Fed Plan is Print Money Until System Blows-Bix Weir

bix_weirBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and analyst Bix Weir is not surprised by the Federal Reserve’s policies because it is all part of the long term plan. Weir explains, “The goal, since we went off the gold standard in 1971, has been to run the financial system as long and as hard as possible, sucking up all the benefits of fiat money, and there are very few attempts to slow this mess down. The idea is to put as much money as you can . . . until you have printed so much money the system implodes. This was a Nobel Prize winning paper in the 1960’s called “On the Road to the Golden Age.” It basically says if you have this freedom and flexibility with the monetary system, run it as hard as you can until people stop accepting the unbacked fiat money, then crash the system and go back to something safe and sound after it all blows up. . . . What they need is a big enough bubble so when it crashes, it take out all the derivatives, the malfeasance of the banks, the good guys and the bad guys and all the things going on behind the scenes. They need the bubble so big, and that’s what they are doing right now is blowing the bubble so big everybody feels the effect of a crash.”

When is the next crash coming? Weir says it will all unwind before “the end of this year.” Weir contends, “The decision will need to be made this year. The banks will, once again, come to Congress and say we need money for a bailout. That decision will be made by the U.S. people, not by Congress, not by the Fed and not by the banks. It’s going to come to the people, and I believe they will say no to bailouts.”

So, is inflation or deflation coming? Weir says, “It’s not really inflation or deflation. It is a ceasing of the system. After the system crashes, no one is going to accept a Federal Reserve Note. So, I wouldn’t call it deflation. I would call it a restart. What they call it at the Fed is a ‘creative destruction event.’ Meaning, in order to move on to the next step, you have to destroy all the bad that has built up, and there is a lot of bad. We see the derivatives, and we say oh, that’s bad. There is so much more going on behind the scenes. We’re talking hundreds of trillions, if not quadrillions, of dollars in electronic assets that need to be wiped away, wiped clean completely. Otherwise, where all these assets are concentrated, they will have control over us, and that’s what we need to get rid of. We need to get rid of their control of us.”

So, is a “Mad Max” world a possibility? Weir says, “That’s a possibility because of the way they have built up these bubbles. Remember, there are different groups of ‘they.’ There is ‘they’ the bad guys, the banksters, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, that type of group. They want the system to implode because they want to implement their one-world government. That’s what they want, and they want to erase all their bad deeds from the last 100 years. There are good guys who want the system to implode to take back control of the monetary system in the United States from these bad guys. So, we are at a situation now where they both want it to happen, and that’s why they have built these bubbles so big. They seem to be making decisions completely off the wall, but truthfully, it is all leading to the same thing. Blow the bubble as big as possible so that it implodes. Then, you will see a fight to get control of the monetary system after the implosion.”

On war, Bix says, “The bad guys right now are trying to start World War III. That is the real dark side of how this thing might end. It will be China and Russia against us, and that is not a good thing.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bix Weir of RoadtoRoota.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is a lot of free information on Bix Weir’s website RoadtoRoota.com. He also has a subscription service that he calls “The Private Road.” The price is $199 per year, and you can find out more and subscribe by clicking here.


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  1. Coalburner

    Thanks for the Sunday afternoon treat

    • Thomas

      Really Greg, “when is the crash coming, END OF THIS YEAR” ????? So you got someone to kick the can down the road a little further, I’m sure the tin haters will love this. How about the first interview of 2016, you go back and ask every guest that was WRONG about predicting the collapse in 2015 what happened and what’s the new time line. I think your readers deserve that, sound fair ?

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll tell you what I told Max. ?This kind of debt and fraud to prop it up has never happened before in our 5,000 year recorded history. Even if someone is off a year or two as is not going to be a big deal for those who prepared. For those who haven’t it could mean life or death. It is a process and we are well into the process.” If you are that much of a stock bug then go somewhere else.

        • Jerry

          Hey Greg. How about a written apology from Thomas if we’re right? Oh that’s right. It won’t matter because he’ll probably be dead, and won’t be here to argue about it.
          It kills me. People buy auto insurance, homeowner insurance and think nothing about it, but the moment you talk about hard assets. you’re a nut? Go figure?

          • Greg Hunter

            We know it is going to crash and crash badly. All I care about is folks put themselves in the best position possible. Everyday your dollars and credit cards work is a day to prepare.

          • rambo's monster

            How about a written apology from you and your “sources”, you know, until you are finally striking twelve? You make all us preppers look like Alex Jones. At least that’s what my sources told me.

        • Darren

          Greg…Great interview! If my mortgage is considered electronic debt, Will that be wiped out or re-allocated in some fashion? If re-allocated, what will it look like? Thanks 🙂

          • Greg Hunter

            There is a paper record of your mortgage debt and that is the promissory note you signed at closing. You should have a copy of this in your loan docs. The bank has the original. I predict no one will walk away with a free house. Just the opposite.

            • Darren

              Greg, Not to play Devil’s advocate, but lets say the Bank that has all of your mortgage documents collapses during the collapse…What then? Thats a heck of a lot of paperwork to keep track of for all those mortgages. Thanks as always…:)

              • Greg Hunter

                I will answer with a question? What happened to the assets of Lehman Brothers? Other people took them over and that is what is going to happen in the next crash. That’s what has happened before but who knows how chaotic it will get.

              • Grafique

                I have a friend who bought a really nice condo on the water in Florida – as an investment – pre-2008 crash.

                Its value appreciated for a while, then when the crash hit, it immediately lost a huge amount of value. My friend hired a lawyer to guide him through the turmoil.

                The lawyer told the mortgage company to PROVE that my friend owed them the approx. $200,000 – or to cease and desist trying to collect.

                The mortgage company had lost my friend’s file during the turmoil and they were unable to PROVE that he owed them anything.

                My friend now owns, free and clear, a beautiful condo on the water in Florida.

                • Grafique

                  …on which he must pay about $500/mo HOA fees.

            • ScJP

              Well the mortgages are denominated in U.S. dollars, so the whoever ends up holding those promissory notes will have no choices but to accept those worthless FRNs… That’s pretty close to a “free house” as far as I’m concerned.

            • By Design, Over Time


              I believe you are doing a great service to anyone who has an open mind to listen.

              However, the mortgage issue is one which I hope you will go back and reconsider. The banks to NOT have a paper copy or a “wet ink Note”. They destroyed them in order to perpetuate the fraud of re-hypothefacation; one in which the courts have been KNOWINGLY, ILLEGALLY, and egregiously complicit. This is what the MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) debacle revolves around. The entire sub prime loan theft of 2004-2008 and ongoing is about the securitization of said notes. There were no notes. They were securitized in order to sell those homes over and over again to unsuspecting investors who lost billions. The Assignments were late, the Trusts were empty, and the entire process was rigged. So the homeowners AND the investors ( see PSAs) lost 43 TRILLION and the banks walked away with the biggest theft in American Real Estate History. Now this is change we can believe in!

              Talk to Catherine Austin Fitts who knows this story well.

              Your guest today seemed a little rough around the edges (V) but his message was spot on. I don’t agree with his assessment that the stock market goes to 20-30K with a falling dollar. Talk to John Rubino and James Turk about that one.

              As always, you are a gift; as are your guests. Geeze, I even got a kick out of Bix!


      • al hall

        Thomas/Greg: Tom, don’t take this out on Greg. If you want to vent- take a swipe at the talking heads on CNBC or Bloomberg news etc.- these people never give you any “real” news like Greg and His guests.
        The elite’s have control of the collapse switch. They think they are the “Gods” of humanity- WRONG! They make mistakes and they time tables have to be moved. Their plan for collapse was a few years ago. But Putin got involved back then in Syria( and now again) and screwed up the elite’s overthrow of that country. Not to get off target here- but what the H are we doing there anyway- ISIS is a CIA,MI-6, and Mossard created gang of Mercenaries created to takeover Syria- now out of control!
        Anyway, the elite’s time table was interrupted, and my insider contact told me they postponed the collapse. In the mean time they planned to destroy the American middle class- underway now.
        Tom: they can pull the plug at anytime – a time they choose. You’d better be ready as Greg has told you. If not, you’ll be financially slaughtered.
        Greg and his guest supply some of the best info available- timing is the only thing in question. The elite have told us it will be this fall.
        See this-
        World Wide Financial Collapse Scheduled for between September and the end of December 2015! – See more at: http://www.lindseywilliams.net/#sthash.sdmxsmd2.dpuf

        • Greg Hunter

          Your comment accidentally hit the spam file. If you or anyone else notices their comments not being posted please let me know. I suspect other comment have hit the spam file by accident.

          • dbcooper

            Hi All WDGers… Better prepared 6 months too early than 6minutes too late… We got the lister genset rebuild finished and are in the break-in process (EMP Proof!!) . Planning an extensive “root cellar” project now … wink/wink/nudge/nudge!! All is well, the mangle beets are doing great and the feed corn still lives … we harvested potatoes today and canned pears .. worked on firewood … lit the boiler … another day in paradise … looking to put a venison in the freezer … been a couple years and we are move into butcher season and have probably four beeves to process.
            I would refer to him as doubting Thomas … me? … I have been preparing for the whatever since I was about fourteen!! … just turned 60 the other day … how did this happen?!! Thanks Greg, You do us all a great service.
            Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Brent

          Attn Al Hall:
          The collapse is and has always been scheduled for 2018. Don’t listen to Lindsey Williams. This well known article dates all the way back to January, 1988.


          • Occasnltrlvr

            Let’s be crystal-clear. The IMPLEMENTATION of a replacement monetary system has been planned for 2018 for many years. The steps to get there (i.e., “crashes”) needn’t necessarily be forestalled until then. I have little doubt that there are interim schemes as contingencies.

            Discount the Chaplain at your own peril.

        • Kerry

          Really, does it matter exactly when the collapse happens? If you are ready, you’re ready-if not, don’t come to my house begging for food-I have children and grandchildren to take care of. (By the way, they are FINALLY beginning to listen to “crazy grandma.”) I know, that is not a Christian attitude, but I cannot feed my entire block, and I have tried to talk to people about this, they just think I wear a tin foil hat to bed. So, do I have an obligation to feed my neighbor when he refuses to do anything to help himself, or do I let my grandchildren go hungry because of it? I think I will feed my grandchildren, thank you. Hey, I’m a mom. It’s what I do.

      • JC Davis

        Thomas. A tire with a nail can leak for weeks before the moment we call it flat. Pin pointing the second it will be flat is impossible, yet it would be smart to get a plan to fix it, and avoid the interstates if you must drive. This is what my dad called horse sense.
        To another point you have made I don’t believe people here are wrapped up in fear of coming events. Most have a plan to fix a flat tire. To them a collapse will be a change in life style. Not a 200 car pile up on the interstate.

      • jim chudzinski

        Thomas, If you don`t believe what all of us on this site know to be true, why do you keep coming back? Are you that stupid that you can not see the FACTS that are right in front of your eyes that usa watchdog guests explain with great detail. I hope you are not responsible for minor children that you will cause to starve to death by your unwillingness to open your eyes and except the facts.

      • aussie jeff

        I look at it this way,sounding the alarm,blowing the horn,is the important thing.
        Personally i take no notice of the date setting,to me thats foolish.
        Having said that,Gregs guests for the most part are highly intelligent and experts in their chosen field.

        I take on board what I choose to,where else can we all come to and be informed (for free) about matters which for me personally i know very little about.
        One thing for sure,the fire has been lit.How and when it starts to burn a hole in our own lives we do not know, the longer the bell rings the more opportunity their is for others to hear about what is coming.

      • rwmctrofholz

        Thomas, your question is the one that all the Keynesian’s want to use to try and discredit Austrian economists. In other words, you Keynesian’s seem to believe that if one or more of Greg’s guests can’t tell you the exact moment that the correction will come, then they have no credibility. Austrians, unlike Keynesians, don’t have the benefit/fallback of saying that their policies would* have worked “if we’d just done it bigger.”

        It comes down to this, Thomas. The correction will happen when the people wake up to the scam being run on them. I don’t hold it against Greg’s guests for not being able to predict when the sheep, like you seem to be, will get wise to the game.

      • Paul from CA


        3 cheers to you for an excellent comment. All doom and gloomers for the past seven years were WRONG. They should be accountable. The fact is that following their advice would have kept us from making lots of money. Depending on the size of your investment, hundreds, thousands perhaps millions of dollars worth.
        A simple explanation and/or apology would be in order now. And their current prediction should be considered suspect.

  2. md4

    it is all part of the long term plan. Weir explains, “The goal, since we went off the gold standard in 1971, has been to run the financial system as long and as hard as possible, sucking up all the benefits of fiat money, and there are very few attempts to slow this mess down. The idea is to put as much money as you can . . . until you have printed so much money the system implodes. ”


    Why would “they” run the hell outta something for 40+ years…only to relinquish monetary control at the “end” to…us?

    He may be right about coming apart before the end of the year, and possibly the dollar too. But, military muscle still matters, and I suspect the carnage in the EM’s will, at least initially, blow ours away. Same with Russia and China; I mean, we SEE what social breakdown is sending to Europe.

    What’s left of the major powers, should Mad Max start to materialize, will be obsessed with security and basic functionality, that cooperation (as never before) between them will be essential. War between them, as with the premise your guest advances, is not likely.

    It leads to self-destruction, which is in no one’s interest.


    • Mike lopresto

      Fiat money systems have a life span. This one nearing its end. Google and read the history of money. Signs point to its end. Exact hard to determine.

  3. paul

    Greg … You did an excellent job (asking the right questions) … Bix is a smart guy … “common pocket change” is the “only money that will survive” a take down of the phony Fed paper money IOU currency (that currently only promises to pay you “more fiat paper” when you ask for money) … so Fed paper already is “a broken promise” … which means that one day the bankers will not give you “coins” (physical money) … for their fiat paper!

    • paul

      With the “bad guys” and “good guys” both wanting to end the phony fiat system we should not be saying “they can’t raise interest rates” … that is exactly what will be needed to “crash the system” and start over … then when derivatives collapse the bad guys will come to Congress with their hands out asking for Quadrillions … Bix says our spineless money grubing Congressmen “will listen to the people” and not grant Quadrillions to the bankers … now when did Congress ever listen to the people over the special interests?? … so I’m not counting on simply “a reset” (where there is no inflation or deflation) … I think we will more likely have a “Zimbabwe type” runaway inflation and a bail-in … before Congress is forced by the people to re-set everything!

      • paul

        And what better excuse to print up Quadrillions in phony Fed paper then to start a “nice big war” … it has worked very well in the past for them … so don’t think “they” won’t give it a try once more! … the only problem is … this “world war” they want to create … will likely be nuclear … with all the bad implications that will also mean for “them”!

        • Buck

          All the MSM has to do is provide a plausible cover story, such as Financial Armageddon or WWIII. Congress will vote to print more money, bail out banks, or whatever their handlers want them to do. After the MSM spins their story, people will call their representatives begging them to act.

    • Calgirl

      I don’t understand how our current coinage could be used when the dollar collapses.
      If everyday US coins are used for trade then the value must be reset higher. It would take too many nickles and dimes to buy a box of bullets, or whatever at their current value. But then, how do you reset the value of a dime unless it is done throughout the US? It may work to reset the value of a dime to $10.00 for local transactions, but what about when outsiders arrive? Am I missing something here?

      • Greg Hunter

        Federal Reserve Notes come from the Fed and they are in fact debt instruments, the the term “Note.” Coinage comes from the treasury and are not considered debt. I don’t know if holding simple coinage will help some people or not as what is coming has never happened before. Thank you for all you comments and support.

        • JM

          The coins are plated alloy metal garbage. The general public won’t understand the difference between fed notes and treasury mintage. Most believe that the fed is the treasury. It’s going to be a stiff learning curve for most of the population.

          • Anne Elliott

            “The coins are plated alloy metal garbage.” Not the old ones; just the newer ones. The Silver content in old coins makes them worth collecting no matter what currency is used to buy your groceries.

        • Calgirl

          In my question as to “how our current coinage could be used when the dollar collapses” (from above) I was responding to this: paul 10/04/2015 •
          Greg … You did an excellent job (asking the right questions) … Bix is a smart guy … “common pocket change” is the “only money that will survive” a take down of the phony Fed paper money………..

          I am aware that the only coinage that will be worth anything is pre 1965 coins which were made from 90% and some 40% silver. I still don’t understand what Paul (from above) meant.

          • Greg Hunter

            Got it, I agree. Thank you for all your comments.

          • paul

            Calgirl … I thought I made myself very clear … what I’m saying is … when the Fed devalues the dollar (by inflation or re-set) the price of metals like copper and nickel will rise … thus the coins with the most copper and nickel in them (pre- 1982 pennies and present nickels) will rise in value “right along with silver and gold”!

    • md4

      Update am Monday, October 5, 2015:

      The president of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies noted that markets rallied after Friday’s disappointing September jobs report, which showed weaker-than-expected gains in net nonfarm payrolls, flat wages and a falling labor participation rate.

      “That is saying the markets believe that the Fed simply cannot hike rates,” Sri-Kumar told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

      “If they do go about and do the increase in rates in October or December, it is going to be a major shock because all the people positioned in fixed income and equity markets will have to reverse their positions because the Fed did something totally unexpected by the federal funds futures.”

      DON’T bet on it…

      I still say the Fed will hike rates because they HAVE to. The Fed is determined to be relevant; credibly, as with their dollar, is ALL they have.

      If the rackets think the Fed is now locked up by market reaction concerns, I can’t think of a better time to shock it with an independent move with a raise.

      The missed opportunity in September won’t be repeated, for if it is, that WILL be game over.

      Remember, credibility is ALL they have…


    • Wizard of Oz

      “common pocket change is the only money that will survive”. Well, to be factual, pennies, (only if copper), nickles (newer ones) dimes, and quarters are not legal tender. They have no intrinsic value because of it being made of worthless metal.

      • paul

        Coins are not legal tender? … copper and nickel metal selling for $3 and $7 dollars per pound is worthless?? … maybe only in the land of OZ is the yellow brick road made of gold metal “worthless”!!

  4. Max Meister

    Yeah at the end of the day….The question is though when the end of the day is going to be.
    None of them have been very successful in forecasting the end of the day.

    • Greg Hunter

      This kind of debt and fraud to prop it up has never happened before in our 5,000 year recorded history. Even if someone is off a year or two as is not going to be a big deal for those who prepared. For those who haven’t it could mean life or death. It is a process and we are well into the process.

      • Chris

        Greg, I’ve read many articles with the same theme of mathematical inevitability for the end of fiat. It simply cannot be avoided. Knowing exactly when this will end is anyone’s guess, but when you see the spinning top starting to wobble, you know it could happen at any moment.

        The fact that you point out that this is a first of its kind in history is indeed significant. Not because it emphasizes the magnitude of the problem, but rather that it indicates a radical and historic shift coming. Can anyone actually be prepared for this? Acquiring land, silver and gold seems like to smart thing to do, but I perceive we are looking at an event that will shock even the most prepared.

        Thank you for diligently keeping your focus and bringing valuable guests and insights.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Chris. I am sure you will agree that the prepared will do much better than the folks blindsided by the MSM lies and spin. Thank you for your support and comment!!

          • Max Meister

            Well yes, once we have arrived at the end of the day, those prepared will be most probably do better, but in the meantime the unprepered ones have done way better having invested their churrency in the stock market, at least since 2011.

            • Greg Hunter

              Do you think the folks watching Noah built that boat thought the same thing?

              • Max Meister

                Most probably you are right on this but how old was Noe when the flood came to be true? I don’t think i will be around at this age..

        • xyz

          I agree!

    • Freebreezer

      Max – I found that a great explanation as to when (?) is a book called Chaos Theory by Gleick. Basically it shows that no one can predict (even super computers) when a bounded chaotic construct (our present fiat monetary system) will go unstable and self destruct … and because some of Greg’s guest suggested September … what you are implying, I am not sure? Our current world monetary system is a socially bounded chaotic construct that functions until it doesn’t. It appears to be very unstable. Most of Greg’s guests (highly seasoned and educated) give good reason as to why it is very unstable and to why we are at the very edge of the system breaking/bursting. Though on the MSM a lot of pundits exclaim otherwise. No one predicted a week, a month, or a year ahead that on that early morning of April 19, 1775 at Concord and Lexington that the first shots of the American Revolution would be fired. They were! Though a good few saw it coming. The bigger question, for me, is if the current financial system bursts what will happen during the transition, and what will the new system be? All human social constructs fail … history teaches us that in many aces of spades … And most of those transitions have been very dark!

      • sk

        They may be “highly seasoned”, but the really relevant question is….are they edible? (comic relief for y’all in this gloomy time)

      • Max Meister

        Freebreezer. In theory i’m abolutely with you. I know all the arguments on why the current system is doomed. I’m watching usawatchdog long enough;-)
        The thing is that it always sounds rather dramatic so you could believe the world is going to change tomorrow. Fact is, that years have passed and nothing really changed in favour of those preparing. I just don’t believe anymore that it will change any time soon as these manipulators have almost all the power to keep the system up and running as long as they wish. Yes i agree, they will loose control one day but when will that be? Nobody knows for sure as you mentioned and on the long run we’re all death..

      • Mike R

        FB. You have a good point. In fact, what if the system stays ‘in tact’ (albeit ‘unstable’) for another 20 to 30 years, before it ‘blows’ ? What if the Dow goes to 36,000 before it ‘blows’? While I do own and hold physical PM’s, and generally prepared for certain emergencies, I do not think hearing from various different guests is going to give us any better heads up than anyone else may have. The problem here is you start running into confirmation bias, where people aggregating here have themselves convinced something awful and terrible will happen. And they keep listening to those forecasting doom and gloom, until they are further convinced its for certain going to happen. But then low and behold, what have they done to prepare for if the ‘bad’ never comes, or the ‘awful’ never materializes in the way it was imagined. I think each of us has done this many times in our individual lives. I see it in my kids, the latest example of my 18 y.o. son envisioning how ‘awful’ and ‘terrible’ and ‘hard, college was going to be. To the point where he absolutely did not want to go. He perceived failure, as the only outcome. All these people, and even college prep seminars told him how he would have endless hours of study. 3 times more homework, and on and on. The world was such an ‘ugly’ place at one point this summer, he was ‘holed up’ in his room. So I took it upon myself, to get him involved in the selection of a different college, rather than the one that was automatically accepting him. I applied on his behalf, and then we went for a meeting, and the gal told him he had been accepted. He was shocked, and pleasantly surprised. I did it to boost his confidence. And I told him that he was a very bright young man, and these people at this college would help him, whenever he needed help. It took more visits, but as he got to know them, and see their enthusiasm and genuine concern, his anxiety melted away. Now he’s a month in, and acting like its no big deal. He’s handling it, and yes there is homework, but he is getting it done. I think much of this is more of a fear of the unknown, where we imagine an outcome far worse than happens. The opposite can be true on the optimism scale, where we expect to have some great and fantastic party that we put time and effort into, and then it turns out to be much less fun than we envisioned, despite all of our prep and hard work. I’m not suggesting I know the future here, but am suggesting what lies ahead may not be anything close to what any of us are imagining in terms of gloom and doom. Likewise all of the pollyannish guests on CNBC, may be disappointed when we just muddle through, and markets correct maybe 15 to 20%, and then resume their climb. Or maybe just stay flat for 4 or 5 or even 10 years like they did in the 60’s. Time has a way of healing a lot, and while earnings may be not what they have been, and QE could continue, what makes it so that the sky is going to fall in ?

  5. Jim

    When the electronic money evaporates people perhaps will value actual physical paper money more highly and it will still be used. It didn’t become “toilet paper” overnight in Argentina so maybe it won’t in the US and other countries either? My point is that compared to electronic money, even paper is solid.

    During the Argentine collapse fiat notes were eagerly sought after – especially dollars but also Pesos . Many Peso notes were so worn you almost couldn’t read the numbers and they were more Sellotape than paper – but still kept their value. It’s what people are used to. Silver was the best money though, but it was considered suicide to flash a gold coin at a market. Carrying a gold chain to cut a few links off worked well.

  6. Jerry

    I totally agree with Bix Wier about the debt bubble the bankers have blown, although I don’t agree with him about the timing. We will be lucky if we make it to the end of November, much less the end of the year. If you need a picture of how bad it is, look at this.
    1.$19 trillion dollar deficit and this is the good news.
    2.$240 trillion dollar unfunded and mandated liabilities (e.g. Social Security and Medicare).
    3.$1.5 QUADRILLION dollar credit swap derivatives debt.
    4.$505 trillion dollar annual interest rate on the credit swap derivatives debt.
    5.The entire GDP of the planet is only $70 trillion dollars.
    These debts could not be paid off in the 21st century, the 25th century, the 50th century, nor the 100th century.

    The G20 meeting is November 15th. Do you want to take a guess what the focus of their agenda will be?

  7. Jack

    If you believe his theory that your debts will be wiped clean, well, good luck on that scenario.

    • WD


      Dimirty Orlov says the same thing…he is a Russian collapse expert…me I don’t know

    • rambo's monster

      But your “sources” the elites and the blood moon thingy? Lol. What a joke.

      • Jerry

        Rambo. That’s me laughing at your ridiculous snipe statement. Got anything of substance to post?

        • sk

          Well…the blood moon and the preordained shemitah…kinda did go flat, didn’t they, Jerry?

          • rambo's monster

            Why is jerry’s rediculousness not held accountable? Afterall, he personally has valuable “sources” lol. Maybe greg should interview jerry?

  8. NC Gal

    An interesting interview, for sure! When this collapse occurs, the “people” aren’t going to be in control — the “people” will BE controlled. They will also WELCOME martial low to quell the predictable chaos that comes when the shutdown occurs.

    Congress has been dead from the neck up for years and will not do anything that thwarts the plans or wishes of those who put them in office to do their bidding. They have shown that clearly with their actions since 2008. I feel Bix understands how HFT rigs everything, but I think he is incorrect in assessing the general masses’ level of awareness and their willingness to do what’s necessary for the system to heal. Not going to happen!

    I still expect the second half of this month to be very interesting. None of the dates people were expecting things to happen were significant, including Martin Armstrong’s call for October 1, the September 13 Shemitah date, or the 4th blood moon on September 27. This is a PROCESS made up of many steps, but I still expect a full system stop later this month.

    I have felt intuitively that stacking is not going to help people get through the initial phases and noticed that Bix said something similar when he said PMs MIGHT be useful for barter, but will not be useful as actual money/legal tender during that initial phase after the shutdown occurs. Well, we should soon see what the elites have planned and are about to carry out!

    • Vince Shook

      NC Gal,
      You are correct that this is a “process”. A very long one. Thus, remember when relying on your estimate of November timing, that Japan has been doing the same thing we are doing now (for over 25 years), all without the strength of the yen being the world’s reserve currency. Any estimates as to a final collapse are equivalent to those referencing cycles, blood moons, Shemitah, etc., etc. They are fantasy and wishful thinking. As I have mentioned here before, there is a lot of ruin in a nation and in its currency. The Fed can remain monetarily irrational much longer than we can remain defensively solvent.

    • andyb

      NC gal: you are right about the process. PMs won’t be valuable until the elites do the currency reset; that may take 6 months, a year; and it would be stupid to barter or sell your PMs at anywhere near current prices. Cash, cigarettes, food and booze will be more valuable until the reset. I would include gasoline, but most people do not have the storage capacity. Please be aware that the currency reset will include some form of gold backing; that’s when PMs spike dramatically.

      • xyz

        Why cash valuable if the Federal Reserve Note will be obsolete, as Bix said?

        • Charles H

          Residual ignorance of the value of the worthless dollar? The same sheep who refuse to see what’s coming – will hold and trade dollars, believing the lie, to the end?
          The United States as a NATION will have to be held to task for defrauding the world. THAT won’t happen over-night.

  9. al hall

    Greg: Bix is right- this has been planned for many decades. But, the elite’s(banksters) know the plan for after the implosion/explosion. People think that their plans end there?
    They create the problem and then they come to the rescue- with their One world government theme. Believe me- they have plans for the “other side” of the collapse.
    A Mad Max world for sure- at least for a while. When DC shuts-off the free money and goods, food stamps, and all federal assistance to nearly 100 million people- there will be social unrest like we have never seen. No one will be safe. Martial law will come into play, and many millions will be in FEMA camps, or killed.
    Greg: also- I emailed you on this- have some expert on to explain to your group/followers what and how the DTCC works!! Bix mentioned it ever so briefly– this is big and most have no idea what it is!! This is part of the wall street scam of the average person. People do not own what they think they own -via the DTCC!


    • MikeMM

      What is DTCC ? I Like to do some research myself.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. Also, be sure to look up “Cede & Company,”
        and the mysterious flooding and fire shortly after Sandy Hook.

        Brokerage account holders who think they own any securities are sadly mistaken.

  10. James Hastings

    Bring it on……..My life has led up to this……my destiny……awaits.. 🙂
    Our corrupt system is about to be erased….

    • Greg Hunter

      Your comment got accidentally put into spam. If you have comments not posted please let me know. Some other comments are accidentally hitting the spam file too, so anybody else having this problem please let me know.

  11. Jerry

    The role the G20 plays with the IMF.

    For those that are not getting it, quit looking at the markets! They’re rigged by the banking cabal that is controlled by the G20 through the IMF. The coming collapse is a designed takedown to wipe the derivative debt clean and establish a uniform exchange system pegged to gold. Once the markets are stabilized (if the they ever are) the long range plan is international digital currency. That is the globalist objective. One world banking system and right now “King Dollar” stands in the way.

    • Calgirl

      Somewhere in the middle of your scenario are the billions of starving people worldwide who cannot be controlled by all the military and police in the world. There are too many cities worldwide to control. Is your son or daughter who is in the military going to stay on duty knowing that their family is out there unprotected? Starving people do horrendous things to one another. Then there are the pandemics and bodies to be buried while gangs roam the streets. I have a hard time believing that this is all planned. It is uncontrollable. I think “they” are in over their heads. And “they” might as well have targets pasted to their backs.

      • al hall

        Jerry and calgirl- much is explained in this interview here: Once you understand the corrupt system in play- people will get some of the total corruption.
        Just knowing that most of what we know is a complete fantasy- we are like mushroom s- kept in the dark and feed crap!

        John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – Part I =


      • Jerry

        And any one else who doubt the globalist agenda, please explain this with your armchair logic.

        The fall of the United States is their primary objective. This agenda has been in the making for the past 40 years under various programs like NAFTA and Agenda 21. It was the g20 only 12 months ago that stated that money in a Bank Account is no longer considered money. Who do you think runs the Banks? Congress? Please! Not even the Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by anyone in this government. And for all practical purposes they are most likely owned by the Chinese.

        • WD


          These plans come and go. Like Ackerman said they are a bunch of over educated bureaucrats. They may try this in some way shape or form.

          But they cant control this, never…like a controlled burn becomes a roaring forest fire. They are trying to control this in any way they can.

          But they can’t.

          • Jerry

            I beg to differ. These plans do not come and go. This program is scheduled to be implemented by April of next year. I highly recommend you, and anyone else who values their liberty to listen to this 15 minute clip.

            I heard the same thing about Government Health Insurance, and here we are in our second year of the Affordable Care Act.

            I am extremely alarmed because this timeline lines up with what the General predicted 18 months ago. But first comes the collapse before the end of 2015. Compliments of the BRIC nations. Then comes martial law, and the installment of “Safe Cities” under the direction of the U.N. in 2016. Its all coming together right on schedule.

            • WD


              The world is broke and collapsing. Who will be the soldiers coming in to round us up. This is a desperate attempt to save the sinking ship.

              Gov Health care is imploding on itself as well all these systems are contributing to the collapse.

              The UN is being funded by BROKE nations that is all. It is run by over educated ivy league bureaucrats that could not run a lemonade stand.

              Every police action they have ever taken has been a failure. I have tremendous respect for many of your calls ( especially downing of the Maly flight within 24 hours).

              I want you to understand and lsiten to the vast majority of experts that come to this website. This is out of control and wont be stopped, when it blows no one will come to help you or take you away.
              It will be everybody for themselves. Thats it.

              There are more registered hunters in the the one state of Pennsylvania than all of the US Military.

              Dont surrender to some idea that these people have the power over you.

        • Matt


        • Calgirl

          Jerry and Al,
          Lighten up a bit, will ya? Is no one’s opinion valid except your own?
          My “armchair logic” as Jerry righteously called it is just common sense IMO. No where have I stated that I did not think there is no New World Order corruption. I have believed for a considerable length of time that there is pervasive corruption beyond imagination mainly in the West. What I am unsure of is how deeply it is entwined in the East. And if it is a global fact, then what we are now seeing is the inevitable in-fighting that will always occur. A 4 legged stool cannot stand upright with 2 or 3 legs. Are you of the belief that in a global economic collapse that there is sufficient military to qualm the masses of the world? Do you think that Russia and China will just give up and fall into line? Just who will win between the IMF and the AIIB? Or maybe you think they will just join hands? I don’t think so. As I used to say in a class which I taught: A married couple has a difficult time communicating successfully, imagine the difficulty in a large corporation”, The world will certainly be much changed in the decades to come but I doubt a small group of collaborators will have total control……….it is just unreasonable to assume IMO. As the US is being shut out of the ME, I guess all the little worker bees in the US (the military and the CIA, for instance) will just fade away and not cause any problems for the select few at the top! I don’t think so.

      • WD


        There is a great book called The Coming Deflation. It states that these people have No Idea of what to really do. This book was written in the late 60s. Look at all the huge Ponzi schemes. Yes they are planned to begin with.

        But I agree with you, they cant control this. Printing money and making war is there only choice.

        • Calgirl

          Yes, it is all falling apart at this moment. Christine Le Guard says she wants out of the IMF. The Fed is being smashed between a rock and a hard place. There’s no where to run and hide. Even Bernanke is slitting the throats of his compatriots in his effort to sell his book and to clean up his participation in this whole mess. Nations are changing sides! Russia is making the US look impotent. Where will it all end?
          Bill Holter thinks that Putin has a “truth bomb” at his fingertips that will destroy America’s reputation. All we can do at this point is prepare.

          • Jerry

            Calgirl and WD,
            I enjoy your comments greatly so please forgive me if I appear condescending. That is not my intent. I have gathered information over the last three years that leads me to believe that we are in the middle of an orchestrated takedown by the globalist.
            1.) The NSA and DHS have been data mining for years building a potential threat matrix on all U.S. Citizens.
            2.) The Drone program which (currently has approximately 12,000 drones within the United States) will be used along with elements of the United Nations and private Black Water mercenaries to eradicate all potential threats with the use of the “Sky Net Defense System” that the DOD just completed.
            3.) Jade Helm 15 was not just a drill. It was an operation to link Special Forces ground forces with the Drone Program for future martial law implementation.
            Let me lay it out this way. If your name appears on the threat matrix, the NSA will load your geographic location into the Sky Net Defense system and a Drone will fly over your location and take you out. Your IPHONE and computer will paint your location precisely. There is no escape.

            Now do you see why I get concerned when I see our Secretary of State turn our cities over to the United Nations? The globalist have waited patiently for technology to catch up with their plan, and its here.

            My advice. Make peace with God. There is a reason Generals are leaving this country in droves. They know what’s coming.

            • mark

              and may I add Jerry that Christ IS our peace with God, Amen! For “Him who did not know sin, He made sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Cor. 5:21) because “all things are out from God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation; namely, that God in Christ was reconciling the world to Himself, not accounting their offenses to them, and has put in us the word of reconciliation. On behalf of Christ then we are ambassadors, as God entreats you through us; we beseech you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (same chapter vs. 18-20) and “if any man is in Christ.. a new creation. The old things have passed away, behold they have become new.” (vs. 17). That is why I join together with Greg in saying “fear not”!! For “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” (1Jn. 4:4) and “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim. 1:7). So that is why I say to you Jerry and to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post… the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!! (2 Tim 4:22)

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Mark for continuing to add what is important.

          • WD


            If you have the time, you may want to go back to re-read Rick Ackerman’s interview with Greg. ( he put me onto the book The Coming Deflation).

            He mentions the elites with a lack of respect and defines them as those that would not qualify for a CETA job. The term chasing ones tail comes to mind.

            They will take the biggest loses in this next event.


    • Kerry

      This brings to mind a “mark” that everyone will have to have to buy or sell. Perhaps a digital mark?

  12. RadarNJ

    Thank you Greg! Wise ones know how to make the best of a bad situation. For a knuclehead like me your interviews help me make decisions. I liked in this interview how you stayed a step ahead of Bix’s conversation. Doing so, you kept the questions rolling and in turn kept Bix’s thought processes fired up! Really… nice… work… Greg. You are a blessing. Thank you Lord!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Radar.

  13. art barnes

    Greg, last Friday the market soared, you know why? The jobs numbers were so bad that the pigs on wall street bet the FED couldn’t raise interest rates in December. Now I ask you, what kind of market goes up when the indicators are all negative? – Answer, one that is not in reality. I’m serious, you can’t make this stuff up, this market is in trouble and now both good and bad news takes it higher. Either the FED are geniuses or are the luckiest organization in the history of the world, they truly on Friday got their cake and eat it too! As stated, question is, was it by design or just dumb luck.

    • Greg Hunter

      I found your comment in the spam filter. It was blocked by accident. If you find your comments are not being posted please let me know.

      • art barnes

        Hey, Greg, I got a couple of x-wives that think my comments need to be in a trash bin, so you didn’t hurt my feelings, no worries, keep the guest coming as the message is getting out to the patriots of America.

    • Calgirl

      Or was it the Plunge Protection Team trying to hold things together for one more day? Have you noticed that the stock market is way down until the last hour of trading? Then all of a sudden massive buying comes in and hooray, the market closes in the green! It’s a miracle!

      • art barnes

        Yea, they are rallying again on Pig Street, bad economic news seems to trigger it, Asia & Europe rallied higher prior to today’s open based upon poor economic data that would make the FED keep rates the same. What can be deduced from this is that the big players on the world stage are convinced that raising rates would tank the markets, just as Bill Holter and many others have been saying. CNBC is touting that correction may well be over for many sectors; I think they did that just before the big crash of 1929 too, saying things like “a chicken in every pot”, “sunny days are here again”, etc. We shall wait and see, but if this market is so fragile that a 1/4 interest rate hike will tank it, well, how good could this recovery really be.

  14. Dave Causey


    Thanks for this Sunday afternoon treat! Bix is a very knowledgeable fellow and I loved the interview. I disagree with his synopsis, though. I don’t believe that there are any “good guys” that will come to our rescue. We are at peak corruption and the system will have to collapse totally and we’ll go through a lot of pain and hardship before things change. The US is against the wall and will go to war first. The money masters won’t give up the reserve currency (petro dollar) status peacefully and take a lesser role on the world stage. We’re living in interesting times indeed! Keep putting the truth out there!

  15. Diane D

    Why this obsession with dates?

    What if all of us were living downwind from a volcano expected to blow. We have no outright escape. Would we be focused on predicted eruption dates, or preparations to physically survive? Granted finances are important to follow, but mainly because that will likely trigger the eruption and subsequent chaos. Greg keeps us better informed of exactly that than anyone I know. The first site I go to USAWatchdog. The 2nd is SurvivalBlog. Both are blessings to help me protect my loved ones. Greg is” the James Wesley Rawles’ of the financial world.

  16. Red Flag

    the agenda of the G 20? Pushing forward the NWO, specifically Russia & China wearing the black hats and the US and EU wearing the white hats. Will it work? Looking at Syria today, probably not.

    They are wrecking the US economy for this reason: Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution. As long as they are allowed to control the terms of dialogue, we have lost. But, Putin is not giving them control now. Watch China price oil in yuan in Oct. Big problem for them.

    • Greg Hunter

      And check this out. Bernanke says more banksters should have gone to jail for causing the great recession of 2008!!! http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/ben-bernanke-more-execs-should-have-gone-to-jail-for-causing-great-recession/ar-AAf5liQ?li=AAa0dzB If this is not a sign that time is short I don’t know what is.

    • Jerry

      Red Flag.
      On the surface it may appear as total pandemonium, but I assure you that there is an orchestrated plan going forward.
      – Do you know who organized the Britton Woods System after WWII ? – The United Nations. ( In todays terms the g20)
      – Do you know who gave China 5 Billion dollars to help finish “The Silk Road” in Asia?- The United States.
      – Do you know who helped finance the “North American Super Highway” that runs through Mexico and the United States? – China
      – Do you know who owns “The Federal Reserve Bank” ? – Trick question? Up until 2014 – The City of London Corporation- Now according to Jim Willie – China

      The bottom line. The globalist that run the United Nations are going to collapse the old Bretton Woods System, into a Global Gold Backed Banking system using the RMB . If the Chinese get their systems in place in the next two weeks, we will see it before 11/15. If not they will delay it for awhile longer. But either way it is coming.

  17. pat the rat

    When all else fail will they take the cash value out of people homes? My best guest is they will ,no safe haven there.
    Gold or silver and don’t spend till the time is right!

  18. ConcernedAmericanDad

    ………’so the people will speak up and make the change. Just like the people of Greece when those people rose up and elected a new “leader” who was going to tell the banks to go pound sand and keep their debt issuances to themselves. OK right. Most people I know don’t seem to really notice anything is wrong and don’t seem to give a f@#$%^&…Those of us who know the whole thing is a house of cards are still powerless for the most part. It is a complete shitshow and should implode- or more likely should have already-but it is all orchestrated and is still being maintained- it is hard to tell what is even real: the AIIB, alternative banking system, even Jim Willie is talking about a yearlong delay, so are Russia and China in on the whole screwjob….- getting harder and harder to really tell. All I know is I’m pissed that I am being robbed every month when I look at the non-existence of interest income on our savings. and that portion of our savings that we were forced to expose to the markets for some growth had a nice big bite taken out of it last month. Being aware and being upset about it does no good when surrounded by the ignorantly blissful …………..If there really are good guys, it’s due time they make themselves heard.

    • JC Davis

      Until they remove the guns no planned reset can happen. Americans will not be throwing rocks at the MIC. It will be a blood bath.

      • art barnes

        Jail my behind, the bankers killed people, there were many suicides in this country due to a family and or persons having lost their home to the bankers, a public hanging would be too good for them! 1789 in France comes to mind, the elite controlled the money then too and starved the people out of their homes and farms.

        • JC Davis


      • Jerry

        Collapse first. Then gun confiscation. UN personnel are being pre positioned now. I’ve seen it where I live.

        • Kerry

          Well , I don’t know about you, but here in Texas they are going to have a hard time confiscating guns.

    • VShook

      Hi ConcernedAmericanDad,
      Many, including myself, share your frustration. Those in control of the country’s finances (the Fed) can keep the monetary manipulations and wealth transfer going longer than people like us can maneuver to remain solvent. I am afraid this will end only when, as Thomas Jefferson stated, “……….. the tree of liberty must be renewed with the blood of patriots.” What a sad day and state of affairs that will be …….. and most probably is generations away.

  19. Carol Smith

    Please begin to store food. It will be more valuable than gold or silver. People may not sell their food for gold or silver. There will be a time from the beginning to the end of this where food will be very scarce.
    It is not that hard to learn to dehydrate food. There are youtube videos on this. Also canning is an option, but the skill needs to be learned. Also youtube can help with this.
    We garden and have vegetables interspersed with plants even in our front yard.
    Another skill to learn. Grow it, then dehydrate or can it.

    • xyz

      Are you going to store food for your consumption for the next 30 years?

    • Calgirl

      Right On Carol,
      I bought a dehydrator and a canning rig. Bought as much food as I could afford and canned/dehydrated away. I have meat, butter, jellies, veges, spices, etc. I stocked up on all I need to bake my own bread, got rice, peanut butter and loads of cleaning supplies, health things. However, I tried growing Heirloom tomatoes and peppers and met with almost complete failure. There’s a knack to it I think! Getting ready to try growing indoors in pots with fluorescent lights as there are too many bugs outdoors! Oh yeah, and I didn’t forget the metals! Also got two really big portable NG tanks and a generator. EMP proof trash can for the laptop and bunches of reading material on USB drives. Did I mention a shotgun and a 38? Sure hope I won’t have to use any of the above, but am pretty sure I will need all the above and more!

    • Diane D

      Carol Smith, so true. Food is Priority #1 NOW. If chaos hits, it will be a universal currency.

      I think silver will have value for small purchases. Pre-1965 silver dimes may be a life saver. Joseph took silver in the early stages of the famine. (Genesis 47:14 ) Interestingly, eventually “money failed”. (Genesis 47:15 )

      • Linda louin

        Reminds me of a scripture… I believe in reference to the very end times: EZEKIEL 7:19….”They will throw their money in the streets, tossing it like trash. Their silver and gold won’t save them on the day of the Lord’s anger”. As everything progresses, even precious metals aren’t going make a difference without available food/water to trade for, and so do the best to store up and pray for the safety/salvation of loved ones.

        • Charles H


          The chapter – Ezekiel 7 – begins with “… thus sayeth the Lord GOD unto the land of Israel.” In the forge of God’s judgment silver and gold will not avail to secure relief or stay God’s hand. Be careful to apply what is specific to Israel, and not transfer this to what happens throughout the whole world. Many take Old Testament Scriptures that pertain exclusively to the Jews, but intend to apply it to New Testament Christianity – and are completely wrong to do so. New Testament is under a new and “better”covenant; and how God deals with the one, is not certainty of his dealings with another. Covenant and promise to Israel is many times exclusive: and Christians are amiss to lay claim to them.
          Silver and gold, in this juncture, are a type of idolatry, a trust for delivery, a whoring after anything which supplants God as being safety, and object of trust for your life. What this scene portrays WILL come to pass: but it will not necessarily be the case for the greater scope of the world leading up to it.
          At some point – a verifiable basis for “money” must be established – and precious metals must return to their historic role. Seeing the road clearly ahead is not easy; but PMs are part of that road. Food and water are common sense givens.

          • Linda louin

            The focal point that I was making is that precious metals aren’t aren’t going to save anyone for very long without the commodities such as food/water to trade for. Yes, PM will most likely play a significant part in a new monetary system, but in the mean time, after a total collapse and before a new system is established, you better have those basic survival items that so many will be fighting for just to stay alive.

  20. Mr. Impatient


    If this financial system is going to explode and chaos will be in the streets and everybody’s money will be worthless or devalued, and bail ins will steal your money and pensions will be gone, and all of the rest being predicted by your guests……….

    How about asking your guests to be real specific about answering these questions.

    What percentage of your money should be in precious metals, and how much should be in stocks and cash? If this will all crash, why hold anything in stocks? Why not cash out every 401-K, sell every stock, cash out pensions and then look at your cash and tell me how much should be put in precious metals and what else? I’m willing to bet very few people are going to do all of this. But why not? If they believe all of this, theoretically they should have nothing but gold and silver and a small amount of cash right?

    Why hold any stock, 401-K, IRA, bank account of cash, pension account? I highly doubt many will sell everything, yet they talk about it all going to hell . Why not have people put their money where their mouth is? Do any of your guests still own any other investment? If you own anything other than gold and silver, then you don’t really believe the stuff will happen as predicted correct? I’d just like to hear what exactly your guests are doing with their wealth? If the answer is 20-25% for example, will any of the rest of it be left in conventional investments?

    • jim chudzinski

      Mr. impatient, I am one that converted my pension and stocks into precious metal. If its not food ,gold, or silver , I don`t by it.

      • JC Davis

        Jim me too.

      • Mr. Impatient

        I truly believe that you are one of the few that have NO investments in ANY fiat currency or investment. You sir, are truly putting your money where your mouth is and I admire that conviction.

        • JC Davis

          I lost thousands when I took my currency out, With a smile on my face, and eyes wide open to the wrong path I had followed.

      • sk

        I bet you DON’T have any pierogies! (you’re supposed to laugh…)

        • JC Davis

          SK I had to look the word up… LOL

    • xyz

      I agree! All these guests told people sky is falling… there will be a reset… Bank will bail-in… your money will be worthless…. What they said are indeed very alarming. But none of them point people to the right direction, nor offer advise of effective way to protect themselves. Their advises are nothing other than putting cash in your mattress, or storing food in your garage, or hold gold and silver, which is kind of unrealistic. Noami Prins told people to put cash in mattress, while this interviewee told people that Federal Reserve Notes, which is cash will be obsolete when the reset happen. The suggestion of this guest for people to protect themselves is buy to food, hold physical PM, but Noami Prins told people you should hold only right amount of PM in the right amount of time. I wish they can offer some real advise, maybe tell us how they themselves allocate their financial resource. Otherwise, it seems to me their advice is just counter productive. Plus, If there will be a currency reset, is it make sense to put your money in the stock market, say SP&P index fund? That why when the reset happen, your asset will be evaluated in terms of the number of shares of in SP&P, which is the barometer of the overall economy. They economic activity will not die, so SP&P won’t become worthless, even if the dollar become obsolete?

      • JC Davis

        xyz Well said. Surely in vain the net is spread in the site of any bird.

      • JC Davis

        XYZ I found this interview with Jim Willie where he talked about the gold in the shanghai markets. I don’t know anything about how to move US currency into it, but if you do you may want to look into it. Good luck in this dog eat dog world. BTW I don’t like the jack a.. but his information is good to listen to.
        Start around the 50 min mark.

  21. Coalburner

    Today, Obama said it was not a Chess game with Putin. Obama is trying to play checkers with him. Saw General Jack on Fox today. The picture he painted of the battle field says it is over and Putin owns Syria and the gas pipelines will go through there from his part of the world and not from the Arabias. This a big deal for the elites pocket books. They should now understand there guy Ob cannot compete on the world stage or he is winning on taking the USA down without completing their missions. Reminds me of ISIL and their alterior motives that have brought them to ruin. I wonder if Obama’s motives here will do better. They will if someone doesn’t stop him. Anyway the Sunis’s have to be outraged about the Obama betrayal. Time the people(Americans) here figured out we are not on the side of the Reserve Currency partners anymore, Saudis. Now we know why we started to produce oil several years ago. Their timing was way off on that too. That spells one thing. The dollar will be dumped and the Saudi’s could do it at any minute if they decide they can get nothing more from us. The decision must have been made months or years ago to switch sides to Shia, Iran. But they dufused around and missed their chance to get Asssad and Syria into the portfolio first. So now the book is spread open for all to see and Russia controls Syria. Bunch of incompetent elites and their errandboy, no telling what will happen or when. One never knows, the failure could be because someone managed to get sticks into the spokes at the right time to defeat Obama and his masters. Chuckle! Same result for us Middle Classers anyway.

  22. James Sullivan

    Damn! HHHMMMMMMM….
    ..always appreciate a different bounce on ‘Why are we here?” I listened three times.
    ……but, in the sixties, the US was if anything, shy about its power. I just don’t think the US would even consider anything other than imperial Rome on the Potomac. They would not see any need to consider giving up their power. I’ll grant you, the Kissinger-Nixon duo gave China ‘most favored’ nation status, thereby ensuring the eventual de-boneing of US real power. The game with the ‘temporary closing of the Gold window’ in 1971, was simple political expediency…the easy answer when your Fiat was the world reserve currency. The petro-Dollar allowed US dollars to flow into the globe, thus fulfilling the signature role of a Reserve Currency…but i might question the wisdom in tieing your currency to a desert shiekdom, whose power stemmed from a fanatic religious cult of the Wahabi….but, the US kept it’s remaining 33% of it’s post wwii gold holdings.
    I’d say, Western Democracies have hit a wall. They have been bought by International companies whose activities mirror the Triads of China, and the robber barons of the early US industrial expansion.
    The actions of the Federal Reserve (sic ….they are a private corporation….a cabal, if you like..) mirror the mafia, who, once they have secured their claws in a victim, direct the resources of the victim to the profit of the Mafia.
    But i don’t think this was planned in any way shape or form…..other than simple GREED and POWER….
    I appreciated Mr Weir’s approach, and his insights …..but i see this more as the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ than the Three witches of MacBeth. The US found this ‘Magical Wand’ , whereby they could merely print Dollars, and all was laid before them.
    The struggle between JPM and the Commodity firm is posed as possibly JPM acting for the ‘Good Guys’ , cutting out the feet of the Commodity Traders (the Bad Guys) …thus creating the final black swan which washes away the sins of the world….was not even entertaining.

    One has only to be informed that the TSP trade deal will be, once it is passed, in effect but STILL SECRET for FIVE years . The corporations will know the details, but the people, ALAS, cannot be trusted .
    I suspect the end is soon, and it will drag out.

    The parasite infesting the globe has committed the final parasitic sin of killing it’s host.
    we are all searching for the manner of saving us and our loved ones, even though the death throws are not well understood….only hinted at in best case / worst case scenarios.
    FEAR NOT, and see to your loved ones.

  23. Linda louin

    Hi Greg:
    What happens to the average Joe’s mortgage in MR Weirs explanation of debt wipe out?

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a paper record of your mortgage debt and that is the promissory note you signed at closing. You should have a copy of this in your loan docs. The bank has the original. I predict no one will walk away with a free house. Just the opposite.

      • WD


        In my last position, one way we fought forclosures was to demand hard copy of notes, and other basic hard documents that some how they couldn’t find… 40% of the time we were able to get a negotiation for better terms

        Many times homeowners got scared and settled to fast. But the simplest approach is usually the best.

      • Linda louin

        Hi Greg:
        I got to thinking more about the mortgage debt issue for many people who carry loans. And if this apparent grand daddy of a post collapse is as bad as I think it may be, the last place that these bankers will want to be is at a bank attempting to call in these debts because there’s going to be alot of angry/crazy folks out there looking for trouble (mad max scenario). I bet the minute all hell breaks loose, the elite will be fleeing away on their private jets with their families in tow to remote/secluded locations around the world. So I would think that for awhile the bankers/etc. aren’t going to be knocking on anyone’s door. Likewise, there won’t be anyone available to enforce their demands either because survival mode will be what it’s all about for everyone. I pray that it isn’t this bad, however I don’t have much faith in the judgement of most people now.

      • dbcooper

        Greg EtAl … The problem is that the promissory note was packaged and sold by the banks … how many times??? … and if one does not have a copy in their docs then how does one get a certified copy of their promissory note? What we do have is the reconveyance document that signs off on the debt and removes the lender from the deed. I recommend that we all keepCertified hard copy of anything important in our possession so that when we face another Katrina episode we can prove that we own what we claim that we own… Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are correct DB but the banks have created new “Promissory Notes” through the magic of refinancing. That was what “robo-signing” was all about. Creating new “Promissory Notes.” Refinancing took care of the rest of the fraud problem in a legal way. I agree, there are still questions of who owns you house because of MERS, but much of that has been cleaned up. The banks are not that stupid. That is one of the many reasons why rates had to fall after the 08 crash. Not really disagreeing with you, just adding some more info. Thank you for your comment.

    • VShook

      They will reset the amount you owe on your mortgage higher. This action will protect the bank’s balance sheet and their profits. Remember, this is all about the interests of the banking cartel, nothing else. Debts will not be wiped out in the sense that they will just go away. They will be changed to a larger number, depending upon the details of any currency reset.

      • paul

        Changing debt to a higher number? … only defeats the purpose of a currency re-set to begin with … so why do a re-set at all?? … the Government wants a re-set that eliminates “their debt” … so why should the people who make up that government be treated any differently???

  24. Michael

    Hi Greg,

    Bix has made a fundamental error. He said when the assets disappear the debts will disappear. The history of the great depression shows us that assets can disappear but the debts remain. Any farmer during the dust bowl era would tell you their bank accounts disappeared but the banks still held the mortgage on their farms. It was the most successful land grab in history. Thousands of family farms were lost to the banks and were subsequently bought by corporations controlled by the banks like Monsanto and Alcoa for pennies on the dollar at Sheriff auctions and foreclosure sales. The banksters own the executive branch, the judicial branch, and congress, any laws will be in their favor. Under bankruptcy law the banks are ALWAYS paid back %100 and then the asset owners get whatever is left over…if anything.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      In your example, the asset didn’t disappear. The farm still existed.

      Think of “money” in a money-market mutual fund. The fund holds debt instruments. When the debt is defaulted upon (i.e., “disappears”), then the asset (your money in the mutual fund) also disappears. I would imagine this is more along the lines of what Mr. Weir meant.

    • Margie

      Michael, I think that might have been true then. I think maybe the current situation has aspects that are not the same. If all the banks fold – how will they collect? My understanding is that this is much larger than what happened in the 30’s. Bix mentions a lot of this whole system is electronics. Also, I am wondering if the banks truly fold, and there is chaos, who is going to check your mortgage papers, etc. and who is going to come “collect” ? I do think it’s a good idea to have physical copies of your home documents. It also reminds me of something that I read about the plague in UK. During that time people were trying to write wills but the people who inherited also died and after a while it was just really difficult to establish property rights. I’m not sure what happened. It’s something else I was thinking about. In all the chaos, people passing away, banks folding, bank staff not wanting to be identified, etc. it might even get to a point where “possession is 9/10 of the law. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we.

    • Anne Elliott

      Too true about the farmers in the Dust Bowl. My great-uncle’s farm was being foreclosed on during the Great Depression, and his brother, my Grandpa, stepped in and co-signed a loan to keep him afloat. Times then got so bad (low prices and poor crops) that my Grandpa almost lost his farm as well as his brother’s. The banks WILL be paid; make no mistake about it.

      • Margie

        Even if the banks don’t exist anymore?

  25. Saeed

    Hey Greg, Thanks for having Bix Weit on. My own family has been charging me that my kids missed a childhood because I have been preparing since 2004 for this collapse. I told my friends in 2004 that US will be turned into Nazi Germany soon, and they all laughed at me.

    I remind my family that when it is a matter of life and death what difference does it make if I am a few years off. Everything else has happened as I have predicted. The US has turned into a brutal police state which I am glad I do not have to face and I thank God everyday that I had the opportunity to immigrate to another developed, English-speaking country on the other end of the world. Thanks, Saeed

    • Greg Hunter

      A great flood is coming. People laughed at Noah too.

  26. Smaulgld

    On Oct 5, 2015, at 3:38 AM, Louis wrote:

    Thanks for having Bix on. One topic he has mentioned elsewhere is the US Mint breaching their duty to mint silver Eagles in quantities necessary to meet public demand.

    As many of you know, demand for silver Eagles hit records in 2013 and 2014 and are on record to set another record this year.

    Yet this year the mint has halted production and has put their authorized purchasers on restricted allocations.

    Physical demand of silver is what could break the paper manipulation but it can’t if that demand is restricted. The good news however is that physical silver can be bought from non government mints.

    Gold physical demand while strong at the us mint is dwarfed by import demand from China, India and Russia. The mainstream media goes out of their way to insist that global demand for gold it down. One area that seems to support the low demand theory is the low reported amount of gold that People’s Bank of China reported earlier this summer.

    Those that watch gold closely believe that that China severely under reported their gold holdings. Smaulgld suspected that the PBOC has shifted much of their gold to other entities within China.

    Earlier this week in a little noticed remark by the Chinese President, we learned that the PBOC indeed does shuffle its reserve assets in and out of the PBOC from related entities like their sovereign wealth fund and other domestic Chinese state run banks. https://smaulgld.com/shanghai-gold-exchange-withdrawals-week-ended-september-25-2015/

    So, while physical demand for silver and gold may be stifled or underreport end, it is at record demand and will eventually overwhelm the paper manipulation.

  27. Smaulgld

    Thanks for having BiX on. One topic he has mentioned elsewhere is the US Mint breaching their duty to mint silver Eagles in quantities necessary to meet public demand.

    As many of you know, demand for silver Eagles hit records in 2013 and 2014 and are on record to set another record this year.

    Yet this year the mint has halted production and has put their authorized purchasers on restricted allocations.

    Physical demand of silver is what could break the paper manipulation but it can’t if that demand is restricted. The good news however is that physical silver can be bought from non government mints.

    Gold physical demand while strong at the us mint is dwarfed by import demand from China, India and Russia. The mainstream media goes out of their way to insist that global demand for gold it down. One area that seems to support the low demand theory is the low reported amount of gold that People’s Bank of China reported earlier this summer.

    Those that watch gold closely believe that that China severely under reported their gold holdings. Smaulgld suspected that the PBOC has shifted much of their gold to other entities within China.

    Earlier this week in a little noticed remark by the Chines President, we learned that the PBOC indeed does shuffle its reserve assets in and out of the PBOC from related entities like their sovereign wealth fund and other domestic Chinese state run banks. https://smaulgld.com/shanghai-gold-exchange-withdrawals-week-ended-september-25-2015/

    So, while physical demand for silver and gold may be stifled or underreport end, it is at record demand and will eventually overwhelm the paper manipulation.

    Silver Eagle premiums are elevated because of physical tightness of supply. You can track silver eagle premiums here https://smaulgld.com/american-gold-and-silver-eagle-premium

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for this Smaulgld!!

  28. blueberry guy

    Greg.. what happens to our secured debt once the system freezes up such as equity line debt, mortgage debt based on Bix’s interview with you. .. noone is talking about these debts or did I miss it….

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a paper record of your mortgage debt and that is the promissory note you signed at closing. You should have a copy of this in your loan docs. The bank has the original. I predict no one will walk away with a free house. Just the opposite.

  29. Russ

    Thanks Greg, I found the Glencore comments fascinating. If true and JPM is playing a serious game against Glencore, that explains why availability of PM’s is dropping along with price. If JPM can break Glencore and force the commodities they are sitting on to be sold, the price will drop even further but the inventory will rise. Then if the system implodes and JPM is released from the derivative obligation, they’ll be sitting on a serious pile of metal with no counter-party requirements.

    Thanks again.

  30. Michael Harvey

    Thought for the Day – Monday 5th October 2015
    A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
    Peace be with you on this day
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland
    PS. Maybe Vladimir Putin is that leader?

    • Diane D

      Non-Christians can stop reading here. Michael Harvey, you may be correct, especially respecting religion. I am not naïve. Putin is still a communist and enemy of the US. That said, Americans who call themselves Christians need to make an objective comparison of the US to Russia in terms of how they are affecting Christianity worldwide.

      Take the US. In virtually all of the countries that the US has brought war to and effective had their leaders overthrown, Christians were safer under the old leaders. At home, our federal government seems intent on eviscerating all vestiges of Christianity from America’s public life. Government protects abortion, homosexuality and other affronts to God at the point of a gun. Our government schools are forcing immorality downing our children’s throats.

      Take Putin. He identifies himself an Orthodox Christian. In 2012, he publicly promised to defend Christianity, especially persecuted Christians, around the world. Putin is boldly calling on the Russian people to return to their Christian roots. My pastor is nationally recognized as a leader in the Liberty Movement. He communicates with pastors and missionaries around the world. He repeated hears that the vast majority of pastors and Christians in Russia believe Putin is a wonderful Christian leader. Putin vetoed a U.N. motion calling for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to step down. Syrian Christians received this as good news. Syrian Christians feel that Assad will protect them. A Syrian Christian woman was quoted, ‘Thank God for Russia. Without Russia we are doomed.’

      Take Russia: The Bible is freely distributed in Russia’s public schools. Homosexual marriages are NOT legally recognized. In fact, Putin signed a law in 2013 prohibiting the distribution of materials promoting the LGBT relationship to minors. Public gay pride demonstrations are prohibited in Russia. And while abortion is still available in Russia during the first trimester of pregnancy only; but a bill is currently working its way through parliament that would remove all state funding for abortions and prohibit private organizations from doing abortions. Under the bill, women would have to personally pay for an abortion. Proponents of the bill believe legal abortion will be eliminated in Russia.

      Facts are pesky things. The world is changing. I believe there is more respect for Christian values in Russia than in the United States today. Our Founders’ God-fearing Republic was the best nation that ever existed. I am old enough to remember it. Not to annoy folks, but those who call themselves Christians must have to ask themselves, “Am I an American first, or a Christian first?” Your answer will make all the difference.

      • WD


        Putin is not a communist. He has on more than one occasion rejected it.

        Putin is a devote Christian who understands the need of a free market system. He is devoted to Russia becoming an international ECONOMIC power. But he is not a communist. Please get that straight.

      • Calgirl

        Diane D
        Great post! I find it difficult to attribute all the pejorative comments by our MSM to Mr. Putin. I don’t see him trying to restore Russia to the Soviet Union of times past, but forcefully defending his people and country. Maybe he has some deep, dark ambitions, but I haven’t seen any indication of them as yet. I loved his comment to Obama at the UN…..”Do you see what you have done?”

        • Linda louin

          I agree. I don’t know what Russia’s future intentions are, but for now Putin is lookin like he has more sense than Obama and his cronies, for sure. After all, Obama/Adminstration has been in Syria for quite some time now, allowing the Muslim extremists to actually grow (dropping their little poop bombs in uninhabited areas). Putin’s head-on approach in Syria is demonstrating Obama’s follies in a big way. The US (Obama) looks extremely weak, ineffective/foolish. If our government is not careful, we may all suffer next when Putin/China/Iran are done cleaning up our fearless leaders mess in Syria.

      • Charles H

        Astute and good comment. I’m 62 and agree – America is not what it was.

  31. Willard Ferch

    You have a great many intelligent and thoughtful readers/listeners, and that’s very satisfying for all who are serious about learning what’s taking place. Bix thinks the sheeple will have to cry out to change things, but does he really think they will pry themselves away from their TV, sports, porn and beer long enough–and soon enough? I’m a cynical 77 yr. old hillbilly, and my thoughts of this fat, lazy, complacent, apathetic populace is most negative. I reckon for the great majority, the wake-up call will be when the ATM won’t work and the grocery store shelves begin emptying. You do a great job on all your interviews. Thanks a million. Fiddlin

    • Donna S. from Arkansas

      Mr. Willard Ferch…..I am replying to your post that Americans are fat, lazy, complacent, apathetic populace. I disagree about some of it, but COMPLACENT….YES. I work with about 60 people in my company. Most are in their middle 20’s to 30’s….throw in a few 40-60. I am in the later category. They know NOTHING about what is going on in the world and DO NOT want to know. If I try to talk about ANY news they do not want to hear it. This includes my 3 adult children. I have tried to tell them to stock on food, toiletries, OTC medicines, water, ammo…..etc. But, all to a deaf ear. We live paycheck to paycheck so there is no buying gold or silver. So, I stick to buying the above mentioned. You are right about being complacent…..far too many Americans are just that. My USA is not the same country when I was born or grew up in. I look back see how Patriotic our country was in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. I wish we had that same feeling now, but for the most part I believe it is gone for good. I love my country and want to see us thrive. I am an proud American, just not proud of what its leaders have done.

  32. jim chudzinski

    Hear we are monday morning and stocks are thru the roof for the third day in a row, The plunge protection teams are out in full force. I can`t believe there is anyone out there that believes in this three day recovery when there is nothing but bad data and news, people can`t be this stupid.

    • Anne Elliott

      I have a question… Is it possible that some stealth QE is being used by the Plunge Protection Team to make everything on Wall Street appear “business as usual”?

  33. Matt

    Treasury 3 month bills for first time ever at 0%. http://www.zerohedge.com

    • Calgirl

      NIRP is next! Followed by confiscation of 401K’s and corporate/state retirement holdings (by transference to some worthless Treasury instrument).

  34. JPN

    First time commenter – thanks Greg for your great info and interviews. I think what most people miss in predicting is that the value of our dollar that props up the whole system is based on belief – a worldwide belief that the dollar is a solid store of value. Even during the 2001 crash, belief in the stock market fell, but the dollar wasn’t really affected. It’s been said that the dollar is the worst currency in the world, except for everyone else’s currency. It will take a major event to shatter the belief in the dollar. I think the best question to ask is – “what will destroy confidence in the dollar”. It doesn’t seem like that will happen overnight, without some kind of black swan event.

  35. leena

    I have a mortgage on my home. What happens when the system implodes to that
    mortgage or credit card debit for that matter? I have never heard anyone discuss this on your show.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a paper record of your mortgage debt and that is the promissory note you signed at closing. You should have a copy of this in your loan docs. The bank has the original. I predict no one will walk away with a free house. Just the opposite.

      • Calgirl

        I wonder how the State will collect on property taxes after the collapse. I guess if one cannot pay their property will be confiscated if the State can find a way to process the information and an avenue for us to pay. How do you plan ahead if not by using PM’s? Another item is I have been wondering about is what good home insurance will be when the insurance companies will be bankrupt. In a worst case scenario, there will probably be a lot of damaged homes which will bankrupt the insurers. If I new when the collapse was going to occur it might be smart to not pay the premium…..and use it to buy bullets, etc…………..any thoughts?

        • Greg Hunter

          Timing is the problem with that strategy. I would not do it but buy everything you think you might need can’t hurt you.

  36. Calgirl

    How The Chinese Will Establish a New Financial Order


  37. Sayonara

    Great guest! Brix Weir is only stating the blinding glimpse of the obvious that the Fed is intentionally running the monetary system into ground. They have no choice and they know it. Politicians on both sides of the aisle currently make no mention of the horrendous debt that is stacking up. Why? ( The question of “Why” is an important one as portrayed by the evil media villain Elliot Carver in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies) Because they know the greatest economic and financial reset in human history is imminent and that they, the politicians can only gain from it. Remember the old political adage – Never let a good crisis go to waste. Just remember the politicians who let everything blow up will rush to be everyone’s savior. Dirty immoral bunch of (Can’t say what I thinking). And that is where we are. Hang on to your hats kids because the G Force calamity will the be destructively breathtaking.

  38. Dan

    Another GREAT interview Greg, you’re really on a roll! The only disagreement I have is with his comment that the people won’t allow another bailout of the banks. Sadly, “the people” have no say in the matter. “The people” overwhelmingly didn’t agree with the first bailout, yet it occurred. “The people” largely disagree with our continued involvement in Iraq & Afghanistan, yet we remain. Our representatives (republicans & democrats alike) haven’t been representing “the people” for some time now. They are merely the puppets of the bankers (i.e. the “Federal” Reserve). Therefore, another bailout of the banks is a very real possibility. Perhaps that will be the last straw that incites “the people” to revolt, as that is our only hope at an ultimately positive reset of our financial system!

    • Lake M

      You’re correct that the only hope is for a positive reset of the economy following collapse.

      We visit Greg’s site and discuss the collapse, how it could affect our lives, how to survive during the collapse and how much time do we have until it comes crumbling down? We will have to survive the collapse to emerge on the other side and and be successful in demanding a honest form of government and eliminate all the fraud, lying,cheating and stealing. A tall order.

      So lets say the collapse occurs . The government will have some response. Katrina like?
      Forced migration, camps, ration cards, confiscation? Confusion? The nanny state may become unfriendly to many. How will your neighbor act? If the supply distribution system fails, there will be two ways to get goods. Barter or theft. How can we mitigate the mad max scenario that may develop?

      The power and control of most of the western economies is dominated by a few thousand families. Will they just hand over the loot and eliminate the great void in wealth distribution? NO they won’t.

      Mr. Weir suggests honesty or truth in the end, kills an unbacked fiat economy.
      Those who currently call the shots will not go quietly in the night. Will honesty throw them from power? It is easy to see a scenario where they can employ 20% to protect themselves from the masses and as the machines rise, they continue to reduce the number of human workers needed to accomplish production. A dystopian vision is easily imagined for our future.

  39. Calgirl

    Bernanke’s Sovereign Deception: Bernanke Lied And Should Be In Jail Too

    “How come when Bernanke was in a position to enforce the law he was silent? It’s because he was part of the crime syndicate.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen sister!

    • Neo-ConMan

      California Gal, This is one of the big reasons the powers that was are so afraid of Mr. Trumpster. He will put them all in the dumpster! Where by the way they belong sir, er mam.

  40. paul

    When the Fed raises interest rates this fall …and the derivative bubble bursts (as “they” want) … it will create deflationary forces … the Fed will have to counteract these deflationary forces with inflation … but the Fed is “having problems” creating inflation … because the money the Fed is creating and giving to the banks is not being borrowed and spent … so the solution for the Fed to create inflation is to depreciate the US dollar … this can be simply done … all the Fed has to do to drive the dollar down by 40% in a matter of minutes … is simply “declare” that gold is going to be revalued by the Fed to a price of $2500 dollars per ounce (Roosevelt did the same trick many years ago) … and if this reset is not sufficient to counteract deflationary forces … the Fed can simply reset the price of gold upward to say $5000 dollars per ounce … or if necessary to $50,000 dollars per ounce … what ever is required to counteract the deflationary effect of the derivatives implosion caused by raising interest rates!

    • paul

      Last week Putin delivered a “truth bomb” for all the world to hear when he addressed the United Nations … in talking about the Syrian conflict he put much of the blame on the Western powers and particularly singled out America and implied it’s lack of leadership and motives … in doing this he asked America directly and Barack Obama specifically why is the US bombing of insignificant targets… delivering inferior equipment to the Kurds … spending billions arming “moderate terrorists” … and supply drops meant for those fighting against ISIS “missing their target” and falling into ISIS hands?

      Fast forward to today … Russia has moved in advanced weaponry, planes and has it fleet offshore to throw artillery rounds at ISIS if they get close enough … they are taking out the ISIS terrorists who were beheading Christians … and Russia is being backed by Iran and China and Iraq.

      We have already seen the initiation of Russian bombing sorties en mass on key ISIS targets … ISIS is incurring significant damage … all in a matter of days … how does this reflect on US and its motives?

      • Linda louin

        You’re absolutely right. I guess the Americans that voted for a President (not once, but twice), who demonstrates by his obvious actions that he’s a great sympathizer to radical muslims, are all getting what they deserve for being too lazy to keep themselves informed/involved. The trouble here is that we’re all going down with this ship. Putin has done in hours what Obama couldn’t manage in a year. However, I don’t think that this was ever our ridiculous Administrations goal.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      When I first saw this on Sputnik, my first thought was the classic “WTF?!?” – knowing that ISIS has no significant naval presence (if any).

      The points of Joel Skousen and Paul Craig Roberts come to mind. I think Russia really does NOT want this to escalate into WWIII, whereas they fear the neocon CIA/Pentagon would actually ratchet this up by resupplying their so-called “ISIS” by sea, now that Russia seems to have effectively blocked the airdrops. Hence, there’s a “for-real” tripwire in front of Syria now.

      I think Russia, China, and Iran have called the neocons’ bluff, effectively saying: “We’re prepared to stop you from starting world war covertly. If you want it, bring it; we’re ready. But the whole world will see the truth.”

  41. Neo-ConMan

    Coast To Coast AM – Russia, China in Syria and One Step Beyond

    Peace & Security Shattered, World On Fire

    In the first half [12:51 to be exact], Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, Stephen F. Cohen, reacted to Vladimir Putin’s decision to get involved in the Syrian conflict and commence air strikes against ISIS forces. Cohen summarized Putin’s position as arguing that the rise of ISIS was borne out of the power vacuum created by the overthrow of leadership in Iraq and Libya by the United States. In turn, this led to destabilization not only the Middle East, specifically the Syrian civil war, but also now in Europe via the refugee crisis. As such, Cohen said, Putin wishes to protect Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in order to thwart the spread of ISIS because the extremist militant group will eventually send their fighters into Russia and create havoc there as well. Therefore, he surmised that the Russian intervention in the Syrian war amounts to an offer of a coalition with the United States against ISIS.

    Cohen opined that forming this alliance “seems like the right thing to do,” but there are many factors working against it. He noted that the vilification of Putin by America makes forming an alliance with Russia particularly problematic for President Obama. Additionally, he explained that there are similar factors in Russia working against Putin forming any sort of partnership with the United States. According to Cohen, the third obstacle is the instability in the Ukraine, which could result in the United States and Russia being thrust into opposing sides, especially if forces there cause the conflict to escalate for fear of being abandoned by America in favor of this coalition. As of now, the American response to Putin’s offer of cooperation has been tepid and indecisive, despite pressure from European leaders who are in favor of it. Therefore, Cohen called on Obama to make a resolute decision about America’s role in the conflict before it becomes relegated to simply being a bystander.

  42. Occasnltrlvr

    I haven’t seen much emphasis on this significant point:

    What countries are benefiting from Russia’s actions? Well, the legal, legitimate government, and the people, of Syria, for one.

    But, what countries are in upheaval as a result of refugees? Why, none other than some of the more important NATO allies, of course! Putin and Russia are alleviating a problem for Western Europe, which was caused by the “covert” actions of the insane, who are now in charge of the United States government. And EVERYONE (except most of the people living in the USA) knows it. If push comes to shove, I don’t see NATO going “quietly into that good night” of the neocon WWIII bandwagon.

    The point I struggle with, is this: is this all, ALL, a result of the Perestroika Deception?

  43. KingTut

    First, we are already bystanders. Putin has NO intention of forming any kind of alliance with the US or NATO. Maybe if they get out of Ukraine he’ll talk to them. Steven Cohen is spending WAY too much time in his cubicle reading Foreign Affairs.
    Putin has out manuevered the US so totally and completely it’s mind boggling. First he was invited into Syria by Assad, so his incursion is perfectly legal. In contrast, the US has tried to overthrow (yet another) soveriegn government by creating a mercenary army of Jihadists (ISIS) to savage the countryside killing civilians and anyone who gets in their way. That’s illegal and stupid. Putin knows he can attack them because we’ll never admit we created them and support them. Although, we’ve admitted supporting those moderate rebels (Al Qaeda) in Syria.
    This is because Washington is completely out of control, due to Obama’s lack of leadership. They’re all running around like chickens with their heads cut off. You have the Pentagon bombing a CIA army!? We left door open for Putin without even realizing it. Pathetic.
    Putins obvious motivation is to protect Russia’s direct interests in Syria. In particular their mederterranian port. The Russian Navy is currently allowed to traverse the Bosphorus, but Turkey is a NATO country and could block it off pretty easily. The Crimea (Sebastopol) is a warm water port, but would have no access to the med (or the Atlantic or Suez) if Turkey decided to prevent it. Attacking Turkey would be attacking NATO, a big leap from aiding Syria’s current regime.
    But this about a much bigger strategy of aligning Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Iran into a power block to counteract the US and Saudis. China is supporting Russia and may join the “coalition”. Shiite Iraq is not far behind. This is obviously scary like the beginning of WW-I, but it is also a complete and total failure of American Foriegn policy, which demonstrates a vacuum of leadership that can and will be exploited around the world.

  44. Putin on the Ritz

    For more than a year, the United States has been playing patty-cake with an army of homicidal maniacs who call themselves ISIS. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he’d had enough of Washington’s song-and-dance and was planning to bring a little Russian justice to the terrorist militias that had killed 225,000 Syrians and ripped the country to shreds. In language that could not be more explicit, Putin said to the General Assembly: “We can no longer tolerate the currents state of affairs in the world”. Less than 48 hours later, Russian bombers were raining down precision-guided munitions on terrorist strongholds across western Syria sending the jihadi vermin scrambling for cover.


  45. BRF

    It is my belief that the Fed is able to paper over Anything that comes along and that the only thing to derail this process will be a lack of confidence in the Fed Reserve Note or USD. This lack of confidence may arrive on the scene when the Brics led by China get a competitive and trustworthy replacement system up and running. Until then it is my belief that barring something truly catastrophic event that the Fed can’t paper over the BIS system will continue on shaky supports but continue. Doc Willie has said he thinks the Fed is secretly papering over failing oil derivatives to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars worth a month if not up to a trillion a month. While this might seem preposterous, the 26-27 trillion handed out during the 2008 crisis by the Fed (Wall Street on Parade) seemed unbelievable at the time also. The doom right around the corner boys are I believe going to have to wait a fair bit before a true economic collapse. This does not mean that precious metals won’t spike in the meantime. Cheers…..

  46. Jerry

    I’m going to stir the pot again with this post. Have you seen the front cover of this Rothschild owned magazine before?

    Look closely behind the Chinese boy eating noodles for the word “Reserve Currency”. Then look at the dates on the arrows. 11/05 . It could be nothing, but I find it interesting that the Rothschild’s have a warped sense of humor. I will remind everyone that until we get out of 2015 we are still “7′” years away from 2008.

    • FC

      Jerry, there is a lot one can see on this front cover, you have the Sumo wrestler holding the negative end of a battery, that could mean Japan is in it’s final decline.

      The words Federal Reserve is written on what appears to be on a Chinese game board with the word Panic written on it , as well as Green Light……………perhaps the green light for the Yuan to be part of the IMF.

      Then we have the Union Jack guitar, piecing the American drum set, it appears America and Britain have played their final gig and we will be following a new melody played by the Pied Piper, who happens to be standing next to Putin, perhaps making him the Putin Piper.

      But what’s troubling me are the 2 arrows lodged in the ground with a mushroom cloud above them, are they dates for some explosion? Let’s hope not.

  47. Coalburner

    Donna D;
    I have been saying the same thing for a while now! People who still believe but are not sure about some of the things this country is doing that might offend God are disagreeable withthis point. One it is hard to change the old idea of Russia and its repression of religion for so many years. Two , I get told that Putin is puttin’ on a show. Three I even got a real tough bite back today, wellGod lets the world run on its own , that way people have to make there choices. I countered with , what good are the 10 Commandments then? That froz the conversation. I added a little feebely after being derailed by such a statement from a theologian that once told me, yes we are drinking the blood at communion; that I thought Nations were favored if they kept the faith. God has to have a locus for the faith to surviveand advance into the future. I was getting nowhere. But I sure disrupted my golf game, then I noticed his too was sliping. My point is like yours. Is Russia going to take our most favored status, it has happened before to other countries all through history. He argued about Jews, Hitler and the War. I said well chosen people ornot they are not Christians. Wow that went no where. So far Donna, you are the only one I have seen engage on this subject??

  48. xyz

    After I listened to his interview in SilverDoctors.com, I no longer believe that he has credibility.

  49. Don

    Greg, a build up of Russian and Iranian troops in Syria, is evidently taking place. Israel has supposedly already warned both Russia, US, and Iran, and said they cannot allow Iranian troops in Syria, and especially near its borders. Seems that the PM of Israel has been lied to by Russia. Obama will set on his hands, and allow anything they want. He’s already told Israel that he wouldn’t protect them in the UN, unless they go back to the negotiating table. God, maybe is fixing to show the world a thing or two about his providence.

  50. somas wodi

    Hi Greg……the word “They” stands for “THE HIERARCHY ENSLAVING YOU” and the word Them….”THE HIERARCHY ENSLAVING MINDS”……just a tidbit one wanted to share…..be well…….your travels being sacred……..Shalom……somas wodi Anisahoni

  51. Tommy

    Went to the bank and told the teller I wanted to buy 20,000 nickels for 10 hundreds. She just looked at me kind of funny. Poor thing doesn’t know what’s coming.

  52. Roger

    Hi Greg,

    I really enjoy your various shows. Here is a quick question…if you have credit card debt is it likely to remain in FRN in the event of a dollar crash? I am assuming with non-fiat investments you could sell some of your newly elevated non-fiats to pay off the CC’s for a pittance in relationship to the newly devalued FRN v.s. non-fiat? Alternatively, would those payments or bills likely go away or would they try to reassess them in a new currency denomination?



  53. Laurie Robison

    I do not have any investments in the stock market; however, I do have money that I have saved over several years. What will happen to that cash when the collapse comes? Will folks with cash in the bank and elsewhere be worthless when this happens? Thanks so much for your

    • Greg Hunter

      Your cash is really issuance of debt, thus the term “Federal Reserve Note.” Please keep in mind that debt can be defaulted on. Watch the Peter Schiff interview that will post after midnight tonight for more.

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