Failed Trump Coup is Treason – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Dr. Dave Janda of the popular radio show Operation Freedom says the end of the Mueller probe means the coup to remove Donald Trump from power is over. Why would all these high ranking players create a fake story and commit massive crime to take out Trump? Dr. Janda says, “Power, control and money. Donald Trump is not part of their particular silo in the globalist club, that being the Rothschild/Rockefeller axis. They saw Trump as an enemy of their state. The movement he helped create took on their power base and attacked the middle level puppets of the Rothschild/Rockefeller axis, meaning the Obamas, Clintons, Bush family, McCains, Romneys, Ryans and Soros’. They see Trump as an individual leading a movement that can affect how they have been able to control and their ultimate power. . . . They want to undermine him and continue to want to remove him from office. When you break all this down, it is about sedition . . . and treason. . . . Why would they do something like this? This is all about sedition, treason . . . and a cover-up of all these Deep State players’ criminal activity. This was meant to get Hillary in power so they could continue to sweep this under the rug.”

Trump is not only going after the mid-level players in this failed coup but is going all the way to the top of the power and money orchestrating it. Dr. Janda says, “The higher ups come down two ways. One, he is by squeezing the mid-level players, and number two, he’s going to use the Al Capone technique. Capone was brought in on tax evasion. I think the way they are going to bring in the Clintons is to go after the financial irregularities in the Clinton Foundation and how it did business. . . . as much as $2.5 billion, and that’s just for starters, was used in a money laundering operation through the Clinton Foundation. . . . I also think they are going to squeeze the higher ups like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the Payseurs and going all the way up. They are going to squeeze them on the financial side. . . . It doesn’t stop with the Obamas and Clintons, Bush and Soros because you are not solving the problem. When you are looking at cancer, you can’t take a small part of a tumor. You have to take out the entire tumor.”

Why is the takedown of the Deep State taking so long? Dr. Janda says, “The system is rigged to blow. . . . One of the concerns is as the Rothschild/Rockefeller axis loses its power, control and financial resources, they will do something that’s terrible and harm a lot of different people. President Trump is one of the individuals leading the charge and trying to protect the system. So, as it does reset itself, it will be a reset that is not catastrophic for millions of people. . . . A number of people tell me they are surprised the system has not cracked further already. The reason why it has not happened is there has been this shoring up process behind the curtain. . . . The declassification has not taken place yet because the President and his team have been trying to cordon off all these threats on a number of different fronts.”

In short, Janda contends that President Trump wants to make sure all Deep State counterattacks are neutralized before declassification and arrests are made.

Dr. Janda goes on to say, “This is a huge awakening project for the American public. . . . There has to be a huge awakening of the public. The public has been propagandized for decades, and the first part of bringing down that facade was labeling the mainstream media (MSM) as being fake. The MSM was all involved in treason and sedition. They were all involved in propagandizing the public, and they are all part of the problem.”

Dr. Janda says the real end goal of the globalists is to destroy America and loot it in the process. Dr. Janda says, “Yes, because we were the speed bump to the globalists’ goal and objective of a New World Order, a One World Government and complete control.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    The Divided States of America.
    Sad state of affairs, who will prosecute these cowards?

    • Lynn

      “Who will prosecute these guys?’
      Who and when. I almost can’t bear to listen to Mr. Janda anymore. He has built expectations of indictments and tribunals by inferring privileged information from unnamed sources now for several months. I am reaching the conclusion that he has no such information or that his sources are unreliable enough to disregard as unreliable. He needs new sources or a new topic.

      • Da Yooper

        Lynn you have a point

        Dave talks & sounds like Jim Willie ( so called precious metals guru) who has an imaginary source called “the Voice” & Jim can spin some tall tales all attributable to his secret friend “the Voice ” anyone who has listened to him knows what I am talking about .

        I hope Dave Janda isn’t playing in that make believe league & I am giving him the benefit of the doubt for now …..but his excuses for no action are starting to wear thin & become all talk & no action. Or as my Texas relatives say “All hat & no cattle”

        • Angelo

          Lynn and Da Yooper,

          I understand your frustration. But at the same time there are so many inner mechanisms that we don’t know about. So to accuse that Dr. Janda has unreliable sources and as Da Yooper said “make believe league“ is also to say that you may have something better. One philosophy is life that I’ve found useful goes “when you identify a problem and you don’t or can’t think of a solution, then you are a part of that problem”. Be patient or be vigilant!

          • Da Yooper

            All my life being in business I have dealt with the very people who are scamming the USA & the only way to fix this is to shine the light & rule of law on them & hold them to account for their criminal actions but for some reason these people are always above the law & that has to end right F’n now or the rule of law has no meaning or force to it for EVERYONE. I have been patient & I am vigilant or I would not be speaking up.

            Also I have been a victim of many supposedly so called metals & stock & political pundits who are held out to be experts when they are not . They are modern day con-artists… you need to walk a mile in my shoe’s before you label me “part of the problem” I speak up so other’s will benefit from my experiences which you are free to ignore or follow as you see fit.

            • Angelo

              Sa Yooper,

              Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with people who pose as experts and may have led you on the wrong path based on their advise. There are a lot of them out there. Be discerning and do your homework before you commit to making a move. As previously mentioned by other speakers here at USAWD, we are in uncharted territory in every aspect of our lives right now. The Matrix is very strong so ensuring that you are 100% awake is sometimes difficult. Listen to Dane Wiggington of Sounds super dire but most people are still worried about what happens in the stock market! Keep up the faith brother!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Very powerful. Thanks.

  3. paul ...

    As Janda says: “it is all about sedition and treason” by home grown terrorist traitors … the Bad guys after pointing their finger at Trump are now finding “themselves” on the wrong side of the law … and the God guys are now taking control … and saying … “lets ROL” (bring back the Rule Of Law)!!

    • paul ...

      Here is how the Demon-rats plan to defeat Trump in 2020 …
      Bottom line … here is the list of things they propose their Demon-rat candidate run on … in order to win over a majority of the American public in 2020:
      1) Speedily withdraw all US troops from the seven shooting wars now in progress in the Greater Middle East.
      2) Choke off excessive arms deals and expensive military handouts to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc., etc..
      3) Quit bombing or enabling the bombing of impoverished civilians in places like Yemen and Gaza.
      4) Begin dismantling America’s “empire of bases” overseas.
      5) Seek détente rather than conflict with Russia and China.
      6) Cut defense and war-related spending down to size.

      This sounds exactly like what Trump is “trying to do” now … I guess the Demon-rats are going to try and “out Trump” Trump if he doesn’t deliver on any of the above!!

  4. Nick de la Gaume

    What a joy for my Heart to listen to men with Honour and Integrity.

  5. Genocidal Politician

    March 15th. International Hijab day
    NZ leading the way

    • paul ...

      AA … it’s the beginning of the end for the dollar … and the greedy crazy banksters at the Fed leased and sold away all our tier one gold assets at Fort Knox (to make a personal profit for themselves) … now as Swift goes down … do you think the people of the world are going to hold dollars (that have no gold backing except for some mining company’s promise it can get it out of the ground)??? …

  6. paul ...

    With regard to the rule of law as provided under our US Constitution (belief in God is protected) … so why not parents right to believe vaccines pose a danger to their children (because of studies that show there are indeed medical dangers to their children like autism from the aluminum drug companies put in their vaccines) … parents concerned about their children … are not criminals … and shouldn’t be treated as such by State Gestapo Swat Teams (without medical degrees) and forcibly making parental medical decisions … how about we just put all our kids in “commie villages” the way Hillary proposed in her book “It Takes a Village”!!! …

  7. paul ...

    This is a good start … … Trump should now stop “all” foreign aid programs across the entire world (as it is critically important that we balance our trade deficit) … Trump can easily get Mexico to help us out … by simply cracking down on the Mexican Drug Cartel (by aiming our space based weapons to burn down all their poppy fields) … some may say that this action would be considered an act of war by Mexico? … well is not Mexico’s inaction in stopping the caravans an Act of War against America?? … it is time for all Gringo’s to unite … and Remember the Alamo!!

  8. Russ McMeans

    Too amazing interview Greg. I’m not sure how many friends or Americans for that matter can digest this deep state 9 course meal. But I will share. Not sure if posting to Facebook isn’t just giving good information to the enemy though. Probably blocked by ‘shadow banning’ which I can’t detect directly of course. Evil times we live in. Hope (& pray) Donald J Trump and his cabinet prevail. May the Lord of Heaven kick all these evil doers in the ass. And more.

  9. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Simply brilliant: God promises I will not leave you or forsake you’. Andrew UK

  10. paul ...

    The only thing that will enhance the public’s trust in the Federal Reserve again is if they create a 30 year bull market in gold … by beginning to buy back all the Fort Knox gold they leased out to the mining companies (instead of waiting for these already half dead companies to begin mining gold and paying back the gold they borrowed sometime in the future … like when after Nibiru does a fly-by of planet Earth in 2042??)!! …

    • paul ...

      With confidence in the dollar crumbling and its desirability fading fast … the Fed has to strengthen the dollar by buying back tons of a tier one asset called gold they foolishly leased to the gold miners … we don’t have time to wait for the gold miners to get their mines into production to pay back the Fort Knox gold they leased and sold … like idiot PhD fools the Fed banksters now have to compete with not only Russia but the rest of the world (who are now buying gold at an even quicker pace) to buy back our Fort Knox gold to give strength to the dollar …

      • paul ...

        And don’t count on the IMF saving things with their SDR paper or digital crypto currency … physical gold (unlike paper and crypto) is immune to EMP, can’t be printed to infinity, nor be hacked … remember … all block-chain technology will be useless by 2027 … when quantum computers will have the ability to crack any and all crypto key codes!! …

        • paul ...

          How is this for an April Fool’s joke … “The United States Federal Reserve holds the largest amount of gold of any other central bank, 8,133.5 tons in the world” … what a lie … what they fail to mention is that all the American peoples “physical gold bars” in Fort Knox was leased out by Greenspan (to supposedly strengthen the US dollar when in fact it weakened it) … and the Fed is now only holding “paper gold certificates” … futures certificates which the Fed calls “Deep Storage Gold”!! …

  11. Jerry #2

    I think Dr Janda says some very important things. Specifically why it is taking so long to bring down the Deep State. I know that I as a conservative want things done yesterday to get sanity back into this nation and government specifically. I am part of one of the national Presidential Watch Prayer groups and pray daily for this president and this nation! As Mark Taylor says every time I hear him, be patient. And as much as I understand that, there are days I am pleading with the Lord, let’s get this show on the road, Lord. As conservatives we all need to listen to Dr Janda about why it is taking so long. It helps me, to at least try, to develop a sense of patience about all of this. I keep thinking, this first 4 years is half over and there is still so very much to be done if this Republic is to be saved. Americans need to be reeducated this is a Republic not a democracy. This is a form of government that has had the potential and still can have the potential to be better than any other. Somehow in the 2nd term the socialists need to be removed from controlling the government schools and universities or we will be lost.
    Thanks for this article , Greg!

    • Jerry

      This is not me. It’s another Jerry posting as me.

      • Greg Hunter

        The new “Jerry” is not “Jerry #2”.

    • gregd

      I agree with everything you said. Bringing God back into the schools and the Government as well as go to public financed election campaigns. So we get ideas and not mud. And besides that, if the campaigns were shorter and lower budgeted the MSM will be on their knees.

  12. Amos McCoy

    18 U.S. Code § 2385. Advocating overthrow of Government

    • paul ...

      This US Code needs to be amended to allow for the overthrow of the Deep State in order to save the US Government from traitors within!!

  13. Amos McCoy


    The overthrow of a democratic regime is, first and foremost, an … Democracy may be most vulnerable when a new government wishing to clean up the business and political culture moves against corrupt individuals who have enjoyed power.4 …. Sampford, “Coups d’Etat and Law,” Bulletin of the Australian Society of Legal …

    The Coming Coup to Overthrow President Trump: Sedition at the Highest Levels

  14. al

    Excellent coverage of the whole fiasco!
    They lost! Watch the slow torture of the deep state.

    Thank you for bringing Dr. Janda on again, I never get enough of his insight.

  15. Joe Lalonde

    Hard for the system to crash when central banks have unlimited credit so they choose. The Japanese central bank buys stocks and bonds that are failing. They also purchase great amounts of America Treasuries.
    The Canadian Central bank just sits back and has an agreement that if our banks are in failure after they confiscation of the citizens money, then there will be funds to keep them going.
    String up the bankers I say…

  16. Rob

    Please understand that all justice will be handed out at the great white throne:

    Revelation 20:11-15 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat upon it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. (12) And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne; and books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books, according to their works. (13) And the sea gave up the dead that were in it; and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. (14) And death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death, even the lake of fire. (15) And if any was not found written in the book of life, he was cast into the lake of fire.

    The “reset” is going to set the stage for Jer(USA)lem to reach her zenith through the tribulation but she and her children are in bondage to their works of the flesh:

    Galatians 4:24-25 Which things contain an allegory: for these women are two covenants; one from mount Sinai, bearing children unto bondage, which is Hagar. (25) Now this Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia and answereth to the Jerusalem that now is: for she is in bondage with her children.

    The ONLY way to avoid the white throne is to come out from among them touching NO unclean thing:

    2 Corinthians 6:16-18 And what agreement hath a temple of God with idols? for we are a temple of the living God; even as God said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. (17) Wherefore Come ye out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, And touch no unclean thing; And I will receive you, (18) And will be to you a Father, And ye shall be to me sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

    The New Testament is directed to “us-ward”:

  17. Russ

    Outstanding interview. It all started in 2009… that right there is why the Democrats are having such a problem and cannot let it go. Their entire lives for the past 10 years have revolved around perpetuating Obama’s transformation of America. It’s why Hillary was catatonic after the election results came in; she didn’t “think” she was going to win, she “knew” it was in the bag. Doh!!

    Brennan will roll over to cut a deal. His lame attempt at trying to set up an ignorance defense is evidence of his weakness; that’s a tough argument for the Director of the CIA – nobody believes he didn’t know and got bad info. He was one of the men behind the curtain. I’m going to need a new popcorn popper.

    BTW did you see that a judge in CA just found California high capacity magazine ban to be unconstitutional? Really good news.
    Judge Blocks California’s High-Capacity Ammunition Ban

    • Justn Observer

      Russ, Thanks for the link, Hopefully – anti gun legislators will face their waterloo next election? Looks like some pushback even in Cali—that was a surprise actually… but looks like it is building=

      • iwitness02

        In the hands of the liberal left, this red flag law will be a weapon used on anyone they disagree with. Talk about an end run around the Constitution. It seems like the left is begging for civil war. Always egging it on. Kill babies, disarm law abiding citizens, tax them hard, and regulate them into submission. F U you control freaks.

        • iwitness02

          Today I am reading that Colorado is trying to pass legislation to make Co. a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. It has already been decided to give our electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. Two demonrats in Denver have turned into a political power house of corruption. Gov. Polis, like Hickenlooper before him, Can’t introduce enough government control fast enough to suit themselves. We now have our very own heroin injection site and this is just the short list. I thought I was to old to ever move again. Guess I may have to rethink that.

          • Bob H

            That’s what you get for allowing those commie Californians to “migrate” to your state because their taxes were too high there. What they forgot to leave behind was their “Vote.” You need a wall there too. Same thing is happening here in Virginia. Slowly but surely. I’m really getting pi##ed about all this crap!!

            • iwitness02

              Amen to that, Bob H

      • Freebrezer

        JO – In addition, some places outside the big cities are declaring to be sanctuary gun towns … the sheriffs will not enforce Democrats legislation banning certain gun laws. Interesting in that they have done nothing to stop sanctuary cities for illegals … this makes it double interesting in that how are these states going to justify going after these sanctuary gun towns, but ignore the sanctuary cities for illegals … both are breaking the law?

  18. Brian Baker

    The REAL Money-Powers that control & run the Federal Reserve are hidden in the Shadows and yet unknown to the public. These are the actual heads of the families that OWN the banks & the debt notes money that we use as paper and electronic currency at present. There are European Central Banking Families that hold a financial foot-hold or interest among these, chiefly via the @<20% Rothschild, but in effect those that own the money & the debt ARE the Shadow Government no one really wants to talk about, rather focusing in on hires (many with virtual tenure status, some being useful idiots, some being various Agency actors to play roles or do assignments) relabeled as the Deep State. All 3 branches of Federal Government are thoroughly infiltrated.
    The C.I.A. et al. Intel was "authorized" by Congress & Obama, as of 07/02/2013 ff. via passage of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 to wage a Propaganda & Disinformation War on Citizens of the USA. The unofficial BIG MEDIA Intel DISINFORMATION on US Citizens that went from unofficial to hot and PUBLICLY AUTHORIZED is effectually a Soviet-era “Normalization” phasing process. In KGB subversion tactics of any foreign state, the process is "Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, Normalization”. For the mainstream major media, with the smattering of a few Conservative voices for illusion and the covering up of full blown propaganda to the average viewer, the process of a pre-Totalitarian takeover of the Government and in preparation of it, is completed as it regards Major Media takeover & purging. If there is ever a Coup, a second cleansing process to a 100% Agency of useful idiots only will be initiated.

    The amount of ownership by major Intel in the private sector is so phenomenal, it's suppressed that the value of CIA, NSA, et al control of the private sector exceeds that of any annual US National Budget. Problem is, where Intel ownership ends & money-powers begins is blurred. From the get-go, with the spy planting in the Trump Campaign via the Obama May 06, 2016 Executive Order in which Obama-Clapper-Brennan were directly involved in mole oversight in the name of Transition Council Assistance to both major party nominees, Trump was put on a leash by the money-powers & US Intelligence, a group of Agencies for hire by the money-powers that the money-powers look upon as owned by them and loaned to the U.S. Government. This activity was inferred by Fletcher Prouty because the CIA, among others, used Agency in the name and the conclusion of what really is, well, it hides in plain sight (or words to this effect). The CIA Media with its Russia hoax, projecting Hillary’s sins onto the Donald, the Mueller investigation & threats of Impeachment, the threats of constant impeachment & rebellion by Dems in Congress as they fomented riots & chronic Federal law-breaking (such as in regard to immigration & voting laws, etc.) was that leash. For now, the leash is off, & we will see if the money-powers allow for a reversal of disinformation legislation & policies & law in place, or if its Phase II.
    Allen Dulles, who JFK fired from head of CIA, Dulles was the 1st President of Council on Foreign Relations, and represented the banking powers of Rockefeller, Morgan, Rothschild from 1927 ff. The CIA itself was “Wild Bill” Donovan created, first in the form of the OSS., whose founding members were almost exclusively from the money-powers banking family elite offspring, and curiously they were headquartered firstly at the Rockefeller building in NYC. Until the Federal Reserve is dismantled, & United States Treasury fully replaced, the Shadow Government will be controlled by those hidden unelected boards of governance & top echelon banking Government bureaucracies, because banks are indeed a Government unto themselves, and are digging themselves into intentional insolvency with derivative debts.
    I would like this to be discussed in a future segment, and also ask if perhaps the Intel Agency led Genie Oil & its subsidiary companies (finding 1.3 trillion cubic feet of gas off Israel, & then the shale oil finds of the Golan Heights summer of 2010) gave us the real incentive of the use of a US trained Al Qaeda Syrian war, and if the major gas finds off Cyprus 3-4 times larger, helped to end the Syrian Conflict and stabilize it from the money-powers point of geo-politics of starting & ending wars? Will this also factor how we handle Venezuela & strip China of its north-east coast oil drill agreements desiring to build 300 rigs as well as a air & naval base in Venezuela? Just asking for a future segment here.

  19. Chip

    Great interview Dave and Greg… Chip

    • Chip

      Greg, how about an update on the flooding in Missouri? Chip

      • Jerry

        Over a million acres along the Missouri River are under water. They are drawing the lakes down where I live to handle the crest.

  20. Amos McCoy

    The attachment to the extreme version of the doctrine of the separation of powers in revolutionary democratic situations can be seen in the case of Vermont. This area, known until 1777 as the New Hampshire Grants, was in revolt against the authority of New York as well as Great Britain, using the same arguments against domination by that State as the United States were using against British tyranny. The inhabitants of the Grants, opposing the land-holding oligarchy of New York, took up attitudes of extreme democracy, and when they adopted a Constitution for the State of Vermont in 1777 they based it upon that of Pennsylvania, embracing unicameralism, universal manhood suffrage, a popularly elected Council, an elected Governor (contrary to the Pennsylvania pattern), and a Council of Censors. This Constitution was in part a reaction against the recently adopted Constitution of New York, which had embodied, in the view of the Vermont democrats, an aristocratic system of government. Thus we find the seventeenth-century view of the separation of powers and the delegation of power by the people expressed in the views of the proponents of the Vermont Constitution in opposition to the eighteenth-century ideas of balanced government. Thomas Young, who proposed the model of the Constitution of Pennsylvania to the people of Vermont, wrote of the people as “the supreme constituent power” and of their representatives as the “supreme delegate power,” and Ira Allen, the “Founder of Vermont,” succinctly expressed the principle of a twofold separation of delegated powers. Their antipathy towards the rival constitutional theory was well expressed at a later date by Samuel Williams, historian of Vermont, who in describing the “American system of government” argued that [“the security of the people is derived not from the nice ideal application of checks, ballances, and mechanical powers, among the different parts of the government, but from the responsibility, and dependence of each part of the government, upon the people.”]__

    This report illustrates forcefully the difficulty and danger of promoting the
    exchange of ideas, pluralism, protection of fundamental freedoms and the
    democratic ideal, on all continents.
    Who controls the civil society ensures the outcome of elections –
    A motto of childlike simplicity that many States seem to have literally
    One who speaks of democracy and rule of law in contemporary societies
    immediately refers to the right of peoples to freely choose their leaders by
    vote. A right explicitly guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human
    Rights and which implementation requires the combination of different
    elements – respect for freedoms of association and expression, transparency,
    freedom of information, freedom of assembly – without which no election
    could be recognised as free and fair. So many elections took place worldwide in 2009, and many of these ballots did not meet these requirements.
    It is indeed clear, given the information we collected throughout the year,
    that these principles were often trampled upon or superbly ignored. Few
    leaders in authoritarian countries (but also in some countries said to be
    more “democratic”) have agreed to play the game of pluralism. On numerous occasions, on the contrary, we witnessed a muzzling of the opposition,
    media subservience and sometimes even blatant constitutional amendments, designed to maintain the power of Heads of States unwilling to
    pass on even a small part of their authority.
    In recent years, Africa has seen many attempted coups, both at military
    and constitutional levels. In Latin America, for the first time since the fall
    of military dictatorships in the 1980s, a coup occurred in 2009 in Honduras,
    proving again that no situation can be definitely taken for granted.

  21. Baja

    GR8 interview, DOJ standard procedure. Create crime and kill opposition, steal their wealth (civil forfeiture), and destroy their lives. Obama’s DOJ created Fast and Furious, then attacked firearms dealers on the Mexican border. Rule of law ?? When ?
    Google Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoats
    Thank you Greg for your efforts

  22. The Ogs

    Hi Greg,
    I read the synopsis of your interview in 90 seconds or whatever, and love Doc Janda so I went into the vid…
    Yikes! I’ll watch for maybe twenty minutes, friend – but an hour and twenty minutes is just too too much.
    Although I’m sure it’s very interesting.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your country is being destroyed and you don’t have time for it? Why do you come here?

      • DDrake


      • Seeing Clearly

        I agree with Greg, these people who are destroying our country need to be the nub of our radar, we need to expose their crimes and conspiracies. They shouldn’t be permitted to make false accusations against you without any merit to them just so they can try to take you down illegally. Innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.

      • Quinn

        Please don’t let Ogs comment make you question your format. Don’t shorten interviews. You can’t please everyone and I appreciate the in depth conversations.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Quinn!!

    • Justn Observer

      time is important no doubt…but you are missing sooo much good stuff…! Sometimes it’s not just in sound bites…OHR just the part that MSM wants us to hear…but is the parts you need to hear to understand the parts they omit or don’t connect that shows what is really going on…that is why you need to spend a bit more time to get ‘the meat’ those like Greg and Dr. Janda do spend a lot of effort collecting…un-named sources or not… I agree with Dr. Janda’s assessment of Greg integrity and effort hoping to give insight and honest analysis along with the guests they choose… and yes it is important…and the struggle real. POTUS is where he is because the people have tried and been lied to endlessly so decided to go with an outsider, yet flaws maybe, but his patriotism seems authentic, and we are hopeful he can clean up the election process, suppress cronyism on a world level that seems to include selling the U.S. out to a globalist cabal…at a level most people only roll their eyes at in disbelief, and at a level most people will never understand if they do not take the time to at least assess what is being unearthed. Yes, there is fake news, but one can’t just be funneled to the next channel that ‘seems’ less so when it too is but one more finger of the fist hiding inside the pretty, soft, smooth, velvet glove? So go back listen to all of the interview and then follow along with this =
      people are literally dying for you to hear it !
      Jen Moore=

  23. Da Yooper

    Wow Good job Greg & Dave


    The rothschilds – rockafellers – soros – obama – pilosi – schumer – finswine – biden – the clintons …….are not indicted the rule of law means NOTHING…….less talk MORE action . They need to cut the head off this infestation this globalist rothschild – rockafeller snake cabal.

    The corrupt MSM also needs to be dealt with for their seditious treason they have to pay a price for their sedition & treason. They need to be broken up & corporate officers jailed completely.

    • Justn Observer

      Da Y,
      By God design they will be leaving the stage soon enough – push or not just like HW and some of the others… Most important to find and identify who is left to fill their shoes, the ‘spy kids’ and those being groomed and learn to recognize and expose the ‘tools’ they use = identity politics, drugs and media(propaganda), and ‘training’ rather than education, etc. That AND your second paragraph for sure!

    • Frank D

      I agree! If those folks aren’t rousted out of their comfy environs and hauled off to Gitmo, that kind of illicit behavior will not be discouraged. In fact, I think it will continue to encourage others to do the same. We’ve been hearing about tens of thousands of indictments for quite some time now and yet none of the big players has been “brought to justice”. After Trump signed his EO in December, we were told the indictments would start happening January 1. It’s now April 1 and not one key player has been brought down. While Janda’s reasoning re: it takes time to get people prepared for the coming “busts” makes some sense, why wasn’t that the case when January 1st was predicted? As a manager of people, I know a lot about motivation. You can’t keep promising something without small wins along the way to keep hope alive. While Trump (God bless him) has done many, many great things for us, none, not one, of the treasonous coup supporters has been indicted. Hard to keep people’s hopes alive when we still live under 2 sets of laws. Fixing the economy will mean nothing in the long term without rule of law restored.
      Frank D2

  24. Benjamin Johnson

    Great show again Greg. Just a quick note to let you know about London Paul, I pay a subscription of $5.00 a month, he’s on the Sirus Report from England, his news is world news and is very insightful, If you don’t already listen, for $5.00 a Month it is well worth a listen. Maybe one day you could have him on your show.

    • Anthony Australia

      Please no.

  25. iwitness02

    Bravo gentlemen! As we inch closer to justice! The fact that neither Greg or Dave is not facing a lawsuit for slander is a pretty big tell. The few at Fox news are not facing slander charges. Again, a pretty big tell. The only one getting whipped hard is Alex Jones over his Sandy Hook coverage. (I’m not convinced he was wrong) But has been forced to back peddle on his reporting of events.
    I would trade my best pair of boots for a crystal ball, if I could see the future now.
    Through the eyes of faith, I can see the grand conclusion, but I also want to see the nitty gritty details right now. The train for justice has left the station and is rolling down the tracks and gradually picking up momentum. Woot Woot!

  26. Jeannette Rowden

    Great interview with Dr. Dave. Even if it is a bit long for some, I just watch it in segments of time that work for me. I appreciate knowing the information. Thank you, Greg. Your program is a light in the darkness.

    • paul ...

      Mohammad … Do you think the saber rattling neocons surrounding Trump have been burned bad enough in Syria and Venezuela to prevent them from increasing their regime change operations in Iran?? … if we ordinary common people have the brains to know it will only lead to Russia supplying Iran with S500’s (or nuclear cruise missiles) … you have got to wonder what brains these neocon warmonger jerk-offs are holding in their hands)?? … instead of starting new wars aren’t we are supposed to be bringing our troops home (so we can balance our trade deficit)??? …

      • Mohammad


        Venezuela is Syria De Ja Vu…


        • paul ...

          Actually Russia does not have to provide Iran with nuclear cruise missiles … Iran already has the “Father of all Bombs” … a conventional weapon … but one that has the power and blast capability of a nuclear weapon … 300 of these bombs should make Iran the equal of Israel in inflicting “nuclear like” destruction … so do you warmongering neocons get it yet?? … we Christians don’t want a war with Iran … because we want to save the Holy Land!!! …

          • Mohammad


            You are not getting it yet?
            They are the same…
            The theatrical war drum beating against Iran is meant to destroy whatever left from Arabs, mainly SA.
            When dust settle you will see what am saying here materializing, when kingdom of Israel emerges it will be in concert with Iran.

            Time will tell.


            • paul ...

              Are you saying Israel and Iran are like good cop bad cop partners against the Arabs???

              • Mohammad

                They are in cahoot.


  27. Madi

    Remember who is Dennis Montgomery? Larry Klayman? Joe Arpaio…2009
    Bingo: Obama forged birth certificate.
    Who nationally asked for Obama birth certificate? Donald J Trump.

  28. Bob from mo.

    Greg !!! I’ve keep saying it over and over……. Watchdog has no equal!!!!! Thanks !!! Bob from mo.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bob from the beautiful “Show Me State” My home state!!

  29. paul ...

    Trump sure got “hood winked” by his warmongering neocons in trying to do a regime change in Venezuela … now the S300’s are moving in … … Trump has a high IQ … so why would he do something so stupid like supporting some opposition party stooge for President (over the rightfully elected President)?? … it’s like Putin supporting Pelosi for President over the American peoples elected choice for President (Trump) … but perhaps “looking stupid” before the world was the price demanded by the Demon-rats to get Mueller off his back … and thus make it easier for some moronic hair sniffing Demon-rat with a lower IQ to defeat Trump in 2020 ???

  30. In Case You Missed It!

    Eric 03/25/2019 •
    The Gold standard means following the Constitution. And as DBCooper states, it would stifle all the worldwide control BS. Amen to that.
    BTW We have no gold.

    Reply: Rodster 03/26/2019 •
    The politicians of today and for quite some time have seen to it that the US Constitution is no longer followed as the Framers and Founding Fathers of our great Nation, intended.

    Reply: Greg Hunter 03/26/2019 •
    There is still some left and America is still worth fighting for. Never give up.

    Reply: Rodster 03/26/2019 •
    You are right but then you read about the Black gay actor Jussie Smollett who had 16 grand jury indictments and they were all dropped. So a black gay man can stage a “MAGA” hate crime and walk free. At least the Chicago PD is totally ticked off !

    And if that wasn’t good enough we have politicians and government Deep State agencies looking to make s**t up about the President of The United States to boot him out of office. Only in America, wow !

  31. R. Patrick

    Nice work Greg!

    Smoke the snakes out of the den of vipers.

    • susan

      Read Isaiah 59:1-8. Goes with what you said.

  32. paul ...

    Warmongering neocons (unlike a medical doctor) don’t realize that constant irritation and inflammation of a region will cause cancer … now look what they have created … a “Middle Eastern Entente” … a massive growing geo-strategic and geo-economic entity with one objective … “to survive” (the constant intrusions of the irritating neocons)!! …

    • paul ...

      The US neo-con artists should dissolve the CIA which has totally turned traitorous and has lost it’s patriotic image … and create a totally “new agency” … perhaps make it into a Department of Government (i.e. like the Department of Education, Department of Housing, Department of Defense, etc., etc). … and call it something like … the Department of Regime Change and Unending Wars!!

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg and Dr. Janda, Great interview! People will look back on these times and see there were those that held high the light as well as the bar along with the His message Greg carries with it… Thank you both…

  34. paul ...

    Why isn’t the “fake news media” reporting on the dire consequences of the recent “Bomb Cyclone” that hit the Midwest? … is it because it may lead to questions as to “what is pulling on our atmosphere and jet stream”?? … and questions as to what is pulling on the Earth’s tectonic plates producing the increased volcanic and earthquake activity? …
    Hey “fake news media” as go the farmers … so goes the nation … and a nation cannot survive long if its farmers can’t plant wheat, soy, corn, etc. to feed the cattle and supply McDonald’s with hamburger meat … if we wish to remain a developed nation … you better start telling the people the facts … so they can logically prepare … rather then keeping the population in the dark!! …

  35. john duffy

    To cut to the chase:
    Start at 8:20 minute mark:

  36. Is This Woman A Prophet Or What?

    Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’
    3 mins read by DCG
    I’ve read on the AltMedia that Hillary Clinton had an outburst, in which the pathological liar said probably the only truthful thing she’s ever said:
    “If that fucking bastard [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses.”

  37. Tom Wigand

    Respectfully disagree with “The Ogs.” Yes, I usually have to wait until the weekend to do a lot of my reading / video watching (having a full-time “day job” does that). For that reason I generally prefer reading to video, because the information uptake is much faster with reading.

    But since Obama took office I’ve found that hours weekly spent on “alternative media” is indispensable. The Left / Deep State relies on an uninformed public; for their plans to succeed they must achieve various milestones before the American (and global) public realizes what’s happened. TOO MANY believe that if they watch Fox News that they’re informed from a Conservative perspective — they are not. Not even close.

    Some years ago I started forwarding various key articles from alternative media to acquaintances, and have had some ask me to add others. My thought was to act something like a “Johnny Appleseed” sending information that might pique others’ interest (e.g., because it was never mentioned on Fox, much less the misnamed “mainstream” media). And that they might then forward particular articles on to others. In that way I hope to help spread information, increase awareness, and introduce others to sites that they might consider monitoring themselves (e.g., such as this one).

    Yes this was a relatively long interview. But it was information-packed, and worthwhile. I consider such time to be not an imposition, but an investment. For if we don’t pull this country back from the precipice, eventually we’ll all be spending time on far more onerous and unpleasant activities … whether we choose to or not.

  38. Rock

    Thanks Greg, great interview. What do your sources say about Ruth Bader Ginsburg? She has not been seen since last December. Even if she is still alive, which many doubt, she is not able to carry out the Supreme Court duties. Trump needs to appoint another asap. This time a true conservative…

  39. DDrake

    “5G”. I need say no more except, INVESTIGATE “Microwave Warfare – Barry Trower”

  40. sandra sullivan

    the ogs
    There is nothing more obnoxious than someone who has part of the facts but who speaks like he has all of them. Be patient! Sometimes the best and important info will come last.

  41. Paul in oz

    Great interview … dearly hope the justice machine is not derailed … speed bumps exist on both sides of of the war …. the momentum for return to the rule of law is currently favourable … lets hope the president can and does put the peddle to the metal!

  42. James McCumiskey

    Great interview as always with Dr Dave Janda.
    I enjoy all your interviews and I particularly like your wnw
    Thank you Greg.

    James McCumiskey

  43. Robert Lykens

    Greg, check this out…
    There’s an area in the Golan Heights that Syria recognized as belonging to Israel BEFORE the Six-Day War in 1967 – here’s proof!

    Map proves Syria recognized Banias as Israeli before 1967

    • paul ...

      Robert … Just like the ass hole Fed with their tier one gold … you have to announce this on April Fools Day?? … 365 days in the year and you pick the 1st Day of April?? … so people will believe it???

  44. Hugh Gibbs

    First, I am Christian. Second, I watch your show three times per week. Third, I financially support your program. However, I stress to you and Dave “again” that not one person with a name more recognizable than mine will be prosecuted within Trump’s term. You guys are dreaming minute by minute. It ain’t gonna happen in my life time and I am 80 years old. I pray that I would be wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong but thank you for your support and comment.

  45. James Hastings

    Good interview. Enjoy you two men. But…..

    I don’t see Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Democrats, Republicans…….trash going to jail.
    I don’t believe in 63,000 indictments….or 1000….
    I don’t believe in anyone’s prophecies…….

    But I do believe America is collapsing for Biblical reasons….Soon to be 1980’s Lebanon…on LSD and steroids…..irrelevant on the world scene…Few see the train wreck coming.

    But, IF …..I’m wrong, I’ll start commenting with apologies….)

    • Greg Hunter

      Looking forward to it James.

  46. Don Barlow

    Rachel Maddow Reacts To Collapse Of Russiagate
    Rachel Maddow’s Ratings Tank After Mueller Report

  47. wondrouscat

    “Top child trafficking and child prostitution Task Force Chief part of Chicago PD investigation of Smollett” on youtube. Did Smollett make a deal to get charges dismissed to rat out Hollywood or maybe the Obama administration, which he was close to? Is this why SNL is mocking Smollett now?

  48. Don Barlow

    RACHEL read YOUR book!
    Morning Joe Attacks Tulsi For Opposing War

  49. Bill

    GREG: My sense is that he deep state has so much money ( Soros Billions ) behind them that it will take years to prosecute. They will surely stall until after the 2020 elections in case Trump loses to a democrat. In which case they will walk.

  50. ron bergoin

    The Office of Congressional Ethics should conduct a preliminary investigation into whether Rep. Schiff and Rep. Speier disclosed classified information to the public in violation of House ethics rules. FIND OUT WHY;

  51. Mike R

    Trump needs to move MUCH faster, now that the Mueller report is done. Here is why- while underway, there was a chance, as remote as can be, the deep state perps could have accomplished what they needed with the right report. Assuming Mueller is one of their clandestine henchmen, they held off taking out Trump via other more nefarious means. But now, that plan has failed. a soft coup failed. Consider who he is dealing with here, and the numerous Obama insiders still in DC, and embedded in government, there are any number of ways they can do this the ‘hard way’. Its hard to protect any President, but immensely harder to protect one who has a massive TARGET on his back by the deep state itself. Secret service isn’t enough. So many more agencies need to be engaged in the ‘protection’, which ironically can increase the risks to exposure to a deadly threat. I would imagine Rudy G, is helping spearhead an offensive, against thousands of threatening people, who are part of the ‘middle layer’ the higher ups want to ‘use’ to eliminate Trump. Hence, the need for Speed, for Trump to get as many of these perps under arrest, doing it secretly if needed, and doing it as underground as much as possible. media could catch on to ‘disappearances.’ Also, the longer this goes on, the more the paranoia occurs by both the dems and MSM, ‘infects’ the American public who are not conservative, or not understanding of the terrible tragedy underway by the DS. There are many who are naive, and believe no one like that could exist, and that even DS is an imagined ‘fairy tale’, by the right. Then people start examining those like Schiff, or AOC, and wonder if they are Russian plants, or even if Trump aides or supporters are Russian spys. Where does this paranoia end ?

    Well thats why this has to be nipped in the bud, damn quickly, now that the mueller investigation (witch hunt) is winding down. Trump’s China trade deal dragging out, could in fact, be part of his ‘cover’, and same thing with NK deal. he needs to complete one of those, to increase his cred with more people, before really taking out a lot of deep staters publicly. (meaning putting them in cuffs). I give Trump 60 days, where he needs to get one of those deals done. I dont think he has much time to consider ‘neutralizing’ threats, and even then, its impossible to KNOW and identify ALL of the threats. The best neutralization, is to get as many as possible behind bars, even if you need the military to do it. and let it be court martials, so you dont risk the regular police forces or agencies letting any of it leak to MSM. Have to keep lawyers out of it too. and Rosenstein has got to go pronto.

  52. Jerry

    From the real Jerry.
    The Chinese are lining up for the kill shot.

    Watch the gold market this week.

  53. Jerry

    The ball is rolling. Dr. Dave was right over the target.

  54. polly huggins

    Greg, thank you for another great interview. I have listened to it twice while canning meals as part of my food preparation. I pray daily for our president and our nation. I try to share as much of this information as people are willing to hear. I can’t do much but these things I can do. Thank you for being a Patriot and reminding all of us to ” fear not” God is in control!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Polly for your kind words and support!! “Fear Not”!!

  55. paul ...

    It is easier to destroy the enemy … by simply making fools of them … and the common people know exactly how to shove it to them … too bad comedian George Carlin is not around to run for US President in 2020!! …

  56. Jay

    Keep in mind that the original 13 colonies were founded so that they could be taxed as an extension of the British Empire.
    I just read an article by a researcher who says that America is still owned by England even today and always has been, even after the revolutionary war.
    Look up IRS headquarters in England and you will find that all 12 Federal Reserve banks in the United States are in fact branches of the Bank of England.
    That’s right. When you pay your Federal taxes, they are going to the Bank of England and that is why Brexit is such an issue right now. Europeans have been living off of the American taxpayer for a long time now. Especially England. George Bush and many others have in fact been knighted by the Queen who is also the largest land owner in the world. You just thought you had rights. But the fact is that you have just been a subject of the crown all along. Even the founding fathers considered themselves to be subjects of the crown while they were in the process of revolution.
    As the saying goes, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.”
    This will not come as welcome news to most, but there has to come a time when people recognize that the laws they thought protected them are actually written for an extremely wealthy class of people who rule over the rest and exact payment for things that are not rightfully theirs under a free government and economy. The Bible says, “Come weep and howl ye rich men of the earth for your miseries that shall come upon you. You have heaped up riches for yourselves for the last days. Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth eaten, and the rust of them shall be a testimony against you.”

    • Keith wilson

      Israel has granted oil exploration rights to the Genie energy corporation. The Golan heights which used to belong to Syria now belong to Israel. Major stockholders are Rubert Murdoch and Jacob Rothschild. Genie Energy have shale oil interests in America and Israel plus the Golan heights. Well done President Trump for backing Israel in its right to own the golan. Israel is owned by the Rothschild banking dynasty who own the Bank of England. The major stock of the fed,the Bank of international settlements, also the European central bank. Do not want to attack your guest Greg, but Trump is working for the Rothschild banking dynasty. The Golan heights belong to the London banking cabal thanks to President Trump. The same cabal owns Israel.

      • Greg Hunter

        Golan has been under the control of Israel since the Arabs used the Golan Heights to attack Israel. The Israelis took it to stop the bombardment and rocket fire into Israel. It is now strategic to Israel’s survival militarily, And NO Trump is not working with the Rothschilds.

        • Keith wilson

          Back in 2016 when Trump was going against Hillary clinton. Trump flew to his golf course in scotland. He had a behind doors meeting with Rupert murdoch. Trump asked Murdoch to support his election. Using Murdoch’s media empire. Tv stations.Newspapers.and radio networks. Murdoch agreed and supported trump.Without Murdoch’s help trump might not have won. Rupert Murdoch is connected to the Rothschild dynasty. They are business partners. Connected by business, finance, race, and religion. Rupert Murdoch gets most of its news from reuters news. Which is owned by the Rothschild cabal. Murdoch would not have supported trump unless he was given the nod by the cabal. I realise this is above most people’s head. Rockefeller foundation supported clinton. Murdoch/ Rothschild supported trump. This is how the cabal always wins. They bet both sides and never lose. Trump might move against the Rockefeller family. He could not take out the Murdoch /Rothschild cabal . He owes them for the 2016 election. Without them he would still be doing the apprentice.

          • Greg Hunter

            You can’t source or back any of this up. Your opinion is not a fact and THAT IS a FACT.

            • Keith wilson

              Greg. The information I gave you regarding the trump Murdoch behind doors meetings was aired on sky news. Sky news made it known that trump was asking Murdoch and his media empire for support in the elections. Murdoch and the cabal don’t do business unless there is something in it for them. Keith.

              • Greg Hunter

                Are you sure that is correct? Who exactly is the source at Sky? Anybody ask the Trump Administration about this meeting? Unless you are asking and getting accurate answers to these questions then, tis is not reporting but propaganda. Greg

          • paul ...

            Keith … seems Putin is doing a number on the Rothschild Cabal in the Ukraine … now if Trump is working for the Rothschild Cabal as you say … we should be looking for confirmation by studying what actions Trump is taking in the Ukraine against Russia that helps the Rothschild’s!! …

            • paul ...

              What tends to support your view … is some of the toughest sanctions imposed over Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 have still not been lifted … and Trump has approved the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine (something even Barack Obama never did)!! …
              What tends not to support your view is: back in July 2018 Trump seemed to challenge the long-held US neocon policy of refusing to recognize Moscow’s Crimea annexation … saying “We’ll see” … Trump also reportedly argued to officials at last June’s G-7 summit “that Crimea should belong to Russia because everyone there speaks Russian” … seems more evidence is needed to validate your contention (like only the Rockefeller Cabal traitors being tried at GITMO and no Military tribunals for the Rothschild Cabal traitors!!

    • Frank D

      The IRS office in London was located within the US Embassy and it CLOSED in 2015. Please provide proof of your claim that US taxes paid go to the Bank of England. That’s quite a claim with nothing to back it up.
      Frank D2

  57. paul ...

    Trump better move fast … we need to get two(2) of every specie into underground shelters on the moon before 2042 (and use the moon like Noah’s Ark) to save all God’s creations from the planet fly-by that is scheduled to pass between Venus and Earth … and which will devastate Earth for many years … we need to to get enough food supplies up their on the Moon to last at least a decade … because it is going to take a while to grow food on Earth after the passing … as the land will be soaked like what happened in the Midwest recently (but not with rain water … but with salt water) … so recovery is going to take a pretty long time … we need to get moving fast!!! …

  58. paul ...

    In the face of an inverted yield curve we have stock market promoters telling us how the Dow is going to 50,000 or 80,000 … based upon 5G … Block-chain Technology … and the Internet of Things … be very cautious … by 2027 quantum computing can make this hyped investment strategy an explosive pipe bomb … that you won’t want to be anywhere near!!! …

  59. Jerry

    If nothing is going on, why are these units being deployed for a year? To my knowledge there are currently twelve prisoners at Gitmo.

    Update. According to one of my contacts he has noticed a huge uptick in DHS prisoner transportation SUVs in the Midwest. Apparently behind the scenes there’s a lot of activity going on. Since we don’t have any real news, it’s anyones guess what it’s about. Six months ago I was given a timeline of something going down in March. Once again, that date has passed so here we are again, wondering what the delay is? Meanwhile military police continue to be deployed to Gitmo for twelve prisoners. Go figure? That’s ten MPs for every prisoner. Either something is getting ready to go down, or the military is spending a lot of money for their personnel to work on their tans.

    • Jerry

      According to the Washington slime there’s fourty prisoners at Gitmo. Who knows?

      All I tell tell you is there have been at least three military police units that have been called up to Gitmo during the past six months, with each unit numbering around one hundred and twenty members. Each tour is approximately one year, so that would put the numbers around three hundred, in addition to the units that are already
      stationed there. Go figure ?

    • Jerry

      I have come to the conclusion after the last executive order, that the reset will involve a grid down scenario. SOON!

      This is not a prediction, but something is clearly getting ready to go down.. One of my closest friends who is a nuclear power inspector has recently been told not report for work on May 1. During the past ten years, he has been gone for three month stretch’s at a time, as he travels to inspect nuclear facilities all over the midwest. He would then come home for a month, and then leave again. My suspecision is that since he is a private subcontractor and not a government employee, the government is planning for something that they don’t want him to see. I could be wrong, but the whole thing seems to be a bit odd since he is one of the top nuclear engineers in the country.

  60. Gene


    The Hopes for a controlled reset by Dave Janda is fantasy. I say this because it is these evil axis that controll our nations money. He is suggesting that the Federal Reserve be dismantled. Which would be a good thing since it has no alegence to our country. They have already pillaged and sold off our nations gold which is the only thing to build a new currency.

    We are in big trouble in our country. Second, Trump needs to come down hard on the individuals that were part of this coup. He can’t let to much time past before he starts throwing punches. He has had two years to plan. Can’t let your enemies reload. IMO

  61. Claude

    Greg, you are the only news source to correctly point out that the story about the mainstream news site being wrong, is wrong. They weren’t wrong, they were RIGHT in the narrative that they MADE UP and were pushing for all they were worth. Now they need to get appropriately burned.

  62. Justn Observer

    Greg, More warnings POTUS not out of the woods yet…GW= ‘Mueller wouldn’t have left the door to ‘obstruction’ open if they did not plan to use it!’ ?

    • Justn Observer

      pt2 =

    • Greg Hunter

      If there is no crime there is no obstruction.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, I agree….am not saying he did…but ‘they’ are not planning anything to go to a criminal trial… but to just a commission or ‘hearings’… where truth goes to die and to create an appearance to keep the people divided = continue the chaos = sufficient to push the people toward a desire for ‘change’ – AGAIN !
        Same old sic politics…

  63. S. Marlow

    New Zealand: Door-to-Door Gun Confiscation Targets Thousands – One Man Already Reported Dead
    Tim Brown April 1, 2019

  64. Paul Anthony

    I love love love Dr. Dave Janda! Thanks a million every time you have him on! 🙂

    Paul Anthony

  65. S. Marlow

    Washington State Police Chief & Sheriff Declare Their Constitutional Duties To Not Infringe On Rights Of Gun Owners Despite Attorney General’s Threats
    Tim Brown April 1, 2019

  66. Anthony Australia

    Is Big pharma back by the US Government?

  67. Geoff Macrackin

    Rape Victim Claims Gloria Allred Failed To Honor Agreement – Now She Faces Threats Of Arrest & Judgments Of Over $1 Million
    Tim Brown Tim Brown March 31, 2019

    Just goes to show you, ‘every dog has its’s day,’ of reckoning?

  68. Mohammad




    Before I start the post I will put a link to a video that I wish you listen only to 2-3 seconds out of its beginning:
    Mark 0.44 to mark 1.00

    Mr. Michele Barnier explains Farage’s response to his question about his vision of UK after Brexit, the latter said : YOU DO NOT LONGER EXIST…!!!

    This weasel, scumbag is working with whomever behind him on DISMANTLING EU and he is aligned across the pond with our POTUS….?!!!

    Please consider this:
    If EU is dismantled wouldn’t be the wet dream of Russia/China?
    Wouldn’t be much weaker especially after the barb NATO has received from our POTUS when he slashed the funding of NATO by pulling out of it?
    In whom hand does that play?
    Can any one explain to me that dismantled EU is stronger in confronting the bear and dragon on their east …?
    And if POTUS is aligning with forces that are dismantling EU would’t be the case made easy of Russian collusion since that plays perfectly in their hand?
    Would’t it be US dismantled right after EU?
    Wouldn’t the back bone of the west been broken with this stunt?
    What the hell is it am seeing that you are so damn blind to see?
    Why I am smelling the danger coming from the ease and you are sleep walking into the populous crap that is destroying you?

    What do I know…!


  69. Geoff Macrackin

    Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable For Russia’s gate_ Hoax?
    Daniel Greenfield April 1, 2019

    Every dog has it’s day_In The Dog House?

  70. Geoff Macrackin

    Is Modern Technology Hazardous to Health?
    Ileana Johnson March 30, 2019

  71. Dufus Buford

    Obama Cabinet Member SINGS, Says Barack Ordered Trump-Russia Spy Operation [Watch]
    YUUUUUGE!! John Salvatore Published March 31, 2019
    Overview, James the Clapper;
    James Robert Clapper Jr. (born March 14, 1941 ) is a retired lieutenant general in the United States Air Force and is the former Director of National Intelligence. Clapper has held several key positions within the United States Intelligence Community. He served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from 1992 until 1995. He was the first director of defense intelligence within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and simultaneously the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. He served as the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) from September 2001 until June 2006.

    No journalistic training except CIA?
    Anderson Cooper dun’ Goofed?
    As the saying goes;
    ONCE A SPOOK, ALWAYS\ Handy Ander!

    The Poop Is Hitting The FanBlades!

  72. paul ...

    Good News … along with gold being made a tier one asset (now physically being held in central banks because the gold “belongs to the people” not the criminal banksters) … the God guys have now gone after the criminal cable cabal … starting this year they are now “forbidden to scramble” their channels so that the general public could not access them … now … it has been ruled that “the air waves belong to the people” and that we the people should have free access to them … so “say good bye” to the criminal cable cabal’s criminal monopoly over “our air waves” … they were squeezing hundreds of dollars per month from families … this illegal scam has now ended … finally … people will be able to use this money being robbed from them every month by criminals to buy food, etc., etc. !! …

  73. Claude

    I’m not sure we need to convince each other to prosecute these guys. The former FBI, CIA, and NSA directors tried to find any way they could to put Trump behind bars and couldn’t do it. They weren’t messing around, not trying to embarrass, or shame him, or even get him impeached, but to go directly to a Federal Prison. Trump must be convinced to send these guys to prison where they belong and leave them there for a long time. This was a coup attempt plain and simple.

  74. paul ...

    How is this for “reverse psychology” … tell the dumb downed public that if Trump fails to increase world-threatening “nuclear” tensions (to effect yet another US regime change in yet another oil-rich country like Iran) it will be because he is a Kremlin agent!! … so now we are being told that: unless Trump does a regime change in Iran … and forces Armageddon to be reigned down upon the Holy Land … Trump will not be considered an agent of God … but an agent of Putin!! …

    • paul ...

      With the bad reputations CNN and the Washington Post have for “fake news” … it’s a wonder these CIA stooges working for the R/R (Rockefeller/Rothschild) globalists can still spew out this stuff … and really believe the American people are going to “accept their propaganda” as the truth (that Trump is a Kremlin agent because he won’t start a war with Iran)???

  75. Geoff ah crackin

    Man Tries to Kidnap 5-Year-Old Girl – Mom Pulls a Gun
    Daisy Luther April 2, 2019

    You don’t grab a mother bears cub and you don’t grab a womans, with a gun! Sucker!

  76. Geoff Macrackin

    Volcano That Could Completely Cover Mexico City With Volcanic Ash Just Erupted 200 Times In A 24 Hour Period
    Michael Snyder April 2, 2019

  77. H. Craig Bradley

    Here is the guy behind the move to NWO or similar theories:

  78. paul ...

    Interesting to think about what the Demon-rats would have done with this story … if it was “the man” holding the gun (on the Mother while he stole her child)?? … they would have been screaming for gun control and the total elimination of the Second Amendment!!! …

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hillary , Biden and his son in deep? Russia Russia Russia turning into Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine fast ! MSM trying hard to keep it covered? lol Will they have to give up on Trump and set up the next fall guy= Biden? and hope it stops there and not deeper into the nexus = Brennan, Hillary, Obama, and crew? If it does not stop with Biden – then where? 911? JFK?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct sir!!

  80. Anthony Australia

    I read CNN for a good laugh.

    ‘First-quarter earnings will stink. Ignore them’

  81. Royvia

    Great post.

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