Federal Reserve & Clintons Doomed-Clif High

clif-highBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Internet data mining expert Clif High predicted that “Trump would win” the election and that Hillary Clinton would go “missing” after the election. Sure enough, Hillary was missing the night of her defeat.  What does that mean?  High thinks, “That there was a breakdown among a very delicate relationship among a lot of powerful parties that failed to deliver as promised.  The plan didn’t work.  So, now there is no real plan “B.”  There never could be under the circumstances.  We are in a situation where there can’t be a plan “B” for the Federal Reserve, for example.  They (FED) have to go on a certain path, they’re doomed.  That is true of the criminal organization we call CGI (Clinton Global Initiative).  Any criminal gang, no matter where it is in the social order, progresses along a certain path, runs into opposition and dies.  It always happens, and it always will.”

So, does Clif High think Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy? High answers, “I certainly do.”  High’s data mining also shows that “Clinton minions are worried . . .  all I get in the data is all these people have fear and worry.”

On the financial front, High contends we will have inflation and deflation at the same time. And High says interest rates are headed up and will continue to rise.  High explains, “My definition is deflation, but maybe we should define it as debt destruction and inflation.  The powers that be and the Federal Reserve in the data sets that I have are showing that they are really worried and start to get worried by the 12th of December, and it breaks out into the public in early January.  They are worried about the destruction of all of this debt by dollars pouring back into the U.S.  The debt is actually being paid off by all this money coming back into the U.S.  It’s not an actual increase of actual cash.  It is a destruction of all the derivatives . . . It is debt destruction for sure. . . . Also, a component of the hyperinflation is they can’t destroy all the repatriated dollars (flowing back in) fast enough.  So, some of those do show up in the supply chain of the digital cost we have to deal with. . . .So, as this deflation starts, the hyperinflation is already going to be ongoing.”  In short, High says your home will go down in value while you are paying much more for supplies to live in it.

On gold and silver, High says never mind the recent price drop. High says, “They’re real money, always have been, and you are going to need it. . . . How can it be silly to hold real money? Americans are going to have to face up to the fact that we have been deluded by a propaganda press that was attempting to sow a particular viewpoint around the world.  We tried to conquer the world with dollars and the threat of bullets . . . . Our dollars were accepted all around the world, and people gave us real stuff for those green pieces of paper.  They’re not going to do that anymore.  So, if you want that coconut from Malaysia . . . you are going to have to pay something that has value.  Those little green pieces of paper will not after a short period of time.  They are going to have value inside the country for a while, but outside the country, people are going to say I want gold or silver or oil.  I want to see something of value.”

High can’t name a price for gold and silver, but his “predictive linguistics” says, “At some point in 2017, probably past mid-year, we’re going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the DOW will be measured around $100,000 to $125,000. Meaning, the dollar will be so worthless that it will take $125,000 to buy the little basket that is the DOW.  I also have language that says an ounce of gold will be approaching the DOW in terms of value.  This is not ludicrous.  In the last depression in 1933 and 1934, after the shutting of the banks . . . we had a point where gold and the DOW were the same, and gold dominated the DOW for decades.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet predictive linguistics expert Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)


Hillary Clinton was not at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas NV for her concession speech.  She was at the New Yorker Hotel In NYC.  My Mistake.  That said, Clinton was, in fact, missing on the night of her defeat.

After the Interview:

Clif High’s predictive linguistic research also predicts the end of the Democrat Party. He mentioned the Democrat Party “would not survive past the year 2020” in his last USAWatchdog.com interview.  Just last week, a story broke about how young Democrats were blaming Donna Brazile, the interim leader of the Democratic National Committee, for the 2016 election loss to Donald Trump.  Here’s the link.  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-11/mutinous-dnc-staffers-rage-donna-brazile-you-are-part-problem-you-let-happen

Clif High sell reports every month. You can buy individual reports without future commitments for $15.  Go to HalfPastHuman.com and scroll down, and you will easily find his buying information.  Clif says a new report will be out near the end of November.  High also puts free information and videos on HalfPastHuman.com on a regular basis.

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  1. Paul ...

    The Demon Rat Party is finished and so is the foreign owned Main Stream “Propaganda” Media …. they can’t believe they are finished … but notice how Trump has totally ostracized the Washington MSM Press Core … this media payback is a bitch (called Hillary) … because the evil MSM lied for hillary … and now it is being revealed … that Hillary actually stole five(5) of the blue states the Media said she won … the MSM presstitutes are in a panic … they now have to go to the alternative media websites just to get some news about Trump … here is some news for you presstitutes … YOUR FIRED!!!

    • Paul ...

      Here is Rob Kirby’s take on the MSM … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKzebeN4rVk

      • Paul ...

        The DNC and MSM plan to create riots while they steal electorial college votes away from Trump “by bribing the delegates” (to turn the Presidency over to Hillary) won’t work … because the latest voter info shows Hillary stole five (5) of the blue states … and those hundreds of additional delegates from those five(5) states are now going be obliged to vote for Trump instead of Hillary!!

    • Macray


      • Macray

        Thank You for a Tremendous interview!

      • This sceptred Isle

        The mainstream media have to stop reporting the world as it would like it to be and start reporting the world as it actually is.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Hillary’s slogan was ‘stronger together’. However, she ended up dividing the Democratic party by screwing over Bernie supporters.

      Interestingly 29% of Hispanic voters voted for Trump according to exit polls. It appears many share the same concerns about illegal immigration. Presumably because illegal immigration affects their communities disproportionately.

      • Charles H

        My dentist (a Mexican in Mexico) vehemently complained that the sons and daughters of the ‘illegals’, that either were born there or grew up in the USA were voting for Trump. He made it sound as if Mexico itself was being betrayed; and the act itself was incomprehensible. I take it as a sign that at least some were waking-up.

        • JC Davis

          LOL. Better is a SMILE the to educate.

          • Charles H

            You make me laugh is a good way. I appreciate your humor.

    • Frederick

      Looks like they got to Trump already with the rhino Rinso getting the nod Michael Savage is really concerned as he should be not to mention neocon crazy Bolton and Giuliani Very sad to see these cretins even being considered Speaks volumnes doesnt it people?

      • Tracy Welborn

        Maybe its a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Trump is a master strategist.

  2. In Deep

    Hugh Hewitt; Neo-con man in sheep’s clothing? Bill Crystal shill? Putin Hater who Never saw a third world war opportunity he didn’t like and now says he loves Trump! Mucho More’o


    Oh and walrus lover!

  3. Miro Markovic

    Greg, allow me to congratulate to Mr. Clif High for his correct prediction regrading the victory of president-elect Trump. I am personally worried about his predictions in connection with the upcoming economical and financial turmoils, but I am convinced that our good people and nation at large will fair, one way or the other, much better than to be under the control of criminal Clinton family and their ‘domestic and international mafia’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro!

    • Christian

      Don’t worry too much, Miro. This person has not got a perfect track record. Many, many wrong predictions in the past. Jim Rickards, too, “predicted” Trump’s victory.

  4. Kev Richardson

    Hi Greg..Honesty, Integrity, truth. Thank You for defending the free world, you may think nationally but your reach is global!!
    Have you seen … you tube..Anonymous release Clinton video
    Thanks Mate

  5. Rich M

    Greg Hunter… I love and appreciate you but I have to say this from a real case situation…. Please folks listen if you want….


    I will ALWAYS support your efforts Greg Hunter though…. You are a true reporter…. Still I HAVE to say this now….. before others make the same blind mistakes…….

    How the hell is someone like me to survive this onslaught now that my wealth is negative 75% due to listening to these gold bugs who are single minded and short sighted. Do they not see the technological advances that evolution brings or are they stuck in ancient Egypt…. only protecting an old system of wealth?

    Like I said, my friends have all called me crazy in 2010 onward because of my belief in Sinclair, Mannerino, Schiff, and Holter types as they instead invested in the DOW bubble. They are 3-4 times wealthier now and able (if they now want to) could buy into PM’s or commodities or troubled equities now as they are much more positioned to do so……. but I am 1/5th as wealthy as I was back way back in 2009 and am not so much able to buy into them now am I? All thesese 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 2016 promised of 2,000, 40,000 or according to Holter 30,000 per ounce gold by now. I mean WTH?

    Then I made the final fatal mistake and went all in once again (because I knew Trump would win) and they all but “promised” the market would tank and PM’s were the only hedge left against it…… So here I am, I lost ANOTHER 15%-20% in a single day last week because of these fear mongering morons…… The same ones I was foolish enough to listen to once again….. and so, of my dismal remains of my negative 75% portfolio I am once again reamed for another one day 15% – 20% loss. WTH?????

    They DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM ANY MORE!!!!!!! I remember one time Holter “foresaw” the demise of America because of the Ebola virus outbreak and the CFDandC hiding it from the Eastern African’s. I for one am still alive…… How many people do you personally know who dies from Ebola???????? I know of NONE….. zero…. zilch.

    I used to defend these paranoid idiots!!!!! I have ZERO respect for these cheap shrill PM salesman any longer!!!!!!! I have lost $2.65M from following idiots like them!!!!. yet they have sold hundreds of new silver and gold coins I am sure….. making them $20 dollars to $20,000 dollars per day… yeeehaw….. Good for them, what con artists they are…. Why the hell is gold valuable when we have future technologies???? Perhaps even something that could someday achieve travel at the speed of light.

    I was once a multi-millionaire…. back in 2009…. now I have a net worth of about 300K. What a fool I am. I guess in a way my $300K is still a lot, (I did NOT earn it via PM investments whatsoever) but instead lost muck of my wealth and am in now in no position to buy out equities or cheap equities or real estate like Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter told me I would beable to do with my 10 bagger PM investments now…. INSTEARD the equities are higher and the PM’s are WAY cheaper…… opposite of what they said back in 2010.

    I will NEVER take the advice of the shrills who sell PM’s again. They sucked the life out of me and almost all of my will. They have a special place in hell along with Obama and Clinton and all the other shills….

    I invite Bill Holter, Greg Mannerino, Sinclair, and all the others to defend my loss in wealth due to their stupid fear mongering advice since 2012. Please, man up and feel free to do so if you even bother to read Greg Hunter’s comments pages!!!!!!

    Trump has been elected. America will be great again. I choose to invest in America and not these stupid fear mongering, doom and gloom jerks any longer.

    Thanks a lot idiots…. for helping me make the WORSE investment decisions of my life and of a century and making all my college educated frineds think I am the stupidest idiot of all time….. and convincing me toward investing in WHAT YOU SELL!!!!

    I believe in TRUMP, in Growth now…. economic recovery, re-patronizing trillions, re-building manufacturing, and the greatness of American ingenuity. Go ahead and sell your piddly little gold bullion….. I will perhaps make a billion in my last 10 years left of my engineering/businessman life and be able to buy out 15 Miles Franklin companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or any and all of the bullion dealers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Rich M,
      Has it ever crossed your mind that you are not a good investor and that you made bad decisions on timing? Has it ever crossed your mind that you simply cannot see the big picture and you did not hedge yourself properly?

      • Rich M

        Yes it has crossed my mind that I am a bad investor…. That was a bad rant on my part. My apologies. I still do see the big picture. It was $1.65M to $600K, not $2.65 to $300K…. not that that matters but I just wanted to clarify.

        Anyway, sorry for the rant and to some of your guests as I still do believe in the fundamentals. I also believe that Trump himself could possibly promote sound money or even gold backed currency.

        • Greg Hunter

          Rich M.
          You may have just offered us a contrary indicator. Please grasp the big picture. The bond debt, and I mean all of it, is going to be destroyed when (not if) rates rise. I have said that we’ve been told that debt is money and debt is an asset, and we are all going to find out in a stunning fashion that was a huge lie. Hang in there.

          • Galaxy 500

            Won’t they (Treasury) be selling new bonds continually as the interest rates rise? Just asking.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes 5oo but thin of all the negative debt in the EU $15 trillion. What about all the debt sold below 2% on the 10-year? Massive losses are coming as rates rise. The 10-year was 1.70% a few weeks ago. Now, its at 2.10% plus. That’s a big move in a short amount of time.

              • SJ

                Greg, hedging is available to all. You act as if everything is black and white. Large bondholders can easily hedge their portfolios to protect them in a rate rise.

                • Uncle Remus

                  SJ, you gwan’ ahead now, n’ wait n’ see’s what’s round the corner. I giss you’ll be disappointed shortly.

        • Faith

          Let me make this clear: in 2009 you were a “multimillionaire” on paper. Like a lot of people, you took a financial hit. None of Mr. Hunter’s guests ever advised anyone to go all in on PMs. Most advise a 10% position that is dollar cost averaged over time.

          A lot of people lost way more than you did. Be happy you didn’t have to file for bankruptcy or foreclosure because many of us did have to do that.

          Also there is a big difference between what you own on paper and what you can get for a so-called asset like your house or other property. It doesn’t matter what you think it is worth. What matters is the sell price.

          You sound like my brother-in-law. He in convinced the house he bought for $300K at the top of the market is still worth $300. Sadly, in his area, values have dropped so much that his house is worth about $160K. He keeps up the exterior of the house while the inside is falling apart. You can’t teach some people. Usually they are the ones that think they know it all and are the smartest person in the room.

          Do they learn, eventually? I don’t know. It is always easier to blame outside forces than to accept responsiblity for your own bad judgment and bad decisions.

          • messianicdruid

            Gold is a sapling, silver is an acorn. Be patient.

          • JC Davis

            Great comment Faith. I sold at the bottom and lost… LOL I WON because land prices were cheap. I bought 19 ac. for 19 k Today it is worth over 50 k min.
            As I tell people when they ask me what is this worth? It is worth more the paper. I so wish I could post a pic of my tangible land.

          • JC Davis

            Faith what is the lesson?

        • Charles H

          Rich M,

          I’m sorry about all that. My total lifetime income won’t even reach what you have left, and thats for my wife and I. But living in a Third-world country almost, meaning almost, we can make ends meet. It’s no piece of cake. I hope your fortune returns or reverses. Lots who went into PMs are underwater, and waiting.

          • aussie jeff

            Im also sorry you lost your riches through bad investments,keep your chin up your still way better off than most.
            I left the city, cashed in my super, bought 20acres in the country,grow sheep chickens and vegetables and occasionally hunt.
            Many of my contemporaries think i live a third world existence. …..no amount of money could move me to change what im doing.
            The more we have the more we worry over,
            our Lord Jesus said;
            “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”
            Peace to you.

            • Galaxy 500

              Just so you understand that in Jesus’ time, they didn’t have metal needles and the phrase “eye of the needle” meant the gate in the fortified wall where you had to take all the goods off the camel (unburden) walk him thru and then load him up on the other side.
              Just remember that money is NOT the root of all evil. Rather, avarice or the love of money is the root of all evil.
              Glad you made it out. I have 8 acres and wish I had 20. Happy for you and wish you continued prosperity

              • aussie jeff

                Hey Bro G 500,
                Totally agree,having alot or little money is not the issue,its the love of it that can separate us from God.
                Thanks for that clarification.
                Hope your enjoying your patch!
                Butchering excess roosters this week,not my favourite job but the dog thinks its xmas as he hankers for their feet.
                Always enjoy your posts,and admire your lateral thinking.

                • Charles H

                  You guys are great.

                  Sweat of the brow living – the best bottom-line man can know.

                • JC Davis

                  Jeff and G500 I disagree with both of you. The love of money can be any amount, if you love it you will lose eye sight of Gods holiness . If you hand any poor man 5 billion dollars it will change him. Every man will change with the comforts currency can create. I think of duck dynasty living in luxury Not the little cabin they started in. Power corrupts.

                  • Galaxy 500

                    At no point did I say there was an amount. I merely said that money is not evil. And it isn’t whether you have $10 or $10 million.
                    I said Avarice, or the love of money is the root of all evil.
                    I also don’t understand why you think that building a big house after you worked hard to earn it is some how corrupt? So the Duck Dynasty guys should have stayed in a small log cabin and used $100 to heat it in the winner?
                    People thst earn money are a lot different than people given something.

                  • Galaxy 500

                    I re-read what I wrote and what Jeff wrote and I am at a loss. What exactly did we say that you disagree with?

        • CHX

          Rich M, I do feel for you, as for some time I did feel that way too (and I have suffered nominal losses as well – though I am not giving up an ounce, quite the contrary). The way I look at the metals is – like clif high says – they are money. so in terms of gold and silver one does not lose anything. a day of reckoning is on the way though, and I would think that disaster will likely strike in the dead of the night when the majority of people will least expect it. and BOOM, they get up and will be financially wiped out next mo(u)rning. when that is, I have no clue. possibly a few more years. the longer the better for one can still acquire what WILL be of great value; not instant gratification, but wealth that will be unilaterally seen for what it is. We’re not there yet, so forget about the fiat-centric view, sell everything and by stocks or just start hedging. In the end, health and happiness are the most important currency, ESPECIALLY in a world that is as crazy and upside-down as ours right now. Good luck to you.

          And Greg, awesome interview(s) with C.H. Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you CHX for the comment!

            • CHX

              No, thank YOU, sir!

          • Tin foil hat

            I don’t think Rich M. own a whole lot of physical PMs. There is no way he could lose 20% in one day or 3/4 of his wealth in 6-7 years.
            He must have been trading mining stocks like NEM, GG or leverage ETFs like NUGT, DUST ….

            • CHX

              My guess is Mr Rich gambled big on mining stocks which tanked big time once gold took a free-fall through “the bottom that will not be breached…” at 1520; some even went out of business or diluted their shares so bad they now trade as penny stocks, down 95% and more from the top. That’s where I burnt myself most too, I might add. But even there, I’m hanging on, double down on smacks and hedge a bit with DUST or JDST. Having some short positions is in many ways a healthy thing, so even as the sector goes down, I have some positions that are in the green…

      • Freebreezer

        Greg, What a shrill (the math does not add up!) – from Rich – He Lost $2.65 million. If he put every dime he had in to gold at the high ~$1950 it would have cost him 4 million and change. He would have acquired ~2050 ounces. Todays value of the 2050 oz gold would be $2.46 million in cash value if he sold out today, thus the loss of 2.65 million he lost. This all so accounts for a 1% in and out charge. Now the question is where did the other 2.1 million disappear to? Or put another way I believe this guy is blowing smoke up our **&^& See the following? http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2014/05/origin-expression-blow-smoke-ass/ . To go from 4 million to 300K, from 2009, via trading gold takes buying every high and selling almost every low. There is a huge difference between investing and trading! As my dad always said ” A fool and his money soon part ways”

        • Charles H

          Buy low; sell high – commenters on KWN have described how some have done just this. The Bell Curve – we all fall somewhere on it.

      • dan


        As PT Barnum said repeatedly…


        But in the end, we are ALL suckers, because we eventually believe our own bullshit.

        Even YOU.

    • Paul ...

      Rich M … Did it ever cross your mind that Clif High is “not” a precious metals dealer and thus is not bound to be “restrained” in his precious metal price predictions … the way people who sell bullion must “low ball their precdictions” because of conflict of interest concerns!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” Keynes

      Everytime you take an investment position against the status quo you are effectively shorting the money printers – forces that can summon unlimited amounts of cash in order to defend their system.
      We are in unprecedented times so be wary of anyone claiming to ‘know’ what is going to happen for certain. Human behaviour is at best uncertain.
      Best strategy: have one foot in the old system and one foot out.

      • Charles H

        Wow!, what a strategic summation!

      • Galaxy 500

        And be prepared to lose one foot

        • Charles H

          Aw, man – burst out laughing on that one!

    • FC

      Rich M, or at the moment, Poor M, my situation is similar, but it was my choice to buy precious metal, as it was yours.

      We all listen to programs like USAWATCHDOG and we all took action in what we believed the future will bring.

      Holter, Mannerino and alike didn’t hold a gun to your head to purchase your precious metals, so stop blaming people and start believing in your our decisions.

      Can you honesty see another way out from the debt the whole world is in apart from imploding the whole financial system?
      I don’t, that’s why my insurance policy is in precious metals.

      It sounds like to me you’re a successful business man where your lifestyle hasn’t been effected by your investment, but your ego has among your friends………..remember the saying, he who laughs last, laughs the loudest.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, you went all in? Really? Everyone will tell you that is never a good idea unless the signs are so clear as to be too late to be of value. Investing is like gambling…no, it is gambling.
      And at no point has Greg been selling gold on his sight, nor has he personally offered any investment advise except maybe to caution people to be diversified in what everything do and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

      • Charles H

        Investing IS gambling. Spot on. It used not to be.

    • notyourpatsy

      Rich M, You never ‘lose money’ when *holding physical PM’s*, your losses only occur if/when you sell them at a lower price than you paid for them.

      Also, What if those ‘shills’ you took financial advice from all these years were (are) right; and you awoke one morning in the not to distant future to your phone ringing off the hook . It’s your friends crying to YOU about how they just LOST EVERYTHING because they were/are *solidly* invested in (toilet) paper assets!!

      You aren’t alone in your feelings, as many of us have gone down the same path right alongside you. It has hurt financially and maybe for some , mentally, to have ‘not been in the game’ (stock market) for the recent run up. I, personally, would rather be safe than sorry, and trusting paper anything in this economic environment is not *astute* investing IMO/E. Hang in there our time is coming.

    • Anthony Australia

      When buying precious metals you are purchasing insurance, surety that you have control over.
      Then once it comes time to collect and there will come a time, there will be no need for a broker to act on your behalf as you hold all the aces.

      • JC Davis

        Well said A A Cheers to you.

    • rwmctrofholz

      Wait! You went all in on precious metals? Can you please direct me to ANY gold bug pundit that encouraged you to do this?

      I would add, also, that if your wealth used to be 2.9million, and is no 300k, that you have lost more than 75% of your wealth as you claim; makes me suspicious of your post.

    • Frederick

      Rich your post sounds suspect to me How could you have lost 15 to 20 percent last week when gold and silver were only down approx 5 percent? And I think if what you are saying is true you would certainly know if it was 15 or 20 percent

      • Tin foil hat

        NUGT – 3X leverage ETF.

  6. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Hillary was shown on my local news in a selfie with some millennial-mom walking in a Chapaqua NY park. She’s was not missing.
    The savior of liberty seems to have recoiled his tail between his legs and met with the current piece of $hi#%^ in charge and actually said he respects him. WHY?
    Do you respect him? He’s lied, continued the policies of covert war, terrorizing the middle-east and doubled our debt, obamacare is a disaster….

    You are loosing credibility. Holter,Sinclair, Kirby have all been saying things will come un-hinged in the next couple weeks-for years now.
    All I know is I’ve moved most of our savings out of exposure to the stock market. So, not only am I considered kookish among all my family members but I have missed out on the current all-time highs-Thanks!

    By the way- Gold banged down another $40 Friday. So no- THEY are in control.

    Agree-The Mainstream media is a big fail. But now it seems, the alternative media is failing big-time as well.

    Trying to escape to a little football toady, I again am constantly reminded how great and powerful our military is. All i want is a little non-sensical sport but It’s all military all the time! USA USA!!!!!

    • Guest

      Concerned American Dad,

      Earlier this year a coworker asked me if I thought it was a good idea to have money in the stock market. I told him that I felt that stocks were overvalued and that a major correction was coming. A few weeks later my coworker told me that he had moved his money out of stocks. Well, since the election stocks have soared, and my coworker has taken a different attitude toward me.

      I agree with you about those in the alternative media having been wrong for so long now. I do believe another crisis is coming. It’s a mathematical certainty. But NOBODY can predict what the financial markets will do.

      • Galaxy 500

        You are right. It is coming and it can not be predicted with any certainty. The only way to lose is to have all of your retirement in a brokerage. If you can afford to lose it all, leave some money in a broker, play the odds and suck out your profits regularly.
        When the next crash happens, I honestly believe 99/100 brokerages are going to be toast and I am not sure what happens to the other 1%.
        But I know who is going to take it in the shorts. The little guys like us.

    • FC

      I’d be a concerned dad if I decided to invest in the stockmarket at it’s all time high.

      This is exactly what the Elites want people to do, give up on the principles of their own beliefs and become sheeple, so you can all be led away to slaughter.

      As humans, we rather all stand together and be wrong, than stand alone and be correct.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trump was courtesy to Obama. Nothing more. Should he have cussed him out, called him names , what?
      What would have made you happy? You know there is a turn over of power?
      Wow, what did you expect him to say besides meaningless platitudes. Did you expect honest brutal truth? How do you think these things work
      Trump does not have his tail between his legs. Get a grip.

    • rwmctrofholz

      Moved all exposure to the stock market?? Do you make a point of buying things at their most expensive levels all the time?

  7. Dan


    Although it seems this week that the MSM is on the “Bash Trump” bandwagon, I think this could be just a “shock” reaction since they really didn’t know what to do or how to handle their defeat. In other words, they lost face and now are just angry and trying to shift the blame.

    I think that, medium to longer-term (perhaps December and early 2017) the MSM may actually do the following:

    – Start publishing REAL and more honest investigative articles about Clinton (and other establishment cronies) in order to try to actually expose them. The reason I think this is if they do so, they anticipate that they could re-establish their reputations as honest and impartial reporters.

    Any thoughts on whether this theory could play itself out? Or do you think it will be “business as usual” for them? I mean if they don’t change their business model, it is certain they won’t survive for too long especially given the changes in technology and social media movements.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think the biggest clue as to whether it is business as usual or not will be who Trump appoints to his administration. Obama appointed a load of bankers so it was no surprise his policies benefited them.

    • Charles H


      I hope you are right. I sampled Stephen Molyneux and the Patriot Nurse on YouTube ‘post-Trump’ mayhem – the first for intellectual analysis (Canadian), and the latter for a more street-level, prepper/patriot (Tennessee-an) opposite takes.
      Molyneux, always with a grain of salt, gives a sort of “Tough Love” view on the lawless actions of the Democrats which lost the election. The Patriot Nurse is more vulgar, and makes the case that the Liberal/Conservative, Communist/Constitutionalist, even Evil/Good differences apparent today between society’s members constitute a divide which can never be healed. Both make convincing arguments.
      My view is that the Spiritual realm is the real impetus, and everything filters down from there. Those who abandon Truth, and function as ‘ye shall be as gods’ – do as seems right in their own eyes: make the rules for themselves as they go, lie and live a lie, and have no accountability. Those who embrace the Truth are under authority, are bound by law and morality, and are accountable to that Author of Truth. So the great divide falls on the line of God/or no God; the Sacred/ or (Godless) Science; and a realm of Absolute Right or Wrong/or “we” decide what’s right or wrong in a sea of relativity, that changes by whim or for self-benefit. I believe it is this divide that decides; and will continue to the end.
      With over 200 cities up in protest, let alone rioting; the Clintons signaling a Purple Revolution (more supposed unification); and the MSM piling-on the same old anti-Trump slop: I can’t see any reformation on the horizon. I’d like to see the glass half-full on this; but there’s something new and alarming happening in America, And this isn’t pent-up racial tensions – I remember the ’67 Detroit riots. An ideological divide is splitting America; which I believe is based on Spiritual realities. I will have to believe what I see as time unfolds.

    • Oracle 911

      It won’t gonna happen, because you are expecting from a well known pathological lair to speak truthfully.

      • Galaxy 500

        Spot on. After 50 years or longer of lies, how would they even know the truth, much less print it

        • Paul ...

          Now I hear the Satanist pervert Hillary is going to run for mayor of New York??? … Hey Trump … what happened to locking her up??? … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxwZt7r6ABM

          • Galaxy 500

            Hillary has had a lot of plans. Do you honestly offer council for Trump to tell CBS thst he is going to prosecute? Thst would force 0bama to pardon her.
            Plenty of rumors about Hildabeast out there and she and her minions are starting most

  8. Jim G.

    The PTB know the entire US system is on the brink of collapse and Donald Trump is going to get the blame for it when it does. Within the first few months in office, he will already have upset the apple cart enough to provide the impetus to put the beginning of the end in motion. Before this time next year, the entire US will be in a state of chaos and Trump will be ousted as the country falls apart. As the saying goes “be careful of what you wish” and that is going to prove prophetic for those that voted for Trump though it wouldn’t have made any difference had Hillary got in. Game over – checkmate.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The Chinese accelerated their selling of US treasuries as soon as it became clear Trump would be elected. They must be worried after Trump’s threat to default on US debt. Trump will have to learn not to shoot his mouth off so much if he wants to borrow more money to finance his construction binge.

      • Paul ...

        TSI … You must change your mind set … Trump is not planning to “borrow more money” from China … he is planning to cut unnecessary spending and raise tarrifs on Chinese goods so Americans can produce them here at home at a lower price … thus bringing back our manufacturing jobs … collecting tax money from these “new US companies” to put back into our Treasury … and thus US Bonds will not have to be sold to others to run our government!

    • 8Ball

      1 Corinthians 2:8
      “None of the rulers of this age or world perceived and recognized and understood this, for if they had, they would never have crucified the Lord of glory.”

      You should be careful of what you are wishing for…

    • Carol Smith

      Sorry, Jim, this just isn’t true. What is actually going to happen is that the ship, America,
      will completely turn around. This has been prophesied many times. It all depends on our
      persistence in prayer.
      Interesting, someone said that Hillary, after going missing, turned up in Las Vegas.
      Why Las Vegas ? My husband mentioned that she may have been seeking the protection of the Mafia !! Again, why Las Vegas !!

    • Frederick

      Jim looks like we have the right guy at the helm for the coming bankruptcy of the US Corporation Nobody better than the Donald to handle the restructuring right?

  9. Farrell Maier



    On Steve Quayle website on 11-13-2016

  10. alex kincaid ross

    My understanding is, the president elect will, in the fullness of time, accord to you Greg, full credit for pulling the plug on the Washington swamp, and lancing the boil of the Clinton disease that has so sadly diminished the state of the union. You are the champion of our lost freedom. May we never again sink so perilously low. God bless America!

    • Chip

      Let’s rise up first before we ask to never again sink so low. The MSM are inciting race wars. Look at the Chicago man drug from his car and beaten by a mob of blacks. Then when questioned about it on CNN a black woman says “awe poor white people”.

      I say again, there is a MSM sanctioned WAR ON WHITE PEOPLE. It is time to start calling it what it is. NO, I will NOT be intimidated by those who say I’m KKK or white racist or whatever for POINTING OUT THE TRUTH. We’re not out of the woods yet and the election of DT is just one baby step in the right direction… Chip

      BTW Greg another great interview with Cliff High… Chip

  11. Anthony Australia

    Great work Greg!
    I was anticipating who your first guest would be post election. (Nice choice)

    I really do think the establishment will reinvent itself and come back in another form and even keep funding the criminal class to make Mr President Trumps task a difficult one, they won’t surrender because of a citizen vote.
    The establishment reminds me of ‘The Borg’ “resistance is futile”.

    Fun times ahead.

    • This sceptred Isle

      He will endure four years of his own party and the media trying to undermine him further – just ask Jeremy Corbyn. The main thing in his favour is the Democratic Party is in pieces.

    • Galaxy 500

      The establishment reminds me of the Nobility in France. They pushed through some bad stuff but also had the bad luck of a mini ice age. These cretins keep taking Glo-Bull warming while for a period of time of the Thames River froze so sold thst they held festivals and built multi- story wooden structures on it for decades. And let’s not forget that 1300 or so years ago, it was much warmer than it is now. They had two growing seasons for wheat and other grains.
      So yes, the establishment was blindsided and if they persist, they will have the same fate as the French Nobles.

  12. Andrew Butterworth

    Hi Greg
    Congratulations on your correct long term prediction of the big win.
    A simple and probably correct explanation for the disappearance would be that she went to bed, wake me up if I win, don’t bother if I don’t.
    Nothing to gain for her by getting up.
    Did any one notice the look on Mr Trumps face after his meeting with Obama?
    This worries me. I hope not, but I suspect that he found out what he can and can’t do and was not happy.
    An alliance with Russia would make so much sense, I think Trump understands that we might be able to survive a financial crash, but no one survives modern war between super powers.
    The time is coming when President Trump must make good on his important speeches and the eyes of the whole world will be watching.
    I hope the dirty swamp becomes a blue lagoon of clarity and honesty.

    USA watchdog is a great site to keep in touch with reality and give us a break from the Australian MSM mind torture.

    PS-Harry Dent would be a good guest, alternative views with educated reasoning could be beneficial and interesting regardless of agreeing or disagreeing.
    Mr Armstrong would also be most interesting to hear again.

  13. your fan in Japan

    Debt destruction. Haven’t we been railing against the Fed and the debt-saying that the debt is too high, etc? Now we are going to have debt destruction. If debt is “bad” isn’t that a good thing.
    And while I’m here, a comment about trump. He is talking about massive infrastructure projects. That is classical Japanese economics. To keep everyone employed the gov’t spent gazillions on “bridges to nowhere”. And that is in part how Japan got to debt at 250 times GDP. And now trump is proposing the same thing. You’ve got to be kidding me. If that is the case, debt does not matter. Us at 250 times GDP and then Japan at 400 and we just go higher and higher. We are all just working to get currency to buy the things we need to live. The gov’t might just as well employ all of us and pull back the curtain so we can clearly see how we are all set up.
    The only one I have seen since the election who has made a similar comment is David stockman, who said that unless Trump “fires” the fed, nothing will change. (Note- fires is my word, I think stockman said “changes”, “reins in” or “deals with”)
    So let’s identify the nature of the problem, find the solution, and do it.
    While I am glad Hillary lost (in that we avoid war with Russia) , Trump and massive public works are not the solutions to our problems.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The big irony is that Trump threatened to default on US debt but expects countries to lend America money. Maybe this is why bond yields shot up.

      • Galaxy 500

        Bond yields shot up because people realize that interests have to go up. Money is not free. What the Fed, the 0bamachrist, and the bankers did was rob Main Street and the Middle Class of assets by depressing interest rates and giving it and 0% interest to the big banks. They did that instead of bankruptcy for about half the Banks in the USA.
        Hate to break this to you but we are already bankrupt. We are either going to default on them or inflate dollars to the point they are worthless. Which impacts the Forgotten Man more? We can grow our own food, generate our own power, produce our own gas, and make our own weapons.
        You want us to keep borrowing. I don’t see how that does anything but make things worse and the inevitable closers and more tragic.

        • This sceptred Isle

          “How do you renegotiate the debt?” O’Donnell followed up.

          “You go back and you say, hey guess what, the economy crashed,” Trump replied. “I’m going to give you back half.”

          The current trend is rising bond yields – correct.
          However, the trend accelerated as a result of Trump’s election and who can blame countries for wanting to dump US bonds after comments like that? He has shattered the illusion that US bonds are a safe haven and that the debt will be repaid. America will need to borrow money from foreign governments because that is what it has been doing for decades. Trump will not be able to turn the deficit into a surplus straight away and will probably never be able to this.

          • This sceptred Isle

            The whole financial system is a confidence trick and confidence can be lost in the blink of an eye.

          • Galaxy 500

            Show me where the acceleration is? Is it the Arabs? Send a link to your data.
            And you say Trump has shattered the illusion. Trump hasn’t shattered anything yet but I have faith he will. And it is going to be wonderful.
            By the way, what fiat would you recommend over the USA? The Yuan? China doesn’t even have an illusion of rule of law or property rights. Jerry pushes that a lot but i find it folly to invest in anything in a communist country. Especially one with global expansionist ideas. Yen? I can say that with a straight face? The European, a fiat of a disintegrating union.
            Oh, holder of wisdom. Pray tell what fiat, whether currency or bonds you propose us to hold.
            When the next crash comes, it’s gonna be epic. Like the tulip bulb crash.

    • Galaxy 500

      Debt isn’t bad. Debt is a tool. Money isn’t evil, the love of money is evil.

      • Faith

        G500: amen. Money and PMs are nothing but tools. They are useful and necessary. Do I love my hammer? No. Do I need a hammer? When I want to hammer a nail, yes, I do need a hammer. A small hammer for small nails and a larger hammer for large nails. Simple concept that many people fail to understand.

      • your fan in Japan

        Galazy 500, I should have replied to this the first time I saw it- but anyway here goes. Money is a debt instrument. And debt a tool? Yes indeed a tool to enslave people. You see all the dollars in your bank account. They are good for nothing else than to be exchanged for goods and services- and to pay taxes- but that is just another form of goods and services. Anyway- aside from this, they have no purpose. As payment for goods and services they essentially require someone else to work to produce those goods and services. Indeed they demand it. So on a balance sheet, your savings represent the demand for work on another person. I myself choose independence to the degree possible in today’s world. As few demands on others as possible and as much reliance on onself as possible.

        • Galaxy 500

          Debt isn’t enslavement but for sure many enslave themselves living above their means. Your premise is non sequitur. Man has traded labour back to the start of civilization. My balance sheet is the result OF MY LABOR. Yes, I can buy others labor. That is how the world works. Your ideas about money and debt are flawed to the point of being infantile. Perhaps you grow your own beef, make your own cheese and bake your own bread. Me, I Trade my labor and my skill for a storable medium of wealth, that others accept, and I buy one. It is nothing more than a sophisticated barter system.
          The Yen, the USA, the European represent a uniform unit of value. While I would rather have gold or silver, this is what we have to work with until it crashes and burns as all fiat does eventually.
          Yes, Debt is a tool. Not sure what your objection to money or debt is. Yes, money is a medium that allows me to exchange my labor for someone else labor. It can not demand and enslave someone that doesn’t want to work. It is not practical to trade labor for labor. What do you find objectionable about me being the labor of a person willing to work? I sell my labor. Are you espousing a commune or communism where everybody works for the JOY of work and their needs are meet by the government?
          Your argument is that money is nothing more that a medium of exchange. Look up money in a dictionary. A medium of exchange is what it is. Before we had paper, we had metal, shells, etc. Before thst we had barter.
          You seem to object to something working as designed. What would you replace it with?

          • your fan in Japan

            Galaxy 500
            You list several points:
            1. Money as soph barter system.
            2. Trading labor for storable wealth
            3. Money allows people to exchange their labor
            4. Money is a medium of exchange
            I agree with all 4 points.
            I disagree with the following:
            1. Yen, dollar as uniform units of value
            2. Money does not enslave
            3. Labor can’t be traded for labor
            On point one, a few years ago Abe took office and immediately cut the value of the yen by 50%. This had nothing to do with a change in trade. Citizens here had the value of their storable wealth cut by their leader. I don’t like the idea that one man can come along and just decree that your money is now worth 50% less. (Who would?)
            On point two, every person requires money to live. Unless you plan to forage for berries in a national park, living under a leafed hut, you need money to live. Insofar as we MUST get this thing called money, we are slaves to it. People work to get money not because they want to, but because they have to. (now we could discuss how much is actually needed by a person).
            On point three, we could trade labor for labor. Indeed w.r.t. medicine it would almost be an improvement. Forgive me for bringing up the anachronistic Little House on the Prairie, but Doc Baker did not charge exorbitant fees for curing anyone. The fees could be reasonable worked off (albeit through the medium of money) Today however, people get wiped out financially by medical bills. I am not proposing communism, but there must be some solution. Perhaps a re-evaluation of the value of labor.
            Finally, what would I propose? A plot of land for everyone. One will be physically healthier for working it and eating its produce. Additionally a dictator cannot dictate its productive value. Further, if each person’s living were dependent on his/her own land, and not speculative investment ( I am thinking of real estate here) I daresay the country would be more (naturally) beautiful and used with the good of the local community in mind.
            Sorry Greg, for this long thread. I tried to respond to G500 succinctly.

            • Galaxy 500

              I don’t mean that the Yen or Dollar or equivalent but that a yen or the dollar are things you can know the value on relative to other things.
              People are enslaved by many things. Money, Drugs, Sex, Gambling …
              This fact that humans will attempt to fill the void in their soul with other things is a human flaw. It doesn’t mean that what a man uses to excess is bad.
              And while I can do some trading with a farm for food by doing their accounting, it is very ineffective and inefficient to flat out Trade my skill for others product. That’s why they came up with money 5,000 years ago
              And just because you can do something doesn’t mean that it is a good idea and what you are proposing is backward.
              Funny you have to say you are proposing communism. Based on the definition and your points of how much do people need seems like what you are offering.
              I don’t want to go back to nature and live in a log cabin.

    • Galaxy 500

      FYI We are large land mass. We have tens of thousands of bridges to “somewhere” that are crumbling. The Demoncrats and RINOs have robbed the coffers of the people, taking turns for decades. The only difference is the people getting the pay outs.
      We had plenty of shovel ready projects that instead of being funded by the 0bamachrist , were left wanting while they pumped hundreds of billions into banks and their political cronies.
      Yes, we are in deep dodo. We need to adjust our spending, stop freebies to illegals and so called refugees. We need to cut back spending on government employees and agencies. And this frigging fraud and pork barrel spending used to pay off political cronies.
      Yes, we have 20 trillion plus another 150 Trillion of real problems. We don’t need more regulation, we don’t need more government agencies, and we sure as hell don’t need more moslem immigrants or illegal aliens. We need a strong military, and impenetrable border, and fiscal responsibility.

    • FC

      Your Fan in Japan, the opinion in China is the same, nothing has changed over the election result………..apart from taking advantage of purchasing more gold.

      The Chinese know how the game is played and that’s the reason for their inclusion with the SDR’s not because they make cheap plastic products.

    • messianicdruid

      “So let’s identify the nature of the problem, find the solution, and do it.”

      Americans need to repent [ change mind ].

      A g-o-d is one who makes rules for others. A false god is one who makes rules without authority. Idolaters obey the rules of a false god, which may be one of their own choosing [ authorization ] . What cannot be done is to pass [ delegate ] YOUR responsibility along with your authority.

  14. Aussie Clive

    Hello Greg. I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Clif. I only wish you had managed to get him on board sooner. Your timely questions and his succinct answers were clarifying.
    He is spot on with his predictions, and hits the nail on the head when he said we are currently “in a state of confusion”. Our MSM in Australia is now suggesting that Trump may not prosecute Hillary Clinton. Honestly these maggot criminal never give up.
    Since the election our MSM have nurtured the misleading idea that the anti-Trump demonstrations represent the majority of Americans unhappy with a ‘stolen’ election. When in all likelihood, based on the size of their pre-election rallies, Clinton and co. stole HIS mandate.
    Now our MSM is attempting to plant the seeds of confuse and doubt in the minds of those that supported Trump, hoping that collectively, the majority of voters will revolt against his ‘illegitimate’ victory. This can only be seen as spiteful and as Clif said dishonorable.
    Ironically, Hillary’s only chance of survival may be via an imminent arrest.

    • Charles H

      “Honestly these maggot criminals never give up.” Better than 20/20 vision there. But Federal confines for Hillary as safe? I’d rather be on the move.

  15. Tad

    Considering the challenge Hillary is mounting for the Electoral College, and the intimidation and threats her followers can mount, we may have chaos by or around December 19.

    • Galaxy 500

      What challenge? Are you talking about the hokey attempt to corrupt the vote of the Electoral College?

      • Paul ...

        And lets not forget the Electoral College delegates from the five(5) blue states Hillary stole must now switch their vote for Trump!

      • tad malthaus

        Considering Hillary and Barry flock together. . . .

        Someone has to make her sing.

  16. Weiss

    Greg, thank you so much!!! You get the best guests ever, and I am always much more knowledgeable after watching your interviews–please keep it up!

  17. Guest

    I take everything this guy says with a grain of salt. He has made a lot of predictions that haven’t come to pass. Sure, he “correctly” predicted that Trump would win the election. But there are others who did as well.

    • Zak

      Yeah. And you are an anonymous coward.


      • Guest

        I’m not a troll. Go do some research, Zak, and you’ll see that many of Clif High’s predictions have NOT come to pass.

        • Greg Hunter

          High never told me he was 100%.

        • JC Davis

          Guest has anyone you know of ever ALWAYS been right.. As Gerald Celente says think for yourself.

  18. Jane

    I’m confused, Hillary’s election night was held at the Javits Center in New York. She delivered her concession speech at the New Yorker Hotel. Why do you say she was in Vegas at the Wynn hotel? Did I miss something?

    • Greg Hunter

      I got that wrong. Thank you for correcting me. I heard this and heard it wrong. I have been really fatigued with the election is all I can say.

  19. randy0302

    One of the best and most informative Clif High interviews yet! I did not realize Hillary fled NYC after the election.
    It may have been fear of immediate arrest! NYPD has evidence of massive and sick crimes. They forced Comey to reopen FBI investigation or hey were going to have mass arrests.
    They will come but after Jan 20 so Obombya can’t pardon.
    I love a happy ending!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Randy.

  20. Bob

    What an interesting interview. Not sure how to explain it but what Mr High is interpreting just feels right at some mind/gut level. In projecting what is ahead sounds to be a time of total transformation – but one that will be positive and good once complete – a move from the darkness into light – from ‘illusion’ into reality. We saw how wrong the polls were during this last election, we witnessed the total sell out of the MSM, we discovered through WikiLeaks the depth of corruption in the system. Your previous interview of Mr High just before the election turns out to have been more acvurate than all the polls and MSM B.S. ! As Mr High said in this interview, the nature of the world is changing and the ability to track worldview thought through meta anslysis of data is becoming the new way to poll and predict ! Then – it was so important that the alternative media and, in my opinion, USA Watchdog became the ‘trusted’ duseminator of truth and real news. This is to thank you Greg for all your hard work and keeping people hopeful that right, truth and ‘honour’ will ultimately triumph ! I believe we are moving into a more postive, just and peaceful world ! Thank you again Greg and don’t stop doing what you are doing because your work is going to be increadingly important as this new world emerges !

  21. Mike Jose

    Greg and Clif – this is utterly brilliant, I bet on Trump to win, and you made me money. I have a few bets more lined up…what stunning revelations.

  22. Raymond L. Jagge

    Problem Solved,
    Have all Hillary supporters move to California.
    Have California succeed from the USA.
    Hillary can be president of California

    • ClareDoll

      And then California can fall into the ocean!!!!

    • Diane

      No Raymond! What about us poor souls trapped here in the Communist county of Calf.?
      We are struggling here behind enemy lines.
      We’re too old to relocate.

      • WD

        Do you think Cali secedes?

        • Charles H

          “Words, words, words… I’m so sick of words…” Liza, from My Fair Lady.

          • WD


            Its a movement that has been building for a few years…I think they can do it.

            • Charles H

              I know I’ve shot myself in the foot over the years – there’s no reason others can’t do it. People are moving out because they can’t afford California’s cost-of-living. Thanks, WD.

            • JC Davis

              W D I dont see it happening. The leaders of Cal know they are( doomed )without the backing of the government. It would be little Iran in 6 months.

            • Galaxy 500

              We thought that too in the South. It didn’t work out real well for us

              • WD

                There is a way states can vote on it, all blue states and red states would say yes leave….I think they have 35-40% chance…remember the rabidness of these people!!!

    • sk


  23. PR

    Wow that was fantastic. It explained a great deal very simply of what we should expect for our futures (including ours overseas) as everything is so tied to the dollar.
    We have our preps and our seeds and our land and all manner of preparations for what is coming on the world. We owe nothing.
    The only thing I worry about is paying land taxes and if they will inflate and therefore how will they be paid, as we are retired on a very very small fixed income. You never truly own your home when you have the chance of losing it simply because you don’t have funds for land taxes. Will those taxes skyrocket under inflation. It would be great to own gold and silver but sometimes that is just not possible.
    Thank you once again Greg and Clif.

  24. The Downes

    Greg, you were among the VERY few who always said that Trump would win, and
    stuck to your guns in spite of the polls. Awesome, thank you!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you The Downes.

  25. Diane D.

    I am savoring the videos of the Progressives’ meltdowns as much as anyone. But make no mistake, the globalists are still in control.

    Trump won for one of two reasons. Either his actual margin of victory was just too large for the globalists to rig without it being obvious, or the globalists want our financial system to sink on his watch. It was at most a small temporary setback for globalists.

    Globalists are already making their moves and sadly, Trump has no clue. He is bringing evil globalists such as Gingrich, Netanyahu and 9/11 co-conspirator Giuliani into his inner circle. It makes me sick.

    It would be nice if we could simply save the tree of liberty by voting. It’s not going to happen. Take a good look at the 2016 electoral map. Take a good look at the hatred of those government-indoctrinated Millennials. They voted 2:1 for evil. I grew up in the 50s. It won’t be long before no one will remember what we lost.

    Why are we so obsessed with saving an evil system intent on destroying us and riding it to our destruction? Maybe THAT is God’s will. The biggest difference between this wicked nation and Sodom and Gomorrah is that we have God’s lesson for them. But did we learn it?

    • Bill Howland

      Great comment Diane. I loved it that you called these guys EVIL. Seems that old Helen Thomas was the one reporter who was right..

    • This sceptred Isle

      and why does Trump keep making the 666 sign with his hand?

      • Greg Hunter

        I think you are seeing what you want to see Isle.

      • Paul ...

        If he is making 666 signs with his hand … just remember God himself was part of the good 2/3rds in Heaven … if Trump was making 333 signs … then I would be worried!!

      • Galaxy 500

        Do you see that in your minds eye, your third eye, or with your crystal ball?

    • Galaxy 500

      If they were in control, they would not have lost. Believing that you are under their sway and that they are all powerful is the same as believing your vote doesn’t count. The Elites need you to go along with their evil willingly. They don’t force women to commit infanticide, do they? They don’t force our children to take drugs, do they? No, they just make these things available and let’s evil take its course

      • Charles H

        In the process of time – Trump may just be a ‘bump in the road’ for the Globalists. As to the persuasion, seduction, and infusing false values by an ever increasing technological media: older people had greater development to form a basis of self-reliance, and thereby resistance to what’s ‘out there’ now. But you ARE right – in this election they weren’t in control; AND they need people to go along with their evil willingly. Kinda a mixed bag.

        • Galaxy 500

          It is up to us whether Trump is a bump in the road or a revolution. Our battle isn’t over with the election

          • Charles H

            You are totally right: the battle isn’t over. I don’t know how all the crybabies can be entrained to grow up. Lots of damage from “Education”, covering a good while.

        • JC Davis

          Charles H I am not so sure the globalist were not in control. Trump has softened on every issue. When they drop the bond collapse on him there is nothing to fix it, so He will have his hands full, and more.

          • Galaxy 500

            And who is saying he is softening? It isn’t Trump. Let him get into office

    • Galaxy 500

      We are not close to being Sodom & Gahmora. There are millions of the faithful in this land.

      • Galaxy 500

        But then Diane, I don’t believe the “wicked” Jews did 911, or that Rudy was involved. Gingrich, I don’t like. He’s a fair weather opportunist.
        Trump did not make 10 billion plus being stupid. He would also have to be a good judge of character.
        But then, that’s just me. I don’t believe 911 was anything other than moslems terrorists. You can keep a secret as big as what it would take to do what conspiracy theorists put out. Ask Hillary how easy secrets are to keep. And just because 17,000 engineers say it was hinky, I don’t find that compelling because we, just in the US, mint 250,000 engineers a year. Too the people that say they did it to destroy evidence of stealing government money, I say that they wouldn’t destroy an entire building. They own DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, etc … just who the hell would be going after them?
        But then, I am a fan of reason. I don’t believe in aliens either… the extra terrestrial kind … the illegal variety, I just want them sent home.
        And don’t get me started on the Lanza school shooting that some people think was a bunch of paid actors. Like they could keep that secret. Just look at the wackos pushing that, his resume is like a Hillary Clinton speech. Short on truth, with an a$$load of lies and fabrications.
        I know why these theories pop up. You have almost everybody in the media lying, you have politicians who are so corrupt they will sell every secret, every strategic resource to our possible, even probable enemies, and you have government agencies running roughshod over the citizens with regulations meant to destroy freedom and control us.
        Does anyone believe the ammo controls in CA will do anything to stop crime? No one other than the antigun zealots who have a tenuous grasp of reality on the best of days. It is just a way to keep honest citizens from protecting themselves.
        And that’s my take on all conspiracy theories that are massive, intricate, and multi-generational. Reality makes them untenable and people make them well known. Remember, be a skeptic. If something seems either too good to be true or so convoluted that it wouldn’t even make a fiction novel, well they are either scams or bovine skat…and sometimes both.

      • Galaxy 500

        And yes, I have thought about what if I am wrong. Have you? Slick videos and half truths on the Internet are everywhere, and it doesn’t make some thing true. Just look at the video purported to be a mom shaving her daughter’s hair for bullying a girl that has cancer. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1906874/shock-as-mum-is-filmed-shaving-her-daughters-hair-off-as-punishment-for-bullying-classmate-with-cancer/

        Except this exact same video was on the Internet a year ago or so ago as something else.
        It like the reports of the UN invasion or the FEMA double body burial caskets that are actually made to hold a single burial vault that some states require be put in another sealed container.
        OK, I am really done

      • Robert G

        Galaxy ..Not close? They weren’t marrying each other. Far as I know that’s never happened in the history of man.

        • Galaxy 500

          Marriage? each other? Where is thst in what I wrote?

      • Diane D.

        Galaxy, tell that to the 3,000+ unborn murdered every day, enforced by the US government. Tell that to 64 innocent non-combatant) people killed every day by the US military. Tell that to the millions of people displaced from their homes every year by never-ending wars.

        The millions of faithful that you refer to will go down in history as being as relevant as the ‘good Germans’ during Hitler’s atrocities.

    • Charles H

      Wow, Diane D. “It won’t be long before no one will remember what we lost.” Wow again.

    • FC

      Diane D, I believed that Hillary was going to be President and the financial system will eventually collaspe in the not to distant future, but when you try and look at the greater picture, both events wouldn’t be allowed to happen when you have MSM and the Establishment backing the same horse.

      They know the system won’t last under who ever is elected and they are also aware of the Trump movement that keeps on growing and is getting stronger.

      What better way to collapse the system and divert the blame away, than to give the people what they want. All the while, the Elites and alike, take a step back and behave as the innocent party while it all unravels and then loudly and proudly say………we told you so.

      Brilliance on their behalf.

  26. Independent


    Armstrong’s piece sums up exactly what happened. Hopefully the young guns in the country, can see they were played like a fiddle along with the general public.

    Martin Armstrong Exposes “The Real Clinton Conspiracy” Which Backfired Dramatically

    Meanwhile, Hillary lost not merely because she misread the “real” people, she decided to run a very divisive and nasty negative campaign, which has fueled the violence ever since. According to WikiLeaks emails from campaign John Podesta, Clinton colluded with the DNC and the media to raise what they thought would be the extreme right among Republicans to then make her the middle of the road to hide her agenda.


  27. andyb

    As a man with strong Christian values I know that I should “turn the other cheek”, “let bygones be bygones”, etc, etc. But dammit, I want to see the Clintons hung for their quite obvious treason and criminality. And that goes for Huma who may well be a Saudi mole. If they all walk, I fear it will the same-o, same-o.
    With the announcement of the cabinet and prime policy positions, we will know soon whether Trump is for real. If there is one single neocon, like Bolton, or one ex Goldman (or Citi, or Morgan) placed in a critical position, then we’ve lost again folks.
    Let’s pray that my paranoia does not come true.

    • Paul ...

      You are correct andyb … Trump must show us by his deeds and actions that he is “the one” who will lead us back to the Promised Land our forefathers bequeath to us in 1776!

    • Galaxy 500

      I think if you look, forgive and forget isn’t in the Bible. You forgive someone but you don’t forget, you just don’t have hard feelings about it.
      But forgiveness doesn’t mean you don’t get punished. Hillary is a corrupt politician who sold influence, is involved in the largest Charity fraud in the history of the world and then there are the national-security violation of the espionage act that would have gotten anyone else shot in WWII, in fact, they got people put in jail for much less.
      Huma is a well document agent of the Moslem Brotherhood.
      I also don’t quite know where you get a person to run the Fed Reserve that has no banker experience so I think it’s unreasonable to condemn Trump for putting a banker in charge of the Fed. I also like Bolton. Not sure that every one with that label put on them by others is evil. After all, that’s a label the Demoncrats and the Mendacious Skat-eating Media came up to call conservative Republicans.
      Trump talks about the need for the rule of law. If he let’s her skate, she won’t go away quietly. Plus, how can you prosecute any fraudster, corrupt Politicians or someone that violates the national security. Hillary was never President. She was a Senator for a very short while and then an appointed government official. Why would she deserve a free pass for being the Napoleon of Crime in America.

  28. Galaxy 500

    I am watching Jack van Impe. 64% believe God accepts the worship of all other religions. Really? Satan has corrupted the Word. Another 60% believe ALL people go to Heaven? Really?
    “Depart from me you workers of inequities! I never knew you.” Jesus talking about ministers

    Thanks to my good friend, Beatrice, for turning me on to Jack van Impe. His stuff on the evil of islam and how moslems are the sons of Satan is eye opening.
    Mendacious liberals (yes, I know that is redundant) cry out, “Islam is the religion of peace.” yet they are betrayed by the truth, by the Word of God and every action taken by moslems.
    Palestinian political researcher, ‘Abu Hamza’ preached at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, that moslems should pray that Satan (Allah) will enable them to wage war on America and vanquish it. He also expressed his desire that moslems ‘raid America on its own land.’ This sermon was given Feb 18, 2015.
    Abu Hamza also said, “What is the way to confront this American war on islam? It is by treating islam in a political manner, on the basis of the islamic creed in its political sense. If the moslems accept islam as a political and ideological foundation and guide, they will be able to confront America and it’s war on moslems, and they will be able to vanquish it with ease.”
    Greg, islam is and always was a political system wrapped in the tapestry of religion. This  is the Demoncrats end game. Bringing these people into our country to destroy our freedom and Christianity at its core. To subjugate the brother of Israel, the land of the people of God.
    The Mendacious Skat-eating Media, lead by the Demoncratic Party, keeps telling us that the moslems are good, peaceful  people that worship God. Moslems are neither good nor do they worship God. How can one worship Satan and be good? How can one believe the SON of God, Jesus the Christ, is merely a lesser prophet to Muhammad and not be evil? Ask a moslem and he will tell you that Allah has NO son. How can they be worshipping the same God as Christians? Simple answer: They can not be and they never have. It is more of the insidious evil being spread by so called ‘men of God.’ These are the workers of inequities that Jesus will say he never knew for they seek a corruption of the Word for their own sake.
    Moslems call out from their Satanic temples for the destruction of America and to kill Americans. And these are not radical moslems, these are mainstream beliefs among Satan’s faithful as taught by the coran.
    These savage, feral moslems, the ones that come here that our mendacious press calls “moderate” seek our destruction, and they are not coy about it. The muezzins scream it from the spire of the minaret with the call to worship Satan. The imams preach it every Friday.
    The moslems are are war with America and the people of God world wide. And yet knowing all this, we sit idly by and allow these people to come here and we even pay them our tax dollars to bred. We pay them to infect our own children with their corruption and hate.
    Wake up America. Fight evil. Fight islam. Fight them politically, fight their scourge socially, and most of all, take up arms against evil. If evil ever gives you a righteous shot, take it. Do not show these evil doers mercy as they will show you none. Not only that, but they will rape your son’s and daughters (just read the news coming out of Europe before you attempt to contradict my facts with your “feelings” and willful ignorance) and your wife before they murder them. Take the shot people. Whether it be a proverbial one in politics or social opposition to evil, or the honest to God righteous self defense one. Take the shot. Oppose evil and prostrate yourself before the One True God and beg forgiveness; rededicate you life to God and wash yourselves clean in the blood of the Lamb.
    Let those that have ears listen and be prepared.

    • Paul ...

      Can’t we get away from associating God with blood and sacrifice??

      • Galaxy 500

        Sure, Paul, you can get away from that if you don’t want to be a Christian. We can get away from it and also away from salvation.
        I didn’t write the Bible, I do believe it is the Word, the Truth and the Light, the Word of God, and I do my best to follow the rules set forth by God. I fail and I am a sinner. And no one gets into Heaven without the blood of the Lamb.
        Contrary to many, you don’t get to pick and choose which parts of God’s word you follow while dismissing others as “outdated” or “old fashioned.”
        Look at Hebrews 10:16-31 … Read verse 19
        He then says,
        18Now where there is forgiveness of these things, there is no longer any offering for sin.
        19Therefore, brethren, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, 20by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh, 21and since we have a great priest over the house of God, 22let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. 23Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; 24and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, 25not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.
        26For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27but a terrifying expectation of judgment and THE FURY OF A FIRE WHICH WILL CONSUME THE ADVERSARIES. 28Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29How much severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled under foot the Son of God, and has regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30For we know Him who said, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY.” And again, “THE LORD WILL JUDGE HIS PEOPLE.” 31It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

      • Charles H

        No, Paul… – it can’t be done. What cleanses a soul from sin? : the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. What pays the sin-debt of the Second Death of the Lake of Fire?: Jesus Christ’s vicarious, sacrificial death on the cross. These two items are the very keys of Christian faith – from a straight, New Testament point of sound doctrine.

        • Paul ...

          The Inca’s use to sacrifice young virgins and cut out their hearts … ISIS chops off Christian heads and eats their heart … Hillary sacrifices babys to Satan … why can’t Christians “be better then all the rest” and begin to move away from the talk of “sacrifice” and the “eating of flesh and blood” every Sunday???

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            The death of Jesus was not to propitiate an angry god. It was to prove in a dramatic, impossible-to-miss picture how the Father loves us all. The Resurrection was to put fear of dying out of the human heart.
            God said “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.”
            When enough of us pursue nobility and abnegation like our Lord, this world will enter another springtime of Eden.

          • Charles H

            I see your good heart, Paul…

            In the New Testament atonement: God did the sacrifice of Himself, BY Himself. (In this sense: man was only a tool. ) This is what makes the value of that object of Faith true and eternally valuable. What “organized religion” DOES illegitimately to capitalize on this – is to formalize it in a rite or sacrament, and then teach it is NECESSARY to participate in the symbolism. This is utterly false. Sound Doctrine and correct teaching state that is IS NOT THE ACT, but the REMEMBRANCE that constitutes the Faith. Bringing the remembrance out into a formalized act does two destructive things: it removes faith from Grace and into dead works; and it captivates people into a system, guaranteeing their participation. Any group or denomination that insists that what is a remembrance must be a sacrament remains Christian in name only: and has forfeited the critical spiritual truth. They have then wrought Scripture meaning into the form of false human TRADITION. Celebrating the sacrifice in your heart doesn’t have to be but once a year in a formal setting – just to cover the teaching; but usually every month or two is completely alright. I think I know what you are talking bout: and they are not right – no matter how many there are and what they claim. Christian Faith must conform to Scripture: and if you change it or twist it – you lose it. I hope this helps.

          • Galaxy 500

            And by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am saved.

      • Diane D.

        Paul, clearly the Scriptures show us that God requires blood for blood. Even for one person as Able’s blood was eventually atoned by God. Is there anything that God despises more than the shedding of innocent blood? Don’ t look for many armchair US military drone pilots in heaven.

        • Paul ...

          Diane … All I’m tryiing to say is … we don’t have to change the Bible … we know Jesus was a sacrificial lamb and spilled his blood for us … but why make it into an almost one hour a ritual to eat his flesh and blood “every Sunday” … when that time can be better spent talking at the pulpet about how stealing is bad (for any bankers that happen to be in church) … and how having sex with children is bad (for any politicians that happen to be in church) … and how it is wrong to sleep with your neigbors wife … and how it is wrong to kill women and children, etc., etc. .. instead of concentrating so much time on a ritual that seems to encourage canabilism??? … let ISIS, the Inca’s and the aborigines in Bornio eat human hearts … let the Satanists kill babies and drink their blood … Christians should be focusing more of their time each Sunday explaining the important moral message God gave to Moses and explain by living examples why it is not right to steal like Hillary and why it is right not to murder or kill babies like perverted Polititians, etc., etc.

          • Galaxy 500

            “This do in remembrance of me.”
            You say you don’t want to rewrite the Bible that that is exactly what you want. I agree with other things you say but this is a bridge to far for anyone who has read a Bible

  29. Charles Turner

    Greg your selection of guests is astounding. They might not all be right all of the time, but their collective wisdom and knowledge is breath taking. I am from the UK but my favourite media channel is USA watchdog.

    a few observations:
    a. In just 4 months time in February 2017 we will be at the 100 year anniversary of the Russian revolution. With what is going on in France, Germany, Holland , Greece and Italy, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a 100 years on we see a peoples revolution in Europe.
    b Why is your media giving credence to the rioters and suggesting it is Donald Trumps problem. This is happening on Obama’s watch. He should be speaking to the people, telling them to stop rioting, stating that in America you respect the electoral process and that Donald Trump will be the next president.
    c. I know a number of psychiatrists and specialists in police in the UK who deal with sexual abuse cases. Almost unanimously they say that a true victim feels violated, finds it difficult to talk about what happened, wants secrecy and fears people knowing what happened. This is why in the UK victims remain anonymous in court. Sorry it just doesn’t ring true that women come out on television and saying they were molested by Donald Trump. It smacks of opportunism.

  30. Russ

    Thanks Greg, without a doubt this is a great interview on understanding what happened on election day. I woke up Tuesday morning to the latest polls (from those mind control guys) and let’s face it, the polls have been relentless in making us believe an HRC presidency was inevitable; in spite of our disbelief in those polls, we may have been wrong. Nevertheless, I went about my routine, walked the dog, had a very good cup of coffee and then went to vote for Trump. What a difference a day made and then the following days watching Trump transition in, I’m optimistic for the first time in years.

    Watching the DOW and gold do that rollercoaster thing Tuesday night & Wednesday morning was interesting. Unlike some who had no Plan B, I do have a Plan B and I wasn’t about to alter that plan. After listening to this interview, I have no intention of making any changes to my Plan B, this just reinforced my stand. By my definition, Plan A is what would happen if everything worked out exactly as we wished/hoped, but that may not work out — not 100% certain; Plan B OTOH is rock solid and will work regardless of how events unfold, it’s way more that a back-up. You always need a Plan B and I’m betting the Clinton gang does indeed have a Plan B, it’s just not out there where Clif High can analyze the language.

    BTW, with hyperinflation you can probably add a few zero’s to the DOW and gold $125K number. In a hyperinflationary period, forecasting a price of gold is next to impossible. Egon von Greyerz’ $10K gold is measured in today’s dollars which is the only way it can be valued in $$. $125,000 in today’s dollars? That’s possible, it’s just a number.

    The link to this interview has already been sent out to my email friends. Thanks again.

    • Russ

      I need to modify my remark regarding the Clinton’s Plan B. The Clinton gang is very mission oriented on getting HRC elected and their version of Plan B may have been an alternate plan to ensure Hillary’s election. I’ve heard rumblings of attempting to get the electoral college members to disregard their citizens and elect Hillary regardless of the vote in their State elections. IF that is the Clinton Plan B, it’s not a very good one; it’s a long shot and far from rock solid.

    • Johnny McTonny

      Good point! I wish these psychiatrist came out and sad that nationally.

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s just a number … almost any exchange of goods is just a number.
      People forget history. In the Weimar Republic, I think we have an example of what MAY be in store for us. There are other examples of hyper inflation and none really fit the USA and it’s unique situation in the world. But then again, that may be an acceleration factor as opposed to a moderating one.
      Here is some facts about the Weimar Republic.
      Excerpts from the hyperlink [PBS turned out some good stuff until they became shills for the Demoncrats]
      “Before World War I Germany was a prosperous country, with a gold-backed currency, expanding industry, and world leadership in optics, chemicals, and machinery. The German Mark, the British shilling, the French franc, and the Italian lira all had about equal value, and all were exchanged four or five to the dollar. That was in 1914. In 1923, at the most fevered moment of the German hyperinflation, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Mark was one trillion Marks to one dollar, and a wheelbarrow full of money would not even buy a newspaper. Most Germans were taken by surprise by the financial tornado.”
      “So the printing presses ran, and once they began to run, they were hard to stop. The price increases began to be dizzying. Menus in cafes could not be revised quickly enough. A student at Freiburg University ordered a cup of coffee at a cafe. The price on the menu was 5,000 Marks. He had two cups. When the bill came, it was for 14,000 Marks. “If you want to save money,” he was told, “and you want two cups of coffee, you should order them both at the same time.”
      Is this what is in store for America? May be. We have to have some pain to right the ship and pain sucks. It can not be done with out pain. The Fed Bankers tried to right the ship of state with 10 trillion dollars, in some estimates more, which was the published national debt at the time they started [yes, it is hard to believe that in Sept 2008, about the time the 0bamachrist was elected, the published National Debt was a little over 10 Trillion. Shocking isn’t it that it took 217 years to get to 10 Trillion and 8 years to get to 20 Trillion.if that isn’t treason, then treason doesn’t exist]. And they didn’t succeed, in fact, they made things worse and stole from the everyday citizens retirement and savings to do it. All through history, there have been boom and busts in the world’s economy and these ups and downs keeps things at a certain equilibrium. When the Morons in Government, well meaning and all, but still morons, started meddling to prevent the pain, they magnified the amount of pain or in good times stunted real growth and fuel bubbles in other places.
      Maynard Keynes designed a wartime economic manipulation system. When asked about flaws in his system, he said, “Well, in the end, we’re all dead.”
      Milton Freeman and F.A Hayek understood that we should not be doing what Keynes was suggesting after the end of WWII.
      So, to recap. Things are going to suck badly for us to recover in a somewhat controlled fashion. Or we can let these SOB’S keep printing and it won’t just suck badly, it will be life shaking, social upheaval dystopian Mad Max stuff where we have a Global break down of society where war is global and there are predators in the homeland. Which would you choose?

  31. Bill Howland

    I like the statement Cliff made teaching you about HONOR. That’s because you have little of it, Greg. How many other intelligent comments are you deleting? I’m only seeing the syrupy sweet ones come through. Meanwhile, you in the most silly fashion call everyone who makes you sweat under the collar a ‘paid troll’. Pretty disgusting since we’re supposedly on the same side.

    President-Elect Trump (as I’ve said before), has called you guys the lowest profession – even worse than Used Car Salesmen and Lawyers, since you guys lie by omission, and are cowards since the best thing you guys do is hide.
    “I’ve always kept my honor!” – what a joke!
    It still hasn’t sunk in that HONOR is where someone will say, ‘No, I’m not going to be two-faced, and I’ll accept the heat”. But you can’t do that.
    You’ve worked for CNN and ABC – not even ‘honorable’ amoungst the MSM! You apparently don’t care (or maybe you still don’t realize) that you’ve been corrupted.

    • Greg Hunter

      What have I done that was not honorable? You don’t know me.

    • Paul ...

      Mr. Howland … you are the joke … didn’t Greg allow Gina on his site to express her “interegent comments”! … just the fact that Greg “didn’t delete you” and your comment speaks volumes about who Greg is and what honor means to him … to me Greg is someone who has always kept his honor to the Founding Principles of this Great Nation as an investigative reporter … by Abiding by our Nations most important Fundamental Principle … The First Amendment Right to Free Speech!!

      • Bill Howland

        He’s testing the waters. That comment I made was by far the most DIRECT I’ve ever made. Just as I don’t know you, you don’t know me.
        Greg does delete huge numbers of intelligent posts, if what he did to me previously and the Air Force Colonel is any indication. He deleted THAT comment too!
        It’s a waste of time to get hung up on personalities.

        The proof that Rudy G. (as Diane here says), is evil, is he was asked by a reporter why he’s walking around instead of him being in his NYC bunker in the sky in WTC #7. He responded he was warned there were going to be ‘problems’.
        A second reporter asked later why Rudy didn’t ‘bother’ to advise the 300 plus firemen who lost their lives. At that point Rudy said he was “mistaken” and not initially advised. So it looks like the New Atourney General is no more honest than the last 2. He also wasted no time in making sure a CONTINUAL flow of dump trucks left the WTC crime scene to be melted down in China. Once the site was declared a “terrorist site”, it was no longer against the law to tamper with a crime scene’s evidence.
        9/11 is the outgrowth of the “Project for the New American Century”, where the writers complain that a “Pearl Harbor Moment” will be necessary for the American People to accept another Mid East War.
        But (I like Doug Casey’s phrase) Boobus Americanus is too lazy to see who was involved and who paid for it.

        • Greg Hunter

          I asked you what I did that was dishonorable. No answer. I am not here to be your punching bag. You should start your own site and have at it.

          • Bill Howland

            TO reiterate, I previously mentioned that you delete plenty of perfectly proper comments. . . . (This is Greg Hunter: “To reiterate What have I done that was dishonorable?” You don’t get to come to this free site and treat me and everyone else like a piñata.) Please move on.

            • Bill Howland

              I have to suffer through the commercials. But I do like Meloney at Discount G&S.
              Old habits die hard – you still deleted most of the comment. Oh, and there are several people here who I do like – I’m hardly criticizing them. I’ve even on occassion complemented you when you’ve deserved it. But some people don’t know how to take a complement. As far as the dishonor goes – it would not surprise me if you only were nice to commenters who GAVE YOU MONEY.
              “Pride goeth before a fall”. Humble is not the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the GREAT GREG HUNTER. Very un-Moses-esque, of whom the Bible described as the most humble man.

              • Greg Hunter

                So Bill, you cannot name one single dishonorable thing I have done. Just some ALL CAPS COMMENT THATY I MIGHT BE DISHONORABLE. Go away. Please you really do not add anything to the commentary. At least “Gina” did.

              • Frederick

                Bill I have to say I have been good to Greg and tried to spread the word of his site but you are correct He is much more nicer in his responses to people he agrees with religiously and those who contribute to his site but for that I forgive him as he is human after all

                • Greg Hunter

                  I don’t need your forgiveness. I busy. I don’t like it when people make work for me. It is that simple. If someone causes me too much headache and work I just cut it off–next. I also don’t have to put up comments that I totally disagree with. People are welcome to pony up capital, and work day and night for years to build a platform worthy of their comments and ideas. It is a great big free Internet.

    • Galaxy 500

      WTF? How many other trolls is Greg deleting? Er intelligent comments has Greg been deleting? Depends if you call libel, antisemitic or personal attacks intelligent. We don’t but it seems Demoncrats and paid trolls do. Who knew?
      Only seeing the syrupy ones? So people that make Greg “sweat” are paid trolls? I have seen a lot of attacks on him by your ilk that are either paid trolls or some lunatic, locked in an asylum, that gets computer privileges occasional.
      Why do you say we are on the same side, supposedly? Hey, if you don’t like what Greg does, start you own site with your own money. No one is stopping you. If Greg is having to take time out of his busy day to censor you, you must really be putting some outlandish stuff out.
      And then you have the gallery to say that Greg has no honour? Then you claim Greg did not serve with honour at ABC or CNN. Sir, you slander his character with such unadulterated Bovine skat. And you make yourself look a fool. What exactly is your problem? I mean besides delusions of grandeur and extreme narcasim, where you seem to confuse the ability to post here as someone actually caring what you have to say.
      I have refrained from going overboard, which is hard to do because I have know Greg for 25 years. Greg is an honorable man, a good husband and a good Christian. I have seen how he handles situations that would render you weeping and he did it all with honor, self sacrifice and not selling his soul for a few pieces of silver. I know of no man better than Greg and I know a number of good men, men whose company you would not be comfortable in nor in whose company you would be allowed. Why you ask? Evil is never comfortsble around good and good men … well, i guess your Daddy never told you about being known by the company you keep.
      I am not saying Greg is perfect, but he is brimming with integrity and honour. For you to attempt to claim otherwise shows willful ignorance , lack of research on Greg or just plain hate and envy. Greg corrupt? Dude, please call your doctor immediately and have you meds adjusted because you have an Apollo 13 level issue. If somehow, you are not on meds, run, don’t walk, to the nearest emergency and check yourself into the psychiatric ward. They will help you.

      • Bill Howland

        I’ll say this just once – since you haven’t seen the comments you are in no position to make intelligent comments. As I say its pointless to get involved in personalities – but its depressing to me if there is going to be this infighting amoungst people supposedly on the same side. If we always fight, – and I mentioned specifics – some of which were deleted – that you have no way of knowing, and they were perfectly proper comments – then infighting will result in a total loss – since time wasted is preventing from getting at the real truth – which many don’t want to hear. I don’t take any drugs of any kind – please don’t assume things you don’t know – but as I say, its pointless to respond without specifics.

        • Charles H


          You presuppose that your comments were “perfectly proper”. It is puzzling to allege that they were – when they were deleted. There is a disparity of criteria here and you continue to insist that yours is correct. This is pompous.
          You suggest ‘people supposedly on the same side’, but admit consistent infighting or fighting. This is a contradiction. Attacking the site owner is utterly a fatal fault; and what I see here is backtracking. There is a fine point between commentary and arguing – which I think you do not comprehend. Greg Hunter is right: you need to start Arguers Amalgamated dot com.

        • Galaxy 500

          You’d be surprised what I have seen or heard. The only thing he removes is garbage. Period.
          I assumed you needed antipsycotic based on your bizarre and baseless assumptions in your rantings. And you assume I only know Greg from his site. I can speak to his character, which you impune with you mendacious attacks. I actually know the man from personal interactions. You talk about not speaking with out specifics and yet that is what you do. Just because he won’t put up your garbage isn’t an indication of his character, but rather a lack of one on your part.

      • Bill Howland

        Is this someone like Manarino? I can’t believe he would get that emotional on a response. It would help for clarity if people stopped using silly pseudonyms and used their real name. Are they that ashamed of it?

        • Jerry

          Bill Howland.
          I’m not as nice as Greg, and G500, so let me straight and to the point. Get over yourself, you delusional t%^*! Greg’s site offers a forum for people from all viewpoints to exchange ideas. That includes paid government trolls as well. If you come here to stir the pot, just plan on getting some **** on you.

          • Galaxy 500

            Well said Jerry

          • Bill Howland

            All these brave people behind their keyboards – one thing I do note is that it was apparently a mistake that I voted for Trump.
            On 60 minutes he said Hillary and Bill are ‘good people’ , and ‘I don’t want to hurt them!”
            So much for the religious devotion to Trump here.
            On another subject, there are only a minority of commenters who can calmly express an opinion or agree to disagree. The rest of the flame throwers I’d be embarrassed to have as my next door neighbor.
            TO those I say go start a fight at a bar – or do it to someone who cares. I only care to address the other readers here who can critically think. There are precious few of you guys remaining.

      • Frederick

        I see but you calling for the death of Muslims is OK You are a very sorry excuse for a human being And by the way I am surely not Anti semitic in any way for stating the obvious truths regarding 911 and Mossad involvement I do the same regarding Christians or perps of any and all religions I dont discriminate when it comes to exposing evil

  32. Bill

    Greg, this is one of your most important guests. Bring him back monthly, please.
    Thanks keep up the good work.

  33. Galaxy 500

    Interesting guy you have on and while I like his premise, I am unable to see how search terms today can predict the type of events that he predicts. I do not understand how what is going across the Web to date is predictive of 4 years from now. [It is Sunday morning and I am outside with my dog and I here gunfire. I believe on of my neighbors shot a deer. Strike that, he is doing some target practice … or he really sucks as a hunter. I do love the hinterlands so.]
    I need to spend some time researching this. [Yep, target practice it is. He just ripped through a magazine rapid fire.]
    Just because something is unfathomable to me doesn’t make it incorrect. I learned long ago that the world does not require my understanding to operate. And neither does God.
    Many are called but few are chosen.
    [Back to slow fire. I think I’ll load up and go fire a few rounds with him]

    • Paul ...

      Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty (if it comes to us remember “center mass”)!!

      • Galaxy 500

        I have been carrying auto pistols so long I forgot how nice and easy the double tap is on a good revolver.
        Keep practicing Paul, I hope we don’t need it but I am afraid they will keep pushing.

  34. Linda L.

    I’m not sure if its true, but read in more than one source that Hillary transferred over one billion dollars from her foundation to the Islamic State Qatar, prior to the presidential election results. When I heard this I thought maybe she’s securing her get-away funds to avoid prosecution in the event that she lost the election. However after listening to this interview with Cliff Left, I’m wondering if Hillary was scared for what would happen to her and Bill if she lost, so funds may have been set securely aside to pay off some of her foundation donor/favor debts? Just speculation, but think there might be something to this:



  35. Noel

    I have business dealings with a major media outlet, which is in dire financial difficulty. The executives point to the onslaught of the mobile consumption habits of their market, which is turning away from their traditional hardcopy. Two things are readily apparent to me: 1) the consumptive habits are the fruit of the destruction of public education, which they enabled 2) they are blaming the delivery systems and ignoring the repudiation of their content. For these two reasons, I cannot see management facing the realities of their own failings and in a spirit of true repentance, correcting the direction of the rudder they have their own hands on. I foresee voices within their shareholder community rising against them. Hubris, once again. The net result will be a failed and expensive attempt to ride the mobile wave, but delivering the same content, which will ultimately lead to their demise as investors withdraw. Once truly started, this will gather an unstoppable momentum.

    Secondly, the fiat experiment, the major lever of the banking cabal, will not be shelved without a major last gasp effort. This excellent interview anticipates the skirmishes that will unfold as this cabal bitterly clings to their printing presses and economic propaganda voodoo. In their bag of tricks is included war and famine. A race is on: will enough truth spread virulently through the populace such that the tactics are well understood and thoroughly repudiated by the plantation workers, or will their propaganda machinery have enough has been exposed.

    Hence I conclude we enter dangerous waters. First, they will turn on themselves. Hints of this are apparent already. Those remaining, that is, those with the most psychopathic traits, will unleash their dogs of war and famine.

    I am astonished at the willful ignorance of many in my social circles. They continue to argue within the false paradigm. Try as I might to share awareness with these many accomplished and highly educated individuals, for example by sharing through all means links to content such as presented here, they are not willing to consume. I am understanding though, as it was a long process for me to come to the realization that I was living within an illusion. Sadly, it will take a shock: war and/or famine for my friends and colleagues to arrive at the same conclusions.

    Hence, given my thesis of the race that is underway, your work Greg, and that of others in the “truth movement” is of paramount importance. A shock such as I described above is not a granular instrument, it will effect everybody, and is to be avoided at all costs.

    “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. This is from the rock that will not be moved, and I pray that more and more will come to accept the power of these dense, simple words.

    May God bless you faithful servant Greg Hunter, keep you, and protect you in this season.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Noel for providing more content to this post.

  36. beLIEve

    Another superb video.
    A BIG thank you for the insights and information you and your guests present to us; the 99%.

    Clif High says the FED is doomed, the following link confirms this.

    9 Trillion or 9,000,000,000,000 Missing from FEDERAL RESERVE — SHOCKING VIDEO

    ALSO …..Clif High thinks when the SHTF the Banks will be “on a TEAR” to secure TANGIBLE ASSETS…aka …FORECLOSURE on loans …HOUSING CARS etc.

    That does not surprise me HOWEVER the ….FRACTIONAL RESERVE “reality” of the BANKSTER …CYSTem……indicates that ……NO CURRENCY was LENT…to so called BORROWERS ?

    In fact, the populace has been SURRENDERING the FRUITS of THEIR LABOUR…..to the “banks” through the …..SERVICING……of……NON EXISTENT “LOANS”….and FURNISHING the “banks” with……UNEARNED INCOME….in the interim.

    In terms of house “MORTGAGES” the “banks” ……HAVE NO SKIN in the GAME ?
    The “loans” were nothing more than….. DIGITAL FINGER CLICKS…of an ….INK on PAPER…..NATURE…….erroneously (LYING) stating that……..currency had been lent.

    So………IF……the “banks”….”LENT”……NOTHING TANGIBLE………THEY….CANNOT…..LAY CLAIM…. to……RECLAIMATION…of……ANY …..THING ….tangible or non-tangible ? ? $$ ££ !!

    Finally, in the last few minutes of the video Clif High alluded to the dire state of US finances causing, a possible FORCED REVELATION of BREAK-AWAY “civilizations”.

    I have long been of the opinion that the state of “western” finances are akin to a …Man maintaining a MISTRESS & SECRET FAMILY……whilst the authentic family exists in an impoverished state.

    The EL-iteS…….SATANIC-I’ll thieve everything SCUM ….are EXTORTING & THIEVING….taxes…..and …FRAUDULENT printing press “monies”……from the 99% to……FUND….ANTARCTICA ? ? ?………and God knows what else ?

    Clif is, Imho correct, the CRIMINALS in ANTARCTICA will struggle to “obtain” a pint of milk because their…..THIEVING “colleagues” …up north……will be exposed as the THIEVES they are.

    Financially THEY have RUN OUT of ROAD.

    Things are getting INTERESTING !

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “In terms of house “MORTGAGES” the “banks” ……HAVE NO SKIN in the GAME ?
      The BANKSTERS lent no CURRENCY.
      The “loans” were nothing more than….. DIGITAL FINGER CLICKS…of an ….INK on PAPER…..NATURE…….erroneously (LYING) stating that……..currency had been lent.”
      This show a stunning lack of understanding. Currency was lent. Do you think the mortgage holder got nothing for selling the house? Just because it is ledger entries instead of actual sheets of paper doesn’t mean that currency wasn’t lent. Have you never written a check? I have deposited many over the years, and you know what, it was a ledger entry. The employer or person I sold stuff to did not hand me cash. They paid with a financial instrument that have been around since American Banks have been. Egads, man, get a grip.

      • beLIEve

        GALAXY 500

        beLIEve quote……

        “In terms of house “MORTGAGES” the “banks” ……HAVE NO SKIN in the GAME ?
        The BANKSTERS lent no CURRENCY.
        The “loans” were nothing more than….. DIGITAL FINGER CLICKS…of an ….INK on PAPER…..NATURE…….erroneously (LYING) stating that……..currency had been lent.”


        When a bank makes a loan, for example
        to someone taking out a mortgage to buy a house, it does not
        typically do so by giving them thousands of pounds worth of
        banknotes. Instead, it credits their bank account with a bank
        deposit of the size of the mortgage.
        At that moment, NEW MONEY IS CREATED.
        For this reason, some economists have
        referred to bank deposits as ‘fountain pen money’, created at
        the stroke of bankers’ pens when they approve loans.

        This description of MONEY CREATION contrasts with the notion
        that banks can only lend out pre-existing money, outlined in
        the previous section.
        Bank deposits are simply a record of how much the bank itself owes its customers.
        So they are a liability of the bank, not an asset that could be lent out.

        GALAXY 500
        Mortgages are …. CREATED ….PRINTING PRESS currency.
        PRINTED….. out of…… THIN AIR….by the……BANKSTERS.

        Personal cheques ?
        I made no comment about PERSONAL CHEQUES because they are a DIFFERENT MATTER.

        I return your quote……….. Egads, man, get a grip.

      • Tin foil hat

        GALAXY 500,
        I’m surprised you haven’t watched Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of money” series.

    • oneno

      You don’t own the car or house you think you own. The state owns those as those are registered t the legal fiction name you use that is state (Crown) intellectual property. You the living free will man think you exchanged your fruits of labour for the car or the house. But the Title (vehicle Manufacturer State of Origin or Land Title Sheet) is held by the state when the property was registered with the registering authority.

      Unless you hold the Title documents where it is clearly stated that the Title is the property of the Scribe for the legal fiction name and that title is entered into the public record (three announcements in three local papers legal section pertaining to the estate for the Scribe for the legal fiction name – and you have registered copies of those public announcements issued by the three local paper companies), you don’t own anything.

      • beLIEve

        Interesting comment reference the …..LEGAL NAME FICTION….SCAM.
        Extremely interesting in a number of different ways.

        NAME is an ACRONYM for …Not A Mankind Entity.

        FORM FILLING ….. in which you are expexted to WRITE what your parents chose to call you at birth, alongside the ACRONYM …NAME…. is effectively an order to LIE/PERJURE oneself by disowning ones TRUE STATUS as a child of the Prime Creator i.e. MANKIND.

        The FORM is the… PTB …SECURING… YOUR…. CONSENT to be treated as a …CORP oration (DEAD VOICE/ghost ?) … thus surrendering the MAGNIFICENT ….GIFTS…..ENDOWED …by the …Prime Creator.


        [26] And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
        [27] So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
        [28] And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
        [29] And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
        [30] And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

        The Prime Creator gifted mankind DOMINION over the EARTH and EVERYTHING THERE IN…….animals seeds the lot….no mention of MON-SANTO aka Satan.

        It is rather obvious why the PTB are FORCING ?? mankind to RELINQUISH their TRUE STATUS.
        Mankinds birthright is TRUE SOVEREIGNTY.

        As to the “crown” owning every thing ?
        I am aware the …INK on PAPER….narrative states this to be the case but, the “crown” is an IMPOSTER and has been since 1290 and possibly/PROBABLY earlier.

        http: //www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3302296,00.html

        Everything the “crown” and so-called “state” aka the Rothschilds and their predecessors, have placed on The Statute Book in the UK since 1290 is UNLAWFUL……INK on PAPER….PHANTASY.

        And all “legal” ACTS effected overseas FROM the UK by the aforementioned entities since 1290 are just more PHANTASY.

        Here are a few observations on the IMPOSTER “crown”, given in an interview conducted by Dr Jim Fetzer.

        http: //www.theworldoftruth.net/HallettReport/No6.html#.WCuAgskXwaQ

  37. Jerry

    Swift says there are 2800 financial institutions ready to exchange rmb. The reset is coming. Why should the rest of the world continue to debase their own currency to trade in dollars.

    • Diane

      Who will determine the price of gold and how will they get the rest of the world to agree to it?

      • Jerry

        The Chinese have set the stage to reset the price of Gold with the collapsing Yuan and rising dollar.

        If the Federal Reserve Bank raises interest rates in December, they will have no choice but to decouple from the dollar and reset the gold prices to backstop the Yuan. They simply cannot devalue their currency any further to compete with the rising dollar.

        PLEASE TAKE NOTE: From my sources, there is a major meeting of the Chinese cartel and the White Dragon Family taking place on November 19th. At that time it is expected that the White Dragon family will turn over (approximately 1 million metric tons of gold) that they supposedly have in their possession to reset the global economy with the newly created RMB exchange system.

    • Jerry

      Internationalization of RMB picking up speed.

      Folks I hate to break the news to you, but the election of Donald Trump has very little to do with our current predicament. The global economy spearheaded by the Chinese is preparing to move away from dollar at light speed depending on what the Federal Reserve Bank decides to do from here. Here’s the problem. If the Fed continues to print money and keep interest rates low it will put pressure on China to continue to devalue its own currency in order to compete with the dollar. If the Fed raises interest rates it will cost the PBOC more money in interest to do business ,creating the same effect. Either way its a lose, lose situation.

  38. Robert R.

    Hey Greg,
    I remember Johnathan Cahn saying 2017 was a jubilee year, meaning the cancellation of debts and now I hear Clif talking about debt destruction. Pretty mind blowing but I believe as you do that God the Father is in charge. We are in for some rough times but I believe the light of the world that is the US, or at least the old USA will not go out, at least not yet. Love your guest. You have some real fascinating people on your program. Thank you.

  39. Alan

    I love listening to Cliff. He’s an extremely intelligent man and everything he says is always logical. However. His predictions are iffy at best. If I remember the pre-election interview, he had himself covered for an opposite outcome with the “if they don’t steal the election”. I also don’t equate her missing for half a day as missing. Maybe that’s why his reports are so cheap. You get what you pay for. I still remember the global costal event that never happened along with many past predictions. Don’t put too much faith in his predictions.

  40. RecoveringPublicEducated

    At or near the 31:30 mark your ending the discussion about bartering and gold valuations etc… It seems gold & silver are always truly valued.
    I tell my friends that gas is 10 cents a gallon…if you use a (pre-1964) 90% silver dime to buy it.
    A silver dime would cost roughly $2.00 to buy, and thats where the current gas price is approx. So commodity prices haven’t risen, but the currency has lost buying power, and i can visualize this better using this illustration.

    • Paul ...

      During the hyperinflation to come a gallon of gas could go to $200 dollars per gallon … if a silver dime still buys one gallon of gas during hyperinflation … it means silver will be selling for the equivalent of $2000 dollars per ounce!

  41. First Time Guest

    Clif says, “You know, I’m in on the woo-woo thing…” at ~43 minutes. Then he says something about the “break-away civilization” and “[it’s reveal will be] a shock to the social order.” Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Greg?

  42. Zen

    If the plan is for Obama to pardon HRC then she will need to be formally accused by the FBI *before* the Trump inauguration. In other-words, the outgoing president cannot pardon someone who is innocent. So, we will know the fix is in if Comey indicts HRC in the next 30 days. While those with a bias for justice and desire for equal application of the law will celebrate a HRC indictment, they will be sorely disappointed when they learn a HRC indictment was only a chess move equivalent to sacrificing a pawn to gain a strategic advantage, i.e., a maneuver designed to keep HRC out of jail.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not sure how that will play out with Obama’s legacy. There are many possible charges and many possible co-defendants.

      • Zen

        Greg – agreed. Obama’s legacy will be in tatters if the incoming administration succeeds in killing his signature legislation. Obama will need to think hard about the consequences of adding insult to injury by pardoning HRC. People who care about the rule of law will be outraged and pardoning her would remove any shred of doubt that the system is indeed crooked and rigged. .

        However the last thing the Deep State actors want is more salacious dirt to come out through the legal discovery process, or risk a very public trial with a cornered dog fighting for her life, willing to bite the hand that has fed her millions in order to cut a deal to save herself.

        Obama is also in a corner. He may not want to destroy whatever legacy he has left by pardoning a global celebrity criminal, however those who have his ear may point out the fact that he has little choice, lest he risk a singing Hillary on the stand, which undoubtedly would implicate Obama himself, and most likely the cast of grifters close to him, and the DNC .

        So the choice Obama may be left with is, a). blow up his legacy, or b). blow up the system.

        • Paul ...

          Or c) send a drone to blow up Hillary!

    • David

      I don’t believe that Clinton has to be indicted prior to be pardoned. Ford pardoned Nixon without an indictment. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=4696

      • MCasey

        David…..I have read the same thing….and what very, very little research I have done seems to agree with you.

    • Galaxy 500

      While I thought this too, it is incorrect or at least never established. And it has never been litigated before the US Supreme Court. While Burdick v. United States decided that a person must accept a pardon for it to be valid, and a person can decline. It does establish the guilt of the party accepting the pardon as implicit.
      From Burdick:
      “A pardon is an act of grace, proceeding from the power intrusted with the execution of the laws, which exempts the individual on whom it is bestowed from the punishment the law inflicts for a crime he has committed. It is the private though official act of the executive magistrate, delivered to the individual for whose benefit it is intended. A private deed, not communicated to him, whatever may be its character, whether a pardon or release, is totally unknown and cannot be acted on.”
      Nixions pardon by President Ford when unchallenged. That will not happen with Hillary or 0bama if they are pardoned without being charges.

      • David

        Galaxy: We’ll see. Obama may not even issue a pardon. If Obama does issue a pardon, we will probably hear loud protestations, but nothing more. I personally do not believe Obama will pardon Clinton, only because he would have to pardon others who committed similar acts, including those that may have been less egregious. Where do you draw the line?

        Article II, Section 2, is very broad, “…and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.” Most have interpreted this to mean unlimited powers on issues involving federal law.

        In the case of Burdick, he argued that a presidential pardon could not be forced upon him without his acceptance. The Court agreed. But it was Burdick making the argument; he did not want the pardon.

        If Clinton does not decline or refuse the pardon, it may imply guilt (in the eyes of Americans), but where does it say that she is required to accept? Or, even respond to the pardon? In this particular case, she is not petitioning the Department of Justice; therefore, any DOJ rules don’t apply.

        It is a sticky issue for sure. Time will tell.

        • Galaxy 500

          Go back and read Burdick about acceptance of a pardon. A pardon is a legal document.
          The liberal media keeps the meme of a “political” prosecution of Hillary as opposed to a criminal one.

  43. LAKE M

    Great interview with Clif High

    I agree that the slight euphoria many are enjoying from Hillary’s defeat will slip away
    quickly as we move into 2017. Our political crisis is still here with nearly 50% of the voters are in opposition to the result. The economic crisis caused by excessive debt and the dollar ponzi scheme continues. Debt destruction still looms over bond and dollar valuations. Wealth inequality and excess global capacity exists in most sectors.
    There is no escape from that reality. As Clif said, “we can’t afford the illusion anymore”.

    Trump vs the Deep State. Will the oligarchs still remain in control and infiltrate the new Trump executive branch? A few minutes should be added to the doomsday clock as the psychopath Hillary will not be carrying the nuclear football. Amen to that.

    Trump has indicated he would like to explore a more non adversarial relationship with Russia. Yet with some of the names suggested for cabinet positions I wonder if any neocons will find themselves at the table. Which makes one wonder if Trump is one of them? We can only watch and wait as history continues to unfold. Guess its the old saying Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  44. somas wodi

    awesome work and hats off to you Greg…..and Cliff …..many blessing to you both….may your travels be sacred and safe……..peace brothers…..and keep up the effort and work.

  45. Bruce Maclean

    Extraordinary interview Greg. Clif High, Warren Pollock, and probably others, are on the cutting-edge of a revolution in how we think about ourselves and our interactions with each other. This coming revolution is going to put all our presuppositions about society, politics, and economics “on the table.” There will be no “untouchables.” There will be no “sacred cows.” Not religion. Not democracy. Not humanitarianism. The light of this revolution will shine on everything we believe, everything we value, as well as everything we detest. So be it.

  46. francis m reps

    The most profound and positive aspect the Trump Presidency is the fact that he…and Mr. Putin, will work to avoid a nuclear conflict that would be thousands of times more terrible than the collapse of the Scheisse monetary scheme ; invented by the British goldsmiths back in 1694. Let us all thank our Creator for putting Trump and Putin on earth at this time. The mainstream media has been so discredited that their arguments will be proven feeble. Trump simply has to re release his video of many months past where he points out his comments on the ” Bubble….you heard it here first “. Keep this guest coming Mr. Hunter. Many thanks

    • Paul ...

      Trump and Putin (TP) … the American Indians lived under a TP and were in natural harmony with the world!

  47. Don

    Wow, good wrap up Greg. Mr. High is an amazing guest, and the whole interview, I found to be very interesting. We’ve all, who have visited your site, have been kept in expectation of the reality check to come in our monetary system. His expectation of 2017 events would put our expectation in motion soon. One thing we do know is the monetary system is still in the hands of the global elite, and though Mr. Trump has promised to put things in motion quickly to begin the economic repair and job creation, the global elite may have other plans. They could use that card quickly through the derivative market collapse. Its my hope Mr. Trump will not play their game, and restore control of money creation to our treasury and the new treasury secretary. It time for the American people to gain back that control and destroy this pokemon, fiat currency created world. To add value to our currency once again through currency backing of commodity would allow the citizen to gain real wealth for his labors, and restore the power lost to the federal reserve. I have to be optimistic, and say, Mr. Trump was the answer to the prayers of the Christian voice in America. Its my opinion that the UN and other globalist organizations need to be kicked out of our country, and its my hope that Trump will withhold all funding to the UN, and global government framework. The American people and our government need to quit supporting anyone who desires to supplant our national sovereignty. Thanks Greg for having Mr. High on, he’s a very interesting guest.

    • Mike R

      Don, many people find lots of fiction to be very interesting. Clif is like a good fiction novel writer, except doing it on the internet via youtube videos in near real time. Again, buy his stuff for entertainment, but you’ll be very sorry if you use any of it for investing, or living life. He’s anarchist out in the woods of Oregon or Washington somewhere. A very nice and humble sort of whackjob and interesting one, who speaks a lot of great fiction. Every so often a grain of truth trickles out of his rhetoric, and sentiments that are shared by many, but are largely a product of great imaginations. If your life is going bad, or you are not making much money, or you believe the government is against you, then Clif is your man.

      • Don

        No problem Mike, just found it interesting that he was able to develop software that could be so intuitive.

    • wondrouscat

      Hey President (elect) Trump, please ask Ron Paul if he’d mind being Secretary of the Treasury for awhile. Just a suggestion. Just imagine. (Also, if gold is $125,000 an ounce then I guess that’s what a man’s suit will cost as well.)


    Maybe a little scary but just outstanding. Your the finest in the business Greg

  49. oneno

    We are in a time where the laws are based on frauds and are about to enter a time when everybody will be counting thalers (silver).

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t know that the law is built on fraud but the application of it surely is. But regulations, now those are fraud based 100%

      • oneno

        If a man’s uses the legal fiction name John Doe as appears on the Certificate of Birth issued for him and tries to apply for a Driver’s Licence with the signature “Scribe for John Doe” (A correct representation for the legal fiction name, then, the signature is rejected by the Driving Licence Agency and the man is required to sigh “John Doe” fraudulently laying claim to Crown intellectual property. This is called the NAME GAME fraud. A man is NOT one and the same as the legal fiction name. The legal fiction name is only as AGENT for the living free will man who is Scribe for the name.

        When a makes renders work for remuneration, the legal fiction name is only acting as AGENT to collect that remuneration for the man for which the man gives some portion of what is collected under private contract of agency to the name for use of the name. The amount surrendered to the name is decided by the man and must be an amount greater than $0.00 for the private contract to have consideration. This amount given to the name is then what is taxable as the name is a citizen and subject to legislation. However, the state sees the man as one and the same as a name fraudulently even though the the man has no title document for the name. The Certificate of Birth is not Title, but “proof that Title exists”. The state holds title to the name when the name was registered. Anything that is registered becomes property of the registering authority only when Title is transferred to the Registering Authority.

        Most people are ignorant of these facts allowing this fraud by the state to continue.

        • Galaxy 500

          You are saying the law is based on fraud and then you bring out the specific law around the use of a nom de plume or a pen name. Like actors or writers use. That does not apply to very many cases.
          Not sure what your point is
          This one instance is brought over from common law.
          Pointing to this doesn’t prove fraud nor does it even hint at it.
          IF you are looking for legal subterfuge and what I consider illegal action is when these federal, state or local law enforcement agencies seized money and assets and claim that they are tainted or proceeds of crime and KEEP IT ILLEGAL.
          But Dude, don’t throw out a bunch of legalese and claim the law is fraud. While I think we have way too many laws, most are built to Judea Christian principles. Do you claim the 10 commandments or the law of Moses fraud?
          Are you one of these people that believe there should be no law?

          • oneno

            Check-out section 25(1) of the British Columbia motor Vehicle Act which gives ICBC to require a signature acceptable to ICBC. So if you go to ICBC to renew your motor vehicle licence and offer a signature such as “Scribe for JOHN DOE”, that signature will be rejected. They will only accept a signature for “John Doe” forcing you to lay claim to the legal fiction NAME that is a person. You the MAN are NOT a person. Yhey want you to fraudulently lay claim to the Crown owned NAME allowing them to then attach the NAME to you the MAN so that their legislation can now be applied to you. All legislation applies to PERSON only and not to MAN. Most are unaware of the NAME GAME fraud. Even the word “YOU” automatically references the PERSON that is the legal fiction NAME. A living free will MAN can never be a fiction unless he is ignorant to the fraud being perpetrated against him.

  50. John M.

    The dollar has been a gigantic illusion since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971.
    I think everyone is making a substantive error when speaking of deflation and inflation in the same breath.
    Inflation and deflation are terms that refer specifically to increases or decreases in the money supply.
    When people say deflation, what they usually mean to say is that the economy is contracting (slowly or quickly), described as recession or depression. Therefore, it is more accurate to say that our economy will be contracting/declining while our money supply is increasing/inflating. Of course, this varies greatly, as maybe the prices for health care and college tuition can increase at much faster rates than consumer durables and computers.
    Hence, we can soon experience hyperinflation within an economic depression. So far, we have had moderate inflation within a stagnant economy that has been declining in real terms for years, if only the govt would be truthful about the CPI and GDP numbers.
    This is a bad combination that usually brings tremendous social conflicts and war. I believe that Trump will be scapegoated and unjustly blamed for inflation and depression, which was created and fueled with rocket propellant way before Trump came along.
    These same liberal punks (burning Trump effigies and allowed to scream “assassination”) cannot figure out how to put on their pants and thongs, let alone understand Austrian economics and monetary concepts. They will break things and burn down their grocery stores.
    The MSM bastards are slightly smarter and much more devious. They will continue with bigger and more desperate Lies, also blaming Trump for all the bad things that are coming.
    I hope Trump has the iron resolve to do what is right, as only Trump has demonstrated to be a steadfast fighter. Trump needs to seriously investigate Hillary, Podesta, and the other criminals. He can’t negotiate and compromise with the Socialist Dems and the Republican Stupid Party; they all lost and Trump has the mandate. Most of all, Trump needs to reestablish honest money and conservative economic policies and principles.
    Regardless of what’s done, our nation will have to suffer the penalties for decades of deliberate economic and monetary wrongdoing.

    • Galaxy 500

      The dollar for the average citizens was paper since FDR prevented citizens from converting paper to gold or silver

  51. john duffy

    Trump Zings Saudi Prince:

    • Noel

      John, with all due respect, and I truly mean that, it strikes me that splitting hairs over definitions of inflation and deflation misses the overall point. First, debt “assets” are only “assets” as long as the debt can be serviced. Those in control of the money supply can print to service their debt, while the remainder can no longer service that debt. As a result, that debt will have to be written down, or “marked to market”. Meanwhile, there are ancillary effects of the money printing. Out in the real economy, the additional money will be chasing the same goods and services. Prices have to rise. So while debt destruction, “deflation” takes place, at the same time, the money printing will be reflected in rising prices for essential commodities. I agree that we rubes will be punished for our attempt to exercise our democratic power. The globalists have before them the opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of democracy, while their media presstitutes work overtime to message us to death about what a terrible mistake we all made, and that the solution lies in surrendering our democratic power to the more knowledgeable class in society. Yes, sadly, that class includes the ilk of Krugmann et al. It’s quite invigorating to read through the commentary on this site after each post. Your comment included!

      • john duffy

        Your comment has to be a mistake. It has nothing to do with the video I posted.

        • Noel

          It seems to have been posted against a comment other than the one I intended. Probably my mistake. Apologies. It was in reply to a comment by ‘John’ who differed with the notion of inflation and deflation simultaneously.

  52. Crazy Man

    Bill Clinton opens up about wife’s struggle to appeal to voters

    At the the end Bill opens up and lays the blame on. . . .
    “If you look at what she’s advocated and what he’s advocated, she’s advocating positive change. Like, how do you build on the good things that have been done in the Obama years to go well beyond it? He’s [Trump] advocating a return to trickle-down economics on steroids, which got us in trouble in the first place.”

    Bill there is no doubt what got us into trouble in the first place. Your repeal of the [Glas-Steagall act of 1933] in 1999.
    Sure you all partied like it was 1999 as you sold out the middle class, allowing their savings to be legally taken away by the traitors [traders/speculators] in the Wall St. casino, then forcing the US. taxpayers in restoring all those lost funds, along with super trader Hank Paulson [treasury] in putting all the American people in hock to all the money printing of the past 8 years [which increased the debt more than all US. debt up until that time!] and he’s going to blame the Trumpster for the reason we all wind up in the dumpster!
    http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/economic-intelligence/2012/08/27/repeal-of-glass-steagall-caused-the-financial-crisis Crazy man, crazy!

    • Crazy Man

      PS. In case you missed it, click on Video of interview at [link] at top of this page- http://www.cbsnews.com/news/bill-clinton-former-president-hillary-appeal-to-voters-donald-trump/

    • Galaxy 500

      What positives happened during the last 8 years are there to be built on? The destruction of my health care plan followed by 337% increase in cost, for less coverage, with higher co-pays and deductible. Why would you want to build on that?
      The destabilization of the Middle East or maybe the forced decline of the US military or the VA allowing get vets to die in the parking lot or at home waiting?
      What exactly did 0bama do? The economy? Like that’s just rocking along…well it is but in a downward trajectory.

  53. Faith

    Mr. Hunter and Mr. High this was an incredible interview! Congratulations to both of you! Mr. High was spot on when he said that history shows facsism and tyranny have come from the left, not the right! Thank you so much, Mr. High, for stating what is obvious to many but, sadly, not all.

    I greatly appreciate Mr. High’s plain manner of speech when he said that Hilliary’s team had no Plan B and that is due to psychopathology. I absolutely agree that the actions of Hilliary (and other oligarchs and elitists) is evidence of psychopathic behavior. It has obvious to me, for several years, that some of the oligarchs and globablists absolutely believe that because they are wealthy the rules do not apply to them. They did not have a Plan B because they thought they were the ultimate puppet masters and they were in control and they were going to win. Thank god they did not win! Thank god the creators of the US and our constitutional Republic knew that tyranny could not only be handed down from on high but that it could also be handed down by a controlled and manipulated populace which is why the electoral college determines who wins the presidency in the US.

    With regard to the CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) what an epic failure. The lies and scammers have been found out! Finally. As for Hilliary and Huma going to prison? It can’t happen fast enough. It is interesting to note that many of Hilliary’s staffers were given immunity from prosecution. The two people that were not given immunity? Hilliary Clinton and Huma Abedin. It was an epic failure in judgement for Huma to marry a man like Anthony Weiner.

    I respect Mr. High for reminding me about the meaning of the word, honor. Indeed there are some things that I would never do, no matter what I was promised as payment, no matter the reward. I think the sell outs and prositutes in the MSM woke up Wednesday morning and were surprised that most Amercians do not share their point of view. That most Americans are not for sale to the highest bidder in NYC or DC or LA or London. That most Americans do not want handouts they simply want the opportunity to work, to live an honest and decent life, and to provide for their children and grandchildren. Most Americans don’t have armed guards providing security for them 24/7/365 which is why many of us greatly value the Second Amendment.

    Most of us are just like Mr. High and take out our own refuse and clean our own kitchens and bathrooms and prepare our own food, on a daily basis, as we do not have servants or staff to do such mundane tasks for us. I suppose the great surprise for the MSM in NYC and DC is that many of us take pride in those mundane tasks and many people are able to make a decent living running a housecleaning, landscaping, pool cleaning, or other such business! The richest person I know is my landscaper!

    This was a great interview, thank you Mr. Hunter for breaking with your schedule and mixing things up! It is refreshing and honest and real reporting. That is what I want and what I respect.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your analysis and comment Faith!!

    • Johnathin Livingston Steagall

      Faith after reading your comment I thought of this scripture;

      New International Version
      When Jesus heard this, he was amazed and said to those following him, “Truly I tell you, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith. ◄ Matthew 8:10 ►

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice thoughtful post Faith

      • Faith

        G5: thank you. I meant it. At least we have four more years of breathing room. I still think that, financially speaking, the US is on shaky ground. I am watching an interview over on X22 Report Spotlight with James Rickards about Rickards new book. http://youtu.be/F4HwEvXV7-w

        Rickards is a very intelligent man. Much smarter and much more intelligent than myself. I respect that he is trying to educate people about the coming financial calamity with regard to the US dollar. Teaching can be a thankless job. I will remember how many in the alternative financial media worked hard to warn us and to educate people, in advance. I have attempted to the same thing, in my own circle, with less success.

        • Galaxy 500

          We are in deep financial dodo. It will take belt tightening and pain to get the ship of state on the right path.

  54. Langer

    The news media will hang Trump the moment the markets tank, even if Obama is still squatting. December they best raise the rates 400 to 600 basis points to clear some of the debt. Yes 400 to 600 in one blow! Best to change the bandage by ripping it off quickly.

  55. Roxane Premont


  56. Pinocchio

    May I say, then, that the price of one ounce of gold is highly improbable to be millions in Venezuelan bolivar and trillions in Zimbabwean dollar ?

  57. Johnathin Livingston Steagall

    Old Doc!
    New Living Translation
    I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass from the scene until all these things have taken place.
    ◄ Luke 21:32 ►

  58. Johnathin Livingston Steagall

    Donald J. Trump, from the Burn;
    Take on Wall Street!

  59. DLC

    Hoping Clif High will be a regular on this site.

    Clif is so correct on the post-election jitters felt by Trump supporters. My concern was, and is, the press and the deep state. I just keep thinking it would be just so easy to eliminate one man in an attempt to return to crazy normal.

    I was only 12 when JFK was disposed of. The effect never left me. When Melania was standing in the WH last week in her black outfit, one particular pose kept reminding me of Jackie minus the black veil. RFK, MLK, Reagan — it does dog me at times knowing now the truth of their undoing as opposed to what we were told for decades.

    I am, however, buoyed by the turnout, and hoping to at least get a court unswayed by pure politics.

    As to the crybaby Dems working through their fears in the streets or resorting to puppies and coloring books —

    I remember a game of “Imagine This” that I used to play with my spouse, and I once asked him: “Imagine this — you are on a cruise ship deck sitting between Richard Simmons and Paul Wellstone,” to which he immediately replied, “Imagine, 2 men overboard.” He could not stomach weak Willie men who could not get a grip on their emotions and face adult realities — that is your Dem party of today.

    A lot of grownups went to the polls on 11/8 to express that they had had enough. I’m waiting to see who Trump appoints as a further bulwark between us and the rabble.

  60. Westcoaster

    Hi Greg!
    Another great interview with Clif High and if you want to get into the topic of the “Breakaway Civilization” further, I’d suggest getting historian and researcher Rich Dolan on your show. He wrote a great book on the topic.
    Also just noted a piece on Zerohedge that tears apart a story on US Today (your favorite) about the Trump protests. Must read! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-13/anti-trump-protests-proof-professional-activist-involvement

  61. glen

    I love this stuff! this is America!!

    • Charles H

      To my mind – there’s never been anything like this site. Thanks glen.

  62. Loyd Berwash

    Flying Through the 2016 Election Cycle in an F-16 Fighter Jet
    There were signs along the way. Trump lawn signs. Lots of them.

    As I rode my bicycle along nearly 1,000 miles of rural roadways this past election cycle, I kept a rough tally of the yard signs I spotted along the way. Trump trounced Clinton in that count even if the polls rarely showed him ahead during the final months of the campaign.


  63. john duffy

    This bears watching…….They will not go quietly into the night


  64. Galaxy 500

    RINO Ryan is already trying to torpedo Trump’s plan to deport criminals. And RINO Rep Kevin McCarthy (Reprehensible-CA) says that it isn’t necessary to build a real wall as did Ryan. He also doesn’t need to worry about the illegals here.
    Sorry, a virtual wall won’t get it. These guys are going to have to be crushed. Hard. They need to be beaten like baby Harp Seals [figuratively, I’ll leave the literally to others]. They should be bounce out of Congress with the first bags of garbage from the new session. And there is no way Ryan can remain as speaker of the house. Flush that floating pile of feces now

  65. coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    Under the headline of unanswered questions! Where, What, Who, is the minerals that Hillery sold to Putin? Speculation has been opened that it may be in Oregon in the ground at the Mayer Wildlife Area where the man was killed for the sit-in demonstration. Then the other “evil” joking… doers were not found guilty by a jury. My guess the officials involved are running as far and fast as possible for this case. I want an investigation on this! Where is the uranium and gold in the ground??????

  66. John

    Re CH, tea leaf reading pseudo science dressed up as logical analyses,

    CH has past form, Previously he predicted a world destructive tsunami happening prior to 2014, and he was building a boat etc, thereafter was silent for some time.

    His words are a nonsensical though hypnotic illusion of possessing deep knowledge supported by nebulous and illusory false analyses of internet traffic.

    Wake up !!! forget the buzz and illusion of what you think you have heard, listen carefully and logically to what he says and you will conclude it makes no sense, or call your intelligent friends Gregory Mannarino, or Paul CR, and ask what they think !!!

  67. Mark

    Greg, thanks for bring Cliff back for a second interview. It’s very compelling that he was able to predict that Hillary would disappear following the election. In some cases Cliff is careful not to go too far in saying too much about what his searches, his “web bots”can, say or not say. At other times he says surprising things like getting technology from a breakaway civilization that lives underground. Where did that come from? I don’t want to discount it (nowadays I am questioning just about everything) but I hope you bring him back on so that he can explain this phenomenon that he claims is true. On what basis does make such a claim as if it were a well-known fact? Thanks, Mark

    • Paul ...

      Mark … Clif’s analysis is sampling what is being said on the internet … it doesn’t necessarily mean that what is being said is true! … it is more like an opinion poll that fluctuates in real time!!

  68. Rick Geisler

    I would ask Clif High, if possible, to enlighten me on how a demented individual such as John Hinckley Jr who shot Reagan to impress Jodie Foster was in any way connected to or had been influenced by the “Deep State?” That’s what he said. I was shaking my head. Other than that I agree with everything else.

  69. Newbloomfield

    hello Greg,

    I have a question regarding what Cliff said about the banks foreclosing on loans. He inferred that they would do so without a legal basis, that even if you were making your payments on time that they would attempt to foreclose? Since I don’t have the money to pay off my mortgage, this worries me.

    One pathway that I have open to me is to take my pension fund in the form of a cash payout when I retire, which can be about any time I wish. I could get $180,000 in the form of a one time payment; this would of course be taxed heavily, but it would leave me with enough cash to pay off my mortgage. Do you know if Cliff would advocate for such an action? I work for a large university, so they have state funding . . .

    Another related question: these days, we don’t get an abstract with properties; we have electronic records instead. So even if you pay off your mortgage, you generally just get a letter saying you have, and then this is recorded somewhere electronically, and I think it is recorded at the county level. So if all hell breaks loose, how exactly are you supposed to “prove” that you have paid off your loan and actually own your house and property?


    • MCasey

      Newbloomfield….I can only speak to electronically filed tax liens….but an electronic record (often in PDF format), filed electronically (over the internet/file transfer) will print just like any PDF document. So when the release is filed (in the county the home exists), you can obtain a paper printed copy and get the clerk to certify it (stamp it) as a “True and Certified Copy” and its as good as the original.

  70. Saeed

    HI Greg, thanks for this interview. Cliff High is a smart guy. Here is another guy doing research on more sinister stuff on deep state:


    His website:


  71. WD

    How can we help hasten the demise of the MSM? What proactively can I do. Since you were there. What insights do you have?

    • Greg Hunter

      Stop watching them and sell the shares of any company affiliated with them. That’s a good start.

      • Diane

        Just never watch them or read them.
        Companies will stop wasting advertising dollars on these pathetic losers.
        Encourage everyone to go to alternative media.

    • Paul ...

      You can also boycott the products of anyone who advertises on their stations!!

      • WD

        Yes, But I want them to be aware of there losses….


        • Paul ...

          How about we write letters to all the advertisers telling them we have stopped buying their product because they have advertised on CNN for instance … I bet CNN will get the word!!

          • WD


            I Like!

  72. Anthony Australia

    I am Buddhist and have a different point of view but I do know the story of Jesus. I try to explain how I feel about the current situation we are now in. I don’t think the sequence of Armageddon is in play rather something like Matthew 4:1-11 New International Version (NIV)
    ‘Jesus Is Tested in the Wilderness’
    I feel many are counting down the final days, as written in revelations but there is still a long way to go.

    On my financial thoughts.
    When buying precious metals you are purchasing insurance, surety that you have control over.
    Then once it comes time to collect and there will come a time, there will be no need for a broker to act on your behalf as you hold all the aces.

    • Paul ...

      Anthony … do Buddhists perform sacrifice rituals??

      • Anthony Australia

        Strange question, perhaps a rhetorical one.

      • Tin foil hat

        Buddhists don’t eat meat. They only get violent when the Muslims push them over the edge in places like Thailand and Burma.

  73. JC Davis

    The greater deflation will end up being the quality of life.

  74. JC Davis

    Greg it seems Trump has gotten softer of everything he ran on. I know I know. Lets wait and see when he gets into office.
    60 min interview.

    • WD


      Cant show full hand yet

      • JC Davis

        WD I hope your right. I am believing your right. My thing is without Law at the top there can be no Republic. Will Trump face this Huge problem, or go along to get along. I hope he goes in like a USA watch dog. We will see.

        • WD


          Bannon pick is a spit in there face they are going crazy….I like this pick!!

    • wondrouscat

      I believe Trump is playing nice for now. We’ve never had such a cagey negotiator as President.

  75. flattop

    GREG, It appears to me that the influence of the political parties is declining. Am I correct in my thinking that voters pull the lever for a particular personality, regardless of their party??

  76. flattop

    GREG: As I read Clifs comments on gold and silver I was reminded. In genesis it says Father Abraham was very rich in cattle, gold and silver. In the NT we are told that judas sold out JESUS for 30 silver coins. PMs have always been, and will always be

  77. Mike R

    Check out some of Clif’s past predictions on Gold. See where Gold is now. ($1213).

    Folks,the bond bubble is unwinding, which means interest rates on the dollar will be rising, which means the dollar continues to remain stronger than any other currency, which means gold goes down. All through next year.

    Foreign nations have been dumping our debt in massive quantities and will continue to do so, as Trump has triggered some major angst, threatening trade wars. And tariffs. You don’t negotiate with the Chinese like that, and especially not when they hold big chunks of your debt.

    Gold is not going anywhere near $2000, $5000, $10,000 or $125,000. If you want to hold it, thats fine, but be prepared for it to go back below $1000, and maybe even a lot lower. When people like Stan Druckenmiller dump their entire holdings, and Stans way more right than Clif will ever be, since he manages huge mounds of money, where Clif largely has none, you have to listen to those guys, not these armchair QBs who have no skin in the game. Stanley btw has actually exceeded Buffet’s return on investment, averaging more 30% year after year, for decades. You can be a gold bug all you want, but please dont get caught up in the Clif and sinclair and holter over-exuberance. These are people where the sky is always falling somewhere. I just dont want to see people get unnecessarily hurt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      I think you could be a contrary indicator.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      Stan Druckenmiller dump his entire holdings of paper gold. GLD is not gold, it’s a paper derivative of gold.

  78. james

    i am going to go out on a limb here…i flatly predict gold
    to hit $1,000,000.00 within the next wk (or two).

    • Paul ...

      james … love your prediction … even if you are wrong by 2000 weeks!!

  79. Michael

    Greg. My fear is that Empires cannot tolerate insurrections and Trump’s election was viewed as an insurrection. I saw that immediately after the results confirmed that Trump won the Presidency. Gold, Silver, bonds, and the stock market all violently reversed exactly opposite from what would ordinarily be expected with a new Administration coming to power. All defensive financial assets nosedived while the hugely overbought stock market soared. No doubt that the intention was to eliminate a place to hide when the stock market rolls over after the first of next year. Of course as defensive assets are sold someone is buying them at rock bottom prices all the while the about -to-crash stock market is bought.

    I fully expect that the electorate is about to be severely punished for rejecting the elites. I believe that the stock market will be crashed to crush the pensions and real estate equity of the electorate to destroy the Trump Presidency and leave the electorate with nothing . Cliff High speaks of unwarranted home foreclosures to steal equity and that will no doubt happen as well. Anyone with any knowledge of Roman history is aware that this is always how insurrections were dealt with by the Emperors. Trump was correct to say that this political thing was nasty. It is about to get a lot nastier.

  80. Mike R

    Here is where hyperinflation is occurring, and there will be dozens more small and inept countries that this will happen to, but not here in the US.

    Do you think any of the world’s investors are going to put money into places like Venezuala, or any one of the many emerging countries that have all of the same problems as Venezuala. Sorry folks, but betting against the US, while its the fun thing to do, is still a very bad bet to make, when you compare it to the competition. As ugly as our politics get, we still have the best system in the world, bar none. This is why our dollar remains strong, and will now get stronger, because we defeated the left wing whack jobs that had been co-opting our system for 8 years. That is the cool thing about this country. Sure it gets effed up a lot, as nothing is perfect, but the system of checks and balances still works it out. Sure it took time, but look at how so many democratic seats got lost, to now where the Republicans have majorities in the House and Senate. It really wasn’t that long ago, the Dems and leftists thought they had a ‘mandate.’ But they screwed it up, led by Obama, and kept losing and losing. Its an imperfect system and quite messy, but look at the corrections that will come. Several SC justices who were way too liberal will get replaced by conservatives, and Scalia, will for certain be filled by a conservative. Ginsberg will likely die soon, and get replaced soon. Communist China still does not have this, the EU is so messed up, it cannot possibly have this process. Every bad trample that Obama made will be walked back, especially the illegal executive orders. So we got Trump like we all wanted, but really suspected that would not be likely. But its really not Trump we got. Its what his position will represent. Its a sea change. Markets are convulsing right now, bc they didn’t price this in. Now they have to really reflect what it means bc none of them contemplated a Trump presidency, bc it was thought to be too far fetched. This will no be easy, and will still be some of the hardest years we have ahead of us. But suffice it to say we now have a chance to correct course. Everyone will still have to fight tooth and nail to get it right. But I doubt this time people will sit back and leave it to chance like Obama and his followers have done. This is about a major shift in the paradigm. Out with the old. We just dont know what the new is. Maybe Austin Fitts has the closest approximation of what the new might be like. But remember, no one single person knows the future.

    Just know that hyperinflation is simply not possible like Clif has described it, or others who are guests, bc the math for it isn’t supportable, and the conjectures and hypothesis’s about it are completely flawed.

    • Charles H

      It’s easy to take a position and pump it up. Sinclair does it – but on the other side. What I don’t see in your comment is the National Debt and ZIRP; the Eurozone and Italy; and China and CIPS, with the Silk Road. At some point – the USA will face it’s profligate ways and have to pay-up. The rest of the world might not want Dollars at that point. The Status Quo gets shakier as time goes on.

      • Mike R

        All of the world’s debt, is far larger than the US national debt, and every bit of it is highly deflationary. When you have that much of a deflationary overhang, all the QE in the world, cannot create inflation. Import prices from China have now declined a 27th straight consecutive month. The advance of technology, and the proliferation of the internet to more and more devices, is also deflationary. More and more information devices are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and with more information and services, and knowledge getting to millions more people, those people can do many things more cheaply. That too is deflationary. More machines building more stuff, puts a major lid on wage increases world wide. That is deflationary for the countries adopting those machines. The only areas seeing price increases is where you have monopolies, such as healthcare, where now Obamacare has wiped out nearly all the competition in many states. We now only have one insurer in IL, and wala, what do we see ? this year alone, ALL premiums corporate policies, and obamacare policies, increased a minimum of 44%. Pharma’s have a defacto monopoly here, due to the design of unfavorable laws toward citizens. One way to keep your costs down is simply to work hard at exercising and eating right. Most americans do not do that, and obesity levels are off the charts, and therefore many of those people have very costly health problems, driving costs up for ALL of us. I could go on and on with many examples of where prices are going up, but many many many more where they are not, and on the whole, we live in a very deflationary world. Gold is reflecting that since 2011. Now that Donald stepped in, Nuclear war defcon level has dropped to its lowest possible level of alert. Amazingly great. That is deflationary, as militaries around the world, will now be forced to change their plans and spend less. The people have told the oligarchs – no more wars. Brexit is deflationary. Italexit will be deflationary, and many more to come. Decentralization of power is deflationary, and that is what is happening world wide. So these fear sowers saying there will be hyperinflation here, are ignoring (or intentionally discounting) very powerful and secular macro effects. Wages continue to stay depressed worldwide, as more people move from living rural, to actually working in cities and factories. More people are becoming healthier in poverty stricken nations on the whole. that means they too can work. Supply and demand of more labor keeps labor costs low. That is why minimum wage constraints will fail. You can’t artificially raise labor costs. Businesses will either fire more workers, or get machines. They have that luxury now for more and more types of jobs. So anyway, good luck with Clifs hyperinflation prognostications. Its easy to scare the gullible and naive and under-informed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike R.
          Why do you come here?? Please start your own site and we can all see how it is done.

          • Mike R

            I thought you have said you welcome all opinions. You welcomed Gina’s, and I was against hers. I was for Trump too, but see the problem is, now that Trump is in, everyone here is still wanting to see gloom and doom, rather than consider the other side of the coin. In otherwords if Clinton was going to be horrible for US society, and the sky was going to fall, if she came in, now everyone like Clif is saying, even with Trump being in, the sky is still going to fall. Sheesh. Where does it end Greg ? Will you folks ever be happy unless you hear from someone that the sky is always going to be falling ? Why wouldn’t you now feature guests that support Trump, and how great things can be. We just averted a Nuclear war, which Clif was also promoting on his youtube channels (from his linguistics) saying it was inevitable, and yet after Trump’s election, the experts worldwide have lowered it to Defcon 5, the lowest possible level of a threat. (It was 3 and rising). Clif has some interesting linquistics stuff, but if you follow his stuff long enough, as I have for some years, since he was part of George Ure’s urban survival site and George gave him a voice, you’ll see that his stuff is just vague enough, where he say things like “hillary disappearing” and later say “wow look at that magic.” Hillary was gone after the campaign at night for a few hours. Maybe she was really tired since it was 2 am central time. Thats ‘disappearing’ ? If you look at Clif’s past video’s what he peristently implied or wanted people to infer, by ‘disappearing’, was really along the lines of her being dead, as he constantly talked about body doubles. Anyway, don’t worry folks, be happy. Trump is in, and that is huge. This is what many visiting on this site hoped for. On the other side all the Trump naysayers said the markets would crash when he got in. But it hasn’t. So why would it make sense to now believe $125,000 gold? It just does not add up. $125000 gold means all hell has broken loose, and so if we believed before Trump was elected, Trump would lead to better things, why suddenly believe things will get incredibly worse with him in ?

            • Horse with no Mane

              Things wont get worse mike R, Jesus said when u see all these things occurring, lift ur heads up because ur deliverance is getting near. So its all how u look at it. like Greg says, Daddy’s in control!

    • Diane

      I like your thinking Mike R.
      Makes sense.

  81. Doug

    Be Happy !!! Dollars are not going away ( UNTILL) ,they just “GROW” more worthless as more are printed, until The Arab countries, China and Russia don’t accept them any more. Only then, will the sh*t hit the fan. So, Trump print and spend as much as you look. When I get done helping building that new bridge to no where, I will spend my “dollars” on a Japanese TV, as long as they accept them ( US Dollars) yet. Greg , American Eagles one ounce gold has $50. dollars printed on it. the American Buffalo one ounce gold as $50. printed on it. But the American Liberty High Relief one ounce gold as $100. printed on it. So, I know gold will not go below $100. an ounce. I wish the US Mint would print $500. or $1000. on one ounce gold. Just saying……….

  82. James Hastings

    Wow. That was a “shiver up my leg”…..As I listen to the theme song for “Miami Vise”…..I realize, most of these fine good people that respond……still, have no clue. Good interview. Some right, some maybe, some no way. If you could only see…..said the blind man. 🙂 And I continue to be the dude in left field…..LOLOLOLLOLL

  83. JC Davis

    Greg your site has grown big time. Nice to watch the transformation.

  84. Horse With No Name Nada

    I cannot understand WHY there is such a close race for the title “President”?
    Donald Trump is like any average American who works hard, has a good set of morals, a great heart…and almost 9 BILLION DOLLARS!!!
    But, unlike other rich celebrities, he isn’t “uppity..putting on heirs, arrogant, looking down on the “have not’s”- he REMAINS an “average person” in area’s that count- morals + good heart!
    Hilary, in comparison, is so FAKE + PHONY in her attempt to CONVINCE us she cares about America + American’s. She had shown, over + over, that she is COLD, RUTHLESS, and didn’t stop at COMMITING the worst crimes to get to the top of the heap!
    So I’d like to see American’s show a bit of appreciation towards Trump + show him that we appreciation his time + dedication to the cause!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taBE4ks8Am0

    • wondrouscat

      Where have you been Horse With No Name – out in the desert? The American’s done showed Trump more than a bit of appreciation a week ago with a landslide victory.

      • Horse with no Mane

        I stand corrected. I was on a date with a bottle of Svedska! I’m Back!

        • wondrouscat

          That must have been some good stuff seeing as how you’ve now lost your mane.

  85. ctriceman

    I cannot help the realization that over the past couple of years, more articles have been wrong than right. This has been most evident regarding the direction and price for PM’s. Now were going to see gold at the value of DOW. I dissagree with both the price and certinly the timing.

  86. Gord Higham

    Best quote of 2016:

    I cannot conceive such a situation when that paper is backed by the full faith, credit and confusion of the US government.


  87. Peter

    Hey Greg,

    Regards from Europe, but they say in the USA : the dollar is dead???

    Now: 1.00



    From Peter


    LATE FOR THE PARTY…….. Greg, and all who reads the comments. Throughout the U.S. and this is for the last 2 weeks-2 months. Has anyone noticed the record breaking or near record breaking temperatures everywhere? In addition, what about Miami, and most of the east coast, sea level rise is up dramatically. For all the gold talk and those who believe the country will change, we have to look no farther then a few more years before WE ALL SEE the planet going to hell. The one man who has seen this COMMING was Dane Winington. Geoengineering with global warming is all so real. My God, we have so little time left. Gold will skyrocket once we notice food unable to find. Yes, we will see temps fall over the next few weeks but when we see 70 or 80 here up north again in February. Maybe, we all should get on board and demand all Geoengineering programs to stop. Just saying, stop, look around and notice our environment. God speed and the very best to all.

    • flattop

      M Bierlein: First, no one has been able to positively state whether global warming is a good or a bad thing, only opinions. Secondly, Gods is aware of every ounce of ice that is melting and its ALL under his control. Psalm 24 says, The earth is the Lords and everything in it. The world and all who live in it. Enough said.

    • susan

      You are right. Maybe Mr. Trump will fix everything else, but the geoengineering thing could be our downfall.

  89. rwmctrofholz

    The Fed will raise rates in December. Obama and Janet Felon will burn the house down on their ways out.

  90. Tracy Welborn

    Boy, the frustration with preppers is palpable. I get it, our gold and silver is losing against the dollar. But let me tell you, I’m an accountant and there is still no way the dollar survives. A default on the debt MUST happen. The interest is acruing exponentially and being monetized by QE – the bond market cannot make it. It’s a mathmatical certainty. Please don’t think your preperations have been made in vain. Please enjoy every day, week and year we get to spend in somewhat normal worlds. It cannot mathmatically last forever.

    • Tracy Welborn

      … in a somewhat normal world.

      Also, gold and silver are still money and currency is not. That cannot and will not change.

  91. coalburnber

    Greg: To Justn Observer,
    I have been all around the edges of country you are talking and read much more on its history. The infamous Black Rock Desert is south and west of the location he is talking about. That is it, there AIN’t nothin’ for two hundred miles around the place. Not enough water use to make any difference unless it is being reservered for a foreign mineing operation. I say it is a good thing there is gold there because unless they find a new use for U238 it is almost worthless. Yes, you heard me. Putin already knows it is worthless in war! Remember Hillery said 4 minutes to launch and my conjecture of 5 seconds to fry the rocket. Then you get your own homemade dirty duty falling in the back yard. Why else would Hillery and Obama be so cavillier about Iran and starting a war with Russia. Devine intervention in this election and evil ones, murders and theives, like Reid, Hillery and Soros and puppets like Obama will get their just rewards. Humiliated on earth and burning in hell.

  92. Charles Turner

    Hi Greg,

    is the news that Google are going to clamp down on ‘fake news’ hitting the headlines in the USA. In the UK it is being pitched by the MSM that fake news affected the election. They use one example that a site claimed Trump won the popular vote, but fail to mention that Michigan was called wrongly for Hillary.
    I am deeply worried that this will be an attack on the alternative media. the alternative media doesn’t get everything right, but it pioneers getting the truth out to the public. The alternative media often unearth news way before it gets accepted as true. Think of the currency rigging, forex rigging, etc. would this have been considered fake news at the time? The collusion between the MSM and the Democratic party, would this have been considered as fake news if Wiki leaks hadn’t exposed so much.
    I recommend that people start moving away from Google and using alternative search engines a good one is http://www.duckduckgo.com One of the benefits of this search engine is that it doesn’t track and record everything you do.
    It would be good to get a guest that had a view on the power of google and what impact it could have if it decides what can and cant be shown on the internet.

    • Frederick

      Charles WHO will decide which news is fake and which is honest? Thats a dangerous game and great for TPTB to truly mind control the sheeple Its the equivalent of bookburning by the Nazis

      • Charles Turner

        A college professor has compiled a list that is being circulated of fake news outlets. It has many sources like Zero Hedge, Info wars, Breitbart, etc on it. Glad to see that USA Watchdog isn’t on the list. The professor recommends the New York Times as a trustworthy source. You couldn’t make this up.

  93. fred

    just wondering why Mr. High is accepting the “fantasy illusion” called dollars in return for his reports that tell us “dollars are going away”..?

  94. James

    In a world of a Dow/Gold ratio or 1:1 or the Dow and Gold equivalent to $125000 as Mr. High suggests what would one’s pension be? Would it stay or go up exponentially to rise with that kind of inflation? Just wondering…

  95. Seeking Truth

    Hi Greg,

    I just viewed your second interview with Clif yesterday. I’ve been following Clif since 2010, and he is amazing! His accuracy has been stunning, especially this year. I did a write up on him in Steemit back in August. Maybe it will help you to understand better how Webbot predictive linguistics work! Enjoy!


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