Economy in Severe Trouble-John Williams

WILLIAMS_092_wade.JPGBy Greg Hunter’s

Economist John Williams says forget all the happy talk about the improving economy.  Williams says “The economy is in severe trouble.”  Williams goes on to say, “When you see a contraction as we had in the first quarter, given all the upside biases that the government puts into the series, you know the economy is in serious trouble.  The second quarter was reported at 4% (GDP).  They revised it up to 4.2%.  That is not much of a revision, and it is barely significant when you consider there is a margin of error plus or minus three and a half percentage points.  Early numbers we have seen on the third quarter suggests that the third quarter is going to be weaker.  The numbers for the second quarter . . . do not support 4% growth.  There is no way that is happening.”

With the mid-term election coming in November, can the government fake good numbers on the economy?  Williams says, “They certainly could keep the numbers positive until Election Day.  I would expect they will do that, although I don’t think that is reality.  In fact, I know that is not reality. . . . Corrected for the bad inflation adjustment, the economy has plunged.  It’s been bottom bouncing, and now it is turning down again. . . .  The surprise here for the markets is the economy is not recovering.  With that surprise, there are all sorts of nasty side effects. . . . The banks are in greater trouble than people think. . . . The budget deficit is going to be a lot worse than publicized. . . . There is going to be a lot of bad news that will be a direct result of the economy not recovering as advertised.”

On unemployment and the Obama Administration’s recent claim of creating “nearly 10 million new jobs in the last four and a half years,” Williams says, “If we were to go back to the levels before the recession, we would need at least 11 million new jobs.  That’s 11 million more than we have now. . . . We are in serious trouble here.”   You heard correct, the U.S. needs 11 million more jobs just to get back to the pre-2008 crash levels. . . . We are still losing jobs in this economic picture.  That’s what the numbers are showing despite all the happy hype you get in the popular media.”

Williams is forecasting a possible dollar sell-off by the end of 2014.  Williams predicts this will trigger the beginning of hyperinflation.  Are we on track for this prediction?  Williams contends, “Everything the Fed has been doing to pump this extraordinary amount of liquidity into the system since the panic of 2008 has been aimed at propping up the banks. . . .  The banks are still in trouble.  From here on in, it’s going to get worse, and as it does, the Fed is going to have to pump more liquidity into the system. . . . They will use the poor economy as a political shield.   As the economy turns down . . .  the Fed has to do more, and all these factors will come together in a great confluence, and that will give us selling pressure in the U.S. dollar.  With this selling pressure, there will be upside pressure on commodity prices, and that will be the early trigger for hyperinflation.”

On the issue of bank bail-ins, will they happen?  Williams says, “Nope, the Fed’s basic mandate is to keep the banking system afloat.  I can’t envision a Fed that would want to see people losing their money because of what it does to the banking system.  The problem with depositors bailing out the banks is that it encourages bank runs.  It’s the run on the banks that the central banks have to avoid. . . . I doubt they would take actions that would trigger a big run on the banks.”

So, instead, Williams says the Fed will just keep printing money to keep the banks afloat.  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Williams also said, “People in the business world look elsewhere than the government for accurate numbers on the economy.  Businesses have to work in the real world, and they need real numbers.”  John Williams’ is a paid subscription service for $175 per year.  If you would like to subscribe to his financial analysis, please click here.  Williams also has free information on the home page of

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  1. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Dear Greg,
    I have done a Theology/History Degree way back in 1982 in the UK, and I have been studying like crazy World Economics before 2007. So, I have a clear picture of all three aspects of human existence of play and counter-play of lies and fraud in this Keynes-macro-economics system in the western world! I would like to share some of this material ( Off -Line, and the media) with you! I think that you do have some sort of ‘Spiritual knowledge’ ‘Wars and romours of Wars’ and ‘Fear Not’ are deep Religous/Spiritual route saying from the ( New Testament, Scriptures).

    I have been a serious Christian now since 1979, I was a Buddist follower before that! I was converted by the an understanding of ‘Biblical Prophecy’ both books of Daniel and the ‘The Book of Revelation’, I have been in person to Patmos, doing my own research there, and have been studying these special books in the Greek and Hebrew languages also! I have linked all three aspects of knowledge ‘Theology, History, and Finance’.

    For Example, Greg, Jesus Christ, when he was a small baby, his step-father Joseph, and his biological Mother, were given Gold, in Gods plan was used to live exile in Egypt, until they were told to go back to the land of Israel. And near the end of his Earth work, as the Messiah, He was Betrayed for 15 ounces ( Thirty peices of Silver). So Greg, Money and Finance does have a lot of connection to the Religious/Spritual, and Historical narrative of human affairs throughout time!

    In closing Greg, all the major world empires that are mentioned in Daniel chapter 2 did fade away, when they debased their monetary system over a long period of time for example of this the story line was like this:- The king of Babylon had a dream and Daniel the Hebrew Prophet, did have the interpretation to the kings dream, Babylon was the head of Gold, then next in time was the next world empire, the Medes and the Persians were the Silver empire, so next was Greece, was the Brass empire, and then came Western and Eastern Rome, this long time empire was made of Iron, then the Ten kingdoms of the Old Europe that came out of the fall of the Roman empire was a combination of Iron and Clay ! So Greg, even in this short discriptive picture of world empires we see that they were represented by precious metals and being debased in worth as time went by throughout human or world history! Intresting is it not?

    The USA, is also and the UN and the Papacy all in Bible Prophecy and its this knowledge that I think that you should have, why should I ? you may say? Well Greg, the Old and New Testament Prophecy from the Word of God, has a lot to say about HOW THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEMS WILL FALL, just like those world empires of old! In closing Greg, also the Word of God, has alot to say about Islam, also about its role in the demise of this global ponzi system of paper economics!

    Kind regards always….Robert Peter Bailey.
    (Fear not, for I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me!) Jesus, saying these words, just before his Second Coming!!

    • lynn

      I love John, but, the run on the banks should be happening right now. Not one person should leave their money in the hands of the thieves who have stolen the stock market, the commodities exchange, the ability to buy food and gas at reasonable prices, manipulated the price of gold and metals, and overall, have overtaken our way of life and destroyed our country internally. No central bank should print anything, it is evil. Savers punished, debt issued and new slaves created, then what do they do? They collapse their ponzi schemed system, your home, car, is worthless because it is tied to debt, and your commodity prices (food) is so high that you are now struggling to eat……they have taken it all away. That does not include the jobs they have shipped away, unemployment , and the derivaties they have bet on from here to kingdom come. I say why would you give your money to the people who are destroying you? Are you insane? I would rather give it to a builder to build me a storage facility; a grocer who can stock MY shelves; a piece of land that can produce my own water (taxes can take that away too); buy a homeless man a meal, and tell the banks and those who have ruined our country to shove it where the sun does not shine…….that is what we ALL should be doing and praying that we help each other when the time arrives. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE FDIC for what is coming our way……NO WAY. God bless America and bless you Greg Hunter for reporting the REAL news.

    • allen ols

      Robert P. Bailey;

      Watch 3 min. start at 16 min. mark, to 19 min. mark; of Geo. H. W. Bush, speak of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    • JC Davis

      Robert P Baily. Have you created a blog or have a place I could read more on your insight. That was a very interesting point with the birth and death of Jesus. I do believe there are spiritual forces controlling the physical. Thanks. JC

    • Daniel Jantzi

      I’m very interested in the information that Robert Peter Bailey says he has. Were you able to connect with him ? Does he have contact information that you could pass along to me? I would prefer that my comment not be posted.
      Thanks for a bit of your time, I really look forward to mon. wed. and fri. Keep up the good work !!

  2. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Maybe my post tonight doesn’t appear at first glance to have a whole lot of relevance to what the esteemed JW had to say in todays interview.
    But then again maybe it has a whole lot to do with where the US economy and its diplomatic standing in the world is heading and why.

    I will take the liberty of quoting a paragraph from the writer of this post by Brad Cabana.
    “This woman’s eyes have haunted me since 4:00 p.m. Ukraine time, June 2, 2014. Her name was Inna Kukuruza. She was a wife, a mother, and a citizen of Luhansk city. On that day, June 2, 2014, she made a fatal mistake walking past the City’s Administration building after work. She, and many others, had her life ended in a hail of unguided rockets fired by a lone Ukraine air force jet. However, unlike the rest of those dead around her, she did not die immediately. She lay there for seconds, all filmed by the ever present phone cameras, and asked to speak with her daughter. Then she died. What the picture above doesn’t show is her mangled legs, or her missing foot. She bled to death. My heart broke for her at that moment.”
    We all need to know that this tragic death is a direct result of Washington meddling in the affairs of a sovereign country on Russia’s border. Inna is just one one thousands of innocent victims in these vicious games that the US plays all over the world.
    This was particularly poignant for me to witness this photo and to remember that I too have a beautiful daughter of similar age who is the mother of two gorgeous granddaughters. If she was unfortunate enough to live in the Ukraine this could just as easily have been her wanting to speak to her wee daughters before she passed away.
    As gory and tragic as this photo is, we as educated ‘informed’ westerners, need to see the havoc that the Obama regime wrecks indiscriminately on innocent people’s lives all over the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      As I have been saying for weeks this is going to get far worse. This past weekends headlines are only the beginning.

    • allen ols

      greg, colin NZ.

      Here is some HOT NEWS from Jim Willie, who, called Paul Sandu, to arrange this broadcast, concerning GERMANY, AND UKRAINE.

      THE SECRET VOICE CONTACT SAID YESTERDAY SAID; “highly trained soldiers from europe are in the fight”……..French detachment captured AMERICAN BLACK WATER SQUAD,……these soldiers are from germany, holland, england, france…..

    • pessimist

      It’s just a matter of time before those scenes become a reality here. People here cannot imagine that something this horrific could happen in their city …. just like the poor people we whose pictures we now look at did before it happened to them.

      The western global banking cartel has a mission and that mission is war, death, and destruction on a scale never before manifest on this planet.

    • AL HALL

      Colin: The USA started this mess in Ukraine as with most of all the wars/fighting going on. Obama – the puppet- does what his elite owner tell him. It was the USA and NATO that forced the old head of the Ukraine to leave as they tried to takeover the region. Putin knew what they were up to.
      As the middle east – country by country – was destroyed by wars and conflict my CIA friend told me exactly what was going to happen- he named the countries in order of how they collapsed. He warned when Saudi Arabia falls to the same conflict the end is near.
      This was his warning sign to me.
      Also, this is not known by many- But when the middle east started to collapse- Egypt, Libya, etc, my friend told me Hillary Clinton meet twice with the Muslim Brotherhood and signed an agreement with them- stating when each government of these countries
      collapses the U.S. would let the Muslim brotherhood take over – the USA would not try to stop them.
      The USA and Nato, Britain, and Israel are behind all of these chaos!!!

  3. allen ols

    Interesting take on ww3;

    The US Is Dependent On a Devastating First Strike Attack

    The United States and her allies have a decided advantage of quick strike, long range battlefield capabilities because of superior aircraft and carrier strike capabilities. The BRIC nations have an advantage with manpower, rocket propelled weapons and tanks. The USA and her allies cannot win a sustained battlefield campaign because of the attrition factor. The Chinese have demonstrated the ability to negate the United States Navy’s technological advantage through the use of killer satellites. Therefore, the entire US strategy is predicated on a first strike before the Chinese can destroy the majority of the eyes and ears of the US military, namely, its superior satellite capabilities in which the US forces can quickly locate and destroy the enemy with its smart weapons before the enemy knows what hit them.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is totally frightening. Everybody should be stocking up on supplies.

      • Galaxy 500

        Did I miss Brazil getting ICBMs? Do you buy into this scenario? Looks like fear mongering at its worst. Just my two rubles

      • allen ols

        I thought the same, and determined to re evaluate my various food stashes, and what to boost them with, more of the same, or new and different stuff. yoders bacon for sure.

        for the naysayers;

        Aramar Experimental Center[edit]
        23.397°S 47.601°W
        The Aramar Experimental Center (Portuguese: Centro Experimental de Aramar) located in Iperó in the State of São Paulo, was inaugurated in 1988 as the first uranium-only enrichment plant in Brazil. The facility is run by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) and the Brazilian Navy. In addition to the Centrifuge Enrichment Plant, the facility also hosts an Isotopic Enrichment Laboratory and several Small Nuclear Centers (Portuguese: Pequenas Centrais Nucleares, or PCNs). The enrichment laboratories are under the National Safeguards control and national inspections are carried out by the Safeguards Division of CNEN.[22]
        Cachimbo Test Site[edit]
        Main article: Campo de Provas Brigadeiro Velloso
        9.3047°S 54.9464°W

        Brazilian Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Development Facility in July, 2007. This facility produces Uranium hexafluoride gas for Uranium enrichment.
        The Cachimbo test site, officially named Brigadeiro Velloso Test Site (Portuguese: Campo de Provas Brigadeiro Velloso), is located in the State of Pará and covers 45,000 square kilometres, an area larger than the Netherlands. It is within this military area that a 320 meters-deep hole at the Cachimbo Mountain Range was site for nuclear explosives tests. The shaft has been public knowledge since 1986 and was allegedly abandoned in September 1990, when President Fernando Collor de Mello used a small shovel to symbolically seal up the hole.[23]
        Army’s Technology Center (Guaratiba)[edit]
        23.0124°S 43.5639°W
        The Army’s Technology Center (Portuguese: Centro Tecnológico do Exército, or CTEx) located in Guaratiba in the State of Rio de Janeiro is the site of the plutonium-producing reactor facility, known as ‘The Atlantic Project’, managed by the Brazilian Army’s Special Projects Institute – IPE. Reports indicate that the gas-graphite reactor would be capable of producing plutonium for atomic bombs.[24]
        Aerospace Technology and Science Department (São José dos Campos)[edit]
        23.212290°S 45.875120°W
        The Aerospace Technology and Science Department (Portuguese: Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia Aerospacial, or DCTA) is a research facility located in São José dos Campos, in the State of São Paulo where nuclear research is also conducted.[25]
        Resende (Engenheiro Passos) Nuclear Fuel Factory[edit]
        Main article: Resende Nuclear Fuel Factory
        22.504°S 44.646°W
        The Resende Nuclear Fuel Facility (Portuguese: Fábrica de Combustíveis Nucleares, or FCN) is a nuclear enrichment facility located in Resende, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The plant is managed by the Nuclear Industries of Brazil (Portuguese: Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil, or INB) and by the Brazilian Navy. Currently the plant produces enough HEU for 26 to 31 implosion type warheads.[26][27]
        Legislation and conventions[edit]
        Brazil’s 1988 Constitution states in Article 21 that “all nuclear activity within the national territory shall only be admitted for peaceful purposes and subject to approval by the National Congress”.[28]
        Brazil acceded to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on September 18, 1998, ratified the Geneva Protocol on 28 August 1970, the Biological Weapons Convention on 27 February 1973, and the Chemical Weapons Convention on 13 March 1996.
        Brazil signed the Treaty of Tlatelolco in 1967, making Brazil a nuclear-weapon-free zone.
        Brazil is also an active participant in the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Suppliers Group, multinational agencies concerned with reducing nuclear proliferation by controlling the export and re-transfer of materials that may be applicable to nuclear weapon development.

        • Galaxy 500

          And the naysayer, says….And this gives them ICBMs with nuclear warheads…but then your bar or proof and mine are quite different.
          A press release for you.and.missle testing.for me…yeah , that seems like your level of proof and mine.

          • allen ols

            coolaid mann

            lets see,
            I have the ability to make the plut.

            I make rockets

            I have satelites

            I can manfg. launching parts and assemble all in a short period of time,

            I am connected to russia, china

            no brainer.

    • AL HALL

      Al: Remembering what Albert Einstein said and I quote- “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

      This says it all– and our once great republic will be to blame for this madness


      • allen ols



        Israel has been stealing nuclear secrets and covertly making bombs since the 1950s, with no clear account of testing the bomb.

        I would bet Japan has all the equipment, in parts ready to manfg a neuc at any given notice, and field an ICBM; as well as S. Korea.
        During ww2, wernher von braun was building v rockets under ground, with slave labor. Never under estimate what these countries are doing covertly.

        Its rather simple, If I was President of Brasil, I would covertly manfg, all the necessary parts, w/deep secret manfg in plain sight locations, camoflaged by other programs, and ready to Implement the program at High speed.

        one never knows what is going on deep underground, circa N. viet. tunnels.

  4. Jomer

    In a future interview with Mr. Williams could you ask him a question I have always wondered about?

    when figuring real inflation, doe he and shadow-stats figure in innovation?

    for example, recall back 1970’s when ten’s of thousand of auto workers were laid off as the were being replaced by robotics? We, the consumer, were told this was good thing because a robot doesn’t need health insurance or a retirement plan, so cars would become cheaper.

    Thus car that sold for $4,000 in 1972 that now cost $24,000 not only has seen a 600% price increase. With all production innovations in a non-inflationary environment might only cost $3,000 today, making the real inflation rate 800%.

    I know a car is a bad example because the new car has electric windows, air-bags, cd-player, etc. So we are no longer comparing apples to apples. But something like ice cream, with all the innovations and small farms being replaced with cooperate farms, a 1/2 gallon of ice-cream would still be a 1/2gallon, and be much cheaper if there was no inflation.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Does the car of today do anything basically different than the car of 50 years ago? In fact, it doesn’t do some of the things as well (cargo capacity being one, and the cost to own and operate as a percentage of the average income being another). Only 10% of new car “purchases” today are cash. 50 years ago, the majority were. Go figure. Best always. PM

      • Alarmed

        I always chuckle when someone sites “how many years ago.” Fifty years is a long time ago. When I started to drive 46 yrs ago, there were only drum brakes. This meant that you really needed to slam on the brakes to stop. I skidded on wet roads (tires not as good as today) praying that I would not slide into the intersection. You really needed to use hand over hand to turn the car. None of those one handed deals. I remember priming the carburetor. Air conditioning was the bucket window. The heat was inconsistent. When a car turned 100,000 miles, it was ready to fall apart. Today we use a combination of disc and drum brakes. I drove my last car until it was well over 300,000 miles. I wanted a new to me vehicle because I wasn’t sure I could rely on the her, but the car stopped as the tires were good on wet roads, and I enjoy the air conditioning on sultry days. Does “basically the same” mean a person could identify the wheeled object as a “car” from 1954 as well as 2014? Maybe. However, they do not function the same. Neither would a sewing machine from 1954 function the same way as computerized sewing machine from 2014.

        Inflation is a cancerous disease.

  5. PeterB

    Great interview Greg. Always love listening to John Williams.
    Just a pity the audio is muffled.

    All the best…..

  6. kLONDIKE.

    Bust the individuals at the criminal bank’s, “the banker’s”! Didn’t the son of God do that 2,000 year’s ago? Didn’t they call them money-changers back then?

    What do the central banks, like the Federal Reserve have to do with any of this criminal behavior? Are we dealing with a criminal cartel?

    • AL HALL

      Yes, the Fed is a criminal cartel of elite banksters!!! You question it as maybe this is correct- but you are spot on! Our forefathers knew if the banksters got control of the federal bank we would be in trouble. Pres. Wilson sold us out along with others. Pres. Wilson knew what he had done was wrong and apologized for do it as he left office- but it was to late. Now all of Congress is bought and paid for- and this clown in the white house and his drag queen wife!!- Now that’s another queer story!

      see this presentation by Mike Maloney – the Hidden Secrets of Money! —

  7. art barnes

    Greg, anyone who believes the U.S. Government’s “political” numbers is a brainwashed fool. Inflation is high, just go fill up and go to the grocery store or out to eat. For the elite things are good, high profits & low loan interest on their loans if any, with their properties values rising straight up. For the working man, low wages, loss of benefits, harder to make ends meet, same for the very small business persons as well with commodities high and work scarce. Mr. Williams has everything right except for his timing, he has been predicting the collapse & hyperinflation for a long time now, its a slower process than he wants to admit, its takes a long time to take down an economic and military empire as the U.S., its just not an overnight issue. What Mr. Williams has not noted was the rise of the “entitlement class” which is just more trickle down economics or rather trickle up. Each dollar given in welfare and other benefits trickles up to the wealth class and keeps the system afloat longer as full stomachs don’t complain or riot. I believe this system will continue for as long as the entitlements continue to grow and this will continue until the deficit simply can’t be sustained it any longer. Also, Mr. Williams may have to revise his timing once again if the Republicats take over Congress and commence another arms race with Russia, this too will stimulate the military industrial complex which is a large section of the economy. As long as the MSM can keep the deficit & its future ramifications off the news cycles things can continue unabated longer than one would ever believe. Hope your labor day as good as it is very appreciated.

  8. Politics

    Lawmakers: Islamic State groups want to hit US

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Cities in the United States and Western Europe are being eyed as Islamic State militants’ future targets and President Barack Obama needs to take action, U.S. lawmakers say!

    • Politics

      Didn’t the Russians try to warn us about the Tsarnaev brothers before the Boston marathon bombing, then last spring during the present Ukraine uncivil war, US. lawmakers said the Russians purposely withheld information that could have stopped it and why did we wait so long to release this info and releasing it during this crises in Ukraine?

      BBC News US. & Canada
      10 April 2014 Last updated at 21:28 ET Share this pagePrint
      Boston Marathon bombs: Russia ‘withheld’ information on Tsarnaev

      Congressman says Russians believe Boston bombings were preventable
      Published June 02,

      Ruska’s side of the story msm doesn’t cover;

      Comments from above article.

      DS 13.04.2014 15:49
      The is an unwarranted arrogance in the West which may be causing this “I know best” behavior accrossed the whole of life from macroevolutionary theory, gay rights, to you name it. It quashes dialog and cooperation. This is another example of that. US pride is injured because backwoods Russia gave a warning which resulted in a sloppy investigation.

      Alex 13.04.2014 15:35
      “We will always ask ourselves what more we could have done to prevent this or another tragedy.”
      Isn’t that clear in this case?

      Smaug 13.04.2014 14:43
      Boston Marathon ? Blame it on Russia…. World war II ? Blame it on Russia….. Dollar collapsing ? Blame it on Russia. Global eco-system failed ? Blame it on Russia…. Aliens don’t want to visit Earth ? Blame it on Russia.

      What about BUSH?

  9. Roderick

    Is there any chance that once our dollar falls dramatically this event would curb the excesses and lunacy our leaders seem to engage this nation in? If so bring it on. I know Mr. Williams stated this is the year everyone will know the worlds reserve currency is in trouble and that the buck will drop in value around 25%. Yikes! Will that approximately 25% drop in the buck land some pink slips on the desks of the morons who seem hell bent on selling us down the river to third worlddom? That is a difficult question to answer especially when of late deficit spending seems to not matter. Heck even the debt ceiling is no more.

  10. Ugly

    The economy will slump big time in 2015 because of low agricultural prices to farmers. Wheat is ok barley is down, potatoes are down, corn is down. This in turn will mean less taxes collected and lower equipment sales purchased by farmers. This only means tax increases due to budget deficits even in conservative states and cities. Even in Idaho, this is starting to happen. The problem is not the down turn, but the fact that there is no plan to to our economies in a positive direction. The plans are only more government. The end of 2014 will be beginnings of tailspins, and 2015 will be a doozy….

  11. AL HALL

    As always- great input from your guest. It matches up very well with Jim Prichard’s latest info I passed on to you.
    For those that are interested- here is Jim’s talk-

  12. Tom

    Always informative!

  13. Robert E. Salt

    Whenever I drive past Newark airport on the NJ turnpike, I always have the windows rolled up with the music blasting. When a jetliner takes off or lands more than a mile away, it drowns out my music. I’ve been to little league games near JFK airport with an occasional jetliner passing very low over the field. If a man who was totally deaf and totally blind had been there, he would definitely be aware of the plane because of the intense vibrations. Those of us in the Towers on 9/11 never heard jetliners approaching because there weren’t any. All we heard were explosions. TV and movies have everyone conditioned to accept special effects as the real thing. Funny all the news anchors we lost shortly thereafter, Peter Jennings, Charlie Gibson, Tom Brokaw. I’m not sure what happened to Dan Rather, but Katie Couric doesn’t anchor the news anymore either. Not everyone feels comfortable lying to the American people. Democracy is the favorite tool of a tyrant who controls the news media. He has little trouble swaying the majority, and everyone else is forced to go along. Controlling the news media, along with NSA spying, is being used in an attempt to smear and replace people like Elliot Spitzer, David Patterson, Charlie Rangel, Anthony Weiner and Chris Christie, just to name a few in the NYC region alone. There’s a big push to create a one world government. This cannot be accomplished without the cooperation of most of the world’s leaders. Putin, Obama and the Chinese may be fierce competitors, but they’re all on the same team. The strategic competition that goes on in the middle east is merely a distraction. The real war is between world leaders and Main Street. Modern technology has enabled governments to control the weather which accounts for the drought out west and the flooding in the midwest. Forest fires have been set, and hurricanes have been steered (Sandy, Katrina and Erin). The earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in the Indian Ocean as well as the one near Fukushima were all deliberate. Old man Bush and Clinton went to survey the damage in Haiti and the Indian Ocean, but Fukushima was too dangerous. An Israeli rabbi with inside connections predicted the Indian Ocean event two weeks in advance. Can you think of a country whose leadership might like to blame the 9/11 crime on Arabs? Conclusive proof of “no planes on 9/11“ can be found in the top video on If you look closely at the demise of the Towers, you will notice that very little solid debris is hitting the ground. The dozen firefighters in the inner core of WTC-1 would never have survived if the building had collapsed. Jumpers from other buildings have hit the ground with their limbs intact. Jumpers on 9/11 had their limbs pop off when they hit the ground, because they had been half cooked with microwaves. The weapon used on 9/11 was used in Oklahoma City before it was perfected. The foremost authority on the WTC on 9/11 is Dr. Judy Wood.

    • Galaxy 500

      Then where did.the.landing gear come from that put my friend.that.worked at.AMEX in What a macaroon? Sure I will be educated by the.feeble minded that it was a jewish or cia.plot….At some point, the crazy.people will be.medicated….heres hoping its soon

      • allen ols


        where did the molten metal come from rolling down the towers and clearly seen in video and pooling on ground, and the molten steel seen from space station. what ?? from a few thous. lbs of jet fuel, and some office furniture, u dweed, keep drinking the coolaid, and bldg 7 just happened to fall mysteriously in its own footprint, u are a duuude!!

  14. Robert

    Secrets are not shared with the public. A very tailored product/suite of secrets are withheld from the public for more than two reasons. One, because the public is being treated and eventually told they are children/sheep and should be sheltered from the truth. Number two is plausible deniability given the public. Number three –> add infinitum is any reason to elevate the shepherd over the sheep.

    The adults/shepherds to some extent are not necessarily the govt. officials. The adults/shepherds ultimately are role playing the puppet masters. The govt. officials are just the nannies and do as they are told.

    Lies are told to you as if some humanitarian effort. You heard me correctly, Greg. Eventually the govt’s argument/stance will be just that- They lie to the public to spare the public a terrible panic. As if, panic is the worst tragedy for a human to experience.

    As if, truth is the worst tragedy for a human to behold. This could be only true if this World had been turned on its head.

    Yes, this world is producing humans that do NOT reflect Godly ways. The world around us is a factory successful at producing evil.

    Reject the ways of this world? And be crucified?
    Wow, It sounds like the third secret of Fatima.

    After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!’. And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.átima

    Lets hope this is our fate. It could be worse, no?

    Keep this ANONYMOUS, pls.

  15. laura m.

    We have our money in two credit unions, as many retirees have CD’s and regular savings. Interest rates won’t keep up with inflation which hurts some. Also have div. paying stocks and bonds. We just paid cash for two 2015 cars and a friend helped grand kid with buying a house, other one a car. Seems hopeless now days, not much we can do except brace ourselves. I am amazed that patriot websites don’t shut down since this country is completely trashed (open borders, econ, ISIS threats, crooked sold out politicians. W’e quit voting thirty yrs ago, understanding the Elite control the puppet politicians and rig the voting.

  16. Jerry

    Greg, you were totally, and completely correct, when you stated last week, that the economic war is in full bloom world wide. It certainly is, and this report proves it.
    Having the EU block buying Russian bonds in order to punish Russia for Ukraine will only serve to add fuel to the fire. Lets be honest, Russia and China have already signed agreements to stop using the petrodollar for trade and its just a matter of time before they dump U.S. Bonds back into the market.

    I agree with John Williams about the timing of the dollar sell off. The last quarter of 2014 only makes sense, since most countries around the world begin their economic cycles in January. The BRIC nations (which include 105 countries) should be ready by then to go line with the new gold backed Yuan system.

    Street wise here’s something you may or may not know Greg. Last year businesses , and individuals, were allowed to renew their current Health Insurance plans, for one more year without any changes . All of these contracts are set to expire on Jan.1,2015 transitioning everyone into the new (ACA) Affordable Care Act government plans. Do you have any idea, how much the premiums are set to go up when this transition takes place? In my state, try about 30% – 40%. Can you imagine what that will do to businesses? Talk about a job killer?

    • AL HALL

      Jerry- Glad to see others out there get it!! My insider friend told me before Obama care was introduced into Congress that it was coming and would pass — that it has nothing to do with health care- it’s the last thing needed to “control the sheepeople”!
      This is why Republicans do nothing to stop it – they to are bilderburgers and are controlled by the “elite’s”. I hope at least when this system collapses that the people know enough to hang the elite’s instead of turning on each other. The elite’s are planning on people wiping out each other – that why all the racial chaos!! Today every group hates all the other groups. Just sad how people fall for this trick.
      The elite’s have their underground cities to go to as the people fight it out here on the surface.


      • West Tejas

        @Al Hall : You are correct, the rhino’s support the takeover of healthcare despite what their flock of sheep believe. Out of the all the likely presidential candidates who did they select to run against Obama? Romney!!
        Now who is Obamacare modeled after? Ever heard of Romneycare which Romney introduced in Massachusetts.
        Seriously, does anyone believe that Romney would have overturned Obamacare which is modeled after his own Romneycare if he had won?
        I mean you can’t make this stuff up it’s so laughable but shows that both parties completely supported Obamacare despite their harsh words.

  17. Mr Fisher

    Mr Williams is a smart man. I got it, banking bail-ins will defeat the purpose of QE. At least Greg Hunter is trying to keep it real by having on guests who have different point of views. BTW, where is Catherine Austin-Fitts?

  18. Al

    “I honestly feel we pulled out of Iraq too soon,” he said. “It was something done to gain political favor. All the loss we had, all the guys who made tremendous sacrifices. And for what?”

    NORTHTOALASKA; to win an election?

    MSM News
    For Kentucky town that gave much, new worries over Iraq. By By Chris Adams of McClatchy Washington Bureau

    LONDON, Ky. — On an unseasonably cool August day, Zola Hamlin pulled up to a small cemetery on the outskirts of town, saluted the headstone of her fallen grandson and offered a somber thought for the parents and grandparents of future soldiers who might get caught again in an Iraq war.

    • AL HALL

      AL – as a Viet Nam vet myself I say to all- after careful thought to this subject and what I know from inside government sources-\
      To fight meaningless wars made up by out corrupt government our sons and daughters die for nothing. If these politicians want war – let them sign up and lead the charge.
      Obama- what a waste of humanity in that empty suit.

  19. Jerry

    Survival Gear – Water filters
    This is the one I recommend if you plan to have long range drinking water.
    I’ve had some people tell me, “I’ll just boil it”. If you think that way, I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. It takes a lot of precious fuel, and time to boil water, and in a survival situation that’s the last thing you need to be worrying about. You can get the Royal Berky on Amazon for under a $150. That’s a small price to pay for your life, considering you can only go three days without water.

    • Mason

      Saved the link in my Favorites under the File-name ‘Prep’ again. Thanks!

    • JC Davis

      Jerry these work great for wine making also. No need to distill water with the Berky filters. for drinking water the monolithic filters are less then 1/2 the price. I made mine with 4 gal food grade buckets. After a year or so I have noticed mold problems. Regular cleaning is critical. I will build a stainless one when I find the right containers.
      Monolithic site.

  20. Eddie Laidler

    The leading fast food corporation I am involved with is struggling and buying back their own stock as are many other corporations.
    One of the main reasons is to shore up the share price.
    See reasons:
    I live in a very wealthy bedroom community and retail is suffering all around.
    If we could see all the EBT card users lined for a daily meal at Walmart it would rival the soup lines of the great depression.
    Don’t worry though !
    We will all be busy demonizing Russia and focusing on the Islamic threat.
    The bail in is already taking place as my investments are diluted by useless dollars.

  21. AndyB

    Greg: excellent interview with JW, perhaps the only real dispassionate and apolitical economist out there; all the rest are just talking heads with a political agenda. It’s certainly going to be a big shock to the uninformed when they realize the lies and obfuscations that they have been fed, not just under Obama, but for at least 40 years.

    • Paul from Indiana

      As I often say, nobody beats “Dr. Numbers”. And sooner or later, the numbers don’t lie. And we have lots of numbers, starting with $17.5 TRILLION of ACKNOWLEDGED debt. Best always. PM

  22. Jerry

    Greg they’re at it again. The globalist running this show may not wait until the end of 2014 to collapse this thing. According to this CNN piece NATO is ramping up for war right now. I know, I know, …………its CNN but it still paints a picture of what the globalist have in mind.

    • Greg Hunter

      This has been our forecast for many weeks now.

    • wd

      Jerry, I too think Uke is it this is the center point.

      1) Does NATO realize what they are facing and are they going to just send in 10k young people to get slaughtered. What is going to happen when that strike force gets wiped out? Will other NATO countries say “Enough” we are not playing?

      2) Also, with the globalist doing this, there must come a time when you loose control of something, it just happens. With this push to war they must be desperate, if not why didnt they just let US economy collapse in 2008?

      2)Also, it seesm that Putin is like a cat playing with a toy, is he setting some type of trap? Does he know the plan that is going to try and take him out. I know he holds his cards close to his chest.

      Also-just read a great piece criticizing Jane’s Defense, about how they completely underestimated Russia, Putin and how bad their predictions were about the Uke.


    • pessimist

      I heard Jim Willie last night give an interview with Paul Sandhu, at the request of Jim Willie himself to make an important announcement …. that both Germany and France have decided to turn and join the BRICS nations, that Germany and France have decided to leave the EU, that Germany and France have troops in Ukraine now fighting WITH the eastern pro-Russian rebels and against the US backed Ukrainian fascists, and that in effect NATO is dead. That German news media will soon release Snowden’s evidence that 911 was staged by US and Israel and that all hell is about to break lose in the global financial system as Germany allows two of it’s banks to fail that will trigger the domino collapse of the derivatives market.

      You should contact Jim Willie Greg and get him on ASAP.

      • allen ols


        I heard also, and russia has the info from snowden w/communications, and more.

        galaxweeee 500 will have to down grade to planetary 101.

        al ols

      • wd


        I just heard that interview…Incredible!! I was about to recommend it.
        I heard 40 minutes of it, sound very credible-Good call!

      • mark

        thank you pessimist for posting this.

  23. smaulgld

    If there is a banking issue that can’t be solved, the Fed would WANT bank runs as they can then call a bank holiday and institute emergency measures.

    The Fed was talking about “bailinable debt” to be created, not necessarily depositor money BUT, obviously if there are not enough people dumb enough to buy bailonable debt, they will go to the depositors who have legally bailinable debt as they are unsecured creditors.

    The need and call for such debt indicates they know the banks are not stable absent continuous dollar printing.

  24. Paul

    How can we expect a significant fall in the dollar, however
    well deserved, when the US dollar index is
    comprised of such equally trashy currencies as the Euro, British
    pound, and Japanese yen? Why single out just the dollar for devaluation?

    • smaulgld

      “How can we expect a significant fall in the dollar, however
      well deserved, when the US dollar index is
      comprised of such equally trashy currencies as the Euro, British
      pound, and Japanese yen? Why single out just the dollar for devaluation?”

      Because the demand for the dollar is the greatest because of its use in international trade. A decline in its use will lead to a decline in its value and make imports to the US skyrocket. The US won’t be able to make up the difference by having its exports being cheaper because we moved most of our manufacturing overseas

    • Ugly

      Think about it. The USD has been indexed below 85 for over 6 years now. That means that those trash currencies you refer to are actually rated 15% higher than our dollar. In old days you could give a dollar, let’s say in Canada, and you would get about $1.30 back in Canadian money. Today, you would get about 85 cents in Canadian money. It is pretty much the same with other currencies.

      So should someone ask, ‘why is the dollar the reserve currency when it has so much debt and our currency has been valued higher than the dollar for well over 6 years now?’….

      The reason the other currencies are in trouble is because they have followed the dollar. Hence, that is why they want out of the dollar. But we won’t let them. Thus, we are shaking countries and starting conflicts. The ultimate conflict will be world war….

      The dollar would die 2 seconds after the printings and phony accounting stops. So whether it dies tomorrow or two years from now, it is gone. The dollar is gone.

      • allen ols

        greg, jerry;

        dealing with russia will be nothing like dealing with sadaam, or kadaffi, or or other 2 bit muslim armies. And the saaaaad part is obobo is in charge of our military, a formula for defeat.

        jerry, I am sticking with the sawyer water filter, and if need be, add granules of calcium hypo chlorite for bleach effect, and strain through charcoal filled sock, (clean sock)

      • Jerry

        Totally agree. Printing is all we have left. There’s no jobs. There’s no manufacturing. Our top exports are:
        – Pornography
        – Garbage

    • Galaxy 500

      Wonderful insight. I keep.hearing about the yuan but people promoting it fail to understand the impact of the lack China. We became a power because of the rule of law…and we are declining as a.nation because.of a loss of it.and anything if “it feels good” morality.

      • allen ols

        planetary 101

        the jackass has informed the sheeple that russia has hired germany to implement the rule of law. pay attention pls.

  25. reader

    US economy will stall and breakdown long before full blown HYPER-INFLATION sets in. Many predict chaos In Europe first and then, as if in sympathy, the radical events in the US. Therefore One can stay cool at least until Europe breaks apart. AUGUST 2015?!

    • Paul from Indiana

      In a “Europe first” scenario, the dollar will likely rally temporarily before the big crash. Best always. PM

      • Reader

        Yes. Understood. Best to you.

  26. Arizona

    YOU KNOW,it doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how smart you think you are if you can’t survive a disaster,you die just like the dumbest rabbit,Bring all these illegal aliens into america when the money is about to crash ,WILL be a huge disaster,NO ONE will stand by and watch their five year old STARVE TO DEATH,wishful thinking is just that ,all hell will be in every street in america here shortly and no one cares ..YET….THE LORD has told his PROPHETS the great civil war in america has started,and will now spread to every city in america,AND THE GOVERNMENT will use their creation to take over the country with their police gangs and foreign troops,ANY one who thought for one second oboozo and his cast of commies would leave office and be put on trial for TREASON,had to be dreaming,NO it will be WAR in the streets,and these illegal aliens will be the most dangerous bunch america ever saw………

    • Galaxy 500

      Damn, hes right

    • Charles H.


      Illegal aliens will be both a nuisance and impediment to real, armed Americans – kinda like a semi-zombie apocalypse, both to wear-down and identify areas of real survival. Self-defense will be a pretext to apprehension. It will be a crime to protect yourself!

  27. peter

    Mr. Williams has been wrong for years, during which time he has repeatedly predicted hyper-inflation and a condition approaching Armageddon. You should have asked him about that and whether he wants to revise his views.

    • wd


      In a Ponzi scheme, they can keep things afloat for a long time with cash coming in. I too had doubts about JW, but if you look at the labor force participation rate, retail sluggish numbers, the amount of people not working and the malls around US that are dying what he says is correct.

      Remember in 2008, there was the biggest cash infusion, if not we are toast.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, Williams has adjusted his foreward guidance as new information becomes available. There has never been this.level.of corruption, behind the.scene scamming and in the history of the world. Has any of the people that predict bad times. Knutsler has been.predicting peak.oil.for two.decades.

      • wd


        I still cant figure out the peak oil thing, I am a big fan of Mike Ruppert and Kuntsler; gas is going donw where i ilive and I now thats due to lack of demand. Unless they are keeping there inventories very secret.

        I would have guessed this would be a big factor.

  28. wd

    Hi Greg,

    Maybe I could not understand, how did John explain the 4.2 % growth rate in GDP? Maybe it was losy in tramslation or I had a difficult time hearing it. He said that a big part of that was due to something. Sorry about that but I am intrigued at how they come up with this big number with a pathetic labor force participation rate and 120 million people living on govt funds?

    I dont get it!


    • woody188

      I believe he said it was part-time jobs and the fact that the margin of error on the data was three and a half points, basically saying he doesn’t believe their numbers at all.

    • Kevin

      Gross GDP minus the rate of inflation equals net GDP.

      If one uses a false inflation number, then the GDP growth statistic is false as well.

      If gross GDP growth is 4.2% minus the real rate of inflation 9% (provided by John Williams) real net GDP growth is a negative -4.8%. If inflation has averaged 7-9%
      since 2008, real growth has been negative and no recovery has taken place.
      When employing phony statistics the government must attempt to portray them as credible, thus massive propaganda effort to convince the population that recovery is just around the corner.

    • simeau

      Peak Oil is a failed theory. It was based on Fossil Fuel, which is also a failed theory. It had been proved that oil regenerates in the crust. The poorly-chosen term for this is Abiotic Oil.
      It is more accurately described as Anaerobic Oil. The source of this oil is everything that dies. In the decomposition process, the last thing left (other than bones or fiber) is the lignins (look it up) which are long-chain complex hydrocarbons that are not easily broken down or decomposed. Dead animals leave an “oil spot.” Since this material is heavy, it gets washed into the topsoil and continues to sink. Since it is an oil, it clings to rocks and continues to be pulled by gravity down through sediments, aided by the occasional percolation of rainwater. As it descends, it begins to meet the rising temperatures and pressures necessary to break down the weak links in the chains. Absence of oxygen is essential so that the reactions are not burning, hence Anaerobic.
      Eventually these lignins decompose into the basic petroleum products in crude oil, having gathered unique local properties based on the local geology.
      This process also occurs in the ocean, much less interrupted by man, which is why many of the largest discoveries, and they happen all the time, are off-shore.
      Oil is NOT scarce; who benefits from the scarcity model? The same entities that profit from it, maintain their cartel monopoly, and prevent alternatives from rising (unless they ALSO control them, like Nuclear and Big Wind).

  29. Charles H.


    I think John Williams doesn’t want any negative political commentary ascribed to him – who’s to blame him?
    I tend to disbelieve his opinion on whether a Bail-in will happen or not. Having the Law or rules on the Books is enough for me. Other countries are not the only ones who don’t believe one stinking thing the current Administration puts-out.
    The sheer amount of hogwash from “official”, un-official, Media, and what-have-you is absurd and unheard-of. America is in really bad shape. Whether “they” pull the trigger; or it just falls apart – the wheels are off and things are moving fast.

    • Paul from Indiana

      When discussing the bail-in, it is a matter of context. There is a huge difference between bail-in as a consequence of poor fiscal and monetary policy (money crisis) and the government actually surviving. Williams (Dr. Numbers) is, as always, technically correct: the idea of the bail-in is indeed inimical to “sound” banking. But I believe the idea, or concept, of the bail-in in our situation is as a means to ensure government control and survival, which has nothing really to do with banks, currency, money in circulation, or solvency. It has to do with wealth/asset confiscation to enable the government to remain viable and in place. For that reason, I don’t trust the government to abide property rights or civil rights of any kind, when crunch time comes. Best always. PM

  30. Deanna Johnston Clark

    This is good reading.
    As usual all over the blog sphere, there is no mention of what simple folks on Social Security or with blue collar jobs can expect to see. Here in the South many people season their food with and enjoy pork. The prices are going up fast for this southern staple. Why?
    Can we expect bartering to become a bigger part of commerce…skipping the $$ altogether? Or will things just stay the same, but slowly get poorer? The old joke about the South was “We didn’t even know there WAS a depression in the 30s.”
    So little of these macro writings are refracted into the daily lives of people.

  31. Joseph

    With the Fed winding down it’s counterfeiting, I mean QE program, why are interest rates not only not rising, but falling? Who is buying all the bonds? Why would the public be buying our debt at these low yields? I do not believe the Fed is tapering but there is no way to prove it. The only way for our country to avoid hyperinflation is for somebody to keep buying bonds and thus maintain 0% interest rates. The Fed cannot just “say” they are going to keep rates this low, they, or a proxy of theirs, has to keep buying the bonds. Somebody please let me know if I am wrong on this.

  32. Toyo

    Unfortunately I have to say I am losing faith in John William’s predictions. He clearly said we would have hyper inflation by the end of the year. That was in January and it is obviously not going to happen as we are now in September and there is no signs of it. He also said july’s GDP would be negative and we would have a recession. The July number came in at 4.2% to the positive.

  33. John M.

    I always agree with the simple nuts-and-bolts analysis of John Williams. We are given statistical lies over and over again, and I suppose they expect us to actually believe them if it’s done often enough. But the lies just cannot be believed unless you are drinking their KoolAid , or maybe you hope the bad dream will simply go away if you ignore the bigger problem that your nation is really in a vertical nose-dive headed for complete collapse.
    I believe wholeheartedly with John that we are heading for hyperinflation (I think, when the money velocity starts to accelerate with the eventual lack of public confidence in the dollar which is impossible to calculate) , although rising prices will be largely misunderstood by almost all Americans because there will be a lot of moving parts to distract us from the true cause of hyperinflation, as there will probably be burning cities all over the country and a bloody world war to name only two of the distractions. There will also be scapegoats, as free-thinking and independent minds like many of us on this site will probably be ridiculed. Our patriotism will also probably be called into question.
    The truth is: We have actually been in a protracted depression despite the so-called “stimulus” of zero interest rates and rapid money printing, and the economic contraction should only worsen as the hyperinflation begins to shift into higher gears. Hence– a hyperinflationary depression. It’s worse than just irresponsible monetary tricks and abuse, as I fear that Americans themselves have accepted the notion that it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal just like their government has been doing over the years if it means getting some material gain, like a bigger house or higher stock prices in the old retirement account. Maybe Americans get a government that it deserves as the nation as a whole lacks a real sense of moral value and spiritual absolutes. We are getting really close to having pay the consequences of so many economic sins and such immature thinking, and obviously the US dollar will be the biggest casualty. Human life will also have little value, as war should only intensify amidst all the turmoil.
    I would encourage watchdogs to visit and find the recent index listings for Jim Willie (“Extreme News” interview with Paul Sandhu) and one for V-The Guerrilla Economist (“It Begins” with John B. Wells). There is a lot of excellent analysis about Ukraine and war, Germany and France leaving the Western sphere, gold and silver, etc. etc. Everything seems to be progressing quickly to large-scale war and economic suffering. That’s no surprise to many of us.

    • Chaban


      Quite a few of those guys have been wrong again and again. I actually trusted them and missed out on that huge equity rally that all my neighbors seem to have enjoyed.

      At some point they need to show a little more humility and admit they were wrong.

      Took my kid to the school bus stop this morning and I could hear parents talk about their new cars, vacations they are planning, etc.

      That was not the attitude of people who are worried, if you see what I mean.

      And of course today we are going to hit a new all time high on a new manufacturing rise and a surge on construction spending.

      I used to believe all those figures were fake, and I know a large chunk is, but I’ve started observing a bit more when I go out now, and I must say, there is a ton of construction everywhere I go.

      I used to be an avid zerohedge reader. Now I see they have been wrong on so many topics for soooo long. And it shows as their readership is way down.

      John Williams is a nice man. He was just wrong. Period.

      And I wish I had not listened to him.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It’s one thing to expect it, but it is another to start living it. I will be 62 in October. I have never experienced anything that could be described as real, genuine hardship, want, or fear, and certainly not the kind of civil strife often discussed here. I think I’m prepared, and I expect hard times, but we’ll find out just how well I, and many others, actually do. Best always. PM

  34. allen ols

    John Williams doesnt have to be 100% correct, I can accept 80%, as I can accept same with J. Willie, PCR, Celente, Mannarino, Kirby, and others.

    the interview was top-o-the-day, wether inflation begins end of 2014, or middle of 2015, is irrelevent , just to say, it is comming soon.

    here is a short clip from rt, on putin and china, pipeline.

  35. allen ols


    On Kissinger;

    Henry Kissinger is out with an essay in the Wall Street Journal “on the Assembly of a New World Order” (HT Ed Steer). Some parts of it are rather difficult to understand or interpret (is it written in code that only the elite can decipher?). I will attempt to go through it line by line (probably not every single line) and see if, by the time I finish, I can make some sense of it.

    Libya is in civil war, fundamentalist armies are building a self-declared caliphate across Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan’s young democracy is on the verge of paralysis.

    Translated: Pretty much everything touched by the US government in the last ten years has turned into a disaster.

    To these troubles are added a resurgence of tensions with Russia……..

  36. Lancedd

    John Williams key point seems to be that “. . . there will be upside pressure on commodity prices, and that will be the early trigger for hyperinflation.” The trouble with this idea is that there is currently downward pressure on the prices of nearly all commodities particularly including oil and gas, iron ore, coal, wheat and rice. Apart from precious metals which have their own dynamic, it’s hard to see how commodities could trigger hyperinflation when they are themselves subject to the same deflationary pressures as everything else with a significant labour content. For example, the Australian economy has already lagged due to the fall in the coal price over the last couple of years and with iron ore now falling as well, Australia’s previously remarkable economy is on the skids. The problem as everywhere is overproduction / insufficient demand. Similarly with agriculture, both North America and China are bringing in massive grain harvests so where is this commodity led hyperinflation going to come from.

    Anything with a significant labour content (such as manufactures, commodities, construction etc) is deflating whereas things priced on scarcity (such as land, art, stocks etc) are inflating. With the exception of precious metals, I can only see this getting worse.

    If you think John Williams is right, buy commodities. If you think I’m right, sell commodities and buy land.

  37. Mason

    Interesting! There seems to be a conflict of opinion between experts:
    John Williams says the dollar will begin to go into hyperinflation in 2014 or 2015. Martin Armstrong says that the dollar is the last to go. Jim Rickards says if you look at the CURRENCY (not the economy per se) the euro is stronger than the dollar because the Europeans are actually having a lot more austerity than the US.

  38. Mason

    A few relevant headlines:

    – Ukraine to pursue NATO membership

    – Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order

    – Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Launching Invasion, Then Promptly Retracts

    – Mexican President Nieto referred to California as the “other Mexico” and praised the state for its ‘immigration-friendly’ policies.

  39. art barnes

    The religion of peace is at war with the west, hot war in the Middle East and cold war making babies & training them to hate in the West. Our tolerance will deliver us to a new Turkish (Ottoman) Empire, which, by the way, won’t trade in dollars when they get their empire back!

  40. Jerry

    Greg the propaganda machine is in high gear.
    Just as John Williams stated, you can’t trust the numbers the government is releasing. It just doesn’t make sense. Because of this hubris, its going to make the collapse just that more savage when it happens. But what else can a fake government do to continue a fake economy other than continue the illusion by peddling the false narrative ?

  41. Jerry

    Greg this is urgent. I just received information from one of my inside sources that the Russian response is in full swing. NO NATO response as of yet. Ukrainian military losses so far, the 3rd and 91 battalions. I can’t confirm the accuracy of this information, but it does seem to match the bugling going on in RT news.

    People can do whatever they want with this information. I’m taking it seriously. My recommendation. Double down on preparations. The road ahead could get bumpy if NATO and the U.S. decides to lock horns with Russia. This is not Iraq people. It will be devastating to our already fragile economy.

    • allen ols

      I am with u, I am doubling down!!!!

    • wd


      Do these young men and women know ( NATO 10k forces) whats in store for them? I cant understand why they think they will have any effect except to fill body bags. It seems that this will be the rudest of awakenings.

      From what I am seeing in all aspects of the news, Russia and her backed forces are cleaning up with minimal forces. They are making thses brilliant military tactical moves. Move after move…they keep NATO /US guessing.

      • Jerry

        It seems odd to me that these Russian military advances co-inside with the NATO meeting in Europe this week. Something is clearly afoot. I think the Russians are clearly taking the U. S. first strike propaganda seriously.

    • Jerry

      Here you go. Boots on the ground in Ukraine.

      Nice cover-up. Not one mention of this in the MSM press.

  42. Sandiegoman

    The issue that I have with Shadowstats is that they ascribe a multiplier to CPI data and have stuck with it. It isn’t very scientific. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but MIT has a much better and scientific measure of inflation called the “Billion Prices Project” which actually measures inflation by using prices from online retailers.

    I think this audience is already on the “inflation is coming” side of the house but Williams is losing more and more credibility with his calls for currency devaluation and hyuperinflation by the end of the year. Really? I mean, the Japanese Yen is looking much more sick than the dollar by far. The dollar could actually rally considerably given it is the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry. (quote from Kyle Bass).

    Timing is a fools game. Sites like zerohedge have been talking about the financial collapse since 2009. Eventually they will probably be right, but when?


    • simeau

      CPI is just one issue. IMO, we should be more worried about Money Supply, how it is measured, reported, interpreted, and acted upon. There are different forms of money and they are created, managed and act differently in the marketplace.
      Aside from that, we are dependent on a corrupt system run by corrupt, treasonous financial interests who do not care if the political entity known as the USA survives. In FACT, they are part of the scheme to bring about it’s demise in order to install their precious New World Order. They can collapse the thing any time they want. If they do pull the plug, it will be because they have the solution in place. Of course there are always unforeseen consequences, but their arrogance is their confidence that they can wing it.
      I don’t think they are ready to do that. I think they can continue to shuffle and manipulate perception as long as they want. hell, they can even forgive some debt, since they are the world creditors, and they can do it in ways not perceived by 99.9% of the public. They are the kabalistic sorcerers who have been working their black magic over nations for thousands of years.
      I tend to agree with Joel Skousen’s assessment that the collapse will be used as pretext for war. they intend to draw us into war with russia % China (essentially the BRICS). this is the intent of the middle east aggression. They are not ready for that because China is still building its war machine. When TPTB (not China; the Banksters) think China can defeat us, they will “Pull it” again. Skousen believes we are about 7 years out.

  43. Ken Russell

    Greg, thanks much for the interview with John Williams. I’m also a Mish fan and learn quite a bit from the differences of Williams and Shedlock. They’re on opposite ends of the inflation line.

    I’m sure you’re aware of it but being an audio/video production engineer, I think you may want to throttle back on the dynamic processing and noise filtering. Don’t know if it was on your end or John’s but it’s what I do and I was cringing over the audio noise filter. And sorry for sounding obscene over what is free for me and lots of work for you. I so appreciate what you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ken the sophistication on both ends is not so great. I am just hoping the information will make up for the quality. Skype is great but the entire spectrum is a moving target of quality

      • simeau

        the demise of analog parallels the decline in our standard of living

  44. mohammad


    With much of sadness I have seen the video of the second reporter killed by ISIS, this is not islam, and i stand here to raise my muslim’s voice and say we condemn those actions. under no reason should anyone been treated like that, he is helpless and Islam always have mercy on helpless people, NO … THIS IS NOT ISLAM, this a creature of intelligent agencies and time will unveil the forces behind them.

    prayers to the victim and his family, and my and my family’s condolences.
    sad day indeed.


    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc! Is that you? Where have you been? Great to have you back. Best always. PM

      • mohammad

        Thanks Paul , I miss you guys !

    • Ugly

      The whole world is about to see chaos. Those terrorist people kill all kinds of harmless people. The USA needs to be real. Armageddon around the corner. I feel for all innocent people trapped in this crap. I see no end and America will soon see what the world has seen and what we have created.

    • allen ols


      and the quran says, “the trees will cry out, here, here is a jew, quick come and kill him”, sooo sad, islam wants to kill all jews, and exterminate them, and make ALL COUNTRIES and all peoples muslim or execute them.

      • mohammad


        You are mistaken and allow me to correct if I may:
        Quran does not say that!
        It is mentioned in “Hadith Shareef” during the end times after Jesus comes back to earth, so when he comes back all jews muslims christians should follow him, and who does not will be on the other side of the battle including all jews muslims christians who decide not to follow.
        Jesus return is real and he will be the fine line that decides who is good and who is bad.
        That is the Hadith, and that is what prophet Mohammad taught us to do and that is : TO FOLLOW JESUS WHEN HE RETURNS.
        I hope i was clear in explaining this misconception.
        god bless allen

    • wd


      Thank you for saying that, if only another 1billion peaceful muslims would do the same>

      • mohammad


        They are peaceful. And you will find out that most terrorists are CIA, KGB, MUSSAD funded and trained, In Syria more than 1 million peaceful muslim were killed, and more than 10 million peaceful muslim was displaced from their homes including my family, most of those terrorists claiming islam are funneled from Libya through Turkey to Syria under the watch of …. guess who…. US, and ODDLY ENOUGH MOST OF THEM WEAR MASKS!
        Osama Bin Laden was funded and trained by US to fight the Soviets….
        Saddam Hussain was a former CIA agent.
        list goes on and on.
        Thanks any way for recognizing may statement.

      • dscottv

        The Bible teaches that the evil one comes immediately before Christ…the antichrist…which means “instead of Christ” to lie and deceive as many as possible into following him. So great will be the deception that the Bibles says that the “whole world will go whoring (being spiritually unfaithful to the real Christ) after the antichrist. Therefore beware the one that comes first claiming to be Christ!

  45. Demoncrap Slayer

    I’m severely bored, geeze I can’t wait until the $hit hits the fan.

    • Greg Hunter

      These will be the good old days. Enjoy them while you can.

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