Financial Zombies Cannot See Massive Inflation Coming – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino thinks the public has a huge false sense of security about the financial markets. Mannarino explains, “The general public is zombiefied. . . . What the Federal Reserve is determined to do is kill the dollar.  We might get a bounce here or there, but that downward trajectory that started in December is going to continue and has no end in sight. We know this because the Fed has said it is going to do whatever it takes to create inflation.  The Federal Reserve thinks that making things more expensive and sucking the value out of the dollar means you are going to be better off.  Right there you can see there is some kind of twisted mentality going on.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “What the Fed is not telling you . . . is the economy is dead in the water. The cash is not moving through the system.  So, they can print or add digits to a screen from here to oblivion and not get inflation if the cash isn’t moving.  That’s why we are not seeing massive inflation – yet.  There is going to be a moment when all these extra bills start chasing all these extra goods.  What’s going to prompt that to happen is the bond market action.  Right now, cash is moving back into the perceived safety of debt.  The U.S. 10-year yield is plunging.  This is positive to the stock market for now.”

On gold, Mannarino says, “Gold has just hit a high for the year, and that is also a trajectory that will continue. Why will this keep going?  Let’s go back to the dollar.  Investors don’t want anything to do with the dollar.  They are dumping their dollars here.  We are going to get, at some point, a massive sell-off in the bond market.  Don’t listen to Gregory Mannarino on this.  Listen to former Fed Head Alan Greenspan.  This is what he says, and he thinks the bond market is in a bubble. . . . Greenspan also said the potential for a rapid sell-off in the bond market is very, very high,”

Mannarino contends a rapid sell-off in bonds “will be very good for gold.” Mannarino also likes physical silver and thinks, “It’s still the most under-valued asset on the planet.”

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  1. R. Patrick

    Mr.Mannarino is 1 of the few good ones. Your a good egg also Mr. Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “R”!!

  2. Paul ...

    As Mannarino states massive inflation is coming … why? … because deficits always lead to inflation as does war … and the Deep State is constantly looking for ways to start new wars (preferably nuclear ones) and increase the deficit … one day Americans will wake up and find that their entire life savings (including their crypto gains) will not buy them a postage stamp (so buy a few books of forever stamps now … along with your gold and silver coins)!! …

    • Paul ...

      Gold sees what is coming … look at the five year chart … … we should see $1500 gold very very soon!!

      • Paul ...

        But silver is the better story … with a “nominal” gold to silver ratio of 10 … $1500 gold means $150 dollar silver (more then 8 times your money on a $200 dollar move in gold)! … even with a gold to silver ratio of 25 it means silver could see $60 dollars very very soon!! … forget the Horse this could be the year of the Bug!!!

  3. Frederick

    Didn’t Nenner call for deflation? Who is right here?

    • Paul ...

      The US dollar will deflate as more and more is printed (from 100 cents in 1913 to 3 cents today) … however deflated currency means things cost more (inflation) … if Trump can’t “End the Fed” and get our Nation back on track … we Americans may have to throw in the towel and take Putin up on his offer to give us Americans a “free” homestead … were we can start over and grow our own food on the free acres provided … however the only fly in the ointment is that the banksters (who don’t want to lose the “rubes” they use as patsy’s) may create a drought over the Russian east coast using weather modification technology!! …

  4. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    There are alternatives to You Tube and I’m glad to see that Greg Mannarino is taking advantage of them. I think they will thrive as long as You Tube (and Facebook) keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. Paul ...

    Now we witness once again the “serpent hearted” US Air Force Generals … who can stand down on 9-11 … contemplate a nuclear first strike on N. Korea killing millions … spray chem-trails on tens of millions of women and children across America … and currently allow hurricane Irma to “nuke” Florida without doing anything about it … where is your God given morality?? …

    • Paul ...

      And where is Trump “our savior”? … why has he allowed hurricane attacks by Harvey and Irma upon America?? … is he doing God’s bidding??? … or the bidding of the Military/Industrial Complex???? …

      • Paul ...

        Could the Deep State have drugged Trump? … or perhaps given him a minor stroke? … why is Trump slurring his words? … they gave Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s!

    • Donald

      A comment in that article says:

      “Chemtrailing and cloud seeding could certainly enhance the process far beyond weather manipulation.”

      I would say a MUCH bigger problem is what’s called Black Carbon:

      • Paul ...

        Donald … I wouldn’t put it past the weather modifiers to use aerosolized black carbon particles as part of their large inventory of chemical compounds to affect the radiation balance above hurricanes … thus producing the desired cooling or heating effects necessary to slow down or speed up wind speed rotation about the eye of the storm!

  6. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for USAWatchdog.

    24 minutes into your interview, Gregory Mannerino starts to expound on his previously ‘unpublished’ opinion as to what may happen to cash – actual dollar bills. He is reluctant but you pressed him on it. He starts to explain that actual cash, not the binary code held in your bank account, may be in short supply immediately after a credit crash (because less than 7% of US dollars ‘in circulation’ are in physical form). My guess is that Gregory was going to say that even while the US dollar loses value, the value of actual dollar bills may go up. He self-censored and stopped short of expounding this theory. I guess he is far more confident urging listeners to acquire a ‘sure thing’ – silver and gold – because holding cash may not turn out to be a smart move. Personally, I believe actual cash will be a valued unit of exchange for a short time after a credit collapse because people are not ready to transact in PMs.

    • Paul ...

      Holding cash as twenty nickels is better then holding a paper one dollar bill … as the commodity value of a pound of copper and nickel metal will always be worth more then the commodity value of of 1/10th ounce of paper!!

      • Paul ...

        As the paper dollar continues to deflate in value … copper (which seems to have completed its correction) will inflate upward along with gold … gold’s six month chart shows gold could move down a bit from here to about $1325 before it too powers upward …

  7. This sceptred Isle