Fed Killing the Economy – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams says the recent rate hikes mean the “Fed is killing off the economy.”
Williams says, “I heard President Trump make some comments to that effect, and he’s right. The Fed is trying to raise rates. The idea is if you get higher rates, the banks will be able to make more profits on their lending. It will also encourage bank lending. Unfortunately, on the consumer end, it raises the consumers’ cost of borrowing as interest rates go up. It makes mortgages more expensive. It makes borrowing more expensive. Mortgages go up, people don’t buy as many houses. What you are seeing right now is effectively a recession in the housing market, in the construction area. Existing home sales have been down for six or seven months in a row, and it’s down year over year.”

Williams says, “The Fed is trying to get the system back to normal.” In doing so, the Fed could kill the system. Williams says, “Well, that’s what they are doing. In many ways, it would have been easier if the banking system would have collapsed and had a banking holiday, and restructured it and reopened it back in 2007 and 2008. That would have been a very difficult time for the people who owned the banks, and again, the Fed owns the banking system.”

So, they are trying to fix the banks, and to do that, they will simply screw the consumer? Williams says, “Well, they have an escape clause. Former Fed Head Janet Yellen said that if the economy falls back into recession, ‘we will just go back into quantitative easing’ (QE/money printing). I think that could easily happen here. When the economy goes down, it increases the liquidity stresses on the banking system. There is default on debt, and companies tend to go out of business. That will stress the bank earnings. QE was aimed at propping up the banks in tough times. The Fed is very open to QE, and from the Fed’s standpoint, I think we are going to end up in a perpetual state of quantitative easing, unless they let the banking system reorganize and get a new functioning system. It’s still not functioning.”

John Williams has long said that this money printing orgy by the Fed will end in a hyperinflationary event. Williams says, “Unfortunately, it is unavoidable. It is only a matter of when. It can only be avoided if the U.S. can get its long term financial house in order.”

We all know that is not going to happen. Williams says, “As they keep going here, there is going to be hyperinflation. The dollar will weaken. Gold and silver will rally, and that will be part of a self-feeding cycle, which will get you into very high inflation. . . . If the Fed can’t get this banking crisis worked out, I would not be surprised to see a complete overhaul of the system.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com.

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After the Interview:

John Williams posts some free information on ShadowStats.com. You can also become a subscriber by clicking here.

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  1. Clive

    New Living Translation
    You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.”.​—Luke 12:40.
    Shortly before his death, Jesus three times warned his disciples about “the ruler of this world.” (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) Jesus knew that the Devil would keep people in darkness mentally in order to undermine the sense of urgency that permeates God’s prophecies about the future. (Zeph. 1:14) Satan blinds people’s minds through the world empire of fake religion. What have you detected in your conversations with others? Has the Devil not already “blinded the minds of the unbelievers” about the coming end of this present age and system and the fact that Christ is ruling now God’s Kingdom? (2 Cor. 4:3-6) For the most part, people are apathetic when we try to tell them where this world is headed. Do not let the apathy of others discourage or dissuade you from keeping on the watch. We know better.
    Since Jesus said that the end will come “at an hour that [we] do not think to be it,” this is no time to doze off spiritually, no time to pursue the illusions and fantasies that Satan and his world offer and that our flesh craves. (Matt. 24:44) Through the pages of the Bible, God through Christ tell’s us what they have in store for us in the immediate future and how we can keep on the watch. We have to pay attention to our spirituality, to our relationship with God the father, and to his Kingdom and his priorities. We must be aware of time and events so that we can be ready for what is coming. (Rev. 22:20) Our life is at stake!

    • Rob

      Amen Clive!
      Most Christians have sat in pews trusting their “pastors” to teach the truth but they have not prepared them for the tribulation required to enter into the kingdom of God:

      Acts 14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.


      • JC Davis


    • Angelo


      Well said, this should be the attitude that a Christian should have. Rev 14:12 specifies this. Get right with God and Jesus then everything else will fall into place. Very thoughtful comment.

      Thanks Greg for having this platform for exposing the truth. You are absolutely correct in saying that you were bringing back in the heavyweight interviews! Mr. Williams is a very knowledgeable expert of his craft. Keep at it!


    • paul ...

      To enter the Kingdom of God here on Earth we must purge our world of Demon’s (the same way God did in Heaven in the past) … so on November 6th we as a Nation must cast out all the Demon-rats … as archangel Trump says: “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist … and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob (and that’s what they have become)” … we all need to vote in the midterm elections four weeks from now with one objective … that Hillary’s Demon-ratic Party never ever gets control of the House by voting a straight Republican ticket … even though Republicans have their own problems … Hillary’s Demon-rats “have become too extreme and too dangerous to be allowed to govern … at least Republicans “believe in the rule of law” not the rule of a power hungry mob of traitors to the Constitution!!

    • Beverly Kingsford

      We need more posts like this one of yours. The scriptures tell us some of what will happen before Christ’s Kingdom is established for 1000 years. Part of the preparation for that is that the earth will be cleansed of unrighteousness. There will be natural disasters, sickness, drought and all kinds of things like this, that makes people die. This is a terrible thing to have to see. But, what’s a GOD to do? How would any of us keep a planet and the people on it, from destroying themselves totally? The scriptures talk about this. God knows that evil must be cleansed off in order to keep this planet alive for another 1000 years. And, who knows who all will die off in this cleansing process? There is an afterlife and an after-existence for all of us, but now is the time to make as many good changes as we possibly can.

    • Tad


      Interesting piece by Paul Craig Roberts that certainly turned upside down what little knowledge I have of the Civil War.

  2. libertarian jerry

    The elephant in the room is the size and scope of government. As long as it is perceived that the proper role and function of the Federal government is to solve social/economic problems such as health care,education, retirement,housing,welfare,free food etc.,etc. plus being policeman to the world with wars all over the globe,nothing will change. The Federal government can only tax so much so it resorts to the hidden tax of inflation and debt service to run the Federal Empire. As history has shown with past empires they eventually bankrupt themselves. The only answer is a complete dismantlement of the Federal Welfare/Warfare State and a return to fiscal sanity. The only problem is that over 50% of the voting population is ensconced on the government gravy train. And,unless something radically changes in the equation,America is headed for an economic implosion which will destroy what is left of our liberties.

    • Dave

      We the people are not responsible. Who doesn’t want freebees? Unfortunately that is the human nature, all caused by SIN! Follow the selfless example of Jesus, be responsible for what decisions you make and things will come full circle!

  3. Jack

    Why is the IMF warning of another possible Great Depression ? http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/inverted-global-yield-curve-creates-the-perfect-cocktail-for-a-liquidity-crunch-as-the-imf-warns-of-a-second-great-depression They usually wait until we are well into an economic down turn before proclaiming it is happening. There must be 3 quarters of negative growth before a recession is declared. The IMF and our Central Bankers knew exactly how this would play out, since they engineered it. Are they trying to prepare people or bring it on so fast and hard that few will have time or the awareness to prepare for the worst ?

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Williams,whilst enlightening the ignoring by the elite will continue,why even the accountants eagerly betray us all with their FASB157.
    “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is a afraid of its people”John F Kennedy was so right.Now the “open market”is but a tool under the control of gargoyles out of New York and London ,where “open markets”are what they say they are.Meanwhile the gargoyles slobber over the hard earned money of the people knowing they can take it for their own use with impunity.These gargoyles no longer fear the people they hold them in contempt like British royalty.Ten years of emergency and the American people still believe AIG and Goldman Sachs are viable businesses paying lavish bonuses to management who are happy to see Americans starve as well as the rest of the world.Somewhat disappointing.
    Here in the UK our economy for real people sucks and the governments solution is to allow the seizure of foreign owned mansions in London for now,as if!Intelligent big money is fleeing Britain and Europe for the safety of the USA Dollar,you may think your crazies in charge are perturbing ,ours here in the UK are beyond the pale!
    Jesse’ Cafe serves up a dollop of truth.
    “Hatred and greed are the children of pride, the first and most powerful disorder of the mind.

    We learn its ways; we begin to imitate them; we blind ourselves; we seek to serve ourselves no matter the cost; we rise up in the expediency; we go along with the crowd who must surely be right if only by force of numbers; we become sick with passion and vengeance; we put aside our conscience, and do increasingly terrible, awful things, in duty to what we serve; and finally, in the end, we become what we hate— a darkness on the face of the earth.

    And the love of most will grow cold”
    Are we just going along with the crowd after all they must know where the edge lurks on this mountain top?

    • Jallen

      Greg and Watchdogs,
      I have written this before; The Federal Reserves 100 year charter has expired!
      It is now an illegal entity as of 2013-2014!!! All federal reserve notes issued since 2014 are illegal / Counterfeit notes. President Trump should declare the Federal Reserve as defunct and give back to the USA Treasury the exclusive right to issue currency.
      Look what Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke have done to the United States Dollar… What does a penny buy, what does a nickel buy, what does a dime buy or a quarter or half dollar? They are destroying our society through inflation!!!
      Mark my words, America and its counterfeit currency are about to be dethroned as the world’s reserve currency and that means Americans will be paying considerably more just to exist. You want peace? War is extremely expensive and America is constantly at War, declared and undeclared. Want to stop it, eliminate the FEDERAL RESERVE and its monopoly money! Watchdogs, the world is looking for a new world currency as they are onto THE FEDERAL RESERVES counterfeit money. Eliminate the Federal Reserve the cancer of American Money! The world is at work to replace the cancerous dollar!!!
      Forewarned is forearmed!!!

      In closing some good news, Judge Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice.
      The Democrats have disgraced themselves again with their outrageous behavior.
      Beware, the Democrats are morphing into the American Bolshevik Party and
      that is why you see violence in the streets!!!


      • jon

        I asked that also. Here is what I found.

        Is the Federal Reserve Act going to expire?
        No. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913–which established the Federal Reserve as the central bank of the United States–originally chartered the Federal Reserve Banks for 20 years. But in the McFadden Act of 1927, the Congress rechartered the Federal Reserve Banks into perpetuity, and so there is currently no “expiration date” or repeal date for the Federal Reserve.

        • Jallen

          Thank you, I stand corrected. Greg and Watchdogs please accept my apologies.


        • paul ...

          The Fed is like a backdoor chip in our financial computers that siphons money out of every financial transaction the computer makes … like the NSA it is the grand daddy of manipulators … remember how Snowden told us the NSA was rerouting Cisco routers “for modification to foreign destinations” so that the NSA could easily hack and collect info … well the Fed similarly collects economic info on everyone … and will pass “some of this info” to the NSA, CIA and US corporations to undermine and subvert foreign companies and governments for its private benefit … with people at the Fed wielding so much control over all our financial computers one really has to close ones eyes and take a leap of faith to buy crypto (as we do now with their paper IOU debt notes known as the US dollar)!

      • Beverly Kingsford

        It has been prophesied that “dollars will lay on the ground, and nobody will bother to pick them up.” This was prophesied in the 1940’s or so by a man who made many prophesies about the future. I am presuming this will happen because of hyperinflation. But, it was also prophesied that the Federal government would fall apart. We are in for a lot of chaos in the future, which means that people in the local towns will need to work together to make things work to some kind of a degree. We’re going back to pioneer days in my mind, but is this really a bad thing? In the Bible, God created the earth. Then He asks Himself if there is a man on the earth to till it and take care of it? He answers “no.” So, God creates a man to till and take care of the earth and a woman to be man’s helpmeet. Man is supposed to take care of the earth by growing food. Have we thought of the possibility that man is happiest when he is working closely with nature and gardens?

        • paul ...

          Exactly Voltaire’s philosophical view Beverly!!

  5. paul ...

    So it’s all about what is good for the banks (not the people) … when the Fed printed all that money a few years back to save their buddies from bankruptcy it created inflation, a weakened dollar and a rising gold price … the banks are still in trouble today … but this time around the Fed will help the banks (by raising interest rates) so they can make more money … but without weakening the dollar (as rising rates will strengthen the dollar) … but rising rates will kill the economy … so the Fed will do additional QE (money printing) which will weaken the dollar (but then they will continue to raise rates even higher to strengthen the dollar) … raising rates more will hurt the economy more … so they will do even more QE (money printing) … which will weaken the dollar … so they will then raise rates even more to strengthen the dollar … and so on and so on … so the sequence the Fed seems to be following is: raise rates which pushes the economy and dollar down … then do more QE money printing which pushes the economy up but the dollar down … so then raise interest rates even more to strengthen the dollar … but this makes the economy fall … so then do more QEraise rates which pushes the economy and dollar down … then do more QE money printing (which pushes the economy up and the dollar down) … so then raise rates again to help the dollar … etc., etc, etc, … the result of this slight of hand “Gig Saw QE” strategy the Fed gets to grow the monetary base … WHICH IS INFLATIONARY … when the gold bugs catch on to what the Fed is up to … gold will begin to rise “limit up” each day until it fully accounts for all the money the Fed is really creating by this “Gig Saw QE” strategy!!

    • paul ...

      Error … on the 10th line above … “so the sequence the Fed seems to be following is: raise rates which pushes the economy and dollar down” … should read: “so the sequence the Fed seems to be following is: raise rates which pushes the economy and dollar up”

      • paul ...

        The above is too confusing … let me try again … the simplified “Gig Saw Fed Strategy” is … raise rates pushing the economy down and the dollar up … then do QE to push the economy back up (but the dollar weakens) … so raise interest rates even more to strengthen the dollar … this weakens the economy … so do more QE to help the economy (but this dollar weakens) … so raise rates even more to strengthen the dollar … this weakens the economy … so do even more QE … and so on and so on … the net effect being an expanding monetary base … higher interest rates … and higher gold prices!! … hope I made things clearer!!

  6. Midwest Guy

    How do we know their not printing money now (QE) and just not saying anything ? After all, 21 trillion missing dollars no one noticed but by accident. They know if they advertise money printing, it would tank the system so just print and not tell anyone that your doing it. I am curious to know how much of the stock market they own. With the plunge protection team established I believe in 1988, by now they could own 70% of all the stocks for all we know. Another thing they could do for QE on the sneak, is tell whomever what stock to buy and they come in and buy big blocks driving the price up so that entity could make QE stealth money. I would not trust any number they put out as reality.

  7. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Last Sunday they tried to take Dr. Dave Janda off the air! Maybe they thought you were going to be on! No, just joking, but no joke. They tried and failed and he credits cryptohippie.com for saving the day!
    They, Gina/AKA Rich Treadway boozallen.com watch your site because you represent the little guy and when we the sheeple stick together, were bigger and stronger then them. They are our shadow government and they know their time is up. So batten down the hatches their coming after us all. Gina wasn’t fibbing when she let the cat out the bag how much she hates you and we, she or whatever she is and all her different ethnicities [ya right!] hates us even more than their mortal enema, Vlad the impaler Putin? Nope, Donald J. Trump Triumphant!!!
    But we know who wins in the end. Like doctor King said, we individually my not make it, but we will win and his truth will keep marching on and maybe he’ll remember us!

  8. paul ...

    Putin moves a chess piece in Syria … the Deep State moves a chess piece in the Ukraine … seems Trump is not in control of America’s foreign policy yet … the Deep State is still calling the shots trying to get nuclear WWIII started … perhaps once the sealed indictments are brought before a Military Court … and the traitors removed from directing America’s foreign policy … peace can return to our world!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-05/us-rotates-ukraine-location-start-conflict-russia

  9. Anthony Australia

    Fed the time is up. Unfortunately there will be one only Global Centralised system controlling everyone; when the crash comes, the sheep will run to this entity and believe its balony.

  10. andyb

    Greg: JW’s overriding message is that all of the published economic statistics are unmitigated BS. Since the turn of the century we have not had any year of positive GDP when considering the inflation deflator which offsets GDP numbers on a 1:1 basis. If you have a published GDP of say 4.0%, and the TRUE inflation rate is 10%, then TRUE GDP is a negative 6.0%. Both Obama’s and Trump’s recovery are bogus.

    The consumer, the driver of our economy, is fully tapped out. It’s not only housing and auto sales. Look at the empty stadia for all sports. Kapernick is merely a distraction for football; the real reason is that it costs at least $100 per person to attend a game and buy refreshments even for lousy seats. For the 99%, rent and food are more important. If gas hits $4-5 nationally, then it’s over. The interest rate hikes by the FED will be the coup de grace given that it will result in Bill Holter’s “credit event”.

    • Andrew Maggard

      You put this succinctly and to the point, events are forming into what can be described as a perfect storm about to descend upon America. The coming midterm elections are likely the most important election of our times. A Democrat house portends the arrival of the perfect storm for all of America. Get out and vote. We cannot afford the likes of Maxine Waters dictating policy.

    • ConcAmDad

      Agree Andy- glad you brought up the attendance situation. Sports talk tadio here in philly often brings up the weakening baseball attendance. I’d much rather watch a game in the comfort of my own home- with much better views in HD, no lines for the bathroom or concessions and the beer is always cold- i don’t have to pay $40 to park in my driveway. Ticket prices, concessions pricing and parking prices are all ridiculous. Not to mention for the price of parking, there is nooooo service whatsoever. You can end up sitting in a Log jam for an hour just to get out of the lot. Not worth it at all. They are pricing themselves right out- it is insane.

      • Diane

        We are baseball fans.
        We love the LA Dodgers.
        We live less than 15 miles of Dodger stadium…but as you correctly describe….most fans, even avid ones are priced out of attending games.
        Even those of us that can afford these outrageous costs….don’t bother to attend when we can watch games on TV.

      • Chief Two Beers

        Philadelphia – I’m so sorry to hear that…

  11. H. Craig Bradley


    YADA, YADA, YADA. Same old B.S. Money printing by itself has NEVER resulted in hyperinflation in the History of the World. Just ask Economist Martin A. Armstrong sometime and get some facts, at least. What Martin stresses time and time again ( anyone listening ?) is you get hyperinflation ONLY after the general population looses all confidence in government and the financial system. John Williams prediction of high inflation is correct, as its coming- someday. Not yet. We have some time left before the real chaos begins. Then we all must suffer.

    Martin is an avid numismatic coin collector and follows archaeological discoveries in Europe carefully, as well. Every so often, a hoard of Roman Coins is found in some development or dig. Martin says when times get hard and confidence in the country is hard to find, people inevitably hoard. In one instance, someone in Ireland buried a cache of Roman gold coins but never lived long enough to retrieve them. So much for gold as salvation in “interesting times”. To survive, you need more than gold. You need shelter, food, and water, as well as medical care. Gold itself supplies no human needs. Its only an inert metal, the “barbarous relic ” in the words of Economist Paul Krugman.

    • paul ...

      HC Bradley … you state: “money printing by itself has NEVER resulted in hyperinflation in the History of the World” … what world do you come from??? … on planet Earth we have many Nations that have printed money resulting in hyperinflation (i.e Zimbabwe, Argentina, Venezuela, etc., etc.) … and that “barbarous relic” you talk about has an advantage “not other barter-able item has” … it is Non-Corruptible and therefore has “no expiration date associated with it” like food that rots, shelter that can be blown or taxed away, water that can turn stagnant and green with algae, etc., etc.!!

    • Donald

      “What Martin stresses time and time again ( anyone listening ?) is you get hyperinflation ONLY after the general population looses all confidence in government and the financial system.”

      This is one way to get hyperinflation. But there are other ways as well. Personally, I am skeptical hyperinflation will come to the US. But high inflation certainly could. Seems to me the bigger risk is the loss of equity. Some of these trillion dollar market cap companies are at high risk of getting a serious hair cut. High priced real estate and bonds are is also at risk of getting a severe hair cut. This leaves the question – who will have any free cash to buy bullion?

      • William Stanley

        I’m reminded of the joke:
        Two guys encountered a bear in the woods. The first guy took off his pack and hiking boots, and put on a pair of running shoes. As he was lacing them up, the second guy laughed and said ‘Don’t be silly, you can’t outrun the bear.” The first guy responded, “I don’t have to outrun the bear.”

        • William Stanley

          I don’t think I can blame the spellchecker for this one. I’ve always had a hard time with names. Sorry.

  12. Mohammad


    Khabib the Muslim shuts the filthy mouth of the Irish racist McGregor at the octagon:

    UFC 229 results: Khabib Nurmagomedov taps out Conor McGregor

    I watched the press conference the night before and saw how rude and filthy to was McGregor and how polite Khabib was.

    This is how Khabib was trained when he was a child…

    After the win a brawl broke out after McGregor’s fans threw chairs on Khabib’s fans calling them terrorist and cops broke out the brawl.


    • Bob

      Muslims are never racist, even when they talk about taking over Europe.
      Groomers in Rotherham are the most polite and sincere men you will ever meet.
      White people are horrible and need to be replaced by better people.

      Does that cover it?

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Mohammud – Who cares about the barbaric sport of boxing? My guess is that nobody on this website does. Same goes for the ideology of Islam. As for Khabib being “polite” there’s a word for it. Taqiyyah…


      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Sorry. Mixed Martial Arts. Even more barbaric and even less interesting.

      • Bob

        Yes I find calm, polite interlopers the most accursed of the invaders. They know what many of us know what they are up to, and SMUGLY sit there smiling at our pain (that they cause).

        It’s also called the PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE dynamic. Perhaps Europeans are more honest about who they hate. This should be considered a virtue but we live in an age of deceit. Muslims are deceitful about who they hate. They pretend not to hate Europeans. Islam is an anti-white religion.

        Some will say I should get to know some Muslims. Well I have, and every Muslim I have come to know turned out to be rather disgusting. Real sleazy pieces of work, thinking of nothing but traveling to Europe to have lots of sex with white women and also killing white men in WW3 one day. I cannot remember an exception. This video of yours is not quite accurate. I have spoken to Muslims born in the west, to a White father and Muslim mother, and they talked of nothing but destroying the west and fighting to death in a war even as a teenager. It is very strange to here this sort of thing from a seemingly normal kid.

        I’d trust Connor over any Muslim.

  13. al

    Williams is a pure numbers guy.
    At the start John kept saying the word “recovery” relative to our economic situation. A 10 year recovery is not a recovery at all. In addition to that, we are passed due the next business cycle and a fall is due. If this economy is still in recovery by then it’s big trouble ahead.

    Now that Kavanaugh is in and the hangings are about to begin soon, John says this will be bad for the Dollar and the Stock Market as it will shake confidence in our system, which is backed by confidence. That may be the catalyst, but this economy has been doomed for over 10 years now, so who cares what the catalyst is? It’s going to happen anyway, let’s kill 2 birds with one stone, reset the economy and get rid of the rats.

    As for Real Estate: I live in a desirable neighborhood. I saw the previous Real Estate meltdown unfold itself in my neighborhood and the same exact thing is happening once again! Home prices going down, little sales activity, building has stopped. I would liken this situation equivalent to what happened in mid 2008’s when Real Estate agents were saying “it’s a good time to buy”. Well, they were wrong for 4 years after that. It’s a good time to rent and wait.

    I always look forward to John Williams, Thank you Greg for another great interview.

    • William Stanley

      I loved your comment!
      Now a change in topics: Apple is annoying me with their invasiveness. I have an older MacBook Pro that I use as a backup. I thought it would be interesting to get a linux operating system (and some apps) on a thumb drive. When it came, I was disappointed to find that Google was buried in deep, even though I could change the search engine. I can’t bring myself to trust it. Any suggestions on how to go about getting open source linux and apps on a thumb drive? Pros and cons? Is there any point to the exercise? Thanks.

      • William Stanley

        Oh, a couple of other things for security purposes: Recommended email services; is a VPN a good idea, other security tips?

        • Open Eyes

          Ex-CIA agent Jason Hanson sometimes writes articles on security on his website: spyescapeandevasion.com. VPN sets up a separate “front” for your computer so it’s harder to trace it. He usually recommends TunnelBear for the VPN.

          Your other technical questions require a techie’s help.

          You can find a non-invasive e-mail provider if you look hard enough. I know gmail looks through all of your content for “advertising”.

          • William Stanley

            Open Eyes, thanks!

      • paul ...

        William … this may help … https://www.tecmint.com/install-linux-os-on-usb-drive/

        • William Stanley

          paul . . .,

  14. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg

    The Fed is trying to take America down. It’s political sycophants ( the democrat party & MSM ) isn’t getting the globalist job done so they will tank the economy. They did not raise rates for 8 years under obola but now since they are not getting what they want politically so they will do everything they can to undermine Trump. Powell is a globalist stooge who will serve his satanic globalist masters first . If they want to crash the economy then we need to end the corrupt satanic globalist fed once & for all.

  15. Andrew Maggard

    Please note that Mr. Williams clearly forecasted a hyperinflationary scenario but with the caveat that the government must put its financial house in order. Putting its house in order required a sum of dollars that clearly do not exist, with a Democrat victory any chance of accumulating greater funding to stave off an inflationary scenario will be effectively eliminated. The wild card in all of this is the midterm elections, should the Democrats win the house in the coming election we can expect an immediate recession simply due to the stalemate prompted by an impeachment effort to unseat the Republican Administration, President Trump, and Justice Kavanaugh being the focus of those impeachment efforts. The government, the Administration’s efforts in introducing legislation and economic reforms will grind to a halt as a result of having to defend itself against what will amount to a renewed coup attempt.
    The immediate rejection of the Democrats at the ballot box must be achieved as a first priority if we are to have any chance at all of avoiding a hyperinflationary scenario. Currently, the odds are dramatically stacked in favor of a dire financial event, occurring likely late this year or earlier in the coming year. Again the wild card is the coming midterm election. If the Democrats win the house the hyperinflationary scenario occurring much sooner and reducing the chances of an improving economy will occur sooner than later is a given. In the event of a Democrat victory, we can expect the government to be in a virtual gridlock due to a second coup attempt.
    The recent protests over the Supreme Court nominee forecast a long and bitter battle should the Democrats gain control of the house. The scenario referenced by Mr. Williams will be in overdrive with a Democrat victory in the House of Representative.
    Someone said that the coming midterm elections are likely the most important election of our time. I believe we can all agree with that statement.

    • William Stanley

      Good points!

  16. Roger D

    The whole premise that the Federal Reserve gives a rat’s patootie about the US is false. Why do we box ourselves in thinking these psychopaths are good people?

    The Federal Reserve is a Trojan horse. It has served the globalist banksters’ purpose. These psychopaths are rich and powerful. America is weak and bankrupt. Their end game is the intentional destruction of the US financial system. Time is nearing. In desperation Americans will throw national sovereignty (and nationalists) under the bus and jump into the arms of globalists. They will accept a world currency and global control.

    “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” – -Ayn Rand

    • Frederick

      “Rats pa tootsie” love it Havent heard that one in awhile

      • paul ...

        The Fed doesn’t give a Demon-rats pa Tootsie about anyone else but their bankster buddies!!!

  17. john


    I suspect that rates are going up as a means to attract domestic and foreign capital, an attempt to slowly unwind the bond/stock/housing bubble, prevent pension funds from defaulting, to suppress gold and to prepare the way for more rate cuts if we get deeper into trouble. They know the economy is toast either way – this is how they are going to destroy debt and preserve the current banking system. How much political cover the fed will have under Trump when rate increases stall productivity is a question that is coming to fruition each day as we draw closer to the fall season. I do not feel that they can draw down trillions in debt without a pronounced outcry from the middle class – the very entity that is going to feel this reset in the most serious way – losing financial assets, homes, autos and jobs. The one thing all of us will have, however, is the power of voting – a cornerstone of our democracy. IMHO, there will be no political will to retain the current banking system when the next depression hits….and it will be worse than 1929. The rationale to hold gold at $1200/ounce is stronger today than it was in 2008. The only way we can come out of this is by pegging our currency to an entity that has always been considered money – gold. The full faith and credit of the United States is maxed out. It was told to me recently that there was not enough gold to reinstate a gold standard for which I responded that there was but you just have to get the price correct – got to love the common sense intellect of Jim Rickards! Are there plans to get Jim Rickards back on in the near future?

    • jxc

      But I keep my expectations low.
      A poor man’s gold will not last long… Trump’s gold standard may not suceed…
      In the end the billionaires and trillionaires will survive and dominate the world.

  18. Addison Libby

    …..and the ‘Average Joe’ survives how?. Middle income….some savings…little market assets…house payment….or Soc Sec income , PT job to supplement…minimal bills…Just ‘killing off’ the mid-class…and lower income, big ouch! Maybe Williams had it right …to fight the coming effects of hyperinflation, “buy extra canned goods now, they’ll be much higher in the future.”

  19. Tad

    That should be reassuring to PM investors if the Fed, and by extension the dollar, is dead. The likelihood?

    Implies an interim period where barter occurs and funerals are free for unfortunate souls.

    Paper currencies have largely, always existed, and while the US government has next to no sovereign gold stores, the US will see another paper currency.

    A widespread default will be probably declared before its inception. The jury is still out on a national cryptocurrency, but I don’t see it. If one considers it as Washington’s means of tracking one’s spending and investment, visions of a totalitarian-style government should scare most people into the metals.

    We’ve been moving that direction since 9/11.

  20. Mike

    Given that the central banking system is owned by the biggest criminals in world history, it is reasonable to assume that a plan is in place to destroy that system and replace it with a new system.


  21. Larry W. Bryant


    polygraph them all!
    and take part in government;
    or the government,
    in its infinite wisdom,
    will gladly take you apart
    — Larry W. Bryant (7 Oct 18)

    • Bill

      Larry;They have all been educated by Dr Ford on polygraph taking,,

  22. Buferd T. Justice

    THERE is a “genuine danger” of Russia instigating a global war, according to the former UK ambassador to Russia, with Vladimir Putin on the edge of a “major confrontation”.
    PUBLISHED: 08:55, Sun, Oct 7, 2018
    UPDATED: 09:07, Sun, Oct 7, 2018
    Thems fightin words! The lamebrain bought and paid fer media is really iching fer ah fight!
    Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes smelting in their eye sockets!

  23. Russ McMeans

    During the interview I kept wondering if there’s any country out there that has a properly run banking system. Switzerland? … but didn’t they have a currency crisis a few years ago?

  24. Buferd T. Justice

    McConnell calls for investigation into leak of Ford letter
    ‘I think it clearly was, honestly, a despicable thing to do to Dr. Ford,’ he told POLITICO in an interview.
    By ELANA SCHOR and BURGESS EVERETT 10/07/2018 07:21 AM EDT
    Yup let’s bring it on. Let’s find out who were the mastermind’s, behind this con- job! Right now we just haven’t a clue. If you haven’t a clue, I have some expensive swampland to sell you @ Sandferd and tickets to see Lillie Langley Langtry!

    • Thad

      Great movie! Did you know old Coop was a real cowboy? Born and bred in Montana at the turn of the last century. Coops parents met and married in the Montana territory and both were from England. His father becoming a judge. Helping to tame the wild west. Unlike Judge Roy Bean, in this hear movie.

      Watch “A Tribute to The Westerner – Gary Cooper” on YouTube

  25. Buferd T. Justice

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has Become ‘Rotten to the Core’ by Serving Donald Trump, Says Mika Brzezinski
    Mika’s poop don’t stink like us mere mortals!

  26. Grosse Point

    All pension plans are is dire straits globally, the cause Artificially low Interest Rates. The goal of the Pension plans is to achieve 8% return on investment, which is impossible is this environment. The entire system is about to implode shortly unfortunately is too little too late!. In California CALIPERS has a short fall of 139 Billion! Rates must go up or we are really screwed!

  27. R.M. Stockmann

    John Williams speaks of a War Economy vs a Consumer Economy. After extensive study covering over 60 years Richard A. Werner concluded that the global powerhouse economy of Japan during the 1980’s was actually a Consumer Economy using a War Economy engine. See https://concen.org/content/princes-yen-japans-central-bankers-and-transformation-economy-2015 and https://concen.org/content/princes-yen-central-banks-and-transformation-economy-2014 .

  28. FC

    At the risk of sounding ignorant, many economists say the central banks do not want to return to a Gold Standard Why not?

    If they are able to manipulate the price down they can certainly elevate it up as high as they like.

    The Gold Standard is the only way to restore the public’s faith with the Globalists but they need to control as much of the mined Gold before allowing the reset……………..and who knows $100,000+ an ounce is possible while a gallon of gas still remains at today’s prices.

    • Thad


  29. Frank D2

    Hey Greg,
    I see no comment above from “Gina” about the Kavanaugh victory…ha! Didn’t she claim that he wouldn’t be confirmed? Just like she told us that Trump wouldn’t be President? “Gina”…always confident…and always WRONG! LOL.

    • paul ...

      She is probably at a sex party expressing her woman’s right to choose any man she desires and if she gets caught utilize Roe V. Wade to kill the unwanted kid … because sex party’s will soon become a thing of the past … not because Roe V. Wade will be overturned … but because men will soon be playing with dolls (robotic sex dolls) that are not out for their money … funny how when boy’s were boy’s they’d never be caught “playing with dolls” like the girls!

  30. Rich M

    Perhaps its been discussed here before and I missed it…… but might the $21 Trillion in missing money have been (and is still being) used to set up a sinister shadow government?

  31. Thad

    The UK is practicing cyberattacks that could black out Moscow
    qz.com Oct 7, 2018 1:26 PM
    Reuters/Maxim Shemetov

  32. Anthony Australia

    Are the Rothschilds really behind the Fed and all central banks?

    • Hilde

      Dear Anthony, that’s a legitimate and good question. The Rothschilds and others run more than just the Federal Reserve. According to this article, Paul
      Warburg was the original driving force behind the US Federal reserve. When studying about BIS ( Bank of International Settlements) one quickly finds out who decides which wars to start where, and who’s is behind getting one country after another up their ears in debt.


      • Anthony Australia

        Thank you Hilde

    • Sue

      Yes, please see comment by a Rothscild today on the Kavanaugh appointment. Just google it and in the future, please do more reading and actually pay attention.

      • Anthony Australia

        Sue you are very friendly indeed, I don’t use Google and rather ask questions.

  33. Mike

    Williams says, “The Fed is trying to get the system back to normal.” In doing so, the Fed could kill the system. Williams says, “Well, that’s what they are doing. In many ways, it would have been easier if the banking system would have collapsed and had a banking holiday, and restructured it and reopened it back in 2007 and 2008. That would have been a very difficult time for the people who owned the banks, and again, the Fed owns the banking system.”

    So what makes John think that collapsing the banking system back in 2008, would have been any easier to endure, or less painful than now ?????????????????

    I have heard this story ad nauseum, that we should have not allowed rates to go so low, and that we should have raised them (normalized them) much sooner.

    Personally, I think that is a BUNCH OF BALONEY.

    Right now, we have the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, we have a very hot economy with interest rates that aren’t yet too high, and we also have kept the housing market from collapsing completely, which surely would have happened back in 2008 had the Fed done what John says. A complete collapse of housing is unrecoverable. Its lost generational wealth. Everyone knows that only a small segment of the population is in stocks, but a HUGE segment of the population has nearly ALL their wealth in housing.

    Over the past 10 years, housing has recovered, and the massive imbalance of a shortage of rentals, has been corrected by builders supplying many more. Even if mortgage rates hit 6% or 8%, we have had those rates before, and in fact it causes people to make smarter decisions, and not going way overboard on their home size. What happens from here is that builders will build smaller homes, as those will be in greater demand, and lots of single story homes for retiring boomers, and perfect for millenials who don’t want or need the McMansions that were created starting back when Greedspam created this BIG fat interest rate mess. From here, the Fed does not care one iota if it craters stocks, or gives them a big hair cut.

    Everyone but the Fed is WRONG again on rates. The Fed will continue to raise, and even if it’s slowly, it will lead to a continued strong dollar which keeps a lid on inflation, since we still buy many goods from foreign countries. The tariffs on China occurring simultaneously are a DAMN GOOD THING, because what happens is US companies start to diversify to other countries that need the economic boost, and then we become less and less reliant on China, which creates a MUCH healthier global economy. China has grown way too fast, and its been at the expense of the rest of the world.

    Now they are in big trouble, since they can no longer peg their stupid Yuan to the USD, and as the dollar gets stronger, the Chinese will have no choice but to depeg, because in addition to the 25% tariffs, other countries will now get a greater share of US business, and become larger exporters to the US. Those countries will then need more dollars in their reserves, and so they will keep buying our Treasuries to do something with the dollars. Just like China and Japan have done for decades. Now its the rest of the globes turn to become economically viable.

    We dont live in a vacuum folks, and Trump gets this. For the first time in 5 decades we actually have a President in sync with the FED. And a Fed that knows what it is doing.

    I dont buy John’s doom and gloom and hysterics about the FED ‘killing’ the economy. Facts show him to be wrong on this current rate cycle. He’s been wrong for a long time now on the whole hyperinflation meme. The Fed wants some inflation and FINALLY is getting it, which is a whole LOT better than the decades long deflation that China has caused, and now has $29 trillion in debt to show for their ignorance and financial malfeasance. China is CHina’s own worst problem, and they deserve these tariffs in spades. Dont ever forget that. The harm they have been doing far outweighed any price benefits they have provided on material goods. They STOLE (not fairly won) US jobs, and stole massive amounts of IP, and continue to do so with illegally embedded chips and software in many goods we keep stupidly buying from them.

    God Bless Trump !

    • Donald

      “Personally, I think that is a BUNCH OF BALONEY. ”

      Could be right – I don’t know. But this is what I do know, the western world’s banking is privately controlled and its these ones who have promoted the financial theory all these experts go by. Can that theory be trusted? So far what has unfolded has gone counter to conventional financial theory. When Hitler came to power he introduced an economic “miracle”. How did he do this? He cancelled the debt owed to Rothschilds banks and printed his own currency. The hyperinflation ended and Germany’s economy rebounded.

      • kevin

        You need to do some research and get your facts right. Hitler had nothing to do with ending hyperinflation in Germany. The hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic ended in 1924 and Hitler did not come into power until the 1933.

    • Diane

      Thanks Mike

  34. Blather

    These are leftover people from the obama administration. Communist planted to always sabotage the economy should Hillary not get elected.

    • Sue

      Mike, please don’t post so much blather. I only read a bit of it to discern your main question. The answer is that a collapse in 2008 would not have been as bad, with several banks like JP Morgan Chase and Goldman suchs (of course) surviving. Now the entire system will be incinerated. See the difference there?

      • Mike

        Sue – you are entitled to your opinion. Many people write much longer posts and more frequently. Greg lets whack jobs like Gina posts get through, so maybe you should complain to him about lengthy posts. Otherwise, have a nice day. Its called FREE SPEECH, and USAWATCHDOG. Emphasis on USA. P.S. YOU DONT have any factual basis whatsoever to know or say 2008 would have not been as bad. 10 years later here in 2018 nothing even remotely bad has happened, now has it ???? In fact quite the opposite. The economy is running like a buzz saw, and unemployment is at 1969 lows. We will go at least another 10 years, where nothing close to 2008 will even happen. SO thats the problem with predictions. Anyone can do it, and nobody knows who will be right.

        • Beverly Kingsford

          I agree with you about freedom of speech and the ability to have our own opinions. We need more respect in this area all over the country. I do want to disagree with you on your last sentence,” and nobody knows who will be right.” Actually, we do know and can know who will be right. We can look to the Bible for what is to come, but also there are people in the past who have had visions and been shown what will come to pass. It’s a matter of faith and discernment and listening to the Holy Ghost.

  35. Beau

    The fed has never stopped the printing John…they cannot!!!

  36. Gina M Mancarella

    The pathetic Republican party cant even begin to understand the fuse they have lit. The Republicans have chosen to inaugurate civil war and having done so we shall meet you in a spirit as the Trump administration has exhibited towards all of our citizens. We are talking about the freak down mother of all freak downs. We must block them wherever they stand. At the grocery stores ! At the restaurants ! At the banks !!! Wherever they are. Hell doesn’t even have the fury we have after being dissed as we have. My middle fingers are up ! My fists are clenched !!! And I am ready to fight and our whole party is fighting mad ! You better believe that there will be a whole lotta shit coming down !

    • Greg Hunter

      So good of you to get involved in our great democracy with “cliched fists and middle fingers up.”

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Hey Greg,
        I am looking forward to seeing Gina and her “unhinged” mob during a highly anticipated event some are calling “boom week”. SOD

      • Rory Altair

        Hell hath no fury as a spook, spooked!

      • Anthony Australia


      • Sue

        Little Gina needs her meds.

      • Jallen

        Gina is evidence the Democrat party is morphing into the American Bolshevik Party!!!


        • Greg Hunter

          Yep, and Google is helping.

          • WD

            Google is working hand in hand with Chinese government to POLICE ITS OWN PEOPLE!! Can you imagine this? An American company is doing this!

      • Tad

        You should ask Gina to submit her picture, Greg. I want to know who to target or recognize when she’s afront the next major riot.

        I’m not special Gina, so you won’t get mine. The last administration already has mine.

    • paul ...

      Gina … Trump dissed Hillary last election … now Trump will dis the entire Demon-rat-tic Party that Hillary bought for $12 million dollars!!

      • paul ...

        Gina … perhaps you should have quoted Tacitus … who felt similar rage 2000 years ago … I para-phrase: “The pathetic Deep State Republicans and the Deep State Demon-rats have both plundered the world … stripping the land naked in their hunger for oil and gas … both driven by greed for the almighty dollar and unbridled ambition … they ravage by war … they slaughter women and children by the millions … they seize other Nations gold by false pretenses … and all of this they hail as being the actions of a Great Empire … soon they will awake to nothing … as all that remains after their Nuclear World War III will be a desert of sand (turned to green glass) … and they will proclaim to all that survive … that they should be rewarded for their accomplishment … bringing peace and a Magnificent Utopia to the radioactive mutant people of Planet Earth.”

    • Chip2

      “We must block them wherever they stand. At the grocery stores ! At the restaurants ! At the banks !!! Wherever they are.”

      You left out “bathrooms”. And we know you’re in the wrong one.

      • Roger D

        And we must block them at Planned Parenthood centers, abortion clinics, and at marijuana and diaper dispensaries.

    • Frederick

      You snowflakes wouldn’t last a day if thingsgot crazy Of that I’m certain you could field
      an LBGT battalion or a Tranny division but that’s about it It would be over almost before it began

    • Jerry


    • Tad


      I think Paul wrote this for intellectuals like Gina. Read slowly, Gina.

    • Tin foil hat

      Gina M Mancarella,
      “We are talking about the freak down mother of all freak downs. We must block them wherever they stand. At the grocery stores ! At the restaurants ! At the banks !!!”

      I infer you are really not that stipud since you neglected to include blocking them at the gun ranges. I know social justice warriors could be very scary and what they look like. Do you look like a typical social justice warrior?


      • Diane

        That is hysterical, T F H
        Thanks for posting!
        Love it

        • Tin foil hat

          I’m glad you liked it. I watch it again and it still makes me smile.

    • Mike

      Gina- very soon, you will be seeing arrests, indictments, and convictions of many in your party. that’s whats coming down. Let’s see you stop or do anything about dem apples.

      • Tad

        She may be one of dem apples.

    • Frank D2

      Gina, you won’t be fighting anything. You are nothing more than a keyboard clown. If the real you ever confronts a real conservative patriot, you won’t know what hit you. Keep typing. It’s all you’re good for.

  37. Sue

    Peter Schiff’s been calling for eventual QE4 all along. Its funny to see Janet Smellin’ Yellin admit to its inevitablity.

  38. Jerry

    Final warning to grasshoppers!

    • susan

      I really hope the other watchdoggers are paying attention to your guidance.

      • kevin

        Guidance? If you are using his “guidance” then you are being mislead.

        • Jerry

          Yes Kevin,
          I can tell by your post that you are a grasshopper. The economic winter is almost upon us. Good luck pal. You’ll need it.

        • Brandon W.

          Very true. This Jerry guy makes all kinds of predictions which have failed to happen. Just recently he stated that there will be no mid-term election. Not stating that it is his opinion but stating it as a fact. He will be wrong again.

  39. Brother Rice

    The Evolution Of US Flags (In 80 Seconds)
    1,573,057 views Newsy Published on Jul 4, 2016
    Evolution of the United States

    Ollie Bye Published on Jan 20, 2015
    History of the United States from gaining official independence from Britain to modern times.

    Watch: Canadians help save U.S. national anthem after mic cuts out
    CBS This Morning Published on Nov 20, 2014

  40. Tad

    What may have escaped most observers this past weekend was the Mike Pompeo-Kim Jong Un meeting yesterday which resulted in an “unexpected” lunch and no formal agreements–at least none to be discussed publicly.
    At least they’re talking and breaking bread.

    Mr. Trump’s greatest unintended achievement here is that his first meeting with Mr. Kim laid the groundwork for ratcheting down nuclear tensions.
    We won’t see US troop withdrawal and probably won’t see important de-nuclearization from North Korea. We’re seeing US-DPRK diplomats talking and Messrs. Kim and Moon are improving inter-Korea dialogue and discussing their respective country’s future. Perhaps a single Korea is workable in time.

    Perhaps what hasn’t been mentioned enough these last months is Mr. Kim appears open and is demonstrating peaceful overtures.

  41. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG: I am deeply concerned.
    During the nomination/hearings of Judge Kavanaugh, it appears the democrats used some very dirty underhanded tricks they could think of. Since those tricks did not work, what will they do next time.?

  42. J. Cornell

    Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova raped and murdered
    By Radina Gigova and Bard Wilkinson, CNN
    Bulgarian authorities are investigating the rape and murder of an investigative reporter in the northern city of Ruse, the third journalist to have been killed in the EU this year.
    Where are the investigative journalists in North America today?
    Still ALIVE!

  43. paul ...

    At the upcoming Military Tribunals using the excuse “The Devil Made Me Do It” is not going to hold water … not even if it’s “Holy Water” … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-08/pope-francis-divisive-devil-responsible-catholic-pedophile-epidemic

    • paul ...

      Trump should take note of what the Philippine President Duterte just did … he was able to scare Sore Ass enough to make him cancle his “humanitarian visit” to create another Color Revolution … from this lesson learned … Trump needs to do the same … perhaps by ordering drone strikes on “all Deep State asses” of this world intent on creating revolutions to consolidate “their hegemony” over planet Earth!! https://yournewswire.com/duterte-soros-bounty/

  44. Mike

    Trmups got Rosenstein by the cahones now, and he is using Rod to give the Dems every single bit of rope they need to hang themselves…

    “I think we’ll be treated very fairly. Everybody understands there was no collusion. There’s no Russia. It was all made up by the Democrats. They’re the ones that colluded with Russia. The Democrats colluded with Russia. And, frankly, the previous administration didn’t do anything about Russia when they knew that they should have,” he told reporters.

    Rosenstein, who is overseeing the special counsel investigation, flew with Trump aboard Air Force One to an event in Orlando, Florida, earlier in the day.

    (this is CLASSIC TRUMP – he makes the whole thing sound really ‘innocent’ if not harmless for the dems. THE BIG BOOM IS COMING DOWN HARD folks. If I were the dems and saw this hum dinger of a note, post being on board an airplane with Rod, right when everyone THOUGHT Trump was gonna fire him, or he’d resign, I’d be running for the hills, if not another country entirely. He’s got Rod totally ‘flipped’, and knows he’s got him by the Cahones, so the Dems are now pretty much screwed into their own coffin from here on out.) (this also means Trump knows whats coming from Mueller, and it wont be anything like the dems were hoping. This is a big frigging trap for all the Dems. Mid terms are going to be a total wipe out for them. Bloody everywhere, in every state.)

  45. Anthony Australia

    Almost daily articles in our newspapers, that of course, are copied from the great US MSM.

  46. bob

    one problem is the millennials don’t want to work!.. i work in a factory that we need people.. its a revolving door.. some don’t make it to lunch.. each person hired cost the co. $2400. parents have ruined a big majority of kids, including the the govt. a lot of over time because of the up tic in the economy. how about not everybody is fit for college..

  47. Pete Pope

    Prep draws the line with China and Trump is the wild card!

  48. Dan

    Yes, Greg, Williams is “STILL” forecasting USD HYPER INFLATION.
    No need to ask him that question AGAIN.
    But you might want to remind him that he has been forecasting that event every year now for the past 6+ freaking years. No doubt ONE DAY, he will be proven correct !

    But if he were a “REAL” genius, as you claim he is, he would have instructed his subscribers to DUMP all but the INSURANCE part of their precious metals holdings back in 2011-2012 (at or close to the top), and PLOWED ALL that dough into the STOCK MARKET. Because the STOCK MARKET has BEATEN the CRAP out of the precious metals over the last 7 years. And you DON’T need to be a GENIUS to figure that out.

  49. Tad


    Is their such a designation as a Canadian conservative?

  50. Ziggy

    Greg. Wonderful interview. Thank you. Mr. Williams has a credibility index of 100%. Not many rank this high.

    Would appreciate if you could get Michael Hudson from U of Missouri. He is another 100%.

    Thank you..

  51. WD

    If anyone hasn’t noticed…while the media is waging war against Trump he has evolved into a very good public speaker!!!

  52. Thad

    Then you should have told us genius!

  53. paul ...

    Hillary explains why she defended her husband from “substantiated” sexual assault charges by some aggrieved women … but did not defend Kavanaugh from “unsubstantiated” charges by an aggrieved women … according to Hillary what made the difference was Kavanaugh “was never investigated by a Federal Prosecutor” (to see how many trips he made to Epstein’s Lolita Island?) … I guess if Kavanaugh had made a dozen or so trips to Epstein’s Lolita Island like Bill and Hillary … then and only then would Hillary have supported Kavanaugh (against “unsubstantiated” rape charges by an aggrieved women)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-09/bill-clintons-sexual-assault-allegations-are-different-trumps-hillary-says

    • Tom


      Dan never claimed to be a genius. He is just another poor schmuck like me that believed in what he heard from the likes of a respected(??) economist and then lost his ass like many others that listened.

  54. wondrouscat

    Just want to say one thing about the Ginas of this world, and the other instigators of violence such as Senators Waters and Booker – they are all trying to start civil unrest. They need us to start fighting back in an uncivil manner so they can justify their hissy fits. We can beat them without fighting them in the street, but by using our laws and our heads, such as what happened with the Kavanaugh confirmation. They are no match for due process or the rule of law, or rational discernment. We must not ever stoop to their level.

  55. Tim McGraw

    Good interview. Bankers only care about bankers.

  56. Tommy

    With rates rising John said this could hurt real estate. You haven’t had Fabian Calvo on for a long time. This topic would seem to be in his wheelhouse. Just curious to what his thoughts would be.

  57. Bosco Rocks

    Ummm…it’s Trump’s fault. He selected Powell to replace Janet Yellen. Just wait and see….still much more ahead. Trump will destroy the U.S. economy and bankrupt this country just as he did with most of his own business startups. We are in for a wild ride. Keep your head down, your deep pantry/cellar full, your debts down and your tangible assets up.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are misinformed. Trump walked into office with $20 trillion in federal debt with an additional $21 trillion
      missing” he did not know about. America was already broke beyond any reasonable doubt. Trump is a master at bankruptcy and reorganization and that’s what is coming.

  58. Bosco Rocks

    Also, I thinks John Williams is brilliant. Thanks for having him on, Greg.

  59. James Brown

    Greg, thank you. Another great interview. The crisis is in the pensions here in the USA, but the politicians have been able to hide it from most people. The markets that are getting crushed right now are: 1) Emerging Markets (because of the rising $), 2) The European Central Bank (they have a debt crisis and they have wrecked their bond market), 3) The U.S. Bond Market (rising interest rates will crush bond prices), and 4) The U.S. Real Estate Market (rising interest rates will crush property values). The Fed is raising interest rates in a feeble attempt to normalize interest rates to help the pensions. Remember what Peter Schiff said, “Lowering interest rates is like checking in to the “Economic Roach Motel”, once you check in, you can’t out”? There are simple, proper, reforms to fix all this stuff, the people in power won’t enact the proper reforms. We are headed to a “Crash and Burn”. Did you see Hillary on last Tuesday? She said violence is the answer. Atta Girl!!!

  60. Tolga

    Thank you very much for your informative article

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