Fed Waterboarding Deutsche Bank – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says there is a lot you are not seeing with all the bad news coming from Deutsche Bank (DB). You’ve seen DB stock hit all-time lows, the Fed downgrading them and flunking the bank on a recent stress test. Rob Kirby says it’s much worse than you think and explains, “Basically, it is the German regulator telling DB you are going to get out of this pool, then the Americans realizing how hostile the Germans have become to the criminal activity of the U.S. monetary complex. They basically said you are getting out of our pool?  Well, we’re going to waterboard you first, and we’re going to bring public shame upon you.”

Is Kirby worried about DB going under? Kirby says, “I think Deutsche Bank could go under. It might very well deserve to go under, but will they be permitted to go under? In my view, there is no doubt what-so-ever that Morgan Stanley was insolvent in the 2008 and 2009 time frame. Their stock was at $5, and it looked like it was going to $0. They pulled out the stops and papered over the shortcomings at Morgan Stanley.” Kirby thinks European central bankers will do the same for DB.

Kirby goes on to say, “What we are really seeing here . . . is a trade war that has been going on for quite some time. This is a frictional description I am giving characterizing the regulatory relationship between American regulatory interests and German regulatory interests.”

Kirby cites the example of Germany building an engine plant in Russia in 2015 against the wishes of the U.S.  Kirby says, “The U.S. wanted to put Russia in an economic penalty box. . . . As the date approached for the VW engine plant opening in Russia, so did the rhetoric between the U.S. EPA and VW regarding emissions on their diesel engines. They got a huge fine. . . . You could not have a closer measure of cause and reaction than this engine plant opening in Russia, and days later, this . . . very, very punitive fine on VW.”

Kirby says what this all boils down to is pro-dollar dollar forces vs. anti-dollar forces. Kirby contends, “Three, four and five years ago, countries taking anti-dollar actions would have included only China, Russia and a few other smaller Asian players. Now, we are starting to see friction that is not just Asian players, now it’s Germany. Who’s next? Is it going to be the whole European Union . . . going to drift into the anti-dollar camp as well?  America is becoming isolated.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby.

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After the Interview: 

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Below is the entire article Rob Kirby wrote in preparation for this interview for USAW:

Doings at Deutsche Bank

A recent ZeroHedge article chronicled a very large one day loss suffered by German banking giant, Deutsche Bank in the first quarter of 2018. This one day loss was reported as being “12 times VaR”. So what is VaR anyway? The definition/explanation of VaR is can be read at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency [OCC] latest quarterly derivatives report – page 11 – at this link. Boiled down in layman’s terms VaR is a proprietarily calculated measure, unique to each financial institution – expressing how much money they could likely lose on any given day on a worst-case-basis.

A Bit of Deutsche Bank’s Recent History

On June 26, 2015 we learned from a Reuters article citing sources at the Financial Times that German bank regulators were concerned that Deutsche Bank chairman [at the time] Anshu Jain may have lied to them when interviewed back in 2012 when they were investigating rumours of interest rate rigging in the 2012 timeframe. Back in 2012 rumours were also rampant that precious metals prices were rigged too – so it is not a stretch to believe that German bank regulators were investigating this as well. Sidebar: Coincidentally, or perhaps not, it was in 2012 that The German Federal Court of Auditors asked for an inspection [audit] of their foreign gold reserves held at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY – and were denied.

German bank regulator, BaFin, reportedly ordered back in 2012 that Deutsche Bank face “special banking supervisory measures” as a result.

A Few Words on German Bank Regulation From the Horse’s Mouth

“The German national central bank is the Deutsche Bundesbank. In banking supervision, the Deutsche Bundesbank works in close co-operation with BaFin and the ECB. Because of its role in the European System of Central Banks, the Eurosystem and its participation in the euro payment system TARGET2, it has genuine access to much data relating to banks. In addition, regular reporting by the financial sector is addressed to the Deutsche Bundesbank, which performs a quantitative analysis of a financial institution’s figures. If a problem occurs, the Deutsche Bundesbank will promptly involve BaFin.”

From the preceding, we can logically assume that Deutsche Bank [DB] was and with recent developments remains in the crosshairs and a tight leash of German bank regulators.

Overlying Parallel Macro Developments

Much has been written about the size of Deutsche Bank’s derivatives book – which peaked at $75 Trillion in notional around the time when regulators began looking into Deutsch Bank’s books. Since then DB’s derivatives book has shrunk dramatically [43 Trillion Euro at Dec 32/16].

A few more milestones:

  • After being denied audit of their Gold holdings at the Fed in NY in 2012, Germans requested return of their gold and were denied again
  • A seemingly revolving door at the head of DB, CEO Joseph Ackermann replaced by Anshu Jain May 2012. Jain replaced by John Cryan June 2015. Cryan replaced by Christian Sewing April 2018. Who’s really steering the ship?
  • In 2014, DB quits the gold and silver fix in London
  • In June 2015, DB’s Frankfurt offices raided
  • In April, 2016 DB admits rigging the price of gold and silver


For the past dozen years I have researched/written about interest rate derivatives [interest rate swaps and FRA’s] and how they were utilized by the US Treasury [ESF] working in conjunction with the NY Fed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to force interest rates to zero. When the US Treasury/ESF executed these trades [NY Fed acting as broker], select banks were made captive, risk free buyers of unthinkable amounts of US government debt. In effect, US monetary policy was being executed/instituted through the derivatives books of the largest commercial banks. This was more than an American operation – there were foreign banks involved too – DB being one of them.

When German regulators began accessing DB’s books in 2012, they “freaked out” at the complicity of DB with the US monetary apparatus and they put an end to it. There is no doubt, this would have been construed as a hostile act on the part of Germany by US monetary elites, that is, a rift was created. While investigating DB’s books, German regulators would have also taken note of the “American centric” criminal price suppression in the precious metals arena. This is why DB was “ORDERED” out of the pool in the gold and silver markets and does much to explain why Germany requested their sovereign gold be returned.

Remember folks, control of the price of precious metals and interest rates are “lynch pins” to underlying global perceptions of the worth of the US dollar.

A FUNDAMENTAL rift has opened between Germany and the US. In my view, German regulators DO NOT approve of American hegemony/monetary stewardship. An “undeclared” Trade War has been smouldering in the background for a number of years already folks. Consider the following coincidences:

Getting back to DB’s most recent one-day-loss of 12 times VaR – it has the appearance or odour of being ‘ordered’. Given all that has occurred, German regulators would/should have been aware of this situation. It would not surprise me if we find out that this “loss” was the result of German regulators ordering DB to “shutter” another misguided business line. ###




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  1. Ms. Blackmore

    NSA Leaker Reality Winner Pleads Guilty, Faces 5 Years in Prison
    By Brian Feldman June 26, 2018

    ‘The World’s Biggest Terrorist Has a Pikachu Bedspread’
    Not every leaker is an ideological combatant like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Reality Winner may be the unlikeliest of all.
    By Kerry Howley Illustration by Mike McQuade December 22, 2017

    • This sceptred Isle

      According to Gina, it is Richard Snowden not Edward!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Gina M Mancarella 05/28/2018 •
        Greg, The first person that will be indicted and sent to federal prison is Donald Trump. He colluded with the Russians to illegally steal the 2016 election and has turned this country into a living hell. Gone are the days of change we can believe in. That is until we impeach him and send him to prison for crimes against humanity and treason. His co-conspirator Julian Assange will also soon be arrested and extradited to the United States where he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and executed for his high crimes and misdemeanors against the peace and sanctity of the United States. RICHARD Snowden’s days are also numbered. The there there is coming home to roost ! Just not in the way you are foretelling. There ! I dare you to print that ! You won’t because the truth frightens you !

        This kind of sloppy mistake probably allowed Snowden to escape!

        • Paul ...

          I hear Snowden may be given to Trump by the Russians in return for a “good deal” … such is “the word and morality of men” compared to “higher more moral beings”!

    • Dru

      Hi I am new to the site but have been following Greg for a year or so. What I would like to add is about the bank in Germany. In 1973 David Wilkerson said that he had a vision from the Lord that the collapse would start in Germany and spread from there.
      Just go to YouTube and search ;1973 end times vision by David Wilkerson full

  2. This Sceptred Isle

    Happy Sun day Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy black-hole of nothingness day to you too!!

      • ConcAmDad

        And there we have it- another 200 point turnaround on the new Dow and gold is slammed down further. It is all sooooooo ansurd. And kow GE is out of the dow as well – what a joke it all is.

        • Paul ...

          God is giving all of us an opportunity to buy “his money” with worthless bankster fiat … praise the Lord for miracles like this … God out of the goodness of his heart wants to give “everyone of his followers” a chance to own some of “his money” … lucky for us evil non-believers exist that take the banksters fiat cash and give us God’s precious metal in return!!

    • sk

      Be nice!

    • sk

      Be nice, both of you!

    • Paul ...

      Isn’t it something that we have 52 Son days (and only 1 Father’s day and 1 Mother’s day each year)?

      • This sceptred Isle

        Again Greg, I invite you or Occasnltrvlr to reply with well reasoned counter-arguments. One starting point would be to find where it is written . . .(This is Greg Hunter #$$##@@###$$$$%%R^^^%$ No end of story. Stop. You believe in a black hole of nothingness and there is nothing we can say to each other to change our views. So, please stop this. You are wasting my time a creating work for me.


  3. T.J. Bookhim

    The Silver Is Mine, and the Gold Is Mine

    IN THE sixth century B.C.E., King Cyrus of Persia released God’s people from captivity in Babylon. Thousands of them returned to Jerusalem to rebuild Jehovah’s temple, which lay in ruins. The economic situation of those returnees was precarious, and hostile neighbors opposed the reconstruction. Hence, some of the builders wondered if they would ever finish that momentous project.

    Through his prophet Haggai, Jehovah reassured the builders that He was with them. “
    7 and I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come; and I will fill this house with glory, saith Jehovah of hosts.

    8 The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith Jehovah of hosts.

    9 The latter glory of this house shall be greater than the former, saith Jehovah of hosts; and in this place will I give peace, saith Jehovah of hosts,” God said. (Haggai 2:7-9 Darby Translation (DARBY) Public Domain) As for the builders’ economic concerns, Haggai conveyed this message: “‘The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,’ is the utterance of Jehovah of armies.” Within five years after Haggai spoke those stirring words, the project was completed.—Ezra 6:13-15.

    Haggai’s words have also motivated God’s servants in more recent times and many today cant help but see, maybe? That same hand behind the triumps of the Trump presidential campaigne and presidency. Which cant be denieid, has miraculasly not only survived unsurmountable odd’s against it, but has only been strengthened, as it’s not a clue enemies, have been exposed to the world, what not so jolly good fellows, they are not. To say the least and frightfully so!

    “‘USAWatchdog.com’” has, as many here believe and Donald J. Trump, God for its backer. And while this may be the case, Greg Hunter and the Donald have never begged nor petitioned men for support. When He who says: ‘All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine,’ fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it was time for Greg to suspend this site and the president to get his life back and some privacy.”

    Yet, USAWatchdog.com and the president of the United States, keep representing we the people untill the big Kahuna say’s so!

    Many here believe that God is backing this work and that funds will be available for projects that have his blessing.

    The scale of this work and the means used to accomplish it?—we can only imagine and it must demand large expenditures. Where does the money come from? Financing for all these matters comes from voluntary contributions. Greg does not require viewers to give money to support his USAWatchdog.com organizational activities, nor does he charge for any who contribute their views here on just about any subject, for any to see worldwide for free! If anyone does desire to make a donation to support USAWatchdog’s educational activity, of course Greg is happy to accept it and D.J. Trump is only accepting a dollar a year, putting his life on the line for all Americans!

    Consider what is involved in just one aspect of the efforts we can only imagine to get out real new’s, not fake news, the truth and nothing but, worldwide.

    To ensure accuracy for example, USAWatchdog does a great deal of research necessary for every new post, to be able to discusse a technical point or historical topic.

    Improving the Quality of Transmission

    As anyone who has ever attempted to learn another ones thoughts on a any subject knows, it is not a simple thing to translate complex thoughts accurately.

    But when the result is that millions of people around the world can truly grasp someone else’s ideas for the first time, would you not say that all the effort is worthwhile?

    This all requires considerable effort and expense. Yet, Greg Hunter and many USAWatchdogger’s “offer themselves willingly” along with our president, to carry out this work. (Psalm 110:3) They consider it a privilege to be able to make their own contribution and view it as an honor, that as a result, the president can consider them and Greg “fellow workers.” with God—1 Corinthians 3:5-9.

    It is true that he who says “the silver is mine, and the gold is mine” does not depend on our financial assistance in order to accomplish the many aspects of this work. Yet, Jesus Christ has dignified his servants with the privilege of having a share in sanctifying his name by their contributing to the preaching of lifesaving truths “to all the nations.” (Matthew 24:14; 28:19, 20) Are you not moved to do all you can to support this never-to-be-repeated work?

    • Paul ...

      He who can rightfully say: “The Silver Is Mine, and the Gold Is Mine” is only God the Father … God the Father can also say: “All The Other Elements I Created In This Universe Are Also Mine” (God allows mankind to use all the elements he created for the benefit of humanity) … and God determined gold and silver was to play a major role “in being money” by making it rarer then all his other elements … fiat notes created by banksters (who think they are gods) is not rare at all (an infinite amount of bankster money is simply conjured into existence ) … so to believe in fiat made of paper, plastic or crypto electrons is to believe in a “false god’s money” (that is not rare at all)!!

  4. Ms. Blackmore

    Chris Wray,
    the I D I O T ?

    “Prison Awaits You”, Arrogant Rod Rosenstein

    The Plan To Save The World
    Rosie’s Criminal Cabal

    Insurrection by GOP leadership and inner circle necessary to stop president, he says
    The Hill – JUNE 23, 2018


  5. Jim Cornell

    Democrats Announce America’s Last 4th Of July?

    Independence to dependence, on whom?

    • Paul ...

      The Demon-rat-ic Party will bring us commie -nism with calls for riots and fireworks on the 4th … these Demon-rats are “closet segregationists” who propose abortion of black unborn children as “a women’s reproductive rights” … blacks are awakening and are not voting for these “closet segregationists” but are now becoming Trump supporters … seems the Demon-rats know black people have independent minds and can think for themselves (so they need to get rid of these free thinkers who don’t simply follow orders “by aborting them” and instead bring in illegal aliens who can be “more easily brainwashed” in our government controlled commie school system)!! … think about it … why bring in millions of illegal aliens to vote for Demon-rats when all they have to simply do is get rid of Roe V Wade!!

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Blockbuster interview! Man, this is getting real . . . real fast.

  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Kirby,unfortunately truth,even in numbers,seems to be a revolutionary idea in today’s society.
    Perhaps we need to remember a little of the 2005-2008 time frame.During this time whilst CDOs and CDSs were being touted as a promise of security,remember these bonds PROMISED unequivocally that any tranche that fell below investment grade would be swiftly repurchased at face value no quibbles .On this understanding,the Landesbanks of Germany bought in droves these “toxic assets”for security and returns.Well,that didn’t end well,so they turned to the “no quibble”promise,correctly there was “no quibbles”the American banks laughed in their faces and said come collect in New York Courts.So the saving of millions of high tax paying Germans disappeared in moment of lucidity.
    DB was forced to make these CDOs and CDSs whole again by the German government and now we have DB being rescued AGAIN by the German tax payer.The poison of Anglo American banking is indeed deep.
    Whilst America has indeed printed money out of thin air in the $Trillions much of this was lent to countries,particularly here in Europe and the UK,where we will have to earn US Dollars to pay all this back particularly as interest rates rise.Our debts for those of us outside the USA are way beyond even the printing mechanism of the USA,without resilient economies.
    The USA’s banks are salivating over the wealth of Germany and China,Germany they will asset strip and China is next,the hunger of these banks is insatiable and the unthinkable will be done down to stripping pensions.
    No crime and time just suicides of those not connected to the blond beasts of the inner ring.

    • Andre

      Maria das Santos
      Yes! Amazing how the US “financial aid” works. They print money out of thin air and lend it to other countries and then want back hard money with interest. It surely sounds like you can’t lose in this business. No worry though Britts can also print GBP as much as they need to cover it. Unless you are a third world country then you may have a problem. They will go after their natural resources. Look up “Economic Hitman”. Because it is not about money but natural resources.
      But let’s not blame US government because it is just a puppet state to the Federal Reserve cartel run by Knights of Malta and Jesuits.

      • Beverly Kingsford


        Are you being sarcastic or serious about who to blame? We certainly DO have to blame the U.S. government and the people of the U.S. for allowing a Federal Reserve bank to become a real thing. The U.S. is being used for the banker’s bank. The people of the U.S. are being used to finance all the crap that these bankers do around the world. And, when the “right” time comes, the U.S. will be sacrificed to help bring about their new world order. They are doing all they can to break apart the U.S.—-a civil war, disrespect of men, financial issues for families, drugs and illegal searches, gun issues. All these things happen on purpose to destroy the last example of what a good government should have looked like before it became corrupt. The people of the U.S. are going to have to fight back and fight hard if they want their freedoms.

    • Andre

      OK Here you go: From the horse’s mouth:
      In 1720, Michael Angelo Tamburini, then General of the Jesuits, said to the Duke of Brancas, “See, my lord, from this room—from this room I govern not only Paris, but China: not only China, but the whole world, without any one knowing how ‘tis managed.”

      • Paul ...

        So the globalists we are fighting have been around a “very long time” … if we can beat them now … it will truly be a very glorious triumph for good over evil!!”

    • Jallen

      Maria das Santos,
      You are well informed and a most excellent post. Jesus was not to big on the money changers either!


  8. H. Craig Bradley


    The big banks that “Flunked” such as G.S., Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank are all big derivatives players , as well. The game with U.S. authorities is always the same: extract more fines or money (Tribute) from those players who have been holding-out, such as Multi-Billion dollar fines. The rest is show for the public. The U.S. Government controls most globally systemically important financial institutions and knows what they are involved in. Somewhere down the line, Caesar wants more “booty”. Caesar is a bit greedy, as always. Hail Caesar !

    • freebrezer

      HCB – I get your gist, but remember that Caesar was killed by Gaius Cassius and Brutus and their families were one of the largest banking cartels in Rome. Caesar proposed a few weeks before his death the stopping interest on loans for a period, this to reinvigorate the economy. As always the big banks extract their blood!

      • William Stanley

        freebreezer: Interesting historical fact!

      • Paul ...

        So the list of “kills” by the banksters grows … now we have to add Caesar to the list of “good guys” who tried to reform “the money changer system” … Christ being the first to be taken down!! … but then again … I bet there were probably many more “taken out” before Jesus Christ if we look back even further in history!

  9. Paul ...

    German regulators are doing the right thing with DB for their evil conduct … how about them now going after Bayer (a company with little regard for human life who peddled poison gas for use on the battlefields of Europe during WWI and has tainted their products with HIV) who has now taken over Monsanto (the company that removes “the seeds of life” from our fruits and vegetables) … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-30/match-made-hell-bayer-monsanto-partnership-signals-death-knell-humanity

    • paul ...

      “These are the times that tie men’s souls to their immortal fate in either Heaven or Hell … sunshine trolls wearing rose colored summer glasses shrink from service to God and Country … but for the enlightened fighters against evil … the harder the conflict … the more glorious the triumph!!”
      Thomas Paine, December 1776 (update)

    • Paul ...

      You know … the pharmaceutical companies are simply “pimps” for the criminal opium drug cartel … by beginning to make our children into “fruits” and “vegetables” with their tainted vaccines and addictive pain killers … so that becoming a drug addict and moving on to heroin is an easy step for our children to then move up to … its simply vertical integration of “a generalized mind altering and brain scrambling plot by the globalists to destroy the thinking ability of our children … so that … they can be very easily “done away with” when the time comes for the globalists to press “the exterminate button” and eradicate 95% of the human population … this is why Trump is now beginning to round up the medical doctors working with the “pimp pharmaceutical companies” to push their “tainted vaccines” and “addictive pain killers” upon our children to make them into “brainless zombies” and returning customers to the drug cartel to buy their heroin … Jeff Sessions is now beginning the process of rounding up all these evil people!!

      • Paul ...

        And “what button” will the globalists push to eradicate 95% of the human population? … here is one random thought as to how they can accomplish it … we all know living within the electromagnetic fields generated by Cell Towers is currently a very real danger to all biological life forms … so what will prevent “them” from “turning up the power” to “cook our brains” as soon as we put a phone to our ears? … as soon as they put up their 5G Towers (in every highly populated neighborhood) they will be ready for their “final solution” (to cook humanity and sizzle their brains with high powered microwaves) … and we thought Hitler was bad? … Hitler only targeted a small segment of the human population … the Globalists are preparing a way to target “All of Humanity” for final extinction using microwaves!!!

        • Paul ...

          Everyone should be looking at their cell phones as small private “ovens” that can be used to “cook our brains” when the globalists give the word to “exterminate humanity” … today’s evil globalists are more sophisticated then Hitler ever was (they don’t need concentration camps and gas ovens to cook us in) all they need to do is put up a network of 5G towers that can emit very high intensity microwaves and cook our brains by turning up the microwave power dial when they feel the time is right!!

      • Frederick

        To be fair Paulie We’ve always had our share of fruits and nuts brother

  10. Anthony Australia

    Greg, you are on a roll.
    Please keep it up, the last few guests and interviews have been sensational.
    Thank you for steering a honest and positive message in the right direction.
    Do not underestimate the work that you do and the influence you have had on me personally.

  11. Collateral Damage


    Thank you so much for explaining the backstory behind the German/AngloAmerican relationship, the tie in to VolksWagon and Deutsche Bank, the old age of the FIAT money system.

    It was like having a good friend take my hand and explain the reasons behind the craziness in the world in a lucid, sane, responsible manner while I drank my morning coffee.

    Greg, you always have been and continue to be the Best. You are an Honorable Human Being and your daily work is a service to all Americans and to Humanity. Mr. Kirby, you are a master at explanation and an honest man. I appreciate your candor and willingness to help your fellow human beings.

    Thank you both,


    • Beverly Kingsford

      Rob Kirby is brilliant! Keep up the good work Greg. These are great guests. And, I was thinking the other day after reading Janet Reid’s post—-maybe there is some way that the viewers of this site can work together to help one another.

  12. Collateral Damage

    “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide.

    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

    • Janet Reid

      Beverly Thank you for your kind concern. yes we should all network together. So many people still don’t have access to computers and don’t have much information to the terrible global conditions that are so close at hand. We must be prepared as best as we can. May God help us all.

      way on how money works and how to make it work. Over view of how America was planned by the elite Europeans. Many in our area don’t have access to computers or anyway to research many of the things going on in our government. It’s really sad that many people will let the banks or financial planners handle their funds. like they take what ever the doctor says or prescribes as the gospel truth. They look at me when I try to warn them of things. to come. I think a lot of our local people are very naïve about the world and all things of the world many of them has never traveled or seem to care about world events with the exception of weather and only watch their TV news stations for all news.They are in their own bubble. I would love to be in a proactive group

  13. Jerry

    Simply brilliant. This is what our future could look like.

    Greg I want to remind you and your readers that China has set up yuan trade platforms in Frankfort and and is one of the largest stockholders of Deutsche Bank. They also purchased a gold vault in Frankfort two years ago to back their currency with when the reset goes live possibly this year. The alternate currency exchange system built by the Chinese is fully operational and ready to fill the economic void in Germany when Deutsche Bank goes down. Bet on it. Bankruptcy IS RESET. Debt goes away, and new deals are made.
    The criminal bankers that have robbed us blind by stealing trillions of dollars from our treasury, are now cutting deals with the Chinese and the new system they have put in place. The RESET has already happened inside the world bank and the international banking system. The only thing we have left is a public announcement from the IMF and what the new currency weights will be when the time comes.

    • Jerry

      The Chinese don’t plan to compete with the dollar. They plan to replace it.

      • freebrezer

        Jerry – you can not looses if you do not compete … Can you blame them?

    • Stan

      Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…… You are still talking about a reset? How many years have you been wrong on this? You are just like Kirby – preaching doom & gloom while the world economy prospers and standards of living are raised throughout the world. By the way I loaded up on Deutsche Bank at 10,63. See you are $50 next year!

      • Beverly Kingsford


        Seriously?! The economy is on steroids and it won’t last forever. How can you not see what all these financial experts are talking about? Are you a Bible believer? Take a look at Revelations and Daniel. Watch Christian Pinto’s movies. If you don’t believe the financial experts on this site, then believe the Bible. It’s proven that the prophesies in the bible DO come true. And there WILL be a collapse. If you believe that, then are you going to say when? We all know it will happen and it isn’t worth it to live in a way that is risky. You can’t get away with that risk anymore. It will hit you eventually and that time is getting very near. The scriptures say these things will happen like a thief in the night.

        • Frederick

          I’m beginning to think “ Stan” is just a FED paid troll

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Ok let’s remember Stan bought Deutsche bank at 10.63. This will put him to the test.

      • Jerry

        Really Stan? Explain this.

        The numbers dont lie. Rob is right. Market manipulation and money printing has postponed the collapse. That’s all that’s happened. But what the heck Stan, if you’re so sure go buy as much Deutsche Bank Stock as you can get your hand on. As far the reset? Read my last post. It’s douche bags like you that got us where we are now. Have a nice life. What’s left of it.

        • Stan

          Jerry: I’ve also made several million shorting Gold since 2103. I’m currently massively short Gold with 14x leverage. I see $765 Gold within 12 months.

        • Jerry

          That’s what I thought Stan. You don’t have an answer and neither do the central bankers who have put us on the threshold of a global economic collapse. If you looked at the chart you will notice a slight uptick in the index. Do you know what that is? Of course you don’t. That is the central bankers pumping liquidity back into the system to avert a seizure. Once again market manipulation. Delay. Delay. Delay. That’s all they have left Stan. How about you? What’s your solution? Deny. Deny. Deny.

    • Jerry

      For those who don’t get it. I post this again.

      Folks we’ve been sold out for quite some time. The central banks have worked inside deals with the Chinese to remake our currency exchange system globally. THE RESET? It’s already happened internally. You just didn’t get the invitation. The bigger question is when will they go public? From what I’m hearing soon.

    • K. Wayne

      I dont believe the Banksters accept the extinguishment of Debt in a Reset environment. Debt doesnt just go away. I expect that they will have an alternative to protect their capital. It wouldnt surprise if they re-priced their Debt in terms of grams of Gold. Hence when you have a reset in Gold price, you have an automatic shift in currency, but in terms of debt, the status quo is maintained. In that sense , the winners are really the Banskters and those that hold Gold.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        K. Wayne,

        I think you are right, and we the people are going to become their payment. I believe their plans for repayment of that debt, is to turn the people into slaves. That is why everyone would need a mark in their forehead or wrist in order to do business. I also believe that God may have some rescue plans tucked away, just like in the Bible, when Moses freed the slaves in Egypt. Notice—-you never see the movie The Ten Commandments on Netflix or Amazon where you can watch it conveniently anymore.

      • sandra sullivan

        What you say about dollars being swapped with grams of gold rings true. I have often wonder how all this was going to happen. This puts alot of people in proverty seemly over night. It means some of us are going to be put in a position of taking care of them. We must get prepared!

  14. Larry

    I am going to repeat this news note because we could get some interesting news in the gold market this week. Keith Weiner is saying he is personally working with a government to issue a gold bond which is covered here:


    Since this article, Keith has added further comment on his twitter feed which you can see here:


    So, if you follow gold you probably want to keep an eye on things this week. A government issuing a gold bond would be something new for sure.

  15. Tad

    Otherwise known as Doing Badly.

  16. George E

    Greg: The future of the world and Deutsche Bank was forever change in 1989 with the super bom mystery killing of DB Bank director Alfred Herrhausen. Herrhausen an industrialist banker wanted to industrialize East Germany and Poland after the Berlin wall came down and turn it into a positive model for the world. Speculative forces in London and Wall St had other ideas for the world and DB. Thatcher, Bush and Mitteron did the bidding of the pro cassino speculators during that period to turn the tide of world economic policy. As I understand the limo Herrhausen was in passed a concrete bridge an explosive between the bridge and a heavy lead plate was detonated. Some rank the importance of the murder with that of JFK, as it was a turning point in world economic policy.

  17. DavidC

    A fantastic interview Greg, thanks as ever for the great work you’re doing. I look forward to the next ‘Two Gregs’!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DavidC!!

  18. al

    Rob Kirby is not the only one that expected this system to go down in the 2011/2012 time period, many many others had that same notion. I remember in 2012 John Williams pointing to 2014 as when this system was going to turn. Katherine Austin Fitts mentioned it too but was more in to the slow burn theory. Now the slow burn theorists, like Katherine, are calling for a turn down.

    Interestingly enough in 2011 gold topped out, exactly 40 years after we de-pegged off of the gold standard. It’s been 47 years now with a fiat currency still alive, how is all this possible without a global collusion? Nomi Prins has a new book out called just that “collusion”. (yes, I’m shilling Nomi, she’s my favorite)
    I would love to see her interviewed again regarding the DB fiasco.

    Excellent reporting as usual but I did hear someone in the background sneezing. LOL. You can’t get more raw truth media than that! This is why your Network is going to grow and grow.

    • Andre

      You are right! So system refuses to go down and only thing that goes down is gold. Makes no sense right? Wrong. It doesn’t make sense in a free market conditions. But free market is a lie. There is no free market. It is only fully control market. Because, there are no opposing parties in the market, instead, all “opposing forces” are run by the same power. It is called Hegelian Dialectic (look it up). You create a two opposing parties and control them both. Does it look like Democrats and Republicans? Who is behind all this? The whore of Babylon. Through secret societies. People must finally realize that their cause is lost as Bible prophesy predicted and the only salvation is in Christ and they better hurry because they not only will lose heir money but also their souls.

  19. Roger D

    That was very interesting how Washington attacked VW and indirectly Russia. Lincoln’s almighty central government knows it is losing control. If you think 9/11 was a desperate move for control of the Middle East just wait. You do remember 9/11?

    • Paul ...

      Interesting also how Trump telling Europe not to buy any oil at all from Iran by November 2018 will affect Russia (helping them sell more of their oil to Europe) unless Trump also plans to tell Europe to stop buying Russian oil … Trump is probably so worried about the US Trade deficit he needs to sell more US oil to Europe (and cutting off Iran (and possibly Russia) from selling any oil at all to Europe is likely his way of getting our budget deficit under control … https://lobelog.com/putin-benefits-from-trumps-anti-iran-sanctions/ … the only catch is … what if Europe doesn’t listen to Trump and won’t cut off all the Iranian and Russian oil they need for their economies so as not to be completely dependent upon the US for all their oil (as they know what the crooked US bankers did to DB)!!

      • paul ...

        However … denying both Iran and Russia the ability to sell oil to Europe will not be taken lightly by Russia if Europe agrees to the boycott … will Europe want to be solely dependent upon the US and Saudi’s for their oil? … the Saudi’s are running out of oil and are looking to steal Yemeni oil (with US help) … and the US supplying Europe with expensive shale oil doesn’t make very much sense … and how will Russia retaliate to being boycotted? … they could launch missiles and put bombs in orbit to fly right along side all our orbiting communication satellites (as China showed such capability exits)? … and this would require a US Space Force to counter such threats! … like our budget deficit isn’t big enough already?? … https://www.wired.com/story/new-arms-race-threatening-to-explode-in-space/?CNDID=49753930&mbid=nl_062618_daily_list1_p4

  20. Andre

    There are no independent Banks. They all are run by the same people. How otherwise they would agree on and be able to control prices of gold. It is all centralized and they all attend the same meetings (Bilderberg) they warship Satan in the same temples and rape little children together.
    So Deutsche Bank will not fail unless they want it to happen to centralized Europe Banking system. But they already did it. There are no opposing powers in the grand scale, because both sides are run by the same people, even in microscale it may appear so. Sure there are disagreements and I am convinced that Trump is a bump on their road. Did you notice that they never lose? The whole thing is smoke and mirrors to a bigger pictures we are not allowed to see.
    Agreed – they are not in panic. Why they should be? They know what will happen.
    Banks are run by Knights of Malta subject to Pope and run by Jesuits. The goal they have is to make electronic currency across the globe even if they are multiple currencies so the mark of the beast (day of warship) can be implemented.
    Prophecy of Daniel tells me that the King of the North (this is the religious power – Vatican not Russia as some say) will come with all ships (controlling all aspects of economy) and what is more important in controlling economy if not money.

    Prophesy must be fulfilled and all prophecies are coming to past in a rapid rate now. Jesus is coming soon. If you have extra money, buy physical gold and get out of the city but be careful because you can just miss the point:

    Matt 6:19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yep, the Germans control the ECB so Deutsche bank will be propped up to the bitter end.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Trump’s Jesuit connections are a concern. Jerome Powell is a Jesuit and Trump was educated at a Jesuit school.

      • Greg Hunter

        Trump is a “concern” to the New World Order and has a trail of cancelations to prove it (i.e.: TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the Iran (total fraud) Nuke deal to name a few.) You need to worry about Tommy Robinson and the total take over of your “Sceptred Isle” by radical Islam, NWO evill and raping gangs of pedophiles don’t you???????????

        • This sceptred Isle

          Greg that was important information!

    • sk

      Every time I hear the Jesuits being blamed for our banking fiascos, I really marvel that Homo sapiens has the name he has…..

      • This sceptred Isle

        or she let’s be PC

      • Andre

        See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

      • Andre

        This is history:
        In May 1816, Adams wrote to Jefferson about the “restoration” of the Society of Jesus: “I do not like the reappearance of the Jesuits…. Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gipsies can assume, dressed as printers, publishers, writers and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited damnation on earth and in Hell, it is this society of Loyola’s. Nevertheless, we are compelled by our system of religious toleration to offer them an asylum.”

        • sk

          Well, so what? Adams’ dislike of Jesuits in 1816 doesn’t mean the Jesuits engineer money/resource grabs in 2018.

      • Paul ...

        sk … I think we should take the word Homo off our designated name (Homo Sapiens) and just call us Sapiens … because we are all not Homo’s … there are a few Homo’s … with some actually being bi-sexual … but most in our species are hetero-sexual … probably some “Homo scientist” gave us this derogatory designation … now if simply designating us as “Sapiens” is too confusing (as it lumps us in with the Monkey and or Ape’s) then scientists should simply designate us as being “Hedero Sapians”!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “It’s a gh…gh…gh…GHOST!”
      “That’s no ghost! It’s…” —-rrrrip—- “POPE FRANCIS!!!”

      “And I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t for you meddling Protestants!”

      • This sceptred Isle

        Try some actual arguments some time…sarcasm only takes you so far.
        Greg is heavily editing me so don’t know if this will end up on the cutting room floor or not. Give the scissors a rest Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          Give the totally off the subject comments and the “Sun” crap a rest. It’s irritating coming from a guy who believes in the black hole of nothingness and is living in a country under full attack from the radical Islamists invading your Sceptred Isle.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Give me a break Greg. Living in a black hole I need some sun occasionally!

            • Greg Hunter

              You are seeking the wrong one and making light of it.

              • This sceptred Isle

                “making light of it” I like the pun!

        • FC

          TSI, out of curiosity did they name it UKIP because you were all asleep during England’s mass immigration intake?

          • This sceptred Isle

            Like Americans are all awake. America was founded by Freemasons and they put the masonic eye on your dollar bill?

            • FC

              That’s true what you say, but at least we can see the eye and those of us who are awake will keep poking it.

            • Paul ...

              Americans would have all been awake right now … if we used our “third eye” that links us to a higher and more moral consciousness … but the commies put a stop to that by putting fluoride in our drinking water (that calcifies and kills our pineal gland) keeping us in a lower moral state thus preventing us from attaining a higher “more God like” moral consciousness!

            • Robert The American Patriot Lykens

              America was founded by Christians, not freemasons.

              • This Sceptred Isle

                Freemasonry is not Christianity. That is a common misconception. George Washington, Franklin etc were high ranking freemasons.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You might want to focus on the Islamic terror invasion in the UK, and the traitors at the top of your government that will jail people like Tommy Robinson for speaking out about Islamic pedophiles.

  21. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Lets face the facts; THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS THE GREATEST FINANCIAL CON JOB THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!!! The Federal Reserve has the world believing its TOILET PAPER is worth more than gold!!! The foul smell of dead fish from around the world is the result of rotting Federal Reserve notes. News flash: THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL as its charter has expired (2013 – 2014).
    America has been conned into giving THE FEDERAL RESERVE THE ABILITY TO CREATE MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR by putting a number in a computer and calling it money.
    What Rob Kirby is trying to tell Watchdogs THE DOLLARS DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!!
    What Jallen is trying to tell Watchdogs; INFLATION OF THE DOLLAR IS LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT AS IT WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY WHILE YOU ARE MENTALLY ASLEEP!!!!! New trading agreements are being conducted thru China / Russia SWIFT system and it bypasses the Federal Reserve system of payments.
    One gets the feeling the Federal Reserve and America’s financial system are about to come under DEVINE JUDGEMENT!!

    Greg and Rob, Great interview, America needs to listen!!!

    This ends another Jallen RANT!!!


    • Beverly Kingsford


      Amen! It’s time for this corrupt system to end and it will never be a pretty site. But, in order for the world to be a better place, it has to. God’s way is freedom. I believe that God believes in National freedom and State’s rights. He believes in people being able to govern themselves and wants them to do so. If Germany wants out of the new world order plan, then they are on the right track. If the downfall of Deutsche Bank means they tried and were persecuted for it, then we have to realize that we can’t control every country in the world. And, we shouldn’t try. America isn’t the good guy here, unfortunately, because we have been sabotaged by big bankers.

  22. Truth Justice & the American Wray

    Rod Rosenstein Thinks He’s Untouchable, Is He A Liar? Watch!

    You Wanna Get Rosenstien?

    Welcome To America
    Federal agents, why we loved them!

    • William Stanley

      Truth: That first link to Rosenstein’s testimony was devastating in that it shows his utter arrogance. What a disgusting person he is! And the clip dramatically shows how tough this fight is. Somehow a video like that, which directly reveals body language, conveys information that just can’t be otherwise conveyed.

      • Felix Lietner

        See my comment at the or near the bottom of the comments.
        You don’t know how right you are, sir!

        • Tad

          Where’s James?

    • William Stanley

      Truth, re: Rosenstein.
      Upon reflection, I’ve reevaluated a little. I, like you, still think that Rosenstein believes he is untouchable. However, I now think Rosenstein is delusional: Smart as he is, he severely underestimates his opponents, including, believe it or not, AG Sessions.
      I also now think that the FBI has substantially recovered in some key areas and is now in much better shape than most people realize, including Rosenstein.
      Rosenstein doesn’t know it yet, but he is going down along with all the other traitors.
      Q is right: “Trust the plan.”

      • Frederick

        You mean like Hillary or Wasserwoman Schultz? Perhaps they are untouchable Sure would appear that way

        • William Stanley

          Frederick: I share your frustration.
          Of course it’s hard to know anything for sure because so much of this is kept under tight wraps, but yes them too. We have to connect dots from a wide variety of sources. My “sources,” sometimes inadvertently, have left some bread crumbs indicating that, while we still have a long way to go, we are making progress. U.S. Attorney Huber (and his staff of 400) is, I think, nailing a good bit of it down right now.

  23. Billy

    Greg- I have been stating this for a while we are getting trade war, EU, Russia, China and Middle East will abandon the dollar soon.
    If a trade war starts the sea gates around the world, will be blocked not allowing US to trade. This is where it is all leading. Germany will start the next war, they will get involved in the middle east.

  24. Fatima message

    Strange, strange….
    Old Catholic prophecy details how Germany allows Russian/Chinese troops to cross German soil to invade Europe. These troops progress across Switzerland to Italy and the city of Rome is destroyed. BUT strangely the German military remains within the borders of Germany. While this is taking place, there are civil wars in both France and Italy. The civil war in France results in the total destruction of Paris. There is also a civil war in England and much of London is destroyed. Where is America? In revolution!

    November, 25th, 2013 saw Putin and a Russian delegation in Rome, where Putin asked Fr. Begogulio, supposedly “Pope” Francis, to have Russia consecrated as God demanded at Fatima. The “Pope’s” response, which Putin took as a snub, “we will not talk about Fatima!” Again, a Cardinal, one of Fr. Begogulio’s men, remarked to one in the Russian delegation, “We will destroy Fatima!” Now you see and feel the depth of EVIL in the Vatican. Sister Lucy, the last seer at Fatima, remarked many times that “God would use Russia (‘that poor nation’) to punish the world.” Putin, it has been said, has stopped the outbreak of WWIII twice in the Ukraine and in Syria by his maneuvering. Putin fully understands the Fatima message and is trying desperately to avoid war and his country’s in volvement in any conflict. Check out Paul Graig Roberts latest words along these lines!

    IMHO, the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum the Sun has now entered will put huge pressure upon mankind: geophysically ( volcanism, earthquakes, tsunamis ), weather disruptions, and huge crop failures worldwide.
    People please inform yourselves! YouTube: channels: adapt 2030, and Oppenheimer ranch project, and grand solar Minimum.

  25. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for having Rob Kirby on your interview program. He is such a dynamic speaker and uses original examples. Easy to understand too. I seriously enjoyed this super-informative interview.

  26. Tad


    Perhaps a free market and peace-related solution here. The Saudis are pumping more oil contrary to stated intentions. Consider the informal annexation of a yet-to-be-widely-acknowledged Yemen energy abscond–if not a land grab.

    Before the Mr. Trump makes case his to an increasingly resistant Iran citizenry that heretofore has been American loving, he might consider removing the Iran sanctions. Other countries that were “somehow” signatory are violating it anyway.

    Consider scrapping the JCPOA non-agreement, and in time you may receive names of Obama-era diplomats whom allegedly took bribes from Iran officials to finagle this supposed agreement.

    Simultaneously, a discussion with the IAEA as to whether Iran has been complying with any nuclear agreement might reflect their intention to follow international law or treaties.

    With this in mind, I have confidence that Iran participation would be positive and may make the difference. That was never doubtful in my mind.

    One must anticipate a global market flooded with oil, and theoretically lower oil prices.
    While that could thwart a damaging recession, fewer exploration wells are being drilled, due to nations and companies obsessed with free cash flow.

    A resource war fought with nuclear weapons and enforced penury on its global denizens is extremely short sighted.

    Then again, I haven’t been to Bilderberg, Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, etc. conferences.

    • flattop

      A strong possibility that there have been back channel communications going on now with Iran, just as there were with N Korea.

  27. This sceptred Isle

    And Russia beats Spain on penalties to reach the World cup quarter-finals. Moscow is proving difficult to conquer again!

    • Frederick

      Yup for sure And they will again and again DO NOT screw with the bear

      • Robert The American Patriot Lykens

        Coward. You and Harry Reid – who proclaimed that America had “lost” while our soldiers were in Iraq – are one and the same.

        • Frederick

          Yeah sure I’m the traitor for not wanting to destroy mankind and have millions of Americans killed for attacking a sovereign nation Is that your idea of sanity ?

        • William Stanley

          Robert: That was completely out of line. Man up and give Frederick the apology you owe him.

  28. Julia

    That was a great interview. I was thinking, its great to be treated like an adult in these interviews and have serious discussions! The Guests and Host are all terrific!

    As for it being no longer fashionable to be in the group propping up the dollar…..Good! Count me in! I am so fed up with the Fed, its owners, Congress, the media for not telling the truth. Anyone else I can throw in this group? Mostly Im just disgusted what these people have done.

  29. Douglas

    The missing 21 Trillion was found after the audit if TWO government Departments.
    Obviously, there are more Departments to audits and undoubtedly more missing money.
    What a mess. It is pitiful our government has lost its moral compass in the world . Evil forces within our government MUST but rooted out.

    • Greg Hunter

      The so-called “reset” is a debt reset. This includes the US Dollar as it is a Federal Reserve “NOTE.” Of course the bonds world-wide will be crushed as well. Get ready and stay ready. Thank you for your comment and support.

  30. John M.

    I am 99% certain for the last 20 years that hyperinflation is coming to America. Rob Kirby has been resolute with this reasonable expectation for quite some time too.
    America is so blessed to have Pres. Trump at the top. He must keep law and order (martial law most likely) while thousands of agitators and violent criminals will be organized and on the streets preying on the helpless and innocent, and attacking vital targets and infrastructure. It will be something like an internal WAR, with conflicting ideologies that will fight to the end until one side is victorious. Hopefully, freedom and our Constitution.
    Trump must save the shattered pieces of whatever he can. America quite certainly will be knocked off its leadership perch in both: 1.) having the world reserve currency ($) and 2.) its military supremacy. He must somehow rapidly expand our manufacturing and exporting base to alleviate Americans from starving to death, but some of that will happen regardless.
    But fear not. Faith, Hope, and Love in the Almighty conquers ALL in the big big picture.

    • Andre

      John M.
      I see. Martial law under Obama was bad but under Trump is a good things. Conflicting ideologies will not be allowed you are saying but freedom is good. Do you see conflict of ideologies in your thinking?
      Ironically, prophecy tells me that you are correct. But this is a good news to me, because it tells me that we are close to going home.
      It will be a crack down on “conflicting ideology” and populous will greatly applause it. (This remind me a scene from Star Wars “How the liberty dies”). They will hate and try to exterminate a minority group which will not go along with the populous united in error. The small uncooperative group of “fundamentalists” (this word will be soon popular) will follow the command of God:
      Rev 18:4……….. Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
      This will happen in US and eventually US will enforce the will of the beast on all nations.

      • William Stanley

        Andre: I still haven’t figured you out: you say so much that I find appealing, even insightful . . . and then mix it with so much that I find illogical or erroneous. For example,
        1) Martial law:
        Wouldn’t the desirability of martial law depend on the circumstances, in the same way that the desirability of your neighbor being armed would depend on whether he wanted to kill you, defend you, or leave you alone? Obama wanted to destroy us, Trump wants to defend us.
        Nobody that I know wants martial law for its own sake. However, sometimes extreme measures are necessary to deal with extreme circumstances. If “the left” is bent on burning America to the ground, then they must be stopped. Hopefully, that will not require martial law, but if it does, then so be it.
        2) Crack downs on conflicting ideology:
        If one ideology encompasses a core belief that disbelievers must be converted, jailed or killed, must not those who do not share that ideology resist with as much force as it takes to prevail . . . or be wiped out, themselves?
        However, logically, that does not imply that everyone must be forced to think alike, only that those who abhor freedom must be defeated by those who love it — even if they disagree on everything else.
        3) “Come out of her, my people . . ..”:
        I see no evidence that “fundamentalist” Christians want anything more than to be left alone to worship God as they see fit. Indeed, your Biblical citation seems to imply separating oneself from corrupt society, not conquering it.
        4) Moreover, even if the other elements of society attacked the “fundamentalists,” you seem to assume they would win and then go on to force the “will of the beast on all nations.”
        Yet you offer this opinion in the context of refuting John M’s comment, in which he explicitly states that, “America quite certainly will be knocked off its leadership perch in both: 1.) having the world reserve currency ($) and 2.) its military supremacy.”
        Andre, what are you trying to accomplish?

  31. neville

    The end cannot be far off and thanks to people like Rob Kirby and others that have been guests on your programme .
    These people bring us THE TRUTH of what is going on behind the scenes in your
    absolutely corrupt ridden country.
    Since the late Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th U.S. President of america warned the american public to be aware of the military industrial complex and all the concomitant problems that the country would face ,presidents who came after him did just the opposite and went on to not only prop up those corrupt evil companies whose sole aim was to produce enough rotten material to destabilise the world but also bankrupt the world.
    All the above comes at a price and the devils dividend for committing those crimes was to totally bankrupt the u s a and every other nation on the planet.
    Now had the opposite been the case we wouldn’t have to listen to and bear witness to the forth coming FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE which as I said at the start may not be too far away .
    It’s not a case of “IF” its one of “WHEN”

  32. Noma Mccord

    Mr. Hunter,
    You and Dave Janda on the radio make a great team. You must come up to Ann Arbor, the heart of the beast! Detroit is getting to know you and i’m sure following you too. You sure connected the dot’s! The left want to get rid of ice to get more illegal votes from illegal alien!. Right in front of our faces but nobody say’s the obvious, except after you tell it! Don’t be modest Greg, your site as Dr. Dave said is a game changer, because you have the courage and refuse not to not, call out the Corporate government media stooges for not seeing the obvious. That the deep state shadow government of the United States better buy some clothes. Their utterly butt naked and now they know we know, thanks to guy’s like you two. The emperor has no clothes and were not talkin Kim Jung Un!
    Thank you Greg and looking forward to you and Dr. Dave in his special report. I got 30 cents a day! LOL! You guy’s had me cracking up! Sarcasm will get you everywhere!

    • Greg Hunter

      “Butt naked” Love it!!!!!!! Thank you for the comment and kind support!!

  33. Noma Mccord

    P.s. Thank you guy’s for your hard work and service. Freedom is not free! From 8 Mile rd. Mo-Town, in Detroit Mi,.

  34. Anthony Australia

    Bitcoin, who would have thought. Trust a computer program to help Humans.

  35. Dan Shalom

    During the financial panic of 1893 no option was left available to Pres Cleveland than to accept J.P. Morgan’s offer to bail out the U.S. from collapse. Rumor has it that part of the deal was that the U.S. would always bail out J.P. Morgan. Of course the original JP Morgan was divided into 3 different businesses later. Of course it is only rumor but….

  36. Diane

    The violence and hate from the left are very troubling.
    Are they trying to start a civil war?
    I live in Southern California…I have few friends here anymore.

    • William Stanley

      Diane, I hear you; these are really trying times. Lots of friendships have been damaged or lost; although sometimes I think we are better off without some of our “friends.”

  37. Steven Poloncak

    I forgot how many times I have asked and I will keep asking “who owes what debt to who?”. Please interview somebody that can explain to us what this idea of money really is. I am a security guard at a interesting place. A German company shipped there machines and tools from Germany including their own people to get the machines running that are making brake rotors. They are now starting to ship the rotors they make back to Germany to sell! Why even come here to Kentucky to make the stuff and ship it back? Total insanity! What is going on? On my rounds I have talked to people that can speak only a few words of English. The international money boys that control the system have something going on and will keep the present system going as long as they want. How about getting somebody to interview that can explain that to us Greg?

    • William Stanley

      Steven: You’ve asked several questions, and some of them may be rhetorical. Here are my suggested answers:
      (1) “who owes what debt to who?”
      Here is a breakdown of who owns the US Government debt:
      (2) Here is a dictionary definition of money:
      (3) Here is a little essay on “money”:
      Money is that which serves the following purposes: (a) a medium of exchange or is acceptable in payment of debt; (b) a store of value; and (c) is identifiable as what is referred to for bookkeeping (so the bookkeepers can keep track of who owes what to whom).
      Coins, paper money, and demand deposits in a bank account (the account balance against which checks can be written) are what most people call money. (Coins that are not silver or gold, paper money, and bank-account money (also known as “demand deposits”) are sometimes lumped together and called “fiat” money to distinguish them from “real” money, i.e., silver and gold coins).
      However, there are other things that come close to having all the attributes of “money,” like savings accounts at banks. They don’t fully qualify as “money” because they are not as liquid as other things we call money. Confusingly, even demand deposits are not completely liquid (because of the waiting time required by some people before they will give you the stuff you want to buy with it). In other words, not all money is equal in its “moneyness.” And somethings things that are not called money have most of the characteristics of money, e.g., a medium of exchange or a store of value.
      All kinds of promises to pay back money (such as notes and bonds) have different degrees of monyness depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower (indeed bank notes of central banks are actually considered money).
      (4) As for the German company you work for, I assume they have a factory in Kentucky because they can pay their American workers less compensation (for equal or better productivity), because Kentucky has fewer regulations with which they must comply, and because can they fire workers in America with less hassle than they would be able to do in Germany. Apparently those factors outweigh the shipping costs.

    • Paul ...

      Probably Germany helping the US with its Trade Balance … making it look like US manufactured goods are being sold overseas … but with the current friction between Germany and the US … that German factory in the US will likely be closed down and re-opened in Germany!

  38. John M.

    Andre, you must take a chill pill. And then a red pill too.
    I’m never a fan of martial law.
    But if it should ever happen that martial law is used again, I’m much more comfortable with a more sensible person like Pres. Trump as the administrator rather than some socialist-leaning clown. I’m not sure you have opened your eyes wide lately, but almost the entire Democratic Party and the MSM are going crazy over anything Trump does. The same can be said of many in the GOP as well, and others who PRETEND to be on Trump’s team but who are really not.
    The fact of the matter is, is that the most vocal anti-Trumpers and malicious Antifa militants are in actuality strongly opposed to our Constitution, property rights, individualist principles of capitalism, traditional morality, and the rule of law.
    Martial law has been used sporadically in our history. For instance, it was used during the Civil War, 1906 SF earthquake, and I believe in the era of Civil Rights to mention a few.
    I have done much research on hyperinflation in various countries and during different time periods, and it is a very destabilizing force and factor whenever it appears in any society (happening now in Venezuela).
    What really concerns me is that America currently has a large portion of its population that has lost all sense of Christian and moral values. Many have also been completely indoctrinated by dangerous socialistic Marxist teachings. Don’t get me started on our public schools, universities, twisted social culture, and the MSM that are the primary sources for perpetuating all this anti-American and Marxist propaganda.
    Trump is the first and real dangerous threat to all these traitors and communist sympathizers for decades and decades. And he is a threat to all the massive financial/ money corruption, and child sex exploitation from Washington D.C. to Hollywood.
    If anyone wants to keep believing the propaganda, then keep swallowing those BLUE pills. Maybe take some hard-core drugs and pharmaceuticals which will also help numb your hysteria and all the pains you are having with Trump.

  39. Tad


    FEMA and cyanide. How in-your-face is the Deep State becoming?

  40. Baily Fischer

    Why, they Hate Language Border’s & Culture, ICE!

  41. Charles H


    Folks – political and economic dynamics are to serve as a diversion to the demonic overtaking of mankind through technology. The man and machine merging is where, along with Genetics, God will put a stop to perversion of His Creation. A short work.

    Meanwhile… in Mexico – disaffection and disillusion has brought Venezuelan-style Socialism to America’s southern border. Get ready for some intemse polarization.

    • Mary Casey

      Charles, Yes, the demonic ambition to “improve” on God’s creation by merging technology with humanity repeats the age-old temptation that caused man’s first downfall…….the promise of access to unlimited knowledge and no death (due to mechanical spare parts). [Genesis 3:“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”]

      • Charles H

        Good point – no death for spare parts!

  42. Dan

    $ 147/yr for this newsletter ?

    Bo Polny, where are you ?

  43. Felix Lietner

    Rod the Rat Rosenstein’s smirk speaks volumes, when Gowdy said “wrap it up”. Rosenstein wants to use this to tear the country apart, because that is the goal of the deep state (Obama/Soros). They want order out of chaos, their new world disorder!

    Rosie, Thinks he’s got the president and we the sheeple, by the you know what’s!
    Can skip ahead to 6:22…….
    President Trump has the absolute authority to order that little weasel, Rodney Rosenstein, to turn over everything and anything to his, Rosenstein’s boss, the congress and if he doesn’t, he better resign or all hell will break lose if the president doesn’t fire him.
    They are not going to release the doc’s. They the intel community think their the boss over not only congress, but this president! They think they hold the sword of, Damocles!

    Thiers a war going on in the Anglo-American world super power and it’s deep. It’s between right and left and it’s exposed our secret fake governments. What’s been called our shadow government, deep state. A government that our representative real government has allowed since the 1950’s. The head of that fake government, the creator, the father of todays C\IA\NN, Allan Dulles, of our fake, but since the 50’s true governing authority. Yet a fake total secret covert operation! Let me try to explain;

    Making Congress Impotent, why we the people told to get lost!
    The United States no longer has representative government.
    plausible deniability
    A condition in which a subject can safely and believably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth [congress] so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility associated through the knowledge of such truth.
    The subject here is CONGRESS. They have their collective heads in the sand. They hear no evile, speak no evile, see no evile!
    The CIA black ops division undertakes dangerous and usually what would be considered illegal missions that are not officially sanctioned by the government of the United States. So that the US government, which usually benefits from such missions, can safely disavow any knowledge of them in the event of their publicly uncovered success or failure. All administration’s have been in that position of plausible deniability towards the CIA’s actions icluding it’s community since Eisenhower.

    Plausible deniability actually is a legal concept. It refers to lack of evidence proving a allegation. Standards of of proof vary in civil and criminal cases. In civil cases, the standard of proof is “more likely so than not” whereas in a criminal matter, the standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt” If your opponent lacks incontrovertible proof (evidence) of their allegation, you can “plausibly deny” the allegation even though it may be true.

    Because many lawyers are in politics, they brought this lower standard of ethics and integrity with them. This is why they rarely put anything controversial in writing. This is also why they most often have you talk to an underling or an agency bureaucrat so they can plausibly deny knowledge of the conversation or be able to say the underling or bureaucrat misstated their position.

    plausible deniability
    When it is acceptable for a party to lie about what they did because the truth would hurt too much and cause too many problems.
    Plausible deniability is a larger version of a white lie.


    William Binney at MIT;

    becomes all and end all, in the official affaires of government. TOP SECRET SENSITIVE, they wish!
    During the Dulles era and the Cold War. He Dulles was a man who felt he was above the law. He felt that the Republic was something that should not be left in the hands of a free people, the American people! Thus with the Plausible Deniability scam, neutering it’s elected representatives congress, the House and Senate. He was part of what the famous sociologist from the 1950s, C. Wright Mills, called the power elite. He felt that he and his brother John Foster were the dynamic duo. Foster, as he was known, was secretary of state then, under Eisenhower and Allan as the head of CIA. They were a one-two punch directed at taking away the power of the people, their representation away and thus subservient to them, not vice ah versa. Creating the real governing power, the shadow government, the deep state! He Allan, felt that he and his brother, the elitist types, should be running the country and eventually the world.
    Congress abdicated their representation of the people so as to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil of Plausible deniability, conveniently leaving all our representation to the [Deep] State Department and Intelligence community and at this time half our deep state shadow secret government refuses to recognize our new President and their loyalty is still with our former President Obama who refuses to get out of Washington and mind his own business, now and not ours anymore! We gave him eight years. He never represented us, just the fat cat’s. We the people sent a new President to Washington and because of Dulles’s effectively neutering Congress and since they no longer represent us, the president is our one and only one representative we the people got in swampland Washington and insist he do his job, fire that weasel and take back our government!

    Were your boss Congress and yours’s too Mr. President, so you better throw off the yoke of the remaining Obama deep state of intell spooks and that goes double for his Obama Mockingbird shadow Maddow media. This is a free speech issue, a authoritarian issue!
    There’s a new Sheriff in town!

    Of course most never new who was really controlling our country since our rouge spooks got rid of the Kennedy brothers, but it is what it is. But now in open defiance they don’t give a dam anymore and let the proverbial cat out the bag! In case you didn’t notice, there’s a war going on and it’s not going to be over till it’s over, which means for a very long time. Unless those in the know, put a stop to it and they will! So hold onto your media because were in for a hot time in the old town tonight!
    BREAKING: Democrats Plan To Launch Civil War On July 4th

    Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz on Saturday criticized Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s continued supervision of the Robert Mueller investigation, citing “conflict of interest” as a reason he should be replaced.


    Bill, A young man shook your hand and said no more inflation, you listened and went on to become a great president. Now theirs’s a new Marshall in town. We the people don’t want to lose our representative form of government. It’s up to you!

    Well its come to this in America, High Noon and who’s turning out to be [Will Kane/Gary Cooper]? Bill Jeff Clinton, or nDonald J. Trump? Lets hope both, Bill was at least in the 90’s with Bill’s promise to the forgotten American, by continuing Paul Volkers fight against inflation.
    Bill, your not letting inflation return to ravage the American sheeple, thereby creating the greatest economy since French toast, to the disappointment of the national socialist leftists, but to the high praise of Alan Greenspan, of all people! But since your presidency we got bogged down in neo-con/Saudi hell and Obummer turned out to be a dear in the neo-con fascist/Saudi headlights, letting them turn us into a big brother government sponsored Mockingbird brained media industrial propaganda machine. A tin horn banana republic.
    But of all get out, the Donald gets the chance to save us, by giving us back the republic, for which it stands. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. But it’s up to you Bill to call of the dog’s of war. You can do it sir, your still president Clinton, aren’t you, sir?

    Fred Zinnemann:The reason I did it {High Noon} was, not only because it was a good story, but it says something about human nature, that apparently never changes.
    This is a man in desperate trouble and is asking for help and nobody is there to help him. Everybody {RHINO’s/never Trumper’s/Paul Ryan types} haveing very, very good personell reasons not too. Which is what happens everyday and has never changed and you can see it, time after time and this is what I think makes this such a timely movie.


    The Making of High Noon

    See it here – HD

    See it free, Not so good.
    Nothing’s free. Not even Freedom.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love the passion of the comment but the length is way too long. Shorter please but don’t lose the passion.

  44. Jerry

    This is what’s in Stan’s future if he buys Deutsche Bank Stock.

    Stan, I have three grave plots in Columbia Missouri to sell you if you enjoy throwing your money away. At least you’d know where Your money is located. No kidding I really do.

    • JMiller

      Thanks for that link. The article states that the bank bail-in mechanism applies losses to shareholders, junior and possibly senior debt instruments but unfortunately it fails to mention that deposits that are above the insured amount could also be used in the bail-in. Even in banks determined not to be systemically important, in which the bail-in mechanism would not be used if they failed, deposits that are above the insured amount would still be at risk of having losses as has been the case a number of times in past when a bank fails.

  45. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I am celebrating America’s Independence Day tomorrow, the Democrats and the other slackers & takers will be celebrating too, that is America’s dependence. Have a great 4th!

    • Charles H

      Thanks, Art.

  46. Tad


    If I were still a Catholic, I might be a bit more peeved at God’s chosen leader.

    Or is it church politics? Read something more recently that said the good pope is becoming more politically friendly of sorts with the LGQT etc, crowd. When hasn’t the church been that way? It’s emphasis seems to be the backbone of Democrat. . .principles.

  47. Diane

    Happy 4th of July conservatives

  48. WD

    If Trump has brisk nomination process and gers someone seated by the early fall I can’t seeRuth Ginsburg staying much longer after that as her health and age are a detriment to her now.
    I see her gone by earlybspring.

    I think this is a major reason for the violence and upheaval.
    Michael Moore called for 1 million to physically block any nomonee from even entering Capitol building.

  49. Susan

    Lucky me. I am going to see President Trump in Great Falls, Montana on Thursday with my friends. Montana may be huge, but there are fewer people. We know most of our politicians personally. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg…More cover up on Plea deal…AG Sessions can hardly be trusted now! Potus Trump lets this go might indicate he too is gaslighting his supporters… Too much evidence surrounds the server story for this to be allowed to go without a ‘serious’ investigation and grand jury! Hope you can get to this in your weekend wrap!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this deal came about because Arwan is going to turn on the Dems and testify against them all. Other wise it was going to be Gitmo forever for him.

    • Frederick

      Something REALLY rotten and ugly behind the Awanns and Debbie No doubt about that

      • Greg Hunter

        I suspect they rolled over and will testify against the Dems in charge at the time.

  51. Plowboy

    The European Union is critical to the globalist’s (“Anglo-American banking complex”) agenda. Deutsche Bank is the dominant bank of the dominant economy in the EU. The financial waterboarding will continue until DB submits to the Global Establishment’s wishes or is made an example to any market participant who might consider challenging their power and authority in the future.

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