Fight for Freedom or It’s Hell on Earth – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Evening Post)

Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about uniting for the fight for freedom.  If we don’t, we will all be a “slave on the Slavelandia plantation” or worse.  Whether it’s the economic repression or coerced vaccinations, the problem comes from the elite masters and corporations running the world.  You are seeing this in the economy that, under the surface, is stalling out. Celente explains, “Drug store chains, grocery chains, stationery chains, hardware chains, chains, that’s all we are.  We are run by the chain.  So, they don’t care about the general economy.  All they are caring about is boosting the equities, and that’s all they are doing. . . .  The economy is going down already.  It’s not being shown because it not showing up in the markets. . . . Median household income has had its sharpest decline since they have been taking records. . . . The average price of a home now is $365,000, but where is the growth?”

Celente says that since the Covid crisis, mom and pops have been driven out of business leaving market share for big companies.  Celente also says, “Once upon a time, America was called the land of opportunity.  That’s gone, finito, finished.  The bigs are in control of everything.  They run our government.  They run our lives.  It’s banksters, the drug dealers (Big Pharma), the Military Industrial Complex and Big Tech.  So, the markets have nothing to do with reality.”

This is what I am concerned about.  The markets are going to crash, and the economy is in crash mode.  You look at the numbers and you look at the data, and the rich are getting richer.  The rich only got $8 trillion richer in 2020.  So, they are going to take us to war because this thing is going to collapse.  It’s collapsed already.”

There is only one way to fight this evil taking away our rights and forcing vaccines and poverty upon us.  Celente explains, “If we don’t unite under one umbrella to fight this, ‘United we stand, divided we fall,’ it’s the end. . . . I have been crying my heart out because as a visionary, I see the future, and it’s Hell on earth.  We have to unite, and we can’t stop.  That’s the only way I see it because the future that I see now is Hell on earth.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the publisher of The Trends Journal, Gerald Celente.  (9.25.21)

(There is much more in the 41 min. interview.)

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  1. Rodster

    This 64 yr old physician was badly injured after taking the Pfizer vaccine and she was in contact with several high ranking officials from the medical community including the FDA. There response was basically, “hey we’re so sorry sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to the vaccine, best of luck to ya!”

    • Anthony Australia

      Like Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Fritz Springmeier & Countless others have done the same. Too bad people still haven’t woken up.
      USAWD the platform of all platforms!

      • Paul ...

        AA … Perhaps this will wake people up … Israeli officials recently announced that those who have not received a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine … will not be counted as being vaccinated!! … I hope people realize that soon the Globalists will be telling everyone: “If you have not received your 12th booster jab … your Social Security check will not be mailed to you … and you will be denied the ability to purchase food by mail using Amazon!!

        • Rodster

          As George Carlin once said, “the one thing Americans are still good at is eating”, lol. Take away an Americans Nachos, Taco Bell, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc and that could be the catalyst for civil unrest, lol.

          Martin Armstrong said his computer is predicting civil unrest, violence and revolutions including the breakup of the United States. Given current events and trends as laid out in this interview with Celente, I would not discount any of the above. That picture on the front cover of the Trends Journal was awesome.

          • Paul ...

            Rodster … If Martin Armstrong’s Socrates Computer is correct (about predicting the break-up of the United States) … people holding US dollars will be in the same position as people holding Confederate dollars when the Confederacy collapsed … people are going to need a Tier I asset that does not need a government to give it value … I wonder what that could be??!!

            • Mark Bishop

              When the US government folds, tier one assets won’t be gold and Silver, they will be food and righteousness. Jesus Christ is the only protection and salvation that will hold in that day which has basically arrived.

              • Greg Hunter

                Amen Brother Mark!
                Brother Greg

              • allen ols

                Mark, Greg; AGREED!!

          • Terry Garrett

            Penny Kelly, an amazingly accurate intuitive, and Clif High have both reaffirmed – independently – Armstrong’s prognostication. In her latest predictive video Ms. Kelly defines the probable structure of six regional jurisdictions. President Trump and a small group of patriots (including LTGEN Flynn) are, with a significant military faction, laying out implementation plans.

            • Johnny Krept

              Terry, here’s a photo of Trump acknowledging to Mark meadows, the head of Pfizer is the real head master of the deep creep state! Trump is second fiddle to Pfizer’s Hizahner! Lol!
              Was the first nail into the Anglo-American dual world super power’s coffin! Case, now closed!
              HEALTH AND SCIENCE
              White House threatens to fire FDA chief unless Pfizer Covid vaccine approved Friday, reports say
              PUBLISHED FRI, DEC 11 20202:37 PM EST UPDATED FRI, DEC 11 20204:49 PM EST
              Berkeley Lovelace Jr.
              White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told the head of the FDA to submit his resignation if the agency doesn’t clear Pfizer’s vaccine for emergency use by day’s end, according to reports.
              The warning led FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and the agency to accelerate its timetable for clearing America’s first Covid-19 vaccine from Saturday morning to later Friday, according to The Washington Post.
              The New York Times, Axios and Reuters also reported that Meadows told Hahn to resign if he didn’t move quickly to clear the vaccine.

              ‘Discussions taking place’ about fines for unvaccinated people
              60,861 views Sep 26, 2021 Sky News Australia
              NSW Minister for Finance and Small Business Damien Tudehope says there are “discussions taking place” regarding fines for unvaccinated people trying to enter a business.
              Quite disgusting how the media are able to discuss this as if it was a perfectly reasonable thing
              He sounds like he believes in permissions not freedoms.

              Police officer quits over vaccine mandate: ‘I decided to turn in my badge so I can speak

              • MWard

                Johnson & Johnson Officials: ‘Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine’ Due To ‘Unknown Repercussions’
                by Jamie White
                September 27th 2021, 8:13 pm
                J&J officials also warn Project Veritas not to take their company’s COVID vaccine.

                ‘Suddenly I Cannot Train, I Cannot Play’: Tennis Pro, 34, Ends Season After Covid Vaccine Left Him With ‘Violent Pain’
                French Tennis player Jeremy Chardy says he regrets having taken the vaccine and suggests he may retire early next year.
                ‘The problem is that we have no hindsight on the vaccine,’ says Chardy.

                Married Michigan Couple Who Were Both Fully-Vaccinated But Had Underlying Health Conditions Die of COVID Just ONE MINUTE Apart While Holding Hands
                by Daily Mail September 28th 2021, 3:57 am
                There you go. The real reason behind the covid-2019,'”cold virus depopulation'” scamdemic and gain of funked’tion, weaponized liability protected poison jab. To get rid of us useless eaters, as the elites refer to us and off the social insecurity and pensions fund dole.
                Whom do we blame? Big pharma, Dr. Tony Fraudci and henchman Bill “will’s and he gives me the chills” Gates. Or George “sore bottom Soros”, ad nauseum of deep creepy state department, un-intelligence mad-scientist B-movie characters on your public taxpayer horse’s trough.
                Absolutely not, they’re way too stupid! But their stupid enough to be led by “pulled”, by the ears’ and nose by the power of whom?
                The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.☠—1 John 5:19.
                The Devil controls this system of things, and he uses it to appeal to our natural human desires and fleshly weaknesses. (Eph. 2:1-3) His goal is to divide our affections and nation and world, so that we are not exclusively devoted to a morally sane God. After writing about the end of Satan’s world and the new world to come, the apostle Peter stated: “Beloved ones, since you are awaiting these things, do your utmost to be found finally by him spotless and unblemished and in peace.” (2 Pet. 3:14) When we obey that counsel and do our best to remain morally and spiritually clean, we prove that we are exclusively devoted to God. Satan and his system will continue to tempt us to change our priorities. (Luke 4:13) But despite any challenges we face, we will not allow anyone or anything to take God’s place in our heart.

            • Paul ...

              When the US splits into six(6) regional jurisdictions … do you think each jurisdiction is going to have their own paper currency?? … more then likely … each regional jurisdiction will use well recognized gold and silver as their official money … current US paper dollar creation has now reached levels that are historically unprecedented … so gold and silver should be accumulated “now” on any significant pull backs (as it is being sold-off like an ATM liquidity source by gamblers who are facing margin calls and other lack of liquidity problems on their highly over-leveraged risky bets)!!

    • JC


      How can anyone in their right mind let themselves be injected with this crap? Watch this video.

      • Terry Garrett

        Human characteristics of our society: Fat, lazy, preoccupied with the entertainment coming across the new smart TV screen (containing subliminal messages as depicted in “They Live”) and eating another bag of Cheetos they can’t/won’t put down. It will take a painful crisis to stir them into action. Unfortunately all of us will suffer along with them. Hopefully (a dose of hopium is sometimes really needed to keep going), there will be patriots to show the pathway to societal recovery.

    • Paul ...

      R … In order to protect people … from becoming ill by means of the “jab” … the greater public interest and good will best be served by … stopping the evil doctor who created the evil virus in the “jab” …

      • Paul ...

        Instead: The “un-elected” Satanic Governor of New York … “Claiming To Serve God and The Greater Public Health” has dictated (in Jesus’s name) that “All Medical Personnel Who Were Considered Hero’s Last Year” (for helping to save others) … “BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED FROM THEIR JOBS” (for trying to save themselves)!!

    • Anthony Australia


      • Freebrezer

        AA – funny, but sad caption 1/4 way down of North Korean celebrating they don’t live in Australia – What is going on down under? Another ironic twist is that Sweden, Norway, Denmark have completely eliminated ALL covid restrictions and “we” in the Western world considered them socialist … oh how wrong we were!

    • Coal Burner

      Tell that doctor to fine a good doctor and that is not a needle or jab.

  2. Rodster

    Greg, might I suggest doing an interview with David Icke from the UK. He recently was interviewed by Chris Martenson and what an interview. The guy just sees the whole picture.

    • Rodster

      David Icke in that interview with Chris mentioned that the Elite (The Few At The Top) want to create a Hunger Games society on this planet. So Gerald is right on the money when he says if we don’t unite it will be hell on earth.

      • Paul ...

        Let’s unite … but not in huge crowds that rant, rave and protest accomplishing nothing … unite by staying home but working together all across America to print up “Wanted For Murder” posters … for all the evil immoral degenerates who have killed our loved ones and think they can run roughshod over the world and continue to “jab” us to death … Wanted Dead or Alive posters should be up each and every night everywhere (in every Town, City and State) across America … groups of people who lost loved ones should contribute to the bounties put on the heads of these murders (whether they are brought in Dead or Alive) … here is an example of what we should be putting on every telephone pole in America … … let’s get started printing them by the billions … the way the Fed prints dollars out of thin air … and replace the posters every night as they are taken down by the Globalists … we will need to offer a reward for bring in these murderers to justice (i.e. like Fauci, Gates and Soros) … perhaps out of fear they will simply suicide themselves … remember America used bounty hunters in the Old West when the Constitutional laws of our nation were being ignored … we need do it again … starting today … during the American Revolution was it not the printing press that turned out to be mightier then the sword !!!

        • Rodster

          Good idea Paul. David Icke told Chris Martenson that he was going to a Covid protest rally in the UK and they were expecting a crowd in the hundreds of thousands and the crowds continue to grow. People are beginning to wake up which is why we are seeing the Elite getting desperate.

        • Jerry

          It’s now or never. I like your ideas of calling them out nonviolently, but I must admit, we are approaching a lock and load moment. How many more people must die before justice is rendered? We’ve been told “ trust the plan “. We’ve been told “ wait until the next election “. Meanwhile we are being killed off by these lunatics. It’s Nazi Germany all over again, only this time they aren’t coming for the Jews.

        • Paul Anthony

          now theres a thought iam all in on this idea Paul!

        • Sue

          Yeah, Paul, because that is so effective, LOL. That’s what the Americans did when defeated the English Army in 1776 to 1783, ey? Print things up and stay home? Nope. They went out and killed them. Got it now, mate? You bloody cowardly poofter.

          • Paul ...

            Sue … I assume you have your AK 47( or sling) and are ready to do battle … good … we need all the help we can get!!

            • Fran Barnes

              Paul, Andrewb, eddiemd, Tim McG, Brooklyn and all the others ‘locked ‘n loaded’. I think the posters are a good idea. Personally I print using public libr.; it’d be prudent to have a cave dwelling to dive into before becoming their gnat before sunset. But I’d be happy to deliver to some telephone posts. Otherwise I think- is it premature as only a sort of threat because we’ve no way to follow through? Because of all invasive electronic surveillance my mind draws a blank on how to get some think tank heads together preferably regionally to do some stealth preparedness on how to maneuver. And where? We need some serious patriot private land for gathering(s). Note, I was present in area Oaxaca under Pres.Portillo-Diaz who simply massacred opposition gatherings and forbade even Franciscan 3rd Orders to pray the rosary together. France Marie+das+Santos – how do you people get organized to protest? I have I believe exactly 0 friends/neighbors/family/parishioners who I would trust with a personal dissident activity. Has anyone considered how Magnetism is the most feared WOD, clue weapn-Destrukt, by data storage. I like the willingness to begin operation something I’m hearing in this post.

              • Paul ...

                FB … Wanted Posters are for awakening the masses … however the people who don’t have guns (like those in Australia) they need to begin practicing NOW with slings (which was the secret weapon of Roman Armies) … … it takes intense training to master the weapon … but once proficient … a skilled slinger could hit a Globalist SS Nazi Goon (cracking heads or strangling women) from 130 yards away … brigades of slingers should accompany every protest march … to provide protection (from those who would do violence to people exercising their right to free speech)!!

          • Brian Howard

            Hahahah!! You tell ’em girl!! LOL, luv it!! Wish we had AK47s here in Australia – actually access to ANY guns for self protection would be good by me!

          • SOD

            Good on ya Sue,
            In Nazi Germany and the Russian Bolshevik Revolution-many were the people that anguished over their missed opportunities as they dithered away their time in hang wringing, argumentation and inaction. Fortune has always favored the timely actions of the bold. SOD

    • Anthony Australia

      Like Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Fritz Springmeier & Countless others have done the same. Too bad people still haven’t woken up.
      USAWD the platform of all platforms!

      • Charles H.

        A A,

        How right you are! Little is understood just HOW MUCH Greg Hunter has done by launching-out on his own. Not just the list of Guests to interview have gone from good to stellar: but he has garnered some of the best commenters anyone could have hoped for. “Some” of these commenters have very deep and extensive experience and contacts, which in themselves give real world context to the Guests that appear. Beyond that – “some” of these commenters are VERY well read and research for themselves WAY beyond the scope of his own expertise, and bring that here in the form of their comments. All together it forms – as you have stated – a platform where a good reader can get as close to the truth as one can get. Both Greg Hunter’s vision and high spiritual/moral standards have created one of the best “must have – go to” sources available. Kudos, Greg. And kudos, commenters.

      • Sue

        Yeah, because that is so effective, LOL. That’s what the Americans did, ey? Print things up and stay home? Nope. They went out and killed them. Got it now, mate? You bloody cowardly poofter.

        • Rodster

          It will come to that. The temperature in the kettle pot is rising. It takes time for enough to wake up but as Icke has noted, people are in fact waking up and it this will probably all lead to civil unrest, violence and revolutions when the masses realize their lives have been ruined at the hands of a few who want to control the planet.

          Throughout history it has always resulted in civil unrest, violence and revolutions. As Gerald Celente likes to say: “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT !”. This is what the Gov’t fears and why they are doubling down on the mandates. Pelosi put up the wall again in Wash DC to keep the dissenter’s away because they know what could happen. They saw it take place with The Arab Spring.

    • cheryl

      He doesnt see the whole picture because he left God out of it. We are in end times. in 2019 almost 200 nations signed onto the new world order now known as the great reset. good Lord seriously can u not see all these nations are working together? same play book different nation. oh food shortage due to labor shortage and oh we have to kill the cows cuz we cant feed them and oh no meat cuz all the people at the processing plants are sick with covid, oh low stocked shelves because we cant find truck drivers. its all planned it all BS! do u remember when trump said on national tv that a dark spell has been cast on over 180 nations? do u think he was kidding? covid has never been isolated and that was proven in a court of law in alberta canada about 60 days ago now. if u dont isolate it u cant create a test for it nor can u create a vaccine which the cdc has changed the definition of vaccine twice this year alone. these shots are gene therapy never done b4 or studied fully. the symptoms of cv19 are the same as 5g (emf radiation) poisoning and graphen oxide poisoning. graphen oxide is in all the cv19 shots including the one’s made in china. they got cha by the BALLS! they got a never ending scam going here. 5g is rolling out everywhere and if u watch the roll outs and the sudden spike in cases and hospitalizations u would see the truth. this is about the great reset. all this freaking info is out there if people just did their damn research. the great reset is the new world order beast system rebranded. the world economic forum is pushing it: build back better. and how many national leaders u here saying that crap including biden????? its about control, total control. why dont u for shits and giggles look up lockstep program or the UN agenda 2030? the world economic forum also has a utube channel. go watch how they tell u the future will be so great because YOU will own NOTHING and YOU will be HAPPY. they 4got to say because u will f’ing have no choice. grab ur bible hun, follow along. Not need to be in the dark.

    • Phil, swansea, uk

      Don’t interview David icke. He is a nutter. He used to wear purple to protect himself and he thought the British royal family were a bunch of shape shifting lizards from outer space. How can you take him seriously?

      • AndrewB

        Hi Phil,
        You have a point. I also balk at some of David Icke’s beliefs, HOWEVER, much of what he has to say is IMHO well worth listening to. Sir Isaac Newton is recognised as a scientific genius, but he also believed in fairies – the Tinkerbell variety. Does this peculiarity detract from his many discoveries? I think not.

        • Rodster

          That’s correct, that’s like throwing out the baby with the bath water. One doesn’t have to agree with everything one says. I don’t agree with Chris Martenson or Dane Wigington on everything but I listen to them and acknowledge many of the things they say are true.

  3. steve

    Gerald is a great man, appreciate you interviewing him

  4. Jacob Moore

    No way I’m taking the shot. Active duty Coast Guard here.

    • JC


      Those who take it lose their soul!

      Rudolf Steiner on the Question of Vaccinations
      The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, A Future Vaccine to Prevent Knowledge of Soul and Spirit

      Rudolf Steiner, October 7, 1917
      The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a ‘sound point of view,’ people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and spirit. The heirs of modern materialism will look for the vaccine to make the body ‘healthy,’ that is, make its constitution such that this body no longer talks of such rubbish as soul and spirit, but takes a ‘sound’ view of the forces which live in engines and in chemistry and let planets and suns arise from nebulae in the cosmos.

  5. Scott

    Keep fighting the good fight for truth, Greg – especially about this wicked mRNA experiment being run on the entire world by the Satanists in high office.

    Although many people of conscience are sounding the alarm – and thank God for each and every one of them – I do believe that you are “the point man” leading the charge in all English language media on this subject, currently. Stay strong and keep after it.

    Ephesians 6:11-12, KJV

    • Paul Anthony

      liked “ No way I’m taking the shot. Active duty Coast Guard here“

  6. Marie+Joy

    WE are too civilized.

  7. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg for having Mr. C on!

    Morrison & Biden, wow we are all in deep poo here.
    Australia has been hijacked by Socialists.

  8. Jerry

    Gerald is not kidding when he talks about hell on earth. Look at the number of satanic temples that are springing up all over this country.

    Make no mistake, Lucifer is the one that is at the head of this purge. Speaking of purge. I have been told that the government is preparing to purge the unvaccinated out of the military beginning on October 2nd. Once they are out of the way, they will turn their attention to the domestic terrorist who have refused to take the jab on October 15th.
    That makes perfect sense considering that the government may default on its loans on the 15th as well. Just remember the globalist are on a timeline and they must complete the lockstep vaccination process before the general public wakes up and realizes they’ve been played as they begin the die off.

    Get your spiritual house in order. Many of us have been targeted and could face death at any time when the purge begins. Gerald is dreaming if he thinks the government is going to save us. We’ve already been sold, lock, stock, and barrel. General Miley knows it. That’s why he vowed to warn the Chinese if our military attacked. Can you see treason? But yet crickets from Congress.

    • Sally

      Many in our local area are playing on the devil’s team. Apparently fully convinced that once they get rid of everyone who disagrees with them their lives will be great, they’ve already stepped up their traitorous, wicked actions toward us good (normal) people. Well, they may succeed in getting their NWO . . . but only for about 10 minutes! We’re all about to see just how outmatched their little gods are by the One True God.

  9. Gerry McNamara

    Hey Greg!
    Thanks for being faithful.
    God called you to report the news…
    And though it cost you dearly… you answered His calling and keep doing what you do best…
    Gather and dispense information to all who will listen…
    Those who stand for the truth… stand with God…
    And though we know our ultimate destiny… we are promised that they (the children of darkness) will hate us as they hated our Lord.
    I agree with Gerald Celente… we need to unite… because… divided we fall.
    The elections going forward will all be rigged,
    Our food is all poisoned, the media and schools are all owned…
    Its time to take our country back…
    Nobody is coming to save us…

    • Sally

      Many in our local area are playing on the devil’s team. Apparently fully convinced that once they get rid of everyone who disagrees with them their lives will be great, they’ve already stepped up their traitorous, wicked actions toward us good (normal) people. Well, they may succeed in getting their NWO . . . but only for about 10 minutes! We’re all about to see just how outmatched their little gods are by the One True God.

    • Sally

      Many in our local area are playing on the devil’s team. Apparently fully convinced that once they get rid of everyone who disagrees with them their lives will be great, they’ve already stepped up their traitorous, wicked actions toward us good (normal) people. Well, they may succeed in getting their NWO . . . but only for about 10 minutes! We’re all about to see just how outmatched their little gods are by the One True God.

  10. Al Day

    Greg, Gerald is a real fire-brand. Been listening to him for years. I can agree with what he says about our need to unite. Just don’t know if that is ever going to happen. I believe this is a come to Jesus moment in history. Like closing time in a bar…’last call for Jesus’. Bad analogy, yes…but you get the point, I think. When I was a young man and full of optimism, I used to think we can figure all this out and solve it. Now at 72, not so sure, anymore. I listen to Gerald and know he’s got the beat on what’s happening….just not sure he or anyone else on earth has the answer. One thing I’d like to say in closing though is that God brought us all this way…so I doubt He’s going to abandon us now.

    • Paul ...

      Just like Noah who collected a lot of wood … we Americans need to collect a lot of paper (for the printers we have at home) … if just 80 million Americans printed up 10 Poster pages of the “Most Wanted for Murder” … and simply posted them up in their neighborhoods at night … it will have more and more “effect” … as the Globalists succeed in killing more and more people with their “jab” … this is war folks … a War of Good against Evil … but we don’t have to fight it the way the Globalists think we will … we can use asymmetric warfare “to defeat the Globalists” who don’t have the police manpower to guard every telephone pole in America at night … so hang their murderous faces on every pole … until … they really hang … at Nuremberg II !!

      • Paul ...

        And placing “Most Wanted Posters” everywhere should not just be an American response to these Killers “jab” … the Entire World needs to Call a Stop these Murderers who are injecting a Clot Shot (containing “small stainless steel knives” and “parasite worms”) into our loved ones … to kill them!! … … and all the associated murderers … helping to push the “jab” for the Globalist eugenicists must also be rounded up “Dead or Alive” … where the Alive ones are brought to trial at Nuremberg II … for their Ruthless and Heinous Crimes Against Humanity!!

      • JC


        It’s time. It’s time!

    • R J Wolf

      Mario, Thank you for recommending your video”2030 Unmasked” . Yes, it is long but well worth it. Now that I spent the last two hours watching the video, I am going to listen to Greg and Gerald now. Information overload!!!

    • Neil Currie

      Excellent video.Thanks

  11. caroline

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen. You both are passionate Patriots. I love your honesty, energy and steadfast attitude. I have learned a lot from both of you in your own right.

  12. Robert

    For the people to unite there has to be a uniting leader. Trump isn’t that leader. He’s in bed with Big Pharma. The only passive Leaders we have are the republican governors who are against this tyranny but they’ve not united as a force majeure. We don’t have anybody leading the anti fascist medical tyranny movement and calling it out for what it is because even the governor’s are afraid to anger big pharma, big tech and the intelligence agencies. Even the governor’s still suck up to the big xxx donors to the party they’re in bed with. If someone was able to get a movement going with a momentum to truly threatened the mob behind this hellish future, they’d be destroyed by the CIA, MSM with the help of the NSA. Everything we do is monitored. Even the alternative video outlets like BrandNewTube, Rumble, Bitchute are monitored and infiltrated by agent provocateur’s.

    The reason YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have relaxed their censorship is so they can collect data and names (like IBM did for the Nazis) for the deep state, who will in turn label them the enemy of the Great Reset, the enemy of science, racist white nationalist supremacists.

    How were the globalist able to corrupt entire federal investigative agencies? Look to 1930s Germany for the answer. The agents need a job just like the German soldiers did, so they sold their souls to provide for their families.

    What I don’t understand is how Israel became the most vaxed nation. If any group of people should know about the dangers of medical experiment’s, the people of Israel should but their Leaders are now mandating a third and fourth jab. And the people of Israel are falling in line. How is that rational behavior based on their ancestors experience in 1940s Germany?

    How long are we going to be able to avoid the jab? With mandates and passports being used to bludgeon our free will, how long before were shut out of everything we knew that brought us comfort?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think President Trump must come out soon against the clot shot. This cannot be what he had in mind. Soon.

      • Jerry

        I think Robert is right. We just had a friend from Las Vegas come in for my sons funeral we had on Friday. Yesterday she started feeling sick, so we tested her with a COVID home test, and she tested positive. Now get this. She has a prescription for ivermectin from a doctor in Las Vegas, but when she called our local Walgreens they refused to fill it. They told her they could not honor any prescription used to treat COVID other than the vaccine. Are you getting it yet? It’s the vaccine or death. That’s the choices they are giving us. Meanwhile my wife took the horse paste that I’ve been using over to her, and she took it with some zinc. I just pray it works. What kind of country forces it’s citizens to make these types of decisions? It’s pure evil Greg!

        • Ken

          I am curious about Ivermectin.

          I have the horse paste and know how to use it properly. I have been using it for a while. However, although I have a small supply, it is getting harder and harder to find.
          I am curious that if the horse paste is no longer available, would the pour-on version be useful?

          With regard to the pour-on type of ivermectin. Has anyone tried that? (I know it is not to be ingested). Is this OK to put on externally to be absorbed through the skin?

          I have no desire to seek out a prescription and try to find a pharmacy to fill it. Truth be told at the present time I want little to nothing to do with the medical profession.

          • Paul ...

            Ken … Eat an onion every day … let it be your God given Ivermectin!!

          • TB

            You can get Ivermectin & HCQ from America’s Frontline Doctors. You can also order these and other medicine’s from River Pharmacy is based in Canada, the fulfilment center is in India. It takes about 4 weeks – I would order soon so you have it when/if you need it.

          • Donna Wilson

            Ken, order Bimectin (ivermectin paste) from Tractor Supply Co. here:


            No questions asked–at least not yet.

      • Paul Anthony

        Liked 👍.
        I think President Trump must come out soon against the clot shot. This cannot be what he had in mind. Soon.

      • Catherine

        I agree with you. Trump must come out with truth about this issue. I watched his rally in Georgia and noticed that he never mentioned it. I think he is watching to see what happens this winter. If the big die off happens he will step up He must say the truth or he will be complicit and therefore will never win
        Is he the Messiah figure or will Jesus in another form show up. To be honest without a strong righteous leader there can be no win for us. Rally and protests mean nothing. Trump has a very large following and if honest he will take the reigns stolen from him and with God at his side will lead us back on the path of righteousness and strength. But if the die off does not occur and Americans are brought to their knees in other ways the chances of saving our country becomes impossible without God.
        Celente in Italian means Hot. And his passion for truth is at boiling point. Love it!

        • Greg Hunter

          Trump cannot wait. He must get out in front of this and stop the boosters and all the shots for kids and adults–NOW. He must admit he made a mistake or he has been duped or both. He must come out now and say Stop the Shots!!! This is what leadership is not politics. People are dying from the shots. They are destroying our military. HE CANNOT WAIT.


          • Catherine

            Greg. I pray he does it NOW. You are correct we CANNOT WAIT. Time is of the essence.

          • Robert

            Today I had a very strange experience. Considering the push of these unwarranted vaccine mandates and the probability of COVID passports, I brought up a video I watched today with Kash Patel being interviewed about these mandates. He’s so clear in his analysis. I wanted someone where I live to know about his video as I know in the past we’d been aligned on this issue. Today I was basically dissed, blown off. Just got yea’s and uh huhs. Sometimes I’m blown away by changes in behavior like that. I don’t know what to make of them. I feel like we’re in mid 1930s Germany and we have to decide if we’re staying in place ( blue state) or moving to a red state standing against these mandates. At some point with these AGs contesting the mandates, the SCOTUSA is going to make a ruling. It’s anybody’s guess which way it will go.

          • BOB

            Thanks for your work Greg , we pray for your protection and your life in Christ each night to be blessed. I agree with you here if Trump does not do as you say it will be difficult for many to believe he is not the controlled opposition. Even if he is the only world leader they deplatformed. Strange to think they left every other evil person on earth with a free pass on Twitter. I hope Bo Polny is somehow correct and God will leave something left of the country after judgement falls.

    • Charles H.


      Israel was supposed to be lead and governed by God, first through the Patriarchs, then Judges and Prophets. But they chose themselves a king – to be like the other nations. God warned them; and they insisted.

      Following human government and authority has always been a bad idea. Israel turned from the Word of God to the teachings of thew Rabbis. When Jesus Christ came: they listened to their spiritual , human authorities and not the Word of God.

      America and the Western Culture has basically done the same – listened to human authority and not the very Word of God, the Holy Bible. America has been dumbed down to Sheeple-dom, after kicking God out of the Public Schools. Israel as a peculiar race are much more cohesive: so conformity to human governmental authority is greater – and the shot. But as America , like Israel, has turned from the Living God and His Word – to trust the leaders and ‘experts’ of the day: it will not go well for us either. The Founding Fathers understood this.

  13. Jr

    Trump’s emergency order was illegal because it was known in the medical community that HCQ and ivermectin were existing medicine that were effective as is C D zink- so the “rollout” of an “experimental “vaccine” (that is not a vaccine) is in itself an illegal “emergency order” – and you want to put trump in again? Is the whole world nuts? I guess the answer is yes.

    • Paul ...

      Jr … Talking about nuts … the FDA running our country’s health program recently told the American public: “Do not to take the life-saving Ivermectin” … because “you’re not a horse” … now … they are recommending dexamethasone for the treatment of severe Covid … “which is a commonly used drug to treat horses”?? … the only one that can be happy about this … is probably Bentley (Stan’s horse) …

      • Paul ...

        I wish Trump was a “Brazil nut” …… and would lead us Americans in marches to refuse the “jab” (just as the Brazilian President is doing)!!!

      • Stan

        Hey Paul: If you are looking for work I need someone to detail my Bentley

        • Paul ...

          Stan … You can’t entice me to put a bag on Bentley’s rear end to catch exhaust gases!!

        • Self Exiled

          It’s not your Bentley: remember. It’s mine: you lost it concerning the suicidal bet you made shorting gold; I was first to call debs on it.

    • MikeTW

      And Trump was treated with drugs he bragged about making him feel like a new man just 1 day later when he had covid last year. Yet, the SOB still brought us hell on earth with the emergency vaccine approval AFTER knowing by his own experience that there existed very effective treatments. He also enabled the state governors to behave like tyrants by not cancelling the state of emergency order. He failed us.

  14. Suzette Lawrence

    Greg! Great visit with Gerald! He hits the target. I worked with Families that had vaccine injured children from ’98-2012. I could not even get a pregnant woman to look at the data or listen to the stories so they could investigate. Many lived to regret it when they willfully damaged their children or their children ended up with a laundry list of autoimmune diseases like the Autisms, Asthma, ADD, ADHD and DM. Most never made the connection. It’s way to difficult to realize the truth. I finally left and moved into healthy aging so that I would never end up dependent on a system that would knowingly damage a child. IF they can do that to kids, what would they do to a senior? Look at Cuomo in NY for the answer. Now the FDA panel (on the boosters) has been ignored. Leave it to Gerald to remember Richard Nixon’s quote. Sadly he was right… To strength, courage and the protection of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Suzette

  15. tim mcgraw

    HI Greg, Thanks for the interview with Gerald C. Great as always. Gerald’s confrontation with the lawyer is common. The bullies always run away from a courageous man or woman with truth and vigor on their side. This happened with me and bullies here in our town. And I’m not in near as good of shape as Gerald.
    Jesus Christ shows us the Way.

  16. Dave

    A friend in the Philippines reported that 4 people in one family died after the vax! Mother, father, two kids! The only family member who survived had got a job overseas, told his family not to take the shot. It’s a tragedy to have to bury your whole family!

    • Self Exiled

      I also received word from my nurse/care taker that my neighbor across the street and down one house passed away from a heart attack. Also the lady who waves at me [every time I pulled up in my tricycle in front of my house] next door; has also died from a heart attack. All in a 4 house radius in this small provincial town in Aklan near Kalibo. Before the vax we had 5 cases of covid reported a day [local radio], when I was forced to leave with the vax we had as many as 160 or more cases a day. God Bless the Philippines. If ever a people did not disserve this; it is they.

  17. Neville

    Hi Greg ,
    While we are on the topic of suggestions …… is one for you.
    Please try and get James Dines on to the show as I regard him as
    one of the ALL TIME greats of the Financial News Letters

  18. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Gerald is usually right in the Money. The picture he is painting is exactly what I think too!!!
    As a Retired Marine I know that there will be Millions of Veterans that will stand up against Evil. We will need all Patriots to Unite if we have any chance of Victory. The Military will not turn on the People in my opinion. There are plenty of Officers that will not follow orders from the Tin Star Generals………. Gerald nailed it in regards to Mad Dog Mattis – he proved it when he turned against Trump – Milley should be tried for Treason!!!! When convicted put to Death!!!! I continue to Stack or accumulate – Food, Water, Silver, Gold, Platinum along with gasoline……. Have a plan – one of the keys is to have a Satellite Phones – for emergency purposes. Greg’s sponser is worth checking out.
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot – Semper Fi Brother 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Charles H.

      It does a squid good to read such a patriotic comment. Thanks, Rod.

    • Paul ...

      RMB … What of the Commander in Chief who did not take the advice of Milley and McKenzie? … last month Bribe’n claimed that “no military leader advised him to leave a small troop presence in Afghanistan” to ensure a smooth withdrawal … but General Milley and General McKenzie both confirmed they recommended that 2,500 US troops remain in Afghanistan to prevent a catastrophic withdrawal … so … should Milley have disobeyed the President? … and instead do “the right thing” as he saw it??

  19. John Mahoney

    im still hanging with u Greg, love all ur shows, really like Bo Ponly

    • Ella B.

      Gerald is no certainly no “visionary” as he describes himself. He is a follower and says the obvious (for anyone who is actually looking for info). He gets his “insights” from others’ intel.

      • Greg Hunter

        Celente has many correct predictions. He posts them in his publication “The Trends Journal.” You simply have to give the man credit where credit is due, and it’s written down and dated. Just say you don’t like him, but make crap up with no sources. He’s got them you don’t.

        • Rodster

          Right, he called the Bubble months before it happened. The financial press thought he was off his rocker. He also called the crash of 2008 before it happened well, you did too. So when people say Gerald is just stating the obvious, Gerald’s Intel is based on Trends. Sometimes the Trends look obvious and sometimes they run counter to that.

  20. bert trim

    Amen! Gerald, Brace for impact.

  21. Guy Azbell

    Really excellent content I am a realist and much of my opinion is not exactly fluffy and sweet sad to say but in the Bible it says perilous times will come and the whole world will be deceived into believing the lies, as well as mystery babylon(america) will be destroyed in one hour, with that said and considering the years of deep Bible and history study I think especially today hardly no one will fight due to what Gerald has stated were his reasons, but those who know whats happening will fight because its all we know and the vast majority will not because its all they know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t leave God out of the equation. Pray!

  22. Carter

    Celente is right, it will take massive protests that will not go away to break the back of tyranny. Watch Australia, and watch Israel, they are our indicator species. Gerald is right about the FCA, Bill Clinton in his blue dress was a fantasy island pox on America.
    Hey, what do I have to do to post a picture for my name?

  23. Jim Wade

    Hi Greg;
    I enjoy your podcasts. Keep up the thing that you do so well…. tell the truth with passion and integrity!
    Here’s a link to a podcast you might enjoy. It too is truth.


  24. Ed

    Well, let’s see if the raging mini guinea took his meds before going on camera this time. Or, is he going to embarrass himself and his host and the audience again. Gee, I wonder . . .

    • Paul ...

      Ed … He is not a stupid pig like some people … who will voluntarily allow the Globalists to “jab” them with a Killer Clot Shot that will silence them forever!!

      • JC


        Here’s a question for you…

        What happens to a mosquito that sucks the blood out of a vaxxed person?

        • Paul ...

          JC … The mosquito becomes an ally of Big Pharma … and “jabs” people for them … but … because the amount of infectious material they inject is a lot less then what is found in a vaccine syringe … our bodies can most likely handle it OK … but why get “jabbed’ in the first place … simply grind up some mint leaves in water in your blender … then strain … and put the liquid solution into a spray bottle … spray yourself when in a mosquito infested area … and it will keep the mosquitoes from biting you for the Big Pharma eugenicists!!

          • Paul ...

            JC … There is another possibility … the mosquito might simply drop dead (of a blood clot to the brain or a heart attack)!!

            • JC


              I am seriously wondering, what will happen to a mosquito that has gorged itself on vaxxed blood?

              • Paul ...

                JC … The mosquito “will become infected” and most likely will carry the parasites and virus spike protein the Globalists deliberately put into their Killer Clot Shots … just like mosquito’s spread Malaria (which is a serious disease caused by a parasite) …and just like they can spread the Zika virus … so mosquito’s “can spread parasites and viruses from a sick person to a healthy individual” by means of their bite … hope that fully answers your question [mosquitoes “can get infected by blood meal taken from an infected person” … and they then “can transmit their infection” (just like they do with Malaria and West Nile virus pathogens)]!!

              • Paul ...

                The “shedding” that the un-vaxxed fear (by being around “jabbed” people) “could be facilitated by mosquito’s” … so … when around “jabbed” people the un-vaxxed should make sure they have rubbed their arms and legs with some mint solution or simply rub a mint leaf on arms, legs and neck!!

  25. jack mathers

    must read.
    Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin
    by Justus R. Hope, MD Jun 7, 2021 Updated Sep 8, 2021 8

  26. Brooklyn


    I planned to watch 10-15 minutes of the Gerald Celente interview after a long day out and about with family and friends son this beautiful early fall day; and then 41 minutes later I sat breathless knowing that this extremely knowledgeable, sometimes with his wild-eyed, crazy presentation, but nonetheless Gerald is one hundred precent correct! That lawyer that wanted to “go outside” was only pissed because someone had the nerve to tell him he was wrong!

    I had the honor of being in East Germany after the wall came down and got a front row seat to the personal courage of but a few freedom fighters who risked everything, against astronomical odds of the NAZI control, but in the end, others joined them, and they eventually out numbered the guards and the wall came down and their greatest dream was made possible when their son was able to come to America.

    American Patriots need to come together and realize that time is of the essence. We must be willing “to risk everything for the course of freedom” or die with our boots on!

    I found this post recently which hopefully will be a Wake Up Call to all Watchdoggers and to pass on to others…

    The entire (once) free world is watching closely what’s happening in the States. We know we can’t be liberated if America isn’t liberated first. You have the 2nd Amendment, we don’t….The future of the world depends on what is happening right now in the last real bastion of freedom, the United States of America.

    Wishing all American patriots the very best. It’s 1776 all over again.

    Bring It!

    • tim mcgraw

      HI Brooklyn. Great comment. Thank you!

    • Jerry

      I’m not sure where you live, but when the globalist decide to come into my
      neighborhood, they will not be met by helpless women and children. Many patriots are in a hunker down mode because they learned on January 6th what happens when you come out into the streets to protest.
      Tyranny rarely shows its face in broad daylight. It comes in the dark of night. Get prepared and pray. The lords armies are at the gate.

      • tim mcgraw

        Yes, Jerry, “They always come at night.” I’m reading books about the Great Sioux War on the Northern Plains in 1876/77. The US Army always moved into position at night and then attacked the Sioux villages at dawn when the Indians were sleeping. (The one exception was “The Battle of Little Big Horn” and Custer suffered the consequences.)

      • Brooklyn


        It is once again getting late, but allow me to tell you that I worked NYPD in the South Bronx when it was literally on fire, where our slogan was, “We own the night!” But, of course there were nights when the challenge was greater than our simple slogan, where as brothers in arms came together and stood watch so that good people could sleep in their beds. Please be assured that we will persevere.

        As Our leader Greg has told us so many times, “Jesus is Real! Pray to Him!”

        Amen, Brother,


      • Catherine

        Jerry. Great answer. I hope and pray your aren’t just wishing it would happen. I am hoping you are like Paul revere who traveled at night, the army is at that gate. YES
        God of righteousness is standing with you

  27. Michael B Roche

    I think Gerry needs to speak a bit more plainly to be clear on his sentiment for Central Bankers!

    Awesome job guys. Love Gerry going of the rails.

  28. Michael B Roche

    Imagine taking Gerry to dinner in Manhattan, and asking him to tell these stories. Security is recommended. Love Gerry!

  29. don boucher

    Great report, I must say that Gerald does not mince his words. He is correct, we will see hell on earth. (A world without logic). I guess we are already there.
    Thanks Greg!

    • Leah

      Say you have 100 viral of the jab, of which, 80 are a placebo and 20 are the bioweapon, The 80 who get the placebo will became the Advocates for the jab. And they will tell all those who are ‘hesitant’ as ‘tin foil hat’ nutters. If they get another placebo, they will become ever more a staunch advocate for the vaccine. Consider this….. the so called advocates don’t believe there is any dangers.

      • RG

        You are partly right, but… The 20% of holdouts have a special present waiting for them now that they are easy to identify. No saline for them; they will get the real thing – both barrels. Then after the 20% are dead the other useless eaters will get the real thing according to who they are and whether they will make good, mindless slaves for the elite. They will own nothing and be happy because they will not even own their own minds; soma will see to that.

  30. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview.

  31. Bob

    The sad truth is Celeste is right and that sucks

  32. Justn Observer

    Greg, Do they give EMM’YS for best supporting actors for the deep state?
    Celebrities and Politicians not really taking the jabs ? Not like many did not suspect it all along – right?

  33. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente , sadly the people of the USA are now like us here in the UK have simply gone Bolshevik, Covid-19 Bolshevik.
    Here in the UK, one of our so-called universities ,Queen’s University Belfast,has installed a heroic mass murderer ,Hilary Clinton, as the Chancellor. Normally these plum jobs are given as an income to the royal family or their apparatchiks so that the pleb students can support a useless murderer,now the students of Queen’s Belfast are supporting a washed out murderer.So an opportunity for the death rate to escalate in Northern Ireland by suicide with multiple gun shot wounds.

  34. leah

    Greg and Greg, thank you for your conversation, I enjoyed it. Please consider, if you have 100 viral of the jab, of which, 80 or 85 are a placebo and 20/15 are the real bioweapon. The 80/85 who get the placebo will became the Advocates for the jab. And they will tell all those who are ‘hesitant’ as ‘tin foil hat’ nutters. If they get another placebo, they will become ever more a staunch advocate for the vaccine. Consider this….. the so called advocates don’t believe there is any dangers. UNTIL the boosters!!!

  35. JC

    Young people probably don’t realize that once upon a time there were grocery stores, drug stores, stationery stores and hardware stores that were family owned.

    The family owned stores were put out of business by the chains, which are soulless corporate entities.

  36. Johan

    the national government has in effect collapsed, and that means the enemy has lost the campaign for the usa. the enemy needed the government to remain functioning in order to win. the good side have much insight, orchestrated the collapse. now the questions, how long and how many of us will fall before the enemy is gone from our land. much effort on our part to clear out the enemy is still to occur.

    make no mistake, the good side has won the campaign for the usa.

  37. AndrewB

    “You got to unite, you got to do something, it’s not a spectator sport!”
    Greg Hunter, 9-25-2021.

    Greg, as moderator of my prior comments you know that I couldn’t agree more with your closing statement. Whatever ‘we the people’ need to do right now, one thing is clear – sitting on our collective asses and ‘trusting the plan’ will lead to death or slavery.

    Unfortunately, ‘we the liberty loving people’ are not united. I can’t pretend to know what’s best / most effective to do. Paul … suggests printing up ‘Wanted for Murder’ flyers and posting them up for all the sheeple to see. There is certainly merit in trying to awaken the many Covidian cultists so they may unite with us. I can’t even break through to my own (highly educated) siblings, despite sending them links to evidential information. My wife’s brother opines on-line that ‘Biden is wonderful’ and genuinely believes that life has improved since the ‘demise’ of Trump. Whatever one thinks about Trump, ‘Operation (Vaxx) Warp Speed’, etc., who in their right mind can believe that the quality of life is improving?! Sometimes, I think my head will explode. Despite the extreme difficulty, I believe we should all reach out to those within the matrix and ‘Wanted for Murder’ posters may help. For what it’s worth, I advocate for mass civil disobedience of all ‘Covid’ related ‘laws’ (most are only regulations, and in many cases unlawful). In particular, never wear a mask* – the badge of compliance. I wish the path to victory was clear. Even Gerald Celeste was not clear about how to proceed. Two good things about rallies; they demonstrate to the faithful that they are not alone AND they have the potential to identify natural leaders among those brave enough to address the crowd. Leaders behind whom we may unite.

    *Masks retain warm moist exhaled air, forming a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria you breath out and the bacteria you breath in. Look out for a ‘plague’ of bacterial pneumonia cases this coming Winter. It will probably be called a new (Greek alphabet) Covid variant!

  38. Sylvia Sires

    Good video. Did you see Obama speaking to the UN predicting our future? 3 minute video. It’s like he and Biden ran for a third term!

  39. MC

    Israel has been for years mostly a secular progressive state which celebrates the abomination proscribed by the Torah. In many ways it is just like in the days of Sodom. In this context, the entire population of Israel finds itself vaxed.

    Already the light in much of the Northern Hemisphere is too lessened to provide UVB for vitamin D making by the body. And each day brings longer shadows and dimmer skies that darken quicker. Flu season now arrives at the Golan Heights and sits on silent haunches like that Carl Sandburg poem, Fog.

    But it is not the vax that dooms, but rather the unwillingness of what the Old Scriptures refer to again and again as a stiff-necked people. And this applies here where these vaxed are unwilling try anything of Jesus. This is most unfortunate for them, because it is certain that if the vaxed of Israel said once the Our Father prayer, then there would be most speedy remediation for the vaxed.

    There is nothing in that prayer which could be peculiar for a follower or once upon time follower of Moses to say. It is indeed a prayer to the Father. They only object to that prayer because it was given by Jesus. Set that objection aside, and just say the prayer (Malachi 3:10).

  40. Falstaff

    HI ALL,dont forget to press some of the adds .

  41. Jane Reynolds

    Thank you Gerald and Greg. I live in France and will not take the poison. I am as prepared as I can be spiritually and practically. All those giving the orders and following the orders will be found guilty in the biggest crime ever perpetrated on the human race. Resistance here in France is huge. God bless all patriots worldwide and may we have the fortitude and belief that we will overcome this evil.

  42. ray jones

    can any one tell me what nero did while rome burned………we are all to blame we were to busy playing a game called life,we allowed our selves to be deceived by what ever method and now we are here…..time to repent of the sin of being deceived folks and its time for us to to take our government back from the deceivers and reinstate the constitution in all its glory and truth and beg gods forgiveness …………………

  43. Roger Stamper

    dont slave fight for freedom tks for post

  44. Daniel

    it’s incredible that Gerald celente is not using his most theatrical dramatic foul mouth in this interview.. it’s amazing you complain about the bankers this the bankers that it’s not just a bankers it’s a population it’s a family the bankers those people who ran the banks and the time of Jesus were part of a family a cabal is what it’s called and Jesus told you who they are but you never will say it you’ll never will call it anybody who tells the truth on these matters is called the white supremist or an anti-semite you won’t tell the truth Greg and Gerald celente he gets on YouTube and he’s got the most vulgar mouth of anybody he gets on talk with the judge talk it with you not one vulgar word revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9 John 8:44 now why don’t you tell the truth Jesus said that he and the follower one he said this twice there is no Trinity he is one God the Father the spirit the word prophecy was fulfilled with the birth of Jesus the holy Spirit of the father was with Jesus the holy Spirit of the father left Jesus on the cross he had to suffer it alone he did and he died he went to his own and they received him not they killed him the descendants of Jacob who came back from the Assyrian and Babylonian captivity .. but you will never say that you won’t even read those verses in public and these big pharma is all in the Bible if you read it we are warned about it it’s all there prophecy is fulfilled millions of doctors all over the world have been warning us about the vaccine they were telling us about natural immunity but it took the rogue fake phony genocide of Israel if Israel says it it must be true if Israel says that it is true it’s the people the family who are like this who are bringing this to you it is just like cops the cops who beat your face in on a unlawful traffic stop and then tell you to quit resisting they kick you in the face and tell you to quit resisting they broke the shoulder and arm of Karen Garner and told her to quit resisting this is what Israel does they give you the poison and then like heroes they give you the antidote to the poison at a price…….. remember betamax VHS Polaroid same thing they give you the camera gouge you on the film….. is so full of crap

  45. Daniel

    he started a church 501c3 anything to make money universalism was the first church in antiquity started by Constantine 325 ad he got tired of tripping over all the little statues in the temple so he created one universalism today it is called Catholicism many harlot daughters under Catholicism the first harlot daughter was Islam by Muhammad who could not read a Coptic maiden brought the Bible to Muhammad and read it to him Coptic is Catholicism after that Baptist Methodist Lutheran Wesley all came out of Catholicism they are all universal 501c 3 they received they are created by government 501c3 makes you a creature of government whose business is God the problem is the name of the god of Abraham and David is not God the name was Yahweh .. he had many titles but the name is supposed to be unpronounceable and all you fools out there that speak it in your lousy Hebrew etc why don’t you try to speak in English the true and proper is I am Jesus said I am sent you tell them I am sent you are you guys are full of crap or you want to do is get the money how many 501c3 does Gerald scelanty have… yeah toward the end he’s got to get vulgar I bet if his mom was listening he would not be so stinking vulgar……. he reminds me of high school I was always 6 ft something 6 ft 2 6 ft 4 my brothers as well two brothers and it was all the little tiny bullies like Gerald who always picked the fight who always played the big dog the little tiny short ones because they didn’t want to be in school anyway they pick the fight so that you would fight them and get expelled with them he uses vulgarity because he has nothing else to say

    • eddiemd

      Maybe some regular use of Haldol will help.

      • Charles H.

        My wife belly-laughed on hearing this comment.

        • JC

          Celente is a street guy, don’t hold it against him.

          Gotti (1996)

          Paul Castellano: John Gotti should f**king die.
          Don Carlo: No need to curse Paul, no need to curse. Neil!
          Neil: You know me Don Carlo, I’m a street guy, if I can’t curse, I can’t talk.

        • Paul ...

          Speaking about psychotics … we need to “jab” Fauci, Gates and Soros with Haloperidol, Risperidone, Clanzapine and Amiodarone … then put these Loony Tunes (now running the psycho wards at all our Nations Health Care Facilities) into straight jackets … to await their trial … at Nuremberg II !!

  46. Larry Giglio

    Liberty, peace, prosperity. I voted for that a couple elections back. The pace of this monumental economic transfer of wealth into fascist global corporations is boring.
    We can not all have a homestead and grow our own food. The globalists are our monster. In the seventies corporate growth was patriotic. They were THE MAN. Already the corporations were subtly influencing local laws. Now they have outgrown national law.
    We need a global oversight, with the balls to rule incorruptibly.
    I’m in favor of attacking the mansions, private planes, and yachts: ( should this become personal. Hurt enough of the 1%, they will put a stop to the suffering.

    • Charles H.

      NO, Larry – NO global oversight. National Sovereignty for people to rule themselves, by themselves.

      • Larry Giglio

        Hello Charles.
        You do not see where this brought us, as corporations flee to usurp laws to suit themselves in friendly needy nations ? While conducting business here ? Taxes are the most obvious example. Government regulations of production are another, eiher environmental laws or health standards. I’m all for liberty and freedom of individuals and local governance, but even United as one nation under God, we are powerless against global corporations.

        • Charles H.

          The tail should not wag the dog – and corporations determine governments. Neither should anyone throw in the towel. Helpless is a word I seldom chose, for myself or any adversary. Why does China fear the common people? Because if they break – they start using the pitchforks, for real. We ARE in a pickle, though.

          • Larry Giglio

            Hello again Charles.
            Only in a fascist regime do corporations buy politicians and write their own laws. Yes that is where we are. No, I do not feel hopeless. I believe the American citizens with all the murder in their history, stand for, build towards, and if given the choice vote for the betterment of humankind.
            However, incremental takeover with disregard for our founders’ Constitution, may only be resolved by insurrection from within, or a more powerful global cabal under the guidance of God . I prefer nonviolence.

  47. eddiemd

    Genesis 7:1
    Then the Lord said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.”

    Noah was obedient.

    Isaiah 66:4
    So will I choose their delusions,
    And bring their fears on them;
    Because, when I called, no one answered,
    When I spoke they did not hear;
    But they did evil before My eyes,
    And chose that in which I do not delight.”

    iPhone being used to give people over to delusions.

    Jeremiah 10:10
    But the Lord is the true God;
    He is the living God and the everlasting King.
    At His wrath the earth will tremble,
    And the nations will not be able to endure His indignation.

    Zechariah 10:2
    For the idols speak delusion;
    The diviners envision lies,
    And tell false dreams;
    They comfort in vain.
    Therefore the people wend their way like sheep;
    They are in trouble because there is no shepherd.

    2 Thess 2:11
    And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,

    James 1:16
    Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren.

  48. Jerry

    Here’s what we are up against.

    • Paul ...

      Five men and two women … and 340 million Americans couldn’t fight them off???

  49. Marie+Joy

    This is waayyy past protesting.

  50. Dr. David Lyon

    There is only one way to clean up a corrupt government and it ain’t through talking.
    Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine do not work, and the vaccines aren’t necessary.
    Lose weight and exercise you fat asses, and take Vitamin D. Quit eating junk food.
    Most people, especially in America, simply can’t handle the truth. They deny it.

    • Charles H.

      NO, Sir. The nation of India has PROVEN that Ivermectin works. You claim to be a doctor: but throw out unsupported opinion. Sorry – that won’t fly.


    Thank you, Greg for having Gerald Celente on again. He is Italian coool. I am Italian and I appreciate his passion and patriotism. Gerald, please watch your blood pressure. I know it is difficult watching the criminal cabal hammer us down more and more, but we have God on our side and some day they will be rewarded with what is due to them. Gerald, as a senior citizen who has never taken a vaccine as an adult, I have experienced attacks from the vaxxed also and it makes me boil inside. I try to immediately turn to God to hold my tongue and walk away. I have educated my family and friends — some took my advice and some did not. We all need to continue to pray for forgiveness and mercy from God.

  52. Marie+Joy

    Prepper Dawg on YouTube says we should expect persecution.

  53. WarProfit

    My only comment, is a question you should pose to Gerald next time you have him on.
    How do you feel about AR-15’s now Gerald ?

  54. TJZ

    Great interview with Gerald Celente! I love that guy!
    Thank you for your comments on the Days of Noah, on gene therapy and Gerald’s Celente’s remarks on “Its Demonic”. It is absolutely DEMONIC! That is the point!
    People constantly question why, regarding the forced vax. The answer is right there before them; As in the Days of Noah; altering your God given DNA; they want your life and more importantly your SOUL!
    I have had the same interaction, Mr Celente experienced, over COVID and the VAX discussions. Nothing but anger and hatred spews forth from those who have been vaxxed. There is an obvious and heart wrenching transition, that has taken over in these, who were once love ones and friends.
    Down deep in those who have been VAXXED they realize that they have made a great mistake and they who have been duped want you to do the same.
    Thank you Greg! God bless you.

    • Paul ...

      TJZ … The Noah flood had a purpose … to dispose of the people who had their DNA altered … so what of those who have now altered their DNA with the “jab”?? … think they are going to be saved? … they know they are not … and that’s why it is so hard to convince them to leave us un-vaxxed alone … they are just damn jealous … and want our souls to burn right along side them in Hell!!

      • Paula Davis

        Exactly Paul…the Nephilim, sons of God (fallen angels) took the form of humans & mated with the daughters of men producing children whose DNA was compromised. The “jab” changes our God-given DNA into something not fully human. The unvaxxed will be as Noah & his family.
        DO NOT take the “jab” as there is no remedy to knowingly rebel against GOD’s pure DNA given to us at conception. See Genesis 6:4

    • Terry Garrett

      Based upon direct personal experience with intelligent (at least heretofore) friends (now apparently ex-friends) who were cogent and logically responsive the day before they were vaxxed. Several days later their language was emotionally illogical and I had to control my urge to shout “that’s STUPID”. Haven’t contacted them or accepted communications from them since. The spike proteins contained in the vax have apparently penetrated the blood brain barrier and are busy at work creating the widely described brain spongiform (mad cow) disease.

      • Paul ...

        TG … Your once normal friends brains have become a porous structure … resembling a bloody sponge … you can “pray” for them … but “prion” won’t likely do them any good … as their heads are full of holes!!

  55. Joe Boudreau

    The Bigs run 92% of the media. All we need is 8% to infect the other 92%, haha.
    As for confrontations… I have a brother that lives in Stratford (Bieber’s hometown) and his wife was assistant manager at the local Dollarama. My sister in lawmentioned to my brother that a co-worker’s husband would park in front of the store every day to keep tabs on this guy’s wife. Sick, I know. This guy was doing this every day for months and making all the lady female workers nervous. (Clearly a psycho)
    One day, she had enough and asked him to leave because he was causing trouble and she would call the cops. This guy made the mistake of threatening my brother’s wife. My brother stands six feet tall, husky and strong as an ox. When my brother found out, he was furious.
    Just a few days later, don’t the two couples cross paths at the local grocery store. My sister in law pointed them out and said that was the guy that threatened her. The two men made eye contact but my brother said nothing. My brother and his wide paid their grocery bill and stepped outside but my brother waited at the window and made sure this idiot scum bag could see that my brother was waiting for him outside.
    As soon as the guy stepped outside my brother confronted him and it was a no holds barred words of exchange. My brother warned him, ‘ever threaten my wife again, and I’ll break every bone in your body’. My brother even offered to let the guy throw the first punch. Of course, the guy wimped out and it’s good that he did because my brother was ready to break the guy in half.
    The very next day, that lady quit and she and her husband were not seen at again and everyone was happy again.
    That’s how you stand up to dumbasses who think they can intimidate their way through life. Intimidate right back at them. My brother said they were literally face to face and he yelled out for the whole parking lot to hear, ‘see hun, he’s just a pussy, just like I told you’.
    Hurray to my brother and hurray to Gerald Celente for standing up to that scum bag lawyer.

  56. Da Yooper

    Greg a thought occurred to me while listening to this interview. Has anyone considered that the reason so many people have taken this shot is due to NLP ( Nero linguistic programing ) through the MSM? the same crap they used to get obama elected they used to get so many to unthinkingly get jabbed?

  57. Jerry

    Heads up Greg,
    Costco giving warnings on upcoming shortages.

    Toilet paper? Bottled water? Where I have I heard this before?
    Oh that’s right, the 2020 lockdowns. Hint. Hint. Guess what’s coming next? Besides mandatory vaccinations? ……..

  58. ron martin

    Greg, I wrote a 432 page book back in 2010 titled “It’s Over”. It was on Amazon & other sites until recently removed. Some still call me a prophet. I’m not. I know you didn’t want to hear Gerald say that the forensic audit would be a nothing burger. He’s right. Crimes of the darkside are never punished or reversed. We have many heroes on our side but only the supernatural power of Jehovah/Yahweh through His Son Jesus/Yeshua can save this planet. We must never stop fighting but also never put our faith in any human (Trump). We allowed the darkside to slowly enslave our minds and bodies and HE expects HIS people to do their part in extricating themselves from this mess. Always pray but prayer alone has never taken the place of human action. I think God that you are on the front line fighting the good fight. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not over Ron. Fight for your life and don’t tell others to give up.\

  59. Paul ...

    See how 30 States have laws “prohibiting the States from doing business with companies and individuals that are determined “to harm Israel” … … so why can’t we have our States have the same respect for our own country?? … and “cease doing business with Big Pharma companies” that are determined to not only harm Israel with their Clot Shots but also kill “American citizens” with their Clot Shots that has been scientifically proven to undeniably be doing harm to both Israel and American citizens (with dangerous parasites, pieces of sharp stainless steel metal, graphine oxide, DNA changing ingredients, etc., etc.)?? … come on you State politicians … it is not just Israel that is being harmed by Big Pharma … they are harming the American people “you are supposed to represent” … States Must Stop Doing Business with Big Pharma!! … (as we individual Americans “also stop buying Big Pharma products and divest all Big Pharma stocks out of our IRA portfolios”)!!!

    • Stan

      Paul: Just because one person in a million get a headache after taking the vaccine you are afraid? I though you were a big tough guy?

      • Greg Hunter

        You are showing you are a pure dramatically uninformed idiot. Read this Affidavit from LTC Therese Long from Fort Rucker. This case was filed in Colorado. Read it all and do NOT comment on this subject again unless you do. Paul is not afraid he’s informed which apparently YOU ARE NOT!!!!!


        • AndrewB

          Hi Greg,
          I completely ignore ‘Stan’ and have in the past encouraged others to do the same. I appreciate you maintain an open forum, but Stan’s comment about ‘one in a million who get a headache after the Covid shot’ is, in light of the loss and suffering of loved ones reported by Watchdoggers, simply obscene. IMHO, his comments are 100% disengenuous and you would do well to ‘moderate’ him out of existence.

        • Keith Wilson

          Greg why do you put up with Stan and his B\S. I told you years ago he was a complete arsehole regarding all the man’s comments. He is just like Joe biden a moron and has bought nothing to your site in 4 years. Just ignore him he is beyond help.

          • Stan

            Oh, so you are for censorship?

      • Paul ...

        Stan … I’m not afraid of the one in a million that gets a headache … I’m afraid of the one(1) out of two(2) that get blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, parasites, HIV, etc, etc. and erectile dysfunction!!

      • Self Exiled

        Evidently Stan took the shot.

  60. Evelyn Noyes

    Hi Greg,
    Me again urging you to take some time out of your busy schedule to take a look at the interviews done by Christine Nolan/CD Media with vaccine injured people. It is heartbreaking!!! There are approximately 20 interviews including the families of injured children.

    Lastly, here are some statistics from AFLDS which you may have already seen, but I thought they were important enough to be included here.

    “Today the facts remain the same: SARS-CoV-2 poses virtually no mortality risk to people up to 70 years old. For those beyond 70, survival approaches 95%, and with early treatment is nearly 100% survivable.

    Today the problems with the “vaccines” remain the same: none have been studied for long-term effects, and the short-term toxicity is alarming. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), run by the CDC, shows over 15,000 deaths following COVID vaccines.

    Today lies about vaccines remain the same: The CDC lied when it said: “If you get the shot, you are protected from COVID. If you get the booster, you are protected from COVID.” Finally, CDC Director Walensky had to admit this was false because the shots are completely worthless against Delta and (ironically due to the shots!) Delta is all there is now.

    One of the biggest lies is that people with natural immunity need the shot. This lie is dangerous. If you are COVID-recovered and take the shot, you are not only not getting any benefit, but you are at HIGHER risk of a serious adverse event including death.”

    Simone Gold, MD, JD

    Thank you for letting me post Greg.


    • Donna Wilson

      Evelyn, I’m listening to Christine Nolan’s interviews now and they are stunning–horrible. Just listened to “Anne,” the nurse practitioner, give her interview. I’ve never heard of such awful reactions to any real vaccine. Crying for her and the others too. This is heinous, it’s pure evil, it has to stop!

  61. DanKnight

    One quibble … the video cut off before you signed off.

    … I like hearing you say, ‘Fear not … ‘

    Thanks for all you do. And God bless you and yours.

  62. Paul ...

    Ever see how humpback whales, orca’s and dolphins corral shrimp using a ring of bubbles before coming up in the center of the bubble ring to devour them … … well … the Mafia understands the principle … as to how a couple of well placed bombs can do wonders to move politicians in the direction they want!! … … remember how some well placed thermite bombs on 9-11 got our politicians “to go to war” … and take away long standing Constitutional Rights in America … know how they operate … so we can be on guard for more bombs being set off in America … to move our politicians into setting up the Police State the Globalists want!!

  63. Jeff Johnson

    I know three people that had the vaccine since March. One now how MS, a second has kidney failure and needs a transplant, and a third has cancer. None of them had issues prior to this…is this connected with shots???? If not, sure seems coincidental.

  64. Paul ...

    You know … “keeping the Government open” is probably the reason we have so many problems in America … why don’t we shut the government down for awhile … and stop all the free money flowing to the crooks … it may actually unwind a lot of Ponzi schemes … just put a moratorium on the monthly bills American’s owe … sort of like what the CDC did for renters … this constipated US Government “needs a good enema” to flush out the crap!!

  65. Marie+Joy

    God helps those who help themselves.

    • Paul ...

      M+J … The Globalists are helping themselves and their God Satan is helping them big time … I guess since we won’t try to help ourselves … we won’t get any help!!

      • JC


        HAL TURNER: NY Governor Hochel is so strident about forcing people to take the death dart that she actually invoked “God” to try to put one over! She told a crowd that “God” gave us the vaccine and people who don’t take it . . . .”aren’t listening to God.”

        She goes so far as to recruit the crowd to be her . . . ready for this . . . her vaccine “Apostles.”

        Of course, even simpletons know that Almighty God does not need a man-made mRNA shot, which alters our God-Created DNA, to fix anything.

        In fact, it is people with the most basic understanding of reality that know this so-called “vaccine” is explicitly designed to CHANGE OUR DNA. If the vaccine changes my DNA, they ask themselves, wouldn’t that make ME unrecognizable to my God?
        And that appears to be what’s being pushed here: Make DNA unrecognizable to its Creator.

        A perfect “in” for Satan to literally ruin God’s creation: Man.

        • Paul ...

          JC … You are exactly right … this “un-elected” NY Governor is the “Spawn of Satan” (SS) … this Nazi SS believes she can cast a spell on Christians into believing that Mengele T. Fauci, Eugenicist B. Gates and Sore Ass Soros are “Heavenly Angels of God” here to save humanity … we now must work even harder to cast these “Satanic Demon’s from Hell” back into the Pit of Fire from which they came!!

  66. Bryce

    Anyone who still believes in a political solution to resolve tyranny, in any form, medical or otherwise, needs to take a long hard look at history.
    Only the winners write history, the losers ashes are tread upon and become merely the dust on future generations shoes.
    Best arm yourselves and prepare for conflict.

  67. susan russo

    Gerald’s indignity is understated, it is primary. He is a warrior and is at the head calling out CHARGE!!!!!!!!!

  68. Robert K

    President Trump was in Georgia this weekend, and a news piece ran this morning (Sunday) on Fox5Atlanta by blatant left wing liberal blowhard Kaitlyn Pratt, and one of the things she said was President Trump talked about “disproven conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 Presidential election” along with “Mr. Trump, (She didn’t even acknowledge or provide respect that all presidents are still referred to as “President” before their last name) was voted out of office last year”. 1.) The theories are not theories Kaitlynn, they are facts, so stop living under a rock, and recognize real facts, and stop drinking the B.S. MSM propaganda/lies/fear mongering Kool-Aid you handlers are providing you. 2.) President Trump was NOT voted out of office, the election was stolen via foreign interference which our own intelligence agencies recognized. An illegitimate puppet was inserted that never left his basement and couldn’t muster 30 people to attend one of his rallies. 3.) This channel, along with MANY, MANY OTHERS, have gone full woke, and are reporting nothing but opinions, feelings, and their own political views, absent of ACTUAL FACTS or news.

    Greg, when you were a part of ABC News and Good Morning America & CNN, was it common practice to BLATANLY state OPINIONS and report it as fact? Or would you have to stick to the FACTS, actually report the news, and didn’t insert your opinion or bias and report it as “news”? Because this news anchor clearly wrote her own script based on her own personal views of President Trump and the network ran with it.

  69. Independent

    Hi Greg,

    Army Lt. Colonel Theresa Long filed an affidavit as a whistle blower under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Title 10 U.S.C. § 1034 for an injunction against the vax. She cannot discern what form of alchemy Pfizer and the FDA have discovered that would make antifreeze into a healthful cure to the human body.

    She writes others seem to agree with her point per recent scientific studies that caused a group of 57 doctors and scientists to call for an immediate halt to the vaccination program. She also said “Direct evidence exists and suggests that all persons who have received a Covid 19 Vaccine are damaged in their cardiovascular system in an irreparable and irrevocable manner.


    SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

  70. the shadow

    I live in upstate ny, My whole family is brainwashed and from what i can tell, so is the majority of my community. people online think guns will save us, hardly anyone who has them will have the balls to use them. I suggest making peace with yourself and god. They will slowly continue to destroy, any sense of freedom we have. On a different topic, the birds and small animals seem to be disappearing. Sounds crazy, but very few birds at our feeder, squirrels and rabbits are almost non existent. They were all plentiful just a few months ago. i think our whole planet is being destroyed on purpose. My only hope is to be abducted by aliens.

    • Myn

      Lol. So true. Thank you for the laugh about being abducted by aliens. Me too, but only by Jesus. They can call it aliens.

  71. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    I’ve listened to Gerald Celente for a number of years. Arguably he’s always entertaining with his street fighting mentality, and of course much of what he says is true., as when for example, pure and simply, he calls our pharmaceutical companies drug dealers., or when labelling our politicians as mafia criminals! But as a man of mature years Celente’s pugnacity wears thin. For example in the example he gives of wanting to respond with a punch-up with that pathetic attorney, GC would have achieved more if he simply said that the man was lying while trying to reason with him or the man’s girlfriend. To end up frothing at the mouth in not untypical Celente fashion made him look somewhat infantile as well as out of control.
    Re the forensic audits of Arizona’s election or those others that will follow, GC is also wrong to say that the cabal will simply use the media to bluster and move on. For as Dave on X always reminds us ‘the cover-up always gets you in the end’.
    So yes currently the world is going through hell with more of the same to follow. But the patriots ARE winning; Biden’s election fraud will prove irrefutably to be massive, while leaving the whole injection scam to be exposed in the full light of day. Nor is Donald Trump, as Celente has alleged elsewhere, more of the same. Trump has been anointed by God…End of! Furthermore, blessed with your 2nd amendment Americans still keep some 450 million of their weapons. This weaponry is the line in the sand that will rout the Deep State globally. For when the U.S. reclaims its freedoms and nobility, the cowards will run only to be caught, allowing the rest of the world to wake up and be saved.
    Yes, of course we ‘fight’ tirelessly for freedom by whatever means we can. But the sword of truth is often wielded not with Celente’s fisticuffs but through prayer, vocal resistance and an absolute belief that God remains fully in charge.

    • Rachel H.

      Hi Rev, thank you for saying this. I don’t agree with encouraging people to express their ideas so agressively either because it is a step toward violence and abuse.

      • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

        And for another Rachel it is very childish! Blessings.

    • AndrewB

      I would refer to our previous differences of opinion and perhaps I should just ignore your commentary, however, the whole of humanity is in peril and needs to, “Fight for freedom – or it’s Hell on Earth”. GC. In light of the seriousness of the situation, I consider your message dangerous. The mantra of; ‘we have won / are winning, all will be revealed, the white hats are following the (Devolution) plan, the bad guys will all be prosecuted, sit back and relax, enjoy the show’, is script written by our enemies. The intent is to keep the masses mentally subdued until they have us all chemically subdued. Then, it will be too late to ACT.

    • Catherine

      I couldn’t agree more. The entire earthly problems are spiritual in nature. The reason is our lack of connection to God. If we SEEK God He will help us. It will happen miraculously. Help will arrive.
      However if we depend on men and their evil solutions (jab) we will not survive. Noah and Moses were chosen by God. They had doubts about it but their faith moved the world into a righteous direction. It may have taken years but it happened. Jesus led the rest of the world and humans moved ahead. The world was enlightened through Jewish theology but for all people. Now we are at the crossroads again. We must ASK GOD FOR HELP AND SEEK HIM OUT RELENTLESSLY
      He will send someone. Evil will end. The righteous will live to see it. FAITH that is what people need more of.

      • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

        Yes Catherine. We either believe God is in charge of this situation or we do not. The U.S. is blessed with many genuine God fearing believers who put so many of us in the U.K. to shame. Just because we can’t imagine a Red Sea moment doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.


        • Paul ...

          The Globalist eugenicists are hoping for their “jab” to create a Red Sea in everyone’s head called spongiform encephalopathy … where the Red Sea is parted upon their death (during the autopsy)!!

      • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

        Andrew I never said anything about ‘sitting back and relaxing’., or indeed of ‘enjoying the show’. This is a battle which we must all engage in through to its conclusion. But if you leave God out of this (as you appear to do) then THAT is ‘dangerous’. We are engaged in a war against spiritual entities, and can only call upon God’s weaponry to crush evil. When it was (humanly speaking) hopeless for the fleeing Israelites, the Egyptians ended up drowned in the Red Sea. Maybe you don’t believe this, or more recently with the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940 which history records as a weather miracle with the English Channel reduced to a millpond and where light easterly winds blew smoke over the beaches to screen the soldiers awaiting evacuation.
        To ignore God now that is indeed perilous!

        • AndrewB

          Rev+Andrew etc,
          As you refer to Dunkirk, perhaps I should mention that my father was there. As a young Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps he was assigned to a Field Hospital at the back of the beaches. The medical staff were the last to leave, having drawn straws to decide who would remain to care for the wounded. Many who remained got shot by the SS Storm Troopers.

          I doubt I share my father’s bravery, however, I do face uncertainty every time I join the anti-lockdown, anti-vaxx protests. Our peaceful protests have met with violence from Antifa and the police, even though our numbers are made up of men, women, and children – families. You support a point of view that protesting is “childish”?! We obviously inhabit different universes. Circling back to Dunkirk, if the people of Great Britain, Russia, and the USA had sat back and waited for divine intervention to defeat the Nazis, all of Europe would be enduring Hitler’s 1000 year Reich!

          • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

            Andrew very interested to hear of your brave father. Many of those guys seem to be in a league apart from our wimpish men of today! No I NEVER suggested that joining protest groups was childish. We should all be doing that! ALL that I was referring to was Gerald Celente’s antics of wanting a punch up with that pathetic attorney! For grown men to ‘come outside’ to sort out their arguments is I’m sorry to say the equivalent behaviour of school children in the playground!

            • Charles H.

              Sorry, “Reverend”

              I say that telling someone to come outside to sort out arguments IS perfectly fine. There is a time and place to draw a line AND let people know you won’t let others step over it. To try to insinuate that those who would do so are childish: are the ones who are on the cowardly side of the equation. I do not condone violence; and as a martial artist – I understand to avoid a fight if possible. That said – either you will be proactive in asserting yourself as one to be reckoned with: or you will be pushed aside, or in a corner, and have only your rationale to comfort the fact that you won’t stand up to be counted. The old adage still goes: si vis pacem, parabellum.

              • Andrew de Berry

                C’mon Charles that attorney was a p…. If someone threatened my kids or grandkids different story….

                • Charles H.

                  Let us hope that we all do not fail to rise to the occasion when and where we must.

                  • Andrew de Berry


  72. Alan Van Cleave

    We in this home shut off cable /TV and are never ever going back!

  73. Donna M Gilio

    Gerald, unfortunately, IS RIGHT. rallies, sitting around bitching moaning and complaining will get us NOWHERE. come on, I’m a 60 year old woman who is
    willing to fight to my death. WHERE ARE THE YOUNG PEOPLE?
    I used to work at Northstar ski resort here in Lake Tahoe up until this week when I was told in an email that “ALL employees must be fully vaccinated” and, if you do ski, if you want to eat their over priced mountain food in the lodges, you must show proof of vaccination!! I kid you not. So guess where I’m not working anymore? you got it, I wont go back. And I see the future too. If you WANT to ski at their resorts in the future, your gonna have to vaccinate! mark my words, that future is coming. I’m so sad whats happened to us in the US . Clearly, the beast system is here and we are living in it.

    • Paul ...

      Everyone remember the name “Northstar Ski Resort” (put them on your list of businesses to boycott) … never ever go to this ski resort or give them your business … we need to put them into bankruptcy … and if the new owners keep the same policy … boycott them into bankruptcy too!!!

  74. Pam Berkeley

    VIDEO: “War Criminal!” Hillary Clinton Booed, Heckled, Jeered Outside Queen’s University Belfast
    By Pamela Geller – on September 26, 2021

    • Paul ...

      PB … Looks like she will be hiding out in Ireland when the US collapses!!

    • Warren B.

      Hard to tell is that is really HRC or a body double. Certainly the still photo doesn’t resemble her at all.

  75. Rodger Pape

    Love Gerald.!! Always watch your interview with him.

  76. Neil Currie

    Thanks gents that was great. God bless.

  77. Madi

    Excellent interview Greg.
    Here in Maine, harvesting souls one at the time. There are no magic solutions. First why having to mandate something if is that good?
    Gene therapy is not a vaccine.
    “Health care” is really :Sick Care.
    Like you said often :Fear not …but I do.
    Stay safe dear Greg and your followers. You are a blessing to all of us.

  78. Terry Garrett

    Thank you Greg, for your continuing objective promulgation of the real news. USA is a significant pillar of my understanding of the world. This interview with Gerald Celente was outstanding – very valuable assessments of the frightening current scenario. Gerald’s story about confrontation with a formerly respected attorney is similar to several personal encounters with vaccinated people I’ve known and respected for years who suddenly become illogically intransigent about the vax. I believe it’s the vax itself that is causing the incoherent emotional reaction to what was intended to be, and typically would have been perceived as, a calmly objective factual statement.

  79. Merry Piper

    Gerald Celente and Greg Hunter together! I never pass up an opportunity to hear them both. When I get on my “soapbox” and start ranting, I tell my dear husband I just can’t help it. What is worse, ranting or crying, because I do both every single day. When I see Gerald Celente cry, I really break down. I appreciate his Berlin Wall reference and agree. We must unite. Thank God I am married to a man who won’t have television reception.

  80. john forgione

    I thort of a new term “Georgia Covid Stones:.

    • Paul ...

      JF … These stones should be given a “jab” of our own … with a bazooka!!

  81. joe

    P L E A S E watch and promote the video mentioned by ” MARIO ” (above) !!!!!

  82. Paul ...

    To Print or not to Print … that is the question … the answer is: “The Fed will continue to Print” … all the tapper talk is just talk … notice how Powell at the Fed’s Open Market Committee last Wednesday … pushed the “start of tapering” out to 2022 (when he will be resigning and will be replaced) … the Democrats are now ramming through colossal spending plans (to help bribe voters ahead of the midterm elections next year) … do you think they can afford to have the Fed “tapering QE down to zero in an election year”? … what will happen is … Powell will resign … and Bribe’n will appoint a “commie/socialist” inflationist as the new Fed Chief … who will subscribe to Modern Monetary Theory … and who will finance all of Washington’s out of control crazy deficit spending … so the advanced notice that Powell gave the markets … that the Fed will soon start tapering is simply BS … the US has fallen into a monetary Black Hole and can’t escape … we are well past the event-horizon … only owning gold (and silver) offers a way to escape the Black Hole of Nothingness (otherwise known as Hell)!!

    • AndrewB

      Paul …
      “Powell will resign … and Bribe’n will appoint a “commie/socialist” inflationist as the new Fed Chief … who will subscribe to Modern Monetary Theory”. A minor difference in opinion. The POTUS has never had freedom to choose the president of the Federal Reserve. The banisters at the privately owned and controlled Fed provide the POTUS with a shortlist of ‘qualified’ people to choose from. The shortlist may be as short as one name!

      This is akin to the (toothless) European Parliament being presented with a shortlist of candidates to become president of the (all powerful) European Commission. On one infamous occasion, the list of candidates from which the EU parliamentarians had to choose was, indeed, just one! We lost true democracy decades ago.

      At least in the US, you have the Constitution – which the Globalists hate – and the Second Amendment with which to defend it. These two pillars of freedom are unique in the World today.

      • AndrewB

        Correction: the BANKSTERS at the privately owned Fed . . .

      • Fran Barnes

        Yes, we have been witnessing the most unconscionable rigging of a monetary system and psychopathically engineered society and nation that should needs to be a simple supply and demand based on true information of product liability. Long gone. Here’s my hope and where I stand firm in my prayer before God our Creator and Savior, Douay Rheims Genesis 3:15 she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.
        I wonder if there are enough telephone posts in all these USA for Indictments against all the treasonous muck heads running this country.

  83. Joan Dauber

    Heeding advance warnings can save yours and your loved ones life!
    ON December 26, 2004, a day the earth actually experienced a time altering jolt, after a magnitude 9.1 Sumatran undersea megathrust earthquake shortened the length of day by 6.8 microseconds and shifted Earth’s figure axis by about 7 centimeters, or 2.76 inches. That quake also jolted Simeulue, an island off the northwest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. All eyes on the shore looked out to sea. The tide was receding way beyond normal. Instantly, everyone started running for the hills, shouting, “Smong! Smong!” The local word for tsunami, a disappearing receding ocean and sudden destruction. Within 30 minutes, powerful (100 ft.) waves came crashing onto the Island coast, destroying most of the homes and villages.
    Simeulue Island was the first location to be hit by that devastating tsunami. Yet, of the 78,000 residents, only 7 died. Why comparatively so few? “As compared to the multitudes of an estimated 227,898 people killed on the mainland in 14 countries, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.” A saying among the islanders handed down over numerous generations: ‘If a strong tremor occurs and the sea withdraws, run to the hills, for the sea will soon rush ashore.’ From that past experience, the people of Simeulue had learned to recognize an approaching tsunami by the change in the sea. Heeding the advance warning saved their lives.
    The Bible speaks of an approaching disaster, also handed down over numerous generations, a, “great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.” (Matthew 24:21) But this is not the end of planet Earth by irresponsible human activities or some catastrophic natural event​—for it is God’s purpose that the earth remain forever. (Ecclesiastes 1:4) Rather, the coming tribulation is an act of God to “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” It will be the end of all wickedness and suffering. (Revelation 11:18; Proverbs 2:22) What a blessing that will be!
    Furthermore, unlike tsunamis, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, the coming destruction will not result in the death of innocent people. “God is love,” says the Bible and he promises that “the righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.” (1 John 4:8; Psalm 37:29) You can you survive the soon incoming great tribulation and enjoy the promised blessings! The key is: Heed the advance warning handed down to you, in God’s word to you, in the Bible and Gerald Celente!🗽

    • Catherine

      Well said. All you said is true. Also Moses’ last warning was the poem he wrote at the end of the book of Deuteronomy regarding how the evil of the world will, in the last days, be given permission to destroy those who trusted and followed evil men laws instead of Gods laws. God said many will suffer because of turning away from God
      The young and the old will suffer and die.
      And when God sees no one comes to help the innocent sufferers then God will intervene and then ALL EVIL will be destroyed. Moses said when God sees evil men taking pride in destroying us and saying they are more powerful than God himself , God promises at that point to intervene. And like the deaths of the first born of Egypt He will create events to destroy them.
      He promises He will not forget the righteous good people of the earth and warns us all to Trust Only In God at the end. And those will be saved.
      It’s time to heed that advice indeed !

  84. Really Awake

    Natural Healing by Jack Soltanoff was a book way ahead of its time. Jack was way ahead of his time. I knew Jack well, and he was a good friend of my mother. I credit Jack with providing me with the fundamental knowledge that has kept me healthy, vigorous and without any medical condition whatsoever. I still miss the drive from our family farm to Jack’s office in West Hurley, NY and his house in the country. Never saw Gerald, but I’m glad Jack left his mark on him.

    I hate throw verbal icewater on Gerald’s ideas, but I don’t think anybody or any group “coming together” is going to stop the collapse of Western Civilization. Realistically, we probably have less than a decade before the SHTF and the USA draws its last breath. The Powers that Be will indeed, “take us to war” – a nuclear war – by 2032. And, frankly, the USA might not even make it 10 months – if some of the nightmarish predictions about the vaxxines come true. I sure wouldn’t want to own property in Kingston, New York. I got out of that collectivist state years ago.

    The bottom line is nobody knows for sure what the catalyst shall be that begins the collapse, precisely when it shall occur and exactly the rate of collapse; and that is why the smart people are stockpiling basic supplies and taking steps to survive now, while there is still time. Survival is what each individual should be focused on – not wasting time and precious resources on false hope.

    I supported Ron Paul for many years. I protested with Alex Jones before he was world famous. I was debating publicly for the Second Amendment and supporting groups like the NRA and later on the GOA with significant amounts of time and money.. But ever since the 2008 economic crisis I’ve been focusing on stockpiling and actually living off from the power, water and infrastructure grid… I still have modern communications and access to the internet, but that’s about it. And that should be your goal, too, if you want to increase your odds of survival in the years ahead. Places like Kingston, New York will be riot zones and chaos filled death traps. The ignorant Marxist zombies will be busy impaling guys like Gerald to an electic pole. To put it plainly, get the hell out of Kingston, New York or any blue city and get your ass to a safer zone and dig in.

    Yeah, I still support the good guys, and so should you. But the Swamp ate Trump for lunch, and that is what is going to happen to anybody who isn’t smart and well prepared. Let it be a lesson to you. Remember the Bundy Ranch standoff? That was a standoff ahead of its time… which is why I didn’t join. The time will arrive in which you and I will be forced to fight. And real leaders of warfare will appear. Perhaps you should join them, because just talk alone isn’t going to yield any real change or ” make America great again”. Action is what gets results. You’ll know a man of action if and when he appears – and he’ll look nothing like Trump. So, stockpile and get ready and choose your battles wisely. Don’t just throw away your life. Make a difference, a big difference.

    • Coal Burner

      Great Advise, Really Awake!

    • Better Chetter

      Some nuggets of wisdom in your post, R. A.
      One other is that Mankind is to keep a place in ourselves for God’s kingdom, in our hearts and minds. As with Maundy Thursday, there were ‘false hope-ers’ thinking Jesus would do to the elitists of His day, what Jesus did to the money-changers, but God’s kingdom is not of this world.

      So preparing to live in a bunker is fine for some, but others unable to do so – or unwilling to live as a recluse – we’ll live in the world but not of it. We’ll keep secure in the dwelling place of the Most High, within ourselves. We’ll build our equity in service to others, assured of our place in Heaven after our time on earth has passed.

    • Charles H.

      A good, level head: how refreshing!

  85. John

    Gerald Celente is a national treasure!

    • Paul ...

      J … And I bet the Globalists want to lock him up at Fort Knox “forever” … the same way they locked up those Jan 6 protestors in solitary confinement and without trial!!

  86. chloe

    GC hilarious with the confrontation story. Reminded me of the one between Dershowitz and David. LOL hilarious. Thanks Greg & GC for giving me my good laugh for today.

  87. Coal Burner

    Thanks Greg: Gerald at his absolute best!!!!!!!
    As always, Gerald is right!
    Especially about the Covis, weight and diabetes connection.
    I have been loosing weight for a months and then made a hospital stay. Severe problem and they saved me. I lost another 15 lbs in a week. I have kept it off while recovering. As an older man, it is amazing to be rid of 30 to 40 lbs. It is so difficult to keep it off. Number one to lose weight is stop all bread, pizza “bread”, no grains, your ancestors 10,000 years ago had none. You can have nuts, not seeds. Eat eggs not oats, no cereal! Nothing puts fat on your body like bread. Number two. Do not eat any cooking oil or any other oil except the best Olive Oil you can afford. You will lose your appetite which is a must. Because you also need to half the amount of food you intake. That will start you losing weight. No soda, some red wine, maximum six beers a year. Read up on DR. Gundry! Like he says exercise but it does not matter to your weight. I can attest to that. I can carry 50 extra pounds of weight and still hike a big mountain. It will still be on me when I get back to the bottom. Gundry talks about running 60 miles a week and not losing any of his extra 60 lbs till he stopped bread. Get him on youtube and get his book.

    • Paul from Indiana


      About 6 years ago, I went from 190 to 170 in 6 months by dropping lunch. I moved breakfast to 10:00AM. I changed nothing else in my life. I am still at 170, and depending on work load, sometimes 167 or 168. I am 5’8″ and will turn 69, Lord willing, next month. Best always. PM

  88. W H

    To all the actors out there that read a script for money you had better start being honest about what you realty believe before the shtf .
    Because when it does you wont get any mercy from people by saying you didn’t believe it or mean it . Words have consequences ………. The game is coming to a end and there will be a pay day . you wont like unless you repent and tell the truth .

    Wayne Hardin

    • Paul ...

      WH … Warning the Main Stream Media (traitors to humanity) will no doubt fall on deaf ears … until that one “split moment” … when they finally see the light (as their head falls into a basket)!!

  89. Harry Freeloader

    Gerald Celente always tell it like it is. Great interview. I shared the video on Bitchute.

  90. W H

    To all the actors out there that read a script for money you had better start being honest about what you realty believe before the shtf .
    Because when it does you wont get any mercy from people by saying you didn’t believe it or mean it . Words have consequences ………. The game is coming to a end and there will be a pay day . you wont like unless you repent and tell the truth .
    Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

    And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

    to ball is in you all’s court chose wisely .

    Wayne Hardin

  91. sam

    HI Greg

    Have you removed all the actual videos as I can’t see them with my firefox browser. The article are ehre but no videos

    • Greg Hunter

      This is either a browser problem or codes in your modem. Unplug your modem to clear the codes and it that does not work change your browser. All the videos up after the removal from You tube are up and running. Rumble is the player. Let me know it this works.

  92. Ken

    Hi Greg

    You are doing a great job with USAWD. I have been visiting USAWD for years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ken. Please keep coming here.

  93. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Gerald Celente is great.

  94. Dusica Katic

    No worries , the writing is on the wall , God is on his throne ❤️ Do not fear .

    • Paul ...

      Sitting on a throne to long is not healthy … it’s time to wipe some “commie” butt down here!!

  95. Dave

    Unfortunately conservatives or traditionalists or whatever one calls them are increasingly divided at a time when progressives are strongly united. The recent vote in the House to codify Roe had only 1 Democrat vote against it. The worry now is that Murkowski and Collins might support it. Manchun might oppose it (don’t count on Manchun BTW) so it could pass 50/50 or 51 49. There is the filibuster but, if it passes the Senate, massive pressure will be put on Manchun to vote to end the filibuster and voila. Roe is codified. Abortion through the 9th month with no restrictions allowed by y states is in place.

    The infighting among conservatives and the GOP is seen in the California recall results where there was higher turnout by Dems than Republicans. In Virginia early indications are Democrats are far more excited about the race than Republicans. It doesn’t help that Youngkin is a RINO and soft on the 2nd. Amendment. If the Democrats win the governorship and gain seats in the state legislature (which they already control) all bets are off for 2022. As it is Abbot in Texas has dropped below 50% approval rating. In part for not doing more about the “invasion”. Alan West is running against Abbot in the GOP primary as he says Abbot is a failure and too tied to big corporations who want mass immigration. West has a novel idea – deputize the national guard which Abbot is afraid to use at the border as Texas Rangers. That group is not under any federal control and DC could not easily stop such a move. It is noteworthy that most of conservative media will not cover West. They are protecting Abbot and the chaos at the border serves the conservative radio hosts as it drives an audience.

    There is no going back in this scenario. McConnell is trying to sabotage Walker in Georgia from winning the Senate nomination. He is pushing hard for Murkowski in Alaska and on and on. If Walker does not get the GOP nod many Georgia Republican will sit the race out. Same is true if Murkowski wins the nomination. The Democrats are poised to pick up 2 or 3 Senate seats and those new Senators will vote to eliminate the filibuster.

    Of course Trump’s continued strong support for the vaccine which blares across conservative radio is not helping him with some of the base. If Trump keeps it up, if Democrats make gains in 2022 running against Trump one thing is for sure – Trump will not be the GOP nominee in 2024.

  96. MC

    Clif High’s ongoing Woo series of videos, is a take on John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s peace this and peace that. Lennon & Yoko 1969:

  97. Paul in Oz

    Great Job Greg, thanks! BRAVO Gerald Celente!!!!!

  98. Jc Davis


    Hey Greg, would love to hear your opinion on the NOVAVAX covid19 vaccine, they just applied for WHO approval on it. It’s a non RNA/DNA vaccine. Traditional vac uses dead virus wrapped in a nano particle made from tree bark. 90% efficacy rate. Think this may be a solution to those of us that refuse the mRNA?

  100. lightning

    We now live in two separate and mutually exclusive worlds. The vaxxed and the “don’t want to be vaxxed”.
    The vaxxed trust MSM, big social media platforms, the current government, big pharma, big medicine, big tech and are mostly liberal ideologues. Their interpretation of the world and ongoing events comes from and through those entities.

    The “don’t want to be vaxxed” dont trust thos institutions and rely on alternative media like, Zerohedge, Bitchute, GAB, etc.

    Both are essentially echo chambers at this point and we are largely conversing with like minded people .

    As Greg discussed , Nicki Minaj is the rare opportunity for “new” information and new perspectives to be injected into the Vaxxed side. Hence its really critical to the cause.

    I see the most critical and dangerous juncture coming soon, when vaxxed people start dying or getting serious progressive and debilitating diseases. There echo chamber will be blaming the unvaccinated and pushing boosters. Given how the vaxxed seem to be governed by their feelings, there is a good chance that the rhetoric gets violent quickly.

    If, on the other hand, it becomes increasingly evident to the vaxxed that the vaccines themselves are responsible….its game over… The vaxxed will be forced to realize that MSM, the government, social media platforms, big pharma, big tech and big medicine are all to blame.

    I suspect an internet down situation to block alternative media during this phase and for the MSM to exclusively broadcast their narrative.

    I think its imperative that we all think of ways to get the message out to the vaxxed , support the Nicki Minaj’s and look to collaborate wherever possible with moderate influencers to break the MSM endless death do-loop of manufactured sickness requiring vaccines which manufacture more sickness.

    It would be great if Greg could get someone thats respected and an influencer on the left, someone like Jimmy Dore or Russell Brand….to perhaps advance that effort in a reasoned fact based discussion on the vaccine front.

    If the vaxxed don’t get exposed to the reality of the VAERS , whistleblower data, India Ivermectin success, Israel vaccine disaster etc…. we’ll never get out of the death spiral of the USA circling the drain

    • Robert K


      I love your work and that of your guests, which are absolutely critical and vital information we depend on. I second Lightning about possibly adding additional guests to your lineup to further the truth of what is really happening. I absolutely LOVE your newest addition in Karen Kingston being added to the lineup. So intelligent and dynamic, and look forward to an interview about virus shedding and the effects on the non vaxxed.

      Maybe Joe Rogan perhaps? He recently took Ivermectin to get over his ailment and the MSM hate his guts. While, highly unlikely it’s possible, I dare even say a one off interview of Minaj would be monumental with her 150 million followers.. Russell Brand would also be a solid choice and has daily videos against all of the pandemic B.S., coveruos and scams.

      The more these people are interviewed and the tens of millions of their followers are looped into the truth from these interviews on USAWD, the faster this scamdemic goes away and the quicker people can be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. Tall tree and short rope.

      Keep up the great work as always!

      • Warren B.

        Absolutely support this Robert. Great awareness is part of the UNITED WE STAND movement. These SOB’s will not know what hit them.

    • Lightning

      One big manifestation of the mRNA shots is the rapid onset of many forms of cancer. Sadly my brother in law now has stage 4 pancreatic cancer ( after getting 2 Pfizer shots)… it’s progressing very aggressively.

      I read that of 10 autopsies performed on “vaxxed” cases in Europe… 3 were rare but different forms of cancer. Greg’s interview with Karen Kingston highlighted this.

      It will be difficult to blame the unvaccinated as the cause of a widespread cancer epidemic.

      This is frankly horrific and I don’t sleep thinking about this evil.

      • Warren B.

        Cancer is caused by oxidative stress. Glutathione is the body’s inhibitor for oxidative stress. The body’s Glutathione supply is depleted when it is used to rid the body of toxins (especially Graphene Oxide). The young have it in abundance. The elderly and those with multiple illnesses have reduced levels. Take a combination of amino acids to re-build levels to fighting machine standards.

        • Paul ...

          WB … Remember from childhood how Popeye always beat Brutus … he ate spinach (one of the highest food sources of glutathione) … other foods rich in glutathione are avocados, asparagus and okra!!

  101. ken

    There were animal tests a few years ago… they all died.

    I think people better wise up pretty quick. They want you dead and they don’t care how you die,,, just die. This is why they do not care if the hospitals are short staff… more will die.

    I don’t think complaining and writing to our congress critters is gonna work at this juncture. It’s gonna require a little more serious effort.

  102. Brooklyn

    Thank you, Greg,

    I just needed a PUSH like the one you just provided to get me Back in the Game…!

    Hopefully my publisher will agree…;)

    We’ll let you know by mid-week…

    Always Gratefully,


  103. Brian Howard

    WELL DONE GREG AND GERALD!! Another great video – you guys make a great team – thank you. Some good news from down under: Just today announced down here that after 1st December everyone will have the same rights – both the vaxed and un-vaxed. No more discrimination. Whether this means no passport is unclear but this news is sounding good at least. Thanks again for your great work Greg & Gerald!

    • Brian Howard

      Oh, if you didn’t get it, I am indeed talking about Australia.

  104. eddiemd

    One of the best summaries that you will ever read about coronavirus.


    Said this months ago.

    Gain-of-function/gain-of-threat research, a.k.a. “Dual-Use Research of Concern”, or DURC, is bioweapon research by another, friendlier-sounding name, simply to avoid the taboo of calling it what it actually is. It has always been bioweapon research.

    Next up…nanoparticle flu vaccine kill shot.

    When all else fails…modified Hantavirus. Can be sprayed over cities to target specific areas.

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks Eddie. I was just getting ready to post this, but have learned to search first to see if it is already posted. You’re quick. Fascinating read.

      My wife and I believe we have had Covid, starting about three weeks ago. We have been on exhaustive supplement routines for months (terrain prep) and started Ivermection and/or HCQ protocols within hours of odd symptom development.

      I have a 14-page, 10-day Covid log of our symptoms, rationale and therapeutics that we engaged to fight the disease. The short version is that we had basically a ten-day disease course that I would characterize as a “3” or “4” on a scale of 10…compared to say an “8” for flu.

      Did our therapeutics work? I can’t prove it, but our experience was mild; that said, the symptoms were unlike anything we have ever experienced. One observation: Covid doesn’t have a clear stop like most other diseases. Symptoms disappear and recur in numerous waves. You think you are over it, have good hours or a day, and then you have symptoms again. It is an insidious and opportunistic disease.

      In another week, I will get an antibody test for confirmation.

      For what it’s worth, we threw the kitchen sink at it: Everything from Quercetin, Zinc, NAC, Lysine, Famotidine, Aspirin, Melatonin, D3, C and Ivermectin and/or HCQ.

      We are doing well…and hope you and the rest of the USAWatchdog crew are as well…

      • Steve Bice

        P.S. Here’s the original pdf…with its exhaustive list of references…

        • eddiemd

          This is the best review on everything coronavirus I have seen. The details of the science included. The most comprehensive review you will read.

          I also saved the pdf. It will be scrubbed from the internet.

          Send it to as many people as you can. It may break through the cognitive dissonance.

          Fauci Mengele is a mass murderer. Worse than the Nazis.

          He is down there with Mao and Stalin. He will stand in judgment.

          A must read for everyone here at USAWD and for everyone worldwide.

          The scientific details are amazing. they left out the early Italian studies on the genetics of the TMPSSR2 receptor. They found that not everyone has a normal TMPSSR2 receptor. Found on chromosome 18. They may have used the ancestry/DNA23and me data DNA to target certain people.

          This is a genetic bioweapon using the DNA from millions of people stupid enough to send samples to create engineered virus. I posted the US Army biological weapons handbook a couple weeks back. They can create anything they want to target distinct populations. There are distinct populations worldwide. Look at the genetics of the thalessemias for example. Sickle cell disease and trait. Lipid disorders linked to genetics. And the list goes on.

          Don’t be deceived.

          • Warren B.

            Its gone already.

            • Paul ...

              WB … Damn The Censors To Hell … They Will Not Destroy America” – Here Is The ‘Spartacus COVID Letter’ That’s Gone Viral:

              Short Abstract: COVID-19 Is A Criminal Conspiracy: The vaccine and the virus were made by the “same people” … in 2014 there was a moratorium on gain-of-function research and all this research was halted … until 2017 when Trump got in … then the gain-of-function research was started up again (but outsourced to China) … probably so that when it was released … it would become known as “the China Virus” … and all the subsequent millions of deaths could be used as justification “To Go To War With China”!!

            • Steve Bice

              Here’s another source:

      • eddiemd

        I would add Kefir (probiotic) and elderberry extract. An Israeli study showed that probiotics help with the ADE reactions. This will be helpful for people who have been tricked into taking the injection and those who have not.

        I took elderberry extract, Vit C, zinc, 4-5 chewable 81mg aspirins/daily, water, yogurt, Kefir, and robitussin DM for cough. It was rough but I survived back in June 2020. I am glad I never went to the ER. I preferred to die at home.

        I would have ended up on the vent. And dead.

        And don’t forget prayer.

        Psalm 18:1-6

        I will love You, O Lord, my strength.
        2 The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
        My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;
        My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
        3 I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised;
        So shall I be saved from my enemies.

        4 The pangs of death surrounded me,
        And the floods of ungodliness made me afraid.
        5 The sorrows of Sheol surrounded me;
        The snares of death confronted me.
        6 In my distress I called upon the Lord,
        And cried out to my God;
        He heard my voice from His temple,
        And my cry came before Him, even to His ears.

        Even to His ears.

  105. Marie+Joy

    A politician, running for office, came to the house and, in our conversation, asked if I was vaccinated. Without thinking, I answered truthfully. Sometimes I’m an idiot.

  106. Marie+Joy

    The term “Dark Winter” is being tossed around. I fear it means when the vaxxed start dying off, they will blame it on the unvaxxed.

  107. FC

    Covid spelt backwards Divoc, the meaning will not surprise the wise.

  108. H.L. Mencken Jr.

    I don’t think the globalist plutocrats need nor want too many slaves to live in their burgeoning World State, and I believe they have made this abundantly clear. What they desire more than feudal serfs are billions of lower caste subjects – they call us “useless eaters” – turned into cadavers.

  109. Jerry

    Greg & Friends,
    I reviewed this prediction from over a year ago, and “ operation dark winter” appears to be on schedule. ( see the last paragraph ).

    Inside information I’m getting is saying that the military will begin mandatory vaccinations beginning October 1st. The information Greg posted about a military surgeon filing an injunction to stop the vaccinations will be put to the test. She stated in her report that the CDC and FDA did not have legal authority to mandate vaccinations on government personnel. What she failed to understand is that the commander in chief does. Greg, if president Trump plans to act, now would be the time before the military is compromised completely. This week will tell the tale. Pray. And get ready to die if necessary to defend our freedom because should this treasonous act take place. All bets are off!

    • Jerry

      Wow that was strange.
      I posted the last post before I saw this.

      Fauci stating dark winter, COVID, and the flu in the same sentence.
      Could they be laying the groundwork for another lockdown? Australia is the canary in the coal mine.

      • eddiemd

        Flu “vaccine”. Kill shot add on to the coronavirus mRNA.

        They have been pushing the seasonal flu shot since August. They tell us there was no flu last year but this it will come back with a vengeance.

        “We must be re-vaccinated against flu every year because the influenza virus is constantly mutating, especially in its hemagglutinin (HA) surface protein. ”

        No. We must not be injected yearly. We are being lied to about this scam. Just like giving newborns the Hepatitis B “vaccine” at birth when they are no risk factors and given an immature immune system.

        Big Pharma and the crooked AMA have been taking over the medical system for decades. They now have full control along with the Big Insurance and Obamacare. They put EHR (electronic health records) into place 20 years ago and declare you are protected by “HIPAA”. Another lie. Population control measure EHR coupled with Obamacare and the IRS in charge of your healthcare. You will have nothing.

        All deception. This is all part of coronavirus. The traps were set decades ago. The doors are being shut for the antichrist one world government.

        The one world financial government system.

        All nations except for less than 5 are a part of this system.

        You will not be able to buy, sell, or live without the mark of the beast. It is here now.

      • Warren B.

        Rolling lockdowns , new variants , booster shots…..this scheme works on the seasonal changes we see from Northern to Southern hemispheres and in reverse. Winter plays to their advantage – the MSM will be in overdrive, Health Systems will collapse and many will die at home/under hospice – it will be orders of magnitude more extreme each seasonal change….that is assured. If you can’t see how this is already playing out then I can’t help you to see what a blind man can sense.
        …..AND of course it will be the UNVAXXED who will be the targeted for spreading the rampaging disease (which we all know will be from those who are vaxxed and have ADE with the real possibility that they will unleash a more deadlier version of MERS (which will kill 30% of those that are infected with it) via aerosolization to ensure that their targetted 20-30% of the population is genocided). Ever wonder why they have a 70-80% goal for COV Vaccination across the Nation? That’s a global death toll of 1.5Bln -2.5 Bln human lives. World War III is already here. GC said “they take you to War” …but has overlooked this quite clear narrative= THE OBVIOUS. They will kill more people worldwide than the previous Wars did (combined) though this PLANDEMIC.

  110. JC

    BOB MORIARTY: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Everything we are hearing from the media is a damned lie.

    The flu will change constantly and you cannot have one vaccine for it. And certainly, that’s what they’re finding in Israel. Everybody’s had two jabs and then they had a third booster and now they want a fourth booster. If the first jab didn’t work and the second jab didn’t work and the first booster doesn’t work and the seond booster doesn’t work, how far do you have to go to realize there never will be a successful “vaccine”? Now I hate to point this out, but if this is something that’s supposed to cure COVID or prevent COVID, it doesn’t work. Now, you were talking about people who died in the hospital. And I’m going to tell you they did not die in hospital, they were murdered.

  111. Robert

    Greg, sometimes when I try to post a second or third level response to a previous reader comment, the system only lets me type a few letters then locks up. I have to fully exit USAWD then to get back into your site.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Robert. Don’t know what’s happening with that. Unplug your modem and reset it. Maybe that will help.

  112. Paula Davis

    6 PM where ever U are on this globe join the “Prayer Wave”…doesn’t make any difference your Christian church preference Just Pray!

  113. Self Exiled

    Watch when this man blinks, the deception is off the charts. The commentator is a good barometer of where the public is most probably at in there conclusions. Also notice the children are now the problem.

  114. eddiemd

    Internet “kill” switch.

    Not only that but the ability to filter selectively. Like the Bible.

    Get your hard copy now while you can. You will not be able to access the Bible on your iPhone or over the internet.

    I see churches that turn off the lights so that people cannot read their Bibles. They rely on the iPhones. The only lights are the stage lights. A big show. The shepherds have failed. They have believed the lies. They are given over to delusions using false doctrines and paraphrased Bibles that are empty of the truth.

  115. Mike

    I’n no religious scholar…but I think that Chapter 6 of the book of Revelation is beginning play out. The first seal talks about a white horse with a rider with a bow that’s given a crown could very well represent the release of the corona virus. Corona can be translated to crown as per Merrian- Webster. The bow could represent the needle with which the killing vax is administered. And he went forth conquering to conquer. It seems that governments have used this pandemic to gain further control over the population. Perhaps it’s a stretch…perhaps not. It feels to me that we are there.

    • Charles H.


      Quite plausible parallels. But as I believe that the True Church is not appointed unto wrath – I would think we should be outta here. My other thought is that not everyone who claims the Name of Jesus Christ is Saved. Could it be that those who are self-deceived in this spiritual matter – are the ones to take the shot? Meaning that the Church is lead by the Holy Spirit to not tale the shot: and therefore not under wrath? In any case – we are getting real close to the Rapture.

  116. RSH

    On the USA Watchdog interview with Clif High on Sept 8, Clif talked about increases in activity at funeral homes. I saw this today on Citizen Free Press:
    The is tru evil.

  117. Roger

    A Horror Story About One of Soviet America’s Jan. 6 Political Prisoners

  118. Allen Sachetti

    I am in a Doctor’s office right now and just had to say I CANNOT STAND THE STUPID ANY LONGER!!

    They are religiously following the fake NIH Protocols and making everyone mask even though more than 80% has NATURAL IMMUNITY including me and my wife who both have had the blood test for the Covid 19 Antibodies and HAVE THEM.



  119. Pete Jackson

    Ivermectin doesn’t work for COVID-19?

    I will get some Ivermecting as a precaution to help my family if they need it. However, the article at the link below (from The Guardian) suggests that the only really positive report on Ivermectin for COVID-19 was falsified;

    This is discouraging.

    Can anyone point me to positive evidence?


    • Greg Hunter

      The liars and propagandists at the Guardian are misinforming people and must want them to die. Here is the latest study out of the American Journal of Therapeutics: It looked at more than 140 ivermectin studies, and it came up with a very powerful summation: “Given the evidence of efficacy, safety, low cost, and current death rates, ivermectin is likely to have an impact on health and economic outcomes of the pandemic across many countries. Ivermectin is not a new and experimental drug with an unknown safety profile. It is a WHO “Essential Medicine” already used in several different indications, in colossal cumulative volumes. Corticosteroids have become an accepted standard of care in COVID-19, based on a single RCT of dexamethasone.1 If a single RCT is sufficient for the adoption of dexamethasone, then a fortiori the evidence of 2 dozen RCTs supports the adoption of ivermectin.

      Ivermectin is likely to be an equitable, acceptable, and feasible global intervention against COVID-19. Health professionals should strongly consider its use, in both treatment and prophylaxis.”

      Stop listening to the MSM liars/propagandists who have zero credibility. Listen to them and die. Listen to the truth and live. It is that simple.


    • Elle

      YES, Pete, stop listening to propaganda. The Guardian? Please. The point for the propaganda machine is to make you and your family D-E-D. Nothing more. The predators are drug dealers, for PROFIT, as all drug dealers. And you are their target. Protect your family by taking a stand against tyranny.

      Don’t line up like a good compliant slave to be murdered by this globalist criminal cartel.

  120. Marie+Joy

    PCR said, “Insouciant Americans are complicit in their own demise”. 9/26/21

  121. Paul ...

    Breaking News: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul decrees that “American Citizens” (healthcare workers who are fired for refusal to comply with NY State’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccination mandate) … “won’t be eligible for unemployment insurance” … it is time … it is time folks … all the un-vaxxed should begin making plans to move out of the Blue States … lets begin the break-up of these “commie” strongholds (by reducing their tax base and electoral votes) while at the same time they are burdened with supporting “illegal aliens with unemployment, food stamp and welfare programs”!!

  122. The Rev

    Greg, I tried to submit this letter to the editor of our local newspaper, and they were asking for citations of Karen Kingston and Ryan Cole. Claimed that Reuters had fact-checked and discredited their statements about graphene in the vaccine and the 20% increase in cancer. I resent an alternate letter with a link to the WXYZ-TV facebook post on Sept 10th that generated thousands of comments pertaining to bad effects of the vaccine.…/a.46158394…/10158207966696135. We’ll see if that flies.

    Dear Editor,

    Nobody knows what the long term effects will be from the experimental vaccines. What will be happening in immunized people’s bodies in the coming 1-10 years? Already Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole is seeing cancers in the fully vaccinated 20 times higher than normal. VAERS is receiving thousands of reports of adverse reactions, including death. Recovery rate from Covid even without the vaccine is at least 97%.

    Why haven’t people been told what is in the vaccines? Karen Kingston, a top pharmaceutical analyst with over 20 years of experience in looking at cutting edge drugs, says there is graphene oxide in this vaccine which is poison to humans. She says the shots will cause everything from heart failure to cancer, bloodclots, E.D. and infertility. Check out her interview on

    Please don’t get this shot unless you have considered all the risks. People should not have to choose get the shot or risk losing their jobs. I am especially concerned with the push to immunize children age 12+, and soon much younger children.

    The Bible talks about a time when 1/3 of the earth’s population will die. (Revelation chapters 6 and 9) Is that what’s coming soon? It’s time to make sure you have a personal relationship with Jesus. I care, and I want you to know the truth. If we save even one person because of the marches every Saturday in October at the courthouse at 3:01 PM, it will be worth it. Please join me.

    Humbly yours,
    Rev. Maynard A. Mahlen

    • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

      Well said Rev Maynard. Good to hear of another Rev on the scene. I’ve given Greg permission for you to hear from me! Many blessings, (Rev) Andrew

  123. Paul ...

    While Israel rants and raves … … about “the possibility of a nuclear weapon being used on its people” (when the only time such a weapon was ever used on a civilian population was 76 years ago by the US) … yet … Israel has willingly “jabbed” its own civilian population “with an even more deadly bio-weapon … made by the Nazi’s at Pfizer who are experimenting on the Jewish people once again like they are lab animals????

  124. Sasha

    Hey guys, can’t get how this phrase ends:
    Robert F. Kennedy: I will fight to my death with my … (boot son?)

    • Paul ...

      And may my boots be “red with meaning” by traitors … as I go down fighting … walking in Globalist blood!!

  125. Dave

    Newsom signed into law just yesterday permanent mail-in voting for California elections. Doing away with the need for polling places and ending any validation of the person who is voting. This is the dream of progressives and they are getting what they want. In the West, several conservative states such as Idaho do not have mail-in voting except of specific situations. Such as being out of the country. Progressives are planning on having Idaho voters (the liberal minority) bring a lawsuit against their state for not allowing total mail-in voting. The 9th Circuit is very liberal. It will likely mandate mail-in voting for every state in that circuit.

    The progressives are united and active. Their dream of national mail-in voting with essentially no validation of ID is coming soon. Once the 9th Circuit mandates it in the West it will go national.

    Meanwhile the GOP is folding on the debt ceiling and the reconciliation bill. And all the while controlled conservative media is saying vote GOP in 2022 and everything will change. It won’t.

    BTW, Seb Gorka is increasingly worried that the base will not turn out in 2022 and that the Democrat Party has momentum on the ground for the upcoming elections while the GOP does not. It’s no wonder given GOP leadership and their failure to believe in conservatism.

    McConnell is working to get RINOs elected in Georgia, Alaska and Ohio. Emboldened by Newson’s win and the coming victory of Democrats in Virginia the anti-Trump RINO wing of the GOP is embolden. Including Liz Cheney who is confident she will win the GOP House nomination in Wyoming over whomever Trump throws at her. As she said this past weekend. Why? Shenanigans in Wyoming where Democrats are switching party affiliation to be able to vote for Cheney in the primary. Is McConnell behind that effort?

    Trump’s rallies notwithstanding, the progressives are making big gains. As Mr. Celente says eallies won’t make a difference.

  126. Self Exiled

    As long as the opposition remains in control of the news media, national banks, military, intelligence agencies, police, federal government, and UN they will carry out their agenda; destroy these/infrastructure and they will fade . If they continue these agencies will hunt us down. The controlled state agencies will fade if these are destroyed. These agencies destroyed by an underground /disappearing force that only communicates by the old method of non electronic messages and operates by a physical cellular means takes time to develop. This is in my view is now an impossible task: therefore I believe we are approaching the end of days. The nw disorder will dissolve into the chaos that it has created; because it is a demonic form of insanity. This insanity is a creation of its own making when The Divine withholds His Loving Spirit from those who will not respond to this Loving Nature; they desirer [by their own will] their own desires and not HIS. Thus Christ comment no life will exist on earth if he does not return.

  127. Dave

    Todays Senate hearing with Milley had only a few GOP Senators press him. The Democrats stood with him. He will not resign as no one in the Biden WH will resign.

    Or in the FBI or CIA. Seb Gorka took at shot at Hannity and Levin and others who say the FBI and other agencies are 95% good people with a few bad apples. No they are not argues Gorka, if there were patriots in those organizations we’d be seeing lots of resignations over what those agencies have done. There are almost no resignations and, per Gorka, both need to be dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

    IMO conservative radio is part of the Deep State. Mostly. As Dr. Michael Savage keep pointing out – Rush, Hannity and Levin – most national hosts, were playing a game. To keep conservative in the GOP and neutered. Savage has stories about how David Limbaugh blocked Savage from gaining a national foothold. Savage BTW was one of the few conservative hosts who opposed Bush and Iraq from the start. And who pointed out the destruction of the Christian community in Iraq while self professed Christian radio hosts said squat. And Savage is not a Christian or a practicing Jew.

    Ask yourself why Colonel Alan West is being shut out by most conservative media? Is it because he is a truth teller and calling out Governor Abbott for doing nothing to stop the invasion of Texas? Deputize the Texas National Guard as Texas Rangers and send them to the border. Conservative media does not want that idea to get out there as it realizes that such an idea will show that conservative media is wearing no clothes. They want the crisis to continue for their own agenda. Keep an audience and make boatloads of money. As Rush admitted in his final year he felt he had failed. He failed if his intention was to promote conservatism as conservatism declined throughout his career. I suspect Rush was in it for the money and had no core principles though it was interesting to see him admit his failure. I certainly feel that way about Hannity who is buddy buddy with Graham who talks big and does nothing. Graham has voted for all but one of Biden’s judicial nominees. All are radically progressive. Why don’t the likes of Hannity and the others confront him on that? Think about it.

    The Democrats used nullification to disobey Federal immigration laws. Sanctuary cities and states. Biden is ignoring court orders including one to reinstate the stay in Mexico policy. And the GOP? None of the leaders dare call for Biden’s impeachment.
    Conservatives on radio won’t talk about nullification because “that is not what conservatives are about”. If a conservative talks about it as Alan West has he is purged from conservative media every bit as quickly as progressive media purges those with differing opinions. OK, but conservative who feel that way are contributing to the major gains progressives are making even despite Biden’s low approval numbers.

    Greg, maybe you can try to get Dr. Michael Savage as a guest. He has lots of experience dealing with controlled conservative media and forces in it that were never really conservative.

  128. Charles Humenik

    Greg: I think their doling out the (Death Vaccine) and a placebo at the same time. So they can control how fast and where all the the side effects and deaths take place at any given time. That’s why they need to push all these booster shots as a control mechanism.

    Thanks’ Chuck

    • Greg Hunter

      You might be right Charles.

  129. Roger

    Biden’s Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000?

    Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.

    The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine. If enacted into law, vax enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the $14,000 OSHA fine

  130. Paul ...

    It’s “our kids” they are coming for … you don’t F*** with our kids … this right out of the mouth of a J&J employee who says off the record … don’t take the “jab” !! …

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