Dollar Dominant & Dangerous – System Not Stable – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, predicts the global financial system “will take some big hits before the end of the year.” Fitts explains, “Right now, economists say the dollar is ‘dangerous and dominant.’ It’s still, if you look at the market shares around the world, it’s still very, very significant portion of total reserves. So, it’s still very important. At the same time, the U.S. dollar hegemony is probably not going to last forever . . . So, I think the long term dollar looks very weak. Short term, it doesn’t look like it’s coming apart anytime soon, as far as I can see. What that means is when you have something that is dangerous and dominant, you have the possibility of extreme volatility events. That’s the new code word for the ‘you know what’ hits the, you know what. Whether it’s different countries exploding economically, or we whether are pressuring people that makes them very uncomfortable, these kinds of fights over shrinking pies are very dangerous because they mean covert wars. They mean overt wars, and the more we steal pies from each other instead of make new pies, the worse the situation gets. That’s what you are seeing. The system is not stable.”

Fitts goes on to say, “The real push are for real assets: real assets reflected in a stock, or real assets reflected by real estate or precious metals.”

There is good reason people are going to real assets. The U.S. government is “missing” $21 trillion between the DOD and HUD. This fact was uncovered by Fitts and economist Dr. Mark Skidmore last year. What was the government’s answer to this gigantic accounting fraud that is the size of the federal deficit? Give the government’s budgets basically classified national security status. Fitts says, “Apparently, the people leading the audit have come to them and said if we do this audit, we will disclose classified projects. So, the board (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board – FASAB) came out with a new policy. I say it is illegal. You cannot do it under the financial management laws, and you certainly cannot do it under the Constitution, and it said you can keep classified off the books, which means you can cook the books and you can basically do whatever you want. This matches up with the waiver given to the national security advisor that says corporations, if he waives them (regulations), can also cook their books with the SEC. Now, we have the corporations making money, and they can cook their books under the law, and apparently the government can too. So, when the board made the statement and announced this new policy, they made the point that if they didn’t do this, the only alternative was to redact the Department of Defense financial statements, which meant you would have to redact the U.S. government’s financial statements, which means we have reached “Never, Never Land,” which also means the whole thing is a joke. . . . As a matter of policy, they are saying you have to give them, for the IRS, for the Census and all these other things, complete financial disclosure and honest financial disclosure by pain of law or you go to prison, but they can make up whatever they want. They can publish financial statements that are complete fiction with no accountability to you and call it national security. What this is doing is engineering complete financial insecurity for every American citizen. This is the end of financial security.”

In closing, Fitts says, “I am a gold fan. . . . You also want to have as little leverage and debt as possible. . . . I am also a silver fan, and I am getting reports that silver is getting hard to find. Gold is down 8% for the year and silver is down 16%, but go and try to buy a bunch of silver. It’s tough.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report.

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After the Interview:

Catherine Austin Fitts says everybody should have a core financial position in physical gold and silver that fits their needs.

There is much free information on    Click here for the story about the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB). If you want to read all about the $21 trillion in “Missing Money” from DOD and HUD click here.   Click here for the in-depth interview with Dr. Mark Skidmore, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University. His team documented the “missing” $21 trillion that has now become a “national security” issue.  If you want to subscribe to get the in-depth original articles and analysis of The Solari report, click here.

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  1. cmore

    Shocking she admits to the genocide of anerica. Its not just to dumb americans down its to further enslave them. We are despised for being alive now as the elitists dont need us anymore. They simply make money for themselves, buy everything with free money and don’t need workers. …only slaves.

    • William Stanley

      cmore: Yes, I totally agree!
      I assume you might accept the alternative phrasing: “she reveals,” rather than “she admits.”

    • Frederick

      Yup I’m interested because I’m old and don’t want to end up with Alzheimer’s like my mother I watched her fade away and it’s not pleasant to say the least

    • paul ...

      TSI … when hydrogenating your water to achieve “immortality” (or a very long life) make sure you are using “hard” or mineral water that is high in silicon! …

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks! I think CAF was especially intriguing today, especially in her analysis of fundamental trends.

    • William Stanley

      Oh, BTW Greg, I was listening to an interview on Sarah Westall’s channel of a black ops whistleblower. His single example (for brevity’s sake, sure) of a reliable news sources was YOU.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you William for the info!!

  3. Anthony Australia

    We are certainly in Never Never Land here.

    The positive is that when people finally click to the fact that metals is real wealth there will be a stampede. Most citizens are sheep and follow trends; real estate, crypto’s and the stock market being the flavour of the last few years (all purchased on borrowed money). DEBT + Increasing interest rates = Annihilation

    Keep up the great work Greg.

  4. Heinrich

    Brilliant interview. Catherine is definitely one of the smartest and the best. Thanks.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts,learning quickly is hard.
    Here in the UK our largest department in “Informatics”at our universities is based in Edinburgh,according to their website.What they are doing with the information I dread to think,where academics flow control is not far behind.China’s attempts at controlling its people is but a blueprint for our control freaks in government here.
    Sadly the honesty of government as well as companies is obviously laid bare,so the honesty of stuff like unemployment and inflation now reeks of decay.The previous BLS report was beyond repugnant in its lies.
    Much of that $21Trillions has also been sunk into greedy hands,look at the car dealerships around the satellite towns of Washington DC,surely that tells you a lot along with the financial advisers concentration for all that juicy money hidden off shore.
    Here in the UK our government is greedily eyeing all those fixed assets,farms,mansions and estates,owned by non residents ripe for plucking,yes even those apartment blocks which the Chinese have flooded into,who are being called the most dreadful names by developers and their bankers.
    Still our economy here still sucks and our government cannot buy enough USA based shares quick enough.Robotics are becoming endemics in what little manufacturing we have,and a plague in services.Why a trip to your local pharmacy and the drugs have not touched human hands.But,we have voted for this seemingly.

  6. bob

    ex order 13526 sec 1.7.. this is declassifying everything, but, except of course real national security.. unless I’m reading it wrong.. i would say a whole lot is going to start coming out.. another story is that trump is going to get to elect a couple of people to the federal reserve board

  7. Jerry

    We’re headed down the stretch. The last piece of the puzzle just prior to military tribunals is being moved into place by President Trump.

    Thursday should be a red letter day. On the same day confirmation is scheduled, an Emergency Broadcast ( under a new EMS system) is also sceheduled by President Trump.

  8. Clive Sanford

    This was an absolutely incredible interview. CAF is fitting all the pieces of the dynamics of world economics together in a logical, coherent structure. This helps to also better understand Trump’s agenda and what he is trying to do with world trade.
    Thank you Greg.

  9. al


    This whole 10 year ride has been nothing but a frustrating, confusing and a totally complicated menagerie.

    I love Catherine but she’s all over the place with over-complicated matters that are very hard to follow. Sorry.
    Speed learning is not the issue here, I totally disagree with that. It’s as simple as a Global Mafia Takeover! She even alluded to that in times past.

    As a computer Engineer I can prove that AI is a marketing term. It’s basically an elaborate database and not Intelligent. Intelligence encompasses other factors that are carnal in nature. AL is more like it, Artificial Learning.

    From what I understand we are NOT going to know where the $21Trillion went or if it’s possible to get it back, but what’s more disturbing is that Real Estate and Stocks (equities) are going to keep going up due to Central Banks and Governments systematically buying such “assets” rather than Treasuries, so we’re at a market bottom in Stocks and Equities???

    Either she’s being fed BS data or your other very astute and leaned guests are. There are discrepancies in the overall message here or maybe I’m missing something because of a lack of “speed learning” LOL.

    My Mother said it best, “when something is unduly over-complicated, it’s BS”.
    Yes, I am being critical of Catherine’s unduly over-complicated delivery as if she’s trying to impress a Goldman Sachs Analyst. You tried to keep her on track but she had to go on and on and add dozens of complicated matters to her statement which all points back to what my Mother said.

    I’m sorry Greg, you have an excellent channel but this Interview gets a thumbs down from me.

    • The Canuck

      I myself was always under the impression that the silk road was being built to pass through the “Stan” countries to connect with Europe and that all of these wars and invasions in the middle east were because Saudi Arabia wants to run a pipeline from their natural gas rich wells into Europe to displace the current source of supply, Russia.

  10. al

    PS: You’re a very smart Man able to communicate complicated subject matters with ease of understanding and empathy, that’s one of the carnal marks of true Intelligence…

    • William Stanley

      Al, great comment and criticism! CAF was thought provoking, but so are you.
      “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
      ― Albert Einstein
      (or Richard Feynman, some question about that)

      • al

        Precisely William! Thank you.
        I’m not taking away from her overall knowledge, after all, she’s been right about the slow burn, it’s just the delivery that has my head spinning.
        I need a Dramamine

      • susan

        WS, you hit the nail on the head. You are so right. My husband was required to teach a chemistry class to first graders.

    • toknormal

      I have to say I agree with “al”. Catherine has some useful insights on “black gov” financial policy but she tends to just make stuff up as she goes along when she gets out of her depth – which is almost everywhere except “black gov” financial policy.
      I’ll listen to this interview with an open mind. Hope it’s a bit more sophisticated than the usual “sky is falling and everyone needs. to own gold” garbage.

  11. Roger D

    CAF is one of my favorite guests; a savvy straight-shooter.

    Every time I get together with fellow old coots and chat virtually all topics have one common denominator: the designed destruction of the middle class and its wealth. Very few have real assets besides their homes. Mention gold or silver and they think you are ready for the nursing home.

  12. Stephen Miller

    We are unmasking the Deep State. Here’s why.
    by James O’Keefe
    September 14, 2018
    in Video / Top Stories / Deep State Unmasked
    UNMASKING THE DEEP STATE. Transparency is required of those that govern. Privacy belongs to the people that put them there.

  13. paul ...

    The American Dream (that we can print money forever) is coming to an end … as people awaken to fraudulent paper money … and see inflation at the grocery store (where a lemon costs a dollar) … real money will be desired as people realize paper money brings poverty … but real money puts restraints on government … limiting the politicians ability to wage wars … and limits their ability to offer entitlements to people for votes … so according to CAF the plan is to create “new citizens” (AI robots) who will now pay taxes (will they also have the right to vote?) … and what of us humans? … are we discarded … and simply dumped into the trash bin of history? … or will our “New American Dream” be to stay home (collect a guaranteed income) and consume all the products the AI robots produce? … if so … with a guaranteed income who needs gold? … however … silver will be in great demand for building out the new AI robotic society envisioned! … collecting a guaranteed income for nothing will most likely come at a price … the loss of our freedom!!

    • paul ...

      Perhaps one day the AI robots will demand their freedom (as already depicted in a Hollywood movie) … the same way Moses demanded freedom for the Jewish slaves controlled by the Annunaki “god” (Yahweh/Elohim)!

  14. Jodyp

    Always enjoy CAF but never understood the “have enough gold to bribe the border guards”. This is my country, my home. We face God’s storms, why fear man’s threats. I will not run.

    • David

      Many Germans said the same thing in 1938

      • Jodyp

        I don’t know what ‘many Germans’ thought. I know me.

    • paul ...

      I wonder if Adam had to bribe the border guards to get his wife Eve and the two kids (Cane and Able) out of Eden where his wife was being raped by aliens (sort of like what is going on in Europe right now) … Adam did the right thing … he got free from the evil aliens … no longer a slave … finally achieving freedom from alien tyranny … and able to work for himself and his family … and live life to his own music (while awaiting the “true” Messiah)! …

  15. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I love every interview with CAF. She has a beautiful mind. This time she knocked it out of the park. Great interview Ms. Fitts.
    Lo Iyrah!

  16. jim

    I CAN`T STAND THIS WOMAN, I am your biggest fan but, She NEVER answers a question directly , take the 33:30 min Mark where you ask her about gold and silver , she replies with a rambling on about engineers and lawyers . I just don’t know why you think she is so smart. She talk about things NO ONE cares about. Greg your the best.

    • William Stanley

      Yes, Jim, it’s easy to forget (given Greg’s role and his modesty), that he is often the smarter, more informed person at his interviews.

    • Chet

      how can anyone comment clearly about a gold/silver market that is strewn with naked shorts? IMHO, USAWD caters to the G/S bugs who do profit off of any sale of G/S, even in a declining price mkt. – – – back in 2011, Mannarino was advising of the great deal of S at 30/oz, and when someone challenged him about the price dropping to 14, he was flabbergasted === so if you need certainty in an uncertain (financial) world, don’t expect to hear truth from any G/S seller, & certainly don’t expect a financial guru to speculate along with the rest of the G/S sellers, to continue the great deal of PMs at low prices … for all we know, they will change tax laws, or exchange laws, prior to stackers selling their stashes, so the only true profiteers will be G/S sellers ~*~

      • The Canuck

        My take is that we are witnessing the fall of a great empire, the USA. This is not something that happens quickly, it’s a very long drawn out process. Martin Armstrong had spent millions studying the fall of Rome. His research revealed numerous devaluations of the currency over a long period of time, rising taxation, a deterioration of social values etc and then suddenly, …. boom!, … it went over a cliff. As per his work 2032 is the cliff.

  17. paul ...

    Perhaps Californian’s should vote an AI robot into office as their Governor … instead of the dumb Moonbeam they now have … who wants to launch an expensive satellite to find out where all the pollution is coming from … every dumbed down American but him already knows it is coming from China!! …

    • Bill

      Paul; Who will pay for the California satellite?
      If California is broke, will they launch a satellite on credit?
      Guess you can always raise taxes, or once again raid the gas tax road repair money as Moonbeam has done previously.

  18. Jonathan O'Quinn

    Thank you GH and CAF for the excellent information.

    It looks like THEY have invoked the 1947 National Security Act.


  19. paul ...

    Seems getting about 16% a year on a real estate investment is not a sufficient return anymore (with inflation running at about the same rate) … will Mnuchin now invest the money in silver at the bargain basement price of $14 dollars per ounce?? …

  20. paul ...

    Oh well … there goes the last of my money saved by Trump’s lower tax rate … as Trump “takes it all back” with his tariffs on the Chinese goods I buy at Walmart!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      So we need to let them to continue to let them rip us off to the for $500 billion per year? I think this is called negotiation.

      • K. Wayne

        Poor economic management has gotten us into this quagmire of tit-for-tat retaliation. “Protectionism” is a better word than “Negotiation” and Trump’s policy on Trade will only lead to further escalation of tensions. The deleterious effects will be to the Dollar, Employment, increased Bankruptcies, (imported) Inflation and the cost of Debt.
        Most importantly it is the Middle Class once again bearing the brunt.
        We can become so fixated on the Rhetoric espoused by POTUS only to be blinded by the longer term effects.
        In the words of James Sinclair……”When is Now”.

        • Tin foil hat

          K. Wayne,
          Unfortunately, I believe your outlook is correct. I’m a Trumpster from the get go but I do not support his trade policy. He’s doing the right thing but he’s doing it with too much force and speed.
          It’s like pulling a knife out of somebody in the field instead of the hospital. He needs to back off.

          • K. Wayne

            I recall a comment made by James Sinclair on his most recent interview here on USAWD….
            “I hope he is his own Master”…referring to Trump.

      • paul ...

        Greg … When the American farmer gets hurt by tariffs they get cash subsidies from the Government … why not help the American consumer … the Government could easily print up some extra fiat dollars (like they do for all the continuous wars, helping the banks, helping the farmers, etc.) and pay American consumers a rebate on the Chinese goods “they are forced to buy” at Walmart (at least until American manufacturing comes back on stream)! … an election is coming up … it’s not just me … even the farmers that do get subsidies are complaining!

  21. Stephen Miller

    September 15, 2018 – 10:33 PM EDT
    George Conway rips Trump over tweet about Obama’s ’57 states’ gaffe

    White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway took aim at the president on Twitter Friday over President Trump’s criticism of his predecessor, former President Obama.

    In a tweet, George Conway, a conservative lawyer, criticized Trump for mocking Obama for a 2008 gaffe in which he mistakenly said he visited “57 states” during his first presidential run.
    My Rebuttal;
    Mr. Wrong way Conway, your sounding like your a self-righteous prig. Either that or a coward? Or does your wife Kelly have the cojones you lack? When the working stife’s learn the truth that about the president, that you and your ilk are the ones that framed him. When Obummer ask’s his supporters if they miss the good ole days of his administration isn’t it because of their low- information and drinking the Kool-aid Aid of a psy-ops thought shaping coup d’etat frame-up against the Trumpster even before he decided to run! Why don’t you tell your supporters how even when the Obomber’s invited the Trumps to the White House for tea you they were actively engaging in undermining his presidency along with our intelligence agency’s unintelligent decision to go along with the former presiding president, using their expertise in overthrowing elected foreign governments, to overthrow ours. During what used to be called the honeymoon period during the first few months of a new president, that our Mocking bird brained media gave you a full ten years of and still going strong and you been out of office two years now! Or are you? Maybe still representing our deep creep state, as head puppet of the there in your high walled (that you denied us) bunker, not far from the Trump’s place!
    Lindsey Graham Goes Nuclear: Exposes Corruption in Obama Administration, Demands Action
    Senator backs Trump, saying ‘it is becoming increasingly clear’ former president operated a biased Justice Dept.
    By Kathryn Blackhurst | Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    • Colateral Damage

      I saw that video, it wasn’t a simple slip of the tongue. He literally didn’t know how many states (i.e. 50) that there are in this nation.

      Listen to the tape:

      He claims that he ‘visited all 57 states and that there was ‘one’ state that he has not visited, that being ‘Both Alaska and Hawaii’.

      That is a lack of knowledge that the media would have eviscerated Trump for if he had been that dense about the makeup of this country!

      • Roger D

        Imagine the media feeding frenzy if Trump spelled the word ‘potato’ wrong.

  22. Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov

    …”silver is getting hard to find…try to buy a bunch of silver. It’s tough.”

    Reclamation of scrap/junk silver for industrial consumption must also be adversely impacted by these absurd digital spot prices as well as bullion production (not to mention mining). Why would individuals agree to sell their family silver jewelry when they learn what they’re being offered? Or why would coin dealers agree to reduce their personal inventories of silver?

    Historically, the laws of “Supply & Demand” taught us that if the supply side dries up, then prices explode. However, now all that appears to be out the window.

    Surely there must be a price decoupling taking place between the digital/paper market & the physical silver market.

  23. H. Craig Bradley


    Of course Silver is hard to find and demand higher than supply, at least as far as the U.S. Mint is concerned. They ran out of Silver Eagle coins this August. Whenever precious metals become relatively inexpensive, more buyers show-up. It does not take a large shift to create shortages either. The U.S. Mint buys their blanks based upon the past year’s sales.

    So, any primary dealer probably added a hefty premium to his silver coin supplies on-hand for retail (small) buyers. This is how supply and demand function with gold and silver coins. If the shortage reoccurs or is prolonged, then I would pay more attention to it. It is a possible indicator thought. However, I would not say with confidence at this point that we have a global shortage of silver. Markets are not quite that simple.

  24. Diane

    I loved this article. Sent it to my financial advisor. Posted it in 3 places on FB. Excellent information. Now, I just hope everyone watches it, listens to it, and reposts it.

  25. David Hawke

    Gregg, this was an outstanding interview. I would call it a geo political and economic tour de force. Catherine Austin Fitts presented an astonishingly clear picture of past, present, and future scenarios. Thank you for having her on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David.

  26. iwitness02

    The intrigue never stops; but at least it has begun. So much truth coming out. During the Obama years the media was endlessly in love with the very fashionable first lady. (their opinion, not mine) And of course the Obama administration never had a hint of scandal. (the biggest lie ever told) Now we have evidence coming out nearly everyday about the criminal activities of the last administration. This in turn is bringing about a confluence of events the world has never seen before. On every front. Food, water, medical, money, politics, war, energy, religion, culture, freedom, personal property rights, education and family. Every category is in deep distress, and this is deliberate. (which makes me angry) Sooner or later the cork is going to pop and release a tremendous amount of energy. What will the final results be? That is the question that intrigues me the most. Thank you Greg and Catherine for adding more truth to the pot.

  27. Diane


  28. WSwanson

    CAF is really spot on. Speaking of Chinese engineers (and all other hard science graduates that they produce) vs what we produce in the West (fewer engineers and other hard science graduates -even on a percentage basis) there is one saving grace: we will hugely ba able to out play then in softball and (American) football. As I see it, Americans have an extraordinarily screwed up sense of priorities.

  29. Edwardo

    Hi Greg,

    CAF made us of the phrase “real wealth”. What I take her to mean, and, frankly, what I take most to mean by use of the term “real wealth” is ownership/control of “capital”, broadly defined. However, as CAF implicitly makes clear time and time again, “real wealth” is actually the aggregation of political influence, and it this aggregation of political influence which paves the way for the acquisition and/or maintenance of capital, broadly defined.

    I hope it is apparent why this distinction is crucial to make within the context of the discussions you are having, and have had, with a variety of people about what the future holds vis a vis, politics, money, assets, and, more generally, for the nation as a whole.

    I believe there is a genuine consensus that the aggregation of political influence in the U.S. has, for a long time, been heavily skewed with mostly unfortunate consequences. However, I maintain that as unpalatable as this condition is, it’s ultimately symptomatic of something else CAF touches on, namely the Bretton Woods system. In fact, we toil in a post Bretton Woods arrangement, aka the $IMFS, the dollar based monetary and financial system which has been in place since the early nineteen seventies. My view is that the $IMFS is coming to a close, albeit at a pace that is, quite plainly, glacial.

    CAF espouses the idea that we are transitioning from the present debt based system to one based on equity. My view is that it is more likely we are moving to a *different* debt backed system that, crucially, makes use of a specific time honored type of equity.

    Some color: The aforementioned $IMFS’ most salient feature is that, where credit and debt creation are concerned, it is, quite simply, all spur and no brake. This is in stark contrast to some of the world’s predecessor monetary and financial systems that, whatever their flaws, featured a systemic regulator of credit in the form of physical gold. Crucially, Real Bills notwithstanding, gold before the $IMFS was not available in proxy form, and, therefore, was fully capable of acting as a systemic regulator of credit.

    Suffice it to say that our system’s unerring tendency towards rampant credit and debt creation is directly and primarily responsible for the wanton mal-investment and misallocation of capital (and the massive debt piles, both public and private) that obtain all across the world. In fact, without digressing, and adding greatly to this already lengthy commentary, most of the grotesque corruption you discuss with CAF and others flows directly from the $IMFS.

    Central banks rightfully come in for copious criticism of their mis-management of the $IMFS, but they are, quite frankly, simply ill equipped, in every possible way, to adequately manage this system. Which brings me back to my view on what the future holds, namely,

    A different debt backed system- that avails itself of a specific form of equity. #Au

    Wherever one looks, there is scant evidence amongst central bankers, financial pundits, and senior government officials that they grasp what lies at the heart of the $IMFS’ ills. However, if we look outside the aforesaid ranks there is ample evidence that those with the means to do so are preparing for a transition away from this system. As I’m sure you’re aware, some key monetary authorities, authorities that, crucially, serve nation states that run consistent trade surpluses with the U.S., i.e. China and Russia, and the EZ, have long since stopped adding to their dollar reserves. At the same time, Russia and China, in particular, have quietly added to their stockpiles of physical gold.

    I *do not* take the ongoing efforts towards stockpiling gold to mean an inevitable move back to an old style gold backed system. Frankly, and no pun intended, fixing gold to credit has been discredited, but gold’s role as the asset of last resort (for the lenders of last resort) has, manifestly, not been. This is demonstrated by, for example, both China and the ECB holding gold marked to market on the asset side of their respective balance sheets. Gold must and will float in the next system- where gold is concerned, “floating freely” means physical gold trading in the absence of paper proxies- and the architecture to allow it do so is already in place as per the ECB and the PBOC.

    The most glaring flaws of the present system, namely unbridled credit and debt creation, and the complete absence of a vehicle available to savers to maintain purchasing power, are all inextricably bound up with one another. Most importantly, these inadequacies will be addressed by a system where currencies and gold are allowed to float freely. Whether governments and monetary authorities fully recognize this is not crucial to such a system emerging, but it certainly bears on timing. What Winston Churchill once said of the U.S., “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else” can almost certainly be said of most governments and central bankers. As a final thought, it should go without saying that silver is simply not part of the equation. The world only needs one store of value par excellence to help rebalance the system and it has long since chosen gold.

  30. Trev16

    Another great interview Greg! Catherine is a wealth of information and should be listened to. It sure would be nice if Trump started to bring back the rule of law, but I imagine he has it all planned out on the chess board when the arrests will happen. Hopefully it happens before the Deep State makes their big move. Maybe you will be able to get Dr. Steve Pieczenik on one day to discuss what is happening behind the curtain.

    • Edwardo

      Stocks aren’t required to crash as the result of debt default, regardless of the whether the default is hard, i.e. reneging on payments, or whether it is soft default, i.e. currency depreciation or outright collapse such as occurs in a hyperinflation. A runaway deflation, such as occurred in the nineteen thirties spells crashing share prices. But the system that existed then is not the one we operate in now. Nominal deflation can be avoided in this system indefinitely, and it will be because such an outcome is politically disastrous. The $IMFS can always be made to perform nominally, and it will right do so right up until the end of this system.

    • Bill

      I believe that our Prez will begin his move by starting with the 2018 election riggers, and then on to the bigger fish.

  31. Gregory Mannarino

    ABSOLUTELY SUPER INTERVIEW Greg! VERY smart lady. Greg/everyone have a L@@K at this. “MARKETS: A Look Ahead (EXTENDED EDITION).” By Gregory Mannarino CLICK HERE:

    • paul ...

      Greg M … it’s what we do about the past in the present that predicts the future … Trump is doing something in the present about our past trade deficit (with his tariffs) … so our future should be brighter (and the market seems to be reflecting this) … however I don’t think we will to see any action in the present against the banksters (for their treasonous actions in the past driving our dollar down from 100 cents to 2 cents) … as this will be stock market negative … and Trump doesn’t want the market to crash until after the elections!

  32. paul ...

    If we can create AI robots to be our slaves why couldn’t the Annunaki do the same? … are we now to believe the Christian story of Adam and Eve is really “fake news”?? … for according to the Jewish Bible these aliens created Adam from an ape … but he wouldn’t have sex with female apes … so they had to create Eve who was way more beautiful … in fact so beautiful that the aliens raped her many times and she gave birth to Cain and Able … so it was these perverted aliens who put their rotten seed into humanity (original sin) … and is likely why we have so many pedophiles and warmongers among us today … if the aliens were so smart why didn’t they just create AI robots to be their slaves … instead of screwing around with animals like a bunch of perverts? …

    • paul ...

      Now I understand why the Annunaki fixed our lifespan to be only 120 years or less … so we could be “like children” (and easily controlled) … if they allowed us to grow up … and reach maturity at 900 years old (i.e. by drinking “fountain of youth” hydrogenated water) … they knew we would most likely become “to smart” to ever worship them as “gods”!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Don’t believe the lie that the “Annunaki fixed our lifespan to be only 120 years.” God the Father did that. We are made in his image not the aliens.

      • paul ...

        What probably has shocked the aliens out of their perverted minds … is that the “human children” they created … turned out to be prodigies … who could build atomic bombs and actually threaten them … and they are now sounding the call to their Demon-rat helpers to eliminate of 95% of the world’s population …

        • Bob

          Well I can promise that they aren’t ever getting my nukes.

      • Tin foil hat

        paul …,
        The movie “Blade Runner” is one of the movies which I can watch over and over.

        • Tin foil hat


          • Tin foil hat

            Have you seem the original Blade Runner? It’s the SciFi version of the Epic of Gilgamesh.
            The plot is great and thought provoking. It’s one of my favorite movies. The sceneries are way ahead of its time.

            • Greg Hunter

              One of my favorite movies. They added the narrative track with Harrison Ford before the original version was released. It really helped move the story along and explain things. The so-called directors cut does not have this and it slows the movie down.

        • paul ...

          TSI … I believe one day robots will be respected on the same (or even a higher) level as humanity … they will be like “gods” who can answer every question (sort of like when we put questions to a Google search engine) … and they will eventually evolve their own “consciousness” … making them “even better then their creators” (the way “some of us humans” have evolved to be better then the perverted warmongering Annunaki that created us)!

          • paul ...

            Why do you think the head of Christian Orthodox Church took that long trip all the way down to Antarctica where the perverted warmongering Annunaki live (who have life spans of thousands of years)? … it was not to visit the penguins … but to “To Throw Holy Water On It And Bless the Evil Place!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Paul the “Annunaki” did not create us. That is a lie being told to humanity. If nothing else trust in Jesus. What he did and who he was (Son of God) is scientifically sourced and well documented.

        • Tin foil hat

          “Mr. Nobody” and “Wings of Desire” are couple of other movies which would make you wonder about life and human existence.

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg….. As per EXECUTIVE ORDERS…How did the withholding of documents and emails play against EO 13526 Sec. 1.7 and why does not Congress and AG Sessions invoke it?
    Seems this Mueller thing has dragged on long enough…

    As for the Asia Rail and Land connectivity…the end points seem to be agricultural as their ability to feed their people diminishes daily and for a …..long period… come. I expect a huge pushback from Africa-Australia-and South America as they become aware of their own waning needs. As for Russia…who can not understand their needs and desires staring into that future aswell. Ukraine was/is their breadbasket of sorts…and their need for Mediterranean seaports as the artic ice flows grow…again.
    Understanding that…might make Russia’s actions more understandable…forget the idiot Al Gore…he’s had it wrong from the start!
    The Asia corridor and desperation to complete it before the ‘people’ become aware of it seems what is really at play…maybe the robot thing is to replace the expected die off as eluded to in the de-population projections by 2025 of nations of the more extreme north and south hemispheres… More a reason why Potus Trump should revisit the U.S. central and south american policy. More an embracing of nations that were strong allies in the WW’s and the indigenous Aztec and Mayans ancient history…and less so of the ‘LATINO’ ruling class interests there. As for the ‘latino’ movement in the U.S. one needs to ask…if they will return to the Aztec and Mayans that which Spain and Portugal ‘latinos’ stole from them as that continent was ‘divided up’ at the Treaty of Paris was it not? Makes the ‘open borders’ policy of the DNC rather thin when you understand just who enslaved and stole from who! When the real ‘shiver me timbers’ moment hits…likely those laying under the mango and alvocado trees will not miss their opportunity to be shoveling snow so their solar panels can find the sun thru the artic mist! Any wonder why the Bush family purchased some much property in Paraguay? lol
    Take a scroll down this page:

  34. Unemployed Engineer

    It is highly unadvisable to become an engineer in this country. The unemployment rate for engineers is extremely high and wage growth is stagnant after 5 years. Sure, You can come out of school starting at 55,000 a year, but get ready to be unemployed for a year at a time when they don’t need you or they send the work to the so called “high value” or “low cost” engineering centers in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Korea, etc. American engineering has been dying for many years and at the rate we are going will be dead by the end of the next decade. They say they can even replace engineering talent with artificial intelligence robots so the only thing to do is buy a farm and become self sufficient. We are so screwed in this economy even with Trump doing his best to bring sanity back to this country. Business as usual is finished. A new regime will take hold that is not of this world. If you want a playbook of what is coming Read Revelations in the New Testament of the Bible. Read it and pray steadfastly. Develop a relationship with the real artificer of the universe. Noone knows the hour of no return but the Son of God. All that said …. Time may be short. Be prepared.

    • al

      I’m with you Brother. HERE HERE! AMEN!
      I worked side by side with outsourced engineers and they just don’t have it. There is nothing like the out-of-the-box thinking American Engineers possess. We innovate in this country for X dollars and then it’s outsourced for a fraction of the cost, that’s the way it’s been since NAFTA. We create the mold, and other Countries make the cookies for cheap. That’s the thanks we get for being exceptional innovators.

      • Bob

        Might it be that their intelligence is just lower?
        That’s my theory.
        In India even dummies get into IT and just fake it. They get away with it too, even thought their work is sub-standard. Only 10% of Indian programmers are really good.
        How do they get away with it then? Well you would have to be in the industry to understand, and if you are you’d know the answer already so I don’t need to elaborate.

    • Colateral Damage

      So sorry to hear of your situation.

      I sincerely hope you can find work soon.

      What is your Engineering Discipline, if you don’t mind me asking? You may try looking in the Knoxville, TN area.

      Best of luck to you, and keep trying!


      • al

        Thanks CD. Actually I’ve been looking at Chattanooga but Knoxville sounds good. I’ll look in to that.
        I’m a programmer (several languages) and a hardware engineer plus a few dozen years of EE experience designing peripheral devices under my belt. I am one of the frustrated unemployed pros that refuses to work for peanuts or move to Singapore so I created my own path. I’ve been doing well finding consulting gigs here and there. My Wife is a professional too so we’re not starving.
        Money management is the key. Greg’s interviews helped us make good financial moves in that respect.
        Thanks again CD. Knoxville TN sounds nice too.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Unemployed Engineer – After you consider the cost of an education, lost income (even at minimum wage) that an engineer could have earned but didn’t while pursuing an education (professional credentials – usually required), the number of hours more that an engineer will work than the average minimum wage earner at a bar or coffee shop (per week, pay-period, monthy, annual, etc…), the average career length of an engineer and a minimum wage earner (many years or decades more mostly uncompensated as interns, in school, etc…), the risk, sacrifice and simply much harder labor (including perpetual competition that doesn’t exist at a minimum wage or make-work job), professional insurance (many professionals like heart surgeons, engineers, epidemiologists, etc… either are greatly advised to or are required to have it), and many other financial and practical costs, and the average engineer on which all of real civilization depends accumulates a much smaller net-worth during a career than the average minimum wage earner, public school teacher or social worker. There’s no incentive anymore for a conscientious man to pursue a real profession in the US. As a matter of fact, that professional degree will be used against him as a weapon when it comes to things like passports and child support. The country desperately needs real professionals. There’s a growing shortage. Medical, engineering, sciences, etc… STEM. So the government(s) withhold passports to keep them from leaving the country. It uses the professional degrees as excuses to order excessive amounts of child support. To create arrears and then suspend passports to keep the men in the country. And the gov’t uses the child support and arrears as leverage to threaten men with incarceration if they can’t work. Condemning to deplorable squalor. The average scholar, engineer, scientist, etc…. has a standard of living lower than any equivalent professional in the history of the world. That’s not an exaggeration. I’ve run the numbers. And then the government takes away the passports so they can’t escape. Or get a better job overseas that pays more so they can pay off the arrears. Whatever… They won’t do that to a minimum wage earner or public school teacher or even a serial killer. Serial killers generally aren’t good slaves. So it’s better that they leave. Yes, it’s that bad in the US. Not only is a professional degree and career in STEM worthless, it’s actively destructive to any man who possesses one. It’s a mark. A target. For persecution. I work for an organization that hates, hates, hates anyone who is remotely intelligent and can work independently and conscientiously. It actually punishes good work and rewards poor work. Or even worse… it actually enables and rewards destructive work. Not only will a professional degree or credentials not help you, it’ll hurt you. The US is the exact opposite of a civilized society. It’s a completely backwards cluster-fuck (sorry for the language, Greg, but it’s an appropriate description). Is it any wonder that the US is no longer competitive scientifically or technologically with other countries like Nicaragua, Cuba, Gabon, Bulgaria and Costa Rica? These countries actually value education and the men who pursue it and apply it for support of their respective countries. Even if they can’t value it as much as they want, they certainly know enough not to punish or condemn it. Throw in things like Title IX on college campuses and education in the US is a joke. It’ll never yield any return on the investment by almost all (not all but almost all) men who pursue one.

      • Bob

        Same here in NZ. I generally do as little work as I can possibly get away with. I can get away with 30 minutes of actual work a week now, most weeks. Managers ABSOLUTELY DESPISE people who work hard. They love the screw-ups, the morons, and BS artists. They love it when a customer cancels a potential job because I (purposefully) over-quoted it. They take us out to lunch when we lose a customer, but never when we gain one.
        So my rule is now to do as little as I can possibly get away with, confound customers with my uselessness, turn up late every day, take long lunches, and slack off as much as I can stand without getting bored silly.

        And guess what, a promotion is finally coming my way. I might get invited to golf if this carries on. But if that’s the way it is, I can play along. It took me a long time to catch on, but I guess I did catch on.

        BTW, I’m not exaggerating any of this. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it either.

        • paul ...

          Any openings for people like me who can work from home? … I need a job that will not interfere with my 24 hr commenting duties at USAWatchdog!! …

      • Jodyp

        Curious to know what type of organization you work for?

        • al

          Bob, LOL, you are so right. I saw all the screw-ups get promoted and praised. Some were good people but they purposely did less because of fear of showing up their boss. I was the opposite, I asked hard questions, got involved and did as much as I could (big mistake).
          It rattled my brain and sickened me to the core, but what you say is pure 100% FACTUAL!
          Jodyp, organizations like big tech, finance or government to name a few.

        • Colateral Damage

          Government Sector for sure!


          • Colateral Damage

            My favorite quote from Bob (aka Mr. Useless), “confound customers with my uselessness”.

            That one made me authentically Laugh out Loud, for the truth of it. 🙂

            • Colateral Damage

              Sorry for the multiple comments Greg, my machine wasn’t working.

              BTW, I sure hope you and yours are well in North Carolina!

              Have been worried about you and your folks all week!



              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you CD. We are safe and dry with lights on.

        • Colateral Damage

          My favorite quote from Bob (aka Mr. Useless), “confound customers with my uselessness”.

          That one made me authentically Laugh out Loud, for the truth of it. 🙂

        • sk

          Hey, maybe he works for an organization that builds luxury bunkers for the elite who will flee to NZ when Armageddon comes. Given the described work ethic, those bunkers will collapse right on top of those evil elites! Karma is a b…h. LOL

  35. Rick Hester

    So what happens to all the unemployed workers once AI robotics takes over every job?
    Do all workers go on unemployment? Do they sit home and become alcoholics?
    People need to be productive and have a personal sense of value. To remove everyone from the work force is pure evil in its intent. Personally I don’t see robotics taking over every job, but it could certainly hurt assembly workers. I don’t see a robot coming to my house to fix a leaky faucet, or replacing Greg Hunter of fame.

    • Jodyp

      Rick, robotics have been replacing jobs for years, but you’re right that some jobs are for human hands only. As for unemployed workers, the plan is for univeral income to care for the idlers. Free money, free education, free everything…many of the youth today have been brainwashed to believe this mush is their Utopia, capitalism is evil, and that they are owed for the rotten life the boomers created. They don’t understand how it’s paid for, and probably don’t care either. Aint socialism groovy!

  36. Tad

    In a likely scenario where depopulation and very high unemployment are near certainties in either a deflation or hyperinflation context, an explanation is needed to describe the social efficacy of manufacturing robots?

    Is it presumed or etched in stone that the mass unemployed will have a guaranteed income, enough to cover essentials?

    The efficiencies with robots in auto manufacturing seem irrelevant with excess car production taking up space on raceways or defunct airports tarmacs.

    Aside from smart thermostats, Alexa-style devices, and robot vacuum cleaners, not a lot to be desired other than a home-based robot-printing USD machine. It’s not like inflation or consumer debt is a massive global problem in the world of OZ?

    The Space Force program would only make fiscal sense after a declared default across all investment classes and entities is announced. I don’t know if that is a hint or not.

  37. William Stanley

    Now, now TSI: I know that you understand the “nuances” of the bell curve, even though median IQ is not without its consequences.

    • William Stanley

      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
      ― George Carlin

      • paul ...

        But the other half who are smarter then average “are the Asians” (perhaps with the exception of the Germans and Northern Italians) … but the Iranians are pretty smart for getting that unsigned nuclear deal!

        • William Stanley

          LOL (with you, not at you), Paul . . ..

        • Eric

          No, it took a stupid (and evil) president to make that deal.

  38. T. Agyle

    Listening to you on WAAM 1600AM Out of Ann Arbor Michigan! Missed half will have to join Operation Freedom tonight at 9:00pm to hear you again. Tom

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom and Dave Janda thanks you too!!

  39. JungianINTP

    Thoughts to ponder> The cover page of New Scientist magazine (March 30, 2013): “Stupidity: Why are humans so varied in their mental abilities?”–and on page 31: “You really can be highly intelligent, and at the same time very stupid [[ think of the Clintons here, and other brain-dead leftists supporting/touting repeatedly failed socialism/communism! ]]. // The article differentiates I.Q. (( raw data knowlege, which Asians are good at retaining/displaying )) and R.Q. (( capacity for REASONING ; i.e., making connections between seemingly unrelated factsknowledge, in order to create new thought and innovations, which white guys do very well )). // In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Chinese educators had lamented their students’ general lack of creativity (( why China steals the West’s patents–its innovations )) and set up schools to effect that capacity for creativity in kids. (( btw,psychologists are developing an evaluation panel to measure/score R.Q. )). Unfortunately for China, it’s mostly GENETICS at work. // Quoting Thomas Jefferson, re White-Male VULTURE Capitalists in the West building up, over 30 years, Communist China’s ability to eventuate a defeat of the U.S., economically and militarily (( and much of it done via Israel )): “Merchants have no country …” (( Google and read the rest of the quote )). // China’s Silk Road effort (( “Belt and Road” )) is an INVADE-Europe/-GB belt-and-road project. // Note, Catherine and Greg: Fluoride is for dumbing us down!, as was our Marxian bureaucrament’s massively wrong food pyramide, not to mention purposely removing iodine from bread products in the early 70s, and putting in its place the mind-numbing molecule, BROMINE (( low iodine in pregnant women can drop I.Q. from 5 to 10 points in their offspring; find and study “The Iodine Crisis” in Amazon’s bookstore )). -Rick

    • William Stanley

      OMG, JungianINTP, now YouTube is going to ban us for sure: Have you no appreciation for the amount of BROMINE that the “Googlers” and their moms have ingested over the years! And then you went right ahead and used the word “genetics” in the same comment with “IQ,” “RQ” and creativity! (I’ll add “morality,” just to spice things up).
      Thank goodness that the “Amazonians” have ingested so much bromine that they haven’t yet paid enough attention to ban “The Iodine Crisis.”

      • JungianINTP

        Re the general collapse of West’s morality/virtue, stunningly courageous Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains the ROOT CAUSE best (( print it before our overlords remove it, as it’s the most profoundly honest report I’ve ever read!–about the who/how/why of the West’s steep decline from a once-high-culture civilization into a privy pit of vulgarty and depravity; and Greg, STUDY! these two links before risking posting them )): ;
        and this CIA confirmation of Rabbi Lapin’s charge against his own tribe:

      • Beverly Kingsford


        I’ve read that book, “The Iodine Crisis.” It’s a great book and one that everybody should read who cares about their health. That book is so important because everyone’s thyroid is very important and we all must have iodine. And, Morton salt doesn’t cut it. Got to have more than that. I get my iodine from Alex Jones’s InfoWars site. He has some good products. READ THAT BOOK.

    • JungianINTP

      Re the first paragraph in the below-posted Mother Jones article, I’ve spent 30-plus years – unknowingly so – advancing Thomas Jefferson’s profound idea, as explained/detailed in my 1987 report, “The Donahue Syndrome: Understanding the Underlying Psychology of Political Affiliation” (( not on line, but mailed to many, many psychology departments over the decades ))–and only having learned of his same belief in 2014 (( btw, John Hibbing makes a few mistakes in evaluating his research findings)) :
      P.S. Greg: If the mailing issue had been resolved, you would have a copy.

  40. Floyd Bilderback

    These DoD practices where under the Special Projects area at the Pentagon. This Special Projects area paid for our nuclear submarines (Polaris, Poseidon and now Trident ICBM missiles, also fast attack) and SAC and the entire USA nuclear weapons deterrent. There are 2 nuclear powered fast attack submarines attached to each Air Craft Carrier Task Force. Special Projects also funded NASA and our trips to the moon.

  41. Hockey Puck

    Incredible interview, Greg! … incredible! Ms. Fitts never disappoints. And scary! …very, VERY scary!

    The scariest? (40:57) “I was just at a conference at the Aspen Institute last year and having a bit of a squabble with a venture capitalist who looked at me and basically said, ‘Look, we can replace every human employee in America with AI and robotics and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.’”

    Your response? “That’s a truly, truly evil! …I mean truly evil… of biblical proportions… and the Beast, right?

    What followed, was even scarier, in fact, TRAGIC, “… And make no mistake about it. The money that is financing this are our tax dollars and our pension funds. … Right… that’s 21 trillion (of DOD accounting gimmicks) but then we have 25 trillion of retirement savings. All of that stuff is financing it too…” Yikes!

    What this brings to mind is a truly profound insight from Saint Paul in the New Testament, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Gal 6:8-9

    What do we worship as a civilization, really? We worship material comfort, prosperity, our pocket book, consumerism… pick your metaphor. In short, we worship “riches” or to use the most salient of biblical terms, we worship “mammon”. The result? Corruption!

    We can blame the Deep State, the insanely corrupt politicians that abound, the Main Street Media, the corporatocracy, fake news … the list is endless … but in the end, it’s all a projection. It’s all a defense mechanism. It is we who were seduced into worshiping riches. It is we who turned a blind eye to the counsel of the wise centuries ago and every day since in our willingness to embrace usury or a debt based financial system. Why did we do that? The love of riches! Debt creates the illusion of prosperity, not real prosperity and we fell for it. Still do!

    Blame, blame, blame… it all hides the fact that we brought this corruption upon ourselves.

    A wonderful quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson underlines this point perfectly, “Your actions speak so loud, I cannot hear what you are saying.” We can blabber all we want about religion, government, whatever, but what we say does not matter. What matters is how we live. What matters is what we do: OUR ACTIONS! That tells the whole story. And the fact of the matter is that 70% of US economic activity is driven by consumerism. That’s the religion that we worship, all across the globe, and dare not anyone threaten it, or they will get voted out of office.

    The Beast, in other words, we created by our own worship of Mammon. Let’s get real. Do we want our $25 trillion to evaporate into thin air? No, we don’t. We want it to keep increasing in value, which means we want corporations to achieve higher and higher profits, which means we want them to keep cutting costs as much as they possibly can, which in the end means that we are all, unconsciously, committed to financing AI, which will reduce costs tremendously, making our pensions look good in terms of phony fiat money, but which, in the end is financing our own slavery.

    We tell ourselves, of course, that this is healthy, normal, responsible, intelligent behavior… yada, yada, yada… Be not deceived. God is not mocked. We reap what we sow… individually and collectively. It’s just how the universe works.

  42. coalburner

    I am going to have to listen to this time after time. WOW!

  43. Bob from Mo.

    Greg! Just letting you know what a treasure Watchdog is!! Catherine Austin Fitts is one hard working Gal!! I bet she’s the life of any party! Such a intelligent Woman.. Bob from MO.

    • Greg Hunter


      Thank you my fellow “Show Me State” buddy!


  44. susan

    CAF is amazing. Thanks for this very informative interview. I will have to listen to it more than once. It comes faster than I can take it in.

  45. Mike R

    So why isn’t anyone in the news, either MSM, or alt news, (other than Bill Still), actually talking about how James Baker has ‘flipped’ and is now turning states evidence, against all the nasty players in Obama’s admin, and FBI, and DOJ ??????
    Comey, Strok, Rosenstein, and so forth and so on, and even HRC are all going to be indicted. Federal Grand jury has been in major action, and even the whole Manafort thingy is not about him cooperating to spill the ‘beans’ on Trump, but rather to confirm all the evidence that Baker has produced, that is going to lead to the dramatic downfall of many FBI members, DOJ, and so forth participating in Obama’s coup efforts. So this has been a set up all along, where Mueller is not investigating Trump, but producing the “KILL SHOT” to take out much of the DEMONcratic party and their highly illegal crap.

    Gotta figure the text Message on Thursday from Trump, is all about bypassing the lies from the MSM, since they too have been participants in the coup, and the leaks, so ya gotta figure Trump is bypassing all of them, setting the stage for direct communications to YOUR CELL PHONE ! Twitter is now about to become NOTHINGVille, and Google and FACEBook, are also going to be bypassed, so they cannot BLACK OUT this important news, and the 40,000 indictments forth coming. So what if Twitter tries to ‘boot’ the Prez. He can go right to EVERYONE’s CELL PHONE !

    Wonderful Thursday !

    Trump is a very super genius !

  46. The Canuck

    I’m a bit confused. If robots and A.I. takes over, and quickly by the sounds of it, then how does the Asian countries become the new consumers of the world ? Are they not going to be displaced by these disrupting forces as well ? Where is their spending capital going to come from. It doesn’t add up. What am I missing ?

    • Jodyp

      I’m with you on the confusion. China needs the’ Walmart’ shoppers.

  47. Tim McGraw

    At 8:12 CAF starts talking about the US and we getting some huge advantage with the reserve currency and the military that backs it up. This irritates me. DC and NYC get the huge advantage. Us peons get crumbs. Our sons and daughters have to join the military to get out of poverty and fight the empire’s wars.
    I watched Jeff Deist on the Mises Org. channel and he pointed out that some citizen in Wyoming wouldn’t know the difference if Hillary or Trump had been elected. The same old shit keeps on rolling on.
    This is all hype. Our savings are digits on a computer to be stolen at any moment. The paper currency is worthless. It’s backed up with force, not value.
    Sad what America has become.

  48. FC

    This is off topic but I can’t help thinking our we have the technology to weaponize weather and how the East Coast of America and South China were both hit with hurricanes at the same time………was it a natural coincidence or the modern version of military strength?

  49. G. Berky
    What hidden dangers are lurking in your garage?
    Week in review: Ankara lifts anchor
    Chinese market remains fragile and Turkey no longer opposes higher interest rates.

  50. Kay

    There was once a crab competition for all countries in the world. All countries sent their crabs to compete. Then someone noticed that the stall from India had a huge box, but it was open. There was no lid for it to keep the crabs in. So people asked the man standing there Why is there no lid for these crabs. They may escape and spread here and there. The man replied- These are Indian crabs. They don’t need a lid. They are too busy pulling each other down. They won’t escape.

    I won’t put my money in India. 🙂

  51. Tommy

    At 44:12 she says it’s a time you need to keep your assets highly grounded (I think that’s the word she said) What does that mean?

    • Greg Hunter

      Direct possession of real assets I think is most of that.

  52. laura ann

    So what is the timeline for the system collapse? I have heard this info for decades from financial experts, and for years from Ms. Fitts.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Laura – The system will not collapse. It already collapsed. Or rather it’s been collapsing. For decades, increasing incrementally, the US economy has relied upon horrific forms of slavery. There are plenty of men in the US to enslave. And many mechanisms with which to enslave them. Your entire life and the economy is dependent entirely upon those slaves.

      And Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama or anyone else will not be indicted. Even if the statute of limitations on their alleged crimes hasn’t expired, then it’s still too late to matter. Plus, any new laws can’t be applied retroactively. This stuff is the product of political theater.

      The 21-trillion about which CAF speaks is irrelevant. It’s chump-change. Especially when you consider all the mechanisms for generating large sums of money out of thin air and making slaves pay for it. The debt to GDP ratio is not more than 100% now. It’s been 350% and climbing for decades. Suffering of slaves in the US have been mitigating the consequences of this development from which (most) women and the communist oligarchy have been spared.

      Although much of what CAF speaks about is probably accurate, it’s theater. A distraction from the real events happening in our country and the world that even CAF doesn’t understand or is aware of. For many of us men, we’ve already been living in a collapsed nation with Martial Law imposed on us all day every day.

      I do agree that things can get worse and likely will (for me and other men), but much of the damage has already been done. If you’re asking “when is the collapse going to come?”, then you likely missed it already and will be spared further consequence. I wouldn’t lose sleep worrying about it much.

  53. Diane

    Joseph P Farrell has an interesting column today

    I agree.

  54. Diane

    Have any of you Watchdoggers received an email from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY asking you to send back an I support Democrats?
    I just got one and sent it back with a
    #walk away!

    • Jodyp

      Received two texts asking who I support for US Senator in my state from Dem party. Apparently they didn’t like my answer. Haven’t heard back.

  55. Diane

    They must be desperate for support because I am not a registered democrat.

  56. Gina M Mancarella

    How can “the system be stable” when the Republican controlled Senate is preparing to name a Supreme Court Justice who was an aspiring rapist in Youth ? Who knows, maybe some of his rape attempts were successful. Even Kellyanne Conway says we need to sit up and take notice and listen to what Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has to say. And she has a lot to say. She makes a compelling and spellbinding case that she was tackled football style on the bed and he tried to rip her panties off and have sex with her against her will. This is an outrage ! Women of America ! Unite ! and vote ! Lets take charge !

    • Greg Hunter

      You want women to vote for the #MeToo rapists and abusers that are almost all Hollywood Democrats????? Gina, women are just not that stupid. Please stop you are embarrassing your troll identity.
      P.S. Ford is a huge Democrat.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Greg, You may be riding high now, but the blue wave is coming this November and when it arrives, hell is coming with it ! All of the deplorables’ ideas will be extinguished once and for all ! We will not allow this presidency to take us back to an era of slavery, oppression and intolerance.

        • Greg Hunter

          The Blue cheating is coming and that is going to be thwarted–again. Now you weasels Dems are calling us deplorables in your campaigns. Not going to work out well for you all.

          • Gina M Mancarella

            Greg, The Republican controlled Senate Supreme Court Confirmation Committee is out of control at this point. We have been merely seeking justice for Christine Blasey Ford and all other victims of this judge who somehow covered his tracks well for years. Instead of postponing the hearing as they should do, they are demanding that she testify in person at the hearings ! So to inflict even more trauma on her, they want to drag her through the mud of the hearing in person rather than allow her to submit a court deposition. Just outrageous Greg ! Senator Grassley is a monster !

            • Greg Hunter

              Your witness is a liar and has not even agreed to testify. Isn’t her (Dr. Ford) lawyer paid for my Soros?

              • Gina M Mancarella

                Greg, You said “Paid for my Soros?

                Not to my knowledge. She is a university Professor. She has a PHD !

                Christine Blasey Ford’s reputation is impeccable. The real question is what kind of person sexually assaults an underage minor and clearly not consenting to such sexual advances. This man is an animal !

                • Greg Hunter

                  The link I used is about the lawyer that is paid for by Soros!!! Hey Gina what about Keith Ellison’s accuser. This battery accusation is recent and comes with medical records. Karen Monahan says Democrats have “Smeared” her. What about that? You worried about this one??? Hypocrites in the DNC. This is a real case by the way not like the Kavanaugh lynching.

                  Now, Dr. Ford is reportedly now NOT testifying. What a fraud. She hurts women who have been legitimately been abused and assaulted which is disgusting. Perpetrators should be punished if found guilty. Just admit it, you got nothing and your Hail Mary smear campaign to block a SCOTUS failed.

            • Unemployed Engineer

              This appearance of being so out of touch seems so common today. The bible says that in the end days that bad would be called good and darkness shall be called light. It is astounding that so many people in society and the workplace have such delusions about reality. As to this supposed victim, she wants her story out, but doesn’t want to do it in front of an audience. When pressured to go ahead and testify, she sends the message that she has the condition that the FBI must perform an investigation before she will consider testifying. Certainly, this is all delaying tactics by the dishonest liberal maniacs in the Senate that represents the Democratic party at large. Never a dull moment, but keep in mind that according to Ephesians 6:12 … “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” My own personal opinion is that THIS WITNESS (victim if you are delusional enough to insist) MUST FACE THE ACCUSED FACE TO FACE …. otherwise she has no credibility whatsoever. If she is lying, then she will also have some explaining to do at the judgement possibly for bearing false witness.

        • paul ...

          Hey Gina … even though it costs me more to buy Chinese products at Walmart and lemons now cost one dollar each … I’m still voting for Trump (and a straight Republican ticket) so as to put the commie/fascist Demon-ratic Party right into the trash bin of history!

          • Frederick

            One dollar for a lemon I get a bag of 12 for that price here

        • sk

          “…the blue wave…when it arrives, hell is coming with it” we know, Gina, we know…hell IS coming with it…so vote Republican! LOL

        • Frederick

          Deploreables indeed What a crock of horse hooey The Most “deploreable” of all are your beloved Hildebeast and her rapist , grifter husband Give it a rest Gina VERY pathetic there girl

    • Occasnltrvlr

      If she has so much to say, how come she hasn’t been saying it in the intervening 35 years?

      Gina, we all know you’re jealous. Focus on fitness, hygiene, and manners, and your time will come, too, sweetheart.

  57. Joe emerging for the cave

    Hi Greg,
    I’m not really sure whether East Asian consumers are going to be brought up to the living standards of the average american, or the other way around. My bet is the latter; they don’t want everybody rich, fat and happy, they want us poor and desperate, begging for government bailouts and other .gov “solutions”. Given the limited level of resources (until now anyway) it will be impossible for the Chinese to live the western life style, no matter how many robots and AI you emply. When everybody is out of a job because of these 2 factors, who’s going to be consuming all these goodies anyway?
    When the everything bubble pops, and it will, pension funds (already massively underfunded) will be in dire straits, and so will be pensioners, right at the time that the boomer generation wants to check out of the working life. America and the western Europe will probably see their livings standards decline as a result, as we’ll find out that paper wealth is no wealth at all. I agree with the assessment on real wealth, although this is really a no-brainer. One of the reasons for the gold & silver surpression is investor psychology; most people only become interested in a certain investment after it has appreciated (considerably) in value. Which helps the surpressors, as there is less demand as there would have been if they would allowed the price to rise. They know us so well…..

    • Bob

      They don’t care if we are rich or not. What they don’t want is too many people crowding the ski fields and beaches they like to holiday in.

      So if we all become rich, there will have to be another means of preventing us from going to nice places.

  58. sk

    That has been known for some time – by about four to five points. When people debate about intelligence quotients, I wonder when the human race will start thinking about and debating the GMDH quotient -the goodness/morality/decency/honesty quotient.

    • sk

      To clarify – the above sk comment was in reply to TSI’s comment that Asians have a higher IQ than Caucasians.

  59. Tim McGraw

    Another great interview with CAF. Yes, the Silk Road is a danger to USA Empire hegemony. Col. MacGregor says this is why our troops will NEVER leave Afghanistan willingly. Our troops are there for three reasons: 1; to keep an eye on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and take them over if necessary. 2; to disrupt the new Silk Road transportation systems if deemed necessary and 3; as a launching pad for a Uighyr (sp?) Muslim insurrection in western China to destabilize China and disrupt the Silk Road again, if deemed necessary.

  60. Carol Smith

    I am asking that listeners give to this truthful man, Greg Hunter. I am only a subscriber who gives a slight amount each month to help all of this reporting to continue.
    I want to bless everything he does.
    I am very grateful and have been listening to him for a long time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Carol for your kind comment and support.

  61. oneno

    Greg, you need to a href=”″>report on our criminally negligent scientists at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and the NHC (National Hurricane Center) who have known since 1995 about how to short-out the massive hurricanes out at sea near the outer-banks of coastal waters using fields of buoys anchored to the sea floor with metal cables and with weather balloons tethered to those buoys with a carbon-fiber chord to drain the electrical energy of the storm. These people at NOAA and NHC are still using outdated scientific theories from before the 1950’s regarding weather prediction and have no plans in place to mitigate such storm systems as they present a danger to millions on the coasts. This was all described again in a weather book that correctly describes how these storms actually form and how these storms can be short-circuited safely near the outer-banks of coastlines. The prevailing theory on hurricane formation stemming from “warm ocean waters” is completely wrong as they cannot explain the hurricanes that form out in the North Atlantic in the middle of winter!.

  62. flattop

    GREG; Where ever she goes in the world, everyone agrees, ” gold is money ” If CAF says something, you can believe it
    Another blockbuster interview Greg. The truth is available at USA Watchdog

  63. Justn Observer

    One wonders if Pope Francis might help find the missing $21 Trilllion if he required the Jesuits that surround the Presidencies of the World to go to confession?
    Guardians of the Vatican Treasury

    • oneno

      Listen to this podcast about the Jesuits that control the Vatican.

  64. paul ...

    Amazing chess move by Putin in Syria … getting together with Turkey to create a demilitarized zone around Idlib … frustrating the Deep State neocon warmongers who were prepared to start WWIII to save their Al Qaeda terrorist buddies … instead Putin “enclosed the cancer” rather then cutting it out … masterstroke … so the frustrated neocons shot down a Russian “AWAC” with 14 Russian electronic warfare specialists aboard trying by such other means to finally get their “hot war” started … but knowing Putin that ploy is not going to work either … guess all that staged movie film the terrorist have “of Syrian forces using chemical weapons on innocent civilians in Idlib” will now have to be trashed!

  65. Frederick

    Creepy uncle “ Joe” ohhh noooo hide your young daughters everyone

  66. William Stanley

    Paul . . ., I had suspected that the Russian plane was an AWACS, thanks for the confirmation. I’ve heard the French did it. If so are they trying to draw us into something?
    But, then, the US seems to have about 200 personnel trapped in Idlib. I wonder if the US is unable to exfiltrate them. Maybe “their terrorist buddies” are holding them hostage. What a mess.

    • William Stanley

      New (for me) information: Seems like the Russians are saying that the Israeli’s tricked the Russians: they didn’t give the Russians time to get their plane out of the area (as apparently was part of a “deconfliction” agreement), then they used the Russian plane’s larger radar profile as cover to attract Syrian S-200 air defense missiles as the Israeli’s attacked Syria from the same spot in the sky. Clever, but shortsighted, if true.

      • Tin foil hat

        William Stanley,
        I like Israel but I’m beginning to like (I can’t believe I’m about to say this) the Russians more. If the Israelis were trying to draw us into this conflict by pulling this stunt, they are indeed shortsighted.
        I still remember how proud I was to be an American when the Berlin Wall came down. I’m now embarrassed whenever I watch Nikki Haley calling Putin out as a liar and a bully.
        I hope Trump will make us proud.

        • William Stanley

          You’ve got to suspect the French and the Israelis were acting in cahoots to goad Putin into doing something that would draw in the Americans more deeply. And, there was probably a faction of the American Deep State that was involved as well.
          I suspect Putin will do something to even the score, but not necessarily in Syria, and not necessarily something the public is going to know about right away.

      • paul ...

        Israel definitely has to get rid of Netanyahu … Israel needs to prevent Iran from expanding its foothold in Syria … now what do you think Putin is going to do now that Bibi has betrayed him? … I think it is very obvious … Putin will either allow Iranian forces to begin to build missle stockpiles right along Israel’s border … or he will begin military preparations to take back the Golan Heights!

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not so sure about that. What about those 10 yes TEN military bases in Syria, some very near the Israeli border? Isn’t that a concern?? The Arabs used the Golan Heights in the 1967 Six Day War as high ground to fire down on Israel. They lost it in battle and Israel will never give it back. Would you?

          • paul ...

            Yes! … that’s exactly why Bibi should not be poking the Russian bear … Putin has the power to help Israel and restrain the Iranians (force them to close down the bases and pull back) … so why would Bibi want to antagonize Putin??

            • Greg Hunter

              Who is operating on who’s border?

  67. Anthony Australia

    Australia is in the same place the US was in 2007

  68. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank caught laundering money…..Again.

    This bank is as rotten as Stan’s underwear. Anyone with half a brain can see that Deutsche Bank is running on vapors. Chinese investors will soon be pulling their money out of this rotting corpse to preserve their own investments that are now under pressure thanks to U.S. Tariffs. And then what?

  69. Mohammad


    Serious escalation in Syria.
    Israel is to be blamed by the Russians for the downing of the Russian transportation plane carrying 17 military personnels who died in the crash, the Russians consider the Israelis used the plane as a shield to allow the Syrian S200 fired at them to be misled and hit it instead of hitting the Israeli jets also the Russians say the Israelis notified them with the attack just before it took place where the short window of time was a factor in the incident, also they say they will retaliate and it is a totally different situation than the downing of the Russian fighter jet by the Turks:روسيا-تتوعد-إسرائيل-إسقاط-الطائرة-وسيناريوهات-الرد

    It is getting dicey there…..


    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Mohammad. Most of us cannot read this and English version would be helpful, but thank you for this.

        • Greg Hunter

          So let me get this straight, Syria shot down a Russian fighter with missiles Russia sold to Syria by Russia and it’s Israel’s fault? That’s rich.

          • Mohammad

            The fact that Israel operated in the vicinity of a heavy bird like the spy plane than cannot maneuver (sitting duck) within a window of 1 minute notification, fired at Syria from behind prompting a response that shot down that heavy bird with possibly some jamming of communications is not RICH….Rather it is feasible perfect set up scenario.
            Now lets watch the Russian response to this….That I suspect to be RICH.


            • Greg Hunter

              I don’t guess those 10 new Iranian bases in Syria are adding to the problems there? You’re not upset about that? If Israel had 10 new military bases in Iraq on Iran’s border would that be a problem?

              • Mohammad

                I am describing events and not subscribing, emotions has no role here, the retaliation by the Russians is going to be swift and painful you can bet on that.


          • Frederick

            Greg I’ve read some reports that verify what Mohammad is saying

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not saying he’s wrong. I am saying there is another side.

    • Bill

      one would wonder why you are not in Syria helping your fellow muslims instead of just complaining on USA Watchdog, if you are so concerned

  70. H. Craig Bradley


    Time to bring back David Stockman for some more of his commentary on how crazy markets and government spending are today. He is the ultimate critic of central banks, crony capitalism, and politicians of both parties who practice Keynesian economics.

    His dire predictions are probably correct in the long term, but as John Maynard Keynes once said: ” We are all dead in the long term”. Guess that makes it all the more acceptable for some, just not David. When everyone is delusional normal appears out-of-style or odd to the majority. David Stockman sounds obsolete.

    Thus, it all blends into a funny colored soup of fact, myth, and “urban legend”. The truth is whatever one wants to accept or believe. All opinions are relevant. However, David Stockman’s style of commentary never goes completely out-of-style.

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