Everything Bubble is Reaching a Limit – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan says the entire world is printing huge amounts of money, and nobody ever plans on paying any of it back.  It’s all going into the so-called “Everything Bubble” that gets stretched a little more each and every day.  With another $1.9 trillion Corona stimulus package that just passed in the Senate, we are getting closer to finding out how much funny money a country can print out of thin air before it all blows up.  Morgan says, “It’s all about the currency reset or currency crisis that I have been writing and talking about for so long.  So, if you don’t trust the currency du jour, the U.S. dollar which is the reserve currency of the world, you are going to look for some place to go that you trust more than that.  I think this is what the Bitcoin phenomenon is all about.  Rich people don’t need another country home of a third yacht.  So, they are going to put money in something they trust more than the U.S. Dollar. . . . I think it‘s an indicator that there is money, big money, that is scared to death about what’s going to happen with the dollar in the future, and they are seeking a place to park it.  There is greed too, but the primary thing they are looking for is something that is outside the system at large.”

Morgan has long predicted a “Great Silver Crisis” is coming.  While the price of the white metal has backed off recently, it is still way up from last year.  Morgan thinks silver is still the most undervalued asset out there, and he expects more frenzied buying as people flee fiat currencies printed to infinity.  He also predicts very big price moves higher at some point after years of manipulation.  Morgan thinks, “The Great Silver Crisis’ is starting now.”

Morgan warns, “We are reaching a limit on everything across the board with the ‘Everything Bubble,’ the overvalued ‘Everything Bubble.’ What is not overvalued?  It’s pretty much the commodities.  We are going from a financial economy where 70% is a consumer economy to an economy of what is needed.  This is the commodity sector.  You need corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, cotton and look at lumber.  I mean all these things are going up.  The financial system that is running 40% of the economy is just paper promises going back and forth across trading desks all day.  We are not a productive society.”

In closing, Morgan says, “You can hobble along with an injured leg for a long time as a metaphor, but there is a point that you can’t go any further, and I think we are reaching that point.  The silver market is signaling something.  The Treasury market is signaling something.  I think the stock market with the NASDAQ getting hammered is signaling something.  I think the Bitcoin surge is signaling something.  I think there are a lot of clues out there, that if you stop and look, they are signaling loud and clear that we are getting very close to what I am calling “The Great Currency Debacle” or currency crisis I have warned about for years.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan, publisher of “The Morgan Report.”

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  1. Paul ...

    As soon as Universal Basic Income is enacted … hyperinflation will begin in earnest … then watch how Gold and Silver react upward … leaving Stan almost totally exposed “holding on to his shorts” … while praying to God they won’t fall further!!

    • Rachel

      Yes Paul, there’s no rush like a gold rush!

      Hi Greg, Thank you for asking many questions during that interview and getting clarification on David Morgan’s expectations going forward. Our bond yield is going up, your bond yield is going up, there are indicators popping up all over the place in various markets to indicate changes are on their way including the nutcase indicator.

      …for Self Exiled, I put a message for you 2 pages back. .)

      • JC

        Paul… Rachel,
        Easy money is coming soon! Whee!

        Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, House Democrats plan final approval Tuesday…

        In deference to this moment, let’s all listen to…
        ‘EASY MONEY’ – King Crimson live, 1973


      • Self Exiled

        Seen it; right off, made copies and saved them. Thank You Rachel for your dedicated concern for a fellow poster. After some time I was able to connect with a person I knew in the US who hacked the hackers. He got access to my computer with team viewer and set up a tunnel to access USA Watchdog through other countries with what he called a VPN . You once asked me about life in the Philippines. This is for you. ———– The neighbors in the bamboo house had a birthday party for one of the kids about a week ago. Sounds like a school playground for most of the day. They hire a clown and he has stories and plays music; about 30 kids. No abortion, all neighbor kids I usually see playing up and down the block. Well you can’t see down the street from were the party was because the house is only six feet from the street. Police drive through the neighborhood once in a while just to check, about once a month. Well they rolled through slowly and saw 30+ laughing kids jumping around in rice sacks and smiling, now all the kids are just standing there smiling laughing; staring at the police,some with teeth and some without a few. No masks, parents slip inside the house with the clown . They were in the shade close to the door. A woman police officer and a man police officer sit and stare at each other and you can see the expression on their face, it’s like oh shit what do we do. I have been to the police station in Numancia. Their cells are just a couple of cages 4′ by 4′. 30 kids would have a hay day of fun with this especially as defiantly , smiling, mischievous as these neighbor kids are. So we have a standoff. Smiling kids verses outnumber police. The police stare at each other and finally the male officer driving the vehicle reaches over and hits a button and the WHOOP WHOOP warning/pull over sounds loud and clear. Kids leap into action and all run into the house. We are now coved compliant. I notice now every time the police come into this street I hear the WHOOP WHOOP as they turn onto our street which is about 4 blocks long. No kids and everyone is masks on. I wonder what Bill Gates would do with this. Thank You Again Rachel.

        • Rachel

          That’s a nice story Self Exiled, I’m glad you are back on track with your computer now you can watch the show with the rest of us. lol

    • Stan

      Paul: If there is so much inflation then why is Gold cheaper now than 9 years ago and why is silver cheaper now than 41 years ago?

      • Paul ...

        Stan … Why aren’t you asking me why is silver only $25 dollars now when it was $1.85 in 1972 … the answer is because the peak in silver is still 7 years away … silver went from $1.85 in 1972 to $50 in 1980 (about 27 times higher) … if silver does what it did in the 70’s … it should rise 27 times higher then it’s current price (to $675 dollars)!!

        • Paul ...

          Stan … Here is a question for you … Why have the banksters recently reduced their Silver short position from over $49 million down to $31 million? … think they are becoming “woke to the fact that silver is in such short supply” … to be ridiculously shorting it like that bankster stooge SLV is doing with their investors money??

          • Paul ...

            You know … people keep complaining … why doesn’t silver go up?? … it is because they keep buying SLV (which is not a physical silver substitute) … people are idiotically shooting themselves in the foot by buying SLV … they need to get it straight in their heads … that SLV works with the banksters … they take the money you thought you were investing in silver to ride it up and the criminals use your money “To Short Silver” … if people really want to see their silver go up (and not down all the time ) they must buy “physical silver” and hold it in their possession … so the criminal Banksters and their SLV stooges can’t write short contracts against it!!!

          • Stan

            Paul: I know many in the banking industry and they don’t give a rats behind about silver or gold.

    • Mike R

      What Americans don’t realize is that unless they own their own business, that effectively everyone is already on universal basic income. The governments trillions out of thin air is funding the entire ponzu economy we now live in. It’s their made up trillions pouring into basically all government functions they feed the trough of corporate pigs, who are then in turn contracting with other businesses and so on down the line. The ‘consumer’ is not funding any of this. It’s all borrowed money. There is virtually zero productivity right now in the US. Not one soul produces anything of value. We now call it ‘services. ‘. People point and click on computers. That’s it !

      There is no production at any auto factory. It’s assembly of parts from overseas. Ditto for virtually every other durable good. All we have here now are people bilking and milking the system. You have traders. You have brokers. Agents. Sales. IT. Finance. These are ALL OVERhead functions. 85% of all jobs today can be outsourced to overseas. Done over the cloud, or over the internet. The remaining 15% which is manual labor can all be done by robots or drones. Even cheap labor immigrants are easily replaced. Doctors jobs are being replaced by nurses and robots. Truck drivers jobs are being replaced by AI.

      There is no such thing as a services economy. You either produce goods or you don’t. And if you don’t your country better be darn good at printing money. So that’s the US. Hyperinflation is already here. People don’t get what it is, bc they have never experienced it. Bitcoin is hyperinflation in spades. As are a number of stocks. Home prices, college degrees, medical costs, energy, transportation, energy is all in hyperinflation mode. Texas experienced prices of electric going from cents per Kwhr to over $9000 per kwhr. Energy companies are going bankrupt left and right, and municipals are talking about 20 year repayment plans for their costs from one week. Folks that is hyperinflation, and it’s not because of a one off event. That is exactly how hyperinflation works. It hits hard and heavy and comes in spurts that people feel are one off events. This happens and it’s already too late. You can’t protect yourself from it. It’s now completely out of control.

      People will wait until they see it in food stuffs and gasoline prices. By the time you reco*nice it there, then you are talking about needing wheel barrows of cash within months. Not years. Saudis are already talking $100 oil. This when consumers have cratered car use due to remote working. Fracking is done. Kaput. Gone. All those companies have gone belly up. Our imports of oil have skyrocketed, and Biden and MSM have hisdden that fact. This began the moment Trump was illegally booted from office back on Nov 3rd. When the election was illegally overturned, with trump having won 415 electoral votes.

      Powell cannot only not stop hyperinflation, but he is trapped and has to contribute more to it every single day. Why . Bc now if he doesn’t the entire system freezes up overnight. It just siezes. Every thing would stop. No food gets to cities. The energy supply stops. Trucking stops. Power goes out. We are immediately in cave man era, with societal unrest and mass starvation occurring so rapidly, and the smell of death in the air, happening so quickly, you will be clamoring for Faucis double and triple masks, and there won’t have to be a mandate.
      The stimulus packages will now have to come once a quarter, and the $7 trillion that got added to the feds balance since last March, will now have to go t9 $70 trillion in the next few years. The fed absolutely cannot stop printing. The bond market yields are screaming higher, and will continue to do so, until the system finally breaks. And then stocks all collapse. This is inevitable. It’s the final entirely predictable outcome of the QE that was started by Greedspam, over 2 decades ago. There is no more raising rates by the fed. They can’t do it. They are trapped.

      • Randy+Best

        I agree with you 100%. Worthless American consumption, no production.

    • Jeff Persinger

      UBI (via Modern Monetary Theory) is already in action…happening right there in front of us. When the government so grossly deficit spends (and PRINTS) these massive amounts of money – that’s MMT. When they print “everyone” a check for “cash”…that’s the start of UBI. They’ll get everyone used to the idea of “stimulus checks” and then it’ll be easier to walk in “monthly stimulus”. That’s just my opinion…

    • Stan

      Paul: Care to tell us your latest support level for Gold? 🙂

      • Greg Hunter

        My question to you is: Care to tell us how high is the Fed going to let interest rates rise until they step in? Are you seeing this debt we are going to have to fund? We just added another $1.9 trillion and there is going to be an infrastructure bill coming too.

  2. Bruce McGott

    The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.
    __1 John 5:19.

    Why is the world so cruel? The answer has to do with what happened in the garden of Eden. Early in human history, a spirit creature who had become selfish and haughty introduced a plandemic to become a world ruler. Sound familiar? As a result of his scheming, sorta like an ex president of today we know. This spirit creature did become “the ruler of this world’ indeed a very oppressive oppressive one. (John 12:31) He became known as Satan the Devil, the arch-opposer of both God and man. ( John 8: 44 Rev. 12: 9 ) Instead of truly ruling themselves. Adam and Eve actually came under the selfish and proud influence of the Devil, becoming subjects of his rule. Like its ruler, the world today manifests evil traits that include selfishness and pride. No wonder it is full of harshness and cruelty! But God will see to it that kindness and compassion, rather than harshness and cruelty, prevail under his Kingdom.

    • Paul ...

      You know … when God created man … “his biological creation” was designed to serve him … God designed us so well … that “our thinking brains” are capable of even designing AI computers to serve us … Satan was infuriated … that God would create such magnificent biological entities … and saw it as a threat to his status in God’s realm … and thus he sort to overthrow God the Father … and become “The Big Guy” himself … but he was defeated … and cast out … so in revenge … he planned the total destruction of God’s biological creations (that he felt were too perfectly designed with “godlike capabilities”) … and Satan found a way to destroy man … by using to his advantage man’s desire to accumulate necessities and his natural lust for sexual gratification (that God placed in man to guarantee procreation and survival) … Satan has to date been very successful … using “greed and lust” to his advantage … and today has just about “completely destroyed” God’s creation!!

      • JC

        Could be an interesting spring…
        War, financial crisis, “default” in the metals market, the extraterrestrial warning…


      • john prokovich

        That is a good post.

      • Paul ...

        Satan’s helper (Bill Gates) in collaboration with Big Pharma have designed an injection (they falsely call a vaccine) that attacks the frontal lobes of humans brains to purposely destroy our ability to think … and these “mass murderers” think they can get away with it … because they have control of the fake news media (to cover-up their genocide) … J&J and Moderna well knew their vaccine “killed every test animal they tried it on” … it failed on both safety and efficacy grounds and yet the FDA and CDC was most likely paid off to allow this Big Pharma “killing machine” to be injected into us humans in total violation of Federal Law … and Big Pharma’s mass murdering injection was “sneakily designed” to kill off the human species “slowly over time” (like boiling a bunch of fogs) … because after getting the shot people only begin to get full blown auto-immune diseases anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 years of getting injected … it was planned very well by the evil Satanists (to try and break “the link” to it being caused by the their shot … additionally their “vaccine shot” was designed to put its destructive immune killing anti-bodies “into up to 28 different organs” in the human body … so that people would die of “28 different causes” … further camouflaging their Mass Murder Eugenics Operation “purposely designed to destroy God’s creation” … people need to refuse the “shot being given around the world” by the same insane people who took “the seeds of life out” of our grapes and watermelons … we humans need to have the courage to challenge evil … which means we need to have the courage to challenge Satan himself … otherwise we become “Accomplices to Mass Murder” … do you think God the Father “is going to save such evil and morally corrupt people” … who now can’t falsely claim … they didn’t know what what was truly going on (like those evil Nazi soldiers at the Nuremberg trials)!!

        • Paul ...

          Fighting back “is more then just refusing Big Pharma’s poisonous jab” … we humans “with any sense of morality” must have the courage to begin to sell their J&J and Moderna stock holdings … and refuse to buy their other products … it is incumbent upon us as God’s children to put “these evil companies into bankruptcy” (and eliminate Satan’s Demons from our world)!!

          • Paul ...

            Think it is impossible?? … we did it with Monsanto … let’s roll!!!

    • Clive Bondi

      He introduced a planedDemic all right, old age sickness and death to us all. We lost everlasting life in paradise. That really is the hope of paradise regained thru Christ’s Kingdom, in these last day’s of this wicked age.
      Yup and many now living will never die! The great crowd in Revelation, that come out of the great tribulation.
      It will be worth worth the wait! Tahiti is a taste. . .
      – Tiara

  3. jorma

    Its so good to see David back. God bless GH.

  4. eddiemd

    Very good analysis on social media propaganda and public manipulation.

    The solution is a total boycott of twitter, facebook, Instagram etc.

    It is interesting the large number of churches now tied into facebook and social media. It will lead to their destruction during the coming tribulation. The judgement upon the false shepherds and teachers in the church is coming. Soon. It already started with coronavirus and exposed the number of churches taking taxpayer bailout monies. For example…Joel Osteen took 4 million in taxpayer bailout while he himself has a self value of an estimated 40 million. Thousands of churches took the PPP bailout money.


    • Glenn

      Joel Osteen like many other big name preachers are really con artists.

    • Self Exiled

      Eddie————Thank You for your prayer during my absence. I appreciate your noticing and concern very much. And this prayer and Blessing is for you:

      The LORD bless you, and keep you [protect you, sustain you, and guard you];
      The LORD make His face shine upon you [with favor],
      And be gracious to you [surrounding you with loving kindness];
      The LORD lift up His countenance (face) upon you [with divine approval],
      And give you peace [a tranquil heart and life]. Numbers 6:24-26

      • eddiemd


        We were missing your posts from the PI.

  5. Brooklyn


    Someone or digital scheme is messing with your site.

    First we got only white screens. Then your heading with David Morgan, but the video would not load/play. And, now there are no comments shown at 11:00pm, which is impossible. Will check back tomorrow and hopefully all of these “concerns” are on my end…

    • Rachel

      It happened to me as well so maybe there is too much traffic all at once on the site.

    • Anthony Australia

      I get some different link when I pull up Greg, who’s saved in my favourites. Weird stuff!

      There has been a critical error on this website.

      Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

  6. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview. You are a good man in a land that is decaying everyday.

  7. Justin King

    David’s article is perfect from top to bottom.
    With Powell and Yellen BOTH calling the shots for the Fed, it now has a dictatorship over our political system , that simply collects “donations” from the K street bagmen.
    Media plays left against right as a distraction from this Fed takeover.
    Buy Bitcoin and precious metals NOW.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    House prices flying again in Australia, who would have thought after a lockdown year, employment layoffs and a year of limited growth (although we are technically out of recession now lol).
    What gets me is there is so much liquidity sloshing about you wonder who is going to
    bear the brunt?
    There’s a guy on YouTube posting homelessness videos from the states, I know Jeremiah Babe does this at times but the footage of these latest ones cut me to tears.


    • Clem Darling

      Anthony, there letting in to many people into the US. There’s at least 50 million illegals’, but whose counting. Nobody! Everybody wants to come to America and Australia for that matter. The guy Star who comments here, a Yank went to Russia, got a Russian bride too. 300 South African farmers are going. The middle class in America, the one’s pouring over the border will replace eventually. Russia here we come, last place whites will be welcome. Thanks Oprah, remember she wanted to kill us off. Got caught on video. Why she couldn’t run for president.
      Sit tight, Gods Kingdom, INCOMING! For all people, meek people! Don’t have to go no where’s.
      Don’t it make my ‘Old blue eye’s’ brown

  9. Justin King

    Bread & Circuses for the Implosion of Empire.
    UBI will be the Bread.
    Media’s Left – Right cynical sparring matches will provide the Circus.
    Be prepared and read the Satoshi Whitepaper to understand Bitcoin, as it is the new paradigm shift along with Mahikari, which you can add-on to your present spiritual belief or religion. – JK

    • Paul ...

      JK … Remember Bitcoin “is not a store of wealth” … it is a speculation with as much intrinsic worth as a tulip bulb … as Klaus would put it … as it rises in value “you will be happy … until you have nothing”!!

      • Paul ...

        Should Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen move forward with the anti-money laundering laws put into place by the Trump … it will require banks and exchanges to keep records of customers who send $3,000 dollars or more of virtual currencies to someone else’s wallet … destroying one of the biggest reasons Bitcoiner’s make claim to (the ability to transfer money anonymously and outside the system) … so be prepared tulip bulb lovers … crypto currencies can soon disappear altogether!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/bitcoin-could-soon-run-head-first-us-money-laundering-laws

        • Justin King

          The blockchain shows exactly who uses Bitcoin and reboots every 10 minutes.
          That’s why it is the Last way to send currency illegally.

          Bitcoin is worldwide and cannot be banned or confiscated like gold in 1933.
          If mining is banned in one country, it will simply Move to one of about 200 other countries-whackamole.
          It’s the perfect asset and later a currency after it stabilizes after the max of 21 million is mined. —-Again, read SATOSHI WHITEPAPER, and watch Max Keiser.

      • Paul ...

        You know … people who were daring enough to buy one bitcoin (when it was selling for $1 dollar) can now luckily buy an awful lot of silver coins with their crypto “tulip bulb” (now selling for $50,000 dollars) … taking advantage of the fact that Wall Street moguls are now in there pumping it up (right before the government declares crypto illegal)!!

      • Justin King

        Max Keiser’s podcasts and TV shows are the last word on Bitcoin.
        It won’t be banned, as too many big boys have already gotten into the game, such as Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and Blackrock. Also read the posts by Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy.
        It’s the perfect asset now, and later after all 21 million is mined, the perfect currency.–JK

        • William+Stanley

          Good points!
          The involvement of the credit-card companies would seem to mitigate the transaction- speed issue and is an especially powerful endorsement as well.

        • Mike R

          Sorry but it is the purest and most perfect form of. ponzi ever invented. The big boys are now in it, bc they know it’s a ponzi sucking the billions of naive into it. No matter how high it goes, it will crash 90 percent or more, just as it has many times previously. The next crash won’t recover though.

          • Tin foil hat

            I concur Bitcoin is the purest form of Ponzi or the purest smoke and mirrors to distract the steeple from the true perfect asset which is held by all central banks.
            I think Bitcoin will keep going up until the reset and then poof; that will also be the time gold reset to its true worth.
            The big boys like PayPal, credit card companies, Elon Musk … are just carrying the water/mirrors for the Deep State.

    • William+Stanley

      I (tried) to read Satoshi’s white paper: http://satoshinakamoto.me/bitcoin.pdf
      I came away wondering — more than ever — whether or not the algorithm really would be secure against, say, a consortium of nation-state (or other) players that can control access to the system nodes and that also has and/or can control of immense computing power.

      For that and other reasons, I think we should be highly reluctant to move toward such technologies that are highly interconnected and controlled by computers. I’m reminded of certain aircraft crashes where computer-coordinated flight-control technologies went awry.

      When things work right, it’s great. However, I fear that attempting too much optimization, efficiency and centralization could lead to unrecoverable civilization-ending cascading failures. The potential for catastrophic failures in complex systems worries me.

      • Justin King

        The NSA, CIA, and other foreign entities have been trying to stop Bitcoin for years and cannot beat it because it is now too BIG.
        Re-read the Genesis Block part of Satoshi.
        Some say the Satoshi cryptographic protocol is a divine covenant, as they can find no flaws. It’s fascinating and has the information to change the world quickly and stop currency and trade wars. People should be rooting for it instead of trying to tear it down. -JK

        • William+Stanley

          Thanks for the interaction.

          I’ve read a couple of books concerning the blockchain technology, including Bitcoin and, like you, I listen to Max Keiser and consider him highly credible.

          I appreciate your comments here and hope you continue to make them.

        • Tin foil hat

          Why would the CIA want to stop Bitcoin? It enables corrupted CCP officials, Russian oligarchies and drug kingpins from all over the world launder their dirty money from there to here. Hence, Bitcoin actually supports the dollar and makes guys like Epstein obsolete.

      • William+Stanley

        I see that I mentioned “centralization,” and some will object that the whole point of Bitcoin is decentralization. Nevertheless, Bitcoin would seems to me to increase vulnerability to disruptions in the broader and intertwined infrastructural, financial, economic and geopolitical “systems.” Not enough “buffering,” too much “complexity.”

      • Mike R

        It’s easily hackable, more traceable than dollar bills, and easily cratered with a power outage of any magnitude where it’s servers are located, it uses more and more energy with every subsequent transaction, and that never goes away, even when mining is completed. In fact by that point it’s energy consumption goes parabolic. You people buying the Bitcoin have no clue how they energy consumption is dwarfing nearly every substation that has to cover the power to the servers. Every single additional transaction adds more complexity to the the blockchain, and increases energy consumption per unit. Amazing how stupid and gullible people are these days. Max Keiser is the biggest con man ever. He owns the coins from early days and keep cheering it on hoping to cash out as a billionaire.

        • JC

          Mike R,
          I agree with you, Keiser is the biggest con man ever, and his wife is no better.

        • JW

          I don’t think Max is a con man. What does he have to con and why? I’ve watched him for years, and I think he’s at a point in his life where the idea of acquiring more money isn’t one of his main goals. He’s smart enough and successful enough and old enough…….he’s after the reckoning, not the fiat gains involved imo. He’s been pushing Bitcoin for a long time, but he’s also been pushing silver for a long time. I remember he predicted (wrongly) $100 silver years and years ago. Maybe a decade ago. So for every chance he gets to stroke his ego on the Bitcoin call, he must take it with a bite of crow off of a $25 silver platter.

  10. Malcolm Naylor

    I love listening to David Morgan! Cheers, Kalgoorlie, Australia

  11. J J Quinn

    Great show again Greg and David, cheers

  12. JC

    Look at this video from the 1950’s.
    Food products all priced in cents, not dollars.
    Ground beef lb. 43¢
    Pork chops lb. 79¢

    Imagine that. A pound of ground beef for 4 silver dimes and 3 copper pennies.


    • Jay A.

      JC, I’m old enough to remember back in the late 50’s early 60’s the neighborhood market sold ground beef every day priced at 3lbs. for a dollar. They eventually raised price thirty cents and customers were outraged! Hard to imagine food that cheap!

    • Paul ...

      JC … Four silver dimes contain 2.8936 grams of silver currently worth about $2.33 and the three copper pennies are worth about $0.12 … so meat back then really cost us about $2.45 per pound!!

    • Fred Daake

      Silver and gold prices have never been based on a free market. Buy themselves, I do not think that they are valid indicators of buying power.

      Due to inflation and various other methods of manipulation, the only valid way to compare costs over time is by measuring buying power based on work hours. For example, in 1950, it took 5,000 work hours to buy the average home. And it 2021, it takes 15,000 work hours to buy the average home. In 1950, one worker in a family could pay the costs of funding a middle income family with no debt. In 2021, it takes several workers to fund a middle income family and it sometimes requires a lot of debt. These are only examples, not necessarily accurate, only for the purpose if illustrating a better way to determine the change in buying power over time.

      This fact can be used as a method to determine when gold/silver is under priced and is a good time to buy. For example, silver was a bad buy in 1980 and in 2011 based work hour/buying power. Silver was under priced last year at $11 per ounce based on work hour buying power – that was the best time to bet your money with it.

  13. Anthony Australia

    Rob Kirby time.

    • Archibald

      A few choice quotes on the history of the “FED” and related issues. Sorry for the length but I hope the collection is useful:

      “The Federal Reserve Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized. The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated by this bill” – Rep. Charles A. Lindbergh, Congr. Record, Vol. 51, p. 1446. Dec 22, 1913.

      “If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%. Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way. It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” ~ Henry Ford

      “The Federal Reserve is one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There’s not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the international bankers” – Rep. Louis McFadden

      Sen. Owen Tricked into Supporting Federal Reserve Act – “I wrote into the bill a provision that the powers of the System should be employed to promote a stable price level, which meant a dollar of stable purchasing power. But it was stricken out. The powerful money interests got control of the Federal Reserve Board through Warburg, Albert Strauss and Adolph Miller, and they were able to have that secret meeting of May 18, 1920, and bring about a contraction of credit so violent it threw five million people out of employment. In 1920 that Reserve Board deliberately caused the Panic of 1921. The same people, between 1926 and 1929, raised the price of stocks to a fantastic point where they could not possibly earn dividends, and when people realized this, they tried to get out, resulting in the Crash of October 24, 1929.” — Sen. Robert L. Owen

      The Federal Reserve was created for the benefit of these banks:
      1. Rothschild Banks of London & Berlin
      2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
      3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
      4. Warburg Bank Hamburg & Amsterdam
      5. Lehman Brothers of NY
      6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY
      7. Goldman, Sachs of NY
      8. National Bank of Commerce NY
      9. Morgan Guaranty Trust (JP Morgan)

      “It is impossible to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit the little incidents of life has been able to remain silent about the horrors perpetrated in Russia…and that it should have so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This silence…is favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order” – Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, 1937

      On March 27, 1917, Trotsky and 300 well-trained communists from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, boarded the Norwegian ship Kristianiafjord on a journey to St. Petersburg, Russia. Prior to departing, Jacob Schiff gave Trotsky and his conspirators $20,000,000. Simultaneously, Lenin and his comrades boarded a train from Scandinavia to Petrograd. Lenin had already received ten million dollars in gold from Germany’s richest banker, Max Warburg. Max’s brother, Paul Warburg, was the chief architect of the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States which has bled the American public since 1913.

      And finally this one which captures the nature of the “Woke” agenda perfectly despite being written 100 years ago:
      “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, and Emma Goldman, this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing….it has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th Century; and now has gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads.” – Winston Churchill (Illustrated Sunday Herald, Feb 8, 1920, p.5)

      • Pete+only

        Many thanks Archibald for sharing this historic Federal Reserve information with us.
        I would even go one step further, and say that they may have also been a part of President Kennedy’s undoing, as he did want to curb their powers at the time and was fond of silver.
        Fast forward to Trump, and it wouldn’t surprise me that they also had a part in Donald Trump’s demise.
        These people are always seeking total control on the rest of us lowly peasants. They like the China model of controlling people by their social score.
        They like bitcoin, because people who own it can easily be controlled. It’s like a roach motel, you can easily get in, but they get you when you go to sell it, as you pay capital gains tax. Going Forward digital currency will mean every dime that you ever come across will be scrutinized by government, to which they are a part of.
        As well, I seriously doubt that there is any gold inside Fort Knox, and with the U.S government bankrupt, digital currency is the next logical step.
        With 18.638 million bitcoins out of a maximum 21 million bitcoins available, and at $50,000 per coin, it is now worth $1 trillion. At a price of $200k per bit coin, it brings it worth $4 trillion. It may still be a drop in the bucket compared to the total U.S debt, but people who own it on wall street won’t be paying any taxes on their sales, just the peasants will. Wall Street will be buying all of the remaining hard assets for pennies on the dollar.


    Greg: QUESTION: Universally, guests say silver is a better buy than gold because of the historical ratio. However, silver still hasn’t even made significant price moves, and there still is this belief. Can you ask what opposing factors will hold back silver from reaching the mythical ratio?—No one seems to talk about decreased demand for silver during an economic downturn, nor emphasizing gold’s tradition as THE go-to metal for storage of value.

    • Greg Hunter

      Silver was the best performing asset in 2020. It was up more than 45% and gold was up about 25% last year.
      Dollar cost average and buy real things is all I can say with a official U.S debt pushing $39 trillion and that does not count the unofficial secret debt Dr. Mark Skidmore has revealed in trillions in “missing money.”

    • Larry Giglio

      Hello Dan.
      I got into silver when it cost more to mine than it was worth, at $14 an ounce. By the time I brokered my buy, it was already $18. Silver is the metal supposedly going to be used in the great “Green” explosion of the near future, in solar panels, etc. Did you say “Enron”? The forecasters have been trying to sell metals for the past year, stating the bubble is about to burst, the stock market will crash in April, etc., et al… for the past year. Silver has monetary value as a commercial commodity, but gold mostly only retains value over time as monetary value. Its stability for securing monies away from fiat currencies is unparalleled over the past 1000 years. Silver is more speculative, the ratio no longer is accurate, but the potential to increase as investment is greater to me than gold. I’ve been wrong about everything else.

  15. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Morgan.
    Interesting take on BTC and the other coins and the De Fi space,utter prison according to Dr Austin Fitts and the more I see the more I agree.Its complexity and lack of privacy is astounding.
    Gates,Soros and Buffet want us dead how are we meant to respond with a media also wanting us dead?

  16. Gary Hornbuckle

    So I’ll never understand why it is that were expected to replay a “loan” from the central bankers to the government when the loan doesn’t come from their assets but is instead printed out of thin air, and then used to inflate our money supply. So then if we repaid it would it deflate our money supply ? Shouldn’t it? If not, than in essence haven’t we already repaid the loan with the resulting inflation? Doesn’t the Central Bank get interest on it anyway? And why, when it doesn’t come from their assets?

    • Paul ...

      You seem to understand Gary … this is how it works … the Fed prints trillions of dollars out of thin air “for nothing” … which depreciates the value of all the dollars already in existence … then they give the free money to their bankster buddies … who buy Treasury bonds with it … collecting interest on the free money that they were given by the Fed for nothing … which they then invest it in the stock market … because they know that by buying bonds … it lowers interest rates … which not only strengthens the purchasing power of the free dollars in Treasury interest they are collecting … but low interest rates keeps inflation in check … which helps drive up the stock prices (that they have invested their free dividend money into) … a few people see the massive fraud that the criminal banksters are perpetrating and begin buying gold and silver to protect their purchasing power … but the criminal banksters know if gold and silver prices move up “too quickly” it will tend to let the cat out of the bag and exposes the banksters Ponzi scheme that US taxpayers are on the hook for … so they get innocent people (like Stan, etc.) to promote the selling of gold … to cover up the criminal Ponzi scheme the banksters are running in full view of the public (who are kept dumbed down with daily doses of fluoride in their drinking water) … eventually though … when it gets more and more difficult to hold back and suppress gold and silver prices … they begin to push inflation up (with helicopter or Universal Basic Income money) and begin buying gold and silver stocks for themselves (like Buffet) … at that point (which is where we are now) the banksters allow interest rates to rise … but keep the “real inflation rate” negative (i.e 30 yr bond yields of 3% are kept at least 4 percentage points below the true inflation rate of 10%) … then as gold and silver prices skyrocket exponentially upward … drawing in the ordinary public who don’t know what the hell is going on (like Bitcoiner’s) … the banksters begin to short the market …and then push the real inflation rate positive (as Volcker did in 1980) … and make even more money as they then crash the precious metals market … and begin the whole cycle all over again!!

  17. John Henry

    Yes it’s very true that all these stimulus checks will be deposited in the bank that is inflationary Morgan is incorrect what he does not consider is that the banks leverage off of those deposits and make more loans this is why you have stimulus it is not the Help the People the bankers don’t do anything to help the people so when they leverage up and make all these loans now all these loans go into the economy and produce inflation but all the people received those checks and pay down their debt instead of make deposits or they make the deposits the reserves go up and then they take the money out and the reserves go down and they pay down their debt when you pay down the debt that is deflationary deflationary your destruction of debt bankruptcy destroys debt foreclosures are illegal there is no deck in his paperwork.. America’s promise Ministries billions for the bankers get the book also pay attention to what Edwin Rivera says Pieces Of Eight great great great book

    • William+Stanley

      I liked your comment.
      I agree in part, disagree in part, and have some associated observations.

      1. I agree that paying off debt tends to be price deflationary since that decreases the money supply . . . if more loans are not made. Moreover, the real economy is presently severely damaged . . . and that tends to make banks reluctant to make loans even if there is liquidity (because of default risk).

      2. Historically, however, price deflation does not necessarily damage the economy. IMO, what is particularly damaging is when — as has long been the case — ongoing commerce on a widespread basis becomes arranged in a way that makes it dependent on regular flow of bank loans . . . and for one reason or another those loans are not forthcoming. Thus, the banking system, itself, can become a major source of uncertainty, instability and economic damage.

      3. Uncertainty is, by itself, damaging to commerce. The banking system is often a source of uncertainty, partly because it enables governmental debt and deficit spending which, if carried on perpetually, distorts the economy and leads to the making of spending commitments which, eventually, cannot be honored (at least at inflation-adjusted prices) . . . which is, also, a cause of economic and political uncertainty.

  18. al

    By now gold was suppose to surge like bitcoin. We were suppose to be able to buy a home with a few ounces, not a few bits.
    Over a decade ago when Bo Polny bought the DNS name gold2020.com, there was a reason for it… well… he was half right, but he should have called it crypto2020.com instead because that’s where the excess money went to.

    I have crypto, made some good money on it but the best I could do is pay off my truck and then I got out. Why? Because I trust what I can touch, my truck is a hard asset.
    I don’t trust Bitcoin like I use to. I followed it since 2017 and studied the tech, it’s an excellent solution for chain of custody and proof of ownership but as a transaction mechanism, it failed.
    By now we were suppose to have the dollar and bitcoin side by side competing for that cup of coffee. It didn’t happen and what we have now is a super crazy speculative commodity that lives on a ledger on the Internet. The Internet, the very thing they are trying to heavily regulate!

    Mike Maloney sells gold for Bitcoin but lately he divulged that he converts Bitcoin to buy more gold for the same reason I state above. That’s a switch.

    There will always be hard money, always! That is what I’m buying with the Helicopter money given to me by the socialist marxists in that make shift prison called DC.
    People like David and Mike Maloney are true blue and make sense, the problem is we live in a nonsense World full of buffoons and sociopath maniacs.

    1.9 Trillion and 91% of it goes to NON-COVID related venues.
    They reduced the $400/wk to a $300/wk Unemployment Assistance pay aside from unemployment. They were suppose to give out $2,000 / person and it got reduced to $1,400 and you have to make less than $75K per year in order to get it!
    Turtle face Yellen is at the Treasury because the Fed Reserve is a puppet agency, she wants to see more printed and given to the people but the corrupt pseudo government keeps taking for itself and friends.

    Thanks to you and your guests Greg we are awake.
    Be well and use this money wisely, pay off credit and buy more silver…. if you can find it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Gold and silver will surge beyond imagination when it’s too late for the average guy to do anything about it.

      Early on in George W. Bush’s War on Terror, his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, took a lot of heat, because our armed forces seemed to be suffering setbacks and holdbacks due to pre-existing shortcomings and deficiencies. The (so-called free)press took him to task with a vengeance. Rumsfeld’s response was “when it’s time to go to war (meaning he was ordered to do so), you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had” or words to that effect. In my opinion, that’s what we’re looking at with gold and silver. Right now, they’re just market tools/mechanisms and figurative “investments”, gauges of the markets against prevailing opinions about our currency and market values. Even our host, Mr. Hunter, constantly defends silver as 2020’s best-performing ASSET CLASS in 2020.

      But what happens when it all goes “kablooey”? The deal changes in an instant, and we will be in a social situation “with the army we have”. At that point, there will be no gold and silver in the market, maybe even no market, and those who have gold and silver will have recourse and those who do not will not and not at any price, much as the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-20).

      So it’s easy to stand around and criticize/dismiss precious metals’ “lack of performance” in current times, but soon the criteria judging their “performance” will be totally different. It’s your option: you don’t think gold and silver are a “good” investment? Fine. I don’t think insurance is, either, but it’s necessary, and that is how I encourage you to look at precious metals.

      By the way, the same goes for gasoline. Bring the car/truck home full every night. Best always. PM

    • William+Stanley

      I liked your comments.

  19. jessica

    I am not so sure if all this gloom and doom is a good thing… This implosion never happens …

    • Paul ...

      Jessica … There is going to be an explosion of inflation as Universal Basic Income is dispersed to the people … prepare for it … as it will surely get the velocity of money moving upward!!

  20. a drink before the

    Thank you Greg!
    The statement made by Mr. Morgan that “ we know the price of everything but not it’s value” is one of the most relevant things anyone can ever say!!!

  21. Louis


  22. Dale Edward

    Remember God is in control and his will be done in his time. His word always come true, Read the bible we are in the end time and things will get much worst and the 6th Trumpet war will be next to Happen.

  23. Jerry

    There’s no need to worry, it’s all under control.
    Just roll up your sleeve and take the jab and in a few months everything will be coming up roses.

    Greg I’m amused how little people understand about our current situation. Do you really think the globalist who ( unleashed this pandemic upon us ) are going to let this opportunity to install the NWO slip away? It’s almost comical to watch. People are lining up to take the vaccine, thinking life will return to normal by taking the jab, never knowing that the same people who created the vaccine are the same people who created the virus. It’s insane! Spend some time on the WEF website and see for yourself WHO is involved. Let me be clear. We are in the process of a controlled global demolition that none of us have any control of. Do you think it’s all fear porn? Then explain to me why people are told to continue wearing mask and social distance after taking the jab? It’s about control. Period. Watch and see what happens when people say they’ve had enough. The false flags are already lined up, just like they were on January 6th. See what happens when your told to get the jab to travel, or put your child in school. It’s all under control.

  24. Rod Brumley

    Mr. Greg Hunter
    Is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Always enjoy listening to David Morgan
    He has been wrong many times about Silver but at least he is doing the work on analysis and no one understands why this hasn’t already blown sky high. The money printing is insanity gone wild – it is like having everyone printing money in their basement paying their bills – the money is counterfeit and soon people will wake up knowing that they are screwed. Our money is backed by absolutely nothing as is Bit Coin another BS Ponzi Scheme. Greg thanks for bringing some sense to what is happening. I continue to Stack real assets and Silver and Gold have been real money for thousands of years. God Bless America 🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod for all your comments and support.

  25. Linda C

    Their chosen one is not Bitcoin, listing to this guy, he has some good inside knowledge …start at the 3:15 minute mark..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PrIcGsCovc

    • Paul ...

      Linda … Every Tom, Dick and Harry is issuing crypto tokens … but do any of them have “universal value” as money like the tier one asset Gold?? … I still have a few NYC Subway tokens in my desk draw … they are fine for getting on a train … but they can’t be very easily used to buy a McDonald’s hamburger … for that I would need a Ronald McDonald token … and when I’m at a Carnival my ticket tokens will get me a ride … but I can’t very effectively use them for my cab ride home … so what is the best solution? … 1) Do I carry a hundred thousand different tokens in my pocket? … or 2) Do I simply carry one “universally recognized” gold or silver coin in my pocket??

  26. Mike Anenberg

    30 trillion? Zimbabwe. Was using 100 trillion dollar paper notes to trade with. Is America gonna do the same? If so, we have a ways to go before actual collapse. No?

  27. Rich

    Hi Greg,
    Did you ever get the My Pillow I had sent to you to both help Mr. Lindell’s work and workers and thank you for making things of value also? Hope you’ve just been too busy resting your weary head on it!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not Rich.

  28. Dave

    In recent years if not today in Venezuela one could purchase a 6 month supply of food for one’s family for one ounce of silver. Get silver to help survive the coming collapse. Up to 90% of Americans are soon going to die. The continent will then be set for settlement by the Chinese.

    • Paul ...

      Dave … It probably seems fair enough to China that it is finally getting it’s land back … from the forked tongue pale faces (since the American Indians were of Chinese decent)!!

      • Paul ...

        And China (who takes the long view of history “that what goes around comes around”) likely has no regrets that they worked with the evil Satanist eugenicists Gates and Fauci to spread the China Virus to Americans (as payback for the palefaces giving small pox infected blankets to the American Indians) … and they are likely also supporting evil Gates in his quest to buy up all the seed banks and American farmland … as payback to the palefaces who killed all the Buffalo!!

  29. rich

    Great Show, thanks Greg and Dave, who had much more of value to say than usual, across many more topics, thanks to Greg I guess.
    The President has / had over 75,000,000 people that approved and were behind him. How much would it take to buy shares (as in stockholder) in the founding of a complete hosting / broadcasting platform, that simply provides hosting services without political censorship? Keeping it simple, not very much…I’d guess about 100 each or less? Why not invest in something that is sorely needed and ….invaluable!
    Just hosting on a pay as you go basis, no commentators, limited advertising if any. I’d be so happy not have to give the globalist cancel culture “big boys” or their associated industries any of my business. Could work, this just a rough suggestion. MyTube?

    • Paul ...

      I don’t see any reason why we can’t replace YouTube with MyTube … since when can’t we create moral , ethical and Constitutional corporations in America anymore??

  30. Nancy McDaniel

    It’s about the banksters who are going to confiscate EVERYTHING. They said so. No private property ownership, no retirement nest eggs, mineral and water rights–EVERYTHING! They will tax everyone out of everything–taxes on property, sales, gas, energy, food, death, capital gains, inheritances–“you will own NOTHING.” All anyone needs to do is read their own papers to know what they are up to which is the beast system Babylon agenda 21 to enrich themselves, oppress, enslave and murder everyone who is not in their luciferian club. Our only hope is the soul cleansing blood of The Lamb.

  31. Skip ONeill

    Keep up the good work Greg. – God Bless

  32. Rick Hayle

    Back in the nineties Warren Buffet put about 2% of his personal wealth into silver . I heard Joe Battaglia talk about it on his program called , The American Advisor . Silver at that time was around $ 3.50 an ounce . I wonder if he is still a holder of all that silver he placed a rather large sum of money into back then . It was ’95 or ’96 . Great show Greg . Thanks again for all your hard work to keep us informed.

  33. Rod Brumley

    I was surprised that David is now saying only the 30’s for Silver this year? As Greg stated the premiums are already around $12 on Silver Eagles – last time that happened in 2011 Silver spiked to close to $50.00 – in my opinion it will Spike well over $50.00 this time around. Silver is the Most Undervalued Asset on the Planet 🌎
    As Greg kept saying during the interview – the Money Printing is out of control. Buy Physical Silver Only in my Opinion. If you don’t hold it you truly don’t own it

  34. Timothy

    Another stimulus check?

    Okay, I just do what I did with the last two….BUY MORE SILVER!!!!

    • Paul ...

      Smart move Tim!!

  35. wallstone

    I remember very well the 1970’s stagflation and the mania in the precious metal markets.
    Those were the days when any penny stock with the word “GOLD” in the name of the company went from ten or twenty cents to ten or twenty dollars. The mania was so great that people didn’t know or care about the company except it must be a gold company so
    they jumped on board. Most of those companies didn’t have a gold mine of any kind but
    they did have a few claims in the boondocks. The few companies that actually had a
    gold prospect or mine went to hundreds of dollars a share. I fully expect those days to come back again in the not too distant future.

    • Jeff

      I wasn’t going to mention the miners being a better opportunity but since you brought it up…… Miners are even cheaper historically than silver/gold.
      When investors can’t get physical they will buy miners. In the 30’s and especially the 70’s penny stocks were selling for $10-100. Dividends were more than the initial purchase price. Every penny (or dollar) rise goes to the bottom line. They are already making lots of money. Many with very low P/E’s (unlike the market, go figure).
      When silver doubles they will be 10 baggers.

  36. Rodney

    I see merika as BABYLON 2, and we are coming to the real end of this debauchery and pedo farms and depravity for this satanic way they want us all to live now, well those that will survive their Cull which is in operation at present under the guise of CONvid.
    And what happened to Babylon 1, God broke it up and swept away all the corruptions, and I really see this will happen again, but this time it will be the EARTH that has had its cycles ruined by these greedmerchants saying they control Nature and humanity, but know absolutely nothing of how we are all connected on this planet, and their EMF 5-6-7 G BS will throw the Natural EMF that we all survive under here on Earth will collapse and so will ALL life, and these scum at the top wont even realize why !!
    We need to take them off this planet otherwise we are ALL gone, and Earth will start again , and see if she can get all to live in harmony and contentedness., the circle of life to be sure..

    • Greg Hunter

      America is worth saving. Don’t give up and don’t lose your faith.

  37. DudlyDimwhite

    Missed Trump’s BANNED CPAC Speech? Catch Up Here!
    The Big Tech overlords have decided that the American sheeple cannot listen to the president’s epic speech

  38. Jerry

    Allow me to let you in on a little secret. Forget about looking at the markets. They’re rigged. Forget talking about debt. It doesn’t matter.
    Here’s the secret. Deutsche Bank is partnered with the World Economic Forum.

    The markets won’t collapse until the WEF says it time. Releasing the debt from Deutsche Bank alone will do the job. But on the reset don’t hold your breath on gold or silver. The globalist are playing long ball with cryptocurrency being the sole method of trade. If it wasn’t so, Bill Gates wouldn’t have any interest in the mRNA vaccine what so ever. Reread my next link.

    • Jerry

      The patent says it all.

      Forgive me Greg, but Bill Gates has invested in vaccines, cryptocurrency, and food production. What does that say about the richest man in the world and his interest? Follow the money. Listen to KAF. She knows where this is headed.

      • JC


        Alexa – Does Bill Gates Kill People?


        • Jerry

          It’s amazing! Whenever I have sheep around, I ask Alexa about event 201 and she spills her AI guts about the Gates Foundation and John Hopkins preplanning in October 2019. You should see the dumbfounded looks on their faces. But yet they still don’t believe their own ears? And you wonder why it was so easy to get Jews in boxcars in nazi Germany?

          • JC

            Jerry, reminds me of what Frank Zappa once said…

            “One of my favorite philosophical tenets is that people will agree with you only if they already agree with you. You do not change people’s minds.”

            Frank Zappa

  39. Eric M.

    We all have known for a few years, Gold and Silver prices are being manipulated.
    And who it is doing the precious metals manipulation, isn’t a secret. Until there is some type of enforcement in place to prevent the manipulation, I just do not see how the price of Gold and Silver will adjust to where it should be. We had a financial crisis, pandemic, high unemployment, political unrest, etc., etc., etc., and nothing really moved the price of Gold and Silver to where it should be. And what’s even crazier, is Bitcoin seems to have taken the place of precious metals as a safe haven from currencies, and its current price reflects it, and I just do not understand what gives bitcoin its value, or what else you can do with it other than exchange it for dollars. Even if you barter with Bitcoin, you still have to exchange it for dollars, or another currency, at some point, so where does it get its value?

  40. Secret Agent WD-40

    The only real money is gold and silver. The question right now is whether to buy gold or silver. Right now, everyone is looking at silver so I am buying gold. Either way, gold or silver, we win.

    • Rachel

      Hi Secret Agent,
      I had to laugh. Your logic is flawed re whether to buy gold or silver, people are favoring silver because it is more undervalued than gold so if both went to fair value the percentage gain would be better in silver.
      However I think you are right with your choice for another reason where 10 yr bond yields have begun to rise which could accelerate and at some point the hedge funds will panic into gold and they will have to flood the gold paper markets with trillions of investment dollars when they feel faced with the horror of loosing a vast rage of asset moneys.
      But for those who want the silver coins in their own possession for hyperinflation protection Andy Schectman say he has a batch for sale at the moment here … https://www.libertyandfinance.com/2016/10/24/real-money-gold-silver/

    • Paul ...

      No WD-40 … you buy silver now … then when the gold to silver ratio falls below 40 …. you begin to move some of your money into gold … when the ratio gets to 30 (you buy more gold) … when the ratio gets down to 10 (you sell all your silver for gold)!!

      • Paul ...

        Those people who think they should sell their silver at $600 dollars per ounce “to hold US dollars” (that are being printed to infinity) are simply idiots!!

  41. Pete+only

    Great interview Greg.
    David Morgan was questioning why the powers to be clamped down on Reddit going after the silver market, but I did some digging, and here’s what I found.
    In March of 2018, The World Economic Forum stated “the world will add 70,000 solar panels every hour in the next 5 years”. Google it, and the story is still up.
    The average solar panel has 20 grams of silver in it or .643 troy ounces in it (source is JM Bullion). The Silver Institute had forcasted that 96.1 million ozs would be used for the manufacture of Solar Panels, which is 10% of present global demand. This is up quite a lot from years gone by. (The Silver Institute web site neatly breaks everything down for what silver is used for and how nuch as well).
    Another big user of silver going forward are electric cars. Currently, 50 million ounces of silver is used annually by the present auto industry, but by 2025, 90 million ounces of silver will likely be needed. (Multiple sources confirm this).
    On the production side, ramping up production is not that easy, as much of silver comes from biproducts of other minerals mined.
    These alone are good reasons to own physical silver, let alone everything else going on in the world.
    Bitcoin is easily controlled, taxed and can easily be confiscated, but you’re still owning something virtually made up out of thin air, and never forget that there is always a set of two standards; one for the elite, and one for the peasants.

  42. Steve

    I am not sure about the silver market. This past Friday (March 5th), my wife asked me to sell 260 Silver Peace Dollars (1920’s – 1930’s) for her. I called around to quite a few dealers, and I could not find a price anywhere near spot (which was $25 and change on that day). The best offer was $22/coin.

    Everyone seems to want to sell, but I am not seeing the ‘red hot’ buyers. So, if there is such a shortage of silver out there, why would not some dealer want to buy 260 US Minted silver dollars for spot if the price is supposedly going up quite a bit in the future?

    • wayne hardin

      They are a little over 3/4 o/z of pure silver .
      So by weight of silver 22 would be over spot .
      And since silver went from 30 to 25 so fast they don’t know if it is going to be 20 or 30 or you knows it could be 100 next week .
      Your guess is as good as ant it would seem .

    • allen ols

      maybe i will buy your peace dollars rsvp

      • wayne hardin

        Sounds like a win win to me .

  43. Jerry

    Who’s laughing now? These are the same people who told you to get in line and roll up your sleeve.

    Talk about global elites laughing their asses off? By all means have millions of people put a gene altering mRNA biological agent into their bodies, and then crack jokes about a zombie apocalypse. If you. needed proof that these people are psychopaths, you now have it.
    We have now crossed over from crazy town to full blown March madness!

  44. Bill Bradshaw

    I nave been thinking about bill gates statement, We should all be eating synthetic meat. With his buying so much farm land, he will at some point in the future have the ability to control commodity prices, which will directly effect the cattle ranchers cost of feed. The supermarket prices will also be effected. God help us.

    • Rodney

      How about passing a bill that any non working farmers on their properties will be taxed OFF their land, and set a start an acrearage of a few thousand so it only works for likes of Gates and BOZO who has also bought 100’s of thousands of acres of farmlands,
      You can see their plan, take all the worlds land for themselves and the useless eaters can rent everything, Oh and be HAPPY… dont you love Dirty Swab and ‘its’ World Economic Forum , notice their logo of the WEF the three 0’s are actually 666… a mere coincidence yet again, nothing demonic with this lot is there?

    • JW

      Cattle producers have two problems. And neither one is sicko Bill Gates. 1. Our fiat monetary system. 2. Corporate beef packers and retailers unjustly keeping all the inflation and not letting the producers make a dime. Packers are making around $500 profit per fat steer or heifer right now. Ranchers and cattle feeders are making nothing, or losing money. It’s been this way for better than a year.

    • JC

      Minnesota farmer concerned Biden’s capital gains tax proposal could be death blow for family farms …

      “I have a problem with that because we feel like we haven’t farmed our whole life here and really put in all our blood, sweat and tears (because) we wanted to have this for our kids, and then all of a sudden 40 percent or close to that goes to the government.”


    • Paul ...

      Bill … Because God gave us “a quantum mind” we can ask for his help … because our thoughts “can tunnel” past the barrier of this physical universe … “to entangle with God’s thoughts” (in the spiritual realm) … and thus “we can get his messages as to what to do” … to help ourselves! … it is this “Quantum Mind” that the Satanist want to destroy … with their latest DNA altering “vaccine” jab (that destroys the frontal lobes of our brains and removes our ability to think!!

  45. eddiemd

    Wonder if this is a good idea. Vaccinating gorillas. Could there be a possibility of a mutation in other primates brought on by the vaccination? That will be introduced back into humans.




    Something is not right with this vaccination of gorillas. Could there be an ulterior motive? Perhaps. We will not be able to discover the truth. Same with the coronavirus bioweapon and vaccine solutions.

  46. eddiemd

    First people will willingly take the vaccine and then they will take the mark. They will not be able to buy or sell without. …return to freedom…


  47. Rodney

    Greg, hasn’t ALL this money been borrowed from the FED which as you say is a private (Rothschilds cabal) Bank, and they have just printed out of thin air so those loans are a fraud.. so why dont governments just tell them they are defunked and to clear off… All 30 trillion GONE that wasnt there to start with, why make the citizenry pay interest which is the ONLY real oney…

    • Greg Hunter

      Why couldn’t anyone in power admit there was massive voter and election fraud? That’s your answer.

  48. eddiemd

    Most videos lately show Harris in the background watching Joe. She is also on the phone with most foreign leaders.
    She is the pipeline controller. One end Joe…other end Obama minions.

    The USA is in grave danger. The thief is coming in the night very soon.


  49. eddiemd

    I recognize that some here will rant that the link is posted to Natural News.

    We talked about this story months ago here at Greg’s website involving bioweapon development and 23andme, ancestry, etc.


    The Italians were on to this last summer.

  50. wayne hardin

    GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has more guts than any body in the GOP .
    I think if she would have had the power trump did she would use it .
    Instead of say she wouldn’t or would do something and then cave to the swamp
    I think her word means something to her .
    And i think Gods word does to .

  51. FreeMpg

    What a decent, humble, brilliant guy. Thanks Greg.
    That said, I disagree with him about Wall Street being behind bitcoin. Wall Street Game Stop short sellers and their media minions are attacking Tesla and Microstrategy for their enormously profitable bitcoin bets. They are scared crapless that corporate treasuries will be rolling out of notes and bonds into bitcoin. They’ve got their smear machines rolling.
    Regarding bitcoin price projections, here’s an analysis by a professional trader who’s made millions trading crypto currencies but advices to buy and hold bitcoin. His analysis lines up with Bo Polney’s $300,000 projection for this year.

    I find it hard to believe, but stranger things have already happened in this market.

  52. wayne hardin

    Gods word says ‘
    12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

    Look for head lines to say kamila harris is the pres shortly .
    I think sleepy has already signed most of what trump signed away .
    And the kids are burning and looting and beating all over .

  53. Tim R

    The last couple of weeks the guy at the auto parts place and my newbie next door neighbor are both touting stocks and investing. Just like before the last crash. stupid money is at an excess. Beware!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch the 10-Year Treasury interest rate. Money manager Mike Pento on in a few hours to explain. And yes, Tim you are correct.

  54. eddiemd

    Reaching insanity.

    1. If you are pregnant, do not take the vaccine.

    2. If you are breastfeeding, do not take the vaccine.

    3. If you have more than two brain cells, do not take the vaccine.


    Interesting the psyop using a black mom and her child.

  55. tim+mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. Well done. Wish I’d had an extra $10k laying around a few years ago when silver was $14/oz. I’d have bought a Monster Box of silver coins. We do what we can when we can.
    Here in California no relief from the Covid restrictions. Gov. Newsom is literally doubling down on masks. Sonoma County is still in the purple, worst, tier. Nothing will change here unless Newsom is recalled and removed from being governor. The recall election will be delayed by the Democrats and perhaps stolen. So in short, California remains doomed to failure.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good call on the Ag Eagles but so sorry about Cal-Killing Newsom!! This crap is pure evil.

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