Federal Reserve System a Run Away Machine-G. Edward Griffin

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” says the global monetary system is out of control. Griffin contends, “There is nothing that can be done about it. This thing is a runaway machine.  I would feel much better if these political figures would say hey, this is out of our control right now.  We need a substantial change in the system. . . . We need more honesty.  People have to stand up and say we are in for a tough time.  There is no easy way out of this.  We are in for a tough time.  Hang on to your seatbelts.  We are coming into the rapids now.  We need that kind of honesty, but we are not getting it because most of these guys and gals in Washington are thinking well, it’s going to be bad, but at least I’m in a good spot.  They are more worried about themselves and their families than they are worried about the nation.”

What will the next financial calamity look like to the man on the street?  Griffin explains, “The main mechanism that people will feel most directly will be the loss of value or purchasing power for their currency.  The dollar will buy less and less and less as it has been doing, but it’s been sort of gradual and we get used to it. . . . When you look at the real cost of living, inflation is really pretty high now, but you haven’t seen anything yet compared to when the rest of the world does what it is now saying it is going to do.  They are going to stop using the Federal Reserve Note as the international reserve currency.  When they stop that, then we have no place to get rid of all these extra dollars we make up in the digital printing press. . . . When that stops, all those trillions and trillions of dollars that we have put overseas will come back to us because the people who hold them, like China for example, will say we can’t use these.  Then they will use them to buy up anything they can here.  They’ll buy our products . . . but they’ll also buy up our stocks and bonds and real estate.  They’ll buy up our politicians or anything else that is for sale to get rid of those dollars as quickly as possible.  When that happens, all of these dollars will be flooding through our economy.   You could say the price of a loaf of bread will be $100 and that is the kind of thing we will see, and it may be even worse.  It will be just like we saw in Zimbabwe or Germany in the Weimar Republic.  These things happen in history . . . and the United States is not exempt of the laws of economics.  It is going to happen here . . . and the main form of it will be the loss of purchasing power and hyperinflation. . . . This means the destruction of a working economy.  Unemployment will be rampant.  People, unfortunately, will turn to the government who caused the problem and say . . . won’t you please save us.”

On war, Griffin contends, “War is primarily a psychological weapon.  The threat of war, the fear of war, that is more useful to governments than actual war.  Machiavelli said years ago said that the best way to keep people content and overlook the miseries they have to suffer under their own governments is to embroil the people in wars or rumors of wars.  So, they would be so afraid of an enemy that they would tolerate any insult to their liberties as a means of preventing this thing they dread so much.  That is certainly the prime operative today.  That is the prime directive today of all governments.  They love to keep their people, their people in a state of fear.  Most governments today look at their own populations as the enemy, not the populations of other countries.  They think their own populations need to be controlled and dominated to sustain their power.”

All is not lost according to Griffin, and it starts with something he calls “The Creed of Freedom.”  Griffin is working on global solutions to this massive bad leadership problem.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economic and geopolitical expert G. Edward Griffin.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Griffin says you cushion yourself for what is coming by storing food and water.  He also says you should look for ways you can live off the electrical grid as the next disaster may not be man-made.  Griffin says, “The system itself must change for the good; otherwise, there is going to be no long term happy ending.”  You can follow G. Edward Griffin at FreedomForceInternational.org. Griffin says it’s “an invitation to change the world.”



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  1. Tim

    Wow! What a great interview, Greg. I’m very fond of Mr. Griffin. He’s amazing for his age. (He’s 83.)

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim. Mr. Griffin is sharper than most including me.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        What an epic interview Greg and GEG!

        Thank you so much Greg for bringing this inspirational man to WD.
        It is heartening for to me to listen to someone this genuine and who actually suggests that there IS something that we as individuals could do to empower ourselves in this fight against TPTB.

        Sadly I have noticed a trend where there is escalating petty religious squabbling on WD. In my view this becoming utterly tedious and absolutely unproductive in finding any solutions to avoid impending chaos. Just me, but I now skip every comment or post that has any kind of religious slant to it whatsoever. I believe that this childish sort of behaviour is often kindled or even sponsored by TPTB, and very much plays into their evil hands. This is just another of the many tools they use to divert and confuse the masses, and has proved to be very effective in keeping mainstreet from disenfranchising them in their cause. No doubt they find their success quite amusing at times.

        GEG and Ellen Brown are particularly courageous and stand out like heroic beacons to me. They are amongst the very few intellectuals that have the bravery not only to challenge the establishment, but to actually put forward real initiatives that we the common man could embrace as individuals. If we all used common sense and the vision of people like this, perhaps humanity could dodge global chaos and carnage. You never no until you try these things, but we might even achieve what could be a relatively bloodless revolution.

        Congrats Greg

        • OutLookingIn

          Agree Colin. Excellent call on the very real religious slant, (some would say bordering on the fanatic), that has taken over a good portion of the comment section. For this reason, like you, I skip over comments with a religious connotation to it.
          Whereas in the recent past usawadog comment section contained much more intelligent, on subject, informed, constructive and truthful discussion, now it has taken on the color of a religion spouting, snake oil, circus tent!
          For simply that reason, I no longer or rarely post a comment.
          Greg’s interviews and guest selection is still “right on point” and I still very much enjoy them, along with the occasional “on point” intelligent comment. However I find the over-the-top religious bickering tiresome.
          No doubt I will now be branded a “non-believer, blasphemer, sinner”, and all manner of derogatory snake oil terms! But this is exactly what “religious nut jobs” do, if they can’t discuss on point subjects without interjecting religion, they attack you with the “old-tried-and-true” religious inquisition!
          Time to get a grip on your comment section Greg.

          • Charles H.


            Remember the scene in Close Encounters of the Third-Kind – where Dreyfus wakes up in the Living-room, and his daughter in watching cartoons on the TV – and she pre-emptively disarms Daddy by asking: “Are you going to yell at me?” This is what you are doing…

            Let me first say that the use of the terms: “religious nut jobs” completely defines your position. Such characterization is pretty crass, by the way.
            And getting around to the disarming routine – ” No doubt i will be branded as a “non-believer, blasphemer, sinner”, and all manner of derogatory snake oil terms! But this is exactly what “religious nut jobs” do, if they can’t discuss on point subjects, without interjecting religion, they attack you with the “old-tried-and-true” religious inquisition.” Isn’t this the same as finding somebody guilty – for something they haven’t even done yet? I say it is – and a clever ploy to intimidate people from ever falling into your uncharitable labeling.

            Secular Humanism IS a religion; a god-less religion where man is the only authority. So whether ignorantly or purposefully: arguing from a human-istic, god-less point of view – reflected in attitudes, values, and beliefs: you are nevertheless still stating your beliefs; and then criticizing – in derogatory, “nut job” terms, those who have other belief basis’. How fair is that!?!?

            It seems like it is “we” who are being subject to a sort of mini-inquisition on your part. So, who needs to get a grip?

          • Occident Mortal

            You guys got a point, but just as differences in religious thought might prevail at times, most times it is very up building and rare and not unlike the differences in economic thought. Heck there are more important things in life that need to be squared away besides beanies & wienies and silver & gold, that’s what makes Greg’s site so attractive to all sorts of people. Lets share Greg’s site with all kinds of thought and when need be, as you said, use the scroll to avoid anything we personally find bothersome. That’s not to much to ask, is it? Just keep in mind, one mans garbage can be another mans treasure!

            Greg the show must go on, break ah leg!

            PS. When religion comes up, I think it is so shocking in this politically snobbishly correct Anglo-American world, we tend to think were just so much smarter than the masses. But as the diggers in the world wars used to say, there are no p.c, atheists in fox holes! Just remember guy’s you might be living in one shortly!

          • Winston

            +1 Thet elites and politicians find religion very useful as a divide and conquer tool that helps in keeping us distracted from matters of real significance

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              You are ‘dead’ right Winston.
              We are such a pathetic species that we have allowed a small group of psychopaths to control most the world and cause perpetual global chaos while we spend a vast amount of time and energy squabbling about who god is!
              There is every chance that most of us will be DEAD right [or wrong] if we allow this group to continue their work.

        • Charles H.


          I have to agree, that religious squabble does tend to divert – without any positive resolution, apparently – some of the threads on this site. But when challenged: some things need defending. Should we leave-off Constitutional challenges and rebuttals because extemporaneous people want to argue and change such Documents to suit their own purposes? To NOT stand up to disputations – will lead to either shutting-up or shutting-down healthy discussion; and I think this invites such a crowd to run-over and then take-over a site by imposing conditioned responses; until commenters just avoid issues and won’t say anything. Then we will have Freedom of Speech; but be cowed into not exercising it. No thanks.
          It’s said – That those who will stand for nothing: will fall for anything. Cheers.

        • Rich

          I agree and I as well skip over those comments. They have divided the WD site and the real watche doggers know it.

        • mark

          Colin and Outlookin,
          Gentlemen, I ask you to consider the fact that the problems we face economically and politically are not merely economic or political in nature at their root, base or core, but are ones which have economic and political components. The problem is essentially a deeper one that effects the human condition as a whole and has done so since the original transgression in Eden’s Garden as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. Now while you may find all such discussion as being of little value, allow me to suggest that among those in the “elite” who pull the strings of power, both economically and politically, there is tremendous zeal for a kind of religion that is nothing more than a form of idolatry in a most brazen fashion because of the nakedness of its greed. It is one in which multitudes of willing accomplices (victims) wittingly or unwittingly go along with and support the vain notions of superiority which these individuals hold regarding themselves by espousing such fantasies as the existence of all things being the result of an evolutionary process instead of the workmanship of a Creator, which of course leads to the practice of eugenics in its various forms and methods to the degree that “the herd” so to speak, most willingly votes for their own “culling” the justification of which is that it is for the “greater good” such that all such individuals possessing less than acceptable characteristics in person or in belief are to be eliminated from the larger social order. Remember too it is not merely a “religion” that Jesus ( a real figure, Whose existence is chronicled in documents which are considered valid from a historical, not just Theological point of view) came to establish, but a kingdom, the reality of which is Christ Himself as the Spirit indwelling the hearts of men (male and female) who are created in His image with His likeness are “endowed by their Creator” with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, which can be summarized in the phrase “life, liberty and property”. ( By the way, the term “and the pursuit of happiness” in its vagueness was substituted for the more concrete and definite term “property”, but ownership of property is against the Statist ambition to impoverish and enslave all humanity). The idea of rights being “unalienable” is in contrast to the Statist’s view which claims that all rights come from the State and can therefore be revoked at any time, for any reason and without due process because the constituents of the State are not considered Persons having the dignity of being created in the image of a Creator Who endows them with certain unalienable rights, but rather are nothing more than animals whose consciousness has “evolved” a little further than some of the other animals, but still lacking true Sovereignty and therefore worthy of no greater honor than any of the other species of animals that are nothing more than property of the State to be sold and slain (harvested) as deemed appropriate for the benefit of the State. This is why gentleman I say unto you as I say unto all who come to read and post here, “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” (Philemon 25, Gal. 6:18, 2 Tim. 4:22). For “Greater is He that is within You, than he that is in the world” Jesus said to His disciples who believed into Him and to “be of good courage because I have overcome the world” (that world system which opposes and exalts itself above the glory of God– and seeks to enslave, rob, kill and destroy humanity). So when Catherine Austin Fitts says “essentially Greg you are talking about a military problem”, I would agree that essentially in this regard, in dealing with the spiritual roots of the whole problem we face, we are talking about a military problem and the Scriptures detail the account of how the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, defeated him who has the might of death, that is the devil, through the death of His Son (Whom He raised from the dead and has given Him glory) so that He might release those who through all their lives were held in slavery to the fear of death. (Hebrews 2) and secure for us a share of an inheritance in glory, the glory which the Son has known in the bosom of the Father from before the foundation of the world. (1 Peter 1, John 1:18).

          • mark

            And gentleman I might add, if you think I am too “extreme” in my assessment, just consider why we now have trade deals (TPP, TTIP, TISA) which are being negotiated IN SECRET along with healthcare which was negotiated IN SECRET so that the general population of citizens are kept from knowing what is being determined on their behalf and in their name with respect to their destiny?

          • Kip

            There is non so blind as he that will not see.
            God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows that will he also reap.
            If you want a world with out God you can have it it’s called HELL. Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and thou shalt be saved. That’s a promise from GOD!

        • aussie jeff

          I’m more than happy for anyone to skip my comments.

          • JC Davis

            ditto Jeff

            • aussie jeff

              It’s what I like about you JC Davis.
              You have an open mind!

              What makes this site brilliant in my eyes is everyone’s input from every perspective!
              Let’s move on …….Ladies and Gentlemen.

        • Mason

          Colin and Greg,
          I agree on all Colin’s points,
          It was indeed an epic interview. And I do love Greg’s site, his WNW, and most of his guests [like GEG] but IMHO the quality of the comment-section is indeed deteriorating.

          Generally I take great care not to get entangled in religious subjects because I find such exchanges extremely tedious, and I find that they do distract from the important matters and of the machinations of TPTB. Generally I succeed in my resolve, no problem. But I have failed twice in the past: One time when someone interjected religion in response to a post of minet that in my opinion had nothing to do with it and I then pointed this out. And also recently on the Greg’s last WNW when I commented on something Greg said and then subsequently I responded substantively to a reply from someone else on my post. The exchanges of words on those separate exchanges (from some time ago and a very recent one) were then subsequently extremely exacerbated by the SAME individual – who is now also responding to your post as well I might add. I should have shrugged my shoulders on both occasions, but I didn’t and I chose to substantively respond to the subject and so I partly deserve the blame for those two exchanges. But other than in those two instances, I have managed to stay out of these exchanges and my track record is pretty clean I would say.

          In conclusion:
          Like I said, I love Greg’s site, but IMHO the quality of comment-section is indeed deteriorating for the reasons you mention.

          • Greg Hunter

            Maybe you comment will bring it back to center a bit. Your point is well taken.

            • Mason

              🙂 Thank you.
              Maybe that would be a little bit of a tall order to place on this little post of mine. But why not? It might as well do the trick. Especially in combination with a gentle nudge in the right direction from your present post. Because in essence, we’re all good people here on this site
              (except for the trolls maybe, haha).

          • Charles H.

            Come on Mason – don’t mince words – “SAME individual”? There’s no need to kiss-up to Greg, or anyone else on this blog. If you go back through the years of my commenting here – you will find that I have moderated and quelled many instances of heated discourse. In fact, I have invested a great deal of effort to – as Greg puts it: “center” discussion.
            That you chose to bleed-over to this interview page, that which definitely should have been left in the past – is just not good form. I rather DO mind a veiled complaint; it is a form of back-biting – and that IS what your comment here amounts to.

            I have to disagree with you that the quality of this comment section is deteriorating. Rather, I’d say it is the quality of the commenters. At least I deal directly with people, and refrain from anonymous murmurings. You need to let go, and move on.

            • Mason

              Charles H,

              So how is your comment helping to center discussion? I would say quite the opposite. You use strong language. I would say that your post here and your other posts are exemplary of what Colin is talking about.

              I meant everything I said, as I always do. I was just glad Greg took my point seriously, that is all. It felt as a relief. I care about the comment-section. You assign a meaning to what I say, that is not true (not the first time either). I think your words are more a reflection of your own mindset.

              At least I admitted I was partly to blame for our exchanges. You, on the other hand, don’t seem to see yourself as the problem. Ever.

              This is the third time you come in like this on one of my posts. Not the other way around.

              Like I said, I’m trying to take care not to get entangled in religious subjects. I’m not getting into a discussion with you again, Charles H.

              Let’s center again, and let’s focus on more important matters such as the machinations of TPTB, economics and the range of events that is coming towards us.

              You have a good life, please stop commenting on my posts, and you please move on.

              • Charles H.


                If you do not want me to comment on your posts: then don’t bring up mud from the past – that directly concerns me. (And by your answers – this is clear.)

                You complain of me using strong language: then use it yourself.

                You mean everything you say. And I mean everything I say – so, as adults: what’s the problem?

                You say: “You assign a meaning to what I say that is not true.” I respond by saying – My comments are in direct response to your expressions: IF I misinterpret your meaning – it means I am simply wrong or mistaken. Is my opinion hurting you?

                You are careful to mention that this is the third time I’ve commented on one of your posts. That means what? Is this a veneer of paranoia – or are you seeking protection from someone who likely disagrees with the comments you write?
                Two exchanges over the validity of the scientific theory you espoused, which I challenged: then – on your part – it turns to me, my problems, everything that’s wrong with me… etc… So to address your point: if you don’t want me commenting on your comments: don’t raise issues that insinuate negativity, directed on a person level.

                You ask me to move on. Agreed. On the other interview page, we agreed to disagree. You even had the last word – but apparently you could not leave well enough alone: and brought a grievance forward to this page.
                You have a good life too. Feel free to comment on my comments; or like aussie jeff – feel free to skip over them.

                • Mason

                  To address your points:

                  Your opinion doesn’t hurt me. You don’t have to be afraid about that. It’s just that I find our exchanges extremely tiresome. Prolonged discussions about religious differences distracts from the real issues at hand, in my opinion. It leads to nowhere, and it gets tedious real fast. The comment-section is deteriorated by this. That is what Colin and others on this thread are talking about.

                  Yes, I just had such an exchange with you that illustrated my point. Mentioning this as an example was extremely on topic and relevant for Colin’s thread in my opion. I even anonymized and generalized it so only you – the direct involved – would know whom I was referring to, while still being able to use it to express my genuine concern. I have nothing to hide. The anonymization, to which you derogatory refer to as “anonymous murmurings” was for your sake. Everything in my post was true, valid and on topic for Colin’s thread. So it’s a little bit puzzling why you come in with guns blazing. Again. Contrary to what you say, this happens whit you when issues are directed on a person level or not.

                  Please go back and read you own words. Read not only your words in this post, but also and on other posts of this thread and on other threads. But try to do this with not your own eyes, but with someone else’s. Maybe then you will see what I mean.

                  It is my fault that I find it difficult to shrug my shoulders and not to substantively respond to replies on my comments or questions asked on threads I started, even if I generally manage to succeed in staying out of religious discourse. I have admitted this. These exchanges – especially when I am entangled in them – bother me, not because I am hurt by your opinion, but because I find them too time-consuming, too pointless, too distracting and too tiresome. This is not what USAWatchdog should be about IMHO. I think it should be about economics, geopolitics and the machinations of TPTB. Maybe Greg has another opinion.

                  In contrast, you never admit to your role. Ever. It’s always others that are the problem.

                  The deterioration of the comment-section of USAWatchdog was and is a real concern, which Colin just happened to formulate very well. At least Greg appreciated the concern I was expressing for the deterioration of the comment-section. I do care about the comment-section on USAWatchdog and at this point, I would hate to start to think about alternatives.

                  Therefore, contrary to what your remarks insinuate, I was glad that Greg addressed it in his reply and I genuinely felt relief that he did. It remains to be seen if that helped, but that at least that means Greg notices this trend.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    To all,
                    I like to let folks talk but let’s end this conversation. Everyone can comment but let’s keep it moving by keeping the comments to a reasonable length. That way it is a win-win for everyone. I Love and respect all here.

          • mark

            Hi Mason,
            I believe I am the “SAME” person you are referring to in your post and that is why I am choosing to comment at this time regarding your version of this controversy regarding comments of a “religious slant” as Colin above noted. Accordingly, I will say to you Mason and for the benefits for all who come here to read and post that I decided I must write you a comment in response after reading what you wrote on the occasion of my response to Hoopshound in which you stated how you believe I am a perfect example of someone who thinks of himself as morally superior to others with my comment being a “great illustration of your point” about Christians thinking this way because they believe they have the corner on the truth and that my posts in which I often quote from the Holy Scriptures and provide references so those reading may look up for themselves the passages I am quoting for verification and further study, are just “saturated with that sense”. Additionally, just because I merely put forth a notion as a question for consideration in a general sense as to how many of those who proclaim themselves to be atheist and agnostic actually think of themselves in their heart of hearts as being “morally superior” (without making a personal reference to anyone in this regard) for not being so “narrow” as to believing as true the testimony of the Holy Scriptures concerning God, creation, man, the fall, the promise of redemption as made effectual through the literal and historical birth, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and soon coming Lord, the world system and its climax in judgment with Satan and those who align themselves with him, and a new heaven and new earth in which righteousness dwells of which the Scriptures speak in detail making their use highly relevant in the kinds of discussions which are posted here (at least it seems that way to me), now all of the sudden the quality of the comments section has diminished because of an escalation of petty religious squabbles (as Colin put it)? Truthfully Mason, I doubt I would have written anything except you singled me out specifically and took me to task in a manner which I believed to be totally inappropriate and unfair in that while you not only failed to argue successfully the validity of any points I have made, nonetheless that is not enough to stop you from passing judgment on my motives and “moral sense of superiority over others” as you put it). So, not just for the sake of my own honor and self-respect, but for the sake of others who come here to read and post I was convinced I must come here again to comment in my own defense.

            • Mason

              Hi Mark,
              This is a misunderstanding. I was not talking about you. Re-read the comment section please, that might clarify some things for you. And please read my latest reply on your comment on Greg’s WNW.

              I remember some time ago we had an exchange. But I remember that ended on a pleasant note. Likewise, on Greg’s last WNW, I did respond on a reply you made on a thread that I started, and subsequently you responded and clarified your intentions. Subsequently, I thanked you for clarifying your intentions and I answered some questions of yours as best I could. You were a little heavy on religion for my taste, but to each his own. That ended on a pleasant note as well, as far as I am concerned. I even wished you to go in peace. You might have missed my reply to your post.

              In any case, this had nothing to do with you. Although in general (again nothing to do with you personally, you are not the “SAME” person) I do find the religious discourse quite distracting from the real issues – seen from my perspective at least.

              You can tell some things about a person in the way he writes. I don’t always read it correctly (and I might have misread you in your short post in the first time on Greg’s latest WNW in which I already have corrected myself), but I think you’re a good person (again: maybe a little heavy on religion for my taste but I have no problem with that: to each his own). Go in peace my friend.

              • mark

                Misunderstanding? Please Mason, read your own words again which you wrote to Colin and Outlookin posted 6/232015. ” The exchange of words on those separate exchanges (from some time ago and a very recent one) were then subsequently extremely exacerbated by the SAME individual– who is now also responding to your post as well I might add”. Mason, that could only refer to me. Be straight up and man up. You think you are going to defeat those with evil intent when you can’t / won’t even acknowledge your own lack of integrity on something as basic as an internet forum? And we’re supposed to take your claim seriously that there is no heaven, no hell etc.? I feel very sorry for you Mason– which does not mean to say I believe I am morally better than you, but please at least Man up and be straight up about who you are directing your criticism at rather than just trying to weasel your way out of owning your own words. Enough Already!!!

                • Mason

                  That is FALSE. FALSE. FALSE. I cannot be anymore clear: I re-iterate that I was NOT talking about you. You didn’t re-read the comment-section did you?

                  Check my exchange in words with Charles H. (in this present thread, but also in Greg’s last Weekly-News-Wrapup, and aslo in an exchange some time ago in Greg’s interview with Paul Craig Roberts on December 17, 2014). So you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. If you have trouble with that, type in our respective names in the search function of your computer and see for yourself. I meant every word I said to you when I wrote it. But I am starting to regret them.
                  I didn’t want to name him by name, but you leave my no choice at all, and as you can see in my most recent exchanges with him he doesn’t mind and he actually welcomes it. It is still unfortunate that I had to do this. You might want to check the order of the posts as well. I ALWAYS man up to what I do. I am ending our conversation here. I am not going to resort to name-calling like you are presently doing. This will be my last comment to you!

                  Indeed: Enough Already!!!

                • mark

                  I have greviously erred my friend in posting my previous response to you. I am very sorry for not being careful enough to actually understand the exchanges you were having with both me and Charles H. simultaneously and now believe I carelessly mistook your comments which you meant for him and applied them to myself. I therefore need to be the one to “man up” and own my words and apologize for rushing to judgment in error.

                  • Mason

                    It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and it takes an even bigger man to apologize. Thank you for your most recent comment. I’m glad with your reply! We all make mistakes, me included. No hard feelings, and go in peace my friend.

          • JC Davis

            Mason If I have ever offended you ..I do apologize. I respect you as someone who cares about the happening’s coming. I hope you the best. That would be faith is Jesus .

            • Mason

              You haven’t offended me ever. I apologize if I gave you that impression. I read your comments occasionally and I enjoy them. Go in peace my friend.

              By the way, I haven’t seen Allen Ols here in a while. I know you are friends. Do you know where he went? I was wondering. I hope he didn’t miss the interview with G. Edward Grffin. I read his comments as well on occasion in the past and enjoyed those too.

              • JC Davis

                Mason. Allen don’t miss anything here. He has seen it all and done it all. Prepping is all he thinks about second to his love for God, and Family. I will say hey for you.

    • Michael214

      I second that Greg “Great Interview”!
      Well done!!!!!

    • Tom E. Gunn

      Thank you Greg! What a truly outstanding interview. As you already know Mr. Griffin is a personal hero to me. I think he is one of the greatest thinkers of our time and a remarkable historian. Dare I say the James Madison of our modern era? Thanks again for making the effort to make this happen. Awesome!

  2. Southern Girl

    Wow!!! Stellar interview. Mr. Griffin has in my mind help connect the dots to so many questions. I believe he is very correct about all of what he said. We are in a whole lot of do do. Shades of Hitler and communism….here again so soon. He is also probably right about the PM’s. Remember how the press turned the Germans against the Jews and compared them to rats. I guess the people holding PM’s will be the new rats. They will not have to confiscate them just have your neighbors or whoever squeal on you and they will take you to the FEMA camps…if you even make it that far. Remember what Hitler and Chairman Moa .. they killed off all the intellectuals, teachers, writers, artists, etc. They did not want anyone who could do critical thinking, that is why the students today don’t have a clue.

    The death of America started with many things but Abortion was a clincher, after we removed God from our schools, workplaces, etc. We are now under attack of the last bastion of our nation…tearing up the family unit. If they destroy the family then they can more easily conquer. satan is trying to tear up what God loves and that is family values and morals. Now if something is right well it is wrong. . .something that is wrong is now right. Reversals…spelled another way spells demons. Where there is confusion God is not there. God is love and peace. My prayer is that each one of us can hold fast to our faith..we might have to really fight for it.

    • Thomas justin Harmon

      Southern girl on particular occasion you absolutely nailed it bravo bravo

  3. Daniel

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview, wondering when you will interview Harvey Organ again, very curious to hear about his prediction.

    Kind regards,

    • Michael214

      I strongly agree with this request, when will you bring Harvey Organ back to account for his call?

  4. Thomas

    Very interesting, no doubt some not so pleasant change is coming. The catalyst, AIIB, BRICS, Greece, Fiat Currency, Debt, Gold, PM’s, Egos, and of course let’s not forget the Crimanals in Washington and on WallSt.

  5. Snorky

    I am sad to say that I agree with everything Griffin has to say. He is in his 80s and has absolutely no reason fabricate things at this point in his life.

  6. Thomas justin Harmon

    Wow Greg what a great interview, The only thing I found a little unsettling that their is a outside chance I could be Killed for my gold & silver .

    • paul

      As Jesus said “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” … so like the Lone Ranger lets load up our guns with silver bullets and get ready to give it back!

  7. vincent_g

    As I said before the only way forward is to eliminate the federal debt.

    The federal debt prevents the Fed from raising interest rates.
    Eliminate that debt and interest rates can be raised.

    So if they come out and make an announcement that they will devalue the dollar by 60% or so and that they will buy back the federal debt at a value greater than the face value.

    This way they eliminate the debt at a low cost and devalue the dollar to what is required to satisfy the other countries.

    They will not forgive personal debt nor will they forgive state debt.
    Having Banks run the world is a world of hurt.

    • paul

      I was very hopeful with Donald Trump’s recent announcement as a Presidential candidate … as he speaks more truth then any other candidate … and is very concerned about the federal debt … the only thing I have a concern about is his “very militaristic attitude” that could mean “more wars” in our future … which we don’t need and can’t afford with all our debt … sadly I think Trump’s “war mongering attitude” may be his undoing!

  8. David B.


    His Hall of Fame list of people trying to make a difference.

    • WD


      You should be on this list…

  9. paul

    The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde published in 1886 became reality a in 1913 when the Fed was launched … since then we have had to deal with a monetary body with a dissociative identity disorder … where they speak with more then one voice … we may raise rates … but then again we may not … the economy is doing fine … then again it is not … until eventually … the dark side takes over completely … and we have outright hyper-inflation!    

  10. Pam

    He is right on about it being useless to write our congressmen. Ours in AR pushes the “safety” propaganda every time I write him about TSA.

  11. Margaret O'Keefe

    Great interview. G. Edward Griffin tells it as he sees it. He doesn’t skirt around questions. He is an amazing guest, and I thank you for bringing this interview to us.

  12. JoJo

    I have followed this site for a few years now , And I have to say that this interview is one of the best ! He really gets ones attention.

  13. John Sullivan

    Mr. Griffin speaks the truth. I have been following Griffin for years and we are in dire straits. Essentially, we have two choices. Unfortunately, if we follow the Democrats, they would have us embrace the Homosexuals and the transvestites and the lesbians and the pedophiles and the beasialists. The republicans arent much better. The republicans would have us bait up and kill the Muslims and the other autonomous regimes in the middle east and elsewhere.

    • Marigold Fish

      Absolutely true. The Democrats seek to be the party of inclusion. That is inclusion of everything no matter how outrageous or repugnant. In my gransmothers day, all these kind of people engaged in such activity were referred to as “queers.” People from my grandmothers generation are mostly deceased now, but those still living dont even know what to think now. Griffin sees both parties as part of the same rubic. Although you dont see the Republicans doing much to promote these perversions, you dont see many speaking out at this point either. Currently, it even appears that Boener and Paul Ryan are championing Obamas trade deal. If a republican wins the presidency in 2016, I would expect a return to war making in many areas. So the pollsters tell us that we basically have two real coices: Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush ? What kind of choices are these ? Worst and Worstest ??? How can we get a grip on this ? A constitutional convention sems to be the only first step that makes sense.

  14. Jerry

    Greg I would strongly encourage your readers to make last minute preparations while they still can. The time to leave may have already passed, but you still have an opportunity to get some emergency food if you still need it. You can get several months worth of food for under a $100. at Sam’s club.
    – rice
    – beans
    – lintels
    – beef and chicken bullion cubes
    – spam
    – vitamins
    – bleach to treat water.
    I know many will scoff at this advice, but all I can do is offer it. If you won’t listen to me, than maybe you will listen to the worlds leading internet hacker. He has a message for you at the 10:00 minute mark.

    • Calgirl

      Nice list Jerry, but I fear that most will die from disease exacerbated by lack of cleanliness. We need to consider ways of dealing with waste that does not pollute waterways and thoroughfares. Toilets won’t flush, disposition of the dead, antibiotics for
      cuts and scrapes, airborne pathogens, etc.

      • Jerry

        You are so right. I might add on your wish list the following.
        – dawn dish drops ( #2 gallon size)
        – #2 5 gallon bucket ( buy a with toilet seat to go with it)
        – army shovel
        – fish antibiotics (you can buy on line)
        – baking soda
        – stack of white cleaning rags
        These are all inexpensive to buy.
        Take the army shovel and dig a 6 foot deep trench at least 30 feet from your house. This is where you will dump your waste. Use the 5 gallon bucket with the toilet seat as your toilet. If you live in an apartment use trash bags as liners in the bucket. The other bucket fill with water and 1 teaspoon of dawn dish drops. Soak the cleaning towels in the bucket with the dawn dish drops and use it to clean your backside when going to the bathroom. The dawn will keep the towels surprisingly clean. There is no way you can store enough toilet paper, unless you own a warehouse. Our ancestors used a simple wash basin to do the same thing before indoor plumbing was invented.

        The baking soda, you can use for tooth paste and deodorant. I personally recommend the fish antibiotics. I buy k-flex 500mg. since my wife is allergic to penicillin. I store them in a vacuum packed metal container. And yes they’re safe. I have checked with several doctors I know and they have told me so. If it gets to that point, you will not have much of choice anyway.

        On a side note, I personally use superglue on cuts and insect bites. But again its your decision. I have used it for years. Just be sure and clean the wound real good ,and dry the blood as much as you can before you apply.

        You are absolutely right in what you said about cleanliness. Statistics prove that most people in a survival situation will most likely die from infection before they will die of starvation. Good post.

    • Jim G

      Jerry, that is an excellent video clip you provided. Though the message was short it spoke volumes. Everyday I get more convinced that this will be the year of the end game as there are too many things going on and building it to stop it I think.

      I also believe once it starts, the chaos and carnage will continue for years until there is but a fragment of the current US population remaining. Depopulation has always bee the ultimate end result of what they are after. Gun confiscation, martial law and false flags are just the means to get it accomplished.

      The big question really should be is how bad will daily life be if you are one of the survivors? I know I wouldn’t be sticking around if I had the means to leave to find out. Then again, I did get out 16 years ago and have never looked back.

    • Southern Girl

      Not scoffing at you at all. We just pulled up our red potatoes from the garden and when they sit for a while I will cut, blanch, and dehydrate them. Bought 3 of the huge metal shelving at Sam’s for about $1oo.oo each. The shelves will hold up to 3,500lbs. of food. Reorganized the food and it helped me see what I have and don’t have. I have been canning meat for about 4 years. Every once in a while I will open up say a chicken breast and that is what we will have for dinner, yum! We are eating, canning and dehydrating the tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables from the garden. We have also blanched the fresh green beans and vacuum sealed them for the freezer.
      Found some good bacon at Wally World the other day for center cut under $4.00. You can can bacon. Bought a 23 Qt. pressure cooker years ago also from Wally World for about $100.00 and I can can 7 quarts in one go. I got on Youtube and found all sorts of videos on how to can. It just takes the time and since we are retired we have a whole lot of it.
      Another thing to think about is razors, soap, toilet paper, etc. What we think are staples, but if you had not stored it…. could you find them? Look at Zimbabwe…they stand in line for washing soap, and diapers. Some guy they interviewed in a warring area said he just wanted to shave and take a shower to feel normal. So I guess everyone will have to think of what they will need.
      There is a video this prepper did on canned meat and how long it lasts. I opened a can of Hormel Smoked Ham that was 5 years old and made ham salad and it was fine. Remember when we were growing up the cans did not have expiration dates or use by dates. Also remember home canned meats will last years and years as long as you keep them cool and dry, my grandma use to put hers in the root cellar.
      My Dad was in the Air Force and with 9 in the family we always bought say 24 half-gallons of milk and 10 loaves of bread, etc. at the commissary on base at one outing. All of my siblings just think buying in bulk is normal. In fact I freak out if my can goods get down to say one stacked can. I have to have at least 2 stacks.
      Happy shopping!

    • aussie jeff

      No scoffing here Jerry ………….thanks for the idea’s, my on going meat supply is going to be meat rabbits, 3 doe’s and a couple of bucks will keep the gene pool at a distance and give you protein on an ongoing basis.
      Rabbits don’t come into season they are raring to go all year round,its a low cost effective way to have a meat supply even if you live in suburbia.They don’t make any noise, and if you get the right breed they are ready to dress and eat soon as weening is complete.Chinchilla Gigantus is the optimum breed, but Englsih Giant, Flemish Giant or New Zealand Giant will all do the job.
      Whats more if you have a vegetable garden then 2/3rds of the rabbits food intake can be right from the garden.Something to think about.

  15. Jerry

    Folks, this is your debt bomb. This is your debt bomb on steroids. Said bomb will explode “when” not if, Greece defaults to ECB this week. You’ve been warned.

    • Greg Hunter

      This link was great, but Greg Mannarino beat his to the part about the Dow Transports being in a “clear downward pattern” and it “things didn’t turn around the top was in and this is it.” The rest of the stuff about Deutsche Bank was fantastic!!! How many time have I brought of the derivative exposure at Deutsche Bank? At $73 trillion that is about 20 times the entire GDP of the German nation. What could go wrong? Thanks Jerry for all the comments and links!!!

    • Silence is Golden

      We knew the CB’s had lost control when the SNB gave up on the peg to the EURO. The ECB isn’t going to stop the rot with the GrExit. Deutsche Bank did trigger something back in April…when the 10yr started to spike. The non conformation in the transports is just the market telling us the DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS that the Cabal don’t want us to know. The world is in a very bad place Economically, Monetarily, Financially and Politically. It gets damn messy from here on out.
      GEG is spot on ….the world is working towards Totalitarianism. I have been saying this for years. These power groups have infiltrated every facet of society to the point that every human strives to have an advantage…and how he/she achieves that comes down to ethics and morality. When we see the (un)elected power officials doing the unthinkable we have a certain threshold of acceptance without question…implying there is an element of wilfully accepting something which we would otherwise deem to be illegal/wrong. That in itself allows us to individually cross the so called line in the sand. We do it because those above us do it. Acceptance is complicit by its nature.

      • Silence is Golden

        Too true….and let us not forget Ethics and Morality.

    • Mason

      Jerry, thank you for this link and the one above! I viewed them both. Good info.

    • Jerry

      Well ….well…well. Bloomberg finally made it to the party. “Bond Market on The Verge of Collapse”. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-22/tcw-braces-for-bond-market-collapse-by-piling-the-cash-up-high
      Greg do you ever sit back and laugh at these clowns? How long have we been talking about this, and now they come out with this revelation? I guess they can’t hide the bare knuckled truth anymore.

      • Greg Hunter

        People like you are so far ahead of the game it’s not even funny. When the MSM starts to report something like this, it’s obvious and close. Thank you for all the links and commentary!

        • Silence is Golden

          Nothing like “NEW” …News…!!!…… Laughing or crying…both involve tears.
          You know one thing for sure…the smart money (&people) have already left the “building”.
          What’ s Janet doing these days? …biding her time ..watching the market ….take control !!!
          Didnt someone say that the CB’s were THE Market ?
          Funny that….data …seems to show something different. OR Maybe the FED wants us all to think that still control the markets. Just like Bonds telling the story…in good time it will be the same for STOCKS, REAL ESTATE and PRECIOUS METALS. The CB’s of the world are only as good as their combined GDP’s. We are already at multiples of that in terms of global debt and derivatives and growing. All that Janet can do now is buy some more popcorn and watch the disaster unfold.

          • Greg Hunter

            When the world realizes that bonds are really not collateral or an “asset” that’s when all hell breaks loose. We have been told that debt is money and debt (bonds) is an asset. We are all going to find out neither is true. The banks are going to be in a mad dash for real collateral. It blows this fall. Thank you for your comment.

            • Silence is Golden

              Its true….whether you hold Bonds or have money in a Bank….sooner or later you take a hit on the face value of the Bond …OR….you get bailed in. Places to hide….hmmmmmm…..GOLD…!! 😉

              • Greg Hunter

                There is going to be a scramble for collateral like the world has never. The powers will be so disparate that crime will be the rule not the exception and government will stand by and allow it to happen.

  16. Mark


    Another stellar guest that I can call a genuine human being. His concerns about hyperinflation seem all but inevitable and I too believe they’ll pull the plug once Plan B is in place. I can only hope something happens sooner out of left field to upset these plans and allow, possibly, a more rational solution to the global reset that is coming. The savers and investors of real assets like PM’s deserve to be rewarded due to the manipulations that have gone on all too long to support the propped-up paper markets. Mr. Griffin may be right that PM investors will be singled out, but in the event of a massive inflation I’d rather have time-honored world money at my side than fiat currency that will turn to confetti. He’s definitely one of the “good guys” that I hope to see later this year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Mr. griffin is a “a genuine human being.” Thank you.

  17. Mary Casey

    Thank you, Greg. I so benefit from you, your guests and the individual comments. I checked out Mr. Griffin’s site, FreedomForceInternational.org. So grateful for you and Mr. Griffin for sharing your insight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mary for your feed back and support!

  18. NC Gal

    I’m glad to finally get to see and hear the man who wrote about what happened at Jekyll Island. I agree with his take on the likely scenario, especially when he said (as I have been saying all along) that the collapse will happen when “they” want it to. It will have nothing to do with markets, cycles, etc. It will be when they are ready to put the next system in place, along with the controls necessary to keep the populace heading in the direction “they” want them to go. I think it’s nice that he has come up with something rational as the solution. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to come together in time to make a difference in how things go during what’s left of my lifetime (or his).

    • Silence is Golden

      Yes I concur NCG. But taking it one step further….(the collapse)…..
      GEG said he thought it would end in the late 60’s. 50+ yrs hence…. here we are having the same discussion about the absurdity and the improbability of it continuing on and on and on ….ad infinitum ….because it is “unsustainable”. That speaks volumes about the differences in what we expect……. and what they desire.

    • OutLookingIn

      NC Gal
      I agree. We won’t see positive changes made during our lifetimes, simply because the power elites will hang on to the bitter end of society as we know it.
      That’s why voting in elections has the same function today, as farting in a hurricane! Reading the comments of the repub’s this and the demo’s that, is nothing more than an exercise in futility since both are cut from the same cloth, just different colored dye! One red. The other blue. Yet both the same. The power elites still piss down the public’s back and tell them its raining! Good luck.

  19. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Greg –

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting to get G. Edward on. For any of you who haven’t yet read his “The Creature From Jekyll Island” – just get it and read it. It’s an eye opener about the world we live in.

  20. Donna

    the creature from Jeckyll Island written by G. Edward Griffin was my red pill so to speak.
    Once I read that book in 2006, I traveled down the rabbit hole.
    One of the best books I ever read. This man is truly a smart thinker.

    thank you for the interview.

  21. pat the rat

    Greg you should have on Adam from Valaurum .com 1/10 of a gram of 24 k gold that look and handles like a dollar.

  22. Mr. Impatient

    I hereby will tell no one anymore about any silver I am buying. Nope I don’t have any more 😉

    On another note, I would absolutely love to see an interview with Harvey Organ. I enjoy all of your interviews Greg, but to hear Harvey now after all that happened to him 6 months ago, would be epic. PLEASE try to book him Greg and thanks for your efforts in getting the best people for us to learn from. These interviews are my favorite things to listen to every 3 days 🙂

  23. John

    That was one of your best interviews you done.
    Do you planned on having Michael Savage on soon
    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you have a contact.

  24. Calgirl

    Utterly fantastic interview Greg, Mr. Griffin’s thinking is crystal clear and so very valuable. One item that I feel needs top priority is communication. If we lose the internet any resistance to the evil we face will be severely lessened. And I hear from a very recent interview with Jim Willie that part of the TPP is turning over control of internet domains to the industrial complex….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW6M4C22E20
    This is a worldwide problem and we must have worldwide communication if we hope to mount an effective defense.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Calgirl for your support and kind words.

      • anni

        I agree. The questions you asked, the way you formed them were amazing and allowed the interviewee answer with clarity, job well done.

  25. omniversling

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear Mr Griffin’s analysis of current events Greg. And thanks for all you do to provide a transfer platform for MSM watchers to shift focus to a knowledge-based analysis, away from a manipulated ‘information froth’ based analysis. It’s refreshing to finally hear an authority on the protagonists and their mechanisms (CFR, TriLiteral, IMF, World Bank, Bilderberg UN etc) for their (attempt at) hijacking and subsequent OVERT deliberate enslavement of humanity and the planet, enter the ‘mid-stream media’.

    (No offence Greg, but ‘mid-stream media’ is those who will dip a toe into the dangerous subjects of WHO or WHAT are the string pullers behind the curtain, without naming them – or use the same languaging as they use themselves about themselves).

    It is, IMHO, important to research the origins and past activities of the ‘fewer than 1%’ of the global population, who consider themselves to be ‘chosen by G_d’ to be superior to the rest of humanity, and appear to be overly represented as a % of general population in politics and finance.

    Just a short while ago I could not have believed that the drivers behind the ‘Death and Destruction Cult’ have also been behind (or over-represented in) so many of the ‘large sweeps of history’ – political, social and financial. GE Griffin’s book on the Federal Reserve informs my agreement with the title of another worthy concept: All Wars are Banker Wars by Michael Rivero. Here are some links to documentaries that I’ve reviewed recently that add context and detail to your interview with Mr Griffin, some of which include appearances by Mr Griffin (many good links in the associated show-notes). See also Red Ice Radio http://www.redicecreations.com/ , and Corbett Report https://www.corbettreport.com/ :

    The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline – James Perloff

    The Illuminati, Freemasonry and the New World Order bankers behind all wars and revolutions of 20th century – Evan Sadler

    INVISIBLE EMPIRE: A New World Order Defined, and analysis of US false flag events.

    Council on Foreign Relations – The Power Behind Big News


    The ‘nuts and bolts’ of the implementation: another revealing presentation by Patrick Wood on the history of the Technocracy and it’s current stage of rollout:

    Love, Peace and Courage to all!

  26. Occident Mortal

    On 11th September 2001, the USA lost its economic supremacy when two dozen Saudi’s shut down the 300 million strong US consumer market.

    In the weeks that followed we had Islamic snipers in Washington and anthrax being posted all over the country.

    Americans all over the country stayed away from the mall. GDP, tax revenue and the velocity of money freefalled.

    There was a real risk (it actually happened) that the dominant dialogue that would dictate the consumer confidence of the worlds superpower had been hijacked by bearded men in caves 8,000 miles from America.

    Bin Ladens videos became the dominant narrative, he could stop Americans shopping. The man had literally amassed the power to stop Christmas.

    Rather than allow the country to continue under a climate of consumer fear, Alan Greenspan took the most extraordinary monetary action (at the time) ever conceived.

    The Greenspan Fed fixed the Prime Rate to the floor, In little more than 12 months interest rates plunged from 7% to 2%, before dropping further to 1% where they stayed for two years, 2003-2005.

    Greenspan gave monkey hormones to consumer confidence and with two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, US consumer confidence was buoyant that they need not fear terrorists. The economy came roaring back, and so did financial speculation. So much speculation in fact that it spilled out into Main St. The reality market boomed, and boomed again.

    Greespan attempted a soft landing with 17 consecutive rate rises hoping to lance the bubble he had deliberately blown, but the system was far too leveraged. Lessez Fair markets enjoyed privatised profits and socialised losses, especially as so many market participants were deploying other peoples money.

    When Greenspans hikes finally burst the bubble the implosion wiped out the entire financial industry. Literally all of the investment capital in North America was wiped out, such was the gearing in the system.

    By this point Greenspan had already left the crimescene and Bernanke was in the chair. Bernanke now had the opportunity to put his academic theories into real world practice. He duly pulled every lever. Refinancing the financial industry by diluting the purhcasing power of all USD currency holders. This grand grand grand grand grand larceny was only possible because the world had no alternative financial system other than the New York banks, the USD and SWIFT.

    Had an alternative financial system been in place the refinancing would have simply destroyed the USD currency under capital flight.

    Today the story continues.

    The Fed resides on a huge balance sheet, all markets are buoyed with diluted currency (currency values have crashed rather than asset prices rising), interest rates are at zero to 0.25% and have been stuck there for six long years.

    The economy remains anaemic. Corporate debt has ballooned to finance buybacks and displace stockholder capital in the capital structure of corporations driving down WACC and allowing profits to be redistributed, NOT TO EMPLOYEES BUT TO EQUITY HOLDERS.

    The West is aneamic, has not recharged the monetary levers needed to tackle another crisis and is truly backed into a monetary and fiscal corner.

    Meanwhile in the East a Sino-Russian axis is emerging, one which is rapidly erecting an alternative financial system.

    The stage is set for WWIII, we are out of monetary options, we are out of fiscal options, all we have left in the strategic cupboard is political options and military options.

    The West has been fighting an economic war since 9/11 and we are losing badly. Soon there will be young people entering the workforce who have never lived under a proper free market economy!! Their entire lives lived under ultra low rates. Money for nothing.

    Meanwhile in Asia 10 times as many youngsters will be entering the workforce having lived their entire lives under GDP growth rates of 5-10%.

    This is a war we cannot win. We should seek peace and partnerships with all parties, even Moscow. Peace and security. . .

  27. Jacob

    Notice the very recent Mass Exit of some very influential and wealthy people from the United States?? Something big is about to happen. They were walking before, but now they are running in panic! This is getting scary! What do they know that we dont? WW III with Russia? They wouldn’t leave if it was just an economic depression… but it appears they fear for their lives.

    • frederick

      Jacob where can I verify that story about the elite fleeing America I have heard rumors but never seen any firm evidence for that

      • Silence is Golden

        Why do you need verification of rats deserting the sinking ship ? Will it change your life or your perspective……? If you need confirmation …then you haven’t been listening/reading to the WD forum. 😉

  28. J Medina

    Mr. Griffin is correct in stating he was early timing but look at the price of gold in the 1960s compared to when Nixon took the US off the Gold Standard. Look at the price of gold in the preceding decade. Using the price of an ounce of gold in the 1960s of $270, with respect to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator, $270 in the 1960s would buy $2,000 worth of goods in 2014/15.
    Mr. Griffin is correct that foreigners will buy goods, services, and equities in the US even though they are over-valued. Marc Faber has written that foreigners are one of the last to enter equity bubbles at overpriced values before a big sell off. Inflation and unemployment will increase in the US, but after several regions in the world suffer first. The US dollar is seen as a safe haven, which will further strengthen the dollar. The Euro is higher now than it was a few months ago when it was near equality with the dollar because it was cheap at the time, European vacations which mean buying of the Euro, and other reasons. While the Yen is near 2000s levels.
    Mr. Griffin correctly echos many analysts when he states the government makes the problems, while citizens ask the government to fix them. Peter Schiff states the government breaks the legs of citizens and gives them a crutch, and citizens thank the government for the crutch. Citizens need to start relying on themselves and not the government. This is becoming harder and harder each day as the government enlarges itself as well as its debt.
    The concept of the Amero is dubious. Would it not have come out with the implementation of NAFTA? The Amero could have been used as a way to facilitate trade between NAFTA countries, but not to do small transactions such as buying groceries or filling one’s gas tank. There already is World Money and it is called the SDR, which is more fiat paper. Mr. Griffin does not mention the rise of China in the IMF and their introduction to the SDR.
    Do we not have price controls already? The US government subsidizes grain (ie corn) production. We do not have food/soup lines because of EBT cards. Most of the Market, especially commodity prices, are controlled by the Fed. The government is making people content with the current system. No need to work when the government is printing money.
    Precious metal holders are/will looked upon as idiots, not scapegoats, because these metals produce no yield, with respect to government generated inflation rates and equities values. When precious metals are deemed as money to the general public is when their value will increase; happening as I write. For instance, CNBC stated gold is up more than 100% since the 2007 recession. Citizens are waking up, may it be Constitutionalist, Investors, or everyday citizens.
    China maybe flexing its muscles, but not toward any war. The Chinese are more reactive in instituting their national interests at the moment. The Chinese need resource rich countries at the moment than they need China. The Chinese are focused on economic dominance which leads to military dominance. Their Wu missile delivery system is impressive, but a system where people are compliant, without force, is better. A nuclear war would mean that we are all dead, which would mean little to no war booty for the victor.
    The US is in wars. Citizens are compliant in giving up some of their rights for “safety.” We are compliant to surrender our rights to a government which promises protection. A government which kills citizens without a trial. Yes, what is a war? What are the objectives of a war as Mr. Griffin states? Is it to support the institutionalized war/military industrial complex, corporate control and fascism, or narcotic production, while gaining citizen compliance?
    When will the next market disruption happen? I do not know if “they” as Mr. Griffin states will pull the plug when “they” are ready. The market correction will happen between now and the next two years, as per Mr. Milton Freidman’s analysis. Freidman stated average people caught on to the economic down turn within two years. It may happen sooner as any little bad news leads to a large sell off.
    The solution is an educated and informed citizenry, not so much institutional education. Yes, we should focus on simple liberties and ideas that we all agree on. We all need to work together. We needed to utilize ideas, that suit us, from the past to shape our present and future and be prepare to leave the ideas that no longer apply. We need to fix ourselves, then we can help each other fix our communities. Free your mind and ask questions.

  29. David D

    What an amazing gentleman. A true mind, with great
    insight. I totally agree with his opinion regarding time
    lines. I sincerely hope that he returns to the “Watchdog”
    for additional interviews.

  30. Mason

    Hi Greg,

    First and foremost: thank you for interviewing Griffin! I thoroughly enjoyed that interview!

    Second: I thought that the most interesting subject in this interview came at the very end of the interview, in an area where Griffin particularly shines when he talks about the power-centers in the United States and he states there is a group of 4000 in the Council of Foreign Relations called the hidden government that control the United States. At the 30.00 minute mark Griffin says:
    “you look at the leadership of these organisations, the people at the very top [including the top of both the Democratic and Republican party], the members of the Council of Foreign relations are in all of them. 4000 people are in ALL of the major power centers of America. And that is how such a small number can literally control, lead and influence the political thinking and political destiny of all of the rest of the nation.”
    I think that is the most important message of the whole interview.

    I would have liked and would still like hear more on that subject.

    Of course there is only so much one can do in 30 minutes, but I think that what Griffin is talking about at the very end of the interview is core of the matter. So I think it is absolutely fantastic that you will be having him on again in the future, and I hope the interview can get into a deeper level on that subject.

    To all USAWatchdogs (including Greg):
    I regard the following lecture called “The Quigley Formula” from G. Edward Griffin as a MUST SEE video. It totally blew me away when I saw it! In this lecture, Griffin goes into detail about one of the most important books written about the people behind the scenes (which Griffin briefly mentions at the 30.25 mark by the way)
    (just one tip: focus on the content of the lecture and ignore the public):

    [“An excellent lecture by G. Edward Griffin entitled “The Quigley Formula: A conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves”

    ‘Quigley’ is the late professor Carroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton.

    The lecture is based around the following quote from his book Tragedy & Hope, pp. 1247-1248:

    “The National parties and their presidential candidates, with the Eastern Establishment assiduously fostering the process behind the scenes, moved closer together and nearly met in the center with almost identical candidates and platforms, although the process was concealed as much as possible, by the revival of obsolescent or meaningless war cries and slogans (often going back to the Civil War)….The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. … Either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”]

    Again, thank you very much for interviewing Griffin!

    Kind regards,

    • Southern Girl

      I went on to the site and will watch the whole thing. I was jumping around looking for shorter videos and stumbled on the one Agenda 21 for Dummies.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZzSEOgbAaA. You have got to watch it….only 10 minutes but boy is it powerful. People this is what is coming DOWN THE LINE.

      • paul

        And what may I ask are all the Agenda 21 people doing to “sustain the Pacific Ocean” for future generations? …

        Why aren’t Agenda 21 teams over in Japan right now coordinating international cooperation to cap Fuchushima under “tons of barium laced cement” to contain and stop the radioactive contamination of the largest Ocean on Earth?

        No … they are not in Japan because they really “don’t care” about “sustainable development” of Earth’s fish resources … their Agenda is “total control “of Earth’s population by herding us into small compounds that can be easily “managed” …

        Did 2/3rds of Earth’s population agree to give up their right to own a home and plant a garden? … did we agree to give up the right to bring up our own children??? … No!

        The evil minority just pass executive orders without our consent … how did God deal with evil like this? … he drove “them” out of heaven … how about Humanity placing these Agenda 21 folks in FEMA camps … we can call it “Agenda 22” … and we can write books on how it takes a “FEMA Village” to segregate evil out of society!

        Their Agenda is not what they claim …

    • Southern Girl

      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply but I wanted to watch the whole Quigley Formula. Holy Weight Watchers!!!!!! I am totally awake. Clinton was given the scholarship he mentions.
      I knew voting was rigged so I just vote on local issues. Thanks so much. My eyes are wide open now for sure.

      • Mason

        Hi Sourthern Girl,

        I’m glad I was able to make a difference. You’re more than welcome. I think as much people as people should be aware of this as possible. It is the best explanation I have EVER seen on this subject. Let’s help spread this information!
        I mean, if I even managed to get two people (you being one of them) to see this video, and then you manage to get two people to see this video, and so on, then that would help to give ordinary folks just like us a fighting chance.

        Fortunately, G. Edward Griffin has founded Freedom Force International to fight the NWO. To understand the importance of that, this is a must see video in my opinion.

  31. Tracy Welborn

    I stumbled onto your site a couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I really appreciate you “beating the pavement” to get the real news. Your guests are awesome, your wrap ups are great and I love reading all the comments below each piece. Thank you for the great work.

  32. Tommy

    Older generations did tend to believe that their government was trying to protect them and had their best interests at heart. They had faith in their leaders, especially their president, to do the right thing. I don’t believe this is true today. The people are coming to the realization that our leaders a) don’t have our best interests at heart, b) cover one lie with another, and c) talk a lot but really accomplish nothing that they say they will do. Even young 20 somethings have grasp this reality; a reality that it took me well into my 50’s to come to grips with, mainly because it was something I just didn’t want to believe could be true. I don’t know what will eventually happen, but it usually is something that no one foresaw.

  33. Bob Paterson

    This is the only guest to confirm the bible in that people will throw their Silver and Gold into the streets. Everybody else says these things will be their savior. In the short term, yes. I would say he is a fantastic guest, except for his message. Nobody will be spared, might as well do myself in now…. who would want to face this?

  34. theonomy

    Who could argue with the veracity of not just Griffen but with the guests of USA Watchdog. Truth stands on its own. However, THE core has not been addressed – that which our USA was birthed upon – the “city on the hill” whereby all the nations of the world would be evangelized from, brought into the fold of Jesus Christ. When a nation (yes, even a churched nation) has lost sight of the FULL Lordship, Reign, Kingdom of Jesus Christ and is tolerant of all forms of competing secularism and associated unlawful practices (sin), it has become despotic and will crumble.

    “if my people who are called by my Name (Christians) shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face (absolute authority of the entire Law Word of God) and turn from their wicked ways (tolerance of competing kingdoms to Jesus Christ and participation in sin) then will I hear from Heaven for give their sin AND HEAL THEIR LAND.”

  35. Andy Johnson

    Greg, what a great interview. I love the classy older gernerations. My only twist on this is that if you step back and macro analyse, things are lining up as prophesied in Revelations. This to me means we are going to a one world system headed up by the Bad Guy. Is it now or several decades away that this starts? Just answer a few questions. Are we headed toward fredom or slavery now? Are decisions being made for the people or for government? Most important of all, are the people becoming more Godly or less?
    I argue the US is what the Bible described as mystery Babylon. Not a good place to be imo.

    • Charles H.


      Convention agrees that Mystery Babylon is a world-system. But the USA is pretty much head of the world-wide corrupt monetary system (Western and European), with all the Central Banks aligned and racing to the bottom. I wonder myself.

  36. theonomy

    Griffen insightfully stated the truth of the secularists takeover / strategy – taking the seats of influence that was once held by both godly and capable men. The question is begged, What caused the retreat / abandonment from the positions of influence by the godly and capable men? Interestingly, at that precise time, a new eschatology was birthed by Marge McDonald – the 14 year old Scottish maiden in the mid 1800’s – she had a”vision / dream” where Jesus secretly told her things were going to get bad but not to worry, He would come and secretly snatch His people out in a Pre-tribulation rapture. This blasphemous gnostic dream was told to CI Schofield who preached at shoe salesman Dwight Moody’s Chicago Church. Eschatology absolutely adrift from Orthodoxy. Not debated in seminaries but from a 14 year old Scottish maiden who had a dream. WHO FUNDED SCOFIELD & MOODY? WHO FUNDED THEIR PRE-TRIB RAPTURE TEACHINGS? WHAT EFFECT DID IT HAVE ON THE CHURCH? At that precise time, the seats of influence were vacated as the leaders saw little merit to anything but preparing themselves for the great pre-trib secretive snatching up. Theology matters!

  37. paul

    Well it’s Monday … the day the Greek banks were supposed to collapse and shut their doors … and the only thing I see going down so far is gold?? … are we living in “a loony tune world” where the cartoon character goes over the cliff and just remains suspended in mid air!

  38. Dan Barr


    I watched you slack jawed as Griffin spoke about the Council on Foreign Relations.
    I think you better get off your can and get Patrick Wood on for an interview ASAP, if you can. He’s out there pumping his book and giving interviews (had one on youtube with John Wells a few months ago).
    Book’s titled … “Technocracy Rising > The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation”.

    Griffin never mentioned the TRIALTERAL COMMISSION, yet Barry Goldwater devoted an entire chapter in his farewell book back in the 70’s tp David Rockefeller and his “Trilateral Commission”. You know, the same David Rockefeller that “donated” the land for the UN in NYC ?

    Patrick Wood wrote about them as co-author with Antony C. Sutton over 20 years ago, and his new book is worth a read, and an interview. At least it is if you want to have some idea as to what the hell is going on.

    BTW, if you ever have the chance, ask Mr. Griffin how much source material he lifted from Eustace Mullins book “Mullins on the Federal Reserve”, and for that matter, how much he lifted from Mullins book titled “Murder by Injection” (history of the AMA).

  39. Art Barnes

    Greg, I just wanted to take this moment to thank your guest for all his work, especially his ground breaking exposure of the Federal Reserve & the elite behind the curtains. Thanks Mr. Griffin, God Speed Sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art.

  40. dave

    Wow Greg
    There is plans to reduce the debt.Have Rand Paul on your show as a positive instead of the doom and gloom.Give the people hope instead of fear for a change


  41. Gert NOT bERT

    OK … so let’s think this out … it is going to be a little tricky … but putting myself in the Fed’s shoes what would I do? … I would immediately begin QE4 to prevent a deflationary implosion … then to prevent bond liquidation I would simultaneously declare “cash illegal” … thus I won’t have to come up with any “cash” to pay off the bond holders who want to liquidate … I could simply give them a different IOU for their bonds … like some “special imaginary cash” out on a cloud in cyber space — and this is the important part — then stipulate that this “special cyber space cash” can only be used to buy more bonds! … presto … the Fed is out of the box … free to print QE to infinity to prevent a deflationary collapse … also gold and silver can then be manipulated to rise to help the Fed combat deflation by creating “inflationary expectations”!

    Paul you hit the nail in the coffin! Your a genius!

    • paul

      Gert … Now all we need is for the “Godlike” Fed to take this “thought” and turn it into reality … the same way God the Father “thought” let there be light!

      • Occident Mortal

        Very thoughtful Paul!

        • paul

          Occident … Many don’t realize that religious scripture is an alternate means of teaching us math and nuclear physics … scientists are now searching for the “God ” particle … they have “experimentally detected” that from nothing the “zero point” both matter and anti-matter spring into existence … but the really profound and extraordinary teaching that I get from religion is that … the simple “act” of non-physical thinking actually “creates” that thought in physical form in our world!

          Getting many men to “think the same thought” and it actually amplifies the magnitude of that creative force in our world (for good or “sadly” for evil)! … many evil men “planning for war” will bring it “into existence” unless there are “more” good men thinking moral and good thoughts to prevent it … the ratio given in the Bible is that we need 2/3 thinking good thoughts to defeat the 1/3 thinking bad thoughts … this is the real battle going on between good and evil on Earth as spoken in the Bible … its a battle that takes place in the mind of man first before it becomes a reality on a battlefield or in a beautiful world that can be a paradise on Earth!

          This is why the sleeping masses must be awoken as is being done by Greg here at WatchDog and others … we of good intent must overpower evil in the world simply by getting twice as many minds thinking good thoughts rather then bad thoughts … do we want war, destruction and the killing of innocent women and children or do we want peace where families can share the joy of a beautiful paradise here on earth?

          The “truly profound” lesson being taught to us by the Bible … is that we don’t have to do anything more then “think” about what we want … and it will become reality … “let there be light” … “and there was light”!!

  42. Thomas

    John Birch Society has been saying this for years. Remember Capt. (Congressman) Larry McDonald?

  43. Gert NOT bERT

    Who Really Rules the World?

    LIKELY you have never met any leaders of organized crime. Does that mean they do not exist? Criminal bosses are skilled at hiding their identity or even operating from behind prison bars. Yet, newspaper headlines about drug wars, prostitution rings, and human trafficking, to name a few, remind us of the corrupting influence and dire consequences of the activities and of the existence of such crime figures. By the mark they leave on human society, we know that criminal leaders exist.

    God’s Word, the Bible, reveals that Satan is a real person who, like a powerful criminal kingpin, sees to it that his will is accomplished through “lying signs” and “unrighteous deception.” In fact, he “keeps transforming himself into an angel of light,” says the Bible. (2 Thessalonians 2:9, 10; 2 Corinthians 11:14) The Devil’s existence can likewise be ascertained by the marks left by him. Yet, most people find it difficult to believe in an invisible, wicked spirit being.

  44. Frank Kelly

    thank you for all the work you do to present reality to your listeners and readers. Just wanted to remind you that the Pope is a religious and a political leader and thus may have a claim to his comments on global change. Also he is a scientist

  45. Carol Smith

    Being a Christian, I guess I am differing with most of the comments posted here.
    I personally thought this interview was terribly Negative – even looking prophetically
    forward with a frightening negative forecast. Don’t believe I have heard so much negative.
    I am posting a hopeful video by a Christian speaker. Watching her video has certainly
    helped me with the Fear thing. I am hopeful now that these scenarios do not take place
    or have a greatly diminished outcome.
    Please watch and Pray for a Better outcome. We are called to pray – the more prayers, I believe, the better the outcome. Please Be Hopeful.

    • Galaxy 500

      Be hopeful, pray BUT be prepared for the storm. Did not God send the prophets to tell those to prepare for famine and hard times?
      Hope in the face of adversity gives you strength, preparation ensures your survival.

      • Paul from Indiana

        G500, yes, but survival to what? Best always. PM

      • Carol Smith

        I certainly don’t believe all these people are God’s prophets. There are false and good prophets. The issue is Discernment. I still say the speaker is very negative.
        Hope is a part of our lives and it needs to be activated. He does not know how to activate hope.

  46. Diane D

    Greg, what can I say that hasn’t been said. Wow…. Thank you for an awesome interview. If you were a baseball fan, you just got Babe Ruth’s autograph!

    Mr. Griffin’s long term view of how we could be corralled into a world government was very interesting. I can certainly visualize today’s Americans and maybe Russia buying into that. But can folks imagine China bending and compromising?

  47. Thomas

    Well, the world didn’t collapse, Greece is saved! Wonder how many other predictions/events will come and go without ANY Collapse ???? Like I’ve said, things will get worse, but the game will play on.

    • Galaxy 500

      Greece hasn’t been saved yet

      • diane s.

        You’re right 500….just kicking the can again….. it’s a shame what’s happen to that once great country.

    • JMiller

      I agree Thomas and so do many other intelligent people. One day the game will end but most say we are not at that point yet.

  48. Larry Carter

    Greg, great guest you had in Edward Griffin. Very though provoking. And I must say, I love when you euphamistically use the phrase, “What could go wrong”!

  49. dee garmon

    He should definitely come back.

  50. Gert NOT bERT

    So My friends & Enemies, Yes, Who Really Is Ruling the World?

    Well today, many now feel that it is old-fashioned to believe in the Devil. However, no explanation for the harsh reality of evil, apart from the Devil, has proved satisfactory. In fact, the attempt to do away with the idea of the Devil has led many people to reject God and any moral boundaries altogether.

    “The devil’s deepest wile,” wrote 19th-century poet Charles-Pierre Baudelaire, “is to persuade us that he does not exist.” By concealing his identity, the Devil has actually raised doubts about the existence of God. If the Devil did not exist, would that not make God responsible for all evil? Is that not exactly what the Devil wants people to believe?

    Like a criminal boss, the Devil conceals his identity in order to achieve his objective. What is that objective? The Bible answers: “The god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through.”—2 Corinthians 4:4.

    One important question remains. What will God do with this secret mastermind who is behind all evil and suffering?

    Believe you me, he wont be giving him a job with lifetime full employment. No way José!

  51. Ron Trickel

    Thanks Greg for finally getting G. Edward Griffin on, I am one of the ones that requested him years ago. I didn’t think you would get him because of his age but he really showed us something. Eighty three years old and he delivered with the best of the guys that you put on. Now we can say as Paul Harvey would up it, we have the rest of the story. So I guess you know that your life is in danger as I suppose mine is also. I admire you for your courage my friend (used loosely). As they say it’s easy to be a patriot when there is nothing on the line. Now that there is something on the line the Patriots are few and far between.


  52. paul

    On another topic … there has recently been a lot of Pope bashing which bothered me … I would like to simply interject that we should all realize that the new Pope is a scientist (with a degree in chemistry) … and so just like me is likely to have a more scientific or worldly view of the meaning of the scriptures … doing science for me is like deciphering a puzzle created by God … and is my way of interacting with the Creator … similarly the Pope commenting on global warming (or global cooling) as the case may be should not be derided “for being who he is inside” … I know he is simply trying to harmonize his scientific knowledge of the world with the holy scriptures … doing so in a world based in science and technology can help to bring so called “atheists” back into the fold and make them realize that God the Father “exists” … not as a physical entity … but as the “Hold Ghost” (a spiritual entity) but the Father can also manifest “simultaneously” into physical material form (Jesus) and into an anti-material form (the anti-Christ or Lucifer) … just as scientifically we scientists actually “see” matter and anti-matter spring from the “zero point energy”!

    • paul

      Can any “atheistic scientist” make the claim that the “zero point” energy does not exist?

  53. vincent_g

    Take a look at the bottom of this page

    The chart shows a sharp drop which is the real story.

    As we look back the News headline was US import deficit at lowest level.



    The chart on the first link shows a very different picture but our news as usual just never seems to know how to find their way.

    The chart from that first link shows sales from China dropping very sharply.

    If the US had an increase in Exports it can only be Military sales.

    If demand from china is down then too demand of goods from the US must also be down or will go down just as sharp.

    Since the US is not a big provider of consumer goods such has electronics or white goods the US may not experience an immediate drop in demand for goods and services.
    But that drop will take place here just the same as it has taken place there.

    What I expect is we will have a crash this year and your guests such as Greg Mannarino and others are correct who are saying we are in deep trouble.
    I originally thought it would be this year as these always seem to happen at the end of two term presidents.
    Although last year looked a bit shaky where I thought it may happen sooner but the printed money managed to scare away the Grinch so Christmas was saved.
    This year I don’t think they can save Christmas.

  54. Southern Girl

    Off the subject but thought your viewers would find this video interesting. It is talking about mind control through the media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZWT45-00XI.
    I guess that is why my TV does not come on until news time. I watch none of the garbage on regular channels..try for History channel, my own DVD’s, etc. I certainly don’t pay a d@#b bit for the commercials from the Pharma companies. One in three will get shingles….BS. I will never take another shot of any kind. Don’t plan on being poisoned.

    • vincent_g

      The History channel is not worth watching.
      Tell me why it has program after program of garbage that tries to convince you that it wasn’t man that made the great pyramids no no.
      It was aliens from outer space.
      This garbage is designed to convince you that the human is a dumb animal and is worthless.
      Aliens did not build or help to build anything on this planet.
      Humans did it and not all of our history is wonderful but it’s our history.
      Much of the world’s history has been erased on purpose by kings and religious leaders that didn’t want knowledge passed on for various reasons.
      How they built many things would be something they would want to be kept secret much the same as today.
      Kings kept their power and their kingdom strong by controlling knowledge and people.

      If a channel calls itself the history channel it should have our factual history and not science fiction or any type of fiction being passed off as history.

  55. Galaxy 500

    Interesting Interview. I can always count on you to broaden my horizons. Keep up the good work.

    • Mayflower

      Yes, I agree.
      If you found this interview interesting, then you’ll find the following link even more interesting:

    • Occident Moron

      Maybe I can add ole soro puss George Soros to the roster, Hillarie’s old boyfriend and con-fidont. He’s got tremendous authority and is pulling a lot of strings, especially for Hill. I wonder if they know their doing worship to Satan himself! LOL!

  56. Bob

    Griffin has a legendary history of advocating wild conspiracy theories. He maybe popular amongst conspiracy trolls, but he lost all credibility from my point of view, when he put forward, some time ago, the baseless notion that HIV doesn’t exist and also peddling a quack cancer remedy.

    Greg, what say you, since you are a recipient of the International “Freddie Award” for health and medical reporting?

  57. Gabe

    Greg, glad you could get GEG on. Everyone should read his creature from Jekyll island book// I wish I had a list of all the books back there behind him!! Great interview!

  58. Don

    Great interview Greg, Mr. Griffin was a great guest. I believe he correctly interprets the times in which we live. Collectivism, as it relates to religion, global government, is the drive behind the NWO working in the nations. Ronald Reagan, in his address to the UN, said an element and threat outside of humanity could unite the world with a common goal into the society the UN desired. Something that causes all nations to act as one, and agree to give up individual nation sovereignties to one superstate and in the end one man. The trade treaties are an instrument in which is use to set the stage for the uniting of the whole. Order out of chaos, and a ruler who is seen as not only the world leader politically, but also a spiritual leader. Cern, the atom collider is a gateway to another dimension. Another tower of babal, and expresses the worlds desire to be there own God. In a biblical cense, The lie, in Rom. 1:25 is repackaged and resold to the human race. The Apostle Paul said, in second Thess., that because they received not the love of the truth, that they may be saved. God would send them strong delusion, that they would believe the lie. The lie being, that they could be like God’s, and worship and serve the creature rather than the creator. So at some point, humanity will be united through believing the lie, and just like satin deceived Eve in the garden, through believing that by eating of the tree of knowledge, of good and evil, she could be like God, humanity will be deceived and willfully give up there authority to the satanic anti-Christ of the NWO. Even though there is two interpretations of Gen. 6 about fallen angels that were called watchers in the book of Enoch, that left there estate, and interbreed with women of the human race, and produced hybrid offspring, called Nephulim, or giants, which were men of renown, in the days of Noah, is the more correct version. In my personnel studies, I’ve studied both this view and the more traditional view of the sons of Cain interbreeding the daughters of Seth, and found the first to be more accurate, by using the older manuscript. Both Jude and Peter in the new testament speak of these beings. The Lord said as it was in the days of Noah, and according to most every ancient culture, and writings, these creatures existed, and the offspring, lead the whole human race to an evil, that it sorrow the heart of God, that he had created man. It is evident that satin attempted to corrupt the human races DNA, so Christ could not be born through it. And since the scripture tells us Noah was perfect in his generation, it may have something to do with genetics along with faith, on this, I couldn’t find good evidence. I will probably get some feed back on these comments, but so be it, I’m not here to please men. Good interview Greg, I sent you a small offering by mail. Your da man.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Don,it’s an interesting perspective, and I repsect your right to post it!
      My feed back for you……………………Keep up the good work.

  59. Robert E. Salt

    I have to agree with Edward Griffin. I would add that there are plans for a cashless society with everyone chipped and controlled like Dyllan Roof or Myron May or the man who shot up the naval base a few years ago or the kid who shot up Virginia Tech. It doesn’t have to be done with chips; it can be done with a drug. I used to get my drugs from the VA. I was physically attacked remotely on three occasions as an outspoken 9/11 survivor until I got wise to the drug connection. There are already apartment dwellers in Scandinavia with chips in their hands the size of a grain of rice so that they can open the door without a key. They are unaware of the downside of this technology. 9/11 was a falseflag operation. Smaller falseflags were staged in compliance in London, Madrid, Mumbai and Paris (Charlie Hebdo). The North Korean leader has been portrayed as a madman, but he’s not as crazy as other world leaders. He’s just attempting to defend his people against what he knows is coming.

  60. WD


    I see what he is saying. But I firmly subscribe to the saying ” The best laid plans of mice and men… go awry. And Murphy’s law….I have seen this come to fruition so many times with supposed learned people.

    The time of war was different in Machiavelli’s time, because then people did not have distractions like the Kardashians, people now could care less about war and foreign affairs.

    Again, I like what another guest had said about the powers that be having all their ducks in a row.

    There are a lot of moving parts to this and its not just a straight shot.

    If they can just set off the swithc to collapse, then let the Greek debt explode and blame it on that country…seems easy enough to me.

    It appears IMHO that it is out of control and they are scared and trying to control this but they can’t.

  61. David Clumpner

    thnx so much Greg for a GREAT interview w/ Ed…
    I think I’m on the hyper-inflation side with Ed awa the majority of others that u’v had on.
    otoh, I’d LOVE to see u moderate a debate betw someone
    like Ed and Harry ‘Broken Clock’ Dent.
    Now THAT’d be a ‘barn burner’!!!
    I’d do it before mid August tho since I’m reasonably
    certain that both J Cahn and M Biltz have the timing down
    for the implosion between Sept 11 and Sept 29.
    Oct 20th looks like a secondary key date, China being
    admitted into the SDR ‘club’.
    The coming ‘reset’ by the Uber Elites/Banksters could almost as easily go to the side, Harry Dent’s prognosis, as Ed Griffin’s imo.
    The One Percents have a few ‘black swans’ up their sleeves that
    no one seems to be considering.

  62. James Hastings

    I enjoyed the interview. I find much we agree on….but, he also believes the “system” will muddle along. I don’t. It will degenerate into chaos and self destruction. We will become the lowest of the low.

    Production will stop, transportation will grind to a halt quickly. The shelves will be emptied in an afternoon, while dollars are still accepted….not credit. Services will break down over a week. Black-outs will become common. People will pour out into the streets and it’s down hill from there.

    The situation is grossly underestimated….and yes, there is a biblical footprint.

    Misery loves company…..and as you said….evil is done in darkness….and loves to suppress…….anything abrasive to their lifestyle. LOL

    • WD


      I agree, I truly believe there will be a complete breakdown. All this FEMA/ Jade Helm/ FEMA take over is nuts… It will be chaos and upheaval…hope you live in a small town!!

    • paul

      Evil is done in the darkness out of sight of the 2/3 rds that can defeat it … this is why the trade bills are being done in secret … evil knows that if the people are 2 to 1 against it … it will never see the light of day … the motto of Congress is: “Let their be Darkness” … and thus their evil dark plans will become a reality!

      Let’s see these secret trade bills Congress … bring them to light … you who represent us hide in the shadows for what evil reason? … to take away more of our jobs?

      • paul

        The only jobs left to America’s young people is working at McDonald’s, Walmart, etc. … well say good by to those McDonald’s jobs now … McDonald’s is beginning to buy touch-screen computers to take our orders and money now … so Congress … where do all the millions of college graduates now working at McDonald’s to pay off their college debts go to find jobs … Zimbabwe?

  63. James Hastings

    PS: I won’t hide from the public. I call it as I see it. GunnyJames on twitter.

  64. al

    The Amero? That’s old news and not possible. Schiff and others like him explain it better than me but to have an “American Euro” is now totally out of the question. We’re lucky to have the same looking dollar once the Reset comes.

  65. WD

    More news on the BRICS move to get off of SWIFT…


  66. 8Ball

    Like PCR, GEG is a true gentleman and a scholar. They both have their critics who take cheap potshots at them but like beacons in a dark place their character and wisdom gained from years of experience stand out none the less…

    • diane s.

      I agree 8 ball. Right or not right these are integrous men who are trying to help people and love America

  67. olde reb

    Mr. Griffin says: “There is nothing that can be done about (the Federal Reserve).” Wrong.

    The first thing is to understand how the system works.

    All audits are required to follow guidelines established by the Board of Governors. Those guidelines prevent and review of the accounts of funds from the auctions of Treasury securities. The FRBNY has exclusively control of disbursements from those accounts. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The accounts handle more than $8 trillion annually. The accounts are not mentioned in the Annual Report to Congress.

    If the funds received from the securities that fund deficit spending [over one trillion dollars annually] went to the government, there would be no increase in the amount of money in circulation (inflation). There would also be no increase in the national debt. The money must go somewhere other than the government. Where does the FRBNY send it ?

    The only viable answer is to the (hidden) owners of the Board of Governors. (Do not say to the owners of the Federal Reserve. There is no known corporate body “Federal Reserve.” There is a suspected corporate body “Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.” The BOG has administrative and regulatory control over the Federal Reserve. )

    Since all profit of the Federal Reserve legally belongs to the government, hiding the money from the government is embezzlement. Details are available at    http://www.scribd.com/doc/153024003/Amended-Complaint-Federal-Reserve-whistleblower  

    The second thing to do is inform congress that the citizens know of the embezzlement.

  68. olde reb

    Note to the above comment. Virtually all of the $8 trillion received from the annual auctions of Treasury securities is sent to the TBTF banks (Primary Dealers) who collect securities from the market for redemption. Money received from the auctions of deficit spending are transferred to the PD’s using the cover from roll-over redemption.

  69. kevin

    Regurgitating the same meme over amd over…..not even news anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Same problems over and over. Find some nice TV to watch and relax.

      • Charles H.


        Actually – the cans must be made of Kryptonite! (I thought you could use a joke.)

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Charles I am smiling as I respond. Thank you for injecting some humor my friend!

  70. aries

    if anyone wants to know the economic trend just go to yahoo finance and put in this information – i have been watching this for 10 years and its on the money – just look at the latest – Icahn Enterprises, L.P. (IEP) max chart MAX CHART IS KEY

  71. Occident Moron

    “The Ruler of This World” Reveals Himself?

    Just as a master criminal often takes pride in boasting about his power, so did the Devil when tempting Jesus, the Son of God. After showing Jesus “all the kingdoms” of the world, Satan made him this offer: “I will give you all this authority and the glory of them, because it has been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give it. You therefore, if you do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.”—Luke 4:5-7. After showing Jesus “all the kingdoms” of the world, Satan made him this offer: “I will give you all this authority and the glory of them, because it has been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give it. WHO WILL GIVE IT, SATAN THE DEVIL? ” if you do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.”— DEVIL WORSHIPERS? So we know where the ruling elite in these last days, were trying to live thru, got their power and authority? Heaven help us! S. O. S. . . .THEY ALL MUST BE DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!

    So what do you think of that one Colin? Kinda lines up with what you been saying in so many words, eh? H. Clinton, V. Nuland, Obomber, Putin and so on and so on, Gerald Ford, “OUCH!”

    • Charles H.

      O M,

      I view that offer as one that was legitimate – but purposed to an evil end. He got no takers with the Lord – but with the men of this world? Yeah. That carrot is still being dangled.

  72. Rock

    Great interview. Griffin is a leader of men. He reminds me of a real life Obi Won Kinobi.
    I hope everyone has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviuor.
    Better buckle your chin straps. Things are fixin’ to get Biblical.

  73. Ron

    I called this one “The interview of the decade” and forwarded it on to everyone on my email list. I read his 600 page book and I believe that he is 100% accurate as to the direction the country is going. I have heard several accounts but wasn’t it the globalists that “pulled the plug” by calling in loans that cascaded downward causing the great depression last time? And come on you Christians out there ! I am one myself. Yes, let’s be positive but not hide our eyes from the truth. We have to accept what’s real so that we can spread the news and deal with it on a daily basis. There are so many sheeple out
    there who are not on our side. You are either with us or against us and they aren’t with us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and support.

  74. rbblum

    The coming dire economic times could afford a renewal of the values and ideals our founding fathers . . . a reset of sorts in regards to the U S Constitution and capitalism in the free market system having a sound currency.

  75. John Johnson

    Dear Greg,
    An excellent guest! He is very intelligent, insightful and well spoken. I hope you have him back.


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