First Ever Triple Bubble in Stocks, Real Estate & Bonds – Nick Barisheff

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

We are living in an age of records in the financial world. The stock market is in its longest bull market in history and near all-time highs.  The world has more debt than ever before while interest rates are near record lows, and some are negative in many countries for the first time ever.  Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group (BMG), is seeing a dark ending for the era of financial records. Barisheff explains, “I have been in the business for 40 years, and this is the first time we have had a simultaneous triple bubble, a bubble in real estate, stocks and bonds all at the same time.  In 1999, it was a stock bubble. In 2007, it was a real estate bubble. This time, we’ve got a triple simultaneous bubble.  So, when we have the correction, it’s going to be massive. Value calculations on equities say it’s worse than 1999, and in some cases worse than 1929. The big problem is this triple bubble is sitting on a mountain of debt like never before.”

What is going to be the reaction to this record bubble in everything crashing?  Barisheff says, “I think you are going to be getting riots in the streets.  It’s already happening in California. CalPERS is the pension fund administrator for a lot of the pension funds in California. So, already retired teachers, firefighters and policemen that are sitting in retirement getting their pension checks all got letters saying sorry, your pension checks from now on are going to be reduced by 60%.  How do you get by then?”

What happens if the meltdown picks up speed and casualties?  Barisheff says, “I think the only option will be for the government is to print more money and postpone the problem yet a little bit longer, but that leads to massive inflation and eventually hyperinflation.  Every fiat currency that has ever existed has always ended in hyperinflation, every single one.  Since 1800, there have been 56 hyperinflations. Hyperinflation is defined as 50% inflation per month.  That’s where we are going and what other choice is there?”

So, what do you do?  Barisheff says, “In the U.S. dollar since 2000, gold is up an average of 9.4% per year. In some countries, it’s up 14% and so on.  If you take the overall average of all the countries, the average increase is 10% a year.  Every time Warren Buffett is on CNBC, he seems to go out of his way to disparage gold, but if you look at a chart of Berkshire Hathaway and gold, gold has outperformed Berkshire Hathaway. . . . Everybody worships Warren Buffett as the best investor in the world, and gold has outperformed his fund in U.S. dollars.  I would not disparage gold if I were him. I’d keep quiet about it.”

There is a first for Barisheff, too, in this financial environment.  He says for the first time ever, he’s “100% invested in gold” as a percentage of his portfolio.  He says the bottom “is in for gold,” and “the bottom is in for silver, too.”

Barisheff contends that with the record bubbles and the record debt, both gold and silver will be setting new all-time high records as well in the not-so-distant future.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Nick Barisheff, CEO of BMG and the author of the popular book “$10,000 Gold.”

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant Greg!
    “3 Strikes, You’re Out”

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Storage food looks as good as gold to me right now.

    • paul jr.

      Actually Billy it could be better than gold.

  3. H. Craig Bradley

    Where did you find this guy?

  4. JC

    Greg, does this guy really think he knows better than Stan?

    • iwitness02

      Good one!:)

    • paul ...

      Well … I think it is obvious from these charts …

      • paul ...

        And look at the US National Debt Clock … … the National Debt of the Government is $22,617,825,000,000 and there are only 123,169,522 taxpayers in America … this means The United States Government owes each per taxpayer a debt of $183,885 dollars … how do you think the Government is going to pay the debt it owes us? … with more printed paper?? … better to take whatever paper you now have and exchange it for gold and silver … before the chocolate bar lovers wake up and realize that the paper (they think is money) is worth less and less and less … they are in a fog because a paper dollar (worth 2 cents) still buy’s them a chocolate bar … and three(3) paper dollars (worth 6 cents) still buys them a gallon of gas … once the Fed begins QE in November a gallon of gas may cost a “real $1” (or 50 Fed IOU debt notes worth 2 cents each)!!

        • paul ...

          Yield curve inversions have historically been good for silver prices … we are currently experiencing a yield curve inversion once again … thus conditions are conducive to an impressive silver rally … notice on the following chart the yield curve inversions in the 1970’s (and where the price of physical silver went in an A, B, C pattern) … … a similar A,B, C pattern suggests $350 dollar silver by 2024 … not as impressive as previous $1500 dollar price per ounce silver projections … but still a respectable 18 times your money in a span of about 4 years (during which time stocks, housing, etc., etc. are in a deep depression) and your physical silver can be used to buy some real bargains!!

  5. David Larsen


    You are a Master of the Metaphor.



  6. JC

    Bob Moriarty is an old timer, has the site . Maybe he can be a guest on USA Watchdog someday? Check out this interview. Scary.

    Bob Moriarty: Why did gold and silver both go down in 2008?

    Goldfinger: Because everyone was selling everything.

    Bob Moriarty: Exactly! Bingo! It had nothing to do with gold and silver, it had everything to do with a liquidity crisis. In a liquidity crisis everyone sells everything they can get a bid for. It is my opinion that we’re going to have a liquidity crisis starting shortly and this $53 billion in repos is an indicator that we’re going into a liquidity crisis.

    Gold and silver will go down along with everything else in a liquidity crisis. However, it is immaterial in the long run because at the end of the liquidity crisis gold and silver will be the last men standing. This is an everything bubble and it’s all going to blow up.

    • Uncommon sense

      What would central banks sell their gold for? FIAT currency…that they can create out of thin air anyway? You may be right but physical gold is in stronger hands now after such a long bear market.

      • William Stanley

        Good point. Actually, a crucial point. Thanks!

        • uncommon sense

          also can’t see the Vatican, Iran and Indians etc. selling their gold to enter into the dollar centric system after collecting gold for hundreds/thousands of years.

        • uncommon sense

          Hope you are doing well William. JC may be proved correct (Jim Rogers is of the same opinion). However, conditions are not identical to 2008. I think that a lot of speculators sold off as Gold had been in a bull market up to that point. Many people were holding gold because it was going up in price and not as insurance. This time, after this bear market, many of us ‘radicals’ are holding gold to protect from systemic breakdown and to protect against currency debasement so it will take a lot more for us to cough it up. However, we are small fry compared to gold held by central banks. Also, will the Vatican suddenly sell all its gold after hundreds of years (they may be evil but nobody ever called them financially illiterate)? Will Iran sell its gold for dollars just as the West threatens war and will China and Russia decide that they want to be part of a dollar centric system after all? Will the Indian people suddenly learn to trust the rupee?

    • Sally A.

      JC, you beat me to it – just read that Bob Moriarty interview on his 321gold website and was going to ask Mr. Hunter to think about interviewing Mr. Moriarty. The notes I took from the interview included some scary lines from Moriarty: “This is the most dangerous time financially”…”liquidity crisis starting shortly”…”the 53 billion in repos is an indicator we’re going into a liquidity crisis” and “October major crash” (echo of Bo Polny there). The scary thing is he says with everybody headed to the exits on everything, gold and gold stocks will be liquidated by those needing that money in a hurry, resulting in lower prices, like in 2008. If Mr. Hunter can schedule an interview, I hope he asks, “Is there any scenario you can see where gold and silver and their stocks will withstand a hit to price?” I don’t know about you guys, but I need that scenario. I need the short run to not wipe out the value of gold and silver and their stocks

      • Mike R

        Quietly, the FEd has announced its doing $70 BILLION injections, DAILY, through October 10th. Yep, all is just hunky dory with the financial system, banks, the economy, and average joe or jane citizen.

        But Stan sez to short gold. Lol !

      • JC

        Sally A, regarding ”…”liquidity crisis starting shortly”, check out what Martin Armstrong has to say about it. It’s not what we think. Here’s an excerpt, but read the whole thing as well. Let’s say a prayer that Greg can get Bob Moriarty as a guest and I really hope Martin Armstrong will be back in the very near future as well.

        “As more and more US debt is taken up overseas as a hedge against the rising risk of the punitive sanctions of canceling foreign currencies as Christine Lagarde is preparing to take charge of the European Central Bank in October, the panic into the dollar assets is removing US debt from domestic holdings resulting in a LIQUIDITY CRISIS beyond anything you will find in the traditional economic textbooks.”

        • JC

          When Martin Armstrong has been on USA Watchdog in the past, he sometimes seems vague and hard to understand. Here’s something he posted today that kind of explains why that is.

          “I always wrote for just institutions. I have made an effort to try to see the world from the non-trader or professional position in order to be able to write for an audience that does not look at the world from either a trader or institutional pair of eyes.”

        • Sally A

          Many thanks JC,
          Having a plain-speaking Armstrong, also sometimes featured on, is a great credentialed resource at this “most dangerous time”.

      • uncommon sense

        Who are the biggest holders of physical gold?
        Central banks
        The Vatican

        The only gold that will be sold will be the paper gold by speculators. Waiting for a price crash as a buying opportunity could prove to be a mistake.

      • Steve Bice

        The problem…to our relief…with this view is the vast (did I say, vast?) majority of investors hold no gold or silver to sell for any purpose. That doesn’t mean that bullion banks can’t continue short selling to stem the rise as fear drives investors to the metals…but retail investors are a non-factor.

        • Steve Bice

          (Replying to Sally)

    • Clare Doll

      Stop it already! The fear-mongering. I respect Bob Moriarty greatly but he is wrong about short-term gold prices. In fact, the test case has already run more than once with the stock market taking major dips (end of 2018) and the behavior of gold and silver. That is not to say that gold and silver STOCKS won’t take a dive during a stock market crash; but, gold and silver have long been run OUT of the system, say maybe around 2008 and during the 6-year lapse in a new high. Who is smart enough to still HAVE gold after all of the above yet feel they must unload it and have set themselves up to do just that if there is a stock market crash? Ridiculous.
      Did our wonderful interviewer not ask this very question at 29:35? Listen to Mr. Barisheff’s reply. I have been listening to this man for years. He’s good.
      A work of advice: We have SO much more to worry about (listen to the rest of the interview) than whether or not gold and silver take one more short term dirtbath before the rise to $10,000 plus.

      • William Stanley

        I’ve now read your comment three times. It still impresses.

  7. Paul in OZ

    Great interview … thanks again Greg … after the crash, if we hear the same garbage that nobody could have seen this coming again this time … those who say such things should be held to account for ongoing deception …. You have provided a myriad of guests with different perspectives but with a common message … things are going to get bad, protect yourself with precious metals and try to prepare yourself for a very difficult period … we need this message to be made in the msm … however, that is likely to happen as Trump getting impeached.

    • Anthony Australia

      The same ‘crap’ time and time again, everything is alright and we will never see another recession in our lifetime.
      At least according to the MSM.

  8. Trurl

    Never heard of this guy…maybe it’s just me. Can anyone source his assertion that CALPERS is reducing pensions on any scale? Searching for CALPERS reduces pensions I only find this:
    which happened because the specific funding city ceased making payments.

    From “another” we know all paper will burn, but has it really started?

    • MCasey

      I tried also to source the CalPERS statement and couldn’t find anything. I also was going to ask for info.

      • Wayne

        I questioned his assertion that CALPERS had cut the pension benefits of police, fire and teachers?
        Check Stockton CA as a source. They are a contract city with CALPERS which means the City and employees make contributes to CALPERS to manage the retirement accounts for City retirees. Stockton cut the retiree health insurance benefits a few years ago because of City mismanagement. However, to my knowledge no retirees received a pension cut.
        Big difference between retiree healthcare benefits and retiree pension. Healthcare is a soft benefit, whereas pension has a property right attached. Simply, healthcare retirement benefits can be changed pension benefits cannot.

        He also doesn’t understand that the State Teachers Retirement System is not part of CALPERS. STRS provides the retirement benefits to most school teachers in CA. And I am not aware of any CA retired teachers receiving any pension cuts.

        He is correct that some truckers (Teamsters) pensions were cut a few years ago. Won’t go into the details but many truckers worked for multiple employers. Some of those employers went bankrupt or were bought out etc., resulting in significant underfunding of the Temster Pension Plan. Consequently, pensions got cut. Again I won’t go into details but I don’t believe that gold would have made any difference the Teamsters case or Stocktons’ problems.

        Hope this helped?

    • William Stanley

      I, also, was perplexed by what he said about CALPERS at one point. However, based on the overall context and what he later said, I think he was simply indicating his view of the likely course of events and their consequences.

    • Bill B

      If and when Calpers starts cutting pensions, you will be able to hear the hue and cry from the moon. The Highway Patrol and some others retire with full pay and benefits, so just believe you will hear about it when it happens

  9. al

    I remember following Nick way back over 10 years. I’m glad you had him on, he’s very astute and extremely wise. I totally agree with his prognostication, however, the manipulation continues and unfortunately what he says now should have happened years ago. Nevertheless, he’s an excellent resource.

    Motto: Be vigilant and prepared.

    Thanks again Greg for keeping people like these in the limelight.

  10. andyb

    Greg: to add to Nick’s analyses: GLD and SLV were developed as a distraction by the banksters to be a stock outlet for any gold demand and to aid in the PM suppression schemes. God forbid the public would want gold as an alternative to worthless fiat. BTW, I also think cryptos are a similar bankster distraction as an alternative to gold as a store of value.
    I do not believe as Nick does that there will be accountability for the crimes committed by JP Morgan (and many others), especially since the banksters are so integral to our criminal fiscal and monetary policy. Extensive prison terms for higher ups will never happen; but someone might take a payoff of millions for a short term at a Club Fed.

    • paul ...

      Will there be accountability for crimes? … Secretary of State Pompeo (past Director of the CIA) doesn’t think so … as he has proudly declared to everyone “it is normal for the CIA to lie to the public and to Congress” … and what did he say recently? … Yemen didn’t attack the Saudi’s it was Iran!!

  11. JC

    “If you read Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, then you would know that Nostradamus’ predicted that the prices of oil, gold, and silver are going to explode as hyperinflation crashes the global economy.”

    • paul ...

      Did Nostradamus foresee the Fake News Media or the Deep State?? … what about 9-11?? … or a war with Iran??? … did he see a tug of war between … Truth vs. Money and Power as talked about here??? …

      • JC

        Paul, yes he did, if you read the e-book it’s all in there. G.A. Stewart is not part of the Nostradamus “circus”. He has done a tremendous amount of hard work over many years.
        Scroll to the bottom of the page, you can order the book. It’s only $10.00.

  12. paul ...

    As Barisheff says: “When we have the correction, it’s going to be massive” … too bad most American’s prefer chocolate bars over a gold coin (and are acting like the US Military during 9-11 and are “standing down” to the threat before us) simply ignoring precious metals … just like Pompeo (who can’t see the Deep State that Trump and Kevin Shipp clearly see as a threat) … Pompeo should take off his “Iran colored eyeglasses” and see the threat right here at home!! …

    • paul ...

      Remember a “massive correction” will take down gold and silver “stocks” right along with the rest of the stock market … the miners always need “new funding for mining and exploration” and during a credit squeeze this will be next to impossible … so stick with “physical” gold and silver that can hold its value in a massive crash … yes, I know gold and silver mining stocks can offer some fantastic capital gains “in the correct environment” … but the coming environment “will not be the correct one” … so owning mining stocks is not my goal at the present time nor should it be yours … our goal should be to concentrate on preserving our wealth and not take inordinate risks trying to multiply our wealth!!

    • JC

      paul… they don’t prefer a chocolate bar over a gold coin… it’s chocolate bar over a silver bar.

      • paul ...

        I stand corrected … unbelievable the sheer stupidity of Americans … no wonder the Deep State can take down Bldg 7 right in front of Americans eyes and then tell them they are going to send their children to war with Iraq because Saddam “pulled it” … and like they now want to send our children to war with Iran to protect the evil Saudis who helped to take down the WTC on 9-11!!

      • Montana Guy

        And loved ones of the Gold Bugs will be wishing they bought chocolate bars.

        • Greg Hunter

          More stupidity. Anyone buying gold is buying everything else they may need. You framing it as a choice between cholatee bars and gold bars is pure stupidity. You don’t belong here. Please go to MSNBC, you will fit right in.

  13. Russ F

    Excellent interview Greg! Very clear and concise explanation of where we are and likely will go.

    Big question: what about the mining equities? Will they follow the general equity market down 50%, or will they follow gold higher in multiples as their profits should soar?

    Mr. Barisheff seemed to promote owning physical but made no mention of the mining equities. Or did he say to wait for them to go down before buying them?

    I remember seeing charts of Homestake Mining back in the early 1900’s and how it’s share price exploded higher.

    Maybe the mining equities go down initially with the general market, as everything will be sold, but then go higher?

    Comments please…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Russ F,
      You can make exponential money in mining but here is your big worry, an MF Global event. I feel lots of brokerages will go under in this next crash and SIPIC has a few billion for insurance. Don’t invest any money you cannot lose. Physical AU and AG is your best bet for security. (I sell zero investments.)

      • Russ F

        Thanks Greg; I have moved most of my equities out of my brokerage and into an account with the transfer agent. This has long been recommended by Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair. Hopefully this is more safe!

        • Greg Hunter

          You do realize that if you try to cash out the laws have changed where the big banks can refuse you your money during times of crisis? You do realize this? Yes, it is going to get that bad. Please note the line “operational reforms to address risks of investor runs in money market funds while preserving the benefits of the funds.”

          You do also realize 1 “share” equals $1 in the money markets, but that can change. There is no law says it cannot. What happens if you cash out, and the brokerage puts your money into a money market for distribution, and suddenly, 1 share equals .50 cents? or 25 cents, or 1 cent?????


      • Uncommon sense

        plus nationalisation of mines as well.

    • paul ...

      Russ … if you are going to buy a mining stock it should be “self funding” and in current production … you can’t buy juniors with no production … they will be toast in a liquidity squeeze!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,

        • paul ...

          William … it was “the already producing mines” with little debt that did well in the 1929 depression era when gold was re-set higher by Roosevelt … not the holes in the ground with lairs at the top begging for funding to develop their gold and silver mines!!

          • paul ...

            People who are buying GLD or SLV are actually “helping to manipulate the gold and silver price downward” and these people are going to be in for a big shock when they find out GLD and SLV only own “borrowed gold” … these “paper” gold companies are “shills for the banksters” to make the ignorant pigeons siphon off buying power that would otherwise drive the price of gold and silver higher … owls eat pigeons for breakfast … that’s why the banksters use the owl as their secret society mascot!!

  14. Roy madison

    In 2008 there was a bottleneck where there wasn’t enough money to pay for mortgages and things. If the algorithms just dump the necessary funds into the marketS (repo, or anywhere else) the bubbles can keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and never burst BECAUSE everything is manipulated. We no longer have a free market, free enterprise system. As long ad people have the funds to make that monthly payment this can go until Zimbabwe.

  15. john duffy

    Candace Owens to Kathleen Belew: “The audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make it seem as if I laughed at people that were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac is in my opinion absolutely despicable.

  16. paul ...

    This is rich … if anyone needed proof that Joe Biden has Alzheimer’s … this is it … Joe Biden abused his position as Vice President to strong-arm Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor (who was leading a wide-ranging investigation into Biden’s son Hunter … who despite his total lack of experience had a Ukraine natural gas firm paying him $50,000 per month) … and Biden as VP threatened that he would not give billions of US taxpayer dollars dollars to the Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating his son was taken off the case … then this past Friday … Biden issues a statement calling on Trump to release a transcript of his July phone call with Zelensky … where Trump asked the Ukraine leader “why did you remove the prosecutor investigating Biden’s son??” … Biden wanted to show how “Trump was using the power and resources of the United States to pressure and subvert the rule of law of the sovereign nation of the Ukraine to possibly extract a political favor” … is this the kind of “idiot brain” Demon-rats want to elect to negotiate the important deals that have to be made with Russia and China??? …

    • paul ...

      Only an Alzheimer’s patient would elevate this controversy into a major campaign issue … this guy Biden must be be down to an IQ below 80 (that is falling rapidly)! … the Demon-rats need Gabbard if they want to have any chance at beating Trump (yet they are throwing her under the bus because she is against the Deep State)!! …

      • Greg Hunter


        Gabbard is a hypocritical weasel. She was silent when her party was running guns to Syria. Silent when he party let Ambassador Stevens die when the military assets were there to stop the attack in Benghazi. Silent on Hillary, Her party’s candidate, when they conspired with Russia to smear this and commit sedition with a fake dossier paid for by Hillary and the DNC. Silent when Joe Biden’s son cashed in in Ukraine and China. Silent on funding Planned Parenthood murdering hundreds of thousands of babies while she detests the death in war. Gabbard is a socialist in the Marxist Democrat party. She is a godless weasel. She is no more patriotic than the cadet who wrote “communism wins” inside his hat at West Point graduation or because she wore a uniform but I do appreciate her service. It is her politics I detest. Oh and maybe someone should explain basic finance to her and let her in on what the “petrodollar” is and what that means to her socialist wet dream if that goes away. Gabbard is also a fan of the no signature total fraud of the Iran Nuclear deal. you know the one where we gave cash on c-130’s to Iran and the same deal where global leaders took bribes to get this fraud to go through!!!!!! Hey Ms Gabbard, you do know this was not a treaty and totally unsigned??? Right???? This why Trump stopped it!!! Here’s the proof — again it was unsigned: Total social weasel in the Marxist Democrat party!!!!


        • Auntie Seize

          “Gabbard is a hypercritical weasel.” (This is Greg Hunter and I fixed the mistake. Thank you.) Not to be a grammar Nazi, but did you mean hypocritical? 😉 It seems she is not “excessively and/or unreasonably critical” on much of anything to me.

          Gabbard is silent on these issues beCAUSE she is WEAK.
          It wouldn’t take much at all for Deep State thugs to turn her into one of their minions. IMHO.

        • paul ...

          Yeah your right Greg … she is a “commie of a different color” … hopefully Trump will make sure she can’t take the moral high ground!

          • Greg Hunter

            What “moral” high ground. You cannot have “morals” in just some areas where it fits your political advantage.

            • paul ...

              Greg … Trump sending troops to Saudi Arabia does not seem like he is taking the “moral high ground” … for as Ron Paul said: “Trump attempting to placate the neocons is a fool’s errand, because they are never satisfied even up to and including war. The tide is turning in America – and even in Washington – against Saudi Arabia. After the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and a catastrophic four-year Saudi war on Yemen, no American politician is any longer in the mood to stick his or her neck out to defend Saudi Arabia. President Trump would be wise to use caution … although President Trump deserves credit for resisting the war cries from neocons like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after last week’s attack on two Saudi oil facilities”!! …

      • paul ...

        Just as CNN deems it a “Conspiracy Theory” to question Biden ties to Ukraine … … conspiracy theorist Giuliani hits Biden with a new $3 Million dollar “Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus” money laundering accusation …!!

  17. Roger

    Another great interview. However, it’s not really true that gold has out performed BRK over time. One might be able to cherrypick data to isolate a time where this happened but over time and with compounding, it’s not true.
    Gold is however a counter balance to any portfolio and a good one. The case for gold is not return oriented but rather safety oriented.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold is up 427% since 2000. Yes, compounding is a fact, but so is the fact that many businesses have went bankrupt in the last two big take downs in 2000 and 2008. Not a single ounce of gold was rendered worthless during that time or throughout history. Gold it BOTH safety oriented and return oriented because my principle was returned and investment rose. And let’s keep in mind there was a huge bailout in the financial industry that Buffett and everybody else enjoyed. Without that taxpayer bailout your math and your stocks right along with Buffett and his fund would be destroyed.

  18. paul ...

    Barisheff says: “I think the only option will be for the government to print more money to postpone the problem yet a little bit longer … but that leads to massive inflation and eventually hyperinflation … (and keep in mind) every fiat currency that has ever existed has always ended in hyperinflation … every single one” … so there you have it folks … the truth is spelled out in spades by Barisheff … hyperinflation is in our future … and the Deep State attack on the Saudi’s is just the first salvo that Powell needed as an excuse to lower interest rates … but they need a few more attacks (on the Saudi’s or Iran it matters not who) to get the price of oil up over $100 dollars per barrel … so the banksters can drive the economy into a big enough downturn to give the Fed the excuse they need to lower rates to zero or even go so negative that the US dollar weakens (against “all” the fiat currencies in the world) … which will have the effect of driving the price of gold to new all time highs … and the banksters now owning tons of gold as a tier one asset will be swimming in all the cash they need when gold goes to $10,000 to bail out their fiat Ponzi IOU monopoly monetary system … and the Americans who prefer a bar of chocolate over a precious metal bar should be stocking up like the gold bugs are … for they will be paying through the nose to get their hands a milk chocolate bar in the not to distant future!!

    • paul ...

      When Powell was asked about “negative interest rates” he effectively said: “We have not used negative rates and if we were to find ourselves at some future date again at an interest rate near zero … I think we would look at using large-scale asset purchases and forward guidance rather then be looking at using negative rates” … yet Greenspan clearly said recently: “The US would be going to negative interest rates” … Powell likely feels the US doesn’t need negative interest rates “to stay glued together” because it can print its own money … but what Greenspan is suggesting is a lot more dire … that soon the US won’t be able to print its own money!! …

      • paul ...

        And if the Fed can’t print money as Greenspan is effectively suggesting … they won’t be able to distribute free money to their bankster buddies … who use it to buy productive assets and pursue speculations such as stock buy-backs and interest rate derivatives … while everyone else who are not privileged to get a single dollar of the Fed’s trillions and are chained with a phony CPI “experience a loss of purchasing power” … these crooked Fed banksters expanding the money supply to help only themselves (without actually expanding the real economy) must be put out of the money printing business … while we wait for this day to come … we ordinary folks “must by gold” (and silver) for self protection!!

  19. WK Swanson

    The link to the audio copy of the book doesn’t work. Thanks.

  20. paul ...

    Russia slams US General who boasts about taking out Russian air defenses when this US General couldn’t even fend off a few hijackers with box cutters on 9-11 who penetrated American air defenses!! …

    • paul ...

      But of course we couldn’t take out those Saudi’s attacking the United States on 9-11 … because we have to defend the Saudi’s and send our children to fight their wars!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep cheering Russia Paul. You need to move there and start criticizing Russia and Putin!!

      • Uncommon sense

        Like Putin or not can you imagine what the middle East would be like had he not intervened to support Assad?

        • Greg Hunter

          Have you ever heard of Armageddon? Putin is there and it does not turn not well for him or the Russians. He’s here to protect his interests and that is supplying oil and nat gas to Europe. Not such a noble thing to step in for.

          • Uncommon sense

            no but at least he stopped the spread of ISIS which our countries and Saudi Arabia are so keen on. I am worried about Europe’s enemies and couldn’t give two hoots about Saudi Arabia or Israel’s enemies.

            • Greg Hunter

              Trump stopped ISIS after Obama and Hillary created it. Putin protected his assets.

  21. leo

    according to the wall street journal the Fed reserve is pumping 75 billion per day into banks to hold off the very hugh crisis of liquidity they say until Oct 20, so that is what 2 trillion the entire years budget. Good grief what does this say except that our looming debt issue is closer to collapse than we can even imagine. We better get gold and fast. Does this scare anybody besides me.

    • paul ...

      Give Americans a chocolate bar and they will be happy!! … they are taught zip about finance in our “Marxist commie schools”!!

  22. Sylvia Sterling

    What a great guest, Greg. Thanks so much for having him on. He talks straight and clear. Easily understandable and no double talk. What a pleasure to listen to him.

  23. tim ziegler


    I could not agree more with your guest’s comments on investment in gold. One needs to think of gold bullion as a savings account to be liquidated, for FIAT, when the need arises!
    Negative interest rates throughout the world and soon to be here, materially supports my view.

    Best wishes

  24. Country Codger

    Classic, classic, classic!!!
    Somewhere around the 14 minute mark Mr. Barisheff makes a very memorable statement, “Everyone talks diversification but no one does it.”

    The biggest problem I see, and it is universal among your guests, is that everyone sees investment opportunities on the other side of this next disaster. Won’t happen.

    The biggest problem cycle analyst don’t grasp is that there is a finite number of cycles, not infinite. That is why Jeff Berwick is wrong, Bo Polny (whom I like) is wrong and even Mr. Nenner (with whom I agree most of the time, our biggest difference is terminology) is also wrong. We are in the middle of the last cycle.
    Fantastic guest Greg. Great interview.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Beverly

      Country Codger,
      I noticed the same thing around 14 and 15 min. mark. I want my kids to see this interview. I especially liked what he said around that minute mark though. And, I also really liked his facial expressions. He is very confident in what he says, and he’s made it easy for people to listen to his book on audio. I really like this guy. I haven’t seen him on the show a whole lot, but he should be on more often. He knows what he’s talking about. He stays calm and says it like it is.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Beverly,
        I agree. I like this guest and his body language is that of someone who is confident but rather humble. It is like he is openly saying you don’t have to believe me but you’ll be sorry if you don’t. Greg has the ability to pick really good guests at the proper time.

  25. Hockey Puck

    Great interview, Greg! It’s always refreshing to hear people take a complex issue and package it so elegantly: 3 bubbles simultaneously! Yikes!

    I would, however, like to point everyone to a counterpoint argument and invite comment from some of the brighter minds in this forum. If what I see is unfolding comes true, President Trump could very well end up one of the greatest presidents since Abraham Lincoln. It’s a compelling story.

    Here’s a link that will get everyone up to speed: a recent dialogue between Steve Bannon and Kyle Bass on the China Trade War ( . It’s one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s why:

    Bannon makes the point that China realized long ago that it could never win a kinetic war (military) against America, so what they’ve done is wage an economic war since 2001. Who financed it? The Elite! But here’s where it gets interesting. Look at the numbers: In 2009, America’s GDP was 15.209 trillion. In 2018, 18.638. (Numbers from BEA That’s an anemic 1.19 growth rate, and Bannon makes note of it in the video. The historic growth rate of the US economy since WWII has been 3.5% per year. Well, if we apply that growth rate to 2009, what it shows is that the US lost 16.128 trillion in production to the Chinese, and that’s just over a 9 year time period. That’s the cost of America being de-industrialized. That’s also the cost of the trade war over 9 years.

    So imagine. What Trump is trying to do, as we all know, is “even the playing field”. But that’s just a euphemism. What he’s really trying to do is RE-INDUSTRIALIZE America. This could lead to a phenomenal growth rate in America, the implications of which are profound. Imagine 4% GDP. What would that do?

    But the big question is “What will China do?” It looks like their economy is about to implode (See all the other Kyle Bass interviews). But get this: The 20th Century we see as “The American Century”. China sees is as “The Century of Humiliation”. Will they allow the 21st to be another century of humiliation? Can their 20,000 oz of gold (Holter) save them? Are their soldiers on alert?

    Would love your input, William, Steve, others!!!

    • Auntie Seize

      I think DJT is maneuvering to eliminate the Fed. Imagine what that will do – to get rid of the leeches that suck the life blood out of the country!
      JMHO. YMMV.

      • Mike R

        I agree. Trump is very good at paving the way ahead of time, and positioning his audience for what is gonna happen. So he is regularly ‘socializing’ the idea that the FED is just plain BAD, and he is mentally preparing America for the day he simply abolishes the FED. Its gonna happen if he gets a 2nd term. This and many other similar MAJOR things are gonna happen, which is why the Dems want so badly to impeach the guy. They realize their days of deep corruption and bribery and media control, and bankster moblike behavior are all coming to an end.

      • paul ...

        The Fed plans QE4 so it can continue expanding the bank’s balance sheet through outright purchases of US Treasury securities with money printed out of thin air … … the top 5 Central banks in the world have printed money out of thin air to suck up more then $13 Trillion of financial assets since 2008 … is it any wonder gold is making new highs in foreign currencies all around the world!!

    • William Stanley

      Hockey Puck,
      That interview of Bannon really was interesting, and it displayed Bannon’s and Bass’ brilliant minds.
      I side with Bass about dealing with China: Yes, China is extremely vulnerable, but I doubt they will give up what they have gained in the South China Sea. Moreover, I’m unsure of both: (1) that America really can now beat China militarily in its own backyard (especially given Russia’s strong alliance with China), and (2) that such a conflict would not go nuclear (which IMO, is an unacceptable risk for trying to maintain COMPLETE freedom of navigation in the South China Sea). Moreover, there may be other ways to provide some protection to HIGHLY friendly countries in Asia, even those with coastlines on the South China Sea.
      I think that we have to accept that we are in a (for now) economic, and otherwise, non-kinetic war with China. Thus, we must disengage from China economically and throw up a wall against their infiltration of America and — as much as reasonably possible — try to counter China’s ambitions against our strong allies.

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks, William. Always helpful to look at the world through your eyes. As for me, it appears that war is coming and coming fast. I hate to say it, but it just looks that way. If the Chinese economy does implode, is the CCP just going to sit there and say “Oops! Just made a mistake!” I doubt it. They will do what all nations have done in the past. They will create an enemy out of it and go to war. Sad. But that’s what we do as humans. We blame! Oldest trick in the book.

        As you put it, it must disengage from the Chinese economy ASAP! Why? We will be forced to, sooner or later. Better now, even if it means some temporary pain.

    • Beverly

      Hockey Puck,
      I think Trump IS one of the greatest Presidents of all time, even despite his mistakes, which he might have made to stay alive(USMCA). I don’t think it’s any coincidence that his last name is Trump, because I believe God has a sense of humor too. Trump is as brave as they come, in my opinion. BUT, there is a prophecy, and it comes from a man that made many prophecies that were fulfilled as he said, that great effort would be made to straighten things out, but he will run out of time, if you know what I mean, and NOBODY will be willing to take his place after that. After that happens, the country will melt into chaos. I believe these things will happen UNLESS, people keep praying or start praying for Pres. Trump EVERY single night and day. If people in this country get involved in politics and do what they can to straighten things out, then God is a lot more likely to have mercy on us. There is a book called The White Horse Prophecy, by Ogden Kraut. You might want to read that book. It talks about how the Chinese and the Russians will come to war against us. The Russians will also take over much of Europe according to the prophecies. It’s the cleansing of the wicked and a trial period for the righteous on the earth, before the millenium finally comes.

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks Beverly. Great to get your insights.

        I know Russia has signed these alliances with China. But I suspect that it’s because the #1 terror on the planet for 100 years has been the Deep State. And until Trump came into the oval office the Deep State has had 100% control over the US of A. Sad, but real, especially since the creation of the Fed.

        If I were in Putin’s shoes, I’d have to be wondering who is the more dangerous enemy, the USA or China? Oops! I forgot. The Elite in New York, Washington and Silicon Valley are in bed with the Elite in China. This is a very tricky chess match.

        • Hockey Puck

          Hmmm! Russian Collusion! Of course the Elite would want to keep Trump from talking to Putin. Makes all the sense in the world now. Putin and Trump united trump China and the Deep State. Pretty sure about that.

  26. Diane

    Are gold coins issued by the US treasury worth anything or just for collectors?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you live in the USA, they are the only kind of coins to hold for wealth preservation. (I sell no investment whatsoever including gold and silver.)

      • Diane

        Thanks Greg, good to know

      • Bob Lamb

        what about Canadian Mint coins?

        • Greg Hunter

          If you live in Canada Great. If you live in USA buy from U.S. dealers with good connections to the Mint for silver and gold Eagles.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        As I recall, you’ve made similar comments in the past. I’ve spent time contemplating them, but I am still not completely sure what your rationale is. Is it your thought that US minted coins are simply more recognizable and trusted in the US? Is it you thought that — since they are official US money — that they may be less subject to confiscation?

        • Greg Hunter

          In may view U.S. minted coins will be the very hardest coins to be subject to confiscation. I think every member of congress or at least in the Senate has a horde of U.S. incremented coins. Congress will have a very hard time to make illegal coins sold by the U.S. Mint since 1986. There are also some reporting advantages to U.S. coins and U.S. minted coins will have the best chance for legal use inside the US of A in my opinion.

  27. iwitness02

    One thing that will be important going forward, is the ability to adapt to an ever changing world. Another important quality will be a willingness to adapt.
    Some people can adapt quickly. Some not so much, and others not at all. We are all mixed together on this earth. That will prove to be a volatile environment, right along with politics and economics. Uncertainty is strong among the people of the earth. Dissatisfaction with government is also a powerful negative force on the earth.
    But hey, I got to get up and go to work. I don’t have time for this.
    This is where many people are at today. They are overwhelmed, and it would seem the worst is yet to come. Their work life, and money problems, is about all they can deal with. The thought of trying to deal with all the rest of the uncertainties, is just to much, for many people.
    This does not paint a pretty picture. We all need help.

    • William Stanley

      I enjoyed your comment.
      I hope you like Kenny Rogers (“The Gambler”):

      • iwitness02

        I enjoyed that, thank you William.

      • paul ...

        Does Stan know when to fold them??

  28. Stan

    I made a fortune shorting Gold since 2013. Gold is no longer a part of the monetary system. Wake up folks. Fred Flintsone used Gold as a currency. We are not in the stone age anymore.

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      Stan, you are indeed the man. Has Greg contacted you regarding an interview? Perhaps a split screen with you and Jerry.

      • Stan

        I’d be happy to do an interview – no one has contacted me yet

        • Jerry

          Does your errors and omissions insurance company know you’re on Greg’s site handing out bad financial advice? By all means, give an interview. And while you’re at it, give an address where legal notices can be served.

        • Sir Manly Robinson

          Genius is never fully appreciated by its contemporaries as it is by its very nature ahead of its time. Only history will give you due credit.

      • Rich

        I want to see a split screen with Stan and Jerry.

        • Jerry

          Here’s your split screen.

        • Stan

          I would rip Jerry to shreds in an interview.

          • Greg Hunter

            DB is heading south at $7.77 and Gold is heading north at $1,521. Your trades should be doing much better than this before you accept a debate. You are getting your tail handed to you now. Run Stan, Run!

          • Jerry

            I wish I could say you are an original critic , but you’re just one of many brain dead people who come on Greg’s site and snipe at other people who post worthwhile information. Information like this.

            What is there to debate? You contribute absolutely nothing. FYI you’re Ginas replacement as the local clown.

            • Stan

              Jerry: I have reminded most on this board of your failed predictions. Need I elaborate?

              • Occasnltrvlr

                Only to Jerry, who will doubtless remain undaunted.

      • Jerry

        Sir manly Robinson,
        Listen to Stan at you’re own risk. I provide real information backed by links.

        If you think this is game, by all means listen to Stan. He’s more than happy to lead you off the cliff with the rest of the sheep.

        • nick

          this is the best comedy i have had all day lol

    • paul ...

      Stan … did you consider giving that $25,000 to Greg Hunter … seeing as how you have a fortune??

      • paul ...

        And remember Stan on 9/15/19 when you said: “The Saudi news is trivial – and of no consequence” … this doesn’t look trivial and will have big consequences!! …

        • Stan

          Paul: When Gold crashed thru $785 I’ll send Greg a generous gift. After all, at $785 Gold I be multiple times richer that I am now. 25k will be pocket change…it almost is now. Maybe I’ll give Greg one of my Bentleys.

          • Greg Hunter

            Looks like i won’t get getting my gift any time soon. Gold trading at $1,521.

            • Jerry

              Here we go with the Bentley’s again. Don’t you get it? Stan is a fake. People with real wealth don’t brag about what they have. They don’t need to.

              • Stan

                Jerry: I’m not bragging, just saying I have 3 Bentleys due to my profits shorting Gold.

                • Greg Hunter

                  We know how the markets work. You are getting killed with your Ag shorts and now also with DB.

            • Sir Manly Robinson

              I for one would love to see these two titans slug it out. Financial punch and Judy.

          • paul ...

            Come on Stan … with all the money you lose you can’t fork over a few thousand bucks to Greg? … making him wait for gold to go to $785 is like making him wait for gold to go to zero (it’s just not going to happen)!!

          • nick

            hahah you really are a comedian
            you are the funniest guy here
            on they have lots like you there
            keep up the good work stan i know i can always come here for a laugh

    • Mike R

      what ? you made $50 ? Im sure thats a fortune, after you started with a larger ‘fortune’ and lost your shirt. Nobody who has made a ‘fortune’ would be wasting time posting here. Unless their definition of a fortune is $50. When you stop lying Stan, you MIGHT get an interview with Greg.

    • Mike Mc

      “Gold is no longer part of the monetary system”

      It’s a tier one asset under the Basel III rules per the BIS. But don’t let the facts interfere with your opinion

      • Greg Hunter

        Good one Mike!!

    • Auntie Seize

      “We are not in the stone age anymore.”
      What age are we in?
      The age when WEALTH comes out the ass end of a printing press?
      Please do enlighten us all…

    • nick


      you should have been a comedian bud
      its like you dont have a clue whats going on on this planet
      wake up and smell the roses

  29. chuck

    The Fed recently said that it is within their, ‘purview’ to back political parties. They have also made it clear that they dislike Trump and can at any time pull the plug and tank the economy in order to blame Trump and prevent his 2nd term. Either way giving or taking 12 months is meaningless in the long run. America and the world have much bigger issues to contend with, like an eventual and soon-to-be nuclear armed and belligerent and bellicose EU empire.

    • paul ...

      Chuck … With the changing EU demographics because of unthinking idiots creating turmoil in the Middle East … it will be the EU “Mohammad Option” against the Israeli “Samson Option” … with Armageddon the likely final solution these morons have created!!

  30. davina marshall

    Another clear insightful presentation Greg. IMHO this debt fueled house of cards we are living in could topple at any time. When (not if) that happens the central banks have only one tool left in their tool kit and that is creating trillions of new currency units out of thin air to flood the market with liquidity. Voila, hyperinflation begins and most people’s lives will change forever. Only those with some precious metals will have a chance of surviving intact.

  31. Tom Wigand

    Imagine, the banks have been open is saying they want 3% inflation a/k/a 3% per annum devaluation of the currency, compounding. They thought (apparently) that this might stimulate the over-extended consumer to spend more before prices went up.

    They’ve been getting all more than 3%, but not in the headline numbers. The average consumer is overextended — so other than for college tuition for their kids, medical expenses they couldn’t avoid, and pickup trucks (perhaps as a lesser overall substitute for the nicer houses, vacations, boats and second homes the middle class could once aspire to) — the average consumer has been hobbled.

    The spending has been among the elite — art, collector cars, trophy homes, etc.

    So the CB’s “Plan B” is negative interest rates. Essentially this is centrally-planned inflation by other means. It still devalues the currency, but without any action required by the citizen / consumer — and to the CB mind, with no means for the citizen / consumer.

    But there is. The rap on gold has been that it doesn’t pay interest (always a specious argument anyway). But negative interest rates flip that on its head — gold will pay the equivalent of “interest” by not devaluing on demand.

    Once people wake up to this the demand for gold — physical especially — will rise. Likely exponentially. I could see the “first world” countries getting like India and China, where regular people treasure gold jewelry as a (the) store of wealth and medium of exchange.

  32. Dave

    As a novice to gold and silver it seems that for some (like myself) it might be more prudent to purchase silver. Not near as expensive for an ounce and, if it came to it, easier to barter with. Silver is expected to go up a lot as is gold – it will just trail gold’s increase. So is it wrong, or would it be, for someone to purchase silver instead of gold? I need to follow up on this. Most financial advisors suggest no more than 5% of assets in precious metals. That may be low but it is a comfortable number for me. Of course most weekend radio broadcasters pooh, pooh precious metals. And real estate. They talk diversification and yet – Rick Edelman for one – don’t like investment real estate. Saying do you want to be a landlord and put up with late night calls. That is bogus. If you have a good manger it is not an issue at all. I live in California and would never purchase rental property here, but I have homes in Cincinnati and King County. No real problems in the last 10 years I’ve had them. If real estate drops I can survive – all but one of my rentals is paid off. They return a solid stream of monthly income and if there is a major recession I could significantly cut the rent and still have good cash flow. Plus, private lending secured by low LTV properties is a good alternative to CDs. At least for a portion of your cash.

  33. Merry Piper

    Outstanding interview. Greg, you continue to lead the way in the realm of intelligent investigative journalism. Thank you for your clear and concise questions to your guests.

  34. Chris Banick

    Great interview with Nick. I wanted to order his audio CD of the book but it seems the link isn’t correct. Can you please repost the correct link please.

  35. Gary

    I am a CalPers law enforcement retiree. I have not received a letter or any notification of a reduction in my pension payments. I do believe however that this is a distinct possibility that will occur at sometime. Too many noted financial experts have warned about the calamity we are facing for too many years and pension plan failures are in the cards. But, I don.t know what this guy is claiming……perhaps he misspoke and was noting the future possibility.

  36. Russ

    Great interview, Thanks Greg. Nick Barisheff is not alone. Egon von Greyerz is in the same camp. He has been consistent on this for years, but this is one of those times that it’s better to be way early than even a day late.

    Greyerz – BUCKLE UP: We Have Just Entered The Explosive Phase In Gold & Silver

  37. paul ...

    Only 3 days to go before we get the final word on who won the election in Israel … the final results will be handed to President Reuven Rivlin on September 25 … the “almost final” results from Tuesday’s election shows Gantz of the Blue and White Party with 33 seats … maintaining a two-seat lead over Netanyahu’s Likud Party with 31 seats … 99.8% of the votes have been tallied … Netanyahu is trying to cling on to power (and evade justice for his criminal activities) by forming a coalition government with Gantz … Gantz (a military general) seemingly wants no part of it!!

  38. Jerry

    Do you remember J.P. Morgan Chase being named as the main clearing hub for the Chinese RMB in America with “The Working Group Organization “in 2018? And then you get this.

    Do you see the connection? Cheap gold being funneled to the Chinese banks in preparation for the reset. I will attach a link to support my statement. Al

  39. Jim

    If someone could post a link to an article about Calpers cutting there pension check size I would like to read more about it. Did not find much with my initial search. Thanks!

    • paul ...

      Jim … Gov. Jerry Brown boasted that his 2012 pension law will survive union challenges in court and blow a hole in the so-called “California rule” that has restricted changes to public employee retirement plans for half a century … and the California Supreme Court Has Ruled in Favor of Pension Benefit Cuts!! … … and they sidestepped the “larger issue” of whether core pension benefits for public employees that are negotiated by their unions can be altered!! … however … if Calpers “goes bankrupt” all this legal maneuvering doesn’t mean anything … the bankruptcy Judge will determine what Calpers pays out to its creditors (pensioners) which as Barisheff says could be 50 cents on the dollar!!

      • paul ...

        What the people who depend on Calpers for their pension need to do is go their union management and demand that Calpers pension fund managers buy enough gold (instead of US Government Treasuries paying only 2%) … as gold returns 10% per year it can keep Calpers out of bankruptcy!!

  40. Diane

    I couldn’t find a link either, Jim.

    • Diane

      Jim…I did find this. › lao › Publications › Report
      Web results
      The Governor’s Proposed Supplemental Pension Payment to CalPERS
      Mar 4, 2019 · The state provides pension benefits to retired state employees through the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) pension system. … Specifically, the state’s CalPERS pension contributions are expected to increase by more than 25 percent between now and 2023‑24.

      • B ill B

        I believe firther searching would reveal that if the calpers office is unable to pay their pensioners their full benefits, THE TAX PAYERS of Calikfornia will be requiresd to make up the difference. Seems unbelieveable, but that’s the democrats.

  41. Blather

    REMEMBER Elliot Wave International which declared in November of 1991 that there would be the longest BEAR (which turned out to be uhh, bull) market ever and to get into cash now?

    Instead, the VERY OPPOSITE happened. The longest bull market in history.

    They got it all wrong and so much for the Elliot wave theory. I see he is still around with his “expert” forecasting.

  42. paul ...

    Wow!! … Can you imagine the political storm that would have been created if Obama turned a blind eye to an Iranian nuclear test??? …

  43. paul ...

    Interesting … Scientists say the increase in brightness from the Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy means the black hole is consuming more interstellar material, including stars, planets, dust, gas, and asteroids … … likely the same thing is happening with our Sun incresing its radiation, heat and brightness (as our Sun is likely passing through a much denser area of space and sweeping up more interstellar dust, gas and asteroids) … if Trump wants to increase infrastructure spending he should sign an Executive Order to begin producing “light crude oil” right out of the atmosphere … where water and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is turned into fuel plus oxygen (the Sabatier Process) … … and while these “green oil” producing plants are being built … Trump should launch silver coated Mylar satellite shields into orbit around Earth to reflect away the increased heat and light our Sun is giving off to stop the warming of the oceans allowing him to stop the extremely poisonous chem-trail spraying program that is killing Earth’s ecosystem!!

  44. Diane

    I hope our president will not be impeached.
    Not good for anyone.

  45. Rodster

    Only in America can you try and investigate criminal activity and get it turned around on you. Trump had every right to find out what went down in Ukraine with Joe and Hunter Biden. Based on the information i’ve read and the explanation that James Howard Kunstler has given repeatedly, the Biden’s “SHOULD BE IN PRISON”.

    Supposedly, then Vice President Joe Biden had talks with the Ukrainian President at the time and based on what Kunstler has said, “LEANED on said President” in Ukraine to get his son Hunter a sweetheart deal. Joe Biden and Hunter engaged in criminal activity but it’s Trump who’s now looking at impeachment.

    Only in Amerika because you can’t make this shit up. It has become one giant Banana Republic !

  46. Rodster

    Greg, you should have back James Kunstler. This week he addressed this very same issue regarding the Biden’s and the Democrats wanting to hang Trump.

    “The Odor of Desperation”

  47. paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: Demon-rats file impeachment proceedings against Trump … Polosi “pulls the trigger” of that gun she imagined she had in her hand … … the Demon-rats are alleging “that Trump made military aid to Ukraine conditional on that nation launching a probe into corruption by former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter” … as Pelosi announced the launch of the formal impeachment she stated: “Our republic endures because of the wisdom of our enshrined Constitution” (Yeah, the Constitution the Demon-rats are trying to destroy one Amendment at a time) … Pelosi added: “No one is above the Law” (except for Hillary) … Chuck Schumer chimed in and stated: Trump’s transcript release “is insufficient” (and he didn’t even read it yet) … Trump stated: “I have authorized the release tomorrow of the complete, fully declassified and unredacted transcript of my phone conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine” … I hope all this political uncertainty does not make Stan throw in the towel and close out his gold shorts to early … we don’t want him to fold until we get to the top “many thousands of dollars higher”!!

  48. H. Craig Bradley

    Economist Martin A. Armstrong on a Gold Based Financial “Reset”

  49. brvalentine

    Great Show & Guest. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Nick do and interview. Thank you Greg for all of your great work/service!!

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