Establishment War Against “We the People” – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says the country has changed dramatically since the massively fraudulent and rigged 2020 Election that put Joe Biden in the White House.  Dr. PCR says, “First, consider there is now an organized war by the establishment against anyone who takes exception to their explanation of the election.  We see, for example, free speech is now dead.  Many of the institutions in the United States no longer believe in it.  You can’t protest what you perceive as a stolen election without being called an enemy of democracy.  Well, someone who is protesting what they perceive as a stolen election is defending democracy.  Now, that means they are an enemy because the narrative can’t be challenged.  You can’t say anything is wrong with the 2020 Election even if you have enormous evidence.  So, you don’t have free speech.  Also, a lot of people who attended the Trump rally (in Washington D.C. 1/6/21) have been fired simply for attending the rally.  So, you don’t have freedom of association. You cannot do anything that is seen as opposition to the establishment. . . . Biden was demanding personal allegiance from the troops who defended the inauguration.  So, it looks more and more like a dictatorship.”

Dr. PCR goes on to say, “The evidence is overwhelming that the election was stolen.  There is no doubt about it. . . . Let’s assume we don’t really know if the election was stolen.  We do know everybody who voted for Trump believes it was stolen.  We also know from the polls that 30% of Democrats believe it was stolen. . . .So, if that many people believe it was stolen, the government has an obligation to investigate and tell the people we looked at the evidence . . . and say it was or was not stolen, but they refuse to look at the evidence.  They had the explanation ready, and the explanation was ‘there’s no evidence.’ . . . They failed, we have a divided country and they just let the country be divided.  Now, they are going to pass a domestic terrorism law, and the purpose is to further control any dissent. . . . This is why I say we have crossed a line.  This is like Caesar crossing the Rubicon.  That was the end of the Roman Republic.  This is the end of democracy. . . . The Republican Party is dead because they failed Trump voters.”

Dr. PCR, who holds a PhD in Economics, says the Biden Administration policies are going to tank the U.S. economy.  For example, on Biden’s first day in office, he canceled the XL Pipeline and re-entered the Paris Climate Accord.  That killed tens of thousands of U.S. jobs with the stroke of Biden’s pen.  Again, this was on the very first day in office.  Dr. PCR says, “The economy is already wrecked, and so Biden is going to wreck a wrecked economy.”

The biggest problem Dr. PCR sees is not the federal debt.  Dr. PCR says, “The federal debt is not the problem, the real problem is the private debt. . . . The debt burden of the population has gone up over the last 25 years, and this is the difficult problem.  Income now is completely utilized in debt service.  This is what is meant by debt deflation.  Since the consumer is utilizing their money in debt service, there is no money for discretionary spending.  Therefore, there is nothing to support the rest of the economy. . . . Then, the lockdowns come, and they further restrict the income flow to the people who are already drowning in debt. . . .  The debt needs to be written off, but that is hard to do. . . .  So, when people talk about a collapse, this will be the cause of the collapse.  We will have a debt deflation collapse and not hyperinflation.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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After the Interview:   

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  1. Jacques Bourne

    Paul Craig Roberts— Excellent

    • Sorry

      You are wrong. The state and city swamp wanted him to pay. , he is a business man He look at it and walk away , grease fingers , you not that dumb are you ,

    • John Smith

      Absolutely correct!

    • eddiemd

      This person is a well known spammer who has been allowed to post here under different aliases for years. Same pattern of using spin off names.

      Greg has addressed this issue before.

      They never give up with the disinformation and religious cult ideas that they post. In a rare instance you may get something of value but it is mostly disinformation and psyop.

      Just ignore the posting when it has a spoof on name or identity.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Eddie,
        I will try to cull them out.

        • Diana Brown

          I like this new look and posting Greg. Hope it makes it better and easier for you too.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Diana. As they say “necessity is the mother of invention.”

        • Cindy Bentzinger

          Thanks for this interview with Mr Roberts! Please consider posting Mike Liddell documentary on your website!

    • eddiemd

      As per the former comment on your fake name.

      It is a disgrace that someone is allowed to use this name even in jest.

      Martin Borman was a high level Nazi SS right hand man of Hitler. A certain anti semite and anti Christian who made it his mission in life to persecute people of faith.

      It is despicable that you would use such a name. The truth is that now the light can shine upon your post for what it represents.

      You are the spammer who always posts here at this website under different names. You should be banned by Greg Hunter.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Eddie,
        Deleted and blocked.

        • eddiemd

          More news out of the middle east.

          The Israeli FM named “Ashkenazi” wants to drag the USA into war with Iran. Sooner than later. The German PM wants to go back to the JPCOA which Israel stated will lead to war.

          Meanwhile the CCP/PLA…

        • eddiemd

          You have to be aware of some of these subversives posting under questionable names. Certainly could be .gov agents with intent to label your website as contrarian to the official .gov narrative. The fictitious name that was used was obvious. Someone else from Canada picked up on it first.

          US SOS Blinken is going to be a problem. Mr. Swamp man, deep stater involved in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, etc

          Money trail leads to Pine Island and WestExec.

          Blinken, as well as other Biden transition team members Michele Flournoy, former Pentagon advisor, and Lloyd Austin, nominee for Secretary of Defense, are partners of private equity firm Pine Island Capital Partners, a strategic partner of WestExec.

          He is the front man for the next war. Hatchet man.

          1 : one hired for murder, coercion, or attack. 2a : a writer specializing in invective. b : a person hired to perform underhanded or unscrupulous tasks (as to ruin someone’s reputation)

          The entire Biden administration is a hatchet cabal for the luciferian now.

        • Ken


        • Ken

          1 man did right. Former Treasury Sec., who would have suspected?

    • The Great Unveiling

      “Producer of “Hunger Games” talks about Hollywood pedophiles”

  2. John E MAHONEY

    hi Greg, im a regular watch of u, so im here,GodBless

  3. Dolly Dagger

    Love you both. Integrity and intellect = rare .

    • Self+Exiled

      William Stanley—-I like Dolly’s definition of the word “rare”. I think I will use it as my explanation on your comment several interviews back; but, I don’t think the person who said it meant it that way, many years ago. Next time I use “subtleties” please point it out. Never thought of myself as subtle.

      • William+Stanley

        Re: “Next time I use “subtleties” please point it out.”

        Come on, man (LOL): “Next time I use “subtleties” please point it out.” (I suppose “subtlety” depends on the presumed shared knowledge possessed by your intended audience; but to my ears, your reply was delightful in its subtle and rich use of irony and paradox!)

        • Self+Exiled

          Not knowing the ”presumed knowledge” of the audience how can I know if I’m being subtle. How’s that for irony, I think you’re smarter than me. Thank You Sir for your intuitive reply. God Bless. Also LOL For you—————-

  4. Nathan Walton

    Great info Greg god bless your work thank you amen

  5. Fred

    Keep the faith Greg. Keep shining your light

  6. Slawomir Tomaszewicz

    Good luck Greg you are outsider I guess 😉
    Great interview

  7. J. Barbato

    Before I listen to the video, I have to admit I had a thought (“Danger, Will Robinson!): What if there exist PATRIOT private limo drivers for the enemies and traitors? What if the drivers just happened to mention the details of an upcoming drive to mercenaries and gave the seating arrangements to said mercenaries? Just wondering.

    • Paul ...

      Every Demon-rat knows that Black Lives Matter(BLM) … but not Joe Bribe’n … even though BLM helped Bribe’n get elected (by burning down cities, robbing, looting and putting store owners out of business) … Bribe’n is now paying them back by screwing them royally (he is raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour) … every one knows it’s Black teenagers who lose their jobs first when the minimum wage is hiked up … so BLM remember to vote for Bribe’n in 2024 … and also remember what he effectively said about you: “You are simply a White racist if you don’t vote for me”!!

      • AndrewB

        Paul …
        “… so BLM remember to vote for bribe’n in 2024”
        Surprised you made this comment. Every sane person now knows that voting is a complete waste of time ~ an illusion of democracy ~ a device for quelling rebellious spirits ~ a confidence trick.

        • William+Stanley

          Re: “voting is a complete waste of time”

          IMO, whether voting is a waste of time is an intriguing moral and psychological question . . . even if you know the tabulation will be rigged. (Of course, in a personal benefit/cost sense, voting is — for all “practical” purposes — a waste of time even when you believe the tabulation won’t be rigged).

          • AndrewB

            Hmmm. Interesting intellectual observation/s – thank you. However, not sure I entirely agree. In a fair voting system, voting could be other than ‘a complete waste of time’ if the choice was between freedom and slavery. Come to think of it . . . . ! But, then again, it was not fair and therefore voting was (on a personal benefit/cost basis) a complete waste of time, and will in all likelihood remain so for the foreseeable future.

        • Paul ...

          AB … Right … just like all the sane BLM sheep know not to use Facebook (a facade of a private company) who sends everyone’s E-mails to the FBI … all BLM people know the FBI uses Facebook to spy on them (and everyone else) …yet … they continue to use it … and the reason the Deep State FBI Organization uses Facebook to do their spying … is so they can bypass any Constitutional checks on its power (claiming Facebook is “a private company” that can do whatever they want)!! …

          • AndrewB

            Paul …
            I think you missed the macro point of my comment – viz: voting, talk of voting, aspiring to vote into office an alternative administration, thinking of forming a new political party with the objective of winning a majority of votes in a future election, anything to do with a ‘democratic’ vote is now, and for the foreseeable future, meaningless. Further, any sane person now knows this to be true. That there are people we would both deem to be less than sane, who still believe voting has value, is mute.

            • William+Stanley

              Awesomely written!

            • William+Stanley

              Oops: I tried to emulate the stunning economy and precision of your writing. Upon reflection, I worry that I may have failed: my complement was entirely sincere and not intended to be “snarky.”

              • AndrewB

                Wow! I’ll try to let it not go to my head.

                P.S. Sorry . . . failed!

                • AndrewB

                  “I’ll try to let it not go to my head.”
                  Where did that come from? Better: I’ll try not to let it go to my head.
                  Burst my bubble already!!!

  8. J. Barbato

    Greg: I absolutely understand if you don’t want to print my first comment. As long as you’ve seen it, I’m happy. Everyone is aching for justice. Thanks.

  9. Daniel Montelebre

    A lot of “truthers” are going to Rumble – which I recently signed up too . Many U-Tubers that were banned are on Rumble ——– hope you give it a try- always enjoy your interviews , and reports. Thanks for being of service – Dan M

  10. Brian D Catalane

    Thank you Greg, we’re happy to get away from youtube

  11. Nathan Martin

    Good Interview, Greg. Good choice to post here instead of the criminal organization, ALPHABET. Why did Google rename themselves? Alphabet is slang for C LIE A. So, thanks for your life’s work, you are a true patriot who has not sold his soul, THANK YOU!

  12. I.M. Brute

    I’ve been a fan of Paul Craig Roberts for decades. Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media never seems interested in interviewing him? Gee, I wonder why?

    • Randy Best

      The most unpopular people are the ones stat state the truth

  13. Jeffrey H

    amazing interview! very to the point and truthful. Dr Paul Craig Roberts is someone that when he speaks it is best to listen.

  14. Marie+Joy


  15. Alfy

    sobering and wise words in this interview. I’m happy you have a free voice. much love for what you provide.

  16. Jisuh Lee

    Greg, Thank you very much for having great people like Paul Craig Roberts. I am a Canadian and our liberal party govt is ahead of America with regard to one party govt (totalitarianism/communism). Since the US election on Nov 6th, it is obvious that civil liberties including freedom of speech are gone in the West.

    Could you please interview people who have knowledge on which countries in the world will remain free and not follow the Marxist/communist trend (ie. stakeholder capitalism, new green order, build back better) set by World Economic Forum?

    Thank you!

    • Paul ...

      You know Jisuh … anyone that uses their God given brains knows the Demon-rats believe that Trump won the 2020 election … and that Trump “Is Still the President of the United States of America” … that is why they are impeaching him … because the law clearly states “you can’t impeach someone who is not the President” … so by their very actions … the Demon-rats “have clearly proved to the American people” (by impeaching Trump) … that Joe Bribe’n is a complete and total fraud … and “is not” the real President of our United States of America!!

    • Paul ...

      So … what Trump should do … is go to the impeachment hearings … and not bother to try and prove election fraud … but simply state: “The fact that I am here before the Senate being impeached … PROVES THAT I AM STILL THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES … and as President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces I order that all the traitors in the House and Senate be be put under Military arrest … and that the Marines forcibly take Joe Bribe’n out of my White House Office immediately!!

  17. Jeffery

    Thank you for your service to the people. I’m with you and spreading the news on where to find you

  18. Marie+Joy

    EVERYTHING, you type, will be used against you.

  19. Doreen Remsen

    This has been my prayer Lord I want the truth no matter the cost Thank you Greg & Mr Roberts for your clear explanations of what we are facing as a nation

  20. keith

    Hey Greg, thanks for the reminders you post on YT. Glad to be here.

  21. Pete+M

    Greg, thanks for having Craig on your show.
    One thing though that people need to realize is that they can still vote with their dollars, and choose not to support any Big Tech, Amazon, or any of the establishment.
    A survey recently concluded that 58% of people no longer trust main stream media, so momentum is now in our favor.
    Craig’s view on gold and silver is a bit puzzling. History has proven that precious metals always hold its value. A silver 1963 quarter can still buy a loaf of bread as it did when it was minted. There has been 500 fiat currencies come and go since the middle ages, and we are nearing the end of another era. Have the faith, and God will reward us. Boycott Big Tech and Amazon.
    Thanks Again Greg.

    • Dana+M.

      Boycotting seditious businesses is absolutely necessary; but don’t just cease buying from them, email or write to them explaining why they have lost your business; and give them the opportunity to publicly apologize for what they did to lose your business as a prerequisite for you to return to them as a customer. Leaving without telling them why only results in half the impact you want to generate.

      Yesterday, I emailed Wal-Mart that they lost a decades long customer over their rejection of Mike Lindell’ s “My Pillow” because he supported Trump and confirmed election fraud. If thousands do that, we can be the ones who determine their corporate policy.

      • Pete+Mazurek

        Dana+M, I have to hand it to you, telling them the reasons is important.

        Historically, when we quit our left wing or main stream media, they would call us back a month later with a better price and we would just tell them that we no longer get our news from the MSM, but calling them at the start is a better idea, I have to say.

        We can all make a difference by ditching all these corrupt institutions.

        There are alternatives to Microsoft computer soft ware as well that do the same thing and cost nothing that people need to know about. I haven’t got there yet for this one. It is not that easy to get videos on how to do it because of the censorship, and the organized crime that they are.

    • greg sabourin

      I would like to see a debate between Peter Schiff and Paul Craig Roberts. Two things in this interview I had never heard before are the private debt being deflationary (makes sense) and that the Fed can generate as much currency as it wants without adding to the national debt. I need to check into this.
      As for precious metals, I don’t buy them expecting them to increase in price, I buy them as insurance against the dollar. All you need when the shtf is something to trade with that people want, cigarettes, liquor, tp, etc.
      Moving to your own website and using YouTube to advertise the site is what everyone should do, Great job Greg. In a free market if someone is censoring you move somewhere else, trying to get the govt to do something is fruitless.

    • Peter Dunican

      Yes I agree, PCR’s response to the gold/silver question was a bit vague. However it’s a complex question according to macroeconomist David Hunter, no relation to Greg I think. He believes that sometime before June 2021 there will be an economic crash lasting 12 – 18mts and deflation. All asset prices will fall (60 to 80%!) including gold, silver, Bitcoin, real estate. Silver could fall to $15 / oz. this will be followed by 10’s x trillions of $ printing and 1970’s type inflation.
      So I guess PCR’s hesitation to say precious metals will rise or fall was correct because they will do both.
      Great interview, thank you Greg & Paul.

  22. Bob

    Moved from twitter and YouTube platforms and just going to websites for the info. Thanks Greg! Keep up the great work!

  23. Pete+M

    Just a test to see if this message will get there. I just sent one a minute ago.

  24. William Lester

    PCR 👍🙏🤞✌️

  25. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell.
    Sad to say, but such a time is now! PCR concurs.

  26. Jim Wade

    Hi Greg;
    This was a very sobering interview. I have followed you for several years and have enjoyed most of your interviews. Dr. PC Roberts speaks clearly and in understandable terms for the layperson. One can readily conclude that America is in a heap of trouble and there does not seem to be a clear nor easy way out. We need to get on bended knee and pray. God’s intervention is needed.

    Thanks for the good work you do. Keep on keeping on.

  27. Benjamin

    Thank you Greg

  28. Fred Daake

    The American majority basks in the comfort of their own illusions. They repel truth like magnets of two equal poles. As a result, they are headed toward a drowning in the deep blue sea.

    I believe that one reason God put us here is t0 go from person to person to help crack open the misguided ways that result from their refusal to seek the truth.

    After we open enough eyes, those who were previously blind to the truth will be blessed. That blessing will boomerang throughout the physical world and the kingdom.

    And they will know that they will not be part of the great end times delusion. They will not be fooled by the powerful delusion that God is sending for the arrogant. They will have the wisdom needed to reject the lie that would otherwise send them to their demise.
    (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12).

  29. Jim Hall

    This was an excellent interview. I really enjoyed it but found it very disturbing. Of course how could you not be upset with the loss of your country. The political upheavals we are facing will be much longer lasting than the financial disaster. I only take what they say they are going to do and it is very chilling. The country that I grew up in is gone forever. How are we going to defeat the election fraud next time if we were unable to do so this time when we held the executive branch of government? They have done away with any meaningful opposition. As Dr Roberts said, they can criminalize your behavior and overlook their criminal behavior. There is no way that this ends well. I hope that we can peacefully separate and let them go one way and we go another. I don’t harbor any realistic hope they will be amenable to this mutually agreed separation. I think it will take Devine intervention from God to solve this problem. I pray frequently but our society is a very sick one. Anyway I enjoyed the video and thank you and Dr Roberts very much.

    • Rodster

      “ How are we going to defeat the election fraud next time if we were unable to do so this time when we held the executive branch of government?”

      You need to understand that the Left vs Right, Dems vs Repubs is all a mirage, it’s a setup. What we are dealing with is really a “UNIPARTY”. That’s what the Establishment really is that Mr. Roberts eluded too.

      As Martin Armstrong has been saying for quite some time, is that the eventual outcome to all of this is: civil unrest, violence, revolution and possibly the breakup of the United States. Because a country cannot function or exist when it’s no longer governed by “the rule of law”. It becomes a Banana Republic and that’s what we are seeing today.

      • Charles+H

        Exactly right. Always the ‘Hopium’ of “next time”. If they couldn’t stop the fraud this time: they ain’t gonna stop it the next.

  30. Hugh Mcdanel

    A very sobering interview with PCR, it doesn’t look good!
    There will be no jobs for anyone, we will become the China model over night.

    • daniel j turner

      Remember the bill Tulsi Gabbard introduced after the 2016 election and the big lie about the Russians? She proposed a paper backup to each ballot and every voter would get a receipt. She got no backing from either side so we get what we got. Left no right works for the people.

  31. steve scozzaro

    Great guest Greg! Paul nails it again. We have to take our country back, no matter what the cost.

  32. Barbara

    Protesting is one thing, but destruction of property is another.

    • Marie+Joy

      A couple of broken windows, and a trespass, should NOT be a death penalty offense. Did you care about the million$ in damage, across the nation, from the left?

      • Freebrezer

        Try billion$ not million$ … and if I recall the bLm and antifa occupied and broke things in quite a few dems controlled capital buildings. At that time is was people expressing their patriotic values …hmmm … amazing how in just a few months things can really change! Or is it OK to trash/occupy the state capitals buildings but not the Federal?

  33. Nonnie

    Great job Greg I watch and listen and learn so much from you and your guest. My grand kids are growing up in a much less free country. Thank you and Dr. Roberts for all you do.

  34. Rachel

    Hi Greg, Great interview today!
    So if they can just print currency without consequence, then why did they ever bother with treasuries in the first place? Did they ever need to?

    • William+Stanley

      Clever! Damn, I love your style.

    • Rachel

      Oh, just realised the answer to my own question… They needed a mechanism to steal every other civilised country’s money along the way!

  35. Bcrouch

    The volume was low had trouble hearing, my volume was turn all the way up. God bless you Greg

  36. Charlie Patterson

    Can I give this presentation a “Thumbs up?!!!”

  37. Barbara

    Didn’t the courts review the evidence presented by Trump’s lawyers and determine that there was no evidence of fraud?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Barbara and this is a fact.

      • Russ D

        Greg, I’m hearing Trump called certain justices and told them not to take these election fraud cases just yet. They needed more time to gather evidence.

        This is NOT over yet!!!

      • Anna

        What about the election fraud executive order that Trump put in place in 2018 that generates a report 45 days after the conclusion of the election? Please search YT for explanation by Leigh Duncan. PLEASE LOOK IT UP AND WATCH IT – LET US KNOW

    • Jeannette+Rowden

      Not one court would view one piece of evidence in the election fraud cases. We all have a right to our day in court, but President Trump, the most powerful man in the world with the most important case in the world, was denied his day in court. This does not bode well for any of us.

      • Charles+H

        Quite a statement, huh?

        • Self+Exiled

          Yep and that means that it does not bode well for the opposition because we are closer to the end of the age and His return.

      • eddiemd

        The corruption is down to the local justice courts.

        This blatant corruption is supported by the state bars. They are all part of the club. Judges, prosecutors, defenders…most politicians are attorneys. They write laws to protect their own interests and themselves. They charge $250-1000+ per hour to work out deals amongst their fellow dark hearted friends.

        Revelation tells us that all liars will have their place in the lake of fire. All means all. It will all be revealed.

        • William+Stanley


          Your comment tends to undermine trust in the justice system. If you were a lawyer, it might be considered an “ethics” violation. LOL

    • DanielSong39

      Barbara, the problem here is that the court itself is corrupt. Why are they worthy of your trust?

    • IVAN

      We are not ruled by a king or a dictator. We are ruled by the law. The constitution is our rule of law. The constitution is a contract/compact . It is a written agreement . To change or amend it takes a two-thirds vote in both houses of the U.S. Congress. Ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures, or a two-thirds vote in both houses of U.S. Congress, or a national constitutional convention called by two-thirds of the state legislatures. The constitution was not and has not been amended so that a state can change the federal voting rules, and any state that unconstitutionally changes the federal voting laws disqualifies itself from casting it’s electoral votes in a presidential election , therefore Joe Biden is a unconstitutionally elected president which means his presidency is null and void law. Thus we had a unconstitutional fake election that resulted in a unconstitutionally elected fake president and now we have a unconstitutional ,null and void of law, fake impeachment all because of a gutless supreme court that will not uphold our constitution.

    • IVAN

      Marbury v. Madison : 5 US 137 (1803):
      “No provision of the Constitution is designed to be without effect,” “Anything that is in conflict is null and void of law”, “Clearly, for a secondary law to come in conflict with the supreme Law was illogical, for certainly, the supreme Law would prevail over all other laws and certainly our forefathers had intended that the supreme Law would be the bases of all law and for any law to come in conflict would be null and void of law, it would bare no power to enforce, in would bare no obligation to obey, it would purport to settle as if it had never existed, for unconstitutionality would date from the enactment of such a law, not from the date so branded in an open court of law, no courts are bound to uphold it, and no Citizens are bound to obey it. It operates as a near nullity or a fiction of law.”
      If any statement, within any law, which is passed, is unconstitutional, the whole law is unconstitutional by Marbury v. Madison.

    • IVAN

      Title 18, US Code Sec.2381:
      In the presents of two or more witnesses of the same overt act, or in a open court of law, if you fail to timely move to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and honor your oath of office, you are subject to the charge of capital felony treason.

    • ivan

      By denying the unconstitutional election rule changes in the swing states had standing the supreme court failed to timely move to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and honor their oaths of office, they are subject to the charge of capital felony treason. They should be impeached and tried for treason.

      • William+Stanley

        Interesting arguments. I’ll offer some counterpoint as well as some agreement:

        1. Under the 1oth Amendment to the Constitution, all powers not specifically granted to the the Federal Government (including the Supreme Court) are reserved to the States or to the People. (States Rights and Sovereignty of the Individual).

        2. Thus, arguably, Madison v. Marbury is, itself, unconstitutional: The Constitution doesn’t specifically grant the Supreme Court final say on what the Constitution means. Madison v. Marbury is judge-made law. (Even if it is eminently wise and practical).

        3. The Constitution gives original jurisdiction (including the power to decide questions of fact as well as questions of law) to the Supreme Court to adjudicate Constitutionally valid legal disputes between states. However, under the Constitution, certain standards of “justiciability” must be met before any Federal court can hear a case. Among those standards are the requirement of “standing.”

        4. The swing states have not been shown to have violated Federal election laws, only (arguably) their own state laws. That said, I think that the swing states may have violated the Constitutional guarantee of a republican form of government; but (as I recall) Texas didn’t even make that claim in its lawsuit. Moreover, Texas specifically disavowed that it was arguing the question of fact concerning whether the election results were an accurate reflection of valid votes under the state laws in question.

        5. Arguably, the Constitution does not give standing for one state to sue other states over their own election laws. (States’ Rights, again). However, while that is a colorable question, I, like you, think the Supreme Court’s “lack-of-standing” rationale for dismissing Texas’ lawsuit was poorly reasoned, chickenshit, and wrong.

        6. Contrary to appearances — and my own dismay at its reasoning in “Texas” — I’m not entirely sure that the Supreme Court deliberately betrayed the Constitution in its ruling there. In “Texas” and otherwise, I think I see glimmerings of a stronger “States’ Rights” and “textual” approach to the Constitution than the Supreme Court has embraced in the past. That could lead to some unexpected (and pleasing) results all-around.

        • ivan

          Texas main allegations against the swing states were

          1. Unconstitutional changes to election laws
          2. Unequal treatment of voters within each state
          3. Voting irregularities “consistent with
          the unconstitutional relaxation of ballot-integrity
          protections.” TEXAS, USA — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, stating that the states exploited the COVID-19 Pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws.

          The lawsuit also states that the states enacted last-minute changes, skewing the results of the 2020 general election.

          Attorney General Ken Paxton believes that the states flooded the citizens with unlawful ballot applications and ballots while ignoring statutory requirements, involving how they were received, evaluated, and counted.

          • William+Stanley

            Your point about the Constitutional arguments that were made in the Texas lawsuit is correct.

            However, it is also fair to be note that the main focus of Texas’ Constitutional argument revolved around the issue of state legislatures and their powers concerning the making of election “law” in other states. The unfortunate fact is that none of those other state legislatures took measures to overturn what their state officers did regarding their state’s election procedures. In essence, they allowed/approved of what was done in their respective states. That failure to perform their duties should also be condemned.

            As for Texas’ assertions in its filing of election irregularities etc. (i.e., fraud) in other states: None of that had any legal effect because — as is crystal clear in its filing — Texas didn’t intend to try to prove them or have the Supreme Court rule on them.

            As I previously argued here some time ago, I think Texas botched its case, in part, because it should have tried to present admissible evidence of actual election fraud, and it didn’t. That’s not to say that there would not also be attendant questions of law that would have needed to also be argued, especially the Constitutional requirement for a republican form of government . . . which assumes and requires fair elections.

        • ivan

          William+Stanley , no state has the authority to amend the U.S. constitution to their satisfaction .

          • William+Stanley


  38. wallstone

    Greg, when I was young back in the 1960’s and 1970’s my parents owned a business in an area of the Great White North with the best hunting and fishing in North America.
    During the spring, summer & fall American tourists in our small town outnumbered local Canadians by at least 5 or 6 to one and car tags were mostly USA. Most of the tourists lived in the American midwest and earned enough money to be able to take one or two vacations a year. I still live in the area and these days it’s very unusual to see even a few American tags all summer. In conversation with some friends from those days they tell me they can no longer afford to come to Canada because their situation has changed so much. It truly is a sad state of affairs thanks to the raping of the American middle class by leftist globalists.

    • Matt Kaatz

      Wallstone, what is the name of your town?

  39. Kevin

    Well Done. A+

  40. Trinacria

    PCR tells it like it is. Very sad story we have, won’t last, people will suffer though. At this point we are where Thomas Jefferson predicted when he said that “from time to time, the tree of liberty needs to be fertilized with the blood of tyrants and patriots”….sad if it comes to this, I hope there is another way forward.

  41. J T

    Dr. Roberts doesn’t paint a very hopeful picture. This is like a horrible nightmare. First I lose my son to this wicked party, now I’ve lost my country, and will probably lose my life. The evil that has invaded our country can not be tolerated. May God be with us, protect us, and give us strength and peace as we battle Satan and his followers. God bless.

  42. Greg Morrissey

    I belong to a toastmasters group and we had our meeting this morning. When table topics came which is part of our communication program. If you do this you have 2.5 minutes to do a presentation on a subject of your choice. This morning we had a lady who was a visitor to our meeting. She had to be mid sixties I am guessing by her looks. When she got up to speak she spoke about her faith and it was incredible. She told of a prophecy for February this year. She said their will fire in February this year. And it struck me, your guests Amanda Grace and Bo Polny said the same in their presentation. On page 11 it calls for 3 events in February Wow I froze. I spoke to her that somebody else said the same thing, she smiled and left. Wow February will be fire month


      I am certain none of this has to do with God or Satan. This has to do with a nation of children that have made their bed. There was so much opportunity in this nation and it was squandered. The only ones to blame are us. People are shocked that google, fakebook and every other company collects and sells data on us yet they never asked how they are funding all this free stuff. People shopping at companies like Walmart’s with a direct pipeline to China not caring slave labor was making the goods they purchase and at the same time burning down small businesses in their neighborhoods. People worshipping the life style of wall street and Hollywood with out asking if their decadent lifestyle has an effect on anyone else. Yes, we had the greatest opportunity ever given to any nation on earth and we blew it on childish behavior. The culprit is starring at us every time we look in the mirror.

    • marek

      and after February will be March then May ….I don’t think so anymore , what if she listen to the same people you did ?

    • Tony

      Bo Polny’s prediction was that TRump would be re-elected…, what happened to that prediction? How did that go? Advice: Stick to predictions in the stock market and gold, Bo.

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump was re-elected and the election was stolen. That is a fact.

  43. logical

    Good interview. Interesting comment on precious metals. Of course PCR is correct. I’m betting the generation that has money has confidence in precious metals, therefore precious metals will be the go to hedge.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “Of course PCR is correct.”

      Perhaps; but for the wrong reason. (BTW, I admire Dr. Roberts. But I’m up past my bedtime, and I just couldn’t restrain “the snark” tonight).

  44. Judy Mckee

    It is very concerning that we the citizens have been trapped by these criminals politicians and the judges are in the sewer pile too!

  45. john lance

    I believe DR. Roberts but I wish he had elaborated on how this coming debt deflation collapse will affect the gold and silver markets.

    • William+Stanley

      I believe DR. Roberts but I wish he had elaborated on how this coming debt deflation collapse will affect the gold and silver markets.

      I agree, Dr. Roberts’ explanation was, at best, incomplete.
      Indeed, IMO, his argument almost contradicts itself. He seems to (wrongly) assume that “this coming debt deflation collapse” will not lead to even more massive money printing. Continued massive money printing, combined with the destruction of real economic output, will almost assuredly yield massive INFLATION . . . which will surely lead to huge increases in the prices of precious metals. (Assuming, LOL, that the government doesn’t impose wage, price and capital controls and/or confiscate precious metals).

      • Better Chetter

        The true prices/values of gold and silver will be as hidden from the US economy as the kingdom of heaven is hidden from the churches of the world – – – naked shorts and high frequency trading will benefit only those who can time the markets with call and put options. Everyone buying physical will be helped if they are liquid enough to survive the prices inflation of foods, supplements and services for one’s health – as well as other admin, insurance, property tax, real estate tax, sales tax increases to come.

  46. Ray C

    Thanks Greg……. Another great interview with Paul……..The Chinese are and will buy Farm Land here in the US…..They need to feed the masses in China. Famines are coming in the future and if we do not own our own farm lands, we, the Americans will be the ones starving because all our food will be going to China, not the Chinese.

    • Gary C

      Remember the Potato Famin in Ireland, millions starved because potatoes
      were exported, which left nothing for the local population.

      Bill Gates is now the largest private owner,”through a holding co”
      of farmland in the USA, it is easy to see where this is going.

    • john lance

      Will trade American farm land for cocaine and young virgin Chinese girls. I approve of this message. Hunter.

    • Rodster

      Then they better act quickly because Bill Gates aka “Mr. Vaccine” has been buying lots of farmland en masse around the country.

  47. Ray Butler

    great interview Greg.
    since the greeks ,romans ,nazi Germany U.S.S.R.
    and many others socialism has never worked. this will not be any different in the long term. keep on keeping on.R.B.

    • Paul from Indiana

      RB, yes. that’s true, but there’s hell to pay in the meantime. It is of little comfort to say “socialism” has never worked, when it is the proven demise of millions upon millions. Best always. PM

  48. W E Goode

    Thanks Greg I will always watch USA Watchdog where ever because you provide great content.

  49. Rick

    Excellent interview Greg!

  50. Angelia

    Thanks Greg, for another excellent interview! I just found your new channel on Bitchute and I am your first subscriber 🙂 Many Blessings!

  51. William Glaser

    All of this is a psy op, a distraction. The Certificate Of Identification Artificial Intelligence ( COVID19) The Masks, Lock Downs, The Riots and The Election BS are all distractions. The real Goal of the Bad Boys is to Murder 231 Million of us and Totally Enslave the rest of us within the next 4 years. The means that will be used to do this is the shot. It has NOTHING to do with Medicine. The Shot will change your DNA, Cut you off from God Forever, No Redemption possible. Your Brain will be directly uplinked to the Satanic A.I. You will no longer be human, You will be a cyborg and a GMO, You will fall under patient law and will be owned by Big Pharma. You will be branded with an invisible tattoo like sheep or cattle called luciferase. You will be forced to preform prescribed body movements to get your Crypto Currency for food. You will be totally surveilled 24/7 down to your thoughts. Your immune system will be destroyed, the next cold you get will kill you. So do not take the Mark Of The Beast vaccine. Like Ms Powell said, all of this is true and right in our faces.
    The only solution and our only hope is Jesus Christ. Accept the fact that Jesus is the son of God The Creator, that Jesus lived a Perfect Life here on Earth as an example of what we should be as Human Beings. That Jesus died on the cross, shed his Blood as an atonement for all Mankind’s sins and rose from the dead after 3 days and has prepared a place for all of us in Heaven. Ask for forgiveness of your sins, stop sinning as much as you can and have Faith in your mind and Heart that you are saved from Damnation and you will be saved. That is all that is necessary, accept Jesus’s free gift of salvation.
    For today’s stats:
    For the 2025 forecast:
    The ” vaccine ” will make you a non human GMO who will be owned by big pharma, change your DNA permanently, cut you off from God and enslave you to a satanic A.I. So do not take it. A clean death is far better.
    I am writing you today because I am dismayed after Our President’s news conference in the Rose garden on Friday 11/13/20. I have watched a few videos with Dr. Carrie Madej. She lays out what is in the COVID Vaccine and it’s real purpose. I had hoped that Trump would stop this talk of Vaccine deployment after the election, but now it seems that he is very intent to force us all to be injected with it. The thought of that is terrifying. Do you have any advice on how we as a society can stop or resist this evil plan ? I sincerely hope and pray that Jesus in his mercy will rapture the church before we are forced to die or take the mark/shot.

    • DJW

      You are correct about what is coming. But please don’t besmirch the example of Jesus and make him into another QAnon excuse to sit on you ass and do nothing. Jesus died fighting for justice and the common good. Do you have that courage? There will be no resurrection without action. America’s only hope is for Americans to stand up and resist the false prophets/presidents and their mandates that seek to destroy them. Therein lies salvation.

      • eddiemd

        “Jesus died for justice and fighting for the common good.” Really?

        Can you reference that in the Bible?

    • Paul ...

      What deal did Trump make with Bill Gates?? … No one has answered as to why Trump had his State Department send $2 Billion dollars directly to the Bill Gates Foundation … the “Global Alliance Vaccine Initiate” (GAVI)???

      • Greg Hunter

        Source please?

        • Paul ...

          Greg … Upon rechecking (what I stated from memory) … Trump gave $2 Billion to Pfizer and only $1.6 Billion to Gates (the total Trump give to Big Pharma was $40 Billion … but to show the American people he was not totally on Big Pharma’s side he cut $400 million from Who) … the $1.6 Billion Trump gave to the Devil Gates (and upside-down cross Malinda) can be found about 04.25 seconds into the following video … … following is the reference for the $1.6 Billion Trump set aside for the Gates GAVI organization and that Bribe’n just endorsed …,Vaccine%20Alliance%20for%20fiscal%20years%202020%20to%202023

          • Paul ...

            Notice how GAVI states the world will be much better after taking the Gates vaccine … they say: “Immunisation is among the most cost-effective ways to save lives, improve health and ensure long-term prosperity in developing countries (for by reducing Earth’s black population with sterilizing vaccines) it makes the world less vulnerable to large-scale disease outbreaks that can cross borders rapidly and threaten the entire world” … that is why GAVI says: “Trump’s $1.1 Billion dollar investment in GAVI (to sterilize and reduce Earth’s 3rd world population) is so critical” … effectively GAVI is telling us that “with less non-essential people in the world” it promotes global health and security” (because a thinned out world population is simply like enacting social distancing)!!

          • Jerry

            Bingo! You win the prize. Now here’s a bonus point.

            • Paul ...

              Jerry … It’s “more” then just using mRNA to produce proteins … evil Bill Gates (who is without empathy) is not human! … this Demon recently sold the Pentagon “on vaccinating religious people” (Gates being a Satanist wants to destroy religious people by calling them fanatics) and he found a way to make all religious people into “atheists” by using his vaccine to destroy the V-MAT2 religious gene in humans … his Covid-19 vaccine and his other “fun vaccines” already developed have the capability to target the V-MAT2 “religious gene” in human and “eliminate all religious behavior” … Gate’s evil goal is to totally eliminate “The Belief In God” using his vaccines … and this evil Satan worshiping non-human actually sold Trump (the man who tells us to Trust in God) on his “Satanistic idea” to go after religious people (like Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. by telling him it would be a great way to get rid of fanatics) …and Trump (not being to bright) agreed to go along with Gates idea … now … Trump has set in motion “The Destruction of All Religions in the World by the use of vaccines (talk about the Biblical warning to watch out for an Anti-Christ) … sadly Trump struck a “Faucian bargain” with Gates and his Demon helper Fauci) who are using “a fake plandemic” to vaccinate everyone in the world (not only to sterilize them) but using what he calls his “fun vaccines” created the capability “to totally eliminate religious and moral behavior in the human race” by targeting our V-MAT-2 “religious gene” … and what is truly sad and ludicrous is that Priests and Pastors are totally in the dark … just like Trump the ignorant fools are telling their parishioners to take the “atheist producing vaccine” (just so they can keep their 501c3 status) … which will ultimately “be useless to the”m … when “Everyone is an Atheist”!!

            • Paul ...

              Jerry … Listen to Satanist Gate’s (in his own words at the 8.50 minute mark) present his evil idea to the Pentagon … to use his vaccine to destroy religious peoples faith (and make them all into Atheists)!! …

  52. Arnold Ziffel

    We are in stage 7 of 10 stages of genocide.

    • Marie+Joy

      This is extremely alarming.

      • William+Stanley

        Did you notice the totalitarian/Globalist assumptions upon which his argument is based?

        • Marie+Joy

          No, Will. What are you talking about?

          • William+Stanley

            The author assumes that the solutions (to “genocide”) are to be found at the the UN and other internationalist organizations and enforced (by — what else — international force). He also assumes that internationalist organizations are fair and unbiased in their determinations about which “group”is doing what and, hence, deserving of international sanctions, control (and punishment).

            IMO, it is important to keep in mind how easily the term “genocide” can be molded to smear one’s declared enemies (or one’s victims). Here are some excerpts that I find particularly disturbing in their globalist/totalitarian assumptions:

            ” . . . To combat symbolization, hate symbols can be legally forbidden (swastikas in Germany) as can hate speech. Group marking like gang clothing or tribal scarring can be outlawed, as well . . .
            . . . Assets of extremists may be seized, and visas for international travel denied to them.” [who decides who “the extremists” are?] . . .
            . . . At this stage, a Genocide Emergency must be declared. If the political will of the great powers, regional alliances, or U.N. Security Council or the U.N. General Assembly can be mobilized, armed international intervention should be prepared, or heavy assistance provided to the victim group to prepare for its self-defense. Humanitarian assistance should be organized by the U.N. and private relief groups for the inevitable tide of refugees to come . . .
            . . . The U.N. Standing High Readiness Brigade, EU Rapid Response Force, or regional forces — should be authorized to act by the U.N. Security Council if the genocide is small. For larger interventions, a multilateral force authorized by the U.N. should intervene . . .
            . . . the international responsibility to protect transcends the narrow interests of individual nation states . . .
            . . . The best response to denial is punishment by an international tribunal or national courts . . . ..”

    • Rick G

      Matthew 24:22………And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    • andyb

      Excellent article on genocide Arnold. But I have seen incremental genocide for the past 2 decades. Think about mind altering GMOs, fluoridation, substances in Chemtrails, the vaccine/autism links, etc and the globalist agenda of depopulation. Also consider
      the geoengineering of droughts and fires, hurricanes, tornados.

      Slightly off topic. It’s obvious now that the lst Amendment is toast. Next comes the attack on the 2nd and 10th (states rights) Amendments. I see manufactured war to keep us patriotic while they destroy our Rights. Civil War, Secession, anyone?

  53. Jerry

    The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.

    Free speech is officially dead. My favorite line is “ to close our minds and shut our mouths they hung us side by side”. I guess the rope will be next.

  54. walter johnson

    So nice to see we are not alone.

    • Paul ...

      You know … when the Government announces that Aliens exist (in about 100 days) and we find out “we are not alone” …. it will be a big wake up call for humanity … as “we” will then have to realize that “we” are no longer at the top of the food chain … therefore … “we” (like all the other animals on this planet) can be “a food source” to the Aliens at the top of the food chain (and who may not just eat cows, lamb, pigs, lobsters, etc. to live) … now … everyone sit down as I allow my brain to wonder further … think about the Georgia Guidestones … and then think of the high possibility that evil criminal elite immoral Demon-rats “may have made a deal with the Aliens” … to trade 7 billion humans for advanced technology (the same way they currently operate their slave trade … selling women and children whole and in parts (selling the organs of both adult and fetus’s) “for money” … so selling “a herd of 7 billion useless eaters” to the Aliens “for advanced off-world technology” would make a lot of sense to these evil Demons … however … the criminal Demon-rats have a major problem on their hands … “the herd owns guns” … and they “may not” go to slaughter peacefully!!

      • JC

        I’m not worried about the aliens because I know you are a space ranger, and that you are wearing your official Captain Video space helmet, and that you have your disintegrator gun adjusted.
        Thanks. JC

        • Paul ...

          Just like you put on your space helmet JC … and swear allegiance to Nostradamus … the “alien” you believe had a time machine!!

          • JC

            Did Alien Life-Form Do Drive-By of Our Solar System?


            • Rachel

              No, but I’m pretty sure the Easter Bunny did!

              • Paul ...

                You know Rachel … the Easter Bunny “is real” to many Christian children (just like that “red commie” Satan Claus who gives “free things” to everyone … why do Christian parents “force upon their children” the belief in such Pagan entities? … we should all now consider the possibility that God the Father “allowed Trump to be crucified like Jesus” to strengthen “our religious belief in God” within our human hearts and minds!!

                • Rachel

                  For sure!

                • Self+Exiled

                  “allowed Trump to be crucified like Jesus” Interesting insight. Thank You.

    • Rick G

      Matthew 24:22 ……And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

  55. Joseph Lavoie

    Greg, Donald Trump took the Unity of the United States with him. God gave him the mantle covering and His courage and honor will never be broken. Roberts is right when he says that President Trump did not have the power to change the course. But God does.

    • Tim Brown

      God does have the power. The problem is, God is a god of free choice. If the CCP wants to do this to us, He will let them. If we don’t fight back, then that is our choice, and God will not intervene with our choice to submit.

      • Paul from Indiana

        That’s another way of saying “God helps them who help themselves.” This standing around, cowering, looking the other way, wishing, hoping for deliverance is a mistake. It’s why abortion still rages in this country. It’s why we’re in the pickle we’re in. And we continue to make it tougher on ourselves, as we are now in the minority. Separation, preferably negotiated, is the only solution. Best always. PM

        • William+Stanley

          Re: “Separation, preferably negotiated, is the only solution.”

          Who gets the nukes?

  56. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, God bless you and the work you do. in

    It is heartbreaking to see what the MSM and technotyrants have done to twist reality.


  57. Jim Adams


  58. George Hoffmann

    Thanks Greg for the work you do. I regard the information you are bringing into the light is critical in fighting the darkness that wishes to overcome the free and righteous people of the world. From Canada with great respect and gratitude. God Bless!

  59. Annaliese

    Please don’t give up on God. Kim Clement said His plan is so brilliant it could only have come from him. It will be epic.

  60. Jerry

    We haven’t seen anything yet. This is what the globalist have in mind.

  61. Tim Brown

    very sad. I remember the movie Red Dawn. Now thirty five years later, the Chinese oligarchs and CCP have taken this country over without firing a shot. It now looks like there will not even be a currency crisis to save us from this tyranny.

    • William+Stanley

      I found “Red Dawn” very moving (especially the last scene with the small stone monument to the “Partisan’s” who had fought on that spot).

  62. Scott

    This is our Chernobyl moment. For the Soviets the explosion in 1986 was survivable. It was the response to the crisis that laid bare the fact the Governing class was willing to sell everyone down the river to save themselves. By the same token the election mess laid bare the malignancy of our governing class and their willingness to hype a normal occurrence in COVID, to sell out the economy killing far more than the disease will ever take. It took the Soviet 4 years to collapse, how long will we take?

  63. William Richard Nicholson

    Greg , please place video nearer the beginning of article here. I am like most people & want to get to the material as quickly as possible. Thank You . Nick , NavyBlueSmoke

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry William but I am keeping it the way it is laid out on the site. I do thank you for your suggestion and support!!

  64. Bryan Sommers

    Awesome interview… I guess I am that weirdo that love’s this craziness… The Kings of the East are becoming the ultimate superpower… The Great Whore is forming her kingdom around the US military, (These idiots are both gonna lose and burn in HELL forever… and a Northern kingdom that revolves around Germany and Russia (Which the Great Whore Overruns) is forming… If you are a pre-tribulation Guy like me…. Get ready.. Jesus and the Rapture are really close… REALLY CLOSE… I CANNOT WAIT !!!!!

    • Paul ...

      Bryan … Better pray the Rapture “is by Jesus” … and not some ploy by a group of evil Aliens to bring the human herd to slaughter (after they allowed us to be fruitful and multiply)!!

      • JC

        From deepest space it came… without warning.
        The alien flings those “things” like a frisbee…

        • Paul ...

          JC … Movies like this are a necessary part of the awakening process … hopefully Jesus will be there when we are Ruptured … if it’s Aliens … we will probably be made into hot dogs or burgers for their Galactic McDonald’s!!

  65. Jeff

    Greg, Congrats on excellent interview.
    The legislatures saw the evidence and punted. Like you, I listened and watched almost every minute. They obviously were afraid or intimidated or corrupted. They had the power to overturn the electors submitted by SOS’s. Truly pathetic representation!!!
    Regarding printing of money…. It seems to me the $’s go somewhere. If the $ doesn’t represent a value for service or product then why should anyone ever go back to work. Maybe that’s the plan. What comes after trillions???

  66. Cole Davis

    It is imperative that we ALL immediately help to create a grassroots network of Patriots/Believers that are on the same page. Start talking and speaking in one voice. Spread the word. Develop your network; exponential growth. Imagine 80 million people who stand together saying “NO!” to all their lies and directives. There isn’t an army that is big enough to stop this movement. We need to have a network of communication that does not rely on them. Remember, we overcome the world by faith in Christ who lives in us. To live is Christ, to die is gain. Fear not, our Lord loves us and He is in control. Imagine 80 million people being led by the Spirit of Truth!!! Talk about unity. Let’s pray for Patriots like Greg who are leading the charge!!! Let’s march on our knees. Amen.

  67. Degmd

    The enemy just talking like the enemy.

  68. Vincent Carter

    The democracy is alive and well. “Mob rule” has won for now , even the great doctor is calling the republic a democracy Game over. Get your mind right America before its truly too late. Once these troops leave DC the game is fait acompli.

    • Foxy

      Yes, thank you, Vincent Carter, the first comment I felt like replying to. Yes, it’s a sad day, indeed that even people like Dr. PCR calls our Constitutional Republic a democracy! We turned it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. And this’s why the Demon-rats want to abolish the Electoral College, and they’re finding support among tens of millions of brain-dead sheeple. So, not until people like Dr. PCR start screaming from the top of their lungs that we’re NOT a frickin’ stupid democracy, but rather a Constitutional Republic, can we ever hope of even deserving to have any rights of free speech, let alone bearing arms.

    • Foxy

      Moderator, please, delete this double comment.

  69. Robin

    Excellent video with Alex Newman and a physician – definitely worth watching before it’ -s removed

  70. SouthernPatriot

    So I guess you spineless Republicans could not stand up for your country. No surprize here! Being from the 1950’s generation and being a Free American child, my only regret is, as my death grows closer, I’ll be dying in a Communist state and my children and grandchilden will be ruled by Communist leaders. The patriot’s of the American Revolution where farmer’s and only wanted to free from British rule. They also where dead shots with there long rifles. I don’t know what course others will take, but as for me and my family, “Give me Liberty or give me Death”!

  71. Ff


  72. Coalburner

    I am with Lee above. I want you to interview some people who know where in the world freedom will reign for the next few generations. While the US goes to China. Or is someone going to come to the rescue of the Constitution. If Trump supporters are going to be trampled upon, there is no use to hang around.

  73. tim+mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview, Greg, but PCR is a dinosaur. The days of complaining about what is wrong are over. That was the past twenty years. That world is gone. PCR with his government pension on the beach in Florida better get real fast.
    Solutions are what we need. The old USA is dead.
    Band together in communities. Make your own money (silver, gold, copper, anything real) and make your own food supply. Go small and forget it all. The past is dead.
    If we have our own money and food, shelter and clothing. The bastards can’t touch us. They can kill us, but they can’t control us.
    As Catherine Austin Fitts says, “There are worse things than death.” I will not be a slave.

    • William+Stanley

      I loved your “declaration of independence”!

      • tim+mcgraw

        thank you william.

    • Mario

      Hey Tim

      Some good points there sir

      • tim+mcgraw

        thanks mario

  74. Andrew

    Great interview-thanks Greg!

  75. Mike R

    Things are not always as they seem. Here are some interesting little tid bits, that make me wonder what is going on with respect to Biden. Is he REALLY President ?

    + More troops have been called into DC. Another 23,000 in fact.
    + Kamala Harris did not take up residence in the VP Mansion, but rather in the Blair House.
    + Biden did not get permission to use Military aircraft to fly to his inauguration. Trump did on his. Obama did for his. Biden had to take a private flight.
    + Trump is not at Maralago, as many have reported. He was there briefly. BUT he left on MILITARY aircraft. Usually X-Presidents, no longer get access to military aircraft.
    + The Federal Register does not LIST a single one of Biden’s Executive Orders. Executive Orders ALWAYS appear within hours on the Federal Register.
    + 21 cases contesting the results of the 2020 Election are STILL waiting to be heard. They have not been dismissed. They are still pending to be heard and ruled on.

    Think about this. The WhiteHouse is STILL SURROUNDED by military assets. If it was just for the inauguration, why are they still there, and why are more being called in ?

    Are Biden and all his co-horts in crime, basically ‘surrounded’ by our US military and NOT in ‘control’ of said military ? Is the MILITARY actually in control of the WhiteHouse right now ? Is the Military there to ‘protect’ Biden. Or positioned to ‘hold’ Biden in place for some reason ?

    I may be going out on a limb here, but to me this DOES NOT look like an ACTUAL ‘transfer of power’ has taken place as it normally would have by now.

    Making things worse for Biden, is that he has already done a LOT of very dumb things in his first 72 hours. You can’t make those kinds of mis-steps that he is making, without some serious consequences arising not too long after. Biden has stepped in it big time. And clearly is WAY in over his head, even moreso that Obama was at the same juncture. Obama at least had his faculties largely in tact. Biden on the other-hand, basically slurred his way through his inauguration, and has some decline going on that appears to be rapidly getting worse by the day. Personally I don’t think he can handle the stress, and Jill was VERY protective of him back during the campaign season, when for all intents, he didn’t really campaign. How close is he to the point of not even recognizing the situation he is actually in, and is he on the precipice of fading in and out of daily reality ? Its classic advanced stages of Alzheimers at a minimum, and possibly a lot worse. Kamala didn’t even get 1% of the vote when she ran for the position of President. There was a HUGE reason for that. Voters are not that stupid.

    The big rush for all these E.O.’s has the earmarks of something rather suspicious in terms of any legitimacy or any critical thinking going on. You are looking at a party under EXTREME duress, and with the liability they have right now in the Whitehouse, their decision making ability is looking very very feeble.

    • William+Stanley

      Interesting thesis!

      • Bob

        I hope that’s not just more hopium.

    • Warren B.

      The appearance of the so-called “Fractured” relationship between Biden and the MIC (if you can call it that) is something I pointed out in an earlier comment when I said that the Military presence was there to perhaps keep the criminality in, rather than out.

      To take another viewpoint , when considered in terms of the increased presence of Military (rather than a reduction) , then would it be reasonable to ask the question about why. An educated person would understand the WAR strategy very well, with a build up in forces (numbers) as a pretext to some anticipated future engagement. What does Biden and Co. have in store that will incite/solicit such a circumstance?
      Moreover, what does the MIC (assuming they actually have command) have in store for the whole Political forum that is Government?
      Questions that we may have answers to in the very near term.

  76. Scott

    Can’t thank you enough for having Dr. Roberts on, Greg. He’s a great intellect and a great American.

    God bless you and the important work you do …

    Your friend,


  77. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks, that was a very thought provoking interview. I much enjoyed Dr. Roberts’ take on the election fraud and its implications for liberty.

    However, I thought his economic/financial analysis was not so much wrong, as it was muddled.

    He correctly notes that destruction of aggregate demand, for whatever reason, impairs the financial basis for repayment of private debt obligations, including credit-cards, car loans, mortgages, and more. Of course, other things equal, that will fertilize a daisy-chain of bankruptcy, further job losses, and shrinkage of the economy with attendant economic hardship and misery.

    Without quite saying so, Dr. Roberts seems aware that default on bank-financed debt will tend to decrease the money supply, thereby adding to destructive deflationary economic forces. Moreover, he interestingly and correctly (but almost merely) hints that Fed-funding of Treasury spending (and transfer payments to consumers) — absent creation of bonds that obligate repayment — does not increase governmental debt.

    However, IMO, he seems to downplay the drag on the economy from existing government debt and the inadequate tax revenue needed to fund it and other ongoing governmental financial commitments.

    The rub is this: Simply printing up money to support nominal aggregate demand does not create real output that is lost due to lockdowns and other impediments to normal economic functioning. The continuing “printing” of more money and transferring it to those who will spend it — while, at the same time, continuing to suppress the production of goods and services (via lockdowns and otherwise) — is a recipe for INFLATION, not DEFLATION.

    Moreover, as he describes the situation in Europe, the effect of money printing there will be even worse than in America. In turn (and contrary to Dr. Roberts?), that tends to support the dollar relative to the Euro. Unfortunately, IMO, the dollar-buying that Europe’s Euro-printing policies will engender will be insufficient to overcome America’s own money printing.

    In short, IMO, the “gold bugs” (especially those in Europe) are essentially right . . . and for the right reasons, i.e., more money combined with fewer goods and services will produce INFLATION.

  78. Ann Watson

    9/11 needed to be re-opened – now its even harder. But until that is properly on trial – the elites are emboldened.

  79. JC

    RUMBLE seems very good, running nice and smooth.

  80. DDrake

    WHO would “Investigate” the STOLEN ELECTION? The FBI!? …lol What an utter JOKE!
    Then FBI probably HELPED Biden and China STEAL the Election. Along with the CIA.

  81. Mike Scirocco

    GREAT interview, thank you Greg. As always, well done.

  82. Mike

    Greg your interview doesn’t run

    Tried 2 browsers firefox and edge
    also tried win 10 and IOS still did not play

    • Greg Hunter


      So sorry you are having trouble. Still trying to experiment and get the videos to play for all. The overwhelming majority is seeing the video.


      • Strike Eagle

        Greg you are the best in the business of honest truth telling ! Greg we are watching a movie being played out that will result in a new Republic lead by President Trump ! This has all been planned down to the last minute detail ! The deceit has been staggering since 1871 when a treasonous President Grant sold us out to the Rothchilds London bank for a loan to run the country after the civil war caused a bankruptcy ! They created the United States of America corporation owned by the bank of London and the British Crown .

        Fast forward to 1999 when the Charter expired but our treasonous Presidents since then continued as business as usual . Trump and his team knew this and put a brilliant plan together to expose all of the traitors and the globalist plan to destroy mankind and to teach the world the truth . These demons are being taken down all across the planet . Governments are being removed . The bankers are being killed off . The politicians are being exposed . What is the end result of this ? A new United States of America Republic lead by President Trump that will arrest all the traitors at every level across the country as other countries are and enact Nesara law in every country across the globe . The QFS system is a blockchain technology administered through QFS satellites
        completely bullet proof and everybody will have their own account on this system that is backed by gold, silver and platinum. The United States military took down the Vatican under the child trafficking Executive order and as a deal allowing the Italian government not to be destroyed because of their involvement in our election fraud was told of the unbelievable wealth in the tunnel that went from the Vatican catacombs to Jerusalem . 150 miles of gold bars , ancient artifacts of biblical significance and artworks were confiscated. This is what will fund the Quantum financial system. Quint trillions amounts of wealth ! Countries cannot be involved in wars or forcing their ideology on anyone or they cannot partake of the QFS system ! No more debt and each person will receive tremendous wealth. Medical miracles will be given to the people ! But first the world will be educated to the atrocities inflicted on us all through the emergency broadcast system !

      • MikeB

        Greg It plays now thank you I can only think that your site was so popular It’s was overloaded at the time.

        “A Tree is know by the fruit it bears” well done Greg, God is watching and God be with you

    • Bob

      Works in Brave on windows 10. Try that.

    • Bob

      Firefox is virtually run by Antifa now. They probably keep fiddling with it so it’s full of bugs and blocks things on purpose too. Do not support Firefox.

  83. Allen Sachetti

    A most excellent interview of lucid truth. The 2020 Election was completely stolen and there is overwhelming evidence of this. Many now occupy offices in the Senate, Congress and Presidency who in fact were not elected.

    The Dominion and Smartmatic voting machine softwares allowed Democrat and Globalist operatives to login and change vote tallies by deleting many Trump Votes and fabricating just enough Biden votes to make it appear that he had won.

    What’s worse CORRUPT Courts would not hear the people’s cases nor even examine the EVIDENCE of this crime. Corrupt Senators, Congress People and even a Vice President also all forsook their duty to decertify this Fraudulent election and enforce the people’s will.

    So the Country is now gone. The body cannot heal while the infection is still within it. Only direct Military action by truely righteous leaders could at this point save our Nation.

    So this is my prayer. I know the majority of Americans feel the same way and they are looking for a savior, someone in power or to gain power and act, but it may come down to the people. If the people know their God and their God Given rights like they did prior to the first American Revolution.

    I think it will be a question of what the people do next.

  84. Marius

    Thank you Greg for a great interview.

    Please look into the work of Prof. Steve Keen with regard to the effect of private debt on the economy.

    In South Africa we watched with horror what unfolded in the US over the past few weeks. It looks like events very familiar to us living in Southern Africa.
    It seems similar to ZANUPF (Zimbabwe’s ruling party) tactics being used in the US. Once the party is in control, well just look at the history, it does not end well for the people.

    The American people will now begin to understand what it was like for people living in the east block nations, and also for people living in Apartheid South Africa, where the majority of the people were oppressed by the ruling party, who used similar tactics to what is now being employed in the US. No free speech (censorship), No freedom of association (unpleasant consequences for a person or their family), No freedom of movement (a pass system) with secret police services enforcing compliance by the people. The horror stories of what happened were told during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in South Africa during the 1990’s.

    South Africa is still under lock-down for almost close to a year and it has devastating consequences on all of us economically – here are the official National regulations that currently govern our daily lives in South Africa : This may give you an idea of what is in store for the US should this get enacted.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless and protect you and your family.

  85. kay

    The forming of the corporation in D.C. is of major importance to understand, for when President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 on Election Interference/Fraud for entities both foreign and domestic, it outlined how assets would be seized.
    President Mr Trump and some people knew
    and had the proof that a coup transpired out of the Corporation of the United States of America along with other foreign nations and was ignored by the Corporation in D.C.
    They continued with their illegal steal, and the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign country known as THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    It appears that President Trump’s executive order was actually directed at the Washington D.C. corporate swamp/cabal all along.
    D.C. is now walled in and filled with military guard.
    President Donald J. Trump has moved out permanently for he cannot be president over a Sovereign Nation in a Foreign land, which is what the White House and Capitol are.
    President Trump was voted in by We The People, NOT The Corporation…
    We UNDERSTAND that a new Capitol location is not very close to DC …
    … and Mr Trump is still PREZ based on the real outcomes of 2020 election ….
    LEGALITIES of the above are not hard to understand
    … my studies (degrees and diplomas )
    include Biz Law (ie Common Law / Law of Torts & Contracts)
    and also some Statutory Law courses
    and what i inform you of above is not hard to understand
    … and NOW PRAYERS are IMPORTANT for Mr Trump
    Now we /you see what is meant by Lin Wood’s shouts that
    we are in the second revolution.
    We are literally watching the reclaiming of the United States of America. What this means for We The People is many things.
    … Watch and see how this plays out. It is a genius move.
    God is in charge of this nation and is now leading his elect to restore N America …

  86. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts,sobering for the USA and a disaster for those of us outside the USA.
    Mr Biden has declared,
    “If we fail to act, there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as this pandemic rages on because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,”
    Why kill the economy?
    Like many others YT for me is history.

  87. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Post-Trump era will be a ‘more dangerous world’
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOZ
    Those who say Donald Trump achieved nothing as president have “absolutely no idea what they’re talking about” given the former president’s “incredible” legacy.

    Antifa aims to ‘abolish United States’: Andy Ngo
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz
    The extremist group Antifa’s goal is to “abolish the United States” and to overthrow the US government, according to journalist Andy Ngo.

    There is something Joe Biden can do if he truly wants to ‘heal the nation’
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz
    If US President Joe Biden truly means it when he says he wants to heal and unify the nation, he will stop Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from “trying to impeach and even convict” Donald Trump, says Sky News host Sharri Markson.

    Outsiders ‘triggered’ by Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy over gender-neutral language
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz
    Sky News host Rowan Dean says Democrat hypocrisy has reached new heights after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described herself as a “wife, a mother, a grandmother and a daughter” shortly after adopting a gender-neutral language policy.

    ‘Back to the Washington Swamp’: Biden to usher in era of ‘deep state manipulation’
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz

    Over 1,000 arrested after Russian protesters demand release of Alexei Navalny
    24/01/2021|3min SkyOz Video;
    More than 1,000 people have been arrested in Russia after crowds numbering in the tens of thousands took to the streets, demanding the release of Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny.
    Protesters were picked at random in Moscow and arrested by police with Mr Navalny’s wife among those taken.

    Australia must plan for the ’emergence’ of Kamala given Biden’s ‘mental incapacity’
    Sky News host Chris Smith says given Joe Biden’s “mental incapacity” it is quite likely Kamala Harris will “take the reins” of the White House well before the end of this term.

    REVEALED: Vladimir Putin’s alleged secret 17-year-old lovechild

    Biden delivered a ‘sinister note’ during inauguration speech

  88. JayJordanCardone

    There is something Joe Biden can do if he truly wants to ‘heal the nation’
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz
    If US President Joe Biden truly means it when he says he wants to heal and unify the nation, he will stop Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from “trying to impeach and even convict” Donald Trump, says Sky News host Sharri Markson.

    Outsiders ‘triggered’ by Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy over gender-neutral language
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz
    Sky News host Rowan Dean says Democrat hypocrisy has reached new heights after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described herself as a “wife, a mother, a grandmother and a daughter” shortly after adopting a gender-neutral language policy.

    ‘Back to the Washington Swamp’: Biden to usher in era of ‘deep state manipulation’
    24/01/2021|5min SkyOz

  89. Steve Kloppers

    Dear Greg
    I am a great follower of your work. We are suffering from an extremely slow internet. I have to download your YouTube, which at times takes a few hours. I can not stream directly your videos as it stops every few minutes to download. Is it not possible to provide downloadable videos. (I use Freemake Video Downloader and ClipGrab programs)
    Thanks for your great work.

  90. Thomas

    This may be the best interview in the history of Real News. Thank you.

  91. Phillis

    Wow. The lack of freedom of speech is not much different
    from China. Except that China is a one party state.

  92. J.P. Morgunstun

    Hitlery and Vicki are in saddle at RUSSIA! WWIII anyone?
    A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Puppet Presidency
    by Zero Hedge January 23rd 2021, 5:48 am
    Damascus said further that tons of US heavy equipment was observed going toward building up US positions at Conoco oil and gas field

    Two separate reports from Middle East news sources at the end of this week strongly suggest that both Russia and the United States are building up their forces in war-torn Syria within the opening days of the Joe Biden administration.
    Pipe Dream’s Again! LOL!
    PIPELINE DREAMING Morell Mushroom Military Insurrection, sorry no erector set, were through.

  93. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    No mention whatsoever made of Trump’s VAST sting operation that will cast Biden and all his criminals into outer darkness. People have to be taken to the brink of all-out despair before understanding just what is taking place. PCR is OK as far as he goes but PLEASE understand that not only is God in charge His will WILL be done and Donald Trump will return for a second turn. ‘FEAR NOT’!!!

  94. Terry Richards

    What happens to PMs depends on how much they are rigged as well as what people think.

    • Self+Exiled


  95. JC

    Joe Biden’s Presidency is really Barack Obama’s third Presidency, and that also makes Hillary Clinton the second most powerful person in the Democratic Party. As Regular Readers know, I have been writing about their return for the last five-years.

  96. JC

    Like most people, I have had my fill of political news and commentary. I tried to watch Tucker Carlson the other night, and I just turned him off. It is useless to care and to try and inform people, because now that will get you labeled as a Domestic Terrorist. This is the way Communist governments operate, not a Democratic Republic believing in Free Speech. Censorship is clearly against the U.S. Constitution, which is in the process of being reinterpreted. The Common Person On The Street is literally out-gunned, and so people will either have to organize or continue to eat the proverbial shit-sandwich.

    The guns will get you killed.

    I think most people have drawn their line in the sand before it comes time to resort to violence. Besides my military service, I have had years of martial arts training, I have had to use First Aid in three emergencies that I found myself involved in, I have been in many fights, and I have had to draw a weapon on another human being with the intent and conviction that I would pull the trigger if the situation moved in that direction. I do not believe we are there yet.

  97. JC

    What I do know from the people I meet and in my circle, a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination will shut down the United States. No one wants it. I suspect that 40% of the work force will not take the shot. At first, people will begin getting fired in small groups to make it unobservable; however, some trades are not easily open to New Hires. So, every city’s infrastructure will start to breakdown, as the New Hires, lacking experience, fail to keep things running. Vaccinated Party Apparatchiks will run America into the ground in a similar manner to the way the old Soviet Union once operated.

    A mandatory COVID-19 vaccination will also help create secessionist states after city electricians and plumbers are fired for non-compliance, and the citizens take their wrath out on the local politicians.

  98. JC

    As Regular Readers know, this would fit my Spring Global Economic Collapse prediction.

    It is too dangerous now to leave this Website open to web bot surveillance. I will be leaving several Posts open to the public, but most of the material I write from now on will be behind a password to keep out the riff-raff. Therefore, sayonara to most of my readers and the Alternative Media. I will continue to trust my own assessment of the world.

    If you have not figured it out by now, Nostradamus’ prophecies have been working for me. Certainly, what I have written here has now manifested. How long Joe Biden can hang on and when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will become major players again is that part of uncharted territory that I mentioned above.

    I would not be waiting for those Rainbows and Unicorns to appear. Use the time left to prepare for what is coming instead of blogging or playing in the Social Media swimming pool. I know that is what I will be doing, because I killed another Saturday writing this Post and it was a beautiful day, and I am not going to do that ever again.

  99. Hank

    When shall the second amendment to the Constitution be considered applicable according to the founders of the Constitution?

    • William+Stanley

      Which “Founders”?
      I’d note that the American Revolution went “hot” at Lexington and Concord — when the British tried to go after the Americans’ guns and ammo.

      (BTW: That was more than 20 years before the Constitution was written (and more than a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Apparently, those “Founders” didn’t feel the need for any paperwork to justify themselves).

  100. Rick G

    Love PCR and Greg. Funky times. Don’t like being marginalized.

  101. Ranlar

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a counter viewpoint from other economists that the private debt is going to be the main cause of a collapsing economy, and discounts public debt. I can understand his point of view. I believe in previous interviews he stated he owned gold, but this time he was less focused on gold. That’s okay, in my opinion, he vindicates your advice 100% when you have encouraged your listeners to get out of debt, indirectly. Does it make a difference in how we down, if our nation goes down? I might say it makes a difference from a historical point of view; however, even when we observe patterns in history, we either ignore those patterns or believe we are powerless to act. What does make s difference if you have to sacrifice your immortal soul to survive. It also makes an enormous difference in what a nation’s government looks like after the collapse of its economy. Those who believe that the government will also collapse, I believe are mistaken. The citizens in Venezuela are destitute; however, their government still operates. Elected official’s only priority is to have the government survive and will sacrifice as many citizens to accomplish that. Gold and silver by themselves won’t save us, being debt-free won’t save us, having physical cash on hand won’t save us; however, having all three might. In the end, the only thing that matters is our immortal soul, until then we have a responsibility to our God, families, neighbors, and community in that order. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself.

  102. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    This may be my last post. ( depending on what you do ) I have tried to warn people over the last ten years about what was coming, and provide information to support those views, and thanks to your forum I have been able to do that. My dad used to tell me there were three types of people in the world.
    1. Those that make things happen.
    2. Those that wonder what happened?
    3. Those that never knew what happened.
    I think it’s safe to say that people who come to your site, fall into the first group. With that in mind, I strongly encourage you and your readers that want to know the truth, to listen to the final words of David Goldberg.
    I have vetted this mans integrity and found him to be credible. Though he may have been suffering from some dementia, and I may not agree with many of the subjects he touched on, when this recording was made, I think there is a lot of truth in it. That being said, it should give us all pause to get our spiritual house in order, because our time here is apparently very short.

    Like I said Greg, it’s your choice, what to do with this information. You can post it, and call it fraud. You can post it and say you don’t know what to think about it. Or you can choose to not post it at all, and become like google, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s your choice.

    • JC

      After listening to David Goldberg, I will add this.
      I don’t want to upset anybody, but it is something to think about.

      G.A. STEWART:
      Here is where I seriously depart from all Trump Supporters. He did not pardon Julian Assange, but he pardoned an actual traitor. As far as I am concerned, the jury is in on Donald J. Trump. He was a used car salesman selling bullshit, and worse than a used car salesman. Pardon a traitor and you are a traitor. Trump was more of a patriot of Israel than the United States of America.

      • Self+Exiled

        Is it time for the Grave Yard Story again? Ya know that story takes us to the very end of time for “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

        I see a row of graves. In the distance are the more ancient ones covered in vines and stately old trees. The two most recent ones are just dug waiting for their occupants. Near them leaning against a tree in the shadows is an individual, unrecognizable. I walk to the first grave and try to make out the etching on a very worn gravestone; after pushing away the vines that have overcome it’s view of the world. It says; Egyption Empire: moving on, Hittites, Babylonian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, and others, the last grave occupied was Nazi Germany. The gentlemen leaning under the tree is becoming more recognizable, he has the apparel of the Middle Eastern descent.
        I woke up wondering about it all and how it applied to the modern age I occupied. What did this have to do with me; the ancient history of empires? Turned on the news: Fox, the usual deep state, Bush, Clinton crime family, FBI, CIA battling it out with the Trump Presidency. Ho hum, and then the poor troubled Mr. Barr is being interviewed concerning the delayed Durham report. I wonder if my theory of him being a compromise appointy between the Bush, Clinton crime families and Trump to secure the lives of his family members might be true. Barr sure looks like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders. Maybe Barr is caught between bigger giants and only he can see them. Let’s see, how did his Epstein failure fit in to his appearance of depression. Epstein, Mossad, his now captured madam and her father’s death. Farther down the tunnel I go. Amazingly Trump is still alive, how has he survived so long? He must be someones asset, he certainly has affirmed Israel and not released the Towers information.
        Oh well back to sleep. Darn; at that grave yard again. Nothing’s changed. The man in the shadows is still leaning there and the two open graves are still open: except the new graves have been etched with names. China, and the other United States of America. The man by the tree leans forward, confident, assured, purposeful, self assured, friendly and patiently waiting. I recognize him: yes Israel, well if anybody needs to control the AI cloud he does. He certainly has no illusions about his history of survival and attempted extermination. I guess it’s eternally wise to have God on your side or maybe it’s eternally wise to be on God’s side.

    • Self+Exiled

      Now Jerry calm down. Many here have their spiritual house in order, probably more than many other political news site. What is it to believe in Him? Who has called us through no merit of our own. Well for me it is a perfect calmness of heart [peace] that I can sit in a chair in old age and know all is well, even amongst a poor people, with a target on my back [notyourpatsy]. I miss him, I don’t want to miss you and your views.

    • Steve Bice

      “Or you can choose to not post it at all, and become like google, Facebook, and Twitter.”

      You risk becoming that which you abhor. This is what’s called a false dilemma, or false dichotomy. It attempts to paint others into a corner, based on restricted choices. Do not let yourself adopt the tactics of the polarizing extremes. At it simplest, it is a type of literary extortion. You owe Greg better than this…

      • William+Stanley

        Re: “You owe Greg better than this…”

        Yes. Mr. Hunter is a wonderful host, and we should take care not to abuse his hospitality.
        (BTW, I’ve noticed the high quality of your comments).

        • Steve Bice

          Thank you, William. I enjoy your comments, and admire the way you encourage others to share their views.

          As Nietzsche so eloquently said:

          “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

          We live in a time where the abyss is staring at us all. This is the age-old struggle of humankind, and why we need the “full armor of God”…and a savior.

          We are free indeed…and that includes being free to choose the better path. I look back across my life, and have one painful question: “What could I possibly have been thinking?”

          May we all choose the better path each moment, each day…

        • Steve Bice

          At the risk of being an anathema in the age of social media, one last thought:

          Perhaps we are on the road to wisdom, when that which we know we don’t know is growing faster than that which we know…

      • Jerry

        Steve Bice,
        It’s either a free forum or it’s not? At this point, if you’ve been following my post at all, there really isn’t much left to say anyway. The days of rinse and repeat are about over.

  103. Self+Exiled

    “We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told a Washington Examiner correspondent, while he was chilling in the Grill Room of the Trump International Golf Club, wearing his famous red cap.”—report/

  104. Self+Exiled

    And the craziness continues————–”The Federal Register STILL Lists ZERO Executive Orders Signed By Joe Biden”

  105. Paul Harvey

    Greg, this is one of the best interviews among many you have done over the years. PCR brings overwhelming credentials and insight with experience in Government, Media, Academia, Finance and Journalism. His assessment of America is powerful, sobering, and most of all frightening. As a Canadian, we too are facing many of the same things. Far left institutions and media permeate our culture. The woke culture is alive and well here. America once stood for Freedom-speech, association and the rule of law and order. What we are witnessing is the acceleration of tyranny. Trump was not just an outsider to the American elite. He was an outsider to The New WORLD ORDER . The American PEOPLE rejected the elites at the ballot box in 2016 and again in 2020, but The World Order made sure THEIR corrupt system would prevail by hook or by crook. They will not stop. GOD will have the last say and his plans are now in place, on HIS time table. Be patient and BEHOLD his mighty hand. He made a covenant with Israel and America that will never be broken. Have faith!

  106. Jan-Martin Ulvåg

    It getting hard to find sane people to listen to. God bless

  107. Self+Exiled

    ”ON DAY TWO, Biden already is wrecking the Trump-brokered peace deals between Israel and the Arab world”

  108. Self+Exiled

    White House Orders Assessment on Violent Extremism in U.S.

    “Far-right, white supremacist extremism, nurtured on online platforms, has become one of the most dangerous threats to our nation,” said Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.”

  109. Self+Exiled


  110. Self+Exiled

    Good advice for everyone—————————–OATH KEEPERS WARNING ORDER PART I ———–

  111. david hodges

    your site and sgt bull is where truth can be found………….thank you
    If they were going to steal the election they should have used someone believable (bernie sanders??)

  112. Self+Exiled

    Charles Hurt: Trump Feared More Now Than Ever “We will be back,” Mr. Trump said. Yet it’s like he never left.”

  113. Carey Logan

    I REALLY appreciate Dr. Roberts analysis of the situation. Thx Greg for speaking out and working so hard on our behalf. If they take you away Greg, we’ll break you out of the Camp!!!! you are a treasure and need to be protected. to the folks that live near Greg, watch his six and let us know if you need us to help.

  114. Self+Exiled


    • Jerry

      Gee I wonder why?

      • Self+Exiled

        Sounds like, maybe he is having regrets/second thoughts about what he was part of, possibly Catholic background. Been there myself. A lot of people are compromised because they are not given the big picture early on. I know my uncle who worked for Martin Marietta did not have a clue to what we know now as fact.

        • Paul ...

          I heard this Demon say … “he was glad to go to Hell” (in order to create vaccines “with aborted babies in them”)!!

  115. Bill

    Great video, Greg! Sad situation we are all in. As you have stated previously, pray! The only thing that will pull us out of the abbess will be a miracle right from the hand of God! Have a blessed week. 👍🙏.

  116. kobie1

    Where is our military????? Largest is the world, they r suppose to protect the constitution and “We the People”

  117. wayne

    This will be our last chance to exercise our 2nd amendment. We need to start at the local level. Jefferson said it, It’s now time to act and take back our Constitutional Republic.

  118. Carrie

    I’ve been told by owners/managers in the restaurant industry not to say Merry Christmas. Many of us did not comply. We need more peaceful non-compliance.

  119. Self+Exiled

    Very Interesting, hope it’s so.—————–Generals Tell Trump, “We Got Your Back!”

  120. SedlySeditiouse

    Twitter red-faced after Pelosi tweet resurfaces declaring Clinton/Trump election was ‘hijacked’
    1,613,664 views•Jan 12, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Nancy Pelosi’s tweet suggesting Russia was behind Donald Trump’s 2016 election win remains untouched which has led to calls for consistency from Twitter as it continues to hit out at those doubting Joe Biden’s victory.
    Traditional Englishman 6 days ago
    So Pelosi believes in election fraud herself clearly
    Ban Her, Bannon!

  121. Bill Daley

    What I cannot understand is how
    ‘ Patriots’ fixate on how they are
    being censored for repeating
    allegations from Trump’s mouth
    reciting baseless allegations the
    election was stolen.

    Although, if you criticize ANYTHING
    Israel does ( the BDS movement)
    Christian- Patroits’ find absolutely –
    no issue with censorship by
    Big – Tech of people who find
    Israel’s thuggish behavior – wrong.

    BTW : many people have been fired
    from jobs for opposing the actions
    of Israel towards Palestinians,
    and their illegal bombing of Syria.

  122. Pam

    Good points, for sure. Would be a lot better if Mr. PCR came to the sterling realization that we are a Constitutional Republic! We are NOT a democracy. Democracy: two wolves and a sheep meeting to decide what’s for dinner. Democracy is Mob Rule. Democracy is mob rule, which, unfortunately, we are barreling toward at breakneck speed.

  123. Alta Daniel


  124. GeoAZ

    The election fraud that has been documented with videos, email, and witness affidavits has allowed the “installation” of an illegal president. From all the evidence it is very apparent that the election process has been totally corrupted.
    So what happened on Election Day? The poles were closed as usual and the votes tallied up. If the results were announced on Election Day, Trump would have won. But because they changed the law in violation of their own state laws and federal statue, they knew how far behind they were and how many votes they had to manufacture to win. In the middle of the night … Biden won.
    The election process that used to be one person, one vote has been eliminated. We, the voters are not represented anymore. The old battle cry from the Revolution War rings in my ears … taxation without representation. The colonists were not going to be slaves to King George. Are we going to be slaves to “king” Biden? We can no longer vote our way to a better government. Our voice has been silenced.
    How do we fix this? One option is a military coup. Will the military that is sworn to defend this country and the constitution see that the domestic enemy is the real enemy? Will they act on it? I don’t know. The only other option I can see is the reason for the second amendment. The people will have to rise up and take back their country by force if the military does not act.
    This is not just about election fraud. This is wholesale takeover of our country and removing your right to vote and have it mean something. What good does it do to vote when they control the out come? Answer: it does no good at all. As individuals we can 1. Give up and agree to be slaves to the new government. 2. Leave the country and let the enemy have it. or we can take back our country from the enemy and restore this land to its former state. Thanks Greg for hanging in there!

    • Self+Exiled

      It’s time for individual states to out maneuver the Federal Government. The states constitutionally are the fall back protection for the people as the original intent of the writers was for the states to be more powerful than the Federal Government. The Federal Government is a failed institution and should be treated as such constitutionally. I always thought Lincoln: even tho he had good intentions, should have allowed the south to secede from the Union. The cotton gin would have done a lot for the demise of slavery. Slavery was already a failing institution. There was no way the south could win a war against an industrialized landed neighbor. The south had no industry and was land locked and no navy [sea blockade]. After a time they would have been part of the Union again. I argued this case in college in 1968 to one of my college instructors. It became a class discussion for a week. Smarter classmates than I, developed it even better and it was a learned week. Saw this professor 20 years latter: asked him how things had changed. We were standing in front of urinals at the usual collegiate bar. He said: “you guys use to ask the toughest questions and it was fun, now they just want to how much money they can make and what do you want on the tests”.

  125. JinK713

    Robert Barnes on Viva Frei has interesting insights into court’s decision to not touch the election. Also his interpretation of the message from the Supreme Court Justice Leto. Alan Dershowitz also comes on to discuss issues. Both libertarians fighting hard. Republican party is not yet dead.

  126. Wayne l Rutt

    Greg, 80 million Trump voters are in danger of feeling pretty depressed for the foreseeable future. Trump’s pastor-friend Robert Jeffress has spoken some good perspective regarding our response to pres. biden.
    thanks for Watchdog. wayne in melbourne

  127. rod brumley, sr

    Mr. Greg Hunter
    Our Ultimate American Patriot
    Thanks for all you do for America
    Rod M. Brumley, Sr

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod. I know now the YouTube has been blocking you and you will never be blocked here!!!

  128. Larry Giglio

    Always watched on You Tube since recommendation from Randi Rhoades.
    Completely respect your funding objectives, and your honesty.
    Thank you for your service to our nation. You are excellent, and your work is appreciated. I will now follow you on the website.
    Stolen election, communist influences, future in a cluster, economy in the tank, year of China, what’s not to watch.
    May God’s peace always warm your soul and direct your heart.

    • Jacqueline Calkins

      Hey Greg,

      Lots of declass happening. Done in 30 is coming back into play. Can’t find anything on Youtube but try Rumble. And We Know 1-22-21 and also the Tipping Point Radio with Scott McKay.

      I believe we are winning

  129. Sue Patterson

    So, 435 Congressmen, 100 Senators, a few dozen judges, a few hundred media people, and maybe 1000 government bureaucrats and businessmen have decided the thwart the will of 81 million voting citizens. somehow that just doesn’t seem right.

    • Marie+Joy

      It’s many more than that.

      • Bob

        Many more traitors, or many more Trump voters?
        I think many more of both.

        • Charles+H

          City;county; state; federal – each level infiltrated and purged of conservative presence, in the election machinery.

          • eddiemd

            It all begins at the local school board.

            Cultural Marxists took over at this level decades ago and introduced revisionist theory and socialist thought. Taught by Marxists and union criminals who are supporters of the corrupt democrat socialist politicians.

            It is late. The deception and delusion is already here. It can be seen in the fake media teleprompter readers and the willingness to be injected with an untested vaccine.

            • eddiemd

              Cultural Marxists. Enemies of the people and especially young minds.


              Biden rubber stamping orders that he hasn’t read. I never thought I would see the day when this demented corrupt man would be sitting in the oval office signing documents. They are sure in a hurry to destroy the nation.

              In coming. Danger close.


            • Self+Exiled

              I remember PTA and my parents faithfully attending and I was Joseph in the school christmas play.

            • Charles H

              Late, indeed. Generations of brainwashed and stupefied youngster who can’t tell right from wrong; lead by satanist who have been given the keys to power and riches. Where the devil failed in trying to corrupt Jesus Christ; he has succeeded with men.

  130. Jon Vaughn

    Great interview:
    The technology to create electronically any vote count you want has been in play and on display since Bush V. Kerry, Ohio, 2004. In 2005, I saw the live interview by DNC Chair Howard Dean of Bev Harris, in which Dean was COMPLAINING about that stolen election, and Bev Harris demonstrated live the software used to do it:

    By 2016 the manipulation could be effected by AI. The republik has been dead for a long time, and you can trace the course of its demise back to the time of the 16th and 17th amendments and the launch of the Federal Reserve Corporation.

  131. Nancy McDaniel

    Cloward Priven started by 44 to be finalized by 46 to usher in the globalist beast system which will ramp up the persecution of the upright to the point of death. Yeshua told us EXACTLY what will happen and also said “when you see these things, look up for your redemption draws near, take up your cross and follow Me, they will hate you without a cause and turn you over to corrupt judges and KILL YOU.” REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF YEHOVAH IS AT HAND! Love you brother!

  132. Knoblock the III

    Thanks as always Greg….keep on keepin on!
    Any chance you can give a little mention to Mike Lindell and “My Pillow”
    another good guy they are trying to take down! I will buy two pillows next pension,
    and sometimes you give me the sniffles, so what about Greg Hunter Hankies…..for patriots that don’t cry and don’t want to show it!! A unique product and always good to have a snot-rag in the pocket in case you run into one….guaranteed to wipe the smile right off that face!!
    PS never any fogs of doubt with Paul Craig Roberts!!

    • Ski

      Thanks for posting my comment Greg, I will set aside something for you and Mike Lindell My Pillow from the next pension. You might not be astounded by the amount, but you should when you see it is not always “idle talk”.
      I really think USA Watchdog Handkerchiefs would be a wonderful Patriotic Tool to keep in one’s pocket. Theses are times when a grown man, especially, could cry!! Maybe Mike could make them from the Giza Cotton Sheets or pillow case scraps. I know you don’t sell anything, maybe he could make them and sell them with part as a fund raiser for you? Bet you could use a pillow sometimes…..and a handkerchief!! ha ha I might suggest it to him and you could just say big prude, ha ha. Al l the best!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Ski for you support and suggestions.

  133. Eli Dumitru

    Paul Craig Roberts, I just read through the DOMESTIC TERRORISM PREVENTION ACT (DTPA) OF 2021 and I didn’t find anything in it that defined people who challenge the validity of the election as being domestic terrorist, or anything even close to that. Please tell us the quote from this bill that you believe does that.

  134. Bill's Stilled!

    The Biden administration has now done something ‘you may have missed’: Markson
    121,099 views•Jan 24, 2021 Sky News Australia
    With all the positive media coverage about Joe Biden, “you may have missed” that the new Biden administration has outlined a raft of tax increases, says Sky News host Sharri Markson.
    “The most controversial of which is a plan for a new tax on unrealised capital gains,” Ms Markson said.
    “That’s an annual capital gains tax on assets someone holds on paper – not just at the point of sale.
    “This could be a house or shares.
    “There are also plans for an increase to the company tax rate.”
    Ms Markson spoke to The Australian’s Adam Creighton about the issue.
    Discussing the plan for a new tax on unrealised capital gains, Mr Creighton said, “I think there’s almost zero chance of it actually being introduced”.
    “It would be very unworkable”.
    “I’d be very surprised if it got through,” he said.

    Joy Reid claims GOP is ‘jealous’ because Dems are ‘cultured’, Tucker reacts
    1,106,121 views•Jan 22, 2021 Fox News
    Adam Carolla says ‘the left’ acts like they are still in high school and care more about popularity than doing right by the people on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. Joy Reid still in High School?

    • eddiemd

      Another spammer spin on posting name. Same as the first post.

      Whenever you see a poster with a spin on the name, skip over. This person has been here for years. Same patterns of posting. Sometimes they blend in some religious cult references.


      • Charles H

        Bill Stilted; Greenfield Aaron; Jan-Martin Ulvag; Kingsky/Skyking; Ben Green?; Sedly Sediciouse? ; J P Morganstun?; J. Jordan Cardone; then the change-ups – I. M. Goode , and Arnold Ziffel – where they break form, but keep the flair for names?

        Whoever it is – they are obsessed, and live in their computer. A hacker, probably. No way Greg can accurately determine them all. Desperate to say something; but an anonymous nobody.

      • KingSky

        Thaks ed I will!🙏

  135. Bill'sStilled!

    More evidence of ‘suspicious activity’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology emerges \WOW!
    28,233 views•Jan 24, 2021 Sky News Australia
    “More and more evidence” is emerging that there was “suspicious activity” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the pandemic outbreak, according to Sky News host Sharri Markson.
    “Some of this evidence points to the fact that this laboratory had workers who fell ill … around August of 2019”.
    Ms Markson said the US State Department has released a fact sheet which says for more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party has systematically prevented a transparent and thorough investigation of the origin of the pandemic.
    Instead choosing to devote enormous resources to deceit and disinformation, while nearly two million people have died, Ms Markson said.
    The fact sheet was released by the US State Department on January 16.
    “It goes on to say that the US government does not know where, when or how COVID was transmitted initially to humans; whether it was through contact with an infected animal or whether it was the result of an accident at the lab in Wuhan,” Ms Markson said.
    Ms Markson continued to say there is “fascinating new information that this rare fact sheet from the US State Department reveals”.
    She said the US State Department disclosed that China has a biological weapons program and that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was collaborating on “secret projects with China’s military.” Much More On Video;

  136. annirose

    thank you Greg to give us a place to express our/my anger at what has happened. I do NOT want to hear another blowhard telling me how the country has changed.!! I want to hear what is being done about it. We were told for 12 years how it has changed. NOW I SAY SO WHAT??????? Tell me what is being done about it. Sick of hearing about the false economic trends. SO WHAT!! nothing is being done.!!! NO MORE ANALYSIS PLEASE! Robets What are you going to do, beside write another essay. So What!! Like I can’t see that info myself. I voted you voted for all the good it did us. I wrote to my congress man for all the good it did me. Tell me what is being done. Your analysis is for toilet paper.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Annirose,
      Let’s start by using a real identity and not an anonymous name. This is what I do. I am putting it all on the line front and center. Join me.


  137. Larry Giglio

    Hello again.
    Since I am a newbie here, and we all know what opinions are worth, allow me…
    The New World Order, One World Government, “The Administration”, as it now referred to, has infiltrated our government to the highest levels. These are CFR people, the groups of Mega Elite old monies, the rich and not visible rulers of the World, the ones backing both sides of the war to gain more control after resolution by providing a solution: to the conflicts they create; THOSE scumbags that rule us. They need USA to abandon the Constitution, to join their World Order, so they can profit more easily in trade contracts. It is all about them not having to work so hard to profit.
    These units can not fully control American citizens with a Constitution. With it, we are free thinking peoples, innovative and problem solvers. Without this blessed document, we will be the United States Socialists Republic, like the old USSR, but more like China.
    Everything our government does, is being controlled by these units. It has taken decades to place them, probably began when President Kennedy threated the money cartel.
    It is not like it is not right in front of our face, and they are incredulous their actions. They are for real, on the long march to destroy our Constitution.
    How do we act? Violence and murder are not the path.

    Our country has shed too much blood defending our Constitution to not put up a fight.
    That scares them. That is why it has been prolonged over the long game, slowly taking away liberties and freedom.

  138. Mike

    Trump is now In charge of the United States of America unincorporated
    Biden is president of the United States inc. which is bankrupt and defunct, he has no power . Except over those that don’t know .
    It’s time everybody wakes up!!! Mike

  139. Ben Green

    Canadian official slams Beijing Biden for nixing Keystone XL pipeline as jobs diminish
    384,204 views•Jan 22, 2021 Fox New
    Alberta premier Jason Kenney tells ‘The Story’ that new administration ‘disrespected’ Canada with brash move.

    Will Beijing send snow troops from B.C. to Ottawa, to quell uprising? Stay tuned. . . …

  140. Marie+Joy

    Call me names, if you wish, but I still believe.

    Having a devil of a time posting.

  141. JC

    Gefira 50 directs the reader’s attention to the movers of the world. Presidents, prime ministers and chancellors (even those referred to as Empress of Europe) are not the real leaders of their countries. Rather, they are chief executive officers of particular enterprises that go by the name of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic or any other. Monarchs that used to rule over their countries my be gone, yet they have not been replaced by democratically elected officials. To be precise, they have, but only superfluously. Real power remains in the hands of the few very rich individuals who hold their term – like the monarchs of yesteryear – till their dying days.

    “Attentive individuals have long seen through the political systems and when they began voicing their opinion about them, they were mercilessly dismissed as followers or creators of conspiracy theories. These days, billions around the globe have seen it plainly: it is Mark Zuckerberg rather than Donald Trump, who has the final say. It is the former who could silence the latter in the twinkling of an eye, not the other way round. It is George Soros, a naturalized American citizen, who can publicly call the American president a danger to the world and get off Scot-free. He has not and will not face impeachment or anything of the same caliber; rather, it is the American president who is about to face his second impeachment.”

  142. Lance Elliiott

    Ultimately, the “Justice” system is illegitimate, denying standing to all who are injured by crime. This enabling of EVIL gives rise to all chaos that follows. Just watch (and PRAY).

  143. Vicki

    That was the easiest explanation of how he won… more votes than Obama, 10M more than previous election he won, and picked up a large percentage of the Black and Hispanic votes… and lost? I don’t think so. Excellent interview Craig Paul Roberts is on the mark! Just keep putting a 60-second YouTube out and link and send people over to your site… it works great.

  144. anti_republocrat

    PCR says, “…they just let the country be divided.” Not quite. They didn’t “let” it be divided. They’ve been deliberately dividing the country for the past 30 years.

    Another reason there will be no inflation is that most of the money printed is immediately sequestered in the accounts of plutocrats who use it mainly to keep score against other plutocrats. A small amount goes to political contributions, having little economic effect other than to increase the donors score.

    • Paul from Indiana

      A-R: and while that sequestering is going on, trillions upon trillions, the personal debts on Main Street accumulate and grow, until it all collapses, as Dr. PCR describes. This is the worst possible outcome for the average “American”, as it keeps the plutocrats in control and does not crush the dollar. Destruction of the dollar and dollar system, though ruinous to the everyman, is necessary to deprive the ruling classes of their wealth and control, and it is the only chance we have of saving the country, at least as we once knew it. Best always. PM

  145. Randy Best

    Biden still looks and acts like a decoy.

  146. helot

    “Another reason there will be no inflation is that …”

    Do you grocery shop, or look at house prices (One Dollar plus per sq. ft. for a simple 2×4!) …or equities?
    Yeesh, inflation is an increase in the supply of money, rising prices is the end result.
    Prices are thru the roof!

    Ben Jones has said that QE is ultimately deflationary, however; so far, it ain’t panning out that way.

  147. Truther23

    Lin Wood provided a video whistleblower testimony about Rosenstein, Pence, and Ryan’s attempts to sabotage President Trump for the 2016 Election! The whistleblower mentions Hammar/Scorecard during his testimony. I don’t think Lin Wood provides false info!

  148. dale j johnson

    much better video format thanks for your ministry

  149. AK Froggie

    I’m happy that PCR doesn’t expect rampant inflation, but the fact is that the prices of everything I want to buy – healthy food, lumber, construction materials, land – are skyrocketing at the moment. That’s probably because people are seeing the writing on the wall and frantically trying to escape the cities; I hope this price increase is just a sign of temporary increased demand and not a deliberate effort to make these things inaccessible to the average individual.

  150. Mike R

    Biden has begun in earnest, wiping out all of Trumps world peace efforts in only a few days:
    1) Ordered Nuclear Armed Strike carrier to the South China Sea
    2) Biden sent new troops into Syria (on very first full day)
    3) Prompted direct threats at Russia using insurrectionist scare tactics via US embassy propaganda.
    4) Instigating a massive, nasty, unprecedented US civil war
    5) Crackdowns on US oil, and eliminating use of fossil fuels, and promotion of ‘renewable’ ( you know the fake stuff that cannot replace ANY meaningful amount of our US energy needs), puts us square in the cross hairs of more middle east unrest.

    This is not just ‘more of the usual’ from Demoncrats, but an AMPING UP of the very WORST of whats already horrible from the Demoncrat antics. These war mongerers are not only re-starting wars outside of the US, but escalating a very strong potential of a REAL civil war here on our own soil.

    This from Ray Dalio on a very REAL threat of a disastrous Civil War…
    “I believe we are on the brink of a terrible civil war (as I described in The Changing World Order series), where we are at an inflection point between entering a type of hell of fighting or pulling back to work together for peace and prosperity that addresses the big wealth, values, and opportunity gaps we’re now seeing.”

    (except Dalio bungled big time, thinking Biden would be a ‘uniter’, but rather has ALREADY shown in mere days, without any DOUBT whatsoever, that he is a TRUE DIVIDER IN CHIEF. Just like his former ‘mentor’ was an Ace at doing. All while using the fake and hollow rhetoric about ‘uniting’. Thats code folks for going after the freedom lovers, 2nd amendment lovers, libertarians, conservatives, and sadly yes, all christians.)

    You really only need to listen to Brennan (who has been this way for YEARS), Biden’s new MSM henchman and blowhard, and then also look at the 2021 Domestic Terrorist Act, to know that if you are not a leftist leaning communist, or even marxist, but are white male, a christian, a conservative, the US government is COMING after you.

    As Tulsi Gabbard mentions:
    “When you have people like former CIA Director John Brennan openly talking about how he’s spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country for these types of movements similar to the insurgencies they’ve seen overseas, that in his words, he says make up this unholy alliance of religious extremists, racists, bigots, he lists a few others and at the end, even libertarians.”

    And further, Brennan says this sort of OBSCENE and IMMORAL GARBAGE:
    “America must be vigilant to combat those radicalized to violence, and the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act gives our government the tools to identify, monitor and thwart their illegal activities. Combatting the threat of domestic terrorism and white supremacy is not a Democratic or Republican issue, not left versus right or urban versus rural. Domestic Terrorism is an American issue, a serious threat the we can and must address together,” he said.

    He’s talking about very specific people who are a threat to Democrats, and its folks like those of us here at USAWatchDog, and basically every single conservative, that is not ‘falling in line’, or not bowing to the socialism of Twitter, Facebook, or agreeing with the leftist party line, or just basically not bowing to the Demoncrat party line.

    Tulsi Gabbard translates his dog whistle BS speak for all of us…
    “You start looking at obviously, you have to be a white person, obviously likely male, libertarians, anyone who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house, or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally,” Gabbard said.

    So That is who Brennan, and Biden, and all the demoncrats are targeting with this absolutely sick, disgusting, immoral, and highly treasonous, ‘Domestic Terrorism Act.’

    In otherwords, just like they went after and persecuted Trump on many alleged ‘agrievances’ for 4 horrid years, where all accusations were all made up shams, and entirely false. They are now going to do the same they did to Trump, use the same tactics , and go AFTER US conservatives, and every one of YOU, if simply they believe that you are not ‘one of them.’ So you can’t have any opposing opinion. They are rendering all opinions, except for theirs, as ‘domestic terrorism.’ Think about how reprehensible these actions and words out of all democrats mouths have been, and will be, in a more brazen and escalated fashion. Examples are that crap that spews out of the not so favorite Gina Mancarelli, who has posted here. She is typical of these wicked and very evil people that are the democrat party now. They’ve all gone batsh*t crazy insane.

    This folks, IS CIVIL WAR instigating material, and then to put anything like this into a ‘law’, is far far worse than what communist China (as one of many tragic inhumane examples) has been doing to Uighars and Muslims over the years.

  151. wayne hardin

    Maybe all the people that run around saying judge not will see the truth now .
    So me have judges that wont look at the case about the election .
    See what not judging something gets you A LIE .
    Just as when you are doing something that God said don’t do .
    And somebody tells you what you are doing will send you swimming in the lake of fire .
    Not because they say so but because God said so .
    If you are living a unGodly life thinking God is OK with it you are living a LIE .
    Judgement is a good thing when it is the truth . And Gods word is the truth and
    we will all be judged from what is in it .
    So the next time somebody tells you you are wrong because God said so .
    I would check the bible out because it means what it says .
    God is trying his best to wash his bride but it seems the bride thinks it knows best .
    Their will be a lot left at the alter i am afraid .
    I don’t know what very few means but he said that is how many will make it .

    • wayne hardin

      Talking about judgement that is the problem with the body of Christ .
      There are gays becoming preachers they are marrying them .
      Preachers getting caught doing all kinds of things .
      And the last thing prophets telling lies and saying God said it .
      These people are doing great damage to people .
      And they still have gullible people that listen to them .
      With out judgement it will keep on going .
      The bible says to rebuke them sharply .
      If that happens maybe the power of God will show up .
      Until it does happen there is no power but flesh .
      And flesh has no chance against satan .

  152. Jeb

    Greg, you’ve just received my first ever $10 payment online for free info… ever.
    You are a champion!
    MAGA from Canuckistan!
    Keep up the good work, and I will from now on support independent news independently. Screw you, Pelosi, Google, Facebook, and all your sicko friends!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your very kind words and support from Canada!!!

  153. kay

    Here is more INFO received from a source ….
    ” My understanding is that USA became unincorporated/ a republic again under TRUMP and the 200 generals(what we call the designers of the awakening) order
    but then DC was incorporated at the same time separately ,
    and so DC is still incorporated and there for a foreign entity….
    AND not only is joe signing blank eo’s … the eo’s have absolutely no bearing on the gov.of the USA
    …. the gov. is under the control of F.E.M.A. and the marines general Chris Miller is the interim leader of the USA and the goal is an inauguration of the 19th president of the republic of the USA on march 4th (but that may be delayed due to complications /unrest)
    … been following this for a few years but now there is a flood of info coming out that does not reach the airways….
    …over 6 governments or their leaders have stepped down
    (yes entire govs.)
    watch the vids of the oval office with biden and check the backgrounds and subtle symbolism….
    …there are things he CAN NOT say or do
    and he has a socialist hero on display that the true admin may have forced them to display….
    …do not be mistaken, the USA military is in control
    and ANYTHING you see regarding the US government is on their orders.”

    • kay

      … and this is from another source:
      ” I know for sure it is only 120 days not 180.
      He had to announce when the 120 days started and he did !!
      On November 2nd he wrote an executive order very quietly.
      Remember on the 4th of November, Twitter and Facebook change his position from President to Presidential candidate??
      Well he was !!! Fell right into the trap.!!!
      The original Constitution of the Republic was set for March 4th every 4 years.
      The corporation changed it till January 20th.
      What’s a 120 days after November 2nd ??
      Could be an exciting February !!
      GOD’s time not man’s …. ”
      This source requests that I /we
      PRAY a lot about this …..

  154. Raymond Woods

    I Am A 63 Year Old Black Man And I Voted For Trump Twice Greg, But I Have To Say For A Spiritual Man, Trump Made A Few Serious Mistakes During His Presidency. First By The Assignation Of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Leader Solomeni , Second By Honoring Jaun Guido As Venezuela’s Interim President. There’s An Old Saying What You Do Will Always Come Back On You . He Did Win His Second Term And They Did Steal The Election From Him. But There’s Another Old Saying “You Reep What You Soe” and “What Goes Around-Comes Around” God Don’t Like Ugly And I Kind Of Wish He Didn’t Do Those Things.

    • eddiemd

      I agree that supporting Guido in Venezuela was wrong. The politics are deeper than we know on this one. The real problems goes far back to Chavez. In the late 1990s we had Special Forces teams all over Venezuela with full permission from the government. They were monitoring the FARC and ELN cross border operations from Colombia.

      Taking out Soleimani should have been done much sooner. There was no doubts that Iran was aiding subversives in Iraq to take out our soldiers over the past 20 years. If there was any country aiding the enemies of the USA, it was the Iranians in Iraq. The mass media would have you believe it was Russia in Afghanistan. Who knows the truth?

      Biden already moving back into Syria. Trump interfered with the globalist/luciferian plan to take down Syria. Now they feel empowered to move to take down Syria. False flag chemical weapons attacks on the menu in the near future. Idlib heating up.

    • eddiemd

      Here is a good read on what is going on in Colombia and somewhat in Venezuela. The first three sections provide historical background for the mess.

      I served in 7th group at the same time as two of the authors; Pagan and Griego. “Joint Special Operations University”…that is funny. Cracker jack university. Everyone is making money off of war.

  155. Sky King

    Rand Paul Eviscerates ABC’s Stephanopoulos Over Voter Fraud ‘Big Lie’
    January 24th 2021, 11:33 am
    “George, you’re forgetting who you are as a journalist if you think there’s only one side,” Paul said.
    George StepOnUs, is trying so hard to say the emperor has no clothes? BullShiite, King George wanna be. Don’t give up though, your half way there.
    Just shorts please. No shoes or shirt, We can always keep repeating, he’s naked. He’s naked. Maybe somebody will believe us, like they believe there was no, from the top fraud in the erection! We mean electrocution? Can’t say it or will be spied on, it’s so un-true. Ya, right George!

  156. SkyKing

    Sunday Live: Democrats, Media Call For Total PURGE of ALL Conservative News, Groups, Companies & Organizations
    January 24th 2021, 3:55 pm
    WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? Da trute! The left wants to ensure their power is never challenged again! Trouble is, they know the truth too. It’s just a third of the populace, uninformed. When they know, it’s over.
    So, come ah shootin!
    Were the American people, we will win.
    You’ve been found out and found wanting, not good.

  157. KingSky

    Oop’s, Here it is!
    Democrats, Media Call For Total PURGE of ALL Conservative News, Groups, Companies & Organizations

  158. Jan-Martin Ulvåg

  159. Jan-Martin Ulvåg

    listen to this:

  160. Robert Kaplan

    A great interview as always. Happy to follow you on any platform Greg.
    Thumbs up from me. Cheers.

  161. Dan

    When there is no alternative and debt is high, war comes and scapegoats pay.

  162. Bob

    GREG, great interview! I highly recommend that all your readers buy Alex Newman’s book on the Deep State and read it carefully. In view of what’s now going on in the country, the book really clarifies things a lot. Trump really brought them out of hiding. PRAY!.

  163. walter

    Greg, I know you don’t want to move to Rumble, but Ruko has a app for it, so, I and people like me can watch you on our TV. If you post on both and YouTube bands you, we still can watch and enjoy you. thanks you.

    PS all the people on Youtube that have moved to Rumble, I watch them on Rumble. Yes, you can still be canceled, but not so much as you think.

    • Greg Hunter

      My latest video is a Rumble player.

  164. eddiemd

    Spammer using the spin on name posting. Same pattern.

    I have noticed less religious cult disinformation mixed with the recent posting. And your postings have been shortened in an attempt to hide the obvious.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eddie,
      I blocked and removed. Please stay on this.

  165. wayne hardin

    The first thing that has to happen for Gods blessing on the country .
    Is to quit saying America first .
    It will have to be GOD first for him to bring blessing .
    God has an order to things and unless that order is followed .
    He will bless nothing .
    That is what the whole world doesn’t seem to realize .
    Put things in order and then the salvation of the LORD will be seen .
    If not only judgement awaits .

  166. Greenfield Aaron

    World at War
    Biden Turns the War Machine Back On
    by Paul Joseph Watson January 25th 2021

  167. GreenfieldAaron

    World at War
    Biden Turns the War Machine Back On
    by Paul Joseph Watson January 25th 2021

    • eddiemd

      Spammer name. Beware

  168. eddiemd

    Israel locking down its airspace for the next week under the guise of coronavirus.

    Incidentally during the Holocaust remembrance.

    Netanyahu speaking about the coronavirus and Iran in the same conference.

  169. Paul Gabli

    Sad Youtube is really become screw youtube. I will now have to wait until I get home because I cannot see rumble. Are you on Bitchute yet? I like there app a lot better. God Bless and thank. PS I will hold out Trump is going to return until there is no more Trump

  170. karla

    Bless you for keeping us well informed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Karla!!

  171. Secret agent WD-40

    Since our VOTES do not count anymore, we have only 2 choices. Either submit to the takeover of our country by the communist/democrat/rino party, or to FIGHT it. The only thing that they understand is FORCE. Remember that Mao said all power comes from the barrel of a gun. Are there any other options ? I think that one single spark could set off a big boom and civil war. It is coming soon. Get ready.

  172. JC

    Where has our culture gone?

    My aunt who is 92, told me of her younger days in New York City, in Brooklyn and Queens, no one locked their doors.

    COMMENT: A follow up to the Frank Sinatra post titled “Appropriate for our Times.” (see story)

    This Christmas story is deep and touching. Some people like Sinatra, are still in tune with life, no matter how much money they have, while others think they are above the world.

    The story has Sinatra’s friend, Jilly, telling him, he is not as famous as he thinks he is, as none of the homeless he bought Christmas dinner recognize him. Much to their surprise, as Sinatra was leaving, all the homeless thanked him by his name and wished him a Merry Christmas.

    REPLY: Those were the days. You never had to lock your doors. Where has our culture gone? It is much like the song about cycles.

  173. Self+Exiled


  174. Self+Exiled

    ”Trump’s greatest fear is that the Deep State is so desperate to cling to power, it might unleash a nuclear onslaught against the United States just to prevent Trump from ever returning to the Oval Office.”

  175. Jerry

    Well friends,
    It looks like David Goldberg was right. We are in the beginning phase of “ operation zephyr”. The controlled demolition of the grid.

    It makes perfect sense. The military has already had GRIDX one and two simulated exercises. It serves two purposes. One. Tighter controls by the new CCP government. Two. To help you roll up your sleeve quicker once your power is cut off. Why take down the grid instead of an EMP? The CCP wants their investment to be intact when the transition is complete. Unless I’ve missed my guess, it will take the Chinese approximately 90 days to install their equipment into our grid. FYI as I have been reported, they’ve already installed their equipment in the 5G towers. It’s a technological Trojan horse.

  176. Self+Exiled

    You really think you wana take the shot. Read a few of these .

  177. Vie Venerid

    Merck Scraps COVID Vaccines; Says It’s More Effective To Get The Virus And Recover
    by Steve Watson
    January 26th 2021, 4:17 am
    Shots generated an ‘inferior’ immune system response in comparison with natural infection

  178. jerry gerald

    CNN Panel’s OUTRAGEOUS Call To Shut Down YouTube News
    Jimmy Dore • Jan 21, 2021
    DIYWithDara 4 days ago
    Why the hell is cnn still On? They’ve lost their contracts with airports all over the country, who’s still watching it???

    • eddiemd

      Spammer name. Beware

  179. Anonymous
    • eddiemd

      Spammer name. Beware

  180. Nibiru Action

    Joke Lieden is not legally POTUS! He is the Commander In Thief! Joe Bye Done!

  181. R D Bailey

    Very good analysis so now what do we do?

    • helot

      Your comment reminded me of a James Bond scene where 007 is tied to a table under a laser with the gloating bad guy standing over him. As I recall, 007 pretty much asked the same question, “What do you expect me to do?”.
      The bad guy says something like, “Do? Mr. Bond.” … “I expect you to die! Muhahahaha!”

  182. eddiemd

    Maybe the Russians can leak the audio transcript of the phone call and we can really see if Biden can hold a conversation. I doubt it. Biden is not capable of a conversation with Putin.

  183. Joseph Lavoie

    Greg, I cracked it! article 2014. How they did it! below a piece cut from the article: written Jan 25/2021
    That’s because the official VP’s home at the U.S. Naval Observatory in northwestern Washington, D.C., is undergoing maintenance ordered by the Navy. Instead, Harris and her husband moved into their temporary digs.

  184. JC

    Take a look at the photo of democrat genius Liz Krueger.
    Biden will surely find a position for her in his administration.

    A new bill that would decriminalize sex work in New York — while still holding pimps and buyers accountable — is set to be introduced in the state Senate this week, The Post has learned.

    Sen. Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan), who is slated to announce the bill Monday morning…

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop posting with all these crazy names. Pick a name and stay with it. I will be deleting this in the future. This sort of posting makes you look like a troll.

  185. Mr Mark Jackson

    Hi Greg
    Just a heads up. I fully understand your frustration with Youtube who along with the other big tech firms have taken it upon themselves to restrict and monitor FREE speech in these Orwellian times.
    I headed over to Rumble and tried searching on your Videos and nothing comes up on the Video Search in either Videos or Channels using “Greg Hunter” or “USA Watchdog”
    Just thought would let you know that you are not appearing in their searches.

    • Greg Hunter


      I just got my second channel strike in two weeks. Google lists it this way in my dashboard: “Active Community Guidelines strikes 2.”
      YouTube went back 6 weeks and took down a fully monetized video to give me a second strike. I think they want me gone. So, I only have one strike left, and then, my channer that I have had for 10 years, will be taken down. I have 261,000 subscribers and more than 90 million video views. This is why I am telling everyone to start coming to I do not have a Rumble channel, and do NOT want to be found there as I am not going to work my tail off and build another channel only to have it crushed and deleted because I will not follow the official narrative. I OWN and DO NOT need another channel. I am only using Rumble as a player. If that does not work out, I will find another player for my videos, that I will Post Exclusively on MY . That’s the world we live in, and thank the GOOD Lord I got good advice to build USAW and not focus on social media for the past 10 years. USAW will survive and Big Tech will not take USAW down. Play Ball.

      Thanks for your support and for your information my friend.


      • Mike R

        Greg – that is so reprehensible that Google and Youtube have done this to you, and I’m sure thousands of others. I have always only come to your web-page, and vary rarely have I ever gone to Youtube, bc I thought it was crooked from the very beginning, long before Google took them over. Over the years, my wife, and other friends could never understand why I was always so hostile about these specific media entities, so I tried to explain why, and they said they didn’t see any of this coming. Now it is here in spades, and its too late. I can show them proof now, and show them how this is only the very beginning of the ‘censorship’, which is going to lead way beyond just censoring, but very soon, our government co-conspiring with these corporate behemoths (who bribe them heavily) responding with putting people in jail, and it will be people that just isn’t fitting their ‘narrative’ of what THEY believe is how people should act, or what people should be allowed to say. THIS IS communist china, right now, here today, being perpetrated and spread throughout all of our institutions, all promoted by left wingers, demoncrats, liberals, and other people completely devoid of any sort of critical thinking skills.

        Biden just signed (unbelievable that this actually took place) a E.O. banning the term “China virus” and “Chinese virus.” This is an endless stream of massive censorship, by these vile actors in our government, who are just shredding our constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every amendment to oblivion. This all began in earnest under Obama, and would have exploded exponentially under Hillary, had Trump not set the whole depraved agenda by the left back by 4 years. But its now resuming at warp speed. I don’t know how much time we have left to try to turn this thing around. I remain stunned that there is no one other than Trump who on a national level is fighting against this .

      • William+Stanley

        Mr. Hunter:
        It’s a sad day. I also learned today that Biden’s handlers are setting up a “bipartisan” commission to pack the Supreme Court.

        But it’s also a clarifying day, not only for you (and me) but for America. That’s a good thing.

        This isn’t the first time they tried to destroy you. What happened?: You worked you ass off and ended up even stronger, more resilient, and more influential. Now, I don’t suggest that you somehow try to “redouble” your efforts; please don’t even think about it. THAT would be impossible: You already work too hard. Nevertheless, I’m betting that you (and America) will find ways not only to survive, but to prevail and, perhaps, even to enjoy the struggle (not always, but a lot of the time).

        Your friend,

  186. Art Barnes

    Greg, a new party is emerging: The Patriot Party. That is why the RINO’s are starting to take notice and rally against impeachment. In the latest poll 3 out of 10 would support a new Patriot Party headed by Trump, another 1 in 4 are leaning somewhat supportive of the idea. Finally a party without RINO’s, now that something to get involved with!

  187. Ed Philbrook

    30 trillion in debt and rising, plandemic, massive unemployment, stolen election, cancel culture, censorship and anti-free speech, labeling over 75 million people “domestic terrorists.”

    My God, what the Hell is next???

  188. Sedly Seditiouse

    TRUMP THERAPEUTIC: Regeneron’s Antibody Cocktail Is 100 Percent Effective Against COVID
    by National File January 27th 2021, 2:14 am
    A pre-emptive ‘passive vaccine’ is proving tremendously effective in preventing and treating COVID

  189. Marie+Joy

    IF there is a new party, I hope they will not allow traitors to join. Any politicians, who took a position against our President Trump, is a traitor, for communist money and should NOT be allowed into the new political party.
    The problem continues to be that communists will still cheat and not allow anyone, but a communist, to win.

  190. Coalburner

    Greetings Greg;
    You know I like to cook on this stuff and comment late. When I first listened to the interview, I was terribly depressed at the end, and you looked that way too. I was not happy. I still think PCR over killed it a little. I have seen him do that before. I admit it looks bad right now and it looks like the good lord decided we as a nation had not figured it out yet. And you know how that works, everyone has to suffer when half of the country hates God more than anything else. He is going to make something give. A lot of people still have not faced the problems and made a deccision. They keep ignoring the problems. Funny my cousin who spent one lifetime as a very skilled union craftsman that worked hard and later became a problem solver with a computer for his fellows. At the same time training a lot of newbys day to day without trying that hard. And I mean those far more educated but far less experienced too. Never the less he did his part and more in the world he lived in. But he now has time to keep his head above the fray and he knew what was coming. After the first week when the Union bosses started eating crow for supporting Joe he says to me, I thought it would take a month, instead of a week. I said it was actually the first day the Unions lost 100,000 top paying jobs. That is big! Do the union leaders care. I wouldn’t hold my breath but they best whine loudly. But it is too late to really find out you been screwed over. Lot of words to say I told him we cannot stop it now. But money is going to roll out of DC by the paper ton. We better try to just get in front of some of it. Never mind the phoney reasons and the nonscientific science blather, right now it is get in front of the money and survive until everything folds.
    As for that Oath Keeper report above, I sure hope China is not going to roll in and I know they have troops around north and south, but not enough to matter. It will be funny if we are all back to burning wood to stay warm because the grid is down. I for one have a couple of nice vintage wood stoves all cleaned up and stored with pipe ready for quick install. LOL! Up in Mizz, you should have one too.

  191. Adolf Hither

    Protecting My “Extremist” Content From Censorship
    BY TDB
    Decentralizing control over our data and privacy has never been easier.

  192. Self+Exiled

    MMmmmmmmm is it so-interesting, possible—I guess—-

    the reward. The cash, our source added, is held in escrow at Vontobel Holdings, a Swiss private banking group headquartered in Zurich.

  193. Jerry

    Heads up. Homeland security is setting the table for the next false flag event.

    There is no doubt that this one will be part of “ operation cyber polygon” which will lead to a grid down event. Biden referred to it as “ dark winter”. These psychopaths will use a grid down situation to install the next phase of “ build back better “. The first phase event 201 was the setup for the pandemic. The second phase cyber polygon will lead to a grid down situation as part of the reset. The WEF meeting in Davos will be wrapping up this weekend, so it shouldn’t be long. Prepare accordingly. Solar lights. Backup heat. Food. Water. Etc.

    Note: Klaus Schwab said that cyber polygon will make the pandemic look like nothing. You’ve been warned.

  194. Paul ...

    Listen to Bill Gates (the Satanist who wants to make everyone into Atheists using a corona virus to spread his “Atheistic gene therapy” into 7 billion people) … explain how he doesn’t understand how “conspiracy theorists” hate him and Dr. Fauci so much for tampering with the entire world’s genetic code … … implying that … he is probably working right now on a new “Worship Vaccine” to make everyone in the world love him and Fauci (the only two people in the US government he considers to be sane) … and once we are all injected with his new “Luciferian gene manipulating Worship Vaccine” … the entire world will then rightfully love and pray to Bill Gates “as our God Almighty” and Fauci as his Demon Angel (of death)!!

  195. Paul ...

    Do you know why … globalists like Bill Gates want to take away our guns that “inject lead into people to change their behavior”? … because … it interferes with “his power” to inject vaccines into people to change their behavior!! … it is about time we remove “the vaccine gun” out of Gate’s hand because he is criminally insane and “thinks he is God”!!

  196. Paul ...

    “This has to go to 7 Billion people” says Bill Gates … are we are going sit back and allow “a crazy psycho” who thinks he is a higher god then Satan himself change our human DNA (that was created in the image of God the Father)?? … and forever make our children and children’s children into Devil worshipers just like the Demon-rats who now eat human flesh and drink blood at their “Podesta Spirit Parties”??? …

  197. Paul ...

    Many people smell a Demon-rat … seeing the economy miraculously open up in both California and New York… only eight (8) days after Bribe’n gets into office!! …

  198. Jay J. Cordone

    Black Lives Matter? Keystone Pipeline Worker Destroys Biden Executive Order
    January 28th 2021, 1:02 pm
    Man says won’t be able make payments on vehicle or home after job terminated ‘with stroke of a pen.’

    It’s blatantly obvious that Bill Clintons and George StepOnUs’s Wall Street Buddie’s have too much power.
    Wall Street Shenanigans Bring Together A Politically Divided America
    by Kelen McBreen January 28th 2021, 1:14 pm
    From Ted Cruz and AOC to Ben Shapiro and Rashida Tlaib, some of the country’s most prominent names are in agreement
    Americans on both sides of the political aisle are coming together in defense of small-time investors who have Wall Street execs shaking in their dress shoes.
    After dumping cash into stocks hedge funds have been betting against, average investors mostly using apps on their phones cost these companies billions of dollars.

    America Being Destroyed From Within By Globalist Agents of the Great Reset
    Greg Reese |
    January 28th 2021, 11:49 am
    Now that the populist movement has been discarded, plans for totalitarian global governance move forward unimpeded!

  199. ben

    I have never seen evidence of election fraud.
    All I have seen is people claiming fraud and providing links.
    When I follow the links they simply go to other links of articles claiming fraud.
    Maybe I’ve missed it but I cant honustly say I have seen evidence of fraud, just claims of it.

  200. King Creol

    Cali. X-ray Tech “Excited” to Get Shot Dies After Receiving 2nd Dose of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
    by Adan Salazar January 28th 2021, 3:56 pm
    Within hours man experienced severe adverse reactions — four days later, he died.
    ‘Never been so excited to get a shot before. I am now fully vaccinated after receiving my 2nd Pfizer dose,’ man wrote on Facebook

    Beijing Biden Admin Hints Ban on Conservative Media: “Orgs Who Traffic Conspiracy Theories Won’t Be Tolerated”
    by Adan Salazar January 27th 2021, 6:08 pm
    According to Dems, most conservative outlets traffic in ‘conspiracies.’

    Fed’s On Da March!
    BEWARE; LOSE LIPS sink Crips
    Former Political Prisoner Warns of Federal Provocateurs
    Some LGBQRSTUVWXYZ in your face guy, whispers in your ear, “wana get rid of da govna,” FBI! Call the local Sheriff!

    Watch: Why Wall Street’s Whining About The Reddit Investor Wave Is BS January 27th 2021, 4:07 pm
    Cavuto asked Payne to explain how the situation got so out of control after Reddit users dumped money into Gamestop and cost hedge funds billions of dollars. LoLOL!
    “I didn’t hear one person on TV complaining about Wall Street trying to crush GameStop.”
    It’s about time the little guy’s kicked the big guy’s in the DUPA! Poopa!

    BREAKING: Senate Panel to Hold Hearing on ‘Current State of Stock Market’
    by Jack Hadfield | National File January 28th 2021, 5:00 pm
    “People on Wall Street only care about the rules when they’re the ones getting hurt.”
    Odor out of KAOS! Ha ha, ha!

  201. Jay Smithson

    Viral Reddit Post From ‘Robinhood Insider’ Claims White House Pressured Broker to Block Buying of GameStop Shares
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    January 28th 2021, 5:15 pm
    “Guess what we overhead today?”

    • SAM Morgan

      Of course White House involved. Biden and cronies and ‘handlers receive Wall Street Money – buckets… Citadel, etc… DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO COVER THIER NAKED SHORTS.

  202. Self+Exiled

    Why build 30 ships economically when you can be inefficient and build only three and make more money———————–the US military complex alive and well———-notice the foregone conclusion it is for ”the war with China”————–

  203. Paul ...

    What Demon -rat would kill innocent helpless old people to make Trump look bad? …
    Ans: “All of Them”!!

  204. Self+Exiled

    War begins (Jan 29,2021) China Navy fires Missiles to Warn UK Aircraft carrier & US Warships in SCS——————That’s what youtube says on —–1,154,146 views•Jan 3, 2021——Mmmmm

  205. SAM Morgan

    Thank you Greg. Wonderful interview.
    Could you cover the latest financial outrage. Day Traders verses Citadel or how the protected class is rigging the markets.

    Bye-the-way, From Gate Way Pundit Comments: Press Secretary Psaki’s husband is a portfolio manager for Citadel. Rich Fodder.

    The Beast is outing itself….


    When you were on youtube I was able to save your show as an mp3, however on rumble this is not possible.
    I love your shows but need t copy to mp3 so I can play when time permits.

    I am hopeful that this can be offered, there are a lot of liseners who do this , perhaps the majority.
    Thank You

  207. Scott Carter

    Seems like youtube has erased USA videos

  208. Ronald Smith

    Thank you, Greg. That was wonderful. Your interview went over very well with our viewers. Tell us about your latest financial outrage. Day traders or big institutions? How are small investors being ripped off?
    Thank you, Greg. That was amazing! Your insight into the market is so valuable.

    Ronald test

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ronald!

  209. John

    Biden just signed a directive banning the term “China virus” and “Chinese virus.” It’s unbelievable that this actually took place. This is an endless stream of massive censorship by vile actors in the government who are shredding our constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every other amendment to oblivion. All of this began with Obama and exploded exponentially under Hillary.

    John – Denver Sprinkler Repair

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