Fed Flooding Market with Funny Money – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Precious metals expert and financial writer David Morgan says silver is still 65% off its all-time high and is a much better value than gold. Morgan points out, “Relative to all asset classes, I can’t think of one that is more undervalued than silver. If you look at every asset in the metals world, meaning base metals . . . anything to do with the periodic chart, every one of them has obtained a higher price level than it was in 1980 except silver.”

The biggest problem out there is the virus chaos going on in China that is nowhere near solved and getting worse by the day. Morgan says, “Sooner or later, the reality is going to hit the stock market. I don’t care how much funny money they use to pump it up. When you don’t get goods on the dock that you can distribute, something has got to give. This is taking place as we speak. It will only, in my view, get worse. Nobody really knows the impact at this time exactly, but we know the trend, and the trend is exponential. One person can infect two, two goes to four, four goes to eight, eight goes to 16 and it’s exponential. This means until this thing burns itself out one way or another, we’ve probably got worse days than better days for a while.”

How global powers are dealing with the financial fallout is to simply print money to paper over the problem. That’s not going to work forever. According to Morgan, “Basically, it all gets down to something very simple. Print, print, print until people stop accepting it as valuable and realize whenever you have a lot of anything. its value decreases. This is what we are facing. In the interim, you could see the dollar do quite well because of this foreign exchange swap problem. You need dollars because you need to settle debts, and your yuan is not worth as much because people are afraid and you have a foreign exchange sway putting pressure on one side or the other. . . . The bottom line is pretty simple. It’s all based on trust. The banks do not trust each other for overnight loans. . . . Fed Head Powell has come out and said the coronavirus is something they are going to handle, means the Fed is going to come out and flood the market with funny money.”

Which is yet another reason to buy hard assets like silver and gold. Morgan asks the question every investor should be asking, “The markets hate uncertainty, and with all this uncertainty out there, how long can this last?”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan, publisher of “The Morgan Report.”

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After the Interview:  

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  1. Red

    David Morgan is the real deal, pay attention everyone.

  2. Red

    Also Greg here in OZ at one of our major dealers premiums on gold are on about 3-5% Silver coins are sold with premiums ranging much higher 10-30% on some coins!! Why ? would have liked to ask David that one..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Red for the street reporting. I have seen an Australian “Nugget” gold coin and it is beautiful!!

      • Red

        Yes Greg I have seen that coin in a magazine or somewhere too beautiful? 😉 Still the best news on the web , loved the Catherine Austin Fitts interview too!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Red!

          • Red

            People “in the system with no agenda” LOL Every producer of commodities is levered through DEBT >BORROWED MONEY ..they have to pay the debt back using a “Promissory note” > CASH at somepoint the lenders no longer accept promissory notes and will want the actual commodity…(central banks exchanging promissory notes for gold ba’ding RING A BELL?) CASH has lost 99% of its purchasing power since 1974 when i could buy ocean front land in top location for $2000.. gold was $30-40 !!! let that sink in a bit..(sadly i’m old enough to remember).. I just hope William hangs on to the cash so there is more gold for Greg…LOL

          • Red

            Also the fact that people dont know how or where to convert PM’s into paper money is really sad and I am sorry just an example of how ignorant people are about money..Most registered banks have some means of converting (stealing) PM’s into “cash”…you’ll have to do that research yourself William…

          • Red

            Also I ment $30-40 AN OUNCE gold in 74′ Although i think i’m sending the message to blocked ears …😉

      • William Kyranakis

        Hello Greg. I have an answer for you and your listeners. The question I have and Im sure many others do, is why would someone sell me there silver or gold, knowing both are going to skyrocket in price.
        Mathematically and financially that transaction would be very foolish. So I did some digging talking to metal sellers and even one miner here in Colorado. I asked them the same question, and asked them do they hoard both or even one metal. The answer is clear from all I asked. None of them hoard the metals they sell or dig up. I then asked, why do you sell for cash these items that are going to be worth so much more in the near future? All said this. Cash is king and always will be in one way shape or form and that form will not be metal. One woman told me her mother live is Venezuela she asked her mother Im going to send you some silver coins. Her mother asked her why what would I do with it. Send , food medicine, toothpaste. Well there it is, not from me but from people in the system with no agenda.

        • Will

          Oh Greg I forgot to tell you I told John the miner about your web site him being a Trumper I thought he would enjoy. He said he would check it out.

        • susan

          Thank you so much William! This means so much to we who are trying to prepare for the future. The on the ground info means more than anything

      • John Schuler

        Thanks, Greg;
        Actually, Silver today is even LOWER; e.g. 1980 Silver @ $50 / oz. would be ~ $150 today … i.e. 88% lower than 1980.
        John in Portland, Oregon

    • Anthony Australia

      Minted Kangaroos are the best. The Lunar Series are great too! (Perth Mint).

    • Paul in OZ

      Hey Red, there is always a premium from spot to purchase, spot is based upon commercial-wholesale prices and the larger the bullion (smaller coins have a larger premium since mint cost is essentially the same for 1 tenth ounce vs 1 ounce) and coins are more expensive to purchase then bars … it is however, higher than it has been in recent times (especially silver, which could be purchased with about a 5% premium last year) … the gold backed crypto can still be purchase at 1% over spot in single grams. Premiums on silver backed tokens (3-5%) have been higher consistently (now 11%) and the possible redemption in physical is higher in silver than gold because of its larger physical size. Like anything retail purchasing larger quantities always provides better pricing. Certainly increased demand for physical is driving up prices.

    • Eric

      The difference between the suppressed price and the demand price is the premium price.

  3. Stan

    Great interview. Excellent audio and video quality.

  4. Christian

    Another great interview Greg.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Mika M

    Don’t underestimates the power of the Central Banks and the Deep State. They can paint David Morgan’s black swan white if they are not yet ready to bring down the global economy. While they are still propping up the fake US stock market and keeping populations indoctrinated and controlled they will keep things going, setting up trusting investors for financial ruin when people eventually lose faith in government propaganda, in Donald Trump and the US stock market.

  6. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Is the DNC pre-selecting another C*A trained ‘Obama’ as presidential candidate?

  7. JC

    Greg, I enjoyed this interview very much.

    David Morgan: “There is going to be a readjustment on a spiritual level that we haven’t seen in a long, long time. ”

    That’s certainly long overdue.

    I have a friend from California that opened a small Mexican restaurant in Italy two years ago. The commercial space next to his is now for rent. His land lord told him that he has been contacted by the Chinese shop in the area that sells a bit of everything, mostly made in China. They want to relocate to his bigger commercial space, but because of the corona virus they are not receiving goods from China. For that reason the Chinese are hesitant to sign the lease until there is a resumption of shipments from China.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    I have always enjoyed David on your program.
    I do think Silver will make a comeback one day, to what extent, one can only imagine.
    It is so sad to see the amount of spin doctoring taking place now about the Coronavirus epidemic; one minute its bad, the next okay okay, everyone seems to have an ‘outside’ opinion.
    How the US & Australia administration can have cordial relationships with an obvious dictatorship is beyond me. Perhaps they admire the way 1.4 Billion people can live under total control. This my friends is an existence coming soon to us all.

    • regaleagle

      Self-imposed downsizing seems to be the best option to undergo with everything that is happening on all fronts…….it sure can’t hurt, Huh?

  9. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Twelve minutes into the interview, David Morgan is quoting from a Guardian article on interruption of production due to novel coronavirus and he specifically highlighted GSK, (formally, GlaxoSmithKline – sic) a U.K. pharmaceuticals manufacturer with global outreach. He said he wanted to come back to ‘GSK’ in the interview, but this was not done.

    I have previously submitted a link to an article which claims that, “80% of active ingredients for medicines are produced in China” and I wonder, was DM going to suggest that your audience stock up (not hoard) medicines they need in order to function effectively – a parallel to your ‘car tyres’ advice?

  10. Anthony Australia

    Best interview since Marc Faber last year.

  11. AndrewB

    Additional perspective on novel coronavirus – causation and potential geopolitical fallout . . .

  12. Jerry

    I to buy silver, but it will only be used on the backside of the reset. If you don’t have the basics ( food, water, warmth where I live) to survive the front end, it won’t matter. I have first hand knowledge from relatives who survived the depression, that this is the formula.
    Most of them were fortunate enough to live in rural areas, so the impact was not as severe as those who lived in the cities. According to my grandmother millions died in the first twelve months, so much so, that bodies were rolled up in rugs, and left on street corners like cord wood for pickup and burial. This generation is not equipped to handle what is coming. A girl I know, panicked the other day, when she misplaced her iPhone. What will she do when the SHTF? I can only imagine.

    Mark your calendars. Powell says the repos end in April.

    And then what? More QE?

  13. ol.commie

    Brendan James 02/09/2020 • USAWatchdog.com
    Enjoy your posts Anthony. Said it for a long time, but China wants to take over the world and Australia and NZ are going to be colonies of China. No doubt imo. (partly are already) Troubled times ahead in the Pacific. Russia and China will join, America will be neutralised and European countries will be picked off by Russia like USSR (just not socialist) and Africa (the strategic countries with minerals and farming) will be one massive colony of China. South East Asia will be controlled and owned (some of it nearly are already)…. China will pay back Japan for WW2…. Us goes off petrodollar and has limited control around the world. And last point is that Coronavirus is just one big bioweapon that is another dynamic of strategic warfare…
    • Reply to,
    Brendan and Anthony,
    Thought you might like a boots on the ground prospective on what’s happening now, in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s of Russia. There’s a massive crackdown on protesters and any form of opposition political parties, to the Russian deep state. Which Putin, is a puppet of, certainly no Trump. Putin has also kowtowed to the pharisaical Orthodox church, “Kowtow, which is borrowed from kau tau in Cantonese (ketou in Mandarin Chinese), is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one’s head touching the ground. In East Asian culture, the kowtow is the highest sign of reverence”. In other word’s Putin has become an ass kisser, no thanks to the war-mongering US. Dem’s, with they’re first strike proposals and THEY’RE LGBGQWXYZ PRESSURED sanctions against Russia. The church is a large part of the Russian deep-state, with private jet’s at they’re disposal and is in the process of directing the state to eliminate any semblance of any religious thought not approved by the state church. Including closing down and banning protestant churches and Kingdom halls. Putin favoring the return of these population’s back to Siberia, for re-settlement. Like Stalin in Soviet times!
    Un-beknown to most, Russia with they’re new hypersonic missiles. Now online. They are the ones who actually now have, first strike capability!

    So the whole apple cart has been upset, which way it falls, is anybody’s guess!

    • ol.commie

      Police beat protesters in Moscow crackdown
      By contrast, Hong Kong police are such gentleman!

      Don’t be caught riding a bike without a license, white or black!
      This summer, Putin will face, we the people of mother Russia!

      • BrendanJames

        Ol. Commie, read your posts but I don’t get your points. Cut to the chase – Exactly what are you saying regarding Russia? Btw it isn’t HK Police its the Chinese. Something you could offer feedback on is your view on Western values compared to Russian values. I am interested. Where in Russia are you? I am driving around for 3 weeks end of May 🙂

      • BrendanJames

        Saw the video of the Russian police. That’s what they should be doing to the Antifa thugs. Soon put an end to their anarchy!

  14. Papa Randy

    Greg always happy to see David Morgan, for he is a linch-pin to the industry. He cuts through all the hype and clutter to give us a clear view of the future !
    Thanks again !

  15. Justin Observer

    Greg, Good link to follow going forward as to what might Uncle Joe be up to? ho ho ho = @11:26 of https://youtu.be/WFJAPg1c_wM
    hmm who might want to own a submarine base?

    • Justin Observer

      as long as on speculative theory and uses of islands…
      @ 33:25 https://youtu.be/9i2Dh38SMoI

      • Justin Observer

        So here is eyes on Biden’s submarine base island…and his ‘investment’ with the island gov. of $1/2 billion?

      • regaleagle

        So do you think GW is secretly being funded by the Trump Team as yet another way to uncover misdeeds of these Deep State actors and get the information out to the American public…..at least to those patriots that follow Webb’s work???

  16. Bonnie Grainger

    Trump easily wins the New Hampshire Republican primary
    Fox News Feb 12, 2020
    President Donald Trump easily wins the New Hampshire primary, a state he lost only by a few thousand votes in the 2016 general election to Hillary Clinton; reaction and analysis from Kayleigh McEnany, national press secretary for President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

  17. JC

    Something from Martin Armstrong to think about.

    “Meanwhile, the finances in Europe are beyond comprehension. The Euro has been in a free-fall despite the biased media all running headline that it is Britain who made the wrong decision. They are desperately trying to distract the people from the fall in the Euro and the capital flight which has been creating the drive into the US treasuries. On top of that, the REPO crisis has expanded as fear over European banks continues to escalate. So welcome to the new wave that began January 18, 2020.”


  18. lancelot

    Would it be a good idea to buy some gold and silver mining stocks in addition to owning gold and silver ?

    • JC

      lancelot, you heard what he said, you have to think about it and decide for yourself. But whatever you decide, don’t “bet the ranch” on mining stocks. As they say regarding gambling, ” bet with your head, not over it. “

  19. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:

  20. paul ...

    President Xi says China will be “more prosperous” after the Corona Virus ends … probably figuring that if 70 million people die … all the fiat paper money China has been printing up will then be distributed “among less people” … and hence the people still alive when the virus subsides will be “richer” … sort of the same argument stock market investors expound … that as the Fed prints money … there will be more fiat paper dollars per person in America … and thus everyone will be “richer” … when “to be richer” we need to own something that is rarer not more abundant … this is why we should not invest in silver stocks … we don’t not want more production of silver … we want less!!

    • paul ...

      Morgan says: “if we don’t invest in silver stocks who will mine the silver”? … like we want more silver mined??? … if physical silver is best investment in the world today that will produce multiples of our money in profits (even better then Bitcoin according to some) … why go out and buy silver mining stocks? … “to produce more silver” and shoot ourselves in the foot by diluting our profits??? … this Corona Virus pandemic is shutting down the copper mines … without copper production no silver is produced as a by-product … making silver even more valuable … the profits made with physical silver is not enough?? … why do we need to be “so greedy for more profit” that we invest in silver mines that will produce more silver watering down the profits that physical silver will bring us??? … where is the logic in that????

      • paul ...

        Most of the penny silver mines are holes in the ground “with a bankster financier at the top” trying to lure peoples money into “black holes of nothingness” … using us to help them take the upward pressure “off the price of physical silver” that they are trying to suppress … why do you think the silver stocks are allowed to have better percentage gains? … the banksters could easily short those silver stocks to prevent such gains … but they don’t … they want to pull money away from the physical silver market and suppress the physical silver price … then when the time is right “they will short the silver stocks” driving prices to near zero to instill in the minds of silver investors a hatred for anything with the word “silver” in it … because we are dealing with an intelligent adversary we need to “use the brains God gave us” to fight corrupt and evil men!!

        • JC

          paul… calm down! How many cups of coffee did you drink today? No one is forcing you to invest in silver stocks. Relax.

          • paul ...

            JC … I’m like a coach trying to make my half-hearted team lean and strong (so we can win the world series) … instead I’ve got a bunch of unruly players who stay out late at night drinking and womanizing … they won’t buckle down and train their bodies or minds …. they need to build “both” physical (silver) and the mental strength (to avoid silver stocks) … both are necessary to win this game (and drive the silver price over 100+) … how can we win the game if we have coaches that won’t focus our minds and restraining our greed for immediate pleasure … come on team silver … we can do it … by concentrating … don’t squander your energy … if we build our physical (silver) muscle and avoid squandering our precious energy (on holes in the ground with lying banksters at the top) … we can win this game … and become the rightful champions of the investment world!!

        • Uncommon Sense

          Good comments Paul. I also think these paper assets and derivatives have hidden the true price inflation of real, physical assets, which allows them to print more money.

  21. Chip

    Great interview guys. Thanks… Chip

  22. Self Exiled

    David speaks calmly about alarming issues and states his conclusions without hesitation. The one conclusion he made, that I didn’t expect, was his statement about there also being a divine reset [my term].

  23. paul ...

    Markets around the world are rejoicing “that the Corona Virus has been vanquished” … people look at a chart like this … https://www.zerohedge.com/s3/files/inline-images/bfmD6FD_0.jpg?itok=_hvLglCQ … and say … no problem … industrial production will “turn up” to join what is happening in the markets … normally the odds go down when you bet on a favorite to win … but the stock markets today is like “everyone” at a horse race betting on the favorite to win … and then expecting the mob “to pay them all off” … when the mob “controls the jockey” and can easily make the favorite lose!!

    • JC

      paul… when you get nervous, aggravated or mad about something, to calm down all you have to do is say:

      “Pins and needles, needles and pins, it’s a happy man that grins” and you will be ok, just like Ralph.


    • paul ...

      Just when everyone on Wall Street was betting on the Corona Virus being a non-issue … White House Administration sources come out and say: “they believe China is under reporting the number of Corona Virus cases by at least 100,000 and (severely under reporting) the number of deaths from the virus”! … China’s state-controlled press is even now beginning to sound alarmist as it becomes increasingly clear that the epidemic is “anything but contained” … with industries shutting down in China oil demand has dropped significantly … putting significant downward pressure on oil prices … not very good news for US shale oil drillers and the big banksters who lent them billions in oil loans … and who are now going to need “more then a little Repo money” to bail them out … the banksters are going to need “massive QE to bail them out of the massive defaults to come by US shale oil companies” … which Wall Street is interpreting as very bullish for the stock market … as everyone knows money printing always drives stocks higher right?? (because people who have their income chained with the CPI can easily afford the higher prices businesses need to survive such inflation) … and of course everyone also knows gold and silver “must be sold short” (like Stan has been doing) when money printing goes exponential … because when the dollar is worth less it always buys you more precious metal … right??

      • Stan

        Paul: How many times haw I told you that the Dollar buy far more Gold now than in 2012.

  24. iwitness02

    My thought is, if the shelves in Walmart go empty and they are not being restocked, I will take every dollar I have and buy food. The greenhouse needs a new roof. We need paint. We could use some new clothes. We need firewood every year. We buy seeds each year, and herbs that we can’t grow ourselves. But if things really get sideways, we will concentrate on food, and skip the rest of our shopping list. Food and firewood will be top priority. I would prefer food and pie, but if the chips are down, food and firewood will be the main focus. And water. Then herbs and medicine. I would rather have a BBQ, than a pandemic, but this is potentially the world we live in, and we will have to act accordingly.
    At least we can see trouble coming and make plans for dealing with it. I would hate to be so short sighted that we were blindsided and caught unprepared. Panic can be an ugly thing.

    • regaleagle

      Unfortunately most of us are not in a position to control our own destiny anymore. I had two monster boxes 5 yrs ago, and some various other silver bullion, but was forced to cash it all in just to pay my bills and continue doing business. Maybe there was something I could have done different, but maybe not. Alot of what has happened and is happening is just difficult for many of us to have any control over. Even the little things become major obstacles to overcome nowadays……this world has become very complex.

  25. Farley Gunther

    Ingraham: The left’s rage and chaos campaign
    Fox News Published on Feb 10, 2020
    Left’s anti-Trump movement became an anti-America movement.

    Ramond Hunter23 hours ago
    Liberals break windows and assault the press. Then Liberals yell, “See what you made us do?”

    Fox News

  26. Walter Baumgarten

    As the PAIC Commissioner as well as the Mayor of our Township I was made aware of the changes planned to be made by the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, regarding risky investments by the Join Insurance Funds by my Township Administrator yesterday.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Under social impact:

    “The proposed amendments will have a positive social impact by allowing JIFs to broaden their risk pools to stabilize insurance rates and stabilize insurance costs. The amendments will also enable JIFs to responsibly participate in New Jersey’s long term debt market”

    Under Subchapter 1: Investments para 5:38 1-2, Long Term Investments, Item 3:

    “The long term investment is secured by a pledge by all or a portion of the government entity issuer’s revenues, secured by the government issuer’s pledge to raise taxes without limitation as to the rate or amount and/or secured by another government entity’s guarantee.”


    Hard to believe isn’t it?

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to move now. What they are really talking about is property confiscation.

      • Auntie Seize

        “Best strategy when under attack is to not be there when it arrives.” – Mr. Miyagi

      • Walter Baumgarten

        Or years ago, no doubt.

    • paul ...

      Moving from New Jersey is a temporary fix … eventually all States will raise taxes “without limitation as to the rate or amount” to balance their “socialist budgets” … and with the Fed expanding the money supply at faster and faster rates … it will drive ordinary people into higher and higher tax brackets … so that ordinary working people will be paying 90% tax rates … while the elite claim their taxes are “charitable contributions to the Welfare State” and thus pay “zero taxes”!!

      • YB Normal

        Play the same game as the elites. Incorporate your business(s). Corporations get to deduct every legitimate business expense from the top. Tax-serfs get to deduct nothing. Abuse the tax laws. That’s what they’re there for. Written by the same lie-yers who abuse them for their own, and their clients, purposes. Transfer as much of your personal assets to your corporation(s). Own nothing, or very little. No assets – no taxes owed. LOOK like you’re so poor that you might live under a bridge.

        Why do you think most CONgress creatures are lie-yers?
        They don’t like paying taxes any more than the serfs they write lies for.

        Robert Kyosaki did this using real estate. Follow the leader. Get creative or get fleeced. Take your pick.

  27. JC

    Michael Pento is a smart guy, it surprises me that he is still in New Jersey.

  28. Mike R

    Great opinion by David. Yet gold and silver both continue to be heavily suppressed. Central banks are doing an excellent job of both printing money out of thin air, at an increasingly exponential rate, while fostering the suppression of both gold and silver using ‘leasing’ and derivatives. Its a formula that has worked for them well, for years now. Corona Virus wont change that. The only thing that changes it all, is when banks default due to a cascading series of bad bets on interest rates bring them down. Its gonna happen, and the massive repo operations are masking the debacle in real time. Velocity of money just hit an all time low here in US. Credit card debt reached an all time record of $14 trillion, just here in the US. The whole thing blows up by end of summer at the latest. It may seem like delayed production out of China is the ‘catalyst’ but the reality is the banks worldwide are in very serious trouble. Both major big banks AND the central banks themselves. Who backstops the central banks ? A: No one. The losses (debt wipe outs) will be ‘socialized’ across every world citizen. The central banks simply cannot hyperinflate the fiat fast enough.

    • paul ...

      Mike … as long as the banksters own gold they know the hyper inflation they create won’t hurt them (they will only hurt those who don’t own gold) … as for those who own silver the banksters plan to suppress the silver price (by simply funding worthless holes in the ground to siphon off billions in investment money that would normally go into physical silver … and gleefully have all silver investors lose their money in a black holes of nothingness while they hold the gold)!!

  29. Justin Observer

    Greg, New court docu. show ‘Poppy’ Mayor Pete part of a Ponzi heroin scheme in Afghanistan? Who says so? He did apparently…
    He did..
    “Poppy” Pete Buttigieg (BOOT edge edge).
    Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
    The CIA’s pick for next President of the U.S.
    Source is Page 14 in his 22 pages of military records:
    The Inspector General’s report from two weeks ago on Afghanistan cited these examples.

    Since 2002:

    •$776 billion went for “the war”
    •$137 billion went for “reconstruction”
    Any left?
    Ten billion dollars.
    Enter Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
    Third in line to the Presidency.
    What is her share?
    Pelosi made a special trip in October to find out.
    And how much will end up in the Poppy Pete’s Campaign for President?

  30. Coalburner

    Greg, my friends tell me graded pre 1933 gold coins above MS 62 have the lowest premiums in many years. More than one of them who have no knowledge of each other. MS 64 and 65 are relatively very low premiums from the past years.

  31. Revd Andrew de Berry

    Another great interview Greg – Thank you

  32. Mike R

    China just reported a remarkable 14,000 new cases today, and 530 new deaths out of Hubei province alone.

    Whats remarkable is not the 14,000 jump versus only a few thousand previously in any given day, but that they actually admitted that. Of course, the real numbers are up over 2,000,000 cases by now in total, as epidemiologists have modeled this many times, and know what the real spread rate is from the early data when China had a chance to keep up with it. This is going to far exceed the Spanish flu.

    Its utterly not containable, and the Chinese can’t even keep up with the counting, let alone be able to actually test and diagnose, and then also cremate all the dead. China may be doing everyone a favor by not letting in other doctors from overseas or any people to help out.
    You can also now count for sure in many goods you have been used to seeing, that came from China, being delayed for months, and some massive shortages that no other country can gear up to replace any time soon. American importers are in for one heck of a crazy ride. I’d expect a ton of businesses in the US to simply go under in the next 6 months. They’ll have zero cash flow, since they’ll have zero product to sell. These firms are already likely debt laden out the WAZOO. Very large companies an likely wallow through. A lot of chinese firms will likely go under. Then the importers here, IF they even survive, will have to find new sources outside of China. Much easier said then done, since many companies failed to do that source change, during the tariffs imposed which wrecked a lot of business models.

    Further its now estimated only 1 in 19 who have been infected have actually been tested, and confirmed, so the 60,000 case number is really a fraction of the over 1.1 million actual cases. Stupid stock markets dont have this priced in.

  33. Rick G

    I believe Bloomberg has been put in this presidential race as a decoy to the vote for Trump. It is a desparate attempt to win by the Democrats because the other candidates are so weak. He will shadow what Trump stands for and mirror what his positions are. Then after, if he wins, become the stuanch fascist dictator he really is. He is a ideologue worse than Obama.
    The other thing I am concerned about is the Novell or New Corona Virus. It just amazes me that the timing of this viris is at the same time as Trump is kicking the hell out of the globalists here at home and on the world stage. He has them beat. Suddenly this virus pops up in a part of the world that is communist so we can’t get answers. It just seems that Trump defeated them, the markets are awesome. If you have a virus then world transportation is dead. So now the puppet masters at the top ie globalists are going to kill the markets and take control by crashing the markets with a plague. I may be wrong and I hope I am but it appears this is an attempt to thwart Donald Trumpt’s success. Globalists don’t care about human life. We are like cock roaches. Rick

    • Greg Hunter

      I think Bloomberg will not mirror what Trump wants to do. I look at Bloomberg as a leverage buyout of the DNC. The DNC is broke and Dems are desperate.

      • Rick G

        Can it be that simple? I hope you are right.

  34. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    Something is off on Mr. Morgan’s analysis regarding China and the “frightening exponential effect” that “will be” the result of this mysterious Coronavirus. Just as startling is the continuous news coverage and nightly live ”Special” coverage I am now seeing on CNBC over the last week on this “devastating” virus, since approximately 200 people had reportedly died from it. China is on “lock down”, businesses are closed for business, people are being quarantined…I actually heard one female reporter describe the potential need to cage quarantine people!!
    So…David asked, “How many people would want to go to Japan for the Olympics? How many people would want to travel to China”, given this horrible epidemic? I would like to ask him, “How many people would want to travel to the United States and should we be on lockdown, too? “ After all, according to Anthony Fauci, the renowned immunologist and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, ( and advisor to President Trump)… as well as other doctors that have sporadically appeared and reported on the news over the last week…that in the U.S. alone over this flu season, over 15,000,000 have been affected, 140,000 have been hospitalized and over 10,000 HAVE DIED!!! Yes…from the FLU in the United States alone!
    Yet over the course of this flu season what have we heard? Crickets! Where is the panic in the U.S. regarding the flu?
    Why aren’t businesses being shut down here? Who is being quarantined because of the flu?
    As Anthony Fauci said on Lou Dobbs 2 nights ago, the prevention for this corona virus is the same for the flu. Don’t touch your mouth, nose, eyes without washing your hands first.
    So…is China intentionally under reporting and concealing a much more severe epidemic?
    Is it a Red Herring designed to distract the public from other more serious problems…like the Repo market and the slowdown in the economy? Do they need to “create” a black swan event that appears to “slow down” the economy…so that they can blame THIS for the Real economic slowdown that is evident…that the general public should not be cognizant of?
    The answers to these questions are not clear…but there are clearly contradictions in the nature of the reporting and therefore there is much that cannot be trusted, in regards to this issue.

    • Jennifer Ohman

      ….But the fact that every major news outlet has been incessantly trumpeting this virus as a major global threat and potential cause for a global economic slowdown from the OUTSET , ie, when only 100 or so people had died…speaks volumes to the fear that they were attempting to instill in the global arena!! That’s not accidental. It is all too well orchestrated to be a coincidence. There’s a reason why they want people afraid. When people are afraid of contagious disease they will stay home more. This will cause the slowdown that they are looking for. It’s no coincidence that so many leading major companies acted in tandem
      to shut down their operations as well.
      I believe the media acting in unison are inflating the perception of this “crisis” because it IS a red herring!! They need to blame the real and present economic slowdown that has been touted as the greatest economy ever, as well as other financial problems in the repo market and our growing mountain of debt that is straining our system, on this contrived black swan!!
      They will use this corona induced slowdown to justify their need to continue lowering rates and printing more money, but this has given them a talking point that the public and markets will buy and which will likely not panic the market…thus buying them more time,…until they are ready to reset and digitize the financial system.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not the way I am seeing it. Lots of factories shut down in China. Lots of disinformation everywhere. The solid sourcing says this is a big problem and getting worse. Yes the economy is weak and you can look no further that the repo market the Fed took over in September. It’s a total cartoon and this virus IS going to virtually stop production and thus trade globally. This in turn will effect global debt payments and a daisy chain of defaults can happen in a $300 trillion indebted world and that is not even considering the hundreds of trillions in derivatives.

        • Jennifer Ohman

          We’ shall see.
          The SARS virus of 2002-3 killed 774 people! The Coronavirus has reportedly killed 1400 people, as of today’s reporting. Just today, the White House also reportedly believes that China is under reporting those who have been infected by 100,000. That would bring the total to approximately 160,000 that. have been affected by this virus, if these projections are accurate. Now compare those SARS and Coronavirus numbers to those affected by the flu in the United States just this season! 15,000,000 affected!!…140,000 hospitalized, over 10,000 died so far in the U.S. alone!!! If these numbers don’t scare you and if these numbers haven’t caused the global economy to take notice why should the Coronavirus have such a great effect? Because they want the public afraid. I believe that they want the control over the downside reactions to the market, and a ruse to distract the public from looking at the real problems that exist in the economy and the financial system.
          Like Ray Dario said a couple of days ago…”In a year from now the world will hardly remember this virus! “ This from a man who knows China very well.
          Mankind has been dealing with viruses for time immemorial. It’s a virus…that pails in comparison to our flu season! But what do we hear about this from our coordinated media coverage? Crickets!! Over 10,000 death…Crickets!
          But we shall see! I respectfully disagree with you,…as I am in the Ray Dalio camp.

          • Greg Hunter

            We will Jennifer. Please prepare anyway. At the very least, this is going tom be a huge economic problem globally. This is the blaclkest of Black Swans.

  35. Nick in UK

    “Born with a silver spoon in their mouths” is a reference to the rich in the old days who rarely died of common ailments or viruses and generally lived longer. This is now believed to be because the rich had silver cutlery.

    Silver is the most powerful natural antibiotic and germ killer ever discovered and also the cheapest. It kills all bacteria, fungi and viruses yet does not harm useful body bacteria.

    In light of the current pandemic the ability to produce your own collodial silver and not rely on the state to “heal / save” you is worth the time and effort in my opinion.

    There is a good book called available by Max Crarer ” Everything you need to know about collodial silver” available on Amazon for under ten dollars. It explains the benefits and how to make and store it. ( I am not related to him lol)

    If the wider general public becomes aware of the benefits of collodial silver that alone would cause the demand for physical silver products to skyrocket.

    Is the Coronaviruses a contrived cover for global market crash and worldwide depression or is it infecting fifty thousand a day with about 1500 dying every day as per latest Chris Martenson offering ?
    All I know is we are NOT being told the truth.

    • Gary C

      Nick, we are using that machine right now, along with stocking up on oregano, tea tree oil, and various anti fungals

      Unfortunately even the natural sourced products are mainly sourced out of China.

      Prescription Meds: 85% China, Generic Meds India, they source 80% from China according to my Pharmacist, who informed me today that Canada already has a supply problem and he has had to substitute some heart meds, he could not fill a three month supply for me, only one month and this is not related to the Virus YET.

  36. Jerry

    This is off topic, but I have some information you may want to know about. A good friend of mine, who does computer programming for a major corporation, was just put in quarantine after coming home from Chicago with a virus, after working there for three weeks. I’m not saying it’s corona virus, but I thought it was odd that they would not allow him to come to work, and have issued mask to his family.
    The symptoms have all the ear marks of the virus highlighted by attacking the lungs and respiratory system. The thing that alarms me, is that our local hospital is now passing out face mask to anyone who enters. Maybe it’s precaution? Maybe the CDC knows something and doesn’t want to create a panic? Who knows. But whenever I see something that seems out of the ordinary I have to ask why?

  37. H. Craig Bradley


    Discussing Central Bank interventions is just stating the obvious. He has nothing better to do than promote gold and silver bullion.

    Warren Buffet and his investment partner, Charlie Munger see clouds on the horizon. Actually, anybody paying attention in the past 10 years is concerned about the long term future. Many growing uncertainties. Few places for retail investors to hide.

    I expect most people, particularly those with very expensive houses, will eventually pay a price if nobody has the cash to buy them at cost. In fact, we are seeing housing deflation in select high-end areas around the country.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are touting those incompetent weasels, Buffett and Munger, that required a tax payer bailout in 2008 and 2009????????? They see clouds????????? Really???? Do they see the Repo market taken over by the Fed propping their funds up???????? They should have been forced into bankruptcy for the stupid investments they made in companies such as Goldman, GE, and many other companies that required a bailout to save their bacon. “Mt secretary pays more tax than I do” says incompetent Buffett. Yes Warreen but your secretary does not require trillions of dollar in bailouts to keep you and your fund form going hoofs up!!!! Buffett = incompetent and in my view fraudulent. Pay back all the taxpayer money Warren you weasel.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Is this an economy and culture that primary rewards incompetents, political insiders, cronies. and assorted groupies or Yes-Men or sycophants ? If you answer yes, then what is contemporary America exactly? Next, I have to say or ask: Greg, Where is YOUR $ Billion Dollars? Both Warren and Munger have the credentials and proven record of success.

        Can you argue with success? I can not. Today’s American is jealous and envious of financially successful men because most have no chance of achieving real wealth themselves. They are slaves to the boss or Corp. and act like the serfs they are. Call the masses the Despicables ?

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Greg Hunter was a former political reporter, not necessarily a financial reporter with CNN. Lou Dobbs covered the markets, as I recall.

        • Greg Hunter

          I was not a political reporter at least that’s not what my contract said at ABC and CNN. I was contracted at both networks to be an investigative correspondent. You can find examples of my work in the “about” section of USAWatchdog.com. https://usawatchdog.com/bio/

  38. James Brown

    Greg, James Brown here.
    As always Brother, I love you Man!!!
    Thank you for this interview.
    A couple weeks ago you interviewed Martin Armstrong and he pointed out, “the central banks have lost control of interest rates and now interest rates will go up”. In listening to you and David, I sensed a connection. Like, maybe, whatever “controls” are keeping silver at $15/20 per ounce, maybe that control is now lost. I expect you might have Peter Schiff or Michael Pento on soon, perhaps you could run this by them? I mean, minor detail, Peter runs a precious metal business. I have some silver coins because gold is too expensive. I expect there to be a crazy pulse where silver goes to $200 for a short while. Costs me nothing if I’m wrong, silver’s not going to zero (what say you Mr. “Dot Com”).

  39. SilverHawk

    The Plan…
    Step 1. Set up shop. 1913
    Step 2. Steal all the gold. 1933
    Step 3. Steal all the silver. 1964
    Step 4. Steal everything else. 202?
    Step 5. Bankrupt people/country, start Monopoly game all over again, with gold and silver.

    Reference: JPM, Fed, Rothschilds and the other 1%-er’s who are in the know.

    Getting closer! Right now my puzzle pieces “The Stand” and “Georgia Guidestones” are flashing at me. Waiting for that next 1000+ DOW drop that should have already happened. Been watching the massive gold and silver buying that were taking place on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Seems to have subsided. I’m getting the feeling, “any day”. Any day now. Silver. What’s in your vault?

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