Fed Going to Kill Dollar – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says Fed Head Janet Yellen “lied” when she spoke last week about the “mystery” of not hitting the Fed’s inflation targets. Mannarino explains, “It’s no mystery.  You have to choke or laugh or barf when you hear her say something like that, and no one checks her on that.  It’s an absolute lie, an incredible lie . . . the economy is dead in the water.  It’s Economics 101.  That’s why she can’t create inflation.  It’s no mystery.  The cash isn’t moving.  The cash is not moving because the economy is going nowhere.  She can perpetuate the lie because she has managed to inflate the stock market.  The average person looks at the stock market and says the stock market is going up.  So, that means our economy is doing well.  It’s an incredible thing, but it’s just not the truth.  This is how they can twist people’s minds.  By keeping the market elevated, it is an illusion.  The illusion becomes real to the uninformed.”

Mannarino says rates are going higher, and that will be bad for house prices. Mannarino explains, “If Yellen is successful and the yield curve starts to normalize, because right now it’s flat, that would put pressure on housing, and cash would come out of housing.  You would lose the wealth effect.  You can get a selloff in bonds, a selloff in the stock market, and this could turn into something very, very ugly, which it’s going to do one way or the other.  Again, if Janet Yellen is successful, the cost of money or the cost of cash will rise.  What does that mean?  That means the dollar, theoretically, should get stronger.  Multinational companies’ earnings are going to suffer.  That will put more pressure on the stock market. . . . It’s kind of unusual that the Fed is choosing right now to normalize their balance sheet.  The Fed is talking about getting rid of those mortgage-backed securities right now at the top of a housing market bubble.  They know it’s a bubble, and they re-inflated that bubble on purpose.”

Mannarino also warns that bills for storm damage and bankrupt states are piling up. U.S. territory Puerto Rico was destroyed by a hurricane and is bankrupt. States like Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio are also having debt problems.  Mannarino contends, “This is how they are going to kill the currency.  The Fed is going to be forced to print more cash out of thin air and loan them money, whatever it’s going to be, and then the currency dissolves.  We’ve seen this before. . . . At some point, we are going to face an absolute and complete meltdown of the system.  The debt based economic model is fraudulent.  It’s a Ponzi scheme. The federal government is going to be asked to do something, and that will kill the currency, and we are going to get hyperinflation.  That’s when the cash is going to start to move.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “The central banks are going to take everything. You will be a serf at some particular time, serving your masters like you do already.  I think we are going to be experiencing a new middle age–period.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Paul ...

    As Mannarino says: “The average person looks at the stock market and says the stock market is going up. So, that means our economy is doing well … but it’s just not the truth … it is an illusion.”
    Lets put some numbers to this illusion … assuming an average working mans pay of $22/hr … it currently takes 112 hours of work to buy the S&P 500 (the highest in 50 years) … back in the 70’s it took only about 15 hours of work to buy the S&P 500 … Now guess how many hours of work it takes to buy a Bit Coin? … 159 hours!! … making crypto an even bigger illusion then even the stock market … and war with N. Korea will bring a very very dark future for all of mankind!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Paul, you are spot on. Then we get this garbage from the MSM


      • Paul ...

        AA … what happened to the Trump who was so concerned about some children in Syria being gassed?? … now he has our entire nuclear weapons arsenal posed to kill millions??? … we flushed Hillary down the drain because we did not want someone in office that would pose an extraordinary and undeniable threat to the continued existence of humanity … Trump where are you?? … it is like we have a “Trump Clone” generated by the Deep State in their underground laboratory (with rosy cheeks) now in the White House … surrounded by warmongering neocons with “joy sticks” moving his mouth … and why is it all the people “who knew Trump well” seem to have been methodically removed from being close to Trump … is it so their “Trump Clone” won’t be detected??? … I wouldn’t put it past the evil Satanic neocons to give us a Disneyland “robotic” President … hope they didn’t send our “human” Trump to the same place they sent the passengers on those 9-11 planes!! … it is just “too obvious” that this Trump we have now “is not the same man we elected”!!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember how Trump stated publicly that he will destroy ISIS in Syria … well it seems the Trump “clone” has now changed that policy to including full scale battlefield collusion with ISIS against Syrian and Russian forces … if this is the “real” Trump doing this … then the Deep State must have compromising photo’s of him when he went to Lolita Island! … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-24/russia-releases-photos-showing-us-special-ops-isis-positions-syria … hey Trump … if the Deep State has photos … let them release them … we will forgive you … just get back to doing the right things for our Nation!

          • Silence is Golden

            Look not to the words spoken by POTUS. Analyse his actions.
            All & sundry have (except for a minority) a clear case of sudden amnesia.
            Trump is a Billionaire…he lives and breathes and more importantly relies heavily on the system to function. He didn’t achieve his extraordinary wealth by having a conscience…he is not concerned about the ordinary man. He will achieve nothing to further enhance the American standard of living….notwithstanding the “Bring Manufacturing Back” ….BS !!!
            So much Rhetoric spewing from his mouth pre-election (not unlike Hillary)…and all past President elects. Full of promises…empty on delivery.
            He is no different to Bush (Snr. & Jnr.) and Clinton….all very wealthy people. What did they achieve for the masses other than ruin and sustaining a corrupted financial system that benefits & delivers in perpetuity to the small group of families who continue to harvest from the world population.
            Once they are elected and sworn in (hahahaha….pay close attention ) they realise the trap that they find themselves in, its too late. Act and Obey and retire with a fortune, protection, revenue streams, lifetime membership to the Elite Power Structure and Societies…..for selling out the country. The magnet of Power and Control will be overridden with the guilt of the many thousands of lives he will sacrifice for the cause.
            We all want change and importantly someone in charge who can steer the ship back on course. Unfortunately the ship is rotten to the core.
            The unfortunate part in all of this is that we have all been lied to….for many, many… years…and whilst the truth is coming out and finding greater awareness…they still pull the strings/levers. Mark Twain would be rolling in his grave…..”LIES & DAMNED LIES”.

          • AA

            All done by design and Trump is part of the plan. Everyone gets a dip.

            • Greg Hunter

              Trump was NOT part of the plan. Hillary was and that plan failed.

              • Silence is Golden

                Which PLAN are you referring to Greg?
                Was it the one that attempted to have the Warmonger take office of CIC..OR…
                Was it the one that fooled the people into thinking that their vote actually counted ?
                I honestly believe we’ve all been duped for a very long time.
                The “Joke” is on us.

                • AA

                  I have to agree with you. The public have been fooled gain.

              • AA


                Then what is going on?

              • AA


                Then the new plan is worse than the first. ‘Better the devil you know’ , at least you could see it coming.

              • Silence is Golden

                Nomi’s article expresses my feelings exactly….she has fleshed out all the detail about the Man who was “Going to make America great again”.
                What do you think of Trump now Greg ??
                The Lesser of 2 Evils …hmm?

                • Greg Hunter

                  So sorry to disagree with you but Nomi may have simply started the hit piece with something “I HATE TRUMP.” She did not cite a single law broken and used ultra left leaning Public Citizen for a source thin on actual wrongdoing and law-breaking. It’s funny how this liberal organization would not touch the global charity fraud of Hillary Clinton. Laws were bro0ken here and it’s still going on. This is a Dem hit piece and NOT objective analysis. By the way, Trump is a Christian and Nomi is an Atheist.


                  • Silence is Golden

                    The Pope’s Catholic….yet he heads the criminal organisation that continues to commit crimes against humanity.
                    He doesnt get a hearing…no one is going to press charges.
                    “Hit Piece” or otherwise….Facts are FACTS. He will not serve the American citizen. I agree on that fact.
                    His agenda will be to esnure his pockets are lined and not to stray from the given course…designed by the Unelected Ruling Class.
                    Already the people are awake to the False promises, half Truths and Lies that were the foundation of his Election campaign.
                    Not taking sides here Greg. I dont like either of the two.
                    Evil has many faces.
                    In this upside down world where the 1% are beyond and above the law…. the citizenry will be forever castigated and repressed… just for being human. There is no equality or equitable distribution.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    What “facts”??? I read a lot of anger and allegations and no there, there. NOT objective in the least. Give me one incident where Trump has “lined his pockets” while President. YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE, AND THAT TOO IS A FACT. By the way, the Catholic church is NOT a criminal organization although it has committed crimes. I despise the Pope because is not Christian and does things counter to the Bible. By the way the most intense criticism of this Pope is coming inside the Catholic church. You do know Trump is doing the job in the White House for $1 a year? What kind of a guy would you out in to fight this sort of deep swamp where the entire system is corrupt? Give him a break.

                    In closing, please read what I wrote on person who emailed me about Nomi’s post on Trump: ” I’ll be the first to say Trump is not perfect, but you need someone with his experience on both sides to navigate the very deep swamp. You do know the story of King David in the Bible don’t you? He had one of his top generals killed in battle because he had a child and affair with the general’s wife. (God took the son away from David.) Of course, King David went on to serve God. Where do you think “Psalms” in the Bible comes from?

                    How about Saul/Paul? The Christian murdering Jew that “was blinded by Christ.” Saul repented after Christ appeared to him on the road to Damascus and later changed his name to Paul. Paul went on to write 3/4ths of the New Testament. Please do not gloss over the fact that Nomi is an atheist, and Trump is a Christian. I think the world of Nomi, but I simply do not agree with her appraisal, but then again, I too am a Christian and Love Christ. This is why I keep saying this is a battle between good and evil. God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ vs. the demonic (Satan.) Spoiler alert: Jesus wins. Check Matthew 28:18 and please note the word “ALL.”


        • Macray

          what happened to the Trump who was so concerned about some children in Syria being gassed??

          Paul, I don’t want go “Jim Willie” on you, but per the Don himself, he informed us all that he received the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake only after he he gave the order for the Syrian airstrikes.

          Training the Don with Chocolate Cake and positive reinforcement seems to be the Neocon’s method of choice for such behavior modification.

          I have no idea why the leaders of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Ven….. have not picked up on this and used on line sites, such as Gourmet Grocery Online, to their advantage?

    • H. Craig Bradley


      The average household looks at real estate prices and lo and behold, they are up. So, they feel like things are pretty good in their local economy anyway. Distant stories of state bankruptcy is conveniently ignored by the national media for the most part. All eyes are on Florida and the Caribbean with each approaching hurricane.

      The average retiree or investor feels wealthy because all their Index or Mutual Funds/ ETF’s are up 8% this year so far. Major Stock Index Funds are all way up since 2009 for everyone in nominal dollar terms, at least. Thus, many Americans feel flush and have been buying new cars to beat the band since this recovery began eight years ago. Now, home sales and car sales are leveling-off and sales growth has markedly slowed-down. However, consumer debt and government debt keeps climbing like a weed. We need additional stimulus and many anticipate QE 4 to begin sometime next year.

      So, here is one possible scenario for the FED and the U.S. Economy as things gradually slow-down even more this Winter into Spring:


      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Across the river here is a little town of Bluffton, SC. People bought property to retire in little housing neighborhoods. They fished and crabbed and walked…bought little boats. Then the gated communities came one after another. They made golf courses and sprayed Roundup everywhere. Now the fish and crabs are gone…poisoned so that these retirees (a life well planned) can have their dream.
        Everywhere those wealthy retirees go they ruin here in the south. Children are not allowed except for family visits. Cheap apts go up for the servant classes.
        Olde South disney has taken over Savannah…locals are leaving. You can’t get a decent breakfast anywhere. Thanks, Dow & Nasdac.

        • Old Bear Ron

          Deanna, Born in North Florida in 51. You are absolutely right. And, they want it all to be like it was “up” north.

      • Don Hicks

        How refreshing, two people that get it……..Keep questioning Trump’s actions, you will find your answers…….When his supporters shouted at a recent rally “lock her up”, he said they need to talk to Jeff Sessions for that, blowing them off……How much more evidence do you need? Again, keep questioning…..It’s all about what he DOES, not what he says……

    • Justn Observer

      I catch your ‘drift’ …but then Bit-coin is not sold just to U.S….so you really can not attribute it to ‘nominal’ value of FRNs can one? And the import of bit-coin to be independent OF the central banks…and more attune to the ‘real’ value of what many hope will align with the ‘true’ value of gold and silver… The SDR basket seems to be doing the same…by taking a ‘world’ perspective of all currencies…and their % there of in the basket…while hoping to keep the control with the ‘central banking system’ …which appears to have plans to move to Macau by some reports… The point being…I do not believe you acquainting bit-coin to merely the S&P as relevant via ratio of bit-coin to hours worked…since the dollar is ‘SWIFTLY’ – pun intended being devalued as we speak… Remembering – was not the ‘loonie’ and other ‘currencies’ devalued by 40% so time back…?
      Stated before…I do not own any Crypto…but as a more ‘digital’ system to ‘replace’ the current one outside the current one that people as quickly losing ‘faith’ in…and with the ‘hopeful’ prospect that it can side-step the manipulation of the Central Banking out of thin air process to serve as a digital transfer system that it replaces as one people will accept… if ‘some people’ stop bashing it and calling it a ‘fraud’ long enough to allow it to achieve that goal…’HINT’ ! Maybe – Greg will have Clif High and/ John McAfee on to explain just what a BIT-COIN ….IS ! What it is they are ‘MINING’ …what is the significance of it once one is produced that takes all the time, computer and energy to ‘generate’ the ‘unique’ what ..integar/whole prime number that can be uniquely defined…that as McAfee says….has value unto itself…due to the management/time/energy/storage/and verifiability and thus transferability that is unique to each bit-coin and subset thereof… of the other coin and tokens of that process. My view is it more of a – debit – wealth system not a ‘debt’ system that one must pay into…then can buy units of other coins and tokens unique to the proscribed intent of each… thus a ‘share’ of the process/project/ unit each of those is attributed… If one choses no longer to participate in it /them one can sell them and transfer them back to bit-coin…which can be used to buy other items/positions in other projects/ ownership of a asset tagged to a unique identifying title (VIN NUMBER/GPS CORRDINATE of land etc. Once you see the wider view…it is not hard to understand why those like Jamie Dimon hope to keep the ‘fraud’ illusion alive along enough so they can buy them up – and control the technology unto themselves… It is my ‘feeling’ that this got out ahead of them…and they are desperate and playing catch up…as it seems John McAfee and Clif High are aware. As are those like Bill Gates and Richard Branson…. Jim Richards also… but he seeing further down the road much earlier and that the added benefit of them being ‘tied’ to something that would make them more marketable and acceptable being tied to a ‘gold backed deposit’ which would however pull the ‘control’ back under those that can ‘control’ the physical ownership/deposits/security and access and production of it. That then would include the actual knowledge of the actual amounts as per what is suggested Bix Weir as to the Grand Canyon…and that of interest of the Jesuits in the ‘four corners’…
      Interesting that the issue at hand is mulled over every week …and the speculation continues on and on…and the same problem is pointed to and possible remedy postulated to deft ears… The ‘end’ will only come when you stop this process…and the ‘faith’ IS Lost and the people act thus. They will continue on ‘their’ path… until they can not…which IS….when the people no longer tolerate it! And then …just as Greg and Greg M. have been saying…it will ‘end badly’! They know this…and if you listen back to Catherine Austin Fitts previous interviews… this is a slow roll…they know it and ‘they’ are positioning while they keep you engaged. They are loading unloading the safe and loading the truck in the alley as they keep you occupied banging on the front door wanting in for an audit ! Once in…you will find what Munchin said is true…. That Gold is safe… and likely still safe… In their safe ! lol
      This comment is a few months old…but think Joe correctly picked up a piece that continues to be ‘glossed’ over that might suggest where the ‘real fraud’ being perpetrated might be found…you know …by the shareholders of the FED and J.P. Morgan types…https://youtu.be/19ujv01H5XU
      The idiocy comes when people go to Las Vegas stacking their against their pittance against the house and then always staying too long… refusing to admit history always repeats…and who is backing the house and who might be backing them and what steps might be taken – conceived – planned – executed to keep it that way?
      What might so may edicts and documents have in common?
      At some point without ACTION….all talk just becomes gibberish…
      Thank you Greg H. and Greg M… always enlightening…always an attempt at awareness… if only people would WAKE UP.
      Might you two offer an alarm clock with your images and a finger as the hands…and a very loud tune maybe say in …. A G D major 4 4 time Something clearly not in tune with the earths 9.83 Hz… or they will stay in this sensory depravation vat of liquidity forever.
      Well, It is 4am, 9-24…and I am at this point …still here so apparently ‘the end’ did not come yesterday…. not to say…it was not the day yesterday was not the start of it ! lol
      Likely something is brewing…albeit for now…it’s just coffee… Good Morning !

      • Paul ...

        Justn … I’m glad you don’t own any bitcoin … so I don’t have to go through all the arguments as to why it is evil!

    • Charles McNeely

      Actually, Bitcoin is a storage of value. It is the closest thing to true market value as it is solely valued based on supply and Demand. It can’t be in a bubble like Stocks can be. Because there is no price to earnings ratio. It isn’t valued by a companies earnings, or business, or dividend….it is truely priced by supply and demand. Bitcoins and cryptocurried are the closest thing to a true free market priced system !

      • Paul ...

        Charles … supply and demand of bit coins can be “easily manipulated” with “wash sales” … you are blind folded and walking a plank … just because your feet are not wet yet doesn’t mean you are safe!

    • Mike R

      By those numbers, everyone should just stop working and put all their money in Bitcoin and the markets. It’s an illusion nonetheless but I often wonder who is actually working ?

      In fact, one guy who stopped in my store, was chit chatting away, when I asked what he did for a living. He said he plays poker, and flies drones.


      So how many people are like him, that are just sucking off other people’s money ? You are talking ZERO productivity from these two ‘jobs.’ In fact, anyone in the financial business such as trading stocks, adds ZERO productivity. Its all financial skimming.

    • Frederick

      Mannarino is a physicians assistant and has been wrong forever He should go back to treating patients At least then he will be doing humanity some good

      • Greg Hunter


        Not true. He posts his trades and performance and is far from wrong forever. Shortly after Trump was elected, I interviewed Mannarino and he said this was a “game changer” and also predicted the market would go up–It did.


  2. John Woodhead

    Gregory Mannerino is right……this is biblical

    • This sceptred Isle

      Decay marks the end of every cycle. With entropy in the ascendancy our worldly systems are fragmenting and the veil that separates matter and spirit becomes evermore permeable. At this pivotal point the Anunnaki seek to return and manifest in earthly form. They hope to utilise the chaos and forge a new system based upon their new order and order out of chaos will follow. A satanic reflection of the divine if you will.
      As entropy takes hold and furthers our descent into the quantum soup of uncertainty an opportunity arises to create a new world. The Anunnaki hope to hijack this momentous occasion and fashion a world in their own image.

      • Corleone

        Unless Captain America and GI Jane move fast to setup Earth’s protective sphere, we will be turned into semireptilians and live in intergalactic feudalism for 500 years. I will contact Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane to discuss this possibility.

        • sk


  3. jim taylor

    Housing To Tank Hard Soon!

    • Frederick

      Jim It HAS to Unsustainable is the key word with housing

  4. John Woodhead

    A debt jubilee? That’s to honest for any politician

    • Frederick

      Debt jubilee? Are you kidding? They will take everything you own and have you living down by the river in a mobile home before they would jubilee anything Count on it

  5. FC

    “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” – Winston Churchill

    • William Stanley

      FC: I liked your quote of Winston Churchill. Here is another one, which is not, I think, at odds with yours.
      Winston Churchill: “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Eventually, they won.

      • FC

        “We shall fight at The Hamptons, we shall fight on the White House grounds, we shall fight in the NFL fields and in Wall Street, we shall fight Capital Hill; we shall never surrender.”

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Presaging the “Deep State”…
      “What Tocqueville did not consider was how long a government would remain in the hands of benevolent despots where it would be so much more easy for any group of ruffians to keep itself in power by disregarding all the traditional decencies of political life.”
      F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom
      I suspect Hayek would be of a mind that if we can’t see the ruffians by now–there is little hope we ever will! SOD

      • Paul ...

        Lets put the ruffians in an arena … let them battle it out instead of nuking millions of women and children on both sides … make it a ten round fight (or wrestling match)… Rocket Man vs Robot Man … we can televise it world-wide … sell tickets to fight for $100 dollars each … which can be used to pay health care costs for the people and make the world a better place (instead of bulldozing the nuclear charcoaled bodies of millions of women and children into mass graves) when the leaders finally decide “to negotiate” a new arms agreement and ceasefire!

        • Paul ...

          I would have suggested that at the upcoming Olympics games … we could have had a US team compete with a N.Korean team … if the US team wins Kim Jung -un gives up his ICBM rockets … if the N.Korean team wins Trump gives Kim the State of California … the only reason I didn’t suggest this is because the US team likely won’t salute the American flag and thus won’t have their heart in winning the battle for us!!

          • Paul ...

            Perhaps because of the age difference between Trump and Kim it should not be a physical battle between the two but a mental battle … we can give them both “paint guns” and drop them in a jungle somewhere to hunt each other (perhaps we can get Vietnam to provide the jungle area where the battle can take place) … it does not have to be a battle to the death (we can be civilized about this fight) … and may the better man win!! … imagine the money that can be saved by doing away with standing armies … the Military Industrial Complex won’t like it … but who cares about constantly feeding them trillions of dollars per year … we need the money to provide a better life for us … the people … (paying the warmongering neocons trillions each year to bring us Nuclear Armageddon is not what I consider “a better life” for me and my children)!!

        • Gary

          Paul I agree with the vast majority of your comments that you post, however please consider the following in regards to Kim & Trump.
          Trump opens a golf course, cuts Kim in on the deal, so he can reward his backers, EVERYONE IS HAPPY, end of problem Trump rips off their rare earth metal deposits, and puts a golf course over every mine site.

          • Greg Hunter

            Good one Gary and funny thing is it could work under the right circumstances.

          • Paul ...

            Yes Gary … Now that is the old Trump I want … not the “new one” with Hillary’s warmongering brain!!

  6. AndrewB

    Debt Jubilee! People hoping for a ‘debt jubilee’ seem to overlook that debt is held as an asset. For example, most pension funds are heavily ‘invested’ in government bonds (debt). Cancel the debt and you wipe out the pension fund ‘assets’ and there’s no money to pay all those who have faithfully paid into their pension funds throughout their working lives. This acknowledgement that one person’s debt is another’s asset is not in support of our criminal debt based economic system – it’s just a reality check. The family banking dynasties who have engineered the financial system are the only winners – the majority of mankind are debt-slave losers (they just don’t know it).

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”
    Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

    • Tom D.

      Jubilee only applies to the Fed holdings of US Treasuries, not pension funds. It will probably never happen in the US, but it is highly likely in Japan.

    • Silence is Golden

      Enter GOLD.
      Perhaps the solution to the inflation issue might be to devalue the USD.
      Gold will re-enter the monetary system and it’s revaluation to many thousands of dollars higher will bring about the desired inflation. Simultaneously the debt is inflated away.
      The biggest Debtor and Creditor nations will be key players…..both benefitting from currency devaluation.
      There is a changing of the guard on our doorstep. OIL/GOLD/CURRENCY. The PetroYuan is a stealthily conceived plan.
      If I didn’t know any better I would say that the US and China have agreed to cooperate to ensure its success. Of course the Bullion Banks are on side. Suppression of Gold price is paramount before any substantial revaluation.
      Is it by design or by necessity? OR BOTH ?
      Whatever the motive, it will disadvantage the American citizen. If the Industrialists were successful in their ”Offshoring” under the mantra of Globalisation…then it would not be unreasonable to expect further pain on the home front. Inflation will get ahead of the FED…..sadly many more Americans’ standard of living will deteriorate.
      So many pieces to the puzzle.
      It would be easy if we had the big picture.
      Unfortunately that blueprint is to be seen only behind closed doors.

      • tin foil hat

        Silence is Golden,

        I agree gold will be essential to the solution, if not the solution, to the debts issue.
        Regarding the oil/gold/currency, I suspect the US and China have agreed to cooperate to ensure its success. Hardly no one is paying attention to the “Working Group” which Jerry always brings back to the forefront – a clearing exchange for only dollar and yuan just doesn’t make any sense, unless ….

        I watched the first episode of the Star Trey and was surprised to see an Asian as the Captain of the USS Shenzhou!!! I did a little research to see if there were hidden/subliminal messages behind the story and I came up with this;

        “Discovery will split the main cast between two ships: The eponymous USS Discovery, and the USS Shenzhou. Commanding the Shenzhou is Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou, with two other main characters aboard this vessel.
        The website SpaceInvader has reported leaks that reveal the fate of the USS Shenzhou, and these “inside sources” offer an interesting explanation for why Star Trek: Discovery has its main cast divided between two ships — because the USS Shenzhou is the Discovery itself.”

    • This sceptred Isle

      “People hoping for a ‘debt jubilee’ seem to overlook that debt is held as an asset.”

      Absolutely right! If people understood this confidence would evaporate and the system would collapse. The reality that one person’s financial assets are another person’s debt explains the impossibility of solving the Greek financial crisis. Greece cannot afford to service their debts whilst the European banks cannot afford to write-off the assets related to those debts. Their only solution seems to be to be for the ECB to buy the junk bonds and move the liability from private hands to public hands. So risk is never eliminated, just shuffled around.

      Mannarino is absolutely right to compare out future to the medieval age: Welcome to the neo-feudal system where we are the debt surfs and the bankers are our Lords and masters.

    • Randy RHCE

      Good Morning Andrew
      “that debt is held as an asset” Correct, Correct, Correct!

      Savings invested into productive assets which produce productive savings, whereas credit is created to produce consumption which produces debt!

    • William Stanley

      AndrewB: You make an important point.

    • Frederick

      Andrew People who believe in a debt jubilee are fools and living in denial Ain’t gonna happen

  7. Anthony Australia

    Great production Greg!

  8. Paul ...

    Trump previously said: “Hillary should be in jail”, “I’m going to build a wall”, “Let’s cleanse the swamp” , the Fed must go”, “bring our troops home from Afghanistan”, “Hillary will start WWIII” … now Trump says: “Hillary is a nice lady”, “Janet Yellen is a nice lady” , “I’m sending more troops to Afghanistan” … many Trump supporters are getting frustrated and beginning to question Trump’s perceived abdication of his nationalist agenda … Breitbart has now openly attacked Trump for his “strange action” supporting Strange (a swamp creature) to take over Jeff Sessions old job and for his decision to allow DACA to be preserved in law by striking a deal with “Chuck and Nancy” … now here we are on the verge of nuclear war with N. Korea … exactly “not” what we voted Trump into office for … hey Trump … the reason we rejected Hillary was because she was going to bring us to war!!

    • Silence is Golden

      Home run!!!
      Like I said in the WNW …
      ….(his) actions speak louder than words.
      Even blind freddy can see the charade.

    • FC

      Paul, I have said many times before and agree with GM that physical force by the people is the only way Washington will ever be known as Cleansington.

    • This sceptred Isle

      You do wonder if Trump has any core values or beliefs.

    • randy0302

      That is all true. Time to look for a substitute for Trump.

      • Autofixer

        He doesn’t. I tried to point this out during the Republican Primary season, but the Trump cult of personality (Like the Bill Clinton and Obama cults before) was too strong to overcome. Now we are reaping what we have sown. No wall. Amnesty. Obamacare. Escalating debt. War.

    • Frederick

      Yes yes and yes again We’ve been Trumped Pauli no doubt about it

    • William Stanley

      Hi Paul. . .
      You’ve rendered a pretty good summation of my current frustrations with President Trump as well. Yes, we have yet to reach the nadir of this crisis. However, I know you never thought this was going to be easy. Moreover, don’t you sense that the “rate of rot” has slowed?
      It seems to me that we have barely begun marshaling our forces. Even though eventual victory is certain, for now, in the words of Winston Churchill (our theme for the day), we have not much on offer, but “Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat.”

    • Dan

      Couldn’t agree more Paul, Trump’s turning out to be just another politician who will say anything to get elected – we’ve been duped!

      • Jamie-Dimon

        Show must go on and it will for a while. When the FED starts to shrink its balance sheet it will simply force the debt down the throats of their vasall states. Countries like Japan, Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Korea, Saudi Arabia and the UAE will pock up thr slack and finally write down massive losses when the dollar devalues or when the US defaults.

    • tin foil hat

      How is Trump supposed to drain the swamp when his support team took a knee. He probably knew his team was compromised when Jeff Session, the one holding the pump to drain the swamp, recused himself from the Russian Collusion investigation.

  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Once again, thank you!
    As you and your guests have pointed out for years, financial catastrophe is coming. Mr. Mannarino approaches the situation from one direction, other of your guests have approached it from other directions (including as a battle between good and evil). But they mostly paint the same approaching catastrophe as, essentially, having the same proximate cause: the Federal Reserve and other central banks as enabling agents of a financial system fueled by debt-based fiat money.
    I saw a piece today by one of your occasional guests, Hugo Salinas Price who, coming at this from a slightly different perspective, pointed to a mechanism by which the dying of the petrodollar, combined with the rise of a gold-backed petro-yuan, will lead to increased flows of gold to China and the resulting devaluation of both currencies relative to gold — and (by extension) to other tangible assets.
    China will end up with most of the gold and, hence, will have most of the negotiating power if a “new-world-order” currency is created, as envisioned by another of your occasional guests, Jim Rickards. Rickards, like Mr. Mannarino, sees a collapse of credit and commerce (ice nine, Rickards calls it) and decelerating money velocity (as you and Mr Mannarino called it today).
    Thus, it seems, whether or not the new system has gold-backed money, the USA and most of its citizens will become less wealthy and, perhaps, increasingly lose their sovereignty based on any and all of these analytical approaches — unless drastic changes from some source and direction not readily apparent are quickly forthcoming.
    Failure seems to lurk in every direction, and that increases the likelihood of war. As yet another of your occasional guests, Mr. Gerald Celente puts it: “When all else fails, they take you to war.”
    Yet giving up is unthinkable; we must soldier on. Knowing the nature of our predicament is an essential precondition to correct action. You and your guests are illuminating the predicament quite well. Therefore, I believe, we will somehow find that path to eventual victory.

    • Dan

      Nice summary!

    • William Stanley

      My use the term “gold-backed yuan” was technically incorrect. Hence the apparently paradoxical conclusion that the yuan would lose value relative to gold. The petrodollar-yuan scheme Price was talking about is a type of limited gold backing for the yuan that is only offered to oil exporting countries. What is envisioned to happen is that those countries would take their some of their yuan (or gold which would only be sourced from western suppliers) to London and exchange it for dollars and other currencies. The banks would then look for a source of dollars, which China would be more than willing to provide. China would then buy western gold with the dollars and ship it to China. Here is a link to the article: https://www.sgtreport.com/articles/2017/9/23/my-views-regarding-prospects-for-gold

  10. Neil

    Thanks Greg x2,
    I though that was a really good interview 🙂
    Given how few people are truly aware what is going down I agree this systemic failure is going to have epic/tragic consequences. All you can do is try to direct people’s awareness away from the matrix toward self preservation as best you can. Unfortunately when I have tried to inform people myself I haven’t had much success – as in people are so far behind the curve the things I speak of makes me sound like a nutcase. I do appreciate your courageous efforts to publicise the developing circumstance and the YouTube resource you provide. I hope more people find their way to your informative reporting soon (else a few survivors might be sharing a new dark age.) Keep up the good works… Oh and fear not 😉

    • H. Craig Bradley


      The U.S. Middle Class has been in secular shrinkage ever since 1980. Most of the production jobs that previously sustained the American Working Class ( Middle Class) have been eliminated by off-shoring to China, Mexico, or by using software and Robotics. This trend keeps chipping away at the so-called “breadwinner” or full time jobs that sustain Middle Class lifestyles and real estate prices.

      To help cope with stagnant real wages and low economic growth, the Middle Class has grown more indebted to the U.S. Bankers than ever before with ever more credit and debt. They are struggling to survive and not informed as much about government, except the latest scandal or rogue ( The Clinton Foundation). Can one see a possible end of the road here?

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Like Noah, you have to build your own “Ark”. The majority of the population will carry-on like everyone else does and believe whatever they are told. By thinking independently and being well informed, you stand a better chance of surviving the coming “Hurricane” if you are lucky. We each are on our own to try to figure things out. Just don’t get caught-up in a panic or follow the crowd. Have an ark or rural retreat lined-up, if possible.

    • William Stanley

      Neil: I agree, this situation looks really dark. And most people are still way behind the curve. Nevertheless, I sense that more and more people are waking up. So the race is on — will enough people wake up quickly enough?

      • Silence is Golden

        IMHO…I don’t believe they will.
        If 100 years hasn’t already woken the masses…..then the next few years are not going to be ones in which miracles are being performed.
        Sad reality…The Grand theft will continue.
        Debt slaves at Birth …debt slaves at Death.

    • Jodyp

      Nutcase Neil. Nutcase Jodyp here. I’ve given up since realizing the more people you talk to, the more that’s gonna remember where you are and what you have when things go south. Lots of hard choices ahead. It’s gonna be rough.

      • Neil

        Craig, William, Jody,
        I know what you are saying… I am thinking this has run on to where it can only end very badly now by default or design. Those having done their best to forewarn others may end up being a target for robbery or misplaced hostility in the event… as you imply it may be prudent to just lay very low at this stage of the play or be ready to quietly leave town ahead of the main event. Presently I will help people to a better understanding of the situation but only if they come across in conversation as independent thinkers at least vaguely aware things are not ok. I avoid talking about details of the NWO etc. which is just too much for most to encounter straight on, and also what specific preparations I might have made. Time seems to be nearly run out to make a difference. Who is aboard by now might be all we have. I don’t think we can avoid a major change in how we live because of the prospectively small numbers of ‘survivors’. It may be that the bankers end up owning everything but at the same time being ‘King of Nothing’.

    • Biff Trumbull

      Neil 09/24/2017 • Reply
      I hope more people find their way to your informative reporting soon (else a few survivors might be sharing a new dark age.) Keep up the good works… Oh and fear not 😉

      Yup, Niel things are and will be rougher!
      But there is a sure hope

      Niel, the Israelites experienced extreme cruelty in ancient Egypt, how did God the father respond to their outcries?
      God, is like a loving parent, showing compassion. This quality is clearly seen in the way he dealt with Israel of old. By the end of the 16th century B.C.E., millions of Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, where they were severely oppressed. (Exodus 1:11, 14) In their distress, the Israelites cried out to their God Jehovah. How did the God of compassion respond?

      God’s heart was touched. He said: “I have seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt, and I have heard their outcry . . . I well know the pains they suffer.” (Exodus 3:7) He could not see the sufferings of his people or hear their outcries without feeling for them. Our heavenly father is a God of empathy. And empathy—the ability to identify with the pain of others—is akin to compassion. However, God did not just feel for his people; he was moved to act in their behalf. Isaiah 63:9 says: “In his love and in his compassion he himself repurchased them.” With “a strong hand,” he rescued the Israelites out of Egypt. (Deuteronomy 4:34) Thereafter, he provided them with miraculous food and delivered them into a fruitful land of their own and the psalmist’s words assure us that God is does not show compassion to his people only as a group. Our loving God is deeply concerned about us as individuals. He is keenly aware of any suffering we may undergo. The psalmist said: “The eyes of Jehovah are toward the righteous, And his ears are open unto their cry.
      Jehovah is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart, And saveth such as are of a contrite spirit.” (Psalm 34:15,18 American Standard Version) How does God help us as individuals? He does not necessarily remove the cause of our suffering. But he has made abundant provisions for those who cry out to him for help. His Word offers practical counsel that can make a difference. In life, he provides the spiritually qualified, look around! They endeavor to reflect his compassion in helping others. (James 5:14, 15) As the “Hearer of prayer,” God gives “holy spirit to those asking him.” (Psalm 65:2; Luke 11:13) All such provisions are expressions of “the tender compassion of our God.”—Luke 1:78.

      It’s thrilling to contemplate our heavenly Father’s love, in these last day,s of this cruel and wicked, doomed system!

      Hallelujah Hebrew halălūyāh praise ye Yahweh, English Jah.

  11. H. Craig Bradley


    When you look at the developing State and Local Government fiscal situation, it looks like a incipient Hurricane before it becomes visible and threatening in the Caribbean Sea. We tend to ignore developments until they reach a certain size (large). Many large cities are very poorly managed, in fact, about as bad as many so-called Third World Countries.

    So, unless you live in one of them, its no big deal as “All Politics is Local”, All Real Estate is Local, and all gossip is local. Life is where you live it, not in a neighboring state. Its not All Federal ether. People’s perceptions of life are based on their first hand experiences. For example, Los Angeles has about 10,000 Active Police Officers , but there are actually even more retired police officers collecting their public pensions in many large U.S. Cities.
    Generally, most Public employee Pensions are terribly underfunded (70% or less ) and can not make good on their promised future benefits at current levels, especially if the particular jurisdiction goes bankrupt later-on. Los Angeles spends 15% of their annual operating budget just to fund all their retirees and public pension contributions (CALPERS).
    So, even to a casual observer, this is now an ongoing train wreak or developing Hurricane, as you choose to regard it. So, whatever the FED does or does not actually do with their balance sheet, we also have local fiscal issues to contend with. Most people have no idea what the FED is. Most Americans think its part of the FEDERAL Government even still ( since 1913 ). No clue whatsoever.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Bradley:
      Great comment!

  12. Tom D.

    Thank you for asking about a debt jubilee. Mannarino’s answer was a little vague and I think too pessimistic concerning a jubilee. If you want to pursue this end game solution further, I recommend you interview David Zervos, the Chief Market Strategist for Jefferies, Inc. The end game for the US monetary problem will probably be high levels of inflation, which would hurt the bond market and the US dollar; however, if Trump’s de-regulation policies work it could ignite small business and our economy may recover without the more damaging predictions of hyperinflation.

    In Japan, they are much more indebted than the US, which means that QE in the US could continue for much longer. The Bank of Japan owns 40% of all their government bonds…Zervos believes they will burn the bonds when the level reaches 70% or higher. This monetization of the debt would not include private holders of government debt, only the central bank holdings; thereby, individual Japanese bond holders would not be hurt, stocks and commodities would go up, but the Yen would go down because a debt jubilee hurts the currency. Inflation being a hidden tax, makes this solution much more likely and acceptable to politicians than trying to raise taxes on citizens to pay off the bonds.. A Bond Fire of the Vanities as Zervos calls it. This is all very interesting because it means all the talk of economic gloom, doom, and war are not the only ways out of our troubles. Of course, if we had never abandoned constitutional money, gold and silver, we would not have all these fiat money problems.

    • Frederick

      Tom Not necessarily true The Japanese debt is almost if not completely held internally whereas our debt is held by entities outside the US as well It’s not a fair comparison.

  13. NH Watcher

    I find it revealing to watch the ongoing situation unfold in Puerto Rico, which was clearly devastated far more than either Texas or Florida. Puerto Rico is being seen as a “test case” for the Elite, possibly as to how to manage an EMP strike against the mainland U.S., which is really North Korea’s and/or Iran’s only course of retaliation in the eventual WWIII. Isn’t it ironic that donation sites (including on Google’s home page) sprang up within days of Harvey and Irma, and we still see mostly silence re: Puerto Rico? PR has absolutely no funds or ability to rebuild itself, and yet all of its inhabitants are U.S. citizens. Keep watching what happens next. What GM refers to as a return to the Middle Ages is happening right now in PR. Daily curfews and essentially martial law.

  14. Fred

    Greg, Let’s make this clear. Your guests, you, I or anyone does NOT know how this will all play out. The only thing anyone can put out are different scenarios of what they think could happen. These are un-chartered waters today. Since no one knows what future events will unfold, there is only one thing to do. Each person should protect them self as best they can: pay off all forms of debt, have some cash reserve in hand, buy some gold eagles, buy junk silver, buy some precious metal mining stocks. This will give a person a fighting chance against a fiat debt-based system and derivatives system that is at mind boggling and universes beyond extreme high levels the world financial system has ever been in.

  15. Frederick

    Greg said he’s been ” Yellen ” about this for so long Funny

  16. al

    Gregory M.,

    You are 1000% correct! My part time work is working at a high end classic car shop where the average car costs about $200K and up. I’m working on a car now that’s worth $400K. I speak to Millionaires all the time, when they visit they usually let their hair down at the shop that’s when I run by some economic stats. I’m here to tell you, THEY HAVE NO DAMNED CLUE AT ALL! NONE!

    You wonder how this system is going on for so long? The big money is too stupid or to afraid to face the facts you mention.
    The breaking point will be the reset/hyperinflation scenario where they see a rapid decline of their net worth and as you said, that’s coming.

    Housing? I think it’s going to linger at these levels in nominal terms however, inflation adjusted, they will crash. I know you understand what I’m saying. The average Millionaire doesn’t.

    God Bless you both
    Excellent segment

    PS: Gregory, please take a break from this, at least for a week. Livermore committed suicide for a reason and I don’t want to see a fellow gumba (compare) in the same boat. This crap is depressing at times, please do a self check.

  17. Da Yooper

    IF the fed really wants money “velocity”

    all they have to do is bail out the American taxpayer

    they will spend the bailout & that will increase money “velocity”

    Bail America out not the bankers

    • Frederick

      How can you be assured they won’t just hoard the money or buy gold with it and hoard that Oh right you’re talking about Americans

      • Da Yooper


        some of us will do the right thing if this comes to pass

        most will do the wrong thing & make the bankers happy

        such is life

    • Old Bear Ron

      Al, you are very correct. Most rich know nothing of what you (and us) speak. I quit a long time ago, talking to anyone about all of this. They looked at me as if I was crazy when I spoke on these topics. Back in 2008, we sold our house, made $299,000 tax free profit on our home. Everyone thought we were stupid….out of our mind for selling $100,000 less than they thought it was worth (house with 10 acres just outside of Tampa). Told my very rich uncle (has about $800 million) that the market and housing was going to crash….he just smirked….. funny, he never mentioned a comment to me about that. My partner/husband works with millionaire….their ops manager….. they have no clue. At cocktail parties, it takes all I can not to say a word about all of this. They all live in a fantasy world, and think it will go on forever. It might, but I do not want any part of it today. Thanks for all the articles and great comment section Greg (and Greg).

  18. Russ

    Thank you – Greg Squared were on a roll today. Greg M’s explanation of a debt jubilee is probably correct; no one alive has been through one so it’s hard to say for certain. People who are holding debt suddenly find the “assets” they hold wiped out as in erased from the ledger. Most folks only see a debt jubilee as it pertains to their own personal debt, or maybe sovereign debt, but at this point debt is so intertwined that a jubilee will implode the system.

    A transition to an asset/wealth based system is more likely imo. How that transition would work and how long it would take is a huge question. Also, the owners of the current central bank fiat system (Rothchilds et al) will not go quietly. That may be the reason Greg M. thinks this debt based system will be replaced with another debt based system; it’s the only way the central banks will go along.

    But I look at China, Russia and India gold holdings and recent articles about China buying oil with the Yuan/RMB convertible to gold, and conclude that they (BRICS) want to transition to hard currencies and away from fiat currencies run by Rothchild central banks.

    Interesting times.

  19. Alan

    Thanks as always guys!

    There is NO mystery here, Ms Y’s lies nothwithstanding. This is EXACTLY what she is paid to do/say/spin, no one who is unwilling to spread the false narrative would never be allowed to attain the the lofty position of Fed chair.

    The absence of any challenge to her obvious gross mischaracterization only affirms the fact that the media, particularly the financial media, are completely bought & pd for, not that that observation is anything but obvious.

    The travesty continues, and will… until it no longer can.

    “Attention Titanic passengers, the Martini Bar is open!”


    • Alan

      sorry for the typo… meant to write that no one who is unwilling to spread the false narrative would EVER be allowed to attain the the lofty position of Fed chair.

  20. JC

    Greg I am no more informed now then when I started watching the interview. Bonds, and fed dumping its balance sheet.. I don’t know how that works, much less what the cause and effect would be. This interview I say is way over the average viewer. I keep watching, and hopping someone will boil things down to my level.

    • Greg Hunter

      Interest rates are going to go up we just do not know when. The Fed just might kill the dollar too.

      • jc

        I am in no hurry.

  21. Barn Cat

    It’s worth noting that real inflation is much higher than 2%. It’s probably at least 7%. I’m sure everyone here is familiar with the work of John Williams at shadowstats.com.

  22. Tad

    The recent spat between Mr. Trump and the NFL and NBA suggests this wouldn’t be a good Sunday for upstanding Americans to watch NFL football. I think we’ll be disgusted by what occurs before and during the Star Spangled Banner.

  23. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Greg interview. Always enjoy G-squared. I know most people don’t believe in super cycles but we are still in one until October 20th (+/-) 2 days. The next probability of one, believe it or not, starts Dec. 14th, 2017 and runs to March 22, 2018 ((North America will be 30% or less, South America will be 30%+). After that will be almost all of the summer of 2019 and a 60+% probability. Weird. And, 2019 we have a shot at 3 super cycles which I have not seen before. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

  24. Charles McNeely

    My thoughts on the Fed Res. The Fed is actually a contractor to the US Government. When in 1913 they signed a 100 year contract with our government. Here is an excerpt from the Act of 1913.

    “”Federal Reserve Notes are authorized by Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and are issued to the Federal Reserve Banks at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. … They have replaced United States Notes, which were once issued by the Treasury Department.”

    In other words, the US dollar is actually the Federal Reserves money …..not the US Treasury ( our) money. We tend to call It our money i.e.USD , we use it , but in reality it is the Fed money , it is printed right on every note ” federal Reserve Note” .

    IMHO, as we watch the collapse of the USD , we are actually watching the collapse of the Federal Reserve itself. I believe the Federal Reserve as we know it will go away and our countrys’ “New Dollar” that will rise out of the collapse of the Federal Reserve will be issued by the US Treasury and backed by an asset most likely Gold.

    • Charles McNeely

      So what I am trying to imply is that the collapsing USD is really the Federal Reserve that is collapsing. We know that the Federal Reserves policy of fractional reserve banking, money created through debt, is the Albatross around the neck of the American People. We know that after 105 years it is vertually impossible to get rid of the federal Reserve. Congress will not talk against them ( only a few) and anybody who challenges their system, such as Kennedy with executive order 111110 or Kadafy with the Gold backed dinar ends up being Killed.
      So how do you get rid of the Federal Reserve? You kill the federal Reserve note ( which is the USD) , the Feds only lifeline. This means that those who would love the freedom from the Feds debt based system, should be wishing for the total collapse of the USD. Yes , it will be painful to many, but once the Fed is dead, the new USD will rise up from the ashes and once again be printed and controlled by the US Treasury dept and backed most likely by Gold just like the Yuan !

      • Justn Observer

        Charles, I only disagree with the point about it being Gold backed…my personal ‘opinion’ is that it will be Silver. As the true amount of gold is under reported… and made ‘rare’ . Silver has many more useful applications not only medically but also in the ‘electricity’ – future tech and energy needs… Gold likely still around…silver having been consumed along the way… it will be interesting to know just how much of which IS available for the increasing demand. I do agree with Greg Mannarino…that silver is likely the most undervalued commodity on earth… and likely made to ‘appear’ so…so that people do not accumulate it… But… yes….everyone has an opinion….

  25. Russ McMeans

    As some famous economist somewhere said: “debts that can’t be repaid, won’t “…. we’re watching this in real time now with our bankrupt states and hurricane destroyed territories. Being a resident of Calitopia, I truly believe we’re next. Probably a big quake will set things in motion. Or a single payer healthcare system.
    Meanwhile the milk cows are leaving for other states. i.e. Good businesses/corporations. Eventually our messiah will return, but first we will be stuck with a parade of fake ones. Obama and the Clinton’s are excellent examples. There will be no debt jubilee until Jesus returns. And since he fulfilled so many prophecies, I’m hedging my bet on Him. Thanks Greg & Greg for a most excellent interview and explaining everything again. You’re the best. Everyone here keep stacking up supplies and alternatives to use as money, treat people nice, but carry a gun too- yer gonna need it due to all the criminals being allowed to roam free. God bless.

  26. tin foil hat

    From Zerohedge:

    If anyone wanted to take a peek into our future, he/she shall look at Japan.

    “The Japanese economy is today a fraction of its importance several decades ago….. , but the country managed to maintain its overall aggregate demand and per capita income intact.
    Japan emerged from this traumatic experience, as land of no inflation (indeed mild deflation for most of the time) and steady demand funded by the fiscal stimulus and resilient private sector productivity.
    It has become a land where the central bank has been effectively cancelling national debt by acquiring more securities than the government needed to fund its deficits…., it also implies that Japan is shifting closer to embracing far more extreme (but necessary) policies, such as minimum income guarantees and abandoning any further consumption taxes…… In the world where labour inputs are becoming increasingly less relevant and where robotics, automation, AI and social capital are likely to play an increasingly important role, even the traditional argument of a negative impact of demographics no longer dooms Japan to oblivion and collapse……
    While Japan is yet reluctant to accept the most radical of policies, it is far more advanced in fully monetizing its debt burden and unlike most other countries it no longer requires an ever accelerating pace of financialization (or addition of new debt-driven generations). The objective in Japan is to maintain per capita income rather than generating growth to accommodate a rising population and keeping society intact. …”

    The article is mis-titled because it references endpoints and then does not address them. The endpoint, presumably, is when BOJ owns everything, purchased with printed money. When the State owns “all means of production” is that facism or communism?
    There is no word to describe this situation. Perhaps “crony corporatism”, ownership of the means of production is by the government/central banks but it’s distribution and exchange is run by the private sector, is probably pretty close.


    • Frederick

      Again as I stated earlier comparing a very monolithic society like Japans to ours is disingenuous They are nothing alike and the outcomes will be very different

  27. Alan

    One question that keeps coming up in your interviews is how can she stand there and lie with a straight face. I recently heard about something that may answer that question. “They may, by reciting the Kol Nidre prayer on the eve of Yom Kippur, receive pre-forgiveness for all the lies, deceit, broken contracts, etc. they may indulge in for the next year.” maybe that is the answer ?

  28. pat the rat

    Half of all transaction are terminate hold ,transfer the digits from one account to the other terminate the transaction, hold the digits in the new account.How dose money transfer from person to the other?

  29. Robert

    Isnt this market going to keep going up until the fed unwinds their balance sheet and isnt that process a ways off? Doesn’t all the doom and gloom play a role in creating short positions that actually help fuel the ever climbing stock market? Of course it’s all smoke and mirrors but this market could go up for quite some time before the fed is through with their unwinding? Isn’t this the case at hand?

  30. Farmer Jim

    I here all this rhetoric from NFL players and principles about Trump. We are about as even handed a country as you’ll find on this planet as evidenced by history and world events. These individuals speak in unfounded generalities that reveal nothing profound or of value. After all the manure dispensed by this mornings msm and their cohorts I think I’ll protest too. By accomplishing something worthwhile here at home and not watching the games today!

    • tin foil hat

      Farmer Jim
      Any American who watches NFL football deserves whatever manure is coming. I wish these ball carrying idiots have the courage to take a knee against “redistribution of wealth” when Obama was the president.

    • Gene

      Agreed, Farmer Jim. They are rich men expressing their contempt for the country that made it possible for them to become rich men. Deplorable!

    • flattop

      Farmer Jim:
      The NFL is in the process of destroying themselves because they are listening to people who are making this a race issue. Also, this is not a first amendment issue, as the First doesn’t apply to most situations in the workplace. I for one am finished with the NFL.

  31. James Hastings - "Cherokee center of the world"

    I see the bigger picture. A biblical picture…America is spent. We have brought this on ourselves.

    “Their partiality witness against them; they proclaim their sin like Sodom, they do not hide it. Woe to them. For they have brought evil upon themselves….” Isa Ch.1-3

    Few understand, Israel broke into two kingdoms….Judah in the south and the 10 tribes of the north. The lost ten tribes migrated, in time, into Europe. Ephraim was promised to become a multitude of nations…and his brother Manasseh….a GREAT nation. These are the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand… descendants of England. England being from the tribe of Ephraim…Gen 48

    The judgement on Israel….written throughout the bible applies to the English & Jewish people first….then the rest of the world will be judged.

    “All this is for the transgression of Jacob and for the sins of the house of Israel….
    And in that day, says the LORD…I will cut off the cities of your land and throw down your strongholds…I will cut off your sorceries, no more soothsayers…I will cut off your images…and destroy your cities. And in anger and wrath I will execute vengeance upon the nations that did not obey” Book of Micah

    I find these times troubling and regret my countries fall from favor. But I accept the punishment to come. Mr. Mannarino is correct…..it will be “Biblical”

    “How long, O Lord? And he said…Until the cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses without men, and the land is utterly desolate…..And though a tenth remain in it….Isa Ch. 6 & Matt 13:14,15

    I’m just being patient. Not fearful….

    • Greg Hunter

      Remember God said he would save Sodom and Gomorra if Lot could find 10 righteous people. Don’t you think there is more than 10 righteous in America?? I do. This does not mean there will not be judgment for a corrupt system and church as Mark Taylor contends.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Yes…well said. Americans may often be righteous, but I’m not sure God will excuse our willful ignorance of what our military has done with our tax money.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Greg,
        It was Abraham and not Lot. ((Gen. 18:32)) The reason Abraham did not bring up 9 or fewer is that in Hebrew thought it takes 10 righteous men to form a quorum.

  32. Linda L.

    Greg H
    It’s amazing to me that there are always indicators/signs that point to impending circumstances, which are not in our best interest. However, the general theme seems to be to ignore the historical trends with only a few learning from history’s past. Yes, debt is equal to slavery (history’s feudal lords now referred to as the elite and their never ending supply of indebted subjects). Thank you for this great interview with Greg Mannarino.

  33. andyb

    Lost in all the rhetoric about, and analysis of, the FED is the fact that the FED, under the Red Shield has become the greatest criminal organization in history. The agenda is purposeful; rape the world’s populations through financial chicanery and turn them all into obedient and fearful debt slaves. It’s not very subtle folks, but few acknowledge this reality. You have to wonder why a good analyst like Mannarino (and far too many others) refuse to disclose this non conspiracy fact.

  34. Paul ...

    Hey … Janet Yellen … Trump may think you are a nice lady … but that does not qualify you to be the head of the Fed … you have a PhD in economics right?? … and you can’t find inflation anywhere??? … I’ll help you out … go to this chart of the Consumer Price Index from 1800 to 2005 … http://www.economics-charts.com/images/cpi-1800-2005.png … take notice … inflation skyrocketed upon the creation of the Fed in 1913 … and you simply have no idea about any inflation? … what planet are you living on?? … guess if it was up to you people trying to survive on Social Security should not be getting a cost of living increase this year!!

    • Paul ...

      Hey … you warmongering neocons … give us back the “real” Donald Trump we elected … we don’t want that Disneyland robot you created that looks like Trump (but has Hillary’s warmongering brain) … we want the “real”Trump back who is going to shut down the Federal Reserve (not tell us what a nice lady Yellen is) … the Trump who will shut down the Fed and print Treasury issued money (so we won’t owe any interest on the money the Fed creates) … our National Debt is the interest we owe to the banksters for printing up dollars we could have easily printed up ourselves … let’s have a National Debt jubilee … the banksters should not be owed $20 Trillion dollars for simply printing up dollar bills out of thin air!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUWPbboWMk0

      • Paul ...

        You psychopathic warmongers always make war, murdering and killing into a “big joke” … but it’s only your Satanistic followers who are doing the laughing … now you have your “robotic” Trump doing it “Rocket Man” … ha ha ha very funny! … what did you do to the “real” Trump who believes in God?? … http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/02/5-minute-video-us-leaders-joke-obvious-war-crimes-war-lies-war-murders-arrest.html

        • Paul ...

          When Trump said he wanted to make America “Great Again” … I hopefully thought he was going to bring morality and God back to this Nation … that he was going to clean the swamp of evil pedophiles … and put the warmongering neocons under control … instead it looks like he meant he would be striving to put America at war 100% of the time!! … Now Isn’t That “Just Great” !! … http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/america-war-93-time-222-239-years-since-1776.html

          • Paul ...

            We all know … that after every war … the two sides make peace … so why can’t we “bite the bullet” and make peace “now” … before “firing the bullets” and spilling the blood of millions of innocent women and children … and then getting around to making peace? … does Satan have some yearly quota of sacrificial blood that must be spilled before his alter? … that the warmongering neocons must meet in order to be granted untold riches??

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              Answer: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, DuPont, Dow, and all those lovely rare earth minerals. 70% of British industry is now weaponry. As one arms manufacturer said, “The folly of man hasn’t plumbed its depth yet…”

              • Paul ...

                The final folly of man is when he is burying the nuclear charcoaled corpses of women and children in mass graves and saying … wasn’t it all worth it … we defeated our enemy using the lives of innocent women and children’s … and on their dead bodies we now have peace … may they Rest in Peace for they made America Great Again!!

  35. wd

    Greg, a late question . What is the significance with Mercers meeting with Bannon?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know.

    • Paul ...

      wd … seems the two of them will be opening a TV media outlet on Long Island to promote the Trump agenda … “that won Trump the election” … we need some “true news” to counteract the “fake news” of the Deep State … http://libn.com/2017/08/18/bannon-mercer-reportedly-eye-tv-launch/

      • Frederick

        Long Island Was born and spent 60 years in that place Boy am I ever glad to be out of there Stress Central

  36. Southern Girl

    I’m spending my days praying that God will find some way out of this for us. Mark Taylor said He was here to get justice for us and therein lies my HOPE. He is all powerful and can do anything with just a blow from His nostrils. I choose to be as careful as I can, prepped, as much out of debt as possible, cash on hand, and PM on hand.

  37. John


    There was a good point that was made between you and Mannarino – if they start selling their balance sheet (you) it raises rates and if they stop buying bonds (Mannarino) it raises rates. The road is now a cul-de-sac and the exit is about to be closed. I suspect their response will be summarized by this computer code:
    for x = 1 to infinity
    print x
    next x

    I suspect the world sees the following code:

    for x = 1 to zero
    sell x
    next x

  38. Brad

    Great interview, Greg. You’re the best. Mannarino is right. The “healthy” economy we may see today is an illusion. “Fear Not. God is in Control.” is a truth and great focus. But it doesn’t mean life will be easy or that we will prosper. There are Christ followers in Puerto Rico who, for no fault of their own, lost everything. Same in U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, and Florida; just as there were when the Contential dollar lost all value and the Confederate dollar became worthless. In America, we had four currency collapses before 1900 and two since then. We’re on the verge of seeing another one. Keep up the good work…maybe we can save a few more.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Meanwhile on Sunday mornings at megachurches a Brinks truck has to take the collections to the bank. Is that why Jesus Christ came to live on this earth? What part of the Sermon on the Mount and the Good Samaritan do they not understand?

  39. ggold

    Chris Martenson and his self sustainability approach may be best for the term after the collapse. I do hope there is some potential for this Yuan/Gold for oil trade people like Hugo Salinas Price are talking about just to display how gold separates itself from the paper currencies(if that happens silver will transform into a more monetary metal quickly) . If gold becomes even side note to the next currency system to support confidence, it may give some of us stacker/preppers a much better chance to live more normal lives for awhile. Much better than the Mad Max scenario me thinks.

  40. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Bitcoin privacy has already been violated, yes? Be very careful….

    The good news to me is the way Americans have been helping each other with these storms…and even the people who have preferred not to thinks are forced to wonder about the evac orders, the sudden explosion of the storms out of almost nowhere, and why the heck Joel Osteen locked his “church” up with the explanation they were too poor to get security. Those churches have Brinks armored trucks carry the Sunday collections off. So the non-thinkers are starting to get off dead center a bit.
    Was I the only on who noticed that I-95 remained a 2 way highway throughout the evacuation? That was most odd…the norm is to make all lanes one way out with emergency vehicles allowed on the shoulders only. MOST peculiar.

  41. daniel turner

    I think Mannarino is right no debt forgiveness for the little people. Jubilee is not even the right concept for this situation. It will be a out and out coordinated default among the G7 (G20 ?) nations, the biblical jubilee was intended truly for the people . Speaking of biblical: “The wise person sees the trouble ahead and prepares, but the foolish go on about their way and suffer for it.”

  42. john duffy

    And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered.” Revelations 12

    The author of Revelation clearly indicates that this vision is one of a sign in heaven or in the sky. What do we see in the sky of the near future?

    After 9 ½ months, Jupiter exits out of the womb of Virgo. Upon Jupiter’s exit (birth), on September 23, 2017, we see the constellation Virgo with the sun rise directly behind it (the woman clothed with the sun). At the feet of Virgo, we find the moon. And upon her head we find a crown of twelve stars, formed by the usual nine stars of the constellation Leo with the addition of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

    That is a truly remarkable and, as far as I can determine, unique series of event with a startling degree of concurrence with the vision of Revelation 12.

    • Southern Girl

      john duffy, good read I saw a YouTube video of the movement of the planets and stars.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Astrology is a foundation of witchcraft…fatalism. At least with fortune cookies you get eggroll.

      • john duffy

        Tell that to the 3 wise men.

  43. Jerry

    Mark your calendars. My sources say that October 18th will be the date that the petrodollar officially dies .

    This is a no brainer. Oil bought with currency backed by gold……or… Oil bought with currency backed by fraud and manipulation. What would you do? Oh….I know. The world will continue to use the petrodollar because they love us so much. Right? Keep drinking that Kool-aide folks. In a few weeks you may need it to go along with your food storage.

    My sources have told me they plan to launch the gold backed Yuan benchmark on October 18th. I found that it matched up with the date of Chinese Communist party general assembly. It just makes sense they would finalize the plan with the general assembly before they would go public in the markets.

    Your ignorance is breathtaking. If you’re waiting for an article from the MSM to verify a start date, you’ll have a long wait. They’ll be the last to know, and they’ll only report fake news anyway. FYI I was told two years ago that I was full of crap when I said the Chinese would have reserve currency status in the IMF basket. How did that work out? Do you want to bet take a bet on this one? There reason for:
    – CIPS
    – AIIB
    – Gold
    – And now the gold backed Yuan petrodollar.
    See the writing on the wall.

    • Jerry

      Once again I have to do the heavy lifting for the uninformed. Go to the Federal Reserve Bank Website and read it for yourself. Its under “payment”. They have installed same day ACH for the first time in history. It is a setup for bail ins. I never set a date. The 18th was the day they started the policy. FYI- If you can’t handle the strain of dealing with your friends and family that’s your problem, not mine. In the future please don’t read my post if you can’t handle it.

      • JMiller


        You must have missed my corrections to you comments in the Chris Martenson interview so I will post it again. The Fed has had the same-day ACH option available since 2010.


        Currently most ACH payments are settled on the next business day. Now most ACH payments will have the OPTION to be settled on the same day if the customer chooses to do so.


        This is from the link above, “Only international transactions (IATs) and high-value transactions above $25,000 will NOT be eligible”

        Going from ACH transactions settled on the next business day to now being settled on the same day, but only if the customer chooses and only if the transaction is $25,000 or less, has nothing to do with the government doing bail-ins. It has to do with consumers, businesses, government entities and financial institutions that use the ACH Network moving money between bank accounts. If there would be a bank bail-in, the government would just convert the uninsured deposits into equity. They do not need to use the ACH.

        You also commented in the Chris Martenson interview that Russia bought Morgan Stanley’s oil trading business back in 2013. That never took place. Morgan Stanley had agreed to sell the business to Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft, but that deal fell apart amid tensions over the Ukraine conflict.


        • Jerry

          That is what you say, I have inside sources that say otherwise. Not everything is printed in a newspaper my friend. Who’s lining up to do petroleum business with us now?
          – Iran – No
          – China – No
          – Saudi Arabia – Hardly
          – UAE – No
          – Venezuela – Hell No
          There’s a reason. They control the markets. Not us.

          • JMiller


            Your response does not make sense since I said nothing about who’s lining up to do petroleum business with the U.S.

            Obvious you lack understanding. So once again Jerry. Same day ACH began way before September 18th. It is not something new for the Federal Reserve as you mistakenly think.

            When and if there are bail-ins that involve uninsured depositors, they will not use the ACH network to do bail-ins. No money will move from one account to another because there is no money involved. The depositor’s amount will just be wiped off the books and they will be given shares of stock in return.

            And it is a fact that Russia did not buy Morgan Stanley’s oil trading business back in 2013. Castleton Commodities International bought it in 2015.


            Why do you not just admit that you are wrong instead of giving meaningless responses.

        • Jerry

          You missed my point entirely. The problem in dealing with sunshine pumpers like you is that lots of people get hurt from bad advice, and when the time comes to pay the piper you won’t be around. I’ve been doing investments for 40 years and I know from first hand experience that its better to error on the side of caution than to walk blindly into an economic buzz saw as you suggest. But what the Hell. Walk on in.

          As I’ve said before, I have no way to verify the accuracy of my sources, but the dates they’ve giving me are lining up with what I’m seeing privately. So much so, that I have pretty much ceased all business activities and am finalizing my preps. But hey, do whatever you think is best.
          You only get one chance to be wrong.

          • JMiller

            Sunshine pumpers like me? You must not have seen my comments warning people about the dangers of having money in the bank and my advice about having precious metals, food etc… like others have also stated. So what bad advice am I giving them Jerry?

      • Neil

        more dates –
        Saturday October 13, 1792. cornerstone of White House laid on a site chosen by President George Washington.
        Friday October 13, 2017. Stanley Fischer leaves FED having completed the financial destruction of the US ahead of time. . . Last board member out please turn off the lights.

      • John


        interesting – the WF branch where i bank is closing 10/18/17.

      • Macray

        Jerry, the October 18th date sounds very reasonable to me.
        I anticipate all oil exporters to China will take the Yuan for payment at launch date.

        I do not anticipate most of these oil exporters rushing to convert their Yuan to Gold.
        Russia, Iran, Ven, Angola, etc. don’t need to covert to Gold because the Yuan will be a better currency to hold than the US Dollar. And thus I completely agree that petrodollar officially dies at that point.

        Now if one carefully thinks about this, Gold should substantially rise as of the launch date either way.
        Why? Because allowing for convertibility sends a very strong message that the lower the price of Gold, the More Gold is subject to converting to.
        And, the higher the price of Gold, sends the message the Less Gold is subject to converting to.
        If there really is a physical Gold shortage as the one referred to by the many Gold Mystics in the blogsophere, then only a much higher price would be required to minimize conversion.

        Now the Saudi’s is a different scenario, in my opinion. Saudi Arabia royalty would probably fear for their life if they even thought of converting their Yuan payment for Gold.
        They will accept Yuan and then quite possibly be instructed by the US to convert their Yuan to US Dollars.
        Some suggest that the Saudi Royalty might turn to Russia and China for their protection, but I have my doubts.

        • Jerry

          You are so RIGHT. The Chinese are setting up the markets for a complete takedown of the dollar. More info.

          This is going is going to end quickly and suddenly, and those that have been dollar pumpers will look like complete fools. In the meantime the deep state is planning on taking us to war with NOKO for a cover-up.

        • Silence is Golden

          Interesting point you made there Macray about the House of Saud not wishing to convert their Yuan into Gold.

          If we go back to 1971 when Nixon closed the Dollar/Gold Convertability window (just after the PetroDollar regime was born) , we can see that the US was very aware of the sudden and overwhelming demand for ITS GOLD by the M.E. Nations esp. SA.
          The demand for Physical GOLD would have necessitated a large and sudden increase in the price of GOLD which was then circa $35/oz. If otherwise, the US would have faced a massive claim on its then 8K tonne hoarde.
          Instead the US created another window that allowed the ME. to recyle its massive acquisition of USD’s into US Bonds. Thus guaranteeing the Dollar would become KING currency which then ushered in the 4 decades of decandence.
          The Chinese agenda is not dissimilar to the orginal PetroDollar scheme. Dollars were readily convertible to Gold….now the link between OIL and GOLD will be re-established albeit NOT depleting CHINA’s Gold Reserves. It is forcing the market to take care of the Demand / Supply equation for Gold as well as price for both Gold and Oil. At the same time it is very conscious of the deliterious effect this process will have not only on the Yuan but also the Dollar.
          The plan is a masterstroke.
          It will ensure global demand for both Yuan and Dollars whilst simultaneously causing devaluations of both currencies. The devaluation will arise from the swift revaluation of GOLD to much, much higher prices in order to counter the supply demand issue that will arise.
          Central Banks (inl. the BIS ) will quickly realise that depleting their reserves of Gold to suppress its price, will be a fools errand.
          The Comex and open interest in Gold and price setting mechansism will be faced with Physical delivery demands to meet the newly created demand from Oil/Yuan/Gold conversion, which the Oil Producing nations will undoubtedly and unquestionably satisfy in their thirst for GOLD and protection.
          I was the first to call it and I still maintain…….. that this is truly A GAME CHANGER.
          The world as we know it will change course.
          This may be the solution to a number of issues that to date have been unresolved.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      This is how it worked out: As of July 3, 2017, “Chinese currency accounts for only 0.9% of foreign currency reserves”. Shockingly, the USD is still maintaining a slight lead, at 64.5%.


      I tried to explain reserve currencies then. That lesson didn’t quite take, but the facts speak for themselves.

      I’ll anticipate a similarly earth-shattering event on Oct. 18.

    • GoneWest

      Seems the goal posts always change as the dates you espouse draw nearer.

      I will take your bet on this one. I say the petrodollar is alive and well on 19th October 2017 wherein you claim the petrodollar will die on 18th October. Let’s make it a bet that Greg can’t lose. If the petrodollar is still alive on 19th October, then you donate $100 to USAW. If the petrodollar is dead I will donate $100.

      Put your money where your mouth/keyboard is and we’ll see who’s “ignorance is breathtaking.” Will you take the bet? If you are so confident, will you offer the same bet to other USAWers who think the petrodollar will still be around come the 19th?

      • Macray

        In my opinion, still alive, but not necessarily well. Once the gold backed Yuan benchmark is launched and the Oct 18 date is very possible, I think we will be looking at the dollar having a massive stroke. At that point, we need to observe what procedures Dr. Yellen and her esteemed college’s will choose to see if it is possible to keep it on life support for a little longer.

      • Jerry

        The problem in dealing with Sunshine pumpers like you is that lots of people get hurt, and when the time comes to pay the piper you won’t be around. I know from first hand experience that its better to error on the side of caution than to walk blindly into an economic buzz saw. But what the Hell. Walk on in.

        As I’ve said before, I have no way to verify the accuracy of my sources, but the dates they’re giving me are lining up with what I’m seeing. So much so, that I have pretty much ceased all business activities and am finalizing my preps. But hey, you guys do whatever you think is best.

        • Doug

          Gone West sounds like jerry won’t take the bet…jerry is on the right trail but the hard dates he throws out there….nope the dollar along with military might that backs it up with the swamp drainer that at the reins will be alive and well on oct. 18… but a little prepping is wise also…cheers

        • GoneWest

          Nice strawman you set up there calling me a “Sunshine pumper”.

          You asked in your post if anyone wanted to take a bet on the petrodollar’s demise. Plus you called anyone who didn’t agree with your point-of-view (or was it the point-of-view of your unverifiable sources?) kool-aid drinking ignoramuses.

          I offered to take your bet and make it a win-win for our host.

          I suppose your response means you won’t be taking my bet, right?

  44. Charles H


    With Germany “re-electing” Merkel – I see the same tyrany of power (fraud) that put Macron in France: the globalist’s takedown of the western world. Next is Catalonia. Draconian measures have not stopped the Separatist Movement. It will be likely be crushing Martial Law war to prevent voting; or Civil War in responce to brutal repression. Taken together – these patterns are alarming.
    Maybe the boast wasn’t an idle one. ‘All the kingdoms of the world… all this power and the glory of them… is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will give it.’
    For me – ‘This world is not my home; I’m just a passing through…’

    • ajda213


      Seems to me you have gone south!!!!!! and that is a sure bet!!!!!


  45. Abby

    To the person who asked about jubilee. What’s coming is bubble pop, QE forever, and a credit event. The effect will be a jubilee but it will not be orderly. When credit stops everything stops. Mortgages aren’t paid, credit cards aren’t paid etc. Can they foreclose on every house. Do you think people will let them foreclose in that case? That leads you to Greg’s mass die off. The only hope for America is if there is tons of gold in Grand Canyon or Chocolate Mountain.

    • Tom D.

      The point of my question was to calm the rhetoric; there are alternative solutions and outcomes. What exactly are these alternatives? Can the government do something to avoid the crash that everyone seems to expect any day now? I’m not recommending or predicting anything. I’m just pointing out that many economic conservatives are not considering what these Phds will do next to continue their fraudulent ways. This isn’t a contest of who is right and wrong or why the doomsters are confused why their predictions have not come true as yet. A jubilee is a good example of just another tool they can use to delay the crash that everyone expects. It will be orderly, if done between the Fed and the Treasury only. The people on this web site who are saying they are going to take away your pensions and steal your personal assets (holdings of T-bonds) are trying to scare folks into not thinking this through. Greg Hunter really needs to interview someone that knows about the various end games the Fed can use to delay or avoid this terribly monetary situation. It is time for cool heads and less fear mongering. We need to solutions, not false arguments.

  46. Bart Caldwell

    Greg, Ask a question and then shut up! You are the worst interviewer ever. Your are rude and egotistical. Let the guest finish their answer. Go back and listen to this interview. It was embarrassing how you talk over your guest. If I were Gregory Mannarino I wouldn’t come back on, friend or no friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Bart,
      Please open a free website and show us how it’s done.

  47. donatella

    Tremendous Interview. Mannarino was in rare form today. It is refreshing to listen to those who tell it like it is. Thank the Lord for the courage of people like you and Gregory to step up and inform. Truth is in hard supply these days.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you again Donatella for the support and comment!!!!

      • Mike from the north

        Greg…please just ignore those that complain about this or that….

        You are doing a great service..

        You have given of yourself for many years and you are passionate about what you do.

        There is no script in what you do..sure there may be some pre-discussion between you and your guest but there is no teleprompter allowing you to manufacture your message…like the MSM does.

        Love your site and respect you on many levels.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mike. I record the interviews with very little editing. What you see is what went on during the interview.

  48. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, People are tired of being told what to do. We are tired of being told what is so called decent. All over the NFL, our black nigga homeez are raising their fists in the air and saying %$#@ USA ! It’s time we sit down and take stock that the good ole USA isnt the promised land for everyone. Yes, its true that white middle aged men have it good. But what about everyone else ? Huh ? What about all the “niggaz” on the street ? Huh ? Do you have any answer Greg ? You probably don’t, because anyone that doesnt believe the way that you do must be “Luciferian.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I do have an answer and that the NFL is doomed. Who do you thing supports the NFL?? Patriotic white people and they are NOT Racists. The NFL players taking a knee are bunch of overpaid rich NFL babies and are playing the victim card when they are NOT victims. Here’s the rest of my answer and it involved some introspection and leaders that can LEAD in the black community. This is from InfoWars.com in May, 2015: “Black people in the United States are more likely to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites because they commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.

      – FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites.”

      Here is the rest of the story with links to the real FACTS that the black community should address: https://www.infowars.com/black-crime-facts-that-the-white-liberal-media-darent-talk-about/
      You are a half baked paid troll “Gina.”

    • Paul ...

      Gina … those who go around committing violent crime and/or murder are by definition “Luciferian” … the color of the murderer or pedophiles skin has nothing to do with it … “all people” who kill (white, black, yellow, etc) … whether for profit or pleasure must be “de-balled” … then watch “how fast” the crime rate against men, women and children begins to decrease … without anyone even trying to tell these people what to do!

      • Paul ...

        The more I think about it … perhaps bringing strict “Shia Law” to Europe and America (where de-balling and de-clitting) may actually solve the worldwide pedophile problem … perhaps there is “a method to the madness” of bringing Islamic Law to the evil Lucifer worshiping people who are butchering our children (how much forgiveness can God hand out if he can’t find 10 good people anymore) … Islamic Law will definitely clean out evil Hollywood of the sexually promiscuous Madonna, Mylie and transgender crowd … God has shown us before (Sodom and Gomorrah) that he will move in mysterious ways if he has too!!

    • Frederick

      Gina My ex boss is black and a hardworking success story We have a long friendship and working relationship I once asked him why he doesn’t hire any unemployed fellow blacks and his answer to me was that he would like to but that he could never find any who showed up on time and/ or were willing to work as he demands That’s a true story

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      What is your answer? You were a big Hillary supporter. Do you know how many people of African descent have been cheated, lied to, and murdered by that bunch?

    • Samantha P

      Gina, its a shame the African American kids feel this way, but its hard to blame the African Americans after being persecuted for so long. The suffering has been incredibly harsh and they still are suffering at the hands of rich whites. We need to come together as a country and as a nation and start spreading love, peace and harmony. Having professional sports figures demonstrate their hatred for the country by putting their middle fingers and closed fists in the air doesn’t do much except serve as an example to the highschool and middle school football players who are now doing the exact same thing. Where does it stop?

      • Greg Hunter

        The black community and their leaders must look in the mirror and stop thinking and being told they are victims!!!!! African Americans crime statistics are orders of magnitude greater than the percentage of their population represents. 70% of African Americans are born into homes of a single mother parent. This just about guarantees a life of poverty. Yes, Where does it stop and I think it stops by stop ,making excuses and falling for the victim mentality.

        • Diane

          Exactly right Greg

        • Son Won Seong

          You correct about current condition. However, African American have disadvantage because slavery and Jim Crow persecution and mistreat for almost 400 year. Can not get away from fact and have to be fair. I propose give African American government sponsored and funded annuity plan so can have equality with other peoples. Need to bury hatchet some way otherwise anger fester even longer. Black peoples angry and enraging and want dead all white peoples. But white peoples mostly innocent. Only slavemaster in south to blame but really small minority compare to total white population. Need finding common ground and get along for making better future for kids.

          • Greg Hunter

            We are going back 100 years???!!! You do realize we just ha a two-term African American President. More white people voted for him than black. You first have to throw off the “Victim mentality” before there is “common ground.” You also have to look at the real stats, and real problems, and have real leadership in the African community. That’s not happening.

          • tin foil hat

            Son Won Seong,
            “Need finding common ground and get along for making better future for kids.”
            Common ground has been found for at least 20-25 years here in NYC. We had David Dinkins as the first black mayor 25 years ago – he screwed everything up like Obama with two race riots under his reign.
            Since Dinkins, every mayor tried to diversify the NYPD and recruited heavily in the neighborhoods where the minorities live.
            If you visited NYC now, you will run into many Asian police officers, many of them are Sergeants and Lieutenants. The Asians have taken the common ground when the black linger about at the same spot – Presently, the percentage of black police officer in NYPD is almost exactly the same as 25 years ago. They are unqualified or unemployable due to criminal records, lack of college requirements or pure hatred toward the police.
            Nobody is holding them back. On the contrary, the NYC liberals have gone above and beyond to promote their social status but victimhood is their safe space. I suspect they find that space too warm and fuzzy to leave behind even for the ones who are making millions in the NFL and NBA.

      • freebrezer

        S – That is why the remaining 4 – 8 % of blacks that voted R need to change their evil ways. Look at all good and great things the Democratic party has done for them – Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago (Hell … Chicago is probably one of the best sanctuary cities the Dems have constructed – only 5 to 15 young black males get killed a week), St Louis, Philadelphia, New Orleans etc … yep, vote Dem to get the city you deserve and stick it to the evil white dude!

        • freebrezer

          S – there is no way to say the evil white dude caused this … stop drinking the cool aid! Detroit – Black democrats – corruption beyond belief; Chicago – White and black democrats – corruption beyond belief; Baltimore – black democrats – more corruption; St louis – both black and white democrats – corruption. I hope you are starting to see a theme here, if not let me spell it out – Democrats rule (socialist/marxist) destroy cities, and countries … they impoverish the inner cities to get more people on the dole to get more votes and get more power! The blacks ‘harsh suffering is solely at the hands of the officials they elected! and not rich whites.

    • Macray

      I really thought that you were no longer with us after I saw the most recent news from Abu Dhabi : (((

    • Justn Observer

      Gina…. You need to get your facts in order ! Overwhelmingly at the time of the formation of The united States of American… attempts to wind down ‘slavery’ of both blacks and whites was well under way… The ‘practice’ was of ‘foreign import’ by Spaniards, Portueguese, and British, Muslims, and African black tribal leaders that helped gather up other blacks for shipment to the Americas both north and south…
      Bringing slavery to an end was well under way long before Abe Lincoln was ever known… and so why is so little ‘remembered’ about the black providers and owners and only American ‘white’ owners. Is it because the southern demon-crats hope their lingering participation is forgotten in the mix as they attempt to now used the ‘issue’ as a race bait way to garner votes? No slavery is to be tolerated then or now…from the time the Jews were released by Nebuchadnezzar, or those that escaped Egypt…the indentured servants from Erie, or anywhere else…but please…stop the whining…or likely every nation or race has some axe to grind with so other nation. And why does Spain and Mexican’s get a pass? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afro-Mexicans
      Seems like there is some rather ‘selective’ outrage by the ‘minorities going on is my take. But I see the point—good for votes eh Gina? As Rodney King lamented, ” Can’t we all learn to just get along?” Not likely with trolls like Gina and her crowd needed to whip up votes for the next election. And just to be clear…Pres. Trump’s remarks were not ‘racist’….it was about ‘respect’ …for the nation, it’s flag, and those that serve and served. And just in case you did not notice…they were of all religions, races, creeds and gender… —— and please note Gina…the event of 1863 below —–that being the freeing the slaves in the DEMOCRATIC SOUTHERN STATES ! Funny how revisionist history distorts the story line…Blacks were actually holding elected Congressional office long before Lincoln’s proclamation ….in the North.

      Phillis Wheatley becomes the first published African-American poet when a London publishing company releases a collection of her verse.
      The First Continental Congress bans trade with Britain and vows to discontinue the slave trade after the 1st of December.
      Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Georgia prohibit the importation of slaves.
      Virginia takes action against slave importation.
      The slave population in the colonies is nearly 500,000. In Virginia, the ratio of free colonists to slaves is nearly 1:1. In South Carolina it is approximately 1:2. 1775
      Georgia takes action against slave importation.
      Abolitionist Society Anthony Benezet of Philadelphia founds the world’s first abolitionist society. Benjamin Franklin becomes its president in 1787.
      In April, the first battles of the Revolutionary war are waged between the British and Colonial armies at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. Black Minutemen participate in the fighting.
      In July, George Washington announces a ban on the enlistment of free blacks and slaves in the colonial army. By the end of the year, he reverses the ban, ordering the Continental Army to accept the service of free blacks.
      In November, Virginia Governor John Murray, Lord Dunmore, issues a proclamation announcing that any slave fighting on the side of the British will be liberated.
      In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, members of the Continental Congress sign the Declaration of Independence.
      In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Society of Friends, also known as the Quakers, forbids its members from holding slaves.
      Delaware prohibits the importation of African slaves.
      Vermont is the first of the thirteen colonies to abolish slavery and enfranchise all adult
      New York enfranchises all free propertied men regardless of color or prior servitude.
      Rhode Island forbids the removal of slaves from the state.
      Virginia prohibits the importation of slaves.
      Delaware makes it illegal to enslave imported Africans.
      Pennsylvania begins gradual emancipation.
      A freedom clause in the Massachusetts constitution is interpreted as an abolishment of slavery. Massachusetts enfranchises all men regardless of race.
      American Revolution Ends Britain and the infant United States sign the Peace of Paris treaty.
      Abolition Effort Congress narrowly defeats Thomas Jefferson’s proposal to ban slavery in new territories after 1800.1790—First United States Census Nearly 700,000 slaves live and toil in a nation of 3.9 million people.
      Fugitive Slave Act The United States outlaws any efforts to impede the capture of runaway slaves.
      Cotton Gin Eli Whitney patents his device for pulling seeds from cotton. The invention turns cotton into the cash crop of the American South—and creates a huge demand for slave labor.
      United States Bans Slave Trade Importing African slaves is outlawed, but smuggling continues.
      Missouri Compromise Missouri is admitted to the Union as a slave state, Maine as a free state. Slavery is forbidden in any subsequent territories north of latitude .
      Slave Revolt: South Carolina Freed slave Denmark Vesey attempts a rebellion in Charleston. Thirty-five participants in the ill-fated uprising are hanged.
      Slave Revolt: Virginia Slave preacher Nat Turner leads a two-day uprising against whites, killing about 60. Militiamen crush the revolt then spend two months searching for Turner, who is eventually caught and hanged. Enraged Southerners impose harsher restrictions on their slaves.
      Censorship Southern states expel abolitionists and forbid the mailing of antislavery propaganda.
      Mexican-American War Defeated, Mexico yields an enormous amount of territory to the United States. Americans then wrestle with a controversial topic: Is slavery permitted in the new lands?
      Frederick Douglass’s Newspaper Escaped slave Frederick Douglass begins publishing the North Star in Rochester, New York.
      Harriet Tubman Escapes After fleeing slavery, Tubman returns south at least 15 times to help rescue several hundred others.
      Compromise of 185 In exchange for California’s entering the Union as a free state, northern congressmen accept a harsher Fugitive Slave Act.
      Uncle Tom’s Cabin Published Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel about the horrors of slavery sells 300,000 copies within a year of publication.
      Kansas-Nebraska Act Setting aside the Missouri Compromise of 1820, Congress allows these two new territories to choose whether to allow slavery. Violent clashes erupt.
      Dred Scott Decision The United States Supreme Court decides, seven to two, that blacks can never be citizens and that Congress has no authority to outlaw slavery in any territory.
      Abraham Lincoln of Illinois becomes the first Republican to win the United States Presidency.
      Southern Secession South Carolina secedes in December. More states follow the next year.
      United States Civil War Four years of brutal conflict claim 623,000 lives.
      Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln decrees that all slaves
      in Rebel territory are free on January 1, 1863.
      1865 Slavery Abolished The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution outlaws slavery.

    • Charles H


      The ‘”niggaz on the street’ have received more State and local funds; opportunities to higher Education; and preferrential hiring quotas than I EVER had in my whole lifetime. Why aren’t they even moderately successful? Their cultural/value system, and their own chosen identification patterns are self-defeating.
      I served my Country, then used my G.I. Bill benefits WHILE I WORKED THROUGH COLLEGE. The Snowflakes that don’t want to WORK; and blame everybody and everything for their woes – doesn’t cut it. It’s the Work Ethics, Stupid. You know, like General Colin Powell, and Dr. Ben Carson?!??

  49. Norlin Gutz

    Would someone please speak about the Aug 22nd visit to Fort Knox by Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. I think discussion on this would be most interesting.

    • Paul ...

      NG … Steve Mnuchin walked into Fort Knox and was shocked (there was no gold) … so when he came out he stated to all the people in the US who purchased some gold … “your gold is safe” … meaning … those physical gold coins people own should come in very handy when the house of cards crumbles!!

      • Macray

        It was reported that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin visited Ft. Knox on 8/21. I have my doubts.

        It was also reported that Mnuchin was accompanied by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie, R-Ky.; and Kentucky’s Republican governor, Matt Bevin AND that Sen. McConnell actually held up one of the 27-pound gold bars that is among the more than 147 million troy ounces of gold held at Fort Knox.

        Nobody else wanted to hold a gold bar????

        There was very little said about this alleged visit and the press never was allowed to ask any questions.

        • Macray

          Also it is reported that most of the Gold stored at Fort Knox is classified as DEEP STORAGE.
          Did Mnuchin and his party visit the DEEP STORAGE gold?
          Oh wait, no questions permitted : )))

          And it was reported that Mnuchin took his wife along, but absolutely no mention that she was allowed to enter the Fort Knox depository.
          They left her out front to entertain the troops that guard the facility?
          She probably wasn’t interested in Gold, only Diamonds right?

          There was a reason for his alleged visit that I speculate will be revealed soon : )))

      • Paul ...

        You know ancient Sumerian and Egyptian texts state that by eating gold (mon-atomic gold) in white powder form … it will gradually replace your fourth dimension body with a fifth dimension one … where you become “a body of superconducting light” with the power to manipulate all physical matter … so why not buy some gold … just in case … because we may soon need some “white powder gold” to transcend this reality the warmongering neocons are creating for us when they start dropping their nuclear bombs!!

    • Hairy Herry

      One thing given to the MSM was apparently Steve’s interest in viewing the solar eclipse with his wife. Of course he was going to give a wimpy public statement about the “Gold” which he might have gotten a brief peek of. This Hairy Guy joined GATA a long, long time ago in doubting there’s much gold if at all remaining there or West Point.

    • Justn Observer

      Norlin Gutz,
      This IS what IS going on in regards to the ‘re-set’ and the gathering of the gold…the panic the world over as it is NOT just a economic one — but a geo-political one – of the proportion Greg and Greg Mannarino have expressed…but even much more by it’s complexity and as Bill Holter suggested about …. Truth bombs…they are desperate to dis-allow by their frantic attempts to ‘censor’ knowledge and their creation of ‘fake news’ and propaganda, and the extremes of street violence, black flags, and possibly another war to through people off their track… One would hope people use the links I try to provide as I seek, learn, share along the path/struggle for understanding of the complexity of the matrix…. Please – Please use these links – closest to the truth it will get …. It is deeper than people care to bother with…much deeper that bit-coin, the pedophile angle, though bad as it is only a small part of the wider situation – if you can believe that…
      So —for you, Greg and Greg M. and everyone else…listen to these….the answers are within …. and at least…take the time to view the last one and determine if the prior four are worth your time… I am sure you will. The road for me to find my way there…as but a long one…many clicks to read and verify information and events …it is clear – concise – very inclusive…and totally informative…and NOTHING you will hear in the MSM…
      Seems it’s time to ditch the cell phone and wifi? : https://youtu.be/FttrOK1ec4Q and take note of a different kind for near future considerations:
      https://youtu.be/3HeWjos0d14 , https://youtu.be/rAK69VhgNmw
      So…what might be of interest in your life that you would care to share? All subjects are relevant to where we are and may be going at this point !
      Dark winters ahead: https://youtu.be/6v66SPTYqF0 ,https://youtu.be/Y75WhCbhsg8
      Plan B: We could pair up….take Carbon60 and see how long we can stand being friends and outliving everyone else? https://youtu.be/-E1xDkMxMv8
      That longevity might be required as we step forth in the future…at the end of this current trail seeking Veritas which seems we are now at:
      1. https://youtu.be/AU6-U7g8L48
      2. https://youtu.be/S49uL5edTKw
      3. https://youtu.be/Wkbw-wGjzj0
      4. https://youtu.be/IDy0N1NRIok
      5. https://youtu.be/7tV1L71d0pI

      My belief is that the pending coming events is all about the information herein. A complete unravel of all people were taught about their history…not just in the U.S.!
      My advice… listen to #5 and then the next several hours will unfold …like the peeling of the scales from the eyes. The lies and deceit have never been deeper….

  50. Diane

    On a positive note…..there may be hope for our old brains.
    Great article from Bottom Line Magazine

    • Paul ...

      Diane … Lithium is used in “mental hospitals” to calm the symptoms of Schizophrenia … are you suggesting that the entire population of the US is so Alzheimered and mentally deranged that we must all now be sedated with a Schizophrenic drug?? … lithium is a very dangerous chemical well known to “alter the personality” of people … it “takes away their character” and turns them into an “easily manipulated” dummy … and what do you want the people to use to swallow their lithium pills? … fluoridated tap water? … the fluorine the Deep State puts in our tap water “creates microscopic holes in the brain” … simply avoid drinking the Deep States fluoridated tap water … and you won’t get Alzheimer’s to begin with!!

      • Diane

        Paul…it’s Lithium orotate…Not Lithium carbonate. ..big difference.
        The suggest a very low dose.
        I agree with you about water.
        We drink Fiji Water.

      • Macray

        Look at the effects Lithium has had on Gina M Mancarella. :(((

  51. Craig

    Another good interview Greg, next time ask Mandarino where he is putting his money and what percentages in each category.

  52. Ricardo Rico

    Fortunately, Bill Holter escaped from the “good people” of Puerto Rico in time.
    He doubted the viability of whiteness in that area when the system goes down so he moved back to Texas.

    • Greg Hunter

      Was Holter in PR?? I thought it was Central America.

      • Hairy Herry

        Bill has stated he was in Costa Rica. Now, that nation is very gringo-friendly in the coastal regions and I doubt there would be issues between him and the natives.

        • Ricardo

          Have you lived there? Bill said there were issues if you were white and that was his main reason for coming back. I have no reason to doubt him, but you appear to. Is he wrong?
          Everyone there was gringo-friendly when they wanted something, not so much when you wanted something.

      • BIGGS

        Holter lived in Costa Rica.

        • Greg Hunter

          Costa Rica and that is in Central America. Thank you.

    • H. Craig Bradley

      I wonder if Mike Maloney at GoldSilver.com will be having second thoughts about relocating to Puerto Rico last year ? No Taxes but no government services or electricity. Not such a good deal after all. Perhaps its back to High Tax Calif. ( ” …. Right Back to Where I Started From”, as the old ditty goes). Without high taxes you can not support large urban populations or the social programs necessary to keep it all going. Taxes are a fixed-cost to keep Water, Sewer, Garbage and Electricity on. Otherwise, its Third World Time, as in San Juan, Puerto Rico nowadays.

    • Linda L.

      Mr. Holter lived in Costa Rica.

  53. Mr. Lee

    Powerful, powerful interview Mr. Hunter. GM is spot on in his analysis, as how things will pan out. My take is that before the debt implosion begins, the various bail in legislations that exist in many countries will be implemented. Retirement savings plans, tax sheltered plans, savings all of it will be asset stripped in the name of preserving the system. Seeing the a vast majority of people do not have the aforementioned vehicles at their disposal, the power of our so called democracy will be invoked where the many will have their voice listened to over the ones who did save and that is how wealth will be legally stolen. If a person is not a gold/silver bug (I like silver), perhaps it is time to become one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. Lee!!

  54. Jerry

    A travel ban will take effect on October 18th under executive order.
    In my opinion the table is being set for a major event that will take place on October 18th. What that is exactly is still open for interpretation. But I find it interesting how that date aligns with the launch of the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark by China. It could also be the military’s way of locking down the exits before a major offensive takes place? I don’t know for sure, but we’re about to find out. Stay tuned.

    • Jerry

      Talk about eerie?? The dark of the moon is in the 18th of October.
      Historically the military loves to launch operations during the darkest moon phase so they can go stealth with night vision. Just saying.

  55. Walter Baumgarten

    Gotta love the G & G Combo! Greg was not correct in one thing when he said that the Fed is becoming irrelevant because the Fed is already irrelevant and has been for many long months now. He is absolutely correct when he states that it is all a Ponzi Scheme and is it not very telling that the government busted Bernie Madoff for bringing the idea of Ponzi Schemes into the spotlight? Oh yeah the cockroaches do not want to undergo the light of Truth, do they? Will the government actually DO something? Ha, ha, besides stealing every dime they can get their hands on and starting wars everywhere on the planet, what exactly is the US government able to do? Nothing! They are useless. No term limits, no healthcare, no jobs. The US government is totally useless and when you are on the inside listening to what they say, well they are saying exactly that.

    The corrupt sellout government has as it’s main priority, the control of the American public. There is NO higher priority to those in power, because control means that they can stay in power. It is unwinding, of that there can be no doubt. When it all goes ballistic is anyone’s guess, but if they at any time pursue a course of a cashless society, an RF chip system as has been around a while now and is being used in Wisconsin for many uses, well then there will be a SHTF moment, I assure you.

  56. John M.

    Good job Greg Mannarino.
    I think war and rapid money velocity is baked in the cake.
    How this exactly plays out is difficult to imagine, as the situation is and will be magnitudes worse than anything seen in Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe. The whole system has been leveraged to create something that can only end in a major disaster for most of humanity. Perhaps the East will fare relatively better.

  57. Hairy Herry

    Greg nailed this perfectly. The Fed CANNOT raise the rates! But he leaves out the root cause; Derivatives.

    The “pallet sheet” or junk on their sheet is but peanuts in comparison to the Mount Everest of paper. When the chain is again broken (as was essentially done in ’08) you’ll hear Yellin actually yellin’ at the top of her lungs!

  58. flattop

    GREG:I have been a avid follower of your site for some time now, and I am beginning to tire of all your guests, who only discuss the economy. I mean no disrespect to you, or your guests who have knowledge of economics. But I would appreciate a guest now and then who can educate us on subjects other than the economy.

    • Neil

      How about Alan Watt? Great knowledge of the big picture regarding the NWO, the multi-generational manipulation of society, elite agendas etc. Think he is a bit of a recluse these days but he might do it.

    • Ricardo

      The economy is kind of boring. So is the gold price. Maybe things will get interesting soon and we’ll wish it was boring again.

  59. Dan

    I think besides Catherine Austin Fitts Mannarino is my favorite. Will it play out exactly like he predicts? Who knows? But everything seems to be coming to a head right now. States cannot pay the creditors and bankruptcy looms for many and the crash has not even come yet. Then the little rocket man, division in this country over liberal snowflakes. It all has a crash train wreck feel to it.

  60. Paul ...

    Interesting how the warmongering neocons got N.Korea to declare war on the USA … after incessant poking him with a stick … so lets count up the sacrificial lambs that will be slaughtered in this nuclear war … 26 million men, women and children in N.Korea … 27 million men, women and children in S.Korea and 28 million men, women and children in Japan … add in American military and their families and Satan gets to see about 100 million men, women and children burned in nuclear fire … not too bad a haul for the warmongers god Satan by his Luciferian moronic psychopaths always intent on war … and wonder what the Rand Corporation “think tank” (who predicted N. Korea could not defend itself) will have to say when American bombers are dropped from the skies like flies by a N. Korean “neutron bomb” (containing a big canister of tritium) detonated high in the atmosphere above them that fries all their electronics??

    • Paul ...

      N. Korea has made its decision (like the Spartan 300 against overwhelming odds) … they will not buckle under to the Deep State warmongers … they will go all in … and fight to the death … bringing as many of their enemies down with them before they fall!!

  61. RichM

    You know, I am only stating this because I really feel like it needs to be said. I am actually a fan of Greg M. but when he just stated blatantly that he was wrong “just 1 time” ” just 1 time, and I cannot stress this enough ” just 1 time”. I really just lost ALL respect for the dude. I have listened to him for just about 4 years is all and he has been WRONG at least 25 times. and right about 5… mostly because he was WAY early. I mean what the hell is it with these self proclaimed guru’s. They make their money by claiming hey have these stellar track records…. but they are often all just full of it… My biggest mistake of all was when I lost some 35% of my portfolio by listening to this guy claiming there would be a MAJOR 40-75% stock market crash in 2012. He also HATED Trump, then liked him, and now seems to be no where on it. The guy is a con artist.

    • RichM

      I WAS a fan I meant…. He lost me over $750K with his “for sure” claim of past stock market crashes in 2012 and 2014……listening to such claims went everything against what I was taught as an educated engineer with an MBA and my gut told me this but this guy is so convincing he is dangerous……. I was always taught to NEVER be emotional. He even just said ” Like I cant even make up such crap…. “They will be eating their own dogs” “they are bringing us to WAR and most of you will NOT survive”. Like OMGosh where did this guy come from?
      Talk about 100% paranoia and emotionalism!!!!!!
      This dude seems to be the most emotional of any trader I have ever seen.

      • RichM

        Please allow me a possible clarification….. I think it may have been 2012, 2013, and 2014 but it may have been just one of those years. Nevertheless, he was MOST convincing to short the DOW….. which I did and the DOW shot up to new record highs….

        PS: Thank you Greg Hunter for your sight. I know this was a bit brash of me but I am relaying a real world case of someone who went against my own instincts and all that I was taught, not as a Kensyian but in Austrian Economics and that was that part was that I should have still played that bubble up… by playing the cycles and don’t bail or jump into a fundemental philosophy too early. Too early being 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,,,,etc….

        I did jump in WAY early… but despite what I said above, perhaps my frustration is also just a “short position” as well and not a long term “emotion”. Greg M, please accept the above as just a cautionary statement that many of us are far too impressionable and when we hear people like you saying…. the market is going to “all but certainly” crash this quarter or year…. that we may short the market…. which in my case caused major damage.
        Nevertheless, I apologize for my bluntness as you will eventually be proven right and I will be thankful I was in early rather than too late….
        I still see you as a man who is trying to wrap his head around the insanity and help us all out as best as anyone could be expected.

        • Justn Observer

          Rich….you might have noticed today…that Janet Yellin just ‘admitted’ the FED policy they have been embarked on IS WRONG ! and the inflation and un-employment data not correct ! Which IS what Greg M. has been saying all along…and likely why his prediction of market movements went contrary…never expecting the FED would in ‘their right mind’ go and cover to the extent they have been. Also as to his ‘record’ …he is not in my opinion talking about his trades…which he clearly states he has had go wrong and closes out to minimize his losses…and IS speaking to his calls as to where the FED IS or NOT going to raise or lower rates… which I believe he has been rather right on …’although’ I might not have been following him as long as you.

  62. Diane

    Very interesting spectulation by Dr. JOSEPH P FARRELL

  63. Glenn Shumway

    From “The Economic Consequences of the Peace” by John Maynard Keynes
    “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch (devalue/inflate) the currency. Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch (devalue/inflate) the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one in a million can diagnose.
    “By a gradual, continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security, but at confidence in the equity (fairness) of the existing system of distribution of wealth.”
    Please note that the operation of this process is totally independent on the type of economy, whether “capitalist”, “socialist”, “communist”, or “other”, and 100% dependent on the power that the banksters have over the monetary life of the nation. As Lord Rothschild said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” This happened to the USA in 1913, with the creation of the “Federal Reserve”, and later expanded with the creation of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, a totally UNregulated quasi-governmental organization, answerable to NO ONE, which has the ability to LEGALLY manipulate the price of the dollar, precious metals, etc. (i.e., through buying and selling futures contracts (“paper gold” & “paper silver”) in unlimited quantities, using funds created by the Fed).

    • Paul ...

      Rothschild may have control of our fiat paper money … but it is just about worthless … however a law was passed that makes owning gold legal … so Rothschild your screwed … by the people who take advantage of the law and buy gold … thus “we care not” if Rothschild controls our worthless fiat … what is he going to do with it? … use it for wallpaper??

  64. flattop

    Might you be able to invite someone on who can give us an idea of how long this economic collapse might last, and what it might look like on the other side. Sorta give us something we can get our head around. I feel like that slate is blank.

    • Paul ...

      The fact is … I think the banksters are being prevented from collapsing the system “in their favor” … so any re-set may not be that bad “for ordinary people” … if the “good guys” can make sure that any re-set falls squarely on the banksters shoulders … for instance … we can make the banksters “eat the entire National Debt” ($20 Trillion dollars) … we can make the banksters pay for a National Health Care program for all citizens … and we can impose a “special war tax ” on their unjustified earnings for all the wars they create!!

  65. Kim

    Outstanding interview! You both covered important information! Great discussion in the comments also. Thank you!!

  66. Jerry

    We are moving closer and closer to war with NOKO. I would advise you and your readers to prepare for an EMP attack.
    According to my closest friend (who is a nuclear engineer) the entire U.S. electrical grid is very fragile and could go down even if one area is hit. Check your electrical devises and make sure they are insulated from an EMP attack or they will be rendered useless.

    • Paul ...

      Buy a “metal” garbage can and ground it … then place a spare radio, computer, etc. in the garbage can and put the metal cover tightly on it … and your vital electronic equipment will be protected from EMP … however … all the US Air Force bombers near N. Korea may not be safe from falling out of the sky … look what has been happening to our Navy ships!!

    • tin foil hat

      “A reserve currency cannot be pegged; it must float freely on the global FX exchange. China’s currency, the RMB, is informally pegged to the USD; it doesn’t float freely according to supply and demand on global FX markets.”
      – When China crushes the COMEX’s stranglehold on the prices of gold, the RMB or yuan (perhaps all currencies including the dollar) will be pegged to gold via the oil/yuan convertible to gold scheme.

      “Nobody wants to hold a currency that can be devalued overnight by some central authority. The only security in the realm of currencies is the transparent FX market, which is large enough that it’s difficult to manipulate for long.”
      – We are not quite there yet but we are closed, ProShares dollar index swung from $26 on June 04, 2010 to $21 on Aug. 26, 2011. A 20% movement in 10 months is not stable at all for a reserve currency. A similar swing upward from $21.3 in June 27, 2014 to $26.5 in March 15, 2015 is just as bad or worse, a 23% movement in 9 months!!!!
      I do remember gasoline prices in the U.S. were swinging like a drunken sailor in 2011. That was the direct reflection of the troubles the dollar was enduring. In 2014, ISIS was emerging victorious in Iraq and Syria – Obama said ISIS is a JV team in Jan. 2014.

    • Tin foil hat

      Correction: When China crushes the COMEX’s stranglehold on the prices of gold, currencies of nations which economies are strong and stable will be pegged to gold via the SGE. The rest will float in the FX market.
      Come to think of it, that is why I believe SDR is the more likely alternative. A gold peg is not advantageous to the west if COMEX were broken.

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