Financial Collapse to Wipe Away All the Lies-Rick Ackerman

Rick hed shotBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial analyst Rick Ackerman says the mother of all market meltdowns is a sure thing. It is just a question of when, and when it starts, it will simply implode at a stunning pace. Ackerman explains, “We’re in a situation now where any day something can happen. I think that the black swan will be something like the stock market starting down for no apparent reason. That in itself would trigger the implosion, and I think the only thing that is propping up the markets now is the mentality of . . . how bad can things be if the stock market is trading within shooting distant of all-time highs? I think the stock market is the main buttress of this enormous hoax that has been going on with easing (QE or money printing).”

Ackerman says when the end game finally crescendos, it will be stunning and quick. Ackerman contends, “It will be literally overnight. There are investors who say I’m smart and I’m nimble, and I’ll be out of this at the first sign of trouble. I think the first sign of trouble will be a little bit too late. You will wake up one morning, and something will have happened in the Asian markets that cause the U.S. markets to open way below their circuit breakers or threaten to break the dam. It could all happen overnight, and I think it will. It’s the nature of the markets.”

Ackerman says everything will shut down or be wiped out when the next crash explodes. Things like banks, brokerages and pensions can and will all go poof in a cloud of smoke. Ackerman goes on to say, “I don’t think anything will be left standing in the smoldering ruins. It’s very hard to imagine, but it is really going to be a complete disaster that is commensurate with the scope and scale of the lies we have been telling ourselves for so long. There are people who say you Chicken Little, doomsday, sky-is-falling guys almost seem to want the system to implode. I think the only way we get back to honest business is for a collapse to wipe away all the lies.”

One of the biggest lies comes from the Fed when it repeatedly keeps threatening to raise interest rates. Ackerman has been calling BS on a Fed rate hike for years and still contends, “I haven’t merely said the Fed wouldn’t raise rates. I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops. The answer to the question when will the Fed raise rates is never, and I am going to stick by that. That forecast has held up for nine years. So, it’s looking pretty good.”

One of the very big problems with a rate rise is not just the increased interest payments on the federal debt, but also with derivatives in the hundreds of trillions of dollars which could destabilize the financial system. Ackerman explains, “It’s a global thing. We would be ratcheting up the interest payments on a quadrillion dollar derivatives market and, as you can imagine, that would unsettle a lot of arrangements. . . . I am going to stick with lower interest rates with the whole world slipping into recession.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rick Ackerman of

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Ackerman recently wrote about the constant threats of a Fed rate hike and the most recent head fake in September 2015. Ackerman said, “This latest little piece of kabuki can only add to the credibility of our own forecast, which is that the Fed will never raise rates. Okay, we were being facetious when we first made that prediction a couple of years ago; never is indeed a long time. But what kind of odds would you take to wager that there will be no rate hike for at least another ten years? You could probably get thirty-to-one from economists, editorialists, pundits and other useful idiots who never seem to tire of telling us that a rate hike is imminent. Realize that you would be within a year of collecting on the bet if you’d made it back in 2006, when the last rate hike was announced.”

Ackerman has some free information on the home page of He also has a subscription service with a two week free trial you can find here.



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  1. Coalburner

    Greg; Very Good intervew.
    I think that is about as good a picture as I have seen painted. I heard, own farmland if you can. I was wondering if Rick promotes all the other usual moves for a scenario like his or if he has any unique or seldom heard thoughts for preparation.
    I saw on Z-hedge that one of the big hedge funds is cashing out. They were talking about tightening liquidity. Guess they decided to cash out while there was some liguid left. Interesting…?

    • Faith

      If you do not own farmland dig up your backyard. Greens are easy to grow. Chickens / pigeons / quail are easy to raise for protein. So are rabbits. With rabbits there is a risk of not enough fat in the meat so you cannot eat rabbit every day without adding some type of fat.

      • dbcooper

        Faith, Thanks for your comment; germane, but we hear a lot of people ask … what about the man on the street?/ What will it look like?/ what do I do??? … Well IMHO … head for the hills Out of the city/suburb … and find community. This means like minded people with skills … and take a skill or two of your own with you. Folks seem to think that they can buy their bucket of non-hybrid seeds and plant a huge garden and survive … this is not going to happen for most people.
        Due to the weather manipulation going on in the west we have a 60% hay harvest this year and are counting how many head go into the locker as we are fast approaching the “one-sow/one-cow” homestead strategy.
        The sobering fact is that when “it” all falls apart … fast or slow … millions of humans are going to die and it will be very ugly. What else does one say… girdle your self in faith and repentance … prepare … Pray.

        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

        PS, you are right about the rabbit/fat issue but #/# the easiest to grow to fruition… on the table!! Also grow Mangle Wertzels which are a beet/like cold/78day grow/ greens/ and you can feed them to almost everything!! including me!!

        • Faith

          Hey DB: I was being serious. Everyone with a yard should decide what they can grow in it. If people have not thrown away the round up / pesticides they should. I am trying to figure out how to make some raised beds in my small yard. I will probably use some type of roofing that is flexible or some type of corrugated piping that I can have cut into 1 foot to 2 foot to 3 foot heights and which can be filled with soil. I have seen some interesting vertical gardens using PVC pipe and also some interesting indoor gardens using LED lighting. had an interesting aricle on growing greens on the ISS and another that linked to a place in Japan that was using LED lights to grow salad greens indoors.

          How ironic that you mentioned the one cow, one sow farmstead. My grandparents lived on rented land in northern Maine and that was all they ever had, along with chickens. Of course they were able to eat vensison. My grandfather tried to hunt during the season but there were times when he poached or my mother and aunt and uncle would have starved. There were no malls. There were no foodstamps. The gamewardens knew my grandfather was not a trophy hunter and had children to feed. There is a very interesting book series, and one of the books was made into a movie and shown on PBS many years ago, “The Beans of Egypt, Maine.” That was my family only 40 years earlier. It was a shock for me to read the book and watch that movie. People will do what they must to survive. I plan on surviving. It’s in my blood.

    • steve

      This must be a big money maker topic all the so called top money people that are on Greg Hunters site been talking dooms day for 10-15 years now. I guess if they live forever one day they might be right. I did notice that everyone of them is selling the gold market. I remember the last doom day was here and all these little whole in the wall shops sprung up buying everyone’s gold dirt cheap. Anything to cheat a lesser person for self gain seems to in play here as everywhere else. greed has no shame here. do read below

      Many of the prophets of doom also said that the dumping of U.S. debt would come as America’s budget deficits continued to rise from the record $1.4 trillion print back in 2009. Instead, deficits have been slashed by more than 50 percent and are now less than three percent of U.S. GDP.

      In other words, the world is not choking on U.S. debt, instead, there is a relative shortage of it.

      As always, it is easy to predict the end of the world, as we saw on the night of the “blood moon,” and again on Sept. 23 (another date with supposed apocalyptic significance). But the end of days never arrived.

      The doomsday clock may still be ticking, but the time bomb is more likely to go off outside the U.S. while bonds remain the world’s safest and most resilient economic bomb shelter.

      • Charles H


        Bonds? Are you kidding?!?? First off – using the pretext of timing is always fallacious. Two seconds to Midnight: but no boom. They are wrong , as they have been wrong before – so I have all the reason in the world to disbelieve everything they say. The point to explosions, or implosions – is to be as far away as possible.
        The other is – the Dollar is about to get kicked to the curb. Bonds are tied to Dollars. Keep your boat-load of Dollars, and those bonds: just don’t expect them to be WORTH much down the road.

    • Frank

      All alternative media gurus have been 100% wrong.

  2. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Last five minutes were especially interesting. Rick Ackerman doesn’t do getting worked up (much like your earlier guest John Williams!). But he waxed eloquent towards the end, especially over the way a global collapse could come literally overnight. Thanks Greg.

  3. red

    A side from State run Ag, there is no farmer not leveraged in to to the market somehow, which is why if there is a deflation like what Rick is talking about ,farmland will be 20cents an acre like the depression , but there was a partial Gold Standard in the 30’s!! Government are tethered to nothing now! which is why the deflation Rick talks about wont happen…more likely is hyper inflation, they are refusing to let notional assetts fail…stocks, bonds…realestate blah which means they are going to pay everyone out! inflation baby .. Government will print they have to let someone FAIL for a deflation and that is not happening! Love your show Greg and your vibe keep em’ coming.

  4. Dave Jewett

    Hi Rick, Thanks so much for imparting your knowledge.

    In the interview, you suggest a substantial collapse (for what it’s worth, I agree with your general assessment), but you also suggest you think that making mortgage payments will be required (if you already have a mortgage).

    I see these two views as being at odds with each other, because a collapse as you describe will wipe out a large segment of the financial sector, and likely cause government to be small and ineffective at their core function. Further, I think there’s a chance that the federal government will actually dissolve.

    My question: how do you reconcile the notion of continuing mortgage payments with a gargantuan collapse?

    Again, my thanks to you, –Dave Jewett

    • jim chudzinski

      Dave i agree with you, there will be a collapse , and peoples money will be taken from them, so if they bail-in everyones money how can the banks say that you still owe them for your debt. I f they take my $100,000 savings, I am not going to give them the money for my $100,000 morgage.