Entering a Global Great Depression – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Economic analyst and financial writer David Morgan has gone against the majority in the past with predictions that seemed unbelievable at the time. One prediction last year is the Fed not cutting interest rates in 2023. The Fed didn’t, and Morgan is still predicting there will be no Fed interest rate cut anytime soon. Now, with a record high stock market, Morgan is predicting “We are entering into a global depression the likes of which the world has never seen.” The warning signs are many as Morgan explains, “When we enter a depression, people cannot keep up with inflation. So, they work even harder or more hours to try to make ends meet.”

Another sign, says Morgan, is all the bankrupt businesses that thrive on disposable income such as “Gold’s Gym, Neman Marcus, Hertz, JC Penny, GNC, Pier One, Belk’s founded in 1888, Revlon, David’s Bridal and Bed, Bath and Beyond. That is just a few, and that is the real economy. What you see on that list of bankrupt stores primarily is disposable income. . . . That is a sure sign of a depression. . . . This is a clear, concise and accurate picture of the truth. You don’t have to tell this to the girl with three jobs. She knows what is going on.”

Other signs of a coming depression include “stress over money, and this is the number one thing people are stressing about today,” according to Morgan. In the age of money printing and unpayable debt, there is going to be an end, and the end, according to Morgan, has never been closer than today. Morgan points out, “Money is usually the root cause of stress. I have dedicated my work to inform everybody of what is coming and tell everybody what the difference is between money and a currency and what happens at the end of these great inflations. There is ‘nothing new under the sun.’ We have all been there and done that, but a great depression has never been global before. This is why the system is hinged on the viability of the US dollar, what supercedes it and what moves next.”

Morgan says other signs include, “increasing war . . . trade barriers, such as sanctions, transportation /supply chain problems such as sinking ships in the Red Sea, and a much lower standard of living.” So, these are signs of a global great depression? Morgan says, “Correct . . . If you survive the destruction of the old system, then you have the New World Order, which is pushing one world government, one global currency and, in time, one world religion. That’s the direction it is going . . . but there is a lot of push-back. I would not say we are losing, but I would not say we are winning either. I want to win, and I want freedom for everyone.”

Morgan says the dollar will hold together for now and predicts, “It will be the most trusted asset (behind gold and silver) until it blows up. The dollar will remain quite strong, but you will know we are getting near the end when gold will be increasing as the dollar is increasing. The dollar’s value looks strong, but gold is going to be going up at the same time.”

In closing, Morgan says, “I am sure the entire world is getting ready to dive into a global great depression, and that is the way I see it. . . The globalists are telling you ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy.’ They are warning you and letting you know the direction they plan on going.”

There is much more in the 46-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One on One with David Morgan, founder of “The Morgan Report,” and producer of the upcoming documentary film called “Silver Sunrise” for 2.27.24.

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  1. Louis Blasioti

    Thank you for all of your efforts to bring these terrific videos to U.S.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Louis!

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi Greg.
        You are not alone with border security issues. Luckily Australia is an island nation.


      • Jack

        Where does Warren Buffett keep $168 billion in cash ? In a bank ?

      • Dave Nard

        It’s not a global great depression. It’s a ‘Globalist’ great depression. Those countries outside of the Globalist New World Order System are enduring.

  2. Ken Locke,

    Gold= 🌞
    Silver= 🌙
    Dollar= tree of good and evil.
    Money, and those that lead because of it, are going extinct.
    Governments, and the educated that are colluding with them to create unfair advantage to enslave humanity, will be toppled.
    Most don’t see how education works off a degree scale, as ALL satanic organizations always do.
    You should notice the black robes ceremonies at the end of each degree reached in the satanic arts.
    Behind all the world’s problems, is a group of the educated, causing the problem, for their own personal profit!
    If the educated are not stopped, humanity will not survive.
    All those spraying your sky’s, poisoning the water, mandating poisons to be 💉, they are all, 100% educated!
    You see the border being over run to stop the American voters from destroying humanity!!
    You all vote as tho your insane!
    Trump gave you the vax, 5g, space weapons.
    Still you want him back?
    Admit, you all completely suck at voting!
    And if humanity is to have a chance, the American voters needs to be stopped!!
    All they all vote for, without fail, is war and bloodshed!!
    Truly an evil the earth has never before known!

  3. Justn Observer

    Greg, is THIS the article Kathrine H was referencing in last interview?
    Dr. Paul Alexander on his Substack dated June 30, 2022: =

    Seems he has remained an opponent of COVID VAX POLICY ever since=
    Might make an interesting interview at some point?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Justn!

  4. J.Cordone
    • James Macareo

      Having David Morgan on is probably one of the best interviews about where this planned train wreck is going.
      Telling this woman about how this commie rat of New York city giving illegal parasites 10k must have been devastating to this poor woman who is working herself to death trying to keep a roof over her head and food on the table for her family.
      I as a citizen of this once great republic am devastated to see our own citizens struggling and will fight this with my last breath to give our country back to the people who it belongs to.
      We The People!
      I do want to see anyone suffer but the movie The Grapes of Wrath comes to mind when the family was at a camp on there way to California when a man told the Toad family about the fruit picking job was a scam and that his children starved to death watching their bellies swell up because they had no food.
      This is what David Morgan is describing.
      Quoting the Bible about their is nothing new under the sun is a quote from King Salomon.
      He is spot on!
      What more can we do to wake up the country to take out the trash and restore law,order and gold and silver as our true money.
      God’s money!
      I know God is in control and I truly believe that this is a wake up call for people to come back to him and put a end to war on him.
      It’s the only Solution.
      There is no political solution to a spiritual problem.
      Please keep up your mission to spread the word to prepare as many who will listen and come back to Jesus Christ our savior the king of kings and the lord of lords.
      From a true patriot and sinner

      • Neville

        Excellent comment James Macareo
        Time is against the world as we are goin at break neck speed towards the RETURN OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    • Perry

      Hamas raped, killed, burned people alive and beheaded. So you take up for these savages?
      She was reporting the TRUTH! Pray for Israel against the terrorists who hate Jews and Christians.

    • Shiloh1

      Thank you, a must-view. If more like Dore would have been around 110 years ago the people of the U.S. wouldn’t have been lied into WWI.

      • Robert F

        You are a fool. Dore is a admitted Marxist

    • Rham Cowan

      No rapes, eh? All a Jewish plot?

  5. Fred Daake

    In the olden days of college, I took two semesters of economics as required of 1/3rd of all college students at that time. But it never made sense to me. Why are they teaching us central planning in a free market? It wasn’t until Ron Paul ran for President that I realized that central planning was never supposed to be a part of the American dream.

  6. Fred Daake

    I watched the two trailers of “Silver Sunshine”. The documentary appears to be shaping up as very interesting and promising .

    • Paul

      Good interview Greg with Mr Morgan
      Both of you on a mission for good.
      Paul from arkansas

  7. Shirl

    David Morgan is one of the most knowledgeable and balanced people on the topic of the precious metals market, real money, and the fractional “money” system. When he speaks, it’s a good idea to listen.
    Thank you Greg and David, timely interview.

  8. Ken Yu

    All the businesses that thrive on disposable income such as Newman Marcus, JC Penny, Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc., etc. have an additional worry besides consumers tightening their purse strings and that is Being Located In NY. What NY has done to Trump is a warning to all businesses that they should seriously think of getting out of New York State for good. New York State has grossly violated the Seventh Amendment of the Constitution that assures that government can not put citizens on trial for penalties “without the intervention of a jury”. And that is precisely what NY has done to Trump. This Demon-rat filled hell hole is a vile corrupt place where nobody in their right mind should be doing business. NY State has set a legal precedent where they can now go after and fine regular homeowners “like anyone with a home improvement loan” by arguing that they overvalued their property to get the loan (even after the loan was completely re-payed)!!! The Seventh Amendment of the Constitution is supposed to guarantee the right to “Trial By Jury” in suits at common law (which was totally denied to Trump by the Demon-rat Commies running New York)!!!

    • B Lev

      Trump will win!!

  9. migs

    i just read it’s all over for the banks and globalists.

  10. vie bernard

    WATCH: Victoria Nuland ADMITS U.S. Money To Ukraine LINING Defense Contractor’s Pockets The Hill 52,015 views Premiered Feb 26, 2024 Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s recent comments on support for Ukraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYYKhLLg4oc

  11. Jay C.

    “Ghoulish” Celebration of Letitia James and Left After Massive Trump Financial Judgment, w/ The EJs Megyn Kelly 113,159 views Feb 26, 2024
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Emily Jashinsky, culture editor for The Federalist, and Eliana Johnson, co-host of the Ink-Stained Wretches podcast, to discuss New York AG Letitia James’ “ghoulish” celebration of the Trump civil fraud verdict, Trump appealing the ruling, and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twxz31oA1_s
    Megyn Kelly on the Monumental Day For Fani Willis… and How it Affects the Case Against Trump. Feb 27 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l77llqIkSoY

  12. Roger Stamper

    tks david greg

  13. Gordon Gekko

    I bought the book “Get the skinny on silver” from David
    Morgan: I recommend the book to others.

    I don’t agree that we are heading to a depression. It will
    not happen.
    1. the higher interest rates also flow in to incomes (of
    course mostly the Banks)
    2. giant fiscal expansions: governments spend more money then their tax incomes. That money flows into the economy!

    So the economy is changing. Banks have more income due
    to higher interest rates. More important the entire economy floats on the giant ‘irresponsible’ fiscal defecit spending.

    Inflation? Yes. But the major cause is the higher interest rates. Because (nowadays) all goods and services are connected to
    debts, loans, leases and so on.
    Rate hikes are price hikes. Rate cuts are price cuts. You want the perfect example? GOLD! The price is UP due to a series of interest rate hikes the last 2 years. Thats a fact.
    Gold started moving UP after a short time-lag. Other reasons
    (wars for example) have a minor effect on the gold price.
    The giant defecit spending by Governments will give great
    power to silver: the transition to green energy will boost the
    demand for silver, and the monetary demand for silver coins
    and silver bars will explode due to the higher price inflations!

  14. Freedom-4-All

    Hi Greg, this is a private message. Where would you like me to send this ‘honest election’ shirt?

  15. youknowwho

    The issue with PMs is that they cannot be used as currency and if one needs to panic sell, the only buyers are those with discretionary income and who already stack. What do I mean? Can you make a purchase with gold, or silver at WalMart, Costco, Amazon, Starbucks, or any other business for that matter? No. In fact, keep a close eye on big-box stores to eventually NOT even accept cash (because the government said they can’t). The great reset wants to get rid of small businesses because they represent a threat/competition to government approved lifestyles. We’ll be herded into big-box stores, which ONLY sell government approved items and ONLY accept CBDC. You’ll be left without choices for goods or payment options. And this says nothing of social credit score algorithms — regulating behaviors — attached to digital accounts. Checkmate.

    Is this written in stone? No, but I’m in agreement with Morgan that too many individuals are either ignorant of, or don’t want to accept the proposed end game. The “bad guys” have learned that even if it’s a lie, repeating it incessantly, makes it true for a lot of uninformed individuals. The “good guys” need to pull a page from that playbook and incessantly repeat the truth to the uninformed. If it’s too difficult to talk directly to them, then get a bumper sticker, or tee shirt with a message. Expose the uninformed to a paradigm they didn’t even know existed, or denied.

    • Sean Jamison

      ______Reply to youknowwho
      The “good guys” need to pull a page from that playbook and incessantly repeat the truth to the uninformed. If it’s too difficult to talk directly to them, then get a bumper sticker, or tee shirt with a message. Expose the uninformed to a paradigm they didn’t even know existed, or denied.

      How bout this youknowwho, for a bumper sticker;

      “Be the “Elect” Jesus “Cuts the Days Short” for
      Jesus is Love and will be your guide and protector!

      All credit go’s to Jesus and Greg Hunter too, for pointing this out!

  16. Bob

    Sad to say this but no one in my family or no one I know makes 25 dollars an hour God bless all here

    • Greg Hunter

      Hang on to Jesus and be the “Elect” Jesus “cuts the days short” for. Jesus is Love and will be your guide and protector.

      • Anthony Australia

        Correct Greg!
        This is all an illusion and realm for suffering. The more one try’s to correct it, the worse it gets.
        Give into greed, hatred and ignorance.

        • Tin foil hat

          You will enjoy “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”, published in 1927, if you haven’t read it already.
          (This is Greg Hunter. AA, don’t read that junk. Read the Bible.)

          • Anthony Australia

            Thanks for the message TFT (U2 GH)
            I’ve got both in my possession☺️

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          Agreed. An evil realm of suffering, struggle and misery as we are being poisoned by these rogue “governments” to our early deaths. Not certain why God puts his creation here, as the devil is the god of this world.. even Jesus noted that. Isnt a realm where the devil is the god and the demons are running the culture and govts seems to me it is a version of Hell. Not sure why God puts us here to suffer. Guess its the step just above Hell

  17. Bonnie Robinson

    This was a great informational interview with David Morgan, who spoke with clarity, honesty and intelligence. I hadn’t heard him before, and I was impressed. Thank you, Greg!

  18. Sather

    What kind of upside potential are we looking at as far as PMs go?

    Nenner said we’re on the cusp of a super bull market in gold & silver but I don’t remember him mentioning a price target?

    Also, how do we square Nenner’s prediction of Dow 5000 with Martin Armstrong’s forecast of Dow 60,000???

    Also, I’m sorry, but Goldbugs and others in the world of alternative financial reporting have been preaching “imminent doom” since the early 1970’s—so take what they say with a GIANT grain of salt and keep in mind that many are talking their own book.

    • Greg Hunter

      The downside is going to cause the upside. Think of how you are going to protect yourself from the downside.

    • BobT


      I think the 60,000 is the blow off top (I don’t think we get there) and then 5,000 is the collapse bottom – my take.

      “so take what they say with a GIANT grain of salt and keep in mind that many are talking their own book.”

      AGREE 100%, 12 years ago David Morgan stated factually that silver would never trade under $35 again – he has never admitted to his incorrect advice that has financially hurt tens of thousands.

    • Curt

      When the dollar is no more, who will care about the price of PMs in dollars? I think this is just a frame of reference as to the purchasing power you will have. At that point the question will be “how many ounces do you have?” when you want to buy something. I’m thinking you certainly won’t be able to buy any gold or silver with dollars in the not-too-distant future, at least according to Armstrong.

  19. Judith

    Money is not the root of all evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

  20. 7 Seven

    NY AG Letitia James LOSES APPEAL And SCREAMS At Judge Engoron After Doing This For Trump LIVE On-Air /Life With Recklezz 263,356 views 14 hours ago

    Blast From the Not to Distant Past
    In case you missed it/ Michael Moore Found Out and Wanting
    Michael Moore’s Nonstop Lies & Gaslighting For Democrats
    Michael Moore is supposed to represent the voice of the working class wing of the Democratic Party (even though he is, admittedly, a multi-millionaire) but he was starting to sound like the shittiest of shitlibs, especially with the way he was all but begging voters to come out to the polls for Democrats. Which they did yesterday in your state of Michigan Michael and not for your corporatists Nikki!
    During a recent MSNBC appearance Moore not only accused half the country of being stupid, but he also begged voters to return Democrats to power as a personal favor – to him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLkCIOJgQkg
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Michael Moore’s embarrassing transformation from truth-teller about even the sainted Barack Obama to transparent shill for the do-nothing Democratic Party. CLASSIC JIMMY DOOR

  21. anti-atomist

    Woe to the Swi$$tard Society of Jesuit Templars, Nazis, Nimrods, and Egyptian Freemasons!!!!

    And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people. 14 Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.
    Revelation 13:13-18


    But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.
    Matthew 9:13


    Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”
    Matthew 19:23-24


  22. Gerald Lambert

    Great interview! The other problem is the salaries are not inland whit the real inflation over the last 40 years. If they were the average blue collar salary since 1968 would be between $100,000 to $150,000 a year or higher depending where you live. The average home is around $350,000 or higher. My dad in 1968 made $13,000 a year working in a factory and the average three bedroom home with basement was $24,000. His income was a little more than half the costs of his home!
    Gerald Lambert

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Yep.. that is the point. Wages (labor force) is now the garbage economy you cant afford to be stuck in for longer. Every year you work now, you get poorer and poorer unless youoo get 15-20% raises a year, every year. There are two economies; the workforce (the sucker’s economy) and Wall Street (asset economy) The assets pay better than work does, as it it beats inflation every year. This is why the old are very happy now and those under 60 in workforce are struggling more each year as their purchasing power collapses and their expenses outpace their incomes. Being in workforce is no longer a strategy for financial security in this era. Median home price across us is now over 490K. Median income is 40K. Keep in mind the average in this interview of $25 hour is average which is skewed because it includes CEOs making 30Mwhich brings up the numbers greatly. Median is more accurate

  23. Susan R

    Much gratitude for all the years of expert insights, Greg and David, I have been getting ready all along. Never saw any of this coming or that I would be living my life as a prepper. I am a lover of philosophy and that has given me a way to refigure all this aside from fear. Prepping is an antidote to fear, Do Something About It!

  24. Led Skeletor

    Lets change the interest on the debt to only cover the cost of the Federal Reserve employees, and not a penny more!!

    Salaries only for all presidents, board members and employees within the Federal Reserve System = $2.4 BILLION a year…. 20,217 earners.

    20,000 FED RES workers, OK,
    What does the Federal Reserve do with the remaining $500 BILLION to $1 trillion that it will receive on interest on the debt each year? Somewhere there is a group of filthy pigs that are getting richer than entire nations!!

    If it goes into the coffers of the 30? or 300? member banks as profits, what do these banksters do to deserve such a total asstucking of the American wage earner and tax payer? or are these member banks the KINGS and ROYALTY of old.

    Why are we paying a king’s ransom to a group of unknown people for absolutely nothing?


    • Savage Nation

      Don’t worry Led, fiat money printing to excess will get them all, as hyperstagflation ravages society!

  25. Sara

    Hi Greg & David! Great timely interview! Thank you both! Greg, I have a question concerning what may happen in the event of a cyber attack, and the communication system going down. Do people know to take instruction from their local Sheriff? Catherine Austin Fitts talks about his often. I believe that people need to know that if the FED’s declare marshall law, and force immigration on us, are we to place our allegiance to our local Sheriff? How to act? We are approaching a time where there’s much uncertainty, and I care about people’s safety # 1. Greg, and David, thank you so much!

  26. HappyDay's Are HearAgain!

    GOP Senators Make U-Turn as They Urge ‘Negotiated Settlement’ of Ukraine Conflict / by Sputnik February 28th 2024 “The reality at this point that we have to confront is that war ends with a negotiated settlement,” Sen. Rubio says


    Hispanic woman STORMS the stage at Trump rally, nobody expected this…
    PolitiBrawl 817,938 views Feb 26, 2024
    Hispanic woman comes up on stage at Trump rally and what she says next is unbelievable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-9d-1XMZ8k

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, just my view on PM.
    List all the relevant uses of Gold moving into the future.
    List all the relevant uses of Silver moving into the future.
    List all the known ‘REAL’ amounts of each mined…and how much of each is still ACTUALLY available (especially at the current rigged price), considering the amount of silver consumed over the centuries and the amount available at that price to be mined for use in all things medical, electronic, including for strategic military use, the push for solar, and EV.

    Then, there is a crypto called THETA..which is NOT a ‘token of exchange’ but an ‘application of a software’ to electronic transfer which is ‘THE’ cure of ‘the last mile’ that will massively increase speed and availability of the internet which many do not see, appreciate, understand…but to ONLY BASH all crypto applications…which…could make many people wildly prosperous in the near future as the realization of the shortage of silver, and the lack of need of ‘cell towers’ is understood via the use of THETA.

    Do hope you can have Bix Weir and or Clif High on to explain it at some point…
    By the way, Bix Weir gave you and this nterview with David Morgan a shout out =

    • sam

      Bix Weir calls on SOOTHSAYER for silver and CRYPTO Predictions among “other things”…I used to watch/listen to him intently Every Week……until……I Realized what side he really is on….TARO CARDS from a fraud?…..REALLY???

  28. Jeffrobbins

    Depression? I’d like to add that i have a brother and family in Alaska. I am preparing for them to move here in Wa. They’ve had both marriage and financial issues- like he said. Fortunately, we have/ Jesus has made some ways. The important part is I’m looking at buying a used 30 foot ish travel trailer for them. I put in a couple RV spots by my shop, but can you imagine being almost 40, married, with kids and having to move into an RV at a relatives house- basically starting over financially. And i know other people who live in RVs in trailer parks, not trailers- but RVs. Most of them sold their homes, thinking of traveling, moving, or some other plan and would rebuy later; but and after some time- they’re stuck in some sub- middle class, new financial status- the “Working Poor”. The bright spot is that the construction trades around here are enjoying full employment with good wages for most of the PNW. That should have more to do with demographics than anything else.

  29. Yokel Governor Hochel

    HEY YOKEL, NY Governor Kathy HOCHEL. . . .
    NYC Protest Begins🔥Truckers Block New York! Gov Kathy Hochul SHOCKING Decision Freeze Truckers Acc
    US Immigration 99,287 views Feb 28, 2024
    Trump SHUTDOWN New York. Thanks Investors & Truckers! New york is a Loser state! Truckers for Trump.
    NYC Shutdown: TRUCKERS HIT NEW YORK CITY After TRUMP Fraud Blow! No-Go Zone Declared Trump Truckers NYC Crisis 2024
    NYC faces complete shutdown as truckers threaten to paralyze state, ‘New Yorkers must stock up’.
    Why are US truckers boycotting New York City and will they be able to paralyse the city?
    Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank says New York IS A LOSER STATE and he will no longer invest in ‘loser’ New York.

  30. Emp. Justin

    Da Emperor Has No Clothes, But Butt Naked!
    Never Before Seen Blood Clots Found By Embalmers!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 16,440 views Feb 28, 2024
    Popular British YouTuber and retired nurse instructor Dr. John Campbell recently spoke with Scottish commentator Neil Oliver about the dramatic rise in blood clots being seen by funeral parlors while embalming dead bodies. These clots are unprecedented and have no explanation — at least not one that can be mentioned explicitly in the mainstream media.

  31. John Duffy

    What evil scum the neocons are!

  32. Louis Blasioti

    “Worry is a conversation you have with yourself about things you cannot change.”
    “Prayer is a conversation you have with God about things He can change.”
    —-Author Unknown

    • Rodney

      Very true

  33. Dez Bensson

    🔴 SHOCK THERAPY: CENTRAL BANKERS Should Go to JAIL for PRINTING CASH Says Argentina’s Milei/Lena Petrova 48K views 1 day ago
    We know what happened to president Kennedy when he started to talk like this!
    Be careful, mate, buddy boy!

  34. Valerie

    Thanks, Greg and David!

  35. Joyce Hargrove

    Germany, Poland say they’re not sending troops to Ukraine
    Associated Press 189,342 views 21 hours ago

  36. Gustav Musell

    “I Found Out The Banks Run Everything!” – Fmr U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss
    The Jimmy Dore Show 9,295 1 hour ago

  37. Marie Joy

    With the help of American politicians, THEY have purposely destroyed America, Americans and the dollar. Our politicians are traitors. Our annialation has been planned by a bunch of psychos, for a very long time.

  38. Gordo Joelson

    Stephen Gardner Started streaming 8 minutes ago

  39. Marie Joy

    What happens to Americans with credit card debt?
    What happens to Americans with other forms of debt?

  40. Joy N.

    Thanks for the article..

    What the Holy Bible says of this horrific decade just ahead of us.. Here’s a site expounding current global events in the light of bible prophecy.. To understand more, please visit https://bibleprophecyinaction.blogspot.com/

  41. Lloyd George Jerimiah Craftonson

    Putin’s Forces Unfurl Russian Flag On Europe’s Largest Chemical Plant In Ukraine’s Avdiivka | Hindustan Times 291K views 4 days ago
    Russian troops said they captured NATO-made weapons and ammunition, as well as Starlink satellite terminals at the Avdiivka chemical plant, according to a new video released by the Defense Ministry on Saturday. Officials said abandoned hardware was found by Russian assault groups that entered the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical plant, the largest facility of its kind in Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5O98USjFxQ

    ‘Putin’s War Leading Him Into A Dead End…’: EU Nation Wants Russia To Join Peace Talks 42,026 views Feb 27, 2024
    Austria called for peace talks with Russia amid deliberations in Paris on the war in Ukraine. The Austrian Chancellor said Russia must be present at talks for resolving the war. He also signaled that he would be willing to sit down with the Russian President for talks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q2C0CdmlqI&t=86s

  42. Galaxy 500

    What a great broadcast. Our Nation was founded on YHWH, and Satanic Demoncrats seek to destroy the family and America.

  43. Bennet Cecil

    I made $1.61/hr in 1968, when gold was $36/oz. Physical gold is $2,168/oz today, 56 years later. The average inflation rate for the US dollar over this 56 years is 13.7% per year.
    This means that you had to earn 13.7% more on average every year after taxes to stay even. It means that saving dollars is like putting water into a bucket with a hole in it.

    Over the past 56 years America’s prosperity has been stolen by the central banking families. It is really that simple.

    Here is the math for you to check.
    Take the natural log of each side of the equation.
    When the dollar is falling in value by 13.7% per year, it means that dollar prices will double every 5 years. This is called the rule of 70.

  44. George E

    Greg. David is afraid to say Glass-Steagall, when talking about bank separation, one of the financial terms that is a no no. Other such words are FDR, Ferdinand Peccora, Lyndon LaRouche, Mathew Carry, Henry C. Carry, Fredrick List, E P Smith and on and on as these individuals were proponents of The American System of Economics, the system that made America great and put food on the tables of all citizens. The system Donald Trump seems to favor thus the attacks on him.

    • David A

      That is 11 doublings, so no, that is not reflective of the depreciation of the dollar. 11 doublings turns your $1,62 into $3,440.64 dollars per hour to keep up.

  45. No False Flag's

    A. Soros, Morell, Brennan, H. Clinton, Nuland, D. Axelrod, C. Rice H. Biden, Obomber
    ‘Nuclear War If…’: Putin’s Open Threat To West Over Sending Troops To Ukraine
    Hindustan Times Feb 29, 2024
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued an ultimatum amid murmurs about NATO troops in Ukraine. Putin said that there was a genuine risk of nuclear war if the West sent its troops. The Russian leader stated that Moscow had the weapons to strike targets in the West. He suggested western leaders did not understand how dangerous their meddling could be in what he cast as Russia’s own internal affairs.
    The balls in your court, you guys got all the cards. Nuclear war, or Peace & Prosperity? World Wide Security? Or, will there be blood on the streets up to our ankle’s? Pray and call your bankers…the world is watching. Please and take your Ivermectin!
    https://www.drugs.com/ivermectin.html Please take action NOW!
    Belgian commemorative band. The Army Stars – Happy days will be here again!

    • Earth Angel

      Don’t forget to add WEF funded Nikki Haley to that list of Deep State stooges & puppets! Despite almost NO ONE supporting her (and she has the numbers prove it) – she just won’t GO AWAY.

  46. Bennet Cecil

    Check my math please.

    I made $1.61/hr in 1968, when gold was $36/oz. Physical gold is $2,168/oz today, 56 years later. The average inflation rate for the US dollar over this 56 years is 7.3% per year.

    This means that you had to earn 7.3 % more on average every year after taxes to stay even. It means that saving dollars is like putting water into a bucket with a hole in it.

    Over the past 56 years America’s prosperity has been stolen by the central banking families. It is really that simple.

    Here is the math for you to check.

    Take the natural log of each side of the equation.
    Ln 59.44=56r

    4.0934/56= 0.0730= 7.3%

    When the dollar is falling in value by 7.3% per year, it means that dollar prices will double every 9.5 years.

    • David A

      your $1.62 per hour becomes about 80 dollars per hour, or 160,000 per year.
      A 12 k house becomes about 500,000. A 2.25 breakfast comes to $75, so housing has been close to that, but not much else. The 7.3 per year is still high.

  47. Mike Hunter

    Greg, hopefully you are aware that every state is assembling, yes things look bad, the fiat dollar (federal reserve note) is just an IOU and has no value, so you never really “pay” for anything. Should everyone be concerned? Yes,/ so may i suggest a visit to one of the assemblies. such as http://www.thetexasassembly.land, please see “correct your status and Banking”, there is much to discover. Something else you may be interested in is http://www.abodia.com/t/law/articles/name-in-caps.htm (Capitis Diminutio Maxima), question is :will you share this info with your follers? Thanks Mike

  48. Mike Hunter

    A special little something you may be interested in” this amazing video should be seen by the world https://www.brighteon.com/26365eOa-347e-4b82-930c-0590a686aada Mistakes Where not Made, very informative video

  49. Mike Hunter

    A special little something you may be interested in” this amazing video should be seen by the world https://www.brighteon.com/26365e0a-347e-4b82-930c-0590a686aada Mistakes Where not Made, very informative video

  50. Led Skeletor

    Artificial Intelligence [the vaporware, the new pet rock]
    “Creates” using human instructions programmed, limited to what is programmed by a human, lacking in natural or spontaneous quality, fugazi, imitation, sham, bogus, contrived, fake, false, mock, phony, phoney, plastic, pretended [for this PRETEND GENERATION], pseudo, put-on, sham, simulated, unnatural.

    This AI and the thought of endless war, flushots, and endless debt spending, is what the stock market is is rallying on.

    AI can only do what the programmer tells it to. AI can do nothing without instructions. You can say AI can create, but again, only within the boundaries of the programming done by humans.

    AI is Bullshit.

  51. CanadianGirl

    Thx Greg for all these hard hitting interviews! They are so valuable and much appreciated. You have the best lineup of guests!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Girl!!

  52. Warren B.

    What we have io the near term horizon…. is a Crash in the form of a Financial Crisis.
    It is another planned wealth transferring event….focussing on building USD strength.
    The ratchetting up of interest rates was intended to apply stress to business and consumers – those in DEBT.
    The Banks want you to be under duress = PLANNED.
    They pull the rug at the appropriate time and then you have the fire sales along with Bankruptcies.
    Then along comes the Cavalry – FED – printing money to save their BANKS and the system. …enter the Moral Hazard argument.
    They create an unstopable INflationary cycle. That ensures interest rates balloon out to double digits in line with Inflation hovering around 20% ish. Unemployment will skyrocket as will business and Bank failures.
    That then leads into what David refers to as the the Next Great Depression….circa 2030 It cannot be stopped. The end of the fiat system is nigh.
    Study the late 1920’s – see what transpired there.
    The current setup is not what triggers a Depression – that comes later.

  53. Blacked Out

    Slovakian Prime Minister Announces Investigation Into COVID Vaxx! The Jimmy Dore Show 107,156 views Feb 29, 2024
    Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico recently lit into the European Union for its abysmal response to the COVID pandemic, and in particular its unquestioning promotion of weakly researched vaccines. Fico announced that Slovakia will be launching an investigation into the previous administration’s COVID response and plans to get to the bottom of the pandemic shitshow.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why the Slovak Prime Minister would be making this move now.

  54. Bill

    Courageous President of El Salavador Blasts Global Elites!
    President Nayib Bukele of El Salavador said recently, at CPAC, the Following:
    “You pay High taxes, only to uphold the “ILLUSION” that you are funding the Govt., which YOU ARE NOT!
    “The Govt. is funded by Money Printing, “PAPER BACKED WITH PAPER”! A Bubble that will inevitably BURST!
    ” If most Americans and the rest of the World, becomes aware of this FARCE, then the CONFIDENCE in the currency will be lost. The Dollar will fall, and the Western Civilization with it.”

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