Fake News List Death Knell for MSM-Paul Craig Roberts

paul_craig_roberts-323x346By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Economic expert and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks the recent publication of the so-called ‘fake news” list recently published by the Washington Post signals a major turning point for all of the mainstream media (MSM). Dr. Roberts explains, “I think this is the death knell for the mainstream media. I think this list essentially kills the credibility of the mainstream media and certainly the Washington Post. It has demonstrated it is completely devoid of any integrity. I am a former Wall Street Journal editor, and if we had done something like that, Warren Phillips would have fired every one of us. We would have been told to get out. You can’t carry on this kind of assault on people. I think this is a sign of desperation.”

On why the markets haven’t crashed, Dr. Roberts, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, says, “The markets are all rigged. So, when you try to look at the markets in traditional ways such as price/earnings ratios, earnings growth, or sales growth or any kinds of things like this, they don’t know anything because the Federal Reserve has probably the largest trading desk in the world. They can trade anything, in fact, everything, and they have no limits on their pocketbook. . . . In order for the Fed to protect the dollar, the dollar’s exchange value from the massive outpouring of dollars that the Fed created to buy all the bonds, they had to stop the dollar from falling in relation to gold. So, they have to go in and sell massive amounts of gold shorts in the futures markets. This is how they knock the gold price down. . . . Unless the world runs on the dollar or unless the rest of the world abandons the dollar, I can’t see anything that would bring down this house of cards. They can continue this because the Fed can create all the money it wants. There is no limit.”

On the oligarchs trying to control Donald Trump with the threat of crashing the economy, Dr. Roberts contends, “The easiest thing for the oligarchs to do would be to orchestrate an economic crash, and they can do this easily because it’s a house of cards held up by the Fed. If they come to the conclusion that they can’t control him and he is actually a threat to them, they’ll just crash the economy, and then they’ll go to Trump and say hey look, you are blamed for this and on the defensive. If you want to get out of this, you have to appoint us, and we’ll get you out of this. That’s the sort of power that the oligarchs have over Trump. I have said from the beginning that Trump has the sort of strong will you have to have to bring change from the top down.”

On holding physical gold and silver, Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “Anyone who has surplus funds should be holding gold and silver because the dollar should be reduced already to the level of toilet paper. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has exploded. It’s grown so much. So, you have this massive increase in supply of money, but not in goods and services. The reason we are not experiencing hyperinflation is not much of that money got into the economy. It went into financial assets and bid up stock prices, bond prices and real estate prices. . . . If the world turns on the dollar, the Fed is not going to be able to sustain it. Gold and silver have always been money. . . . If people don’t want the currency because it’s worthless, it’s nice to have something to engage in trade with until some new monetary system can be formed. I think it is very reckless to abuse the dollar the way it has been abused.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, founder of PaulCraigRoberts.org.

(There is much more in the in-depth video interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Roberts also adds, “You can be in office, but not in power. If anything is going to change, Trump has to be in power. The government has to belong to him in order to get anything done.”

Dr. Roberts is a prolific writer, and you can find his articles free of charge on PaulCraigRoberts.org. If you are interested in buying any of Dr. Roberts’ 13 books, click here. The oldest are at the top of the page, and the newest are at the bottom. If you want to read Dr. Roberts’ satirical letter to Vladimir Putin in its entirety, click here. You will be glad you did. It’s clever and quite funny. To make a donation to help fund PaulCraigRoberts.org click here.

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  1. Scott Miller

    C’mon! 8 years of sayin the dollar will be toilet paper! Another wannabe prophet. Another regular. Keep drinking the koolaid.

    Let’s get it clear, all the rigging and fake news for 8 years, hunter selling his message and so many idolize ng his work, but all wrong. Why? 8 years of Obama with hunter and Co. Making dire predictions.

    All for naught!

    Enjoy the bliss


    • Greg Hunter

      Go back to sleep Scotty. Everything is OK.

      • al Hall

        Greg: You know my insider friend”W-CIA and blk. Op[s) If Scotty actually know some of the people we know – he would be sign a different tune. When the elite’s do collapse the economy- it’s at the time of there choosing- Scotty with be up the creek with out the paddle.
        This is why our country is in such trouble- people who went to government training camps- called the public school system. They don’t read and keep up with real news, and just look for the hand-outs!
        He has no idea what’s really happening. Probably loved the
        O-bomba gang. Has no ideawho O-bomba really is- a super fag, married to a transvestite, NOT born in America for sure- Hawaii is a real joke. Hospital was even called by the name on O-bomba’s birth certificate , he has a Conn. social security #(can’t happen), AND most importantly- Barack H. Obama is on his certificate.
        Yet his birth name is really— “Barry Soetoro”. This is the namethat should be on the certificate!!
        See this! – https://www.google.de/search?q=obama%27s+birth+certificate?trackid=sp-006#q=obama%27s+real+name



        • Beth McCain

          Perhap’s it’s you that shouldn’t exist in America. You really believe all of those blatant lies that you read, where is your own common sense or intellect?..gee whiz

      • Jerry

        Yes Greg, things are great all over. But of course this could never happen here. Right?

      • Bill

        While it is true that the Fed can spend as much money as it wants to keep the market from crashing, eventually the dollar’s value will approach negative, such as negative interest rates, and the possession of an ounce of gold will make one a millionaire. That’s fine with me, because it would place me half way to being a billionaire:-)

    • This sceptred Isle

      For someone who is a critic of the website you must monitor this website pretty regularly to get in with the first comment.

      • Tin foil hat

        This sceptred Isle,
        You are good detective material. Good observation.

    • Charles H


      So you buy into one side – I can understand. But to attribute the material and testimony of those here as “koolaid”, and “fake news”: you make yourself into a “Sheeple”. Watch the show – it’s great kabuki theatre. The MATH is there, obscured behind changed metrics; and historical comparisons are abounding. If “WE”‘re wrong: we’ve lost nothing; if you are wrong: you will lose the shirt off your back. Enjoy your ride. No one believed the HMS Titanic could sink: but it did. You need to visit Venezuela. Like a teenager driving fast; or a smoker; or swinger – “it won’t happen to me”. Things work – until they don’t. So pack-in the enjoyment of a lifetime, for as long as it lasts. Baah.

    • Dezzond

      The Bottom Line,
      Scott the markets are rigged, I agree that a lot of people
      have missed out due to some people lacking a fundamental
      understanding of how the Federal Reserve and the Treasury
      just print money out of thin air. The only way this will stop
      is when people lose confidence in paper. The only way to participate
      in this madness is to balance your portfolio. Anyone who went all
      in on gold or silver in the last six years has gotten hurt. Anyone who
      continues to hold Treasury is getting hurt. No one has been able to
      call a top or bottom because the “Fed” has skewed the system. So if
      you like throwing dirt on people remember this, karma is a bitch and
      she has your address.

    • al Hall

      Greg: Dr. Roberts is always great for his input. I hope these leftist media loud mouths realize Hitler used the propaganda media the same way the elite’s are doing with the MSM.
      What these knuckle head don’t think about is- the media people were some of the first people Hitler executed after he took over. These talking heads want their big media salaries- but in the long run will it be worth it if they are dead. This is another side of bought and paid for- ie: like most of Congress on both sides!
      Banksters are already being killed for what they know about the bank fraud happening.
      When the collapse takes place(2017??) many in the media will be missing I suspect.

      • dinkerduo

        Yes he did—thanks for the reminder! He also let out violent criminals out of the prisons so they could become the SS, etc.
        that’s how he got so many to do such horrendous things–they already had criminal minds. How many criminals has Obozo let go free? To do what–fire on Americans if Killary won?!?

        • Bill

          After Hitler let them out of prison and they got imported into America as immigrants, they helped turn the OSS into the CIA, explaining why it does the things it does.

    • Jerry

      Scott Miller.
      I’m going to give you a opportunity to demonstrate just how really smart you are in the face of your last comment. That is unless all you have to offer is smart comments. Here’s the question. How do you fund 125 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 Trillion dollars in tax revenue?

      • Paul ...

        Jerry … if the 2.5 trillion in tax dollars had the value it had in 1950 … it would cover the unfunded liabilities!
        So all the “deep state” has to do is use their “time machine technology” (they back engineered from captured UFO’s) … go back to 1950 … and use the current tax money to buy real estate, fine art, etc. … then come back to the present where those assets will now have inflated in value to 125 trillion dollars … I should put it on my to-do list to look up who was actually buying up trillions of dollars of real assets in the 1950’s!!

        • JC Davis

          Paul was the word Trillion even known in 1950 ? Good humor.

      • Jerry

        Scott………..oh……..Scott. I’m taking it that since you didn’t answer my question, you didn’t have an answer. Here is the answer to the question that ALL (and I mean all) should pay attention to. Answer: Stealth Quantitative Easing that never stopped.

        PCR knows exactly what he’s talking about. The moment the Chinese de-peg completely from the dollar (which they will do to avoid collapsing their own economy) and the dollar loses reserve currency status (which allows us to print money) the dollar will become useless toilet paper.

    • eddiemd

      Eight years of trillion dollar deficits. All is well, almost 20 trillion…enjoy the bliss.

      Police state in place and ready to go. Weapons systems (drones, food, water, biologicals) are ready. Cashless society almost ready.

      Let’s start the party…no fly-zone over Syria. Get ready to launch.

    • The Ogs

      Scott Miller, have you not been paying attention?
      PCR explained why The Fed can keep the dollar high or crash it, and keep stocks and bonds high or crash them, and control precious metals too, at their whim.
      To suit their purposes. It’s all fake! Controlled. Manipulated. Artificial.
      And PCR never said the dollar will be toilet paper – he said it SHOULD be toilet paper, heheh…
      There is a difference.

    • Frederick

      Better beam yourself up Scotty your drifting in space dudefred

    • Bill Howland

      Well Scott Miller generically you might have a point, but PCR is telling things as they are currently, that the US Dollar IS worthless but it is being sequestered and therefore common folk don’t notice it. He is being the most honest amoungst all commentators appearing here by stating 2 big points:
      1). He’s impressed with all the schemes the Oligarchs have come up with to SUPPORT the dollar as a reserve currentcy.
      2). He honestly states he DOES NOT know how long it will last, since they’ve got most eventualities covered, and honestly states it has lasted longer than he initially thought possible.
      The most Sage line from PCR: “It’s not a tax cut problem, its a WAGE cut problem!”.
      I’m pleasantly surprised that PCR appears here since instead of the usual Police State Support we get here, PCR on his website says, if you get in trouble “Don’t call the Police – Your Life is at Stake”.
      Possibly Greg Hunter is being educated to go easy on Iran, Syria, and Russia by PCR.

      Scott I don’t know your political persuasion but PCR makes ANOTHER great point:

      Liberals should go a bit easier on Trump and not attack him histerically since all he’ll get is more Neo-Cons in his administration, and then he’ll be powerless to do any meaningful change. So, if that is you, please stop bad mouthing Trump in an insulting manner- keep the constructive criticism to holding Trump’s feet to the fire on his campaign promises.

    • eagle-eye

      One more thing for you to grasp you bumbling fool, you’re the one who drank the koolaid. You must not have a good grasp of the English language to say that the participants in this website is idolizing anyone. Perhaps you missed the part that USAWD was not a part of the list. So I wanted to clarify what rigging and fake news you were referring to? You are a paid troll or if you are not paid, you’re an even lower class of a troll.

      We have a lot more to do so relish the temporary breathing room we have currently. Let’s talk about UN Agenda 21 that is already at a city near you. Let’s talk about weather modification that is still being sprayed over our heads on a daily basis (if it was for solar radiation management, why is it being done even at night?) Let’s talk about the Hegelian concepts that are quite pervasive in every level of government and lastly, let’s talk about the serious efforts of gun grabbers who are relentless in destroying the second amendment.

      When a lion trainer comes into a lion’s cage, he brings with him 3 things – a whip, pistol and invariably a stool. Those who know maintain that the most important tool that the trainer has is the stool. When he thrusts this in front of the wild animal, the lion sees all four legs and fragments its attention. It renders the animal docile therefore easy controllable. This is what the MSM, oligarchs and these satanists are doing to us.

    • Mike from the North

      Do not worry Scott…everything is fine and there is no issues of concern.

      Down the street from you in that empty lot you will find a few boxes of extra food and some silver coins in the event of trouble.

      Grab a bag a chips and go watch the game…all is good.

      No worries.

      It is never about the timing of events.. It is about the eventual need for such an event.

    • Hairy Herry

      This Hairy Guy sees eye to eye with Bill Holder’s thinking regarding a credit crash. I also see Jim’s contention that derivatives will crash. Note though, the USD will be maintained artificially through these derivatives being defined in US Dollars, at least what few pieces of garbage paper can be settled at pennies on said dollars. What I doubt you’re watching are nations as China and Russia who are developing economies not dependent on the USD, nor the fact that China adds more and more to their stash of GOLD. come on! Markets can be irrational far longer than most expect, but I’m not blind to the reality that huge changes will happen and Trump will get blamed when it collapses

  2. Deain

    Great interview Greg,
    PCR is right on. It will be interesting to see if Trump can pull off his campaign agenda and convince oligarchs to back down.

    • Paul ...

      On the oligarchs trying to control Donald Trump with the threat of crashing the economy … Trump can counter the oligarchs by immediately getting control of the Plunge Protection Team … then begin to sell the bond market short for the American peoples Social Security Account, Health Care Account, etc., etc. … if there are no funds in these Trust Funds he can have the Treasury lend the money at zero percent interest … then as the oligarchs crash the markets we will in fact strengthen our balance sheets … perhaps even being able to pay off the National Debt by leveraging “the peoples short position” … if the oligarchs try to counter “the peoples short position” by making the markets go up and up Trump can initiate even more short positions (as the Treasury has the ability to print unlimited amounts of money) and the additional printing of money will eventually create inflationary expectations and crash the bond market … putting all “the peoples short positions” in the money … the Social Security Trust Fund will be made whole again with plenty left over to provide “free health care” for all Americans!

  3. This sceptred isle

    The reason this money printing game has gone on with relatively little inflation is because the velocity of money is at a record low according to mannarino. People underestimate the power of the money printers. Even in the Weimar republic they were limited by the capacity of the printing presses to physically print cash. Now you just add digits to a computer screen to create the extra currency. People that say there is no inflation are not looking at stocks, bonds and real estate.

  4. eddie laidler

    The censorship begins. Apple just removed the Breitbart App from their store. If Google follows suit that is tremendous power from 2 oligarchs. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/conservative-purge-begins-apple-removes-breitbart-app-store/

    • Charles H

      And if Assange is dead: Wikileaks is no more.

      • dinkerduo

        Maybe not—Assange has said if he dies his work will continue on and I sure hope so. Andrew Breitbart made one huge mistake—saying out loud that he had info that would bring down Obozo— but didn’t tell anyone or write it down–or so we are told–and of course we know someone gave him something to mimic a heart attack so at 43–with no prior heart trouble he died. Sure is strange how people who have something on either the Clintons or Obozos end up dead!

        • Charles H

          Assange has had the ‘Full Court Press” on him for YEARS. It’s not likely he was smuggled-out. The idea that we don’t have a body (?) only reinforces that major powers have been placed against him. It’s a snake without it’s head scenario.

  5. andyb

    Greg: regarding the “list” of fake news sites. Since you are an investigative reporter, and didn’t make the list (shame shame), can you determine if :

    l. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are really Russian agents set out to destroy American culture and the political class by sexting all of our corrupt politicians, and selling their responsive sexting to porn sites? Since all of the bureaucrats watch porn all day instead of working for the American people, this is really why Trump won. The return emails were pretty disgusting.
    2. The Washington Post executive suite is really populated by hypersexual aliens? That’s why the editorial pages are so incomprehensible, and they must be cross breeding with the execs at CNN and the NYT, producing almost identical verbiage.
    3. George Soros is really the love child of Hitler and Eleanor Roosevelt?
    4. Gina is a real person or an algorythmic computer program that was coded by insane asylum inmates?

    These are very important stories, Greg. Inquiring minds want to know.

    BTW, great interview with PCR.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy for the clever sarcasm and kind words about the interview!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      I wonder why blaming the Russians for everything from hacking the Democrats to vote rigging is not labelled a ‘conspiracy theory’ by the mainstream media but questioning Hillary’s health is.

    • Tin foil hat

      I still can’t decide rather it’s good or bad that Greg didn’t make the list.

  6. JW Struth!

    Thinking outside the cranium. . .

    Lost in Fiscal Space
    Posted on November 4, 2016

    Arjun and Jayadev and I have a working paper up at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth on the conflict between conventional macroeconomic policy and Lerner-style functional finance. Here’s the accompanying blogpost, cross-posted from the WCEG blog.


    The world wants to pay America to use the dollar. We should let them, by Ryan Cooper, June 10 2016.

    The U.S. is not an ordinary country, as economist J.W. Mason explains in a brilliant paper for the Roosevelt Institute. Our trade deficit is in large part a result of the fact that the dollar is used as the world’s reserve currency — and that gives the U.S. a much larger capacity to carry a trade deficit. Essentially, the world wants to pay us to use dollars. We should let them.


    • Paul ...

      Thinking outside the box is not that difficult … my dog does it all the time when I fail to take him for his walk!

    • Robert Lykens

      Except that policy is terrible for Americans who want to manufacture and sell their product to the rest of the world.

      • Tin foil hat

        Robert Lykens,
        What is worst than terrible is when the rest of the world doesn’t want to pay us to use the dollar 20-30 years from now, we wouldn’t know to do anything except eat, shit, fock, protest and kill.

  7. This sceptred isle

    Some of the British newspapers such as the Independent have started to ask for donations online. It won’t be long before the have tax free charitable status.

    • This sceptred isle

      The mainstream media now want us to pay for their propaganda! At least they did propaga for free in 1930s Germany.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Sorry Guardian newspaper I mean.

  8. This sceptred isle

    All the newly created money comes as a loan with a debt attached to it. Surely this creates another limit as money printing adds to the debt burden so cannot be sustainable.

  9. G. Berkshire

    How Carleton profs brought Western economics to Cuba

    JOANNE LAUCIUS, OTTAWA CITIZEN November 26, 2016 | Last Updated: November 27, 2016 4:49 PM EST


  10. Frederick

    Russian agent Dr Roberts NO just a dying breed of honest American patriots with great integrity is all The MSM is a pathetic propaganda tool of the traitors to this country and most people who are awake already know this USAWatchdog is keeping the truth alive thankfully

    • This sceptred Isle

      Why is Russia to blame for everything but never Saudi Arabia?

    • Paul ...

      Correct Frederick … to fight an extremely evil enemy we must see him for what he is … we can’t hide our heads in the sand and pretend things are fine … comprehending evil “without bounds” is difficult for us … but it must be done in order to do battle against it … currently “unimaginable evil” is diabolically destroying the moral and ethical values of our children … perverting the moral character of our children with drugs and sex is a long term plan to destroy our nation … the goal is to destroy the moral souls of the entire population … and the MSM and Hollywood is in bed with them “flaunting perversion” in their papers, movies and on TV … and our children are forced to watch Madonna, Miley, Stern, etc. … they also “flaunt corruption” within our Justice System to undermine the very foundations of our government … they promote racial tension and “color revolution”, etc., etc. … destabilization is their goal … first of the peoples character and next our political institutions … we must “see” this demonic evil right before our very eyes … before we can even begin to reject it … we have made a good start by electing Trump … but we still have a lot more to do!!

  11. Anthony Australia

    Superb Mr. Hunter!

  12. helot

    RE: ‘they have no limits on their pocketbook. […] it’s nice to have something to engage in trade with until some new monetary system can be formed.’

    Que, Jerry, eh?

    Will a new monetary system be implemented in the united states in the same manner as is being done in India (after they do the same in Europe, first?)?
    Here is a detailed organizational look at how the Rothschild related apparatus of corruption strings together in India like a spiders web to wipe out the average honest working classes, businesses and family farmers, a.k.a. the ‘dekulakization of India’. Is there any indication similar webs are expanding in the u.s./ This is how the NWO rolls, is it a template of sorts, going forward?:


    To compare and contrast, is this small sample the set up of a beginning of a u.s. dekulakization?:

    Prices From Years Past Aren’t The World We Live In Now

    ‘‘We’re the only industry in that we’re told what we’re going to pay for our product, we’re told what we’re going to receive for our product and everything in between,’ farmer and rancher Ryan Sonderup said. ‘We have no control of what we get or what we do.’” […]

    ‘Plain and simple, you can’t afford to pay those high-dollar rents when commodity prices are so low.’” […]

    ‘Farmers treading water during a period of sluggish crop prices are getting little relief from their landlords. Average net farm income in Illinois plunged from $107,000 in 2014 to minus $3,000 last year, according to Farm Business Farm Management Association figures.’ […]

    ‘So where are they getting money to pay rents? The answer lies within the colorful steel crawling across farmland across Illinois. The boom years of the early 2010s put enough money into farm pockets to pay for new machinery.’

    ‘Depreciation on those purchases is being drawn down and keeping the bottom line from bottoming out. There will soon be a time of reckoning, however, when depreciation will dry up. […]

    ‘In Illinois, three-fourths of agricultural land is owned by someone other than the farmer.’ […]

  13. helot

    The template of dekulakization?:

    Greece Is Not India? Hellenic Banks Plan “Tax On Cash Withdrawals” To Combat Black Economy – Nov 28, 2016

    ‘I absolutely do not understand how can one sleek and glossy group of bankers propose such measures and rule the economic system of a country where some 30% of population lives or is at risk of poverty, the welfare system has collapsed and thousands of families live on the 20- or 50-euro banknote a relative or a friend secretly stick in their pockets so that they buy some food, medicine or pay a small bill.

    Not to mention those over 60 with minimum knowledge of electronic devices and applications and those over 80 who cannot even use a mobile phone.

    Tax cash withdraws will of course give “capital controls” a new dimension.’ …

  14. dslarsen

    I haven’t even watched this yet, and I can already tell you it will be tremendous!


  15. Kim

    Great interview! Thank you very much for having Dr. Roberts on! The Internet has brought new knowledge and abilities to all kinds of people. Such as the Feds ability to keep creating money (digital credit).

    We are adapting to this ever evolving technology and it’s ripple effects. We need to be aware to keep holding on to values like discipline and integrity. There is never a clear answer to the future, that’s why we trust God’s love and timing!

  16. Dan

    Increased viewership of Usawatchdog.com lately?

    Greg, I was wondering if you could share with us whether you’ve observed a recent increase in viewership on your site since the last few weeks. If so, can you share with us (just a simple % increase figure would be enough). I feel a trend coming along that sites like yours would be getting a boost after the recent rigged-media elections.

    It’s almost too bad that your site didn’t get put on the “fake news” lists, as this could have perhaps increased eyeballs on your site. (I still think they were too scared to add you!).

  17. Macray

    Great Interview! Thank You!!

    Wisconsin Judge refuses to order hand recount, says no evidence of fraud

    Gina Merdivorous Mancarella, It’s all over now!!!

    • Macray

      Paul Craig Roberts, One of the brightest keeps it simple, stupid for everyone to see.

      “Unless the world runs on the dollar or unless the rest of the world abandons the dollar, I can’t see anything that would bring down this house of cards. They can continue this because the Fed can create all the money it wants. There is no limit.”

      • Macray

        How does Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog make the Fake News List?
        In my opinion, banning Gina Merdivorous Mancarella would get you on the list!
        Just saying!!!

        • Frederick

          The only sites on that list are the ones who DO tell the truth

        • Robert Lykens

          Hear, hear!

  18. Dave

    They can continue this because the Fed can create all the money it wants. There is no limit.” I appreciate everything this gentleman writes, but wrt the above quote from the text, I disagree. History does not record a fiat currency that survives the test of time. Second, the only reason the new fiat dollars have value is to steal it from the existing holders of dollar denominated assets, like your bank account. Sooner or later those holders will resist. One expression of that resistance may well be Trump’s election.
    Thanks for the information you make available on this site; it is refreshing balance to the MSM.

    • Frederick

      Historically thats not true Dave The destruction of the currency through debasement always ends badly in the past so why do you believe we will be any different?

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        Exactly! There’s 8 pages from a pamphlet published in 1878, contained in the commentary I wrote back in 07/23/09-Proof of Lying-By-Omission at my site. (Click on name-NO logins/NO ads) , with the title “The Struggle of Labor with an Inflated, Unredeemed Currency and Its Paupering Results.” It’s unbelievable that higher educations conceals this information in order to lie-to and steal-from ordinary citizens.

  19. Chip

    Great interview with PCR!!! Thanks Greg and Doctor Roberts for your insight and your continued fight for the truth. That’s why I come here and what makes you so popular with freedom loving, God fearing people… Chip

    • brian

      Is that why the leader of Liberia got wacked? To protect the dollar? It is still a house of cards. If we can print our money we can pay our debts.

  20. Doug

    Greg, great substantive interview wuth PCR. Too bad Trump didn’t interview and hire him for Sec of Treasury or Commerce…Talk about shaking things up for the better. Doug

  21. ED1

    Greg, I had been asking for you to interview PCR and once again you have not disappointed. A sincere Thank You!

    This was a very good interview by one of my most, if not my most, favorite interviewees you have every had on your program. I consider PCR an astute wise grandfather figure with a mountain of real-world

    The only thing I somewhat disagree with the both of you on is the MSM losing all credibility. Sure enough many have already ditched them (such as myself) but I maintain that there are so many out there that are either biased enough to support them, ill-informed and believe every thing they state, or just do not care either way. Just look at the wide divide during the election cycle and it is clear how many will stick with the MSM narrative. Now throw in a real-life Lord have mercy (in southern lingo)
    such as a few terrorist attacks (whether it be real of false flag), natural disasters, economic crash and the likes and those type of folks will be glued to their T.V. sets watching MSM news. There are simply too many that refuse to change.

    I strongly feel we are on the doorstep of some major happenings in the U.S.A (and the world as a whole) and many will view the MSM. Considering the MSM are large corporations, I would not put it past them to contribute to some sort of catastrophe in an attempt to maintain their propaganda hold they have on millions of folks. I hope I am wrong on this. Time will tell.

    Again, thank you.

  22. mushroom

    Many thanks again Greg. Wonderful interview. Dr. Roberts along with Michael Hudson (U of M) and Bill Black are,in my opinion, the academic elite in regards to the current US economic disaster.

  23. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Ah, but the beat goes on , and on, and on.

    I am getting the feeling that the “awareness alt-media ” , alternately known by detractors as the “doom and gloom, buy gold” media, has shifted from the ‘end is (very) near’ to a more ‘ ok, soon, but who knows, they could push this can years down the road’ meme.

    I guess vigilance fatigue is bound to set in eventually for anyone on constant sentry duty. However, the stakes are high for one’s family, so being prepared, aware and ready to act trump any fatigue.

    And Greg, you and your site are key components of this readiness, and for this we Watchdoggers thank you!

    • Charles H

      T h C,

      The appearance of the tactic to destroy something patently “false” – means that, in the balance: those seeking to silence or destroy a different narrative do so because they can’t take the competition (reason is NOT on their side), AND Freedom of Speech is so much of threat – it can’t be tolerated. This is “soft tyranny”.

  24. James Stamulis

    I think the leftist Washington Post listing the so called fake news is just progressives following Saul Alinsky tactics of blaming your enemy of everything you are guilty of. Lately it seems it is the only tactic left in their arsenal for they getting their heads handed to them on a daily basis thanks to alternative news and patriotic whistleblowers feeding Wikileaks. Thank God.

  25. Concerned american dad

    When will someone start to address the BS. Job creation is roaring way over expectations today, GDP is now back over 3%, unemployment rate is 4.9%, markets are ripping to all time highs on a daily basis. It is absurd.

    • Charles H

      If you are going to lie: make it a big one. Gov’t or MSM stats?!?? Bwaaaaahhhh!

      • Concerned american dad

        It would be nice – now maybe he’s waiting to actually be sworn in – if he started bashing all the phony numbers that are being used to tout what bang-up economy we’ve got now. ‘Be nice if he said we all know 4.9% is total BS, and GDP has been negative if using proper inflation rates……now all the knuckleheads onCNBS who were prognosticating about what a disaster a Trump presidency would mean to the markets and the economy are bloviatung about all the various benefits. It’s just sickening……

        • Greg Hunter

          “Dad” Please consider the only think real are tangible assets this includes physical gold and silver.

    • Chip

      I believe that they want history to record that all was great and well under king obama and to provide “evidence” to the “fact” that globalism is THE answer and that these stupid nationalists have it all wrong… Chip

    • Tin foil hat

      “I can calculate the movement of stars, but not the madness of men.”


      If the South Sea Company were not an incorporation but a Central Bank, I wonder what would Isaac Newton say.

  26. Willard Ferch

    Good morning! Very interesting interview. You’re great variety of guests give us a well-rounded education in economics, as well as of politics world wide. I was in the Navy in the ’50’s to stand against the enemy, but the threat from within now is much more deadly than what we faced from without back then. Keep up the good work.

    • Robert Lykens

      Willard, I was in the Navy in the 70s – USS Davis, DD937. Anchors Aweigh, shipmate!

      • Paul ...

        I was in the Navy (on a Federation Intergalactic Defense Cruiser XTR457) in 2187 … came back in time to change our future … so far so good … Trump was not supposed to win!!!

      • Frederick

        I was offered a commision and a spot at officers candidate school in Rhode Island I believe it was but turned it down after some consideration

      • Charles H


        Ship’s Company, USS Midway CV-41, 1974-76 – out of Yokosuka, Japan. Later, I saw the Med, and Rio with a Jammer Squadron out of Whidbey. I saw a lot of world – before I became a missionary.

        • Robert Lykens

          My love and respect to you, shipmate!

          • Charles H

            Thanks, Robert. “Shipmate” means a lot to me.

  27. vincent_g

    The new push from CNN is to buy Millennials

    CNN is betting 25 mil that Casey Neistat will bring the much needed Millennials

    That a big bet on Beme and Casey

    But will Casey hit that home run for CNN?


    Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children
    But there is no joy in Mudville—mighty Casey has struck out.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Why stop at millennials when the evidence suggests propaganda targeting schools is more effective because children’s brains are more malleable?

  28. Robert Kelly

    Why isn’t Dr. Roberts being considered at the very least as an adviser to Donald Trump?
    We absolutely need him and a “like in kind” political and economic advisement team (including Greg Hunter and other similar performance minded members) under Dr. Roberts IN THE WHITE HOUSE period.
    He and team could help guide America through what I believe is the soon to arrive Great American Tribulation.
    Our country is about families and business. That made America great. Forget about wars and power, focus on the folks and families here and now.
    We may go from “Make America Great” to “Help America Survive”. Doesn’t matter, Democrat or Republican in the White House, Hillory or Donald, we NEED the BEST TEAM NOW!!!
    Just thoughts. bob

    • Charles H

      Good point.

  29. Steve M.

    To be kind…Dr. Roberts interview is less effective…and to be honest…a usawatchdog.com turnoff…because of his…unfortunate…possibly, uncontrolable and unconscious… lip smacking and mouth clicking. Too distractive to listen to.

    • Karen

      WTF? Are you serious? This is a highly intelligent man who is relaying volumes of knowledge based on real life experience and this is what you say? He actually is very clear and concise and presents himself like the professional he is. If you cannot concentrate on the message and are so easily distracted, perhaps it is you who has the problem. Personally, I thought this interview was one of Greg’s best. PCR is awesome and was on top of his game in explaining how the system works against change for the better.

    • eddiemd

      Agree. I notice it also.

      Maybe he needs some Denture Cream.

      Could be a medical condition or medication side effect.

    • Charles H

      Steve M.,

      You ought to try eating a meal with my father-in-law! Prime Rib, or whatever favorite you might have: you need a strong stomach – and I bet you wouldn’t finish the meal before excusing yourself from table. A little clicking and smacking too much to gain historic perspective? The man is a living treasure. A “turnoff”, huh? The smacking and clicking changes the meaning of his words, or reduces the authority of his many accomplishments?!?? Focus on whatever you want: but I find your complaint more distasteful than Dr. Roberts mannerisms – considering his prestige alone should carry automatic respect: which your comment seems to obviously lack. To be kind…

    • Frederick

      Didnt even notice it but maybe thats because Im not looking to discredit the man with nonsenensical distractions Love Dr Roberts and his patriotism and bravery Others should listen and take notes

  30. Walter Baumgarten

    Great work again and as usual Greg, thank you and congratulations on becoming the Real Stream News even though you have not made “the list” as of yet. Dr. Roberts is always a great source of intelligence and promoting him is good, honest work. The only thing he said that was wrong was that the dollar should be the value of toilet paper, which it can never be because toilet paper will ALWAYS have great value. Keep up the great work my friend, God Bless.

  31. Greg the Canuck

    Greg, your fake news channel is my favorite. I never miss any of your interviews. Dr. Roberts is the best and you would never get anyone of his calibre being interviewed on the MSM, not even on Fox. I don’t watch or listen to the MSM. They do nothing but either obscure the truth or outright lie. I believe they are of the opinion that anyone who watches/listens to shows such as yours’ Zero hedge, Sgt. Report, etc. are just fake people….not significant. Keep up the excellent work because it is the only way us “fake people” know what is going on.

  32. Russ McMeans

    Greg; great interview! Paul reminds me of Clint Eastwood- quiet wisdom. I have a question that didn’t get asked but we should talk about it, and maybe someday I’ll find the topic on Zero Hedge: the Federal Reserve Bank has a 4 trillion balance sheet- or that’s what is reported. So can they just keep adding to it without consequences or can they just magically make it ‘go away’? Just wondering.

    • andyb

      The FED can add trillions more if it so wishes. The consequences are that the rest of the world will lose faith in the FRN and USTs. That’s starting to happen with China, Russia, and Saudis unloading. To counter this the FED is propping up the markets to create the illusion of prosperity. But, at some point, the USD becomes worthless, the global economy implodes, and every member of the banking cartel gets hung until they are STONE COLD DEAD!!! I hope it happens in my lifetime.

  33. Jerry

    I constantly get caught in this catch 22 when its comes to predicting movements in the global manipulated markets. If the Federal Reserve Bank has to sell bonds to print money, then who’s buying them? Everyday I see a selloff in foreign markets.

    I think we can all agree that the Exchange Stabilization Fund has had a hand in controlling the markets, but at what point do the Chinese say they’ve had enough and totally decouple from the dollar? In years past they had no choice but to continue to debase their own currency because they had no other option, but with the creation of AIIB and CIPS, (not to mention SGE), that is no longer the case. At some point don’t you think the negative rate of return on their investment with us will force their hand?
    Lets no forget that while we have the ability to print money because of reserve currency status, we still owe them close to three trillion dollars on loans from 2008.

    • Jerry

      Please read this addendum to my last post. I found this article right after I posted it. It seems to confirm much of my suspicion.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think Belgium is the third largest holder of US bonds. Jim Willie reckons the Fed uses them to buy US debt as a form of backdoor QE.

      • This sceptred Isle

        foreign holder I mean

    • Charles H

      China and Russia WILL decouple. The West will lose their freedoms. A new World Government will form which can verify national reserves. Sound Money – human history’s Achille’s Heel.

    • Robert Lykens

      Jerry, if they’d ever audit the Fed we’d find out what they’re doing with all those bonds.
      I think the Communist Chinese realized long ago that they’ll never be repaid for their trust in a fiat system, so they decided to take that system down by controlling the metals markets. Once they feel their position is secure they’ll make their move.

      • Frederick

        Nevergoing to happen short of a revolution

    • JC Davis

      Jerry as the son of a bartender I always knew when trouble was brewing. The smart guys in the room would slowly edge to the door. Then when every one was not looking they would casually exit one at a time. That was always my sign trouble was minutes away.

  34. JC Davis

    Thanks for another enlighten interview. PCR would be someone good in the Trump cabinet. I think there are many more soldiers of liberty Trump could surround himself with other then the likes of Romnobama, Rudy, and Christy. Bob Cookey ? We deserve better, and better is out there.
    Times will be bloody if Trump goes against the oligarchy, but a bloody fight is needed. A republic is no easy task.

  35. Russ

    Thanks Greg, as usual PCR is clear and easy to understand. Too funny with him joking about being on the 200 list. Letter to Putin… 😉 It was actually thoughtful of the folks who made that list to make such a great reading list available to the masses; I’ll bet readership of those websites has grown since the list was aired.

    Considering that Trump and his anti-establishment right-wing views won in spite of all the trash talk, wouldn’t that tend to make the 200 list more majority/”mainstream” news. Another question is will ABC, NBC, CBS keep their access to the public airways (those single digit Television channels)? Considering that they’ve been broadcasting pure BS on the people’s broadcast spectrum, I see no reason for Trump’s FCC to renew those licenses.

    Has everything in fact already been turned? O’s still in the WH, but his legacy is that he gave us Donald Trump. Outstanding.

  36. Jerry

    Just in time for Christmas. A debt hockey stick.

  37. josh

    great interview. i may be the only bernie supporter and a green voter who checks this site daily. (and yes, i’m pissed at dr. jill about the recount nonsense).

    paul craig roberts made a very important point: if trump can ease nuclear tensions and bring back middle class jobs, nothing else matters. i know that i am going to be unhappy with any supreme court justice that trump appoints, etc. but i am willing to give him a pass on all that if he can stop the neocons and bring back our jobs. everything else is secondary.

    • Rod King

      Ahahahahaha! Brilliant!! Splendid, Bravo, Cheerio, Pip Pip and all the rot! I love you man! That was Awesome! Thanks for making my day!

  38. Robert Dotson, MD

    Excellent interview, Greg and Dr. Roberts!
    Well done, you guys!

  39. flattop

    GREG: Help me understand. Is Dr Roberts saying that the economy could crash and the stock market not crash??

    • Greg Hunter

      It all goes down with the US dollar is my understanding.

    • BetterChetter

      I recall another guest (Rickards, Willie -?) saying that the economy is crashing now, but the numbers are being mis-reported, just as DrPCR is saying how the stock mkt is an illusion (as are Gold, Silver & other mkts., with no true price discovery mechanism).

    • JC Davis

      Flattop we are watching this happen. The stocks are nothing more then a place to store leftover change in the billions. Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird. These blind stock investors look for blood. They think by numbers they cant loose. They will soak in their own blood.

  40. ts

    “Six days after Donald Trump won the presidential election, the federal government finalized a key step toward a tax subsidy worth as much as $32 million for a company that is owned by Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and two of his sons.” Buzzfeed.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather my tax dollars went to helping people get health insurance or reducing the deficit than giving it to a kleptocratic billionaire who is the president elect. But that’s just me.

    And how about the Yale educated [elite], banker [elite], former Goldman Sachs employee [elite] for Treasury Secretary. That’s rich.

    Yeah, he’s draining the swamp all right. Y’all been conned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Source other than Buzzfeed please.

      • Robert G

        Where do you find accurate news sources out there now?

        • Greg Hunter

          Lots of places but you have to fact check them. I spend a lot of time fact checking like HR5732 that everybody is saying establishes a no-fly zone in Syria. (Mostly false) HR 5732 only asks for an assessment of doing a no-fly zone in all or part of Syria. The President should do this in 90 days or less after both houses pass the bill and the president signs it into law.

          • eddiemd

            The US has no business of assessing or establishing a no-fly zone over Syria. Our business is to stay out of Syria. HR 5732 is the beginning on the path to war.

            A no-fly zone means war with Russia.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes I agree but it is being reported as a done deal and it is not.

          • Robert G

            Greg, That’s the problem with Breitbart and info wars, and many others. Some facts but lots of lies ,half truths and conspiracies. I fact check everything I can. But there are to many out there that don’t, they just believe the lies. Hence there lies the problem. To bad you can’t clone yourself Greg.

      • andyb

        You would think that with all the outcry over fake news,” ts” would recognize when it occurs. If this tax subsidy was true, CNN and the rest of the idiots would be investigating it 24/7.

    • Hatemail

      Buzzfeed is Fake News.

  41. Dee Garmon

    Short of Christ coming back, he is the only one who could save the economy for he
    has the very rare combination of immense knowledge and integrity.
    As regards the Post, I do not know anybody who reads that paper other than congressmen and their staffers ( with the exception of house wives who buy it for its coupons, but they don’t read it anyway) and we all know about the approval ratings of the congress.

  42. Charles

    “Trump has to be in power. The government has to belong to him in order to get anything done.”

    I’m Sorry. That’s not how a Constitutional Republic is meant to function. That’s how they do it in 3rd world banana republics.

    Are we now admitting that’s where we’re at? Or that that’s where we want to go? Because the man has already expressed tyrannical sentiments about the Office while on the campaign trail. He’ll turn out to be another Woodrow Wilson (on steroids)…and I think all you Republicans and non Keynesian economists know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

    • BetterChetter

      1) Trump ‘having’ to be in power is not to fit into a Constitutional Republic system, but to correct the neocon-led US political system, as skewed & as camouflaged as it currently is
      2) Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat (back when being a Democrat meant something).

    • JC Davis

      With a flee infested house there should not be a vote on what to do.

  43. al Hall

    Greg: Dr. Roberts is always great for his input. I hope these leftist media loud mouths realize Hitler used the propaganda media the same way the elite’s are doing with the MSM.
    What these knuckle head don’t think about is- the media people were some of the first people Hitler executed after he took over. These talking heads want their big media salaries- but in the long run will it be worth it if they are dead. This is another side of bought and paid for- ie: like most of Congress on both sides!
    Banksters are already being killed for what they know about the bank fraud happening.
    When the collapse takes place(2017??) many in the media will be missing I suspect.

  44. Chic

    I am not an expert. But it seems a possibility, if Trump is sabotaged via the financial oligarch to play ball, and the economy is crashed as a threat mechanism against Trump. Once they fire their shot, Trump can pursue them on a variety of sedition and war act avenues. They will have no ace in the hole once they blow their ammo.

  45. Kim

    Perhaps USA watchdog should come up with its own FAKE NEWS list?

  46. Bruce Maclean

    Thank you so much for your essential public service Greg. “Fake News” is like a bomb that is exploding in their MSM face, but it is much more than that. “Fake News” is only one small step away from “Fake Money.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bruce.

  47. Charles H

    I think USAWatchdog didn’t make “The List” – because of ones who made it up 1) didn’t want anyone else on the Committee exposed to reviewing this site; 2) they understood it was too important to advertise something they want kept in the background; 3) they misjudge the catalyst of those who make comments, as well as the breath and reach of this site. In short: they don’t know beans about the Alt-media. Leaving USAWatchdog off the List is an indictment to their incompetence.

  48. Sayonara

    Great Dr. PCR interview. I have known all along why the dollar and economy have yet imploded and that is because the collective “they” have not let all of the printed $s into the general economy. Only the 0.1%ers have had access to those printed $s and there wealth has exploded over the last 8+ years, meanwhile the main street America has suffered immensely. Dr. PCR substantiated my observance with the following quote from the interview “The reason we are not experiencing hyperinflation is not much of that money got into the economy. It went into financial assets and bid up stock prices, bond prices and real estate prices. . . . (When – my quote) If the world turns on the dollar, the Fed is not going to be able to sustain it.
    He NAILS IT! and so do YOU!

  49. Tad

    Someone mentioned Assange earlier in comments. Any inkling of his whereabouts?

  50. Ken Weberg

    Greg my 2cents worth. The good Dr. may be underestimating the Donald. He is way ahead of Ronald Reagan in every category. How about this for a bit of speculation Trump buddies up real good with Putin and they both go after these Ahole oligarchs and we finish this evil off together at least let them know we are done rolling over. Just a thought

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken. Good point. I am praying trump will do good for the country.


    • Paul ...

      Ken … I’m with you … if Trump can’t get “our” neocon military to fire bomb the Afghanistan heroin poppy fields … he can give a call to Putin and tell Russia they can do it without consequences … cut off the evil oligarchs from their money and we can defeat them!!

      • Paul ...

        Trump will build oil pipelines from Canada to the US … with the objective of keeping the oil price low … not only will it help our domestic industry and keep prices low at the pump for us working people … but it will starve the Saudi’s of money … limiting their ability to cause terrorist mischief throughout the Middle East!!!

  51. James M

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D9W3EHKrTE&t=333s if you go to 2:42 minutes and pause the video and look at footnote 1 you made the list lol.

  52. Dan

    FIRST, HE SAYS > “The markets are all rigged. So, when you try to look at the markets in traditional ways such as price/earnings ratios, earnings growth, or sales growth or any kinds of things like this, they don’t know anything because the Federal Reserve has probably the largest trading desk in the world. They can trade anything, in fact, everything, and they have no limits on their pocketbook. . . . In order for the Fed to protect the dollar, the dollar’s exchange value from the massive outpouring of dollars that the Fed created to buy all the bonds, they had to stop the dollar from falling in relation to gold. So, they have to go in and sell massive amounts of gold shorts in the futures markets. This is how they knock the gold price down. . . . Unless the world runs on the dollar or unless the rest of the world abandons the dollar, I can’t see anything that would bring down this house of cards. They can continue this because the Fed can create all the money it wants. There is no limit.”

    THEN HE SAYS > On holding physical gold and silver, Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “Anyone who has surplus funds should be holding gold and silver because the dollar should be reduced already to the level of toilet paper. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has exploded. It’s grown so much. So, you have this massive increase in supply of money, but not in goods and services. The reason we are not experiencing hyperinflation is not much of that money got into the economy. It went into financial assets and bid up stock prices, bond prices and real estate prices. . . . If the world turns on the dollar, the Fed is not going to be able to sustain it. Gold and silver have always been money. . . . If people don’t want the currency because it’s worthless, it’s nice to have something to engage in trade with until some new monetary system can be formed. I think it is very reckless to abuse the dollar the way it has been abused.”

    CONCLUSION: He’s as mixed up as the rest of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you ever think it is you who are “mixed up”? It makes sense to me and when the world abandons the USD it’s over.

      • Justn Observer

        Morning Greg…. Yes I think Dan did not think through his post…seems clear to me what PCR said.
        so Greg and Ph’d PCR, Nicely done !
        Always enjoy clear headed with a mix of historical and common sense and intuitive logic applied to facts as to the true political and economic situation. And Yes – Trump must have support if he is to strengthen U.S. sovereignty and make the U.S. great again. Including applying ethics and morality to it’s culture spiritually as well as in it’s financial dealings.
        It should be ‘obvious’ to all by now that the FED is NOT owned primarily by U.S. residents (citizens) but ‘persons’ (legal fictions) corpse-orations which is ‘controlled’ thru various world trusts pre-established long ago.
        That is a fact left out of about all discussions as to who/what is the ‘shadow government’ that controls people who they only whisper about for fear to offend the ‘powers’ that be! So many on here speak of the ‘spiritual’ warfare going on but never identify it…quote scripture with little knowledge of it’s roots or the subsequent mis-representations and mis-con-ceptions of the ‘intended’ meanings in the various ‘re-incan’tations.’
        Ph’d PCR is straight forth about the body that imposes it’s will being an Oligarchy, a Bourgeoisie….the DAVOS MEN… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Economic_Forum.
        But even these are but pathological captains of industry bend on squeezing excess profits from the slave states to feed and support those at the apex of their world domain. Those sitting aloft – aloof – long forgotten – rarely seen or heard – only referred to as the ‘invisible’ hand that sits above the pyramid…The Black Hand, the Nobility and their cooperative interests of spiritual and mind control. Those that programme the circuits and systems within we are ‘trained’ to function not unlike that which a prior guest Pollack made reference…
        If…you do not understand this……then you can not understand what Ph’d PCR is eluding to! My I offer an invite to contemplate some musing and research by Santos Bonacci, The Self proclaimed Elite fear this information,Black Nobility Government : https://youtu.be/jvCXbiQ33Dg
        Soul is Owned by the Vatican! :
        And YES then – The system IS indeed rigged…and all and everything in it is ALREADY owned…including your souls because of your lack of knowledge and irresponsibility for yourselves… You and your world is being ‘handled’ for you like children – orphans… because you ‘choose’ not to stand up and claim your existence as free men under your Creator… You and your souls have been claimed and been taken control over by ignorance or complacency! You snivel and do not act!…What is it you do not understand about occult = hidden. Why do they call them Ancient Mysteries? What is being referred to in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics…and Denver airport? Look them up- You Tube – OCCULT OLYMPICS (any year – try 2012), occult DENVER AIRPORT . It is all there in plain sight!
        If the people in the world want a new ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ backed currency…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Like the Nike commercial –Just Do It !…who’s ‘permission’ are you waiting for? Are you free men or are you not? Where are Mahoney, Hoffman, Morgan and the rest? Why do they not make copyrighted gold and silver engraved coins of world recognized weights for to people buy and USE …and over time that conversion AND ownership of them as in India/Russia/ China…will become common place in the world between its people. And when they are ‘deposited’ – require a redeemable ‘gold-silver’ certificate. And they should demand their products and labor be paid with ‘gold-silver’ or redeemable certificates so that REAL money to return! Until then…you are/will be stuck accepting ‘digital’ entries spun out of thin air to be essentially paid with NOTHING for labor – but a promise to receive something from someone else as they (the bankers) can and do inflate or deflate at will to keep you in your ‘place’ – on their plantations, on their pre-determine and agreed settlements (countries). Certainly I am not telling anyone what to believe or what is good or bad per se…but only what is occurring IS much deeper than most care to entertain. Those wishing to patter around near their ‘safe’ comfort zones of thought… those con-ceived from sources of ‘programmed’ information and education centers at that!
        As for ‘draining the swamp’… How fast has the Podesta Pizza-gate fallen under the radar since the ‘election’… and have so few noticed the guy with the wiki leaks that played such a part of that election…has since the ‘security breach at the Ecuador embassy – gone missing. Yep – ‘nothing going on there’… Like the Hastert and Catholic Church pedophile rings…move along nothing to see!

        As for those that quip about the stock market UP so things are good?…. As a whole the bond market has LOST far more …than the stock market is UP…and PM down with the massive paper against the COMEX… and with the lowest world shipping in decades…and GDP and jobs are UP..what?
        How many soybean growers got hired for that to happen… LOL ?

        My take…the war on cash…is to get it away from the people BEFORE and so it CAN NOT be used to buy PM before THERE IS enough PM out there THAT IT CAN be used as an alternative to their currency! But that’s only my speculation and an opinion…that the only thing you should give for Xmas IS gold and silver…which increases that ability and also makes more people AWARE of the value of real money and it true relivant use…AS money and stored wealth. So …do family, friends and neighbors and yourself a favor…educate some people this Xmas! Nothing like owning some to pique people’s interest in keeping track of its REAL value not as just a commodity but as money.
        In closing – YES – support TRUMP …in prayer and well wishes for his success. That includes active and decisively producing, growing, buying things of American where possible AND from other nations that have our backs and common interests…buy quality over quantity and look for foreign products where they pay their workers too, a decent wage, which will help others and the U.S. workers in the long run!
        Until – Rejoice there is a good message: https://youtu.be/Slh2X6SZiXs
        Thanks again Greg and PCR…Your sanity is appreciated !

      • Alex

        ” .. and when the world abandons the USD it’s over.”
        This is true. However the million dollar question is when would that happen? In my opinion if there is no black swan event in the USA (like Dow Jones going down to 6000 points due to some panic in the stock market, or something biblical happening like the eruption of Yellowstone, or some crazy civil war (all of them quite unlikely to happen any time soon)) the odds are that the world will keep using the USD for the near future. The main reason for this is just because there is no better alternative – all the other big players such as the EU, China and Japan have way bigger financial problems in comparison to the USA. There is absolutely no way China would challenge the dollar in the next 10 to 20 years and this is if her economy does not collapse before that. The goal to transform their economy takes a lot of time. The EU is on the verge of collapse and Japan just can’t grow economically. Simply put I see no real threat for the USD in the next decade, may be even further.

        • Greg Hunter

          I will anser you question with a question. It that run on the dollar happening now with the spike in interest rates?? Look at how far (on a percentage basis) the 10-year Treasury has risen in the last four months: http://data.cnbc.com/quotes/US10Y Bloomberg has reported that bond holders worldwide have lost an estimated $1.8 trillion. How much pain are bond holders going to take before they “Sell, sell, sell!!!”??? This is not going to take a decade–not even close.

          • Alex

            Historically the US 10-YR treasury bonds have risen much more and way quicker (especially in the early 80’s) and yet it did not pose a serious threat for the USD to remain a world reserve currency. A quick look in the data shows that transactions in the usd amount to more than 60 % (some data shows about 70%) of the international trade. The euro, the yen, the gbp and the yuan are far behind, meaning that international trade relies mainly on the usd. In my opinion it will remain so until there is a better alternative. However, the USA will not allow it – she knows that she has a huge advantage and may print as much as it wants as long as the rest of the world uses her currency for trading. In case someone forgets it ..well..the USA has the biggest military complex in the world whose number one goal is to not allow another state to be a threat to the USA, and respectively the USD.
            So who might challenge the USD and its’ status? Not the EU where the USA has military bases all across the member states of the union. Russia might be strong militarily but her economy is about the size of Italy. Japan has been occupied since world war 2 plus has been experiencing a stagnating economy for over 25 years. China looks like the only formidable opponent of the USA but she is still far behind economically and militarily (hence my opinion that the usd should probably feel safe for the next decade or so). China still wants a cheap currency because her economy relies on exports and needs cheap labour. A big part of the population still lives in small villages and it will take more time before the urbanization reaches the levels of the USA or Europe.
            I agree that the US economy is unstable – the debt exploded under the Obama rule, there are bubbles in the real estate market, in stocks, university fees, etc and many people live from paycheck to paycheck. However things are even worse in Europe, China, Japan etc. If one meets a bear while walking into the woods with his friends, one does not have to run faster than the bear – one just has to run faster than the last one. It is difficult to say who “the last one” is but I think the EU might be the best candidate. Starting from December this year (the referendum in Italy) all the way until the end of 2017 (elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany) the euro is about to face some real challenges, especially if Le Pen becomes the next French president. The euro might not only depreciate but it may go bust and become toilet paper. If this happens, we may see more dollar strength and more expensive gold in the short term (both are seen as safe heavens in crises outside of the USA). The strong usd might mean even bigger trade deficit and bigger unemployment. Later on, the FED migh start QE4 in order to stop the deflationary process triggered by the collapse of the EU but that will not threaten the usd status of reserve currency. A collapse in Japan or China will have similar repercussions for the US economy in my opinion.
            Sorry for the long answer, but this is an interesting discussion and cannot be answered in 3-4 sentences. Cheers!

    • Frederick

      Dan how can ANYONE make sense of a system that is so manipulated and bizarre?

    • Paul ...

      Dan … to prevent confusion … lets stick to the facts … in about 100 years the Fed made the 100 cents in our dollar equal to 1 cent in buying power … in the last few years the Fed has created out of thin air more debt money then was created in the entire 100 years before (our money supply is now growing exponentially) … therefore our dollar with 1 cent of buying power has already been diluted down to 1/100th of a cent in buying power … thus as Roberts says “anyone who has surplus funds … should be holding gold and silver … because the dollar has been reduced already to the level of toilet paper”!!!

      • Paul ...

        But there are always people like Scott Miller … drowning in a barrel of koolaid … who come up for air once in a while and think the dollar is not already toilet paper … they are so filled with MSM and Fed koolaid … they ridicule wannabe prophets who also don’t realize the dollar “is toilet paper already” … the fact is our exponentially created US dollar (printed out of thin air) has zero intrinsic value … only the belief that it has value is what gives it a worth 1/100th of a cent in buying power today compared to its original buying power in 1913!!

        • Paul ...

          It is not a bad thing to have people who think exponentially printed fiat paper IOU’s backed by nothing “has value” … otherwise we will be paying a whole lot more for “the real things” we want and need … like food, gold, silver, etc., etc.!!

  53. Peter

    The stock market is due for a correction, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.
    The current gold chart is ugly, looks like the yellow stuff is going lower in price!
    Just as some predicted!

    I think Trump can help the US economy significantly.
    He already saved 1000 good paying jobs at Carrier with a single, short phone call, and he isn’t officially in office yet. Just wait and I think people will be impressed.
    This was something Obama or Hillary would never attempt or accomplish.

  54. james

    good work greg,
    pcr = exceptional
    PLEASE bring on the one and only: andrew hoffman

  55. Deanna Johnston Clark

    All over America are single Moms who wake up at 3 am with night terrors over money…same for grandparents raising grandchildren, parolees who can’t find work and don’t want to peddle pills, soldiers families on EBT food cards…on and on millions of us.
    Yet all I read on sites like this is BUY GOLD and such. Do you bloggers ever go out your door and look at real people?

  56. Gina's Father

    You people need to learn your place.
    And stop picking on my daughter.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is pretty galling but I will post for education purposes.

      • Robert Lykens

        You’re a bigger man than I am.

    • David

      Oh boy… Gina runs to daddy. Someone, please pass the Kleenex.

    • Paul ...

      Your daughter comes freely to this site doesn’t she (to turn the screws) … if she wants to have fun playing toe to toe with the big boys … she should accept the consequences of her actions and not go running to daddy!!

    • Justn Observer

      Dear Gina’s Father,
      Place? And what -place might that be ! And responding to your mis-guided daughter is not picking on her. And what man would want his ‘daughter’ hanging with corrupt, dishonest, manipulative people including those surrounded with pedophile rings ?
      Honestly sir…the body count alone and beyond the years of drugs and gun running alone is enough to sicken most people! Please re-read you ‘daughter’s’ contributions on this site… Threats, insults, and excessive hubris all…meet with tolerance by Greg except where offensive words and slang were used! Please take her to a safe zone, give her a trophy for her participation and tell her it is participation that is important and voting for a loser comes with consequences ! I think that was Obama’s message was it not?

    • Hatemail

      Your daughter needs a spanking.

  57. Jeff Zimmerman

    I am continually amazed that as we realize the press are liars, the government “versions” are lies, that we still repeat 75 yr old allied propaganda. Putin and Russia is being vilified and demonized and lied about just as they did Germany in the 1930’s – who also shed the international banskters chains and BOOMED….all while Europe and the US was in bread lines. A great read is “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton L. Bradberry. Their lying to us isn’t a new thing.

    “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world
    war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading
    system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world
    finance its opportunity to profit.” . Winstin Chruchill, to Lord Robert Boothby. Propaganda in the Next War, by Sidney Rogerson, 1938

    “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”? Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

    Its also the source of being anti-semetic for daring question the eternal victimization of those illegally occupting Palestine.

  58. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the Bush’s great big buddies in crime, the Saudi’s are at it again, price fixing oil, cutting production so that our economy suffers even more. My questions to you and your bloggers is: When will we ever stop protecting the Saudi dictator Kingdom? When will we ever come to realize they are not our friends? When will we ever remember 1973 oil embargo and what that did to our economy? When will we ever ask for the rich Kings to pay for their protection? Let me answer the questions: NEVER, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE TOO STUPID, JUST KEEP BOWING AND KISSING THEIR RINGS!

  59. Diane D.

    Excellent interview. Thank you Dr. Roberts and Greg.

    The MSM has decided to call us ‘fake news’. Like ‘Deplorables’ worked so well….

  60. Kip

    Blood and bodies are going to cover the earth.
    Jesus said the tribulation would be worse than anytime in history, even Noah’s flood. 2/3 of the earths population according to the book of Revelation. Gold and silver will not save you, trust Jesus Christ NOW. Read Isaiah chapter 24 you think things are bad now just wait until that scripture is fulfilled. The Bible is prerecorded history Divinely inspired and preserved.

    • Charles H

      All true, Kip. Disbelief and all the machinations of men and devils can not stop what prophesy ordains. Salvation, under God’s terms, in Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure the world holds – is worth EVERYTHING to obtain. It is what make sense out of everything. But it takes a willing heart to “look and live”. “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3: 14,15. God has given man the Answer, and all the blessing eternity can hold: but he doesn’t want it. So the real question is: WHY doesn’t men want God’s answer?

  61. Diane


    Don’t know if this is true…..from facebook…..
    But if it is this meddlesome Muslim has gone full circle trying to destroy America.
    It will be a relief to us all when he is gone.

  62. David S

    great interview as always with that russian agent pcr :). it would be great if u could have stephen cohen on to share his insights on Russia.

  63. Robert Lykens

    How do they know this without also knowing who spent what and where?

    Amazon captured 31% of online spending over Cyber Weekend


  64. Robert Lykens

    Once again, thank you so much for this great outlet you provide. I consider this a highlight of my week with every new interview you post.
    Your unashamed testimony of your faith is the “light of the world” that Jesus spoke of.
    I’m proud that you’re my brother. We’ll spend eternity together.

    No need to respond.

  65. Olly

    Thanks, Greg.
    Dr. Roberts is the very best out there!
    Politics, economics, and YES MORALS!

  66. I Wonder Why

    Roberts points out some very important issues.
    He always talks about the OLIGARCHS, the OLIGARCHS, the OLIGARCHS.
    But he never ever mentions who they are.
    Why is that?
    In addition, idol worship is not good for people in general especially if you consider yourself Christian.
    Remember IDOL WORSHIP without discernment and discriminating analysis is simply MINDLESS ORDER FOLLOWING.

    Don’t be an ORDER FOLLOWER.
    Why don’t more people name them?
    Will this comment get posted? I wonder.

  67. Carol Smith

    Greg, excellent Interview, such good discernment for the Trump adm. I do hear and take into account all of the concerns from these interviews – listening, then absorbing, then really using all of your guest’s discernment for Prayers. Praying that Trump picks good people to be on his team. People that will give him good advice.
    Everything Paul Craig Roberts said can be turned into a prayer that these things do not happen. Even though these events could happen,
    please listen with an ear to pray that everything said will not happen.
    A Outstanding 81% of the Christian base voted for Trump. All of this base are praying for him.
    I believe we will see Great changes during his administration !!

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope so Carol and I am praying for that too Sister!

    • Anthony Australia

      I believe all will be screwed even more.

  68. Barn Cat

    The mainstream media isn’t dying. The globalists will buy up the media outlets because propaganda is so useful to them. Probably at least 40% of the population doesn’t even know that the lamestream media is biased.

    I don’t get Paul Craig Robert’s views on Israel. I don’t see Israel mistreating the arabs in their area. They aren’t Palestinians. The real Palestinians are the Israelites who are there. The Palestinian Authority and the other Muslim thugs are the ones keeping their citizens poor and repressed.

  69. aka_ces

    At this moment, , 5 uses of the phrase “fake news” at nytimes.com …

  70. James Brown

    Thank you for another great interview.
    Martin Armstrong says the bond collapse will become more obvious next month.
    So…..let’s all have a great Christmas and a happy New year.
    Next month we start finding out who’s right and who’s wrong about all this.

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