Fed Will Crash Markets & Dollar, Gold Protects – John Williams

tomBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams warns the Federal Reserve has painted itself into a very tight no win corner. No matter what the Fed does with rates it’s going to be a disaster. Williams explains, “You had some very heavy selling towards the end of the year, and when you saw the big declines in the stock market, you also saw that accompanied by a falling dollar and rising gold prices. That was foreign capital, which was significant, fleeing our markets. So if the Fed continues to raise interest rates, and they want to do that, and they still don’t have rates where they want them, it’s going to intensify the economic downturn. That’s going to hit the stock market. If they stop raising rates . . . and they have to go back to some sort of quantitative easing, that’s going to hit the dollar hard.  Foreign investors are going to say the dollar is going to get weaker, and let’s get out of the dollar. Then, you are going to see heavy selling in the stock market. So either way they go, they created a conundrum for themselves because of the way they bailed out the banking system (in 2008-2009). At this point they don’t have an easy way out of this.”

Williams says the U.S. is already entering into a recession. Williams contends, “The first quarter, which is the quarter we are in right now, the first quarter of 2019 likely will be in contraction partially due to the government shutdown. That is slowing the economy on top of the interest rate hikes, but the cause of the recession here is not the government shutdown. It’s the Fed hiking rates . . . the fundamental driving factor that was putting us into recession even before the government shutdown was the rapid rise in interest rates.”

Williams says that in the first and second quarters of 2019 do not look good. Williams says, “I think we will have back to back contractions that will give you a formal recession. . . . Even if we did not have the government shutdown I think we would have back to back negative quarters in the first and second quarter.”

Williams also warns, “This is a very dangerous time both domestically and globally.” Maybe this is why gold and silver prices keep steadily climbing higher. Williams says, “As things get worse here there is going to be a flight from the dollar into other currencies and in particular into gold. Gold is the long term store of wealth here. . . . Where we are ultimately headed here the precious metals are a long term store of wealth. They preserve the purchasing power of your assets . . . if you have high inflation you will still have your purchasing power. With debt collapsing and currencies collapsing you are going to end up with inflation. Expanded debt is rapid money supply growth. It is debasement of the currency and debasement of the currency means inflation. . . . . It’s the type of thing that can be accelerated very rapidly if you have another crisis such as a big stock market crash. The economy is tanking and people start fleeing the dollar means you are going to be seeing rising inflation.   If you see a big hit on the dollar gasoline prices will go up.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams founder of ShadowStats.com.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Coalburner

    Sorry folks, I just read the comments on Greg’s Friday release. Reference EddieMD and Anni comments. I have a Grandson that does pretty well for turning 18. For much of his school career he had little of no Television at least half the week at his mothers house. And every time I could I taught him history by making it interesting talking about it. He says 90% of his classmates are ignorant as Anni says. I am not sure even today that dumping TV is the answer. I don’t think any kid watches much TV. They blather with each other once they get a cell phone and the know nothing goes round and round. I do know that interceding on a daily basis to teach them something works at young ages before cell phones. They start trusting that you know what you are talking about some of the time. If you do things with them and eat with them doing things differently than the keepers or sitters do, it helps. I love spending time with my Grandkids and they know it. They know I don’t want to see them bored dumped off at a storage hanger for kids if I can prevent it. A lot of Grandparents I think are just there to watch the little animals and are too lazy to interact as much with them. Don’t let it happen to you.
    EddieMD, I live down here in New Mexico, everything you said is right. For over two weeks I had a weird virus like nothing ever heard of before. All the medical Professionals are talking about it. You don’t have the flu but you get hit by crazy dizzy spells out of nowhere.
    The thing morphs over that much time and does weird stuff. All kinds of diseases we never had are crossing the border. And you are right about fears of real mass human movements. It isn’t even the Central Americans that strike fear here. There are million upon millions of South Africans just months away from famine and Soros boats ready to haul them to our shore. We need the Wall very badly. And we need it last decade.

    • Galaxy 500

      I think many of your hypotheses are correct. The TV that I have noticed young people watch is streamed.
      Schools are turning out useful idiots as opposed to thinkers

  2. paul ...

    Williams speaks of heavy stock market selling towards the end of 2018 which was accompanied by a falling dollar and rising gold prices … some are now suggesting … Gold will rocket well above $1400 sometime near May or June of 2019 … https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/3-1.png

  3. Archie Leach

    Israel and Iran Are Waging a Secret War in Syria. Here’s How It Finally Went Public
    Joseph Hincks 1 day ago

    • paul ...

      You know neocons never seem to learn that their constant aggression can have consequences and that what goes around comes around … now what is Bibi going to do if Iran claims sovereignty over land captured from ISIS (during the Syrian War) right near the Golan Heights (with Assad’s approval) and annexes it (to make it part of Iran to strengthen its strategic and defensive capabilities) … in the same way Israel claimed sovereignty over the Golan Heights after the Arab/Israeli War of 1967??

  4. Anthony Australia

    No, it doesn’t look good at all. Reality will be revealed soon enough. Thanks as always Greg; although I’m preparing for Lunar New Year, I still managed to sneak some time in for USAW.

    • Wadsworth Booker T.

      Share with us Anthony. Is the celebration of the Lunar new year a Buddhist celebration? We know you trekked to Thailand, so I’m guessing it’s spiritual. Hope all goes well. The recent blood moon and Lunar eclipse up here, as a Christian got me to thinking. All roads lead to Rome as they used to say, back in the day and now all new’s or all anything seem’s to lean towards a biblical conclusion to mankind’s delusions! It seem’s more and more the only hope for the freedom of the son’s of God, or it’s back to the norm in human history of enslavement and death. Keep the faith Tony, never give up!🤞

      • Anthony Australia

        I’ll try all you one thing WBT, it’s not Chinese New Year as they make it out to be.

        There are many roads and where that leads is anyone’s guess; the journey and the good here and now are my prime focus.

        • Anthony Australia

          *It’s not only Chinese New Year

      • Anthony Australia

        I’ll tell you one thing WBT, it’s not only Chinese New Year as they make it out to be.

        There are many roads and where that leads is anyone’s guess; the journey and the good here and now are my prime focus.

  5. Jack

    Great interview Greg
    Kicking the can down the road can only buy time
    This interview is very similar to Mike Moloney’s feelings on long term liabilities in the Western economies
    The Roman “Bread and Circus” model is similar to government aid and social media distraction
    We all know what happened to the Romans- where is their empire now?
    Well done again
    J (in Ireland)

  6. Jerry

    No…..there’s nothing going on at Gitmo..is there?

    Expansion for a new portable court room. I guess it was to crowded for the current thirty detainees?

    • mike r

      yeah, they are building that entire thing just for 6 captives. Apparently a simple military tent would not work ?

      I’d like to see Trump declare martial law, with the absolute atrocious crap the dems have been giving him, and Pelosi, Podesta, Comey, Rosenstein, Clintons, Obamas, Reid, Strzok, Schumer, most of the sitting congress, 50% of hollywood celebs who cant keep their treasonous mouths shut, many CIA, FBI, staff, and many more who were involved in the attempted coup, become very acquainted with the interior of this new interviewing facility and court room. In hand cuffs of course.

  7. Jerry

    Let the countdown begin. The timeline has been set.

    “After all, it’s just another brick in the wall”.

    How this ends.
    1. Congress votes to fund a wall. Not likely.
    2. President Trump agrees to sign a bill without the wall funding. Not likely.
    3. The house introduces a bill to impeach President Trump. Likely.
    4. In retaliation President Trump declares a national emergency. Likely.
    5. In retaliation The deep state launches a coup attempt. Maybe?
    6. As a result of a failed coup attempt. President Trump declares Martial Law. I sure in the hell hope not?
    7. Gitmo is open for business. Possibly.

    All I needed to know about politics today, I learned in kindergarten.

  8. Montana Guy

    Globalists need dependency (slavery) a lack of self-reliance to implement their global government. They will be pulling the pull on their Fed and fiat US dollar. That event is cleverly designed to create more fear. Then they will come to our rescue with more centralization of power.

    The solution of course is building individual self-reliance and our own systems. But we are too busy trying to save a system intent on destroying our liberty.

    Ridiculous you say? Specifically what have Americans done to become more self-reliant?

    • susan

      Montana Guy, In eastern MT people have become extremely self-reliant. Really ready for anything. I wish other places would take a lesson. I have relatives across the US that are set, but then those in cities are a mess.

      • Montana Guy

        susan, Hi neighbor. We are blessed to live where Christ still rules our valleys. Having held true to His beliefs such as self-defense, self-reliance, non-aggression (and one could make a strong case for homeschooling) has made all the difference.

        • susan

          Montana Guy, you are correct in everything you said!

  9. al

    John Williams is my favorite, he’s a numbers Man, unfortunately the Cartel Mafia, aka Wall Street and the Fed, likes to push against the inevitable reality.
    I remember in 2012 John said, according to the numbers, we were going to see the start of Hyperinflation by 2014 and I thought that was too long in to the future. Here we are 5 years later, I shutter to think what sort of Hyperinflation we’re going to see Worldwide. It’s already hitting certain countries. It’s inevitable!

    He mentions the price of oil going up, but isn’t that a result of import? I thought we are now the largest producer of oil. Either way the inevitable will happen and 5 years has given me more time to prepare.

    Thanks again Greg, another great interview

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, but oil, no matter its source, foreign (imported) or domestic, is priced in dollars on international markets. If the dollar is devalued in trading and becomes “weak”, as indicated by the dollar buying fewer, say, Euros, Swiss Francs, or Yen, or Pound Sterling, the price of oil goes up. That is Mr. Williams’ point. Many thanks and best always. PM

  10. DOVEGENIA Gina

    “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade asked Pompeo, “We know the prince knows, right? You looked at him in the eye; you know that he knows.”

    “I’ve spoken to the king — King Salman — I’ve spoken to the crown prince a number of times since the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and it is absolutely America’s intent to hold everyone accountable who was responsible for this,” Pompeo said.

    “So that’s ‘yes?’ When you looked him [MBS] in the eye, did you believe him?” Kilmeade pressed.

    “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decides who is running the country,” Pompeo again deflected. “We are working closely with the kingdom to make sure America is protected — that’s our interest there.”

    Mika Brzezinski (called Sec State “butt boy”)
    Alec Baldwin (called photographer “c***sucker”)
    Joy Reid (years of homophobic statements on her blog and Twitter)

    All employees in good standing at @MS[NBC]Comcast!LOL!

    “I understand that Donald Trump doesn’t care,” Brzezinski responded on “Morning Joe.” “He doesn’t care. But why doesn’t Mike Pompeo care right now? Are the pathetic deflections that we just heard when he appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ — is that a patriot speaking? Or a wannabe dictator’s butt boy?”

    Brzezinski’s audio cut out for a moment, indicating that a control room editor at MS[NBC]Comcast tried to take out the slur but missed the mark.

    “I’m dead serious,” she went on. “I’m asking, are these the words of a patriot?” NO Mika, BUT YOURS ARE!?

    Twitter user G.E. Anderson tweeted that he was “with” Brzezinski until the “butt boy” comment. “Try ‘toadie’ or ‘lackey’ or ‘stool pigeon’ or ‘ass kisser,’ or ‘traitor,’ but maybe don’t equate homosexuality with Mike Pompeo carrying water for the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

    “Totally agree with you —SUPER BAD choice of words.. I should have said ‘water boy’… like for football teams or something like that,” Brzezinski tweeted in response. “SO SORRY!” yA sO sORRY, IT GOT ON AIR!
    Like our Gina, they paint themselves one way, but out of the heart the mouth speaks. What say you Gina Macaroni?

  11. JC

    Greg, any chance you can get Martin Armstrong as a guest again? I recall the last time you interviewed him, his views on the dollar are quite different from Mr. Williams.

  12. June Bug

    Venezuela’s Great Dream Was Always a Scam…
    By Bill Bonner January 24, 2019

    The Billionaire Backlash Is Coming
    By Bill Bonner January 23, 2019

  13. Mike

    Another great interview with a highly intelligent meticulous economist that doesn’t mince words.
    Will you be interviewing Rob Kirby in the near future?

  14. Da Yooper

    Greg …..Love John Williams

    The fed is a political tool of the globalists. Their raising rates is screwing over the middle & lowers classes on their credit card & anything adjustable rate . It wasn’t that long ago that the rates being charge on credit card debt would be illegal due to it being called usury.

    From Wikipedia
    Usury is, as defined today, the practice of making unethical or immoral monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender. Originally, usury meant interest of any kind. A loan may be considered usurious because of excessive or abusive interest rates or other factors.

  15. iwitness02

    The United States of Weasels (politically speaking.) Politics is a hideous poison to Freedom and prosperity. It makes me angry that we can’t throw off the Fed control, and their fake money. Their grip on power and control is like iron. Criminal politicians, the same thing. They steal elections, money, freedom, independence, power, life and the ability to pursue happiness and own private property. (try not paying your taxes, for proof) While at the same time we the people are under a government microscope and subject to the letter of the law. Politicians/bankers are subject to no laws. Tired of it all. Increased wisdom, brings increased sorrow, and a bad attitude, towards all things government. Especially when I see the way some of the new congress freshmen and new senators are dressing, while in their official capacity. The contempt they reveal towards we the people is the most astounding thing to witness. Very sad state of affairs in the country I grew up in. I am now a stranger in a strange land. (boo whoo!) But its true.

    • susan

      If only democrats would understand that Trump is only trying to finish the job JFK started. (with the fed)

  16. Charles Casaburi

    I believe most of the narrative of gold bugs . The part I have a problem with is the belief that massive inflation will cause the stock market to crash. There is no historical record of that. In fact historical & even contemporary experience indicates the direct opposite. Venezuela has the best performance of any stock exchange in the world so far this century. I think it’s because gold bugs derive their experience of how stocks perform in inflation from the 1970’s American stock market. There never was massive inflation in the 1970’s . Inflation briefly reached double digits twice but didn’t stay there long. The stock market didn’t crash but stagnated for many years losing ground to inflation. A true massive inflation would make stock prices skyrocket along with all other prices perhaps more.

  17. foggygoggles

    Given the amount of dollar denominated debt around the world, as well as the absence of an alternative, I doubt the dollar is going to disappear any time soon.

  18. John Henry Stone

    Always good to hear from Mr. Williams. I refer to his site often to get away from the lies being told. This is not going to end well. The future belongs to the prepared.

  19. H. Craig Bradley

    “This is a very dangerous time both domestically and globally”.

    My suburban neighborhood is certainly not “dangerous” but quiet, stable, and secure. There are no neighborhood precious metals dealers, unless of course, you include retail jewelry stores. Crime is very low. No violent crimes. Pretty much the same as always. However, our politics is bad with no agreements or common ground. This threatens the future more than the present if it leads to a substantial drop in confidence in everything American ( Martin A. Armstrong, Consulting Economist, Blog ).

    At some point, according to Martin Armstrong, when the average Joe loses hope in America, then the dollar will tank and gold will be dear. We are not there, as yet. It could be post 2032 A.D. when the U.S. breaks apart. Don’t get ahead of yourselves. Its does no good at all.

  20. H. Craig Bradley

    Simply put in no so many words, observe the following graphic by Martin Armstrong:


  21. paul ...

    It doesn’t make sense … why would Trump do to Venezuela what the Deep State is doing to him?? … is PCR blaming Trump for something the US CIA Deep State Department is doing on their own??? … I hope so …otherwise it makes Trump into just another “Regime Change Neocon”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-26/exceptional-nation-asserts-its-exceptionalism-pcr

    • paul ...

      The reason it doesn’t make sense is because the neocon “permanent war” warmongers in the Demon-rat-controlled House and the Senate this week passed legislation forbidding President Trump from withdrawing the US from NATO … now why would a man seeking peace in N. Korea, withdrawing troops from Syria, winding down the war in Afghanistan and trying to get us out of NATO … be doing a regime change in Venezuela???? … something is wrong with this picture!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-26/permanent-war-congress-forbids-nato-withdrawal

      • paul ...

        Yet … we do hear Trump speaking out against Venezuela? … with CIA covert ops now in an active campaign to delegitimize its government (along with the starvation going on) in order to advance their agenda of overthrowing another Nation’s political system … I’m not saying Venezuela’s commie government is not bad … but that fact does not make it “okay” for the US to intervene in their political affairs by using “a double standard when it comes to morality” … Trump recently signed an executive order to sanction foreign governments actively meddling in our affairs!! … and we have allies “who violate human rights on a massive scale every day (i.e. like Saudi Arabia in Yemen, etc., etc.) and we don’t take action against these “nonconforming governments” for their human cruelty … it is not right for the US to “selectively applying” morality … moral principles should be applied “equally” to all Nations … just as we want morality “applied equally” against the Hillary, Bush, etc., etc., etc. criminal cabals in the US … no Cabal … no Nation should be exempt from their criminal actions … so if we are going to play God and apply moral standards … let’s do it equally … let’s do it so no Nation (ally or not) is allowed to get away with their constant indiscriminate killing of women and children!!!

    • paul ...

      Err … I hope not

    • Montana Guy

      Washington including Trump would not think twice about military intervention in Venezuela. Translation: BOMBS FOR OIL. They don’t give a rat’s patootie about the people.
      Imagine the good will America could have gained if it had dropped $95 Million in food for their starving men, women and children? That would be just 1/10 of 1% of the US military budget. Which option would Jesus choose?

      • paul ...

        Your morally right Montana Guy … BUT … sometimes a homeowner must use his shotgun (even though not wanting to) in order to ward off home invaders threatening to kill his children!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        That was the way to have gotten rid of Castro, flood the island with dollars and goods, rather than the Bay of Pigs, embargoes, and sanctions, and other pointless approaches that strengthen the thug government and cripple the people living there. Kind of makes you wonder why our government does all of the useless stuff and never the thing that works. Maybe our government doesn’t want what it says it does? Best always. PM

  22. Michael214

    Greg/all, again I am not sure why this huge piece of information has not been discussed as well, they do not care about raising rates, in-fact the higher they go the better for the scheme they have in place since late 2014!

    Please take the time and listen to an interview over at Wall Street for Main Street from Trader Vic, a few months ago. He has uncovered that the US Commercial banks have been given permission (more laws modified to hide accounting) to print currency out of thin air, buy ALL US Treasury DEBT they want, and place it in Special purpose vehicles “off books” !!!

    Victor Sperandeo: Large US Banks Rigged the US Treasury Market For More Profits?

  23. Free Slave

    I bought a silver eagle once, many years ago, a truly beautiful coin. When you flip it in the air, to “flip a coin”, it makes a clear pure ring, like a bell. It is a joy to hold in hand.

    My observation, from an investment perspective, is that the coin never grows or shrinks, no matter what happens in the stock market or to the value of a dollar. It is the constant in the equation; everything else is variable.

    This is what makes it a store of value. The value of my labor, used to purchase that coin, resides within it until I choose to redeem it for something else. I can even give it to someone else and it gets neither bigger nor smaller in the transfer.

    People say precious metals offer no dividend. They don’t have to. Anyone who thinks money grows over time is deluded. Why should that stored labor be worth more later? That makes no sense unless you are confusing price with value.

    Investing money to gain a dividend is gambling. Just remember when you go to your favorite casino; they don’t build those palaces because of all the winners. A financial advisor is like hiring a professional gambler. They win a lot and they win big sometimes but it never seems to be your money that did the winning.

  24. Prophet

    Good old school interview, I didnt hear anything earth shattering,,,,The fed is done raising rates and they wont lower them unless the market slides off the cliff….There are so many
    issues in the world at present An unintentional collapse could happen anytime, but A market crash this early would only give Trump enough time for an opportunity to fix it thus reassuring him a 2020 win most likely…They have kept the house of cards from falling for so long now , one has to realize they still have a reasonable amount of control
    as when SHTF….I think alot of this will have to do with how win-able Trump looks for 2020,, they will no doubt sacrifice the market to get rid of him if need be…

  25. Sue Robinson

    Greg:Another great interview. Mr. Williams is a voice of sanity, reason and integrity. Also, over on u-tube, where this interview is playing, there now are around 250 comments and growing. I am a bit suspicious of gremlins getting after your comments section….So, stay strong!!!

  26. Tad

    At least 120 billion reasons to overthrow Maduro.

    • Greg Hunter

      Why is America always the bad guy here. Try to talk crap about Russia and Putin on Rusiawatchdog.com. OH!! You cannot!! How about Chinawatchdog.com? Again, Oh you cannot!! How about any Middle East Country let’s call it Muslimwatchdog.com. Oh!! hell no!!! you cannot. You cannot even have free speech rights in Europe. Don’t believe me, then go on line and start trashing Muslim grooming and rape gangs when you are in the UK, Sweden, France or Germany. Start reporting all the Islamic crime in Europe because of the mass population replacement strategy. You will be arrested like Tommy Robinson. Get where I am coming from here?? Lay off. By the way, what country do you live in??

      Oh and one more thing. Don’t post links for the pro-Russia propaganda, Jew hating, America hating “Saker” whoever the coward is. That’s not journalism but PROPAGANDA.

      • Mohammad #2


        Nothing makes me happier than hearing your screaming from anger over the spread of islam allover the world which is by FACT is the FASTEST GROWING religion as we speak and it will remain despite your noises.

        Mohammad #2

        • Greg Hunter

          Here is a website documenting the spread of the “religion of peace”: https://thereligionofpeace.com/

          • Mohammad

            Greg ,

            Again you are not doing me justice by distinguishing the poster above as let’s say Mohammad_1 or whatever.
            Actually am concluding that he is not even a muslim, only he is trying to tarnish my posts, he very well could be any of the adversary rude commenters on the site trashing Islam.
            You have the emails Greg…..!!!
            You can make the distinctions.
            But you choose not to for a very mysterious reason to my mind.


            • Greg Hunter

              I am fixing this Mohammad. So sorry. You are always #1 to all of us here.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please call yourself Mohammad #2 in the future. We already have another long time commenter called Mohammad and he is our #1 Mohammad.

        • Major Payne

          Greg –

          These actually are Mohammed’s words that someone lifted from I think two interviews ago. Copy & paste. He was upset because he did not intend those words to be directed at you.

      • Mohammad

        And what do you call trashing Islam Greg? …Journalism? Not propaganda?


        • Major Payne

          I have looked at Islam and have reached the following conclusions. The Koran is not the word of God but the word of man. Islam is, accordingly, a man-made religion. Mohammed was a violent, intolerant, insecure, and very small minded man. I have read a bit of the Koran, but try as I might, I cannot find anything positive or inspiring there. It is all very negative and Allah seems to be Mohammed’s alter ego. That is to say, Allah is a violent, intolerant, insecure, and very small minded god. And consider that Islamic scholars talk about the benefits of drinking Mohammed’s urine! https://islamicvirtues.com/2013/12/02/benefits-of-drinking-the-blessed-urine-of-our-holy-prophet-s/
          Carry on, Mohammed.

        • Freebrezer

          Mohammad – Calling out the killings, murders, destruction done in Mohammad’s name (or Islam’s name) is journalism. Are we in the west suppose to just ignore all this violence and blood shed and call it what? Love? or the religion of peace? The catholic church had a lot of trash that needed to be gotten rid of … Like wise the The religion of peace sure the hell is not very peaceful and needs a big overhaul to get rid of the trash (killers, terrorist, dads killing young daughters for their honor (this one is abhorrent and shows what sick-a-paths reside in Islam!) … Mohammad – Tell your brethren to Take out the TRASH!!! All other religions do from time to time and it is about time the Islam does!

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not trash Islam. I put up a website that keeps track of carnage of people doing violence who are Muslims. You do know there is also Muslim on Muslim violence on this site.

          • Mohammad

            What do you call the posts trashing my belief that are just above your post, you read them and you approved them?
            Did you ever hear me trashing christianity?
            I can do that.
            But I choose not to.
            Why do you allow trashing Islam with comments the least could be said about them is Vulgar and low?
            Did you read Major’s and Free’s posts above your post , just above your post?
            What do you call their childish hatred behavior?
            Is that the christianity you promote on your site?


            • Greg Hunter

              I read both comments and I think this was an expression of speech here. It’s what these folks think, just as you think Christ is not the Son of God. I am pretty sure you have said that here, but it is what you think and I am not the thought police. These folks did not trash your religion. They pointed out some problems and said they did not believe in it. You do realize there has been many negative things said about the Pope and the Vatican right here on USAW? By the way, another “Mohammad” (#2) said he was happy Islam was spreading and was the fasted growing religion on earth. I posted that too.

              • Mohammad

                That was me Greg who said that.
                I was stating a fact.

                Never mind … I have thick skin to last all those years on your site.


                • Greg Hunter

                  We love you man!!!!!

            • Tin foil hat

              I have no idea what’s your belief.
              If you were an Alevis Muslim, I have no problem with your belief.
              If you were a secular Muslim who rejects the sharia, I have no beef with whatever your belief is.
              However, if you were a sharia loving Muslim ……..
              Btw, do you agree with the blasphemy and apostasy law in Paskinstan?

            • Freebrezer

              M – Put some big boy pants on! If you call my post “trashing Islam” (Really!!!!) there is no room for truth/journalism and dialogue in your world … And there will be ABSOLUTELY NO (!!!) apology from this person for stating FACTS! The apology needs to come from YOU! You childishly and with vulgar intent dishonor the truth by your comment torwards me! … Show the facts in which I am wrong. FACT – I pointed out that the Catholic church had/has a pedophile problem with some priest … I called it trash (which it is!). Like wise, I pointed out per Islam, that some members murder innocents, join terrorist organization (to destroy others), and some men even murder their own daughters in the name of honor/Islam … I called it trash (which it is!) – ALL FACTS! Enlighten the readers and me to where my facts are wrong … I’ll be anxiously awaiting your rebuttal and I will not hold my breath for an apology… FreeB.

        • Major Payne

          Mohammed – I honestly mean no disrespect. It is just that the more I look at Islam, the more I see a very sick ideology that differs profoundly from other world religions. Most of what I point out is fact. For instance, Judaism and Christianity both teach tolerance. Buddhism and Hinduism do as well. But, I see no evidence that Islam teaches tolerance. In fact, it teaches intolerance at every turn. If I am not correct please show me where the Koran teaches tolerance, Apostates who have left Islam point out that these same issues that trouble me were what made them leave in the first place. At the same time perhaps you will direct me to a favorite passage of yours in the Koran. Again, I mean no disrespect. At ease..


      • Keith wilson

        Greg. Did you hear about the Pakistani Muslim gangbangers from Rochdale England. They have received over a million pounds in tax payers money to fight there deportation. Having served prison time for raping and abusing girls as young as 13 years old. They are fighting deportation back to the Islamic state of pakistan. To be deported is against there human rights and will deprive them of there family life in the uk. If you get time watch Stacy Dooley investigates= My home town fanatics. This is what happens when you let in Muslim fanatics into your country.

    • Freebrezer

      Tad – 4 billion reasons are for the 4 billion that Hugo Chaves stole from the people of Venezuela and stuffed in to a foreign bank account for his daughter … She was a hair dresser for gods sake! … On the other hand, she might have given the best hair cut in the world! And if old Maduro was his right hand man, I can only ponder the amount of money he and his cronies have pigged off – I am sure it is in the billions AND BILLIONS. Tad – on a serious note -If Venezuela goes in to total anarchy (it is getting close), and given that the refugee situation from Venezuela is already destabilizing surrounding countries. To let this rot continue solves what?

  27. john duffy

    Dark to Light

  28. Genocidal Politician

    The brawl over Venezualian oil and persistent public announcements of how much oil saudi has that will be the last forever indicates the energy crisis in the west is acute critical

  29. John

    Folks – just finished my tax return for 2018 – my taxes doubled! The only charitable organization I will fund in 2019 will be….my family. Get ready to open your checkbook! Seriously, why work hard or give to your synagogue/church. The tax code is going to force people to either reduce their workload in order to reduce taxable income or shelter their money in 401 k type contributions at the max allowable percentage in the hope of a better tomorrow in bubble land. I fear that many good charities in our respective localities are going to have a challenging 2019 to say the least.

  30. Will

    Keep in mind that currently Venezuela is where we might be. Gold and silver are doing no good. Food and water are of value a silver coin is not. Ask a citizen there what do you want me to send you? Food, water, medicine, or a gold coin.

  31. mike r

    gold and silver have done nothing for 8 years. so theres been no inflation for past 8 years ?

    hardly. both are heavily repressed.

    if they can manipulate the price that long, who is to say they cant do that for another decade ?
    its crazy how fraudulent US markets are. and the dollar itself.

    • Mohammad


      Why do you think they are readying to invade Venezuela?
      Just because Maduro asked for their gold from bank of England.
      Now they have the clown that Mr. Trump is recognizing in a perfect coup de tat as the “new president” that will “promote democracy” to handle the gold from Bank of England which the latter agreed to surrender to , TO THE BANK OF ENGLAND.
      What a crap…!
      And they are supporting Trump?
      Bragging about wearing his hat?
      Worshipping him?
      What makes him any different than Obama or Bush or Clinton or all the clans?
      When will you all see?
      When will the veil be removed?


    • paul ...

      Mike … gold is headed up again … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html … and so is silver … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

      • paul ...

        Will and Mike … when the Fed reinstates QE to infinity (Zimbabwe monetary policy) everyone is going to want to own gold (and silver) … a lot of smart people are not waiting … they sense the Fed is about to reverse course and that QE is right around the corner to prop up the liquidity crisis that is about to hit us (the way it has already hit China and forced them to do massive QE) … look at the gold (and silver) charts I provided above … the train is leaving the station and you guys didn’t purchase a ticket!!

        • paul ...

          The silver train will stop at the $45 to $60 station for a while where you guys “can contemplate” buying a boarding ticket but the expense will probably deter you from acting … https://hubertmoolman.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/silver-long-term-fractal.png?w=700 … however, once the silver train leaves the $60 station … it’s next station stop will be at $1000 level (likely in the December 2022 time frame) if Moolman has the correct train schedule!!!

  32. Gina M Mancarella



    • Greg Hunter

      I think you need to include “I AM NUTS”!!!

      • William Stanley


      • Beth

        Thanks for the laugh!!

      • Twox2

        Great minds think alike…

      • Steve Twitchell



    • Major Payne


      Carry on, Gina.

      • Greg Hunter

        Major Payne,
        You forgot “I AM A PATRIOT”!!!! You are!!

        • Ray

          If an “American Patriot” puts America before every other nation on Earth, is it OK for there to be, oh, I don’t know, Iraqi Patriots, Afghani Patriots, Syrian Patriots who feel the same way about their nations and their liberties…….or should they just all be subservient to The American Patriot, and never question the actions of The Indispensable Nation?
          Moreover, does the American Patriot have a duty to speak up for the other nations of the world when the US Government continually invades nations on false pretexts…..financially strangles other nations whilst at the same moment practices abject financial fraud on a scale which is beyond breath taking?
          What actually is this thing we call “a Patriot”?
          A truth seeker……or a flag waver?
          A lover of Humanity, or lover of borders?
          To be sure…..Christ loved Humanity first…..borders…..not even sure He ever spoke of them or cared for them.
          Just asking.
          Happy New Year Greg and all USA Watchdoggers.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • paul ...

            Right Ray … we should be human patriots … promoting liberty and justice for all the world’s people … and the Demon rats among us who want to limit the people’s God given rights should be put in a special place (be it GITMO or Hell)!!

            • Ray

              Right with you on that Paul….well said mate, well said.

          • Tin foil hat

            I’m a flag waving truth seeker. A lover of borders and humanity.
            I believe Christ crossed the BORDER between heaven and earth due to his love for humanity.

            • Ray

              Nice Tin….nice 🙂

          • William Stanley

            Communication can be tricky. In the current context of world affairs, many Americans (myself included) understand the word “Patriot” to have its strongest connotation as that of a person who sees the NWO/Globalism as directly contrary to the interests of America and most Americans. Yes, there is the related connotation of favoring America and most Americans against the interests of all “outsiders.”
            However, most American “Patriots,” I think, do care about the welfare of others and see most as friends. Moreover, they tend to see the NWO/Globalism as the common enemy of mankind (including you in Australia).
            To protect all of us, the American Patriots tend to view boarders as essential. America can’t help its friends, and they won’t be able to help themselves, if the NWO/Globalists are allowed to erase our borders. Viva la difference!

            • William Stanley

              “Borders,” not “Boarders”!

              • William Stanley

                Gosh, I may have invented Trump’s motto for 2020!

                • William Stanley

                  Tan me hide, now that I think about it, I should have said “Blimey,” not “Gosh.”

                  • Ray

                    Struth Will!!!!!!
                    (200 year old Aussie slang, initially derived from the splitting of the words “God’s Truth”…..and still used regularly with a smile over here in Australia when expressing surprise!)
                    Now that is funny good sir!
                    “Tan me hyde indeed”!!

            • Ray

              Yep….perfectly put their Will.

              • William Stanley

                Very sly; LOL!

                • William Stanley

                  Your comment could have been interpreted as “droll” or even “wry” and, thus, serves to illustrate the importance of interpreting meaning in context. It also shows the weakness of textualism, i.e., the belief that the meaning of a text is best discerned without recourse to its overall context.
                  BTW, the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, advocated textualism. I don’t.

  33. Jerry

    How does this happen?

    How does a news organization have authority to be in bed with the department of justice? Coincidence? We are living in a full blown totalitarian state. We allow jackbooted thugs with a news organization to drag a seventy five year old man out of his home, while we throw the borders open and envite every known criminal in Central America in. Insane!

    • iwitness02


    • Freebrezer

      Jerry – could not agree more – the Alinsky followers/worshipers (The Black witch HRC, Comey, Brennen, Obama, our elite colleges, the two coasts, etc,.) have taken control of the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ, etc., and it is down right scary! At least Trump and a few good Republicans are putting up a good fight! Trump is like The Duke in Harms way …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W0Ulau7BD0& … take it to them!

      • In Trump We Trust

        “In Harms Way” is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. In this scene, Kirk Douglas was Wayne’s right hand man. Brandon DeWilde appears as Wayne’s estranged son from a failed marriage. Patrick O’Neal stars as a politician, who is sent over by Admiral Broderick to spy on Wayne’s crew. Burgess Meredith, as a naval intelligence officer, determined that an information leak had occurred and O’Neal was the leaker. In the opening scene of this clip, Meredith’s character is flipping a coin to see who gets the enjoyment of telling O’Neal’s character, that he has to go. O’Neal says, ‘you can’t do this!’ To which Douglas responds with another slap and says, ‘…but I am doing it.”
        In Trump We Trust! He’ll getter done!

    • dadiz

      superb interpretation.

  34. Anhony

    Greg, thank you for another great interview. Please speak or have on Greg Manarino, h seems to think the game is up and the market will continue to be propped up. I believe he would disagree with the idea of a “currency reset” you have been asking guests about for the last few weeks.

    • Rich

      Thanks Diane Great article.

  35. Robert “The Zionist King” Lykens

    Israeli Scientists Believe They Have Found The Cure For Cancer
    “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer.”

    “…and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”
    – Genesis 12:3


  36. paul ...

    For those who don’t know … China has built “electronic back doors” into all the electronic devices they have sold us over the years (with the help of American traitors within the semiconductor industry) … and at the “flip of a switch” can now take down all our Nations electronic devices they sold us over many years (without the use of an EMP weapon) … is it any wonder Trump is going after Huawei now … before they launch their G5 “””Trojan Horse””” upon the American people … so on Monday Trump had the US file a series of indictments against Huawei!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-29/beijing-slams-politically-motivated-huawei-indictment

    • paul ...

      So is it any wonder why Amazon, Apple, Facebook, etc., etc. will report losses in the upcoming quarter from slackening US demand for their tainted products “made in China” … right along with companies like Caterpillar that will be hit by the crippling effects of softening Chinese demand!!

      • paul ...

        Well well … Apple managed better numbers then expected … guess people still want to buy their “eye phones” and “ear phones” so the Orwellian spy agencies can track their every move in the “e-commie” commerce system they have now installed around the world!!

  37. paul ...

    Italy’s idea of “universal basic income” is a less radical version of the “basic income scheme” tried out by Finland … or the scheme of Milton Friedman for a simple guaranteed basic income for all citizens (jobless or not) … Italy’s idea is aimed at both people on pensions and people of working age … where the latter “must be willing to accept a suitable job or else lose the benefit” … so Italy’s universal income scheme is more like Social Security for old people and welfare for those who have the ability to work … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-28/italy-starts-handing-out-free-money-what-could-go-wrong

  38. CJ

    Another excellent interview! Thanks. Would like to suggest an interview with Dr. Edwin Vieira in the future. Not only is he a Ph.D from Harvard, but is also a Constitutional scholar (unlike Barry Sotero). In addition, he has written numerous books (Pieces of Eight[constitutional monetary policy-gold-], The Crashmakers, Three Rights, Constitutional Homeland Security, How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary). Okay, thanks again for the timely and pertinent interviews you have conducted and published.

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