Fed Goons Will Not Raise Rates Until 2017-Craig Hemke

14By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says forget about new threats that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates in September. Hemke explains, “They are trying to move things by talking, which is their primary policy.  That’s why so many of these Fed goons, not Fed Governors, as we like to say, that’s why they seem to have conflicting messages all the time.  They are always trying to get the markets to do what they want them to do.  Rational human beings are telling you that they are not going to raise rates in September.  Not only are they going to do it right before an election, that never happens, if you look at FOMC minutes, the expectations actually went down. . . . People see through the nonsense, and actually you’ve got to go all the way out to March of next year, seven months from now, before you at least have a 50/50 likelihood of a an interest rate hike.”

On gold, Hemke contends, “What people have to understand here is what you think of as a market, two rational people exchanging goods at a certain price that works for both of them, is not what happens here. The price is discovered for the paper derivative itself, and it is determined by electronic high-frequency trading.  All this is machines taking ques from other things that seem totally unrelated.  So, it sounds like these are markets that are broken.  I think that is a safe assumption to make. . . . The speculators trading the paper derivative is what is allowed to set price, and that is absolutely breaking everything.  For my specific purposes, it is going to break the derivative paper pricing scheme, as well.  We can’t wait for that to come because the price is not going to be discovered to be $1,360 per ounce at that point. . . . I know how this is going to end.  Tolstoy in ‘War and Peace’ said ‘time and patience are the greatest warriors,’ and that’s exactly right.  I have time and patience on my side because I know how this ends.”

Hemke goes on to say, “One day, this unallocated, super-hypothecated system, where one ounce of gold is pledged to 100 different owners, that is going to stop when a couple of those owners show up at once wanting their ounce, and they are told they can’t have it. . . . They all tell you we’ve got your gold and as long as only one person shows up at a time wanting to make a withdrawal then everything is hunky-dory. But when everybody shows up at the Bailey Savings and Loan on George Bailey’s wedding day wanting their gold all at once, the thing just crumbles.  It’s a confidence game.  Negative interest rates are the greatest fundamental we have ever seen.  This is physical demand that extracts gold from the banker’s system that will eventually lead to shortages, and lead to lack of confidence, lead to delivery failure, and finally, the paper derivative pricing scheme will fail.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information and analysis on the home page of TFMetalsReport.com. If you want to subscribe, please click here.


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  1. 8Ball

    “One day, this unallocated, super-hypothecated system, where one ounce of gold is pledged to 100 different owners, that is going to stop when a couple of those owners show up at once wanting their ounce, and they are told they can’t have it. . . . ”

    Did this not already happen with Germany? They were not allowed to even see or inspect their Gold.

    • Paul ...

      When the day arrives where just two people begin to “squabble publicly” about who owns “the one ounce of gold” the banksters actually have … not only are the other 98 who have a claim to that one ounce going to panic … but 320 million Americans and a billion more people worldwide are going to panic! … so just as the banksters hold their fiat bonds at par and ignore the market price … I too am holding my gold at par ($50,000 dollars per ounce) irrespective of what the HFT market says it is worth!

    • Robert Lykens

      8Ball, people always wonder whether the govt will try to confiscate gold or not. In my opinion – – – who knows? Have they kept records of who has bought gold – – – who knows?

      My worry is that cash dollars/silver/gold will be valueless in a cashless economy. Everyone, even welfare recipients, value a card-with-magnetic-strip over cash.

      Will my silver/gold have value or be worthless?
      Who knows?

      • andyb

        Robert: No confiscation is in the cards. Can you imagine the reception when the UN blue hats come to the door of any armed American, because they won’t use local police and the military would rebel? Even if they have the records: “gee, I lost mine in a boating accident”. Unless, of course, they go full Gestapo, but I don’t see that happening; again, too many weapons in American hands. As to your second worry: gold or silver will become valuable under some form of new currency when the price of PMs will be adjusted accordingly. Until that new benchmark is established, it will be barter and wheelbarrows full of fiat. I figure 6 months, at worst, unless the mushroom clouds have already been unleashed. It’s very important that you hold on to your PMs as long as possible. You’ll be really pissed if you sold yours at $5k and the price goes to $200k.

        • Pinocchio

          Gold bars and coins will not be confiscated, but the gold mines will be reclaimed as federal government’s properties. This is possible under current federal law. The only way to negate it is by Great Secession.

          Secede !!!!

      • Freebreezer

        The corrupt politicians will never let it go cashless … how are they going to pay for their prostitutes, take illegal bribes, get their cash under the table, etc. In addition, just a few extended power outages will wake up more than a few to how useless the credit card (or plastic) is when the electricity is out.

    • Russ McMeans

      Re: Germans wanting to see their gold reserves: I suspect they were promised or threatened by our bankers so as not to pursue the issue. In like kind: Bernie Sanders has retired to his new $650k house after endorsing Hillary. Also James Comie head of the FBI…… They both were promised something or threatened. You know it’s true….

  2. DBCooper

    Greg, and all Doggers … in regard to the true “religion of peace” …everyone is urged to watch this presentation by Dr. Bill Warner … 1400 years of islam. Yours, DB


    • Robert Lykens

      DB, as you know, “peace” is not the absence of conflict.

      Peace is the presence of Christ.

      • Robert Lykens

        The islamists’ greeting, “peace be upon thee” is a lie. They do not know, they do not have – peace.

        Peace is Christ.

        • DBCooper

          RL, We heartily agree and thank you for the reply … we found Dr. Warner’s presentation to be enlightening and it makes us realize that PC is killing us all. Just finished reading ‘Unintended Consequences’ (John Ross) for the third time! and we hope and pray that enough of us will get to the end of our tether in time to end the madness … We have little hope though and hence our Faith in Jesus.
          Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • aussie jeff

          Anyone who does not confess with their lips that Jesus is Lord remains under the wrath of God!

  3. al

    Thank you Greg. Excellent as usual. The Elite are “dog eat dog”, they’re starting to smell blood and the frenzy will ensue…. thus the reset.

  4. DanielSong39

    I think the people who buy precious metals will fare about as well as those in Venezuela and Argentina who tried to do the same in the past few decades.

    I haven’t heard too many (any?) success stories from people in those countries – I think this might be your first clue.

    My guess is that in a breakdown situation the people who fare the best economically will be those who have already sold their souls to connected insiders.

    • frederick

      Not true Those who have precious metals in those countries are doing quite well as their wealth has been preserved and those who are kissing up to TPTB will not be sleeping too well when they realize the end is near for those in power and everyone knows that

    • Greg knows who I am

      DS39……Perhaps those people with success stories in Venezuela and Argentina are not out there jumping and screaming with joy and drawing attention to themselves !
      Possibly those smart enough to take precautions and hedge against the system are smart enough to camoflauge themselves.

      Take those of us PM stackers in the UK who did very well with the Brexit, anti establishment vote resulting in the British Pound currency collapse of over 10%.

      Mike Maloney will simplify it for you here …


      • BetterChetter

        if you’re a stacker, you also have $30/oz Silver in your portfolio, and are still waiting for that value to return to you – – – Its always easy, with hindsight, to say IF you put money into metals in Jan, then by July, you’d have whopping gains, but true stackers (again) have $30 silver waiting to re-value itself ~

    • Charles H


      If you don’t live there – how would you know? How much experience do you have with the Black Market?
      While there are still different monetary systems, and countries: wealth can be moved around.
      And do you really think that “connected insiders” would help feed, shelter, and nurse you after you sold yourself cheap? Someone coming to them cheaper will end your place and resource drain. This is one-dimensional thinking on your part.
      Being successful in a topsy-turvy world is like getting ahead: if it was easy – everybody would be doing it. Look harder.

    • Mike from the North

      I heard on an interview today that 1 oz of silver in Venezuela will buy you 6 months of groceries.

  5. Adrian

    Hi Greg, again great interview as always. I have a question in regards to the last segment of your interview about the Yuan being officially entered into the SDR basket, would it possibly be wise to exchange maybe 5 to 10 % of ones portfolio of dollars into Yuan especially with the rumors that the Chinese hold 10000+ tonnes of gold and a possible gold backed Yuan in the future, and also the SGE is in existence now?. I know that you and all of your guests don’t give investment advice, just great information but what is your thoughts on this. Thanks

    • 8Ball

      I have seen a few comments on blogs that use the Venezuela situation as a reason to stock up on PM’s. Your point is well taken: Where are the Venezuelan “stackers” who are benefiting from the foresight to do so? If they are then they would be foolish to draw attention to themselves.

      I suspect that if you try to cash in your PM’s during such a situation the word will get out that you have some and unless you have a private army you will get a visit from either the government or the local Banditos (one & the same).

      People who talk as if they are going to be living well during an economic or societal collapse while others are suffering are not thinking straight…

      • 8Ball

        intended for DanielSong

  6. Country Codger

    Howdy Greg,
    Thanks for the GR8 interview with Craig. I don’t know if you spotted this: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2016/08/12/executive-order-providing-order-succession-within-department-treasury

    Do you know why there is a need for a letter of succession for a SOTUS? It is because there are only 2 people who can submit economic and financial policy to Congress and it must be PRE-approved by law; 1) president of the US (POTUS) and 2) Secretary of Treasury. By law it is pre-approved. Here is the break down in case you want to read about it. Sorry it is so long.

    Keep up the great work. When I listen to the same guests being interviewed on other shows, because of the skill level of the interviewer, the guests have a lot less to say than when they are on your show, even if the other show is longer minute-wise. You have the gift for isolating the key issues. Keep it up.

  7. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I have no clue what he’s talking about, but I suspect the “talkers” are winging it as well. Sounds scary…let’s hope God is still looking after drunks, little children, and the United States of America.

    • Paul ...

      What is more scary … is having a President training ISIS terrorists in California (who chop off Christian heads) … does anyone think that maybe just perhaps this is a bit “racist”!!!

      • Paul ...

        And how about the “black” criminal in Milwaukee that was shot by a “black” policeman … and the “black community” burns down a white community because “black lives matter” … that sound a bit “racist”??!

        • allen ols


  8. al H.

    GREG & CRAIG: Craig said he would have his money in gold(silver) as I do, and use it in the next paradigm? BUT, as I sent to you earlier today Greg- there will be no next time(PARADIGM)!!! SEE THIS – PLANET-X NOW TO STRIKE ON 7/21/2017- AND MUCH WEATHER CHAOS WILL ADVANCE THIS DATE. I’m sorry to burst his bubble.
    What he talks about is real, yet so is this- death on a scale of billions!!
    Planet X – What the Government Knows But Cannot Divulge Arrival Timeline – Saturday, August 20, 2016

    • Russ McMeans

      Not to worry about Planet X ….. Hillary has cut a back room deal and Trump has bought up the X’s real estate. It’s no problem!

      • allen ols


      • al H.

        Russ: Nibiru is real- and coming- from a friend I know that was in Black Ops

  9. Mike

    About two weeks left Greg. We’ll see if the banks or markets open Sept 6.

  10. Gina M Mancarella

    My fellow countrymen and countrywomen. United we stand and divided we fall. Lets stand together and stand for each other and stand for Hillary. As you know, there are economic forces trying to take us down as a result of greedy business men like Donald Trump. For example, Trumps clothing factories in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and many other impoverished countries generate huge streams of income to Donald to fund an opulent lifestyle while most Americans suffer. Check out a youtube account where Trump was interviewed by David Letterman where he admits sending lots of jobs outside the country.


    Also, we need to understand that contrary to Craig Hempke’s negative view about rehypothecation that in actuality the rehype derivative contract markets are the only thing that stand between us and immediate financial anarchy and disorder. Unfortunately, the mismanagement for years in the financial markets require an orderly unwinding of that may well require 30 years or more to accomplish. In the event of a dislocation in the gold market, it will be very easy to arrive at a resolution as it is an ordinary commodity, which can easily be revalued and settlements can be made according to temporal market conditions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary = liar + traitor + criminal.

      • southernpatriot

        Spot on Greg! Spot on! At least Trump worked for his money and he did not steal it from the American Taxpayer! Gina you might want to realign your thinking for crooked Hillary! Thanks Greg!

      • Jallen

        Greg and Watchdogs,
        Sorry to be off topic. I read where Israel is planning to build a third Temple, where the Dome of the rock currently sits. Israel is teaching Priests how to perform animal sacrifice as done in the OLD TESTAMENT.
        Please read Daniel Chapter 11 Verse 31.
        Please read Matthew Chaper 24 and pay attention to verse 15.

        Thank you,

        • Greg Hunter

          Make sure your source is good. That sound not correct to me.

          • Charles H

            The Third Temple IS in the works – from a standpoint of most of the instruments and adornments are already made. How it will be handled is the big question. I think sappers will collapse it; then Israel will take possession from a national outcry. Once damage happens – it will taken as a sign from God. Bible prophesy speaks to it’s existence in conjunction with the appearance of the anti-Christ. It is an eventuality.

          • Jallen

            Source follows for Rebuilding temple.
            Thank you,

            Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

            Promoting Israeli democracy, exposing secrets of the national security state

            You are here: Home / Mideast Peace / Israeli Deputy Defense Minister on Tisha B’Av: “We’re not Ashamed. We Will Rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount.”

            Israeli Deputy Defense Minister on Tisha B’Av: “We’re not Ashamed. We Will Rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount.”

            August 14, 2016 By Richard Silverstein —22 Comments

            Today was Tisha B’Av, one of the most solemn days of the year for observant Jews. It marks the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 CE. It is the day on which the Book of Lamentations, which commemorates the fall of Jerusalem, is recited in every synagogue in the world.

            But in Israel, the firebrands of Israel’s most right-wing government ever aren’t in mourning. They’re rejoicing at the prospect of rebuilding the Temple. They have High Priests in training who are learning the ancient sacrificial rites at the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva in occupied East Jerusalem. The Temple Institute, which is masterminding much of the planning and preparation, is developing a social media strategy (“coming soon to your Facebook feed!”) which will popularize these incendiary ideas.

            No matter that there already is a house of worship in the precise spot where the new Jewish temple would rise. That would be the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa which constitute the Haram al Sharif. Just as in India, when Hindu fanatics demolished a sacred Muslim shrine and provoked religious war between the two religious groups, building the Third Temple would mean destroying the Muslim holy sites. That, in turn, would mean almost certain holy war not just in Israel, but throughout the Muslim world.

            Deputy Defense Minister Eli Dahan exhorts Israel to rebuild the Temple regardless of the possible consequences

            You’d be making a mistake if you think Israel’s political leadership is worried about such an eventuality. On the contrary, many MKs and ministers believe that there must be a final reckoning with the Muslims of Palestine in which the Jews finally and ultimately vanquish them. It’s an End Times-like scenario. Except in this case, Israel has nuclear weapons which conceivably could become part of the Ultimate Solution to the “Arab problem.”

            All this is by way of introducing you to Eli Dahan, Israel’s deputy defense minister and a leading settler rabbi/political leader. He was the keynote speaker at a Women in Green rally held in occupied East Jerusalem today, in which settlers marched provocatively through the Arab quarters of the city flourishing Israeli flags and racist slogans as they went.

            You may recall that the founder of this settler group, Nadia Matar, told an audience at a Manhattan synagogue that Mahmoud Abbas should be assassinated:

            “…Don’t you understand that in order to bring peace to Europe, one has to first destroy the Nazi beast? Today we must destroy all the terrorist organizations. We must kill all the terrorist leaders, starting with Mahmoud Abbas and all others.”

            The other co-founder of Women in Green, Yehudit Katsover, told her audience that the reason the 9th of Av is a tragic day in Jewish history is because at a crucial moment when the Israelites prepared to conquer the Land of Israel, they hesitated in fear that they would fail due to the resistance of the existing inhabitants. Her message was that modern-day Israel too must be bold in its conviction that all of the land is theirs and that their will to conquer will carry the day. She railed against Pres. Obama’s so-called pressure against Israel, calling him a “pygmy.”

            Dahan exhorted his listeners to remember that the Temple Mount is the ‘heart of the Jewish people,’ and that ‘without this heart there can be no body.’ He added:

            We are here to announce that we’ve returned to Jerusalem and that we’re preparing our hearts to return to the Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple. We’re not ashamed of this: we want to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. The soldiers of Israel and its inhabitants know how to announce [to the world] that this is the heart and the essence [of the Jewish people]. Together, we will merit its rebuilding soon and in our day.”

            There was a time decades ago when these ideas were anathema not just to secular Jews, but even Orthodox Jews. To this day, many rabbis tell their followers they may not set foot on the Temple Mount because it is the site of the destroyed Temple. But the caution and conservatism of the past is gone. Taboos have been broken and Jewish zealotry unleashed on the world. Meir Kahane played a critical role in this transformation. He is the spiritual father of the most noxious, dangerous form of idolatry to strike the Jewish people in decades, if not centuries.

            Leaders like Nadia Matar, Yehudit Katsover and Eli Dahan are Angels of Death of Israel and the Jewish people. Their visions are poison. Not just for Jews or Israel, but for the entire region as well. If any of their dreams are ever realized they will be accompanied by rivers of blood. God help us, I hope it doesn’t come to that.

            • Greg Hunter

              I meant to post a link but this is good too.

      • WD

        Please block Gina…I hate to ask but we know what she is about and she is a troll…


        • Greg Hunter

          I know she is a paid troll or Dem operative but what she provides is a look into how that world thinks.

          • Charles H

            Gina doesn’t represent how the world thinks – she is a talking-points platform of a false identity. A housewife that attends the DNC? Too much salt is a purgative.

            • Greg Hunter

              So sorry Charles H, I should clarify. It’s how their world thinks. Mean as instructional and nothing more. Thank you for pointing this out.

              • Deanna Johnston Clark

                Thumbs up, Greg! No matter the trolling, even a stopped clock tells time twice a day. Besides, the Donald does have way too many slaves working for his fortunes. Hillary, Trump….”There’s no balm in Gilead” and no hero on a horse is going to do what we should do for ourselves.

    • Sayonara

      You are an extremely sick, mentally disordered and intellectually illiterate lunatic.
      The fact that you support the most treasonous and corrupt politician in American history demonstrates clearly well beyond a blinding glimpse of the obvious that you are very wicked and evil human being!
      And BTW, that goes for all you Hillary supporters as well!

    • Bill

      Gina: Bill and Hillary have never been in the business world, only the political world. So how does someone who has been in politics manage to amass one hundred million dollars?? At least Mr Trump as WORKED at a job and earned is millions. Also, david letterman also earns money from impoverished countries!!

      • Daniel Song

        Bill, the Clinton Foundation is a $100 billion operation… you’re probably off by a factor of 1000.

    • Paul ...

      Yeah Gina … lets stand together and “pledge allegiance to Hillary” … have you not heard that Hillary has vowed to uphold Obama’s order to ban any Pledge of Allegiance!
      The evil Constitution destroying neocons give the lame excuse that because the Pledge of Allegiance mentions the word “God” instead of Hillary … anyone who dares speak the Pledge will now be denied their freedom of speech under penalty of a $10,000 dollar fine and one(1) year in prison!

      • Paul ...

        The Hillary neocons are out to destroy the First Amendment … the attack on the Pledge of Allegiance is just their first salvo … they are really out to “shut down free speech” on the internet … and the Main Stream Media is now “eliminating the comment sections” on their news publications as it is countering their efforts “at mind control” … Hillary has already stated that once elected she will “take out” the people who oppose her as “they don’t have the right to exist” … so their you have it Democrats … your beloved Hillary who claims to be for women’s rights, blacks rights, etc., etc. shows her true colors “when opposed” … and a day will come when women, blacks, etc, etc. can also be found by Hillary not to have the right to exist! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8W7kRopvO8

        • Paul ...

          The good news is … the Chairman and head of Breitbart Steve Bannon has been hired by Trump to run his election campaign … if the American People can find it in their hearts to choose truth and morality over lies and immorality this November … the current United Snakes of America can be returned to being the once great and respected United States of America!

      • Robert G

        Common Paul, surely you have reliable links to back up this outrageous post. Where do you get this crap.

      • Robert G

        Common Paul, surely you have reliable links to back up this outrageous post. Where do you get this stuff. I accidentally posted this on your Breitbart post. .

      • Robert G

        My 2 comments to Paul have gone to the wrong spots, my bad, they were meant to go to His comments about the pledge of allegiance being done away with by Obama and Hillery. Rubbish, reliable links please.

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Its the economy stupid !

      • Greg Hunter

        And look how it is going with this Administration. The only thing real are the phony numbers, as in real phony numbers.

        • Freebreezer

          Greg – curious … does Gina just comment once in a while or does the entity gina comment all the time and you scrub her out?

          • Greg Hunter

            I usually let her comments go one when she comments. There have been a few exceptions. I am letting her comment to let you know what trolls and DNC fraudsters (The DNC defrauded Sanders voters) think.

            • Freebreezer


      • Charles H

        Democratic president spends more in seven and one-half years than all previous presidents combined: then this president OWNS the economy. If he can’t fix the economy with all that’s been spent – who is stupid? Actually, you – for thinking he’s trying.

      • RTW

        Speaking of “stupid” did you see the latest poll that says that 1 out 3 Hillary supporters are just as stupid as the other 2?

        • Gina M Mancarella

          FYI ………………………………………………….

          CHER supports HILLARY !!!!

          SO THERE !!!!!!!

          • Greg Hunter


            Cher is a washed up has been trying to be relevant. She knows Hill is in big trouble dragging a big bag of dirt. Dems should have run Biden. Hill could not even beat Sanders without cheating and rigging it beyond the free Super Delegates she was awarded by the DNC. Hill = liar = traitor = criminal.


          • frederick

            Why would anyone care in the least what Cher thinks anyway trashing Mr Trump from a placie like Provincetown Cape Cod I mean seriously

    • Linda L.

      The difference between Trump and Hillary is as follows:
      Mr. Trump has started hundreds of projects that have provided jobs for thousands of people, and he has done it the good old fashion way, in a manner that our Constitution allows us as US Citizens. The Clinton family, who have been in politics for their entire professional careers, have made all their money in crony criminal dealings, blackmail (even worse). The Clinton family use their so called charitable foundation to collect BILLIONS of DOLLARS in exchange for favors to their donors (many favors have sadly damaged America’s interests…and they could care less), in return giving very little back from their foundation for charitable causes. If you aren’t Hillary yourself commenting on this site, you need some serious education/a reality check because Hillary won’t be there for you when you need her.

      • Paul ...

        And Gina just look where it has gotten them … Hillary is debilitatingly ill and Bill looks like he has AIDS … they say Hillary has Parkinson’s but if she slept with Bill (connect the dots) … in any case if Hillary has to step down look who her VP is Tim Kaine (former head of the Democratic National Committee)! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9L9ZiS7APE

    • Tommy

      Check out youtube and watch Hillary’s head spin around while she laughs hysterically likes she’s possessed. The one poor reporter looks like she’s watching Lucifer in person.

    • Paul

      Gina I could not possibly disagree with you more! Hillary Clinton in my view is an evil, war mongering, criminal, who has no right to be in the position she is in a possible President. I would not shake her hand or giver her the time of day if she were in my presence.

      I am voting for Trump. Not because he is the perfect candidate, but because he is not Hillary “The Criminal” Clinton. I also believe Trump stands behind our constitution and will be good for the economy. .

  11. Jerry

    Greg I hate to say this after such a superb interview, but what the Fed chooses to do at this point is irrelevant to where the rest of the emerging economies of the world are headed. Come October 1, the dollar will become a nonfactor, and along with it our reserve currency status that has allowed the Federal Reserve clowns to print money with impunity.

    Like an addict addicted to heroin, our economy will go into economic convulsions once our Treasury can no longer sell its bonds in order to print money. Printing money is one thing, but having some one to use your currency for trade is entirely something else. The IMF has made it abundantly clear in their documents that they have no intention of allowing this practice to continue, with the possibility of Deutsche Bank and the Bank of Japan imploding. The next few weeks should prove to be very interesting.

    • NH Watcher

      Thanks, Jerry, for this link. It is REQUIRED reading for any USA Watchdogger, I dare say. The Chinese, we underestimate, at our peril. And the one attribute which the Chinese excel at is: persistence. They will persist, year after year, patiently when necessary, but they will persist, until they get their way. Nixon was one of the worst Presidents in our history, and it wasn’t just for Watergate … and yet, he was simply following his marching orders too. The Elite of the world know no geographic, economic, or societal boundaries.

    • Ranger67

      This is the BEST article I have read on the basis of the new SDR. Great post Jerry!

    • Newman

      Your compulsion to give the date when things will collapse, and thereby make yourself wrong over and over again is nothing short of astonishing. There are many steps to this process and many moving parts. There is also, still, quite a lot of inertia in the system. Now go ahead; I’ve got it coming… I’m an ignorant fool and my mother wears army boots. lol The dollar will end up at zero, but it won’t happen on your timetable. October will come and go with the system still intact.


      • Jerry

        Is this what you mean by inertia in the system? What color is the sky in your fantasy world.

        If you have been reading my post, I have said that October 1, is the date that our currency will loose reserve currency status with the IMF precipitating the coming collapse. How long will it take? It could be weeks. It could be months. But know this, our stinking, rotting, fake economy can’t survive a 20%-30% dollar haircut. Now say something intelligent.

        • Jerry

          Oops! Wrong link. Here’s the one I meant.

          • allen ols

            🙂 good stuff!!!!!!

          • Curious George

            Again another date. Why do you keep doing this? Its irresponsible borderline reckless to keep crying wolf. It’s come to a point where no body even bothers believing you and believe that there is no wolf.

            Yes, our financial system and the American Empire will crumble and there will be a required reset very similar to the fall of the Soviet Union.

            We can see right now that the US is losing control of the outer reaches of the empire. And the end is assured, but what good does it do for you or anyone else to claim a date every other month.

            Does it make you feel more authoritative? Is it to show very very soon that you will be proven correct? That all your preparations and actions will soon be rewarded, if not financially then at the very least emotionally?

            You aren’t doing anyone any good by always crying wolf. You’re no better than the guy that keeps writing about Planet X coming any moment now to destroy everything. You both come off sounding absurd and drown out what possible good points that you do raise.

            • Jerry

              George you’re wasting you time. You don’t have enough brain cells to insult me.
              Enjoy your happy misguided thoughts, because in the not to distant future, that’s all you’ll have.

      • Charles H


        Another “pot-shot” based on a missed time-table? Really? Do you think that those who perform PONZI schemes – let the public know when it will all come down?
        Rather than recognizing Jerry for the length and depth of contributing sources and material: you hammer him in that which is least predictable!? I don’t know how deserving you are of being self-depreciating: but looking at the glass as half-empty – categorizes you.

        • Jerry

          Thank you Charles,
          Evidently Newman hasn’t read any of the IMF publications the last 4 years or what the head of China’s Central Bank publicly has stated twice recently in that they want the IMF to speed up the process of using the SDR to settle international trade and not wait until October when the Yuan is officially included in the basket of currencies backing it. This was agreed upon by all IMF members except the US back in 2010 after wall street caused the financial crisis. The international banks have been at war with wall street and the neocons in Washington because not only of the crisis they caused but the amount of loans that have gone bad by the destruction of economies by wars, color revolutions and the intentional economic destruction of countries. Most of the international banks have had enough and this is the reason for the move to the SDR replacing the dollar which is what the BRICS wants to use to trade with the west. China has just placed a huge amount of gold with the IMF and has received SDRs and they are now part of their reserves. Most countries now have SDRs in their reserves including Russia. It is interesting that this is common knowledge in most of the world but here in the US it is not even mentioned in the media. This is who is really backing Donald Trump and this is why the status quo is fighting so hard to defeat him. They all want to keep the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and continue US hegemony as the rest of the world wants to move to the SDR. Another interesting thing is that the daily management of the SDR conversion will not be the IMF in Washington but the Bank of International Settlements, (BIS), in Basel, Switzerland. The international bankers wanted it that way! This is the move from a dollar uni-polar world to a multi-polar one that the international banks have been working on for 4 years. This is also the reason that LaGarde has come out publicly several times and said the IMF policies have done more harm than good for countries like Greece.

        • allen ols

          chas h
          good post

    • Jerry

      For those that would like more information on what the IMF is planning for October, I highly recommend this 20 minute clip.

    • Dan


      I know you are a smart guy and often post a lot of relevant and useful material. But you must be dreaming in technicolor if you think the SDR will: 1) immediately kill (or even dislodge) the greenback; and 2) will used to replace it.

      You may only be partially correct for #2) above. Yes, a new SDR could be used between countries (and their CBs) for collateral. But that’s about it.

      The REAL demand for world currency (in the current case – dollars) comes from businesses. Think of all the trade (oil, commodities, and all other goods and services) done between business entities in different countries; the MAJORITY is still done in dollars (with the exception of certain countries like Russia, Iran, and China using their own currencies or even gold).

      Can you honestly tell me these hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of companies from around the world will dump the greenback to use SDRs instead? Not convenient for them my friend.

      Furthermore, most big companies from almost every country in the world have been coerced into using the greenback (ever read ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’? If not, go to https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Economic-Hit-John-Perkins/dp/0452287081/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1471935856&sr=1-1&keywords=economic+hitman to pick up a copy). If a major corporation refuses this, they are locked out of the SWIFT system and cannot transact internationally; there are countless examples of such occurrences happening.

      Next, WHO do you think controls the IMF (and World Bank for that matter)? It is the US. If you think otherwise, you are pretty ignorant my friend.

      Finally, your fantasy that on October 1st with the new SDR will enable China to launch a gold-backed currency is absolutely insane. I would, however, agree that they have the capacity (and the gold backing) to do it; no question at all about that. But what you don’t get (and something I have explained to you many times, as I’ve been living and working in China for the past 8 years and have given business training even in SOEs here and know very much how the high levels think and act here) is that the Chinese WILL NOT give up total control of their currency and let it free float (at least not for many years to come). It just won’t happen. Take social [in]stability in China for instance. This is the #1 priority for the Communist Gov’t. Only with control of their currency can they have the means to maintain some kind of control over an economic crisis. No control over monetary policy would be absolutely suicidal. Can you imagine nearly a billion (that’s 1,000,000,000) people revolting? Study a bit of Chinese history my friend if you want to know how they think. Next, the Chinese like to do things slowly and safely. A sudden move would not be their style. Moreover, they would not want to be blamed by the US and the West for initiating a global currency crisis as that could be an excuse for them to bring China to war.

      Do any of these arguments make sense to you? You just don’t seem to be understanding these.

      If you want to prove me wrong, I’d love to hear your counter-arguments for EACH point/argument I make above in a reply here for all to see.


      • Jerry

        You need to educate yourself before you make such comments.
        Enjoy you’re ride to camp FEMA. You’ll have lots of company.

        • Dan

          Your an idiot Jerry. FEMA camp? Are you serious? I’m in China. Are you in USA? If so, you’ll be the one in FEMA camp. Just wait and see about your and my predictions buddy. Can’t wait to say I told you so on all fronts. Remain in dreamland though…

          • JMiller


            I agree with what you have said.

      • JMiller


        I agree in general with what you said. The SDR will not all of a sudden replace the dollar on October 1.

  12. DILLON

    GREG –

  13. Robert Lykens

    “Legalized Pot Making America’s Lower Class Poorer”


    I know that preppers shun marijuana because they know it causes absent-mindedness, irresponsibility and laziness.
    Patriotic American preppers would never allow their minds to become besotted with drugs at such a critical time in America’s history.

    • Russ McMeans

      Amen Roberts! I live in growerville Calitopia. i.e.: Humboldt/ Mendocino and Nevada county’s
      It’s disgusting. Dreadlocked bums and modified loud diesel pickup trucks everywhere. Run down tax starved towns because pot is a cash business. I told my wife I hate it here and will not stay here much longer!

    • Hatemail


      North Korea allows marijuana use with no restrictions. It is freely sold like tomatoes. The whole population is subdued by a central government.
      I have been heavily prepping for years. I work hard and keep active. You are right, when focused upon self survival you don’t desire drugs.

    • Hatemail


      The German government is advising citizens to stockpile 10 days of food and 5 days of water.
      I would hardly call that “prepping”.
      There must be a lot of water in bratwurst.

  14. pat the rat

    You can already see prices going up $.19 cents here, and $.50 cents there the powers that be are nickle and dime to death, inflation is already here!

  15. DBCooper

    Greg, ETAL, We hope that everyone is paying attention …
    Yours, DB.


    • JMiller

      The story is a hoax. Executive Order 13738 does not even exists. Before It’s News is one of many websites not to be trusted.

    • Tom

      Here’s a link to all executive orders : https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders

      I didn’t see anything DB regarding the banning of the Pledge

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Tom. I thought that could be a spoof story about banning the Pledge, but with this president you never know.

        • DBCooper

          OOPS, Ah well the truth comes out once again … Thanks all for straightening me out !! Yours, DB

          • DBCooper

            Greg/doggers, As to Before it’s News … as a whole it is not to be trusted … but … we search for nuggets … the other day there was an article on the medicinal uses of ‘raw’ cannabis that was really interesting and educational. That means not cooked or heated (smoked).

    • Paul ...

      So now in violation of our First Amendment Rights to “freedom of speech” Obama just signed into law that “if we dare to speak” the Pledge of Allegiance to God and Country we will be fined $10,000 dollars and jailed for one(1) year … these neocons have some balls … they outright violate the First Amendment of the Constitution in order to put us Christian Patriots in jail for loving God and Country (likely because they can’t get ISIS over here quick enough to chop off our heads) … yet the evil, crooked, lying, pay to play, espionage law flaunting Hillary is not only allowed to roam free but is nominated to become the next President of the United States! … the neocons must be rolling in the isles it is so Hillaryous!!!

      • Paul ...

        The good news is Trump is already rallying House Republicans to pursue purgery charges against Hillary Clinton (and they have the votes) … Trump has also gotten Health Care Insurers (not in on the Obama fix) to come out against Obama Care! … we can make America Great “once again” if we simply resolve to vote for good over evil!

    • Diane D.

      Reports of this executive order are a hoax.

    • Galaxy 500

      That is a Fantasy Site, not a News Site.

  16. Chuck

    Sorry Greg, I just can’t do it anymore. You seem like a great guy and I think you are doing your best to get answers. I got suckered in 5 years ago by all these know nothings who have been constantly saying that Ag and Au will skyrocket any moment now. They have all been wrong yet still sing the same song. Yes, you, Andy Hoffman, Bill Holter, Chris Duane, Jim Sinclair, Bo Polny, Craig Hemke, everyone who has ever been on King World News, Gerald Celente, Sean at SGT Report, Dave at the X22 Report, Rory at the Daily Coin, SRS Rocco and probably a dozen others that I can’t think of right now.

    They are all either liars or ignorant. I hope it is the latter. Either way I took their advice to warn family and friends and needless to say family and friends think I am a complete and total idiot today. I am off to live my life now and do my best at what ever I do. Best of luck to you Greg and maybe I will check back in with you sometime in the future, but as of now, I just can’t do it anymore!

    • Charles H


      First off – Au and Ag are NOT for PROFIT: they are INSURANCE. If you got that wrong from the beginning – it was a mistake on your part.
      Those who have positioned themselves against the current monetary system have done so for two great reasons: the System is hi-jacked and broken; and PMs have history behind them.
      It’s a war; there are casualties. Mend your fences with those who think you are a complete idiot. Life is choices. Choose wisely.

      • Charles H

        H C B,

        If ‘gold-bugs’ seem “one-dimensional” – it is because market dynamics and governmental interference have narrowed it down so. Obviously you are “in-the -system” and that’s where you want to be. Fine But the system is broken. ZIRP and no fair-market price discovery – with nothing but a computer or printing press behind it: come on – who is blind here?
        So playing in the Market you can make some money, huh? PM market commodities are nothing but paper. And if the FRNs go the way of Confederate Currency – what happens to you? Dump on “Gold Bugs”; then approve of “a relatively small amount of physical” – only amounts to sitting on a fence. You put forth a confused message – which is it’s own statement.

    • Tracy Welborn

      You should have been doing your own research the whole time. It’s up to you to know what you know. Didn’t you hear Craig say he wasn’t going to make any predictions on when? I don’t know what “do it anymore” means to you but if you’ve a got a family, you need to do a gut check and stay prepared. 14 trillion in negative bond rates, it could be more. Do you understand what that means? Plus, what are you wishing would happen? A collapse? We all need to be thankful for every normal day we get to live.

    • Matties

      Dear Chuck, i’m sorry to hear you’r exhausted. True enough i can see why. There is a third way of looking at it instead of liars or ignorants. We are gaming against a criminal cabal. They are distorting everything.

      Also i noticed that most preppers and inclusive all the people you mentioned above are christians. We have a supernatural instinct about truth. Thus, we see what is really happening.

      Yeshua told us about seeds in the ground. Some will grow but wither away when no water will come to them.

      Please hold on and pray.

    • 8Ball

      “They are all either liars or ignorant.”
      I have been observing this situation for years and it is my opinion that it is a combination of both.

      Once someone who has made some baseless prediction (for whatever reason) realizes that it indeed was they either have the choice to eat crow or do a CYA and revise it forward. “I was a little off in my calculations but don’t worry… it will happen next year”.

      What you have to ask yourself is: Are these people here to help me? Do they actually care about me and my family? Or are they trying to get me excited and sell me something?

    • clare doll

      Can you “not do it anymore” as in convince friends and family? Because if that is what you are saying, there aren’t many here that have succeeded either. Are you saying it because you want to give up your insurance? Then I say say, “Buck up, Chuck” because you can’t go home. Once your eyes are open, its moving forward only. Can’t go back to normalcy bias. Friends and family may not want to see. You can’t change them, you can only try to show them. If that’s what you have done, then good for you. Move on. But as far as the commentators are concerned, we have them because the rest of us want to stay out of the normalcy bias mode and these people keep us on our toes. Thank goodness for them!

    • 8Ball

      I have seen similar comments…

      “I went all in on Silver in 20** and now I am down 50%”.

      One person commented: “you are not accumulating capital, you are building wealth”. So how does losing half of your capital equate to wealth building when you are down 50%? They go on with such nonsense like: “Your Grandchildren will thank you…”

      That is how markets work: somebody wins, somebody loses… The goal of most these pumpers is to keep you in the game. Take your losses and go live your life with the lessons that you have learned.

      • Charles H


        If “pumpers” can keep people in the game – then the people are being ignorant. I translated considerable resource some years back. Sure it went under-water for a long time: but it isn’t now. You speak as if the final chapter was already written: it isn’t. Holding physical ISN’T Market workings at all. In fact it amounts to looking past them.

  17. Charles Turner

    Zero hedge are reporting that the German government will ask their citizens to hold 10 days worth of food supplies. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-21/german-government-urges-citizens-stockpile-food-water-first-time-cold-war-ended
    I don’t buy the narrative that this is due to Islamic terrorism. A bad terrorist attack could kill 100 people. Not enough to close down an economy of 80 million people. I suspect it is planning for the next Financial crisis, when the banks wont be operating for a few days. Time to watch Deutche Banks share price.

  18. Russ McMeans

    Greg; I hang out on the edges of Craig’s TFMetalsReport site sometimes. Great guy! Great interview! Thanks for the interview!
    Btw: he gets Jim Wylie when he can for his own interviews. His formatt is a bit like yours. A home grown website. Nice!

  19. Russ McMeans

    Before I forget: ( tomorrow I’m off to work)
    Remember to get more ammo and guns if ya need em before the price goes up on November 2nd.
    That would be Nov 8th for the low information crowd. Not to worry folks, my mommie and aunty told me Hillary would never take away our rights to bear arms! They heard on MSM tv news. It must be true!

    • Robert Lykens

      Russ, I’m pretty prepped up on ammo for the guns I already have.
      But I’m thinking of getting another gun for EDC. My G21 is pretty heavy.
      I want something with stopping power, but small/light enough to not be a huge burden. I get in/out of the car a lot.
      Any suggestions, anyone?

      • Tin foil hat

        Glock 36 is lighter and you don’t need to stockpile new ammo. It’s about the same size as the Glock 19 but lighter.

      • Freebreezer

        The stopping power for a lot of mafia hits was the simple, little 22 cal … something to think about.

        • Tin foil hat

          .22 cal is great for close up assassination as long as your target is not wearing a thick jacket. Up close, the .22 round is powerful enough to penetrate but not strong enough to go straight through like other more powerful rounds. It usually tumbles and bounces inside instead, causing much more damages than a more powerful FMJ round.
          However, .22 cal is the last thing you want to use in any gun battle beyond 10-15 feet. It has minimal stopping power and accuracy beyond that range.

          • Freebreezer

            TFH – the question was small, light and feel good in the pocket (and easy to conceal) when moving around … and, very important, easy to get too and “quickly” remove from your pocket … most encounters with bad guys will be with in 2 to 5 yards and will last no more the 3 or 4 seconds – this from my conceal and carry classes. A larger cal pistol does not improve accuracy and make you a better and ‘more accurate’ shot at longer distances …plus the larger the gun the more cumbersome to quickly with draw from your pocket … only the length of the barrel will increases your accuracy along with your skill/ability to aim why under duress/fire (i.e. a lot, lot, lot of practice). My take away from training was the quickness in getting that first report off to cause/ensure separation.

            • Charles H

              POCKET?!?? Are you serious? IWB – Inside (the) Waist Band. You need a good ‘gun-belt’ of double thickness, and probably a hybrid holster. You can draw an IWB WAY-way better than a “pocket”. Plus you can carry a mid-size firearm that has good control in hand with more firepower.

            • Tin foil hat

              My pocket guns are .22 Beretta and .380 Kel Tec. You do get a master of the universe feel, when you talk to a clueless someone face to face with your hand in the pocket fully wrapped around the grip of the gun.
              IWB is my everyday carry holster. I had put my hand on top of the grip under the shirt or jacket a few times while I answer someone who approached me on the street with question. To maintain a non-threatening and natural posture, I rest my non-shooting hand thumb on the belt opposite side the shooting hand thumb resting on top of the grip.
              Shoulder holster is a must if I expect problem on the road. I never put the firearm anywhere in the vehicle unless it’s a rifle.
              If things were that bad that I had to carry a rifle inside the vehicle, I’d prefer AR with collapsible stock rather than an Uzi.
              Anyway, the ultimate goal is to walk away without a scratch. That means if I had to shoot someone, I would always prefer to shoot that someone in the back.

          • Charles H

            Ruger 10/22, with thirty round mags, and a scope?

          • Tin foil hat

            The conceal and carry classes, which you had attended, taught you well. Most encounters are within 2 to 5 yards and the ability to draw your weapon quickly is important.
            However, quick draw doesn’t help if the bad guys already had the drop on you. If someone had the drop on me, I prefer to wait and take out that someone when he is not looking at or no longer paying attention to me. And the last thing I need to worry about at that opportune time is the .22 in my pocket and that someone is wearing a heavy jackets.
            With that said, I do carry a pocket gun occasionally but only in the summer.

      • allen ols

        Israel military moved the front sight closer and made the ak very accurate, and they oprefeer the ak. I think the tavor battle weapon in Israel is the finest, bue I WOULD GO WITH THE MINI UZI, ISRAEL DOES IT RIGHT!!!!!!1

        • Freebreezer

          But Allen – those do not readily fit in your blue jeans pocket.

          • Freebreezer

            though a great gun (probably the best) for close up combat!

      • Charles H

        CZ PO 1, Omega. 14 rounds, aluminum. If you fire one – you’ll fall in love.

        • Charles H

          Perhaps the CZ 75D Compact PCR – which has a thinner muzzle-end. (?)

  20. opalboy

    In the end, all we are really after is the truth, truth from our politicians and truth in money, truth in markets.
    Very simple really.

    • Bill

      You will never get truth from career politicians. for all politicians, OINE TERM ONLY. We don’t need term limit legislation, just don’t vote for ANYONE for a second term. Make them come home and get a job like the rest of us.

    • Robert Lykens

      Unfortunately this world is under the influence of Satan, the Liar/Father of Lies. We won’t get the truth.
      Just look at how our Government/media lie to us about “the religion of peace”.

  21. Linda L.

    Angela Merkel and global gang create this environment and now look what they’re telling their citizens to do:

  22. Doug

    Craig talks funny, he says when people want their gold and they are told they can not have it, it will bring down the system down. I am already told by (GLD) I can not have my gold. BOY, they are there to charge .40 for storage on my account., (My account will be worthless by the time gold goes up again.) but then also, you hear of all these countries with drawing all this gold from (GLD), WHAT’S THE DEAL HERE?

    • Hatemail

      GLD is not gold.
      See your doctor, you must have Adult ADD or you got bit by a Zika mosquito.

    • Galaxy 500

      You bought paper gold, you didn’t buy physical hold in your hand gold. Sell now and avoid the rush

  23. Bill

    GREG; Once again, I say YHANK YOU. During a time when the msm is only interested in trump/Clinton, your site continues to provide information that strive to inform on a range of issues. Keep on keepin on. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill!

  24. Weimerica Republic


    “A free press means a free people.”

    You might not like Alex Jones, but you must not miss this. Is the end of free speech here? It sure does look like It, doesn’t it? Well the loud mouth nails it! It’s here and the deep state treasonous crony capitalist globalists are desperate to secure their winnings and that means shutting down our hard won, soaked in the blood of the patriots and our brave soldiers, Free Press! As a speculative trader myself I cant help but help sound the warning to my fellow traders. When the economic pie is too top heavy as in a elite ruling class it will collapse, so please don’t let your wealth think your safe. Your not.
    Look back to when the middle class ran things, because we held your feet to the fire! Are you really truly happier now? We the people aren’t gonna take this much longer.
    ___________Please Listen, you can hear it!
    _____To Be Forearmed is to be . . Forewarned .

  25. G. Berkshire

    Colin Powell: Clinton ‘trying to pin’ her email use on my advice

    The Hill Cyra Master 12 hrs ago

    Colin Powell says Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been trying to use him to help justify her use of a private email server while she was secretary of State.
    The Democratic presidential nominee reportedly told FBI investigators that Powell, another former secretary of State, recommended she use a private email.


    • Diane D.

      This is the same Colin Powell who ‘pinned’ weapon of mass destruction on Iraq. That fake claim resulted in the murder and displacement of thousands of innocent people.

      Powell should stop playing the victim card and start repairing the harm he has caused.

  26. Larry Galearis

    Gina strikes again?

    I just spent twenty minutes looking through the American Propaganda Ministry, excuse me, MSM and found no meaningful data about the campaign beyond predictions for Clinton winning a landslide victory and who is well ahead in the polls. On some of the Internet sites I see that Clinton’s rallies are reportedly poorly attended by would be voters. I guess the point here is that there is nothing believable to be read out there. How do you stand it!??!??
    As for the Ginas out there and for American voters in general (and however meaningful actually voting will be in practical terms) the one huge fact (and another that is omitted from the coverage) is that Hillary is not a legitimate candidate because she defrauded her opposition, Saunders out of his election. So what we are watching is beyond farce and borders on the schizoid level. How do American voters tolerate this!?!?! The other obvious point – supported by the FBI whitewash over the emails scandal – is that sometime in the past (Obama?) you had the last American Presidential election and what is presented as this process this year is only a facsimile. You have a government now that is a criminal enterprise supported by a completely phony electoral process. How do you stand it!?!?!
    This whole thing makes me sick and frightened – a Mafia mindset has a nuclear trigger and it is in control in Washington.
    Regards from a concerned foreign citizen,

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “I just spent twenty minutes looking through the American Propaganda Ministry, excuse me, MSM and found . . .” Too funny man. I laughed out loud!!

  27. Larry Galearis

    Price of derivative?
    Of course it is. I am sure I mentioned this a couple of years ago,,,and finally Greg comes up with it. So by extension of logic, if there is a market perception that there will be a default on the contract (i.e. risk) then the demand will fall and so will the price. How is that for backwards? And the risk is already high as we see the leverage rise. So the risk rises with leverage – and then you add manipulation to that mix, and we have those interventions of more supply of paper gold dumped by the banks. The real stuff might be getting rare, but the paper can NEVER be scarce. Maybe that is a simpler way of describing why they invented the COMEX system.
    And the other factor is that the futures markets – including the COMEX operation – is a dollar play for dollar profits. So the derivative markets do not react to shortages in gold, only shortages in derivatives – which will never happen for long. There is the price control aspect. It’s a travesty and I suspect that Washington would punish whoever objected to the fraud too strongly.

    And that’s why paper prices and metal prices will separate.

  28. mickey byrnes

    I often think that this system we have created couldn’t have evolved from any market forces etc. To get to this place would require a great deal of thought ….. it cant be this insane without trying. Isn’t that the smoking gun pointing to the thieves? awesome as usual thx

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mickey for weighing in here!!

  29. Bill Jones


    One of your most clear-headed guests! No BS. thanks!

  30. Matt In Pa

    Feds will do a 4 trillion WE move if need be it. Also this South China Sea matter could explode anytime. http://www.zerohedge.com

  31. gregd

    As I have said before, whatever is going to happen I hope it happens sooner rather than later. I’m hoping for a collapse rather than a controlled crumble, the obvious reason is many don’t notice the crumble, it’s kind of like aging.
    But I think what may be the next test will be how people handle a cashless economy. The government wants to control all of us. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Henry Kissinger. Most of my younger friends (20’s to 40’s) never have money. They pay everything, even a candy bar or a soda with a card. But with the bail-in laws we now have on the books, they can take everything you have, anytime, and for any reason, they want, and for as long as they want. You may be cut off for going to the USAWatchdog website. Who’s going to stop them? How will you get your grocery’s? What will you do then?

  32. Hildebeast

    BBC World Hard Talk’s Stephen Sackur has some tough questions to foreign policy adviser to the Clinton campaign, Nicholas Burns. It’s a radio-interview, podcast.

  33. oneno

    One day, this unallocated, super-hypothecated system, where one ounce of gold is pledged to 100 different owners, that is going to stop when a couple of those owners show up at once wanting their ounce, and they are told they can’t have it. . . .

    The banksters have surreptitiously taken possession of most of the PMs already. If redemptions stop for a few, there will always be publicized redemptions for the insiders to create doubt on any claims of redemptions being declined.
    The world doesn’t stop after a robbery incident.

    “They” make all the laws and “they” have all the standing armies… there is no chance to escape their reach.

  34. FreeOregon

    If money gets lent with rising rates, the failure of the new debtors in the collapse will not be inflationary. Bankrupt borrowers who cannot repay are normal in a deflationary environment. What’s coming first, before inflation, is a dearth of credit worthy borrowers.

  35. Dee Garmon

    This is going to be the litmus test: Whether the presidents are elected or selected!

  36. Mike R

    I have a very special website for people like Gina to go visit and absorb. She might actually learn something. Though I believe her mind is likely too small and feeble to digest what is happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvKhsvqOlPY

    Predictive linguistics from the ALTA report, show there will be an amazing surprise in September, 2016, regarding US political issues. Basically it shows that Gina’s favorite candidate will no longer be running. Remember folks – you heard it here first from me. Courtesy of Clif. He’s got more intelligence, and practical people smarts, than people like GINA could ever even dream of having.

  37. Klemens

    the first time since 52 years the german goverment ask the citizen to stock foods, water,etc.! This was on all german TV stations and newspapers:

  38. Mike from the North

    Know that we are fighting a fight where the odds are against us in the short term.

    In the long-term the powers of truth will prevail. The truth always floats to the surface.

    If you have taken the decision to prepare? Then be proud that you have acted in a manner where you have fought against the grain so to speak.

    I too have felt great resistance and have also been seen by many close to me as a fool, a follower, an idiot and even an adversary.

    Funny thing is I sleep well at night knowing that I have done the right thing.

    Yes, everything is rigged. Yes, we are in an uphill struggle. A struggle for truth and a struggle to bring back the Rule of Law for us all.

    For some their perception is their reality. For us truth is our reality.

    Thank You all you watchdoggers for sharing and caring and thank you Greg for all you do.

  39. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview. Craig Hemke’s thoughts on the Fed are probably exactly right, possibly only mostly right. Personally I thnk their hearts are in the right place, but they’re trapped by their own past actions. That’s what happens when you only plan quater-quarter and not years out — there is no way out but a reset and a lot of derivative bets get wiped out in a reset.

    I really liked this interview starting at the 11 minute mark. That’s when TF gets all professorial and takes us to school on how the price of gold is determined — bonds and the USD-JPY pair, untouched by mortal hand — all algo’s. Really excellent information.

    The “reset” term keeps coming up and I believe a reset will eventually hit. But it won’t hit as long as there is a penny to be squoze out of the current system.

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