DOW 6,000 Extreme Sell-Off Coming-Gregory Mannarino

2By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino called the top of the DOW in May 2015. The market was well over 18,000 then and currently more than 2,000 points lower.  Mannarino now says the Dow is going to “6,000–or lower.” Mannarino warns, “People need to be ready for a major, extreme sell-off in equities which are inflated in a bubble.”

Mannarino also says that the current stock market is, “the biggest bubble of them all that was inflated by a runaway central bank, and I believe it is bursting now. . . . There is nothing to push this back up.”

On physical gold and silver, Mannarino says, “This year, 2016 is the year for precious metals. I believe we are going to enter a scenario that I call an “X-Wave,” an X-Wave theory that I came up with where we are going to see the stock market drop downward, and then you are going to get a crossover with an upward trajectory of precious metals, and this also will be extreme.  All of this has to correct to fair market value.  We have nothing but a twisted distorted market that is so out of touch with reality that it is, frankly, mind blowing.  It will correct to fair market value–period.  There are no “maybes.”  There are no “ifs.” It will correct, and we are seeing it now.”

It’s widely reported that the global economy is dramatically slowing down. Mannarino asks, “So, how can world markets, including the United States, justify their multiples?  They can’t do it.  It has to correct. . . . We are in a phase that it is correcting to a fair market value. . . . They are expecting some miraculous event to occur where, all of a sudden, the economy of the United States and the world is going to turn around.  It’s not going to happen.  It’s not going to happen here. . . . The Federal Reserve is going to be forced to do something, and they are going to call it who knows what, but they are not done stimulating and they are not done printing.  They are not done from attempting to keep this propped up.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “This is going to make the 2008 event look like child’s play. We are going to drop lower than we did before.  The Federal Reserve is out of ammo.   The Fed can go negative interest rate.  Maybe it will put a temporary bottom in this market, but it’s going to hurt the people.  There is no doubt about it, the economy of the world is slowing.  The U.S. economy is slowing.  You can look at metric after metric, Baltic Dry Index, GDP numbers just missed the mark and manufacturing numbers also missed the mark.  You can just go on and on and on.  I don’t know what kind of proof people need to say Obama is peddling fiction.  We are slowing down, and people are going to get hurt here, and I mean hurt badly.  It will be way worse than the last meltdown, and this event will not bounce back like it did last time.”

In closing, Mannarino warns, “Bond yields are screaming, and the bond market is warning every single one of us that something is very ugly, and it’s right around the corner. Everybody is going into bonds because it’s the safety play, but the debt is worthless, and at some point, even the bond market is going to price to fair market value. It’s a situation of extreme danger across every single asset class.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Gregory Mannarino gives away all content, stock picks and trading strategy for free on his site. This includes his book “The Ultimate Guide to Money and Markets.”  For a free download, go to the home page and scroll down, and click on the book cover.

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  1. Joe Lalonde

    When this economic mess settles…The USA will be the most hated country on the planet for their control and manipulation of world currencies to the US dollar. Blackmailing governments to follow or be classed as enemies…no other options.
    Governing the country and not imposing laws and threats to control all other countries so that they cannot change their economic situations without American penalties.

    • Al

      what do you mean “will”? IT IS!

      • Diane D.

        Right Al. Warmongering Neocons beat the Bankers doing Satan’s work. Payback will be Hell.

    • Maggie

      Drudge linked to an article stating Iran will start selling oil in Euros. They are moving away from the dollar.

    • Mohammad

      Like Karen Hudes says:
      They are all in cahoot.
      All to blame. including us taking their convenient bates.


      • 8Ball

        You apparently did not read Macray’s post on Hudes in the Salinas-Price thread. I suggest that you call the WB and verify tis information…

        ” Macray
        02/03/2016 •

        WARNING – For the few Karen Hudes followers

        In July 2014, I listened to a interview with Karen Hudes. In the interview, she made some outrageous comments that included that she was currently the Acting General council for the World Bank. I knew who actually was the Acting General Council, so I realized right away that this was fraudulent disinformation.
        It was very easy to check her outrageous acting legal council claim with a quick phone call to the World Bank. I was transferred to the legal department where I was told that this was a fraudulent claim. I was also told that I was not the only that had called and that a statement would be put up on their website addressing this claim as well any other claims that involved the World Bank. I left my email address for them to follow up with me. Here is what I received a few hours later.

        Dear Mr. Macray,

        Thank you for your query today. The WB statement on Ms. Hudes has been posted on the external website, and as promised, following is a link:,,contentMDK:23590490~pagePK:64257043~piPK:437376~theSitePK:4607,00.html

        Statement on Former Staff Member Karen Hudes

        Available in: Español, Français

        An individual named Karen Hudes has been issuing correspondence and arranging meetings in the name of the World Bank. In some communications, Ms. Hudes has presented herself as the World Bank’s Acting General Counsel.

        Karen Hudes has not been employed by the World Bank since 2007 and is in no capacity authorized to represent any arm of the World Bank Group. Any claims otherwise by Ms. Hudes or her proxies are false and should not be viewed as credible.

        Best regards,

        Maria Lourdes Kasilag
        Senior Executive Assistant
        Office of the Senior Vice President and Group General Counsel
        T +1 (202) 473-9081; M +1 (571) 277-7645; F +1 (202) 522-1589
        1818 H. St. NW, Washington DC 20433

        • 8Ball


          The link was cut off

        • Mohammad

          What do you expect them to say?
          Look at the substance and forget the person.
          Learn to extract the truth from the opposite claims that contradict each other, you will find the truth half way in between…..!


          • 8Ball

            My point is that if KH will lie about her association with the WB then she will potentially lie about everything else that she claims to know…

            GollEE Sgt Carter!

            • Mohammad

              She did not lie, she was at WB…


      • frederick

        doc sorry to be a spelling Nazi but its baits

        • Mohammad

          Elaborate please.


          • Silence is Golden

            Fred is saying she is an agent.

          • Diana Dee Jarvis

            Mohammad, in a post above you wrote, “All to blame. including us taking their convenient bates.” Frederick means it should be baits not bates.

      • Galaxy 500

        Mohammed ,
        Did Hides find that 176,000 ton pile of gold yet?

  2. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks Greg! I really enjoyed this one.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are the Man!!! I fear you will be correct–again!!


      • Roy

        What is the typical guy on the street to do, most of my savings since 1984 is in a 401k. Gregory’s information is excellent but I’m in my mid 50’s and can’t afford it 70% wack!

        Lake Norman, NC

        • frederick

          Roy Greg Mannarino has been advising people to buy physical gold and especially silver for years now

        • allen ols


          When this happens most folks will undergo a “forced simplification” of their lifestyles (as well as their financial portfolios), which they will experience as disruptive and emotionally difficult. That’s not fear-mongering; it’s just math. (And it’s the reason why we encourage developing a resilient lifestyle today..

        • Galaxy 500

          If you can go to cash do as the market is headed down

      • Terry

        Gregs, Regardless of the machinations, obama and his minions will pull the plug on the economy as his term ends. Then it will appear that a conservative nearing the whitehouse is what causes the trouble, not obamas “steal from the future” economics. To the ill informed, that is easy to sell and more Marxism will be clamored for worldwide. These people have always done this and they are getting the job done. Thank you both of you for great information.

    • Don

      We have a mafia running our government.

      • frederick

        yes we do and we have since since before JFK

      • allen ols

        Princeton University scientists showed how easy it is to steal elections by tampering with voting machines:

        • Silence is Golden

          Slap me in the face with a wet fish.
          Who’d’ve thought that voting was rigged.
          Same pretence of an American President working for the people.
          Everything is painted with their brush.
          All roads lead back to Washington District of Colombia then onto the streets of the City of London. Once there and you have found your bearings, then you must set sail to the Vatican City where you can witness the shameless display of opulence, grandeur and Evil.

    • Dan

      Hi Gregory,

      I just want to thank you again. You are a great guy and very generous person to share your thoughts, expert advice, free ebook with everyone. A class act you are!

      If ever you read this and can spare the time to answer, I’d love to know (as must other Watchdoggers) what your stance is about where you park your money. If there’s likely to be a major meltdown, won’t the banks freeze or bail-into many bank accounts taking some your cash? Or if they have a bank holiday, what would you do? Do you feel your money would still be accessible once they’ve re-opened?

      Also, what about various brokerage accounts? I hear there are multiple claims to the same stock certificates. Most of us (including yourself?) probably only have the assumption that we hold the stock and that when we sell, everything will be normal/ok and the proceeds will be credited to our accounts. But what if it isn’t?

      Lastly, I really want to make sure that YOU are safe. What I mean is that I would not want you to have any of your money or assets seized. Have you taken precautions such as moved money to overseas accounts/assets? Do you also have a “bugout” plan like many preppers?

      Thanks again for a great interview and I’m already looking forward to your next one.

    • Chip

      GREAT JOB GREG(S)!!!! Chip

    • spencer

      Hi Gregory, Do you have an Etoro account for us to follow? I sure would like to copy your trades and of course the more followers on there the more you get paid.

  3. Mitchell Bupp

    Thank you Greg and Greg, I was laughing today as the Iranians are now demanding payment in Euros not dollars….

    • Greg Hunter

      Kerry had to have brought this up. What exactly is thei unsigned Iran Nuke deal???? This is $ negative.

    • frederick

      They should have the right to demand whatever payment they desire no Noone is forcing you to buy their product The petrodollar plan was an abomination for all the other nations of the world besides the USA and I believe its days are numbered Not a day too soon

  4. David

    In honor of the Super Bowl today, and in memory of Don Meredith (aka: Dandy Don) who passed away in 2010, here is Meredith singing, “Turn Out the Lights, the Party is Over”. For those old enough to remember, Meredith would sing this song at the end of every Monday night game as the outcome of the losing team became certain.

    It applies today. The outcome of our economic mess is certain… only the timing remains a mystery.

    Thanks Greg for all you do! I suspect Mannarino has it right. It ain’t going to be pretty when it all unwinds.

    • andyb

      Actually, the timing is not a mystery; it’s happening now, right before your eyes. Wake up, man. Bank closures within the next 30 days, as the rumbling from Germany’s largest bank creates a global domino effect. My Local Coin Dealers are already cleaned out. If you don’t remove the majority of your funds from a TBTF bank, you are facing monetary disaster. With banks closed, credit stops and so do the distribution channels to your local grocery. Hope I’m not too subtle. sarc/

      • Galaxy 500

        Are you saying the TBTF banks are going to have a run in 30 days? If so, you want to make a small bet of ten rubles? I’ll take the opposite side as I don’t think it will happen in 30 days. Loser pays Greg.

  5. Southern Girl

    Greg and Gregory…fantastic watch. I keep telling people that Gregory called the top…and now is calling where the bottom could be. Both of you are very caring and wonderful gentlemen. My hat is off to you. Just recently purchased some PM’s online and delivered overnight. Trying to make sure I have small amounts such as 1/20th of an ounce. Not sure how all this is going to play out after cash is trash…does anyone have a clue as to how we will switch over to a GOLD OR SILVER backed currency??? Have they already printed the Amero???

    • lastmanstanding

      Set up/figure out your OWN system with OTHERS to get the staples that you need. Do not let them dictate a new system to you. I realize that it may not be completely possible but waiting/allowing the sob bankers to set up a new and wonderful scam is NOT in our favor.

      Do not accept a one world currency.

      • aussie jeff

        I agree lastman,
        When the monetary system go’s down,our last concern will be whether we have bought pm’s in the correct weights!
        Staples will be KING initially as all transport systems will grind to a holt.
        People you once trusted,will turn into thieves and gangsters overnight.
        Governments will openly steal from those who have anything of value,as they transition from their hidden agenda to brazenly implementing the NWO.
        Once the flood gates of our debt ridden society are fully realised sheer terror and panic will engulf the entire world.
        To all the unsuspecting,the NWO will be looked upon as their one and only savior,food medical housing jobs,will all be on offer,all you will need to do is sign up!
        An empty stomach will over rule a weak mind!
        Those who have survived the carnage willingly give up their rights freedoms and whatever possessions they have managed to hold onto in exchange for a lie.
        The NWO will boastfully promise utopia,yet its reality is nothing more than enslavement.
        To prepare as best we can for what is coming in my view is prudent.
        With that said,a time will come when we will all have to bend our knee to our Lord and Savior,some know that now,others will know it later,either way,all will realise sooner or later that man’s salvation rests with Him.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Just an aside from the impending financial chaos.
          Did you enjoy the ODI series?
          I did….Te he he

          • aussie jeff

            Col…….. CONGRATULIONS!!!!!!

            I still have not forgiven the Chappel brothers for (greg captain) bowling that under arm(trevor) to your guys all those years ago.
            So a hearty” well done”!!
            Glad to finally see some serious competition as the West Indies made for a boring summer of cricket..
            Cheers mate.

    • Mohammad

      Southern belle.

      it will be digital currency.

      Gold/silver will be outlawed except for the elites. this time around the WHITE DRAGONS…!

      I have a thought about when gold /silver coins will be minted for circulation, i mentioned it here long time ago, but every one will jump on my throat…lol


      • Wilfong

        I’m not trying to attack you here, but you do realize that China currently is about as close to a cash society as you can get? I highly doubt this will become the “global currency”. I do see this as a trend there, as I’ve spent countless hours standing in a LONG line at a Chinese ATM, and as Alipay is much more popular then using a debit or credit card. But, to replace cash currency in China, with a digital medium, is years away, and if it was forced on people, your migrant worker population, a large percentage, would barter.

        • Tin foil hat

          I think SDR is the vehicle which would be used to slowly integrate yuan and the dollar. Euro would be the mistress who has no choice but to follow. Yen and the pound would be the bridesmaid in this marriage.
          If SDR were formate in Bitcoin, individual member’s currency can make the transition at their own pace.
          Time is the invisible instrument used to keep the frogs in the boiling pot.

        • Galaxy 500

          Well said, well reasoned. Some don’t let facts stand in the way of fantasy.

    • Tin foil hat

      Southern Girl,
      I’m making a killing in the market today but I’m terrified. Two out of the three pillars holding this Ponzi is collapsing. FAZ and SQQQ are the proofs, folks are running to the last pillar, UST, for safety.
      Many like you have seek shelter in PMs and that shows in the huge upward movement in GG, NEM, SLW, ABX, SWC …..
      Everybody are trying to make the best educated guess on how this is all going to play out but nobody knows for sure.
      I think if Russia collapsed before we do, China would support and join us as a new partner in a modified dollar/yuan Ponzi Scheme. If that happened, gold prices would likely go down from $300 to $800 /oz. Happy, but sick and immoral, times are here again.
      If we collapsed, it could happen via meltdown or melt up. In a meltdown, markets would crashed to 666 once again, as Mannarino predicted, along with the greatest depression but the dollar would still be viable. If you want to make this bet, hold cash, buy US Treasury or UST. In a melt up, markets would soar to what Armstrong had predicted along with a Weimar Republic economy, the dollar would no longer be a legitimate currency. If you want to make this bet, buy stocks (stay away from retail a sector), hard assets like off the grid farmlands.
      As far as gold and silver, it all depends on whom is in charge when the collapse raise its ugly head. If someone like Rand Paul or his father were the president and had the power to resist the Deep State, PMs would be the life boat to get you from the sinking debt based fiat ship to an equity base fiat ship. If someone like Hilary or Obama were in charge, the life boat would be taken from you in order to be fair and to line their own pockets.
      We no longer have a free market, everything is a gamble.
      It’s ironic that I’m looking for a moment of serenity in a gloom and doom blog.

      • Mohammad

        As long as Assad in Syria, as long as ISIS having the sh$# kicked out of them by Russian air force collaborating with the Syrian Army, then Russia will not bust.

        Syria decides the out come, but seems like every one is taking positions for something imminent related to Deutsche Bank bust.


        • Tin foil hat

          I don’t understand why you feel so strongly that Bitcoin will happen while you are unsured of the outcome in Syria.
          Bitcoin digital currency will not happen if Russia don’t go bust.
          Putin is the only one standing up against the NWO, Merkel may be the silent collaborator.
          The current situation reminds me of the movie, “The good, the bad and the ugly”. Putin is the good, China is the whore and Merkel is the little poor servant girl. The Sunni Muslim Coalition and we are either the bad or the ugly, take your pick. I’m going to take a shower while you chew on it.

          • Mohammad

            Ignorance is tough to beat.
            If the medical records are turning digital.
            The school education is turning digital.
            Banks are going negative interest rate to phase out cash and prep for digital.
            Bitcoin is now a commodity officially on CFTC.
            What will it take to open your eyes.
            May be that shower you will take will, may be it won’t.
            If Russia wins they will lead digital currency.
            I just hope you are not naive to the degree to think that Putin is the angel who will save the world and put gold coins back in circulation.
            GEE …
            What will it take to open your eyes and see the real criminal PUTIN who is leveling now Syria after the Langley mercenaries did their part.


            • Tin foil hat

              Yes, ignorance is tough to beat.
              I’ll go slow and try to take you through the maze of modern monetary theory and its natural nemesis a step at a time.
              Come to think of it, I will do that only if you would tell me whether America would be better under sharia law, or laws under the present constitution.
              I have nothing to hide, I love the constitution and will die to defend it. Do you have something to hide? We are all grown men here and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
              If Russia wanted digital currency, they won’t be accumulating gold in their reserves. Gold and Bitcoin don’t mix together. I never said that Putin is an angel. I think he is more like an accidental hero who happened to rise to the occasion.
              It’s funny the only criminals you see are the Russians and Langley mercenaries. How about Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey …… ? When will you hold them responsible?
              The Sunni Muslims Coalition is the UGLY. It sicken me that this once great nation has turned BAD and is in bed with the UGLY . Well, with that said, I have to take another shower when you chew on that one.

              • Mohammad

                Take this then,

                Like Catherine Austin Fits said once :
                If you an likes are given the option between SLEEPING WITH SAUDS in the same bed or driving your car at 10$ a gallon, you will run naked to sleep with them and hit the red button she talked about.


                • Tin foil hat

                  Sheep will limit themselves with the option given.
                  Real men forge their future with guts and faith.
                  There is another option, kicking the Sauds off the bed and take his oil then drive my car at $1/gal.
                  Trump is the only one with a permanent solution which kills two birds with one stone.
                  Take over all the oil producing Islamic countries in the Mid East with the Russian and the Chinese.

                • Tin foil hat

                  Btw, why haven’t you defended your beloved religion?
                  I beg you to convince me that I’ve been misguided by the racists and bigots.
                  I now understand the necessity of having the Blasphemy law in most Islamic countries. Lol.

      • Dan

        Nice analysis!

      • Silence is Golden

        The US has defaulted and is now in a hard court press.
        China is the only nation with reserves in magnitude.
        Markets are broken. Make your killing while you can. Dangerous game. Seek shelter in HARD Metals.

        • Tin foil hat

          Silence ids Golden,
          This is dangerous time and the prudent ones need more than one shelter. I’m trying to be flexible and keep my eyes wandering like a whore.
          I think I’m turning Chinese, I really think so! Lol.

  6. Southern Girl

    Sorry should have been 1/10th of an ounce….fat finger effect.

    • Mohammad

      Your best bet will be British sovereigns …They are 8 grams, and been around LONG LONG time ago. they are accepted every where, here and oversees, and they carry the lowest premium.


      • Galaxy 500

        IN the US, most haven’t seen a sovereign and won’t be comfortable taking them. US and Canada coins will be the order of the day.

      • Silence is Golden

        True that they are known the world over and readily accepted to boot.
        They always have minimum gold content value and depending on scarcity could have premiums attached to them. Beautiful coins with many different Monarchs featured.
        Good call Doc.

      • Tin foil hat

        I believe Krugerrand and Canadian Maple have the lowest premium in coins. Bar or round have the lowest premium.
        I prefer American Eagle, Krugerrand and PAMP bar. The price is reasonable at APMEX.

  7. Thegarn new zealand

    I shorted the spx500 last week and will be adding to the position in the coming weeks

  8. Zoey

    Wow Dow at 6,000 or even 4,000! Gregory said economy will crash on a biblical scale. Greg this interview gotta be one of your epic interviews!

    Thank you so much for being out there to warn us Gregory!

    God’s warnings and judgements are happening all over the globe. Here’s a video that goes over a lot bizarre and horrific events that have been happening up until January 2016, but I have to warn the video is hard to watch.

    • susan

      so many things are coming so fast in so many areas of life and of the world. Just pray folks, just pray.

  9. Horsenut

    Excellent interview. I too see this turning south quickly. Just before you posted the interview, Zero Hedge posted an article “Iran Says No Thanks To Dollars; Demands Euro Payment For Oil Sales” and last night they posted another article “Is Shorting The Yuan Dangerous?”
    I expect the Dow to go Crazy Monday morning. Can’t wait to see what it does to Oil prices and Metals

  10. Steve

    A police state, anarchy or mass spiritual awakening seem to be the only possible outcomes from this mess…

  11. Jack

    Mannarino says 4-6000 on the Dow, while Martin Armstrong says 25-40,000 on the Dow. Interesting times.

    • Mohammad

      Digital money is a guarantee for a Dow going up, but nominal value is another thing.
      Please keep in mind that for every seller on the way down to the 6000 target Greg predicted there is a buyer positioning them selves for the up movement once feds go negative on interest rate.


      • Galaxy 500

        I don’t see the public accepting this and I don’t see Washington in a position to force it. The Govt has tried to stop minting pennies and can’t get the public to go along with that, I hardly see them being able to push electronic currency. We read every day something is hacked. Paper money doesn’t require electricity and can’t be wiped out at the whim of a hacker or the government.
        Dude, this ain’t likely. Armstrong has gone down the rabbit hole on this one

  12. Robert

    I just finished reading Mr. Mannarino’s ebook. It’s really good. In person he comes across as a polite, balanced guy. In the book he doesn’t hold back. He speaks with disdain for the crazy militarism and greed of the crooks ruining this country. With the market PE now at 21 if we have a normal recession drop to PE 14, that’s a 33% decline. Markets always go below equilibrium. I have to say 5000 on the Dow would be a stunner. Apparently, Greg thinks from peak to trough it could be near a 75% decline. I have also tried warning my relatives but they would rather talk football.

    • Daledog2

      Both may be correct, to have a run in any market there must be an accumulation period where the smart money is grabbing up contracts ect. at the best possible prices. Blood on the streets?
      Four phases of every market accumulation-markup-distribution-markdown. Always!!

  13. ED1

    Greg H and Greg M, awesome interview! I fear you both are correct.

    I will add one thing that Greg M did not mentioned that could definitely change things, and in a hurry too. That would be a full blown war. I try not to think about or speak of war, but I simply have a very uneasy feeling about it considering everything going on in the world at this time. It’s to my belief that oil will be at least part the reason for war, as well as the world-wide recession. If war were to break out on top of a failing world economy, I agree with Greg M that things will turn to Biblical proportions. I hope I am wrong.

    • Dan S.

      Your not!

    • Tin foil hat

      He did mention WWIII in a subtle tone – Loss of life will be “biblical”.

  14. Steve

    Post apocalyptic vision: Lots of men with beards and a diet of Heinz!!!

  15. JM

    Thanks for another good interview! Greg, will you do some of us a favor and ask these knowledgeable guests what they expect farming commodities to do. Corn, cotton, wheat? I know the expectations for the metals. God bless! Fear not!

    • J-NZ

      Grow hemp!! 25000 end-uses, food, clothing, building materials, fuel… oh, thats right, your elite have stopped your farmers via the “war on drugs”. go watch “hemp for victory” by the USDA from WW2

      • J-NZ

        here is the link–y_7_YLx7M

        • JM

          I’m not interested in growing anything. I want to know what the experts think about farm commodities. What direction do the expect the prices to go.

          • lastmanstanding

            It will depend on if they (like you) are not interested in growing anything and how hungry they get.

          • Grafique

            JM, I’m no expert but I would have to believe that farming commodities would skyrocket if/when SHTF.

            • Galaxy 500

              Only if you can move them to the end user. Otherwise it is just a big pile that you can’t get to market.

  16. FC

    Greg, you need to edit this interview down to 30 seconds, so it can be played during the SuperBowl and then maybe a few alcohol fueled, football zombies will wake up to reality.

    Then again, reality needs to physically need these people between the eyes for any type of response.

  17. James Hastings

    Sorry folks. But I am so sick of our perverted system. WE need a massive reset. To thin the herd. To destroy political corruption. We must change back, as a society.

    Good interview. I keep checking his site for daily updates. He has great insights into the economy. There are about 10, first class economic intellectuals…..and he is in the front row.

    • Jerry

      Amen James!

  18. FC

    The art of letter writing, Dear Hillary……..

    • Dan S.

      Excellent letter. It pretty well sums up his presidency. But don’t take my word for it – I’m a little biased because I’m Canadian.

  19. stonewall

    Gregory is spot on and the sheeple haven’t a clue of the disaster coming at us like
    a run away freight train. When the panic sets in I only hope the people know and
    understand where to direct their anger . The banksters should be terrified at
    the situation their greed has created because ultimately they will pay the price
    someway, somehow and all their billions wont save them from the wrath of
    common man.

  20. WKSwanson

    I have mentioned to a couple of friends that 6,000 – 8,000 is not out of the realm of possibility, especially when Shiller himself has said that fair value is about 9-ish. So regression to the mean doesn’t just go to the mean, it always spends equal time on either side of it, so 5,000 – 6,000 is not at all out of the question especially in the overshoot past the mean. Good work, fellas.

  21. Gator

    I have followed Greg Mannarino for quite some time and find him very accurate. He sticks to what he believes and doesn’t poll his followers so he can say what they want to hear. Thank you Greg Hunter for having him on again.

  22. R B

    Greg! I’m one who views this scene before us from a spiritual perspective .I feel like our Lord and King will use what is coming to draw many to himself ,and even so, even great suffering will only make some even curse the one true God of all creation ,and His Son Jesus Christ.

  23. Michael

    Hi Greg,

    I have an eerie feeling Gregory Mannarino is right once again. He said they have been stealing from the future, but I think the future is soon going to come down on us all like a ton of bricks. Hope your viewers have some gold or silver and are starting a garden this Spring.

  24. Michelle Coon

    LOVE Gregory ! He backs up his hypothesis with facts and educates us at the same time. I never miss your site – it is the only truth on the net with the humility to recognize that we are in the Lord’s Hands. May He have mercy on our country and may He bless you for the good you do.

  25. Jerry

    Thanks for the great interview. You and GM hit all the major points that people really need to pay attention to.

    Unfortunately I no longer pay any attention to the Stock Market. To me its noting more than a series of pump and dump schemes manipulated by the central banks. There’s only one way this going to end, and that’s with a complete crash and burn of the worlds economic system. China is off loading excess baggage as we speak in preparation to board the U.S.S. AIIB.

    Americans are foolish to believe the rest of the world cannot move on without us. China is currently the worlds largest manufacturer, while Russia is the worlds largest petroleum producer. As far as developing a consumer base, the Silk Road will more than take care of that with India, the middle east and Europe. Besides America has become a debtor nation and can longer purchase the goods it used to.

    Oh and by the way as far as food production, Monsanto, Cargill, General Mills and a few other major corporations control our entire food supply. They have proven time again they would be more than willing to sell to foreign investors if the price is right, so don’t rest in that idea as a security blanket.

    • Jerry

      While I can’t confirm this information, the timing does seem a bit interesting particularly with the events that are unfolding right now. Judge for yourself.

    • Jerry

      Mike Maloney outlines what I’ve been saying for the last eighteen months with verifiable proof, and of course charts. The BRIC nation are preparing to decouple from the dollar.

    • Tin foil hat

      China aligned its monetary policy with that of the US dollar interests and the Federal Reserve, which will slow renminbi internationalization to accommodate USD policy. It’s being reported that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will not issue loans denominated in non-dollar currencies. This means that China will not be using the AIIB to promote RMB internationalization.
      China is not going to put a target on their backs like Putin did. They are neither friend nor foe. They are like you and me, keeping all options open and waiting to see the outcome of this economic duel between the former KGB and the squid.

      • Jerry

        Tin Foil Hat.
        Then why did the Chines purchase Gold with the intent of moving the trading hub to Shanghai, and resetting the price in April? This is a strategic move in light of what is going on in the markets. Unseating the dollar as world reserve currency has been their objective since pounding over 2.5 trillion dollars down a rat hole, by giving it to us in 2008. You may be right by the wait and see maneuver, but I think they have a plan.
        – CIPS
        – Super Computers
        – Gold purchases and………….AIIB say so.

        • Tin foil hat

          Unlike Japan and maybe Canada, China is not going to go down with the sinking ship. Gold, CIPS and AIIB are their way out when that time comes. They are preparing just like you and me.
          Unseating the dollar is like blowing up an aging luxury cruise liner which may or may not sink just to jump in a brand new life boat in the rough sea.
          But then you may be right too, nobody knows what is going to happen next in this crazy world.

      • Silence is Golden

        Nope. China is the New Empire.
        Look to its handlers and you will see more of the same.
        Its a transition……Manufacturing, Wealth, Gold, Armed Forces, Technology, Geo-Political might and a desire to create a more equitable trading platform combined with a growing consumer base and strong hand at the bargaining table when the reset happens and a new trade/reserve/currency is struck. History is resplendent with precedents. The missing piece is World War/Clash of the Super Powers.

        • Tin foil hat

          Silence is Golden,
          I never said China is not the New Empire. My point is that they will not put a target on their back to get there.
          Right now, they let Putin taking on all the risk while they keep stacking and preparing for the system which Putin has envisioned.
          At the same time, the Chinese are working to become a more prominent partner/component within the IMF’s SDR. They want to become the New Empire without going to war. I think they want to replicate the peaceful transition of the last global reserve currency – British pound to US dollar.

          • Silence is Golden

            You miss my point.
            China doesn’t need to put a target on their back. They are being groomed to replace the current regime ….intentionally….by the same ones that financed and created the USA Inc.
            Two schools of thought…one is China is doing this to placate their own desires…the other…is that it is planned by those who rule from behind the curtain/closed doors (outside of China). The USA has been harvested and corrupted to the point where it has destroyed the fabric of the world’s financial and monetary system. For the Elites to retain their power and control they require order and obedience…but more importantly a functioning global society.
            The Elites will still rule from their positions in London/Rome/Washington. That is all.

            • Tin foil hat

              I guess the ones behind the scene are the squids, the Deep State or the NWO.
              I believe the squids, the Chinese and Russian all believe the current monetary system is toasted.
              The squids want to introduce digital currency which negative interest rates would be the norm rather than an ocaasional emergency measure. Not only cash and gold have to be decimated to hold the citizens captive in the digital realm, any nation with substantial GDP not participating in digital currency has to be either isolated or destroyed to prevent citizens from escaping the negative interest rates.
              If China is being groomed by the squids, they wouldn’t be stacking relentlessly for the past six years. Gold should have flown to BIS rather than China if the elites want to rule from Rome or London.
              I could be wrong but I believe any country which is trying or tried to repatriate their gold is not ready to join the NWO or the squids.

              • Silence is Golden

                Gold is the trade off. Without Gold they cannot “rule”. The West was always obliging with their hoard (ipso facto)….hmmm.
                The manipulation or suppression was necessary/required to facilitate a transition & to also allow positioning (capital replenishment of the banks) in time for the reset and transfer and great unwinding/levelling.
                China still remains a colony of the Crown, I am sorry to say.
                You can believe as you wish.
                btw…China Royalty visited the UK (CROWN) Monarchy last year. This was very telling and symbolic. The baton has almost passed.
                Dot points connected ?

                • Tin foil hat

                  “The Golden Rule: Whoever Has the Gold Makes the Rules.”
                  I don’t understand how China will remain a colony of the Crown when they have all the gold.
                  I think the reason the West has always obliging with their hoard is nothing but a desperate attempt to save/extend the life of the dying dollar reserve currency status.
                  I don’t know, too many dot points, too little time. The only certainty is that the free market is die and the status quo is not going to last too much longer.

    • Jerry

      Boy talk about timing Greg. This cues right up right up with Greg Mannarino’s prediction.
      Insiders sounding alarm on coming crash. Like we didn’t see this coming?

      Greg, contrary to the MSM this is not a market correction. This is a full blown seven alarm economic fire on the global scale. Deutsche bank is imploding because of the quantitative easing by the central banks and when they’re done they’re going to take down every bank in the EU with them. Before everyone gets nice and toasty thinking we’re safe, thinking well that’s over there that won’t effect us, lets not forget that our illustrious congress put us on the hook for the entire derivative debt of the EU almost twelve months ago.

      Greg, the looks on the faces of the traders today told the whole story. They know there’s much, much, more coming and that there will be no bailout from the Federal Reserve this time. Not even the Exchange Stabilization Fund can stop this one. We’re not talking about mopping up a few billion in treasury bonds being dumped back into the market. We’re talking about trillions of dollars from an economic global meltdown of biblical proportions.

    • Jerry

      I have stated before, that there is a two pronged attack going forward with the Chinese and Russians to break the hold of the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. China with the Gold benchmark in April, and Russia seizing control of the oil marketing desk with the purchase if Morgan Stanley. Need further proof?
      Isn’t that a kick in the gonads? We give these people 50 Billion dollars, and then they turn around and tell us to get lost. America has lost this economic war. We’re like a bruised and bloody boxer who’s is just waiting for the upper cut to knock us out.

      • Silence is Golden

        More proof of the Bankrupt State (not that you need any support)….

        Takeover …covertly or overtly…they are doing it 24/7/365.

        • Tin foil hat

          Right now, China just want to make sure they are a partner rather than an investor in the world greatest Ponzi Scheme. Will they take over eventually? Maybe, maybe not, nobody knows.
          However, there is a honorable way out of this mess. We can unravel this Ponzi and embrace the new monetary system which Putin has envisioned. China will go along with it since they have made preparation for it in the past five years.
          Chinese are good businessmen, they are flexible and will go either way.

          • Silence is Golden

            “Nobody knows”…..

  26. Sayonara

    Best Mannarino interview yet. “The MAN” is absolutely clairvoyant on what is transpiring economically and financially. When “The MAN” displayed the chart last year and called the top of the market, I sold everything immediately as in Run Forrest Run. The only thing I own now besides survival supplies is a SQQQ trade position and PMs. I am riding the X-Wave and she is going to be a super “Mavericks” size one.
    Unfortunately for those who ignore and are not prepared – “the time has come for us to say sayonara”
    Thanks Guys!

  27. john duffy

    Why neg int rates are coming and will lead to a cashless society and the complete nationalization of banks and destruction of your wealth!

  28. J C Davis

    Greg and Greg. A friend was in my garage, and asked me why do I listen to this stuff. I replied to know when to get money out of the bank, and leave town. I despise the present rigged stock market in that it is legal theft. Yet I thank you Greg M for the timely warnings. Ps commenter (Fan From Japan ) may some day save millions of Americans with timely information. Things are changing fast.

  29. art barnes

    Greg, as your astute guest stated towards the end of the video there will be a “bear rally” in the next month of so trapping the “chicken in every pot” MSM to double down on their long positions. Remember as Charles Dow said a hundred years ago: BEWARE THE BEAR RALLY!

  30. Enki

    There will come a time when the only money anyone honors will be Gold and Silver.
    Until then the wise will keep stacking , and Greg Thank you a thousand times for all of your effort trying to tell the Floride fed Sheeps that the light at the end of Federal Reserve tunnel is a Train coming to reck it all.
    May you be blessed in this life and the next by the Prime Creator.

  31. red

    loved it, you are both the men. 🙂

  32. Francis Peter

    You two are the very best combo!!! Right on even if the whole picture is scary as all get out! Thanks very much!

  33. Diana Dee Jarvis

    The debt bubble has created a human population bubble, and both will correct? I wish Gregory M had elaborated on that. Does he mean people starving because government welfare will collapse? People dying in social chaos? Something more intentional by TPTB?

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe he meant WWIII.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Tin foil, he’s brought up war on his YouTube channel, so he may very well mean WWIII. The “human population bubble” phrase caught me by surprise though. I wondered why Greg H let it slide without comment. (Note for Greg H: how about asking him next time he’s on?)

    • FC

      Diana, it has created a human bubble dependent on welfare, where their entire existence is taxpayer funded.

      No different to caged animals in a Zoo, once released, they don’t have the skills to survive, some will fight, but most will die.

  34. Mohammad

    Gregory Mannarino,

    We know that all transactions in the market net zero.
    For those sellers on the way down to 5500 or 4000, who IS BUYING ?


    • Silence is Golden

      Notice the grind ?

    • art barnes

      Mohammad, its called liquidity, there will always be investors out there trying to bet the bottom, those are the people who ARE BUYING? Just my two cents, been on of those buyers in a prior crash, aka 1987. a b

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Mohammad, buyers likely include people covering short positions as well as people who expect that stock to recover. People who know how to short could make a nice chunk of change on the way down.

    • Tin foil hat

      Central bank of Japan and other western central banks. Maybe ESF, as per Hilary, what different does it make?

    • Mohammad

      I SAY FEDS.

      Its may explains the SUDDEN withdrawal of liquidity from the feds reserves to the tune of 20 billion dollars Mike Maloney was talking about…. 😉


  35. Don

    Dear Greg, I’m Typing as I listen, Your guest is right, it got to fall and in a big way. Every financial instrument is falling, treasuries, bonds, stocks, most currencies, as well. The whole thing is being sucked into the black hole of deflationary pressure, but get ready for hyper-inflation, Mr. Williams and others will be found to be correct. All of this deflation despite federal balance sheets in high altitudes and rising. The hyper low interest rates and now there talking negative interest rates, are always conducive to excessive money creation and credit. We are heading to hyper-inflation. The seeds are already sown and there is know stopping it. Look for jet engines on the money creation and negative interest, because they’ve planned this to have finish the rape job. Your guest mentioned the politics of this, and believe me they have planned this to happen. Know one could have been so stupid, unless it was planned. Gold and the Dow will meet sometime in the future, but before that, there will probably be a lot of people dead. Hats off to your guest. OH! I was wrong about the visiting planet, I guess just a sun dog, but never did show back up, though it sure looked like a solid object.

  36. gregd

    Greg and Greg,
    I’m a believer and have been buying some metals and extra food etc. But I’m reading so much about eliminating cash and I was wondering if it was to happen what are we supposed to do with the cash we removed from the banks? Are we to go all in on metals? And when is the soonest this cashless society could be implemented?
    Thanks for all your help.

    • Clare Doll

      I’m sorry if I insult but honestly, MAN-UP already. If you have taken possession of the forbidden fruit and you know why then get ready to fight for your life; otherwise you are already dead.
      You’ve removed cash from the bank? You’ve taken possession of metals? You’ve stored extra food? Over think it if you must but by all means, DO NOT BACKPEDAL. Fight! That is what staying alive is all about. Make your decisions and take responsibility.
      If you must reacquaint yourself with the fragility of the electrical grid, bring down an electricity pole or better yet, go dig a hole and down the neighborhood. It will make you feel better and it will prove to you that this system could never sustain a bitcoin or any other digital currency against a determined populace. However, the action will acquaint you with the real fragility of the system and you will know why you have the precious metals, food and water and a newly and very needed sense of survival!

    • jim c.

      Gregd, Here is my opinion , Why would you not go all in on PM`s, If you are a believer in what is coming, I am 95% all in with PM`s because you can always sell a little if you need it to pay bills, And then you are always fully supplied with PM`s when the SHTF. In my eyes how can you not be all in.

      • gregd

        clare doll and jim c,
        Thanks for responding. The reason I ask this now is because I believe it was greg m. or perhaps I’m mistaken and it was another guest. But the point being there was talk about buying miners and shorting the markets also. I was wondering if that was still an option. I don’t like to have all my eggs in one basket.

      • Steven R

        Its good to keep several months in cash reserve so if you need some cash you don’t have to sell if the price of metals is down and would also give you cash to buy on the dips…

    • Galaxy 500

      Don’t think e-money is a threat. There will be major unrest if they attempt to implement. They have been trying to do away with pennies for a decade and it goes nowhere. People don’t trust e-money. You’d have people doing commerce in Canadian dollars or Mexican pesos.
      Just my two cents

  37. Douglas Murray

    Another great episode! I wish you both well!

    • Clare Doll

      Hint: Dig perpendicular to the line of easement on your property and BINGO!!!! Just make sure the handles are insulated.

  38. Grafique

    Simply put, there are two answers for our and the world’s economy:

    1 – As a nation, turn to Christ with one heart and support national, Zionist Israel. By this we will claim God’s blessing and place ourselves in his will.

    2 – Embrace true free market capitalism. There will be pain as the markets and economy revert from leftist socialism back to conservative capitalism but that’s the price that must be paid.

    It’s not too late.

    Cruz 2016

    • sk

      Counting on those goyische kopfs, Grafique? LOL

      • Grafique

        sk – All your words toward me are piss and vomit. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a satanist because of your anti-Bible stance.

        I’m finished responding to you.

        • sk


      • Galaxy 500

        What is wrong with you?

    • Tin foil hat


      Cruz was my man but I think he is too rigid to handle the squid, free stuffs population, Russia and China all at the same time. He is the opposite of Obama in ideology but very much the same in real life business experience.
      We need Trump.

      • Grafique

        Cruz is a true conservative. Trump’s just a selfish braggart.

  39. Martel

    Mr. Hunter:

    As I stated during your last interview with Mr. Salinas Price (thanks for bring Mr. Mannarino on) debt deleverage will invariably bring about population reduction. I believe the loss of like will be “biblical”. The correlation of debt growth and that of population growth is quite frankly scary. May God have mercy on us all, and people, please prepare yourselves and your families.

    Thanks you Mr. Hunter for the job you do. History will remember people like you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Martel.

  40. Mohammad


    I said it in previous post, i will rephrase it here.

    What we are seeing and candidly Gregory Marrnarino talked a bout is a phase.

    We need to see the big picture and it is always good to talk macro when every one is talking micro.
    The macro is the transition to the new monetary system that encourages the wealth and control of the state at the expense of the individual wealth.
    The fiat currency was BORN TO DIE. They new it from the get go.

    China is rolling it now with the blessing of IMF:

    So the NIRP is a war on cash, and the start of DIGITAL CURRENCY.

    We will never escape the taxing powers of the elites with cash any more.

    I can bet you Greg that gold/silver will be outlawed. Yes you can hide it, but deal with it and get caught then confiscated and to prison you go.

    DIGITAL CURRENCY is GAME and it is materializing infant of our eyes.


    • Tin foil hat

      DIGITAL CURRENCY will not happen if Putin came out on top. I really hate to say this but he is the GOOD GUY.
      What you are describing is the modified dollar/yuan digital Ponzi.
      Nobody knows what is going to happen for sure!!!!!!

    • jim c.

      Hay Mohammad, If you don`t start getting PM`s you will be left out in the cold, How can you say PM`s will be outlawed, I have collectible coins (that will only be worth more) and what about every ones jewelry , Do you think people are going to give up there wedding rings and sentimental bracelets and necklaces , ( which also will only be worth more ). Good luck without any PM`s .

      • Galaxy 500

        Amen, most people aren’t going to give the thieves in DC a single silver dime

    • gregd

      I read that most people didn’t turn in their gold back in the 30’s. And now after we know what they did with it ,do you really think people will turn it in?
      If the government does anything , it will be to tax it.

  41. matt

    War. They will use the war card.

  42. Mohammad


    My post from last week:

    “Watch the 10 year yield.
    If the yield starts going down from its comfort zone 2.0 and hits 1.0 (and it will) then you know the bonds are loaded for a slaughter.
    Then all the money fleeing the market, IRA’s, CD’s, Bank accounts bail-ins will be loaded up in the treasuries that will be slashed with the coming dollar devaluation.
    The dollar short squeeze taking place right now is a huge margin call on it.
    That dollar ballon will go up in air until it bursts on its own up there, way up there in the sky.
    10 year treasury yield going down is my alarm.



    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. Economy not good yet yields are shrinking.

      • Mohammad

        Shrinking yields signal that big money flow is going into the bond’s “safe” haven, that is when the slaughter will take place. that is your signal.
        (The more money flows into bonds, the higher the bond price and the lower its interest rate is. That means bonds are locked and loaded for the slaughter.)


    • Curious George

      What is this mechanism by which the dollar will burst? It is a free floating currency, by which there is nothing other than gold by which the dollar can be devalued. That requires the recognition that gold is money and we are still several crises away from that point.

      We will see NIRP, cash bans, and QE for the people first.

      • Mohammad

        When the shorts will turn attention to it when every thing they shorted so far is bust.


  43. Robert Dotson, MD

    De Nile is a deep and wide river… In 2000, I listened to my Certified Financial Planner and lost over 60% of my retirement money…. Slowly built back by 2008 and allowed the same Advisor to do the same thing again. Advice to all. Listen to your gut and people like the Gregs… Thanks, Guys!

  44. David

    Amid all the problems that our economy is facing and the associated concern for our future, it’s great to step back and watch a great quarterback win a hard fought game and cap off a great career. Way to go Broncos! And what about that Denver defense? Wow!

  45. Liber8tor

    Did anyone notice the Turkish Airline Commercials after the Superbowl?

    “Come visit Turkey for your vacation’.

    Ya, sure…lol I’m rushing to the Mideast instead of Daytona Beach. Who got paid off for this?

    • Galaxy 500

      Come to Turkey and be kidnapped and tortured by either the Turks or ISIS.
      What a wonderful vacation idea! Where do I sign up to new the next victim of the religion of piece.

  46. R. Stephen Dorsey

    Two questions I’d like to have had Mannarino’s comments on:
    “What range does he think gold and silver would hit at “fair market value”?
    “At the pace he seeing things moving, does he think that the government will be able to force digital currency onto the US citizenry?”

    Would you ask him and make these answers known?

    Thank you.

  47. JP

    I’m a student of Joseph Granville’s quite simplified technical analysis compared today’s fine tuning. Nonetheless, Gregory Mannarino’s prediction of DOW 6,000 is corroborated by a long term horizontal support line dating back to 1997 when the DJIA broke out above a rising trend channel dating back to 1987 at DOW 6,000 which was tested in 2009. If the 6,000 level were to be broken during the present decline, the next major horizontal support is at the 4,000 level.

  48. Faith

    Another excellent interview.

    As I predicted there is now discussion about women being asked to register for the selective service.

  49. Steve Jobs

    I believe this picture speaks for itself in terms of media bias:

    (prominent CNN personality posing sarcastically with a Trump doll).

    Kind of reminds me of the Iowa Dem Chair with HRC 2016 plates.

    They don’t even attempt to hide their agenda. It’s out there for anyone who takes 5 minutes to look.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump 2016
      Mr Trump just wiped NH with 35%, second place is Kasich, who says he should run as a democrat, at 16%

  50. Trude

    New Living Translation
    In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones. [USAWatchdoggers] ◄ Matthew 24:22 ►

    Aerial: Drone footage shows total devastation in Homs, Syria (EXCLUSIVE)

  51. Sidewalk Apostle

    Really enjoy your news casts and your guests. Honest news outside the MSM parrot’s subterfuge and feckless information. You need to get Karen Hudes on for an interview. What she is revealing IMO is quite interesting in regards to revealing and understanding the upcoming global financial reset. She also goes on about the financial struggle between the global elite and the world bank. Just as insightful, she mentions that the US is in “interregnum status” and that Germany will leave NATO if the fed reserve is not ended. Please get her on before they take her out… she mentions several attempts on her life in the past few months. You can see her interviews on or February 6, 2016 interview.

    • Armando

      No Greg, please anybody except the Charlatan Karen Hudes.

      • Sidewalk Apostle

        I was not aware that there are 2 camps for and against Karen Hudes. Admittedly, I did not thoroughly vet her prior credentials and interviews until now. I agree with Greg’s prior comments about her that she is smart, connected and not a fraud. To dismiss her provocative comments and disclosures outright is foolish. Even the Jim Willy’s of the world admit to not getting it right and throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. Is there nuggets of truth in the word salad? I say yes. Is there are preponderance of evidence? I say no, but there is accuracy in what the majority of what she says. Furthermore, that might be her ace in the hole to protect her from becoming missing like Eric deCarbonnel who probably said too much when he released his series of utubes on the evil empire slush fund, stabilization fund. I am not as savy or as sage as most of the financial magi on this site…. I woke up from the matrix just a few years ago and just found this great alternate news site, usa watchdog in 2015. I was not aware that Karen Hudes was on beforehand. I watch the video of February 12th, 2014 and did not find a lot of what she said as blatantly delusional, but in fact, following the same story lines in 2015 and being reported currently. Is she overly optimistic? Yes. I’m not as confident as she is in correcting the system before Satan’s boys take over. Not everyone has the gift of discernment or foresight. We all know of the CIA fascist, mind-control directed agenda in MSM for disinformation and misdirection. There are pieces to the puzzle she is giving. We must separate the wheat from the chaff in order to see snippets of truth inside the blitzkrieg of falsehood. I would not dismiss her and frankly, Greg should put her on again if she has new revelations or updates to discuss. God bless all who are trying to save humanity from the sons of disobedience!

        • Mohammad

          I see a lot of truth in what she says.
          Forget about the person and concentrate on the substance.
          If World Bank fired her that is a testimony to her good side.
          I say put her up Greg.


        • Galaxy 500

          Putting Karen Hudes on damages Greg’s reputation, it doesn’t add to it.

    • john duffy

      I wouldn’t put much stock in anything Karen Hudes says. I once heard her say the dollar was going to the moon and then in another interview she said the dollar was going to collapse. She also claims that there is thousands and thousands of tons of gold in Hawai. I think she is grandiose.

      • Mohammad

        I think she is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about that gold.
        By the way when those where caught in Europe with massive load of gold Bear gold bonds and deemed “FAKE” , you do not fake a 7 dollar bill right?
        You fake something in circulation.

        Zero hedge is reliable link i guess:

        Again you do not FAKE something that DOES NOT EXIST…..!!!!!

        THINK, THINK, THINK….!
        Use what god gave us, something called brain.

        Someone wants badly to shut her mouth off.


        • Galaxy 500

          Your wrong ongoing this one. People fake crap that doesn’t exist all the time. It’s called a confidence game. People have to believe it is real.
          But let me guess. You believe that there is a pile of gold in the Philippines jungle that Karen talks about. The Philippines where corruption is rampant and somehow it hasn’t stolen? A pile as big as all the gold that has been discovered and mined to date. It just boggles the mind. And you are telling the rest of us to think? My brother, I humbly suggest you rethink the magic pile of gold at the end of the rainbow in the Philippines.

    • Galaxy 500

      Are you kidding? Krazy Karen, there is 176,000 tones on gold in the bank of HI. Oh, no wait , it is in a secret strong hold in the Philippines.
      Yeah, that Karen Hudes? I think I want my info from people with credibility.

  52. Silence is Golden

    You want the Charts ????….Warning ….Some can’t handle the Charts…..

    Now that’s what I call charting.

    • Jerry

      That’s good. This here’s what I carry.{“allowChartStacking”:true}
      Nothing quite like seeing the “Chart of Bank Stock Index” taking a deep six.

      • Silence is Golden

        Impressive. Picture tells everything a Pension Fund Manager couldn’t in a lifetime.

  53. glen

    if these recent market disruptions are the result of a single miniscule rate rise then where will the show be after the next proposed three rate hikes?

  54. ROY

    Obama is much like Baghdad Bob, giving public speeches stating that everything in the world is ok. Actually the world is collapsing all around him. At least Baghdad Bob had a reason for lying, he had a military order to do so and was not personally responsible for the chaos. Obama is directly responsible for the chaos in the american and global economies.



    • Sayonara

      Good one Roy. I like the Baghdad Obama line because it is absolutely true as you state he is directly responsible for the chaos in the American and global economies. It just blows me away that someone has the audacity to blatantly lie and cause harm to millions of people around the globe. Obama is a very sick and evil human being period.

      • Grafique

        Roy, Sayonara, roger that.

  55. Mohammad


    I hinted in the past to the possibility of manufactured drop in oil to bust Deutsche Bank because it has the most oil/energy exposure among the European banks.

    Busting Deutsche bank means unravelling Europe and its power house Germany, add to it flooding Germany with immigrants then the social unrest is a guaranteed result, that will blow away any chance of German/Russian marriage.
    The thumb print of GS is there.
    They, like their Venetian ancestors who busted the COMMERCIAL banks of FLORENCE…are doing the same thing now, Goldman Sacks with their “Warren” program has dropped oil to yet bust another COMMERCIAL bank….DEUTSCHE……!!!!


    • Silence is Golden

      Deutsche Bank (AND ITS INSOLVENCY) is not a new phenomenon.
      Geez…cmon Doc….even Blind Freddy knew Europe’s Biggest Bank was walking on thin ice for a very long time. I and many others have been warning about the big D for what seems like an eternity…..look at my previous posts (remember its derivatives positions – higher (circa $75 TLN) than the total global GDP). Higher bcos GDP has taken a massive hit. Stop with the GS…. BS…already.
      The collapsing global economy is exerting an extreme amount of stress on an over leveraged system. Derivatives and Debt problems are all connected.
      Just for instance the interest rate derivatives within DB are approx. $45 TLN. The volatility in global fixed income markets has probably triggered some kind of interest rate derivatives melt down. This took place May 2015 (more on this below)….remember the firing of the two co-CEO’s from Deutsche Bank. That was (and will be proven to be) the “snowflake moment” for the ensuing global financial system meltdown. BTW the CEO’s were scapegoats for a system that is rotten to the core.
      Now for the killer punch…..As we all should know….ALL BANKS and HF globally are linked thought the magic of OTC Derivatives. The interconnectedness of the SIFI is the issue. You blow up one….they all blow up. GS is not immune to all the BIG US/EU Banks going under.

      I suggest that the culprit(s) behind the imploding Banks is none other than the FED /ECB themselves.
      They have destroyed the markets and left the Banks unregulated (OTC). QE has destroyed the interest rate paradigm along with the global economy which is crushing the debt issuers/holders.
      Oh yeah almost forgot…..Was it coincidental that the peak in stock markets globally was just prior to the “Hidden” implosion in the derivatives market. Hmmmmm !!!
      Just connecting the dots. Hope it helps you and others here on USAWD.

  56. Roman

    Go Bernie! Anyone with a brain should vote for Sanders. As far as the Dow….. 40,000 before any meaningful correction. This is just so simple, I am amazed that people get fooled thinking that this a normal market subject to historical booms and busts.

    We’re going to drown us in sea of liquidity and global capital flows.The One-percenters have trillions of dollars that they only use to place bets on capital appreciation…they spend nothing in the real economy(look at Gates, Buffert and Koch Bros.)

    But I digress….people don’t understand that the only thing that keeps the economy from going into depression are governments running deficits and millions of poor people spending and going into debt to keep the economy and the One-percenters solvent.

    • Grafique

      You’re 180 degrees wrong-headed. The economy should have been allowed to fail long ago – 2008. The longer it’s put off the worse it’ll be. That’s part of the natural cycle of a debt-based economy. Now what will happen when, not if, it fails?

      • Tin foil hat

        Another Vladimir Lenin’s “polyezniy idiot”.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, this isn’t the Onion. Run home to Mommy, there are grown ups talking here

  57. Smaulgld

    An excellent interview. I made a similar chart a while back

  58. Mohammad

    It could be the rally of gold you do not sell, the one Mr. Sinclair talked about.


  59. Henry

    I’d like to know if a major infrastructure rebuilding operation could help us. After the Great depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps put a lot of people to work and improved the economy. Instead of spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on WMDs, bombing and destroying Muslim countries over the 9-11 false flag attack, and giving hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street Banksters and corporate welfare, what if we used that money to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, electric grid, water and gas systems, public transportation, and schools? Seems to me this could really help get the U.S. back on the right track. Not only would people be put to work and have a reason for pride and hope, but they would be building and repairing things that would strengthen our country and greatly improve the quality of life for average citizens.

    • sk

      Yes. But how are you going to convince the Neocons? IMHO they are delusional, and rational arguments don’t work against delusions. What do you do with violent delusional individuals? Put them in straitjackets, right? What do you do with violent delusional political movements? Put them in … supply the missing words…..

      • Steven R

        All financed by more debt or printing money… No Thanks…

      • Galaxy 500

        They sound a lot like you.

        • sk

          Feel the hate. When you start getting flak, you know you’re over the target, Stardust! LOLOL.

    • Galaxy 500

      How are we going to pay for it? 0bama design out billions to shovel ready projects. There is a need road being built for a business Park that is 95% vacant.
      We need to clean up the country and kick the illegals out that are sucking down the tax dollars.

  60. Karl

    Seems on line with the Jubilee she mitch forecast by Bo Polny
    I think Greg M is more accurate than Armstrong.
    This is not a shift from public to private but from paper to tangible assets

  61. Diane D.

    The only two sites folks need: SurvivalBlog and USAWatchDog. Thank you Greg and Greg.

  62. Mohammad

    LOCKED AND LOADED for the slaughter house..!


  63. Will

    Greg, thanks for all that you do. I have checking accounts in multiple banks and recently noticed that the daily atm withdrawal limits have gone down. It looks like the possibility of a ban on cash is real . B of A allowed 800 withdrawal last yr and now it is 700. Wells Fargo cut it down to 310 daily atm withdrawal. Chase is down to 500. Also I recently went to another bank to open an acct for my new job and you wouldn’t believe how you are interrogated- like a criminal. It took 40 min to open that basic checking account and they had all my info going back to 1994 when I first opened an acct with at that bank, which I thought was quite shocking.

    • susan

      why are you banking with those banks? That’s crazy!

  64. brian

    We should probably consider the reality that honest to God capital controls and the state sponsored force/warfare required to make them stick have not really shown themselves yet….monkeying with interest rates, slight of hand trickery and soft gloved fraud are by no means the only tools available to the “fed”; I suspect we will sooner see what is really in that toolbox before any symbol of “fed” power is allowed to fall into the muck.

    I would probably expect all us “folks” to be seeing more and more military on the streets and less and less of the money, prosperity, security and wealth we are assured still is there by the much vaunted, lauded, venerable and glorious institutions we tacitly and most passively entrusted to hold these things in the first place, institutions by the way, that are absolutely no surrogate of the God that we should have entrusted these things with.

    As we all suffer and die we should find some humble comfort in the fact that we deserve what is going to happen, and that the excruciating pain that accompanies our grievous wounds testifies loudly, purely and most honorably to the presence and existence of our God and Maker.

  65. Mohammad

    What negative interest rate policy may mean to mortgages?

    Banks are PAYING you to take a mortgage…..WOW…!!

    Can any one contemplate what the bubble in real estate will be when that goes in effect here?


    • Silence is Golden

      It actually works in reverse Doc.

      • Mohammad

        how in reverse?

        Suppose 100.000 is the price cash for a house.
        You mortgage it 30 years and lets say with positive interest you end up paying time and a half, lets say 250.000 when you finish it.
        Now when feds go negative the bank will get you in the house without interest.
        They will definitely inflate the house price to compensate the loss of the previous scenario.
        They will say ok, the house mortgage price is 250.000 and you can have it with zero interest over 30 years.
        That is inflation on steroids, because if you want to buy cash you will be still getting it for much more than the 100.000 in the previous scenario, and less than the 250.000 with the zero mortgage scenario.

        Am i missing something here?


      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Silence, you’re thinking of deposit accounts. A negative rate mortgage is different and actually would benefit the borrower.

        • Silence is Golden

          Thanks DDJ and DOC.
          No am not thinking of deposit accounts at all or the Math supporting the argument…in that sense. That is the Black and White approach (without offence).
          I am thinking outside of the box and about the psychology of the market in general.
          NIRP has and is destroying the expectations of those that save for the future. When their future is destroyed….they have no future. Their mentality changes. Taking out a NIRP Mortgage does not align with a growth in mistrust of the Central Banks and Governments which is beginning to materialise. That, in my summation, is a very bad outcome.
          NIRP is yet to be shown for what it really is….. CONFISCATION. This is the FED/Government we are talking about here. They have become desperate. Traps are being set everywhere one can think of. They themselves are trapped.
          Bernanke said recently “Interest rates will not normalise in my lifetime”. Ouch !!!
          This implies financial repression will not only kill the middle class but also the BANKS and any small – medium business that depends on them for funding.

        • Galaxy 500

          Central banks are pushing negative interest rates to get people to pull the money out of the bank, stop saving and spend. The problem is people like me are going to pull money and put it in the mattress.

    • Galaxy 500

      Who is going to loan money [leave it in a bank that in turn is going to self-destruct] to a bank that is planning to bankrupt itself?
      I looked at the zero hedge article and it’s a Google translation and it did say some would have a negative rate. I question the translation. People are not going to pay you to take money. I am skeptical that you can get a home loan that you pay less than you borrow. A negative rate means you don’t pay all the principal back and I call BS on this.
      An interest rate is basic math. What is your money going to be worth in the future [inflation ] and what is the risk of the client [will he default] and the cost of collecting and processing paymemts. You can’t do that for zero, much less lose money on every loan.
      Central banks are are going to charge banks to keep money but I think it will be a cold day in hell when bankers make loans where they give you a 20 / 30 Yr loan and then not only don’t make a profit, they loose money.

  66. David John Williams

    Hi Greg,

    Let me start by saying thank you, I’ve been watching your interviews for some time now and I have learned a lot from you and your guests. I just finished watching the latest with Gregory Mannarino and I am curious to know what both of you think of Larry Edelson’s prediction that flight capital could push the DOW as high as 30 000. Larry argues that the US stock market is the only market deep and liquid enough to absorb the capital that will flow out of plunging bond markets and other sectors as governments and banks collapse. Have you interviewed Edelson? I’d sure like to see it happen.
    BTW, I just finished watching a 2014 speech on youtube by Canada’s former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer called The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis. He understands the banking underworld and may also be an interesting guest.
    Thank you for all you do Greg,
    David John Williams

    • red

      That is a great question. Hadn’t heard of Edelson.But been wondering. If the CB’s double down on this absolute sham of a market. It is absolutely possible. Zimbabwe -nomics’

  67. Curious George

    There was an interesting scene in The Big Short where the mortgage back security prices finally were marked correctly by the banks and those CDS were finally beginning to pay off. Too bad that the CDS sold by the banks were also going belly up, so at that time even though the shorters were right, they may not even get paid. Well eventually the shorters sold their shorts for far less then their expected returns of 20-25x (still 3-5x so its not chump change).

    So Mr Mannarino may be correct. But if the house goes bankrupt, who’s going to cash you out?

  68. Marcus West

    Gregory miss those videos you have each week sometimes 2 -3 and the calls and puts on your traders site. Just read that book and enjoyed your analysis and look to the future. Keep that information coming …………….

  69. art barnes

    Greg, CNBC is interviewing many financial pundits trying their heart out of get them to say the bottom is just around the corner and book value (buy signals) are all over most sectors. If they are successful in getting some money back in and halt the slide, remember, your guest & yours truly discussed the possibility of a BEAR RALLY prior to the dark & deep slide Gregory M. predicted. Probably about Friday or next Monday or thereabouts there will be a temporary apparent bottom, then a sideways move with some upside momentum disguised as a long rally, then after that the real bomb will go off. Almost all deep drops as Gregory M. has predicted are conditioned upon a “bear rally”, its a great way to steal more of the non-insiders honest investors. The big boys won’t buy in the bottom hype, just the naive non-insider middle & upper middle class.
    Going to be a long & hard ride once the bomb goes off after the rally.

  70. Linda Rose

    Thank you, Greg! For your good work. Blessings.

  71. Mohammad

    Sorry Greg for too many posts but things are speeding up:

    “They will look at introducing a limit of €5,000 euros on any cash transaction to combat money laundering and financing terrorism. For thousands of years, no such limits on cash ever existed.”

    Can we say capital control before the announcement of the Lehman’s moment on Deutsche Bank?


  72. Thomas Harmon

    Hi Greg just looking at CNBC what a joke,
    Here is the headline DOW halves losses as investors go bargain-hunting. Yea right.

  73. dee garmon

    Thanks for the excellent interview. It should come as no surprise that the flagship carrier
    of MSM , namely NY Times, endorsed the main architect of the financial collapse under Citigroup banner. Isn’t it telling how MSM and Wall Street work hand in hand to promote their candidates?

  74. Zoey

    Genetic modification of human embryos given the green light in Britain, unleashing a horrifying new era of engineered mutants and human-hybrid monsters!!!

  75. r.j

    greg .greg mannarino is spot on, there ar others who have also made the same call such as Ron Rosen of the Rosen markrt timing letter. His jaws of death chart is in play. Dow 5000 before a big upswing into 20000 plus.Perhaps into a hyperinflation scenario. I fear for those who will not listen. I have friends and family who think i am a nut but i dont care. My wife and kids and i will survive thanks to your site and others thankyou Ron

  76. Meredith Brooks

    Thanks for the heads up. When I go prep shopping next I’m buying me some some popcorn. Gonna send it to the FBI. I appreciate them waiting to maximize all options, but in the meantime we should all be appreciating this dream. Mushroom Kingdom
    After that I’m buying me some, I’m buying me a fiddle. Gonna head downtown, I can’t play but what difference does it make?
    Thanks jim willie publickly for renewing my faith in humanity and spiritually saving my life, giving me hope in humanity.
    Seven Mary Three

  77. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Jim Rickards predicts that the stock market will continue to decline for the next 6 – 8 months and that the Fed will raise rates again in March and possibly again in June because of the faulty models the Fed uses.

    • Mohammad

      “Then the easing cycle begins…”

      That is a punch line that worth stopping by.
      It makes Martin Armstrong’s argument very strong viable one.
      Market will climb to new highs once feds reverse coarse, and they will.
      All the buyers of the dip including feds friends are positioning themselves for the coming SUPERNOVA in DOW, S&P,…etc, which will mark the end of monetary system as we know it.


  78. RichM

    I know this is not a trading site but there are some smart people here….. Anyone have a take on oil? Will it hit the teens, hover around 30-32, go up to 40-60, go up to 80-100????? Of course a war could make it go way up. The glut, plus world economic slowing, plus Iran coming back on line tells me it could stay low. Yet China is still at like a 6-7% growth rate…. Russia cannot take low oil for too long, and the Saudi’s I think are regretting what they have done as they need it at $60 pb to be profitable. Most of what the Saudi’s wanted has been accomplishes, in that the Canadian Sands projects and deep ocean projects have been stopped. The fracking simply just caps off on a rainy day and is well prepared to come on line within months of a rising oil price. IF THE BANKS/INVESTORS can hold off. Bill Holter says that most oil project investments have been derived from derivatives and this low oil price could cause a major economic collapse.

    The reason I ask this is because I called the bottom in oil at $45 and went in big time yet I was way early and am hurting badly now. I lost big. Anyone want to call a true bottom? I am thinking $30 is it????

    • Silence is Golden

      Hate to stick my neck out here….
      I’d say its going down and staying down for an extended period of time….perhaps for as long as a decade.
      All bets off ..if there is an escalation in ME tensions…..SA/IRAN/SYRIA related.
      A Stagnating world economy cannot be jilted back into life. The Debt overhang is killing business. The ZIRP is killing banks. No growth = deflationary pressures to work off excesses.
      I am highly suspicious of what the Central Bankers have been whispering around the halls in Davos…..perhaps something along the lines of this….
      I wont forget it…… 😉

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m sure you are not the only one who got burn in the past 6-12 months. I made some decent money trading ACI on its downward spiral only to loss it all plus some on BTU. I truly thought BTU would be the last man standing but I was wrong.
      I started a small position when COP hit 52 weeks low and am contemplating to double down around $35. I tip toed in at $70 with CVX and will buy more if it dropped below $60. I will definitely p/u BP at below $25 and EOG at below $45-50. I’m still holding on to the XOM which I bought a long time ago at around $60 and will probably buy more at that price.
      I don’t know what you are holding but I would stop lost CHK, ECA, KMI, LINE, SDRL, UPL and any former mid-cap energy companies with high debt. CLD is a coal company with no debt and great balance sheet which I bought at around $8 and it’s less than $2 now. I think oil prices can go lower since the storage capacity has reached its limit but as long as you believe the company you invested in can weather the low price for another year or two without the risk of bankruptcy, I would hold like I do with CLD or cost average down on large cap oil for the rebound.
      I believe one of these things will happen and propel energy prices higher within a year or two; war, QE or Trump. I believe your investments will be rewarded handsomely as long as they can manage to stay solvent for the next year or two.

  79. RichM

    Called the bottom at $45 for myself, not anyone else. …. to clarify….. but I am feeling MAJOR pain right now.

    • frederick

      RichM Who knows for sure but if Greg M is correct and the entire worlds economy collapses it wouldn’t surprise me to see oil a lot lower than 3o dollars Demand in such a scenario would be crushed

    • RichM

      Thanks Golden and Frederick for the input….

  80. Jerry

    Am I missing something here? What does it say about the future of the petrodollar when the main players of OPEC are dropping the dollar in favor of the Yuan?

    What this says to me is, that even the rats are fleeing the sinking U.S. titanic jumping in the Yuan lifeboat. Yes things are great in America. We have the DOW imploding. The oil companies getting ready to default on their loans. The Central Banks talking about negative interest rates. And Bernie Sanders talking about free college and healthcare for everyone. And they call us crazy? Hilary was right. It takes a village…… of idiots!

    • Silence is Golden

      Its laughable…
      There is the Socialist come Communist…..who wants to increase taxes
      There is the Liar and one who wants to HOLD WALL ST. ACCOUNTABLE …yeah right…!!
      There is the Great Builder…who wants to build a WALL …to match the same one in China
      Is that the best they can come up with…. for us (Elite) to choose from ?

  81. Clare Doll

    Dear Greg and Gregory, Gary Savage puts quite a tantalizing video up this morning saying there is at least another leg up to the stock market. Although I don’t agree with everything (especially the future curing of the aged), it is the first analysis that addresses the possibility of another upswing because of a QE4. He doesn’t say its going to be a QE4, but for those of us who believe that a QE4 will occur, it is a reasonable analysis. He still believes in a drop of 20% first and he also believes that gold has yet to pull off a bubble phase. Give it a read and see what you think.

    • Clare Doll

      Did I just say “give it a read” about a video. Please give a listen!

  82. Don

    Greg, wanted to put my two cents in, on what I believe the path the economy will follow. There’s many good remarks, from many guest here. Right now we’re in a deflationary vortex, and standing on the edge of a lack of confidence in the paper Ponzi the fed. has created. This is seen in the traditional flight to treasury’s. This will drive treasury’s to a bubble., as Mahomad has explained. The only thing left the fed. can do to turn the deflationary force is to debase the money. The trick will be, can inflation be held at bay, to a level that doesn’t cause a quick and total abandonment of the dollar? I think the money creation needed to stem the tide of deflation at this debt level, will also bring us to the first stage of hyper-inflation, which will create a plight from everything in dollar denominated assets. So either way, I expect confidence to be loss, because for the first time, the other day, the vix didn’t follow the market rise. The market is now alerted to the real issue and a lack of confidence has already been breached, as seen in the metal breakout. You always do a good job my friend, Lord bless.

  83. Anna

    David Stockman said that once the S&P 500 drops below 1870 and stays there decisively for a few days that then we are headed for a deep correction. That break of 1870 has happened. Greg Mannarino says there is nothing to push it back up (after a brief run-up still to come, then the real dive). Thank you Mr. Hunter for this site. Courage and foresight is all we have.

  84. vincent_g

    You brought up an important point but didn’t talk about what it means.
    When the Fed talks about negative interest rates people had better listen.

    Negative interest rates does two things.
    1. Banks charge you for holding your money.
    2. The US Treasury has to withdraw all cash and coins from the market.

    Negative interest rates means a cashless system where you can’t take your money out of the banks. You become captive and in effect it’s a new form of tax !

    If cash is not pulled from the markets then people will withdraw all their money from the banks. That of course would cause bank failures.

    So negative interest rates means the end of cash money in both paper and coins.

    You might want to let people know that if they are thinking of this then this is what it means to the average Joe.

    • Galaxy 500

      They might want to go digital but I don’t believe they have the ability to pull it off. Fiat currency is a faith based item and no one will have faith in digital. The US government can’t keep their most secret data secure, how are they going to keep digital currency secure.
      It may be there dream but I don’t see this happening.
      But you are correct, for negative rates to work, they would have to do that. But negative rates are just one more market manipulation. It is not a natural state of any economy anywhere and they are not going to be able to go digital to get the effect they want.
      The better solution is to raise interst rates, not go negative. I predict the Fed will raise rates again. It is the only way they can go to keep the ponzi scheme going. Higher rates will draw money out of Japan and Europe .

  85. Don


    Antal fekete has predicted that falling interest rates (Gibson’s Paradox thanks Bob Rubin, Larry Summers) are lethal to the world’s capital. So their plan to go negative rates will just continue the destruction. God help us.


  86. Mohammad


    After loading them up with kids to get tax refund they are left now high and dry…!!!


  87. Darren

    Greg and Greg……Great interview…Quick question…..What happens to all personal debt? Morgtage, auto loans, cc debt and so on? If everything on the positive side gets creamed ( 401K, PENSIONS, SAVINGS ETC) it stands to reason everything on the negative side is wiped out as well…Thoughts and thanks again…:)

    • frederick

      Doubt that the banksters would ever let anyone off the hook but who knows if the entire system does go down I suppose collecting could get complicated for them

  88. Fanny Flabergasted

    Which one is the Trumpster?

    [ ]

    ____________O R_____________

    ( )

    ___________O R _A_ C O M B O ?

    What Say You?

    • Galaxy 500

      I say Trump 2016 and he just stomped the rest of the field by nearly 20 points. He spent little money and little time compared to Kasich and Christie

  89. Grafique

    For those who say votes don’t matter/really don’t count:
    If some person or people besides the citizens really determine the outcome of elections,

    – Why are public opinion polls watched so closely?
    – Why is the GOP establishment trying so hard to discredit Cruz/Trump to the public?
    – How is the conspiracy maintained nationwide, with tens of thousands of workers involved?
    – If elections are just phony window-dressing, then anyone could be installed as president by whoever’s in charge. Why don’t they just go ahead and give the office to their NWO dictator?

    Most people believe every vote does count, but still refuse to vote because there’s no perfect candidate. The fact is, someone is going to be elected president. If it’s Hillary, Sanders or some RINO, then the destructive, socialist, anti-American policies of Hussein Obama will continue. Such people have watched for seven years as Obama has used Executive Orders to circumvent Congress. Don’t you think their mouths are watering to do the same?
    Can’t you at least vote AGAINST these people, even if you can’t vote FOR someone else?

    • Grafique

      Is it important to vote for an outspoken Christian?

      After eight years of Hussein Obama, who I believe to be a “closet muslim”, our society, which is based on fundamentalist Christian values, is not slipping, but charging into spiritual darkness. What will happen if someone is elected who will not work to reverse the damage done by Obama, but will continue or accelerate the same policies?

      There is now actual research proving that elite liberals desire and openly speak about “eradicating” Christians.

      Cruz 2016

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree. Jesus says rend unto Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is Gods.
      Some want to say that just means pay tax but they are wrong. It covers voting and jury duty in America. I was taught it was our civic duty.

  90. Don

    Greg, just saw that Iran has rejected the dollar for payment on oil. The Saudi’s, Iran, Russia, am I leaving any out. Wow, how many more are there, except the continent of Africa, Libya, Sudan. This disjointing from prior petro dollar agreements are coinciding with the oil derivatives trigger that Holter pointed out the other day. Question, Is it a planned event?

  91. Grafique

    “America is a Nation Headed for a Fall”

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”
    – Ronald Reagan

  92. Mohammad

    Trumpet won, with Sanders.
    Socialist vs clown who will pardon a socialist (if he wins) who will be indicted soon.

    To change the mode and mood, here is an interesting thing:


    • Galaxy 500

      Why do we need a mood change. I am elated. Trump is just what we need to stop the moslem 0bama from finishing the invasion of evil 0bama planned.
      We need to cease all immigration for 50 years.

      Hurray Trump 2016

  93. Silence is Golden

    This little piece of work came out in 2012.
    True nothing in this timeline has occurred …to date….
    Some might suggest its alarmist.
    I think it hits a few home runs…..
    Can’t say watch and enjoy though…..worthy of considering the scenario much along the lines of what Bill Holter suggests with his 48 Hrs hypothesis….and done….

  94. JC Davis

    Greg it is Wednesday morning where is my watchdog food. LOL
    You are throwing my clocks off.
    Hope all is well.

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