Fed Rate Hike Will Cause Hyperinflationary Great Depression – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Economist John Williams says the economy is in deep trouble, and the Fed knows it.  Williams says the Fed talking up “robust economic growth” that is causing inflation is “nonsense.” Williams explains, “The one thing that is not causing inflation is ‘robust economic growth.’  So, when they talk about raising interest rates to kill this robust economic growth that’s triggering the inflation, that’s absurd, and the Fed knows it. . . . If the Fed foolishly raised rates as reflected in the payrolls as not being fully recovered, you are going to have a sharp downturn, a double dip depression here.  At the same time, you are still going to have the inflation.  You are going to end up with an inflationary depression or a hyper-inflationary Great Depression.”

According to Williams’ forecast, “In terms of a crash, I am looking for much higher inflation, maybe hyperinflation, and I am looking for the economy to crash.  You can address the inflation by personally holding physical gold and silver.”

So, jobs are going to disappear?  Williams says, “They already have, but hopefully all the effects of the pandemic will disappear, and people will get back to work, but that is not happening now.  There is no sign of it getting better.  In fact, the numbers are indicating it’s getting worse. . . . The holiday retail economy in November and December declined at the worst pace since the Great Recession.  You had a negative holiday shopping season.  That’s not a booming economy.”

On top of that, Williams says the real inflation rate is 14.8 %, if you disregard all the gimmicks the government uses to make inflation look less than what it really is.  Williams says, “That’s the highest inflation rate since the Truman Administration.”

In short, Williams points out, “The Fed has to keep the system liquid.  So, the money is going to continue to flow, and they cannot afford to raise interest rates.  If the Fed raises interest rates, it’s going to crash the economy from where it is now, and the economy is not healthy.”

Williams says buy physical gold and silver and hold it against the inflation that is here to stay and will get worse.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com, as he explains how bad the economy really is.  (2.8.22)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Gelo

    I mean, Thanks, Greg.
    God Bless all.

    • Mike

      Watched interview with John Williams and found that between Edward Dowd & Clif High…they all seem to agree with each other. Something that you might not know is the only u.s. hard money that is worth anything is the nickel. It’s 75% copper and 25% nickel. Nothing comes close to it as far as value. If inflation goes crazy the gov will not afford to make it anymore.

      • IIG

        The “Nickel” is the best “pocket change coin” to save for a rainy day … soon (perhaps on Clif High’s “Woo Escalation” date of February 19th 2022) gold and silver will be made “legal tender for paying debts and taxes” (as 42 States have now removed taxes on gold and silver) making both gold and silver more like a currency then a commodity!!

      • Bob

        However gold and Silver have been used as money for thousands of years. To a lesser extent so has platinum. Nickel has not. I’m not disagreeing with you about nickel soaring it’s just hasn’t been used as a hard asset. Copper? Has been used as money also.

        • Tom deplorable

          A nickel is 75 % copper and 25% nickel. The value is in the copper content. Coinflation.com has prices of US coins based on their wieght and metal content. Right now a valued above 6 cents. That’s a 20% profit by keeping your change

        • IIG

          Exactly – Copper coins have been used since the Stone Age and were more popular then Paper currency because it had intrinsic value and you could amass a ton of it and you could always melt such metal ore coins like gold, silver, bronze, nickel and copper into something useful like a golden calf or jewelry, solar panels, statues, sinks & pipes etc. whereas paper currency (no matter how highly denominated) simply burned to ash!!

      • CJ

        I’ve read that pre-1983 pennies are copper, if you can find them. Do you know if that is true? We’ve been saving those and nickels since Nov. 2008.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Yes, it is true. 1982 ( a changeover year, so the only way you can tell if you have a 90% copper penny is to weigh it, but most I have found are 90% copper) and prior are valuable, not the copper-plated zinc slugs we now have.

          A “copper” penny will weigh 3.1 grams, and a zinc penny will weigh 2.8 grams. Most real copper pennies are out of circulation now, just as pre-1965 quarters and dimes, because aware citizens/collectors are culling them (I’ve been doing it for years), and the government culls them as well. Still it is possible to find them; I received two in change today.

          Why bother? Well, right now with copper near all-time highs, the face value of a penny is one-cent, but the metal value (what is known in the trade as “melt value”) is approaching 3-cents. That’s almost a 300% difference! That’s significant.

          A copper penny weighs 3.1 grams and is 90% copper (10% zinc), so in every 1981 and prior penny, there are 2.79 grams of copper. A pound contains 454 grams. Therefore 163 pennies to net a pound (454 grams) of copper. The 163 pennies have a face value of $1.63, but let’s see what the metal value is.

          Currently, copper is priced at $ 9757.65/metric ton, which is 2200 pounds or $4.43 per pound. We have already seen that a pound of copper found in 163 pennies is worth $1.63 at face, but it is worth $4.43 metal/melt value. That 2.7 times the face amount.

          There are costs associated with melting, of course, and it is illegal for an individual to melt US coinage for the base metals. Privileged-class criminals can loot, rob, steal, trespass, and destroy property with impunity, but regular, law-abiding citizens will find themselves quickly in dutch if they try significant coin melting. Nevertheless, there is considerable street value in pennies, if you know what you are doing.

          Copper is also found in all other US coins in varying amounts, but the face value of those coins is a brake on its metal/melt value vs. face value. Best always. PM

        • IIG

          Saving silver war nickels is one way to have “a small unit of silver” to trade with for small items (20 war nickels contains about one ounce of silver) – if silver goes to $600 dollars per ounce one(1) war nickel will be worth about $30 dollars – great for buying some food for dinner at the grocery store (whereas a one ounce silver coin worth $600 will be much too big for small purchases!! (Note: The the 1943D war nickel has the lowest mintage of all 11 war nickels ever minted) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMD9Lm73sy0

        • George


      • jomer

        Good point right now the melt value of a nickel is 6.6 cent each and have been as much as 10cent each in melt. I also save pre 1982 copper pennies which have a melt value of almost 3 cents each.

        I also like them for this reason: if you and a friend carried a safe into your house and put $100,000 worth of gold in it a thief and his friend could just as easily carry it back out as the gold only added about 4 pounds to it. But, if you put $99,000 of gold and $1,000 of nickels and copper pennies, you just added several hundred pounds to it making it much more difficult to move.

        If you are still located where you’d need to bugout from, you can take just the gold. compared to everything else you will also be leaving behind those nickels and pennies won’t matter that much.

        • IIG

          A shortage of nickel for electric vehicles is on the horizon – Tesla’s EV batteries use an average of around 45 kilograms of nickel – which works out to just over 99 pounds. From what I can tell, the general consensus is that there may be a shortage of nickel “this decade” ( given the increasing demand from electric vehicles). I expect as nickel moves into short supply our common nickel coins will likely be made of aluminum or steel with a nickel coating – and our current nickels will likely sell for between 25 cents and a dollar each!!

          • jomer

            Thanks’ IIG , i was unaware of that fact. I was told the battery backup for solar powered homes also use the Tesla battery technology, but I assume they were using lithium.

            Also, there has been nickel shortages in the past, During WWII, which is why they made the silver war nickels. If a shortage happened then it can easily happen again.

            Now I’m motivated to hit he bank for a couple more boxes of nickels. I wonder if they’ll claim there is still coin shortage, and I won’t be able to get them.

    • Anthony Australia

      @Ray Canberra

      Hey Mate the place has never been so exciting.

      Peaceful Protesters are setting up camp.


      The MSM has a BS alert about this as Gerald Celente would say.


      • IIG

        Our fight is not with the evil politicians of this world who want to exterminate us to save their own lives – but with the 11 Demon alien races who have voted 9 to 2 to exterminate humanity (seeing that a majority of the human race have rejected the teachings of Jesus)!! – scroll to 0:43:36 to listen to Phil Schneider (who was executed by the Deep State) warn us over 20 years ago about the Alien Agenda to create a One World Government tasked to carry out the total extermination of humanity!! – https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2022/02/situation-update-feb-8th-2022-the-alien-agenda-to-exterminate-humanity-was-disclosed-in-1995-mike-adams-must-video-3618282.html

        • Anthony Australia

          Absolutely brilliant Mate.

          I’ve listened to Phil decades ago. He’s also rubbed shoulders with Fritz Springmeier.

          What you say is quite plausible.

        • IIG

          Hopefully we have “white hats” in our military going down into the underground bases of these non-terrestrials (who came to Earth to take it for themselves and exterminate humanity) and fighting them for us – if not – humanity will simply be extinguished – the eugenicists are thus mandating the jabbing of our Military men and women with the kill shot (they don’t want a functioning military and want to give them myocarditis, HIV, etc., etc.) in the last year alone since our military has been jabbed look at the results:
          Diseases of the nervous system — 1,048% increase
          Malignant neoplasms of esophagus — 894% increase
          Multiple sclerosis — 680% increase
          Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs — 624% increase
          Guillain-Barre syndrome — 551% increase
          Breast cancer — 487% increase
          Demyelinating — 487% increase
          Malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands — 474% increase
          Female infertility — 472% increase
          Pulmonary embolism— 468% increase
          Migraines — 452% increase
          Ovarian dysfunction — 437% increase
          Testicular cancer — 369% increase
          Tachycardia — 302% increase
          Within the general population vaxxed humans (18 to 64) are now dying at a rate that is 40% higher than pre-pandemic rates (we are in some “woo escalation” as Clif High would say)!! – now we have officials within the Department of Defense covering up the rampant increase in myocarditis diagnoses “by scrubbing them” from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) – these turncoats against humanity must be found and brought to justice!!

        • Marcman

          I followed Phiel Schneider back in the late 90s. He had his fingers shot of by what he described as a reptilian lazer wepon.
          He also uncovered minerals and chemical composition that do not appear from this world, unfortunately he was killed of like many others of his time trying to warn the human race.

      • Anthony Australia

        Permission to post Greg.

        Brilliant interview that highlights the fact that Australia & New Zealand are the new homes for The Elites.

        Another Fritz Springmeier prediction decades ago.

        EU had a good run, then the USA followed by China and Australia next.


      • Ray

        You are right my Brother!
        Things are coming to an apex around here.
        The local radio stations are saying things like, “ The Canberra protesters continue to be a nuisance to day – to – day getting around town. Their numbers will decline soon.”
        These bastards said nothing like that when green imbeciles chained themselves to the road last year and screamed about so called Climate Change.
        Fair Dinkum!!
        Mate……these crocodiles ARE REALLY DESPERATE……. because more and more people, every day, are starting to wake up. Slowly…..yes…..but it is happening.
        I am watching and waiting Brother…….If Clif High is onto something regarding late February, I think that we could see a tipping point in all of this.
        Take care mate.
        We should get in touch. Perhaps Greg could assist in passing our details to each other via snail mail?
        Keep throwing out the left jab Anth.
        My best wishes be with you always.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • susan

        God bless you guys over there. You are in out prayers continuously. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Sally Herbert

    greg..you are wonderful. Your info is top of the heap and I like how you deliver..thank you. I wish I could donate..but I can’t …but I believe in you and your message. thank you, again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your support and kind comment is plenty.

  3. Rodster

    You know it’s getting serious when John Williams begins to use the “D” word.

  4. Shirley Thompson

    I follow John Williams and shadowstats.com calculations and projections. Our unemployment rate is around 23% and inflation is 15%. Every consumer in America is painfully aware of the erratic price jacking, some justified by manufacturing/processing constraints due to supply chain issues, some justified simply by inflationary pressures and some are really nothing more than profiteering – outrageous pricing because they can get by with it. I’m not sure a crash is imminent even this year because this kit string and duct tape economy could go on as long as Powell and friends continue to pour fiat at the market. Brrrrrrrrrrr goes the printers.

    • Warren B.

      Precisely Shirley,
      JW presents a strong case and I concur…except…I believe that owing to the continuous FED expansion of the Money Supply (stimulus)…that they will still raise rates. The Bond yields will be pushed in both directions so there wont be a Bond Market crash. Neither will there be a Stock or Real Estate Market Crash (consider where REAL RATES are = still very negative)…notwithstanding the Employment situation and depressed consumer.
      I’ve said this before and its worth repeating again……the next several years will be the blow-off phase of the everything Bubble. This is what Von Mises refers to as the “Crack up Boom”. That is in sync with what JW portends as Hyper-Inflation. I do also support the argument that there will be a deflationary period / depression after this unfathomable upward trajectory of values in Financials and Tangibles. The PM complex will benefit greatly over this next phase…..but I see potential for Stocks / RE to do multiples of what we currently have (circa >2.5X current values). What we will witness IMHO…is something that will not be repeated for at least 2 decades. This will be a time for the history books. Many Millionaires will be created …those who will make small and large fortunes. Understand fully the nature of USURY and Fractional Banking. It is those practices that will push values to unbelievable heights. Many people (including Large well-known HF Investors) panicked out of the market in January or leading up to it. I stayed locked and loaded and in fact took advantage of that dip because of my philosophy. We have seen the effects of the Covid driven mania for 2 years…and yet we still have “absurd” price levels. Real Estate in America has seen a dramatic $10TLN increase over those same 2 years….that is only just the start. The Real Estate market will drive the Stock Market which in turn will drive the Economy. That is how it has always been. Forget the political theatre and the BS Narratives…..just noise. History is the best guide for what our future holds.
      (Disclaimer: This is not Financial or Investing Advice). I practice what I preach and I am merely offering my opinion).
      For some insight to what is really transpiring go to….

  5. Shawn Brown

    Hi Greg,
    The ‘System’ was already collapsing in September of 2019 which necessitated the (early) release of the bio weapon, lock downs, WARP Speed and Great RESET. Remember REPO markets charging up to 10% for access to overnight treasuries to cover Member Bank collateral shortfalls? Something very wicked is coming between now and the mid-March Fed meeting, plan accordingly…

    • IIG

      Isn’t it a bit strange that Governments over the last two years could mandate lock-downs and mandate “jabs” that cause blood clots in the arteries of people “the world over” (and the police and military won’t do a thing to arrest them) – and yet – when truckers lock down “one city” Ottawa and “jam” a few major arteries (the police and military come out in full force to arrest them)???

  6. Gene

    I think the real inflation rate is closer to 25%, it’s a no brainer, compare anything you bought 1 year ago to what the price you buy for today, meat, vegetables, gas, lumber, furniture, car parts, oil, tires, paint, windows. Restaurants. I bought an extra freezer and a whole house generator because the way am looking at it everything is on sell today, anything I buy today is a 25% discount to what it is going to cost next year.

  7. Palapi

    Then they should arrest all who have commented crimes against humanity and take the billions of dollars they have made and put it back into our economy!!!!!!!

    • IIG

      It would be nice to get the money back – but how did the American people ever allow these demons in Washington to overrule their Constitutional rights to free speech? [Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just declared on Monday:”There is a heightened terrorism threat due to an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories” [in other words, any speech or opinions which the DHS doesn’t approve of – is now deemed a “terrorism threat”] … and even more dumbfounding – how did the American people ever allow their “very lives” to be taken (by submitting to the experimental clot shot)??

      • IIG

        As the ordinary people of the world now mobilize and begin fighting back against the Evil World Order (intent on depopulating the Earth) – these eugenicist demons will likely counter-attack by shutting down the grid blaming it either on Russia or on a Solar Flare from the Sun (which ever one they think they can get away with) – this means people need to stockpile wood for both heat and cooking purposes (before all the trees are killed with geoengineering poisons) – also consider now how you can cope if the blackout is extended for years – think about how you can remove the alternator from your car (which likely will be without gas) and turn it by burning wood to create pressurized steam to turn the generator (which will then light your home and power electrical appliances utilizing a DC to AC converter)!!

  8. Linda Luhtala

    I believe there will be all kinds of problems before the election. The Dems know they will lose big if they allow the election to go forward.

    • IIG

      There is going to be a lot of problems before February 19 (according to Clif High) … https://clifhighvideos.com/20220206a/

      • Johnny Cool

        IIG… ,

        And he is hinting that international hit squads will be taking revenge against those who pushed the vax on the people.

        • Mike Johnson

          I figure that once Mossad operatives finally wake up to what has been done to them and the Israeli citizenry as a whole that the people responsible for that won’t be able to be paranoid enough.

        • IIG

          That Rothschild (Klaus Schwab) has uttered a better phrase then his grandfather Mayer Amschel Rothschild who said: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws” … Klaus Schwab has effectively said: “Give me control of a nations government and I won’t need to control their money”!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi IIG,
        Thanks for the link. Really interesting interpretation of events by Clif High. Chimes with Martin Armstrong’s prescient declaration that the TPTB had “overreached” with the scamdemic. Hubris may be their undoing . . .

      • IIG

        Military flight patterns suggest only diplomats are being pulled out of the war zone – it is “extremely quiet” (before the storm??) – https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2022/02/new-monkey-werx-breaking-situation-report-february-8th-2022-2527827.html

  9. Alfy

    excellent interview, and bless his good heart. I think he doesn’t understand the people running the show are also engaging in wholesale genocide against us little people. I would not be suprised if the fed did raise rates, and keep on raising them until the economy has been crushed into the dirt. I pray for us.

  10. Cathy

    Thank You Greg, as always spot on!!

  11. Sandra+McIntosh

    Wow Greg, Good job as always….Always appreciate you and your guests.

  12. david

    Thank you Greg and please tell John we really appreciate his honesty and hard work.
    Bottom line….Prepare the poop is heading toward the blades and its going to get ugly.
    With faith we can get through it but there will be a lot of people who fail

  13. The Seer

    The 10 year treasury is what mortgage rates are based on. It’s going to surpass 2%……and higher!
    Metal dealers should be charging their standard
    commission only and never premiums, imo.
    Improper and unethical in critical periods to gouge
    running the game supply is tight.

  14. Robert Coleman

    GeoEngineering, Food Shortages, Runaway Inflation, Dollar Collapse and threat of Nuclear War in Europe – unless the people rise up against the tyranny attempting to destroy humanity – life as we knew it will cease to exist. Pray that intervention comes soon and quickly.

  15. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant Greg!

    This man should have a position on the Federal Reserve board.
    So may business operators here are absorbing profit losses now because they’re forecasting a plateauing on inflation levels starting this year into 2023 and then a decline mid 2023.
    Very dangerous play indeed and IMO will see them
    go broke by then.
    Looks like the people here are finally rising up too!

  16. Kent Lawson

    John Williams was almost shocked himself at what he was reporting . Doesn’t sound good at all . I wouldn’t have missed this interview for anything ! Going to be on the edge of my seat when the next FOMC meeting rolls around , as I know you will be too , Greg ! you sound like you’re feeling better too ! Thanks for all the great work you do !

  17. Greg

    Any non-custodial dad / father out there whom is a victim of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL luciferian corrupt family court / TITLE IV-D child support extortion scam be in good cheer because once the worthless FIAT U.S. dollar crashes , so goes this evil system and when the ex is starving and IF invested in REAL MONEY Gold , Silver emergency food ; you’ll get children !

  18. Allen Sachetti

    You know Greg our Country has been hijacked by vicious, vile, evil people who were not elected but stole their offices through obvious election fraud and were supported by Criminal Courts who refuse to hear the cases for Election Fraud or review the Massive amount of evidence collected on such.

    Under these circumstances there is no action, no report or percentage number we can trust coming out of Washington.

    It’s true they have caused and can cause now great damage to our Country. To crash the dollar, round up people without cause, detain them in concentration camps and probably even execute many.

    So when will they do this, how are they building up to it, what are the elite’s plans.

    How do we inform more Americans and prepare for such a thing.

    Just doing the Math from all the shows I have seen from you and all the good guests you have on. How should we be preparing?

    • Dwight Branson

      Allen, I wholeheartedly support you statements. We are living in times never experienced on a worldwide scale before. Above all we must be prepared spiritually. Only the Bible has the eternal answers of how to prepare for what is coming. I would suggest reading Mathew chapter 24 and Revelation chapters 6 through 14 first, for a taste of things unfolding right now on planet Earth.
      God Bess All.

  19. paul lilliott

    John makes a very good point – inflation now reflects supply shortages and raising interest rates will only make the situation worse. I would say that any growth was due to HOARDING/prepping! What an array of factors – the loonie ‘New Deal’ is creating energy shortages ; environmental regulations are slowing port deliveries ; clot-shot mandates are creating labor shortages through inability to work or enter businesses ; weather manipulation is hitting crops. The massive trucker protests (God bless them!) will in turn create massive shortages! And the Fed IS still printing billions! Pretty obvious – food and water ; ideally some solar/gardening and electric bike ; reduced debt – and bullion. Micheal Oliver sees money fleeing the Stock Market even if the Fed re-pumps it – going into metals – and putting even MORE pressure on commodities – so switch investments accordingly. John is right – this is hideous! The social unrest will be frightful. God knows what the NWO Schwab-trained Governments have planned, so contacts made from the coming protests need to be maintained as strong as possible. Thanks John and Greg for the well-needed hit over the head!

  20. Fred Daake

    The evil crooks who are occupying the government is that they were willing to trick people into accepting killer vaccines. They promoted riots and refused to prosecute the perpetrators. They continue to prosecute innocent’s and make it clear that they want to see Trump thrown in jail. They shamelessly stole the election. They want to crash the economy . Do you think that demons with this this mindset care about what happens to us if they decided that they wanted to raise interest rates?

  21. Jeff robbins

    I have a pond liner being delivered tomorrow, I’m out about 20k on it- used a line of credit. Praise God we have the perfect ‘hole’ to put it in. Actually had to move a bunch of dirt over the winter. I’ve taken our family finances to the red line for this, also financing a tractor and we do have some reserve real estate, it’s not to far out of reach. The point is- thanks to USA watchdog and common sense we know the times are serious and dark. For us having a resource water source and also a place to grow some catfish has turned into a bit of a mission. The conversion rate for catfish is just incredible. Protein of all kinds should continue to see inflation. ‘They’ are talking about people eating bugs!!

  22. Mike R

    I’m fairly certain John has been forecasting a hyper inflationary Depression for 16 out of out of the past 16 years.

    And there is no way on this planet inflation is at anything above 10% right now. People don’t get what that even means. Has everything they buy now today, doubled in price in the past 7 years ? Hardly. Yes, prices are rising, but that’s not the definition of inflation.

    We are a long long long way from hyperinflation. Try going to Venzuela or Zimbabwe if you want to experience it first hand.

    • IIG

      In the 1980’s the US Government changed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to lower the Social Security Payments they would have had to make to ordinary Americans – while at the same time printing money for the elite – so as to create a wider spread between the rich and poor – which would help create the class warfare necessary to foment a revolution that would change our Government from a Constitutional Republic to a “Commie” Dictatorship – and hence allow them to mandate “unauthorized” speech as a terrorist act and also mandate that ordinary Americans must be injected against their will with an experimental clot shot that will kill them before they can ever collect even one Social Security check!!

  23. Marie Joy

    Au, Ag, Pb

  24. Paul

    Buckle up

    When runaway inflation struck in Germany in the 1920s, the middle class was destroyed, which led directly to the rise of the Nazis.(Today schwab and company)

    2022 was the year predicted for crash 2 years ago after Biden was installed.

    Good interview
    Don’t go to the lumber yard, otherwise you realize even shadowstats numbers are optimistic

  25. Gregory

    Any non-custodial dads /fathers out there , be in good cheer .. When the U.S. dollar crashes so goes the luciferian family court/child support title IV-D franchise extortion scam ! Invest in gold , silver , crypto currency’s and emergency food and you’ll get your children …

  26. Paul

    When will the frogs jump from the boiling water.

    Learn how to fix things. Replacement won’t be option for many

    • IIG

      Sadly it seems Humanity is Toast – likely a century from now the AI “robot” archaeologists walking around Earth looking for “their missing link” will find nothing between them and the monkeys – as our human bones will all be cremated and turned to ash by the evil eugenicists working for the Demons (who have vote to exterminate the human “pedophile queer transgender” race as grossly unfit and just too immoral to be allowed to live in God’s universe!!

  27. Mike and Janet

    Definitely inflation where we are is going thru the roof. 4 or 5 bags of groceries near 200 dollars and we are not buying a lot of meat , fish etc…. Yes the dollar is loosing value fast and these politicians say there’s no inflation ???

  28. John Nordstrom

    ‘It’s different this time’ . We are in unchartered waters. Never before have we seen such blatant election fraud and democide on a global scale. The Fed has no intention of fixing the economy. It will extend and pretend until the Central Bank can get a war started which the US must lose to wipe away US sovereign debt obligations. The Great Reset will reestablish a neo-feudal society with a one-world government under banker control, and the Central Bank will own all hard assets and the means of production. We will be left holding worthless Fed paper, unless we stand together and demand that all of the sitting elected Federal politicians step down (both parties) and new paper-only elections are held to form a new government. Ghandi had it right – nonviolent resistance, civil disobedience, and economic or political noncooperation

  29. Mountain Goat

    Oh good, my misspelling has it’s own reputation lol….

    “USAWatchdog.com also reserves the right to edit comments for grammar and spelling errors.”

  30. Bob

    If they bring in a fed coin then what happens? This entire deal is blanked up!

  31. PBD

    Greg, Thanks for the excellent, excellent interview but very dire – the jig is up (I think).
    Yes, raising interest rates won’t work because the inflation we have now is NOT from a vibrant overheating economy – the inflation is from government sponsored (open) funny-money printing and debt monetization Ponzi scheme that has caused economic stagnation. The plandemic just uncloaked and accelerated the Ponzi blow-up.
    It is impossible to taper/unwind a Ponzi scheme. If the FED raises rates (hypothetically) it will actually make things worse – accelerate inflation and related money printing to keep the system liquid.
    A Ponzi scheme by its nature must ultimately blow-up – because a Ponzi is defined by exponentially growing promises in aggregate that can never be full-filled because there are more claims on tangible assets than there are assets. Unfortunately, 99% of the public that has most/all of their savings in banks and brokerage accounts will find out that they actually own nothing – when the promises to pay/deliver are breached. Most everyone thinks they are “special” – will be on the “A” list with their broker who will call them first before the collapse, or that government will bail-them out, or that they will be smart enough to jump-ship in time. Most will just keep on picking up pennies in front of the steamroller right to the end and get flattened. When they have lost everything and government does not bail them out, and they are hungry, cold, stuck in a “blue” city and are sick because they have erased their immune system from getting boosted with increasingly deadly toxic Covid shots – they will lose it – some (most of the libs) will turn to violence and blame everyone else – it will be literally a “dog-eat-dog” situation, eat or be eaten – and manifest a horrific real “Mad Max” – zombie apocalypse.
    The one thing that might buy the U.S. time is Powel “jaw-boning” about raising interest rates may blow-up foreign economies first, cause foreign capital to flee – to the U.S. that will prop-up U.S. bonds and stocks temporarily.
    It didn’t have to be this way!
    Best of luck all!

  32. NavyBlueSmoke

    I am so very grateful to John for the decades long work in compiling these statistics ! John has always been a clear eyed person telling us what the stats mean for us in language that the average person can understand. I pray everytime I see a new appearance from him that we have him with us for several more decades . Once this John Williams is gone , the molds been broken & there will not be anymore ……….. One of a kind , priceless ……….. Keep On Keeping On , John ………….. We Love You …………….

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Nicely put. JW is a real gentleman ~ gentle-man.

  33. Tom Grier

    I’ve been buying pillar candles for years for $3. Last time they wanted $4; today they wanted $6.


    O’CANADA! We LOVE 02/08/2022 •
    Freedom Convoy Preemptive SOS Press Conference Feb.7, 2022 | IrnieracingNews
    83,531 views Premiered 3 hours ago
    This is the most well-spoken, dignified, compassionate, “protest” I’ve ever seen.
    “O Canada”—All four verses!

  35. Yvonne DE Carla

    Putin Has Nuclear Economic Bomb-Jim Sinclair
    and a few other things

    Tucker: Crumbling regimes always resort to this
    589,861 views Feb 7, 2022 Fox News
    ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host argues fascistic leaders are trying to intimidate truckers for speaking out.

  36. Jerry

    Allow me to play devils advocate since Stan seems to be MIA.
    Greg we’ve been in economic free fall since 2007 so this is nothing new. Stimulus 1-23, the Feds repo buyback program, and money printing to infinity have all been used to buy time until the globalist put their new carbon based digital economic program in place and then trigger a reset. From where I’m sitting we have much bigger problems coming our way.

    As tragic as it is, I find it humorous to hear people talk about getting back to normal when billions of people are in the process of dying in biological war, and the Russians are arming their planes with nuclear weapons as our deep state government pushes us ever closer to war. Whatever happens the economic crash will be covered up by something else. The bankers will never take the blame for their insane actions. Quadrillions of debt has nowhere to go but up in smoke and just like a mortgage default, the slate will be wiped clean. And of course Stan will be cruising with his Fed buddies in St. Martins so life will be grand. 😊

  37. Mark Washburn

    Great timing for having Mr. JW back on Greg and yes, in his sober level way, he has never sounded more dark. The writing is on the wall. The jig is up.

  38. Neville

    It’s white knuckle time folks, pull in your belts,buy only essentials AND MOST IMPOTRTANT OF ALL GET RID OF YOUR VALUELESS $$$$……
    John is like a dental economist who knows exactly where the nerves are and when they will cause you the most pain and right now the financial novocaine has run out…..All spent on propping up the markets and moreover financing fauci’s scamdemic.
    This great interview turned out in the main to be another exposal of the corrupt ,crooked and lying administration that is in place.

    There will be NO GREAT RESET……….This will be one of the things that our LORD JESUS CHRIST will deal with as the american administration totally smashed the economic system worldwide they therefore cannot be entrusted to fix it.

    Thanks Greg and John for a great performance……won’t need to go to a horror show in yonks now

  39. Joseph V

    Peter Schiff, John Williams and Cliff High, all you need too know.

  40. Sue Patterson

    Jesus said, recorded in Matthew 7:26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: 27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.
    Foolish, unbelieving men have been building on the sand for thousands of years. The fall of it all is inevitable.
    Jesus is real. Jesus never lies.

  41. Paul

    Today it is cheaper to start a Business than tomorrow

    Fill your pantries, fill your workshop, fill your inventory goods for production.
    By the way it’s not hoarding-ask the mormons, Mennonite, Amish it’s standard practice for them

    During Venezuela’s recent bout with inflation a silver ounce fed a family for a month

    Banks will be bailed inward this time-depositors.

    Nordstrom you have been doing your reading- I concur

    A lot of hedge fund money in China. Will it be held as collateral for usa’s debt obligations to them

  42. john geis

    The people are dying and life insurance companies have to pay and go broke UNLESS they show that Pfizer and the others committed fraud by hiding the side effects because fraud eliminates their protection under the EUA. A federal judge Wednesday rejected a bid by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with the support of Pfizer, to delay the court-ordered release of nearly 400,000 pages of documents pertaining to the approval of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. The release of the facts will, in my opinion, result in massive lawsuits by insurance companies. One young man (20) just died from the vaccine as stated by the coroner. They can’t hide it much longer. people will start to demand autopsies.

    • IIG

      Or – Big Pharma can pay the Insurance Companies $50,000 dollars for each life insurance claim they have to cover – the way they are now paying Hospitals $50,000 dollars to kill people on ventilators (after injecting them with remdisavire to destroy their kidneys and build up fluid in their lungs)!!

  43. Tamara Fox

    John Williams is so knowledgeable!! What a kind and humble man!! Thank you Greg for another great interview!

  44. Da Yooper

    A timely interview Greg ………love John Williams

    “they lied about the employment numbers”

    what can we expect from a corrupt illegitimate political cabal ? Nothing this crime syndicate says is true it’s all hype, lies & bullshit.

    The fed ( another criminal syndicate ) is jawboning the talk of raising rates to try keep gold & silver suppressed. IF powells lips are moving he is lying.

    Buckle up folks this is going to get interesting .

  45. Susan R

    I have been too well educated by you Greg, and John Williams over the years and if I try to reveal a glimpse of our future regarding this, it is hopeless! The disbelief will hurt deep.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sister Susan, Not hopeless for the prepared and those with Jusus!! I know you have both.

  46. Donald

    John Williams provides great alternative economic statistics, but he’s been calling for hyperinflation for a long time now.

    He’s kind of a broken record (like Peter Schiff) at this point.

  47. Country Codger

    Wow! John. That was fantastic. Take care my friend.
    Great interview Greg.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Mark Washburn

      IMO, John has always been rather understated and has kept to the facts as he has seen them unfolding. Fear mongering has never been his thing. Any mention of hyperinflation have always been in the realm of possibility and probability if we kept on the same path. I found his tone different this time, understated as always, but more grave as he in now signaling that possibility has transformed into immanent.

  48. Bill's Stilled!

    Ben Shapiro: This is going to backfire on Trudeau
    83,447 views Feb 9, 2022
    Trudeau, HAS LOST THE PLOT!

  49. PBD

    “46 = 13”
    Stagflation and ultimately hyperinflation is going to rip this country apart. The pressure is already building – seems like some young folks (Samson music rapper) understands inflation better than most. See link to Samson rap music video “46 = 13” https://youtu.be/sB_T54wg9KI (rapping about inflation up to minute 5:20 – after that it gets into JB pulling out of Afghanistan) WARNING – this video is NOT FOR EVERYONE – it has a lot of very sever harsh language/F-bombs etc. – but it gets an unvarnished point across.
    Best of luck all.

  50. Marie Joy

    One way to destroy the people is taxes, especially, if the currency is worthless. I asked my town tax people if they would accept assets (gold, silver, jewelry) as payment for taxes. They said yes. The problem then becomes How much will they give you for an ounce of gold. Ask your city/town if they will accept assets in payment for taxes. Taxes will be there as long as government is there./

  51. Mark Benassi

    Love the reporting on all the lying about the economy. I wanted to bring up something which I hope other people might be able to confirm. My business was cut in half because of the covid hysteria and has not recovered at all but I noticed that other companies in my business, music products and instruments, were advertising for employees on some of the online job sites. I decided to check out some of these openings to see for myself if these competitors were really doing great while I hadn’t hired anyone in almost 2 years. What I discovered blew my mind – virtually every one of the listings I checked on was bogus for one reason or another. Some listings were for stores that had been closed, some simply made no sense, and some simply went nowhere. This immediately made me wonder – are all these supposed millions of unfilled job openings really real? I am curious if someone else may have had a similar experience.

    • Myn

      I heard it has to do with the business loans that the gov gave out for covid. If you advertise positions you don’t have to pay it back. Something along that line…more research needed

  52. farmacist

    I agree with mr. williams and his thoughts on the economy having depressed demand which means the FED cannot raise interest rates without causing a disaster. I believe they have already caused a disaster. The point of depressed demand is a lowering of the velocity of money and a lack of goods to measure inflation against. You can’t buy unavailable goods! I believe demand is being suppressed due to “chip shortages”, shipping delays, lockdowns, etc. ON PURPOSE to hide the effects of the large amount of money already printed. The American people have a lot of money and nothing to spend it on so we feel good about our situation (a false sense of security). The banksters have used every tool to manipulate the money system including suppressed demand and death shots too. My question is: will the deflation caused by the liqudation of assests of people who died before their time hold back the inflation caused by excess money printing?
    Welcome back greg, Glad to hear about your recovery.

  53. Hats Of ForLarry!

    The Five’ blast ‘elite cupcake’ Justin Trudeau
    958,739 views Feb 8, 2022 Fox News
    12 hours ago, see the Great comments!
    People must understand..this isn’t just truckers… Canadians are sick of the way they’re country is ran [US. too!] and they’re not backing down 👍
    Bret Baier: This is a big problem for Justin Trudeau
    1,201,433 views Feb 8, 2022 Fox News

  54. Ken

    I know you are on top of farm news. My uncle farms 1,800 archers in central Iowa. Spoke with him on the phone last week. They are running short of anhydrous, said if a farmer ordered 10 tanks they got 3
    tanks. He had all but 90 archers done before the shortages hit. When he called about the 90 they told him it would be an extra 300.00 an archer for fertilizer and seed corn was going up a lot!! just the cost of that 90 in fertilizer is 27,000 dollars. Also farm equipment parts shortages.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, Ken!!!

  55. Paul

    I guess the message from johns interview

    The government economic data is suspect at the least
    The fed can’t raise interest rates-or crash the economy
    The fed prints more fiat and debases further

    Since 2019 who would of thought

    Abolishing the populist movements
    Bank repo defaults
    Election madness and govt’t coverup
    Event 201 and subsequent activation
    2 weeks to stop Covid to 2 years and counting.
    Destruction of our borders
    Censorship and killing of truth tellers
    Jan 6 prisoners

    And you think they will act logically.

    My assessment is they raise rates and acquire more land, businesses, lithium and metal mines, oil, dams, toll roads, farms, —-countries

  56. Paul

    To follow up on my prior post
    How can mortgage holders at 3-4 percent hang on to that paper with inflation

    50 percent or more corporations are zombie- must rollover debt or bust

    Letters of credit-without most business do not have organic capital or able to fund operations organically thru profit

    It is more tempting for these pirates to acquire more thru destruction of economy and getting rid of low mortgage paper and pickup businesses for pennies on the dollar

    Inflation would take longer and doesn’t get the assets. Existing assets are worth more, however.

  57. Russ F

    They won’t crash the economy until mid-term elections are over; maybe after.

  58. Denrio

    Me thinks they released the Covid pandemic to have something to blame for the money printing
    Not that they did money printing because of the pandemic
    They knew the market was on it’s way to a crash
    Thanks for all your hard work Greg

  59. Dave

    Celente doesn’t believe there will be a recession until 2023. That implies that the Fed will not significantly raise rates this year. And spending will continue unchecked. Just today a third of GOP congress folks joined all but 2 of the Democrats to easily pass a continuing resolution. Of all times for the GOP to show a united front on spending this was it and they folded as always. The resolution will garner even a larger percentage of GOP Senate votes. More than half. BTW, the GOP ayes were from members in totally safe districts – no GOP challenger in the primary. This is a sign that should the GOP retake control of the House nothing will change. They are playing a game. Few really believe.

    Speaking of which, under the Reagan Administration the COLA for SS was reduced (via changing the formula) so Reagan and the GOP did and do play this game just like the Dems – the PTB of both parties don’t care about Main Street. It’s tax cuts for the wealthy whether it is the Trump Administration or a Democrat administration.

    It’s laughable for so many media conservatives to blame the inflation on Biden. it has been building to this point from years and especially with Bush 2 and his “saving” the economy in 2007/2008 by massive money printing. Followed by ever larger budget deficits under Obama, then Trump and now Biden.

  60. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I hope you will permit a re-post of the link to ‘Bonds for the Win’ originally posted on USAW by ‘Charles Cosby’ in the Dr Eads comments.

    If you want to stop children being mandated to take the killshots, you need to listen to this ‘how to’ interview:

  61. Gern Blanston

    Great interview. You seem to ask the questions that we (or at least I) want answered.
    Would love see you talk with Williams again. Thanks for making me aware of him; his website is http://www.shadowstats.com/

  62. PersonaNonGrata

    On 02/05/2022 IVAN posted a link to Reiner Fuellmich’s opening remarks in the case of crimes against humanity. The opening remarks named all the witnesses intended to give evidence for the prosecution / plaintiff. Among those named was Nobel Laureate, Professor Luc Montagnier. I just learned he died suddenly 02/08/2022. People do die naturally age 89 and I can only hope the loss of his expert testimony was not ‘arranged’.

    IVAN 02/05/2022 •
    Reiner Fuellmich’s opening remarks at a curious kind of people’s court https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2022/02/reiner-fuellmichs-opening-remarks-at-a-curious-kind-of-peoples-court-2682890.html

    PersonaNonGrata 02/06/2022 •
    Hi Ivan,
    Many thanks for the link. I sincerely hope nothing untoward happens to the many expert witnesses Reiner names in his opening statement. There is a dark history of people intending to give evidence, in ‘Clinton et al’ trials, being ‘deterred’ pre trial.

  63. Heath Hampstead Jr.

    Will Cain: Canada trucker protest may end with a twist involving America
    486,851 views Feb 9, 2022

  64. SkeptiSchism

    I also think that’s the most bearish he’s been on your show since I’ve been listening. At least a couple years I think.

    Always good to hear Mr. Williams talk, he’s a legend.

  65. Heath Hempstead Jr.

    Ingraham: Lessons from Up North
    611,575 views Feb 8, 2022
    Canuckbelgo 1 day ago
    Love you Laura! I’m a Canadian in totalitarian Belgium. Thank you for the fair coverage. This global insanity MUST BE STOPPED !!!

  66. Roger...

    Tip of the hat to the Canadian Truckers!

  67. Steve Bice

    This is not believable.

    They are saying Bob Saget fell and hit his head, and went to bed and died.

    Firstly, anyone who fell while alone would call a spouse or friend or go to the ER. Secondly, they said there were no signs of trauma. Anyone who dies from hitting their head would at least have a bump from any fall hard enough to cause internal bleeding. A bump would have been suspicious for lots of reasons.

    This is a lie so ludicrous, it shows how stupid they think the public is. I don’t doubt that he had a brain bleed…but it didn’t come from a fall.


  68. Dan

    The market indicators show improvement. January was a downturn month the doomers took advantage of that, but now things are going up. The covid narrative is falling apart, even Fauci has recently stated the end of the pandemic is near. Concerts and entertainment across the Country are booked solid. It’s going to be a great year!

  69. George

    Until I see Greg Hunter in the White House press room I don’t believe nothing they say

  70. Good News Hasbro

    Ancient biblical prophecy has been revealed here on USAWatchdog.com and you have seen the signs and the undeniable proof of the word of God coming true…
    Events foretold by the prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and John the Apostle, to name a few, have already happened and has been inevitable.
    Some think today what they are seeing is deeply disturbing…
    Because events seen during a whole generation are tied to ancient Biblical prophecies, step by step and they are realizing why we are standing at the precipice of the darkest period in all the history of mankind and forever more afterwards.
    An event that may leave Billion’s dead in its wake!
    Let the ignorant laugh, but take comfort. For it is God’s will that a higher power, must purge evil in all the meta and physical universe. You will understand the terrible tribulation that is about to happen, so that you may have time to chill. Because when every one is in fear, you must keep sane, in a rapidly insane world!
    There have been countless false prophets and doomsayers claiming they know the Biblical revelations and spewing falseness and deceit…
    When the truth has always been there in God’s word for all to see. Hindsight in biblical prophecy is always confirming. You just have to know where to look!
    Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with praying and taking your finger to hit a page out of an opened bible.
    So stay tuned friends and enemies, right here on USAWatchdog.com!

  71. Jerry

    It’s amazing how long the central planners have allowed this to go on.
    I revisited this report I posted a few years ago. It clearly shows how deep the corruption goes. https://www.pbs.org/video/frontline-the-warning/

    Even though I hate PBS it’s one of the best economic predictors I have ever seen, and it includes many of the guest you’ve had on your site, including professor Black.

    I think it’s a forgone conclusion that the central planners have no intention of fixing the current system. The World Economic Forum along with the United Nations have been busy building a replacement. Unfortunately many of us will not be here to see it…….thank God!

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg and Mr. Williams, I am sure the numbers you bring to light are true, but do wonder if they continue their ‘policies’ as shown in this article below…one does have to wonder if they can keep this going longer that one might think if they continue to print and pass more such programs without the majority of the dumb down becoming the wiser… The younger generation will likely bite on getting paid not to work, loan forebearence. student loan deliquency etc at the expense of those with work ethics, frugal lifestyles, and saving for their futures…
    ADD, the poor adherence to ‘the rule of law’ that makes stealing and lower crimes unpunishable, quasi-legal, the ‘cooperating multinationals themselves just raise prices to those that CAN pay, and right of the theft losses and damages as they contribute TO those groups creating the same…add to that the pump and dump of some of the ‘elites’ own stocks who then ”invest in those same”’opportunity”’ zones that then get ‘tax free gains at the same time with those flush with cash able to pick up cheap commercial real estate in those urban down town districts where the crime is rampant…likely knowing that down the line…pressure will come to bear and ‘sanity’ will eventually return and those properties will then regain their value and move higher as ‘their’ pressure the gov’t and the same taxpayers they fleeced on the way down to pay into ””infrastructure upgrades”’ ? All while of course, even those like Pelosi, the fed bankers themselves have been caught insider trading on their policies without reprisal. Where does this end…it seems more about keeping the majority dumb down…and unaware of the real value of money as they get paid more money to work or even not work as they chase even higher priceed goods right over the cliff?


  73. Paul

    The useless eaters, deplorables, aren’t the locusts. Rather it’s the central banks, governments and their minions that consume and waste our labors.
    Thank god for alternative media.

    Viva the resistance

  74. Paul

    You only live once. You don’t want your tombstone to read: Played it safe

    Thanks Greg, your guest and commentators.

  75. Raymond Jensen

    Greg, can you bring Harry Dent on and ask him what he thinks will happen to the economy when we go through the die-off? Demographically, it seems that this should be very deflationary.



  77. Matt

    Wow Greg! John really seem nervous talking about things to come, sent a shivers down my spine.

    • Greg Hunter

      He told me off camera he knows it’s going to be bad. Get ready.

  78. Mountain Goat

    Good interview, This is interesting Williams thinks they will print money and not raise rates. Everything else we are reading indicates they will raise rates. But they still have not raised rates, but have only threatened to.

    This leads the obvious point, that they are not planning on raising rates,but some are saying they will be forced to. I think is Right, and get ready for Inflation….

    (some say there will be deflation before inflation but this is not good how)

  79. Paul

    Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence
    Everyone has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws

    Those who make peaceful demonstrations impossible will make violent revolution inevitable

    Paul in arkansas

  80. Jim

    Hey Greg! I was listening to Peter Schiff podcast and he gave quite a shout out to you, JW and your website. Good to know that he listens and follows your work:)
    Thanks for everything

    • Greg Hunter

      Peter Schiff is a great guy and he is very smart.

  81. Frank Stiles

    Its a shame Mr. Williams has to go through the coming hell on Earth at his time in life.

  82. Bible Reader


    Jell-Omectin shots. How to get measured doses of Ivermectin to a loved one trapped in a hospital or other facility.

    The following assumes the freedom to bring food to a loved one in a hospital or other similar facility, which is not uncommon.

    Prepare Jell-O according to package instructions.

    Pour tepid liquid Jell-O into desired number of cubes in a silicone ice cube tray or candy mold, leaving room for added liquid in each cube.

    Add 1% injectable livestock solution to each cube.

    Handy tip: 5mL equals one measuring teaspoon. Therefore adding 5mL/1teaspoon to a silicone ice cube slot would be 50 milligrams of Ivermectin in the one Jell-O cube. 50 milligrams (5mL of the 1% injectable solution) is the treatment dose for a 180 pound person.

    Put Jell-O filled and Ivermectin fortified silicone tray in the refrigerator to set up.

    I always liked my Jell-O served with Cool-Whip. 🙂

    You now have essentially Jell-O Ivermectin pills, with each containing a precise number of milligrams of Ivermectin that can be easily brought to and fed to a loved one being denied treatment.

    As always, I hope this helps.

  83. Myn

    Greg, I just read that Mr. Luc Montagnier have just passed…I hope not.

  84. virginia clark

    Thank you for another great interview Greg.
    This becomes confusing living here in Florida because we are booming. There is a new neighborhood going in near me with 600 homes. There are a lot of areas that are building apartment buildings and homes. A job a McDonald’s starts at 16.00. It’s not that hard to find a job if you want one.
    Yet, I do prep to a degree because of all the warnings.
    Interesting discussion above on pennies and nickels. Good info. I’ll look through my piggy bank.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can thank your governor for that. Management at all businesses and government offices makes a huge difference. The people in the Biden Administration are willfully incompetent.

  85. Michele

    Greg, relieved you are on the mend. You are one of the reasons some of us will survive what’s coming.
    God bless Mr. William’s bythe just couldn’t bring himself to answer the tough questions directly. Kind of like asking an attorney for the good news and the bad news and they say ” it’s not good”.
    God bless and keep you Greg Hunter

  86. Randy Best

    It should be obvious to any one with a couple of functioning brain cells that all the FED is trying to do is prop up a failed system.

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