Economy Still Falling Off a Cliff – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams says don’t put too much faith in the good employment numbers that came out last week because “It’s not as happy of a picture as it looks.” Williams is the founder of His calculations strip out government accounting gimmicks to give a more accurate picture of economic data. Williams explains, “What the Fed has done with their easing, according to the Fed, is they created a circumstance of sustainable moderate economic growth. So, they don’t need to cut rates anymore. That’s nonsense. You don’t have sustainable moderate growth. For example, look at this last month, industrial production is in a state of collapse. . . . Manufacturing is negative. . . . Oil production is collapsing year to year as oil and gas exploration has plunged. . . . Retail sales have been overstated in employment . . . . That’s going to be revised lower. . . . We have been getting better numbers as of late, and the economy is still falling off a cliff.”

Maybe that explains the Fed’s panic moves with $60 billion a month QE, which it says is not QE, and extreme intervention in the repo market where the Fed routinely pumps out tens of billions of dollars in liquidly a night. Williams says, “The system is not stable, and it probably is insolvent. They blew the system back in 2007. They gave up on the domestic economy to save the banking system. . . . They spent all their resources propping up the banks, and they are still doing the same thing, and it’s still costing us in terms of economic growth.”

So, the Fed is pumping out billions of dollars every month, and yet, the economy keeps sinking. What does this tell Williams? “The system is not operating properly. These are stopgap measures, stopgap liquidity that the Fed is putting into the system. If they understood what was going on, they would not be doing that. They wouldn’t have to do it. They have lost control of the system effectively,” says Williams.

Williams goes on to say, “It tells you the underlying system is unstable. I can see where the economy is based on the hard numbers even though they do funny things with the numbers. We are seeing a very weak economy here. Again, the Fed tightened and they eased to help the banks, but they did not do much to help the economy. . . . The banks are not as healthy as they appear and as they have been promoted. The Fed may well be on the brink of the type of crisis they had back in 2007.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of

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  1. Scott

    Rock-solid guest, excellent interview. Glad to see you bringing back the A-listers, Greg – Mr. Williams is MUCH loved in our household …

    … as are you.

    All the best,


    • Rob

      Greg you will appreciate the Ice Age Farmer’s Youtube channel that tracks the coming food crisis due to debt and the solar minimum that is causing both droughts and flooding across the globe as birth pangs for the 3rd seal manifest expoentially:

      The CFR is tracking global conflicts as the birth pangs for the 2nd seal manifest expoentially:

      Lest we forget it is Jesus who opens all seven seals to tribulate His saints:

      Acts 14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.
      Revelation 5:9 And they sing a new song, saying, Worthy art thou to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and didst purchase unto God with thy blood men of every tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation,
      Revelation 6:9 And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of them that had been slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
      Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony; and they loved not their life even unto death.

    • C

      As you know, meanial and minimum wage part
      Time jobs without health insurance benefits donot make a booming economy by itself, no matter what figures or who are offers the stats.

  2. Robert

    They spent all that money to save the banking system and the biggest travesty is, not one person of any stature went to prison for the fraud against the American taxpayer, not one. At least GWB sent Kenny Boy Lay, Jeffrey Skilling and others to prison for what they did to Enron and especially to the people of California with those phony rolling blackouts. This is why I turned on the dems and Obama, who I voted for twice.

    And when are heads going to roll for this hoax of Russia collusion and now Ukraine crap? I’m sick, just like half the country, of all the disappointments in investigation outcomes, that result in no indictments. Had any of us pee ons done these crimes against a lawfully elected President, we’d be tried already and either locked up for life with no parole ever or dead from a firing squad.

    AG Barr, the fate of our nation is in your hands for now. I hope you realize that.

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks for your observations, Robert. I, like you, was very discouraged by the lack of results in putting criminals behind bars until I realized something so horrendous that it took me weeks to fully integrate. What was that?

      AMERICA IS AT WAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now! Today!

      It’s a war that started 20 years ago, far more sophisticated than any military conflict America has ever had to fight, and one that is 1000 times more dangerous. Why? It’s an economic and information war that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decided to wage over 20 years ago to destroy America. They realized that they could not destroy America militarily back then, but they could destroy America 1) on the economic front 2) on the technology front and 3) on the information front by controlling the narrative.

      The good news is that Trump is the first president to understand this war and has mobilized all of his forces to win it. Obama was an air head, maybe even a traitor. Bush was an idiot. Clinton a sleazebag. And the first Bush, the incarnation of the devil.

      Why do I use such graphic “mythological” language? Because Trump inherited this mess. He didn’t create it. And it’s an unbelievable fight. So THE ONLY QUESTION OF VALUE is how do you actually win this war. Everything else is a distraction… serious!

      To understand what I am saying, you must watch 2 videos. I post them here:
      1) China’s Grand Strategy (Kyle Bass/Steve Bannon)
      2) Stealth War: How China Took Over while America’s Elite Slept (Kyle Bass/General Spalding)

      Now: here is the question you must ask yourself: What is most important: 1) Win the war or 2) Destroy the Fed or 3) Return to a gold backed financial system or 4) put a bunch of criminals in jail? Think deeply about this question, for if you choose 2, 3 or 4, you have unwittingly chosen to become a slave… a Chinese slave… and you have chosen for your children’s organs to be harvested against their will. Would you like that? Of course not! It’s the most horrifying thought one could imagine, but China is doing this today to 3 million people that they have locked up in concentration camps.

      If you watch these 2 videos, you’ll see that China is the greatest danger (and the most sophisticated) that America has ever had to face. If we don’t win that war, 2,3 & 4 become completely irrelevant. Also 2,3 & 4 are symptoms of the problem, not the cause. And if the President were to spend all his time fighting symptoms, he would be wasting his time and ultimately achieve nothing.

      The other thing we all have to realize is that, whether we like it or not, we live in a debt-based economic system. I, for one, believe that this kind of system will ultimately collapse and one needs to be ready. But if America unilaterally collapsed its own debt based system today, then China would win and we’d all be slaves. Is that a good idea? I don’t think so.

      THEREFORE: Our president must do everything he can to 1) keep the economy going as best he can so that 2) we can defeat the CCP and win the war. That’s why 2,3 & 4 have not happened… yet! If they were to happen now, it would create such havoc on the streets of America that the economy would tank, the President would not get re-elected and China would win. That’s reality. That’s how the world works… today.

      It is my contention that when the history books are written, Donald Trump will go down as the most intelligent, courageous president since the days of Abraham Lincoln, perhaps before. America has never had an enemy that could destroy it since the days of the Revolution. China can!!! And they are very close to achieving that goal. Thank God for the courage and tenacity of our President.

      • john

        We don’t have to defeat the Chinese – we just need to walk away from them. First, we are looking down the barrel of a deflationary collapse – it is just a matter time before this happens so lets control the pain by slowly increasing rates. Next, we have this one document that separates this country from all other countries both big and small – The Constitution – lets go back to it and attract the best the world has to offer. Furthermore, we need to get out of these absurd protracted military operations. Folks, we can’t fight a land war in Asia and its just foolish to think we can – walk away from them and let the region deal with China.
        We need to bring industry back to this country as Trump is trying to do. We need gold/silver in some form back into the financial system. The absurd leverage in the markets needs to be mitigated. Individuals need to live within their means and start saving as well as reducing debt – as do corporations. The medical system is out of control – wiping out the elderly. IMHO – we need some hybrid type medical system of social medical protection past a certain age but the ability of younger Americans to be insured commensurate with their health risk – obviously many social programs will need to be eliminated for this to occur. Perhaps we should explore catastrophic coverage for all. If people were working we don’t need as many social programs. We have the best agricultural system in the world – leverage it as an export but retain a high tech industry that is US based – walk away from the Chinese – don’t fight them, don’t trade with them, don’t invest with them and don’t negotiate with them or their proxy’s – just walk away – we don’t need them – send the world a message of American independence. Don’t get me wrong – China is a great/powerful country…but so is the US. Lets get back to what made us great – strong work ethic, sound money, innovation, liberty, religious values, fairness, proper immigration policies and less political polarization. I am sure the list is more.

        BTW Greg – Ackerman was great!! Yes, all debts are eventually eradicated – there is no free lunch – beautiful in its common sense simplicity while at the same time showing a deep understanding of how the financial system really works.

        • Robert

          Its way too late for all that. Our past thirty years of politicians sold us out. China even owns many of our ports and Europe’s too.

        • Hockey Puck

          Sorry, John. You really don’t get it and you of course did not watch either of those videos above, otherwise you would have not said what you said. Please, get educated before it’s too late. Let me give you some facts:

          FACT#1. The CCP has controlled American politics since the days of the Obama Administration, probably before. So all this notion of going back to the Constitution is simply mindless gibberish. I wish I could be kinder, but your ideas would lead to the death of America. Serious! I don’t say this lightly. It’s like you are living in a time warp… maybe 1820 or so … before the Fed was created, before the financial Elite took over this country, before the atomic bomb was invented, before TV & the internet came along to control the way we think, before John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were laid to rest… before a lot of things. You really need to open your eyes and see how the world really works, not the way you think it “should work”.

          FACT#2. America has been controlled by a financial Elite for over 100 years. FDR is on record saying that it goes back as far as Andrew Jackson. Well… NOW…, this Elite is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Think hard about this fact, because what you have been taught about the American government, the Constitution, the American Way of Life is all fantasy today… like believing in the Tooth Fairy.

          You think 1.9% GDP growth is normal for the US? You think it was an accident? You think the destruction of the American middle class was purely by chance? You think the unrelenting, unsubstantiated attacks against our President is simply the result of Hillary Clinton having a bad hair day? Think again.

          Please watch those 2 videos and learn what is really going on. Don’t trust my opinion. I’m not the expert. Listen instead to the words of a hedge fund manager who studied China intently for over a decade. Or listen to Trump’s former chief strategist whose strategies got Trump elected. Or listen to an air force general who lived in China for many years and knows many Chinese leaders personally. Then decide.

          • john

            puck – give me a break from your pontificating post – if you see a deflationary collapse of the magnitude we are looking at – you will see 1820 again – as will China. My point puck was to disengage from China – you will not defeat them militarily in the Asian sphere – Korea and Vietnam proved this. Next, do you think we can maintain rates like this forever? In reality rates need to rise. Are you disputing this? Can you really defeat a country the size of China from an economic standpoint – they can out leverage our leverage – they have more people who can go into more debt that we do. Puck – China does not need us in order for their economy to grow. Sorry Puck – I do get it because when this economic facade blows up you are going to need a blueprint to reorganize – you are going to need an industrial base in this country again for domestic consumption. You can’t win a war with China – either militarily or economically so stop playing their game – this is what is killing America. You know Puck – China hates the US Constitution.

        • Robert

          John, it’s too late. The Chinese have their tentacles wrapped around us. The corps gave them all our technologies and machinery to build them. They gave them our patented products to reverse engineer.

          Look up how many American and European ports the Chinese own. People wonder how all the phentanyl is getting into our country, duh.

          China is the new superpower and our globalist politicians enabled that willingly, deliberately and intentionally.

          Everything in our lives is being monetized and sold off to foreign entities to be sold back to us from our city streets to our public transportation systems to our water distribution systems.

          Best to hope the downward spiral is gradual.

          • Hockey Puck

            You make some valid points, Robert. I’m not going to take that away from you. And I certainly get the despair. I’ve been there. It feels like hell. But that’s why I call this a war. War is ugly. And the only reason we allow ourselves to fall into despair is because of the MASSIVE cultural delusion called “entitlement”. As Americans we think we are entitled to freedom.
            Why? Because the whole idea was enshrined… where? On a piece of paper (i.e the Constitution). How ridiculous!

            Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

            The Founding Fathers weren’t that stupid! They knew that freedom was precious. They knew their history. They knew it was the exception to the rule. And they knew that every generation would have to fight the battle of Truth versus Illusion, Good versus Evil. This economic war with China is “Our” battle. We either fight it or we’re chicken shit.

            From this day forth, every time you look into the mirror, you are going to have to ask yourself a question: Do I have the courage to stand for the truth or am I a coward! America has always stood for Freedom… no matter what the odds. And you either stand there or you don’t have the right to call yourself an American.

            I’m serious! Are you a man? Or are you a little boy with no wiener? Most Americans, sadly, are the latter. They want Uncle Sam to come and change their diapers every day. We call them democrats… those who believe that the solution to all problems is more government. We will all be disabused of this stupid notion soon enough. The most “democratic”, of course, are the 1%. They have used government to line their pockets. It’s disgusting! … but it’s reality!

            I don’t know how Trump will win this war. I don’t. I’m not on the front lines. Anything that I say is based on opinions I deem worthy: Bass, Bannon, Spalding. What appears to be true is this: If you think America with its massive debt is a house of cards, well China’s banks have assets (debt) 4 times their GDP. China is a house of cards on steroids, an empire on the verge of collapse. It happened to the Soviet Union. It will happen to China, especially if Trump takes away their markets and their supply chain, which is what he is doing.

            Here’s the bottom line:

            If we don’t fight and win this economic war, either of 2 things will happen: A) All Americans will, de facto, become slaves or B) we will be in a shooting war where millions if not billions will suffer horribly. It’s pretty black and white. Oops! I forgot a third option… C) we can stick our head in the sand and hope it goes away.

            You’re going to have to make a choice, Robert. We all do.

            … it’s not personal… we all do!

      • Freebrezer

        HP – another good interview per China: with scholar Arthur Waldron …. It is very worth the time to watch:

        • Freebrezer

          Most people do not recognize that PRC is a communist/mob rule country … Human rights mean ZIP, Zero, etc.! The USA needs to drastically bring up it guard!

    • Self Exiled

      A deeper look behind the scenes of our executioners and the engineers of our demise [Enron ect]. It’s form of societal blood poisoning while we try desperately to save the patient by testing the internal organs of government.
      Are you old enough to remember the pumper sticker ” Love it or Leave it”? Also this article solidifies my belief in original sin.

      • paul ...

        The Banksters “original sin” is fiat … and every new bankster born into this world is baptized with it … 11 years ago (September 5, 2008) ten days before Lehman filed bankruptcy … there were massive market-wide Repo problems (the Repo market froze in Sept 2008) … and only a multi-trillion dollar bailout by the world’s central banks prevented civilization’s collapse!! …

        • paul ...

          Full fledged QE4 is the right thing for the Fed to do to correct the current liquidity problem … but it won’t happen unless the Fed’s is forced into doing it … what this means (for all the bullish stock buyers out there loading up on stocks expecting a trade deal) is that “there must be a significant market crash for the Fed to act” (and do the right thing by implementing full fledged QE4)!!!

    • Montana Guy

      Robert, you are asking that the fate of our nation be put in the hands of evil. I hope you realize that.

      William Barr was the lawyer who defended the FBI sharpshooter who murdered Sam and Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992. The government sniper 14-year-old Sam in the back and later zeroed in on Sam’s mother Vicki’s head as she was standing in the door of her kitchen holding her infant child in her arms. William Barr made sure this government assassin got away with double murder. That is evil. That is truth.

      • Robert

        He’s all we have. I know of his affiliations as the Bush family fixer, but he’s the chosen one. Either he does the right thing or pisses off half the nation and that’s what I want to avoid, because then we might all have a litmus test to pass and that could be scary. Very pissed off people can be very irrational. We don’t want that. That’s what we read about happens in other countries and it’s not pretty.

        • GoneWest

          Robert, you are going to be very disappointed. Montana Guy is correct, Barr isn’t going to do anything. I’ve been saying that here, and elsewhere, since the day he came on the scene.

          Do you really believe the corrupt members of the Senate would confirm Barr, or any nominee that requires confirmation, if he was going to upend their game?

          Nothing is going to change until the politicians believe their lives, or their loved-ones, are on the line if they don’t do the right thing. Until that happens (no, I’m not advocating for violence) it will be business as usual.

          • Greg Hunter

            Not sure that is true “Gone.”

    • Chip

      This dirty unlawful impeachment sham is just a prelude to the amount of cheating and voter fraud we can expect from the democrats in 2020…. Chip

      • paul ...

        Chip … This kind of Demon-rat logic is exactly what brought down the Roman Empire … Pelosi stated the other day that as a member of a top-level intelligence committee during the Bush Administration “she knew there were no Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction” and that “she knew the US was being led and lied into a war” (that cost thousands of Americans’ lives … killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis … destabilized the Middle East … empowered Iran … allowed the creation of the Islamic State … and cost the American people trillions of US Dollars) … Pelosi goes on to say that “this was not an impeachable offense by Bush in her opinion because the American people seemed happy to go along with it” … but in the case of Trump … “impeachment is necessary because he tried to find out if Biden was a crook”!! …

        • paul ...

          And how can you have am impeachment trial where Trump stands accused of “high treason” … but can’t call Joe Biden (and his son Hunter) to the stand to answer some tough questions about their criminal activities in the Ukraine that Trump was trying to get some info on?? … instead the criminal Republicans are going to allow criminal Biden and his son to walk free??? … these supposed lawyers are going to have a Major National Trial on High Crimes and Misdemeanors without cross-examining any witnesses???????

      • Mike

        yeah, and isn’t just peachy how squirmy Jerry Nadler, is spouting how Trump will rig elections if he doesnt get impeached. The dems are the kings of election rigging. they invented it !

        • Robert

          Nadler is setting up the leftist mob to not accept the results if they’re not in their favor. Ugly stuff. Neither side will accept if the other side wins. I’m glad I’m not in a big mega metro area. I’ve never seen such deliberate divisions set up by a losing party.

    • Blue Dog

      The Great Tribulation hasn’t started yet. It won’t start until the world ruler signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel.

      (Daniel 9:27 NIV) He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

  3. JC

    John Williams: “Congress is not doing anything other than concentrating on removing Trump from office, they’ve been doing so since he came into office, it’s very, very destructive to the system and counter productive to the economy.”

    “Politician” by Cream. Lyrics….

    Hey now, baby
    Get into my big black car
    Hey now, baby
    Get into my big black car
    I want to just show you
    What my politics are

    I’m a political man
    And I practice what I preach
    I’m a political man
    And I practice what I preach
    So don’t deny me, baby
    Not while you’re in my reach

    I support the left
    Though I’m leaning, leaning to the right
    I support the left
    Though I’m leaning to the right
    But I’m just not there
    When it’s coming to a fight

    Hey now, baby
    Get into my big black car
    Hey now, baby
    Get into my big black car
    I want to just show you
    What my politics are

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Williams,negative GDP,20+ unemployment,inflation in excess of 10% and lawyers in control of a narrative,all lying to destroy America and cover their own incompetence.All of this is reflected here in the UK as well.
    Mr Einhorn seems somewhat jaded by the Fed,
    Whilst the Fed has been gracious enough to print $320Billions Dollars this last two months,what is so surprising is the silence of the American people.Are they happy with all of this?
    Mr Gammon’s rational analysis exposes the reality for me outside the USA.
    The EuroDollar is being used to strip us outside of the USA of what little wealth we have and to give the fascist elite here in the UK and Europe large dollops of money,which is converted into Dollars and parked at the Fed to suck tax payer funded interest back to them.It is a never ending story of corruption.Whilst China has been lambasted of a late,it has beautifully used this mechanism to extract Dollars from the Fed for free.
    The fascist elite are unhappy with Mr William’s clarity,still with numbers in front of them the American people seem somewhat unable to tackle their fascist elite with the numeric truth.
    Here in the UK the populace are seething at best,with an opposition that has deserted its working class base and a ruling elite steeped in fascism.Corruption is a joke and our election,this Thursday(12.12.2019),is now so corrupt that it is an embarrassment to bananas and we are silent.Still spray painting of guns are endemic as are the cleaning operations of local councils to remove this freedom symbol.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for adding to this post with your analysis and links!

  5. JC

    OK everyone, let’s party like Stan! We don’t have to worry about the repo situation. Why not? Because a Fed spokesman has explained it’s just routine response to a liquidity blip.
    It’s just a blip! Jerry, do you feel as relieved as I do?

    “Since September 17, the Federal Reserve, through its New York Fed branch, has been funneling hundreds of billions of dollars each week to Wall Street’s trading houses, intervening in what had been a private overnight lending operation (called repurchase agreements or repo loans) between banks and other financial institutions. Since September 17, the Fed loans have grown in both size and duration with some loans extended out as far as 42 days – suggesting to many on Wall Street that there is one or more banks in trouble that peer banks simply don’t want to lend to. The Fed, however, has stuck to the mantra that this is just a routine response to a liquidity blip.”

    • Stan

      JC: The banks are fine – relax. Sell your Gold & buys stocks. Enjoy

      • al

        Stan… what are you on? I’d like some

      • paul ...

        Stan … and Gold’s flag is also doing perfectly fine – fear not … sell your shorts and buy gold … gold will rise from about $100 dollars below “the gap at 1550” (it just recently filled) … to about 1650 ($100 dollars above the gap it recently filled) … then gold will likely do “a quick test the gap at 1550” before proceeding to take out 1776 … a fitting place to have a slight pause to acknowledge the founding of our Nation’s hard money roots … … Enjoy!!

        • paul ...

          Note: The above support and resistance levels are not simply conjecture but based upon “well respected” Fibonacci price targets!!!

      • Jerry

        You’re right. You’re not a disinformation agent. You are a bald faced liar. Post one shred of proof, that the banks are fine. You can’t. Post one piece of information denying that the central banks are not buying gold. You won’t. All we have is your post. And we all know what’s it’s worth. Zero. A great big fat one.

    • Jerry

      Forget about Stan. He’s nothing more than a disinformation agent that gets his jolly’s off by trolling Greg’s site.. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Fed repos are nothing more than an accounting gimmick to plug the liquidity hole in the central banks lending bucket. The biggest drain is Deutsche Bank.

      Deutsche Banks stock has been stuck in the seven range for weeks with no movement. It tells me Deutsche Bank is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and the Fed repos are being used to prop it up to avoid default.

      In former times, repos and QE would have been considered as money laundering and fraud. But, in todays economic climate, debt is considered an asset. Is it any wonder why Greg, and myself, and many others have been wrong about the timing of our economic predictions when you consider how insane this really is? God forbid we’d actually use real intrinsic numbers to explain anything, because it’s all just one gigantic Ponzi scheme run by criminals.

      • Jerry

        Evidently there’s more than money that’s being traded by the banks. Per my sources, outside the public view government agencies are quietly making arrest.

        • Blue Dog

          Most likely there’s at least one large bank with serious financial problems. Why else would they be spending $100 billion every day?

      • JC

        I know Jerry, but once in a while I like to humor Stan, he’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

      • Stan

        Jerry: I’m a disinformation agent? Why don’t you look in the mirror. Need I review all the failed predictions you made over the years? All the times when you said we are on the verge of collapse? All the times you said China was about to attack the Dollar in some way? You can’t hold a candle to the facts and predictions I’ve made on this board.

        • Jerry

          You don’t have enough intelligence to insult me so stop trying. Everyone here knows you’re a complete fraud, with your predictions. Name one that was correct? Deutsche bank at 20? Wrong. Stocks outperforming gold? Wrong.
          I doubt seriously you’d be able to find your a** with both hands much less make a prediction that by any measure was accurate.

          As far as my predictions about economic collapse? Newsflash it’s been happening right in front of you the whole time with zero percent interest rates for 12 years, QE, and now repos. Nothing but stall tactics. As far as China? If you can’t see we are in a full blown currency war with China I can’t help you.

          Stan you’re not a very good troll. At least try being original with your cheap shots clown.

        • paul ...

          Stan … we “are” on the verge of collapse … September’s Repo “events” are only “just starting” as the Fed recently revealed in its October FOMC Minutes … the collapse could take place as soon as year-end (23 days from now)!!! …

          • paul ...

            Seems things are so broken in the Repo market that the Fed, EU and Japan are all now printing money … they need to prevent short-term rates from rising and killing the world economy … additionally the Fed is now considering prohibiting European banks from participating in the Repo market at year-end … this will be bad news for Deutsche Bank … things are simply getting too out of control!!!

          • Jerry

            You don’t know how right you are.

            By every measure, the repo market is broken. They’ve robbed Peter to pay
            Paul one to many times. No pun intended.

        • K.Wayne

          Gold still going to “Crash” and print $700 ??
          You and Harry need to have a closed discussion around that prediction. I mean finish it once and for all.

          • paul ...

            K.Wayne … Harry Dent assumes a liquidity squeeze will drive the price of gold down as people strapped for cash will need to sell gold to raise cash … but by the Fed’s current “massive Repo printing actions” you can see Dent’s assumptions won’t be allowed to happen … the Fed and now other Central Banks are printing massive amounts of liquidity “without limit” … this is going to drive gold’s debt dollar price much much higher!!

      • paul ...

        Jerry you are absolutely correct about our economic system being “one gigantic Ponzi scheme run by criminals” … and the world will find just how broken it is 23 days from now on December 31, 2019 … when the next Repo collapse event is scheduled to strike (precipitating a market crash that will sends stock prices tumbling and spiking gold to $1800 as I have told Stan is possible) … since September 17 the Fed has taken various measures to supply more reserves and alleviate repo market pressures … the Fed’s Repo operations have expanded in scope and size from an initial pace of $60 Billion per month to $208 Billion in liquidity (via overnight and long term Repo’s ) … expanding the Fed’s balance sheet by $322 billion … and the Repo market “Still Remains Broken” … the financial system came “very close” to collapse on September 17 … Powell was facing “a Long Term Capital Management like Situation” … because “repo-funded arbitration” was being used by JM Morgan Chase, Pension and Insurance funds “to increase yield” … the Fed was suddenly facing “a Constellation of Multiple LTCM Blow-ups on September 17, 2019” … that came close to starting “An Avalanche Collapse” that would have resulted in Trillions of Dollars in assets “being Forcefully Liquidated” as a Tsunami of Margin Calls hit the hedge fund world … the implications of what happened on September 17 are staggering … and confirms what most of us here at USA Watchdog understand (except for Stan) … that there is “no way” the financial system can ever return to normal … we now live in a world in which central banks “Must Constantly Create Money Out of Thin Air” to prop up asset prices … Stan only has 23 days to unload his “gold short position” … and the rest of us have 23 days “to buy gold” cheap (if one has not already done so)!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … sorry I keep bashing you … I do it because I think I’m helping you … but you know … there is “a small possibility” gold could be caught in a down draft “during a Repo liquidity squeeze” where people are “forced to sell gold to raise cash” … if “this is the possibility you are playing Stan” fine … then stay with your gold short position … but gold should recover very quickly as the Fed ramps up QE4-R … and just perhaps (caveat emptor) those looking to get into gold … should wait to see if gold gets caught in a temporary cash squeeze … before buying into it!!

      • paul ...

        Jerry … “The global economy is in a pronounced slowdown … US corporations are in an earnings recession … the year-long US-China trade war will not be resolved anytime soon … the repo market is signalling something is very badly broken in the banking system … and Articles of Impeachment are being drawn up against a sitting US President” … and Stan thinks “this news” is going to drive the stock market higher and push the price of gold down??? …

    • Gary C

      Martin Armstrong is out with his REPO report, and has stated that it will make the 2008
      crisis looks tame. It sure as hell is not a liquidity blip according to the Fed.
      Wall Street On Parade does a fantastic job on highlighting the corruption in the banking system, great work by Pam, Russ, Marten.
      IMO this could be the Black Swan coming our way as Marty has made this available
      to all subscribers, not just the Institutional ones which is very SIGNIFICANT.

      Jerry & Paul, I would like to see this guy Stan eat some CROW like a Sh—t Sandwhich.

  6. PCP

    Great speechJW.

  7. Marie Joy

    I’m seeing, at least, 10% inflation, per year, in the grocery store. They are, effectively, pricing Granny out of groceries. Granny had, best, start growing, inside and outside, or she will find herself getting a lot thinner.

    • al

      And if prices are the same for an item, you got shrink-flation where that item is smaller. Either way we get less for what we spend, that’s a criminal effect of the banksters inflation mantra.

      • paul jr.

        And do not forget that there are items that actually give you more for free also. I seen a few today. And I am always seeing “New Low Price” stickers on items in my stores.

  8. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Must state up front that I have tremendous respect for John Williams. He is very careful (pedantic) with his explanations and strives to avoid hyperbole. That having been said, I found this latest interview very frustrating comapared to the last time you interviewed him. The last time, when asked what the actual unemployment figure is, when measured by the prior (uncooked) methodology, JW gave you a number in the twenties percentile. In today’s interview he demurred – and ‘waffled’. What’s up?

    Also, when the subject of actual (uncooked) inflation was being discussed, its affect on Social Security entitlement was highlighted BUT its affect on GDP was not. If the actual 10% price inflation were factored in, the GDP numbers for the past several years would be negative – i.e., RECESSION writ large. In his prior interview, JW stated that actual US GDP had been negative since 2008 when adjusted for actual cost price inflation. Now no mention?

    Finally, how is it possible to have an informed conversation about the Fed saving the banks instead of saving the general economy (the people) without mentioning that the Fed was conceived and brought into being as a banking cartel by the bankers and for the bankers – not for the good of the general population – and its role remains; to protect the banks who own it! Source: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin (unfortunately, now personna-non-grata to a number of your audience since voicing suspicions about Trump. Weather right or wrong about Trump – and time will tell – Griffin’s expose of the Fed is a tour de force which has never been out of print).

    All in all, this interview was not the clarion call people need to hear. The vital statistics only JW can provide were somehow obfuscated by unnecessary verbiage. Has JW softened his critique of the official numbers or do I just imagine he has? In this Orwellian dystopia, pressures are brought to bear – has JW received a ‘knock on his door’ since his last interview? I hope not.

  9. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Great interview Greg. John Williams is a totally steadfast and upright man.

    • Brooklyn

      “…obfuscated by unnecessary verbiage..” is a very good way to state JW’s interview. To be honest, I could not even watch it though the end, which is an absolute first for a Greg Hunter guest. If you go back and listen to even the first five minutes, he repetitively stated how the true unemployment rates where much higher than 3.2, which we got in the first 15 seconds. JW is a brilliant man, but he seemed distracted and his rambling drove me crazy. Sorry just my 2-cents…;(

  10. Da Yooper

    IF the lying corrupt US Government & the lying corrupt Fed. can bail out the lying corrupt bankers they can bail out the US Taxpayer. DO this & they will spend the money & it will trickle down to the lying corrupt BANKERS & the economy will benefit.

    The Fed is pumping out 60 billion a month & more all the while American TAXPAYERS are handcuffed to userous ( sp) criminal credit card rates of 15% & more.

    Time to bail out the TAXPAYER & get the lying corrupt bankers off their backs & get the economy back on track.

    • paul ...

      Da … and let’s not forget to “unchain the CPI”!!!

  11. paul ...

    Williams effectively says: “The Fed is pumping out billions of dollars every month, and yet, the economy keeps sinking … this tells you the underlying system is unstable and probably insolvent … so the Fed is likely currently on the brink of the same type of crisis they had back in 2007 … before gold took off to the upside”!!

    • paul ...

      Fed Chief Powell says he is not doing quantitative easing (QE) … “that it is something different” … but whether its is outright money printing or buying Treasuries it is still debt monetization … think about it … a Treasury is issued because the government needs to borrow money … and when the government needs to borrow money there’s two ways they can do it … they can borrow it “in the private sector” or they can borrow it “from the Central Bank” … however there’s a law on the books that says “the Treasury can’t sell debt directly to the Central Bank” … so what was done was to issue T-bill’s to the commercial banks … and then the Fed bought the T-bills back from the commercial banks using Repo’s … this is slight of hand accounting … “but still debt monetization” … as the Federal government has borrowed money that is ultimately “a loan held by the Central Bank” … which increases the Fed’s balance sheet size and therefore the monetary base … bottom line … the difference is the Fed is using a “two-step process” (where Treasuries are issued by the Treasury Department to the private sector and then the Fed buys it with Repo money) … as opposed to the Treasury issuing it directly to the Fed (which is illegal) … but the fact remains the crooked Fed Banksters are simply “getting around the law” in order to “increase they’re balance sheet” and therefore are increasing the monetary base … “which is effectively QE debt monetization”!!! …

      • paul ...

        The Fed’s current monetization by its repo “NOT QE” operations is now expanding at a rate “matching QE1” … faster than QE2 or QE3 (this Repo operation is in fact very potent QE)!! …

        • paul ...

          Nomi Prins calls the Fed’s Repo operations QE4-R … all this “dark money” will push the price of gold higher … the Fed’s balance sheet has now topped the $4 trillion mark and is rising … as for Stan (he is still fighting the Fed) … “Never a Good Idea”!! …

          • K.Wayne

            QE 1 & 2 pushed Gold higher but QE3 didn’t have the same/any effect.
            We will just have to wait and see with this QE ∞ .

            What I do sense is that those (like Warren B.) who are into stock investing will see some significant gains given the inflation that has been evident in Asset prices to date. I can’t see that not continuing irrespective of the risks. That said there is every likelihood that Gold will be a benefactor of this Debt monetisation/ Debasement of the currency.
            However, what needs to occur IMO is that rates will need to be cut further and the Bond yields need to rollover and trend lower (below their Aug/Sept lows). This will cause the Dollar to fall. I do expect that to be a very probable scenario likely to play out if not this month, then definitely by FOMC next February. They will be the catalyst for Gold’s ascendancy. It wont necessarily mean that stocks rollover. Of late Gold and Stocks have moved up in tandem.

    • JC

      paul, gold didn’t really take off until 2010.

    • Miles Creston

      Mr. Williams is always the consummate man of modesty. So, it was telling when Greg asked him ‘whose inflation numbers are correct; yours, or the Washington bureaucrats?’ … Mr. Williams, without any hesitation whatsoever, replied, “I am.”

      The unabashed confidence of that reply is a tell. It indicates that under the meek surface, Williams is exceedingly made wroth by what he has been gleaning despite the statistical smoke. He wants to shout, “fire!” but the theater is jam-packed with stuporous people on the dole.

  12. Old Timer

    “Overly optimistic assumption?” Yeah, I have been to a lot of farm auctions over the years where they did the same thing. It’s called losing your butt for not having a brain in the first place.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Small Farms and Ranches are diminishing, as more and more succumb and are acquired by large Corporate AG operations at significant discounts (Bankruptcy). The scenario is the same every time:

      An independent, family farm ( often the Third Generation ) gets into a multi-year economic situation where their crop prices are trending down, along with their income. To shore-up their balance sheet, they must sell of some land to developers for cash, if possible. However, if the commodity deflation continues long enough, they must do more. The wife takes a job in-town for extra income. ( Today, many family farms are only really part-time, as farm income is insufficient to support a household).

      Next, they try to plant more crops to get more volume. Problem is, while the price of their crop is declining, fixed costs (fuel, fertilizer) are going-up faster. So, they have to go to the local banker and get a farm loan. If farmers can not outlast the commodity cycle, they succumb and go-out-of-business when their banker cuts their credit line off. Next stop, foreclosure.

      What’s next? Well, perhaps taking a job with the new owner, Big AG driving chickens to market or hauling feed to a chicken factory or rookery for $11.00/hour and no benefits. The suicide rate amongst farmers is pretty high and may be a contributor to the opioid crisis (Oxycontin) we read about so often. Since consumers are the beneficiaries of cheaper commodity or farm prices right now, they don’t care. However, once the commodity cycle turns-up, then food inflates at the local grocery store, as may have already started. Then the consumer must pay the going-rate. Less competition, higher prices. Last Man Standing.

  13. Gina M Mancarella

    The past 20 years have all occured simply because you all failed to install Hillary in the white house even though Obama did a pretty good job cleaning up the George Bush debacle.

    Greg, if you care about this nation. That is to sau if you *** REALLY CARE***, then you need to get on board with Hillary’s platform and show your support.

    We’re stronger together and we solve the tough problems bu making the tough choices and we can put all the criminals behind bars starting with the traitor Donald Trump.

    Think about it Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      We are back to the candidate that could not win a rigged election??

      • Mavis Corn

        The Truth Will Set Us Free, Not Gina”Rigger”Treadway

        Gina, you understand the importance of communications. Especially to a free people.
        Gina Treadhead, “The powers that be,” know all this and try to shape all communications, to their advantage. With the internet, this has become way more difficult for Gina and her i’llk. Bt now, we are all engaged in this type of warfare right now, before any shots are fired. This is the battleground. True, the battleground may expand, but for now it is an information war.
        So to all my good Brothers and Sisters engaged in this battle, this is information warfare, My God Bless you all. The Truth will set us free and unfortunatly, destroy the wicked! They certainly, wont be missed!

        We must Pity The Fool’s
        The Tables Have Been Turned
        Trump Is Now Directly Over The Target!
        Long Live the Republic!

        • iwitness02

          Mavis Corn,
          I resemble that.

      • john

        oh snap – ouch – that stung her.

    • JC

      Gina, these are catchy phrases, “stronger together”, “tough problems” and tough choices”. But Greg’s followers have seen “They Live” and we are not going to…

      WATCH TV (CNN)

      • paul ...

        Those who … C-onform … O-bey … W-atch the tube … S-tay asleep … are (COWS) …who get milked every day and finally Repo “roped” and Barbe- QE’ed !!!

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, Incase you missed it…’deep state’ drugging of America is an equal opportunity/compromise party operation as is the theft of U.S. tech and resources for decades…which of course POTUS Trump has not been a part of for the decades during and after WW’s. It is the reason the elites behind it and their ‘compromised’ Congress and clergy of many nations are in such a panic to get rid of him… Their ops of drugs, weapons and children to control and humpty dumpty nations via terrorism/Gladio/SAP ops including the U.S. for tech and resources is now exposed for what it is…’private’ elite profiteering of world leaders and church orgs…to rule over and control the ‘unwashed deplorable’ dumb down masses ‘trained’ to live in an illusion. An ancient ploy of stagecraft…mastered since the days of Babylon thru Sumeria , thru the India/Pakistan /Thugee / China opium silver wars and on and on…thru the Golden Triangle, Laos, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and cocaine of South America etc… Time to ‘wise up ‘ Gina… The opiate problem IS a deep state created one… the border walls will only slow it down…as will ending the training drug/weapons pilots in Florida/ Arkansas / New Mexico and elsewhere… Sometimes you just know the truth when you hear it…and connected dots exceed the odds of coincidences…..
      Documentary by Daniel Hopsicker
      Secret Heartbeat of America The CIA and Drugs 1 of 2 55 min
      Book= TERRORLAND by Daniel Hopsicker
      The era, days , backstory-hidden history of those like the old familia ties of Bezos, Muellers, Comey, Barr, Pelosi etc – Manhattan Project, Columbia, Uranium One, Megatons to Megawatts , Epstein, UK- OSS – MI6 – CIA – infiltration of FBI are fusing and bubbling to the surface… and those include the Clinton’s/Mena/Foster/Waco/RTA and endless other laundering /rinsing of the money via such more currently USAID and Ukraine/China/Korea/Saudi Arab ia/no deal deal with Iran…sharing of U.S. tech and materials…via pay to play using drug profits and ‘missing’ trillions of the worlds taxpayers hard earn money to keep the elite/minion/control flush with cash so ‘they’ can fly over ‘the deplorables’ heading to Aspen/ Davos /Bildenberg/ CFR /NATO/ Club of Rome meetings as they plan their next conquest of needs…be it lithinum mines, oil or yellow cake deposts or fresh underground aquifers AND new fertile grounds for crops expected to be coming ON LINE…as others are now going OFF LINE…causing a huge shift in energy/water/food need-production…which…your idiot ‘global warming’ liars got WRONG! = data off by 400% ! Al Gore should be sued and made to give back is Nobel Prize and give it to John L. Casey, Ph’d Valentina Zharkova and others!

      As for the ‘laughable’ but predictable Horowitz report…warning was given about him, his past connections and bias was it not?
      Consider this warning about Horowitz being a ‘fixer’ for Clinton/Comey/Mueller for years and his being in the SES @37;00 and @51:02 @ 1:00:11 in
      previously posted which now it appears to be no surprise to see this article on ?

      • Justn Observer

        hmmm..Saudi pilots….schumer … crime/drug networks… connections for how long…all now part of the impeachment?

    • William Stanley

      RE: “The past 20 years”
      Well and delightfully done!

    • Mike R

      Folks. Gina = Stan. One in the same.

      • William Stanley

        Mike R,
        It certainly looks that way.
        The other possibility is that “Gina” is envious of all the attention that “Stan” has been getting and has adopted the same style and voice.
        I have to admit that I AM sometimes amused by “their” antics . . . even considering the predictability of the nature of their comments.

      • JC

        Mike R, I’m not sure about that.
        Gina is politically demented, while some might say Stan is… uh… financially demented.

  14. James Ebisch

    How does my Company Sponsor a segment? What would it cost?

  15. Robert Clayton

    This man is a grade A patriot,just like you Greg.In the Uk the nation gets the bills and the tax havens get the profits.All the best Bob.

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, it’s always good to get an update from John Williams even if the news isn’t good; in fact the news is really bad. Forewarned is forearmed …

    Another of your past guests is also warning us …
    “Dark Money Will Push Gold Higher” – The Daily Reckoning

    • Lake M

      Thanks for posting this report by Naomi Prins. A good primer on recent FED behavior.
      She appears to now fully embrace gold now as protection against the debt problem.

  17. eddiemd

    Turn off the EBT cards and the party is over. Still almost 50 million+ people relying on government food handouts. These people cannot recognize the food inflation because they get free handouts. They are not counting their dollars. All electronic. Delusion and deception.

    Same with the Section 8, TANF, and Medicaid programs. Shut it all down and see what happens. The reality is that it will all shut down at some point when the bankruptcy is in the open. Just like the pensions. It will all evaporate. The terror will be among us. Wrath, fury, and fierceness of the Lord. That day is approaching. Call it the tribulation or whatever you want.

    Repent and turn to the Lord. Your day of salvation is now. God is a merciful God. Jesus Christ of Nazareth stands at the door. The Messiah. El Shaddai. The Root of Jesse. The Root of David. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is exalted. He is enthroned on the praises of Israel. Captain of the Host. Captain of Salvation.

    The God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, Jehoshaphat, Joshua, Elijah, Elisha, David, Solomon, Samuel, Job, Joel… He is my God. He is faithful, righteous, and He is just. He is merciful. He is my Shield. He hides me in His tent in times of trouble. The battle belongs to the Lord. His countenance lights my path. He searches my mind and heart.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth. King of kings. Rock of Salvation. The Holy One of God. Light to both the Hebrew and Gentile. The Alpha and the Omega. Prince of Peace, Almighty God.

    Do not be deceived. Seek Him while He may be found.


    • susan

      Eddie, I agree with every word you said!

  18. H. Craig Bradley

    Why does anybody pay much attention to the FED besides the Federal Government ( the single largest debtor in the world ) ? Of course, bankers can borrow at 1% and charge you 17% APR on your credit card. Pretty soon at that rate, U.S. Bankers might end-up owning everything.

    • paul ...

      According to John Williams the true inflation rate is about 10% … so we are already in a “de facto negative ­­interest rate environment” that Powell says “will be detrimental to our economy” … and with all the newly-printed Repo dollars … the Fed is creating a “perpetual liability” … for there is really “no such thing as free helicopter money” … only a deceptively cheap way to borrow (out of thin air) … deceptive because it’s getting harder and harder to earn enough new dollar debt to pay back the old dollar debt (especially for credit card holders paying 17% interest) … as debtors must generate (every year) many more dollars then they owe in added interest charges and it is a perpetual Ponzi scheme (for debt can never be extinguished if new debt based money has to be created to pay back previous debt plus interest … we are on a money printing treadmill … that only a gold based monetary system will fix … for with gold … there is “a final payment” (that makes debt go out of existence)!!

    • Old Timer

      “Besides the Federal Government (the single largest debtor in the world)” I am not being sarcastic or a know it all, but WE are the the single largest debtor in the world (127 trillion in unfunded liabilities) and we should very much pay attention to what they are saying. And that is also why it “WAS” so important for our elected officials to control spending because it is on our backs, all of us (too late now). The FED, obviously, is no more a part of the Federal Government than the Federal Express, as has been stated many times by men far more knowledgeable than myself. They are a group of international bankers and as you said WILL own it all when this over. Contrary to many, this debt will be paid one way or the other and after Jay Powell’s recent lecture to congress concerning the unsustainable debt it should obvious that the end is near. All of this is scriptural, (read Revelation 17 concerning the consolidation of lands into kingdoms.) Bible prophecy written two thousand years ago is unfolding right now and we have a front row seat, although, very soon, to the unaware, those front seats will feel worse than being strapped into the “Screaming Eagle” at six flags…… pun intended.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      The reason for posting this article is its well-written explanation of what is more likely the true inflation rate. For me, its very well supported by data ( Basket of 70 common items purchased periodically at WalMart and Target) vs. synthesized gov’mint numbers from the BLS. I figure real inflation is currently at least 2X the official Core CPI number. You can figure if its a 5% actual annual inflation rate and the 10-year Treasury Bill is 1.75%, then you are in-effect facing negative real interest rates already. Perspective is the issue.

      No Offense, but John Williams is not a very good communicator. His garbled syntax is taxing to my ears. A more plainly stated generalization or summary of what the numbers imply with more detailed references for the data geeks or wonks would suffice for my purposes. He could reduce the length of his presentation by about half and get more facts across with less confusion or torture for the listeners. Just saying.

      • paul jr.

        You are correct about the average inflation rate over the last 10 tears being around 5% to 6% for the average person based on all the data I looked at like seen in the links below.

        Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Rises 1st Time in 4 Years (by only 1 penny)

        A Decade of Grocery Prices for 30 Common Items

        • paul ...

          It is only “up a penny” if you use the “chained” inflation adjusted cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner (instead of the true 12% inflation rate we have here in New York) … soon … instead of eating Turkey on Thanksgiving we will be eating a giant “genetically engineered” maggot with grasshopper stuffing … with chocolate covered ants for dessert!!

          • paul jr.


            You are wrong. The prices for a Thanksgiving dinner was calculated by more than 250 volunteers who took their lists to check prices at grocery stores in 38 states. They were instructed to look for the best possible prices without using coupons or other special deals.


            Sorry to here that you are in the minority of people who have an inflation rate over 10%. I live in PA and our inflation rate is easily no more than 5% for the average person.

  19. mike wagner

    To Robert,

    Ken Lay was not sent to prison. They faked his death, just like they did Epsteins Ken Lay was pronounced dead at Vail Co. by a coroner from Grand Junction ( why not a coroner from Vail)?. His ashes were supposedly spread by airplane the next day. Dead one day, ashes spread next day. The big fish are free to do what they want.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Vail is in Eagle County, Grand Junction is in Grand County. In-between is Garfield County, Colorado, all along I-70. How do I know this? Worked as a field-going technician on the White River Nat’l Forest on the Rifle Ranger District from 1980-1984. I don’t know why they sent the body to “The Junction” for autopsy. Maybe only the biggest county by population has a county coroner, whom they share. Funding is hard to come-by in rural Western Colorado ( The West Slope of the Rockies). Just an educated guess.

      • goldeneedle

        Grand Junction is in Mesa County

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Conspiracy Theories again ??

  20. paul ...

    Williams and many of us here “are not fooled by the economic lies” … and neither is a growing number of military families fooled by “who the Deep State says our enemy is” (Mexico is doing a lot of damage to our children) … seems some in the military can’t remember Russia bombing Belgrade back into the stone ages … nor Russia invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan for eighteen-plus years … nor Russia creating anarchy in Libya … or funding and arming al-Qaeda in Syria … or expanded Russian bases “right up to our US borders”!! …

    • paul ...

      Russia’s increasing presence in Oil-rich Libya “to stabilize the region” (like it did in Syria) and re-supply Europe and Germany with Libyan oil “has alarmed Africom” … Libya was thrown into civil war nearly a decade ago by Hillary (astonishingly with NATO help) by overthrowing Moammar Gadhafi (so as to disrupt oil flows to Europe) likely so the US Deep State could sell “its shale oil” to Europe!! …

    • Tommy R

      Confusing the old USSR with Russia, is like confusing the corrupt Clinton, GWBush & Obama Administrations with America.

      :Libya was the most stable nation in all of Africa until Obama attacked it. Note the racist bloodlust of the satanic pedophile Hilary Clinton post her Libya invasion:

      The current anti-Russia propaganda from the globalists is related to the anti-Christin, anti-heterosexual and anti-white program of the globalists. Putin is pro-Western Civilization and opposed to the immigration invasion happening in Germany France UK and Sweden where Western culture is being destroyed and women are being gang-raped by migrants on an industrial scale. Putin has done a lot to restore Christian religion in Russia. He is also pro traditional marriage and against perverts.

      • paul ...

        Tommy … this is exactly why the “commie” bribe taking perverts and criminals in the Deep State always bash Russia … because it is “not commie anymore” … but is now trying to follow Christian principles … like Thou Shall Not Steal (thy neighbors organs, children, property, currency or gold)!!!

  21. paul ...

    Millennials still put their faith in chocolate bars and crypto (even as gold outperforms crypo) … … now we have Goldman Sachs promoting gold (probably to help the banksters who are intelligently buying tons of it as a tier one asset) … but Stan “single-handedly keeps shorting and driving the gold price downward” (to Goldman’s and the banksters chagrin) but we love it (so we can buy more dirt cheap) … according to the latest data from Charles Schwab … the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is the 5th largest holding in millennials retirement accounts (including 401(k)s) with almost 2% of their assets tied to the success of the largest crypto currency dinosaurs (who’s block-chain problems will soon make them all extinct)!! …

    • Stan

      Do the opposite of what Goldman tells the retail public to do. In other words, short Gold.

      • paul ...

        Stan … it’s fine to be a contrarian and cross the street when the light is red … but but you have to be aware and be able to discern where the cars are that are whizzing by … you don’t just put on a blindfold and take your chances!!

  22. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  23. Tommy Kangaroo Downton


    Trump must be impeached, ahead of time.
    WHY; He’s brainwashing black voter’s into thinking, he’s not a racist!

    That’s A Future Crime Against Inhumanity!

    Just ask his Jewish daughter.✡️…..grandkids and son-in-law.🕎

    The new symbol for the undemocratic Democrat party, is the Kangaroo!🐨Close enough!

  24. neville

    AAcrime is rune purely on a PACK OF LIES………When they have interest rates where they are and the creation of cash out of thin air………means that the economy has CRASHED when are those numbnuts going to catch A WAKE UP ???

  25. Jerry

    The illusion is complete now.

    Many years ago a financial insider told me that the ultimate goal of the central banks was to go digital and eliminate cash altogether. At the time I discounted the information he was telling me as tin foil hat material, but now with the multiple bank runs in China, and the PBOC testing the markets in two cities, it looks like he was correct. It does raise some interesting questions. One, how will this effect the dollar? Two, will it be backed with gold? Three, how will the banks force people to abandon cash? The central banks tried this in India a few years ago resulting in riots and civil chaos.

    Conclusion: The central banks must be pretty desperate to try and peddle such a notion, at a time when they’re up to their ears in debt. Digital currency is just another form of creating money out of thin like QE. Without hard assets to back up any form of currency, paper or digital, its just another illusion to pacify masses into thinking they actually have something, when in reality they don’t.

    • paul ...

      Jerry … The reason the banksters love crypto is because they can tell the people it is “limited in amount” … but then can subdivide it continuously to infinity in a new Ponzi scheme head-fake … where by from 0.0001 bitcoin being equal to one dollar … they can expand this “so called limited crypto money “to infinity” … by simply making 0.00000000001 bitcoin equal to one dollar … while telling “the brainless millennials” that the crypto money supply “is limited to a fixed amount of coins” (and therefore there is no inflation) while in reality they can “inflate to infinity” by subdividing the currency … instead of printing and adding new money out of thin air as they currently do … which is way to obvious to people that inflation of the money supply is going on!!!

  26. Russ

    “Fed Could Be Setting Us Up for Explosive Price Inflation”

    …” Which would also set the stage for things to get dicey…
    According to Robert Wenzel, “It is very possible that once price inflation gets going it could jump to the 5% range very rapidly. That’s what happened in 1950, 1974, 1979 (up to 10%) and 2008.”
    If inflation jumped to 5%, the Fed would be put into the position of raising the Federal funds rate even higher. Wenzel thinks it may need to go to “around 6.5% to 7.0% to kill the price inflation.”
    Lending would get expensive. Food, energy, and even medical services could all shoot up in price. Not good if you’re Chairman Powell and want to give the impression that the Fed has control of U.S. monetary policy.
    But the most alarming part of this is “real” inflation may already be over 5%.“ …

    • paul jr.

      Well based on the data that I have found, the real consumer inflation rate for the average person is probably at least 5% with healthcare cost having the largest increase over the last 10 tears. Luckily most people have health insurance through their employer or from a government program like Medicaid or Medicare which pays for most of the cost.

  27. JC

    Greg, George Ure at Urban Survival was a reporter back in his younger days. Maybe you can contact him to be guest. Real smart guy.

    “An economic Depression is on the way. We don’t like to think about it, because it’s much easier to listen of the “ siren song” of politicians. It’s our great human “power of denial” that just won’t let us think anything bad can ever happen to us.”

  28. paul ...

    Paul A. Volcker (92) … who helped keep gold under pressure for more than six decades by brute-force (subduing the true response of gold to the Fed’s inflation of the money supply) … died Sunday in New York … sadly he won’t be around “to see gold rise” during the battle to stop an upcoming “Repo crash” slated for December 31, 2019 (when the Fed will be printing hundreds of Billions or perhaps Trillions “to prevent the crash from happening”) … if the crash does happen (Volker may get one more smile up in Heaven) if people have to sell gold to raise cash!!

    • paul ...

      Note: I’m more then 90% certain the Fed will “not allow a Repo crash” on Dec 31st 2019 … so the odds favor gold not having to sell off “to raise cash” … if the Fed comes through and provides enough liquidity … gold should quickly breakout of its current flag formation … head for “1776” and beyond!!!

  29. paul ...

    Boy these Demon-rats are greedy bastards … even though Warren was making millions of dollars … she had to pretended to be an Indian?? … just so she could save the few messily bucks it would take to bribe college officials to let her in??? …

  30. paul ...

    Well, well , well … the Saudi’s have finally sold off a part of Aramco to suckers (who will likely find within the coming year their Aramco shares selling at “zero”) … all because “the Saudi’s won’t make peace with Yemen” who can very easily bomb their Aramco oil facilities right into the ground!!! …

  31. Lberty

    Hi Greg,
    Would like to have your opinion on this if it
    What is going is totally insane. Where are the real values of the Western world? Most people seem very hypocrite and this goes for Trump. Before throwing rock at me, I am for Trump he is a lot better than the evil Hillary but what is going on for several years is a circus. Trump discourse was real when he was running for office. He told the people that all the numbers were fake and now silence from his part. Same goes for Fox.
    It’s better to speak than to be silent. People should be afraid of being silent and speak this is wisdom because you know where we are headed and we do not want to go there.
    I believe in all the values of the Bible and try to my best to practice them even if I am agnostic. I respect those people who believe in GOD. But what happen to those who believe in God and are lying either by omission or totally lying concerning the REAL social economic situation in the US. Those people lost their integrity, aren`t those people who praise God are going away from him, it seem to me they do not walk the talk….. This is my book is hypocrite.
    ‘’The ninth commandment of the Bible reminds us not to lie, or in some circles “bear false witness.” When we walk away from the truth, we walk away from God. There are often consequences to lying, whether or not we get caught. Being honest can sometimes seem like the difficult decision, but when we learn how to be honest well, we know it is the right decision.’’
    ‘’ honesty. When we tell the truth, we live as God wants us to live. When we don’t tell the truth by lying we go against what God expects of us. Often people lie, because they are concerned about getting in trouble or hurting someone, but losing our integrity can be just as damaging. We lose our integrity when we lie, both in the eyes of God and in the eyes of those around us. ….’’
    Listen to Hannity this is totally misleading the people and this could have disastrous consequence on the people. People don’t prepare, people do not save money, store food, water, buy tangible things etc… People will lose a lot and some might die.
    By not telling the truth they will have people dead on their shoulder, because of their omission of information and their lies a lot of people might suffer.
    Hannity: Trump economy more prosperous than Canada

    PS: sorry if my wording is not perfect my mother tongue is French.

    • Mario Borsato

      Hi Lberty

      I hope all is well.

      I thought I would write a reply to something you said… or implied.

      Just because someone “believes” in God doesn’t mean they are saved. The word “believe” doesn’t just mean “knowing to exist” for even Satan “knows” or “believes” in God . Satan originally was the Arch-Angel, Lucifer. He knows God is real, he knows who Jesus is and he also knows the Bible inside and out. The meaning of the word “believe” in this context is much more than “knowing exists”, or thinking something is true or real…. for example someone might say they “believe in daily exercise”, or the teacher said to the student “don’t believe everything you read online”. This is not the same as the word “believe” in Acts 16:31 (NIV) Believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved. This “believe” means much much more than just knowing Jesus exists… In this context “believe” means to trust in Jesus as your saviour, to know in your heart that Jesus died on the cross for your sins. It’s to understand that we could never be good enough, there is nothing we could ever do that would grant us eternal life with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Jesus dying on the cross was so that our sins could be forgiven. The consequence of sin is death. God can’t grant us eternal life with Him if we have sin. Thankfully God also loves us so much that He can’t bare for us to be apart from Him. He sacrificed Himself (as Jesus) who was subjected to all of God’s wrath, for all of the sins of the world, that mankind has committed. Jesus who was sinless, died in our place, bore all of God’s wrath that should have been for us. The Holy Spirit then raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus conquered death and so will those who “believe”. The word believe meaning “to trust in”, “to follow His teachings”, “to rely on”, “to strive to be more like”, “to love”, “to seek” etc…


      • Old Dog

        Believe implies “hear and obey.”
        Jesus said, If you love Me, keep my commandments.
        Jesus also said, Not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of God, but he who does the will of My Father.
        Obedience is the proof of faith.

  32. brvalentine

    John Williams is Fantastic. Perhaps the only Honest economist out there. He sums it up beautifully, “They saved (attempting – emphasis) the Banking System (Wall St./Global) at the expense of the underlying economy, globally.”

    The greatest Transfer of wealth in human mankind persists. 1-10% own ALL assets, while 90% of global citizenry struggle tremendously.

    If one is seeking a savior, you have to look into the mirror. No One, including any Political figure regardless of Party will change anything taking place.


    They are the beneficiaries of the Easy Monetary policies globally. They do Not want anything to change. In fact, they are coming for it ALL via ZIRP & NIRP and will not stop until they have pillaged the masses entirely.

    Unfortunately, it gets worse (for Main St.) before it gets better.

    Fourth Turning.

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg, More distractions with the ‘hearings in the House’ , contrary actual facts and events taking place? Likely what they do NOT want people to see, connect to what DID go on and by who? Again, actual documents, pics, court proceedings with ‘witnesses’ and players and their connetions… (no hearsay, a friend told a friend than overheard a friend’s opinion)?
    (This is Greg Hunter. I do not have time to vet so I deleted the link.)

  34. Da Yooper

    Ok gang which one of you is ?

    “Blaster 09 ……….41 minutes ago
    Hey zero hedge, you cover another USA watchdog interview but still refuse to touch the Dr Skidmore interview where he discussed the additional 21 trillion in national debt we have that is not counted in the 23 trillion official number I urge everyone to see it at”

    Good job …..& no it is not me …

  35. paul ...

    Regarding the Trade War … it doesn’t look like it will be easily solved … and it seems Trump is finding that out … as “China does not need US soybeans” … Brazil is providing almost all China’s current needs … the Chinese agriculture ministry reports that they have sort out alternatives (while imposing 25 per cent tariffs on US shipments of soybeans) … Trump is reportedly calling for China to buy $50 billion dollars worth of American farm goods (which is more than double the $24 billion all time record (back in 2012) … but the African Swine Fever (that has killed off more then half of China’s pig population) has also killed off demand for the US’s biggest export (soybeans) to feed them … so the US-China trade war will likely continue (even if the US sanctions Huawei … it is not going to make China buy soybeans it doesn’t need) … meanwhile … Russia and China’s growing security cooperation looks to be evolving into something closer to a military alliance … thanks to “the good work of the Deep State” (to create very formidable enemies) as terrorists just can’t justify their bloated Trillion dollar military budgets … that the American people are on the hook to pay for every year)!!

    • paul ...

      And recently released explosive classified documents reveal the “Deep State’s” Afghan War … has been a “Mass Deception” to rake off Trillions of tax dollars from the American people!! …

      • paul ...

        And just this week President Trump “re-slapped” steel and aluminum tariffs on Brazil and Argentina … accusing them of devaluing their currencies (like the Fed) and hurting US farmers by supplying China with food the US once supplied … it is almost like the whole world has been made an enemy of the US … but other countries must continue to cut their rates or finding ways to inject liquidity into their local markets (as the Fed is doing with QE4-R) just to stay competitive!!

      • JC

        paul… I think most of us already knew this, intuitively, subconsciously etc…

  36. Lake M

    One discussion which is often overlooked is US demographics and how they will affect our nation.

    Being an economy of mainly consumer spending, the baby boomers heading for retirement account for at least 35% of the population and much of that spending is credit based. Boomers, a majority are burdened with high debts and will begin to curtail their spending and paying off debt as they hunker down into full retirement, Their real day to day living costs are rising anywhere from 5-10% per year, what little savings they have pays nearly zero interest, their retirement plans, still yet to be taxed. Those with pensions are concerned about the financial health of the funds, fingers crossed that promises will be paid. Spending during retirement. Usually the next generation steps up to fi the void. But this time that is unlikely to happen.

    Millennials to a large extent have missed ten years of their working life, which they will never make up. Boomers will be net sellers, attempting to liquidate assets to match rising costs of living. Millions will seek to sell their homes, where much of their net worth is sheltered. Who will buy them? The generation of X who is coming up behind the millennials. Doubtful. Maybe private equity and banks will step up. Debt will be paid.
    The asset itself will get repriced and not to the benefit of the seller.

    Those who are hoping Trump’s dream of re-industrializing America… it ain’t gonna happen. Most of the jobs which left will never come back.

    And one more note….. the term for the post 2008-2009 years seems to have inherited
    moniker, the Great Financial Crisis. GFC. There’s nothing great about it. The FED is the one responsible for creating it. The term is propaganda.
    It should call it the Great Financial Confiscation !

    Savings interest stolen, fake numbers to hide behavior, the devaluation of our money on a daily basis is overt theft. Five major banks scooped up over 30% of deposits and the elite
    now own just about everything. Corporate monopolists, oligarchs and government agents
    continue each day to diminish the wealth of our nation.

  37. Gina M Mancarella

    The IG report came out today and guess what ??????????

    Ya’ll got nothing !!! Y’all aint got a thing !

  38. Pretty Boy Floyd

    They’re In A World Of Trouble
    Prep Looks at the current World financial mess, and just how bad things are getting with China.
    100% spot on mate. Political stuff happening is all theater and those who are not prepared will suffer tremendously. 🎯

  39. rwmctrofholz

    John Williams will be wearing a suit in this videos sure has Bill Holter will wearing a heavily starched, white shirt and drinking a glass of ice water.

  40. Gina M Mancarella

    We will mobilize as many impeachment proceedings as it takes.

    At the very least, we bring his perverse agenda to a stand still so that we can reverse the damage as soon as Hillary steps into power to overhaul the system and create a country we can be proud of.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sick AND stupid!

      • Jerry

        You forgot ignorant. Gina is a byproduct of over thirty years of global brainwashing in a state sponsored communist system. Oops! I was wrong. You have to have a brain, to be brainwashed.

    • JC

      Gina, who are the “We” you refer to? A group known as FRA?

      (Freaks “R” Us)

      Motto: “We may be dumb, but we’re not stupid.”

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, Much easier if the Dems return the $21 Trillion and billions of graft/bribes/and kickbacks …and POTUS Trump can use that to start repairing the damage those that who for decades ”’had the power of the purse”’ AND the control of the ports on the west and east coast…along with the towerless airports on the gulf… ‘We’ are aware of those with deep roots of the Russell Trust from Yale…of the Weatherman and Soros’ funded ilk …like Jeff Jones of SDS, who dad was a Disney guy…his wife of the NYC communist party ilk, etc… Nothing has changed, save faces, and familia members – same agenda = Marxist revolution from the earliest days of the World Revolutionary Movement started at the Cafe’ Vienna… Do give credit for tenacity…but a bad idea is still a bad idea…and has never worked anywhere…can not work anywhere …can ONLY achieve disruption and chaos for ‘some’ insiders to profit at he expense of the ‘chosen’ little piggies who’s rights are just not quite the same as the others in the party movement… Your ‘impeachment’ movement, which you obviously claim to be a part of…is a poor attempt of a coup….sedition ! Thank you for being so forthright in your participation in it … Your statements here will be helpful. Clower and Pivey as well as Sal Alinsky would be proud of you ! And think of how long the wall is being built…room a plenty for all to be stood in front of …
      Herein is the map of the Hillary Comey history of coverups which is only 39 vids long all mapped out by events and documents from the earliest of days…please take your time…and with such knowledge as you wish people to believe YOU possess…tell is where it is wrong… and of course…some adding findings of say Charles Ortel, and others can/will only strengthen the FACTS…which are helpful in a nation using the rule of law…which your ilk now ‘apparently’ choses to ignore and you also hope to shift the burden of proof? How Marxist of you! Get you pen and paper out…you can start your rebuttal at the end of viewing =
      1 of 39 – Hillary Email Scandal & Comey History Investigating the Clintons ( mapping starts approx. @ 1:21–kbIts?list=PL9Y-FyRN9sWCnYwfe2QSU3h7zH53oe6oZ
      then go to Ortels docs =
      and any review would be remiss without a review of where it all started …the WORLD REVOUTIONARY MOVIEMENT…and we might start at the more current imvolments at about @ 4:16 of The WRM and the MB – The International Revolutionary Alliance
      Everyone can have their own opinion – even you Gina…but Facts AND events beyond coincidence have their own place concerning intent, and judgment of those involved therein…
      ARE …YOUR ‘we’….those of NED and the Carl Gershman ilk…or are you unaware useless idiot of the Trotsky wave you got caught up in? Notice too the founding financial backer of the WRM was Jacob Schiff …
      Any ties to Shifty Schiff…?

  41. Greg Nichols

    Thanks Greg for another great interview!
    To corroborate John Williams assertions on inflation, go to the Chapwood index:
    We are being robbed by the Banksters and the Evil Elites!

    • paul jr.

      Sorry but the Chapwood Index does not accurately reflect what the inflation rate is for the average American. The problem is that it is comprised mostly of white upper income people living in large cities.

  42. JC


    “All the disinformation circulating around about this Repo Crisis one must question can they really be that stupid? This is really the Mother of all Financial Crises which will impact everything it touches. This will make the 2007-2009 financial crisis look like a trial run.”

    • paul ...

      As “a public service” Armstrong should “tell it like it is” instead of trying to make subscription money!!

      • JC

        paul… Armstrong recently had a post saying that he does not want to state some things in detail publicly such as the repo crisis because he fears he will be blamed again for causing a crisis.

        Can’t find that post now, or I would have included the link.

  43. JC

    Greg, got an interesting email from a friend, thought you might find it interesting.

    I downloaded the latest Terminator movie called Dark Fate. The whole thing is a propaganda production for Mexicans. It shows how compassionate they are, the risks in migration, etc. One seen shows a staff member in a pharmacy that was being robbed, willing to help the unconscious and armed robber to their vehicle. This shit is way out there!

    To the average stupid American and most Americans are stupid, this will be another cog in the wheel of oblivion that turns in these very empty minds. These pieces of shit Democrats. That vile maggot of a creature is going to impeach this president that has once again unrivaled beyond expectations employment numbers.

    Be ready as civil war is just under the hood.

  44. Ron Spoon

    The sky is falling.. blah, blah, blah…

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t even realize how stu . . . Blah, blah, blah, you are.

    • Jerry

      Ron Spoon,
      Nothings happening. Move along. Blah,blah,blah. Can’t you post something original? Moron.

    • paul ...

      Ron … the sky will begin falling in 6 days (and proceed to come all the way down by year-end) … and I’m not talking about the 6 days it took God the Father to create the world … “I’m saying the sky will begin falling just 144 hours from now” … so if “you” are in the Stock Market … you better take cover now (it is hopeless trying to save Stan)!!!

  45. MKS

    Sorry Different subject; Check out Gregory Mannarino’s latest video. He doesn’t seem healthy. Is he okay?

    • JC

      MKS, haven’t followed Mannarino for quite some time, actually from when Greg H said he wouldn’t be a guest on USA Watchdog anymore.

      I just checked out his latest video and yes, you are right. He looks like an extra from the “Night Of The Living Dead” film.

      • paul ...

        Let’s not be so mean … Mannarino is providing a public service that we should all be thankful for!!

  46. paul ...

    So the truth is now revealed “for everyone to see” (hee, hee, hee )!!!… Hillary Clinton (not the Russians) meddled in the 2016 election to kill off her opponents … to kill and rape Trump (like he was Qaddafi) … she paid Christopher Steele to feed false information to the Main Stream Media right before the 2016 election … she tried to hide the fact by paying cash to law firm Perkins Coie … which then paid Fusion GPS … which then paid Steele (so she could claim “she had no idea” this happened) … bottom line … the dirty sneaky roundabout act of “getting money to Steele” (to peddle fiction to the media) for the purpose of harming Trump … “Constitutes Blatant Unabashed Vehement Unmitigated Shameless and Vociferant Election Meddling by Hillary”!!! …

  47. Marie Joy

    The problem is the Silent Majority (us) is too silent. WE think problems will be solved while WE do nothing.
    President Trump needs a Deplorable groundswell and, if he doesn’t get it, he (WE) could be run over by a snowflake avalanche (them).
    They are active while WE are not.
    Please, contact your representative at
    Enter your zip in the upper right
    Fill out the form.
    Tell your representative how you feel, every day.
    President Trump needs a Deplorable Groundswell and it can, only, come from us.
    Every day,
    OR most days, contact your rep.
    Thank you.

    • iwitness02

      Also, we can call: 202 224 3121
      an operator will ask for your zip code and then direct your call.
      I tell the representative that I want this impeachment of the President to stop.
      In a polite manner. They will ask for your name and zip code and name of your home town or city.

  48. Russ F

    Per, U.S. National debt is increasing at a rate of $1,000,000 about every 45 seconds.

    Do the math; any way you calculate it, this can’t have a happy ending.

    • Russ F

      some numbers cannot be manipulated, and this seems to be one of those.

      • paul ...

        Everyone should buy a stopwatch and time the current destruction of the US dollar … when money evolves from gold coins to paper it signifies “the beginning of nothing” … remember when Germany abandoned gold backing of its currency in 1914 … what followed was hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic … and it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a newspaper … people would actually pay for their meals at a restaurant “before they ate” because at the end of the meal the empty wine bottle was worth more as scrap glass then the entire meal cost before they sat down!!

  49. Russ F

    last “man” standing will be physical gold and silver that is in your possession.
    And 99% of the dummy Americans out there won’t have any.

    As Celente says, one needs the 3 G’s.
    Gold, guns, and a getaway.

    Greg, maybe it’s Gerald Celente time again.
    He predicts, does not look backward.

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, As busy a day as it was…GW seems to always add even more metadata and surprising revelations … today in Debbie Wasserman Schultz Florida district…where all the dead bodies keep getting found and near where the 300 Saudi pilot princes are being trained… including much more of the meat of the ‘inside players’ of Mueller report…

    • iwitness02

      My oh my. Isn’t that some interesting info.

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