Fed Will Increase Money Printing Sooner than Later-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino says, “There will be no Fed taper . . . the Fed is the $85 billion a month gorilla in the room, and this will be increased sooner than later.”  Mannarino contends, “The Fed will not allow the dollar to be strong . . . They have no recourse.  There is no recovery here in the United States.  There is no economic recovery over in Europe.  The central banks are going to attempt to print more in greater amounts to keep this propped up.”   Mannarino goes on to say, “They’ve already lost control here.  We’re just watching a slow motion train wreck come apart.”  Mannarino steadfastly recommends putting some money in physical gold and silver.  To his critics, Mannarino says, “I think people are missing the big picture . . .  keep dollar cost averaging until the cows come home”   Obama Care will be “awful” for the economy, and Mannarino points out, “This will be a wealth transfer.  It’s that simple.  They want young healthy people to subsidize the older sick ones.”  Mannarino goes on to predict, “This is going to kill jobs beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It is going to steal money that could be put into the economy.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino from TradersChoice.net.

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  1. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    You’re right about the Saudis. Since America went off the last vestige of the gold standard in 1971 and onto the oil backed petro dollar standard Saudi Arabia has lost considerable leverage. They’re still important but not as important as they used to be. Russia now out produces them. The U. S. may well be energy independent by 2017. Canada is swimming in oil. Brazil has untapped reserves of over a trillion barrels. Mexico has discovered new offshore fields totaling several hundred billion barrels. Cuba is contracting with China to open new fields in their waters and former Soviet republics have huge untapped reserves. China and Japan who buy much more oil than we do from the gulf have come to the brink of a shooting war over reserves in disputed waters. Since Obama’s Moratorium on U. S. drilling in the gulf of Mexico their are now more wells pumping in the gulf than their were before Deepwater Horizon, all in non U. S. waters. A major factor in what’s going on in the Middle East isn’t about oil so much as it’s about how the distribution networks will be built and to who’s advantage. Everybody has oil and gas they want to sell now. Even Syria has a large recently discovered gas field. The Saudi monarchy must be concerned about how reliable the U. S. will be as their guardian as the need for their oil diminishes. It’ inevitable that they will drift away from the petro dollar because they are losing the ability to maintain it.

    • Barry

      The objective is to focus on how to exempt yourself from all of this corruption. We have failed to protect our inheritance at our own demise.
      Forget taking anything back, take your wealth and earnings and make it an illusion. It is your duty to keep your money away from these criminals.
      It is local state and federal politicians, along with the employess that are stealing from us. Yes face it, look at what these neighbors of ours vote themselves and think they deserve more than you or I that work real jobs. Your enemy resides next door. Anyone that votes democrat or liberal republican is your mortal, moral and financial enemy!

    • jc davis

      Mal: What a clear picture you gave. Thanks
      What do you know about the Alaskan pipe line ?

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg

    Obamacare is wealth transfer not just from healthy young to old sick people, but from 99% to 1%. The worst thing is the damage is done. Period. Whatever will do the government or any other entity, people will suffer.

    I’m not a free market guy (the market should decide everything), my opinion is there are things certain things shouldn’t be decided by free market and people should decide the role of the government and role of the market.

    In my opinion the market should be a tool for effective resource allocation and wealth sharing (wealth transfer is such an ugly word), and some key elements as basic/semi-basic scientific research, infrastructure, water management, schools etc should be in hands of community/communities or in the hands of the state.

    What do you think Greg?

    • Galaxy 500

      I am with you as long as it is your wealth we are distributing. Me, I have worked too hard for mine.

      • Oracle 911

        You tough I’m talking about socialism. Sorry, I must take your delusions.

        I’m talking about wealth distribution, because if you want more or better or something else you must pay for it.

        But there are stuff like P2P loans or crowd-funding, which are basically wealth sharing schemes and they are wealth creating because some project are beneficial not just for the lender, but for huge portion of the people or for the entire society.

        By the way do you have kids? I’m asking it because the state owned schools are mostly operating from your taxes, although the efficiency is quite low, that is the reason why I’m talking about the community.

        But you definitively owe a car, or house with connection to grids. Talking about them because the basic infrastructure was built by the state or by muni trough private contractors. Something is telling me in some cases state or community owed firms would do better jobs for less. Because some contractors overcharging their price, but every employee of these community or municipally owed firms must be accountable for preventing the slacking.

        • Mike

          Oracle you have touched one my pet peeves…the term “wealth distribution”. Using the word “distribution” infers that there is some entity that does the distributing. In our case that would be the Fed, banks and their government cronies.
          From my understanding wealth can only be obtained in three ways…it can be earned, it can be inherited, or it can be stolen. It seems to me that the banks and government have worked very successfully at the stealing option, using colloquialisms such as: “wealth redistribution” , “social justice” and “equality”. Can you say income tax, inheritance tax, sales tax, gasoline tax, property tax, etc., etc., etc.?
          Understanding that there is no such thing as equality when it comes to the “distribution” of wealth, we then realize that the game is rigged and the best we can do is to try our best to protect and hopefully, enhance the wealth that we are able to obtain through our labors or the fortune of an inheritance.
          The market is rigged against us as well as we do not have access to the same information as those inside the system (be that Wall St or the beltway) and thus can only scamper after the scraps of the upticks of an IPO or other market timing scheme.
          I purposely left out the fantasy of obtaining wealth through luck (aka the lottery) as that is nothing but wealth stolen from the ignorant.
          The best analogy of a government lottery was given by a member of the Ontario provincial parliament back in the 1980’s when the lottery was first instituted…”a tax on the stupid”.
          Oracle, in reality there is no community, there is no “us”. When it comes to survival there is only me and mine and you and yours. The founding fathers understood this most basic of human realities…we are selfish first and only selfless when it does not imperil our own survival. Everything else is a fantasy that we have been indoctrinated into believing…for one simple reason…control.

          • Oracle 911

            Well, you almost spot on, because there is us, well not in USA or in Canada, simple reason, it is not homogeneous in every means, not in culture, not in genetics, not in history and not in ancestry.

            In Europe and in far East, the things are different, there the populations of countries are more homogeneous (or were like that) so here and there the sense of common ancestry stronger then everywhere else. So when the trouble hits the people will more likely take care of each other and go over their primal directives (call it tribalism) then in USA or Canada.

        • frosty

          “some key elements as basic/semi-basic scientific research, infrastructure, water management, schools etc should be in hands of community/communities or in the hands of the state.”

          To hold this point, one must first admit that there exists, within society, the ingenuity, resources and the productive capacity to build and provide these goods and services in the first place. Those arguing for State control are merely saying that the State is the preferred method for delivery, for redistributing a wealth of resources that already exists, through its superior mode of governance.

          Those who would personify the “community” or the “state” as an artifact having hands, a benevolent heart and a superior wisdom to which the individual must passively submit for his own welfare, as a sheep to the shepherd, ARE talking about Socialism and about its cousins Fascism and Communism as well.

          There is no difference between Communism, Socialism and Fascism except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, Socialism and Fascism by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide which separates these systems.

          Please understand that these systems will not adjust themselves to the needs of human beings but would coerce and adjust the inferior human being to meet the perceived superior needs of the system. It is a deadly serious matter to consider as those attempting to implement such systems have have, in the past 20th century, willingly killed almost 100 million people for that cause.

          In reality, State is nothing more than a collection of men and women whose salaries are paid by the people and are legally permitted to initiate force against others by legislating, and enforcing laws. Thus, in American past, the warning given by George Washington was well understood…”Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” The people allowed this force as necessary to ensure that justice prevailed and their liberty was protected.

          Today, government is personified as a benevolent master to whom supreme power must be submitted to rule over the people for the sake of their own own welfare. What were rights, freely bestowed by our creator and protected by law, have been traded for privileges and licences we pay for to exercise. Free markets, in which competition once allowed the people choose services rendered and to regulate the prices thereof by voting daily with their pocket books, are replaced by bureaucratic rules and regulations. The inevitable result of this transfer of power from the people to government has been that the 1% who install and control the career politicians now rule over us and expect their plans to be legalized and forcibly imposed upon the people by the power of law.

          Mr. Mannarino sees a revolution coming while others believe it has already, secretly taken place. Interestingly enough, both points of view are supported by available evidence offered through sites, like USAWatchdog and others, which use the freedom of the internet in an attempt to uncover and deliver truth.

          • Oracle 911

            You described the situation well, but you need think about what lies after the collapse.

            About the “Uncle Sam take care of you and your stuff, just obey” socio-cultural meme is much more older than you think, same thing happened in Eastern Europe and USSR (the party will take care of you and your stuff, just..), the guy with funny mustache and Austrian German accent will take care of you, just… (yeah I’m talking about Hitler). But there is much more and they are my favorites, like obey the guys with double standard who preach and you get into Heaven (yeah I’m talking about the catholicism) or my favorite just obey the laws of the God with double standard, with mass murdering tendencies and his priests and you will be rewarded (yeah I’m talking about the old testament).

            So my point of view is, for most of the things, you don’t need the central authority, but there must be some organ which coordinates activities between communities or municipals.

            So my offer is sound money, corporate taxes for working infrastructure and for education, no income, inheritance, property etc. taxes, municipally or community owned hospitals! or health-care centers, cooperative based economy and community/state owned firms for exploiting the nonrenewable recourses or for the building huge infrastructures like dams, canals, roads, railway etc.

            Look back into the history like the Indian pow-wow, or the Viking assembly a.k.a. thing or Greek city state before their peak all of them have a democracy and in the times of defensive war they choose a dictator with almost absolute power. Their leaders were accountable.

            More recent examples are Germany in 19 century and Germany after 1989, the Scandinavian or Swiss examples.

          • Galaxy 500

            After reading the second part you wrote Oracle, I understand what you are proposing. Please overlook my rant. Kinda Makes sense

          • Oracle 911

            Galaxy 500 says:
            November 13, 2013 at 10:16 pm

            “After reading the second part you wrote Oracle, I understand what you are proposing. Please overlook my rant. Kinda Makes sense”

            OK, apology is accepted, no hard feelings. My English is not the best, so it is easy to misunderstanding.

            2 major things must be accomplished:

            1)Accountability on every level of administration/government not just the elected leader but every bureaucrat (in a good system these 2 things are almost the same thing) and if you want accomplish longer term goals they shouldn’t be bothered by reelection. I mean, once is elected he can be removed from function in 3 ways: retirement, death or coma and withdrawal.

            2)You must forgot the perpetual growth a fractional reserve banking. Reasons are simple the planet is finite and reserve banking causing inflation and very asymmetric wealth distribution in other words banksters are super rich while there are homeless and families whom struggle to ends meet or simply dies from starvation.

            The 1st point is important because you don’t want near power sociopaths, psychopaths and other human scum and you don’t want scammed i. e. campaign contributions-this phrase will make Gerald Celente’s hot Italian blood boil, and it’s not just Americas trademark, but trademark for every parliamentary democracy.

            The 2nd point is important for social and environmental stability. Actually the bell shaped curve must be spiky as possible: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/74/Normal_Distribution_PDF.svg -reason is simple, we need a strong middle class and there will be always rich and poor, but it does matter how influential is the rich and how poor is the poor (poor should not struggle with end meet).
            So this must be accomplished by rules and the size and the power of corporation must be limited by regulation and by business environment (yeah, there is an optimal size for every business, under that is growth, over that is trouble and decay for the corporation) and I assume everybody is tired of the corporate takeover.

            About collapse of USA, well USA is collapsing under his own weight and the developing nations are take over him. Well the same thing happened to the Roman empire, it collapsed under his own weight because of inhomogeneous population, welfare state, internal conflicts and power struggle, running inflation etc, name it and you will found it in USA. So nothing new under the Sun.

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes, I have kids and one was home schooled and then entered middle college instead of high school so she had multiple college credits before she received scholarships to go to a private college. And I pay for the road with gas tax, which the government doesn’t administrate very well. And I pay and electric co-op for power, I don’t get it free or subsidized. Yes, infrastructure is paid for by taxes OR LIKE THE CELLULAR NETWORK, by private capital investment. Yes, the gov’t should collect taxes to provide for the public infrastructure, protect the nation, and educate the citizens. Not declare carbon dioxide, a byproduct of life, a poison. Not to go 1984 on the citizens. The IRS is bragging it only sent $4 billion to fraudsters stealing Ids in bogus tax refunds. Is that acceptable?
          Govt has a place but should I pay a higher percentage of tax than anyone else? Everyone should have skin in the game and no one should pay no tax or get a refund larger than the tax they paid le we do now.
          At least you admit how poorly and inefficient the gov’t is at education…unless it’s insulating the children with global warming nonsense or liberal Robin Hoodism.
          Suppose I don’t agree or desire to pay for it? Give to charity and my church, why should I be billed for welfare? Just curious. I know that property taxes pay for the schools here and everyone is billed, even if they don’t have children…for the.public good.

    • Ugly

      Friends. ACA is like this. Once implemented it will be inflation to no end. As an example, lets say in 2009 if you had a heart attack and required surgery plus 48 hour hospital stay and cost as follows.

      year Cost (HA plus 48 hrs)
      2007 $60,000
      2010 $75,000
      2011 $82,000
      2012 $85,000
      2013 $97,000
      2014 $125,000
      2015 $180,000
      2016 $290,000
      2017 $350,000

      You see how it will go based on my assumption. Once implemented, health-care will go thru hyperinflation where the working folk is more broke than the a@#@#^$# not working at all. Confiscation….

      Disclaimer–now when I said ‘a@#@#^$# not working at all’ I am not referring to those that are ‘truly’ looking for employment nor the folks with disabilities. I am referring to the a@#@##$^$# not looking at all and draining the system dry.

      • Galaxy 500

        The ugly Truth. Well said

  3. John Allen


    What I like best about your site is guests like Gregory Mannarino,
    Jim Sinclair, Jim Willie etc. don’t mince their words and tell it like it is. People who follow your site are getting one heck of an education that they will not get from the Main Stream Media.
    I for one, would be interested in someone interviewing you, from time to time, for your views on the economy etc., after all you get to interview the very best in the business on which to formulate your opinions.
    Thank you,

    John Allen

    • Greg

      John Allen,
      Thank you for your kind words. Gregory Mannarino is a straight shooter with a beautiful mind!!

      • jc davis

        Piers Morgan watch out. Now I would pay to see that interview.

  4. Reader

    Good to have him back but I admit the last interview with Greg Mann. scared someone to death. Specially that part about the Debt Bubble being as great a threat to Humanity as a… Nuclear interchange! For heavens sake, where’s the Prozac, Greg? 🙂

  5. Jerry

    Greg, thanks for bringing Greg Mannarino on. Behind Jim Willie he is probably my favorite market analyst.

    People, if you don’t get what he’s saying, you never will. The Federal Reserve can’t stop printing money, or its GAME OVER! Its just that simple. The bigger question is, how long can this continue? When I see the Chinese setting up credit swaps with the Central Banks in Europe and the Bric nations, and buying tons of Gold, I would wager no more than three months. I think when the Chinese have their system in place they will pull the “switch” literally.

    I hope I am wrong, but there is nowhere in recorded history that this has played out any other way. People are living on a false hope that the Chinese would not destroy their biggest market, but lets not forget they are facing the same debt bubble we are. The only difference is there doing something about it an we’re not.

    Greg I would strongly recommend Greg Mannarino’s book. In it he backs up his theories with charts and graphs that cannot be denied. Thanks again for having him.

  6. art barnes

    Greg, no matter what the FED does, the law of MAIN STREET ECONOMICS will prevail and their doors will be closed this time.

  7. Quadrateq

    Thank you Mr. Hunter and Mr. Mannarino,

    Your advocation of hard assets converts to us basic tools, a cottage industry mentality and food preps. Living a simple humble life praising God above for what we have and mostly what we do not have. The burdens of a modern consumption society. Shaking off previous indoctrinations of “the American Dream,” competing with the Jones’ next door and got to have the newest gadgets. Peace to those who serve and give freely.

  8. Mitch Bupp

    Once again the “golden generation” is reaching into the pockets of the unborn…… FED taper … LMFAO ..can’t happen, the market has proved they control the FED not that the FED controls nothing….. if the FED is responding to market pressures than they are caught by… market blackmail is a better term for what is happening to the FED ….

    I agree on the silver, Greg M ….. expect some in the mail Greg H……

    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch Bupp.

  9. Ugly

    My mom was wrong in the 1970s, ‘Money does grow on trees’….If I only knew then what I know now?

    Good interview again. The best advice I can give to people that will listen is to invest most monies into yourself and your inner circle. I am not saying be selfish, I am saying that $300 per month in your debt reduction will pay you better returns than $300 in your ‘future’ 401K returns.

    Lets say your monthly fixed bills and investments are around $2,800 per month. If you lower your house payment and pay off vehicle or whatever else that can be, and get your fixed debt to $1,800, then you just gave yourself a $1,000 per month raise (minus inflation).

    My opinion, for future America (invest in):

    1. Debt reduction
    2. Cash in hand. (not too much, about months worth)
    3. Precious metals such as silver or gold
    4. Food storage (min 6 mo).
    5. Mutual fund (if monies left over)
    6. Donations ( don’t be a tight-wad)

    Obamacare will probably take care of any leftover monies, so better get debt down now. That is an instant return.

  10. Galaxy 500

    The other Greg (M) is a eye opener. Obama and his minions had a super majority and could have passed ANYTHING! Did they pass a budget? No. Did they pass an employment Bill? No. What did they pass? Obamacare! A steal from the young to give to the old or illegal aliens job and economy killer program. Only socialists/communists could come up with a plan like this expecting the young to willing pay ALL of their disposable income to subsidize healthcare for illegal aliens and the old. And the young get such a wonderful gift from Obamacare that it doesn’t really benefit them at all. Have you seen the premium and deductible for a young male? Does anyone out there with any real world experience believe that young males are going to take the majority of their dating and beer money and use it to buy healthcare for illegal aliens? I’d like to know what Obama, Reid and Pelosi were smoking when they thought up this plan.
    We have already SEEN the new normal for full-time work to be 30 hours a week. The hiring freeze at small businesses because of draconian penalties to have 50 or more employees. After being promised we could keep our old plans PERIOD, many are losing their old plans which the Democrats called “crappy” for MORE EXPENSIVE REALLY CRAPPY insurance. Next year, the employer mandate kicks in and at least 50 million more people will lose their insurance. I am sure the Democrats will attempt to blame the Republicans, the sequester and finally the insurance companies that were forced to drop old policies by law.
    At what point will the 50% of the people who produce and pay at least some taxes say “ENOUGH” to the Moochers (you know, the 47% Mit said would never vote Republican) who are sucking them dry? Why should we be enslaved to provided for the the crack heads, illegal aliens and the 38 year old woman who has 15 children by many men. Hell, fruit flies are not that prolific but then they are not paid by the govt by the fly or child as it were. 2014 may be the last election, the last chance, to throw off our shackles and send the slavers packing. Our founding fathers fought tyranny for freedom over a 2% tax on tea. what would they think of our outrageous tax burden and the confiscation of wealth to give evil politicians money to bribe the Moochers in the voter pool?
    I am a proud registered Independent who believes in fiscal conservatism and freedom. Vote for freedom in November 2014. Vote all Democrats OUT of office. It is the only way to start the hard road back to freedom. End your enslavement, vote against Obama care, Obama, McCain and their ilk.

    • art barnes

      Vote the Republicats out as well, hell, they are almost as bad. Give solid independents & libertarians a chance, they can’t do any worst than the two headed beast on one body of our Congress’s two party system.

      • jc davis

        Dido Art Barnes, Obama care was created by Romney, and the republicans. Then Obama changed it a little to call it his idea. The Tea party is the only representation we have. I am not so sure the Tea party is not just a image to stir the people to think we still have a Republic.

        • Galaxy 500

          Romney wasn’t a real republican

        • Reynaldo

          Isn’t the Tea Party backdoor funded by Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Borthers (well, one brother now)? I think the Tea Party is a trojan horse. It started out as pro-Ron Paul protests against the banking and billionaire bailouts and against govt corruption on both sides. Somewhere along the way it became a “real movement” per se, with real funding, but the message also changed. You don’t hear the anti-bank, anti billionaire bailout, anti-corruption protesting anymore. It’s now become “the democrats suck”. Yes, something is very wrong with the Tea Party movement and most all of the true Libertarians have left it.

          • Galaxy 500

            Think what you will. You are in “good” company disparaging the TEA Party. You’re in with McCain, Graham, and King. The RINO’s hate the TEA Party candidate and that’s a good start in my mind. Think what you will about the TEA Party. Who do you propose to vote for that can get elected? At this point it’s vote for anybody that’s not a Dem or a RINO.
            AND I don’t hate rich people. I will choose the Koch Bros. over Soros and his ilk.

      • Galaxy 500

        Agreed but I like the Tea Party, too. There are just too few quality candidates under those banners. And.look at the so called independents in congress. Looks and votes like a Demon-crat too me.

    • Jonathan

      Excellent commentary Mr. 500! I thoroughly agree that we need to stop subsidizing the (now all-too-numerous) parasitical elements in our society. The statistic that Kerry Lutz provided about how nearly half of all births are subsidized by the government was absolutely chilling.

      The problem, though, is we now have wide swaths of urban areas (think Liberty City, FL) that are basically completely and totally dependent on government handouts. Dunno about you but I’m glad I don’t live in one of the major “American” cesspits like Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, etc.

      • Galaxy 500

        I am in rural NC. Nearest neighbors 1/2 mile and have a nice clear lawn to see the looters coming.

  11. Michael the Marine

    There are many reasons for the Fed printing money; one is to compensate for the reduced velocity; which if left unchecked would result in deflation like the Great Depression. Fiscal policy and Monetary policy are two different things. The Fed is responsible for only one.

    There are many perspectives, and they clash. But it’s best to consider their entire perspective before condemning everything they do.

    The Dollar isn’t going down, but up. Can YOU see why that is happening? If not, then perhaps you don’t see everything they see.


  12. Galaxy 500

    China poisons our dogs, puts antifreeze in toothpaste and now we are going to import chickens?


  13. Galaxy 500


    Vote TEA (Taxes Enough Already) Party. End the enslavement and stupidity like this

  14. mohammad

    I will repeat a post here because i think it is very important, there is social engineering going on at a high pace.

    “Look what those social engineering bastards are trying to shove down our throats.
    At first glance one may say that is a very good very healthy idea.
    Then when you look deep you will find that we will be locked up in urban areas on bikes where you can not go far, we will remember the days when we had cars and shed a tear. we will be in a big urban prison.
    Here is a taste of what is coming.
    Look at the vid and think when China was doing this a while back now it is our turn:


    I understand riding a bike for fun and exercise, I love my bike and all my family ride them like most Americans do.
    JFK once said there nothing beats the simple fun of riding a bike.
    But to shove it down our throats with social engineering like they are doing it in Europe….. That is a different matter.”

    • Galaxy 500

      I am with you as long as it is your wealth we are distributing. Me, I have worked too hard for mine.

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree with you. We are being herded to a third world life style.

      • mohammad

        it is worse than that galaxy, the plan is to disconnect cities from each other, you cannot go far on a bike, you cannot go from Detroit to Chicago on bike but you can in a car. You see where is this going? It is all about controlling the movement of the masses.

        • Liquid Motion

          Interesting perspective.
          Aside from the health aspects…what about :
          Reducing traffic congestion
          Reducing reliance on fossil fuel
          Reducing the costs of living.
          Bikes don’t replace cars, they compliment them. Just like planes, trains and buses.
          Urban spread is the bane of society. Rates and taxes are the by-products of this planning fiasco.
          Cities in Europe are small in comparison to the US. With ever increasing population they would soon become uninhabitable because of the pressure on the road systems. Copenhagen is an example of a freer society…..they still have the luxury of having unfettered access to numerous cities in different countries across EUR. Bikes not required.

          • mohammad

            Liquid Motion,
            I wear my pearl Izumi layers and hit the trails in 20 degrees fehrenhite on my FELT mountain bike no problems there.
            But when they want to enforce 15 mph speed limit in cities to make you go to the bike and quit the car eventually you and me are trapped where we live. That is serious. Put it in light of all the engineered financial collapse then the picture is clear.
            It is not about relying on fossil fuel. Do you remember the electric cars GM made and destroyed later? They have the technology to do it now and make our transportation seamless and clean, but if they want to trap you in LA or trap me in Detroit why to give you or me a car? remember the FEMA zones?
            that won’t work unless the country is divided into sectors where you cannot go far with your transportation mode. Bikes enforced slowly will fit the bill.
            I would not pay attention to the video until I heard the American accent in a video talking about copenhagen i said WTF what are they doing their, they are city engineers and they are up to something when i finished the vid and listened fully and carefully to every word they said it appeared to me that it is coming to US, starts with California and goes east.
            I am not sure if wrongfully i read too much into things, that may be the case, but my eyes and mind are trained as a physician to see more than the obvious, i hope what am sensing is wrong.

          • Reynaldo

            We’re talking about Agenda 21, whereby they want to use taxation and environmental policy to make rural life so difficult that they can corral everyone into the cities where they can control our food, water, power, tramsporation, and movement. Owning a car will be prohibitively expensive. You want to leave the city, you need to apply for a pass. You want to visit a national park, you’ll have to sign up for a structured bus tour where you can stop and look at the pretty mountains out the bus windows. Of course, none of this will apply to the really rich.

        • Galaxy 500

          Control the movement, you control the people.
          “May I have your papers please?”

        • Liquid Motion

          It could also be the fact the city engineers are “learning” something new(which may seem like a strange concept when it comes to US ingenuity) and it also may be YOU just jumping at shadows. The Chinese are masters at re-engineering…why do we assume that we know it all. Newsflash…We don’t.
          The way I see it…those people (in Copenhagen) seem at peace with one another. Every time I get in the car…its war…literally…loosen the collar…. and slow breathing required.

          • mohammad

            You have a point there.
            Well taken!

          • Galaxy 500

            Great point. Ashamed that DC thinks they know it all.

  15. Galaxy 500

    I am mad as hell. Today is veteran’s day. I just read were 40% of our noble vets require food assistance! First we water down their retirement and health care…Now we are not even seeing that they are taken care of enough after service to be successful in the world. And then I read Michelle Obama took money from the pool of funds the vets would have received food assistance from for BEAN SPROUTS! I am going to stroke out if I read anything more real news.
    Keep up the good work.


    • jc davis

      galaxy 500 Thanks for the link. It will go straight to my facebook page I use to inform those who think (S)miley (v)sirus is important.
      Understatement of the day (Hunger activists are livid. In fact, the cuts will bring on no less than civil unrest, according to the head of the Food Bank for New York City.)

  16. Cathy Downes

    Greg, would you check out a report on the “Power Hour” radio station, that a bill has been approved to stop the withdrawal of our monies in January.

  17. John

    If the US wants to devalue the dollar as Mannarino says, why do they keep manipulating the price of gold down? A falling gold price strengthens the US dollar. It seems to me that the US is doing everything they can to retain their privileged status as reserve currency of the world.

    • Galaxy 500

      Gold is but one measure of dollar value. Have you looked at food cost?

    • mohammad

      Remember when investors paid attention to gold?
      That was when India made a purchase on 200 tons of gold from IMF, since it is central bank to central bank deal:
      Since then the plan is not to draw attention to gold and to go stealth.
      Me and you if we buy GLD and go to crimex to take delivery when our contract matures they will laugh at us and give us the flip (cash settlement of the contract)
      China, Russia when they buy GLD by their proxy dealers and go to crimex to take delivery they give us the flip and get their gold.
      So depreciation of gold price is a stealth way of transferring hands of ownership to the east.
      It could be the only reason why China and Russia are not openly dumping our treasuries, it could be their pay back for keeping them.
      Most of the western central bank’s gold is ending up in Shanghai oddly enough where they are opening a vault to take depositary of physical gold.
      Something to think about …… we are had, we are sold!

      • Galaxy 500

        Wow, I did not realize the India Rupee was in free fall. Food inflation is killing the poor. Good link and thanks. Need to contact a few people in Mumbai to see if I can have some leather goods made and or smuggle so gold there…got to keep my options open.

  18. A. Hall

    Mr. Mannarino is a great guest. He is correct – Obama care is nothing but “control over the people”- I have told you that. It is to drive the middle class out of existence. The government plan it to tax the people into Oblivion. I’ve been told this from other insiders.
    Greg M. is correct- only protection for people is in hard assets- gold and silver, the money of the “elite’s”. Get out of anything paper!
    You know I have been saying this for 8 years.


  19. Charles H.


    Since I can already foresee that there will be “some” commenters come down hard against Gregory Mannarino – specifically because of past time-line predictions he’s made – I’d like to say this…
    I cashed-in a paid-up insurance policy last year in order to purchase silver before year’s end: based upon the tone of urgency he was conveying at the time. Silver had been up almost to $50.00 ($48.00?) and had come down to just above $30.00: So I bought last November what I thought I could spare. It turns out that silver has been manipulated down (with gold) about ONE-THIRD since when I bought. Had I waited, I could have bought an Third more today, than last year. And who wouldn’t want to have the more? And I say this because I want readers to understand that I DO have skin in the game.

    I offer two reasons to support Mr. Mannarino – even for this apparent set-back… One is that without the motivational push: it is likely I would not have bought at all; and therefore would have not in possession what I DO have. And TWO, I am convinced that when the crash comes: even the Insurance Agencies will not survive. Also I was able to place the insurance proceeds under last year’s lesser tax demands and avoided tax liability (though the IRS hasn’t given a refund for that contribution yet).

    What people need to get their mind around is that – in life NOTHING IS CERTAIN: you aren’t going to win them all. People need to man-up (Mannarino-up?!?) to take their chances and take their lumps. Even though I am “underwater” on my silver purchase: I nevertheless HAVE silver. I AM prepared to some degree: and very much better than most others. And I am convinced that AT SOME FUTURE TIME: my venture into silver will turn-out to be one of my best decisions I’ve ever made. People may point their finger at Gregory Mannarino and say his prognostications were bad – and they would only partly be right. NOBODY could have foreseen just how badly the FED and gold banks would behave; or how far the insane behavior of pushing precious metals would continue. Gregory Mannarino still has the right message, and it is still the right time to act. Fluctuations are fluctuations: it is the level-headed, right valued judgment over the long run that counts.

    • Galaxy 500

      Charles H.,
      Possession is everything. If it’s not in your hand soon, it really won’t matter if it’s stocks, 401-k’s, or insurance. Just my opinion. It was nice reading a well thought out rebuttal to the naysayers.

      • Charles H.

        Galaxy 500,

        Thanks for your kind words – I don’t get them often. A question: does your moniker represent the model car made by Ford? It always strikes me when I read that, because I remember well that model. I had a Detroit News paper-route in the suburbs in the 60’s: and I remember when I first saw one in the driveway of one of my subscribers – it was the Cat’s Meow. It impressed me greatly, and I always looked forward to seeing it from time to time. Ah, those were the days. (silver dimes and quarters)

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes, it does. My father was a Ford man early on and I learned to drive his dark blue Galaxy 500 while we were hunting and fishing down home. And yes, I was well under the legal driving age. It would fly. It was retired after a decade to be the full time hunting fishing vehicle. I remember filling it up with gas and recycled oil and heading out toward the farm. It was burning oil pretty bad by this point. The last Ford he had was a nondescript big brown box. One of the last times we went hunting together was in that car, with a German short hair pointer, named George Bush. Bush had received his PhD in birdology and we went down home to see if we could find a covey or two of Dan Quail’s feathered namesake. We shot more than the limit 😉 Great memories. Bush was a great dog. Daddy and Uncle Darryl spent over 10,000 to have Bush trained
          I am at my parents house and asked him what year. After a few minutes, he said he thought it was a 61. I will search the net later to verify. I am here to take my daddy down home one last time and walk the property with him. Most will have to be done by vehicle as he is heading to the promised land soon and his strength is fading. Most people my age have already experienced the loss of a parent. I am blessed to have both of mine a short while longer. My parents celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary a few months back. My father will not make it to the 59th.

          • Galaxy 500

            And American made things…like that Galaxy 500 and other great cars. Well made. Now we even send our customer service calls 6,000 miles to India because Americans are too expensive. If they weren’t over paying the CEO BY 20 million or more, they could afford a few customer service reps from the USA that actually speak American english as opposed to British English with a strong Hindi accent

          • mohammad

            do you go woodward cruise?
            I had one of my patients snapping me a picture of my shelby gt500 cruising there, i took my shelby to romeo plant to show the car to the two builders of the engine Bob and Vito, their sig is stamped on a plate in the engine, that was a thrill when they got to see their final product alive!

    • Ya ha be be

      We got to get out of this hurricane party, the sooner the better!

    • Michael the Marine

      “What people need to get their mind around is that – in life NOTHING IS CERTAIN”

      Really? Who taught you that?

      heh heh heh,

  20. Galaxy 500

    Finally some good news today. America saved by France. Chauncey, you don’t hear that everyday!
    France saves America from Obama. Wow, I am glad someone did.


  21. mohammad


    A warning from Netanyahu, and that is the only way i could read in between his lines with his interview with on CBS

    Netanyahu: Failed nuke talks with Iran were leading to “a very bad deal”


    • Galaxy 500

      France saves us from Obama.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, you still think he’s going to “kick the chessboard”? Maybe he knows there’s nothing to be done at this point… Many thanks and best always. PM

      • mohammad

        He got what he wants now and seems they listened to the man, It is not only Putin the strong man in the game, do not underestimate Netanyahu,
        the deal was called off by his pressure and France is just a puppet.
        He made the call.
        If they will defy Israel’s wish and go for the deal that is obviously was bad then yes he would of kicked the board, but why to do it now since he got his wish?
        We are not out of the woods yet.
        I know how the Israelis think since i was born there and lived all my life in middle east. They will not stop shy from dismantling the MILITARY nuclear program, that is for sure.
        Also I know how the Iranians think they are stubborn like ox they take one year weaving a rug, they will not back off take may word for what it is worth. the two sides eventually will clash.
        It is not a matter of IF.
        It is WHEN!

        • mohammad

          Besides that, the clash between Iran and Israel has a more meaningful purpose i explained in previous posts. It will happen no doubt in my mind about it. if things went nice and easy in middle east and every one came out of this happy i will have to reexamine every thing i knew and start from scratch.

  22. Stan

    Everybody I know is cutting back on their spending. Obamacare is going to destroy any chance of a recovery. Our economy is based on consumer spending and millions have just received a large increase in their healthcare bill thanks to Obama. Soon we will be paying more for our electricity too as Obama is using executive orders to raise carbon emission standards from coal burning power plants. If he could only get our gasoline prices to $10 per gallon as he wants it would be the perfect storm…

    • Paul from Indiana

      Stan, as recently as 2010, I paid 9 cents per kilowatt-hour here in southern IN supplied by a rural electrical co-op. Now, we are paying 13 cents. I believe most of this cost is due to contribution for infrastructure costs to enable conversion to natural gas as opposed to coal. Either method produces carbon dioxide, a necessary and natural compound which Obama’s EPA has labelled a pollutant. Every time you and I exhale, we are polluting. The large power companies are coming up with ideas of “catching” the carbon dioxide byproduct and preparing to bury it in the ground in sealed vaults! This is madness and very expensive, as you can see by my example.

  23. Liquid Motion

    O Bumma Care is nothing but a gigantic BAIL IN.
    No one has picked up on this yet…WHY.
    When the Govt says , we aren’t going to pay for this anymore…the public can…its nothing short of socialising debt. Its obvious the Government cannot afford health..so why not push it back on those that need it (but can’t afford it). Its a win win for the Govt.
    We don’t get formal announcements of a Bail In…it happens…the sheeple are still blinded.

  24. 02144pomroy

    Greg, Mannarino’s as good as usual. Any chance of getting a guy like Harry Dent on the Watchdog? He is claiming gold going to $700.00 and a deflationary pull back. Quite different from a lot of your other interviews. I think their thinking is in the minority.

    • Galaxy 500

      There would have to be such a destruction of wealth that it would look like the Great depression…or maybe the Greatest depression.

    • Galaxy 500

      But I would like to hear him too

  25. Jerry

    People whether Greg Mannarino is right or not about the timing of his predictions does not change the fact that we are facing the largest debt bubble in recorded history. We seem to think that the rest of the world is going to continue to buy our debt, and that is simply not the case.


    The Chinese have been selling off our bonds in the last several months, and its just a matter of time before this whole thing slips into high gear on a downward spiral. Take this time to prepare now while you still have it. If the Greg’s are wrong what have you lost? Nothing! The food you can always eat, and silver and gold will always rise at some point. But what if they’re right? Your life will take a sharp turn and dump you in butt kick alley. Why take the chance?

  26. Snorky

    Since I stopped watching TV back in March 2004, I use the Internet as a source for stock quotes, FX market quotes, bond quotes, etc. (and yes, I know the saying, “I read it on the Internet, so it must be true). However, IMO all of the major news outlets (i.e., ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN … not to mention the newspapers and radio stations) are just ministries of propaganda now. They always were to some extent (e.g., they were complicit in helping to cover up the JFK assassination IMO), but now everything is cranked up by orders of magnitude and things are much worse. I regularly look forward to listening to your interviews with various guests because they give me some hope that there are still intelligent people out there who are on top of this mess that we are in. Thnx Greg.

    • Greg

      I remember like it was yesterday when Oswald was being taken into custody and he yelled out “I’m a patsy.” I asked my dad what he meant and dad told me, “He’s saying he didn’t do it.” I stuck with me. If the government wants me to believe the “official” story (that it’s just one guy with a gun) then release the un-redacted Warren Commission report. Also make public all photos taken by the Presidential photographer and autopsy doctors–ALL. That would go a long way to convincing me it was just one crazy guy with a gun that was executed, I mean shot, by another crazy guy with cancer while in custody.

      • JPK (real initials)


        JFK’s assassination has always fascinated me.

        Just last week I saw another doco on the event, some startling information/evidence that I’d never heard before came to light:
        – A first shot was fired, loud and quite audible, missed the target (JFK) and hit the curb.
        – There was no reaction to the shot by any of the secret service agents either sitting in the front seat or travelling behind the president or by police officers travelling on m/bikes adjacent to the President’s car.
        – JFK merely lowered his hand and arm (no other reaction – like taking cover)
        – Protocol also calls for immediate action by SS via vacating the location by speeding away (we see continuation of motorcade without so much as any indication or inclination to avoid potential threats) or to shield the President.

        It is all too abundantly clear that powerful people/groups/bodies can exert tremendous control and power. So much so that even the people on the inside can be “bought”. If even the President cannot rely on his own dedicated officers for protection, there is no hope in hell that we can trust anyone in government let alone law enforcement, to ensure our protection and uphold what is right and just for everyone.

        Sad days my friend, sad days indeed.

        • mohammad

          It was not only the JFK’s executive order 11110 that got him killed, there was another important aspect that no MSM is talking about but i heard it from Dr. Farrell in one of his interviews with Georgeanne Hughes and that is the request Kennedy made to go with the Russian on a joint mission to the moon in a very odd timing when the escalated cold war was at its peak.
          There was something of a great importance the manned mission to the moon has discovered and was related to all mankind that made JFK requests the joint effort with the Russians to go there again, the rest is history.

          • JPK

            Man on the Moon ?

            Not one scientist has been able to explain how a Human can survive penetrating the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Unmanned space vehicles…sure no problem….but Humans ?
            If there was something of significant importance there on the Moon, then we could safely assume that the Russians & Chinese…would have set up shop there long time ago.
            Notice …no more manned missions beyond the Low Earth’s orbit.

          • mohammad


            No more manned mission to the moon, that is the 1 million dollar (before devaluation) question.
            And may i suggest to review the request of JFK to have joint missions with the Russians before his sad end.


            That is something the MSM does not tell.

          • Galaxy 500

            No offense but science can’t explain and a$$ load Of Shi-ite. They could not explain how bumblebees could fly until the last decade but the bumblebees kept flying. And China is sending men to the moon soon.

          • Liquid Motion

            This may be of interest to you both…


            I have followed this guy for a few decades and he is well credentialed and fully supports his contentions.

            Click on the first link “What if” image….enjoy.

          • mohammad

            I have seen all the vids by Richard Hoagland.
            First i was Skeptical and I think am still is.
            But when you have so many dots on a board and when you connect them you come up with a clear picture it is easy to conclude that they were not random.
            Nasa has been taken over by Nazi’s imported to US by operation paper clip no one can dispute that fact.
            They landed Apolo on the moon on April 20th 1967.
            Well …. let me throw a question … When was hitler birthday?
            April 20th 1889
            A coincidence?
            May be if the scientists involved in apollo were not Nazi.
            I think not!!!!
            Some thing to think about!

          • Liquid Motion

            Yes agree. He has done amazing work and answers many questions and still we find it difficult to accept. We never get to that point until or unless we see with our own eyes.
            His cause nonetheless seems just, by exposing the deceit and the fabrication and making us all much more aware of the realities behind some of the governments’ work and all the cover ups we are not meant to know about. He is a classical whistle blower and a very well credentialed one at that (former NASA Consultant). I love his work on the analysis of the City (Cydonia) on Mars and the extrapolation applied to findings on Cities constructed on Earth (Washington DC) and how they overlay with that of the City on Mars. Positioning, degrees and relationships to Orion Galaxy…astounding work.

            Q 4 you Mohammad : Do you believe in the structures on the Moon theory ? If so , what does that tell you about who/what may have created them.

            Your suggestion about Nazi occupation of NASA is well supported by Hoagland’s evidence. That certainly dispels the myth about them being defeated in WWII …head shake.

          • mohammad

            Liquid motion,

            Here is a link to a russian cosmonaut spilling the beans on what NASA and MSM are not telling us, watch the vid at your convenience, tell me what your take and i will go back to post my thought on your question:


          • Liquid Motion

            Thanks for the link Mohammad.
            Watched the vid…but inconclusive. Doesn’t mention anything about my question to you. I also have a hard time not reconciling information from people who claim to be something (cosmonaut) but cannot divulge their name. Interesting concepts nonetheless. Particularly concerning crop circles (which in fact I do believe are not created by humans).

          • mohammad

            Liquid Motion,

            You can turn the sound off in the video and the recording of the advanced cameras speaks volumes.

            My answer to your question is multi factorial, and please remember here am not a scientist but i read a lot, in brief there is no way, simply no freaking way we could of made it to the moon in the 60’s with the SILLY rocket technology.
            Had that been said there are indications to the access to anti gravity technology that went in the black budget and here i refer you to a scientist in US named Thomas Townsend Brown:


            I can say yes we went to the moon with that technology and if you search the guy’s name and what he did your mind will SPIN.

            The moon is very unique in many aspects:

            1- The alleged gravity of 1/6 st of Earth is a lie. all the vids of the man walking on the moon defies that, which tells you that it is either shot on earth (I will go for that option) or the gravity on the moon is much higher.

            Now the size of the moon suggests that the gravity is higher and that leads us to a very important question:

            Did they shoot the walking on the moon on earth because they found things there that were not supposed to be released to the public? If you look at the video of the cosmonaut i furnished earlier add to it the recent gag of NASA on any released videos unless it is authorized by them then you conclude the answer is yes!

            The rule of 400 is important.
            In order for the moon to be able to block the disc of the sun completely during the eclipse and TO MACH THE SIZE OF THAT DISC, it has to be at the exact position where it is at now, it is 400 times less than the sun and 400 times further form it which means there is no way its gravity could be what we were told.

            2- The strange rotation of the moon that keeps one side facing earth all the time, and here lets for fun speculate:
            If lets say some earlier civilization put that satellite in an orbit around the earth (for fun purpose only) and lets look at it from a military point of view.
            A point on that side of the moon can see all the earth, all sides of it…. any point on earth can see only one side of the moon…. So WHO HAS MILITARILY THE UPPER HAND THE EARTH OR THE MOON?

            I have to admit that much of what Hoagland had said entertains me a lot since i had that fascination about space since i was a kid.

            Sorry for the long post!

            • Greg

              No apology necessary. This was very interesting and so was the link. So happy you comment here!!

          • Liquid Motion

            Appreciate the response and the information Mohammad.
            I too believe that the technology that was available back in the 60’s was inferior and not capable of taking man to the moon (let alone getting him back). It doesn’t mean we didn’t go there, just not the physical human footprint aspect.
            Its strange how the universe works.
            Orbiting satellites like the moon with nil rotation (absent magnetic field or molten core) are common throughout the galaxy. They sit lifeless in the vacuum of space. How they arrive at their final resting place only god knows. The fact that science and mathematics support the 400 thesis is evidence that nature works in scientific ways. As to artificially placing a heavenly body in that exact position seems more coincidence than logic. Notwithstanding the positional strategic advantage it would offer.
            It does not surprise me in the least about anti gravity technology. The ability to control and utilise it for the purposes of space travel would certainly be extremely advantageous. If what the cosmonaut is saying / producing by way of footage, the masses of in low earth orbit could very well be re-charging there fuel systems with the enormous amount of charge being emitted from Earth.

            Whatever is on the Moon…the Chinese, Europeans and even Japanese want to know about it too. So it must be absolutely fantastic.

            Hoagland did some amazing work on the Pyramids of Egypt. He actually dates them 10000+ years BC. That work was almost 3 decades ago. Ever since I have been a keen follower. Very sound and well supported.

          • mohammad

            Liquid motion,

            Despite the length of this thread, i think its worth it.
            It could be my last comment on it but it is the most profound and the closest to my heart one. I have to stress on the point that when I speak about what i believe in I fully respect others and in no way am trying to change minds nor solicit gains, rather its an open civil dialogue.

            When you say “it is strange how the universe works” rings true, but if you go non linear in your thinking and connect dots you will see a master piece of work that screams at us and says there is only one creator to this whole thing.
            science is a road that will lead to the conclusion that there is only one creator. When you see the largest galaxies and the smallest atoms having the same thumb print in design and rotation, when you see the accuracy of the orbits of the planets and its satellites you have to reach that conclusion.
            I will summarize my thoughts on this issue in arabic from our holy book Quran:

            “فَتَبَارَكَ اللَّهُ أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِينَ”

            With all sincere due respect to other beliefs.

          • Liquid Motion

            I fully respect your beliefs and the non linear conclusions about the blessed creators you have reached.
            There are many similarities in our universe just as there are unexplained phenomenon. Religion nor science cannot explain everything. We are still discovering.
            Ultimately it is our faith that answers all questions.

        • Galaxy 500

          Not so sure anyone understood it was a shot. However, I do not believe it was a lone gunman. Why did the Secret Service destroy the crime scene by tearing out the limo interior? I realize that CSI has come along way but even then, you did not destroy evidence.
          Why was the record sealed for so long? The only reason you do this is to keep the truth from coming out.

          • JPK

            Too many witnesses concur that the noise was a gun “shot”.
            Additional evidence points to subsequent shots being fired with surprisingly close succession, notwithstanding what was seen on the footage. This indicates there were multiple gunmen.

          • Galaxy 500

            My point was that gunshot was not the first thing that came to mind. There was a lot of background noise. I am sure after the fact a lot of “witnesses” testified they heard gunshots. I don’t know. The truth will not be known in our life time, maybe never

          • mohammad

            It is esoteric at its best.
            They shocked the psyche of the American public by demonstrating they can do it, every one knows it was a conspiracy, and they can get away with it.
            It serves an agenda that is not different form 9/11 not any different from Obama care…etc.
            Shocking the medium to achieve more power and more strength.
            Goes all the way to Babel.
            Very old text book esoteric but needs the wise sight to see through that delicate weave.

          • Michael the Marine

            Here; watch this and read the side notes too.



          • mohammad

            Thank you Michael for the link,
            BUSH = NAZI in history and i do not have to explain the role of Prescot Bush financing Hitler, so no surprise when they talked about Bush in the photo in your linked video, after all it was him who talked about NWO.

          • Liquid Motion

            Thanks Michael, enjoyed that one.
            One thing that I was always suspicious about was the trajectory of the kill shot.
            The earlier bullet, took the path that led to LHO in the book depository.
            The kill shot seemed horizontal (entry and exit).
            Also notice the head movement on impact of bullet. Not normal.
            It rocks back. The force of the bullet should have forced it forward.

        • mohammad

          One creator.
          The translation is different but when put it in the context of the whole book it is ONE.
          Thank you of your reply

      • Michael the Marine

        I remember telling my dad (many times) that they were going to kill the president and blame a Marine, weeks before it happened. No one would listen. My parents took me to talk to the church leader, then to the doctor, and even to my uncle who everyone called “the frustrated monk”. All of them insisted I was wrong. After November 22nd everyone treated me differently, my uncle was afraid to be around me. My dad forbid me to speak at all in the house for a long time. My mom stared at me a lot, but hardly ever spoke to me.

        Once my dad was driving the family somewhere and I woke up in the back seat at yelled at him to stop the car because the bridge was down. He stopped the car, got out and checked, came back and said “damn sure is!” Then he tried to wave down cars to stop, but they kept on going, and several went into the river. He cried. The next day he said he now knew how I must feel.

        Yep. Mankind rushing towards self-extinction, and I have found no one who will stop and reconsider.

        This is the truth: the last thing anyone needs to be worried about is money.


        • Galaxy 500


        • Liquid Motion

          I read somewhere about a 13000 year cycle..in which humanity has repeatedly destroyed itself. We are the descendants of those survivors…as the theory goes…with all the genetic defects to boot.

          What you said about self-extinction resonates with that storyline to the point of destructing to a point of almost annihilation.

          As for the premonitions – I am astonished and speechless.

          • Michael the Marine

            I think you’re speaking of the 26,400 year cycle, which is halved one way, then the other. New agers talk a lot about that. It is a real cycle, astronomically speaking, it has to do with the solar system crossing the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, and then back. A lot of the “hoopla” about Dec 21 2012 was related to superstitions about that.

            I have written a little about the phenomenon of time and cycles on my website. Ezekiel’s wheels are really about cycles of time and the unscrolling (if you will) of God’s Will in the human experience. Many “Christian” (said with a wink) websites put up their superstitions about biblical texts, and “interpret” those wheels to be flying saucers, heh heh heh. But those same people are just a “carnival side show for unbelievers pretending to be believers” to anyone who really knows Jesus.

            You are correct though, about mankind heading for total annihilation. But God has already intervened, and the moment He spoke it (Thousands of years ago) it became as good as DONE.

            “Premonitions” is what I was told was happening to me, way back then. But they weren’t premonitions. I’ll tell you how I discovered that. When I was very young my dad taught us (me and my older brother Daniel) that whenever he called our name we were to run to wherever he was immediately and say “Yes sir?”

            And we did. Problem for me was, when I heard dad call me and I would run to him and say “yes sir?” sometimes he would say “what’s wrong with you, I didn’t call you!” That left me perplexed for many years. And it continued. While I was afraid to not respond when I heard him call me, but I was afraid he might get mad at me if I came when he didn’t call – I began waiting for a second call before I ran to him. And sure enough, I heard my name called Twice! “Michael, Michael!” And I would run to him and he would get really pissed off and throw something at me. All that began way before the so-called “premonitions”. So then, when I heard him call me twice, I would figure out where he was, and peek, to see if he was looking for me, and if it seemed like he wasn’t, I wouldn’t go up to him, but would leave after a few minutes so I wouldn’t make him mad at me.

            It was a dozen or so years later that God led me to discover what was really happening, way back then. If you’re interested, read 1 Samuel chapter 3 and find out for yourself. If you don’t have a Bible, here’s one online:


            It was all very overwhelming to me, and it took many years and many fiery trials before I learned how to receive God’s word, and cooperate with Him. Now; many decades later, I’m still learning and growing – but I know.

            Soon after we married, these things began happening with my wife too. “Synchronicity” if that’s even the right word, seemed to single her out of every crowd, and seemed to be saying to her “you are someone very special to Me” by God. It was fun watching God blow her (natural) mind, as He had blown mine too – all my life.

            The sudden realization that God is real, and Present, and has decided to bless you immensely is an experience no one should miss out on. It’s coming for everyone who has a willing heart too.

            I’ll tell you just one of the first incidences. We were married in 1978. I had to borrow money to buy her the ring I wanted to give her. I also gave her a very nice Timex watch.

            When the movie “Superman” came out, later that same year, I think, we both went to see it together. In one scene, the reporter looks at her watch, and my wife cries out “Hey that’s my watch!” It was exactly the same watch. I looked at it, then remarked; “Don’t look now, dear Lois, but it’s exactly 8:05!” It was exactly the same time on her watch as it was on Lois Lane’s watch in the Movie. It freaked her out. Same watch, same time. Had we gone to any other showing, it wouldn’t have been the same time.

            I know that Gentle Omnipotent Spirit; His name is Jesus Christ! He knows how to get anyone’s attention.

            But He is not always gentle with those who are called by His name who refuse to repent. A few years ago, just before Christmas, I wrote a famous religious leader and copied it to a few self proclaimed protestant “prophets”. It was brief. Basicly it said that those religious leaders calling themselves by Jesus’ name who were misrepresenting Him were going to be thrown down, and if they didn’t then repent, thrown out and disgraced. I’m quite sure those self proclaimed “prophets” ignored me, because I don’t side with them, but with the Lord. That is, until a few days later…


            Here is a conditional promise God has made, which is still good to this day:



            • Greg

              Love your comments but watch the length. Thank you.

          • Michael the Marine

            Post Script to previous posting:

            If you noticed verse 13 of 1 Samuel 3, that is why the Pope was thrown down, then forced out. Yes; forced to “resign”. Rather than become the protector of the children of God’s people, he covered up for the vile priests (“sons” called “fathers”) and their vile acts, which brought about the curse of destruction upon that whole house. Just as Eli refused to restrain the vile acts of his own sons; priests in the House of God, Ratzinger also refused to do what is right in the sight of God. Just because God is patient AND longsuffering, giving men every opportunity to repent, don’t think for a moment He’s not watching everything, and bringing forth His own Will in the lives of men.


  27. Ugly

    I don’t know how many bloggers on USA or other sites have gardens, but if don’t you need to do so. I am a gardener and live in a sub-division in Idaho. Out of about 150 homes in our division, we are only one of three with a garden.

    I have two garden spots, both 24×24 ft, and we produce about $2,500 worth of produce for our family, and some give-aways to the neighbors. Our garden has lettuce, herbs, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, raspberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, peas, and snap beans.

    Need to learn.

    • Allen Ols

      Excellent. And I also garden big time. W/seed storage

  28. Geo. T (formerly George)

    Mannarino is one of my favorites. Great interview. Obamacare is a Mongolian fire drill. the only way to fix it is to JUNK it.

  29. charley

    Thanks always for all of your hard work. I am trying to “gently” get the word out to family and friends.
    Please pass my blog along. It is an effort to get the word out to those who are quick to think it’s all crazy-talk.

  30. 1776

    Batman Vs Superman Vs The Fed Vs ObamaCare

  31. Jason Emery

    I don’t care for ObamaCare, but mainly for different reasons than stated. My main beef with it is that it doesn’t do anything to fix the underlying problems:
    1. Americans are very sick, mainly from too much sugar, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and junk food, and not enough exercise.
    2. Way too many health care dollars going to insurance companies and lawyers.
    3. Medicaid and Medicare are both trillions of dollars underfunded.
    4. Health care costs are rising, due to the above and hyper inflation of the money supply.

    Getting rid of ObamaCare would do nothing to solve any of those problems, so I would focus on solutions to the underlying problems.

    By far the easiest would be to require mandatory tests for food stamp recipients for drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use, with a permanent ban on benefits for first time offenders. Congress is owned by the tobacco and liquor industries, so it won’t happen until we’re much closer to outright bankruptcy, unfortunately.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice.idea. are you cutting off the children of the junkies too?

      • Jason Emery

        @Galaxy–I like the WIC (women, infants, and Children) food program, because it severely limits what you can buy, so kids (at least young ones) wouldn’t be punished due to the behavior of the semi-responsible adult.

        Here’s another idea for the food stamp program. You MUST either grow a garden (in Summer months) or be enrolled AND ATTEND a gardening class. I don’t care if you’re on the 20th floor of an Apartment building. No exceptions. Can we at least START to wean these people off the public teat? This would not cost that much. Many garden clubs would teach classes like this for free.

        • Galaxy 500

          I like it. I also like workfare instead of welfare. I remember being in a pharmacy a long time ago maybe 20 yrs and witnessed a woman refuse to get the $3 prescription antibiotic for her sick children because she couldn’t afford it and I was reaching in my pocket for the money when she asked him for a 2 packs of cigarettes that was a little over $3. I put my money back in my pocket and considered it social Darwinism in action.
          Now, Medicaid has zero copay on children’s drugs because they know the poor won’t pay for their children, that’s our job.
          I do not believe there is a God given right for the gov’t to rob me and give it to others that could work but don’t.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Last post for a while, so y’all can sigh with relief.

    The only difference between us and Venezuela and US is reserve currency status. We have the same people in power, they just call themselves something different. Looks at the above link. 54% inflation. Govt seizure of healthcare. Oh wait, that was here. My bad

  33. Coalburner9

    Great interview. One point and question. The only point I cannot figure is saying the Obamacare is to take from the young and give to the older. Ob care took a third of the money from Medicare which I paid a lot of money into and have used very little at this time. No, that is what the death panels are for to take treatment expenditures away from the old. I have already seen it in operation. I thought they were going to kill my old friend (and may have) back in February if he didn’t die before midnight the fifth day. But they were going to throw him into the street if he lived that long; no matter he could pay for any additional treatment himself. They were forced under penalty to withhold care for more than five days no matter what. That is what Ob care is bringing to old people. Who gets it? My view, Illegals, and the usual suspects who are daily bleeding the system to death. What say you, Greg and Commentors.

    • Galaxy 500

      With hold care for 5 days. Wow. Why. That is evil. They don’t do that to the baby addicted to crack when they are born to crack head mothers even though doing so would be doing the baby a favor. we squander trillions to oppress the poor but ensuring that society has the next generation of “gangsta” druggies and feral preteen murderers.
      Please respond to the questions on your friend.

  34. Robert Burke

    Andrew Huszar, a senior fellow at Rutgers Business School and former manager of the Fed’s $1.25 trillion agency mortgage-backed security purchase program, has now thrown his hat in the ring with those critics, penning an article in the Wall Street Journal in which he apologized for his role in the policy and called for its reversal

    Andrew Huszar stated the following

    Where are we today? The Fed keeps buying roughly $85 billion in bonds a month, chronically delaying so much as a minor QE taper. Over five years, its bond purchases have come to more than $4 trillion. Amazingly, in a supposedly free-market nation, QE has become the largest financial-markets intervention by any government in world history.

    And the impact? Even by the Fed’s sunniest calculations, aggressive QE over five years has generated only a few percentage points of U.S. growth. By contrast, experts outside the Fed, such as Mohammed El Erian at the Pimco investment firm, suggest that the Fed may have created and spent over $4 trillion for a total return of as little as 0.25% of GDP (i.e., a mere $40 billion bump in U.S. economic output). Both of those estimates indicate that QE isn’t really working.

    Unless you’re Wall Street. Having racked up hundreds of billions of dollars in opaque Fed subsidies, U.S. banks have seen their collective stock price triple since March 2009. The biggest ones have only become more of a cartel: 0.2% of them now control more than 70% of the U.S. bank assets.

    As for the rest of America, good luck. Because QE was relentlessly pumping money into the financial markets during the past five years, it killed the urgency for Washington to confront a real crisis: that of a structurally unsound U.S. economy. Yes, those financial markets have rallied spectacularly, breathing much-needed life back into 401(k)s, but for how long? Experts like Larry Fink at the BlackRock investment firm are suggesting that conditions are again “bubble-like.” Meanwhile, the country remains overly dependent on Wall Street to drive economic growth.

  35. Norma Fay

    You give a number of reasons why it is a good time to invest in gold. While the value can fluctuate, It is a safer investment than most other options. Over time the value continues to rise making any drops look like a good sale price, especially if you have a reliable resource. Personally, I use APMEX. They really offer good prices and have been trustworthy.

  36. mohammad

    here is another thing we agree on galaxy, Iran should not allowed nukes.
    I posted a link to Netanyahu interview on CBS to that effect.

  37. Galaxy 500

    It looks like we have more in common every day! 😉
    One thing we agree on is to treat each other’s religion with respect. I hate the fanatics that doesn’t evil in the name of God, whether Islam or Christian.

  38. Galaxy 500

    Doesn’t= does….damn, spell corrector…and my thumbs

  39. mohammad

    I agree 100%

  40. Ya ha be be

    Those you live by the sword will die by the sword and the meek shall inherit the earth!

  41. Galaxy 500

    It’s been my experience that those without a sword die by the sword. If living by the sword is being able to protect your family, then I am guilty.

  42. Michael the Marine

    If Ya ha be be understood the meaning of what he quoted, he would realize THAT is a very good thing!

    It is the absence of the Sword that is very very bad.


    Here’s the pathway to understanding: The Word of God. Take the First Commandment very seriously; then read the entire bible front to back with only the first commandment (your relationship with God) in mind, understanding that if you don’t First rightly relate with God (His Way) then none of the other commandments matter.



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