Fed Admits Working Against President Trump – Wayne Jett

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

 The Federal Reserve made it clear it was working against President Trump for the 2020 election.  Former NY Fed Chief Bill Dudley wrote an Op-Ed recently that said President Trump was “making bad choices” in his trade negotiations with China.  He also said, “There’s even an argument that the election (2020) falls within the Fed’s purview.”  The Fed is clearly saying it could tank the economy to keep Trump from getting a second term.  Federal Reserve watcher Wayne Jett wrote about the Fed, “The Fruits of Graft,” and says this is why Trump and the Fed are doing combat right.  Why is the Fed doing this now?  Jett contends, “They have a President that is coming after them and is in their wheelhouse in terms of what their role is.  He is basically giving them warning shots across the bow that says if you come after me during my re-election, I am coming after you.  I think this is great.  In a piece I recently published on my website that said Dudley has let the cat out of the bag, or you could say he stepped in it in terms of the Fed fight, Dudley has put it right out front and, yes, the Fed is going after President Trump and Dudley says they ought to.  He is making a public case that this is for the good of the country.  Ordinarily, they go after the President or they go for him–and that is usually the case.” 

Jett goes on to say, “The Fed is one of the most powerful instruments the kingmakers have to determine what goes on in the political arena in the United States.  So, in my opinion, Dudley did us a great favor by letting the cat out of the bag and making the Fed fair game for this President.  Dudley basically said let’s step up and cause a recession to get this President out of office.  We can do it.  Well, of course, they can.  They have done it in the past election.”  

Jett says an important think to keep in mind is the bad guys are not going to be able to keep all the vast wealth that has been stolen out of the United States.  Trump signed an Executive Order in December 2017 that allows the Treasury to freeze assets of people engaged in “human rights abuse and corruption.”  Jett thinks this is a way to cushion the fall for the masses in turbulent political and economic times.  Jett explains, “There has been a great deal of theft of gold at various levels.  There has also been a great deal of fortunes built in such things as the drug trade and all of which relates to the corruption of the Executive Order you and I spoke about.  It was signed in 2017 . . to declare a national emergency related to human trafficking and corruption.  I think a great deal of wealth has been confiscated or at least frozen. . . . That wealth is frozen and subject to confiscation. . . . Our military has, I think, been used to recover large amounts of stolen gold.  We have to wait and see how successful President Trump has been in making recovery of assets.”  

Jett also says that basically President Trump is “not going to allow the bad guys to keep the wealth they stole.”  This confiscated wealth will be used to help America recover.   

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Wayne Jett, Attorney, Federal Reserve expert and author of the popular book “The Fruits of Graft.” 

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After the Interview: 

You can get a copy of Wayne Jett’s popular book “The Fruits of Graft” by visiting his website ClassicalCapital.com.  There is also free information and current articles written by Jett.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    I’m enjoying Father’s Day here in Australia today, so I’m trying to remain positive because this distorting of society is truly making my blood boil.
    Who does the Fed answer to and haven’t they always carried out the narrative of the Banking Elites? The friction between the Fed and the POTUS over the decades as been pure entertainment.
    I’m perplexed that all Americans are not out on force like the Hong Kong and European nationals and protect this injustice.
    I’m not laying blame because here in Australia we a completely numb and oblivious to reality.
    There are so many minority divisions here, which have been intentionally created, that we are starting to resemble the Indonesian political system.
    World affairs are based on deceit and lies and it needs to end.

    • Rob

      World affairs based on deceit and lies WILL NOT end until this passage is completely fulfilled:

      Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      Pay very close attention to what this unfinished website is saying the next step is:


      They want you to believe the NWO is coming unraveled but it is NOT:


      Just a cursory reading of “zerohedge” headlines proves the 7 seals of Revelation chapter 6 are at the door as the iron mingles with the clay:

      Daniel 2:42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.

      The next decade will usher in 7 years of tribulation where lawlessness will abound:


      • William Stanley

        Re: “They want you to believe the NWO is coming unraveled but it is NOT:”
        Your assertion doesn’t seem to square with this quotation from your cited source:
        “What these events have in common is that they amount to an admission that the globalist New World Order project in its present form is dead, or at least in its death throes.”

        • Rob

          I sourced that article to prove even zerohedge articles are assuming NWO is on life support but nothing could be further from the truth!

          “Order out of chaos” requires the masses believe the opposite of what is intended thus the reason the press wants us to believe Russia is the enemy but both countries cater to central banks who answer to the IMF and the BIS.

          The left right paradigm is as alive as ever in this country as division will soon give way to chaos which will give way to very short lived(7 years) NWO and then comes the wrath:


          • William Stanley

            I think I get what you are asserting: i.e., that the NWO wants to look weaker than it is.
            That would make more sense to me if we didn’t already perceive the NWO as immensely powerful and threatening, indeed evil. IMO, the better strategy for them to pursue would be to portray themselves as unbeatable and that, therefore, “resistance is futile.”

            • Rob

              Please remember that the tribulation in which the NWO will function will be a time when peace is taken from the earth by Jesus:

              Revelation 6:3-4 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, Come. (4) And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

              The last kingdom before Jesus comes will be “partly broken” due to famine and no peace:

              Daniel 2:42-44 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. (43) And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay. (44) And in the days of those kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, nor shall the sovereignty thereof be left to another people; but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

    • K.Wayne

      Further to my comment on the WNW398 on Friday…..
      Appears as though the Smart Money has already left the room so to speak…..and sitting on the sidelines in CASH !!!
      ON first blush that appears a less than appealing strategy. CASH ???
      But then Cash includes those financial instruments called Bonds…denominated in USD.
      I’m no Warren Buffett but the expectation of a higher USD and the relative safety of AAA Bonds, would imply ( in a market correction scenario) that one could take extreme advantage of decimated stock values with a relatively stronger Dollar.
      Could these insiders and Investment Gurus know what is about to unfold ?
      Perhaps we need to consider more about how they Walk the Walk rather than Talk the Talk ….!!!
      Funny thing happened on the way to the crash of 2008…… being repeated right now.
      Michael Snyder covers this in more detail. Timely.

      • William Stanley

        Bonds have interest rate and default risks. Even shorter-term treasury securities have such risks to a lesser extent. Although in the context of business accounting the definition of “cash” can include (usually short-term) treasury securities, it’s unclear whether your cited source means to imply that Buffet has purchased longer-term securities falling into the category of “bonds.” I would be surprised if he has done that.

    • Jay

      Anthony, best I can tell, IRS headquarters is the Bank of England and all twelve Federal Reserve banks in the USA are branches of the Bank of England where the Queen is the largest land owner in the world by far. When Americans pay their federal taxes, those taxes go straight to the Bank of England, in other words IRS headquarters. We have to remember that the original 13 colonies of America were actually founded as a tax base for the crown of England. It appears to me that not much has changed since then considering the Federal Reserve act of 1913 on Jekyll island. The American Revolution didn’t appear to change much of anything except perceptions.

    • M

      Hi Anthony,

      As an American, I can give an opinion to your question on why Americans are oblivious to these issues. It seems to me there are several reasons….1). We may be the most brain washed people on the planet. 2). Most seem to be so busy trying to make ends meet that they do not have the time to look into the reasons for their dire situation, and if they did make time, they will not get facts from the MSM (see reason #1). 3). The petro dollar makes things cheaper in America than they would be if it was not the global reserve currency. 4). Crappy entertainment, war, false flags, fomenting division between people, etc. are used as a distraction to the real important issues.

      Hope that helps. Best,


  2. Anthony Australia


    Thanks Greg,
    I’m enjoying Father’s Day here in Australia today, so I’m trying to remain positive because this distorting of society is truly making my blood boil.
    Who does the Fed answer to and haven’t they always carried out the narrative of the Banking Elites? The friction between the Fed and the POTUS over the decades as been pure entertainment.
    I’m perplexed that all Americans are not out in force like the Hong Kong Nationals and European Citizens and protest this injustice.
    I’m not laying blame because here in Australia we a completely numb and oblivious to reality.
    There are so many minority divisions here, which have been intentionally created, that our Government are starting to resemble the Indonesian political system.
    World affairs are based on deceit and lies and it needs to end.

  3. paul ...

    Jett says President Trump is “not going to allow the bad guys to keep the wealth they stole” … Good … this most likely means JP Morgan Chase will have all their silver confiscated and used to help America recover … so let’s keep stacking … and put the silver manipulators out of business!!

    • paul ...

      I think Powell was trying to keep the fight between Trump and the Fed under wraps by issuing an order for Fed officials to keep their mouths shut … but Dudley didn’t listen … so now the fight is right out in the open … the Cabal probably gave Dudley the OK thinking they could persuade the dumb public to take their side in this fight … by explaining all “the good things” they have done for us Americans … like taking the value of our dollar from 100 cents to 2 cents, imposing an income tax on every citizen, stealing our Fort Knox gold and holding the gold price down so they can accumulate even more at a cheap price, etc., etc. … big mistake … Trump’s victory in 2016 shows American’s want to end the Foreign Economic Dictators (FED) from putting their puppet in the White House and calling it a free election!!

      • paul ...

        The world order “is being shaken like never before” … the cabal is desperate and in disarray … as seen by Powell not wanting to talk and Dudley talking … the cabal is split … there are two globalist factions competing with each other and wanting to follow vastly different strategies … could be the Pentagon and the Military-Industrial Complex vs. the Financial Elite (who also owns the fake news media) … divide and concur is the way to go Trump … perhaps we can clean up this swamp somewhat and rid ourselves of “the truly evil people” and replace them with more moral and less greedy crooks!!

        • paul ...

          Good explanation on how the New World Order Is In Meltdown … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/new-world-order-meltdown

          • paul ...

            You know … once upon a time … the Fed had the good fortune to have a goose which laid a golden egg every day for them … lucky though they were … they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough … they imagined that if this bird is able to easily lay a golden egg for them every day there must be a vault filled with golden eggs at the goose house (Fort Knox) … and they thought that if they could get all that precious metal at once … they would be rich beyond their wildest dreams … so they robbed Fort Knox and now Trump has signed an executive order to recover “all the gold they ever stole” … moral of the story … get too greedy and you may lose a very profitable criminal racket!!

            • paul ...

              If we let the power of Christ rule our hearts (the neocons will no one to fight their wars) and we who are called to peace will be eternally thankful!! … Colossians 3:15

            • Roger

              Paul, the private banking cartel is already rich beyond anyones wildest dreams! It’s no longer about wealth but about power/control. We won’t cut off the head of the snake by removing them from one bank or by capital punishment. The movement must remove accumulated graft wealth negating it or nationalizing it. Otherwise it grows back next generation.

        • sk

          divide and ‘conquer’ . Paul.

          • paul ...

            I’m thinking Trump’s strategy is to separate the bad guys into tow groups … the really rotten ones and the not so rotten ones … and then “concur” with the not so rotten mob bosses and make a deal to take out the really evil rotten immoral mob bosses!!

    • uncommon sense

      Paul, I think the biggest barrier to silver being adopted as a financial asset by big money is that it is too difficult to store. It is easier to store a larger amount of wealth in a smaller space using gold. I think therefore if silver hit the $1,000 mark big money might start sniffing around. Stan you might have a different take on this so feel free to venture an opinion (I know you will anyway!).

      • paul ...

        Uncommon sense … we had silver coinage before without it being a problem and there is no reason why we can’t once again have silver paper certificates (that can be turned into metal on demand)!!

        • paul ...

          Your doing a good job stackers … silver just hit 19 https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html … we are going to have the bullion banks on the ropes real soon (why wait for paid off politicians to get rid of the Fed when we can do it ourselves) … as of today it takes 19 Fed fiat IOU’s to get hold of one ounce of silver … and the Fed banksters are printing up even more fiat paper … it will soon require 60 Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) to get hold of an ounce of silver … that’s when the “chocolate lovers” will try and buy one ounce … little do they know as of today the US Debt Clock says (https://www.usdebtclock.org/) it takes 804 FRN’s for one ounce of silver to be compatible with the M1 money supply!! https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

  4. WD

    Thanks Greg,

    This guy is amazing…..whats up with Mark Taylor?


    • Eric

      WD I don’t follow Taylor because I’ve always felt something amiss. Can you explain your reason for concern ?

      • WD


        I was just curious about what he has to say recently and he and Greg always have a good communication- If you dont follow him what is it to you that I want to see what has been up with him? Just wondering…

        • Eric

          whats up with Mark Taylor? A strange choice of words then.
          To your question, I don’t trust him. His spirit to be specific.

  5. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Dudley’s comments regarding the Fed and the election just prove that the deep state cabal that Wayne referred to couldn’t care less what the “deplorables” think. The day before Epstein’s murder the FBI put out a report categorizing anyone who doesn’t believe the official conspiracy theory as paranoid, mentally Ill and a likely terrorist (their words). Where they’re concerned we no longer matter. Not even a little bit. Millionaires and billionaires for Hillary and their brown shirts are spewing hate like a firehose. They are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take any more.

    • paul ...

      Dudley is so full of himself and his power because he believes as Powell believes … that the International Banksters are the only true Authority in this world … when Donald Trump recently expressed a desire to fire Powell as head of the Fed … Powell told Trump: the President of the United States does not have “The Authority” to fire him … but I tell you what “Authority” Trump does have … Trump has the Authority not to renew the Fed’s Charter to operate in the United States!!

      • paul ...

        You know … the Fed is a terrorist organization … and if Fed bribed US politicians won’t do anything about it … perhaps Trump should tell his buddy Netenyahu to send some fighter jets over here to take them out!!

    • Pius X

      Mark Taylor says he communicates with the Father directly. Apparently he does not require Jesus Christ, the mediator for the goyim. Taylor is more like the Old Testament Jews, the prophets, than he a Christian.

      A lot of Protestants nowadays are more Jew than Christian. They do not use the name “Jesus” but some other name. And they celebrate Jewish Feast Days and practice some of The Law. And they vote to send American boys to fight the wars of the state of Israel, a nation that was founded by Rothchild and the Balfour Declaration.

  6. Arizona

    GREG,I hope your ready,because the people I talk to flat out don’t believe anything could go wrong with fearless leader at the controls,SEPTEMBER 11 is the BIRTHDAY when they bring hell on everyone ,why?,BECAUSE IT OUR LORD JESUS BIRTHDAY,and theres no one on earth hated more then him,after his birthday,I’d be ready for anything if I were you..take care my friend

    • paul jr.

      No one knows what day Jesus was born. It is just speculation the He was born in September.

      • paul ...

        Actually Jr… according to my calculations Jesus Christ was born into this world in the month of October (Sunday October 13 to be exact) … for based on scriptural evidence John was born on Passover the 15th day of Nisan (the 1st Jewish month) … so if Jesus Christ was born six months later “according to scripture” … it was on the 15th day of the 7th Jewish month of Tishri … and the 15th day of the 7th Jewish month begins the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev. 23:34-35) which corresponds to the October time frame “of our present calendar” … the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles (also known as Sukkot) begins the evening of Sunday Oct 13 … so September 11 is about one month “to early” for Jesus’s birth date … but perhaps … we should really think of Jesus as being born “six months earlier” when his heart began beating in Mary’s womb (as he was an independent living fetus six months before birth) … so Jesus’s “true birth date” was more likely in early April … and guess when Jewish Passover begins … Wednesday April 8th … so the coming of Christ (his first heart beat) coincided with the date of the exodus of the Jews from slavery … a lot better comparison then trying to relate the birth of Jesus to the hellish ongoing’s of the evil traitors on 9-11!!

  7. Billy Roberts

    Greg that was one of your best interviews, Mr Jett provided sound understanding of historic analysis of Fed and current trade in balance between China and not just America but the rest of the world. He is one of the wisest guest you have, he’s the real deal, not trying to get money and have fame like Mr Rickards and some others.

    How could these people sell out there own country for China’s benefit, whilst the middle class is getting destroyed, the middle class is a defender of a nation.

    Over the last decade China has been Australia’s main tourist, bought all our raw materials, all our land in bother cities and farming land, gone crazy for agriculture farm land. And America has a $350 billion plus trade inbalnce. They have sold us out , i so hope Donald Trump ends the fed and i agree go to new currency first, it is clear his strategy is do redo the trade inbalance first for America.

    It makes my blood boil what some of these so elites have done to the own countryman, there not elites, there traitors and sinners to each and all of us.

    • uncommon sense

      Unfortunately the elites want a two class system: elites and plebs. The middle class is just in the way and also has a lot of assets.

      • K.Wayne

        I’ll post this link again for those that missed my previous post.
        Worth reading multiple times. Covers this issue very well indeed.

        • William Stanley

          I’m pretty skeptical of the notion that monarchy is preferable to republics. Monarchies have a pretty checkered past.

          • K.Wayne

            Your opinion on what “works” and doesn’t is not taken into consideration (with due respect) in their master plan. Totalitarian State is where we are headed under a Dictatorial regime. Moving through that phase perhaps we enter the realms of Monarchy (the Chosen Ones) again. A “Republic” with the Hidden Hand of Government ruling from behind the curtain is what we have. The identities of those unelected so called Rulers include the Monarchies of Europe. Have we really escaped their clutches?
            Do we ..the people, have absolute power ? IMHO the answer is categorically NO . We may not like what we are given but that is life.

            • William Stanley

              We seem to disagree about what Mr. Salinas Price is asserting. I think he is asserting that, in general, monarchy works better than republics. I think he is assuming the kindness and public-spiritedness of the elites — especially a single, supreme elite. I think he is extremely naive.
              I think the better approach is to try throw-0ff the ruling elites, not embrace them. Can we succeed in that? Who knows? However, IMO, our chances are better trying to do that than to give in and hope for the best.

              • K. Wayne

                As I stated back in June I felt more that the thrust of his article was centred around the consequences & falsity behind the great lie that Authority resides in the People (Republic). He did state in his closing paragraphs that Dictatorship was a precarious condition and that until the great “lie” is unmasked our state will continue to be ruled from Above.
                I don’t believe he is naïve in the slightest. In fact the point I made above supports the theory(and FACT) that regardless of whether we are ruled under a Monarchy/Republic…we are still ruled by them…..”The Great Lie”.
                How would you suggest we throw off the ruling elites?
                They are not directly embraced, only by virtue of their systems under which we operate and live do we surrender our souls to them. Not by choice but by lack of alternatives/options.

        • Mark

          thank you K. Wayne

  8. steven poloncak

    Hey Greg, I did not hear the fact that we can never balance trade until we begin to manufacture at home. I have been hauling freight for over 5 years. There is really nothing made here anymore. We have been signed on to the un with their rules dating back to the 1948 gatt treaty. Look it up. Assembled here is not the same thing!

    • K.Wayne

      Balance Trade ??
      How is that supposed to work?
      If we go back a step and look at the rhetoric behind Trump’s Tariffs….
      – MAGA
      – Bring back Manufacturing
      – Create Employment…….hmmmmmm !!!
      How do we achieve that if we don’t have industry, we don’t have the skilled labor force, we don’t have the infrastructure, we don’t have the technology….on top of that we are BROKE.
      Offshoring did the trick alright.
      Rectifying or undoing what has been done…will not be achievable in a 2-Term Presidency. This is a Generational issue perhaps multiple. DJT will not see the fruits of his labor. But he will witness the pain and suffering necessary to turn the ship around.
      Aside from that since when was the real motive of Tariffs about balancing Trade?
      The American consumer ends up paying for these extra taxes.
      A great deal of these imports are from American owned companies.
      Tariffs will extend the Trade imbalance not reduce it.
      Targeting specific International Technology companies is not about balancing Trade either. There is a hidden agenda there and that is simply related to Technology Supremacy and the legacy Hundreds of Billions of Dollars associated with it.
      Wayne Jett provides a very good narrative behind the DJT agenda, but it doesn’t necessarily imply that it is 100% correct nor has it proven to be beneficial. All that I can see is higher degrees of uncertainty, reduced investment, stagnating decision making processes, reduced risk appetite and a global slowdown with evidence of recessions appearing in parts of Europe and deteriorating economic conditions back here at home. Eyes wide open.

      • William Stanley

        You see tariffs as leading to uncertainty and recession.
        But where do you see interminable trade deficits leading? Are you suggesting that the best policy is simply to acquiesce to much of the world’s (especially China’s) mercantilist policies? I see that road leading to the utter and irreversible destruction of America.
        What we are witnessing, IMO, is not a trade war so much as outright WAR being waged against America, both economic and otherwise. Moreover, that war has treasonous components.
        IMO, a better alternative to tariffs — or at least a way of buttressing them — might be outright quotas and the severing of most ties with China. Yes, that will hasten ENORMOUS pain and suffering in the short and intermediate terms. Nevertheless, I think protectionism is the best of the alternatives open to us. Here is Sir Jimmy Goldsmiths prescient take on the situation. I think he was right and I don’t think it is too late to embrace his prescriptions.

        • K.Wayne

          Trade deficits are the result of unbalanced trade. The necessity to Import (more than Export) is determined by the demand for Goods that are not produced locally….at a competitive price/the inability to produce goods/services at a better price than what our neighbors can. America does not operate in Isolation we don’t live in a vacuum. We are part of the Globe and Global trade can work without necessity of tariffs/protectionism. Perhaps we could start by giving up the Reserve currency status of the USD(which in truth is what is really behind these tariffs). That by itself contributes greatly to the state we find ourselves in. Having a floating currency, that let’s the market dictate it’s price / rather than it being manipulated, would resolve some enormous issues….including those of Trade deficits.
          I have outlined above how the policy of Tariffs has/is not working. Nothing a 1 or 2 term President can fix either.
          My despair is about how this policy of two of the world’s super powers can in fact lead to much more sinister happenings. One of those which is off-radar….is the de-industrialization of the globe. Think about that before jumping on the bandwagon of protectionism.
          As for “road leading to the utter and irreversible destruction of America”……. we don’t need China to give us a helping hand with that. Our Crony Capitalists, Corrupted Political and Judicial Classes, our Foreign owned FED Reserve with their profligate counterfeiting, Black Budgets, Missing Trillions, Dumbed-down masses, Anti Christian, Drug/Organ Trafficking and Paedophilia all seem to be working extremely well independently and collectively to ensure our own destruction. Our attention seems to be mis-directed and the culprits aren’t entirely the MSM. Those with higher agendas are masters of disguise.

          • William Stanley

            RE: “We are part of the Globe and Global trade can work without necessity of tariffs/protectionism.”
            I disagree. Sure, but we don’t have “free trade” and we likely never will. What we have is enemies who are pursuing mercantilist policies that ensure a trade deficit. That continuing deficit, IMO, must be offset by selling them our assets, e.g. our land, labor, and capital. The labor is capitalized as promises to pay in the future, i.e., the fruits of the labor of Americans, both present and future.
            What free-traders ignore is the impoverishment of the workers of the richer, advanced countries. In their minds, that is okay because the gains of the foreigners, including foreign workers, are assumed to outweigh the domestic losses. I think that tends to ignore the distribution of the assumed gains. IMO, mercantilism is leading to world-wide tyranny and the impoverishment of many Americans. My loyalty is to my country and my countrymen, not to the globe.

            • K. Wayne

              Trade deficits would be a thing of the past if we were a productive country.
              Perhaps the lack of incentives for our own World Leading Enterprises have contributed to them going abroad along with the profits (and tax revenues). America hasn’t evolved and to some degree has been too inward looking to notice the development.
              We have had and continue to do so, a necessity to maintain the USD Hegemon via the MIC.
              America has played the Mercantilist card too lets not overlook that.
              Until the USD “Reserve currency status” is removed, we will be forever operating with Trade Deficits. Unfortunately this is not a decision that is made by DJT or our nation as a whole. It is bestowed upon America by other GLOBAL players in their decision to hold assets in USD.
              Do deficits really matter in the scheme of things? The Balance of Payments is more than offset with the influx of Capital from abroad for now.
              Of course there is another alternative to resolve the trade imbalance…that is to have the consumer Spend less and Save more. Our economy is now at a circa 68% level consumption based.
              Another often overlooked issue is that DJT with his extension to the Fiscal Deficits we are experiencing, has contributed also to the widening Trade Deficits. Maximising economic growth whilst eliminating Trade deficits do not work to achieve the same outcome. They actually nullify each other.
              What we have witnessed is that the Dollar has become the “Tool” to rectify the Trade deficits of the past. Printing more dollars to finance our deficits has been the solution. The downside is that interest rates need to be higher to attract the capital. Here we stand now (along with Italy) having the last remaining highest positive interest rates. Our situation is precarious for any reversion of rates to match those of our trading partners in EU / JAP (ie. NIRP) would in effect destroy the advantage and be self destructive. This is where the FED – DJT show starts and ends.

  9. Anthony Australia

    September 1, 1994 the 15th anniversary of the tragedy in Beslan, a despicable terrorist act.

  10. Tick

    Then the Fed must go and for treason.
    What is the way to punish treason?
    Not obummer version that gay pos

  11. Myriad

    Greg, what guarantee do we have that the President will go after the bad guys and recover the stolen wealth when he has not gone after the bad guys for their illegal spying, treason, corruption and vote rigging? As much good as he has done in other areas, the President has so far dismally failed to uphold the rule of law.

    • Frank D

      Spot on. Still waiting for one, just ONE major Obama admin player to be indicted for sedition/treason. Crickets. The “lock her up!” campaign cry has been all but forgotten by Trump (or is it forgiven instead of forgotten)? I’ve lost patience and belief.

      • Adele

        The (((cabal))) will get theirs as soon as they are recognized.

        • Justn Observer

          Adele, They have been recognized…and widenly infiltrated into the upper levels of government, industry, and finance for decades, it is likely the swamp will not be drained. Contemplate 60,000 George Soro style of ‘collaborators’ and their family members since the end of WW… throughout government, space, science, tech, and metals research, media, education and finance as well as elected positions , all cleared and given papers, new names, and visas etc…who’s prior resolve and aims was to defeat the U.S. and you will only begin to understand POTUS Trumps problems with getting rid of the swamp creatures… Likely to round up who IS NOT one in Washington D.C. would be easier ? Was so hopeful…but with the increased metadata and research…NO LONGER am. Add the fact that the people truly are sheeple, and those ‘wok’ have not the stomach for what it would truly take, and the youth now so dumb down… good luck!
          Trump might consider taking on a more Moses role …and lead the people out …. but to where?…that is the question? Maybe CAF has a clue where to spend those gold coins to bribe which border guards?… Considering the technology…rather easy for ‘them’ to drive past or fly over any building and ‘see’ such dense metals as silver-gold – or heavy laden safes etc. Considering too… the ever strong push for ‘gun’ confiscation…those safes (PM or gun) will likely become sought out soon enough…about the same time they re-enact gold ownership laws…(and I doubt they will care if you have them as a coin collection) and likely will not mind toting out your artwork along with them when the time comes. Hopefully, you don’t have any Soro’s type friends making sure you are on ‘their’ list ! Few more books for those following the trail and links previously posted..


          Time will tell …and for those of us that are rather short on that… will never see it. So…good luck to ya!
          For those with ‘Christian’ beliefs…many more in South America hold those than in the U.S….and as the ‘weather’ situation unwinds…those CAF coins might be spent going that way? Least for the next century…somewhere between the 20 N and 20 S. latitudes if you like growing food. There again…you shall see…most of us will be fertilizer by then.
          As for the storm, Dorian…hope it hooks north soon…nuclear reactor currently dead ahead if not…excessive storm surge = another Fukushima?

        • Mike

          This is a good discussion of what is happening behind the scenes. The bad guys are going down.


      • K. Wayne

        “The “lock her up!” campaign cry has been all but forgotten by Trump ”
        He said what everyone wanted to hear….to get him elected.
        Maybe….just maybe…..Trump was “more” informed once he gained office.
        These Luciferians have a way of changing people’s attitudes…especially those of elected Presidents. Wouldn’t be beyond the realms of probability that they have played the “Blackmail” card on DJT. Would explain a few anomalies.

  12. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Great guest thank you Greg.
    Just to let folks know that The Fruits of Graft is a great book, although for those living outside the U.S. expect shipping costs to equate to the price of the book itself.

  13. George Mubarek

    Dear Greg, What a fantastic interview! You and Wayne have outdone yourselves.
    Thank you for the Truth!

  14. Montana Guy

    atchdogs could have learned this in September 2015 if you had interviewed Montana’s Brandon Smith.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why I don’t want you on USAW. Yet another condescending nasty comment you posted on a free site. Go away!!

      • sk

        I dunno, Mr. H. An echo chamber ain’t much fun…

        • Greg Hunter

          So I am supposed to put the “Zionist” dog whistle Jew Hating crap in there for balance? Not going top happen. Why don’t these people start their own website and comment there? They are free to do this. I did this with my own time (Lots of it) and limited funds from a 401-k. You all are welcome to do the same, and here is the best part, I put out this information for free!!! There is no pay wall!!!!! WEEEEEEEE. Nothing is stopping you, it’s easy man!!!

          • sk

            Did not mean to offend you. Thank you for your interesting commentary on Fridays and also for the interviews. And, yes, I do appreciate it that you do it all for free. It’s hard work. God bless you, Mr. Hunter. sk

          • Rodster

            I have not found anything in Brandon Smith’s writings that says he’s antisemitic. What he continues to say is that the Globalists are involved in a power play to collapse the Global economy to bring about their utopian One World Government along with a One World Currency and he feels that DJ Trump is just an actor and is doing the bidding for the Globalists takedown of the World Economy.

            Paul Craig Roberts on the other hand has not been as kind in his writings or links to other websites regarding the Jews/Zionists which could be viewed by some as antisemitic. But you are correct, this IS your website, it’s free and I totally respect that you have your views on certain matters. So no ill feelings towards you.

            • Greg Hunter

              I never said Smith was anti-Semitic. I said Smith paints Trump a globalist and leaves out many facts that say otherwise. Then, Smith states his lopsided opinion as prove fact when, in fact, it is not. Just to name a few anti-globalist actions off the top of my head that Trump has stopped: TPP, Paris Climate Accord, Iran (Total fraud globalist) nuke deal where everybody took bribes, Trump has also gotten the US out of many UN policy deals like the small arms treaty. He fighting to build a wall every inch of the way, all the while being attacked by the very globalists he’s supposed to be in bed with. I guess you can paint anybody in any way you wish if you leave out major facts in your analysis. Sure, Trump has done business with globalists. He has worked at the top, and the top is a very small universe filled with globalists. Oh, and here is the part that Smith or any other Trump basher will NOT acknowledge and that is Trump donates his Presidential salary every year to charity except for the grand total of $1. Write a story and add all these facts, and then tell me Trump is in bed with the globalists. This is where I am coming from.

              • William Stanley

                Mr. Hunter,
                Well done!
                I enjoy Mr. Smith’s take on things. Nevertheless, I was thinking of making a similar comment regarding Mr. Smith’s recent writings. I just didn’t want to devote the time it would take me to point out the inconsistencies involved in Smith’s portrayal of President Trump as a tool of the Globalists.
                So far, Trump has survived incredible betrayal on all fronts. Yet he still stands, stronger than ever. Moreover, his treasonous enemies and much about their networks has been uncovered. Furthermore, his enemies are scrambling to construct their coverups and save themselves.
                If President Trump wins reelection he will, IMO, begin to unravel the Deep State and all of their allies. History will record that he conducted the most brilliant 4th generation warfare campaign in history.

  15. Bruce

    Like a breath of fresh air this interview gives us hope for the future.

  16. Roger

    Thanks to you both. A great guest to have on and a most thoughtful interview! This particular situation of private central Bank control negating representative government is the real issue in the world today. All else is just noise. No one or no nation can be “free” if the money supply and the rights to it are controlled by others. Once the CB starts to fight back, there will be large dislocations in asset prices. A case in point even today as a precursor – there exists almost $17T in negative yielding sovereign and corporate bonds across the world. These bonds are generally long maturities. Why then wouldn’t those same investors purchase UST and realize at least a positive relative yield? I maintain they haven’t done so because as Mr. Jett points out, they’re concerned about repayment in general rather than yield. Finally our Country needs to be thinking about a change in culture and waking up the average citizen so we can properly govern in an age post Trump. Leaving these decisions to the same corrupt Republican party as some sort of savior is certain death.

  17. Roger

    I was remiss to point out how lucky we are as a Country to have had Trump step up! Much of the real work will come in his 2nd term. But then who is my point.

  18. joseph minicucci

    This man is in the top 3 guests on you show.

  19. Mike R

    Never a better time than now, to abolish the FED.

  20. Jerry

    As we all know, the federal reserve bank is not part of the United States treasury. They are privately owned.

    According to my sources who work at Morgan Stanley, Luciferian’s sit on the board of directors at the highest levels of most of these corporations. That should really be no surprise, when you consider who Jeffery Epstein was affiliated with. Pedophile networks, and child trafficking to the highest levels. It should also be unnerving to anyone who has half a brain, that the NSA can monitor every move that you and I make, but somehow had no knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities?

    With Comey walking, it’s one of two things. Either President Trump is playing to higher plan to trap and prosecute these criminals under martial law, or we have all been sold out to the globalist. Nothing can be this screwed up by accident.

    • Jerry

      Deutsche Bank playing hide the baloney.

      Hey Stan…..here’s some cheap stock.

    • Jerry

      Here is the latest money order.

      Printing more money to put into the system. Supposedly to replace old money. I think it’s more like replacement due to mattress stuffing.

      • paul jr.

        Well if that was the case they should be printing more currency next year and not less than in the previous years as Chart 1 indicates. So obviously you are mistaken. More than likely it is because of the decline in cash transactions.

        • Jerry

          You are correct. My mistake. The physical printing is way down for 2020. I forget that not everyone pulls cash the way I do each month to buy silver.

        • paul ...

          I say (irrespective of the BS chart the Fed produced to show less money is being printed) … the Fed continues to increase the paper money supply year after year … they fixed the numbers by using “accumulated un-issued inventory” which explains much of the decrease in the print order relative to FY 2019 … in addition paper dollars are lasting longer due to better technology resulting in fewer notes having to be destroyed … just look at the US National Debt Clock … https://www.usdebtclock.org/ … on Aug 27, 2019 it took 6613 Federal Reserve Notes to buy one ounce of gold … in just six days (today is Sept 2, 2019) it now takes 6621 FRN’s to buy one ounce of gold … if paper FRN’s continue to lose value against gold at the rate of 8 printed dollars every 6 days … in just one years time it will take 1909 Federal Reserve Notes to buy one ounce of gold … as for silver it now takes 804 FRN’s to purchase one ounce (up 1 dollar from six days ago)!!

          • paul ...

            Look at the silver price in the open market (it was 18.15 six days ago) … and it is now 18.31 https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html … up less then 1 dollar over the last six days (up only 15 cents) … silver should be moving up six times faster “just to keep even” with the Fed’s money printing!!!

            • paul ...

              To catch up to where silver “should be” right now … it takes handing over 785 more Federal Reserve Notes to an intelligent holder of silver … we stackers should buy every ounce “the chocolate bar lovers” like Stan want to unload right now at only 18.31 FRN’s!!

          • paul ...

            err … in one years time it will take an extra 486 FRN’s to buy an ounce of gold … so 486 + 6621 = 7,107 FRN’s to buy an ounce of gold!! … only if they keep gold restrained below 1550 at $1423 support would 486 extra notes give us 1909!!!

  21. Country Codger

    Mr. Jett,
    You knocked it out of the park!!!
    LO Iyrah!

  22. Mike

    I don’t think we need to fear a higher gold price as part of the financial reset if the criminals who own gold have their assets seized. The value of today’s dollars in relation to gold can be adjusted for the real inflation rate using the “shadowstats.com” website. For example, the value of gold in 1980 peaked at $850/oz which is equivalent to $16484/oz in 2019. This could mean that 100 ounces of gold in a Roth IRA could fund a modest retirement even if all the fiat dollar assets turn to dust. The solution for the average person with no gold/silver may be fixed amount of new treasury dollars backed by gold redistributed to them from the seized assets.

    • uncommon sense

      If that is true gold at $10,000 would be conservative.

      • Mike

        I got the numbers from Jim Willie in his Hat Trick Letter who credits “DrM in the great American white north” for the tool.

        • paul ...

          Jim Rickard’s $10,000 is conservative … Jim Willie’s $16,484 is more in line with what Jim Sinclair/Bill Holter are saying ($20,000 plus)!! … since the US National Debt Clock has gold worth 6621 FRN’s … the above predictions mean that the coming QE (to bail out the banksters) is going to double or triple the amount of paper dollars in circulation … so expect the prices for everything to go up by 2 to 3 times while the Fed chains the CPI to 2% … Israel should be bombing the Fed Headquarters in New York (as a dangerous terrorist organization)!!

      • Bob

        The Chinese issue humongous amounts of ‘thin air’
        yuan and buy lots gold with it.
        The fed issues astronomical amounts of dollar cybermoney and gives it all to the bankers. The US treasury needs to be refilled with real money, GOLD; there is no other answer.
        A huge dollar (and Euro) devaluation must happen.

        • Bob

          The “manipulated” yuan is not undervalued; the
          dollar and the euro are overvalued, ridiculously so.
          Pilferage and vote buying by past politicians
          has drained the US treasury of gold. Does the president even understand any of this? If yes then what is the real purpose of the trade war?
          It does nothing to address the real situation.

    • K.Wayne

      “The solution for the average person with no gold/silver may be fixed amount of new treasury dollars backed by gold redistributed to them from the seized assets”….
      hmmmm….. you are assuming that the Unelected Crime Gang…aka The Hidden Government… has any sympathy/concern for the citizenry. They don’t. It will never happen.
      You either have it or YOU DON’T. Anything else is just fantasy.
      Seized assets are quarantined. Then they are sequentially valued/re-valued, either added to assets of the Treasury/Government or sold off to PAY OFF DEBTS. Either way the Gold goes from one class of Criminals to another class of Criminals.
      End of Story.

  23. Jallen

    Wayne Jett is a most excellent guest. Now Watchdogs can appreciate the Biblical statement ‘MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL’. President Wilson sold out his country with the creation of the Federal Reserve and got us into a world war I for good measure. He served his master well. Greg, you did an excellent job allowing you guest to speak with minimal interruptions. At all costs the Federal Reserve must be eliminated and replaced with the return of Honest Money. President Trump should put the entire Federal Reserve Board and its entire network in Federal Jail for attacking an American President and its creation of FIAT money. WE WILL NOW SEE WHO AND WHAT THE FEDERAL RESERVE OWNS AS THEY WILL COME OF HIDING TO SUPPORT the federal reserve AND ITS FIAT CURRENCY. You will now see the real enemies of America as they will attack President Trump with everything at their disposal.
    WAY TO GO PRESIDENT TRUMP YOU HAVE FLUSHED OUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE AS THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES. No matter what you think of President Trump, the man has guts. Watchdogs, let us support President Trump in his war against THE FEDERAL RESERVE.


    • D70inilm

      Correction – For the LOVE of money …..

      I Timothy 6:10 – For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

      Big difference. Money is neither good nor evil; it’s mans sinful nature that wants to make money an idol.

    • K.Wayne

      Based on what we have seen to date….in normal circumstances you would expect that those behind the FED would have taken remedial action by now, to resolve this distraction called DJT.
      Tightening monetary policy into a slowing economy is not by itself enough to suggest that they are after TRUMP per se. That is about creating the necessary conditions to bring about another recession. All of which points to another agenda of NIRP and cashless society.
      This latest episode is not the first time he’s called them out or made a mockery of them.
      Nothing….Nada….Zero….Zilch….from the FED !!!
      I would expect though that Trump would need to go full retard on the FED and enact a new Treasury Currency in order for the Global Crime Syndicate (International Bankers, The Aristocracy of Europe and the RCC) to step in to protect their Child (Petrol-USD). Who knows what POTUS will do in that event….if his mind is not in a good space.
      A trigger for POTUS to go off the rails would be from any personal attack on him from the FED. He doesn’t take kindly to those who oppose his thought process.
      The rhetoric to date is nothing more than entertainment. Until we see real evidence of the disharmony between the foreign owned FED Reserve and the Political Elite then this is nothing more than theatrics to hide the real purpose. Both the FED and POTUS are trapped in the same box.

    • Mike G

      “You will now see the real enemies of America as they will attack President Trump with everything at their disposal.”

      That is a long list.

    • Mark

      Hi Jallen,
      Just to be clear, in chapter 6 verse 10 of his first letter to Timothy, his young co-worker in the gospel, the apostle Paul writes that it is “THE LOVE OF MONEY” which is a “root of all evils” and history has proven time and again that the most effective way of stealing a nation’s wealth is by substituting honest money as a store of value and means of exchange with a dishonest form of currency. Hopefully, more and more people are waking up to this age old scam which has been perpetrated upon us and our ancestors. But remember, as the apostle Peter has written, that “it was not with perishable things, little coins of gold and silver that you were redeemed out from your vain manner of life handed down to you from your parents, but with precious blood, that of a Lamb without spot or blemish, the blood of Christ”. (1Peter 1:18-19) which is why I say to you Jallen and to Greg and to all who come here to read and post: “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit”, (Gal.6:18) for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7)

  24. paul ...

    When comparing the crooks in their pursuit of the “Fruits of Graft” the FED is “more crooked” then the ECB … because the Fed bailed out US banks by paying interest on excess reserves … whereas the ECB charged banks interest on excess reserves “draining bank profits” … remember how the bullion banks took (leased) our gold at 1% and sold it into the market to buy Treasuries yielding 3% … well the ECB with “negative interest rates” are forcing the crooked bullion banksters into urgently covering their short bullion positions which are losing them money now (they have to pay a positive interest rate on all the gold they leased while getting a negative interest rate on the bonds they bought) … so they are buying back gold … we should screw them all by forcing the FED to also impose negative interest rates and induce a permanent backwardization for gold and silver … Stan (the bankster shill) is trying his best to have “us help the bullion banksters and sell our gold short” … the bullion banks don’t want negative interest rates here in America and are trying to get people here on their side to oppose it … but negative rates here in America will force the bullion banks to disgorge their gold and silver short positions and will get the “chocolate lovers” to begin investing in Gold instead of T-bonds … then when we get gold up to $10,000 per ounce or more Trump will have the ability to back the dollar (after he fixes the trade imbalance with China) with gold and silver and returns our monetary system to what it should be before Clinton and Rubin crooks removed Glass Steagall!!

    • paul ...

      The US banksters don’t like what the ECB has done … and they definitely don’t like Lagarde praising negative rates as seen in the attached article … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/lagarde-praises-negative-rates-study-shows-they-reduce-lending

      • paul ...

        As for Trump … I can see the Fed’s strategy … and they have him over a barrel right now … he must try to keep retail investors not only invested in stocks but keep them buying stocks to prevent a 1929 crash “on his watch” (especially since he is forced to do tariffs similar to what produced the 1929 crash) … so Trump is being led by the nose to give all the Wall Street Institutional, fast money investors and the Fed banksters a comfortable and painless way “to cash out to the most reliable bag-holder in the world” (the US retail investor) … right before the evil traitorous Fed gives the order “to Pull it” … and the “free fall crash” that results collapses Trumps election chances!!

  25. Michael

    It took a friend who is “pretty good” with this computer stuff to show me what you are doing, even on youtube. Your a real piece of trash Greg Hunter, and why I am I surprised. A man reaps what he sows, and you sure have it coming. Fear not?

    • Greg Hunter

      What am I doing wrong putting out free analysis and information? Yes I “Fear Not” even if a troll like you is commenting.

      • Jerry

        Somehow trolls think by sniping they are being creative. To me, it just shows a lack of intelligence on their part. Most don’t have the guts to do what you do Greg. If they did, they would post something noteworthy instead of this dribble. Keep going Greg. We appreciate your work.

        • Greg Hunter

          If they are coming after you Jerry, keep it up, because you are over the target!!!

      • Freebrezer

        Greg – I am glad you let some of these post go through … Very informative in that it shows the animosity/hatred/meanness/spitefulness of some people’s souls. Plus it reaffirms that a minority of all populations have losers in it … Fear Not … but all so be prepared!

    • William Stanley

      I think you may have just committed a crime. IMO, you need to find a “friend” who can advise you about the law concerning the uttering of threats and, more specifically, about doing so on-line.

  26. Justn Observer

    Greg, Always an insightful /thoughtful view by Wayne Jett…
    A deeper view of the Rothschild/ Rockefeller/China interface might show what POTUS Trump is dealing with… preview

  27. iwitness02

    I found this to be an uplifting conversation.
    Ever since the Dec. 21, 2017 E. O. I have had hope of seeing America break free from the criminals that have been running the show. The MSM propaganda keeps attacking Trump and damping down my hopes, because I never know if they are going to succeed in destroying Trump. Sometimes it seems like all my hopes are just me wishing for a fairy tale to come true. Then Someone like Wayne comes along and reinforces my hopes.
    Another troubling wild card in all of this, is the citizens in this country that are clamoring for communism, as well as their counterparts in politics.
    The one thing that I find really annoying, is the fake alloy coins that are minted and put into circulation. These light weight copper edged worthless coins serve as a reminder of how the banksters have pretty much stolen everything from us, and of course, they want everything on this earth to be in their possession.
    So tired of being bullied and plundered by these criminal families and their wars and heartbreak they so willfully indulge in on there never ending quest to rule the world.
    There are so few of them and so many of us, that is the biggest mind blower of them all. That is why they work so hard to keep us divided. A winning strategy, for sure.
    I am so grateful for the Holy Bible. My lifeline to sanity.

  28. Da Yooper

    “King makers cabal” ………LOL…..

    stop dancing around the truth call them what they are.. corrupt Jewish Bankers this cannot be denied . They are a Satanic enemy of the American people & the people of the world. End the Fed NOW. Time to kick the modern day money changers out of the modern day temple ( the USA)

    Linking the cost of gold to the “cost of living ” is a F’n joke they rig the inflation rate as it is NOW you can bet your bottom dollar they would rig the “cost of living “to benefit the corrupt BANKERS & the corrupt US government for this to work.

    • Keith wilson

      It is a government of the people for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations by corporations for corporations. Rutherford B Hayes.

  29. H. Craig Bradley


    Definitely, when the FED was raising interest rates through 2018, one could easily interpret that as an anti-Trump policy. In addition, Chair. Powell was repeating the word “autopilot” which did not help with market sentiment. But then, a funny thing happened: the entire world rebelled and complained.

    Reality hit the FED and they quickly reversed their policy from ‘Hawk’ to ‘Dove’. The interest rate curve (2yr/10 yr.) inverted and suddenly, the media was projecting an imminent recession. The rest of the world saw a trade opportunity: buy long bonds and low and behold, as the 30-yr. Treasury Bond interest rates collapsed and investors made double digits in long T-bonds. When has this happened before?

    While the housing market, overall economy, and stock markets took a cyclical hit in 2018, the FED finally adjusted their program. Now, they are not really pushing for higher or lower rates, but stuck (paralyzed) at current rates. Lower rates have actually stimulated higher housing starts upon the latest data revision in August. So, as long as rates do not go up from here, housing is picking-up some momentum. With housing doing O.K., a recession seems more remote for most of the country. How does that hurt President Trump? Any recession or currency crisis (high dollar) probably won’t happen until after the Nov. 2020 elections, possibly in 2021. If so, President Trump is lucky because in the past, a recession prior to an election usually spelled the end of a Republican Administration. Not going to happen to President Trump.

  30. TheTruthBurns

    Trump needs to have the Traitors Killed & Replaced Stop Wasting Time. There is Nothing Wrong with Killing Traitors which means Trump has a lot of people to Kill in the Military & Government. Of course this Won’t happen & Nobody will get Punished for Any Criminality just look at Comey. I support Trump but he’s so Outnumbered by Demons All Around Him.

  31. Sue Robinson

    Another great one! Your community ‘out here’ is so grateful to you for USA Watchdog. The Fed has been the enemy of ordinary Americans for so long. But we are waking up, and Mr. Jett is helping. Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue!

  32. chuck

    If, however, the rest of the world freezes the U.S. out of all trade, then what? Currency wars and trade wars always lead to hot wars. America is in no position to go it alone. Now Trump has the pope calling him, “Hitler”. I believe Trump will be re-elected, but I also think he will trigger what can only be labelled as a ‘satanic’ hatred for anything righteously inclined – I think the Democrat communist militia ANTIFA will force martial law. We are going to witness the greatest and most humiliating downfall of a nation in human history. It will cause the rest of the world to ask, ‘…where is that great God you trust in?”

    • paul ...

      Some are trying to take the inscription “In GOD We Trust” off of the Feds worth less paper dollars but have failed so far … https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/courts/in-god-we-trust-will-remain-on-u-s-currency-as-supreme-court-declines-atheist-challenge … perhaps we should allow this inscription to be removed … as it is the only thing giving the Fed’s fake money any value … let’s put the inscription “In GOD We Trust” only on the “new silver certificates” Trump eventually uses to replace the fake Federal Reserve Notes now in circulation!!

      • paul ...

        As the “Zimbabwe Fed” is now forced to do QE to infinity … the current rally in Precious Metals will not be “just another rally” (that will lead to a big correction or a reversal as Stan thinks) … we are at the start of a gargantuan melt-up … that will result in a new dollar denomination being issued to buy a loaf of bread (and it won’t have the words “In God We Trust” printed on it)!! … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/1trillionfront.jpg

  33. Mitchell Bupp

    Howdy Greg, I ws on Haines Mill Road in Wiston last week. I would have loved to buy you lunch next trip down there, Mitch

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry I missed you MB!.

  34. Stephen Koteles

    All accounts and debt denominated in US dollars (checking,savings and time deposits, US denominated bonds (private and public), brokerage accounts) are payable in US dollars and must be included as potential demands for gold payment in a gold-backed dollar. These total over $81 trillion (conservatively). Dividing by 261,500,000 troy ounces (the current gold stock held by treasury, the Fed, and the US mint) yields a minimum gold price to prevent gold outflows to speculators of over $309,000 per ounce. If there are more dollars in existence than the above total then the market will do the math and will swap dollars for gold. UK 1925, US 1970-71. The price has to be over $309,000/oz.

    • paul ...

      Stephen … A lot of this “private and public debt” you mention is just going to disappear (be defaulted upon) … that’s why the US Debt Clock conservatively calculates the gold price at 6,621 FRN’s … they are using only the physical paper dollars in circulation (M1) that never disappear and even though the Fed burns the old FRN’s that get worn and mutilated … they immediately put in re-print orders to replace them)!!

  35. James Brown

    Greg, this guy ends up rambling. Politicians/elites/globalists/illuminatti – whatever you call them, all these people can’t think beyond the end of their nose. They only think in terms of, “what do I need to pay the bills today, I don’t care if it wrecks tomorrow” and they measure the polls – if the poles tell them a tax increase will get them re – elected, they will raise taxes merely for political benefit, they won’t conduct one economic study to find out if a tax increase would be harmful. Don’t believe me? George Bush sr. raised taxes only because he thought he wouldn’t get re – elected if he didn’t raise taxes. The tax increase crushed the real estate market, created the savings and loan crisis (that’s 2 Bushes and 3 financial crises), a severe recession, and worst of all – the cancellation of the 1994 Baseball World Series. There is no group of so- called “elites” working together. There are a whole bunch of “SFBs” (Scatology For Brains) making decisions that are harmful to humanity, they aren’t organized, they are making it up as they go along. Don’t believe me? Ask AOC what she did with the tax savings she got from booting Amazon out of New York.
    I love your work.
    God Bless You Brother!

    • Steve Koteles

      A partial gold cover (Rickards uses 40%) would mean $309,000 * .4 or $123,600 per troy ounce. 10% would mean $30,900. Less than 10% would imply no gold cover and markets would not take it seriously. Reverting to any gold cover would put markets in control and cut out the Fed completely. The final point is that the amount of fiat created would make it difficult for citizens not holding gold to face the change in retail prices and would only be possible in crisis.

      • john

        first you destroy the bubble in housing, bonds, stocks and the money supply by raising rates – then you reset to gold to bring in stability after it all crashes. Perhaps gold is $ 1700/ounce – not some huge number as speculated.

  36. Bud Goltry


    Who is the mind behind the Governments and the Central banks throughout the World?
    The answer comes with understanding 1 Samuel 8, John 2:15, 1 Timothy 6:10, 1 John 5:19, Luke 4:5-6 — Amplified Translation 1965 translation.
    Indeed there is a reprobate mind loose in the land!


  37. Stan

    Trump won’t go after anyone in DC. Has he done anything to: Hillary, The Clinton Foundation, Comey? What happened to all the sealed indictments? Trump is a big talker – no action. By the way, I shorted GDX on Friday – with leverage.

    • paul ...

      Stan … you are finally right about something (Trump has “not yet” done anything to Hillary, The Clinton Foundation, Comey, Powell, Barr, Bolton, etc., etc.) … as for shorting GDX you better have very close stops … for after a very very small pullback … GDX will be heading for the $50 to $60 dollar level … http://www.321gold.com/editorials/sfs/hubbartt083019/sfs_gdx_launch.png

    • Doug Cook

      ‘Trump won’t go after anyone in DC. Has he done anything to: Hillary, The Clinton Foundation, Comey?’

      Do you want a President or a dictator with absolute power? As much as I like Trump I don’t want him to have that kind of power. You remember that little thing called the constitution and separation of powers don’t you? As head of the executive branch he can’t just lop off their heads and put them in Gitmo as much as we might like that. He is only one man. Yes, he is the President but he isn’t the dictator no matter how much the Press likes to paint him with that brush.

      • Greg Hunter


    • Mike R

      Stan of course you are missing this, but Trump is the master of leverage and timing for most impact. Its too early for him to let that cat out of the bag, but he has a long time to do these nasty evil people their deserved justice, and only Trump himself knows the best time that will be. Everything is carefully choreographed, and only a fool like you cannot see this. For example, Trump is ratcheting up pressure to the extreme for China, and making it so utterly intolerable, that they will have to do a trade deal. And a very good one for all of us in the US. Timing is everything, but if you comprehend his genius, (which you no doubt ever will) you’ll see amazing greatness unfold, and you as an anti trumpist, will experience devastating envy, by seeing him succeed, so really all you can do is sit back and watch, and maybe Greg will ocassionally grant you air space for some goofy comments in here as your typical wrong headed and whining complaints, to allow everyone else see you for the ‘Gina you truly are.

    • Frank D2

      Stan, you are in for further losses….for the foreseeable future! Stupid is as stupid does!

  38. john duffy

    Leftist Netflix-Obama connection shows why you should cancel your subscription

  39. Jerry

    Update to my Friday post.
    Just because it’s not being reported by the MSM doesn’t mean something is not going on behind the scenes.

    According to my math, there are at least three military police units deployed to Gitmo at any given time. Seems to be a bit of overkill considering there are less than twenty detainees jailed there, and the trials have temporary suspended?

    • Coalburner

      I hope they are sending all MS-13 there for disappearance.
      Also all Illegals who are Pedophiles and Murders. They should not be sent back to wherever to try to sneak in again. They need to be deep ocean fish food. There is no other place in earth for them. And no their “spark of divinity ” burned out long ago when the demon took them over. Same for Epstein. I hope he is there suffering instead of dead.

  40. Mark James

    AMAZING INTERVIEW!! Wow, Greg, I sure hope you have Wayne Jett on more. The first 8 minutes was a GREAT explanation of the Carter Economic Failure. The whole interview was fantastic!

    If you have a Kindle, you can get the HG Wells book for FREE. It is called: Anticipations Of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human life and Thought. There are several editions – but one of them is FREE with a Kindle.

    Thank you both! Very good interview!! Wow!!!

  41. wondrouscat

    Greg – Really enjoyed Wayne Jett and his explanations and especially his optimism regarding the Foreign Cabal vs. Donald Trump. If I ever need a good lawyer . . .

  42. Paul in OZ

    Interesting perspective regarding the gold price … even at 3000, it is a devaluation of about 50% of purchasing power which would be pretty rough, It may be a new currency is priced at that level but that assumes about 40 of the 43 trillion in debt being paid off in seized assets. Seems to me like a tall order if gold is going to be a satisfactory backing of the new currency. It also assumes that all of the gambling on derivatives all works out, which to me seems unlikely. I think the concept of gold being affordable to people in order make the currency a new dollar of a meaningful value assumes too much order in the upcoming collapses and does not give credence to how bad things really are.

    • Mike R

      For 5000 years, the problem with gold was that it yielded nothing. Today, gold is the high yielding alternative in a world with negative interest rates. 94% of income from debt instruments world wide, now comes from US debt. Think about that ! The world is awash in negative yielding debt. Thats why the dollar is staying relatively stronger but why gold too is going up even despite the strong dollar. If we go negative here in the US on rates, the financial system across the globe will dissolve. The US system of debt cannot go negative. Pension funds would implode too, and many are doing just that , in slow motion.

  43. Andrew Maggard

    I was pleased, almost joyful that Dudley Do Right came out f the blue with this announcement. This timely admission by a former Fed Official will make our Presidents job vastly easier when it comes finger-pointing time.
    I read once that just when one thinks that Trump is down for the count he will spring to his feet and land a knockout punch. Never underestimate our duly elected President.

  44. Merry Piper

    Greg: I thank you both for this “push comes to shove” positively outstanding, powerful interview. I know many people have lost hope. I am not one of them.

  45. paul ...

    New “Iran Deal” in the works?? … President Trump said he was not against the idea of Europe providing Iran with “a letter of credit” (backed by oil) that would allow the country to meet pending payment obligations … this should be sufficient to get the Iranians back to the bargaining table … as Iran said to the Europeans it will keep abiding by “the non-nuclear” agreement … if it can sell its oil or get credit to keep its economy running!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/iran-offers-eu-two-options-keep-nuclear-deal-place

  46. Andrew Johnson

    I highly respect Wayne Jett but gold will account for the fraud and the artificial pumping of the stock market. It always does. That is its job. Nobody can stop it except God. Gold will go 1:1 with the dow at some point and it will take the market to crash to 3000 if they peg gold there. Greg is correct, God is in control not Satan or his elites.

  47. francis m reps

    Poor Greg hunter, Fearful that a tiny ray of “valid” but contradictory light might catch the eyes and minds of some of your readers.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Francis,
      I just dislike Jew Hating.

  48. Bill B

    GREG; Epstein
    It has occurred to me the possibility of why it was necessary to prevent Epstein from going to trial.
    The deep state had given him a lot of money to operate his organization. Had he been brought to trial and convicted , The Presidents exec order would have allowed him to confiscate all of Epsteins assets.. Hence it was important he not be allowed to live so the deep state could reclaim their investment in him, which probably was very large

  49. Coalburner

    Patriot Americans can help too. We have refused to gave Hollywood our money in hundreds of millions, we have broken Dick’s Tennis Shoe Dump, we have supported Chik Fila. We can help the fight against China. I have a brand new Harbor Freight in my town and I have not gone to it. I won’t give them a nickle until China makes a fair deal. I bought a new Geologist hammer for My Grandson’s Labs in college. I bought American Steel and .American made. Same for a fine specialized steel shovel for myself. American steel and these tools are far higher quality and I liked it, even when it cost more.

  50. Coalburner

    Just saw General Mattis refuse to trash Trump same as his predecessors refused to trash Obumdumcommie. He did right and they did too. Obumdip trashed a lot of military careers trying to turn them, like he did all the other agencies and he could not turn DOD against us (I believe because they are us and we are them). I spent well over thirty plus years in DOD and that is why I still and will always respect the DOD. Yes, there are a few dirty butts, but percentage wise to other Government agencies there are NONE.

  51. Coalburner

    Greg: Great interview! I think Jimmy Carter was done because of Iran anyway but Wayne Jett says why it was such a slam dunk.

  52. Coalburner

    Greg; one more thing. I believe you and Wayne Jett are homing in on the exact targets. You guys are on the money, excellent interview. I was really impressed when he said everyone else in the world they just calls it the Rothchild Bank here we call it the FED . Just to fool the people who never knew the difference, though! I knew and still know a number of people who lived through the Depression. The smart move some made who had so little and the sad moves. I never stopped interviewing them over and over looking for a different answer of a few different words in an answer to reveal what they wouldn’t say. In their ninety’s they tend to tell things I never remembered ever hearing. Like one as a child living in a tent while Dad scrounged boards over a year gradually building a house. Not what we would call a house today but ist was shelter. Another kept saying “we just did not spend money and I knew they actually had a little bit of money. It took several years to find out they were afraid they would “never” get any money back if they spent what they had. So it was barter, barter work, barter everything. Then another who was about 8 or 9 and would travel with his older brother trading. The brother hauled trade goods from a store while the kid took some thing from home and tried to trade up a live chicken on the road for home. That chicken might be cooked then taken to the big city stock markets twenty miles away by horse buggy, Ferry Boat and local street cars and sold as lunch items to the big shots at the tickers. Some of those kids became world wide traders when the world opened up after WWII and the Korean War.

  53. Mike G

    End the FED and create sound money, but when?

  54. Theta Lion

    Greg…I think this is the real deal…
    Totally in line with Wayne Jett and a number of other sources……I know
    its easy for me to say, however, IMHO, it is time to have him on your show.
    I have felt all along that Xi and Donald have a deal and all the financial media
    brouhaha is kabuki theater. A lot of good news in Robert’s post today if it comes to past….particularly neutralizing 5G.

    Keep up the good work 👍

  55. I-Like-Jazz

    Mr. Hunter,
    WOW, what a wonderfully edifying interview. If we could only have Mr. Jett push a weekly video class to our public schools our children would benefit so greatly. Thank you Mr. Hunter for Mr. Jett hoping you will have him on again very soon!

  56. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg …… To save the world and our country …. we need to:

    Confiscate all the gold !

    Confiscate all the guns !

    Pay reparations to the non-white population exploited by the white supremacist establishment !

    Only then will peace and harmony reign throughout the land !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for confirming the communist/Marxist/globalists/Satanic/Democrat theft plan. Neither is ever going to happen. This is going to go the way of Hillary winning in 2016–NOT!

    • William Stanley

      OMG, Gina: you don’t include “non-whites” as part of the “we”!

    • I-Like-Jazz

      After reading your comment to Greg I’ll have to get some Monk are Coltrane on the platter to calm my thinking. It is clear you do not think for yourself as in the MK-Ultra programmed thinking of “Confiscate all the gold” and “Confiscate all the guns”. There is not going to be any reparations paid to anyone out of my pocket and if you want any of my firearms which I legally own and worked many hours in my youth to purchase then get a pair and come and get them! From experience, you are not going to find many LEOs who will be willing to go door to door to enforce your violations of the First and Second Amendments. It is people like you the uneducated who follow the path of Stalin and Hitler in the ultimate dream of an unarmed populace of slaves without any means of standing up to a totalitarian boot.

  57. sandra sullivan

    This is the second time I’ve read and listen to this interview and I have to say I see a ray of hope in the our future. I am impressed; not only you and Wayne but with the attitude and the moral core of most of the commenters. Thanks for being there for us.

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