Fed Most Certainly Will Not Raise Interest Rates—Paul Craig Roberts

1By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts contends all talk of the Fed raising interest rates this fall is totally wrong. Roberts explains, “They most certainly are not going to raise them because they’ve spent seven years keeping them at zero. In fact, inflation aside, there are already negative interest rates. . . . So, they are most certainly not going to raise interest rates because if they raise the rates, they will destroy all their efforts to keep the big banks afloat. They also would destroy the stock market. What we have seen all these years is every time the market needs to correct, the Plunge Protection Team steps in and buys the Standard and Poor’s futures and drives the market back up. So, what would cause the Plunge Protection Team and the Federal Reserve to all of a sudden jettison the policies they have been following all these years to save the big banks, to save the stock market and to keep the aura of success alive in America?”

Dr. Roberts says all the market manipulations have another big benefit. Dr. Roberts contends, “This supports the dollar as well. Now, if they were to raise interest rates, then you would see bond prices collapse, stock prices collapse and, most likely, a movement out of the dollar. The dollar is the main source of Washington’s power. So, if the dollar . . . starts going down, this is a disaster for Washington. They may lose the reserve currency status. They would lose the ability to put sanctions on other countries. They would lose the ability to pay their bills by printing dollars. So, the last thing the government wants, and certainly the Fed is part of it, is to see all of this rigged super structure come crashing down because everything would go with it.”

Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “So, why does the Fed keep talking about raising interest rates, and they have been doing this for years? Why do they keep saying that, at some point in the future we are going to raise interest rates? That’s to reassure the currency market that there is not just going to be an endless outflow of dollars and Federal Reserve purchases of bonds to keep interest rates negative, this is just to reassure the currency market that they are going to put a halt to this next September or next June. It is part of keeping the show on the road. It’s part of keeping this rigged system believable. . . . It’s all part of the propaganda campaign.”

On the recent sell off of the market in China, Dr. Roberts says, “Clearly, if the Chinese market is going down, it does suggest the situation in the United States is not that good because so much of the output of China is the off-shore production of American firms for the global market. So, if China’s economy is falling, it implies that the American economy is not doing well either because they can’t buy all the stuff that the American firms are making in China.”

Dr. Roberts has repeatedly called the global economy a “house of cards.” Currently, demand for physical gold and silver is spiking even though prices are falling. What does this mean? Dr. Roberts says, “Some people clearly understand it, and that’s why the demand of gold and silver is so high that it often cannot be met. Right now, for example, the U.S. Mint has suspended all sales of Silver Eagles simply because they cannot get enough silver to manufacture the coins to meet the demand. We see that the gold trusts are being depleted. We see extraordinary amounts of withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange. So, we know the demand for gold and silver is very, very high. Some people know that, but the financial press operates to disguise what’s going on. The financial press says the reason the demand for coins is so high is the price is falling. What made the price fall? Only two things can cause the price of gold to fall. One has to be a great increase in supplies . . . but that’s not what’s happening, it’s the opposite. . . . The only other thing that could cause the price to fall is a massive decrease in demand. We are seeing a massive increase in demand. The paper market is driving down the price and it’s fraudulent. All these stories are coming out in the press that gold is not money. It’s a pet rock. . . .”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former top Treasury Department insider Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much, much more in the hour long in-depth interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Roberts is a prolific writer, and you can find his work and donate to his not-for-profit website at PaulCraigRoberts.org.

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  1. Sam Hill

    This is for Dr. Robert.


    • Frank

      The USA gov is ending the FED now. The FED buys our bonds and pays back the interest received back to the USA gov. The FED can buy all the bonds forever. This means the USA
      is already printing our own money now almost interest free. Now the gov is taking away the 6% the member banks of the FED get paid on their stock purchase to enter the FED.

      USA bonds are sterilized therefore.

    • MIke Gleason

      Take a drink from his special cup…
      Give it to me Dr. Roberts.

  2. md4

    As much as I follow, and like PCR, I’m afraid he’s wrong about this one…

    There’s NO way the Fed’s Yellen can continue to hold off this time. If she does, it signals a clear lack of confidence in an economy they’ve continuously characterized as in some degree of “recovery”, and therefore, it’s a lie laid bare. If even a “tepid recovery” can’t withstand even a half point rise in rates–after seven YEARS–nothing they say from here can be believed. That spells disaster too, and they know it.

    If Yellen doesn’t raise the rate this time, expect to begin to hear calls to end the Fed grow louder and more public. Congress is constitutionally responsible for emitting and regulating the nation’s currency, and we shouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing a rising clamor from the lower and middle classes for a lot of hard questions for the central bank.

    I’m sure Dr. Roberts has reviewed Nomi Prin’s interview with you, Greg, from last week.

    Her portrayal of a worried Federal Reserve and their very-late reflection upon what they’ve done to the economy is also a strong indicator that they will be forced to act. She indicated they realized that if they don’t, disaster will strike anyway.


    • Greg Hunter

      Either way, I think the world is screwed. Look at the demand in gold and silver with a falling price. Power players know what’s up. This is why demand is huge. Sales records set at the US mint in July in both gold and silver coins. I think this fact alone is a very big tell. Dr. PCR is a smart guy–very smart. Thank you for your comment!

      • Michael Harvey

        Greg, posted today to my Facebook followers, I felt Paul Craig was hedging a little today, mind you I cant blame him as this illusion has been going on so long?
        The ‘World Financial meltdown into Gold is about all that is wrong with our monetary system.
        The money printing (Q.E.) by governments is an experiment and those responsible for this ‘clever dick’ idea are not even sure it will work, what a joke and it is not funny.
        The U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency since the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944. Should the U.S. dollar fail due to the loss of confidence in American dollar, then the entire financial system falls with it. No other country possesses a currency which has the liquidity/pools of assets to take over (at least not as yet). One short term measure would be the IMF stepping in to absorb the chaos.
        Why would the US dollar be under such a serious threat? The answer comes from Russia and China and the other BRICS nations who are already dumping U.S. Treasuries (Americas IOU’s to finance her debt burden) and openly trading in their own currencies. In a nutshell they are P…..* off with America’s hegemony and its freedom to print dollars out of existence.
        This is a severe threat to the U.S. dollars’ loss of privileged status within the International Monetary System.
        Come October 20th 2015, in Lima in Peru it is likely that China will be admitted into the IMF club. One of the conditions that China has to meet is to relax their rules to allow more foreign involvement in its domestic bond market, a step that some analysts believe could help smooth the Yuan’s path towards reserve currency status.”
        Should this be the case many billions of dollars will flow from America into the Chinese Yaun?
        This will highlight America’s vulnerability and a gradual run on the U.S.dollar will begin to take place. I do not anticipate that the run will be full blown until sometime in 2016. America has an election in November 2016, draw your own conclusions?
        As fearsome a prospect as this collapse in the dollars status may be, it looks increasingly possible for all the reasons I will layout in the forthcoming narratives.

      • al hall

        Greg/MD4- You are correct Greg- Dr. Paul is very smart, but I have to agree with MD4. Dr. Paul should realize if the fed’s and the corrupt government can hold this together for so long and the house of cards still stands, then they are capable of just the opposite. They can collapse the system at anytime-ANYTIME! And the time has been selected and given to us by Pastor Williams-
        It starts on Sept 15th thru December. SEE THIS FROM LINDSEY’S WEBPAGE:
        World Wide Financial Collapse Scheduled for between September and the end of December 2015! By James Harkin on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 WARNING! From Lindsey Williams: I just received an email from my Elite friend. My Elite friend indicated that they have a World Wide Financial Collapse scheduled between September and the end of December 2015! You may have just THREE (3) months to prepare! World Wide Financial Crash Sep-Dec 2015 – Full Newsletter – See more at: http://www.lindseywilliams.net/#sthash.mWV1vcEc.dpuf

        And we were told by Lindsey William’s elite friend sometime ago it would be a rise in interest rates that would collapse the derivatives markets. Dr. Paul said he didn’t understand these markets well, and he probably doesn’t follow them- I don’t either. But Dr. Paul knows they are a gambling casino for the banks. I believe these were set-up to 1. make massive amounts of money for the banks and 2. to be the vehicle to bring the system down when they what it brought down. The elite’s have planned this collapse for decades.
        Many people have now caught on- gold/silver is the only real money- it’s the money of the global elite’s. Get it now on sale- if you can find any! Do NOT buy over the internet- you may never see your purchase as we are now close to collapse.

      • Smaulgld

        “Either way, I think the world is screwed”

        if the Fed doesnt raise rates confidence in the dollar/US economy could be lost. A small rate hike would be designed to show “strength” – a mirage but the whole thing is based on fudged numbers and false confidence.

        If the Fed does raise rates PCR says the whole thing could implode- then the desire to show strength would backfire.

        Either way there is no good choice for the Fed. Once they started QE and compounded their error with multiple rounds of it totalling $4.3 Trillion in printed dollars out of thin air they backed themselves into a position that finding themselves in a hole, they must stop digging but need to continue to dig because stopping digging won’t help.

        “Either way, I think the world is screwed”

        • Oracle 911

          Hi SMAUGLD
          If they rise the interest rate even with a smal portion, from 0.25 to 0.30-0.35%. The FED will launch another QE after a month, because the bank and the US treasury will go underwater.
          My 2 cents
          Oracle 911

          • Smaulgld

            Why would the Treasury go underwater?- They already have an 18 trillion deficit and owe hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. They simply pay the additional interest with the principal from the newly issued bonds.
            Ponzi 101. Yes eventually it collapes and the Fed will need to do QE4 and go to negative interest rates, but for now they will raise them so they have room to lower them again.
            They won’t raise them much -it’s not like in a year the fed fund rate will be 2 or 3% .
            They are just going to do a ceremonial 1/4 hike

            • Oracle 911

              Yeah they have 18 trillion debt, but thanks to the FED and its ZIRP policy they can service it. But if they rise it, it will create a this chain reaction: the banks which are creating derivates will face difficulties, which will lead to an open QE, which will create a selling panic for US bonds and bill, which will rise the interest rate and make the debts unserviceable, because the FED will be unable buy up everything and thus the US gov. became officially bankrupt.

              My 2 cents
              Oracle 911

              • JinNM

                Has been bankrupt since 1930s. Read Representative Louis McFadden’s speeches to Congress in early 1930s. He died mysteriously a few years later.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, it’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. There are reasons on both sides of the argument. If Yellen backs down, she is risking loss of credibility, which will expose the game. If she goes ahead, she possibly brings on the demise she is seeking to avoid. Either the scam goes on yet a little while, or it doesn’t. My experience is that if you are going off the high-dive platform, best to just get up there and do it. The longer you wait at the edge looking down, the tougher it gets to jump. Best always. PM

      • Oracle 911

        Hi Greg
        I want say one thing, PCR mentioned said something about inviting China into IMF and make RMB part of SDR to separate him from Russia. IMHO the Chinese saw through this primitive scheme and they will use it for their own advantage. And one more thing, the Chinese leadership know 2 things:
        1st They can’t trust the Anglo-Saxons, they didn’t forgot what they done before and after the Opium wars.
        2nd If they betray Russia, they are done for, they became a vassal state similar to Japan.

        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

        • Charles H.

          Very astute!

      • Michael214

        Unfortunately Greg, and with all due respect, it reminds me of the same call Harvey Organ made, when will you bring him back on to account?

        • ulrich sherry

          In defence of Harvey Organ, in principle he was correct in his asumptions and not the only informed commentator to be shafted by algorithims in the paper market. I for one acted on his take on physical, and don’t regret my decision one little bit. At the end of the day, any physical asset will be insurance against inflation. He may have been wrong on the timing, but when it all hits the fan, we will look back and wonder how he came to such a conservative conclusion.

      • jack

        There is nobody that I respect more than PCR. That said ,there is the issue of the gold and silver paper markets and the physical market; however if you go to buy gold and silver in the physical market, you may have to wait for delivery , but the prices quoted for real metal pretty much follow the paper market, although the premiums are rising but not nearly enough to offset anything close to what the real price difference should be . So it still looks like there is not enough price difference for some arbitrage players to come in and close the gap by selling paper and buying physical. I find this odd, as if the physical market was so strong you would think there would be. A substantial price difference and some big dealers like Blachard would be selling gold for $ 1,500 an ounce or more. So somehow the bankers are still able to come up with enough physical as to satisfy. Demand at close to the paper price.
        Greg, or anyone here care to weigh in on this and give an explanation.? If not Greg , maybe you could ask one of your future guests to explain this dilemma.

        • Greg Hunter

          Let be sum it all up for your. It’s not about the price at this point. It’s about possession. This is why there is record demand while the prices are being obviously suppressed. That’s the way I see it. All the best and thank you for weighing in.

    • andyb

      the 2 reasons that financial pundits claim for no interest rates hikes are 1) the effect on national debt service, and 2) the effects on derivative positions. I could easily see a 25 basis point hike because the FED can always print more money to help with debt service. But the effect on derivative positions is a whole different story, especially with all the underwater TBTF balance sheets currently under water. Even a 25 basis point hike (they could do no less and remain credible as you point out), would cause a cascading level of defaults and would crash the entire system.

      • Smaulgld

        I think many people dont understand derivaitives. They are not one static set of contracts waiting to implode if there is a rate hikes. Derviatives are constantly expiring, being modified and new ones entered into.

        New derivatives take into account a rate hike.

        • JMiller

          I agree.

        • J C Davis

          SMAULGLD How would a small rate hike effect the bond market?

    • paul

      M … I agree with you that rates will be raised … though PCR believes the Fed can’t raise rates … I bet he would change his tune if he saw a massive QE4 operation by the Fed that begins to eat away at dollar strength (which as he says takes away US power) … in such a very inflationary (QE4 environment) rates will have to be raised to put strength back into the US dollar!
      A side benefit of raising rates is that banks will have the incentive to begin lending money “to the people” which will likely be spent (thus helping the economy) and higher rates on treasuries will make them easier to sell to fund the federal budget!

      • paul

        PCR better be wrong … if PCR is correct and rates don’t rise … then gold and silver won’t rise … we need to see the 10yr and 30 yr bond yields “rise” to get a nice rally in gold and silver (as rising rates is a sign of inflation)!

        • paul

          A US interest rate hike would be unprecedented amidst an environment of collapsing economic activity (China, etc.), plunging commodity prices … an entire world in the mist of a rapidly rising debt load and with stock, bond, and real estate at risk … an interest rate rise would absolutely be the most devastating “crazy” event possible for America and the world … and this is exactly why we should expect the elite “to do it” this October … the outcry will be so great they can offer “their solution” to the world … a one world currency re-set … those in the know are gobbling up precious metals by the ton … we common people should act accordingly!

      • md4

        Update 7/31/15 am:The central reason the Fed MUST act is not one of those “metrics” they keep talking about, but one of credibility.

        Today’s report that wage growth in Q2 is at a level not seed for nearly 3 decades is more fuel to the rising lower and middle class fire. The working public is growing VERY tired of the lack of income growth and opportunity. This is especially true with young people. They likely will be the spark that ignites a much larger popular movement to end the Fed and demand hard answers about where this country is heading. This will be especially pronounced next year, as we move into and through the presidential campaign season. It should be a very volitile year, if we haven’t crashed by then…

        The bottom line is this: metrics that AREN’T improving are becoming less and less of an issue for the Fed’s calculus, and institutional credibility and survival is. When entrenched institutions fear intense scrutinty and possible demise, they enter survival mode, and suddenly throw caution to the wind. It’s the thing we see with despotic governments throughout history. To some degree, this is what’s going on now in the Chinese “markets”. It’s the last place average Chinese citizens can look for income to offset the serious decline in their manufacturing sector’s, and although they are not educated and experienced “investors” and “traders”, they are trying (as are our aging 401k portfolio holders are) to find income in their stock racket.

        As activity in that racket tanks (due to their wild plays or actual economic decline, especially in commodities), they lose big, and the Chinese government (itself very inexperienced) rushes in to do whatever it takes to stave off complete collapse. That’s institutional desperation.

        The Chinese government well remembers Tienammen Square, and is deathly afraid of a version 2.0 of that.

        As we move forward, we will see increasing volitity induced by institutions becoming more and more desperate to do something to quell rising public anger.

        The next 6-12 months may be the most chaotic, though for different reasons, since 1968–the year the wheels almost came off our wagon…


        • JinNM

          The real American public is angry enough to elect a President that will turn the government inside out if they can out vote the takers and users.

    • Jerry

      A picture is worth a thousand words. Manipulate this Bankers.

      Anyone who doesn’t think the collapse is coming this fall is fooling themselves. There is no way this can continue. The Chinese being given SDR drawing rights? Forget about it! They’ve created their own exchange system and don’t need the IMF. The IMF is history along with the Bretton Woods system it defiled with the Central Bankers. Does anyone want to take bets on how long the Fed can continue the sham of money printing once the Chinese Gold Price Fix goes active late September?
      The party’s over folks. The money velocity chart verifies it.

      • Jerry

        Greg I have been watching the military buildup for quite some time now, including Jade Helm 15. It appears to me that the United States is not only ramping up for martial law, but quite possibly an armed conflict with China that may involve Russia as well.

        Anytime the Chinese defense minister lays down a threat you best be paying attention. These people do not bluff, and may very well encourage them to pull the plug on our economic system that much sooner.

        • Greg Hunter

          Remember what Warren Pollock said about China? They are the big U.S. problem and NOT Russia.

        • WD


          China & Russia both know they can never trust US/West again ( I theorize). They are slowly rope a doping and letting an old adversary grow weak and tired without throwing a punch.

          The massive gold build up is insurance . When the system does collapse we have to turn to something right? PM is the only option ( for trade). Even if ones currency gets destroyed, it gets backed by gold/silver ( If your house burns down thats why we have insurance-simple).

          As far as Jade Helm, Jerry the state of Ohio has more registered hunters than the U S has combat troops ( all combat troops this includes support). I am more afraid of the people from the neighborhood that live 7 blocks away than I am of Jade Helm ( which could be just a distraction).

          The military is about tto release 40,000 troops by the fall.

          Jerry, please stay close, if the EBT cards fail, so does all other govt payment options ( social security, medicare, pensions etc etc.) Dont wait at your front door for govt troops to break it down when your neighbor is breaking in the back door.

          Also Jerry, please read a book called “The Coming Deflation” its only 1 cent on Amazon. Its spot on…
          It truly vindicates Ackerman, who I know you dont think much of. But this book lays it all out…amazing read and easy!! Take care Jerry

    • Manuel

      The Fed will raise rates (25 to 5o basis points), but then magically the data will present itself to justify lowering rates back to zero percent, thereby supporting credibility in the FED, FWIW. I think where Dr. PCR gets it wrong about the power to continue this matrix, is stated in the first 10 minutes of this interview: debt will be the weapon that brings the US dollar down — eventually.

  3. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    PCR is a brilliant guy who performs a real ‘pastoral’ duty in helping unravel to laymen such as myself the labyrinth of economic intrigue now being played out. However Andy Hoffman says interest rates have to go up by year end, for reasons given by md4 as explained above namely that Janet Yellen has run out of road.

  4. Duane McRoberts

    I wonder how Mr. Roberts would affect the election as a VP candidate. Nobody would know him initially, but the VP debate with Paul would be something I would pay to see.

  5. Smaulgd

    PcR is correct- the primary goal is to promote the dollar but I believe he is incorrect in his assessment that the Fed won’t raise rates.
    A rate rise protects the dollar and that is why they will do a small hike
    If the markets collapse, people rush to Tbonds
    Raising rates combats de-dollarization by creating more demand for Tbonds
    If raising rates causes a crisis, the fed has cover to do QE4
    The U.S. can afford to pay higher rates by simply issuing more debt and paying it off with the new principal -Ponzi 101
    Higher interest rates/crisis create more demand for U.S. treasury bonds and shows the fed is in control

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Smaul, yes, I agree, and I think the credibility thing wins out, and the nominal increase goes forward. She can always backtrack if the markets hand back her head to her. But that does not make PCR’s contentions invalid. Ponzi-101 (brilliant description!) may be played out, and Yellen might know this and just be posturing. We’ll know in 60 days. Either way, the game appears to be coming to a conclusion. Best always. PM

      • Smaulgld

        PCR and I see the same dilemma as you do. There is no good choice for the fed. Because there is no good choice i wouldn’t say with absolute certainty that the fed will or won’t raise rates, although my leaning is that the will

      • Chip

        This is why they have to fake the economic numbers so they can raise rates. If they did it with bad numbers they would look like idiots (which they are)…

        • Greg Hunter

          Interesting, you may be correct.

        • diane s.

          I like that Chip……
          We all keep thinking that their actions are too stupid to be stupid….but what of they really are that clueless ?
          What if Washington and the EU don’t have a clue?
          What if they are all just protecting their own jobs and don’t give a damn about us?

          • smaulgld

            It’s all about appearances- that is why you have the incessant Reuters AP Bloomberg CNBC stories touting a “solid” jobs market and economic “recovery” it provides cover for the Fed that their QE ZIRP worked and they can raise rates

  6. Smaulgld

    What are SDRs-a short primer https://smaulgld.com/what-are-sdrs/

  7. David D

    Greg, Thanks for having Dr. P.C.R. on your program.
    I always enjoy his direct candor. As far as an interest
    rate hike, IMHO the Fed is dammed if they do and
    dammed if they don’t. The great insight provided by
    Dr. P.C.R. is appreciated. His knowledge of how all
    the pieces move in D.C. and his intellect make him a
    most valuable source.

  8. terry44

    The only way the gold signal will penetrate the skulls of the sheeple is when the supply of physical gold becomes so limited that premiums go through the roof and delivery times get longer and longer. Then even they will be able to figure out that the spot price is a joke. When that gets through to the public there will be a stampede out of shares and into what little is left of the physical supply of gold. Then the manipulators will be powerless to stop the biggest pile of brown stuff hitting the biggest fan in history…

  9. 8Ball

    The fate of all corrupt and despotic governments is to try to hold control for so long that they reach a point where they find that they can no longer let go. At that point it is game over because they have alienated the populace and no amount of force will matter.

    a good illustration: http://mises.org/daily/3663

    • Lake M

      Gold ownership at it’s current price is barely 1% of total global assets. If the top 5% of the worlds upper class sought out gold and rid themselves of fiat currency, demand would be easily outstripped, and price would have to rise significantly to match the shortage.

  10. Sam

    It looks to me that PCR seems emotionally despondent to this farce now. It is sad how we live in this world controlled by our overlords.

    • Karen

      I thought the same thing SAM. For a man used to political corruption, I think even he is so aghast at the levels of fraud, corruption and deceit that he appears overwhelmed and discouraged that things will ever change for the better. When an intelligent, honest and hard working man like Dr. PCR appears to throw in the towel, to me that means we are “really, truly, screwed.”

    • Calgirl

      As Americans starve:
      My guess is that before riots and mobs wanting to hang the banksters and the 1%ers, we will see the government carting off “disloyal” citizens to the FEMA interment camps (they didn’t build all those camps and buy all those bullets and coffins for nothing). Then we will witness our own military and local police shooting us down in the street. Those who survive will be begging for more socialism, more government control. To “invent” a new monetary system, the same thieves who stole all our money will sit on the commission. Just as Joe Kennedy (the fraudster) was appointed to lead the SEC under FDR.

      I wish I could be confident that the military and police were more informed, and that everyday citizens were better informed, but I am not confident at all.

  11. David

    Greg: An incredible one-hour-packed interview. My takeaway: the Fed has boxed themselves into a corner. They can’t raise rates and they can’t keep them at zero. A real conundrum of their own doing. All of this would all be a comedy if the consequences were not so dire. When will WE take our country back?

    Thank you Greg for another outstanding program.

    • Greg Hunter

      Eerily similar in concepts to Nomi Prins, another very smart guest. We got to be getting close.

  12. Andrew Butterworth

    Hi Greg
    That was like a glimpse through the crystal ball into the murky pond.

  13. Farouk Vevaina

    As always, this is yet another excellent interview with Dr. PCR.

    Dr. Roberts is a very rare interviewee on your panel who has no personal axe to grind since he has no vested interests in selling anything other than his opinion. Thus his assessments are very honest. When he doesn’t know the answer, he doesn’t make up one merely to sound knowledgeable, but admits he does not know. I definitely respect such a person very highly.

    Although he has been wrong in some of his earlier prouncements that he admits himself, overall he has had an outstanding track record and displays a very balanced view of his observations.

    Greg, you should have him on more often.

  14. J C Davis

    WOW. Greg what a informative interview. Please post the comments quickly. I can not wait to read the comments on this bomb shell, eye opening interview.

  15. Matt

    The Fed prints, and Chine sheds Treasuries. Expect a false report excuse to hold off rate increase.

  16. Frank

    Hi Greg
    That was great,but your statement
    “Either way, I think the world is screwed”
    How true
    Regards Frank

  17. roger

    that is good no raise interest rates!

  18. Anne Elliott

    Love hearing from PCR. Just like CAF, since they used to work for the Federal Gov., their view of government back room dealings and outward media “spin” on what they want people to believe is true and so valuable to know. It’s all about the spin- “Gold is a pet rock”!! Too funny!!! Frankly, I will take all the pet rocks I can afford and find!!

  19. Tod Mills

    I really like this interview because PCR reviews again for people who have not given it much thought, how the Fed is robbing savers with their interest rate policy. Most people seem to avoid thinking about how this organization, which routinely is briefly mentioned in the news, drastically affects their lives.

    His explanation of the non-traditional plundering of Greece is very sobering for its clarity too. Hopefully this video will receive widespread viewing.

    Thanks, Greg and PCR for this great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Debt as a weapon and it will be used on the U.S. in time. Thank you.

      • Jedward

        Debt is already a weapon in the U.S. Just think of students graduating with tens of thousands in school loan debt. Can they take a few months for self discovery before taking that low paying job? Can they join in a protest movement or work for a charity as an unpaid volunteer? No, they can’t. This is part of the Lewis Powell doctrine laid out in the late ’70’s after the Vietnam and Civil Rights protests. The wealthy elite were horrified by these protests and riots and eventually decided that debt-ridden youth would be a tool to prevent that behavior, just as the hollowing out of unions would undermine a self- determining middle class.

  20. George Lenz

    Boom. Spot on! I think the biggest surprise to me is that we underestimated the planners as to what they would be able to get away with. It’s all artificial now, and how long is is going to be before the laws of nature play out here? I was listening to a conference call with a well know fund manager in the precious metals space. You could hear the dejection in his voice during the question and answer period. This has to be an absolutely bullish sign here, as it looks as though the most stalwart individuals start to question their view on the current situation. I don’t believe anyone really knows how this economic and political situation will play out. Again. Great journalism, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you George, but I think it was simply a great guest. I was just along for the ride and it was a good one.

  21. Buck

    Great interview!

    The only thing PCR can’t answer is if and when people will wake up to the artificial reality being sold to us. We are living in Plato’s allegory of the cave.

    • Greg Hunter

      And when people do wake up all hell will break lose. Thank you for your pointed comment!

  22. Art Barnes

    Greg, inflation is up in a lot of areas, food, gas, everyday stuff as haircuts, etc., I think that is because for the last 7 or more years small & large business have not been able to raise their prices to keep up with the ever creeping rising cost. That leads me to inflation, if the MSM will report the everyday rise in cost that alone may force the FED to a rate hike. Therefore, look for inflation to become more and more discussed, and if that is the case, the FED can use inflation as an excuse for a rate hike & kill two birds with one stone; credibility & slow the the inflation numbers. All in all, what we are seeing now with the current inflation of everyday goods and services is the “Japan model” of stagflation. Frankly, I wondered when inflation would start to jump up with a bottom bouncing flat economy, it was overdue!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, the telltale sign from this neck of the woods is that everything is priced in terms of monthly payment, NOT acquisition (purchase) cost. This goes for everything from cars all the way down to mundane things like appliances, beds, and furniture. Everything is financed. Nothing down! Sign and drive! Rent to own! Why this approach if the economy is doing so well? And how ’bout our buddy, the Muslim-in-Chief, over there in Kenya, lecturing his peeps on tolerance, all on our dime? Wonderful world, ain’t it? Best to you always. PM

      • Freebreezer


        To further your point, an article in the financial times showed how the not quite upper class gals can now rent, per month, designer clothes, hand bags, and accessories etc. this because they can not not afford it … the sticker shock per designer stuff is in the $3000’s plus… thus rent! it would kill me to rent a stupid hand bag for 400$/month – go figure? It furthers the concept all show and no $$$$.

  23. NC Gal

    I respect PCR very much. However, I don’t think he has fully grasped the other intentions of the power elite. They WILL crash the system when they are ready to put in place the next steps toward their goal of total global control. He’s right that their present practices have only prolonged the problem, but at some point the system will be brought down and a new system put in place to replace it. HOW they crash it could take any number of forms, from a false flag event to an increase in interest rates, although I don’t think it will be the latter. SOMETHING

    • J C Davis

      NC Gal. I think they will raise the interest rate .2 of 1% to see if a panic sets off, and what they want to do about it. If they don’t want a crash yet then the pull the rate back to zero.

    • Calgirl

      It will have to be something they can blame on the Chinese or the Russians because the only way out of the depression which will follow will be war (just like the Great Depression). It was not FDR that brought us out of the GD, it was WWII.

  24. Diane D

    I smell more war. It’s the only export left for this once-great country.

  25. Matt Jaymes

    This was a very telling interview, as PCR’s entire demeanor seems to have changed. He is certainly very astute and one of my favorite analysts, but this time he appeared disillusioned, frustrated and to some degree, demoralized. Maybe the government shenanigans are getting to him, and I can certainly understand that. Great guest as always……here’s a ping for Jim Sinclair.

    • Charles H.

      For a man who invested his life in the country when it still worked organically – it must be really hard to reconcile all the corrupt games and fraud. I’d love to go back to the late 50’s – when the world made sense; things were dependable; and you were safe.

  26. NC Gal

    I respect PCR very much. However, I don’t think he has fully grasped the other intentions of the power elite. They WILL crash the system when they are ready to put in place the next steps toward their goal of total global control. I have heard at least three different sources say that there will be a “currency reset” or devaluation, in which the USD will crash and not buy much from international markets. Domestic markets will not be as adversely affected, at least intially. The goal is to bring the US down, along with other sovereign nations, and make it part of a globalist scheme for total control of the planet over the longer term (the next 35 years or so).

    He’s right that their present practices have only prolonged the problem, but at some point the system WILL be brought down and a new system put in place to replace it. HOW they crash it could take any number of forms, from a false flag event to an increase in interest rates, although I don’t think it will be the latter. SOMETHING will be done to crash the system, but I don’t think it will be as obvious as interest rates. That’s just not their MO.

    The Fed is taking orders from those at the top of the cabal pyramid. It’s part of the shell game to keep people looking in the wrong direction. The Fed may be scared, but it isn’t about interest rates. I would guess they are scared about keeping their jobs!

    I am still expecting the crash to come after Jade Helm completes the testing of those systems that they will use to identify and target the “domestic terrorists” they intend to eliminate when the prison goes into lock-down status. Those closed Wal-Mart stores should be fully converted, stocked and staffed by mid-October.

    According to a 2-part DHS insider report (http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7305), a period of chaos will be allowed to take place before the “real head-knocking” begins. I estimate that the collapse will take place sometime between mid-September and mid-October. Quite a few analysts say it could take place anytime between now and October, but I don’t think “they” will allow the collapse until they have completed the testing of these systems (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqGEz9IqOrE).

  27. Orion

    Brilliant interview! Thanks Dr. Roberts and Greg!

  28. Jedward

    Hi Greg…..great interview with PCR, he is always excellent. I was disappointed that the Iran nuclear agrrement did not come up though. If it had you would have heard that his view is similar to mine, that Iran is being temporarily moved to the back burner so that we can more easily focus our finite resources on Russia and China. The U.S. has FINALLY woken up to the threat China poses to our global hegenemy and, behind the scenes, is in a panic over recent Chinese moves with their currency and banking (AIIB). Had you asked PCR about this Iran deal you would hear much the same argument I make. Notice that I say the Iran thaw is temporary but we have bigger fish to fry right now. Iran will resume it’s evil enemy status at some point in the future but right now they need to be put aside. This may also be designed to give Israel cover to finally attack Iran. This is a very mixed up time and these issues are always more complex than what the politicians and MSM would have us believe.

  29. BabaGump

    Dear Greg,
    form me you are the best news guy in the world.
    Keep the good work up!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Baba, and I like my shrimp boiled and hot out of the shell please.

  30. Southern Girl


    Love PCRoberts!!!!!! He is one of the only brilliant men who knows what is going on inside. He also can explain it in such a way that I can understand. I love what he said toward the end. The press has created an ARTIFICIAL REALITY….. ding! ding! ding! The man hit the nail on the head.

    If anyone needs to know about gold and silver this was the best interview of him explaining it so well. I will tell you my own newspaper in Arkansas has had articles about no one wants gold. I guess they assume that we will believe whatever they print….NOT.

    I love how he always laughs like he cannot believe anyone cannot see through all the BS. Thanks for talking to him so long. He is just brilliant. He lays out possibilities of the US always playing in everyone else’s sandbox and kicks up sand in he other countries faces if they don’t play along. We truly are the bully on the block. We want control of everything at all times.

    Went down yesterday to buy some more gold and silver. Even they cannot get the 2015 Silver Eagle. A military gentleman came in asking only for that coin. He is one of the clueless that don’t understand it is not about the year…it is about the coins in general. So he walked out without buying anything. Can you say dum (doesn’t understand money)?

    Thanks again Greg for a stupendous interview!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!

  31. Sdonne

    Based on What PCR is saying, and I believe he is right, the collapse of 2008 must have been engineered.
    Why didn’t the PPT intervene to stop the meltdown at the time?

  32. Alan R.

    Thanks Greg for another excellent interview with Dr. Roberts, and for almost one full hour no less. He pulls no punches in laying out the indisputable facts of the global economic/geopolitical case and to his great credit is equally candid about his own inability to predict how much longer the fantasy can be made to last, as he is about his prior belief that there was no way it could have lasted THIS long. It’s refreshing *and* disturbing at the same time that even he, a distinguished emeritus academic, respected economist, former cabinet official, and experienced veteran of the dynamics in the political-economic trenches, did not fully understand or appreciate the extent to which quite literally all markets are rigged from top to bottom. And all to the benefit of a few (at the expense of THE MANY) not to mention in support of a farce of incomprehensible proportion.

    Yes it remains to be seen if the Fed can or will be able to sneak in even a miniscule uptick in interest rates. Either way, as you said in a reply to another commenter, we are all seriously screwed.

    Fear not? Certainly TPTB have taken that advice to heart, albeit in a perverse manner and to our collective detriment.

    Thanks again Greg, great work as always…

  33. Mark

    Dr. Roberts is a wealth of knowledge! I read the article he posted with Dave K. from the Investment Research Dynamics site among others and they nailed it on the PM’s manipulation, derivatives bomb, debt, etc. It’s always funny to hear him chuckle while speaking of the impending financial doom that faces the globe. He and Rob Kirby are “tell it like it is” folks that cut through the fog created by the propaganda of the state-run media.

    The issue of FED interest rate increases is so old now that if it takes almost 7 years to raise them from 0% than there is little probability it will happen at all. I agree with Dr. Roberts that doing so will start to unravel all the work the FED did to prop up and protect the fatally-flawed financial system! QE4 is soon to come in one way or another. One issue he never mentioned about rate hikes is that doing so would be deflationary, meaning the dollar would rise in value and take the FED farther away from their 2% inflation target. Most of us know, as he mentioned, that inflation is much higher than declared by the FED anyway. John Williams is a far better source for this information.

    Great interview with needed clarification on the issues that surround us today!

  34. Mark

    What I’m hearing from Dr. Roberts is that the only thing that will bring this house of cards down is a Black Swan even. A reset in October is unlikely. China becoming part of the SDR won’t be significant. It sounds to me that we are already living in an Orwellian world and there is no escape. There were a lot of “I don’t knows”. I fear that based on this interview, the decline for people hat prepared might just go on for some time, far beyond the expiration date of the food of the be prepared food stackers.

    • 8Ball

      Yes, a lot of people are betting the farm that something “BIG” is going to happen in Sept-Oct 2015. PCR has learned not to expect the present system to collapse unexpectedly and to not underestimate the ability and resources of those who manipulate it. Watch those expiration dates! LoL

    • Papa Ooo Mao Mao

      Remember, it is better to be laughed at and prepared for economic, man made or natural disaster 10 years too early than it is to have to look your hungry family in the eyes when you realize you are 10 minutes too late.
      Work, Obey, Consume

  35. Dave

    MD4, You might be right that the fed has to maintain credibility, but in my opinion they could spin holding down rates quite well with their minions hitting the speaking circuit. Here is why I do not think rates are not going up, there will be a lot of talk and they might move a quarter point, but they are not going up.
    1) The federal, state and local governments have borrowed and spent themselves into a corner they cannot finance with a market price discovered interest rate.
    2) Government needs to control the population and what better way than keep them from a reasonable income from their savings. Remember, savings were saved incremental wealth that people stored as US dollars. Those dollars are our money which by one point in the definition is to be a store of wealth that requires a diligent federal reserve to maintain the value of the dollar. Savers using US dollar denominated instruments are not only not getting paid allowing the custodian to use their stored wealth, savers are loosing purchasing power, therefore the fed policies are stealing from savers.
    3) The Federal Reserve once said in the 80’s under Volker, their policies were not meant or intended to support the markets. This Fed is scared to death what may happen in the markets if they raise rates and have openly referenced the markets in their statements meaning without doubt they are watching market reaction.
    4) The Fed has some $4 trillion in liabilities, or debt instruments. The fed is a private institution owned by large banks/bankers that are unknown. Their first loyalty is to themselves and rising interest rates will be reflected in lower prices for debt instrument. They are not going to stand for a loss.
    5) Raising interest rates will tank the economy and the tax structure exacerbating the ability of governments at all levels to pay debts.
    6) A trashed economy means more folks on unemployment and other social safety nets meaning even less potential ability to pay back the liabilities mentioned in #4.
    7) An unraveling of the economy provides fuel for politicians to do something about the fed and that will mean loss of power and increased transparency. They wont let that genie out of the bottle.

    In summary, if this were the real world, the federal reserve would be called out for being the huge conflict of interest that it is.


  36. diane s.

    I like Dr.Roberts….he is a very knowledgeable and thoughtful man.
    Just read this on his website… .very good.
    Thank you for inviting him,Greg.

  37. Michael Harvey

    “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
    ― Benjamin Disraeli

  38. Watch-It

    Great, great interview! Thanks for having PCR on your site.
    Paul’s analysis of today’s events is outstanding. Many of these I have wondered about he has cleared up amazingly, but a little bit depressingly. It appears that the middle class is in for it. Would have been interesting to have his opinion on the fact of China/Russia/BRICS being pushed to where they massively sell off their dollar assets in a furthering of this economic warfare. This seems to me to be the only event to bring down the “house of cards.”
    Also rather frightening that if the supply of precious metal goes to zero, they might just confiscate them.
    Great interview, Greg – thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Watch-It.

  39. Glen

    Gold and silver will continue to trend lower. Stock and market’s will correct and begin a bear market. Sometime after this gold and silver will bottom and begin another phase of its bull market. This is all going to play out slowly. It’s been slow burn and it will continue to be slow burn. So much so that it is almost uninteresting. On the bright side, a stock and bond bear market will hurt Hillary’s chance’s of being elected. I hope.

    • terry44

      Not sure it will continue to be such a slow burn. We must be near the point that many mines close and physical supply runs very low. Low yield deposits are becoming uneconomical to get out of the ground. And weirdly this is happening at a time of increasing demand. It’s like we are in a parallel universe where fundamental laws no longer apply.

  40. John

    Objective is not to crash the system but to squash the middle-class.

    In the end those thart ochastrated this diabolical scheme will have obtain such wealth they will ensure their continued privileged lives.

    It never was about the crash of the markets or the currency.

    The average individual can no longer survive. His expenses vastly exceed his earning capability you design.

    The indivuals who survive the final massacre and all their offspring will be indentured servants to the aristocracy.

    • Charles H.


      Whether is was never about crashing the currency, or not – un-intended consequences always pop-up. Everything else seems too likely.

  41. Alyce

    Everything’s so crazy. I read today that signs are showing a stock market crash is coming soon. This is according to former professor John Hussman, who has predicted crashes 1972, 2000, and 2007, (economic collapse blog). So we’ll see what happens this fall. I’m suspicious of the Chinese market crash, and how our market was suspended that day along with united airlines grounded and WSJ site down, all in one day.
    One thing I’m confused about is why the US wants the Yuan as SDR since supposedly that is what China wants and it is a stepping stone to being the reserve currency. I thought the US did not want China a part of IMF. What would be the motive for crashing China’s market? Also, notice how caterpillar’s stock has dropped along with precious metals….it may be a “sturdy” house of cards, but I don’t think it’s possible to juggle everything. Keep stacking pet rocks.

  42. don

    I predict the FED raises rates by a quarter point in the fall, if only to prove they can keep their word and credibility. But I don’t see increases after that.

    I don’t feel sorry for Greece, they knew what they were doing.

    PCR speaks about the plunge protection team and their power, but where was it in 2000 and 2007/08? They sure didn’t stop massive bubbles from popping…so they have their limits.

    We have had recessions in 92, 2000, 2008 and if the 8 year cycle holds, 2016 will be a bad year. The warning signs are everywhere. Only this time I don’t see what the powers that be can do to circumvent it…they already have 0% interest rates, debts have gone parabolic, the FED is over extended…it doesn’t look good.

    • Charles H.

      Even big corners get smaller. And the paint is conjured out of thin air! Governmental protection of all the Fraudsters is WHY they can keep fiddling around.

  43. Paul from Indiana

    Tarnation! Gold and silver are pet rocks! I KNEW there was a reason I like them SO much. Many thanks and best always. PM

  44. Matt

    Breaking news. Fed dovish on interest rate hike. Ya know, wanna see just for sure on jobs market/employment. Sept hike still not in the cards.

  45. don

    Greg, this has probably been mentioned before by others. But it would be cool if we had prior notice of who might be your next couple guests so some of us could forward questions of our own…you are a good interviewer because you let your guests talk in more then sound bites, but its possible some of us might have view points worth exploring. Obviously it would be up to you to decide if they have any merit. Just a thought. Thanks.

  46. Lake M

    Thanks Greg for providing a whole hour to Dr Roberts. He’s a teller of the truth, which is the only weapon we have against this massive evil thing that controls the worlds wealth and our livelihoods. And remember if the Internet becomes restricted, we will lose this opportunity to communicate and discuss these issues. A big danger lurking.

    If there’s a rush to exit any of the large paper asset markets around the globe,
    the UST is the only liquid parking lot able to absorb these huge sums. If the BRICS are able to establish a credible bond market, then there could be a competing market to park the cash. Gold would have to skyrocket in priceto absorb a significant portion of these funds. No wonder why they manipulate it lower and lower.

    The Fed could benefit from an equity market crash, as they would have new customers to purchase their toxic sludge bonds. And rates would not have to rise very much if funds are fleeing other markets. Its all part and parcel with maintaining dollar hegemony.

    PC talked about how all the manipulation and accompanying propaganda from the FED and financial elite has been successful up to this point and as he said with a sense of frustration.. how does that song go “we fought the law and the law won” The deception may continue for much longer… they are too powerful to take down evidenced by the manipulation of most markets. They also could also bring it crashing down if so desired. They are firmly in control.We wait and watch for signs of direction.

    However, creating a house of cards in itself carries risk of the unexpected which may bring down the house.We are a failing NATION, with a political crisis and an economic recession/depression ahead, and loaded with excess debt with most of our production offshore. “Hey, what could happen?” What ever happens it won’t be good.
    If you have paper savings, better hedge them with precious metals.

  47. Southern Girl


    PCRoberts also talked about pensions. I wonder if we will take a haircut or just get a shaved head?? Worried that I might not see SSecurity starting in January. Either that or it will be worthless. I wonder how long until the EBT cards go to zero…bring on the riots.

    • Charles H.

      Minimum Social Security starting in October for me – and I wonder if it will matter. Dr. Jim Willie suggests the Dollar will be devalued in two steps…

  48. Don

    Greg, Mr. Roberts held a pretty important position being next to the treasury secretary under Reagan, and understands the policies pretty well, I would imagine. What you said about gold is a teller on what’s going on, is for sure. The federal reserve as well as other central banks are funneling wealth from the nations, into the hands of the oligarchy class. These are the same people that attend g20 and g8 meetings, from groups like club of Rome and the like. They represent leaders of nations and international corporate heads. Corporately, they represent the inside movers and shakers of the NWO, and shadow governments throughout the world. National assets, and savings and pension funds and the like, through a collapsing fiat currency cycle are transferred to the oligarchy for greater control. In this case a NWO, or a global super-state. We are at a point of saturation, where military will have to be used to disarm militants, if they don’t achieve it some other way. Who would have thought a few years back that a Euro-super-state would have been attempted, but here we are with mostly Ex- Goldman Sach people are the unelected, self imposed leaders in the Euro-zone, imposing on the nations, nation debt as a tool of control, as you and Mr. Roberts has said. Euro-zone is the poster child of the NWO strategy. Look whats going on in Turkey, who recently receive the approval stamp of support from the west. A new Ottoman empire may be in the making, by design, with Turkey, once again being the one nation that can unite the radical element in the middle east, with the common goal of attacking Israel. Its this rally cry, with their expect Mahdi on the horizon, that could unite the those rogue elements. As I told you the other day, the P.M. of Turkey is trying hard to show he has the qualifications for their expect Mahdi. If successful, a united Islam may be possible. Its this element, that is missing, that could cause the desired consolidation and multi national peace treaty the NWO desires and the prophet Daniel saw in the ninth chapter of Daniel. It says, He, shell confirm a covenant with many for one week, or seven years, based on the prophecy. Good informative interview, with a great job by yourself. Lord bless.

  49. dbcooper

    Hi Greg, We have the greatest respect for Dr. Roberts. You have a lot of very smart commenters and we appreciate their views… pro and con. We are simple people and our tin foils hats fit quite well, ‘Thank you very much!!’ We know that there is this small group if evil ones in the world who are ‘hell bent’ for world domination, they tell us so and show us on a regular basis. This whole thing is an onion, a very complicated onion and TPTB have everything on their side (time/money/slaves/progeny/etc) but the support of OUR LORD. This is not to say that God does not use evil to smite bad children (read that 60 million children sacrificed and counting). Our basic thought is that yes this could all come crashing down at any time but it will notbe any old arbitrary time… it will be the time of THIER choosing. Hence the reasoning to raise rates would in fact be to implode ALL at the time of their choosing. This is why we are GOTS and continue to put one foot in front of the other everyday.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  50. Steve S

    Greg, thanks as usual for your search of the truth. Truth be told that there is a shortage of silver is not what what I’m hearing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been accumulating silver since $4 and held half of mine from the rise to $50, wish I sold of course and bought back later. I called Fidelitrade today to see if they had any shortage of silver for sale, Fidelitrade is a large brokerage and storage facility in Delaware. They told me they have plenty of silver to sell. theres no shortage, its only the 2015 silver eagles that are a problem as they only make so many. A friend went to a PM market 2 weeks ago and he said you could buy all the silver you wanted ?? What is the real truth ?? Gold and silver bug Steve.

    • Manuel

      JP Morgan acquired as much as 350 million physical ounces…perhaps they are supplying the physical demand to date as they continue to short the paper silver?

  51. Shelley Lloyd

    Greg….Kyle and I are in Canada (Ontario)…we listen to you and post your interviews and WWU’s to all our friends…. it is hopeless I guess…the last few years have proven that the markets are capable of adapting and the powers-that-be are simply too powerful to let the cards fall…. how unfortunate and how sad for our children and the generations that follow….. Shelley & Kyle

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not alone and do not give up. “Fear Not.”

  52. cathy

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is brilliant. Thank you Greg for all your all your dedication and fantastic work.

  53. aka_ces

    Greg, another great interview. PCR mentioned that he does not have a sense of the import of the gargantuan bank derivative holdings. Another of your best-guests, Ron Kirby, has a very clear opinion on this. This suggests that an extremely interesting conversation would be among Kirby and PCR. If you were to also include C.A. Fitts, Nomi Prins, & L. Kotlikoff, well, you’d have the round table of round tables. So my suggestion to you is to try persuade these people to have a conversation with you as moderator. They are all broadly on the same page, but there are differences, and it would be valuable to see how a conversation among them would develop. Not your usual format, but I do think it could be great. I’m sure the logistics would be difficult, and prep-time significant, but I think you and your audience would be quite pleased if this were to happen.

  54. paul

    We talk here about “debt” as a weapon … but”death” is a more fearsome weapon … in our previous commentary discussing aluminium chem-trails (not water con-trails) being sprayed on us and which we breathe into our bodies with our every breath (that causes breast cancer, heart attacks and dementia) … a simple way “to remove it” and leach the aluminium out of our bodies … is by eating cucumbers (that are high is silica) … although this “cheap detox” won’t save us , our children or humanity from extinction (once all the bees are gone) … at least it will help make our life a bit healthier while still alive (without the burden of cancer, heart disease and loss of memory) before the elites current Agenda 21 Program inevitably takes the entire world population down to 500 million people … we who are to be sacrificed and killed “as useless eaters” should set up our own “Agenda 20 Program” that immediately locks up all the pilots flying these chem-trail planes (who may or may not know what they are doing) … and also takes the elites and puts them at the head of their own Agenda 21 line … it is only right that they be the first ones eliminated “for being useless, greedy, immoral, evil, genociders”!

  55. John Mackenzie

    It’s been several years since I became convinced PCR is not on the side of honest money, inalienable right(s) of humanity (Choice) as well – a full fledged BRICS propagandist.

    I do not subscribe to the US expanding it’s empire by any/all means necessary. Rather, precisely the opposite – the US is being dis-assembled BRIC by perfidious BRIC. America is not an empire any more than it is a Global Superpower – it a tool, a vassal of the NWO.

    Many contrarians are potentially setup for a rude awakening to this hellish arrangement.

    Propaganda is the mechanism, critical thinking the enemy.

    What PCD purports – is through my tired eyes no different than and Alex Jones , a Zionist shill who aggregates the afflicted and carefully corrals them into the dissident pool for the NWO to divide and conquer at the appropriate time.

    It saddens me greatly as Dave Kranzler means well, he has simply been fooled by this Hidden Hand Propagandist.

    Another disturbing affront Greg is your inability to offer balanced discussion towards Israel… I have noticed over the past several years your distinct disdain for any and all whom question Israel’s actions, deeds and misdeeds.

    I do hope you are not living in fear of the Zionist controlled media, it certainly appears to be the the case from my perspective.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are dead wrong about Dr. PCR. He has been shunned by his former colleagues and has a totally free site. He could retire and keep his mouth shut, but he sounds the trumpet for us all. Thank you for your comment even though I feel it is unfair to Dr. PCR. As far as Israel goes, What is “disturbing” is there is no balance for folks like you. There is your Jew hating perspective, and everyone else is wrong and villainized by people like you. Didn’t I kick you off this site already? Why do you come back?

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Again, Greg, just because someone criticizes Israel does not make them a “Jew hater”. Many Israelis are critical of their own government. Obviously that does not make them Jew haters.

        • Greg Hunter

          With some of the comments I see on a regular basis you could have fooled me. The people who are the MOST biased scream of “objectivity.”

      • Greg Hunter

        Where do I start. You are going talk about the Khazar lie to try to delegitimize Israel. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2014/06/khazar-theory-debunked-by-real-historian.html#.VbrpxJVFA5s For a smart sounding guy, you got hoodwinked on that one. Just answer this one question with a simple yes or no. Don’t get academic, I don’t need a lesson, just answer Yes or No. Does Israel have a right to exist? That will speak volumes about your opinion and your “balance.” (I am not posting anything but yes or no.)


  56. Southern Girl


    Hope you are sitting down…All of the Senators and Representatives of Arkansas are going to vote against Planned Parenthood funding. It finally broke in our state paper today….why so long? The Senate will try to vote before the break and the House will vote in September. I read somewhere that Mitch McConnell basically said good luck in getting it passed. He is another one of the psychopaths.

    Off the subject but I made banana nut bread in my solar oven. It was as hot as hell yesterday with temps reaching 100’s with heat index of 105. Just a bit hot I think.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the real world street level reporting. The MSM is NOT reporting this “Medical Mengele” atrocity because it will kill off PP funding. I am going to rip “The Nations News” again on the WNW. I sent one of the top editors a detailed email and got nothing back. This story is too big to miss and there for not covering it is “Too stupid to be stupid.” (Jim Sinclair quote and one of my favorites)

  57. paul

    With all the depressing talk of a “debt weapon” or “death weapon” … here perhaps is some very joyful news … astronomer’s have just found a “new Earth” for us … they call it Kepler-186 … the only problem is this “Earth-2” is 500 light years away … so it looks like we are going to need “God” to take us there … as he promised he would.

    But with the Agenda 21 spraying program quickly advancing … “God” better arrive on Earth to save us within the next 4 years … things are getting very close for comfort … for me to “fear not”!

    • paul

      And while we are waiting for God to arrive … we should begin setting up FreeMa Camps to “lock up all the pilots” under our Agenda 20 program (unless the pilots go on strike and their union demands a stop to the chemical spraying) … what are the elite going to do “without pilots” to implement their genocidal spraying program … hire “Saudi pilots” to man the planes?

  58. Southern Girl


    The C-130’s and Blackhawk helicopters are flying again today in Arkansas. Really the first time since Jade Helm started. They don’t usually take a break in flying for that long period of time. Too bad I don’t know someone in the know on the base.

  59. Doug C.

    Love listening to PCR.
    There is a school of thought that China is trying to get into the IMF SDR’s to be a trojan horse. Once in, they can then go….”here is a picture/video of our 20,000+ tons of Gold, lets see yours”. At that point the U.S. hegmony is kapoot. I think most people know or are pretty convince that the U.S. does not have 8000+ tons of Gold anymore. Deep storage Gold is a joke.

  60. Chip

    PCR, love your work. BUT one thing the Fed CANNOT do is to create a real economy. They cannot backstop that. The middle class is gone, to China, to Mexico, et al… Demand will continue in a downward spiral. Debt levels will continue to explode. They cannot, short of extermination, change the demographics of the US and Japan to older generations. They cannot control the explosion in number of people collecting SS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Financial markets are all they can control and that is just an illusion… Chip

  61. dee garmon

    PCR, the Jewel in the Crown.

  62. Tom Pittari

    Mr. Greg Hunter, the interview with Mr. Paul Craig Roberts is the most, in my view, the most accurate and informed view of what is really going on and why I have heard from any one economist or not. He is a great speaker and so much on target.

    Thank you for being there Greg. I follow you 3 times a week and have for years ( this is my first time emailing you , we need you and your work.


    Tom Pittari
    Carriere, Mississippi (60 miles north of New Orleans)

    P. S.
    Bill Holter is another guy very much on target as is Greg Mannarino.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for commenting. I hope it becomes a habit.

    • dill mann


      Hola, I live in Metairie, LA….I am looking to purchase a small farm in and around Picayune, MS. Any suggestions? Nice talking to you “neighbor”.

      Take care!!

  63. Keith

    TPTB do seem to have firm control of most of the rigged financial systems and markets for the time being. While things are relatively ‘stable’ here in the US, I read the other day that the US administration is still conducting over 40 drone strikes per day on ‘radical muslim’ targets, not to mention the creation and funding and ongoing operation(s) of the puppet regime in the Ukraine, and ISIS in the middle east, to achieve the larger US/Israeli goals in the region(s). One thing that COULD deal a serious blow to the existing financial house of cards is a significant weather/planetary event (large earthquake, asteroid, etc.) or retaliatory terror strike, whether in New York, Washington, etc. etc. – by enemies of the constitution, whether foreign or domestic. Exciting times. “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The foolish go blindly on and suffer the consequences.” Proverbs 22:3

  64. Freebreezer


    Thanks for the longer interviews with Nomi Prins and PCR. It is a quick 45 minutes +! So much information and so little time.

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought both were great and both said similar things about what happens if the fed raises interest rates.

  65. paul

    Breaking News … Hillary just announced she will put a solar panel on every roof in America to run the microwave to cook the chicken now in every pot to save natural gas … can Trump beat that?

    I wonder if Hillary spoke with the “bankers” about her plan? … because it is going to require “a lot of silver” to build all these solar panels she is proposing … last I looked the spot price of silver was down to $14.73 … yet Hillary’s proposal to generate one-third of the nations gigawatts using solar panels amounts to 140 gigawatts … now I can understand why JP Morgan has already accumulated over 300 million ounces of silver … so Hillary must have been given the OK by the bankers … so a turn in silver seems very near for those patient WatchDog stackers accumulating the metal … but don’t forget about saving your nickels also … because the Sun does not shine on solar panels 24 hours a day battery storage will be necessary … although lithium ion batters are lighter and have greater storage capacity … nickel- hydride batteries will likely be the nations choice for solar electric power storage … the reason being nickel-hydrate batteries are more stable and don’t “run away and catch fire” at high temperature the way lithium-ion batteries do … nickel-hydrate batteries have greater longevity and can be reconditioned to nearly 95% of their original capacity … while lithium-ion batteries must be thrown out, completely discarded and replaced with a brand new battery … so save those nickels!

  66. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Thanks as always for all the points of view you present. I think it’s time for Dr. Jim or Warren Pollock again-your two best guests. Things really seem to be accelerating at a more rapid pace. I think at this point the only ones buying into the propaganda are the sheep. Anyone with functioning brain cells can see through it. Who in their right mind could have “faith in the Dollar”- it is more like a gun to the head as we see is the case with Tzipras in Greece. I don’t buy the bumbling incompetence of the Fed and the bankers,etc. I’d have to agree with the Rob Kirby/Bill Holter/Any Hoffman/Eric Sprott types who know the PM markets. When delivery stops the bell goes off. As far as China longing for IMF inclusion, on one hand they along with Russia and the other BRIC’s nations setting up the alternate AIIB, etc…..would have us believe they are the alternate to the Dollar system outside of the IMF-or are they all in fact in on it -to simply knock the US down a couple rungs for the rollout of One World Government……We all have our theories about Jade Helm – give this a listen- it will blow your mind!!!!!!!! you’ll need a good two and a half hours and may want to go back a second and third time


  67. Faith

    This was an excellent interview. I respect Mr. Roberts very much, he is a real patriot. I respect that he dares to come on shows like yours Mr. Hunter and tell people the truth.

    It has been heartbreaking for me to realize that the US markets are manipulated, that there is no transparency, and that the US government is in place to protect a small group of people and that group consists of the oligarchs and the bureaucrats. The numbers are all lies. From the metals markets to inflation to the employment numbers to how long it takes a veteran to get an appointment to the lies told by the financial press and the MSM. It is humbling to hear a man like Mr. Roberts admit that he is unable to discern what is going to happen in the markets and to hear him say that the markets are rigged and manipulated by the powers that be.

    I have been re-reading “Survival +” by Charles Hugh Smith. This is my second time reading this book. It seems more valid today than when it was written. Mr. Hunter is it possible for you to interview Mr. Smith? I would be very interested in hearing his point of view with regard to the current state of the markets and world events. Mr. Smith has the site: http://www.oftwominds.com

    Another book I read recently was “Reinventing Collapse” by Dmitry Orlov. His point of view was very interesting. He has been able to observe both the former USSR and the new Russia as well as the US. Mr. Hunter, can you please have Mr. Orlov on for an interview? I would like to hear Mr. Orlov’s point of view in a long-format interview. Mr. Orlov also has a website: http://www.cluborlov.com

    Mr. Hunter, again, thank you. Keep up the good fight! We care.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith.

  68. Citizen X

    PCR and YOU are traitors who will not say the word “JEW”
    Those who do not name the enemy by name are complicit in their crimes.

  69. Thomas Cole

    Paul Craig Roberts is probably correct in predicting that the Federal Reserve will not fulfill its statement that there would be a modest rise in interests rates this fall.However, keeping interest rates at or below zero it might to be enough to forestall a systemic collapse of the dollar.
    Since the Glass-Steagall Act (GSA)was repealed in 1999 there has been a return to the kind of speculative bubbles and major recessions that beset the US economy before Teddy Roosevelt passed the GSA in 1933.One can only assume that the reason for the lift on the prohibition of banks speculating with depositors funds was because the government had made assurances to the banks ‘too big to fail’ that they would be bailed out by the taxpayer in the eventuality of a market crash.
    Since 1999 there have been two major stock market crashes,in September 2001 and then again in September 2008.
    Paul Craig Roberts is not alone in suggesting that as a result of the policy of quantative- easing and the increasing sense of international dissatisfaction with the Bretton-Woods formula ,the actual credibility of the dollar is looking ever more tenuous.
    Compounding the unease has been the abrupt end of the post Cold-War thawing of tensions between East and west as a result of the coup d’etat in Ukraine in February 2014.Since then,the European Union has been forced by the United States into a sanctions war with Russia which has arguably damaged the European economy as much as Russia’s.In the meantime,Russia and China have been actively creating new international monetary institutions such as BRICS and the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Investment Bank that could pose a significant
    challenge to the monetary domination of the dollar and the Bretton- Woods institutions of the World Bank and the IMF.
    In the Middle-East in recent weeks the US government has ruffled feathers with its traditional allies in the region, Israel and Saudi-Arabia. By announcing that children born to American parents in Jerusalem cannot put ‘Israel’ as their country of birth in their US passports and by claiming the credit for securing a deal with Iran ,Barack Obama has alienated America’s closes supporters in the region.Whether the deal with Iran might signal a change in US foreign policy towards Syria is anyone’s guess:Obama has made no secret of his direct support of the ”moderate” rebels fighting Bashar Assad’s regime and he is supporting the creation of a Turkish enclave in Syrian territory from which to launch airstrikes against the Islamic state.
    Theere is no doubting that there is a sense that the board-game is changing fast.Will Israel act unilaterally against Iranian nuclear facilities?Will there be an escalation of hostilities in the Ukraine now that the US,Canada and the UK have begun ,albeit unwisely ,to send military advisors and equipment to help the discredited regime in Kiev and could this lead to a renewal of the tensions that we experienced between America and Russia before the Minsk II agreement was signed in Belorussia earlier this year?
    Will the Chinese stock market crash continue and how long will it be before the US and European debt-ridden economic systems face the music?
    Predictions of a doomsday economic crash are a dime a dozen in the ”alternative media” these days.Like a cartoon character that runs off a cliff and keeps on running in thin air ,how much longer can the animators in the Fed and the ECB and IMF carry on maintaining confidence in their make-believe ‘recovery’?.
    Time will tell.
    One person who has no doubt that this September will witness a cataclysmic market crash is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn whose ”Harbinger” series of books have been hugely popular.Whilst his argument is Biblical rather than economics based,there is no doubting Cahn’ss argument
    that the Shemittah cycle is significant to the economy,all the more so this year because it is the end of the 49 year Jubilee cycle.Combined with the fact that there has also been a ‘Tetrad’ of Blood Red Moons happening to occur on significant Jewish religous festivals.
    It is worth noting here that the immediate effect of the Supreme Court’s decision to deny
    Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel was instantly seized upon by the Fatah that it was proof that the United States now regards East Jerusalem as under illegal occupation.

    The gist of Rabbi Johnathan Cahn’s argument is that America cannot go against the will of the God of Israel without very severe repurcussions.

    All the pieces are now in place for the dollar to fall,whether or not the Fed raise interest rates or not, and the best advise for the small investor is to put your money into your means of survival .Relocate to higher ground well away from the sea-boards and large urban concentrations of population.Try and buy some gold,silver and land with like-minded friends and families,stock up on food and your means of self-defense in the eventuality of societal collapse…and don’t forget to pray and keep faith in Jesus!

  70. Jim B - downunder

    Thanks Greg, yes I find Dr Roberts insight and honesty refreshing in our upside down world.
    As for the USA its days are numbered and it will be cleansed of all filth and corruption,
    when the Lord has finished only the righteous and good will remain, and even some of them may lose their mortal life. The secular trials we are experiencing is testing and proving us all, only the Lord knows the whys and wherefores in relation to each of us as individuals, he will judge justly and vengeance is his, our mortal experience is minute in respect of eternity, our best preparations are in making sure we are our best selves, sadly so many are trading eternity for a mess of pottage. It is never to late to repent and change, learn to love, be peaceful, be good, be honest, be kind, be merciful – the truth is – what goes around comes around.
    The USA will experience a violent and total cleansing – there are many books on interpreting Isaiah search them out. The fires, floods, droughts, are just the beginning.
    The scripture’s teach that “this is life eternal ‘to know’ God the Father and Jesus Christ who he sent”. They have said if we earnestly seek them out they will manifest themselves to us one way or another, but only if we exhibit genuine faith. It is true no man can know God unless God reveals himself.
    It is so sad to see so many in the world lost and living in ignorance and selfishness.
    God bless to all your listeners and readers, Cheers. Jim.

  71. boris chikvashvili

    Hi Greg,
    I believe, most of your guests , with some interest in gold, are blinded with that interest. They try to pretend that things are manipulated so that gold can go lower.
    Of course, markets are “ALL MANIPULATED”, Otherwise people like myself with no “inside connections” would not have been able to make good predictions in gold and stock markets and in Dollar Especially. I was and REMAIN DOLLAR BULL , since 2008. The only reason, I was and remain DOLLAR BULL, is the cycles and by “cycles” I means the natural or ( more like man made) cycles. Someone like Martin Armstrong is best at these cycles, because, he uses math to follow these cycles. Where I disagree with him is that he claims that Markets Cannot Be Manipulated against the trends and therefore they are not manipulated all the time. Of course, if cycles are man made, like I think, people knowing these cycles follow them, then it looks and , in some sense, is a MANIPULATION, because market forces that know the cycles are CONSTANTLY CAPITALIZING on that, thus creating an reality/illusion if you will, that Manipulation Exists.
    In short, Manipulation is there, but it is done within the cycles PREDETERMINED BY ENLIGHTENED traders. That means that when cycles turn , the MANIPULATION WILL APPEAR to go the other way. Unfortunately many of the commentators here and elsewhere , not being aware or believing in these cycles, ONLY CALL IT A MANIPULATION when the direction is against their WISHES. That explains the hesitations and chances of mind and reversals in thinking like you notice with PCR. He knows a lot, but he is missing kind of mathematical ( inside, if you will will ) knowledge of cycles and result is a great analysis missing timing. That being the case and markets being in MANIPULATION may last long term that way, their analysis lose value.
    To Recap.

    1) Yeas markets are Manipulated all the time, within the trend
    2) Only People knowing and following , I believe ,human made, cycles can figure which way the MANIPULATION , that is main trend is going
    3) FED and Financial institutions are all governed by people that knowingly or by dictate follow these cycles
    4) The above being case is the ONLY REASON why somebody like me proclaimed int 2008 , “IT IS THE DOLLAR STUPID” and kept it for almost 8 years now. While I am very educated person, I do not claim to be genius either in trading or in general.
    5) Nor do i believe that Martin Armstrong is correct in making statement that markets are not manipulated all the time, unless , obviously , I put that statement in the context I just described, That is, What APPEARS LIKE MANIPULATION is like TREND that is obviously used and REINFORCED( Manipulation) by all Financial players( FED included!)


  72. David B.


    Couldn’t help it. I have to pass this along.

  73. Agent P

    Probably the best and most informative interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to date. Excellent —

  74. Dan

    You take an hour with this guy and don’t ask him ONE time for a general idea as to how HE is allocating his own personal portfolio, and a rationale for each type of investment.
    You’ve beaten to death this whole “crash and burn” scenario over the last 4 years, all the time with the US stock markets and bond markets skyrocketing upwards.
    I’ll know it’s time to “stack” the gold and silver when you finally give the “all clear” to get back into the stock market.

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