Evil Covid Lies & People Died – Chris Martenson

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Dr. Chris Martenson is a futurist, economic researcher and holds a PhD in toxicology from Duke University.  New statistics out by the CDC say the overwhelming majority of people have less than a .5% chance of dying from the CV19 virus.  Martenson contends there was an overreaction to CV19, and real treatments have been ignored that could have saved lives.  Martenson says, “Australia, UK, United States and a lot of Europe are going a little overboard on this whole thing and being ignorant and unsophisticated.  If you are unsophisticated, you say we have to lock the whole country down.  If you are sophisticated you say, no we don’t.  People who are a little bit older and with co-morbidities, let’s keep them safe, and everybody else can get on with their lives.”

Dr. Martenson says, “We should open back up, and we can do it safely.” Martenson says officials lied about the safety and effectiveness of treatments such as the combination of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc and Azithromycin.  Martenson says, “A lot of people could have been saved. . . . I know of doctors that were running trials where they were investigating HCQ, and they designed the trials to fail. . . . In one really tragic case in the UK, they took people past the replication cycle, and not only really sick . . . but they gave them toxic doses of Hydroxychloroquine and said look, this stuff actually makes people sicker and not better.  It’s hard to describe how evil that really is.  I am shocked by what I’ve been seeing.”

Martenson says severe economic damage has been done to the economy.  Wall Street wins while Main Street loses.  Martenson contends, “The economy is very bad at this point in time, and it’s being covered up by a very, very complicit Federal Reserve that is just propping markets up.  Citadel, the hedge fund where Former Fed Chief Ben Bernanke works, is just crushing it this year.  The first half of the year they made more money than any other year.  His company does nothing but just front run the Fed and scoop billions of dollars.  The Fed is just rewarding skimmers and grifters. . . .Meanwhile, Yelp just reported that nearly 100,000 U.S. businesses have permanently closed.  There are coffee shops, restaurants, little inns, hotels and all kinds of things, and they are just crushed in this story.  The Fed has been shoveling money to the super elites while everybody else has been suffering. . . . The stimulus that has gone out has mainly gone to the well-connected, the megacorporations and the big banks.  It’s really just cut the legs out from the upper middle class on down.”

Dr. Martenson also says that because of all the money printing that has already happened with much more to come, there will be some big inflation bubbling up.  Martenson predicts, “Follow with me out to June of 2021, and we are going to find ourselves in a situation where the shale oil miracle has collapsed . . . to five or six million barrels a day.  We are going to be demanding, and our economy is going to be on fire at that point because of all this free money that is just sort of floating around.  Then we are going to see inflation good and hard. . . .We are going to have actual oil based inflation come through at that point in time.  That is the prediction I am working with right now.  People need to be ready for that, and that is what our seminars are all about.”

Martenson likes physical assets such as gold, silver and farm land.  Martenson shows people how to be more resilient for what is coming.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with the co-founder of PeakProsperity.com, Dr. Chris Martenson.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Rodster

    I love Chris Martenson but I have to say in the BEGINNING he was stoking the Covid 19 flames and fanning the hype and hysteria on his website. I’m glad he’s come around 180 degrees to reality.

    Covid 19 is and always was a bunch of Bullsh*t with its goal of more Gov’t tyranny. This is all part of the Great Reset which Klaus Schwab has been hoping for to appease the Climate Change movement.

    Unfortunately most Americans are to F-in stupid to figure this out so they wear their masks and obey whatever the Gov’t tells them, even squealing on those who don’t wear masks.

    I knew this was all BS when Anthony Fauci was photographed at a Washington Nationals baseball game sitting between two people with his mask down. What a bunch of Elitist power grabbing hypocrites.

    • eddiemd

      I agree. He was pushing the propaganda at the beginning. At least he was pushing against China early on and their black out on news.

      I see people driving around Phoenix all the time alone in their cars with a mask on. Brainwashed sheeple.

      I was walking down the street today and a lady was walking on the other side without her mask. When she saw me without a mask and on the other side of the street, she quickly pulled up her mask. As though my cooties were going to cross the 30 feet to the other side.

    • paul jr.

      Well in all fairness to Chris Martenson, pretty much everyone in the beginning, including people on this site, was stroking the COVID-19 flames. Comparing the virus to the Spanish flu. Saying how tens of millions of people in the U.S. will die from it. Everyone I know at first thought that might be the case. Luckily it was not that big of a deal except mostly for older individuals with health problems.

    • Bob

      Was he ever!?

      I thought Martenson was a complete idiot saying “This virus is a real BEAST” and other BS like that. I couldn’t believe he was pushing that line. He was as bad as Fauci, but without the power. I was completely disgusted and totally despised him after that. He better not be saying he knew all along but I’d never know because I can’t stomach watching that fool for 10 seconds anymore. Did he apologise for it, or just sweep it under the carpet? He was driving it HARD, and quite recently too. Fair enough if he made a mistake, but how can he claim to be according to the data now, when he wasn’t before?

      In MARCH 2020 the science was CRYSTAL CLEAR. The Perspectives on the Pandemic series was well made and had very intelligent questions. Seriously, watch these episodes. They prove beyond any doubt that Fauci is a liar or completely incompetent. Personally I think he’s a terrorist.

      These are interviews with experts having decades of experience. The whole thing is a hoax, a global hoax. These scientists don’t know why the government scientists are getting it so wrong. One says he “has no clue”. I prescribe that doctor some red pills so he can get a clue.

      Watch episodes of Perspectives on the Pandemic here:
      Episode 1: https://youtu.be/d6MZy-2fcBw
      Episode 2: https://youtu.be/lGC5sGdz4kg (Currently Offline)
      Available on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/perspectives
      Episode 3: https://youtu.be/VK0Wtjh3HVA
      Episode 4: https://youtu.be/cwPqmLoZA4s
      Episode 5: https://youtu.be/k0Q4naYOYDw
      Episode 6: https://youtu.be/3f0VRtY9oTs
      Episode 7: https://youtu.be/2JbOvjtnPpE

      • Bob

        Remember everyone, the Perspectives on the Pandemic series came out in late March and early April. It’s astounding what they knew then, and alarming how it was all ignored.

        It is very instructive to watch them now if you don’t believe this thing was a hoax. (Not saying there was no virus, but epidemiologists are adamant now that if we weren’t told about this virus we would not have even noticed it.)

        BTW, if this virus is so bad, why do we all need a test to see if we have it? That’s unprecedented.

        • Rodster

          It was ignored because this is part of the Great Reset the “Globaists” such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and others having been p7shing and wishing for.

          This is their moment and the Worthless Media have taken a blind eye to this hoax. At least to his credit Tucker Carlson exposed the Covid 19 hoax by implicating Klaus Schwab.

          • Bob

            I hope you spread the links to the Perspectives series to any Branch Covidians you know.

            • William Stanley

              Dr. Martenson pointed out the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin when others wouldn’t. He showed courage in doing that. I don’t recall your citations making that point. Help me find where they did that.

              • Bob

                Back in April I don’t think anybody was talking about HCQ. That was trending later. Besides, most people don’t even notice the virus so they don’t need HCQ anyway.

                The the Perspectives of the Pandemic series these were epidemiologists mainly talking about symptoms, R values, and death rates. They didn’t discuss unconventional clinical treatments as much. I’d have to watch the series again to be sure. The main point emerging from the series was that the lockdowns were an insane reaction to such a virus, which behaved similarly to dozens of other viruses. Therefore the response should have been similar.

                When did Martenson start talking about HCQ? Was it before or after he said “Covid is a real beast”.

                HCQ is IRRELEVANT to the fact that “if we were not told about this virus, we wouldn’t have even noticed it”. (Numerous high-level epidemiologists have said that.)

        • Mike R

          CDC keeps retracting nearly everything it publishes. You cannot believe one word uttered or printed by that highly corrupt agency. Its obviously littered with Obama-loyal henchmen, who are h*ll bent on destroying Trump. As are other government agencies, who are complicit in the Obama orchestrated on-going ‘silent’ coup. If Trump fired all the Obama Loyal government employees/agents, there would be no one left to ‘run’ the government. Hey, now there’s a great idea ! Slim down federal government to a shell of itself. and don’t ever re-build it. We’d eliminate our national deficit in no time.

        • Freebrezer

          Bob, Bob, Bob … if you don’t get tested how are they going to show how many more people have got the virus on the 5 oclock news each night? The MSM needs the numbers!

          • William Stanley

            You attached a wonderful video in a comment related to Greg’s last weekly wrap-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UvFhIFzaac&feature=youtu.be

            In addition to being quite up-to-date, it contained much relevant information that, apparently, has been available for years. It’s shocking that such information was not more widely disseminated much earlier in this “pandemic.”

        • paul jr.

          “epidemiologists are adamant now that if we weren’t told about this virus we would not have even noticed it.”

          Really? So if 25% of people in nursing homes die within a few months and many more got sick, and members of the same family die within a week of each other, epidemiologists think that no one would notice that something was happening. Epidemiologists must be idiots.

          • Tin foil hat

            Evil Covid lies & people died!!!

      • J.A. de Vreede DC DACNB

        I Totally agree. He was the most frantic about COVID-19 hoax despite his science background. They all parroted the narrative.
        Now he’s turned with the new wind.

    • Brendan James

      Rodster, I AGREE! Well said brother. As I said in my other comment, it is indeed a bunch of BS and the world has fallen for it hook line and sinker. Its incredible to be in this time in history and see such stupidity all around us. Not one person I have spoken to, is using this as a great opportunity to take control of their health and get a strong immune system to protect themselves. It is like they are paralyzed in their thinking that they can do nothing about it. Its freaking annoying. Eat well, drink well, think well, sleep well, love well and pray well.

    • JC

      Martin Armstrong agrees with you.

      “When I went to the ER and they threw me into a COVID wing, I told them I did not know anyone with COVID. They said I could have gotten it by touching the nozzle to fill my car with gas. That statement right then and there proves masks do nothing.
      Most people will be touching their faces or adjusting their mask, and if they touched something with COVID, then the mask will become infected. This is one giant scam to push Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset from the World Economic Forum.”


      • Tin foil hat

        I wore the N95 mask religiously for almost 3 months. I had a plastic bag by the front door of my house and in my car where I discarded my mask the moment I touch it with my hands. Now, I reused the cheap blue surgical mask for show.

        I was expecting the virus to be as deadly as the one in China but we had something different.

      • paul jr.

        Martin Armstrong in that article wrongly says that “the use of masks and social distancing has destroyed the world economy and created over 300 million unemployed people”. Wearing a mask and social distancing sure did not destroy the world economy. It was really the unnecessary response to COVID-19 by having lockdowns (closing of all supposedly non-essential businesses) that really destroyed the economy. Once the lockdown was over in my county and my employer could open up our retail store, we saw our average daily sales up 80% more than the previous year. We actually had to hire more people. And that is with everyone wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. If we did not have the lockdowns and we just wore a mask, mainly indoors when it was necessary, and we practiced social distancing, the economy would not have suffered anywhere near as much.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think that’s part of what he meant Paul. Simply part of the total picture. That’s why I titled the post “Dems Dumb & Dumber on Economy Killing Lockdowns – Martin Armstrong”

    • Russ 2

      That’s what I heard in his previous interview here, but maybe back then he was just following the available science and the numbers that were available — dunno. Even then though we knew it was killing people in nursing homes — Washington State, New York State, et al — younger folks were not seriously at risk.

      What we know now about the “pandemic” (in quotes because I don’t believe it actually qualifies) is that it’s still the older folks with underlying medical conditions (like people in nursing homes) who are most at risk.

      Good to see that Dr. Martenson has a more reasonable message today than he did back then.

    • Paul ...

      How long will it take before a Government that fines you “for breathing fresh air” … fines you for eating bread and water???

    • Paul ...

      And how long does it now take to be arrested for “free speech”??? … put a stop watch on it!!!

    • Paul ...

      Here is a German professor exercising his right to free speech … how long did it take for him to be arrested and dragged off to jail by the commies??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/german-professor-arrested-after-speaking-we-do-not-consent-rally-london

    • Tin foil hat

      Everybody was fooled the the Deep State’s Pravda at the beginning. I didn’t wake until late April when I was aware this is a PLandemic designed to transform not only our monetary system but also our way of life.

      A little off topic, I’m looking at a comparison chart of GLD, PSLV, PPLT and XOM, from 09/16/2016 to now. Price of platinum and silver were lockstep with XOM trailing behind until 03/16/2020.

      I believe 5 months before the collapse of the repo mark in Sept. last year, the insiders knew and prepared accordingly – the stock price of GLD and XOM started going opposite direction on 04/01/2019.

      Silver and platinum began the divergence from XOM on 08/01/2019 but still followed the trend of XOM until 03/16/2020 where PSLV took off to catch up with GLD. PPLT didn’t follow the ascension of PSLV but it didn’t go down with XOM either.

      The chart looks more interesting when you add SPY to the chart. The Deep State has managed SPY well until 03/16/2020 where SPY and GLD meet once again since 09/16/2016.

      Now, the chart looks even more interesting if you moved the time frame from 03/16/2020 to present. I believe SPY is managed/manipulated but individual stock like XOM can’t be manipulated as easily as most tech stocks like AMZN, FB or TSLA.

      My interpretation is that SPY is managed to keep within range of GLD, XOM is the true reflection of our economy (not SPY) and platinum is not looked at as a monetary asset yet since it didn’t follow silver in July. However, platinum didn’t follow XOM either, it is actually more in line with SPY but with more volatility.

      • K. Wayne

        “Everybody” ??
        From the outset I had my suspicions….I stated back in late January that this was a deliberate act of a nefarious government. As we have discovered…the rise of Tyranny is what we are contending with.
        The meeting at Jackson Hole on 08/22/19 alluded to some very real concern about the USD Hegemon and the need for a New Monetary System (Mark Carney speech). The Tool Kit was broken. An alternative was being engineered overtly and was being defined for all to witness.
        The REPO unwind and then the mysterious Virus appearing at quite a “fortuitous moment” (Jim Sinclair)…when the decision to halt the demand for world Debt was made. The destruction of the Global Economy is achieving their mandate. Hundreds of Millions of Unemployed across the planet with the concurrent closing of Business and retardation of Industry.
        I made numerous references in the past to “Agenda 21”. This was the brainchild of the 1992 Earth Summit with an underlying theme of “Sustainability”. Fast forward to the present day and we see that the WEF plans to conduct the next meeting in late summer of 2021…with the title of “The Great Reset” …the underlying theme is a Green New Deal
        Do not consider that the world will ever revert to normalcy. What we had prior to 2019 will never return. Contemplate if you will, the great trouble these unelected Rulers have gone to …to create such destruction. For what purpose…but to further their agenda. They are not about to unwind what they have created. To do so would create more debt and many years of rebuild. The System was unstable already ….and is currently on life support.
        Clearly for them (the chosen ones/self elected) …”their planet cannot be destroyed by the useless eaters” any further. What would be evident in the ensuing months will be some degree of ongoing Government support systems, but unfortunately this will dissipate. What may have appeared to be a form of UBI…..will not continue. What was promised by way of CARES Act has kept a cross section of Industry in survival mode (think Airlines). Again this will be unwound to see complete annihilation across the spectrum. It is what I would term the De-Industrialization the Planet.
        Travel by Air will be nigh on impossible. This will be especially true after the WEF of 2021. The reasons for this should be obvious.
        The World is set for great chaos and civil unrest. Famine will pervade the Earth. The Supply Chain and Global Logistics will break down. Millions upon Millions of refugees from the Sth Americas, Africas/ME, The East and the sub-continent will be on the march. Borders will not serve their purpose.
        If you honestly believe that the Virus is a one-off event ….and occurring in isolation…manufactured or otherwise…then you should not consider what else they may have planned. Expect the Unexpected. Understand they want total control and removal of all servant freedoms and liberties.
        Some food for thought…..just my view of the World as I see it.

    • J.D. Fowler

      Watch live: Trump, Biden face off in first 2020 presidential debate
      129,420 watching now•Started streaming 14 minutes ago

  2. Country Codger

    Lo Iyrah!

  3. Stan

    Hey, so what happened to all those sealed indictments I kept hearing about the past 3 years?

    • Paul ...

      Stan … The only thing that can explain it … is that a parallel chain of command has been established by the Deep State that has Trump in handcuffs … it’s a tough nut to crack … unless we free Trump by voting out all the Demon Rats this November!!!

      • Paul ...

        Stan … How come your brain works when it has nothing to do with Gold (that is now back to $1900 per oz as DB makes new lows)?? … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html

        • Stan

          My brain works flawlessly for every subject matter.

      • Paul ...

        Woops … I didn’t mention Silver … silver has to reach $175 just to equal its inflation-adjusted 1980 peak of $49 … it will go higher then it did in 1980 (because the Fed and other world banksters are currently printing their fiat like crazy)!!!

    • Ray

      Excellent question from Stan!
      I reckon they are sitting in a bag being held by The Tooth Fairy.
      Ray, Canberra, LDN

    • JC

      Hi Stan, good question.
      Maybe they are sealed, permanently?
      Have you asked Theodore?

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      Trump borrowed hillary’s shredder

    • Self Exiled

      Disinformation, confuse the masses. Of course there are that many every year in US, more now with riots. Every witness that testifies gets one.

    • Leeann Hopkins

      They’re coming after Trump is re-elected……you don’t want him to foment further unrest at this time surely……there may be a few before the election just to appease people like yourself but most will come later. Not hard to work out is it mate?

    • K. Wayne

      Apparently they’re in the mail…on their way….so to speak. Patience is a virtue.

    • K. Wayne

      On the other hand….high probability they are all stored on AG Barr’s External Private Server. Signed …Sealed and undelivered !!! 😂👏🤷‍♀️👌🤦‍♂️

  4. H. Craig Bradley



    • Bob

      I know people who absolutely refuse to even put 4 cans of baked beans in their cupboard.
      They just won’t do it. It’s hard to fathom why without being a psychiatrist.

      • Clare Doll

        I refuse to buy any canned baked beans to put in a cabinet or cupboard You buy beans in a bag because they KEEP in the bag until you make baked beans out of them, and they keep that way longer than in cans in the cupboard! Does no one understand the concept of cooking beans?

        • Self Exiled

          I do: you open the can, set them on the edge of the fire in some hot coals and wait, grab the lid with a pliers lift them out of the coals and eat with a spoon. Nothing to eat.


          I think these lockdowns are not getting the results they hoped for. Sorry Clare. I think I need some coffee , it’s morning here. Mick thinks I’m only gaslighting.

          • Tin foil hat

            Lol, I’ll make sure not to touch any bean can food before I go hunting.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for bringing Dr. Martenson back. He’s done a tremendous service for all of us in his reporting on and analysis of the Covid-19 “pandemic.”

    However, I’m disappointed in his apparent assumption that “proper” policy responses to these issues can be found in “the data” alone, uninformed by our values — especially the value we place on liberty.

    • Bob

      Actually the data supports the Swedish “do nothing” model so it is compatible with liberty.

      “Do nothing, but isolate old and frail people for two months” is probably even better. That should have finished in May though. People like Martenson drove fear and doubt into the population, helping everyone to lose their minds.

      This whole thing is a perfect candidate for the second edition of “Extraordinary popular delusions and the Madness of Crowds”.

      Martenson better have apologised for helping to drive this madness. If he’s such an expert then why did I figure it all out 6 months ago? Initially I bought respirator masks and hazmat suits because there seemed to be something to this. But as I said, I straightened out my thinking by early April simply by doing some research. It took two days to find the truth. It was not hard. Why did it take Martenson do long to wake up? Why are we listening to him now as if he’s smart? He’s not smart. He’s dumb.

      • William Stanley

        I agree with your point about the Swedish model’s demonstrated basis in scientific fact and its compatibility with liberty (and have said so previously).

        However, the point of my comment here (and a possible point of disagreement) is my objection to the implied assumption that the competent (but old or frail) could justifiably have their liberty revoked “for their own good.” Quarantines have traditionally and, IMO, reasonably been imposed upon the infected where that is absolutely necessary to prevent them from spreading highly contagious and dangerous diseases.

        IMO it is unjustified to revoke a legally competent person’s liberty simply because THEY might be susceptible to catching a dangerous disease. It’s a slippery slope when we presume to impose our values and decide what’s best for others. For example, some people (including some of the old or frail) value liberty so highly that they gladly accept the risks attendant to it. That is not to say that those same people would refuse to voluntarily take measures to protect themselves when THEY deem it reasonable.

        • Bob

          Let’s check the dictionary.


          Nothing there about quarantine being only for the sick. Your appeal to tradition failed unfortunately.

          • William Stanley

            Take another look at the first definition and quit trying to be clever; it’s not your forte.

          • Paul ...

            Bob … Wasn’t there an “old tradition” to put all leapers on a secluded island?? … probably this “old tradition” will be used by the Government to put “all those deemed contagious” into FEMA camps!!

        • JC

          I like the Swedish models!


      • paul jr.

        Swedish “do nothing” model? In Sweden some people were required to wear a mask. They also practiced social distancing and the government prohibited large gatherings of more than 50 people. That is not quite a “do nothing” model.

        • Bob

          That’s the government policy. I’m not sure what the epidemiologist’s models indicated but point taken. They did do something. I guess they didn’t want to appear too reckless and cavalier, and also wanted to “flatten the curve”. Those are reasonable precautions, even if subsequently found to be unnecessary. They have said they could have protected their elderly better, but most deaths were in nursing homes with average life expectancy of nine months so no drama there either really.

          Flattening the curve is a reasonable precaution; attempted elimination (New Zealand style) is not.

          Will Covid19 just disappear down the memory hole after the election? Remember how fast the Las Vegas shooting disappeared down same hole after cracks appeared?

        • BS58

          You are absolutely correct, Sweden did not do nothing. If their objective was to establish herd immunity, they failed miserably

          To achieve herd immunity an infection rate of 65% to 70% is needed to protect the herd. Therefore, two-thirds of the US population must become resistant to the virus before our epidemic shifts from a community catastrophe to isolated cases. But allowing infection of about 200 million Americans translates to more than 1 million deaths, a morally reprehensible toll. The 10% antibody-positive rate among Swedes and even the 45% found among some London health care workers in involved in patient care is way short of meeting the benchmark of immunity.

          On the question of individual liberty:
          To be mandated to wear a mask during a pandemic is not an infringement of individual liberty. In the same way the government rightly holds people accountable for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it may rightly hold people accountable for their unwillingness to wear masks during a pandemic. By yielding personal agency to the virus we become agents for its transmission and a danger to others.

          • William Stanley

            RE: “To achieve herd immunity an infection rate of 65% to 70% is needed to protect the herd.”

            A few months ago the 65% – 70% range was often cited. More recently, it’s being reported that “herd immunity” might be achieved from a lesser infection rate.

            Partial immunity of a portion of the population also affects herd immunity. Partial immunity can be obtained from past exposure to similar pathogens. Apparently for that reason, a number around 20% is now often mentioned as the threshold for CV-19 herd immunity.

          • Paul ...

            BS 58 … mandating mask wearing “by everyone” is like mandating “all men” be castrated to protect women from the possibility of being raped!! … they should only ask the people who have obvious symptoms of a cold to wear masks to prevent the spread of droplets from their runny noses or coughs … we don’t lock down all drivers in the nation because a few are drunk and drive!!

    • Paul ...

      Notice how “the commies” can’t kill Trump supporters fast enough … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/chaotic-scene-unfolds-car-plows-through-trump-supporters-california-multiple-injuries

    • Paul ...

      All “commies” think the same … look at Cuomo for instance … he did it even better then the above “demon rat commie” who drove his car into a few Republicans … Cuomo drove the Corona Virus into nursing homes to infect thousands of the elderly who tend to be people who are more religious (against abortion) and believe in more conservative republican ideals (like the Constitution) … and left the hospital ship Trump sent him sitting in New York harbor and the hospital beds Trump built him at the Javits Center (empty) !!

    • al

      EXACTLY William. The response to the virus is unConstitutional .. Period!

  6. Mike

    I believe there is a way to bring this to an end. Stop the elites, stop the fed and end all of this B.S. we need to bring an end to corporations, including. U.S.A. Inc and TheUnited states of America Inc. our country was not intended to be a corporation (for profit). Those two constitutions are different than the organic constitution. We are supposed to be a Sovereign nation not a corporation. We are not supposed to be slaves to the system through taxation, corporate codes and statutes. We are supposed to be a free people , under common law not law of the sea! Want out try this http://www.theamericanstatesassembly.net. Assembly training.us. There’s some “free speech”. I’ll wait and see if Greg actually allows this post. Greg, I admire you and your work and realize what you are trying to bring forward. Thanks , mike

  7. jeffersonian

    Rodster nailed it–Martenson was hot ad heavy for lock down and predicting a huge pandemic–covid covid covid. Now he has changed his tune. Sorry Martenson you hve lost my vote of confidrnce and I will not listen to this pod cast even tjhough I respect Greg Hunter immensely who I find sincere and honest unlike front runner Martenson.
    Here on the west coast prices for some lumber have risen as much as 60 % in three months due to fires and lack of supply. No inflation–well you dont live in my world Toto. And taxes here in Oregon keep heading skyward with no end in sight. Yet our econonmy stays locked down. How long can they tax us if we are not earning–you tell me.
    Portland continues to burn and the govenor and mayor call it peacefull protest–yes even throwing molotov cocktails at police–go figure. Who in there right mind would visit Portland and think nof all of the businesse losing revenue.

    It’s a mad mad world.

  8. ivan

    Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall Democrats Propose Supreme Court Term Limits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz42YFUF9MQ

  9. Rick Barnes

    when all the trillions have been spent by the military industrial complex,which Eisinhower warned about. our budgets 10-50 ? times bigger than our enemy”s. and we cant fight a two war front. Russia and China will kick our ass. i guess were not as good as we thought we were ,where is the accounability. why our heads not rolling. these idiots civilian and military dont seem to get the message they will be the first lined up at the wall and shot. no one likes traitorts. no one!!!!!!!!!!!! usefull idiots. if they”ll sell out there own country. they”ll sell there grandmothers. and our enemy”s know this full well. do the crazy proffesors believe the”ll get to keep there cozy useless jobs. with a few exceptions. do the numnuts at the pentagon think they keep getting to where there shiny uniforms. there people are cutting there own thouts and to stupid to realise it. and these are supossed to be our best and brightest. lololol

  10. Anthony Australia

    Most appreciated Greg. Inflation is only part of the greatest degradation of society ever seen. Things are going to get extremely rough.
    I can’t believe the MSM here are running a special live broadcast on how to survive the crash.

    Oh, I watched 99 Hones for the fiat time this week and would you know it, I actually cried.

    • Tin foil hat

      Wow, I look up the trailer of this movie “99 Homes” and it’s good. I’m pretty sure I’d do the same except I would do so with utmost kindness, like an executioner who sharpens his tool constantly for the quickest ending.

      I will watch the movie in its entirety tonight; thanks.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks TFH,

        Apologies it was a typo. Another recent video of another moving story. (With permission Greg),


  11. Rad Burrwash

    Mike ‘Morell mushroom’ wet dream, in grave danger!
    https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/trump-says-top-people-in-the-pentagon-want-to-do-nothing-but-fight-wars-to-make-the-military-industrial-complex-happy/ 🐍
    Antifa was formed and engaged by the Old Guard aka Deep State. It was not grown organically. It is an arm of the Democratic Party. It is indirectly funded by foreign sources including Soros. [Q 489] It operates in coordination with MSM misinformation. It is organized purely for optics to divide our citizens. It is designed to inflict violence and instill fear of gatherings and free speech.

    The same Old Guard aka Deep State political force behind Antifa is behind the Smollett hoax, the assault on our marines and the Hawaii missile alert, among other acts of unlawful combat and belligerence.
    Antifa was allowed to operate. It has been infiltrated. It has been investigated by the FBI. Wray has planned a future public release concerning its designation as a terrorist organization. The National Guard will be used to stop Antifa.
    Antifa is a military arm of a treasonous conspiracy at the highest level of our own government and includes foreign agents. It has been associated with an attempt to kill the President and overthrow our government from within.
    All individuals, regardless of citizenship, who associate themselves with the military arm of the enemy and with its aid, guidance and direction enter this country bent on hostile acts are enemy belligerents within the meaning of the Hague Convention and the law of war. The individuals need not be caught while engaged in the act of war or captured within the theatre of war. They need not be found carrying weapons. Nor must their acts be targeted at our military. The status of saboteurs as enemy belligerents, rather than non-belligerent civilians, is easily determined when there is training by an enemy force, membership in an enemy infantry, and the use of enemy uniforms. Under the Commander in Chief Clause, the President is authorized to detain all enemy combatants and unlawful belligerents, including U.S. citizens. Such unlawful combatants and belligerents are subject to trial and punishment by our military tribunals. The use of martial law and the suspension of courts is not required.
    Limbaugh: The objective remains to get Donald Trump out of office

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Truth Shall Set You Free
    I wouldn’t risk it all if married to Marina! He didn’t do it!

    All spy agencies work for the same master.
    Politicians are bought and sold.
    Money talks.
    Every president that has tried to cleanse the temple of the money changers ( John 2:13-17 ) has had a target put on their back!.


    Jackson (failed attempt).
    Lincoln assassinated for issuing Greenbacks
    Kennedy assassinated for issuing United States Note Series 1963
    Rothschild Central Bank will have no competition.
    Timothy 6:10 Mark 8:37
    Hover also was in on this too. He’s a disgrace! I say we have his name removed from the FBI building in Washington. Maybe, ‘WRAY’!
    Computer graphics and technology today could probably do even more today….maybe even isolate the projectiles. Who knows????
    Oswald was innocent…it was a conspiracy! Skull n bones and other satanic individuals like Rockefeller etc. Don’t forget POPPY! He at least knew were all the bodies lie.

    If the whole truth was known about all those in authority, there would be many electrocutions dealt out to those involved in pedifiles, witchcraft, new world order, the killing of JFK!
    How low can the USA go?
    Lets make the truth uncensored again,
    youtube the liar censors the truth
    Night of Decision –

  12. Brendan James

    And we all believe the CDC numbers right? And the fact that is has been proven time and time again that there is co-morbidity in the statistics all over the world. And to remind you of following the money trail. Its one big giant scam.
    Has anyone seen a graph of “covid deaths” versus the flu and all other deaths in this “covid” period, and then compared to say the year before. Its not brain surgery that this is BS on steroids.

    • Bob

      They don’t show death charts so much anymore since they have zeroed. They mostly focus on the bogus PCR false positive test results since there is more testing.

    • Freebrezer

      B here is a breakdown analysis per the the stats for anyone that is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UvFhIFzaac&feature=youtu.be What I find interesting is that the countries that have had a strong flu immunization programs had higher fatality rates via covid? The flu shots did protect older, vulnerable people against the flu (good thing) but left them extremely susceptible to something new.

      • Freebrezer

        and thus the big question … Why did New York and New Jersey send sick covid elderly folks back to nursing homes? Quarantines are suppose to separate the sick from the healthy … This is almost paramount to murder! Will there be any investigations by the MSM in to the fiasco – do not hold your breath.

  13. Del Lube

    Rowan Atkinson on free speech

    The Simpsons’ Clip About a “Cat Flu” Was Incredibly Prophetic
    In a 2010 episode of The Simpsons, a “secret conclave of America’s media empires” releases a deadly virus to “put Americans back where they belong: In dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials”. Here’s how this clip eerily foreshadows COVID-19.
    Published 4 months ago on May 26, 2020

  14. Clemens Darling

    Sen Johnson on Hunter Biden report: I think we’ve caught Biden in a lie• Sep 24, 2020
    Caught In A Trap

  15. dlc

    A pandemic so serious that you have to test for it to even know it’s around. Sadly, this is where we are in a nation of hypochondriacs who believe the “experts” as opposed to their own eyes and common sense. Still believe the health hustlers are all about health?

    I am in several categories that would supposedly render me a sitting duck for the virus. I have taken vitamin D3 far previous to this hoax. Beyond that, I don’t give this virus a thought until I go out in public and witness the Twilight Zone beaten down stiffs schlepping through the grocery aisles. I no longer shop other than for groceries which commits me to 1 hour a week of mask-querading. Went without a mask until I was confronted by no less than 4 employees at Walmart. Even voted without a mask and you would have thought I was spreading smallpox.

    AZ has been gutted by the hysteria of the last 9 months, tourism being our gold nugget. Was it really worth destroying the country to keep us safe from a 99% plus cure rate illness? Where is the hysteria over the hemorrhaging of our borders, no health screening involved? TB, dengue, STDs anyone?

    How about that sorry soul who attended a football game in Ohio without a mask? Where is the outrage over her being tasered, man handled and ultimately arrested over a mask that will not minimize this phony 1918 do over? In front of her children no less. That’ll teach them kids to be compliant comrades.

    The thing that jolted me was how the other people in the bleachers just sat and stared, either thinking she deserved a murderer’s treatment or just glad it wasn’t their sorry hide being pummeled. The vicious women rioting in the streets are hands off. The mothers at parks and sporting events are open season fair game with bystanders gawking.

    This election will be the final tell of what we amount to. The Lusitania has set sail. We can vote our revenge or race for the lifeboats.

    • Tin foil hat

      Bravo, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  16. Anthony Australia

    Most appreciated Greg. Inflation is only part of the greatest degradation of society ever seen. Things are going to get extremely rough.
    I can’t believe the MSM here are running a special live broadcast on how to survive the crash.

    Oh, I watched 99 Homes for the first time this week and would you know it, I actually cried.

  17. red

    Greg I have been in the “alternate” news / investment space pretty much since 911 2001
    and i have heard Chris speak on so many subjects over the years, he’s pe’ed me off a couple of times BUT I think i can honestly say Chris is one of the most decent, straight forward , well informed, completely unaffected people in the investment/ alternate news community. I really respect this man. It’s just a damn pity that the world is run by the complete opposite and not people like Chris.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Red. Nobody gets if right 100% and that includes me.

      • red

        Greg your reply reminded me of something a pal of mine would say to me all the time. “the whole world is crazy Red except for you and me ! but sometimes I got my doubts about you !”😉😉 Lots of love and God bless all watchdoggers.

  18. Bidens Staff

    WOW The Trumpster On Steroids/Gone Wild
    Trump hosts a ‘Great American Comeback’ event in Pennsylvania
    457,944 views•Streamed live 8 hours ago
    No matter how many rally’s you’ve seen, you must see this one.
    By far the funniest, bawdiest one yet. Trump in his stride.

    Must see the comments>… They’re GGRREAT!
    Helena Leahy 6 hours ago
    Love this President,his energy and how easy he communicate with people,his humor,off the cuf comments ,is working’ People love him and is showing !!!

  19. George Mubarek

    I’m glad Dr Martinson has finally realized the hoax. I use to listen to his numbers and was mislead by his statistics. He needs to admit fault and apologize. Then I will listen to him again. He’s just as responsible as the ones covering up hydroxychloroquine. Sorry Dr Chris. You dropped the ball here!

  20. June Bujg

    Roseanne Barr, Jewish and former socialist. Opens up about Valerie Jarrett tweet
    If this doesn’t bring a tear to an eye, you haven’t a heart.
    ____________❤We love you Rose and always will and we ain’t sorry!

  21. Justin Factoid

    Dem’s Antifa & BLM/ In quit desperation…..
    READY TO STRIKE? Battle plans exposed!
    Civil War [AMERIKA] Straight Jacketed

    • al

      Marxism is weak and a failure, much like Biden, Hussain O and the rest of the gang.

      • Freebrezer

        Al – wounded animals in thier death throws can sure cause a lot of damage! We are not even close to the end of this bunch.

  22. Self Exiled

    Cambodia has a land mine sniffing rat, watched it on the news, only in Asia. GMA News.

    • Self Exiled

      Now that was pertinent. What a goof! Why do you let this guy post?

    • JC



      • Self Exiled

        Yep, that’s him. I got to see him working on the Asian news.

      • Self Exiled

        Amazing when you think about it, Our Heavenly Father’s Love for children is so great He uses a rat to protect them. Only He can think of such things. I suggest for you the book, ”Heaven is for Real”.

  23. Jerry

    I find Chris Martenson’s lack of information breathtaking. Of course the pandemic was planned. Who doesn’t know that by now? Do the research. As far as the virus itself, it’s real. Again do the research.

    Read page #12. There are multiple strains of the virus. Some produce only flu like symptoms while others that were developed by the Sars virus are designed to attack the respiratory system. These are the ones that kill people that require ventilators. We are currently under medical martial law. Fact check this. In some cities you are subject to a fine for not wearing a mask. Did you or your elected representative vote for that? The answer is NO. It’s a form of conditioning for what technocrats have planned next. Vaccinations.

    Anyone who thinks we’re going back to normality anytime soon is dreaming. The central planners have not gone this far, to let the opportunity to install the NWO pass them by. The election is nothing but theatre to entertain the dumbed down masses. We are like an egg being fried in a pan. If Trump wins, we get scrambled with a civil war. If Biden wins, the economy gets turned over easy with a stock market crash. Either way the technocrats and their master Lucifer wins…..at least temporarily ….until the REAL new world order under Jesus Christ comes. I question anyone’s faith, who claims to be a Christian, who doesn’t want that to happen? Could it be you’re not ready? Get your spiritual house in order. It’s going to take much more than gold, guns, and guts to overcome what’s coming.

    • Jerry

      Let’s here it for vaccines and the big 5G!

      It’s only conspiracy theory until it happens to you. Line up for those vaccines folks. It’s coming.

      • allen ols

        “hear” 🙂

    • Jerry

      Did I mention covid19 ( certificate of vaccination ID 19 ) was planed?
      Only a thousand times. Check out who the main players were in Event 201 in 2019

      Johnson and Johnson. The World Bank. The Bill Gates Foundation….etc. etc. Folks this information is not hard to find. We’ve all been played, and everyone including our so called leaders are in on it. Do you want to tell me, that every word I print is being monitored by an algorithm but yet somehow a major event like this can go undetected? We’re all fools to believe these people are looking out for our best interest, and that a vaccine will magically appear out of nowhere. Decision time is coming folks.

      • Tin foil hat

        “It’s only conspiracy theory until it happens to you. Line up for those vaccines folks. It’s coming.”

        After I found out the RNA in the vaccine can alter our DNA, I remember watching a video about the pillars depicting evolution in an ancient temple in India. The last dominant figure after the modern human is a creature with a horse face and many arms which looks a little like Ja Ja Binks in the movie Star Wars.

        Goto around 2:00 of this video on Youtube for a peek of this final dominant life form – “Arrival Of The Gods and Apocalypse – Ancient Aliens In India?”

        I think you are on the right track; only Jesus can get us out of this preordained mess.

    • foggygoggles

      Jerry, I’m with you Brother–putting on the full armor of God…..

  24. Lucas Doolin

    I can’t explain why, I don’t understand it
    yes he does.

    • William Stanley

      Undiplomatic . . . yet true. Thanks for saying it.

  25. Self Exiled

    JC 09/26/2020 •
    ”Beverly, Avoiding, or greatly reducing white flour products and sugar intake is sound advice.”

    JC, impossible, I can’t, I crave it, I need it. Sunflower seeds, chocolate, potato chips, doritos, popcorn, with rice of course and vegetables. Sugar and salt—-mmmmmm. I can’t give up on everything American. Oh and I forgot my beloved Coca Cola with seeds and chocolate. They use real sugar here, much better.

    • Self Exiled

      I really think this guy is losing it Greg.

      • mick


        • Self Exiled

          Gaslighting: to attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane (as by subjecting that person to a series of experiences that have no rational explanation). Are you saying I’m okay now? You’re not that mick Dundee guy from Australia, are ya?

  26. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Martenson .
    Here in the UK we have,”This Government is taking “advice” from those who lack either the experience or objectivity required to produce sound advice.”
    Full article,
    We have a Prime Minister in such poor financial health that he is being blackmailed or blackmail and bribe material.
    and now seemingly philandering with another hussy.
    So all just dreadful here really and oh by the way those who are running Bolshevik led hospitals here are to be honoured for their murdering services by the Queen.

  27. Carol Jones

    Vitamin D is called the SUNSHINE vitamin for a good reason. Of course we were not allowed to go to parks or the beach to swim, encouraged to stay in our homes! Coincidence? Maybe but I don’t think so. Vitamin D is very healthy, very important. The powers that be didn’t have to know it was specifically important for the China virus.

  28. Self Exiled

    Who or what is this Federalist Society that states they are conservative but recommend Christopher Wray who is dragging his feet to carry out investigating the fund providers to these communist rioters, also Wray claims the FBI has not infiltrated BLM or antifa, come on they infiltrate [surveillance freaks] every group in the US. Why does trump even consider these recommendations. Barr is even critical of Wray but it seems he [Barr] is even overly cautious/afraid of the Federalist Society. Also if Trump doesn’t get Lagoa in as judge we are in for big losses with Barret. This one decision determines the outcome of the election and the country. I still can’t get it out of my mind that Trump, and the two united political parties of the US passed that law [forgot the name and has soom number behind it] that takes our budget dark. Done during the uproar of the last appointment of a Supreme Court Judge. The usual camouflage of Washington party goers. They certainly all got along on that deal.

    The decisions of judges will again become fair, and everyone whose motives are decent will pursue justice. Psalm 94 :15 GOD’S WORD® Translation

  29. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, good update from CM. I’m not doing anything different regarding COVID; I wear a mask when the property owner (stores and restaurants) require it but otherwise don’t wear one at all; I really hate masks, but I cave for private property owners. Still amused by people driving their cars by themselves and wearing a fracking mask.

    Predating COVID, I’d been on a nutrition & vitamin regimen designed to strengthen my immune system — remember those T-cell thingies. Vitamin D is in there as well as B, C, zinc and with a bunch of other supplements. I eat my veggies but I also eat chickens, cows and occasionally fish.

    What I don’t do is get a flu shot every year and won’t go near whatever vaccine the PTB are working on for this latest scare…

  30. Self Exiled

    ”Former Federalist Society executive vice president Leonard Leo has said “he endorses the network theory of the society,” saying, “It’s less about who gets what job and more about building a community that can be self-perpetuating and self-sustaining and self-driving.”[2] and what type of community might that be Leo? What rabbit hole of higher learning are you promoting. The first time I read the psychological profile of an attorney it all made sense, the corruption of the judicial system, Congress yada yada. I know why Christ lived on and in the streets, Him and the rags he wore were unrecognizable to the pace setters, the compulsive achievers, the I’m going to fix everything crowd. Here he found the people who didn’t expound, who didn’t know the answers, didn’t wage war on another to protect their self inclusive pet concepts, theoreys, and ideas. The people who The God of the universe was comfortable with where not trying to control, everything, everybody, every thought, the weather, a country, or the world. In their nothingness they could see Everything, while the others waisted the time they had promoting and protecting their nothingness.

    • Self Exiled

      More thoughts: so why was He more comfortable in this environment[the street]? Because these people were in control of themselves as He is? Were they living in the consciousness of God’s Presence on a daily basis as he already had done for millennium? Something to think about. I don’t know. Whenever I see a person sleeping on the street on a piece of cardboard I think of Him.

  31. ken

    Over reacted?,,, a little overboard?,,, open up safely? All for a virus that has not been isolated and identified and a test that pumps out positives like a rigged slot machine we coddle the instruments of our undoing,,, Gates, Government, the UN, WHO, and CDC.
    Little Greta with the big mouth is out again chastising us whom simply want a life.
    Protests of the lockdowns in UK and around the world get no coverage or even honorable mention, parliament in Canada suspends itself to allow their little weasel dictator wannabee free reign.
    Pregnant women arrested, car windows busted, hundreds of arrests by Australia’s up and coming little dictator Andrew.
    Folks disappearing in quarantines, elections postponed in New Zealand by their female version of Stalin,,, 25 supposed Corona deaths in 8 months compared to 300 auto accident deaths a year.

    That’s not a “overreaction” that’s downright criminal.

    • Bob

      I thought she was more like Hitler, but yeah we are screwed here.

      She has:
      – Taken all our good guns
      – Pushed Covid19 agenda big time

      And now she wants “hate speech” laws. The elites setting up their little bunkers here don’t seem to mind. It’s almost as if they want it that way…

      She had a private meeting with creepy John Podesta a week before the CHCH thing. Well, something’s going on there.

  32. Gary Grindstaff

    Can you provide the link for the CDC survival rates by age? I believe that my this information needs to be distributed to every school district ASAP.
    Thank you for providing information unreported by MSM.

  33. Brooklyn


    Great interview with Chris Martenson. Two comments:

    The damage is already done to the fraudulent Covid -19 and the US government (forget Trump on the virus, because he really dropped the ball keeping F’nauci in there way to long) but when your interview shifted to the economy and what to expect in 2021 forward, Chris was dead on. I personally have never shorted any equities, but plan to get with our daughter who work on Wall Street to devise a plan.

    Any tips from you well-versed audience/commenters would be greatly appreciated.

    Onward & Upward,


  34. Paul ...

    Interesting trait of these white “commie” demon rats have … they will try to color themselves black (like Biden https://www.zerohedge.com/political/academic-appropriation-joe-biden-claims-he-attended-historically-black-college) or color themselves red (like “Pocahontas” Warren) … and they color their faces yellow when they promote their One World “China” Dictatorial Order!!

  35. Paul ...

    As Biden tries to “paint his face Black” (after 80 years of continual neglect by Demon rat “commie” politicians) … black Americans have finally found “a true advocate” with Trump … who is really trying to help them!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/president-trump-unveils-platinum-plan-black-americans-designates-antifa-kkk-terrorist

  36. Paul ...

    The way we buy gold for “insurance purposes” … we better “hurry” and really get a woman on the Moon by 2024 and eventually on Mars (to breed a human “Noah Colony”) … and also not forget to bring along the frozen DNA of two of every species “before the Earth flips” … the goal being that the humans we put on Mars will be able to come back and repopulate the Earth with all God’s creations again (after the upheaval of the End Times) … which is the real assigned duty of humanity (not the criminal continual unending wars or the perverted enhancing of viruses to make them “more deadly” (like Fauci did) … God ordered us to be responsible caretakers of all the life forms he created!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/top-nasa-official-unveils-28-billion-plan-land-first-woman-moon

    • JC

      Missile To The Moon


    • Paul ...

      Speaking of demon Fauci and the evil deadly “gain of function” virus’s he likes to create … Trump needs to put this guy in handcuffs and lock him up (like he said he would do to Hillary) before Fauci tries to do “gain of function” enhancements on this “deadly brain eating microbe” to make a few extra bucks for himself !! … https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/texas-residents-warned-their-drinking-water-may-contain-brain-eating-microbe

      • Paul ...

        What I definitely “do not” want to hear Trump say is … “Fauci is a nice man … just like Hillary is a nice woman” … evil demons “have to be recognized” by Trump … otherwise … Satan wins!!

  37. Michael Christian Peak

    Thankyou for this interview, Greg. You addressed a frustration many of us have had with Dr. Martenson regarding this Covid bologna: getting him to comment about the obvious, nefarious intent behind events surrounding this “pandemic”.

  38. Bonnie Eustis

    Internet kill switch
    An Internet kill switch is a countermeasure concept of activating a single shut off mechanism for all Internet traffic. The concept behind having a kill switch is based on creating a single point of control for a single authority to control or shut down the Internet in order to protect it or its users. Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Nominet Trust have criticized proposals for implementing the idea so far._______________________________
    Obama signs order outlining emergency Internet control
    A new executive order addresses how the country deals with the Internet during natural disasters and security emergencies, but it also puts a lot of power in the government’s hands.
    When voting think, whom hands do I want this power in?
    Dara Kerr July 10, 2012
    WHY? This is why; MUST SEE!
    Wolf Blitzed Damage Control In Action!
    Trump supporters shout “fake news” during CNN’s live Supreme Court nomination coverage 24,887 views• Sep 26, 2020
    Check out comments section, hilarious!

  39. Truthseeker

    Martensen is ok. However, for the record, Clif High was talking about vitamin C, D, Zinc, and other supplements since January 2020. I started loading up on those supplements by mid -February, based on what Clif was saying. From his monitoring of the deep web he was able to determine that the Chinese were manufacturing & distributing huge amounts of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to its military! Some hospitals in China were also giving its patients high doses of intravenous vitamin C from November 2019, if not before. Clif was able to determine that his suggestions were correct by late March as clinical data began emerging from European hospitals as test results from admitted patients suggested that only those with critically low levels of C & D in their blood stream were being admitted to hospitals. Martensen began discussing the possibility of certain supplements being supportive in April 2020.

    In addition, Martensen says that he can’t understand why the medical establishment refuses to discuss therapeutics that have been proven to work. He totally understands that the medical establishment is based on greed, fraud, and malfeasance, but refuses to acknowledge it because he wants to remain “a political”. He also knows very well that Fauci paid for the coronavirus research to be exported to Wuhan lab, and that Martensen’s alma matter, Duke University, as well as UNC Chapel Hill, participated in coronavirus research before it was banned in the US and exported.

    Martenson wants to pretend their isn’t much or any difference between the democrats and republicans. That is true to an extent. There are many republican politicians are really “in name only”, and are not true conservatives. But, there are also many republican/true conservative politicians who believe in the US constitution and American values the way it was designed – more so than democrats!

    I find Martensen to be disingenuous. At this point in time when the country is finding out what the democrats really believe in (marxist communism, abortion, lawless society, borderless country, universal income, high taxes, punishing upper and middle class workers, low standard medical care, forced vaccination, no religion unless it’s satanism, pedofilia, etc.) Mr. Martensen pretends one side is no better than the other. Does he really see no difference between President Trump and Biden? Bo Polny said on your show that the gray is disappearing as things become more black and white. One will easily be able to distinguish good from evil, and people will have to choose sides. I think we’ve already reached that point. It’s not difficult. Mr. Martensen will soon have to stop pretending that he doesn’t see any of this, in order to remain neutral, and to remain in the good favor with the establishment.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here’s a few other tidbits on Clif High. He made some amazing predictions on the election of 2016. Clif was one of the few that said Trump would no doubt win. (Not many were making this call no matter what they say now.) High also said Hillary would “go missing” the night of the election and she did!!!

      • WD

        Yes Greg,

        I remember that clearly….Can you reach out to him now?
        I know he was sick for a while.


        PS spent time praying for US and us this past Saturday!!

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t think so but I whish him well.

    • Meet John Doenut

      Right on mate! A real American, not amerikan !

  40. Paul ...

    You know … Demon rats should begin to use their God given brains and realize that the commies they vote for are “untrue representatives” of how we should be living our lives (like doing abortions “for organs” … starting continuous wars “for profit” … fostering racism and enhancing viruses to make them more deadly “for political control” … etc., etc.) … as Jesus told us in the temple John 7:28 : “I’m not from here … you know where I’m from” (and Jesus didn’t mean he was from Bethlehem) … Jesus said: “he who sent me … you do not know (God the Father)” … “but I know him” … and you will never get to meet him “who is true” unless you follow what I teach (the Ten Commandments)!!

  41. Matt

    Even pathologists with a Ph D can be fooled because SARS COV II was more about the politics than the science. Our modern American society places too much emphasis on politics and not enough focus on culture and tradition.

    • Bob

      Maybe but epidemiologists were not fooled as they are used to assessing the danger of viruses. It’s their job. They see the big picture not just the worst cases. Most flu victims are not dissected, or even x-rayed.
      Many “experts” are compromised or idiotic these days however so you can’t just blindly trust the science.

  42. Harve Ewing Jr.

    San Pedro man finds dozens of official voting ballots outside home
    By Jory Rand and ABC7.com staff
    Friday, November 4, 2016
    28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections
    .By Mark Hemingway
    Democrats and Union Officials Miraculously “Finding” Lost “Ballot Boxes In Their Car Trunks
    Posted at 9:10 am on November 2, 2010 by Martin Knight

    We all go grocery shopping with mask for food, why can’t we vote in person too, where once were in a polling station takes 5 minutes?.
    Heed Jimmy Carter on the Danger of Mail-In Voting – WSJ Opinion › Commentary
    Apr 10, 2020 – ‘Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.’ … of the bipartisan 2005 report of the Commission on Federal Election
    /WHAT THE,”@#$%^&*!”/???
    Jimmy Carter, in reversal, embraces vote by mail
    May 7, 2020 – And he co-chaired a bipartisan commission that in 2005 labeled absentee ballots the easiest way to commit election fraud
    Whats so funny Jimmy, Mmmmmm. . .?
    Kirk Wiebe On: The Deep State’s Illegal Surveillance Operations
    •Sep 26, 2020

  43. Harve Ewing Jr.

    Almost fergot….2Days ago
    Photos: Man in California Allegedly Found Thousands Of Unopened Ballots In Garbage Dumpster
    September 25, 2020 549 Views

  44. Ewing Harve

    ….2Days ago
    Photos: Man in California Allegedly Found Thousands Of Unopened Ballots In Garbage Dumpster
    September 25, 2020 549 Views

  45. al

    I followed the virus on youtube from the start (around Oct/Nov 2019). Many uploaded Chinese videos, some in their native language. The subtitles were horribly translated but you got the gist that this virus was a KILLER! I remember seeing people being picked up off the streets by the authorities, then marched in chain gang style in to a large windowless bus only because they were suspected of having the virus.
    I remember seeing a building who’s only metal exit door was welded shut with people inside yelling. It was awful!
    Then it came here.
    I got it in late January and developed antibodies. (yes, I got tested by my Dr.)
    My Wife, who was in NYC at the time for a conference, never showed any symptoms at all and she was around very sick people up there. To date, she has not been sick.

    Fast forward to today. The virus seems to have lost its potency.
    Call it Herd Immunity or whatever, the virus is not as dangerous as it once was, thus, it lost its potency.
    There is such a phenomenon in virology, I wish Martenson talked about it.

    • Bob

      They were rounding up dissidents, using the virus as an excuse.
      Perhaps the subtitles were fake? Many I saw had people screaming out windows “It’s a hoax. It’s all fake! They are killing us!!” in the subtitles. Others being dragged away were saying “There’s nothing wrong with me, I feel fine.” The slide for that was “two week incubation times” and “asymptomatic illness” and “symptomless superspreaders”. All the brainiacs in the world believe that sort of thing without hesitation since understanding counter-intuitive science makes one feel clever.

      BTW, it is easy to fake respiratory virus symptoms with low doses of nerve agents.

      • William Stanley

        Re: “understanding counter-intuitive science makes one feel clever”

        Good point. I wonder if the minds who perpetrated this psyop understood the phenomenon and used it as a “vector” to help the psyop go viral.

        I don’t qualify as a “brainiac,” but I bought into the pandemic narrative early on and — in contemplating my error — I’ve suspected for awhile that I might have been played exactly as you suggest. Indeed, I recall feeling sufficiently confident in my incorrect opinion that I rejected a couple of highly-credible-but-contrary opinions that had been passed on to me informally. One source was a virologist. I heard about that source from my doctor. The other contrary opinion came via an acquaintance who said he got the information from a friend of his who worked at the CDC. (BTW, my acquaintance, a brainiac, also rejected his CDC-friend’s opinion).

      • al

        Well, the Chinese are AWESOME ACTORS ! I saw one video of a lady losing her mind, literally screaming with anger and tears, but I guess that was all a show. BRAVO!!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I don’t think the virus in China is fake. They put doctors in jail for sounding the alarm early on. They also lied about the low death rate while we bribed the hospital to pump it up.
        If the virus in China were a hoax, then the CCP is working for/with the Deep State. It doesn’t make any sense.

  46. Jim Clancy

    ‘Come on, man. Man, you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here, man. I don’t know.’

    Video shows Joe Biden calling service members ‘stupid b*****ds’ and ‘a dull bunch’ while cracking jokes during 2016 speech to troops in Abu Dhabi

    • Paul ...

      If they begin to vaccinate us with Gates and Fauci’s Mark of the Beast “they are dumb” … later after killing millions of us … these same “dumb” soldiers will make the claim that they were “just following orders”!!!

  47. Mark Bons

    What if it is as simple as increasing the vitamin D serum levels in the population to 50ng/mL
    (125nmol/L) assuming Mg in-cell, Zn and vitaminC levels are high and a BMI<30?!
    This study uses W.H.O. data sets from 20 European nations that shows an association
    between a nation's population with higher levels of vitamin D in serum and lower morbidity rates
    of covid-19. ! !
    1) !
    https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-21211/v1! !
    Look at Table 2!
    Brown_et_al_2020_MitoFit_Preprint_Arch_doi_10.26214_mitofit_200001.pdf! !
    3) https://www.bmj.com/content/368/bmj.m810/rr-24! !
    4) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3999581/! !!! There are many other circumstances that also correlate higher levels of vitamin D and low
    morbidity rates:!
    1)people with more pigmentation in their skin than caucasians need 3.5 to 5 times as much sun
    exposure on skin to create the same D3 as a caucasian, hence the disproportionately high
    morbidity rates of the African-American population as melanin in the skin reduces UVB
    absorption needed to make D3. !
    2)Obesity causes D3 to settle in fat cells and not be used. This may be the reason for higher
    morbidity rates than in lean people.!
    3) covid-19 morbidity rates/capita increase in the northern latitudes of the USA may be due to
    less sun exposure on the skin during the winter months.!
    4) vitamin D has a half-life of 15 days, so by 60 days a person has only 6% of what they had if
    not supplementing.!
    5) NY people's lifestyle has more indoor activities and they cover their skin with more clothing
    than CA people, whose lifestyles are more outdoor involved. This may explain why NY has 24
    times the morbidity rate of CA on a per capita basis.!
    6) nursing home residents rarely go out in the sun and most are vitamin D deficient, hence, may
    be the high morbidity rates in these facilities.!
    7)influenza cases decrease as summer approaches beginning in the lower latitudes followed by
    the northern latitudes. This may be due to sun exposure on the skin as people reduce clothing
    and are outside more so as to increase D3 production.!
    8) 3 cases studies, (Iceland, Germany and the USS T Roosevelt aircraft carrier) showed that
    testing of the population showed more than 50% of the people that tested positive for covid-19
    were asymptomatic. Maybe if comprehensive blood panels are performed on this demographic
    and compare it to those with symptoms the difference discovered may identify and define the
    problem for which a solution will be easier to render.!
    9)cytokine storms (cytokine release syndrom-CRS) can be caused by not enough vitamin D as
    there is not enough T reg cells to calm the T cells zealous response.! !

  48. Peter Smithton

    Wow? I’m glad ole’ Chris has finally come around. Like others have alluded to in their comments, he was pretty close to being the “Chicken Little of Covid” for the first 6+ months of the pandemic.

    How anyone with above a 7th grade education, let alone a doctorate in toxicology couldn’t figure out almost immediately, that hydroxychloroquinine was a legititimate and much needed treament (and NOT toxic or dangerous) is beyond me…

    I always liked Chris and I still do, but he really hurt his credibility here. Without a clear mea-culpa along with an explanation of why he was sooo wrong, for sooo long, his credibility is now gone. I didn’t even bother watching this interview because it’s a classic case of too little – too late. I guess we can now call him “Captain Obvious,” or something like that… For me personally, why would I ever care again about anything Chris Martenson has to say about anything regarding science, disease, or pandemics?

    Chris, you had a real opportunity here and you missed it. I still think you’re one of the good guys out there and I don’t think you had any nefarious intentions here at all…
    But, you just blew it big time on Covid… And for that, the price is irrelevance.

    • Bob

      You are dead right.

      He should have explained how he came to be a member of the Branch Covidian cult in the first place, described the thought process, explained how he was unable to see the truth or how the evidence was hidden, suggested remedies to this mass psychosis, gone into the psychology of the specific belief process, proffered a de-programming protocol for others to use on their friends and family, and above all – sincerely apologized for being misled and misleading others. (To be fair he was far from being the only one.)

      That approach might have had some real value.
      The antidote to Covid19 is the “Perspectives on the Pandemic” series which I have linked to above. Watch it if you haven’t. It’s all you need to see. You will be surprised by the quality and comprehensiveness of the interviews. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    • donna s.

      I am a pathologist assistant with my masters in anatomic pathology. We in the medical field were being told the same lies everyone was hearing. We are supposed to protect our patients etc. I personally was not sure if it was as bad as they said but at the beginning people would ask me and I would tell them what I was hearing was that it was very bad but that I hadn’t personally seen anyone with it and I couldn’t know for sure but that I would lean toward precaution and take all the required steps they were asking until we know more. I soon learned as many here that I believed this to be a PLANDEMIC. People think if you are in the medical field you should know it all and know all that is going on and they tend to take our word over their , say neighbor who is a mechanic just because we are in the medical field. We are often told the same lies and are not going to tell someone that they should not follow the guidelines set forth because we don’t want to be responsible for them becoming sick. We had to study and find out the truth just like everyone else. I think it takes a bigger person to be able to say that there original assessment was incorrect and now with more information , He can start speaking the truth from a more educated platform. Don’t be so hard on him. I have a great deal of respect for him now being able to change his mind and look at the whole picture .

      • Bob

        That excuse expired at the end of April. After that there was no excuse.

        • paul jr.


          Why at the end of April? What happened? Just curious.

          • William Stanley

            paul jr..
            RE: “Why the end of April?”

            That’s when Bob discovered his sources, which while very good, failed to cover important aspects of the pandemic that Dr. Martenson has actually covered at some personal cost . . . such as the importance of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin and vitamin D).

          • Bob

            In April enough videos proving it was a hoax existed that only willful ignorance and complete lack of skepticism would allow one to keep believing it.

            Respiratory viruses tend to circulate for 4 to 6 weeks before herd immunity is gained and they die out, sometimes forever, sometimes until the next season. Anyone who bothered to look would know this. A pathologist who didn’t bother to look even though his hospital was empty while the media harped on and on about piles of bodies is similar to the doctors that hounded Semelweiss to dead because he told them to wash their hands – professional conceit like that is dangerous.

            That’s why I say any professional who didn’t notice anything wrong with the official story by the end of April is incompetent. I did it, and I’m not even a doctor. There is no excuse.

            • William Stanley

              I’ve looked: I can’t find where your own cited sources ever call CV-19 a “hoax.” Indeed they treat it as quite real. What they also didn’t do — or, at least I can’t find it — is where they admit the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. Help us all out here and show where your sources actually support your claims.

      • Self Exiled

        Donna, I agree! ”I was wrong .” I had to say that to God 50 some years ago and have never regretted it. It has been my flagstone eversense to overcoming denial. The truth does not hurt. It is refreshing. HE is our Truth.

  49. Mark Bons

    Sorry, my 1st post contained “!” at the end of each line-of-text so I edited them out so that the links will perform.
    What if it is as simple as increasing the vitamin D serum levels in the population to 50ng/mL
    (125nmol/L) assuming Mg in-cell, Zn and vitaminC levels are high and a BMI 50ng/mL, RBC Mg >5mg/dL, Zn in serum>2mg/dL, vitamin C in serum>1mg/dL and to be well hydrated.

  50. Virginia Conway

    I am so fed-up with negativity. I have taken Hyrdroxycloqine protocol as prolactin. I refuse to live in fear. I never felt better after the 2-week regime, my allergies and asthma has never been better. Either be a mouse and keep on complaining or be a LION and say enough is enough.

    • Self Exiled

      Nano silver seems to do the same thing for me. Every week or so.

  51. Tabitha Sloan

    Sorry Dr. but even I figured this hoax out before you. I truly hope you’re not compromised. That would be a terrible ending!

  52. Marie Joy

    Ferfal has Matt Bracken on TheModernSurvivalist, on YouTube. Worth the watch.
    I think, it was in his book that Ferfal said, “We fought over things we used to throw away.”
    Get ready

  53. MCasey

    I noticed Friday the drive-thru ATM at the local Credit Union had been removed. And, another bank has re-positioned their stand alone drive-thru ATM from the outer lane to an external wall of the bank building, but still drive-thru. Also, noticed a new bank branch being built and they have returned to the old “toll booths” between the drive-thru lanes.
    Guess they’re afraid they will be lassoed and hauled away if there is a riot or bank run.

  54. Self Exiled

    If the US followed the same system as much of the world the total number of coronavirus deaths in the US would be 86,000 or something you’d see in a bad flu season.


    • Greg Hunter

      I promoted this Self and you are correct it was way underreported on.

  55. kevin

    Martenson very bad guest maybe worst ever.. he fanned the flames until just lately.. Mask wearing what a loser. masks stop the viruses like chicken wire would stop mosquitos. I would not invite this loser guest back again.. This is a Plandemic and how people can not see this is beyond me. Martenson is part of the problem not the solution.

  56. foggygoggles

    I voted for and continue to support President Trump, but he is responsible for the loss of lives and destruction of businesses as well. He knew hydroxyquinoline was efficacious early on, as he was actually taking it himself. He failed to lead and call out the vested interests. Catherine Austin Fitts just did a great interview with Dark Journalist on this very issue. Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcKtelC7upM
    Given what she has to say, we’re in a lot more trouble than most people realize.

  57. foggygoggles

    Although I voted for and continue to support President Trump, he also needs to be held to account for the loss of lives and the destruction of businesses. He knew hydroxyquinoline was efficacious if taken early, and that it was a prophylactic as well. Indeed, he said he was taking it himself. My bet is that he still is. He failed miserably to lead on this issue and caved to vested interests in the end. Catherine Austin Fitts speaks to this in an excellent interview with Daniel Liszt (Dark Journalist).
    Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcKtelC7upM
    Given what she has to say, we appear to be in a lot more trouble than most of us realize.

  58. Joseph

    Hi Greg
    Thanks for all you do in informing us of the important issues facing us all.
    I was wondering why you haven’t had Geregory Mannarino back for such a long time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mannarino told everybody on his channel he did not want to be on USAWatchdog.com because support the President. I do but I also try to give fair analysis to President Trump. It is sometimes counter to the President, but always fair. This came out of the blue a year ago or so and I never had a cross word with him.

      • foggygoggles

        Trump derangement syndrome can obviously strike anyone. I’m wondering what alternative Mannarino would propose.

  59. Diane

    I am a register Democrat who has received 3 mail in ballots in NC. My husband is registered differently and has only received one. I know not everything is a conspiracy but man…..

    A tweet from a NC voter.

  60. eddiemd

    Deep state drug trafficking in Colombia.

    CIA, DEA, FBI, ICE, State Department (NAS)…all in. Treasury helping to wash the money through Panama.

    Kamala Harris well connected to the deep state narcotraffickers. Knows all the big fish from her time as California AG.


  61. Peter Stryoke

    Haunting Final Photo Taken Moments Before Tragedy Struck
    Officer Green was checking Wallace into the metro jail on counts of robbery and arson before Wallace grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed him. He then used Mr. Green’s patrol car to flee the scene. The officers then trailed him and rounded him up before killing him in a fierce exchange of fire.
    Never even, heard about this? Of course, doesn’t fit the mockingbird brained propaganda narrative.

    Why Russia Will Never Support the US
    1,393 views•Streamed live 85 minutes ago
    INCOMING……………..!……………..!……………!😷Wake Up!
    As Australia Falls to the CHICOMS, America Loses Another Key Ally
    Submitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, September 28, 2020

    • Jay Edgar

      Wherever Law & Order, break down. You will find public indifference. An alert and vigilant America, as here at USAWatchdog.com. Will and does make for a secure America!
      A United States of America. THANK YOU Greg Hunter for your service! As for the treason and rot being rooted out at this site, be warned. CRIME DOES NOT PAY. You will always get it, in the end! Of your sore ass, Soros!

  62. Jerry

    To really understand the objectives of the NWO you need to watch this video. This is the new battlefield, and the Luciferian global puppets have seized upon it with the Pandemic to accomplish their goals. The end of your free agency.

  63. Janey Gunn

    Chris Martensen finally sees what is going on, he’s come 180, good short article. Too bad more people aren’t seeing it.
    Is it a random coincidence the consequences of misguided COVID response and restrictions just happen to be *exactly* what Leftist, Socialist and Marxist leaders need to build their power? Could they have created a more perfect situation for themselves on purpose? No.
    Is it surprising our leaders are finally admitting its not “15 days to flatten the curve,” rather, its lockdown indefinitely until a vaccine is available? At the same time, they are saying a vaccine is unlikely to work or be safe, and a reliable vaccine could be years away. Is it surprising they are now saying we have entered a “Pandemic Era” — after COVID there will be another virus, followed by a series of new viruses? And to top it off, the spark that set off the “Pandemic Era” is deforestation and fossil fuels. It would be a joke if these megalomaniacs were not deadly serious.

  64. DJW

    What a bunch of half-woke-middle-of-the-road nonsense. When a psychopath is in your house threatening your family it is not the time for reformative discussion; it should be obvious that the psychopath is not interested in your perspective.
    All discussion within the framework of the stage set by the psychopath is senseless.
    Covid is a psychological operation and social engineering agenda perpetrated by psychopaths who intend to destroy human liberty everywhere on the planet; at best they intend enslavement, at worst genocide.
    This psychopathy entered through the front door of our institutions by permission of our official representatives. USAWatchdog is licking the balls of the intruders with interviews like this. Stop glossing over the seriousness of the WAR that has been thrust upon us. Do you need to see UN Troops in the streets before you recognize what is happening? Will you remain oblivious if it is Trump putting US Troops in the streets?
    Sorry to be a jerk Greg, I’ve always respected you and I’ve continued to extend faith that perhaps Trump is working for good…but the hour is beyond late.

    • Self Exiled

      ”within the framework of the stage set by the psychopath is senseless.” and it has been for the last 4 administrations or maybe more we have been trying to do this exact thing ”discussion” and where has it gotten us? I need not reply: nowhere, in fact look around and weep.

      but if it is of God [and it appears that it is], you will not be able to stop them; or else you may even be found fighting against God!” Acts 5:39

      ‘’A noise has come to the end of the earth,
      For the LORD has a controversy with and an indictment against the nations.
      He is entering into judgment with all mankind;
      As for the wicked, He has given them to the sword,’ says the LORD.” Jeremiah 25:31

      Thus says the LORD of hosts,
      “Behold, evil is going forth
      From nation to nation,
      And a great whirling tempest is rising
      From the remotest part of the earth. Jeremiah 25:32

      “And the peaceful folds are devastated and made silent
      Because of the fierce anger of the LORD. Jeremiah 25:37

      My view of the present. I use to be very vocal and patient, [ for 30 years, come on think but no enlightenment, only a few]. So I have come to the above conclusion.

      • Self Exiled

        At one time we as a nation were a Golden Scepter in God’s hand. People use to say Thank God here come the Americans, now oh no the Americans. I’ve experienced it.

  65. DJ

    Isn’t it just an interesting coincidence that Remdesivir is made by Gilead and is the “CURE” for COVID-19….and here’s where it gets interesting: China holds the patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID, who has an office near Wuhan, and you’ll never guess who are the main financial investors in UNITAID…. none other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO.

    I know what you’re thinking! It’s just all a coincidence isn’t it! Oh, don’t let me forget the other coincidence, that Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Oh, silly me, I forgot one more coincidence, Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses……I sure am thankful it’s all just coincidences! Nothing to see here, just keep moving along…. WOW!

    No wonder Fauci slapped down hydroxychloroquine which has a 92% success rate.. he was told to!!

    Fauci’s wife also works for Gilead.

    Sure makes you wonder . . . The Best Coincidences are always found when you follow the money..! ! !

    I don’t know… does it make you ask questions? Do your own research… could all just be coincidence?!?!

    Here is a link to substantiate this….


    • William Stanley


  66. Max Meister

    What really sucked was a full page commercial that appeared after clicking on the interview video. They suggested i should better read the newspaper of a msinstream swiss newspaper.

  67. Agent P

    Chiming in with the first (2) posters above, all I can say is: Wow…
    Then again, not really, because I have observed this fellow and his ‘stock-in-trade’ for well over a decade now. Still, it takes a pair of brass ones to do what he’s doing here – pointing the finger & all…
    Oh well…
    A lesson to the ‘youngsters’ out there whom are riding their first Doom Porn rodeo and haven’t lived long enough to have been bucked off a few times by these charlatans, and now have the ability to see the ‘schtick’ a mile away – well, here it is in all its glory.
    Learn from it and don’t get suckered in. Observe and think for yourself…

  68. JC

    It’s a bad situation. Enemies within.

    ‘Navy SEALs change official ethos to be gender neutral, remove ‘brotherhood’ and more…’


    • WD

      You know the Russians will never do this

  69. notyourpatsy

    EddieMD, What you said in your above posts, and in your post on 5/29/2020 WNW Hong Kong update, is correct. What you say about military force being used against the American Patriots/people, I concur. I was forced out of the military when I discovered what you posted above. I was at the ‘airport’ in Panama when Noriega was taken down.
    I used to live near 10th and camelback on Richland St (sfh) back in the day. I was going through some papers recently and came across a $20 credit slip from castles and coasters where I used to be a pinball wizard!

    Deu 28:49-53 Beware China! Joshua 22:5 Judges 21:25 < what is coming soon to America! Repent and read your Bible!!

    • eddiemd

      I have a Panama airport story from 2003.

      I was flying back to Phoenix from Cartagena through Panama City airport.

      I bought 70lb of Colombian coffee beans and stashed it in a large duffel bag. I was waiting for a connection in Panama when I heard my name called overhead inside the airport. They were calling me to the departure gate.

      On approach to the gate I saw a dog and a few Panamanian soldiers with assault rifles with my duffel bag on a table. I identified myself to the man in charge. He took my passport and looked it over with a magnifying eyepiece. He asked if the bag was mine and if they could search it.

      It was never secured and I had nothing in it to hide. Only coffee beans. They emptied all the beans, cut it up looking for nothing, and then told thank you and goodbye. Right in the gate area with dozens of spectators. I was thinking that they had planted something and I was being set up.

      I flew up to LAX and again pointed to the Customs line for additional search. My bag was held together by tape, beans spilling out everywhere. Customs in LAX went through it again.

      I was on the search list for that trip. My passport was full of stamps for Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, Medellin, Cali, Bogota, and Cartagena. They probably had background on my military service as well. The good old days.

  70. notyourpatsy

    Keith Wilson, your post on 9/05/2020, (Kevin Shipp Interview) READ the book, ‘The Prince of Providence’, by Mike Stanton! You will find the trail of corruption in government begins with MAYORS in large cities across America, and that the State Senators CONTROL the American people!!

  71. Greg Hunter

    Jay this proves nothing. Please tell me exactly who “Q” is. I want names I can verify. By the way Kevin Shipp posts his opinions and analysis with a verifiable name. Shipp and I both say the patriots are good people and rightly worried about the country. “Q” is a nameless and faceless fake who have missed bigtime on his drops. Please explain the huge miss Jeff Sessions was?????? Let me take a shot. “Q” is a total disinformation fraud.

    • Diane

      I agree Greg.
      Total fraud

    • K. Wayne

      “Q is a total disinformation fraud”. Yes Sir.
      I can even go one further and suggest that Q’s intentions are to completely discredit truthsayers. If you follow the MO…..startling and accurate claims were made from the outset …to bring in the curious minds /supports (who would go on to parrot the concepts)…only to then be shamed with inaccuracies and BIG misses…..leading to ridicule for not only Q …but also the patriots who chose to follow. That’s called a Psyop. It is being perpetrated by one of our agencies. One that has its HQ in VA.

  72. Self Exiled

    Good guest to have on Greg, created much thought and discussion. I think you and I were raised under the critical thinking mode of education which was mostly irradiated by the late seventies and early eighties. I taught in a Christian school [short term] for a principale friend when a teacher did not show up to serve his contract. It was painful for the students, memorization was the modem according to their desires. Sorry, we’ll suffer threw it together.

  73. Oxfarmer

    FYI, one of our Oxfarm family’s cardiologist said the initial fears about the virus came from the fact that it was, “man made” and might not perform like a normal virus. Wonder how he knew?

    Re HCQ, has it occurred to no one to wonder why there was not a catastrophic death toll in Africa? After all, conditions are ripe there for disease and its spread. But…what is a major disease there? Malaria. And what is taken for malaria? HCQ. It’s cheap and it works.

  74. marty

    Martenson is a fear porn creep. He claims to be a biologist of some kind, but he couldn’t sniff out the virus hoax that tptb have been playing on the world since the fake hiv/aids caper in the 80s. Then, as now, there never was a virus. It’s all baloney and this supposed PhD was too indoctrinated to be able to think for himself, read the original papers and know what they mean.

    There is no virus. No one has isolated it because it doesn’t exist. No experiments show that a virus is causing a “new” disease. PCR and antibody tests are not diagnostic tests and are completely bogus. Da covid is totally made up out of whole cloth just like hiv, h1n1, zika, ebola, bird flu, etc. And Martenson has fallen for every one.

    Greg, imho, you shouldn’t waste your time with this charlatan.

  75. Brock Lesnar

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