of the world a service if they would have a sit in at the Federal Reserve building. Maybe have some signs with a picture of a big helicopter on them.

    Good work Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and pointing out we all could do better getting enlightened.

      • Sherm

        Don’t protest corporations! Protest our government. It is badly broken and needs a brand new constitution that eliminates the political party system, the tax system, and the supreme court (with no checks) for starters! Our forefathers never envisioned such a disaster!

        It is our government that has caused all of the huge profits that are abused by corporations. Profits should be subject to usury restrictions. Why should anyone make 200% and greater profits?

  2. Jerry Frey

    Absent individual and institutional accountability for illegal trading activity, along with congenital greed, accounts for the culture of corruption that pervades the financialization industry. Unless you’re a rogue trader or slip on your ego like Bernie Madoff, penalties are part of doing business. Too Big To Fail resent common sense regulation yet down-sizing these banks would be the best medicine for US because they would be forced to be more prudent in their lending and investing practices.


  3. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    I’ve been following this story on World Net Daily for a month now. The only “greed and corruption” is from the SEIU, ACORN, and other Obama supporters who have organized this “rally,” as a part of BHO’s class warfare campaign. This is the fizzled “riot” that Mayor Bloomberg wailed about, the one the NYPD held an exercise for in August.

    Like everything else BHO has done, the “rally” is nothing but a flop and a failure.

    • Henry

      Sam, your claim that there is no greed or corruption on Wall Street, and that Obama and his supporters are behind the protest rally was meant as a some sort of strange joke, right? Hard to tell sometimes, because some peoples’ “thinking” can get pretty far from reality at times. ;-)Obama coddles Wall Street banksters, and in return, they reward him with record campaign bribes – I mean contributions…

  4. Art Barnes

    Greg, your …”only in America…” statements at the end of your article can be followed by thousands more, mostly negative ironic one liners which are in reality the disregard for the rule of (rational)law. New “only in America’s” are created everyday and with each one another nail in the coffin of this great country is hammered. Here is one, only in America can an executive take a company into bankrutpcy and receive a bonus”. The thousands of only(s) tell a story of a declining culture and world power. Only in America could such a great culture decline so quickly.

  5. Mitch Bupp

    Wall Street is not Main Street! The FED and leading economists believe that as the stock market goes; so goes the country. These banksters fail to see that Wall Street is not Main Street who creates the jobs and really drives the economy today. The benefits created for the Wall Street companies have been at the expense of the Main Street economy. The tax breaks, exemptions and other benefits these corporations enjoy are the result of influence peddling in government. The result has been a government that has allowed the free market system to be corrupted by big business while small business pays.

  6. Steve Morochnick

    I was in Manhattan over the weekend and stayed directly adjacent to Ground Zero. During my time there I walked past the protest numerous times. There were more NYPD standing around than protestors. If there were thousands, I sure didn’t see them. It was much ado about nothing and the only accomplishment was to make it difficult to get around due to the police closing off several streets.

    • Greg

      Thank you Steve for the reporting.

  7. greatarticle


    You are exactly correct. “Only in America can someone go to jail for protesting crime and greed while the people that cause a global financial meltdown get bonuses.”

    These are hard core criminals who run the show now. The likes of these mafia bosses are by far the worst this country has ever seen and would even make Al Capone blush. Anyone who serves or protects this organized criminal syndicate should be ashamed. The real irony is that these mafia criminals have destroyed the country’s financial system and their crimes have probably ruined most of these cop’s middle class lives and their families too. Do you really believe that a cop can live in NY/NJ on their salary? Inflation/money printing (caused by fraud) has destroyed any normalcy for a middle class citizen in this country. As Ron Paul said it. A silver dime minted in the 1960s is now worth $4-$5 — that is inflation and the inflation was caused by fraud and crimes against the United States.

  8. Henry

    Greg, this is remarkably similar to the media blackout of anyone and anything that questions the government’s absurd and impossible 9-11 conspiracy theory. The banking scandal, the drug war, and the 9-11 attack have much in common. All three enrich the ruling elite at the expense of U.S. taxpayers as well as the social and economic well being of the United States.
    Have you considered doing a story on drug cartel money laundering through Wall Street? It’s interesting, to say the least, that after almost total eradication by the Taliban, Afghanistan has been the source of over 90% of the world’s heroin since 2002…

  9. Ambrose


    There are many news like “Occupy Wall Street” that are not covered by MSM in the U.S. If I want to get the real news, I turn to the news reported by BBC World News, RT (Russia Today), DW-TV (Deutsche Welle) and a few Internet sites.

    America’s economy is just like a very sick patient waiting for a major surgery (overhaul). Republicans are holding up the surgery because of the patient’s unpaid bills. The President and Democrats are talking about stimulus plans and possible financing for the surgery. Meanwhile the patient’s family (America’s general public) is watching the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” shows provided by MSM in the waiting room. Nobody is doing anything to help the patient. If the patient dies, it would be an unfortunate “accident”.


  10. Liberty_With_Teeth

    While it may be enticing to side with the protesters, it is also important to remember who is backing this ‘protest’ and what their agenda really is.
    Everyone agrees that Wall Street’s corruption and influence over our government is rampant and needs to be changed…maybe even torn asunder. However, the backers of this rally seek only the destruction of our COUNTRY, not our government. If anything, the government is not socialist enough for them.
    Be careful. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

    • Greg

      Yes Liberty,
      Your warnings are valid but no matter what unions or Acorn (and I am NOT in their camp) or anyone else has done it pales to the crime, fraud, robbery and destrustion the bankers have done. Yet no one has sought to punish them and those protesting are arrested. Thank you for you comment and points. They are well made and well taken.

  11. chowthen

    I don’t think private banks and corporations are to blame for lost jobs and economic collapse, I believe it’s the government and their regulations are to blame. If the government just left the economy alone this wouldn’t have happened. Just leave the businesses to fail, no bailouts and don’t help the investors. It’s private transactions. If a business is found to have cheated the investor then go to court and have it settled.

    Our economic woes are due to government over spending and borrowing. It’s the money they gave to private businesses in the form of bailouts. I can understand it was given to private businesses but ask yourself who wouldn’t take it if it’s given for free or forced into you?

    • Greg

      Oh please, stop with that nonsense! A child can document fraud and rip-offs in loan applications, mortgage-backed securities, the rating of that toxic debt, and the foreclosure fraud crisis that is still going on. THIS HAS ALL GONE UNPUNISHED!!!!!!! THIS IS ORGANIZED CRIME!!!!!!!!! You say the banks and corporations are blameless? There is plenty of blame to go around to the banks, corporations and the politicians they bought off. By the way, the government did leave the economy alone when it passed the Gramm, Bliley, Leach act that did away with the Glass Steagle act. Democrats and Republicans hailed this as “financial innovation.” It was financial poison and when it all blew up, taxpayers had to bail (and continue to bail) them out. I agree we should have hands off government, and when it blew up we should have let them fail. Instead the Fed handed out $16 trillion (according to a recent GAO audit.) Why in the world did we have to raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion? That money continues to bail out the banks through Fannie and Freddie to name a few outlets feeding the insolvent banks. (Banks that are kept alive by phony accounting.) I am sorry to go off on you, but your comment and opinion are in stark contrast to the facts. However, as I always say, “Good men can disagree.)

    • MasterLuke

      When you have a private organization controlling “money” a group of “organized” individuals has unprecemented power that is not justified. If you take away this one element – you can solve to big to fail, you can stop the dollar from free-falling (considering the money would no longer be fiat and instead metal backed).

      The other problem is we need a limited government built to serve the people – not exploit the people. There are two types of leaders, those that lead with fear and those that lead with love. Our leaders exploit us with fear and milk the profits with the banker buddies.

      If there is organized crime at the private enterprise level it makes you wonder what type of organized crime is beint perpetuated at the top-tier government level.

  12. Bob

    These kids now days have a education that has train them to be mobile , this is a asset in forming a movement.

  13. M SMITH

    Greg, the U.S. Congress set up the laws & rules that only the power elite may use to boost their profits without paying taxes on those profits. Just think about it,there are Trillions setting off shore in Cayman Banks accounts. Congress made it easy for U.S. Corporations to hide the huge profits in with out paying any taxes to the USA, now these same companies would like to bring these profits home free from taxes of any kind. Bob Chapman explains it a lot better than I could ever, so here is the link for all to read. http://news.goldseek.com/InternationalForecaster/1316613900.php.

    After reading MChapman’sns article, it seems if congress won’t do away with all the laws that has gave all these corps & companies a place for a off shore tax havens, we will continue to see jobs leave and less taxes collected from the corporations who have used NAFTA & all the other loop holes congress set up for their buddies who fund their re-elections and all the other perks these members of congress who have chose to serve the corporations instead of the people.

    As far a coverage by the MSM it was very lite. Our local news paper had a small spot where there was a few comments in support of the Unions and plenty of people who were very ticked off at Obama for his ties to ACORN & all the other Unions & that was it!

    Well, the Fed just put out it’s statement and gold & silver and stock took a nose dive, I don’t see why gold & silver would,but it is a time to use worthless dollars to buy more insurance. I think people know they are being feed a bunch of lies from DC and the Fed but just don’t know what do about it, so they so along to get along. If you don’t stay involved in the process of sorting the bad apples from the barrel we call congress and replace them with people with the back bone to stand up against corporate fascism and a out of control gov nothing will ever change except how hard we hit the bottom. I quess you could call it the collasp of socialism & it’s comming faster than many think. Then,maybe the MSM will realize they are a big part of the problem also!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Thank you for extending the content of this post!!

  14. Davis

    As much as I dispise the corrution on Wall Street and the ongoing collusion between government and the banks, the fact that this protest was organized and carried out by some prtty hard left elements including communists and anarchists is a big turn-off for most Americans.

    When such protests become more grass roots oriented and if they can manage to supress out the aforementioned elements, then and only then will then begin to gain some political traction. As long as those on the right, especially the Tea Party groups persist in looking through the lens of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” they will never get or understand the full implications of the corruption on Wall Street.

    Right now as long as Wall Street can take the shelter of portraying themselves as the victims of the “tax the rich” political attack machine they will continue their plunder of those who lend them cover and laugh with each new deposit in their off-shore, tax exempt accounts.

    • Greg

      I am not in the camp of the “hard left” however these protest are useful no matter where they come from. I want there to be justice and change but not coming from the far left or right. I want it to be down the middle and ultimately good for all Americans. Thank you for your contributions to this site.

  15. steve

    You said it right Greg!!!

    “I want it to be down the middle and ultimately good for all Americans.”

    I believe that is the hardest “ideal” to agree upon. All Americans will not agree because of the far extreme of each side and their attitude of no compromise.

    Down the middle and good for all … I hope we can all be grown-ups and learn how to live with one another.

  16. Ambrose


    I don’t know who those protestors are but we should not presume they are quilt and label them with communists or extremists. I share their anger but I don’t have the gut to join them and protest against the big bankers in Wall Street. Today four more people were arrested as Occupation of Wall Street continues into Day 5.

    When people in the other countries protested against their banks and government, we cheered for them. How come we arrested our own citizens for speaking out? As long as the protest is peaceful, we should respect their rights. Unfortunately our government no longer serves us – they protect and serve the Riches. Even if the protest stays peaceful, the Wall Street gangsters will find ways to remove this eyesore. I wish lucks to all protestors and hope them to stay safe.


  17. Jonathan

    The Fed is preparing $100 billion deal for the coming JP Morgan buyout of Bank of America. JP Morgan is heavily exposed to French banks and will also receive liquidity injection. Investors place your bets.

    • Greg

      Good to know. Could you give us a source? Or, are you an insider. I don’t doubt you because I know it is well documented that the big banks are in trouble.

  18. Tony

    Well said, Greg. I like the non-partisan approach. Left, right… It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that -most- Americans are getting kicked in the teeth and something needs to change.

  19. steve

    “Formerly (and perhaps more aptly) named Liberty Park, the plaza has become home to the activists and the center point of an increasingly bitter standoff between protesters and police. In total, twelve individuals have been arrested, one having suffered a leg injury during the arrest. Activists accuse the police of being too aggressive, and videos have begun to appear online showing the behavior in question.”

    If your interested on a piece written by Common Dreams, here is the link:


  20. Jan

    I don’t know who the protesters are, but I would be they all had credit cards or debit cards in their pockets and not cash.

    I loathe what is happening with the banks too, we can blame the politicians, we can blame the corporations, the bankers and Wall Street, but we need to stop and look in the mirror too. We were having such a good time, enjoying the savings from out cheap imports no one stopped to see what was happening to our manufacturing base until it was too late.

    There are a lot of products made in America and everyone of those jobs is precious. We can opt out of the big banks and go with regional banks or credit unions. It is a novel concept, but businesses still accept cash for thier goods.

    We need to stop feeding the crooks if we expect to get thier attention. I believe it was General Haig commenting on the anti-Vietnam War protesters to President Johnson, “let them protest all they want, so long as they pay thier taxes.”

    We are not protesting the wars (we should be) but the excesses of the banks and Wall Street, but everyone is still paying thier “taxes.”

  21. Brian

    Until people learn what has been happening forever , is does not matter what money is backed by but who controls the supply the owners of the people have nothing to worry about. All other issues and daily politics is just to distract the unlearned masses and keep all their time, focus and energy on things that don’t matter at all to those on the inside. Enjoy the circus and bread, they will enjoy the rest

  22. Jflan

    eh i work in the city and happened to catch this. I didn’t get much coverage because women were walking around topless and it seemed to be the usually “Down with Capitalism we need socialism to fix or problems” crowd. Clearly people who don’t understand what is happening. Some of the signs were blaming traders and evil speculators. I didn’t see one anti federal reserve sign.

  23. Greg

    When will President Obama step in and talk about this demonstration? When will mainstream media stop acting like puppets on a string and cut loose from their corporate intimidation? This will go on all over the world indefinitely. And rightfully so.

  24. Loren

    The big banks and wall street won’t let change happen thru mere protest. Real change will come only when we vote-out almost all of existing dooche-bag government crooks and elect unconnected leaders to help get a “fair america” back to health. When the system is put back to prevent corporate greed from determining what their value/compensation in line with what the worker who accually make the goods receices,then true balance will be restored.

  25. kpX

    I think the fact that a Russian media site, rt.com, is for now providing the best coverage is saying a whole lot. I saw a minimal story about it on CNN and they finished with showing unusually long awkard still photos of protesters. One being of a dog with a sign on it, another of a protester eating a ginourmous hoagie in the middle of a bite. Random? Or trying to make them look bad? It seems the mainstream media covers as little as they have to. Even Jon Stewart seems reluctant and keeps making fun of some of the protesters appearance. Here in Norway there is almost dead silence. NRK the state news provider which is usually considered very serious only had two clips I could find and one of our three top newspapers, as the only one, had a story yesterday about the “new tourist attraction” in NY, being the protesters. A ridiculing article that I slammed in the commentary section with my full name and two minutes later it was moved to the travel section. It’s so in your face how the media used whatever they could for the arab spring but now that it’s here it’s close to dead silence and a major disproportion compared to coverage elsewhere in the world. Something feeels very wrong for sure!

  26. Melvin Quine

    It is a very nice read, and your site is very useful, I am going to bookmark it.

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