Everybody is Trying to Postpone the Inevitable-Axel Merk

Alex MerkBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Money manager Axel Merk says, “I am very concerned about Russia.  I am very concerned about what is happening with Ukraine.  The problems we have there and in Europe, and in Japan and in the U.S., are we cannot balance our budgets.  Ukraine would not be in the situation it is in if it could, if it were able to balance its books.  That’s just the symptom and it exhibits differently.  We see how it plays out one way in Greece and in Ukraine another way.  In Japan, we are trying Abe economics.  In the U.S., we have a feel good growth strategy, but ultimately we have the same issue everywhere.  Yes, I am very worried about it because the Great Depression ended in World War II.  Extremism is on the rise when you have this dragged out– period.  Everybody is trying to postpone the inevitable.  People get fed up with austerity, and they start to blame everybody else but themselves.”

So, is the world broke?  Merk contends, “Much of it is, and the best short term policy would be a good long term policy.  I happen to be of the view that you should not be policing that the banks don’t do stupid moves.  What you should be policing is that the stupid move of a bank cannot wreck the financial system as a whole.  It you wanted to do that, you’d have to do a few simple rules.  You’d have to post collateral for levered transactions.  You’d have to mark to market accounting and a few other little things, and you are pretty much done with it.”  And if you believe in capitalism, then should you believe in bankruptcy?  Merk says, “Of course, the problem is we designed a system where bankruptcy would cause a financial meltdown, and that is what we have to get away from.  It’s not that bankruptcy is bad; it’s the contagion that is bad.  The way you avoid it is by posting collateral in levered transactions.  In all these derivatives, people would have to post collateral with mark to market accounting, and they would be discouraged from taking such extreme positions.  That is the problem, and we get into this with super loose monetary policy.

On the deflation or inflation question, Merk predicts, “For me, it’s a slam dunk.  We are going to get inflation.  There are negative real interest rates in the developed world as far as the eye can see.  Just about every country has negative real interest rates, and we have financial repression everywhere.  I think we cannot afford positive real interest rates over an extended period.  Just think about the U.S. with the entitlement wave coming against us.  We got strong incentives in place to have negative real rates when the government has too much debt and when consumers have too much debt.  The reason why we have this battle with inflation and deflation is we are clearly facing a deflationary bust, and central banks are fighting against it.  If we didn’t have central banks, I’d be fully onboard with deflation, but because we cannot have bankruptcies, we will inflate our way around it. . . . Ultimately, inflation is going to first come up in the U.S., and that inflation is going to be exported to other countries.”

Merk, who manages around $400 million in assets, goes on to say, “I am very concerned about bonds and equities, both of them at the same time.  Now, clearly when you print enough money, bonds and equities go up, but the problem is everything goes up in tandem.  People need to look at alternatives.  The easiest one is gold, but gold is not risk free. . . .  There is no risk free asset to hide in, and I think that is the key here. . . .When the Fed even tries to exit, asset prices are going to plunge down, so you got to try to hide somewhere.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Axel Merk of Merk Investments.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Axel Merk’s webinar is going to be Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 @ 4:15 PM – 5:15 PM EST.  It is free and open to the public.  If you would like to attend this internet presentation, please click here.  You can also find free information and articles on MerkInvestments.com.

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  1. Randall

    Did something big happen in Donetsk? See http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-08/meanwhile-donetsk. This explosion needs to be vetted.

    • paul

      Something else “that should be vetted” is the recent Main Street Media promotion of an interview with “Checkers Master” Obama … where he took total credit for pushing down the crude oil price in order to debase the Russian Ruble (as “a sanction” against Russia) … lets think about that for a moment!

      Simply consider what exactly debasing the Russian ruble has done to a company like Gazprom (the Russian natural gas company) … which Russian President Vladimir Putin basically “entirely own’s” through various proxies.

      First of all Gazprom sells its natural gas into foreign markets … and collects dollars and other hard currencies for it … and secondly almost all of Gasprom’s expenses (and much of its debt) is priced in (Obama induced??) cheap rubles.

      The effect of collecting strong currencies (like the dollar) for your gas and then paying off most of your expenses and debts with cheap rubles … actually amounts to the creation (by Obama??) of a vast amount of wealth “for Putin”

      Does that sound like a “sanction on Russia” to any of you? … especially when this supposed “sanction on Russia” is not only making Putin filthy rich but at the same time is putting Putin’s “American gas rivals in shale industry” into foreclosure, receivership and bankruptcy??

      If you ask me … it sounds like “Chess Master” Putin is the one who put “a sanction on the US” … and “Checkers Master” Obama is simply trying to “deflect that fact” from the eyes of the world … by saying it was he who made the “critical game changing” move.

    • paul

      It is no secret that Russia has developed “new” relatively low-yield tactical nukes … perhaps what we have just seen in the video above is a warning shot to NATO (now bringing heavy weapons into Ukraine) to keep the hell out of Russia’s back yard!

      Counting the seconds from “the flash” to the “bast wave” arriving … I get about 10 to 15 seconds … assuming sound waves travel about 1 mile per second … for the blast wave to break glass at 15 miles requires a one megaton bomb!!

      Looks to me like tactical “nuclear war” has just broken out in Donetsk!!!

      • Al hall

        paul- Obama is the fool- Someone said this tonight on Fox. He was selected as president to destroy America.
        The USA and NATO broke long term agreements by financially invading the Ukraine in the first place.
        Putin is not financially in trouble- when he get Am. dollars for his oil and gas- he immediately buy gold with it. fascist US media makes it sound so bad– it isn’t really. Europe is were it’s bad.

    • Charles H.

      It looks small and tactical, and possibly NUCLEAR. Could this be a sign that patience is run-out; and the Big Boys spoke here? This goes beyond words.

      • Charles H.

        Fox News reports blast from ‘a chemical plant’?

        • paul

          Can we believe a Main Stream News report? … If it were a chemical plant explosion the light of the fire would have glowed and lasted for many hours … look at the video again and draw your own conclusions.

  2. allen ols

    Not sure how to view A. Merk’s “easy peasy” view.

    1. USA is reserve currency, not like Greece and Cyprus, so when the bubble bursts, I feel events will be much more dire.

    2. Sprott, Willie, Holter, Mannarino, Kirby, Williams, Pento, PCR, Russel, Greyerz paint a much more chaotic version of coming events.

    3. We ALL have a gut feeling things are worse than they seem.

    Merk interview/opinion sounds tooo easy/peasy.


    • andyb

      Agree Allen: The question for the Greeks (if they are truly serious about changing their history of profligate ways) is to take the pain for 3-5 years or be forever debt slaves under virtual totalitarian rule. Axel has a vested interest in NOT seeing an implosion. After all, he is a hedge fund manager and would be severely affected.

      • Silence is Golden

        …And that’s all that needs to be said bout that ….. 😉

      • allen ols

        strong points, tks al

    • Charles H.

      Still a Believer in the System.

      • allen ols



    • Al hall

      you’re right al- nothing but lies from this gang in the White house- fascist do that you know! People have no idea how bad it is. Lots of bad bad talk coming from the insider friends. Hearing Massad is planning something big against Obama and gang. The White dragon’s from China are ready to act against the illuminati- tired of their crap and corruption! Something is about to hit the fan!! As you say- people can sense it?? Gut-check.

  3. allen ols

    …..here is what i mean….

    7 Terrifying Warnings That The Greek Disaster Is Now Set To Catapult The World Into A Global Meltdown

    also the russians can do the oil drilling around Greece, and together Russia/China can use the $100 billion Brics dev. fund to bail out Greece PROPERLY w/actual solid investing.

    The IMF is broke. Getting Greece to join the BRICS would send a signal to Italy, spain, Ireland, turkey, they too can get out of the euro. Greece could offer warm watter naval ports to russia/china.

    • Pablo

      I also think the Central Banks are given way more credit then they deserve. What exactly have they done to solve the issues and prepare, other than paper over the problem and make things worse, not better since 08.

      I think the markets and world economy is suffering from Normalcy Bias, just because we’ve been able to dodge the big one so far doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet…

      • Silence is Golden

        What happens when Deflation and Money printing collide ?

    • Jeff

      Interesting how Greece is finally front page news……….. I believe (baring a false flag) it will be Greg’s top story this week………. I’m also thinking the way Greece is leaving (with an associated relationship with Russia) they will be used as an example by the west. The west can make it very difficult in this transition and will exploit any popular uprisings within the country. None of the European southern states (Spain, Italy, France, ect) with problems is ever brought up in the news. Watch this be covered extensively with the mantra “the rest of you better stay put or this will happen to you.” ………. We will see.

      • Jeff

        Actually, I’m surprised the Greek Prime Minister hasn’t committed suicide yet. If you know what I mean……..

        • Al hall

          My CIA friend say they have a microwave gun that gives people heart attacks- makes it look natural. It’s all in the frequency!!!!

          • Mohammad

            Al Hall,

            Reminds me with an old TV series i was watching when i was a kid, called : “THE INVADERS” ….They had this disk that has light like microwave and they put it on the neck of the victim and it gives him a “convenient” heart attack, strange and funny you mentioned this since am running from my time to the past and I was watching that series on youtube just yesterday……!


          • Paul from Indiana

            Where do I go to get “shot” with this? Best always. PM

        • allen ols

          paglo, Jeff;

          pablo, good stuff

          Jeff, u r funny tks. al

        • allen ols

          jeff i thought that also

      • Silence is Golden

        Yes Jeff…..you are on the same wavelength. I have already considered this aspect several weeks back. Now we sit back and watch it unfold.

    • paul

      Seems the West (just like J.P. Morgan bankers) has committed suicide “by their own hand” … Europe is fracturing … Greece is all but out of the EU … France is pivoting toward Putin … Cyprus is offering Moscow a military base … Germany and the US are at odds on Ukraine … Egypt has agreed with Russia to dump the US dollar … the Saudi’s are pivoting East … Turkey has agreed to a Russian pipeline … etc., etc.

      Just exactly who is in charge of “thinking through” the implications of the West’s economic and military policy toward Russia?

  4. allen ols

    ….and ….. this posted yesterday on Zero Hedge.

    Now that the possibility of a Greek exit from the euro is back to being topic #1 of discussion, just as it was back in the summer of 2012 and the fall of 2011, and investors are propagandized by groundless speculation posited by journalists who have never used excel in their lives and are merely paid mouthpieces of bigger bank interests, it is time to rewind to a step by step analysis of precisely what will happen in the moments before Greece announces the EMU exit, how the transition from pre- to post- occurs, and the aftermath of what said transition would entail, courtesy of one of the smarter minds out there at the time (before his transition to a more status quo supportive tone), Citi’s Willem Buiter, who pontificated precisely on this topic previously. Three words: “not unequivocally good.”

    From Willem Buiter (2012)

    What happens when Greece exits from the euro area……..contd


  5. allen ols

    ….then…. russia can build the pipeline to Greece, and greece can obtain revenue, China can build railways, and Greece can be a gateway to europe for LNG, controlling the on/off switch for LNG flow. Franc can lean towards BRICS and sell the 2 mistrial helo ships, and sell produce/meat/wine to Russia, and Russia can park a few ships in port there. Italy/Spain will follow suit. there is no end to the possibilities.

    • Charles H.


      Putin plays and positions for solid gains. The West…?

      • allen ols



      • paul

        The West? … International Business Times Reports (1 hour, 26 minutes ago) U.S. defense secretary nominee Ashton Carter said the United States and NATO need to reject Moscow’s “sphere of influence” over Eastern Europe and build military forces capable of toppling “any opponent.”

        • paul

          Carl Bildt (the former Swedish foreign minister) said “a war between Russia and the west was now quite conceivable.”
          A senior diplomat in Brussels (echoing the broad EU view) said “arming the Ukrainians would mean war with Russia, a war that Putin would win.”

      • brian

        I don’t think anyone really knows what the “west” is up to these days…save for the act that whatever it is it is not good. We need to start interrogating people and getting some real info!

      • allen ols

        chas agreed

      • allen ols

        see pcr and bill holter articles this morn. al

  6. paul

    As Axel Merk says most of the world’s most powerful countries are broke … and must continue to print truly insane amounts of money to prevent collapse and to finance their debts … in the US and European Union government debt is roughly equal to their entire gross domestic product … in Japan government debt is a massive 225% of gross domestic product … so these major countries have no choice but to debase their currencies … and so yes, as Merk says “inflation is a slam dunk”!

    For those holding fiat paper money … a huge reckoning is taking place … the fall is like nothing ever experienced before or could even be imagined in our most dreadful nightmares … falling foreign fiat currencies has already begun around the world … and even though in the short term they make the US dollar seem to be more valuable … the US dollar is certain follow all the rest … downward.

    No matter what the bankers and politicians say, no matter what they promise … who can afford the losses to believe them?… look at what has happened to those currently keeping their wealth in foreign fiat currencies … they are losing money big time … and the US dollar is certain to follow all the rest downward … and a lot sooner than most people think.

    Imagine being a paratrooper sitting in a “Gold” colored airplane getting ready to jump … ahead of you is a Russian, a Canadian, an Australian, a Japanese, and a European … all in line with belts attached to make a jump … the guy from Russia jumps first (and the ruble falls more than 50% … next the Canadian jumps (and the Canadian dollar falls 30%) … then goes the Australian (and the Australian dollar falls 30%) … next the fellow from Japan jumps (and the Japanese yen falls 35%) … then the guy from the Euro-zone jumps (and the Euro falls 30%) … next up is the American (he looks down at all the others below him and says to his senior officer “wow look how high I am compared to everyone else down there”) as “he too” gets booted out of the plane. The point is the … US dollar is fiat like all the rest … and its devaluation will follow everyone else’s downward.

    The entire world fiat paper currency system “is collapsing upon itself” right before our very eyes … over the past decade all the world’s major currencies have lost purchasing power [when measured against gold] at an incredible pace of 12%-15% each and every year … and as the race to the bottom accelerates these rates will also increase.

    The worlds fiat currencies will continue to be massively debased and descend closer and closer to the ground … and the fiat US dollar will surely follow all the rest … the race to “zero” has already begun … except for that flying “Gold” airplane in the analogy above … its height above the ground “remains constant” compared to all the paratroopers who are descending to the ground … over the last 10 years the price of gold in US dollar terms is higher by more than 200% percent … in terms of Yen gold is even higher (almost 250% percent) … likewise for the Euro, etc. etc. … and even for the “reliable” Swiss franc gold is higher by 134% percent.

    • Jeff

      Merk….. ” You’d have to post collateral for levered transactions. You’d have to mark to market accounting.” ……………. 2 problems with that (other than neither is ever going to happen)……. One.. there’s not enough money in the world to cover (post 1%) the collateral. Even if there was once the one side of the derivative fails the whole system explodes. Which is what will happen capitalism or not. So that one’s a no go……….. Second.. The moment these banks post mark to market they’re bankrupt. They are now (bankrupt) and have been, but for the accounting gimics we call “mark to model”, were they can value an asset at any price. So that’s not going to happen…………True capitalism has been extinct for as long as I can remember.

  7. hOUDINI

    Who Is Our Sovereign Lord?

    “In the Sovereign Lord I have placed my refuge.”—PS. 73:28.

    “THE scene of this world is changing.” The apostle Paul said so. (1 Cor. 7:31) Evidently, he was likening the world to a stage, with actors in a drama playing their roles as good or bad characters until a change of scenes.

    Today, a drama of utmost importance is under way—and it involves you! Especially does it relate to the vindication of God’s sovereignty. This drama can be illustrated by a situation that might exist in a certain land. On the one hand, there is the duly constituted government that maintains order. On the other hand, there is a criminal entity ruling by fraud, violence, and murder. The illegal organization is a challenge to the sovereign rulership and tests the loyalty of all citizens to their government.

    A similar situation exists on a universal scale. There is the legally constituted government of the “Sovereign Lord.” (Ps. 71:5) But mankind is now threatened by a criminal organization headed by “the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) It presents a challenge to the duly constituted government of God and tests the loyalty of all people to his sovereign rulership. How did this state of affairs come about? Why does God permit it? What can we do about it as individuals?

    This unfolding universal drama involves two interrelated issues: Gods sovereignty and human integrity. In the Scriptures, God is often called “the Sovereign Lord.” With complete trust in him, for instance, the psalmist sang: “In the Sovereign Lord God I have placed my refuge.” (Ps. 73:28) “Sovereignty” is supremacy in power or rulership. A sovereign exercises supreme authority. There are good reasons for viewing almighty God as the Supreme One.—Dan. 7:22.

    As the Creator, God is the Sovereign of the earth and the entire universe. (Read Revelation 4:11.) Jehovah is also our Judge, Statute-Giver, and King, for within himself he combines the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of universal government. (Isa. 33:22) Since we owe our very existence to God and are dependent on him, we should view him as our Sovereign Lord. We will be motivated to uphold his lofty position if we always bear in mind that “God himself has firmly established his throne in the very heavens; and over everything his own kingship has held domination.”—Ps. 103:19; Acts 4:24.

    To support God’s sovereignty, we must maintain our integrity to him. “Integrity” is moral soundness or completeness. An integrity keeper is one who is blameless and upright. The patriarch Job was such a man.—Job 1:1.

    Some 6,000 years ago, a spirit creature challenged the rightfulness of God’s sovereignty. A selfish desire to be worshipped was at the root of that rebel’s words and actions. He induced the first human pair, Adam and Eve, to become disloyal to divine sovereignty and tried to tarnish God’s name by claiming that He had lied. (Read Genesis 3:1-5.) The rebel became the great Adversary, Satan (Resister), Devil (Slanderer), serpent (deceiver), and dragon (devourer).—Rev. 12:9.

    Satan set himself up as a rival ruler. Faced with this challenge, what would the Sovereign Lord do? Would he immediately destroy the three rebels—Satan, Adam, and Eve? He surely had the power to do so, and such action would have settled the question of who had supreme power. It would also have proved that God had told the truth about the penalty for violating his law. Why did God not take such action?

    By lying and turning Adam and Eve away from God, Satan called into question God’s right to require obedience of mankind. Moreover, by inducing the first human pair to disobey God, Satan also called into question the loyalty of all intelligent creatures. As revealed in the case of Job, who was loyal to God’s sovereignty, Satan claimed that he could turn all humans away from God.—Job 2:1-5.

    By postponing the asserting of his sovereignty, God allowed Satan time to prove his claim. God has also given humans the opportunity to demonstrate their loyalty to his sovereignty. What has happened with the passing of the centuries? Satan has built up a powerful criminal organization. God will eventually destroy it and the Devil, giving overwhelming proof of God’s rightful sovereignty. God was so certain of a positive outcome that he foretold it when the rebellion took place in Eden.—Gen. 3:15.

    Many humans have exercised faith and maintained their integrity with respect to God’s sovereignty and the sanctification of his name. Their number includes Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Ruth, David, Jesus, the early disciples of Christ, and millions of integrity keepers today. Such upholders of divine sovereignty share in proving Satan a liar and in clearing God’s name of the reproach that the Devil has heaped upon it by boasting that he could turn all mankind away from God.—Prov. 27:11.

    We can be certain that God will soon assert his sovereignty. He will not endlessly tolerate wickedness, and we know that we are living in the last days. He took action against the wicked during the Flood. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and Pharaoh and his forces. Sisera and his army and Sennacherib and his Assyrian troops were no match for the Most High. (Gen. 7:1, 23; 19:24, 25; Ex. 14:30, 31; Judg. 4:15, 16; 2 Ki. 19:35, 36) We can therefore be confident that God will not indefinitely put up with disrespect for his name and mistreatment of his people. Furthermore, we now see evidence of the sign of Jesus’ presence and of the conclusion of this wicked system of things.—Matt. 24:3.

    To escape being destroyed along with God’s enemies, we must prove loyal to the Lord’s sovereignty. How can we do so? By keeping separate from Satan’s criminal rule and refusing to be intimidated by his agents. (Isa. 52:11; John 17:16; Acts 5:29) Only under those circumstances can we uphold our heavenly Father’s sovereignty and have the hope of being spared when God clears his name of reproach and demonstrates that he is the Universal Sovereign. http://biblehub.com/psalms/83-18.htm
    Details regarding mankind and the Lord’s sovereignty are presented throughout the Bible. The first three chapters tell us about creation and the fall of man into sin, whereas the last three deal with mankind’s recovery. The intervening pages provide details regarding steps taken by the Sovereign Lord God to accomplish his purpose for humankind, the earth, and the universe. Genesis shows how Satan and wickedness entered the world, and the concluding portion of Revelation reveals how evil will be eliminated, the Devil will be destroyed, and the will of God is to be done on the earth as it is in heaven. Indeed, the Bible reveals the cause of sin and death and shows how they will be removed from the earthly scene and be replaced by unbounded joy and life eternal for integrity keepers.

    Soon the scene of this world will change completely. The curtain will fall on the centuries-old drama involving sovereignty. Satan will be removed from the stage, headed for eventual oblivion, and God’s will shall certainly prevail. But to benefit from this and enjoy the many blessings foretold in God’s Word, we must uphold God’s sovereignty now. We cannot straddle the fence. To be able to say: “God is on my side,” we must remain on his side.—Ps. 118:6, 7.
    We Can Maintain Integrity!

    Be determined to uphold God’s sovereignty

    • Emeth

      I see why you call yourself houdini ….
      A supernatural spirit is not the problem, but sin is the problem, James.1:13-16. In the Bible Sin is personified as a ruler that dominates us and rules over us. It is the expression of our natural state, the instinctive law that drives us, Rom.Rom.6:7,12-14, 7:14-21
      You said, “Some 6,000 years ago, a spirit creature challenged the rightfulness of God’s sovereignty. A selfish desire to be worshipped was at the root of that rebel’s words and actions.” You propound a commonly held concept whose origins are found pre-christian paganism, however, the Bible says something different –
      Gen.3:1 says, “Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said ……”
      Paul says in 2.Cor.11:3, “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted ….”
      The serpent is simply a beast of the field who originally had the power of speech. There is no other way to read those words without butchering their meaning.
      Yes, the Serpent is later called the Devil, Satan, the Evil one, the Dragon etc etc, but the term in not referring to a supernatural agent. That part is borrowed from Paganism.
      The term is used to describe the Law of Sin, Sin’s rulership over man, sinful and rebellious characteristics displayed by individuals and religious and political organisations. Some examples; ‘Peter = satan’ Matt.16:23, ‘Judas = devil’ John.6:70, those who practice evil in 2.Tim.3:3 ‘false accusers = devil (same word).
      The Bible’s use of personification is what confuses most people. The serpent in the garden was a serpent, as the record clearly says. Yet he is also called a devil because he falsely accused God, which is what the word means, not because he was supernatural spirit or agent.
      All who follow his way of thinking are called his sons, 1.John.3:8,11-12, John.8:44, Acts.13:10. Christ was manifest to destroy his works. How? Through death… Heb.2:14, for by that means serpent was put to death, lifted up and nailed to the cross, John.3:14-15. How does that work? In Christ, Sin was condemned, Rom.8:3. In this way, the devil was cast out and vanquished.
      Sin was and always has been the problem. Sin is personified as a law in our flesh that rules us. In Christ it was vanquished and put to death… in the resurrected Christ alone is freedom from sin, for sin no longer has dominion over him Rom.6:7-12.

      • hOUDINI

        Dear Emith,

        I agree with all you say Em and with what the bible does say proof positive. Maybe some of it is symbolic, maybe the Devil is not a real person, but we will have an eternity to find out whats what. In the meantime
        ◄ Proverbs 27:17 ► http://biblehub.com/proverbs/27-17.htm

        And yes Em, it is Christ alone:

        “This Means Everlasting Life,”

        their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.”—JOHN 17:3.

        KNOWLEDGE can save life. When ten-month-old Nouhou fell sick, his mother—a community health worker in Niger—knew what to do. She prepared an oral rehydration solution for her son by mixing sugar, salt, and clean water. According to UNICEF, because of her “quick response and access to community health care, her child’s illness was cut short.”

        Knowledge from the Bible can also save life. The first Bible writer, Moses, stated: “It is no valueless word for you, but it means your life, and by this word you may lengthen your days.” (Deuteronomy 32:47) Can the Bible really lengthen our days? It may take a while but you’ll find out sooner or later, on your journey, through life, everlasting?

        And stay Informed, be Prepared and of course, Fear Not!

  8. OutLookingIn

    “gold is not risk free…”

    No, but it is the least riskiest asset in the world and has been for thousands of years.

    Agree that we will have inflation, but not before deflation has run its course. Then inflation will start out slowly and end in what Ludwig von Mises described as “a crack up boom”. If its war then all bets are off, as it will be global in scope. TOTAL WAR means the prophesies in the Book of Revelations are true. ARMEGEDDON.

    • Marcus West

      why bring religion into this ????? This has nothing to do with this its people like you who ruin the whole point of what is being presented here. Stick to the subject matter and leave this out of the conversation.

      • OutLookingIn

        So what are you truly saying? It would be a beautiful day if it wasn’t for all this rain? Hope you have an umbrella ready!

      • Charles H.

        Marcus West,

        Because prophesies have been realized; and others are yet to be realized – this leads to a continuous strain, which dove-tails nicely into current world events. If you are sensitive to religious comments, as your comment indicates – I suggest you not reply to these. Allowing commenters to speculate as to the validity of Biblical prophesy, in terms of world events is not unreasonable. Raw criticism of ‘religion’, in general, seems to work as a subtle attempt at hijacking the Subject Matter of a site that is not yours. I’d say – this site is for Contributors; not Complainers.

      • Banjo Pat

        Because its your only hope, and people want to know, and when you read USAWatchdog you know!

        Greg, get Stockman back:

        Stockman’s Prescient Prediction

    • A R M A G E D D O N ?


  9. Donna

    “Gold is not risk free.” I wish he would have elaborated on that. I feel anything is better than paper, but sometimes guests speak as though we are all analyst level.

    Fortunately, you provide a treasure trove of guests/specialists to fill in a good deal of the gaps for us. If I’m still in the dark about a particular point, I can research further on my own and the people who respond on this site are very helpful in suggesting sites to do just that.

    • Al hall

      Donna: Chin up and keep up with research. One of my friends told me 10 years ago or so – to get out of anything paper as much as possible, and to buy gold and silver. He stated- gold and silver is the only money the “elite’s” know and recognize Within the past few week he and others have said – do not sell gold for any amount. Most place over sea gold is way way up in price. The false strong manipulated dollar is just that and will crack soon. Hang in there, they are trying to break you.

  10. Silence is Golden

    In this MAD MAD WORLD…. there is no common sense on the part of elected politicians.
    Hoping for the application of some…. in the Grexit scenario…… is analogous to asking the CB’s to stop printing money. Long …very long…odds.
    Greece has become the new battle ground of East vs West.
    To think Russia/China will fund Greece in lieu of EU/Germany is ludicrous. Why would anyone with a functioning brain lend money to a bankrupt and insolvent nation ?
    Strategic Assets might be a plausible reason.
    Right now Angela Merkel is sweating so too is Francois Holland. Both their nations and their banks are about to get > 50% haircut. Cue the ECB and the game of “pass the parcel” or in this case “pass the debt over” ….on a 100% value basis (EUR350 BLN worth).
    Without a new alliance (and hope of some semblance of meaningful existence and growth) Greece and its people are serfs for an eternity. Time to act was 3 years ago.
    The Banksters are about to get a serve of their own good medicine.
    Think of any retribution……forget it….Russia has a few warships ready to move to its new naval base in the Mediterranean.

    Oh and btw AM……the Greek Finance Minister is a Marxist…not a Communist. HUGE difference. 😉

  11. libertarian jerry

    In order for a nation to create wealth it has to produce a good or service in the market that creates value to it’s economy. The problem with Greece and most other European nations is that their economies do not produce enough real wealth to support their large Political Class ie. government employees,retired government employees and the numerous “entitlement” recipients. These governments in order to make up the the difference between what wealth their economies do produce and what their governments spend often either borrow un- repayable amounts from outside sources or create large amounts of domestic fiat currency that causes massive amounts of inflation. Either way it bankrupts their nation. America is no different than Greece except America is on a much larger scale. The nub of the problem is not central banks,high taxes and inflationary fiat currency. These are only the symptoms. The nub of the problem boils down to a non productive Political Class that thinks it is entitled to the amenities of life without producing anything of value in return. When this situation occurs, that is when you have a nation where the Political Class out numbers and thus out votes the productive Economic Class,then that nation is economically doomed. What is now happening in Greece will inevitably happen in America.

    • Al hall

      Lib Jerry- Just learn from the man himself on country destruction-
      John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – Part I
      and other part to the right on you tube.
      The US has been at this for a long time- destroy and takeover. SAD!


    • Charles H.

      Good points.

    • Terry

      Lib Jerry,
      Reminds me of a historical reference of the old
      Soviet Union (C.C.C.P.) . The upper echelons of
      the government were eating Beluga caviar while
      the proletariat (plebs) were waiting in line for
      bread and toilet paper. Soon we will have the
      U.S.S.A. and those currently running this
      regime look at all the working people as
      plebs. Want to see our future ? Just look
      south to Venezuela.

    • Rick Perkins


      Well said. I would only add that, in America at least, valid actions of the political class are constrained to the exercise of strictly limited powers explicitly enumerated by our Constitution. Here, the problem we have is supporting an illegal, monstrous creature that operates almost entirely outside the scope of powers granted it.

  12. billred

    this problem has nothing to do with bible study and everything to do with central banks stay focused on the root cause of these issues CENTRAL BANKS it is not nor has it ever been a religious issue……the only way to even begin to predict whats coming is to put down the bible and open your eyes to the true causes of this crisis

    • Charles H.


      If people DID pick-up their Bible and practice what it teaches: the DISHONESTY ruling in the affairs of men would not stand. Dishonesty and the lies that puts a false face on it ARE the cause Banks, government, and leaders are all unable to solve the problem. You describe the Bible as an influence to blindness; but you are completely wrong: removing oneself from the Bible is exactly where lies and corruption enter-in and destroy honest dealings.

      • aussie jeff

        You said,

        ” put down the bible and open your eyes to the true causes of this crisis”
        I believe one of the root causes of this crisis is greed,imagine for a moment if greed was eliminated from the world as of now?
        Stock markets would be out of business.Banks operating on a no “greed” policy would have to offer interest rates on mortgages to cover costs and wages only.
        Race tracks and casino’s would be closing their doors, anything where the individual or company they can get something for nothing or double their money because they can,that’s greed!
        If greed was gone the financial system would not be in the mess it is now.
        So in reality the bible is very purtinent to this discussion.Its just that these days the majority think not,and that in its self is a sign of the times we are living in.

        “Then he said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.” Luke 12:15

  13. Jerry

    This is going to go over like a turd in the churn! I say stick a fork in it. The EU is done, and so are the European banks when Greece defaults on their loans.
    You want know what the really good news is? While everyone was busy toasting their eggnog glasses before Christmas, our wonderful congress passed a bill putting us on the hook to back these loans. If you have 401-K’s. You might think about cashing them in while you still can.

    • Do you think it’s better to cash out and guarentee a 40% haircut or take our chances by going conservative and diversified? Or what about taking a loan & paying it back over time? Any ideas would be appreciated-thanks!

      • Jerry

        One half of a loaf of bread is better than no bread. My brother in law lost all of his 401-K in the last meltdown. Over $200,000.

    • Jerry

      How many dead Bankers does this make? Forty One?
      And of course its suicide.

      • Conrad

        Was in line to buy at the supermarket recently the other day and couldn’t help noticing on one of the scandal rag’s a headline about the mysterious suicides of the dead bankers worldwide. Wow, looks like the maimed steamed media will have to pick up on this one soon, especially if it keeps stacking!

  14. Jerry

    This is a perfect setup for a dollar takedown. When Greece defaults on its loans to the EU the derivative market is going to explode. And when it does guess who’s on the hook for payment?
    In one foul swoop both the European, and Western banks will go down, paving the way for the installment of the new Yuan reserve currency system that the globalist have clamoring for. Game over. This is it folks. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

    If you’re still holding onto the idea that China still needs our purchases to sustain their economy, then go check out the money velocity charts, or the dry Baltic charts, and you will see that trade is virtually dead, and that the Chinese are actually losing money by importing their goods and services to us. Thus far gold is the only thing that has stalled them off from flipping the switch, and with reserves running low, that strategy is about over. Time is about up America. We are 30 seconds to midnight.

    • wd


      An interesting point concerning this past meeting went Merkel and Hollande schlepped up to Moscow to tr to talk peace negotiations with Putin.

      1) They WENT TO MOSCOW-Putin did not come to them they went to him.

      2) Putin gave them a couple of days to “make their case” and then went to Socchi for a long weekend.

      Jerry, if Putin was so desperate he would have flown to Germany or Paris to discuss this. He did not. The one who has the gold makes the rules, West/EU is losing very badly in Ukraine and their economies are severly floundering. THAT IS WHY THEY WENT TO SEE HIM!!

      He dosen’t need to see them, not at all-they need him and Russia!!

      The victor makes the rules ” you come to me at my convenience” thats it. I believe secret economic deals were made as well.

      Again checkmate Putin!!

      • Conrad

        The US. is still riding high on the tidal wave of the EU. when it jumped in the lake, on our orders! But Putin may have the last laugh when the wave of “KING Dollar,” dissipates?

      • Jerry

        Great point. I didn’t think about Merkel going to Russia. Deals are being cut behind closed doors.

      • Mohammad


        He (Putin) did not go to Paris nor to Berlin, rather he went to Egypt to sign treaties and BUILD A NUCLEAR REACTOR…..
        To top it off guess what was his gift to the egyptian president SISI (which is oddly ISIS but reversed….) …..?

        KALASHNIKOV…..Think about that….!


        That is worth a weekly wrap mentioning….WHAT SAY YOU GREG?


    • Jc Davis

      Jerry my friend it is finished.

    • Charles H.


      It has been a privilege commenting with you here. (Hey! Those are MY deck-chairs!!!)

  15. JC Davis

    Sounds like Axel Merk has gone soft concerning the unavoidable melt down of the world currency. Every where you turn on a world map it looks bad for the dollar. I can not tell if and when war will brake out, but it is for sure the dollar is already dead as a world currency. When the funeral is over then acceptance occurs. The pain really starts then.

    • Silence is Golden

      Seems like the Inevitable.
      I just wonder how many people on USAWD are REALLY prepared for this coming shock?
      Considering a breakdown of social order is not something we see every day in our “normal” lives. Its enough to scare the pants off you if you think the process through.
      Whilst it appears people here are well informed …there is an unmistakable air of calmness.
      ……as the saying goes……
      AND GO

      • hOUDINI

        F E A R _N O T _!

        “Stand Firm and See the Salvation of God” ◄ Exodus 14:13 ►

        “God is on my side; I shall not fear. What can earthling man do to me?”—PSALM 118:6.

        TODAY, mankind faces events of a magnitude never previously experienced. Foretelling this about our day, Jesus warned his followers: “There will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.”—Matthew 24:21, 22.

      • Charles H.


        As prepared as within my meager constraints. All the metals; some food; no debt. You’ve been a great presence here, and an encouragement.

  16. John

    Whether it will be inflation or deflation will depend on what your money is. If your money
    is gold you will be able to buy more with it so, for you, it will be deflation. However, if your money is paper, and the powers that be print like crazy, it will be inflation.

  17. Mike Soon Over

    Obama did his job RULES FOR RADICALS… Though it started long before he helped by twisting the knife that was already in the victim. Seen this the other day on zero hedge a 1962 film called PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSGEiXO5894 The first 40 minutes of film tells the story that’s soon to come. Thank you Greg and all those whom comment

  18. Mike Soon Over

    Let me add this gentleman from the GATEWAY PUNDIT Gallup CEO Jim Clifton said “I May Suddenly Disappear For the Truth About Obama Unemployment Rate Video”
    To see interview on CNBC http://www.gatewaypundit.com Let’s all remember Andrew Breitbart not only left us after indicating something big was coming but also his Doctor shortly there after. THE BEST OF LUCK TO US ALL

  19. Jerry

    Greg, is it me, or does it seem coincidental that Harvey Organs prediction of the derivatives market blowing up in 10 days just happen to coincide with the Chinese New Year on 02/19/2015 ? Just asking.

    • Jeff

      I was thinking coinciding with a 3 day weekend.

  20. Mohammad


    Lets think about for a second.
    What would the gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey be worth if Greece was not in?
    Also lets keep in mind scraping off the south gas pipeline from Russia to EU under the sea that was supposed to surface in Bulgaria.
    And for sure we can comfortably say the pipeline in Ukraine is in a temporary idle due to turmoil.

    If Russia is to bail out Greece, they cannot afford paying the staggering debt Greece owes to the EU.
    After all, i was scratching my head asking why would Russia bother scrapping off the shorter line that goes in Bulgaria and build a longer line that goes into Turkey?
    Keep in mind here that Turkey is at odds with Russia on Syrian Assad.
    Also Turkey and Greece are at odds over history of wars including the demand of returning Hagia Sophia to Greece, not to mention Cyprus.
    Would’t be extremely mind boggling to see GREECE AND TURKEY ON THE SAME PAGE, and more oddly that page is no one but RUSSIA.
    Also, is that a hint to the side Germany is leaning towards: Russia vs US/England?


  21. Charles Turner

    A view from London

    Greg, there seems to be an increasing view being put forward over the last few days that if Greek leaves the Euro, it will be crushed and the new political anti austerity parties in places like Spain will start losing their momentum as they see what happens to the ordinary Greek people. An opposing view, which doesn’t seem to be getting any traction in any news, including your interview with Axel’s interview, is the rise in anger of youth in times of oppression. The number of young people under the age of 30 in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy that have got university degrees, but never had jobs is staggering. Overall youth unemployment in Greece was at 58%. I sense that if the Greek people suffer much more severe hardship and are made an example off and punished for exiting the Euro zone, then popular anger in these other countries will turn to extreme hatred, a rapid rise in extremist parties, racism, civil breakdown and a splintering of the Euro zone. If you are young and have never had a job but are too old for a career, what do you have you to lose? I was a little disappointed that Axel dismissed Syriza as mere Communists. The Greek finance minister Varoufkasis, whatever his political leanings shows he has a deep, deep caring for ordinary people and this is coming through in his interview, how he interacts with ordinary people and what he wants for them. He is not a career politician. He feels the ordinary people’s and youth’s hardship and suffers with them. I have been in the Capitalist camp all my life, but when Capitalism no longer cares about people including the youth, then maybe, just maybe the youth growing up today will wonder what is so bad with a more managed economy with jobs and parties like Sysiza, rather than a capitalist society, where any care for ordinary people has gone. The comments coming out of Germany at the moment about Greeks are akin to a prison warden talking about how his prisoners must do time. I am a capitalist and will always be one, but if I was a young Spaniard, Greek or Italian and my social norms where what they are experiencing today, I suspect I would be leaning far more to one of the extremes.

    • Jeff

      Turner… ” I was a little disappointed that Axel dismissed Syriza as mere Communists. The Greek finance minister Varoufkasis, whatever his political leanings shows he has a deep, deep caring for ordinary people”. …………….. Communist and a deep caring for the ordinary people ? Charles I like what’s happening in Greece as no one else will take on these egomaniacs……… But your description (caring communist)sounds like you know who (nobama). And of course all the other communist leaders (Hitler, Mao, ect)……. Again, I hope this guy is different and wish for the best for Greece.

      • Charles Turner

        Jeff, what I keep hearing all over the news is how the markets will react, what the markets think, what the markets will do to Greece, how the international finance systems will punish Greece, etc. The concern by all the mainstream media is about the markets, very little is about the Greek people. The poor, hungry, jobless and destitute in Greece are collateral damage. What I like about Varoufkasis is that he comes across as genuinely caring about the poor and the young and wants to restore dignity for many of the people who had nothing to do with Greece getting into debt in the first place and nothing to do with the bail out of the banks that lent Greece money, with full knowledge of the risks. Many of these people if they were living in another time or another country would be hardworking and successful. To dismiss Varoufkasis as a communist as Axel does, does not give credence to the humanitarian path he has set himself on, which transcends petty politics.

  22. Gene

    Mr. Merk dismisses Russia’s potential ability to support Greece against the EU ruling class, without considering that Russia is likely to be joined in this effort by China, along with the other BRICS and their numerous associates.
    The question then is whether these numerous countries are sufficiently motivated to support Greece. The present circumstances are an excellent opportunity to undermine the EU ruling class who have been far too accommodating to the US hegemons, by imposing sanctions against Russia, and who kowtow to NATO in its ongoing effort to undermine Russian power. So, Russia has both the motive and ability to support Greece in its struggle against the EU, and probably will do so if need be.

    • Charles H.


      Russia might draw other parties into Greek help. And since there is an interest for politicians to live lower, government not spend as much – austerity on patriotic grounds may look better than owing a ‘payday loan’ to the EU.

  23. Keith

    Good guest Greg. Mr. Merk is very knowledgeable and imminently reasonable.
    His pragmatism evidences and understanding that even ‘meltdowns’ will be managed and certain protocols will be followed.
    Although no one can contemplate all of the possible unintended consequences of a Greek default and exit, he appears to understand that MOST of the economic fallout will be manageable and has already been ‘prepared for’.
    Although he recognizes that a Greek default may have some negative unintended consequences, he doesn’t seem to share the heightened concern of many of your guests that it will cause the entire derivatives bubble to burst.
    Interesting that he recognizes a higher ‘risk’ of things getting out of hand in Ukraine, and that the major concern of the ECB and IMF is that the populist/communist sentiment reaches political contagion in southern Europe.
    Unfortunately, the US seems to want to push militarization/lethal aid in the Ukraine, and of course the Grexit will be politically and psychologically ‘disturbing’ to Europe in many ways, particularly since all of Europe is essentially in the same [debt] boat.

    • JMiller

      Keith, you summed it up well. I agree with what Axel Merk said. I do not believe in the massive financial meltdown which happens overnight nonsense. There are rules and procedures in place to help minimize the fallout if a bank has a problem because of derivatives such as temporary stays.


      The TBTF banks are all in it together and should some of them get into trouble because of derivatives there are possible ways that they can deal with it that may prevent having a 2008 type crisis from happening. The worst case scenario that many claim is going to happen is probably not the most likely scenario. At least when it comes to it happening overnight.

  24. Mohammad



  25. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for the interview, enjoyed it, a sympathetic man with a clear view. ‘Extremism and populism on the rise, people blame everyone except themselves’, he said. That fits the comeback of JC’s view, as he is in the camp ‘see your mistakes, and learn from it, to improve the world’, as he advised in his role as JFK, disappearing in the dustbin of history, warning for conspiracies, secret oaths, and so on. The Greek situation is in a poker play status, as Merk said. I wouldn’t be surprised with a sudden Doom scenario, but I think that when the Greek hold on to their position, there will be made some kind of deal, unless they guess (or know) it wouldn’t give The Grand Collapse, a Cyprus kind of thing as Merk added. The Greek could switch to a governmental issued non debt based currency to pay for their expenses free of any charge. Question is ‘what’ do they know, and did they prepare anything. In the know of the truth they could threaten the West to become the Independent Alternative Media (I AM, as you are), which surely could collapse the financial system, as that would be a strong hand. Mating up with BRICS, China/Russia would be a nice escape from Devilish Western leadership, who lured them into too much debt, now looting the country. Peoples took on the debt themselves, but the looting is a bridge too far, planned and criminal. The world is far too much in debt, as then you are broke, as we fly on fumes in the tanks, which gets replaced though, but as Merk said you can provide liquidity, but not solvency, as we all know it will crash, slowly, or a sudden Grand Collapse. Be informed, be prepared, and hope for the best.

    In times of turmoil people in the West argue that God, or Jesus Christ (JC) should interfere now!! For many decades there is hunger in the world, and a lot of casualties because of that. Presently every day 5.000 children die because of no water, or bad water, as all these decades there was no heavenly intervention, as the world is the peoples, and no miracles settling it. There was no heavenly intervention at the time of the Inquisition, and so on, as everything is timing, and opportunity, which time seems possibly nearing. Some situations get the outmost attention, as radical Muslims in Africa murdering around are not that much in the focus, it’s all about financial interests. I can imagine that an intervention from the spiritual source targets everyone to see/admit their mistakes, on individual, national, and global levels, which is far from being the case. There are numerous physical worlds in the universe, as this world is just one. A spirit which is enlightened, driven by Love, it returns to its original abilities, being able to travel in almost no time to another world, whatever the unthinkable distance, to interact over there, something to do in eternal times. Not in the original Love status, a spirit is unable to travel to other worlds, when the world ends they have nowhere to go, as boredom in that case becomes a living hell. The spirit world is involved in this one world, but it’s the most primitive one ever found; divided, inefficient, repeating history, as the list goes on, and on. The world is not directed by a single God, but by the people, at times inspired by their guiding spirit(s) in the spirit world. To change the world into a better place it needs everyone to see their mistakes, learning from that to improve one’s self, and with that turning the world into a better place, as Devilish leadership in that ruling sentiment will be recognised and denied. When JC comes back he needs a position, and protection as good guys entering the stage get executed, look at our history, as JC got executed, as what happened in his role of Prince Willem van Oranje of Holland, and JFK, as the list of that kind of victims is endless. When JC comes back he will tell the truth, and I can tell you that nobody will like to hear that, as a long time ago a Russian writer wrote about that, ‘when he comes back, people don’t want to listen to him, as the truth is harsh’. Believing something won’t help you, embracing Love helps to overcome this very primitive world. Actually it could be regarded as a bloody shame that a skilled key player like JC at one point has to tell the world what they could figure out themselves, as he had to sacrifice himself to the dark side, joining the warfare, as the altered story and the Inquisition were expected/foreseen. Bibles, religions, and so on are altered stories for the power, which corrupts, as it keeps people passive in improving themselves, and thereby the world, which was the target of the Religious Rulers who produced Bibles, religions, and so on. Waiting for a tribulation, rapture, explaining old scriptures, translating them, an early day MSM principle to dumb people down, to keep them passive in taking control, occupied with awaiting a Santa Claus from heaven fixing it all. That occupation/time might be laid down in growing Love in the soul, every day considering one’s own behaviour, and where it could become more lovely, which radiates into the world, ‘go and multiply/radiate your Love into the world’. Occupation with governmental systems, as that faded away with the Devilish bait to get rich quick, these days coming to an end, chaos goes before change.

    Revelations got written by a frustrated Christian, they got slaughtered, as he thought about it on an island. He got inspired, but he translated it with an understandably frustrated heart. Prophecies of the end of the world made a lot of people waiting for it, remain passive, instead of trying to avoid it. The world is directed by the people, at times inspired by their guiding spirit(s) in the spirit world, which occurring is labelled Devilish by early day Religious Rulers, excluding the spiritual truth with their produced belief systems.

    The comeback of JC walks the earth again, but it’s far from a done deal it’s going to make a difference. As all peoples won’t like his messages, it’s targeted to give it a try after chaos, as in these circumstances the chance he gets heard probably increases. This world walks the edge, as it’s a very scary world. People want miracles to get rid of bad leadership, but forgot about that when they wanted to get rich of their homes, leaving unpayable shelter to their children, aiming to get rich quick, and now when the system is hitting the wall, it’s only the blame of Devilish systems and leaders, that’s not the whole truth I think. JFK warned for it, as it got no attention after his death, JFK’s speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2n32lr93S4

    We are shocked by ISIS burning someone, as Western governments all over the place execute people within and outside their borders. Every day 5.000 children dying doesn’t hit the news, or rarely, as the list of enormous human suffering is endless. The spiritual source is on no one’s side, as they are dominated by Love, and nothing else, what one believes is his/her freedom, but where it boils down to is Love and Honesty, and so on. The spirit world only sees bad or good (and everything in between), what someone ‘believes’ is not an issue at all, being good driven by Love expands creativity and wellbeing, which then feels divine, that going viral gives a beautiful prosperous world. An imprisoned world can be set free by the truth, the truth is out there, as there is no comeback of JC needed to provide that, as except when he gets manoeuvred in a position to organize it to go viral. In that case there is an army needed to avoid his execution. We suffer more from fear of suffering then the suffering itself, as at the end of the day we do everything ourselves. Pointing to devilish leadership is one side of the coin, looking at one’s own behaviour to improve it is the other side. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and the Source of Love (in and outside us) bless us all. Expect the unexpected.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is waaaay to long my friend. Please make comments much shorter.

  26. Andy Johnson

    Banks will survive, gold not really safe. This is not what I believe. We shall see. I think a small bank out of the derivatives might be around, maybe. But they will take a beating first.

  27. Jerry

    You just think you’re paying your taxes to the Federal Government. Would you like to see who you’re really paying taxes to, and why the European debt created by Greece should concern you, and why I have posted information about the City of London so many times? Can you handle the truth?

  28. Klemens

    My thinging about what is going on in the Ukraine:
    Hollande and Merkel visited Putin. Hollande do not want the war anymore with russia because of big economic problems in France, so he made a big pressure of Merkel to visit Putin. The meeting with Putin, Merkel and Hollande was +- 5 hours. So they make a deal, otherwise the meeting were finished after one hour. That means France, Germany and Russia work together aginst USA and NAZI-Kiew. Note there was no high EU politcians in this meeting. Merkel has no a very big problem, she has to explain the US that Germany has changed the side of the table. The next thing what will happend now, that we in Germany, will get a false flag action from CIA/MOSSAD, if Merkel do not come back to the US side.

  29. Craig

    Please, Greg, just WHY are you asking a person who is PART OF THE PROBLEM about the situation Greece is in! Of COURSE Axle’s going to say they’re going to fail! He’s one of the BANKSTERS! The reason Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland AND the U.S. is in such dire financial straits is BECAUSE of the banks and they psychopaths that run them. THEY run the governments. THEY’RE making TRILLIONS, and the rest of us are paying for it! Austerity! That means “you little people are going to pay for our Lear jets and yachts”! period. I just wonder if those people sit around in their palaces and laugh at all of us yutzes! If it wasn’t so sick, it WOULD be funny.
    And as far as Ukraine goes, this is ALL U.S. involvement. The U.S. is responsible for the entire coup that happened there last year, AND Petrochenco is just a PUPPET of the U.S. They want no PEACE PLAN. They WANT war! That’s how they make more money! There ARE NO RUSSIAN troops in Ukraine! It’s completely propaganda. What Merkel and Holland have realized is that it IS all propaganda, and they’re finally realizing that it’s not Russia, but the U.S. that behind this entire war that’s going on there. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has the entire story on his website, if anyone cares to educate themselves.

    • Silence is Golden

      P. CRAIG R. couldn’t have said it any better. 😉

    • JMiller

      IF Axel Merk is one of the BANKSTERS then he understands as good as anyone what is going on behind the scenes and how this game is being played. He also knows that the TBTF banks have been preparing to handle a number of problems to try to keep the game going.

      • Greg Hunter

        J Miller,
        I don’t think Merk is not one of the “Banksters.”

  30. Dan

    With China finally collapsing it looks like the deflation is going to hit hard as commodity bet unwinding explodes via the derivatives. But don’t worry the money printers will then jump in to light the inflationary fires (we are at zero bound). Did everyone hear Axel? The system is broken. If the TPTB continue to try to keep system working, the dangers grow to considering WW3. Why? Because the US is going to find a scapegoat and point the finger. It could be Russia and/or China. Maybe a battle in Iran but then major players jump in and bam WW3.

    • Mike

      Think about it…..

      Leaders of major countries flying around the world to have high level discussions with countries involved in Ukraine crisis.

      The talking points from most does not give me the sense that there is a desire to de-escalate.

      Any person with brains can see that we are being set up to find a scapegoat to blame our failure to solve the economic problems world wide.

      In the view of regular people like us it appears on the surface that they have in fact lost control and that the jig is up.

      Have we maybe arrived at a time to escalate world conflict in order to hide the truth….

      If you are not scared then you are out of touch….imho

  31. Ed

    Greg my accountant informed me that when filing 2014 tax returns the irs requires you to send along your banking info acct.numbers,routing numbers. this is BS .they also want to know about your health ins.have you heard about this? sounds to me like preparations for a bail in.

    • JMiller


      You only need to give your banking info if you want to use direct deposit for your refund. This is nothing new. This has nothing to do with any possible future bail-ins. As far as health insurance being report on you tax return, this has to do with the Obamacare law that requires people to have health insurance or pay a penalty if they do not. Also some people received insurance premium tax credits to help them pay for health insurance. There is a place on the tax form that deals with this.

  32. eddiemd

    Hello Greg,

    Your eyes look very tired. Try to get some sleep. Get some exercise. Stay hydrated.

    Check your thyroid hormones.

    Doctor’s orders.

    • Mohammad

      are you a doc eddie?

  33. dbcooper

    Greg, interesting interview; is he right?/wrong? … I don’t know … in fact I don’t know alot!! But that said, My mentor Ralph Westlake taught me about the international banksters, they are the same now as they were a couple hundred years ago; their world is an onion that has more layers than we can conceive of and they have lots of generations to perfect the plan; they have think tanks overseeing their think tanks … I do not wish to sell them short. My mission for all of my adult life (since I have been awake) is to endeavor to connect the dots and glean information … we can stand in any one spot in the world today and turn 360 and see things that are screwed up … I do not believe too much in coincidence!! There is no accident here and so we take a step (or ten) back to find the answer that makes sense. It is obvious that the brass (or golden) ring is total world domination; are the BRICS a monkey wrench in the works? What is left of the USA has been the last bastion of liberty in the world and obviously a stumbling block to the NWO (do not give up your guns!!) The Fed has been systematically raping this once prosperous nation for over one hundred years and now we are at the edge of the precipice … and this begs my question … Where is Andy Jackson when we REALLY need him?? As times harden and darkness engulfs us we find our only strength in our Faith and I pray for repentance and Devine Intervention.
    So my friend … Fear Not, Yours in Faith and Yours in Liberty, DB

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes DB, we need and will get Devine Intervention at some point. “Fear Not.”

      • paul

        Why wait for Judgement Day to have Divine Intervention … with Jesus probably very busy taking care of more serious problems on the other side of the galaxy … why don’t we simply round up all the billionaire bankers here in America and Europe … who have “seriously harmed the world economic and social order” and give them a “one way” ticket to China … they are so used to getting away with everything that they can’t help no getting in trouble with the Chinese authorities who will then take care of our problems for us … yesterday … in one of the most dramatic episodes yet in president Xi Jinping’s war on corruption … a 49 year old Chinese billionaire Liu Han “was executed” for offences that included serious harm to the economic and social order.

      • Art Barnes

        Greg, so glad you know that God is in control, and its all part of His plan, so happy your a Christian; I know, therefore, that at some point in time we will meet. ab

        • Greg Hunter

          “Fear Not” my friend.

  34. Coalburner

    HANG ON Charles T. there is ,more to the story.

    Allen Oles. I agree. The chess master has been planning this a long time. The Eastern Orthadox Church connection Greece and Russia is a big , big connection.

  35. Gene

    Per Zerohedge, Bernie Sanders has now proposed that the Fed bail out Greece. The Fed can’t do that openly without undermining the power of the EMU over Greece. But it can do it indirectly, as some entity did in creating the Belgian Bulge. And if the Fed does fund the Greek bailout, it will gain still greater leverage over the institutions of the EMU, and forestall a BRICS bailout that would draw Greece to their camp.

  36. Mike

    It is in the interest of the western bankers as well as Governments to simply pretend that there is no real risk within the banking system.

    However, a lie is still a lie.

    The CDIC or the FDIC simply and not sufficiently funded to cover our potential losses.

    We can believe as many choose to believe. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

    or we can do what we do here.. Educate ourselves to the realities and prepare as best as we can for what eventually must come to pass.

    What should happen will eventually happen. (Peter Schiff) I believe was the first to make this statement.

  37. Conrad

    A Republic No More: Big Government and the Rise of American Political Corruption

    After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin’s response: “A Republic—if you can keep it.”

    This book argues: we couldn’t keep it!

    A true republic privileges the common interest above the special interests. To do this, our Constitution established an elaborate system of checks and balances that separates power among the branches of government, and places them in conflict with one another. The Framers believed that this would keep grasping, covetous factions from acquiring enough power to dominate government. Instead, only the people would rule.

    Proper institutional design is essential to this system. Each branch must manage responsibly the powers it is granted, as well as rebuke the other branches when they go astray. This is where subsequent generations have run into trouble: we have overloaded our government with more power than it can handle. The Constitution’s checks and balances have broken down because the institutions created in 1787 cannot exercise responsibly the powers of our sprawling, immense twenty-first century government.

    The result is the triumph of special interests over the common interest. James Madison called this factionalism. We know it as political corruption.

    Corruption today is so widespread that our government is not so much a republic, but rather a special interest democracy. Everybody may participate, yes, but the contours of public policy depend not so much on the common good, but rather the push-and-pull of the various interest groups encamped in Washington, DC.

    If you care more about the founding principles of the United States than a political party then you will enjoy this book.
    Cost provides an analysis of the history of political corruption and has plenty of blame for both sides of the aisle. While I agree with most of the author’s claims about the rise of American political corruption he does fail to recognize the Citizens United decision by the right-wing Supreme Court which dramatically pressed the accelerator on further moving our republic to an oligarchy, conservatives fail to see this obvious truth.
    If conservatives and Republicans want to see the reason why our republic is dissolving, they need not look any further than their own mirrors. Conservatives and Republicans giving a lecture on corruption in government would be like Tiger Woods giving a lecture on marriage fidelity.

  38. Orion

    The Swiss have already fired the first shot in the currency wars by removing the Euro peg from the Swiss Franc. Greek exit from the Eurozone is inevitable. The IMF, ECB and Germany are not in a deal cutting mood with Greece. Germany may exit from the Euro as well, if Draghi decides to start a Eurozone version of “quantitative easing”. The Greek debt is unsustainable and they will default. Russia and China simply cannot afford to bail-out Greek banks and all the publicity about deals with the new communist controlled government are window dressing and have no substance. Ultimately, Greece is going to go the same way Venezuela did when they elected Chavez and the communists nationalized the foreign-owned oil fields. Venezuela is now in shambles despite all of their oil exports and is collapsing under the present oil prices. The announced Russian South Stream and Black Sea pipelines with capacities of 63 bcm each make no economic sense whatsoever and were likely devised solely as a threat to play on the problems in the Ukraine. Let the currency wars begin!

  39. billred

    so charlie you biblical scholar are you referring to old testament or new testament……..the first 2 books that are a must read for anyone who wants to understand this issue CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND AND THE ASCENT OF MONEY by niall ferguson they are the first step in a long journey in understanding the true powers behind this folly known as CENTRAL BANKING

  40. yahoo

    Ukrainians Rage Against Military Draft: “We’re Sick Of This War”
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/10/2015 – 12:22

    When Ukrainian army officers came to the Ukrainian village of Velikaya Znamenka to tell the men to prepare to be drafted, they weren’t prepared for what happened next. As the commanding officer was speaking, a woman seized the microphone and proceeded to tell him off: “We’re sick of this war! Our husbands and sons aren’t going anywhere!” She then launched into a passionate speech, denouncing the war, and the coup leaders in Kiev, to the cheers of the crowd. What she did is now a crime in Ukraine: the only reason she wasn’t arrested on the spot is that the villagers wouldn’t have permitted it.


    The writing is on the wall, this will happen all over the world, the people will stop listening and obeying the bloodthirsty governments!



  41. Emeth

    Off topic … RE: Climate Change.

    This Youtube video is rally worth listening to … Prof’ Ian Pilmer.. (Geologist)


    • Greg Hunter

      LOVE it!!! Thank you.

  42. Farmer Dave

    I don’t know, but I just can’t get too excited about this Greece thing, we played this out 2 or so years ago and nothing happened. Too small to worry about failing.

    • Mohammad

      Greece WILL NOT DEFAULT, they will get an extension under “negotiations” of a final terms, they will pay their debt i installments to Germany in a form of GAS supply from the new gas line through Turkey, and the Euro will remain.

      • Jeff

        There’s no reason they won’t default and they will still benefit from the pipeline. Germany has nothing to do with it other than being a part of the corrupt EU regarding the debt. That was Germany’s fault as they chose to serve US interests over their own. Frankly, the EU has no say over Greece’s decision……. Today is a new day.

        • Mohammad

          Germany is leaning eastward.


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