Europe and World Facing Another Debt Crisis – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s 

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says the debt crisis of 2008 is going to blow up again. Mannarino explains, “The European debt crisis was never fixed.  They kind of just added more debt onto a debt issue.  They maxed out their credit cards and found a way to borrow a little more.  That’s the main issue that is driving the markets here. They want people to believe it’s political turmoil.  Of course, that might be some of this, but the fact that some of the largest economies on earth (in Europe) are now, once again, facing their moment of truth – it’s a debt crisis. . . . Europe is facing another debt crisis—period.”

Mannarino also points out, “The Fed is not magic. They do not have divine power.  They have to get into the market and make it happen.  They have to buy bonds.  Quantitative easing never stopped, and it is continuing on as we speak.  We also know the world central banks are doing things like buy each other’s debt to try to keep this propped up.  This issue that is unfolding in Europe has the potential to be a tsunami or to start this tsunami of a correction to fair value around the world.  It’s not a crash.  It is a correction because everything has been distorted.  Central banks have been on a buying binge unlike anything ever seen in world history.”

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino predicts, “We are going to face a moment when bonds are going to sell off rapidly, and no action by world central banks is going to be able to stop the bleeding. That means yields will spike very, very rapidly. . . . You get a sell-off in the bond market.  You get a sell-off in the stock market, and as you know, money will not go to money heaven.  It will go somewhere, and it will go into suppressed assets, things they have been rigging now for a decade.  How can world debt explode the way it is doing and certain assets, and I am referring to gold and silver here, not also be exploding to the upside?  This is all being done to prop up the markets, and there is going to be an awful price to pay for this.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!

    All roads lead to disaster. Do we really need an excuse as to who or what will cause it.
    One day its Global Warming, NK, next Italy, oh wait Iran.
    Starting to get really tired of excuses and the facts are that the Elite just screw the people.
    Why can’t we all be; safe, positive, prosperous and happy in this world.

    Or give us a real reset; hit the Nuke button and blow us all up because the constant, animosity, fear and uncertainty is not good for anyone.

    • Paul ...

      You are right Anthony … the warmongering pedophile neocons don’t seem to realize “how easy it would be” for Russia or China to set off an EMP over the continental US and just shut down the entire Satan Worshiping Deep State … the only thing holding them back is their concern for the lives of ordinary Americans who will suffer greatly when all the nuclear reactors in America go critical like Fukushima because the Deep State did not harden all the backup generators that are necessary to bring all of the thousands of nuclear reactors in the US to a safe shutdown (likely on purpose to give our enemy pause) … but a point will be reached when “our partners in running this world” will just say … “enough is enough” … we are not going to stand for anymore Deep State/CIA wars upon war upon wars any longer … and use their Kinzhal hyper-sonic missiles and sink the entire US Navy … use their S-500’s to take down all our US stealth aircraft … and set off one big EMP weapon over America … to drive the greedy psychotic neocons back to the Neanderthal Era were their type of mentality is better suited!!

    • Tin foil hat

      Anthony Australia,
      Whatever should happen will happen. Somebody knew we are distined to fly in ancient times.
      Constant animosity, fear and uncertainty accompany those who refuse to accept the natural order of things.

  2. Redemocracy

    Please keep up your great work. You have the ability to strip away all the false narratives out there, present the bare bones view of the actual US and global financial conditions—and then give us a positive way out! Thank you!

  3. Paul ...

    The Fed keeps raising rates … don’t they know it will crash the US bond market? … the Treasury needs to sell US bonds to fund our budget and any upcoming wars the neocons have planned … so is the Fed crazy? … maybe not … perhaps they know Europe is about to collapse … and European money managers will seek the safety of US Treasuries (even as rates rise) … preventing the US bond market crash everyone expects from the Fed rising interest rates!!

    • Paul ...

      The native Western European populations of England, France, Germany and Italy are shrinking rapidly … all their economies have arrived at the point where productivity cannot compensate for the huge decline in their populations … you know … money was so important to the cheap neocons that they promoted small families (of 1 to 2 children) to drive women into the workforce (instead of them staying at home raising more children) so that the greedy corporations wouldn’t have to give men a decent salary increase (to support much larger families) … now these neocons are in a panic that the European workforce is in a major demographic decline … and look at the “crazy solution” they dreamed up to save their damn cheap asses … their solution was to start a series of wars in the Middle East to drive the Muslim populations (that have an average of 6 children per family) out of their home countries and drive them to all immigrate to Europe … irrespective of the “bad side effects” (i.e. like the Muslim belief in having sex with young children and Muslim gangs running pedophilia rings) … but to the European elites this was “like manna from Heaven” as it satisfied their “perverted sexual cravings” … as for the neocons in Washington … they went along with the European plan to “save their economies” because they saw an even greater benefit … “strengthening the US dollar” … to have continual war and conflict in 7 ME countries over a period of 5 years would keep the US dollar strong while weakening the Euro (burdened with providing subsistence payments to all these new Muslim families with 6 children) … and because the US neocons were smarter then the European neocons the US dollar is rising relative to the Euro … in revenge the European neocons hired George Soros to flood the US with emigrants from South America (to weaken the dollar relative to the Euro) … but their plan won’t work if Trump can build that damn wall … if money is the problem … build an electrified fence Trump … and if that is too expensive you can bring back our troops from Germany (didn’t that war end 70 years ago? … isn’t it about time!) … and then Trump you can have our troops stationed along the US Southern border … until the Fed has a little time to print up some money for our Nation’s protection (in-between their busy schedule of printing up money money out of thin air for their bankster buddies)!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … we have a bunch of perverted greedy psychopaths running this world and they are killing our women and children like fly’s with an electric fly swatter … when are normal people who are not insanely greedy and sexually perverted going to stand up and take some action to rid themselves of these evil neocons (who will never stop killing us if they can make a buck doing it) … screw you you neocon warmongers … you are not going to get the WWIII you desire … if Putin (now mass producing his S-500’s) has the courage to hand them out “to every nation” (as nations also have a God given right to self defense … as we Americans do under the 2nd Amendment)!!

        • Angelo


          What evidence do you have that the European neocons and US neocons are separate entities? I am not disagreeing with the premise that you presented but I just want to know what proof you have of this. As a matter fact, I agree with what you presented. Thanks.


          • Paul ...

            Angelo … we have neocon Bolton … Europe has neocon Soro’s … it’s like two mafia gangs vying for power … and we are caught in the middle of their gang wars!!

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Mannarino,interesting information.
    Italian bonds were trading Monday at 0.3% Tuesday closed at 2.838%(2Yr BTP bonds).
    Mr Oettinger of Germany demanded Italy do its duty of being a satrap of Germany,this obvious slight was not well received in Italy,whose president is obviously a Brussel’s shill.
    Even the short term Gilts here in London,remember Gilts are the British Government’s debt bonds,traded higher here Tuesday as money fled the Euro zone.The really sensible money was fleeing to American T-bills.
    Mr Martin Armstrong’s model has pointed to a British Pound crisis holding US Dollars will be invaluable,trying to open a US Dollar account at a US resident bank for us peasants here in the UK is beyond difficult,so our holdings would have to be real printed US Dollars,no matter how much Americans despise them.They can be bought at the Post Office.
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks houses are very expensive,criticism of Islam is verboten,Jews are terrified,our Islamic Home Secretary has interned a critic of Pakistani Islam,Mr Thomas Robinson,aided by a smirking judge.With this and more intelligent money is fleeing to the British Pound?
    The internment of Mr Thomas Robinson as a political prisoner has reverberated in the underclass but has no voice in our forcefully paid for BBC,this should end well.Those who now work in British media are having to keep that fact quiet even amongst their neighbours.Perhaps they should be buying this summer’s must have accessory,a mirror on a stick,its all the rage in London,though I have seen a few on display at the White House.It is slightly off putting watching people check their cars with these mirrors each morning before starting their cars,why it takes me back to my childhood in Northern Ireland.
    This summer the simmering here in London continues and Americans who are foolish enough to visit London do so with a target firmly painted on their back.
    Jewish residents of Wimbledon are more intense than usual and mirrored sticks are deriguere.
    Just a sad descent for us here in the UK,a lot more than usual.

  5. J2

    Excellent information as always Greg, thank you for another outstanding interview.

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for having Mr. Mannarino on again; he is the voice of reason.

  7. Donald

    “We are going to face a moment when bonds are going to sell off rapidly, and no action by world central banks is going to be able to stop the bleeding”

    This was only true in the world of yesteryear when new money was only added responsibly and incrementally. In today’s world of out of control central bankers, they will simply buy up all the bonds that are sold – just like in Japan. Does anyone think for a moment that they will stop printing??? So what if they add another $100 trillion to the world. And then where is all that cash supposed to go? A saving’s account? Doubtful. Probably it will go into stocks, real estate, and back into the bond market. And as that cash re-enters the bond market, rates will drop. This is the world of the future. More out of control real estate prices, bigger and bigger bubbles than ever, and on and on and on. The problem though in all of this is real costs for people are rising (inflation) which means spending is declining. Probably this is a big reason so many have shifted to e-commerce. The two principle engines of the economy are real estate and autos. Slow either one noticeably and you go into a recession.

    • Paul ...

      Looks like that moment is here Donald … Deutsche Bank is having a “Lehman moment” … everyone … brace for impact …

      • Paul ...

        Trump breaking the Iranian deal probably had nothing to do with Iran … but was probably a sneaky way for Trump to attack Europe and impose sanctions on them … to bring them down … and the US dollar up!

        • Paul ...

          A big confrontation with Europe is an ideal way for Trump to finally begin closing down our bases in Germany after 70 years … and bring our boys home who are protecting German boarders … to defend American boarders!!

          • Frederick

            Borders Paulie Borders

    • William Stanley

      Donald: That was a very thought-provoking comment. After much reflection, I still hold an opposing view. Here’s why:

      As I understand Mr. Mannarino, he does not assume that new money will be added “responsibly.” Indeed, in past interviews he has agreed with your assertion that money printing will not only continue, but will accelerate over time (although, he seemed less clear about that this time). Moreover, I think that Mr. Mannarino would agree with you that central banks can “print” unlimited amounts of money.

      Therefore, as I understand it, your dissent from Mr. Mannarino’s view centers on the question of whether world central banks will in fact be able to (or choose to) save the financial system by printing sufficient amounts of money AND timely get that money to the “right” places.

      You point to Japan’s experience to support your view that a collapse, if it occurs, would probably not be sudden. After all, Japan has not experienced a sudden catastrophic collapse; and that apparently is because Japan’s central bank has been successful in its strategy of buying not only essentially all of Japan’s governmental debt, but equities and real estate as well. That is a strong argument in favor of the view that central banks do, indeed, have the power and deftness to manage a soft landing worldwide. Nevertheless, I disagree.

      It’s my understanding that, over the years, Japan has received a great deal of help not only from the Fed, but from US trade policies that favor Japan’s export industries. The same is true of Europe vis a vie the US. Furthermore, China has benefited greatly from the willingness of the US to put up with large trade imbalances. Yet, I don’t foresee the US continuing with trade policies that disfavor its own exports. Nor do I see the Fed providing unlimited underwriting of the failures of other countries’ financial sectors (especially Europe’s) — which are now larger and more fragile than ever. Therefore, I do not see Japan’s experience as proof that the Fed — even in conjunction with other central banks — would be able to avert cascading defaults of financial institutions due to a sell-off in the bond and derivatives markets.

      The problem the world now faces is much larger and more intricate than the problem that Japan has been successfully coping with for so long. Moreover, it’s my understanding that the US and world financial systems were only days (perhaps hours) away from sudden catastrophic failure in the fall of 2008 when the Fed and the Treasury were playing wack-a-mole with incipient cascading defaults of major financial institutions. I suppose it’s somewhat a matter of judgment, but I have little confidence that we will be as lucky next time.

      • Donald

        “I do not see Japan’s experience as proof that the Fed — would be able to avert cascading defaults of financial institutions due to a sell-off in the bond and derivatives markets.”

        I could probably write an epic novel on the number of times the bond market was supposed take the world down. A good one was Greece a couple of times. Several years ago (if memory serves me right) the interest rate on 10 year Greek bonds rose to something like 35-40% (or more?). That means you could have bought a $10,000 10 year bond for something like $350 or so. But according to conventional wisdom, Greece was going to default. But it didn’t. So the bond was supposed to be a poor buy. The ECB and probably others stepped in and bought their worthless paper and several years later that same 10 year bond was at something like 4%. That would have given it a value of about $8,500. And on and on and on. I think that the ONLY thing that will collapse financial markets is a major black swan event. Will such happen? Likely – keep watching the Middle East. In the absence of such an event, central banks will keep monetizing more and more debt. As for the “US debt”, probably half of it is owed to the US itself so in a pinch, all the Fed need to do is say it won’t be “paid back” (that is, withdraw the cash from the market). In fact, with all the money printing going on everywhere, the only way the US can maintain a competitive trade position is to print more money itself and keep devaluing with everyone else….

        • William Stanley

          Donald: RE: “I think that the ONLY thing that will collapse financial markets is a major black swan event. Will such happen?”

          Perhaps there is more agreement here than it seems on its face.

          I also believe a “Black Swan” event will be the precipitating cause of the financial collapse. I wonder if you think “black swan” events always arrive exogenously to the financial system, e.g. by a coronal mass ejection and failure of the electric grid. My guess is that you would agree with my assertion that some “black swans” are not really completely “black”: they are endogenous to the system, just not widely recognized.

          Moreover, it wouldn’t surprise me if you would agree that there are enough such potential nodes of system failure that it is impossible to predict which “card” will be the one that slips and brings the house of cards down.

          Furthermore, I think we agree that part of that such a system failure will involve cascading defaults in the bonds and derivatives markets.

          Thus, it seems to me, that the disagreement here does center around the degree of the ability, i.e., the degree of power and deftness, of central banks to control, mitigate and extenuate the collapse.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        You and Donald both made some good points. Interesting reading.

  8. This sceptred Isle

    Powerful interview Greg. Mannarino is one of the best!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you TSI.

  9. Jerry

    Here Greg. Add this to your echo chamber.

    It could be nothing, or it could be the final phase of the installation of a new currency exchange system. Either digital or SDR. What would you do if your bank told you that in order to have access to your money you had to use a new new digital identification card?
    It’s a no brainer Greg. They have us. We either get in line or go totally rogue and become an enemy of the state. 99% of the public wouldn’t even question it. Given a choice between FEMA camp or staying in their homes, they would sell out in a minute. Pray for the Second Coming. It’s truly the only way out of this luciferian empire.

    • JohnA

      If other banks are going down at or near the same time it’s time to be wary.

  10. andyb

    Greg: It is obvious that Mannarino is aware that it is all coming to an end, after all the years when the financial elites have been using rubber bands and paperclips to fix the global economic engine. Reminds me of the Cubans keeping 50’s Chevies and Caddies moving on the streets of Havana. It appears that the last gasp “save” attempt was the recent corporate tax cuts to ensure that stock buybacks would keep the DOW above 24K. Pelosi, with all of her mental lapses and challenges was correct in her analysis of “crumbs for the sheeple”, although I hate to admit it.

    Thus as Bill Holter has often opined and Mannarino seconds, is that there will be a credit event, leading to an inevitable martial law scenario. The plug will be pulled by the criminal FED before the midterms. The elites are not happy with the push globally for national sovereignty. There will be no more QE, either here or in Europe, and certainly forget about any more rate hikes. Stay safe, stay armed.

  11. Jerry

    And the Ax begins to fall.

    Folks I’ve seen this show before in my thirty eight years of being in the financial planning sector. This is what a death spiral looks like.
    First comes the layoffs. Then comes the drop off in sales. (Yes banks are in the business of sales) And when that happens look out. If DB doesn’t pull out of this spiral by the end of the second quarter (July)
    It’s over. No investor in their right mind would put their money in this bank. In fact behind closed doors theyre probably already selling off whatever equities they have left to stay afloat. The derivatives ? Well that’s another story.

  12. Walter Baumgarten

    You often ask what it will look like when it all comes apart Greg and I think the answer is that pension funds invested in the bond and stock market will be decimated with help from the political thieves that run them. Check out Illinois for a preview….

    From the article: ”
    The State of Illinois has a very large unfunded pension liability and will likely have to pay much of it off by raising taxes.

    In our view, Illinois’s best option is to impose a statewide residential property tax that expires when its unfunded pension liability is paid off. In our baseline scenario, we estimate that the tax rate required to pay off the pension debt over 30 years would be about 1%.”
    Think that this will the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Could be….

  13. DerStan

    Why cant central banks just keep printing and buying? Wont the price of stocks continue to rise as long as there is always a buyer willing to pay more with unlimited money? Yes, it devalues the currency but isn’t that the goal?

    • William Stanley

      DerStan: You are right, the central banks can keep printing and buying. And, yes, that would eventually lead to currency devaluation, i.e., inflation, and monetization of the debt. And, yes, that is the goal of almost all central banks. Nevertheless, IMO, that does not preclude worldwide financial collapse. Indeed, simultaneous raging inflations would be, I think, very destabilizing to the world economy.

  14. james

    Let me guess, “a collapse is coming, no way around it, its bigger then last time, get ready, if it doesnt happen you’ll be better off, it’s HUUUUUUUGE” was I close ?? Markets go up, markets go down, constantly claiming and trying trying to predict the next collapse is a sad life, LIVE, LOVE, LEARN, you are not gauranteed tomorrow.

    • William Stanley

      james: I wonder if grasshoppers are happier than ants — especially when winter comes. Each to his own.

  15. ConcAmDad

    Greg, my cnbc app just alerted me that another cause for a bit of market turmoil has once again been solved in one day. Amazing. Markets rally after concerns about political turmoil in italy ease. Whatever the crisis may be: trade wars, tarriffs, north korea it can usually only cause any concern for a day or so. What a joke.

    • Tim

      Yes because the equity markets are a total sham. There is no rhyme or reason to their movements because they’re FAKE.

    • MCasey

      Concamdad….I’ve noticed the same thing…..any excuse will do for that day…..

  16. Keith Miller

    RE: the latest Mannarino interview.

    Generically, I think arguments carry more weight with me when there are source references to support innuendo and thematic assertions. I also think the process of searching for factual evidence will root out occasionally incorrect initial assumptions. To build Q-factor with me I’ll need more facts.

    Specifically, it is plausible the banksters would try to sell a political narrative to deflect from a central bank culpability narrative. Art Cashin pointed out yesterday that the Italian banks are allowed to carry the sovereign debt on their balance sheets at par with no mark to market requirements.

    RE: US as the world’s reserve currency, and the economic implications of that diminishing…I need to learn more about that. I cannot connect the dots.

    As an exercise, factor in the Mark Taylor “prophecy” that God will soon release a new form of energy controlled by the US and remove the oil from under the Middle East signaled by volcanic, and, presumably, seismic events. There is a large liquid carbon deposit under the SW US. Right now it is too far down to tap economically. A plate shift and bedrock crack could push it to the surface. Magma flowing up into the Middle-Eastern oil fields would vaporize their reserves. The “prophecy” says China and Russia will be experience major financial setbacks and be economically dependent on the US. This changes the trajectory of the narrative about US reserve status.

  17. Alannon

    Per the advice I recieved here got out of the market years ago, so looks like I will have to get back in the market to “take some money off the table”.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Some” it’s called risk management.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      This is the Bull Market unlike all its predecessors: A.K.A. “The Most Unloved Bull Market in History”. All its done is go up in fits and starts since March 2009. No doubt the stimulus and QE’s of the World’s Central Banks played a (major) role in it, but nevertheless, it keeps going-up. All those who doubted whether it could be sustained have been proved wrong so far. This market can not be timed or even predicted by the professionals either.

      The doubters have thrown-in-the-towel and capitulated, deciding to get back in just at the time the whole market is overvalued, not fairly priced. This elevates risk to your capital some day if you don’t keep a close eye on it. Greed is causing those left behind to chase the market even higher.

      So, the best way to manage your risk is by how much money you allocate to risk assets to begin with. If you over-allocate to risk assets, then you will bolt at the first correction. Problem is, after two back-to-back bear markets in 2002 and 2008, most individual investors walked-away and never really came back. Now, the market is dominated by institutional investors like pension funds, ETF’s and Index Funds. Most individuals are passive investors today if they directly invest on their own account(s).

      So there exists a lack of liquidity in today’s market. Volume in today’s stock market is historically low too. So, to hedge this liquidity risk, you must maintain more cash than most mutual funds are able or willing to do. You need to keep more than just 3% in cash, even if you get no interest on your money. Cash, not gold, is the best hedge here. Physical Gold is for a store of value over a whole generation, not short term, as its too volatile an asset class.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        The trouble with cash is storage. In the event of a deflation money is destroyed. So the question as to whether cash is a good investment boils down to whether your money survives or evaporates. If your money survives it is likely to be worth multiples more. It is however, difficult to store cash outside a bank in vast quantities and would you trust a private vault in the event of a systemic meltdown? Perhaps the employees would just raid the vaults.

  18. Theta Lion

    Excellent interview…..thanks for continuing to have Greg on giving us real time perspective on the markets.

  19. Gregory Mannarino

    I hope people like this one Greg! Now L@@K at THIS! Click HERE: Incredible outrage. This is a set up for another public bailout of the banks in the event of a 2008 repeat.

    • K. Wayne

      No public bailouts Greg. Its called Bail -Ins now.

  20. Flattop

    GREG: New subject
    I am watching the msm trash Rosanne Barr for her comments concerning Valerie Jarret who works for Obama. I do not care for Rosanne Barr and her mouth, but she was being Rosanne Barr. However, it seems the msm feels its ok for them to continually trash Sarah Sanders who rarely speaks ill of others.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have a bit of a different take on this and will talk about it inn the WNW! Think S O R O S>

  21. Russ McMeans

    Since the beginning of time the wealthy class has extended credit to the poorer class and to kings and governments. Now we have banks for everyone to borrow from. It’s a great economic system & it’s the only one that works. Once we cross the line where we can’t service our debts and can’t borrow more, then the system breaks. So here we are. Debts that can’t be repaid won’t. But we don’t have another system to fall back on. So we all march on knowing we all are going to get our haircuts. Everyone except the Rothchilds and the other lucky .01% And the Queen shall have her Chardonnay with twist of lemon! God bless the Queen, and may crumbs fall from her table for the puppies to eat. (Us)

    • This sceptred Isle

      Russ I read a book called
      “The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers” by
      Ann Pettifor.
      In the book the author expresses similar ideas to the ones you wrote above.
      Ann Pettifor argues that capital used to be controlled by “robber-barons” who lent money at extortionately high rates. She claims that the invention of the modern banking system democratized the lending of money, making it available to everyone. This system had the effect of lowering interest rates dramatically and was a vital precondition for economic growth.
      She argues that debt is not bad in and of itself and that if money is lent to fund productive assets that generate income and jobs it is beneficial for society. The problem comes, she argues, when irresponsible loans are made for unproductive purposes and with little chance of the loans being repaid. A good read.

    • Paul ...

      Another Queen (Marie Antoinette) had a better heart … and offered to give more then crumbs to the masses of rioting people … but a nice slice of cake … sort of what Trump just did with his tax cuts … so Marie was on to something … wonder if instead shooting water at a rioting crowd the police should instead be throwing some tomatoes, grapes, watermelons, cabbage and dunkin donuts to the protesters and turn the event into a street festival where people are holding food in their hands instead of rocks … then when no one is holding rocks bring out some cooked sausage, peppers and onions on a rolls and hand it out to the people dressed in chief outfits instead of police uniforms … and I bet the cost of quelling the riot would be not only cheaper but more effective in the long run (bet if Israel did this … they could break up a crowd of protesters without having to fire a single lead bullet at them and would begin to gain a better image in the world)! … the “cheapskate” King did not listening to Marie Antoinette and a Guillotine was their fate … now in Chicago where everyone is well fed because they are all on food stamps a slightly different tactic may be necessary … on the police loudspeakers the message to a rioting crowd could be that “if they put down their sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails US dollars will be handed out to the crowd … if they obey thousands of “one dollar bills” are dropped on the crowd from helicopters … the rioters will likely put down their rocks, TV sets, etc., etc. to madly scavenge up as much free cash as they can get their hands on … the cost of putting down a riot would be minimal in comparison to the damage these rioter could create because the Fed can print up this cash out of thin air (for free) … however the “Kings” in charge would not even consider such a wild idea as all the money printed by the Fed must be given to the banksters for free!! … some may say this will encourage people to riot just to get a free handout … the same way banksters create manufactured liquidity problems for more free handouts from the Fed … my answer is “equal justice for all”!! … besides … they hand out free cash on EBT cards to people right now “so they won’t riot in the first place”!! … they are even thinking of giving out Universal Basic Income to everyone … once that is done … riots can be immediately stopped by threatening to stop the guaranteed basic income of anyone involved in a riot!!

      • Paul ...

        Here is an example of “Humane Behavior” and the good will that can be generated by feeding the people instead of exterminating them! …
        The warmongering neocons should hang up a sign on their government office’s reading: Come To Us For All Your Exterminating Needs … Call 733-674-4537 (Pedophiles) … We Deal In Human Killing!!

  22. Theta Lion

    Greg…..this from Robert David Steele this morning
    please, Robert is the real deal and the relationships he established in Asia when he met with Ben Fulford are real.
    We need to get this information into our thinking.

    Thank you for your tireless work supporting our country.

    • Paul ...

      Wow Theta … that Steele report you provide shows just how much of a moron Netanyahu really is by fighting to remove all nuclear weapon capability from Iran … and supporting the de-nuclearazation of Libya and N. Korea and soon likely Pakistan … don’t you get it Bibi?? … that your actions are actually instrumental in eventually resulting in the de-nuclearazation of Israel itself!! … your dumb ass should have been jumping for joy to see Iran developing “the Bomb” (as it would “have insured” you keeping yours) … and all because of you Bibi … Israel will likely”soon be without nukes of its own” … and not only that!! … the Israeli people will be moved out of the Holy Land and sent to China of all places … good job Bibi … you idiot!!

      • Paul ...

        And you “psychotic” warmongering neocons in Washington intent on constant wars … your nuclear weapons will be taken away from you also … just like guns are being taken out of the hands of children who are deemed “psychotic” to prevent school shootings … your nukes will be taken away to prevent nuclear wars you neocons believe you have the right to start without provocation with your “First Strike Nuclear Policy” … once the US has to give up its nukes because “psychotic warmongers” have their hand on the Red Button … what will happen to the American people? … will we be moved to all those “empty cities” the Chinese have already built for us??

  23. iwitness02

    Greg, and Gregory, appreciate the insights from this interview. These days are a curious mix of apprehension and excitement. Requiring a mix of patience and perseverance.

    • Greg Hunter

      I like this “mix of patience and perseverance.”

  24. ConcAmDad

    Dow rallies up 330 as banks recover..all fixed in a day

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      Something is going to happen in the next four… sorry, make that three years. As predicted by David Morgan.

      • Greg Hunter

        Go back to sleep Stan and you have no plan.

        • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

          It’s called ‘irony’, Greg. I guess that makes you ‘irony-proof’. I’m glad you’re here doing what you do. Seriously.

          • Greg Hunter

            Sorry Stan. It just hit me the wrong way. Happy you explained it for me.

  25. Jerry

    With this news, it’s time for Bo Polny or Bix Weir.

    It will be interesting watching the central banks juggle all the plates they have thrown in the air right now. If they escape this then they truly are Hudeni .

    • Tim

      I believe Bo Polny is a good man who means well, but he has lost all credibility because of all the predictions he has made that haven’t come to pass. I sometimes check his YT channel just to see his latest stuff, and he has gotten more and more ridiculous of late.

      • Greg Hunter

        He will be right overall. A very big debacle is coming and gold and silver will benefit.

        • H. Craig Bradley

          BROKEN PROMISES: Public Pension Under-funding

          Wrong, gold bugs are in for another disappointment as any potential rally must wait for some other day. It will inevitably fizzle-out. Gold price action today is as exciting as “watching paint dry” (Martin Armstrong). Boring.

          Go back to the Martin Armstrong interview and his blog at his website to see his views on precious metals: Gold won’t break-out on a sustained basis until the majority of investors recognize the ongoing Sovereign Debt Crisis, which he defines as in the U.S.A. and Europe as the under-funding and eventual failure of many Public Employee Pension Funds such as CALPERS in California. Dallas, TX Fire and Police Pension Fund is another growing problem. Pensioners in underfunded pension plans better prepare now for a -25% cut in their promised benefits. The money won’t be there for them. Broken promises a com’in. Martin Armstrong forecasts this may begin to occur in the 2012-2022. Until then, ZZZZZZZ.

          So, wait to see the unrest that may unfold when our own Sovereign Debt Crisis unfolds at the State and Local Levels. Trump will just “shrug his shoulders” if CALPERS fails on his watch. Bitter medicine for the Liberals. Slow to adapt.

      • Frederick

        If Bo Polny was so great he would go out and get a real job instead of pushing snakeoil online Sorry but I disagree that’ he’s all that great

        • Greg Hunter

          He’s made some big calls in bitcoin both up and down. He’s got subscribers and appears to be making a good living.

          • Frederick

            He must of got “lucky” with his BC calls You need to look at his long term accuracy in my opinion As far as making a good Living All that tells me is there’s a lot of fools out there ready and willing to part with their money

            • H. Craig Bradley

              AMEN !! Another fool is born every day. Let’s promote them all for some shekels or allocates huh?

          • H. Craig Bradley

            So what Greg. Bernie Madoff made a good living on other people’s money gullibility for over 20 years undetected by Federal regulators and the authorizes. That says Nothing.

            • Greg Hunter

              He made a living on fraud and it could not have happened without the help of JPMorgan. This is why they paid a 2.5 billion in fines and partial restitution.

  26. John Little

    As I tell my readers, Gregory Mannarino is one of the few people that I listen to on investments. The only other that I can think of is Martin Armstrong. Both of those men ‘get it’.

    Pay attention to what these men say.

    What is coming will shake the world.

    And, God bless Greg Hunter for standing in the breach and helping show people what is really going on.

    John Little

  27. Jerry

    Africa may be leaving the dollar.

    Lets see who does that leave still using the dollar for trade? Europe? Nope they use the Euro. Russia and China? Nope they use the Yuan. How about Iran and Turkey? Sorry.
    How about japan? They use the Yen. Do you get the picture? The only thing holding up the U.S. reserve currency status is petroleum. FYI since March 25th China has seized 12% of the oil market sales. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the petrodollar.

    Greg, I realize that you are an advocate of the United States becoming the largest producer of oil by 2020. But what happens if other countries choose to buy their oil from China and bypass the dollar altogether?

    • Jerry

      What do say about this news?

      My guess is they won’t be using the dollsr for trade. GM is right about one thing. The dollar moonshot has more to do with money printing than actual trade. President Trump thinks that will change with tariffs ? I don’t think so. America is becoming isolated .

    • Paul ...

      Even better Jerry … people should be using water for fuel … very simple process … just use the Sun to generate free electricity and then use this free electricity to break water into H2 and O2 gas … which can then be burned to heat everyone’s home “for free” without any pollution and zero risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!!

  28. Pomp & Pheromoney

    The Wizard of Oz
    The man behind the curtain of smoke and mirror’s see’s a threat to his fortress Europe
    A surging dollar and a capital flight from emerging markets may lead to another “major” financial crisis, investor George Soros said, warning the European Union that it’s facing an imminent existential threat.

    The “termination” of the nuclear deal with Iran and the “destruction” of the transatlantic alliance between the EU and the U.S. are “bound to have a negative effect on the European economy and cause other dislocations,” including a devaluing of emerging-market currencies, Soros said in a speech in Paris on Tuesday. “We may be heading for another major financial crisis.”

  29. bernie

    As a trader, I really understand Greg’s views on the bond market. He’s totally correct. All returns on bonds both private and government are linked by a global market where debt is traded constantly. Greg is a player in these markets and it shows in his intensity. It’s a young man’s game because I was washed up two decades ago and I knew it at the time; thank God. The bigger issue is what happens to debt. We live in a time where brutal government crackdowns are impracticable. Debt will be the loser to inflation. Fortunes will be made shorting various bonds and stocks and sectors. The individual investor should own some physical gold. It will rise with rising long rates. It’s coming out of its trough right now. Deflation destroys bankers and mega-wealth and enriches savers. I won’t be popular saying this but President Trump is reducing controls on the NY Banks. What they do won’t be positive for savers. They will destroy every last American or Englishman or Spaniard if there’s a profit in it. And Greg is right; it will go fast!

    • K. Wayne

      Good points you have made. I see that you “get it”.
      “reducing controls on the NY Banks. What they do won’t be positive for savers”.
      100% agreed.
      This proposed change (reducing restictions on the use of depositors funds) is to allow the Banks to legally have no obstruction to depositors funds to be used in the casino.
      The door to proprietary trading is ajar once again for the benefit of the Banking Fraternity…..aka BANKSTERS.
      There will be no legal recourse back to the banks as there is now. Effectively the Banks will drain the depositors funds right before they shut their doors. Eyes wide open people. This will be a defining moment. The Banks are crippled and starving for extra capital.

  30. Jodyp

    The Dow since feb18 looks like a roller coaster. Insiders must be Makin’ a Killin. I’m sleeping well not being a gambler. But I always enjoy listening to GregM, a Watchdog favorite!

  31. Justin

    Great video. Greg Hunter and Greg Mannarino are just two class acts. I love these guys! May you always be able to speak your mind and give us a the bigger picture! Thank you for your time and thoughts. Justin

  32. Jeff

    Greg, I think everyone knows that Central Banks around the world have distorted asset values with socialized economic policies. Also, I thought everyone knew that many corporations chose to buy back stock rather than issue dividends because of the negative tax ramifications associated with dividend distributions…apparently not Greg M. At least Greg M. admitted he can’t really identify fair value of the Dow.

  33. Winnie Pooh

    A disturbing reminder of who our President chose to serve as his co-president — and why.
    June 25, 2015 John Perazzo
    The State Hates the Internet 10/13/09

  34. Winnie Pooh
    Rep Trey Gowdy is very popular today for claiming that the FBI did the right thing by planting a spy in the Trump campaign, and we’re all supposed to follow him.

  35. Ray Burr

    American Standard Version
    Behold, Jehovah’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:
    —Isa. 59:1.

    Soon after the Israelites were miraculously released from slavery in Egypt, the Amalekites attacked them. Following Moses’ direction, courageous Joshua led the Israelites into battle. In the meantime, Moses took Aaron and Hur to a nearby hillside from which they could see the battlefield. Moses put into action a plan that proved to be the key to their success. Moses kept his hands and the rod of the true God lifted up toward heaven. As long as Moses did that, Jehovah empowered the hands of the Israelites to fight successfully against the Amalekites. However, when Moses’ hands became heavy and began to drop down, the Amalekites started to win. Acting with decisiveness, Aaron and Hur “took a stone and put it under [Moses], and he sat on it. Then Aaron and Hur, one on each side, supported his hands, so that his hands remained steady until the sun set.” Yes, God’s mighty hand enabled the Israelites to win the battle.​—Ex. 17:8-13.

  36. Peter from the Netherlands

    CORRUPTION, Murder, FALSE FLAGS and so much more, this is the way the USA are killing Americans:

    How can it be no one is doing anything. It is a shame!!!!

  37. Billy

    The EU ends up with ten nations- that is where this is all leading. Germany control the EU and maybe causing havoc inside??

  38. Jerry

    New Q offers up 6/11 date.

    Real? Fake? You decide.

  39. coalburner

    Greg; There is a huge crisis building that may crest or cause more strain on the economic disaster we talk about. It will affect us. SOUTH AFRICA.
    I am sure most USA Watchdogs have heard about the water crisis in SA. I did a little research and found out it is not about the water. There is no less than usual. The difference is the forced change in who makes and provides that water. I remember when this was the most high tech country in the world. I met with their people on information exchange events. Mandela and the now 38 million tribesmen in the country now are not the original people there when the white Dutch arrived. They came in a second peaceful invasion looking for work when the new nation bloomed with jobs, food and clean water produced by modern high production techniques. The recent governments form the old ANC and Mandela have removed all whites from the water production and therefore the water production is shutting down. You may have heard that farm production requires the most modern methods to provide irrigation water and mass production methods. But the government is taking all the land from generations of owners and even killing many of them. only 2 million whites in the country. The reason I am writing this is n=merely to point out at this point what looks like the ultimate outcome. Millions of people running for their lives, for food and water. That means millions getting to our southern border one way or another. People not even capable of modern farming methods. My bet, Soros will be sending them by the boat loads to the Mexican shores. Remedys: We need to have a lot more children to repopulate our country with young people, build a Wall and sink his NGO boats before they are loaded with starving people. The Kochs can stop whining about needing more cheap labor that we pay the freight for, the boats will stop their world-wide mischief, and SA can solve its own problem at home. We need to pay certain greedy church organizations to send their people there to help them instead of paying them to bring them here to create more poverty and ignorant jihad-ism in our country.

  40. Red

    Italian bond crisis, entirely manufactured, so if all commercial and retail banks are leveraged into the “markets” at 99 to 1 lets say (i believe optimistic estimate) and the markets “correct” 20% what will bank stock be worth? Answer there will be no market correction,Dow 30,000 by christmas ..US Dollar done over, despite what market genius Martin Armstrong says, cant have rising asset prices and strong currency in the words of Philo circa 14 ad “selling smoke”

    • Frederick

      All I know is my wife’s cousin married an Italian guy from Tuscany and they own three homes a gas station and other rental property all outright( no mortgage) so they are doing fine Not sure about the other 60 million Italians though I guess Berlusconi isn’t doing bad either

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