Economy Will Crash, World War III Coming-Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente: When Interest Rates go Up, the Economy is Going to Crash Down!By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned trend researcher, Gerald Celente, said at the beginning of 2014 that the economy would tank and war is on its way.  It looks like his predictions are coming true.  On the economy, Celente contends, “This whole so-called recovery has been built up on unprecedented levels of cheap money.  They keep dumping it into the market.  They keep pushing it out there, and it’s not only in the United States.  You have, over in Europe, you have negative interest rates.  You now have, coming out of China, their debt to GDP ratio is over 250%.  You are going to see default coming about in Argentinian bonds.  You are looking at one crisis adding up after another.  You heard Janet Yellen, the Fed Chief, come out a week ago warning there is trouble in the so-called housing recovery in the United States. . . . So, what is going to happen?  When interest rates go up, the economy is going to crash down. . . . They have built up an even bigger bubble.”

On the possible wars, we start with the Ukraine crisis.  Celente contends, “I remember when Flight 800 went down off the coast of Long Island in the late 1990’s.  People said they saw missiles shooting up at it.  What did they tell us?  Don’t rush to judgment.  We’re going to get to the bottom of this.  It went on for months, if not years.  Within minutes after that Malaysian airline went down, the rush to judgment already began.  A plane was shot out of the air and it looks like Russian separatists did it, and they couldn’t do it on their own, and they needed help from Russia.”  Celente says there is little proof Russia did anything, and he thinks much of the mainstream media coverage is simply “propaganda.”  Celente explains, “They keep putting out the propaganda that instills fear and hysteria within the people that encourages them to go to war.”  When asked if war in Ukraine was coming and that it might turn into a global war, Celente said, without hesitation, “Yes, absolutely.”

Celente goes on to say, “I have to tell you I am so saddened by the cruelty that is being committed around the world and whitewashed with platitudes and propaganda as to why people are slaughtering other people, whether it’s in Nigeria or whether it’s in Mali, whether it’s in Syria or whether it’s in Gaza, whether it’s in Bahrain or whether it’s in Yemen.”

In Iraq and Syria, Celente sees more trouble from the newly formed so-called “Islamic State.”  Celente says, “There is foreign intervention that is fueling the fire with armaments.  They keep using these words such as al Qaeda, ISIS, and they keep making up this stuff.  These are criminals.  These are criminal organizations.  When you read back in the Trends Journal, days after 9/11, they already started blaming the Islamic fundamentalists as bombing The World Trade Center.  Now, they are using Islam, Muslim, and they are playing the game.  These are murderers.  They have nothing to do with religion.  They are mafias, and there are groups of them.  This is what happens to any country that is ripped with ongoing civil war, and the strongest groups are taking control.  They are hiding behind a flag of religion to commit their crimes.  The other side is using that to make us hate a religion rather than the sick people that are committing the crimes.”  Celente goes on to say, “We are looking at destabilization in the Middle East with no end in sight.  It’s only going to get worse unless this killing and excuse for the murders from both sides stops.” 

On the crisis in Israel with Hamas and the Palestinians, Celente says, “If this continues to increase at the rate it is going, it will be hell for everyone.  There is also the fear that this could spread into the Lebanese border.  As a trend forecaster, if peace is not brought to that region and this continues to spread, and if it goes into Lebanon, it will be hell on earth for everyone in that region. . . . We are building up to World War III.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  
Celente told me he was worried about massive loss of life if we continue on the path the world is on now.  Celente also told me he has started a new website to foster global peace.  It’s called

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  1. Angie

    Gerald Celente’s “ideal” is so far from the underlying issues that effect Israel and the Palestinians it is not even worth debating. Good try Greg in trying to debate; you did the best you could. Celente is blind to many facts.

    • dchayden

      As this was an “interview” and not a “debate,” as you put it, I am curious…why don’t you tell us the underlying issues that effect the Israelis and the Palestinians, and how they differ from Gerald Celente’s ? Can you please also state the so called “facts” that he is said to be blind to, and back them up with something legitimate. Thank you

    • Allen

      On the contrary, I find Gerald right on the spot and Greg rather unprofessional in attacking the “facts” he was discussing. The pro Israel bias and propaganda is so deep and encompassing in this country that even the interviewer who host many unconventional guests is brainwashed . However, thank you Greg for interviewing such a clear eyed intellectual in your site.

      • Michael Gottlieb

        “Clear-eyed intellectual”? You must be joking! Gerald Celente has revealed his true colors as a Hamas apologist. How can we trust anything he says?

        • Allen

          Yes. Clear Eyed Individual! The link you shared is sound bites taken out of context for Palestinians or usual talking heads in MSM who have subjugated their country’s (USA) future to a foreign one (Israel).
          I would like to know how would we respond if foreign people came, took our land, killed and humiliated us, put us in refugee camps or in ghettos that are blockated. Would we just accept our faith and be docile?
          You think Hamas is bad. A Pentagon official just said this week that if Hamas is toppled, ISIS will take its place.
          Israel is pulling this country down and our leaders are bought and paid for by AIPAC. Without Israel, this country and the entire world would be much better off.

      • fred

        thank you Allen this is so obvious but you are of coarse spot on sir

    • Collateral Damage

      I have been studying. This is what I have found:

      As of 2014; the men, women and children living in the Gaza Strip numbered around 1.82 million. The Gaza strip is a sliver of land 25 miles long by 3 to 7 miles wide bordered by Israel on two sides, Egypt on the third and the Mediterranean sea on the fourth. Israel and Egypt have imposed a strict economic blockade on the people living in this tiny strip of land via all land and water routes since 2007. For the past 7 years, the people cannot leave and their economic livelihood has been severely restricted.

      In December 2009, Egypt started, with help from the US, the building of an Egypt–Gaza barrier along the Gaza border, consisting of a steel wall. On 5 July 2013, in the wake of Islamist attacks on security forces in the Sinai following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, the border crossing was closed for several days by the Egyptian Army. It was later reopened for four hours each day. After the August 14th clashes, the border crossing was closed ‘indefinitely’. The blockade of the Gaza Strip refers to a land, air, and sea blockade on the Gaza Strip by Egypt and Israel from 2007 to present (July 2014).

      As reported by Deutsche Welle Journal today, “On Tuesday, July 29th Israel unleashed it’s heaviest bombardment yet in the three week offensive… Yesterday there was one single power plant in Gaza which produced just enough power for only three hours of electricity per day. Today the power plant was consumed in flames. The water supply in Gaza was secured by this power plant since the water was provided via pumps which ran/run on electricity.” This power plant supplied electricity for hospitals, schools, retirement homes and potable water supply. Gaza is positioned in an arid climate, with dry h0t summers subject to drought. People need water to survive, and they cannot drink sea water.

      I am tired of the blame game! “There but for the Grace of God, Go I.” Remember, any one of us (or you) could have been shafted with the bad luck to have been born onto that tiny strip of land. We weren’t born here, in the U.S., because we were better then them, we just got lucky.

      We are witnessing, and are party to (through our own inaction), the creation and perpetuation of a veritable ‘hell on earth’. And all we can seem to do is argue over who’s fault it is.

      I see you, us, on this Forum, as well meaning, decent, and thoughtful people; but when all WE can do is Argue about who is to blame, I really wonder why God wasted his time with us anyway.

    • allen ols

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      Prudent people see trouble and hide, while the simpleminded go right to it and get punished.

    • allen ols

      …. the youth of the world are disgusted with the world we have left them. They are in the mood to revolt. They can’t find jobs and are moving back in with their parents. They equate Islam with a revolt against the current world. As a result, thousands of young people from all over Europe are leaving their homes to fight in Syria. This is now becoming a real problem in Europe, and particularly in France.

      The rule, “thou shalt not spend more than 30% of thy after tax income on housing,” has become impossible for the average person. I think we are becoming a “mac n cheese” nation. If the squeeze continues on the middle and lower classes, I’m afraid we are going to see a revolt of the masses. I’m also afraid that we will see blood in the streets. As a result the safest place to be will be on a small farm away from large populations.

      • dkb

        You are spot on. There is unrest and a civil war coming.
        It has as much to do with opportunity and a future as it does that the current situation is impossible for young people to make it.
        The government stats are lies. Jobs are hard to find and they underpay to say the least.
        Our nation is headed into its most challenging time and our government is ill prepared to deal with it other than violence.

    • Collateral Damage

      “And so these men of Indostan
      Disputed loud and long,
      Each in his own opinion
      Exceeding stiff and strong,
      Though each was partly in the right,
      And all were in the wrong!”

      And the band played on on the Titanic, as the Captain reshuffled the deck chairs.

      Maybe we are not focusing on the elephant in the room?

    • Angie

      Greg is a pathethic apologist for the brutality of the Israelis towards the Palestinians. They are a bunch of thugs and Greg thinks that’s okay because he’s bought into their whole routine of Jewish victimhood. Either that or he’s on the take. Israel founded Hamas. It also makes a regular practice of blowing up things, blaming it on the Palestinians and then using that as an excuse to take more land. That you are so clueless about their methods is pathetic.

      • todd clay

        @angie,,,,,I dare say if the Canadians were lobbing hundreds if not thousands of missles at your house and kids that you would be all for fighting back…..wake up your buying into the lie!

    • Les

      I have followed Gerald Celente for quit a while,. I have read, or listened too, everything that he has put out there, and have always respected his opinion. I have recently even been considering signing up for his news letter.
      I have, however, just lost quite a bit of respect for Gerald because of his latest interviews where he complains that Americans are bad, and “don’t care”, just because they do not dress like him, and for his unreasonable hatred for Israel. I thought that he acted like a hateful jerk in his interview with you. I completely support your view.
      By the way, I am not Jewish, I am a recovering Catholic.

  2. Silence is Golden

    GC’s points of view are in my opinion accurate and should be viewed as dire warnings.
    To add further context to the debate I would suggest that world events of recent and past times (covered in GC’s comments) are conspiratorial rather than circumstantial or accidental in nature.
    To reinforce one need not go further than the following:
    Franklin D. Roosevelt who certainly saw many monumental events occur during his consecutive administrations has been quoted as saying: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way.”

  3. allen ols


    King James Bible
    “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” ; or they all except Christ as Savior, the hope of salvation.

    As long as Arabs hold the mantra, or philosophy, to exterminate Jews, and Jews reject Christ, there will be no peace. In the ME, there will NEVER be peace between Arabs, and Israelites, until Christ sets up the millennial Reign, and rules with a rod of Iron.

    6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

    8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    • Ken

      Hello Greg,

      I doubt this comment will make your comments list but here we go anyway.

      I have to agree with Gerald, his record of predictions speak for themselves. I think we can agree that Israel is slaughtering innocent civilian men, women and children with modern day weapons. With your amaurotic view that Israel has the right to do this as after all, the spoils of war means we can take your land and enslave you is concerning. Israel has been UN sanctioned over 100 times for Gaza alone, but also for their military forays in Syria, Lebanon, etc.. This is the only small country that continually gets away with attacking other countries which results in many civilians being killed.

      Remember when General Dempsey, Chairman of America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, the man who flew to Tel Aviv and informed Netanyahu that America wanted no part of his scheming against Iran was the subject of an assassination attempt in Afghanistan. This wasn’t an act of terrorism or Taliban militants. It was a mob hit by Israel’s Mosaad against someone who failed to kiss the feet of Netanyahu. His response was to unleash killers, not a fact for the public but a fact just the same, one the American military knows very well. The USS Liberty is another example.

      The Warsaw Gaza ghetto is alive and well. Israel is doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them.

      According to Israel’s logic, all of Gaza’s 1.8 million Palestinians are therefore human shields for being born Palestinian in Gaza. The solution is to destroy the shrinking 360-kilometer square strip of land and to expect a watching world to accept this catastrophic loss as incidental.

      The only way I can see this genocide ceasing is if Israel cedes back some of the land they stole from what you called “the down side of war” for attacking Israel. But unfortunately I think Israel takes on the same sentiment you have and they believe Palestine is part and parcel of the spoils of war so this probably will never happen.

      The entire globe is protesting against Israel. Even in Israel there are protests for the crimes their own country is committing against humanity.

      Israel has turned the planet against them.

      Israel cannot bomb Palestinians into submission, and it certainly cannot bomb them into peace.

      The World is watching!

      • Greg Hunter

        You said, “I think we can agree that Israel is slaughtering innocent civilian men, women and children with modern day weapons.” No WE cannot. If Hamas was worried about its civilian population they would move their military assets to the Gaza Israeli border and have the war they want. This way they would keep the civilian population behind them. They know there are going to me massive civilian casualties and this is what they want and why they conduct rocket attacks and war fro the middle of a civilian. This is an act of war on any country on the planet. Remember, the good people of Gaza elected Hamas to lead them. They could have turned Gaza into anything they wanted but the leaders chose to spend massive amounts of aide on tunnels and weapons to try to destroy Israel. You simply cannot ignore all the facts you don’t want to focus on. Focus on this. It is the stated goal of Hamas to destroy Israel, and they will not recognize Israel’s right to exist. They teach their children to hate Jews. Yes, the world is watching, but many ignore the facts they don’t like.

        • Tom

          Greg you missed Gerald’s point; ‘When you live in an area the size of a postage stamp there is not really an area you can call a border’. You also have been ignoring his opening point that is the key to the whole issue. That is, that the Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites; they are not Jews at all. So what legitimate claim, based on the UN, the Bible, or any other source do they have on the land.
          They are Khasars, caucasians; originally from NE Anatolia (Turkey), who formed a kingdom between the Black and Caspian Seas when they were pushed there by the Byzantine/Muslim wars. They later converted to Judaism. There religion is the occult teachings of the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah. The true tribe of Judah are the Sephardic Jews, who are a minority in Israel and treated as second class citizens.
          If I convert to a native American religion can I collect casino money?

          • Greg Hunter

            “Haaretz) — The claim that today’s Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazars who converted in the Middle Ages is a myth, according to new research by a Hebrew University historian.”

            Read more:

          • Galaxy 500

            I am.surprised you didnt quote the scrolls

          • Tom

            Greg, Thank you for your reply. The article does not mention the book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ by Arthur Koestler. His credentials are impeccable and if you still doubt his work it is extensively annotated and can be validated from his sources. Most importantly he is Ashkenazi; as is Prof. Shlomo Sand. There is also a book by a Sephardic Jew that is titled ‘They Hate Us Because We Look Like The Ememy’; i.e. the Jewish half-brothers- the Arabs (Ishmael).

            The Sephardic Jews lived in relative peace with the Arabs in Palestine until the immigration of the Ashkenazi who then treated them as second and the Arabs as third class citizens (at best). Exhibiting a real racial superiority culture.

            I am also aware of DNA tests. Notice they never state what the baseline used was. The only valid baseline for Hebrews and Arabs is in a tomb in Hebron that contains the remains of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah. It is zealously protected by both Arab and Jews and contains the DNA that would reveal the real truth.

            • Greg Hunter

              Why not just say you don’t think Israel has a right to exist and cut the academic nonsense.

        • allen ols

          greg u are partiatly right, but remember as i said, it is the goal of hamas and ALL ARABS TO EXTERMINATE JEWS. (NOT shouting) emphisising. sp

          hamas, hezbolah’s goal and arabs, is to spread islam world wide. we are infidels, they hate us unless we turn from christ and become muslim, and worship allah. period. moderate arabs can be influenced by radicals and will follow suit to kill infidels.

        • Brad

          You are quite correct in that both sides are entrenched in their positions, with Israel holding the vastly superior one and using it with the emotion of hatred behind actions. Yes hatred on both sides. However, the legalities are that after the war the U.N. brokered peace treaty called for either fair expropriation of Palestinian property if the owners did not wish to return home or the return of previously Palestinian owned property to it’s rightful owners. From Israel’s abrogation of these articles in the peace treaty we have the current situation so many years later and grand chessboard plans of a greater Israel that is to stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates.

        • MrPM

          If their elections are anything like the ones here in the US, I wouldn’t take those results too seriously..

          I too have seen you tube videos… the ones of Israeli’s cheering as the bombs fall on Gaza. BOTH sides absolutely disgust me. I just don’t understand how anyone can take a side in defense of either one is my point.

          Just the mention of how aweful it is to see innocent children killed and that brings out the lashing of all the one sided Pro-Israel commenters especially New Yorker and Ultra Zionist- GALAXY 500 swoop in with their knee jerk Nazi name calling and labeling.

        • todd

          that’s right!

        • Francis

          Absolutely DEAD ON Greg!!!
          Here’s another one to think about. Satan who is real and who is the Prince of the power of the air and his principalities (lower scale angelic authorities under him and over the earth) absolutely use and influence human beings in powerful positions of media and government to hate ALL JEWS EVERYWHERE ON EARTH so that people will want to kill them all or let them be killed by people who are willing to do it. But why? If Satan can totally eliminate Israel and all Jews (which is the goal of fundamental Islam) then Satan can prove God’s Word is not true. If there is no Israel and no Jews then the King of the Jews has no people to come back to and no Israel to seat His throne. That’s Satan’s goal and he is using many willing Jew haters that are masquerading as “peace loving” humanitarians. The real truth is that many people hate the God of the Bible and His promises to redeem Israel and save one third of the Jews who will recognize that Jesus is indeed their redeemer and King . Most people have god made into an idol of their own thinking and utterly reject the God and Saviour and the clear teachings of the Bible regarding the literal reign of Jesus on earth. Oh yes…JESUS IS (PRESENT TENSE) A JEW AND HE IS KING OF THE JEWS.
          He is not king of the gentiles! He is Lord and Saviour of any person who accepts Him as such during this Dispensation of Grace.
          Thanks Greg for all your dedication and hard work!

          • mark

            thank you Francis for widening the focus of this discussion to the place where we see it really counts!! Not that the lives lost and suffering are of no consequence, but the veracity of God’s Word is what is at stake!!! You nailed it!! (no pun intended). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Francis. amen

          • Spanky

            Cut the crap Francis !!! ( Bill Murray, “Stripes”)

        • Steve

          I do also recall Gregg a well knowen photo of Israel children signing their names on missiles intended for Palestine. So the conditioning is by both sides

          • Greg Hunter

            Lots of sin to go around. War is here and will get much bigger.

        • Tom

          Greg, In response to your statement, ‘Why don’t I just admit that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist’; I do believe that everyone in Israel (including the Palestinian lands) has Natural Rights as free sovereign individuals, and that no country should be ethnically based as a requirement for the right to exist there as an equally free person.

          I had a website, I continued to develop as I studied, for three years proving the secular and Biblical right for a Zionist State to exist. That was until I educated myself too much and ran into the truth. Through that process I was in direct contact with two famous Israeli rabbis; including one from the Temple Institute. I had permission from famous Zionist writers to use their material and graphics on my site; after they had examined and approved it.

          As far as my belief system I believe in the Torah (I read it in its original language of Biblical Hebrew), and I firmly believe that the Creator will establish the land of Israel as he sees fit in the later days; without the interference of any religion, the UN, or any other man-made organizations.

          My ethnic background is German, Irish, and Polish. My surname is Polish and by its spelling gives me about a 50/50 chance that I have some Ashkenazi blood in me. Regardless I hold no ill will towards that race or any other. I do against people who use race as an excuse to exclude other people and to persecute them. I even stand strongly against the formation of ghettos and pogroms committed against the Ashkenazi in the past and today. As I stand against the formation of Palestinian ghettos and pogroms that are happening today; done by a people who should relate to their history and know better.
          And just because some. so called, leaders make stupid constitutions and statements is no reason to hold responsible and persecute all the people as fair game. If this is so, as Americans, we are in deep trouble if we are going to be punished for unjustly being associated with our government. I hope people are more merciful and just than that.
          Greg, I can’t believe that you refer to academics as nonsense.

        • todd clay

          well put!

      • allen ols

        Hamas, hezbolah’s goal is to kill all jews, this is the bottom line, exterminate jews. bibi neten. says it they lay down their weapons, we will not attack, if we lay down our weapons, we will be annialihalted.
        palestianians live in peace in israel, with no problems, hamas is the problem.

        REUTERS Transcript – Israeli forces telephone a Palestinian family to warn them of an imminent attack on their home in Gaza City. Fifteen minutes later, a so-called “knock-on-the-door” missile. The missile does not contain explosive warheads. It’s meant to warn the family once more to get out before the real bombs are dropped. A local news agency says the home owner managed to evacuate his family and his neighbors in time. The home is shattered to pieces. Children’s toys poke through the rubble. Medical officials say more than 100 people have been killed in the aerial bombardments that Israel began on Tuesday. That death toll includes at least 75 civilians, many of them children. Israel said it was determined to end cross-border rocket attacks that intensified last month, after its forces arrested hundreds of activists from the Islamist Hamas movement.

        SEE IT: Israel’s ‘knock the roof’ tactic featured in video as ……/israel-knock-roof-tactic...
        New York Daily News
        Jul 14, 2014 – A remarkable video shows Israel’s controversial “knock on door” policy … First, a warning missile – which does not contain a warhead – is fired onto the … An estimated 174 Palestinians have been killed since the most recent …
        “We’re Using Missile Defense To Protect Our Civilians And ……/26167-we-re-using-missile-defense-to-protect-o…
        Jul 21, 2014 – To help the Gaza economy, Israel gave the Palestinians its 3,000 … and regardless of the fact that they send “door knockers” or bombs that don’t … of anything as a warning for people to get out BEFORE they send over the …
        WATCH: Israeli military uses ‘knock-on-the-door’ missile to ……israeli…door-missile-to-warn…/comment-1287162...
        Jul 13, 2014 – Page 6: Israeli forces telephone a Palestinian family warning them of a imminent attack. Fifteen minutes later a warning missile called a ‘knock-on-the-door’ … That is what Israel is trying to do by sending a door knocker alert to …

      • allen ols

        remember what ahminidinnerjacket said; ” our goal is to destroy isreai, and all jews.” think sir think, it is the bottom line!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Where do all the antisemitism extremist come from? I can not see anyone thats not on Hamas’ payroll or in a mental institution agreeing with what this guy is writing…
        Personally, I think you are under attack by the leftist government trolls

      • Ugly

        You are right. That is all Nations will join a fight against Israel in the land of Megiddo, called Armageddon….

        What you say is prophecy being fulfilled….

      • Galaxy 500

        Yes, I remember dipshiite Dempsey going to Israel and.then outing that Israel was considering denuclearization of Iran. Obama has forced out the good military leaders and we are left with the Dipshiites….I mean Dempsey

        • Hugo

          Interesting discussion about abstracts all, war claims on terrotory, religion, war crimes, israel, palastine and so on.
          (small sidenote, bot coutnries are less then 70 years old)

          To me this is the struggle of the individual and wakening of his soul and the current technocratic order. To me the technocratic order (yes on the planet in variations on the planet)
          If us, the shrimps, tiny ones, trying to keep thinking that centralistic concepts as I mentioned above and fighting to be right is the solution, a very dark future is ahead I fear.

          If we start defining our own, well informed and respectfull to eachother, reality based on what I really want to see and we can agree to disagree but still work peacefully togehter. I seee a bright future then, we can harnass the power of the sun and explore universes then I thnink….

  4. Paul


    Great interview!

    One correction… you were not playing “devil’s advocate!” Sorry you wimped out with this statement… unless you truly think that Israel is the devil in this situation. If anything you were the “angel’s advocate” in supporting Israel… with facts.

    That said, I hope you display the same backbone with some of your other wacky guests. Those who view your videos regularly know of whom I speak.

    I like the new Greg, though I think Celente will think twice before making another appearance. No big loss.


  5. Spanky

    I love Celente’s passion, but much unlike your other guests, he is willing and able to finally bring forward a major issue that nobody else will touch, and that is the situation with Israel, the biggest terrorist criminal state on the planet. I know you were trying your best to debate him as “devils’ advocate” but Celente pretty much took you to school on this issue Greg, he had you on the ropes and you had to cover a lot. I know that as a journalist you want and need to appear objective, and that is fine IF the issues are debatable; however, in the case of Israel ,Celente is spot on ( and also did not even discuss some more even more incriminating evidence against that county). Greg , you would be wise to bring additional guests onto your show who can expand on this thesis, for the key to understanding all of geopolitics, and the world economy ,STARTS with a thorough analysis of Israel. Few, very few ,in your position are willing to go there as they know what the consequences will be, but hell, you quit CNN for a reason right? for justice , for the truth in reporting? So why not be willing to talk about the 800lb. elephant in the room? it’s going to come out sooner than later. The world is turning on Israel now with the US it’s only supporter and that is only because of coercion , and the power that Israel has over US policy both foreign and domestic. What do you think that the founding fathers would say if they came back and saw that the country that they gave their lives and fortunes to initiate , was now controlled by a foreign power?????

    • Spanky

      Spanky. I agree G.C. has opened the can of worms I have been waiting to see. Imagine if Mexico started moving our borders and settling in Texas. If the president did nothing you can bet the people of Texas would start killing for the land they call there own. Greg I have been asking why Hamas wants Israel dead. G. C. gave the clear answer. Few people hate others just because the chose to hate. Best interview in a long time. Question ? How many countries give money to Israel ? Why ? I believe Israel has some of the worlds most powerful oligarchs.

      • J C. Davis

        JC Davis Not Spanky. Spanky is that your real name? I am sorry for listing your name .
        I am old forgive me please.

      • todd clay

        read your bible….its in genisis!

    • KC

      +100 Spanky. I agree. George Galloway would be a very good guest to come on and discuss the Palestine view.

    • Malcolm

      Excellent. Greg normally doesn’t publish anything anti-Israel. He says he plays “Devil’s advocate” but only on behalf of Israel. Never for any of the other players.
      I’m not for any side but it’s great we have people like Celente and Paul Craig Roberts who are not afraid of the powerful lobbyists.

      • allen ols

        the goal of arabs is to destroy jews, infidels, and rule the world with islam. bottom line, it is.

        • woody188

          The goal of Christianity is to convert or slaughter the pagans. The goal of Judaism is to dominate the goyim and arabs. There are extremist views in every religion.

    • Ed

      The history, facts, law and morality are all contrary to the actions and intentions of the Jewish state. There are many recognized subject matter experts who might appear on this site to raise the level of debate.
      Greg’s point, made several times, that the Palestinians lost the land in war, is utterly without merit. It is long recognized within the community of nations, and encoded in international law that acquiring and keeping territory through warfare is illegal and impermissible.
      The essence of this conflict is occupation. Armed Europeans taking and occupying the lands of Arabs. Until that original crime is resolved, the only other solution to the problem created by Isarael is to cleanse the Palestinians from the land — what is happening now in Gaza. Or to exterminate them.

      • Greg Hunter

        Really? How about all the land Mexico lost to the U.S. in war?

        • J C. Davis

          ! point for Greg. Good one

          • Prickly

            Not a good point. when was the Spanish American war. im not a yank but ill bet it was well before the un charter concerned was instituted.

        • Barefoot in MN

          oh – you mean the land the US BOUGHT from Mexico? paid for in GOLD ??? THAT land?

        • art barnes

          Mexico has gotten the land back, albeit by illegal invasion and without even a shot!

        • Charles H.

          What most people neglect to consider is that Abraham walked the land 3800+ years ago, when nobody was there. King David formalized the nation in military and political structure over three-thousand years ago. Before that the route between Babylon and Egypt was a barren nothing; and the cities in “Palestine” were nothing more than stopping-points on a trade route. King David organized the Twelve Tribes and named Jerusalem his capital – the City of David. Solomon, David’s son, built the First Temple there. Two thousand years ago, when God Incarnate walked the earth, during the Second Temple period: there was no “Dome of the Rock” or Arabs vying for the territory then – Islam didn’t even exist. To focus ONLY upon the 20th Century, and all the claims and disputes – seems VERY short-sighted indeed.
          Greg, there is supernatural polarization going on clearly against Israel. There will be no middle ground. And those who hold to the continuous strain of Judeo-Christian values and identification will become less and less. God has always hidden His hand perfectly.
          Be strong. You are doing great. CH

          • Felicia

            Charles, thank you for stating the big picture. The land that Israel now claims was only a small portion of the land God gave to them in promise and perpettuity. (fyi…much more land had been theirs but was lost in war & conquest. So..thru war a fraction has been regained. And the war of Psalms 83 will give Israel the rest back)
            Greg, I agree with Charles. Good work. The spiritual war being waged right now is spilling over into the world’s stage so it will get even uglier. I’ve felt led to hold you and your work up in prayer. This interchange gives me more info on how to pray.

          • Francis

            We really needed that bit of history thank you. Very few see what the background really is in this situation. Most act and speak as if the Jew and Israel is a new entity on planet earth within the last 100 years. Well said!

          • mark

            thank you Charles for providing historical perspective. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Charles.

        • woody188

          Where is the US equivalent to Gaza or the West Bank?

          How many million Mexicans does the US keep blockaded?

          How many miles of territory does the US continue to take from Mexico each year?

          How many Mexican houses has the US bulldozed per year?

          How many Mexican orchards has the US burned per year?

          You aren’t really comparing apples to apples.

        • ofa

          Spain lost?

      • allen ols


        hamas started this recent event, by kidnaping 3 boys, jews, killing them.

        DID U GET THAT!!!!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            The key phrase is “Hamas May Not Have Kidnapped and Killed the 3 Israeli Teens.” This is not proof but speculation my friend.

        • woody188

          Likewise, how can one claim the slaughter of thousands of innocent people that didn’t commit a crime (kidnapping) as being justified?

          By that logic, if someone that goes to your church turns out to be a serial killer, we should bomb your whole town or city to make sure there are no other serial killers in your church.

          Military action wasn’t justified in this instance and only escalated the conflict, as was the design. That is part of Gerald’s point. Neither side is truly seeking peace, so it will continue to escalate.

      • RobertB

        Ed, find a place on the globe inhabited by people that wasn’t conquered militarily. Perhaps, when a land is conquered, the inhabitants have a legitmate complaint (depending upon what type of civilization they were – some were so bad they deserved to be displaced). Through time, every country you think of today as legitmate was a conquerer of the natives. Only those of VERY short sight and openness of mind fail to see this.
        However, when a nation is attacked by an outside force and not only repels the attack, but takes away the invader’s territory as a buffer against future attack (a necessity if the attacker is not utterly destroyed), that territory has little grievance if they willingly participated in the attack.
        The areas in question match the description of the repelled invader. The territory of the willing participant. Look it up. They attacked. They lost. The fact that Israel has not wiped them off the face of the map before now is an amazing example of forbearance and restraint.

        • woody188

          It’s not amazing restraint. It’s a war crime called genocide defined at Nuremberg. They don’t want to show the world they are a hypocritical aggressor. Wiping out civilian populations wholesale can’t be called self defense.

          • Greg Hunter

            Lest be fair here. Hamas has fired more than 2,000 rockets. USA Today is reporting Hamas has 5,000 more rockets. These rockets have a 100 mile range. They are being fired from densely populated areas. This is warfare and not genocide. If Hamas wanted to protect women and children they would move all their military hardware to the border with Israel and have it out. No more comments on this Woddy. You made your points and people have also made theirs.

    • Ken

      Bingo and nicely stated!

      • Ray

        Allen, it was never proven that Hamas kidnapped those 3 teenagers. In fact, “Times of Israel” does not believe that they did it. I would like to see if this will be posted by Greg and not censored.

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree with spanky. Please bring other antisemits to explain why Israel is evil. Maybe Spanky knows some Nazis and KKK members he can suggest to further illuminate on these evil jews running Israel and how they are wrong to defend themselves against those saintly members of Hamas…the ones that just shot about twenty or so civilians claiming they were informants for Israel…collaborators

      • woody188

        The United States still maintains the death penalty for traitors. The United States also assassinates people without trial on hearsay evidence based on an affirmation from the Unitary Executive. You have no moral high ground to castigate others. It is difficult to claim self defense as the superior power. Imagine King George claiming he was just defending the throne against those pesky colonialists that hid among the civilian population and refused to fight fair!

  6. allen ols

    Robert Fitzwilson, KWN says; snip it only

    ……The changes in the money fund rules were just one of a stream of warnings that the chaos that many have warned is in our future might be uncomfortably close. Street violence is on the rise in many countries. The situation in Ukraine continues to edge toward open warfare. Crucial parts of the Middle East are seeing war.

    There are signs that Saudi Arabia and Libya might be next. We are seeing a rekindling of ancient hatreds in Gaza. However, the most important conflict is the civil war occurring within Islam itself. That civil war is close to engulfing the entire region in a monumental and historic battle for dominance. Expect the price of oil to head much higher.

    The move away from the dollar is now in full force with the BRICs announcing their own version of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. It remains to be seen how far away from the dollar world commerce can stray, but the desire and motive to challenge the dominance of the dollar is clear. It has also been reported that the large central bank purchases of gold might be part of the strategy for anchoring the finances of this new entity. It can only be good for gold as well as a clear indication that the reserve status of the dollar is at risk.

    • Mike E.


      Mr. Celente has been studying this situation for decades. Just because he is not cheering for your team does not him wrong or a whack job. Mr. Celente is a straight shooter and an honest man.
      He is not against Israel – he is against the provocateurs of this violence.
      You should take Gerald’s advice and “think for yourself” instead of believing all of propaganda that is force feed to us daily.
      And you might just realize that the Israelis have become genocidal monsters not unlike the Nazis that they had survived.
      The circle of violence continues…

      • allen ols

        M E, stupid at most is say;

        hamas, hezbolah want to exterminate jews, infidels. get real sir. when they start chopping your familys heads off, come talk to me.

      • allen ols

        M E

        Muslims Send This Message To Christians: “Bring your money and give it to us. If not, each one of you will be shot in the head… You’ll receive one shot in the head each” – Walid Shoebat
        Muslims Send This Message To Christians: “Bring your money and give it to us. If not, each one of you will be shot in the head… You’ll receive one shot in the head each”
        SHOEBAT.COM · 48,684 SHARESSave – 50 Soldiers Beheaded And Their Heads Put On Poles
        50 soldier’s of Syria’s 417 Division were beheaded and their heads put on poles.
        LIVELEAK.COM · 14,361 SHARESSave

        Sick ISIS video emerges showing beheaded Syrian soldiers
        WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Formerly called ISIS, the fighters from Islamic State had attacked the base for two days in Raqqa, northern Syria, resulting in more than 50 executions.
        DAILY MAIL · 4,860 SHARESSave

      • Galaxy 500

        It doesnt mean he is not a bigot or not antisemitic. Ive seen a lot of people protray their views as factual when the facts were based on nothing but hate.
        Its intellectual dishonesty to claim what Israel is doing is genocide just as it is to try to claim proportionality but then most jew haters I know are intellectually dishonest

      • Charles H.

        Mike E,

        So you finally found someone sympathetic to your cause – and jumped right in advance it? How original to ride-in on the coat-tails of others. By the way – Gerald Celente doesn’t bring authority to the table. It always fascinates me how people start right off with a “Look, look – see! see! Somebody else said that! You better believe him!!” Puh-leeze.
        Your statement of : “… believing all of the propaganda that is force feed to us daily.” – reveals one of two things. Either you are currying to the crowd, in couched psychological terms often used to stir identification and elicit a connective response; or you actually display the symptoms of a perceived offense, which no one is inflicting upon you – as you are being fed (propaganda) against your will. (called paranoia)
        Then, having established authority; to introduce a well-made perceived offense pitch: you launch out into open and blatant libel and character assassination. Well, at least the composition and introduction of elements is not to be faulted. It is a typical piece; complete with spelling errors.
        “… the Israelis have become genocidal monsters not unlike the Nazis that they have survived.” Such a statement belies a hatred so deep, as to even support genocide from your own point of view. Am I correct? Did you not stop short of the expression of – ‘ because they (the Israelis) are these genocidal monsters: that they deserve exactly what they are dishing-out – they should be wiped-out too?’ Whether or not this is true; or you have the balls to own up to such an attitude: your argument is designed to lead readers toward such a conclusion based upon the elements listed in your statement and its progression. I consider this: “characterization by suggestion”. It’s like rounding the herd up; leading them to the gate; opening the gate – then stopping short of the last crack of the whip. But you know what the herd will do; and you are safe for not filling-in where it is all leading. It is actually diabolically clever.
        The sad thing is – practicing and throwing such blatant and raw hate out into the world: not only hurts the world for such influence – it destroys the hater. The monster – is you.

        • woody188

          Utilizing conjecture to prop up a straw man does not make for a good argument. It’s simplistic character assassination. Your post speaks more of your own prejudices than that of Mike E.

  7. Peter J

    Well … that was a 40 minute waste of time. Celente gets very angry when his facts are challenged. He became unable to form coherent arguments. This is the last time I will watch an interview with Mr. Celente, regardless of the interviewer. Keep up the great work Greg, everyone strikes out now and then. Your batting average is still very high.

    • RobertB

      This is the last time I watch Gerald Celente. I noticed a while back that he gets very loud and obnoxious even when he is monologueing. Well, he is now revealed to be very narrow of view and (unfortunately, like most liberals) intolerant of even the IDEA of an opposing view. Greg, deep six this guy. He will soon become hidden from view as an embarrasment. Somebody – help him to back away from the microphone.

      • Angie

        @ Peter and Robert

        Agree 100% about Celente.

      • allen ols

        rob b, bingo, GC has alot of great stuff, but stupid on israel and arabs.
        arabs require their kids to be trained to kill jews, people are really stupid.

  8. 86daily

    I find it difficult to hear you (Greg) spew out US propaganda that is heard on local channels and claim that it is the truth in the name of the devils advocate. This does not bowed well for you for a man to claim that you are searching for the truth. Business decision are not made on propaganda. Unless it is your own when selling your wares. Why is Gerald so often right? He doesn’t allow falsehoods enter his judgment!

    • Angie

      And just where are YOU getting your truth?

      Muslim Monty I suppose — OOO that must be true!

    • Galaxy 500

      Since when did you agree with the lame stream media? You spewing propaganda? OH, please! What turnip truck did this troll fall off of? I didnt know that there were so many nazi wannabes until you reported a while back that Israel was defending itself from the onslaught of Hamas rockets.

  9. Jennifer

    Greg, Thanks for taking a stand for Israel and its right to defend itself against the BS Celente was trying to present, in saying Palestine and Hamas basically had a right to continue on their vicious attacks on the Jewish people as well as on their own innocents, including not allowing their own people to leave the area, and expect the Jewish people to sit idlely by and wait to be slaughtered, really? I am sick of hearing Celente yell as though that gives him the upper hand in him being correct in his analysis, really? He would do well to look at the facts and the bible better to see what God says about Israel; and the dig about God not being a real estate agent, not funny. Because, if he really thinks this is as bad as it is, let’s not joke about serious truths, whether he realizes them or not. He tends to think these flippant remarks makes him so funny and right. I am a Catholic as well, like he likes to throw out there as so many do, and the Pope has spoken out many times against the injustices of the poor trapped innocents including just yesterday when he spoke off the cuff as he always does and stated all of this needs to stop! Good Job Greg in setting him straight, and anybody with their eyes open can “predict” what Gerald seems to think is a big step in seeing, come on. Quit yelling and start getting on our knees and praying! … Hello! Now why doesn’t anybody talk about that as being the only real answer. Without the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob – No Peace, and Allah is the devil – not God!

  10. Neil

    Keep up the good work Greg.
    You certainly had revealed in the YouTube comments posted that there are whole lot of people who are very easy to goad by someone with an mind to cause trouble. Real trouble that is and not a journalist taking the other side of an argument to balance the story. The mere mention of Israel or Russia and people are foaming at the mouth and wanting to terminate someone either by unsubscribing or physically attacking them. No wonder getting into Iraq was so easy to pull off. I’d say on the basis of your report it will be fairly certain that we will see a war soon on a large scale not because there is anything rational to dispute but because people have a whole lot of misplaced frustration to work off and being violent toward another party is far easier than facing up to a situation of your own making and using your brains to work through it.

    • Shocked

      How many CIVILIANS has Israel murdered in the last go-round in Gaza Jennifer – over a thousand? How can you sit there and justify that kind of action by a so-called democracy?

      • Greg Hunter

        Why doesn’t Hamas move all it’s military hardware to the north of Gaza with civilians behind them and have it out with the IDF? You not shocked you are one sided and ignorant that Hamas is a terror organization. Hamas wants the body count so people like you can be “shocked.”

      • RobertB

        Shocked, the decision that civilians were to die was made by Hamas. When you attack an armed enemy and hide behind women and children so you can remain safe, you are part of the HIDEOUS COWARD clan. Now, along comes the likes of you to openly join their clan. Congratulations.

        • Greg Hunter

          B I N G O!

          • allen ols

            greg, israel knocks on the door of a building, after warning by leaflets, and gives civilians ample time to vacate before destroying building with hamas people and rockets.

            SEE IT: Israel’s ‘knock the roof’ tactic featured in video as .

          • galletta

            Sir, I’m not sure that’s a BINGO. Perhaps if we remove all of the western assitance in terms of Money and arms. Gaza is not a large area. Hamas, is not the best leader for the Gazans, I agree – but who else will take their cause with effectiveness against the west who control media, arms, right to sanction, almost everything. People have been displaced from their homes, their land, and no one in the west wants to address this root cause – and that is the injustice that fuels the rage.

            • Greg Hunter

              If Hamas was really worried about loss of life they would move their military hardware to the border with Israel and put their people behind them. They want causalities.

          • Galletta

            Greg, i believe you are an investigative journalist. Their are reports that Israel knew approx 24hours after abduction that the three teenagers were killed. their are further reports that the Israeli government knew who the killers were and that they were not Hamas. Hamas denied the killing of these teenagers also (it is unlike Hamas to deny things they have done…it seems to me). so if these reports can be verified why did the Israeli governement wait days before informing its people that the teens had been killed and the murderer’s found? was it to encourage enough hate to garner the required support for an attack on Gaza? i think it curious that no one talks about these teens anymore in the western media. furthermore, think strategically as a Gazan if you will. if you move all your feeble defenses and aresenal into plain sight (feeble relative to IDF) then you would be slaughtered and Israel will take the entire region without restraint or opposition. it is a shame that innocent people die. it is a shame that insecure people that i would not share a drink with believe themselves to be leaders of nations and diplomats. Mankind is stupid.

          • galletta

            One final report that i read indicated that the UN Security council rejected pursuing Israel for war crimes in this situation. it was rejected because of one single vote in favor of Israel…can you guess who that was…Thank you for your time and efforts on this site. you provide a great service.

          • Jose

            Wow! a very lively debate! Greg, I guess people have short memories. The tactic of putting innocent live as a shield has been a tactic in the middle east for as long as I can remember.
            I agree with you on The Israel issue. It is their ancestral heritage that the Romans took from them invented the philistine which is Latin for Palestine and force the Jews out.

            There is a great deal of disingenuous baloney being thrown about as facts. And I start with your guess so-called “one state solution” Is he kidding? Everyone knows where that would lead.
            But I guess the life of a Jew does not matter right?
            Hey! Maybe we should return the land to the Indians and return wherever we came from.

            What B.S.

      • allen ols



        It is the goal to exterminate jews, duh!!!
        If hamas lays down weapons, and hezbolah, their will be peace and open borders, It israel lays down weapons, they will exterminate jews, get it right sir.

      • allen ols


        1040, and how many jews would be killed if no iron dome, duh!!!

        the goal of ALL ARABS and ISLAM is to annilhate all INFIDELS,

        GOT IT!!! it was the goal of HITLER, got it!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Dude, Shocked,
        Do you understand how stupid you sound? Tell me do you have “88” tattooed on your forhead?

        • Justanotherightwingextremist

          Well done Galaxy. The pot calling the kettle black!

      • allen ols


        who left the bag of idiots open, so many have gotten loose

      • Michael Gottlieb

        What would YOU do if a bloodthirsty enemy across your border fired deadly rockets into your cities non-stop? Would YOU just sit back and take it? Civillian casualties are guaranteed because an integral part of Hamas’ strategy is to hide behind their own people and hope that the fire they draw from Israel hits these innocents, thus scoring a PR victory and getting sympathy from clueless people who don’t get it – people like you.

    • Gerald

      God has nothing to do with it. And man will eventually eradicate himself from this planet. Why do most folks think the answer is because the bible says? That book contains more errors,falsehoods and immorality from the god of it than you can possibly imagine. Oh I know people have an ‘explanation’ for all these issues. Problem is,the explanation is usually harder to believe than the bible itself. We all best start relying on our smarts to fix this world before it is too late.

      • Angie

        God has everything to do with it for some of us anyway. Followers of Christ see this in an entirely different light as do other religions. If you deny that then there is no way you can attempt to understand history or current events taking place today with reference to the ares in question.

      • Joshua

        The Bible claims that all the problems in the world spring from within ‘mankind’ himself. Jesus says as much in Mark.7:22-24 “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts ……. All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.” A fair definition of the human condition. It goes on to say that this all came from man’s rebellion against God, both in the beginning and even now (Rom.5:12 & James.1:13-16).
        Has man the ability to solve his own problems? Interestingly, the Bible says that, given that man is the source of all problems and the very condition of his nature is ‘sinful’ (Roman.7), he does not have this ability. There you have the problem identified. The solution … death, imposed by God in the beginning, and even now (in type) the solution Rom.6:1-7.

        • Charles H.


          You adequately introduce man’s sinfulness and carnality; and suggest that he is helpless to solve this condition or his problems: but where is this going? What is your point? You come-on a some Bible scholar: then make an application that can only apply to Believers. Do you think that only Believers come to this site? Or are you still fishing, or phishing for people looking for someone who will feed them answers???
          “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1Cor. 2:14 Nobody can begin to explain spiritual issues and principles until they are made alive, by the second spiritual birth. That’s like starting at a book in the middle!
          But the real insight is the pitch about “man… solve his own problems”; instead of man being absolved or forgiven of his sin, which Salvation deals with – but you don’t mention.
          I will remind you… you don’t win arguments by zealous opposition, through a tactic of wearing-down others and getting the last word in. It is reason that convinces: not persistence.
          This is NOT a theological site: yet you keep coming at it. Admit it, Joshua – you are a JW; and this is your ‘soft evangelism’ toward this site. As far as I’m concerned – I’m done with you; and you are giving your organization a black-eye.

          • mark

            Thank you Charles for your faithfulness in commenting in response. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Charles.

      • Galaxy 500

        God has everything to do with it ! Sorry Gerald but I believe the Bible and in logic. I JUST disagree with you

      • Francis

        Your ignorance of the Bible is exactly why the world is as screwed up as it is. The only way you get errors in reading the Bible is if you don’t “rightfully divide” it. 2Timothy 2:15. God has two major programs; one for the earth and the Jews and one for the heavenlies. The so called errors are only because people don’t read it with that understanding and apply that principle and context to their reading of it. No errors, no falsehoods and no immorality except by humans.

        • mark

          excellent Francis, thank you for posting!!! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!!!

    • Steve

      Vicious attacks on Israel? I think one Israel civilian has been killed on the Israel border by Hamas rockets ( fireworks) I do not agree with Hamas firing them but your views have no balance

    • J Mc G

      I couldn’t have commented any better!

      “…and he said, Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel: now therefore, I pray thee, take a blessing of thy servant.” 2Kings 5:15

  11. Samsara

    Greg, I’ve got the utmost respect for this website after that interview. Another great interview. We are very fortunate to here both sides. Thanks.

  12. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg

    I have a sad news, the WWIII is already on for approx. 5 years, our luck was only 1 thing, it was mainly informational, financial and economical war. And it seems like we ran out of our luck, because the US government resp. the deep state is hell bent of on hot war between the US and Russia and China. My point is this, the other global powers have two bad choices:
    1st Kill the US$ and it will result banking failures and economic collapse (even in China) which will result civil unrests, rebellion and in some cases even civil war. The BRICS countries will come out from this mayhem relatively unharmed the most changed will be in China (there will be economical, political and social reforms).
    2nd Hot war between the NATO and Russia/China, which will soon escalate into thermonuclear war which may totally wipe out the life on this planet.

    About Israeli-Palestinian conflict: I side with Gerald Celente, the Palestinians are now facing a wipe out and the US gov. is cheering for Israel. If somebody really want there peace either one state solution or 1967 border, otherwise there will be even bigger bloody mess.

    Your thoughts.

    • Galaxy 500

      I disagree with your hypothesis that the dollar crashes and it doesnt effect the Brics nations

  13. Trevor Robertson

    Everyone I know when I talk to them about world politics, they view me as one sided because I seldom if ever agree with anything the Israeli or American governments ever say. In the 1930’s there were many people who thought that half of what the nazis were saying was probably truth but they were wrong because the nazis even if they had something to say that was true, they would embellish it until it became a lie anyway. Nazi Germany just like America and Israel today was ruled by psychopaths. I expect that Gerald would agree with me on this but I’m not sure that even he understands the significance of it. Unless all psychopaths are removed from all powers of influence they will inevitably end up destroying the world . These people are parasites who are enabled by sycophants. Every child that’s died in war, every person that dies today from neglect or poverty is the result of leaders who have zero or limited empathy. Everyone running for public office or who wants to be a CEO should have to pass an empathy test inside an MRI scanner. Probably a quarter of the population isn’t empathic enough to make good leaders. Now everyone can jump all over me for saying such a thing, “even psychopaths have rights” etc, but while we talk about it until the end of the world, the psychopaths are lighting the fuse to blow it up. Best case out come, empaths win through revolution by identifying the enemy and complete containment of them as an identifiable group, second best outcome (if you’re just happy to be alive) they win with a 1984 type enslavement of the empaths . But most likely the empaths with accomplish nothing through positive thinking and the psychopaths just end up losing control of the asylum because they don’t really care about anything anyway since life and the world is just a game to them that they play to the end, all the while telling us its our fault and everyone gets burnt to a crisp or dies in a nuclear winter. If I’m wrong someone please tell me why, because I really don’t want to be right about this at all.

  14. Paul DeCorsa

    The problem is not Israel or the Palestinians- it is BOTH of them!

    • allen ols


      If u fire at my house, i will call the police, if u continue to fire at my house, i will destroy your whole house and all in it moron!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Dont.die.from shock. I agree with what you say

    • Galaxy 500

      If the Palestinians were raining rockets on innocent jews this wouldnt have happened. The evildoers keep.calling Israel “the occupiers”
      Hate to break it to you but Israel left Gaza years ago. If the losers want territory they lost by starting a war with the jews and losing. They will never get it back no matter how many of their own people they kill attempt to blame on Israel. Yes, in war, innocent people die…war is hell…but even the Nazis didnt use human shields…just Islamic terroist do this.

    • Dan


  15. Jean.buchanan

    Really admire you greg, these are not stupid people you get on your shows. I am truly disgusted at what’s happening in our world. I for one think these world mongers will be paid back. karma.

  16. Mark

    First of all, let me thank you for being “The Best” interviewer on the internet. You have always been the only interviewer that asks the question “When?” I have listened to Celente for several years now. Something has recently changed with him. I don’t know what it is, but his credibility with myself and my friends who have followed him has diminished. To be blunt, he looses it and doesn’t carry on a good factual argument. His trends were good in the past for the long term. But he is still very reluctant to answer your question “When?”. I watched him trying to remember a term and was unable to come up with with it, You had to help him. I am saddened at the loss of his capabilities. It is only my opinion, but he now is only a mad, opinionated, screaming little Italian man with diminished capacity and talent.

  17. MrPM

    That was probably the most uncomfortable, disturbing interview I’ve EVER heard before, on your site or anywhere else.

    I usually agree with your views 99% of the time and tune in because you provide an alternative view to the MSM. But inexplicably on this issue you are stead fastly taking the MSM’s one sided, Israel can do no wrong, view that’s been spouting out left and right is definitely that 1% I just don’t understand. I thought you might be Jewish but you say you aren’t. I have family by marriage that are by the way (I’m not Anti Zionist just because I don’t like Israel killing people (and vice versa)

    You can’t back track- that was no “Devils Advocate” move – you also brutally attacked my posting the other day that was stating the other MSM side of things. That’s fine that you feel so passionately towards Israel, but don’t bash my views.

    Kudos to Gerald Celente for telling it the way it is.

    If 2 Non Jews can’t even agree on this , I’m not holding out any hope between these 2 radicalized groups that have been killing each other for years.

    • Galaxy 500

      Where on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN do they do anything but blame Israel and play the propaganda arm of Hamas? You say Greg agrees with them and spouts their drivel? Shows lack of mental clarity. Do you understand? Greg has stated many times that their is much sin to go around. What he takes exception to is hate veiled as fact, people who vomit Third Reich drivel as their own, people who claim stupid things are true but cant back it up with those pesky inconvenient things called facts and the antisemitism offered as thinly veiled fact. Which one covered your post?

  18. Mike Gunther

    Well, that was a waste. Greg you tried!

  19. Doug

    And even on your website Greg with intelligent people they are taking opposite positions on the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Arguments can be made on both sides. Gerald is pie in the sky if he thinks their will be a ‘one state’ solution between both sides. You can’t have peace when both sides hate each others guts and ‘leaders’ on both sides stoke the fires. It’s the ultimate naiveté imo to emphatically state that one side or the other is totally culpable. It still takes two to tango. And unfortunately as Gerald demonstrated that when those on either side refuse to hear the other guys viewpoint then their will be no peace.

    Fact of the matter is that God is either on the throne in the universe or he is not. He is!! Things are not out of control even if it looks to be that way. These things are prophesied to happen and they will happen….there is no way around it and no way to avoid it.

    The globalists are going to have their world war and will unleash hell on the earth. There will indeed be great tribulation but the end result of all this will be the millennial reign of Christ who will rule all the nations of the earth. And during that time the nations will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.

    God will cause us to be brought right to the brink of the annihilation of mankind. Man in his pride thinks he always knows better than God and rejects his consul. God is going to show mankind just how wretched and totally incapable of good that he really is. All of this will provide the backdrop of what God is going to do in the next age. There is no way around the times that are ahead of us.

    No matter how bad it’s going to get [and it’s gonna get bad] keep looking up for our redemption draws nigh. Thanks for all that you do Greg. I don’t have to like what is happening in the world [and I don’t!] but it’s for a grand purpose in the end and we have to believe that if we want to walk in a measure of peace of heart and mind in these next years just ahead of us.

  20. dchayden

    Greg, you sure brought out the best of Gerald Celente !! A lot of people here do not understand that handling an emotionally charged interview, takes a LOT of skill. You showed great professionalism, and closed things out very very well…not an easy feat. A great interview that reflects the emotion and conversation that is going on worldwide over these issues. I admire you for having him on, because as soon as I seen his name on your site this morning, I knew a few sparks would fly. Thank you for having the b***s to have Gerald on, and not being afraid to go “there” with him. Much respect !


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Derek. As I always say “Good men can disagree.” Mr. Celente is a good man!!

      • SMG

        I think what we are overlooking here is that our Bankster Oligarchs are controlling both Israel and Hamas. They want to have the religions destroy each other, in preparation for their coming Luciferian one world religion. If we hope to have a chance to stop their evil plan, we have to stop fighting each other and starting fighting them.

        • Jose

          Return to sound money
          eliminate the FEDS
          do away with personal income tax
          cut their life blood, the rivers of money that they use to foment more strife and hate. I call them Lucerferians because all these elites are nothing more than a bunch of sociopaths hell bent on destroying prosperity and putting us in chains. That is, after they finish killing most of the people on this planet leaving 500 millions to serve them.

          Yes, I say is time to deal with them as well.

  21. Tommy

    Whether or not you agree with Celente on his Israel opinions (I don’t), you have to give the man credit; he has been constantly pointing out the continued agitation going on around the world. We have completely upset the apple cart in the Middle East. It is totally out of control and I believe that is exactly what we wanted. No one could have been that stupid to do the things we did without expecting a different outcome. World war appears to be the goal. The killing of thousands in the Middle East and Africa goes on without a whimper from the government or the press. The financial crises in Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc. that were exploding two years ago are not even given a minute of coverage today. Did they recover? Gerald pointed out that even the churches say nothing about the slaughter of Christians around the world. Their main concern? Gay marriage. The news media fills their newscasts with stories from Hollywood and blown out of proportion statements from sports figures. They ignore the carnage that is going on. The speed of the decline is accelerating.

  22. Brian

    I got a little weary hearing the same old opposite side arguments pounding against each other in this interview. This last week I did a lot of reading about the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict because I wanted to firm up my own opinion based on the facts and explain it well to my (college-age) daughter – who doesn’t understand any of it. My feeling so far is it is absolutely bewildering and looks hopeless. Both sides have done unspeakable acts of terror to each other in hopes of winning and dominating the area. Although the Jewish have prevailed and hold the upper hand to date, they have not fostered healing at all as the Palestinians have been living in oppression and treated like cockroaches in their own land. The nation building done by the Jewish has been brutal and they feel justified and righteous. There is no EQUALITY or belief in it by either side now, which I think is the main breakdown. And so, Hamas and Hezbollah will continue to deliver blows to Israel as much as they can. Israel is not resolving anything, they are just resetting the Palestinian status from angry uprising back to desperate and oppressed. I am afraid it is doomed to stay the way it is or cause a wider conflict in the middle east.

    • Saint Lawrence

      There is no nation of arab palestine in history before 1964.
      There is no palestinian people before 1964.

      plo = palastine liberation organization
      Till 1963 this was a terrorist group funded by oligarchs to kill and bomb “Cannan or Palestine” Jews.
      Till 1964 Palestine was often used to mean Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as well as areas west of the Nile river. In 1964 Somebody screwed up by severing the Southwest portion of Israel … the rest is also history.

      I know some Shiites who know by Sharia and Holy Quuran, chapter “the cow”
      that will be justified in emulating the Profit Mohammed; to kill anyone (Catholic, Hindu, Prodestant, Jew, etc.) who refuse to immediately convert to Allahs’ Islam.
      The preferred method is to separate the infadels neck with a sword blessed by an Emon or Iatolah, feeding infadels to lions is an alternative. I think you should learn some of the Quuran by purchasing one. I believe Sharia would be the law of the land if PLO wins the battle.

      Gerald is wrong, there is no one state solution –
      Wolves in the hen house and barn means death to
      the inhabitants.

      Gerald is right that Catholic, Prodestant, Zionist and Jewish statists-oligarchs control most the the Business-Money-Government in the world. The Arab and Chinese Oligarchs-plutocrats are peaceful generous people. New York, City of London, Berlin, Moscow
      oligarchs seem quite pleased to slowly eliminate the non-collectivists, rightwingers, and leftists.

    • Galaxy 500

      The only thing Hamas will.continue to.get is what it deserves.

  23. art barnes

    Greg, GC is back Israel bashing once again. Usually right on the economy but always wrong on Israel. Frankly, just another anti-Semite. I got news for GC, the Jews are not going back into box cars again without a fight. Thank you for your debate with him on Israel.

    • J C. Davis

      Art. love ya man, but im glad to hear the other side for a change. Seems everyone stands with Israel no matter what. G. C. finally answered some of my questions no one has done.
      I respect you Art Barnes, and many others yet I disagree on this one. Keep this in mind. Someone kills my loved ones, I will never trust them. That’s is when the powers that be call me a terrorist. They should.

      • art barnes

        J.C., thanks for your respect, we can agree to disagree without killing each other or becoming self imposed terrorist. I understand that one persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter, however, if I was called to fight I wouldn’t put my children in front of me, that you can bet on!

        • Galaxy 500

          Damn right, brother. We would stand in the doorway to protect our children from harm instead of using them to sheild us.

      • Galaxy 500

        If Hamas held my family hostage and we were told to flee because Israel is going to bomb…and they died…I would hold Hamas responsible, not the Jews. However, my solution to peace is what God commanded King Saul to do…kill them all. Its a little harsh but it does end the cycle. Its the only way to deal with terrorist. You cant be squeamish dealing with fanatics that want to kill you nor can you reason with them. The Jews learned that lesson in WWII Germany.

  24. sommers

    I would advise Mr. Celente not to waste his time by appearing on your show anymore.
    You were combative, badgering, bullying far past the point of any ” devils advocate ” I’m familiar with. You talked right through and over guest. I want hear what he has to say.

    Anyone who wants to know is already aware that Israel dictates this countries foreign and domestic policies.

    • Galaxy 500

      I…its the evil Jews again. (Sarcasm alert)
      Dude, I hope Gerald listens to you

  25. Jerry

    Gerald was right about many of his economic points, but he was flat wrong about peace in Ukraine. The Russian people have been primed for war, and Putin will send his forces in any day. The oligarchs that he is controlled by needs Ukraine to complete their plans for the “Silk Road” in order to control the EU in the coming months.

    As far as Israel, Gerald needs to dust up on his facts. We’ve heard the same song and dance about peace plans with the Palestinians as far back as I can remember. They don’t want peace. They don’t want a home land. They want “Jerusalem” and the Jews out of it… period. How can you ever have peace with that mindset? As long as the Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount exist in the same piece of land it will never happen. Gerald, have you ever heard any Muslim or Arab State anywhere in the Middle East ever come up with a peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians ? Of course not. They don’t want peace. They want “Jerusalem” and the Jews out of it. End of story. The descendants of Ismael and Isaac will never have peace until they learn to love one another. And that probably won’t happen until the lord returns, and restores peace to the house of Israel.

    Look at what they’re fighting over. A narrow strip of land the size of Rhode Island. If its all just about a homeland for the Palestinians, have the UN buy a piece of land from Saudi Arabia and give it to the Palestinians. They own half the continent of Africa for Pete’s sake. Gerald who do you think is arming Hamas? The very same people who claim they want peace. Until the Palestinians love their children more than their hatred for the Jews, there will never be peace. It makes me sick to watch this idiotic slaughter go on day, after day. Year after year. For what? So you can occupy a piece of worthless ground that has been bleed on for over 2000 years. Its insane.

    • J C. Davis

      Really good point Jerry. Much to consider. Good question why not move the Palestinians ? seeing that it is only a relatively small amount of land. I may have to reconsider my sympathy for the Palestinian’s. Like I tell my renter, Just move.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow…great commentary

    • Old man and the sea

      Yes, the Palestinians need to get out of the way. Israel is too small, it’s like a concentration camp. The overcrowding is worse than Auschwitz.

    • Ray

      Galaxy, Gerald never used the term evil Jews. What are you talking about?

  26. Joe

    Seldom do you go (interview) ‘toe to toe’ with any of your guests, in this instance with Gerard Celente.

    The Israeli-Palestinian issue is endless till ‘… thy Kingdom come’.
    Gerard C. came on tops. Although, you brought out the decades old issues to a head this time around (again for the nth time).

    Kudos to Gerard for bringing it on.

    For awhile I thought Gerard would collapse of high blood pressure. Thank goodness, he survived.


  27. Stu

    I agree that they are mafia like criminal/terrorist organizations. But I do believe that religion is a major factor. Either through their extremist views themselves OR used by the leaders to fuel and fan the flames of dissent and violence of their followers.

    Nothing like excusing and encouraging terror and horrific acts of violence by saying it’s ok and justified and you will be rewarded by your god for your efforts…

    That said, I believe it’s going to get much darker in the world before it get light.

    As they used to say on every episode of Hill Street Blues:

    “Let’s be careful out there!”

    God bless and best of luck to all!

  28. Alarmed

    My Church takes a very strong pro-Israel stand based upon the OT. My view on Israel as we know and understand the country today, is a country that has lost its Jewish religious roots. Specifically, I am referring to the fact that they are not adhering to the OT. Jews who were carried away in the OT became heavily influenced by the pagan beliefs and practices of that time. A good example is Daniel. He as well as the three who were thrown into the fiery furnace were the exception to the rule comparedthe other male captives and stood out. I cannot begin to even know how God looks upon the apple of His eye today.

    I find it interesting that Gerald mentioned the Ashkenazim. Most of the Jewish population in the USA are Ashkenazi. There was a “theory’ that they really weren’t Jewish, because they are from the Khazars and converted en-mass sometime in the past. Supposedly a genetic study was done to disprove this idea and prove that the Ashkenazi population is Semite. The study looked at the Askenazi/Sephardic group as a race. At this point in time, I will accept the report of the study to be true until proven otherwise. It is a waste of time for Gerald to argue this point as those in power in Israel as well as in other high places who have been labeled as Jewish, Askenazi or Sephardic, have turned their back on God.

    • Galaxy 500

      You.commentary is in fact.alarming

  29. vincentg

    One of my favorites Gerald Celente tells it like he sees it.
    He’s a no nonsense forecaster that is not spewing PR for anyone.

    If we had hundreds more like him the world would be a better place.

    Now I can see what’s causing the global warming as the heat was turned up to maximum in today’s show.

    Great show Greg

  30. jb

    great interview greg !! you brought out a side of Gerald’s mind,that I haven’t seen…

  31. Michael Gottlieb

    I’ve been watching your site for many months now and look forward to each video you post. You bring on very good guests and you keep your content interesting and high-quality. Keep up the excellent work!

    However, I was quite disappointed with this week’s interview with Gerald Celente. I have held him in relatively high esteem – until now. I was shocked at his tirades and rants concerning Israel as she fights for her life against the bloodthirsty Hamas. Israel is fighting everyone’s war; as Israel goes, so goes the civilized world. She is not referred to in the Bible as the “Light onto the Nations” for nothing. How Gerald cannot differentiate between such obvious Good versus Evil is shocking; I now question his judgment on all other matters as well, and for me has become “damaged goods”. I thought you were spot-on in defending Israel’s position, though you should have been more forceful and you shouldn’t have referred to it as merely “playing the devil’s advocate”; you were bravely defending basic decency and human dignity which is the bedrock of all Judeo-Christian values.

    If Gerald Celente were never reinvited onto your show, I for one would not be disappointed.

    • allen ols

      michael, G tks. al

    • Galaxy 500

      Mike, with you. And I wish America had a man in charge like Netanyahu.

    • art barnes

      GC lost my vote for his trends research on Monday. Any person who is so prejudiced about a particular issue couldn’t be objective in every other area. To Gerald C who I hope reads this: Take care and get on some good meds.

  32. Charles A. Sinclair

    Hello: First, let me say that I love Gerald Celente. BUT, he has been predicting the same thing for years. “The economy will crash and their will be trouble in the middle east.” Harry Dent, another forecaster said that he would “Eat his hat” if the economy did not completely melt down. It’s the same old thing, but they never say WHEN.

    I am the new world wide forecaster. “The economy will implode, and the middle east will explode.”
    I charge for my forecasts. Please email me and I may send you the way to pay me.

    • J C. Davis

      Love it Charles. I do see a difference today from the start of 2013. Big difference. Nobody has a crystal ball , But they are good at making us think they do.

    • allen ols

      C S

      u funny, no money. al

    • Galaxy 500

      Great business model. The only thing you left out was the flakey crust of antisemitism to add just a little touch of hate.
      I love your post

    • art barnes

      I think you stole my prediction, how about cutting me in for half?

  33. Matt Schimpf

    Interesting interview, not terribly productive, but interesting. Here’s my 2 cents: I don’t care anymore. There I said it, I simply don’t care anymore what happens in that area of the world. The finger pointing, the “he said-she said” the insinuations, the accusations. It seems that everyone over there hates anyone else that isn’t exactly like themselves. How long has the crap been going on? Decades? Centuries? Millennia? I don’t pretend to know the facts of the case, as it were. But here is a fact that Mr. Celente was alluding to, but never quite summed it up as concisely as Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

    Don’t confuse my lack of concern for lack of sympathy, I feel horrible, especially regarding the children; for they are inculcated with the hate and fear from the moment they leave the womb. So by all means let’s “stick to our guns” and with any luck we’ll be buried with them.

  34. Cathy

    Thanks Greg! Great job!! Gerald has lost it, he says he is a catholic, yet as most, he does not read his bible. You did a super job, where else can we get revealing interviews. Nowhere! Keep it up!!

  35. Mark M.

    Very interesting interview, you desperately tried to hold on to the politically correct narrative, but Celente’s view of Israel and possible solutions is the correct one, as anyone knows who has not been exposed to decades of media/US brainwashing. Thank you to Celente, for speaking the truth, no matter how you tried to drown him out, undercut him with typical Hasbara propaganda points, and change the subject. I only wish more of your guests were like him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mark M,
      So you hate the Jews. Thank you for sharing.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Greg, it’s okay to dislike the Jews. The Jews have no problems disliking the Palestinians. What is the difference? I would assume that your viewers do not hate the Jewish people and want harm to come upon them. It’s the politics that we hate. I believe conflict creats opportunity for land-grab. In the future there’ll be no Palestine. Only Israel.

        • Galaxy 500

          I am ok with gaza and west bank being absorbed into Israel. While Israel allows dissent, Hamas calls people collaborators and then shoots them. Kind of like what the Jew haters are doing to Greg again this week. Greg presents both sides and doesnt allow soliloquy to go unchallenged. He has stated that there is much sin to go around.

      • robert michaels

        The notion that Jews or Israel cannot be criticized but may freely criticize any other group may have made sense forty years ago, but it is beginning to look like censorship. When the best reply you can come up with is, ‘admit you are a bigot’ or the equivalent, you automatically lose the argument. Even if your opponent is the vilest hater imaginable (or if you are) arguments must be judged by the facts and logic irrespective of the motives of the debaters.

        Israel invaded the miserable territory (not ‘state’) of Gaza after three teenagers were murdered, allegedly by Hamas members. Never mind that there are similar vigilante episodes on record where Israelis kidnap and/or murder Arabs. In response to this kidnapping Israel goes into Hamas and arrests hundreds, evicts hundreds, as usual. If Gaza were a genuine state that would be an act of war. One can only conclude that Israel remains the true government in Gaza and Gazan civilians have or should have the same right not to be killed that Israeli civilians have. When Hamas fires its feeble rockets (doesn’t Gaza have the right to defend itself? one might ask, countering the symmetrical question asked about Israel), Israel, having at that point not suffered a single casualty, launches a massive bombardment killing hundreds of civilians. No doubt Hamas hopes to benefit from world opinion — as if Israel never plays that card. Gaza has never had genuine sovereignty: its borders, sea-coast, and air-space are monitored and controlled by Israel and it is economically blockaded by Israel and Egypt, whose present government took power via a US-sponsored coup, and which killed or jailed the whole opposition. Gaza is smaller than Queens, NYC. To say Hamas should keep their installations away from civilian areas shows geographic ignorance. Not all Gazans voted for Hamas, and at the time the US and Israel called the elections a fraud. If so how can they be invoked to justify killing civilians? Even if every last ‘Gazan’ voted for Hamas, civilians have the right not to be killed out of military convenience. If I make a human shield of your child does that give the police — which is Israel’s role here — the right to kill her? Moreover the Israeli Supreme Court found the Israeli Defense Force itself to have illegally ordered Palestinian civilians to serve as human shields, disarming suspected mortar rounds, etc. 65 years after Israel’s founding it is truly remarkable that sentiments on both sides have not changed a bit. Since American aid and intervention is a manifest failure we should get out and try to do something for our own people, like avoiding bankruptcy, for the sake of our children and those who are too old to start afresh.

        • Greg Hunter

          robert michaels

          You said, “Hamas should keep their installations away from civilian areas shows geographic ignorance.” No, “graphic” disregard for the lives of their own population. They know there will be loss of life and this is how they chose ton conduct this war with Israel.

    • Galaxy 500

      How are your friends Gobbles and Himmler? Do you go to the beir gartens often?
      Do you understand how you sound?

      • Joshua

        Goebbels, not Gobbles.

        RE: Celente’s One State solution. No problems with that.
        Israel already has 1.6 million Arabs. A few more would not hurt, just include the land and people from Gaza in the State … but that may put the Arabs in the minority.
        I’m sure the Arab-Moslems want that… but their version of the One State may be vastly different to what we may think.
        The One State Solution is not possible, and imposing it from outside would bring only another disaster.

  36. John Allen

    With all due respect;
    You went over the line with Gerald as he deserves respect for telling the truth.
    Jesus said, ‘ Blessed are the peace makers’ and Gerald is a peace maker.
    There have been demonstrations by Jews against what Israel is doing and
    they are not reported in the main stream media. Refer to your Bible as
    there will be no lasting peace until Chirst returns. By the way Greg, the people of the
    Bibical Israel are comprised of twelve tribes and the true meaning of Jew, is one
    of the tribe of Judah. One last Bibical question for you Greg, whose domain is the land
    of Israel until Christ returns? Hint, after Jesus went into the desert for forty days and was taken to a mountain top, what was offered and who offered it? Greg, you owe Gerald an opology. You have a great web site and great guests for the most part and everyone has a bad day and you just had one. All good men want peace!

    • Greg Hunter

      John Allen,
      And good men can disagree.

    • armando

      Greg: I suspect you and I agree on about 99% of any subject covered on your site, but your point of view today probably accounts for a large portion of that remaing 1%. Please consider your sarcastic response above to Mark M, it seems a bit out of line from your normally articulate and intelligent commentary. As a Christian, I am very much in favor of the Jewish people (and certainly dont hate them), yet I dont find Mark M´s comment deserving of that reproach. While I believe that Israel does in fact have every right to defend itself (and furthermore think that the Palestenians MUST recognize Israel´s right to exist if they want peace), I see the evil deeds commited by BOTH sides. I suspect your interview today has divided your audience more than any interview you´ve done on this site before. Ask yourself why on almost every other issue (whether economic or geopolitical) discussed on your show you are 180 degrees opposed to the view on the propagandistic MSM, while on this one you are pretty much in full agreement. Like many Americans it´s possible you need to better understand the difference between Jews vs Zionists, the two groups have very little in common.

      • Galaxy 500

        Again with the Zoinist vs the Jew theories. Call it what it is…antisemitism. what would people call it if you were attempting this same type of nuanced bigotry against black Americans?

        • robert michaels

          I have no objection to what you call ‘nuanced bigotry’ and in fact many Jewish intellectuals in the US have been severely critical of radical black movements, including but not limited to those that are anti-Semitic. A number of black leaders play the same card: anyone who criticizes us is a racist, but we can say the nastiest things we like about ‘this racist society.’ As blacks become but one non-white minority among many and their problems persist, the demand that anyone questioning their politics be branded a racist is beginning to look like an impediment to solving the problems.

    • Galaxy 500

      And good men can disagree on opinion but not on facts. Hamas doesnt want peace…it an irrefutable, easily demonstrable fact.
      and their are plenty of anti jew marches and demonstrations are on my TV. What news are you watching Ozzie and Harriet?

      • art barnes

        Yea, and the Jews don’t celebrate when children are killed or murdered either, a big difference in value in my mind.

    • Galaxy 500

      So you think that a small minority of jews demonstrating against self defense that it makes all of them wrong?

    • Charles H.

      John Allen,

      The devil offered Jesus Christ all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them – but you suggest that Israel is specifically owned by the devil until Christ comes? Why would Israel be subject to direct land-lordship of the devil when the whole world is mentioned . This includes the land your house or apartment is built on – unless you live on the Space-station!!
      Also Ps. 18: 34 & Ps. 144:1 says ‘..the Lord teacheth may hands to war..” Is there no crime where you live? Have you never been beaten-up or punched? Is there no sin in the world?!? There is evil, and there is war – to ignore this reality intellectually unfair.
      “All good men want peace!” I say – all good men weigh both sides; deal with reality; and defer wearing Rose-colored glasses. Greg had a bad day? And he disrespected Gerald Celente for having an opposing view Puh-leeze.

      • Charles H.

        “teacheth MY hands to war” My error.

  37. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Tanka Exposing “Federal Emergency Management” ==

    they”re called FEMA camps;
    they await our arrival,
    once we disobey
    “competent authority”
    in utter desperation
    — Larry W. Bryant (28 Jul 14)

  38. Contrarian

    I think this pretty well sums up the state of the monetary, geopolitical, and economic world we live in today …

    “Violence, less and less embarrassed by the limits imposed by centuries of lawfulness, is brazenly and victoriously striding across the whole world, unconcerned that its infertility has been demonstrated and proved many times in history. What is more, it is not simply crude power that triumphs abroad, but its exultant justification. The world is being inundated by the brazen conviction that power can do anything, and justice nothing”.–Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

    • Roger Huddleston

      Thank you for a fresh point of view.

  39. Robert

    Thank you for standing up, not for Israel, but for the truth. Israel is attacked over and over again and then becomes the villain for defending itself. What nonsense was GC spewing when he said Hamas’ rockets are small and of inferior quality? If I shoot someone with a small caliber, poor quality pistol am I less guilty of their death than if I shoot them with large caliber high quality firearm? The US has no business telling Israel how or when they can defend themselves especially when it comes to a terrorist organization like Hamas. The question I was waiting for you to ask GC…. “DO you consider Hamas a terrorist organization?”

  40. Sylvia

    Greg. Love your program, but you are wrong about Israel. They are just a bunch of bullies who think all other peoples are subhumans. They are causing all the problems
    in banking too.

    • Galaxy 500

      You are so right…those evil jews dont have the defend.themselves…they are just.bullies.and they are causing all the banking problems.too
      Do you understand how dishonest this is? If you check whose running the Federal reserve and the too big to fail banks you’ll find out that there are more Christian…or so called Christians.
      Greg, I had no idea that there were so many people waiting to go.after the jews. I’m a Baptist but I will stand by Israel and its right to exist. I am a southerner who knows what evil looks like. I have heard Klan members and their ilk preach hate against blacks and jews…and funny enough, they preached how the white man was superior to the subhuman blacks and jews. So Sylvia’s post resonated with me. You see, I have heard this evil before and I for one stand with you against it

      • art barnes

        Standing right beside you out here on the Western Front.

      • Charles H.


        I’m a Baptist from the North; but I’m on your side – if you’ll have me.

  41. Jerry

    Heads Up.
    The dominos are falling much faster than my source said they would. I had originally thought we would bottom bounce for several months, and then slide into a collapse the first quarter of 2015. I’m now hearing that the Fed has decided to ramp up money printing (contrary to the taper talk we heard) which tells me that the Oligarchs were caught off guard as well, and were forced to apply the brakes by more QE. With the recent sanctions hitting Russia
    expect things to come unwound pretty quickly once the shooting starts.

    • Jerry

      This is how the Treasury launders money through the Fed.
      Did you catch who the founders of this company were? JP Morgan Chase and the boys at the Federal Reserve Bank. The game is over. The world now knows that our financial house is nothing but a scam, and they are leaving the dollar in droves. The next stop in the Twilight Zone is the land of the magic dragon, where the buck gets taken down by the Yuan.

    • Galaxy 500

      And Obama sent Putin a stern letter…
      Give me a date and your boys prediction and lets bet again

  42. smaulgld

    Gerald is always entertaining, sometimes correct in his predictions but not very good at offering solutions. Some people are good at identifying issues, others solving them. Gerald is in the former camp.

    • Jerry

      It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s coming with the economy. Anybody who has half a brain can see that. Gerald writes a lot of good articles in trends, but sometimes he comes off like a hustler. At least it seems that way to me.

  43. Bill

    I appreciate Greg for trying to keep it balanced and let people make up there own mind. I like GC, but think that he should say on topics he knows more about. Greg has shared that “there is enough sin to go around on both sides” when it comes to Israel and Hamas. However, GC should consider the bible more when it comes to the actual view of God towards his chosen people. I think it would behoove a lot of us; especially GC to review Ezekiel( prophesy against Gog) 38-39 in the bible. It shares a valuable perspective of Gods view of Israel and the conflict about to ensue.
    “And thou shall come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and with many people with thee( this refers to Persia-modern day Iran, Ethiopia, Libya and there is reference to Russia having an alliance in the attack on Israel as well), all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army: And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover to land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, o Gog, before there eyes. And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face. The prophesy goes on to acknowledge the fact that Israel will be alone in this battle with no outside support to defend them. Therefore, God defends them alone! The prophesy goes on to say.. In that day there will be a great shaking in the land of Israel and all men upon the earth will shake at my presence, and the mountains will be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. Thus I will magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and it will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord. There are many references of Israel as being Gods chosen people and it may help GC to review that Biblical reference.

  44. JM

    I don’t understand why so many Americans are brainwashed into believing that Israel is such a great place. They have been running the world’s biggest concentration camp (Gaza, west bank) for decades. Btw, nice try debating the Israeli issue but you need to ask Celente for your butt back.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hamas runs Gaza… confuse your world with facts. If you’re wondering why Israel blocks concrete and other commodities, just look where Hamas used it… it wasnt for better living conditions for their hostages

      • JM

        Who put them in Gaza? Who blocks all imports? Who would benefit from this fight going? Who took the land away in the 1st place?
        America did the same thing to the Native Americans and shoved them into reservations. (At least they are allowed to travel outside of them) Americans justify the land grab because of war as well. That’s a poor reason to steal, especially from those that have little to defend themselves with. It’s like mugging a guy and saying the wallet you stole from him is ok to keep because he fought back with you over it.

  45. Larry

    Greg, you have brought the art of discussion to a new and more compelling level. One that requires a more substantial passion and concern for the welfare of your fellow man.
    I certainly hope this interview is not the end but the beginning of bigger and deeper discussions of man and his place in the world. Great job!

  46. zip

    Where would we be in America the land was given back to those who lived here pre-America?
    Nice thought, but he’s forgetting one major variable: human nature and ‘selfish-ism’.
    In eyes of God, Israel is on the same playing field as the Gentiles in this ‘Dispensation of Grace’ – and no more ‘holy or special’. Romans 3:9
    Here’s something to add. Jesus stated that the man-made Jewish Religion (not the one God had for them, that they rejected): Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Matthew 23:5 That ungodly human nature won’t be satisfied.

  47. Heard Junk

    I would recommend that you stop giving this guy air time. He apparently will never see that the civilian deaths in Gaza are the fault of the Gazan people for electing Hamas. I’m through listening to his drunken rants. Much of the Middle East consists of Nazi Jew haters while Celente, like other terrorist apologists and supporters, can’t admit to that. None of the Middle Eastern countries will accept these so-called Palestinian people, who come from formerly dispossessed Bedouin tribes of the Ottoman Empire. Israel suffered years of brutal bombings and terrorist attacks before they finally walled themselves off. Anyone who believes that Israel is purposely targeting children is an idiot, and that includes Celente. Whatever contributions he could otherwise make to our understanding of the worldwide fiscal crisis are tainted by his blind hatred.

    • art barnes

      Couldn’t agree more, thanks for the historical facts, Saudi Arabia could be a location to consider for the democratic elected terrorists party Hamas. By the way, that duly elected democratic western style political party lacks any opposition party cause after the election they were taken care of.

  48. Tom Johnson

    Wow. Greg… talk about biased view points. You argue for Israel and bless the slaughter of Palestinian children… Man, you used to be fair… No more…

    • Gerald

      Celente made the point that the country is so small that civilian casualties are inevitable. And Greg, you commented to another post that why doesn’t Hamas bring it all to the front line? Now I think you know that would be suicide. I do not agree with them shelling Israel,but mybe they are tired of being couped up in that tiny place.

      • Greg Hunter

        So then, you freely admit that Hamas knows there are going to be civilian casualties. Remember, the people of Gaza elected Hamas to lead them and they are leading from behind their own civilian population. That is poor leadership.

        • Silence is Golden

          So the people of Gaza have no choice but to commit suicide by electing Hamas. This is Not poor leadership…limited options more accurately describes the plight of the people. If Hamas are the chosen ones then the people that occupy Gaza in support , are by association, extremists too. Logical no ??

          • Greg Hunter

            Silence is Golden,
            No, it’s poor leadership. Let Hamas move all their military hardware up to the border with Israel and put the good people of Gaza behind them. Oh yeah, they don’t because they want the high body count to sway global opinion.

          • Silence is Golden

            No Greg, its no different to what the Nazis did during WWII when they launched V2 rockets from within Germany and reined them down on the City of London. Where were the armaments located in housing districts of England?
            The people, not unlike those Gaza citizens behind Hamas, are brainwashed into thinking they support the right cause.
            Its war….there are no rules of engagement on how to fight fairly. Its inhumane to kill and yet history is littered with examples of many atrocities (on both sides).
            The instigators of War are well versed in swaying public opinion. Wars are not accidental…they are planned, they have purpose and they are essential to those seeking world domination.

    • Jim Thopmson


      Man are you biased, and naive to believe the western media, and prop up the UN like they are some ideal to follow, check out Agenda 21 from the UN and tell me how great the UN are

      Wow, I’m shocked you are so blind, these same reports from western media about Israel, you believe ? Yet, it is the same media lying about the same manipulation of the financial the system, don’t you realize that?


      • Greg Hunter

        Good men can disagree and not be “shocked”.

    • Galaxy 500

      Show us where Greg blessed the slaughter of children…you cant.
      What a macaroon

      • Charles H.

        “What a macaroon.” I had to laugh – one of my favorites.

  49. brian

    All conflicts are the same in regard to there being only one way in which they can be resolved, and that is for all entities involved to undergo change, by resisting change one merely gives up any control over how that change will occur.

  50. chip

    Whew, GC kinda of lost it there for a bit. He presented interesting perspective from the other side but then wanted to blank out any of your perspective from Israel’s side. I get it about the passion of innocent blood being spilled around the globe. Frustrates me as well. As a vet of 25 years I see now that I too was unknowingly a pawn…

  51. Joanna

    Great Interview Greg. I’ve never seen you and Gerald get into a such a debate. It’s good though. As long as they’re healthy debates! 🙂
    I don’t understand why some of your commenters feel the need to insult either you or Mr. Celente. I think we’re all a little better then that! We all feel strongly about our views of the situation. Respecting those views and having a “healthy” debate is key. It’s how we learn!
    If people did enough research they would see that Gerald is pretty accurate with his views. I also believe Gerald’s views match those of Paul Craig Roberts!
    It has nothing to do with Israel and/or the Jew’s. It has everything to do with the real powers behind Israel’s skirt. Just like the real powers behind the skirt of the US.
    These are sick, twisted people that are running the show.
    Keep up the great work Greg. You never disappoint!!!
    Spanky ……Loved your comment!

  52. windcatcher

    In the 21st. Century, how can there “be” and “show” humanity when world arms dealers USA, Russia, British, Germany, China and France make fortunes by continuing to arm disputing factions?
    The 1800 Century mentality toward world peace is as archaic as the 21st. Century attitude toward humanity and world peace; that fact guarantees the annihilation of humanity with nuclear WW3.
    Humans are not evolving, they are still more animal than intellect and are ruled accordingly by their masters. Full animal is the insanity of war barbarism that is coming to your town.

  53. Michael Haller

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview! The problems in the Middle East will probably get worse before they gets better. I’m afraid there won’t be peace in Israel until the Prince of Peace arrives.

    • tROT

      Michael, Too right!

      When will they be saying “peace and security”?

      QUESTION: If, as some say, the third world war has already started, when will they be saying “peace and security”?

      In his parable of the virgins, Jesus used a situation to illustrate why during the time of the end, some anointed Christians would prove to be faithful and discreet, BUT OTHERS WOULD NOT. (Matt. 25:1-12) He emphasized his point by saying: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you know neither the day nor the hour”—that is, WHEN JESUS WOULD ACTUALLY EXECUTE God’s judgment on Satan’s world.

      [The yeartext for 1915 was “Are ye able to drink of My cup?​​” Based on Matthew 20:22 in the King James Version. The “cup” Jesus was Referring to trials he would face up until his death.

      1 Thessalonians 5:3
      The Day of the Lord
      …2.for you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night. 3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” Then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. 4But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief;…

      THE last days of Satan’s system began in 1914 when that year, a war started in heaven, and at some point Jesus threw the Devil and his demons down to the earth. (Read Revelation 12:7-9.) Satan knows that he has only “a short period of time” left. (Revelation 12:12) But this “short period” has lasted longer than some of us expected. Have we become impatient while we wait for Jehovah to bring Satan’s system to an end? It be dangerous to be impatient. Why? Because when we are impatient, we might do things without first thinking carefully. So, what can help us to have a waiting attitude? This post will help us by answering the following questions. (1) What events will be the signal that the end is near? (2) How can we show that we are grateful for God’s patience?


      Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3. Soon, the nations will say “Peace and security!” If we do not want to be deceived by this, we need to “stay awake and keep our senses.” (1 Thessalonians 5:6)
      After each of the two world wars, the nations desperately wanted peace. After the first world war, the League of Nations was formed to bring peace. Later, after the second world war, people hoped that the United Nations could bring peace. Government and religious leaders have trusted in those two organizations. For example, the United Nations declared 1986 as an International Year of Peace. That year, many political and religious leaders met with the head of the Catholic Church to pray for peace.
      However, that announcement and others like it did not fulfill the prophecy at 1 Thessalonians 5:3 about “peace and security.” Why not? Because “sudden destruction” has not yet happened.
      Who will make this significant future announcement of “Peace and security”? What role will the leaders of Christendom and of other religions have in this? How will the governments be involved? The Bible does not tell us. What we do know is that no matter how this announcement is made and how convincing it sounds, there will not be true “peace and security.” Satan will still be in control of this system. It is completely rotten and will not change. It would be very sad if we believed this satanic propaganda and did not stay neutral in the affairs of these nations about to be replaced by God’s kingdom!
      Read Revelation 7:1-4. While we wait for 1 Thessalonians 5:3 to be fulfilled, powerful angels are holding back the destructive winds of the great tribulation. What are they waiting for? The apostle John wrote that When this important event is finished, the angels will let go of the winds of destruction. What will happen then? Babylon the Great, that is, the world empire of false religion, will be destroyed, just as she deserves. When that happens, no one will be able to help her. We can already see that her end is near. (Revelation 16:12; 17:15-18; 18:7, 8, 21) A lack of support can now be seen when news reports criticize religions and their leaders. Despite this, religious leaders do not feel that they are in real danger. They are so wrong! After the announcement of “Peace and security!” the governments will suddenly attack false religion and completely destroy it. Babylon the Great will be gone forever! Surely it is worth waiting patiently for these historic events.—Revelation 18:8, 10.
      “Seek ye Jehovah, all ye meek of the earth, that have kept his ordinances; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye will be hid in the day of Jehovah’s anger.” Zephaniah 2:3 Earnestly pray to God and seek out the truth about what the Bible says is to happen, and how you can avoid it. Part of that truth is that the world’s governements cannot give us true peace and security. Only God can.


      Even though people have dishonored God’s name, he has waited patiently for the right time to act. Jehovah does not want any honesthearted people to be destroyed. (2 Peter 3:9, 10) Do we feel the same way? Before the end comes, there are different ways to show Jehovah that we are grateful for his patience. One of the best ways for all us Watchdogs is to support this site,, financially and prayerfully!

  54. Jim G

    Anyone that defends the terrorist state of Israel obviously hasn’t done any research on the history of this vile society. Just watch the video on what happened one day in 1965 and then tell me what you think we should have done to them back then?

    Anyone pro-Israel to me is an anti-American and Celente was dead on with his assessment.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow..what a deep thinker. If you.disagree with his Jew hating anti Israel stance, you’re anti American…hahaha

  55. G Cooper

    You almost lost me when you called Snowden a Traitor but I gave you a second chance but now you really lost me for being so uninformed about the reality of israel aggression and ethnic cleansing, my god I believed that you were awake to the establishment lies and propaganda but you seem to be another media shill.

    • Greg Hunter

      G Cooper,
      I made a public apology for what I said about Snowden. I openly admitted I got that wrong. (You can find it on the USAW site.) I am not going to apologize for bringing both sides to an impromptu debate. You will be missed.

      • Jerry

        I rarely comment on a subject that has no answer. But I couldn’t resist this one. G Cooper it sounds like you’ve been stepping in the sheep dip that they routinely lay down on college campus’s for young skulls full of mush. Until you have actually lived under the constant fear of death of being a Jew in Israel you have no idea of what you’re talking about. Do you know what started the latest round of war in Israel, aside from the nightly rockets attacks from Gaza? Three young Jewish teenagers being burned alive by Hamas militia. It didn’t even make the MSM. Now if they were Palestinians, it would have been front page news in the New York Times. Greg in no way shape or form is taking a side in his reporting. He is reporting what he has heard from the sources he has access to. Get over yourself and think man, before you babble the same slap trap that you’ve heard in college progressive think tanks.

        • West Tejas

          So a heated debate!! There have been more battles over Jerusalem than any other place in the world. From ancient kings to barbarian hoards, the city and surrounding area has been ruled by so many different factions over time almost any religion or country in the area can make claim to the land.

          This area has been ground zero for wars since they started keeping written records. I fully expect the non-ending conquests to control Jerusalem to continue for hundreds if not thousands of more years. Get mad, pick your sides and throw your hands in the air and debate until you are blue in the face but the conquest to control Jerusalem will not end in our lifetimes.

        • Eddie Laidler

          Jerry, please allow for disparate opinions.
          If everyone here were you then I wouldn’t be reading here daily.
          Do you understand what uncensored forums mean?
          You are in attack mode now and that chases away good dialogue and varietal opinions.

      • JM

        I’m shocked that Greg instantly takes sides with Israel. He can spot every problem in the federal reserve, pm markets, and derivative markets… but can’t see what Israel is doing? Our (US) war on terror and patriot act reek of Israel.. They have great influence in the US and have for many years. This influence stretches from Hollywood to the Federal reserve. It is in Israel’s interest to keep the fight going in Gaza! If they get peace, the world will pressure Israel to allow Palestinians into Israel. That would flip the political arena on its head and change the control/security structure. They CAN’T allow that! No peace! Israel will secretly allow weapons into the Gaza stripe so that the war can continue. They allow a few rockets in that cause very minor damage and risk but keep the WAR ON TERROR going in Israel. They have complete control over them. It’s a rouse and I can’t believe so many on here fail to see it. Btw, awfully interesting timing with the plane being shot down, get cover for the slaughter.

        • Greg Hunter

          I try to be objective and fair. You will not even consider the other side. When facts from the other side are brought up, you, like many other’s, say it’s one sided and wrong because those are not the facts you want to focus on. Why don’t you just say it, and stop being so academic about it. You hate Israel and want them gone. Oh, and if you could say it in German, that would add a nice touch.

  56. Bob Loblaw

    Dome and mosque situated on the site for the third Temple. Red Heifer has been allegedly found this year. So in 2016 would need to be sacrificed, but will need the muslim holy sites to be demolished first. I always thought the book of revelations dealt with Rome, but these past few years are disturbing.

    Jews are searching for their messiah who will be revealed by the rebuilding of the third temple. This messiah will bring them untold wealth, immortality, dominance over the world, etc. The muslims believe that this Jewish Messiah is really Dajjal, the muslim version of the anti-christ (funny how this person could very well be the Christian anti-christ). Death destruction armageddon. Christian’s believe that the anti-christ will defile this temple ushering in death destruction armageddon. Regardless of ideology, something truly evil approaches.

  57. Gerald

    Hi Greg.I bet you’re going to catch flack for this one. Myself,I really enjoyed all of it. Mr Celente deserves the nobel peace prize. We should all get with him in the quest for peace. “Imagine” by Lennon comes to mind. But we know this is just dreaming.In no way are people going to stop fighting since the PTB keep the pot boiling.And Greg,I for one think this was excellent.What better way to get the message across than to take a side. It brought out the best of answers to what is going on. He did have an excellent point of the Gaza strip only being 25 miles by 7 miles and they are essentially contained in an open air prison. Who would not want to fight that? As you and Gerald both agree,so do I. If this isn’t quelled,it will drag in far bigger powers.Thanks for all you do to inform us.As you know,I’m not religious at all and kinda like George Carlin,I just sit back and watch the freak show. Sad to say,but mankind is doomed to eliminate themselves eventually.

    • Greg Hunter

      If Hamas wants war, and it clearly does, then why not move all of its military assets to the Israeli/Gaza border and put its civilian population behind them?

    • Galaxy 500

      Celente deserves the Nobel Peace much as Obama does

      • Alyce

        haha… nice clarification

  58. Nathan

    You can debate the Israeli -Palestinian issue until you’re blue in the face and still never come to a solution . This conflict is the equivalent of trying to figure out who would win between the unstoppable force and the immovable object . Nothing will change until God intervenes and even after He did they would fight for the next 2000 years over whose God it was (Jehovah or Allah ) .

    Good interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen brother Nathan. I am going to go with God the Father and his Son. The world is about to suffer like never before.

  59. Dan

    Hi Greg,
    WOW! I have to agree with those who said it was a disturbing “interview” (more like an ambushed debate). Your site is one of my favorites & you’re still one of the best, but I too have noticed that you’re NOT impartial (devil’s advocate, my eye) when it comes to spewing the same MSM/US Gov’t propaganda re: Israel; they never do anything wrong. The view that Israel is mass-murdering women & children of a grossly under-matched foe is a REASONABLE (although not the only one) position to take. And no, that doesn’t mean a person “hates Jews” as you rudely responded to an earlier poster. I still LOVE you & your site, but in my opinion, this was not one of your finest moments.
    With gratitude for all you do,

    • Greg Hunter

      Good men can disagree. I can assure you the government has no say over what I do and the networks and I parted ways a long time ago. I gave the other side of the argument, and if you find that “a disturbing ‘interview’” then so be it. Thank you for your support.

      • Dan

        Hi Greg,
        I am EXTREMELY impressed with your integrity to not only print my comment, but to reply as well! I did not mean to imply that you were a mouthpiece for the establishment, only that you were making similar arguments on this particular occasion. Regardless, my first monetary contribution to your wonderful site is on the way.
        Kindest regards,

  60. Greg


    That was the most disrespectful interview you ever did. You owe Celente a public apology.

    • Joshua

      I think Celente is tough enough not to worry too much. He cannot express strong opinions without expecting opposition.

    • Eddie Laidler

      Lol I think it was a courageous interview with a strong personality.
      Both these guys are big boys and know how to dust themselves off.

  61. Winston Smith

    Oops, meant to say ” Hammas is a creation of Mossad

    • Greg Hunter

      Winston Smith,
      Yes but a long time ago it was supposed to be a moderate counter-balance to the PLO. What Hamas turned into is not what they had in mind.

  62. Kirk

    Thanks for the great work you do Greg. And thanks for having Gerald Celente on your program.
    Would it be possible to have a discussion between yourself , Gerald and Paul Craig Roberts?

  63. Rick

    The Jews in Israel are hardly God’s people. They rejected his Son, so he rejected them. False religious leaders do not teach the truth of the Bible. Jesus said he was no part of this world….that Satan was the ruler of the world. Indeed, one need only look at it and see….

    The religious leaders that bless war in the name of their god…are doing Satan’s will…not God’s. Soon, the world governments will tire of the harlot-like religious elements that send their adherents to war after war….telling them that god is on their side. When they turn on religion, that will be the start of the Great Tribulation, followed by the battle of Armageddon….when all governments and institutions will be removed….

    Celente sees a sick world….as we all do…but is frustrating himself, as most are, because he is looking for a solution by man. There is NO solution by man possible…since, as the Scriptures indicate…the world is in Satan’s hand at the moment. That will soon change.

  64. Rodster

    I do agree with Celente on the madness the world is facing today. I’m sadden just looking at innocent people especially the causalities that are mounting in Ukraine who are being used as pawns by their respective leaders who don’t care what impact they have on their lives or future generations. The loss of life in Serbia back in the 90’s, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. The list goes on only to find out our leaders made stuff up about the other side like they are doing now against the Russians. Hopefully our leaders can find a peaceful approach or Dr. PCR might be right with regards to the final outcome.

    I also don’t have any problems with the way Greg handled the interview. While he had a different view of the situation it was both respectful and professional and it ended in a good way.

  65. Rick

    I know this sounds simplistic and irritating to some…yet the question begs for us to give it serious consideration….
    For those that believe that Jesus was the ONLY -begotten son of God….
    When he was on earth….which government did he endorse?
    “Also to other cities I must declare the good news of the kingdom of God, because for this I was sent forth.”—Luke 4:43.

  66. Joe

    To Jim G.
    Viewed your video on the USS Liberty. Not surprised it was a democrat admin that tried to create a false flag but you probable are uncomfortable with that aspect of the story!
    Great interview Greg. Donation to your good work is on is way. Joe

  67. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Quote from main commentary:
    ” “I have to tell you I am so saddened by the cruelty that is being committed around the world and whitewashed with platitudes and propaganda as to why people are slaughtering other people,”
    Slightly revised, with apologies to CSN , from Cathedral (1977). [Yes, I’m that old.]
    “Open up the gates of the church and let me out of here
    Too many people have lied in the name of [god]
    For anyone to heed the call
    So many people have died in the name of [god]
    That I can’t believe it all.”
    Geez, almost 40 years, and the nonsense continues.

  68. Karel

    If I were running the show in Israel this is what I would do.
    1. Only Jews can live in Israel, Period. Nobody else, just Jews.
    2. The country is so small that it would be easy to secure the borders with the military.
    3. People could visit Israel for one week maximum, then they would be required to leave.
    This would work.

  69. Charles H.


    Being permitted to THINK FOR MYSELF – once more into the breech, dear, friends!

    Gerald Celente proceeds from a false assumption – which is the the United Nations should have ANY jurisdiction whatsoever. It should not. IF Israel, as a nation, has the Right to determine it’s own destiny – then it must exercise their own SOVEREIGN affairs. And anyone who knows the UN, understands how politicized that body can be.
    Also, my wife pointed out that as a Catholic – Mr. Celente may be obliged to take the position of his spiritual leader, the Pope, and work from there. Catholics, who are devout, are taught that the Pope has more authority than the Bible. If this is the case, both loyalty and position would be pre-dictated, and closely follow the “Church’s” position – or at least not be in conflict with it.

    Arabs in Gaza, and the Jews of Israel are like a bad marriage. One spouse beats the other continuously until they can’t take anymore and fights back, hard. Years and years of repeated abuse hardens both parties – so that it becomes easier to haul-off and start wailing. But instead of a divorce and complete separation – where both start over another life, and one keeps the house: all the arm-chair quarterbacks decide to split the house! One gets a bathroom and bedroom; the other gets the rest of the house. Yeah, like that will work. Arabs and Jews are irreconcilable from both a spiritual and cultural basis. Let the Arab world absorb the Arabs now in Israel. Let Israel be a nation for the Jew, of the Jew, and by the Jew. AND let them decide who is a Jew; or who can stay and who must go. There may not be peace in the region: but at least in the House of Israel – people won’t be strangling and wounding each other in the hallways.
    The first casualty of a One-World mindset – is National Sovereignty. The irony is that the USA just threw it’s sovereignty to the wind at it’s Southern Border. The symptoms of “a house divided against itself cannot stand” – should be readily recognized by any American these days. While Israel protects itself – the USA has two strikes against it already. It is the leaven of this One-World mindset that faults any issue toward real sovereignty.

    • Silence is Golden

      Charles, absolutely on the right track here with your posting.

  70. SilverSax

    Celente says that “God was not a real estate agent, and the Bible wasn’t a land deed.”
    Wrong on both counts!

    God gave Israel not only the land they have today, but ALL the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. Joshua 1:3, 4
    Further, the Bible records the transaction by which King David PURCHASED Mount Zion. 2 Samuel 24:24

    It’s the most-recorded deed in history!

    • SilverSax

      Further, God promised that once the Jews had returned to their land, they would never again be made to leave.

      Amos 9:14, 15 –
      And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel, and they shall build the waste cities, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof; they shall also make gardens, and eat the fruit of them.
      And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God.

      Sorry, Mr. Celente. You might be a world-renowned economist (debatable), but you need to study what the Bible says before you tell everyone what you want it to say.

  71. Alyce

    Hamas Motto: “We love death as much as the Jews love life”.
    Hamas does not want Israel to exist. This is what they state, it’s not an opinion. If anyone wants to hear the facts about Israel and why they must defend themselves, the expert on this subject is Dennis Prager (not Gerald Celente) and he explains it in a 5 minute Youtube video…just google & you’ll find it. Celente is nuts. I stopped listening to his insanity years ago. Thank you, Greg for another great interview.

  72. J C. Davis

    ok Folks.. SEE un ta tA Akey. We have our thoughts, None is real, Yet Hope is not a shame .

    • J C. Davis

      Hebrews chapter 1… Who of all angels did he GOD of all give his rights of Godhood? ?
      To which of the angels did He ( Almighty say ) JESUS IS GOD.
      SEE for yourself how hard it is to type this.
      It is alright. Just like you tell your pet.

      Greg most of my words get changed by the time they get posted… Someone don’t want me online.

  73. Catherine


    I love both you and Gerald C. Tonight’s interview was excellent. You have given the public the opportunity to hear both sides of an argument. Something rarely heard in the main stream media today.

  74. Jerry

    For those of you who would like to know more about what’s going to happen as a result of QE in our current economic system, I have this brief message for you.

  75. Joe G.

    Ed says ” It is long recognized within the community of nations, and encoded in international law that acquiring and keeping territory through warfare is illegal and impermissible.”

    That’s the gamble they took when in 1967, Arab countries combined their forces in
    an effort to wipe out the Jews once and for all… they got utterly defeated and lost territory in the process. Tell me ed, when you watch a video of a school bully getting a surprise beatdown by their victim, do you feel sorry for the bully? Is it a “disproportionate response”? Then you may suffer from the mental disease of “liberalism”. Here you go, take the test

  76. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg:
    I thank you for bringing Gerald Celente, a man who has a courage to speak his minds.
    I hope that his predictions will not come to pass, but watching the propaganda machines in their fool gears from the ‘western world’ toward the ‘eastern word’ and vise – versa, I am seeing the great similarities between our time and the time predating the First World War.

    I enjoyed your great discussion with Mr. Celente, going back and forth with very fine points that kept your audience in a complete spell.

  77. Tim B.

    “Good Men Can Disagree” & “Think For Your Self”…………Words to live by.. Keep up the Good work…PCR soon?…Thanks?

  78. 2015

    One thing I notice on this site is that Americans need to get out more and travel the world, see things, get a real handle on how things work, on the relations of power in the world.

    Americans are incredibly stifled in propaganda, mainly about Russia and Palestinians, but also about Iran and even Europe. I notice that Americans seem to make statements much more often than they travel. They are dangerously willing to have opinions based on what they read but without having met other peoples and talked with them.

    Try to get out more into the rest of the world. Americans used to make sure that they traveled abroad, at least educated Americans. They ought to try to set that goal again for themselves. Each year, try to arrange a trip abroad, to China and Jerusalem and so forth.

    See things. Get out more. Get away from the computer.

  79. Joe M


    Good job holding your own with Celente. You pressed him on his biased analysis of the situation and he disregarded your facts and questions with yelling and bluster. Is answering questions with questions and raising his voice how Celente handles some mild challenge to his premise? You had to respond to the fact that he was answering your questions with questions to you and you remained composed. The only reason the interview was uncomfortable was because of Celente increasingly belligerent tone, is refusal to acknowledge all the facts, and his inability to have a reasonable exchange without blowing a gasket. You have nothing to feel bad about Greg. I would be glad if you didn’t have Celente on again. Frankly, he sounds like a raving lunatic.

  80. Cliff

    Gerald wants a single state solution with a majority rules form of democracy. This puts the Arabs in the majority so they’ll immediately begin to slaughter the Jews. They would push them into the sea and then kill any that are left. That’s Gerald’s solution – the ultimate solution – complete genocide. I can only surmise that he has a personal relationship with an anti-Israel woman, since he’s been divorced. His “facts” in this region are nothing more than “Palestinian” propaganda. His reasoning is so skewed that nothing can explain it other than having a dog in the fight.

    He hates Israel with a passion that I’ve rarely seen. He claims to be a Catholic but he doesn’t believe in any of the teachings. He claims to feel for the murders and whatnot, but he uses most of these as cover, slipping the Gaza “murders” in. He might as well be one of these Palestinian apologists you see on TV.

    I used to be a member of his site. He hates Israel. He hates the rich. He hates the politicians. He just hates.

  81. Agent P

    Spirited interview – I enjoyed it. I appreciated that Mr. Celente brought up the Ashkenazi aspect – for it is an important historical component of the make-up and mindset in Israel as well as powerful/influential people here in the U.S. that have much say in our foreign policy decisions.

    ‘Palestinians’… I wonder how many people even think before they utter that (contextually incorrect) phrase? Conflating Jordanian Arabs with a specific ethnic group of people called ‘Palestinian’, was perhaps one of the most brilliant ‘marketing campaigns’ ever conjured up – and (1) man made the association a household word: Yasser Arafat. If one was to perform a ‘man-on-the-street’ interview with a cross section of Americans, it is a good bet that 90% would respond that ‘Palestinians’ are a separate, ethnically distinct race of people… Amazing the power of suggestion. Or conversely, a Lie that is perpetrated for the better part of half a century… Words, phrases, framing-the-debate and Truth, are important in any discussion.

  82. Jason


    All this information is good, but it would be good to know how we can protect ourselves if WW3 breaks out! Which looks likely in the next 15 years due to the financial collapse of empires, rising economic and political tensions, growing unemployment, unfunded liabilities growing daily, and geopolitical tensions..

    It would be interesting if you could push someone like gerald to answer how we can protect our families and health. Too be honest, financial loss is the last thing on my mind!

  83. Coalburner9

    Talk about a knock down drag out! But I am amazed at how many people that totally refuse to face reality. It is interesting to see Hamas and Palistine justified and Israel accused for things beyond their control. Before everybody on one side or another jumps me I say remember WWII. Something like 55 million died I think in Europe alone and I don’t know if that included the Russians killed. In the aftermath I believe I read something like 250 million killed in Russia by there “Dear Leader”. Just imagine that kind of numbers! That is a lot different than a thousand here and there in todays’ wars. But the next big one will take hundreds of millions. Next time ask GC about that trend. In his last few moments he tried to get that point over that this would lead to WWIII, no matter whose side people take. I actually don’t think there is anyone innocent left in Gaza, they all left to avoid being targets of both Hamas and Israel. That is right the women and children there are nothing but pawns put in front of rockets by the most hate filled people on earth. No one in Gaza cares about them. And I mean NO ONE! War is Hell and it always has been and always will be!

  84. Trev6

    Greg, I sure enjoyed the passion in the interview and it was nice for Gerald to point out the obvious David and Goliath scenario. There is such a mismatch when it comes to weapons its not even worth arguing with people. You have to love the media when they show the destruction caused by Israel versus all the destruction to buildings in Israel? Such a fair fight…Not!

  85. Coalburner9

    I like what Bill said above. My summary. Not a good idea to forget that the Jews and Israel was and still is God’s chosen people. Those who forget that including GC are going to get nowhere. Anyone that doesn’t believe needs to ask him or herself why the whole world still revolves around a tiny little piece of dirt called Israel. I mean why does anyone care, why?????:) We all know, no matter where we come from! Do you think Obama and Kerry are so useless on this subject because they care about Israel? LOL??? Not hardly! And it makes failure for them everywhere. Bill Clinton was a smart guy and he would not cross Israel and now you see why. Look at a scumbag anti-American piece of crap like Doomberg. He flys right in there to pay dollars and penance. LOL! Do you get it yet?

    • wd

      CB 9,

      There are bible scripture that refutes this as being untrue and even more research says Jews are not chosen people.

  86. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    It looks like mankind hasn’t learnt a whole lot in the last 100 years after all.
    On our centennial year of the outbreak of WW1 we have a set of circumstances that all but guarantees a full scale war developing in the Ukraine. Not only is the whole lead up organized and staged managed but it is backed up by a world wide MSM that is intricately involved in this deadly plot and hell bent on seeing major war as a consequence.
    Call me naive but my gut feeling tells me that Putin is not in on this plot. The US has set a huge trap for him in the Ukraine where there really is no way he can avoid war. We also all need to be reminded that it was Putin who got us all off the hook by avoiding a full scale war in Syria just last year.
    When I read the article below at lunch time today I felt shocked and sick in the stomach. It put me off my work for the remainder of the day.
    This would be the most irresponsible and dangerous piece of ‘journalism’ that I have ever had the misfortune to read in my entire life. With this sort of press mankind really has very little chance of avoiding ww3 and possible annihilation.

    You know the more I think about it the more I believe that two major Malaysian Airline incidents in a short space of time are simply too much of a coincidence. This is even more alarming when you consider the fact that in this same time frame a Malaysian court ruled that both Bush and Blair should be tried as war criminals. I think both these events were a message from somewhere deep behind the shroud of the NWO – “don’t mess with us or you will suffer dire consequences”.

    My other gut feeling is that another major false flag event, probably on US soil, is imminent. I think this event will involve large scale loss of life and will be used to remove all doubt from the sheeple population’s minds that full scale war on Russia is the only logical course of action. Along with this I have a strange feeling that it could be the German people who hold the key to all this and are probably our only hope in turning this destructive tide when they finally stand up and say to the US – ” this is Europe’s very survival that you recklessly tamper with – we have had enough of your hubris nonsense and won’t stand for it anymore”.
    The German people could well be the race that in the end we will all thank for our very survival. By the way, I see little chance of their current leader being any use to them at all in this huge crisis.
    To me she is almost as blind and reckless as both Obama and Cameron.

    • ofa

      Good on ya mate!

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes Agree Colin…more than coincidence !!

  87. Herman Weinstein

    As an Israeli Jew, I get tired of all the antisemitic remarks and criticisms. We have a right to exist and to do all to ensure that our state flourishes abundantly. If the Palistinians truly want peace, they need to permanently move away from our territories particularly Gaza, since we have discovered a new abuindant source of oil just off our Gaza shore. However, if the Palistinians want unrest, we will provide it in ample amounts. Everyone should also remember that we are the chosen people of God. It even says that in the Christian bible and all Christians should stand by us lest they incur the wrath of Yahweh, the one and true God.

  88. Get Real

    “I like what Bill said above. My summary. Not a good idea to forget that the Jews and Israel was and still is God’s chosen people. ”

    This statement is wrong. The Jews were God’s chosen people, but the birth of Jesus Christ and, ultimately, his crucifixion, have marked a new covenant with God. Those who hold onto the erroneous view that the Jews are still “chosen” are going nowhere…. fast.

  89. Get Real

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview with Celente. I have to say, though, that you were extremely bias towards Israel, no matter how you try to dice it. Although I personally find Islam troubling, how the Palestinians are being treated – like animals in cages – is wrong. No wonder the region is a tinder box. God help us all.

  90. HTC

    Greg, galaxy 500, al ols,

    Guys, people are going to hate on Israel, let them hate but my God will keep Israel under his protection and he will destroy her enemies. The fact that there are so many people wanting to argue against Israel is yet another sign of the times that we live in. Greg, keep defending Israel, and if we are still alive to see it, watch the divine hand of God intervene on their behalf. That will be a sight to behold for sure.

    • Brian

      Why should God Protect them? Do they really worship God? Read the Old Testament. God gave them promises, but they had conditions. They broke the conditions so God took away their nation. They are now bragging that they have got their Nation back, but without God’s blessing it will not stand forever. If you read the Old Testament God warned them time and time again not to trust in their own arm. They are trusting in their own arm so it will not last. They rejected their messiah but will follow the false messiah the AntiChrist who is soon to rise.

  91. J C. Davis

    Greg. I wish money wasn’t so tight. I really want to hit the donate button. From the interview and esp the commenters I have a completely new opinion. Great site !

  92. art barnes

    Greg, what a round of blogging this one was. One thing is missed here is that the U.S. is moving away from Israel, Kerry’s latest statements and actions in trying to get a cease fire showed the Administrations has a kind heart for Hamas. What a two faced policy of Obama, saying Israel & the world has the right to defend itself against terrorist and then giving more aid to them to buy more weapons, only American politicians could be so two faced. They took the 47 million and still declared America is the Great Satan Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if our President is just another dreamer who isn’t very street smart, between a Harvard Law Degree & 4 years on the streets of America I’ll take the street degree for leadership any day.

  93. Jerry

    Martial Law is on the way.

  94. Farmer Dave

    Ok, here is what we do, bring all of Israel here, like we are central America. Then just leave the middle east to self destruct. Since we need little of their oil anymore, nothing else is of any use to us. They all just want to kill each other, let them have at it! Saves us a lot of money and aggravation.

  95. Zak

    First off—This was one of THE most obnoxious interviews I’ve ever experienced on this site (and by that I mean the interviewee was obnoxious). It bothered me so much (Celente’s yelling and cutting Greg off) that I stopped watching it. I agree with many of Celente’s views but I have to say (from this interview) he has an issue with listening to someone else’s perspective and not being a yelling baby.

    Secondly—I don’t see any point in debating how some other country behaves with respect to its neighbors–it’s there business. If some elected group wants to fire rockets at another country then they should be prepared for the consequences…If these elected person’s aren’t complete idiots they would have known what the response was going to be (which is the same as it has been in the past). I say this: Let these idiots figure it out for themselves–and if the people in these countries keep electing the same leadership then they get exactly what they deserve: More war, violence, and death. That’s right—those ultimately responsible for this nonsense are the PEOPLE of these countries.

  96. Rich

    After watching the interview and reading through the comments, I must call you out on your comments stating that Hamas should move all their military assets to the Israeli boarder. Given that you repeated it multiple times, I’m assuming you are being naive rather than facetious. If Hamas did this, what would be the result? I think we all can project what would happen – they would be wiped out by the IDF. Your repeated comment suggests that if Hamas doesn’t like what is happening to them in Gaza and they want to fight against Israel they should undertake a losing strategy in order to shield their women and children. How does that make any sense?

    • Greg Hunter

      “shield their women and children” yeah, why would they want to do that when the TV coverage is so great the way they are conducting this war.

  97. Michael

    I want to thank Gerald for standing up for Truth. As for you Greg, and the rest of the similar Sheep commenting here, siding with blatant genocide is inexcusable no matter how you try to frame it.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are not concerned with Hamas firing thousands of rockets into Israel. You are not concerned they are conducting war from civilian areas to drive up the body count to gain global sympathy. If Hamas was really that concerned with its civilian population it would move its military hardware to the front lines and put its people behind them. This is not genocide it’s war. Hamas knows what it is doing and you do too.

  98. wd

    A change of topic…

    It looks like EU and US are going to put new sanctions on Russia and rebels suffer setbacks.

    Not looking good for Russia!!

  99. Catherine

    The only ANTI that Gerald C. is………is ANTI -INJUSTICE. As a US citizen he has consistently and with great passion condemned the injustices and atrocities of our own government, as well as those committed by others around the world. This isn’t about taking sides; it’s about stopping the genocides.

    A shout out to Greg H. for all the great work he does too! G_d bless.

  100. Eddie Laidler

    This is THE first interview I have seen that anyone has had with Celente where the interviewer was not a complete sycophant.

    I like Celente. I like his schtick.
    His schtick is ranting his point in a passionate way until there is no room in the interview for anyone but him.

    Great kudos to you Mr. Hunter for creating a dialogue where disparate views were shared with Gerald Celente.
    Nobody does that and Gerald never apologizes about misplaced anger.
    Until now.

    Celente has predicted everything there is to predict except the sinking of the Titanic…maybe.

    Part of the problem with the “New Media” is that it is as sycophantic as the MSM.

    This was a breath of fresh air.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Eddie!

  101. mike gunther

    Greg, check out Greg Manerinos video blog post today, US Military Ukraine build Up. Time for an interview!!

  102. Munch Bunch

    They were interviewing Pat Buchanan about his new book, “The Death of the West.” “The Death of the West” describes what we have been telling people for fifty years. Buchanan is finally saying that the colored world is going to swamp the white world, and that sick-minded whites are all for it.

    Pat says what you and I have been saying for decades, that there is something morally sick about ANY people who WELCOME their own disappearance.

    Pat has come a long way since he used to say that Americans fought and died in World War II specifically for the purpose of opening Europe to massive Third World immigration!

    And during the interview referred to here, Pat made the statement I have been waiting for SOMEBODY to make SINCE BEFORE I REACHED MY TEENS.

    Pat was asked about the economic stimulus package that is the main subject of debate in Washington right now.

    Pat replied, “The Visigoths are invading Italy and in Rome they’re debating A STIMULUS PACKAGE! Compared to the Death of the West this is NOTHING!”

    This is what I mean. This blog is all about money, when our people are being destroyed.

  103. Munch Bunch

    When Yankees finally begin to see what is at stake on the race issue, they always ask me a question:

    “During the fight over segregation, did you Southerners really understand that race was a WORLD issue?”

    As always, most Southerners said it was all a matter of a few obscure words in the Old Testament that were at stake. But some of the highly literate segregationists LIKE YOU AND ME clearly saw what the long-term stakes were.

    And all that time, I lived through a fifty-year nightmare. It is a nightmare for a very smart young man to see his whole world steadily and predictably committing suicide while those who should have been fighting back were telling me not to fight back.

    Don’t bother defending Jews Greg. They’ll be fine. They will eventually take their chance and wipe out the Palestinians, probably when the world is busy with WW3.
    Start caring about your own people a little more. They support you. Guys like Kunstler just use you to spread their typical anti-white bulls@#$.

  104. Bob

    I admit I spent my share of time in redneck bars, and the “Hold me back” guy was always there. He would act aggressive and then back down. But as soon as some kind person took his arm, usually to keep him from falling down, he would get tough:

    “Hold me back! Hold me back!”

    He would act like he was trying to shake off the person holding him up so he, a dangerous and angry tiger, could get at the guy he just backed away from.

    You know the type.

    And that is exactly what conservatives on television remind me of when they demand that American Taliban John Walker be lynched from the nearest tree.

    I call Walker a traitor, but I also have the guts to call powerful people traitors. Conservatives would never dare demand punishment for Jane Fonda or other 1960’s “Idealists,” but they are all over Walker.

    Liberals gave conservatives permission to go after Walker, so the liberals have to hold them back.

    Now, who needs holding back when the Israel talks starts?

  105. Bob

    I spent a lot of time in the East Tennessee mountains during the 1960s. Greenville, Tennessee, has no Confederate monument. It only has a UNION memorial!

    But when I was there East Tennessee was Wallace country. The local conservative Republican congressman spent a lot of his time at the Wallace for President headquarters. You will still find more Confederate license plates in that area than you will in South Carolina.

    During the Civil War, East Tennessee was Andrew Johnson’s home country. He was a Unionist who did not like the ruling Southern “slavocracy” which dominated western Tennessee. I can understand that point of view, though I do not think it justified treason against the South.

    But today, the once Unionist area of mountain Tennessee is among the “goodest” of the good guys.

    During the Civil War, both the Surgeon General and the Deputy Surgeon General of the Confederacy were Jews. The Secretary of the Confederate Treasury was one of the only two Jews ever elected to the United States Senate up to that time. The other had been from Florida.

    Like all political theorists, I have a very complex world view.

    Or at least I have as complex a world view as you would expect from somebody who is from Pontiac, South Carolina.

    My world view is that the people who are on our side are good and the people who want to destroy us are bad.

    Am I anti-semitic? That depends on the semite.

  106. Snorky

    I have been (and still am) a subscriber to GC’s Trends Journal for around six years now. I also used to watch his video news cast Trends in the News. But over the last several months or so I have noticed a change in his delivery/demeanor. Personally, I consider myself to be informed of/aware of what I consider to be a global calamity coming our way; however, I don’t appreciate GC’s somewhat recent tendency towards intransigence or his angry outbursts. So, his influence on me is waning …

    You have every right to challenge him or any guest that you choose to interview and who accepts your invitation, Greg. Keep fighting the good fight! Thnx.

    • Lizard

      Agree 100% with you my friend. My membership with GC expires in Aug and I won’t be renewing it. I like what he’s attempting to deliver re the globalists ultimate agenda, but the screams of anger dilute the message.

  107. todd

    its obvious….this guy has no clue what is written in the Koran!

  108. asmith

    I don’t have much of a dog in this argument between GH & GC and only had the interview on as background noise, but I found the commentary interesting so here’s my 2 cents…

    Israel is an artificial state regardless of what the Bible says according to the majority of its inhabitants, Arabs. But the former British Empire loved to carve up its vassals into geographic rather than ethnic demographics and (speculation) got Truman to underwrite the creation of the Israeli state in Palestine rather than, say, the South Island of New Zealand, or some obscure part of South America as a new homeland for the Jewish diaspora after WW2. Either in my opinion would have been a much better choice as people of Jewish background tend to be much more intelligent & educated than the average denizen of the planet and can thrive anywhere (look how they made the desert bloom in the face of so much adversity) so giving them a homeland in obscurity would allow their exceptionalism to bloom without animosity. Which leads me to Eastern Europe.

    I’m of a Catholic Eastern European background, Croatian, and my grandparents emigrated to the US around the turn of the 20th century. As the Ottoman and Austria Hungarian Empires fell in that part of world, all hell broke loose. Jews were tolerated then persecuted because times became hard and Jews, who always had to band together, became even greater scapegoats because, let’s call a spade a spade, they were, on average, intelligent and successful, and easy targets. Russians, excepted, they always seemed to have an intensive dislike towards Jews. I never understood why there were so many Jews within Russia’s borders because there were always pogroms. Ironic too as the German Nazi’s thought about as much of the Russians (and the rest of us Slavs) as they did of Jews.

    OK, I’ll stop my rambling and try to tie up my thoughts. As long as there is a Jewish state in the Middle East, there will be troubles because of history and tradition. The Israeli’s have friends in high places (USA – regardless of recent news) so those troubles will not be ending anytime soon.

  109. ACasey

    Combat & Ceasefires. Good show with Gerald. It got me thinking, it got me thinking good about why Hamas was firing rockets, the ceasefire wasn’t working, and the deaths just keep coming.

    Here in the real world, we see a ceasefire agreement. In the field, in combat, does anyone know if all parties on either side even got the message of a ceasefire? Command agrees to a ceasefire and how is this relayed to the field? Do all fighters on both sides even have communication? Text message? Email? Radio? Bombs falling leaves fighters unable to hear someone talking to them face to face. With bombs falling, how are either sides fighters to know of a ceasefire?

    Combat cannot be turned off and on like a light and 24 hours for a ceasefire leaves no time to relay the message to all the fighters. Is there a central command with everyone in communication or are there fragmented squads and units operating under guerilla tactics cutoff, operating on their own, without communication? Moving fast, it could take days or a week to get the ceasefire message and longer to wait for the ongoing skirmishes to stop. One party gets the ceasefire message, the other doesn’t and the party that got the message starts back fighting in response to the other party still shooting.

    Whomever has the upper hand needs to back off and let things cool down. As it is, a ceasefire will happen when there are no soldiers left to fight because no one is running out of ammunition. Unless the superior force backs down, the death toll will be historical.

  110. Caleb

    The Anglo-American dual world power of today refers to a region in the Americas in which English is their language and where British culture and the British empire has been and includes the fused government that exists between The United States of America and Great Britain ands it’s commonwealth of english speaking nations. The greatest and last human world empire the earth has ever or will ever see again, soon to be replaced by God’s kingdom and all other forms of human rulership on earth!

    God’s Kingdom is a government established by Jehovah God with a King chosen by God. Who is the King of God’s Kingdom? Jesus Christ. Jesus as King is greater than all human rulers and is called “the King of those who rule as kings and Lord of those who rule as lords.” (1 Timothy 6:15) He has the power to do far more good than any human ruler, even the best among them.

    From where will God’s Kingdom rule? Well, where is Jesus? You will remember learning that he was put to death on a torture stake, and then he was resurrected. Shortly thereafter, he ascended to heaven. (Acts 2:33) Hence, that is where God’s Kingdom is—in heaven. That is why the Bible calls it a “heavenly kingdom.” (2 Timothy 4:18) Although God’s Kingdom is in heaven, it will rule over the earth.—Revelation 11:15.

    What makes Jesus an outstanding King? For one thing, he will never die. Comparing Jesus with human kings, the Bible calls him “the one alone having immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light.” (1 Timothy 6:16) This means that all the good that Jesus does will last. And he will do great and good things.

    Consider this Bible prophecy about Jesus: “Upon him the spirit of Jehovah must settle down, the spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the spirit of counsel and of mightiness, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah; and there will be enjoyment by him in the fear of Jehovah. And he will not judge by any mere appearance to his eyes, nor reprove simply according to the thing heard by his ears. And with righteousness he must judge the lowly ones, and with uprightness he must give reproof in behalf of the meek ones of the earth.” (Isaiah 11:2-4) Those words show that Jesus was to be a righteous and compassionate King over people on earth. Would you want to have a ruler like that?

  111. Roger Huddleston

    God will handle all things in God’s way in God’s time. In the meantime, oh what a magnificent distraction the “middle-east” is. Nothing but a whole lot of con and propaganda going on here.

  112. dhallerm

    Here is why Celente is a hypocrite:

    Toward’s the end of the interview, as he was becoming totally unglued, he stated “if someone comes to attack me, then someone is going to be killed, and it isn’t going to be me”. That someone being attacked is Israel, by Hamas, Hezbollah (Iran) and others. It has been that way since 1948.

    Celente is a hypoctite for saying he will kill anyone who comes to attack HIM, but somehow, Israel cannot defend herself.

    The whole “antisemite” discussion was a joke ….. Yes, the dictionary definition of the term might technically exclude Ashkenasi Jews, but the common and understood use of the term is “Jew hater”. Celente is torturing the common understanding of the word to excuse his ante-semitic views.

  113. laura

    Just watched this video filmed by a citizen of Israel. The title is 10 minutes about living on the Gaza border

  114. Lizard

    Well, I have been following GC for some time now and have always been entertained by his style…….until the last few months. When Greg stated earlier in the interview that he will cover the Israel/Hamas down track, I thought this will probably end in tears. GC does have a legitimate cause in exposing the evils world wide with any government and country, but I have noticed over the years he has a particular utter hatred towards Israel and when he is challenged, literally explodes as we all saw.
    Greg, well done my friend on maintaining your professional demeanor and etiquette. Your controlled response during such an outburst was a credit to your character and ethics. Bless you always.

  115. WKSwanson

    Muslims want the extermination of Israel because it is an impediment to the caliphate (past, and in their view, soon to be again). Although most people do not realize it, Muslim leaders have been calling for the re-conquest of Spain for a very long time (centuries, in fact), not just as in the recent ISIS declaration; all lands that once belonged to Islamic peoples must again, in their view, belong to Islamic peoples. As for the land that is Israel, Jews and Chriatians (people of the Book) would be allowed to live there, but would have to pay the jizya (the tax on non-Muslims)…which historically was a great source of revenue for Muslims. Why is this so difficult for people like Celente to understand.

  116. Michael Kane

    Hey Greg,

    I will give you a 1st class air tkt to GAZA but you will have to stay in a ONU School like the Palestine!
    Hence it will be a ONE WAY TKT!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I is terrible what is going on there and I predicted that there would be war, and Israel would try to “knock out Hamas.” This is what is happening, and it is very ugly and bloody war. Here’s another prediction, this is going uncomfortably long, as in wider war will erupt. Please don’t confuse what I think will happen to what I want to happen. This is ugly and getting uglier. Save your money, we are all going to need some.

  117. EuroCoptr Pilot

    Great interview, Greg Shalom Hunter. Great Interview!

  118. Great Lakes

    It’s difficult for me to believe this man, because he acts just like Alex Jones without a bullhorn in his face. Still, I listen for good reason & that is his track record.

  119. Fisher

    I have to be honest, I am not anti Israel, I am opposed to the use of military grade weapons on civilian targets. Moreover, I am disappointed that Israel hasn’t taken the lead in the peace process. Ok Hamas, won’t acknowledge Israel, move on to bigger and better issues such as trade and prosperity, as people are less likely to riot when they are fat and happy. We shouldn’t forget there is huge quantity of gas near Gaza, and who will benefit in the long run? And two other things, I am opposed to radical Islam, and I am against genocide.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “Hamas, won’t acknowledge Israel, move on to bigger and better issues. . .” This is a very big issue as a matter if fact a key issue as well at it is the stated goal of Hamas to wipe Israel out as its stated goal. You simply cannot ignore these issue if you want a peace deal. Both sides have to agree to stop fighting permanently.

    • Mike R

      I have to agree with Great Lakes. But I’ll be more blunt. Celente is only a SELF-proclaimed trends forecaster. As far as renowned goes, anyone can slap that in front of their name.

      Celente always drags up sensationalist rhetoric and hand waving, and generally makes claims that are neither provable or unprovable.

      With the use of his voice, he’s basically nothing more than a modern day PT Barnum, or what some used to refer to as a ‘confidence’ man. Or rather CON man. He’ll state things authoritatively, and use a bunch of unrelated but sensationalistic issues or premises, and somehow twist into something he can call a concrete statement of fact for predicting what’s coming. So he claims to know this or that about Israel. Well the conflict in Israel is a recent ‘hot media topic’ but as my dad used to say, “what the heck does that (any topic) have to do with the price of eggs in China ?”

      All’s I gotta say, is take everything you here from this guy with a grain of salt. Greg – I think you could do a better job of choosing some of your guests. Maybe Celente attracts page views and a whole bunch or people basically arguing about nothing in the subsequent posts, but seriously, I’ve never seen one thing come from this guy’s mouth that’s of any social redeeming value. Unfortunately, I wasted too much time being sucked in by some of his other interviews. I tried again, just to see if something changed, and came away with the same sick feeling – another 10 minutes I’ll never get back. Wasted. Stopped well before the 39 or so.

  120. Corn Husker

    7/28/2014 – a day that will live in infamy. A day when Greg Hunter lost ALL credibility as a journalist. A day when Greg Hunter lost all credibility as a man. A day when Greg Hunter lost all integrity as a human being. Cheers Mate!

    • Greg Hunter

      I lost all credibility because I tried to include both sides of a story? That’s rich, “Mate.” This from someone with the name “corn” in it?

  121. Erasmus

    My goodness, I think I may have been banned from posting comments to your site. I just tried to submit a post, and found no resulting notification that the post was awaiting consideration.

    Moreover my two prior posts (ad hominem attack & NFL player/7th grader) no longer appear. Given that they were rational, not hysterical as some of the other posted comments, I wonder.

    I hope I am simply mistaken, for were that so that would speak much of intellectual dishonesty. For a person asserting the quest for honesty, it would be really disappointing were he filtering reasoned comments too close to the bone. Of course that is your prerogative

    Nevertheless, my point in writing what was to be a new post/communication to you was to inform you of the following.

    During your interview with GC, you defened Israeli attacks of UN schools thought to be harboring or having harbored Hamas rockets. The Pentagon just came out describing such attacks and attacks on the civilians as “unacceptable” and “totally indefensible”. Source: .

    With 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and what 50 (?) Israeli’s killed, with demonstrations rising around the world, the UN, and the U.S. Pentagon coming out against this excess, perhaps you are on the wrong side of future history.

    I am not against Israeli defense. I am against Israeli excess.

    I asked you in a prior post whether you could not envision a different means of attaining the same objective. I can: given the limited geography of Palestine and 40,000 Israeli troops, cordon off part of Palestine, bit by bit, do house to house and tunnel by tunnel searches, until all of Palestine has been searched.

    Wishing you the best
    Michael Nagel

    • Greg Hunter

      Please get it right if you want to comment. I did not defend attacks on U.N. schools. I said Hamas hid rockets in two different schools.
      Please don’t resort to making things up when you are criticizing. If Hamas was worried about the death of women and children they would move their military hardware to the border and have it out with the IDF. It is reckless to conduct a war in a heavily populated area and Hamas knows it.

    • Lizard

      “The Pentagon just came out describing such attacks and attacks on the civilians as “unacceptable” and “totally indefensible”.

      Oh really. On the very first night the good ol USSA invaded Iraq…… 38,000 civilians died. That’s right Erasmus….. THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND……. in ONE night. 7,860 were children. My my, did you then read whether the “pentagon” then stated that their own actions were “unacceptable” and “totally indefensible”. Ahhh yes, the sounds of silence.
      Also Erasmus and other Hamas supporters….have a look here:
      Gee, I wonder why Israel is somewhat non-compliant to the satanic globalists!

  122. fred

    No you lost credibility when you defended murders and criminals for god knows what reason because i am very suspect that you are better than that Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Now that’s what I call an unbiased perspective!

  123. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg: Ever since you established your web site, I was watching what you were writing, since it was much more informative place in understanding what is going on currently in our world than watching and/or following the MSM. A solid measure of your success in journalistic hard work is the number of your readers providing their reasonable and complimentary commentaries. Congratulations and keep up with your good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro for your comment and support!

  124. laurais

    This is the first time I’ve heard Gerald being unfair. He must know that the Israeli government begged Hamas to leave off its shelling of Israeli settlements and warned, several times, that the IDF would take action if the shelling continued. He must know that Israel supplies water and electricity to Gaza and has not stopped doing so. He must know that the blockade that Israel is imposing is only the inspection of vehicles coming into Israel from Gaza and that Egypt is enforcing a much stricter blockade. He must know that many Sephardic Jews were forced to flee their Middle Eastern homelands after the creation of Israel. He must know that the Ottoman Turks controlled Jewish immigration to Palestine even more strictly than the immigration into Palestine of those who today are called Palestinian. And he must know that it’s out of deep conviction and belief that Hamas and many of its supporters cannot, as an intolerable blot on the body of Dar el Islam, ever acquiesce in the existence of a Jewish nation state and that much Arab/Palestinian propaganda calls for the extermination of Jews and not just Israelis (granted that Gerald doesn’t read or speak Arabic or Farsi.) I’m disappointed in him. Anyone can call himself a “man of peace.”

  125. Ken Russell

    Greg, I appreciate your website. It is so difficult to find good sources for news. Although I don’t agree with all the points of the people you interview, I can hear or watch an entire discussion and based on what I believe are facts and data, can use your discussions/interviews and the opinion of very smart people to make up my own mind. That’s simply impossible to do so watching mainstream news with the seven second soundbites and agendas. Thanks so much for doing this and spending time and effort to get to the truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken. I try to put up as many views as possible.

  126. George Vreeland Hill

    Many think that World War III will result from financial chaos.
    It could, but I believe that it will result from aggression and terror.
    I see the Middle East and Russia playing the final deadly hand.

    George Vreeland Hill

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