FISA Memo Tip of Iceberg, Economy Good Financial System Bad, Boycott Super Bowl

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 320 2.2.18) 

The FISA Memo outlining illegal and fraudulent spying on Donald Trump and his Administration is just the first round in the coming revelations. Before it’s over, America is going to be shown evidence that the FBI and DOJ not only committed crimes against an incoming President to try and get him kicked out of office, but massive crimes against other politicians it did not approve of.  The evidence will likely include spying on millions of Americans, and that will shake the Republic.  It will also send many traitors to the Constitution to jail.  The calm before the storm is over, and expect some wild things coming to America.

I have said the good news about the economy is the President is going to be successful. The latest good news in the Trump economy is a projected 5.4% GDP rate.  That’s twice the GDP in any year of the Obama Administration.  The bad news about the President is he’s also going to be successful, and that is finally going send interest rates higher.  Can that cause big problems in the financial markets?  You bet, and this bubble may finally have its long anticipated pop.

The NFL is holding its annual Super Bowl. The newly resigned commissioner (5 year contract) Roger Goodell is overtly stating the NFL is going to double down on the social justice theme, which is covert language for Marxism and communism.  I strongly feel this is anti-constitutional, anti-liberty, anti-freedom and anti-Christian.  The NFL, under Goodell, will also continue to condone kneeling during the National Anthem. Please Boycott the Super Bowl and the NFL. 

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Craig Hemke of will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.” Hemke gives his analysis on why the dollar is headed down and gold and silver are headed up.

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  1. JC

    Good WNW
    Greg if all this happens with the FBI it will make history, and change other countries that these oligarchs control. It branches into every part of government, and esp the MIC. All that said they will call it a national security issue, and show us what they want us to know. If Trump did plan to tell everything they would kill him. Every modern president has known what Trump is discovering.

    • Paul ...

      It’s Official … James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein have been declared “Traitors to our Nation” …

      • JC Davis

        Thanks Paul.
        The next level cons should go up to the top, and over. However I suspect the bottom workers will be the sacrifice of the day.
        Gosar focuses on the memo’s claim that the FBI and DOJ did not mention that Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 spy who compiled the dossier, was partially funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
        Treason was committed by much bigger names.

  2. William Stanley

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, once again. What historic times!

  3. Elderlearner

    Don’t forget the Bible is the road map to our future, it has never been wrong. So if you want to know where we are going, the story has been written and we are following it. Let me share with you something that I read about 2 weeks ago that makes me wonder a little. I believe it was in Luke that someone asked Jesus (one was taken one will remain story) where are the people that vanished? Jesus answered to look were the buzzards fly in the sky. I’m still thinking about that response like was there this big war and not the rapture.

  4. Brian Schulz MD.


    I have been watching your show for many years. Very, very good. I do want to mention one thing. The founders understood that humans are corrupt, and the larger the size of the government the more ability they have to take away our liberties. Washington DC is a criminal organization/organized crime. The only answer is to drastically shrink the size of the DC criminal swam. The FBI in particular has been run as a criminal organization for decades. Some big ones were Ruby Ridge, Waco, The recent Las Vegas Coverup, the complicity in the JFK murder and many other biggest hits. Lets not forget all of the Dossier’s kept by the illustrious J. Edgar Hoover on all of Congress. The entire FISA court, National Security Letters, NSA surveillance mechanism is a centralized police state apparatus. We do not live in a democracy. We lost that long ago, if we ever had it. But as you like to say, Fear Not. God is in charge.


    Brian Schulz MD.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Most of the Founding fathers were Masons. That’s why the Masonic eye is so prevalent in American symbology. God’s men or illuminati?

      • Bob

        They are not men of god

        • Russ McMeans

          No ones perfect. Jesus was approached by some dude praising him calling him “good Teacher “….
          Jesus retorted: “ there’ is no one good but God”. Our founding fathers at least left for us a beautiful constitution. They were honorable men with some skeletons in the closet- just like damn everyone of us!

          • Virginia Rybacki

            “People who have no hopes are easy to control…and whoever has control has the power.”

            MUST wake this country up through prayers and strong true faith in God.

      • William Stanley

        TSI: Is it possible that there is a Supreme Being, yet at the same time it be also true that the World just “is.” If you believed that, would you be a man of God, or part of the “illuminati”? Or both, or neither? It wouldn’t surprise me if some few Masons were also “illuminati” — and many were also men of God.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Mr. Schulz, who could dispute what you said, every word you blogged unfortunately is true; astute understanding of our present American political & social arena. I might add that the Main Street Media is, in reality, tantamount to a fourth branch of government, and maybe the most powerful of the other three in its work to keep the elite’s deep state, aka “the swamp”, churning out disinformation & propaganda to keep the corruption and
      criminal organization running like a sewing machine. Lastly, your last sentence about Him being in control is what keeps me hanging on, otherwise without hope all is lost in my mind.

  5. Bob the Blessed

    Greg, preacher of righteousness, is on fire! Hallelujah!!!

  6. Robert Dziok

    I was Drafted during the Vietnam War Era and took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. The NFL has become a HYPOCRITICAL Socialist/Communist Propaganda Platform. Hypocritical players get paid millions to chase a ball around a field and will not stand for the national anthem? They make me want to PUKE! They were not even born yet when I had to pack up my bags and enter the Army not knowing if I would ever come home again alive. Our country produced this NFL GARBAGE? NO WAY would I have anything to do with the NFL or the “Superbowl”. Turning the tv on to watch it would be a DISGRACE to ALL Military/Veterans as far as I am concerned!

    • Arthur Barnes

      Robert, built a cheap sign in your front yard saying to boycott the Super Bowl until the pampered millionaires stand up & respect America. My sign is up and underneath it says honk if you agree. The honking is keeping me up late (LOL). Thank you for your service. Best Regard, a b

      • Russ McMeans

        I’m planning to go on a bicycle ride on Super Bowl afternoon. No cars on local country roads…. about 68 degrees here in Jerry’ Brown’s Northern California Sierra foothills. I’ll pray for Greg Hunter and family blessings and the NFL’s demise while riding. Oh and our President and family blessings and protection too!
        ( it will be a beautiful ride…. no pissed off contractor guys in angry pickup trucks to run me over, plus there will be ladies out with their girlfriends avoiding the sht show back at home. They know better)…. I hope baseball never descends into this horrible morass.

    • freebrezer

      I read it on a blog some where and thought how appropriate … ‘Stupid bowl’!

  7. Collateral Damage

    US-WatchDogers – this is no less than a fight for the soul of our country. The United States has been for a long time and is now still, at a fork in the road. One direction takes the country to a future with justice, a future with the dream of America that we grew up with and believed in. The other direction takes us down the road to a future where American is no more than a Banana Republic, completely rigged for the benefit of those in power and their cronies.

    With the election of Trump, God gave us, “We the People” an opportunity to fight for and defend America.

    Greg is right, President Trump said it best, “My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families, their communities and their right to the American Dream, because Americans are Dreamers too.”

    Representative Steve King was willing to enter the lion’s den and say it there as well:

    We MUST keep the faith, we must pray, and we must do what we can every day to support this effort.

    Our future depends on it.

    Sincerely, CD

  8. David Larsen

    Resignations are not enough. It’s not enough to apologize. The punishment must fit the crime, or no matter how badly these people have behaved, more criminals will be invited to come into government. Imagine giving two weeks probation to a child rapist. Imagine making an arsonist who burned people to death say that he’s sorry to the survivors as a punishment.

    This is treason, or as close to treason as we can get.

    There must be indictments, prosecutions, and sentences that fit the crimes. Want to make America great again? Purge our government, legislators, security agency people, of the criminals. Perhaps close entire criminal agencies. The people in these agencies seem to believe that they are separate and apart, untouchable by the elected representatives of our nation. For that sin, they should be shut down altogether.

    How about a Truth and Reconciliation phase, as with South Africa after Apartheid.

    Thank you Greg.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Unfortunately, the Federal Courts are packed with Demigods who will go out of their way to help the swamp in its agenda to keep America operating as a corrupt banana republic. Each U.S. Court is loaded with America haters disguised as impartial legal geniuses sworn to uphold our sacred Constitution. Read their opinions carefully & between the lines one can feel their political bent towards their liberalism, ends that justify the means approach to law and social justice. However, they are great actors of impartiality, clearly Academy Awards winners in that arena. But in truth they are just stooges for America’s wide, deep and vast swamp, doing their bidding with their robes cleanly pressed.

      • allen ols

        Dick Morris on his daily “lunch alert”, talks more details and more memo players. google it as I cannot copy and paste.

      • DBCooper

        AB, I was once kicked out of jury voi dure process for telling the court that it functions and prospers in equity !! You never saw the wheels of justice spin so fast … it was amazing. DB.

      • David Larsen


        It starts with anger. People don’t know who to blame, but they get angry, then they start talking, and then people like you and I can share what we have learned thanks to Greg Hunter and help them direct their anger at the responsible parties. One thing we know for sure about the universe; everything changes.

        Don’t despair, and don’t think that there is nothing we can do. Just keep thinking, keep talking, keep learning, and keep sharing the positive message. Feed the Good Dog within.

    • DBCooper

      DL etal, I am hereby volunteering to participate on the ‘delivery end’ of the firing squads … and I will sleep well at night. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Frederick

        I’m with you there DB

    • Julie

      I agree we Americans have been shown traitors and TREASON against a sitting President. Now WE THE PEOPLE must be shown true justice for these lawbreakers no matter how high they think they’ve climbed or how much money they have. I pray to God that all this money has been frozen and will make its way back to the real intended people. If real JUSTICE fitting the crime does not come to pass then America is no longer a United States.

      Thank you Greg

  9. Old Ranger

    Government corruption has deep roots. Professor Susan Rose-Ackerman, an expert on the subject of anti-corruption, wrote that reform would require “fundamental changes in the way government does business.” While the situation might seem to be hopeless, the Bible shows that even greater changes are not only possible but also certain to happen.

    God’s Kingdom—Is A Government With No Corruption

    “At the end of the day, public officials are still citizens and we are all a product of society.” Stated the chief auditor of Nicaragua when explaining why he felt that government corruption was impossible to eliminate.

    Would you not agree that if human society is corrupt, then any government that is a part of human society will inevitably be corrupt? If that is the case, then a government free of corruption must come from outside human society. The Bible describes just such a government—God’s Kingdom, the government for which Jesus taught his followers to pray.—Matthew 6:9, 10.

    God’s Kingdom is a real government that rules from heaven. It will soon replace all human governments. (Psalm 2:8, 9; Revelation 16:14; 19:19-21) Among the blessings that the Kingdom will bring to mankind is the elimination of government corruption and what better person to make the transition from this bankruptcy of the human government condition, then the president of these dis United States, Donald J. Trump? No, but Jesus Christ, king of God’s kingdom!
    Do I smell a deal somewhere in there? Good question, stay tuned and don’t leave town!

    Daniel 2:44 New International Version (NIV)

    44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

  10. bob

    i have heard we will become the biggest oil export in the world.. that will end our debt with corps coming back.. hrc said if that f b tard gets in we will all hang.. i wish the nfl would fail and go away…you can’t say it better…. but you didn’t mention the satanic half time show.. folks.. look it up..lady gaga the fallen angel! research all the half time shows.. this year timberlake and what will janet jackson come back?
    trump will clean house.. this won’t be over night but the memo will be the edge of the storm and i think the tide has turned after his great sotu address..q anon.. many great people are behind the scenes

    • This sceptred Isle

      shale oil is a con. pump and dump in more ways than one.

    • Chip

      Greg and bob, we cannot be the largest oil exporter in the world. We currently produce about 10 million barrels per day. Yet we consume 20 million barrels per day. Will some companies chose to export their products? Yes. But we are a net importer of oil for now and the foreseeable future… Chip

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Please consider writing in English.

  11. WVG

    Greg, I completely enjoyed your presentation: Clear, Sweeping, Sincere and Informative!
    You did a wonderful job and you are much appreciated for your insight, honesty and encouragement. May God keep you safe and may He bless you, your family and loved ones!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you WVG!!

    • Paul ...

      WVG … Clear, Sweeping, Sincere and Informative … “Please Boycott the Super Bowl and the NFL” (especially if Trump can’t foil the Deep States plans to explode a “dirty bomb” in the stadium on Sunday) … I hear (from Alex Jones) these evil Demons (who recently shot a missile at Hawaii) also shot a nuclear missile at Russia to get WWIII started but Putin shot it down!!

  12. Nick de la Gaume

    Great stuff, Greg.


    I do not pray to the Almighty Lord, I beg!

  13. Derick

    Amen to boycott the NFL. The NFL is dead to me.

  14. Paul ...

    Remember what Hillary said … “if we don’t get rid of Trump we all hang” … so Trump has to be very vigilant and be on the look out for a massive “physical” false flag attack on the White House (as their $12 million dollar “paper” false flag attack has failed) … Trump must quickly strip the Demon-rats of their ill gotten cash in order to reduce their ability to pay for a terrorist false flag attack on the White House and begin to immediately ship all the commie traitors off to Guantanamo to await their Military Tribunals!!

    • Paul ...

      As Zak said to Alex Jones on yesterday’s show … the Deep State (who “were” funded by the Saudi’s until Trump did a regime change to remove Prince Alwaleed) did the Vegas attack as a warning to Trump … the Deep State was also behind the operation to launch a Polaris missile from a sub in N. Korean waters to nuke Hawaii and create a “new” Pearl Harbor to lure Trump into a war with N. Korea and thus take the heat off them … as a warning they also attacked the train that takes Trump to his underground bunker with drones and helicopters … and are now threatening a “false flag dirty bomb attack” at the Super Bowl on Sunday if Trump releases the memo … there is a “real war” going on between the Deep State and Trump … but many good Military personnel and American citizen patriots have Trump’s back and keep foiling the Deep States false flag attacks!!

      • Paul ...

        The FBI wants to black out the names of the people in the Memo who were planning treasonous acts against the United States … and if Trump agrees … they will not sentence Flynn … Trump has made it clear in his State of the Union Address that he is going to “expand Guantanamo” to accommodate them all … here is some profound Deep State logic for you … they say that releasing the names of the traitors in the Memo is a threat to National Security … but when Hillary released critical “Top Secret” information on her private server that was not a threat to National Security!!

        • Paul ...

          As for Flynn … if the Deep State sends him to prison … Trump can simply issue him a Presidential pardon … the Deep State simply does not know how to deal with someone who is not a crook like Hillary … and looking back … probably that’s the reason they got rid of Nixon as soon as he stated “I’m not a crook”!!

  15. Bruce

    Way ahead of you on the NFL
    Vietnam vet here and I stopped watching NFL the first time Kapernick kneeled. I have since removed the TV as I am not a fan of MSM or the hollywood crowd.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Bruce, pampered millionaire babies who “take a knee” and, of course, the money! Boycott, yea, I’m going to, but I am e-mailing the Commissioner (a.k.a. jackass) and let him know as well. Hope there is national movement for boycott and the a.k.a. gets to hear about it in the ratings.

      • Paul ...

        The NFL sicko’s … probably figured letting everyone know a “dirty bomb” was going to be set off in the stadium … would “increase their ratings”!! … just keep the TV turned off!!!

    • Russ McMeans

      The NFL joins with Black Lives Matter…. all based on a lie. Greg is right, it’s become a socialist communist entity.

  16. Krista Soots

    Love you – love your work and love your soul.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love you and your support sister Krista!!

  17. ConcAmDad

    During the campaign he pointed to a bubble that he know takes credit for. He also cited as fake the unemployment numbers, now we should believe them……. h0w long does it take to bring the criminals up on charges? I would be impressed if he just came out and spoke the truth. Until then not so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep and I cringe every time he points out the rising markets.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, but the unemployment numbers are improving, he in my mind is allowed a little credit for some good news, at least he isn’t corrupt as those who came before him such as Clinton, Bush, & the grand finally winner of them all Hussein Obama.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “Meet the new boss, just… .”

  18. Jerry

    News speak in true reverse reverse psychology.

    Try telling that to Germany, France, and Pakistan who all just recently signed off on the Yuan as a reserve currency.

    • Jerry

      Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard spot?

      The Fed must either continue to buy back bonds or collapse the Trump recovery by raising rates. What will they do? Hmmm. What’s the definition of insanity?

      • freebrezer

        Jerry – you ask “What’s the definition of insanity?” Real simple the Federal Reserve.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Being the twelfth man on the bench IS an accomplishment.

  19. Tad

    No wonder Vince McMahon sees opportunity.

    • Greg Hunter


      • Tad

        Frankly, because of head injuries, the case for banning football has never been more compelling.

        I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime.

        To see the professional game mitigated, the NCAA might consider marquee games on Sundays and Mondays.

        Perhaps baseball may see a revival.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Of course, you and others have every right to control how football players and aficionados live their lives, and to enforce your decisions upon them.

          Typical f*****g “Democrat”.

  20. Tad

    “The calm before the storm is over, and expect some wild things coming to America.”

    Could be volatile in markets today. Alright!

    • Mohammad

      That is why they release on Friday when market closes


  21. Tad

    How could Democrats disagree with the tax cuts? If the tax bill helps to kick start the economy, that would imply higher remittances by 30 million plus illegals and refugees back home.

    That’s win-win, and the status quo continues among disappointed, dreaming Americans.

    What a deal for corrupt nations like Mexico: we receive their wretched, uneducated masses; drug dealers with government connections, rapists; citizens willingly displaced from drug wars; our country is socially and economically destroyed; and the band plays on.

  22. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, can’t wait for the release of the “memo”. The Democrats with the help of the FBI are out in full court press trying to discredit the “memo” prior to its release. I suspect it won’t be successful. The fact that the Demigods aka Democrats are trying to keep it from being released is very telling wouldn’t you agree? Now if President Trump knows how to make a deal, and we all know he is the “Art of the Deal”, could one speculate that he could make deals with the devil and give the bastards a passe in exchange for legislation. Who knows, but one thing is certain for sure: The Democrats have met their match, and its been a long time coming; and, maybe, just maybe, in time to save the democracy & our Constitution.

  23. Lance in So Cal

    Turned off the N.F.L(NATIONAL FELLON LEAUGE) ten years
    ago. The entire sports entity is now just about social engineering
    with E.S.P.N. the most egregious proponent. I will be enjoying this
    beautiful warm sunny weekend in So. Cal paddle boarding with
    my two sons whose favorite sports are surfing and professional
    Rodeo. The social propaganda just plain sucks and using sports
    to further that narrative really sucks. Have a great weekend as we
    say in my house, “Screw The Tube”.

  24. Tommy

    Schiff and Pelosi are apoplectic. They say this will threaten national security, destroy the integrity of Congress and on and on. Yet they say there is nothing there but a partisan attack. If that be so, wouldn’t they stand back with a big grin and let the Republicans hang themselves with the memo? Of course they would. Schiff, and I’m sure Pelosi, know exactly what is in the memo. They know and they couldn’t care less about law enforcement as they pretend to be at this moment. They care because this is a great big snowball sitting atop a very steep hill.
    I know that it may seem that Trump spends a lot of time tweeting and that the media and his political opponents spend a huge amount of time criticizing and ridiculing him. I also know that many conservatives are dismayed at Jeff Sessions and the appearance that he is doing nothing. There has never been a president like Trump. He is discounted by his enemies and I believe it will be their downfall. Because while they are responding to tweets and doing everything they can to subvert him, I hope (and believe) that he is working overtime with trusted people (like Sessions) to get all the ducks in order because once that snowball is pushed it will be game on.

    • Rich M

      I tend to suspect you are right Tommy and that Trump is way ahead in this chess game. I even think he plays the tweet game and the media as his own way of distraction just as they would play us. I am anticipating some pretty remarkable truths coming out. I believe President Trump is well in control and the swamp creatures are quite scared.

  25. Dianne Lynne Scott

    Thank you Greg; that was an amazingly awesome 30 minutes. I tune in every week; but this one especially touched me; especially the end.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dianne. I work on it all week long.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I totally agree. I thought that was an amazing wrap up. I agree that we are in for a real storm. But, on a different note…..I read an article a few years back that talked about the production capabilities of America. It talked about getting the oil flowing and all the production that is stopped by regulations. Just think about what hard working Americans are capable of achieving!! There is a great podcast on and in that podcast they have recently talked about how God helped Israel take Jericho. But, during that time, there were some sinners within the Israelite camp that were not doing as God had commanded. Joshua himself had not turned to God as he ought to have. Some men died because of it at Ai. But, they learned a lesson. Aiken was found guilty of holding on to booty he wasn’t supposed to have, and he was cleansed out by death. Joshua was humbled and realized he needed to seek out God’s help in ALL situations. All of this is in the book of Joshua. Good stuff. Thank you Greg for calling your following to seek out God and to pray and to humble themselves. This is exactly what American needs. If Americans will turn around and turn to GOD, and cleanse out those who won’t, we can save ourselves. Remember Jonah and Ninevah. We are like Ninevah right now. They humbled themselves and were saved. Now the question is: will we?

  26. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, 5+ % GDP, although over twice the growth of the Obama Administration, will not payoff the Government Debt; the math, even using fuzzy math, doesn’t pencil out in 7 years. What it will do is create a new round of inflation and increase interest rates, and know our politicians like I do they won’t quit spending and pay down on the debt in any measurable amount. This scenario of growth, minimal pay down, continued spending like a drunken sailor on leave, will likely do just what you spoke about in this weeks wrap-up. When you count the discounted corporate tax rate of the just passed legislation the numbers won’t, & I might add can’t, pencil out to debt reduction of any measurable and or meaningful degree. The outcome of all this is inflation, inflation, & more inflation, oh, and look out, here comes the dropping of the other shoe; interest rates hikes. At that point in time all bets are off as to what is going to happen, but whatever happens in my mind it won’t be good. So, what does President Trump do, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t so to speak. We shall see, but a international conflict comes to mind, seems they always follow the backdrop of economic instability.

  27. roger

    tks for post

  28. Tad

    One aspect of giving or not giving funds to Palestinians, is that Israel will always get funds. Most know the story, so aside from not funding both sides, consider extracting any or all Palestinians
    for refugee status into US. The Israel land ground would be considerably easier, and the long term pogrom might end.

    Though not necessarily, as Hezbollah and Hamas might not be so willing to relent East Jerusalem and Gaza to Israel.

    When one looks at large Middle East sovereign issues, this in conjunction with Syria and Iran, Israel has no interest in peace initiatives. Not under Netanyahu anyway.

  29. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, brainless millionaires for the most part kneeling during the National Athene is damn right outrageous & very unpatriotic. This year, even though I have respect for Tom Brady and would like to see him do this stuff once again as the best for his time, will not be watching. So, Mr. Goodell, go ahead with your social justice agenda, pamper your “boys”, placate their fanciful idealism’s, turn professional sports into a Main Street Media propaganda tool if you like, I won’t be watching, I am joining the boycott!

    • Arthur Barnes

      I put my sign out in the front yard to Boycott, and honk if you agree; the honking continues until the wee hours of the night; seems I am not alone out there in my political views.

  30. guy mckay

    Hey Greg, excellant wrap up.Boycott nfl, all there advertisers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Guy!!!!

  31. Mohammad


    The quote you had on a paper from the state of the union’s speech:

    “My duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber, is to defend Americans, to protect their safety…..”

    It blows my mind how you guys are easily distracted from the real danger that this president is going to put in every corner, may be under your house windows , may be in your private property where you will have no way of saying no because it is included in the EO he signed on Jan 8th 2018 and got out as a public document on Jan 11th and that is 5G……

    How in the world you guys are distracted by this “apprentice” show he is putting out there now with his buddies on the other side “Clintons” and missing the real danger he will distribute with the EO he signed?

    Did you read it Greg, did you sense the urgency and the speed of implementing it ?
    5G is not just an upgrade from 4G..
    IT IS A DAMN KILLER WAVES to our kids, grandkids.
    How the hell is he protecting me as an American citizen when he is signing an EO that will kill me with cancer?

    Can you explain to me why you all are distracted and omitting the real KILLER he signed??????????????


    • Beverly Kingsford

      Yes, there is some danger in that Executive Order, in that it can be interpreted by different people to mean different things. But, if this country goes bankrupt, which it is, but not yet formally, the government is capable of seizing every citizen’s net worth and using it. So, what is Trump supposed to do? Congress moves way too slowly on anything they do, to actually get anywhere good in this country. They are controlled, besides that(at least many of them are). So, if Trump wants to stop the human trafficking and the total collapse of our economy, he’s got to do something pretty big. And, this is it. You talk negatively about Trump, but let’s see you get up there and do better. Let’s see you get up there and have your life threatened, survive on very little sleep, be attacked by the MSM and all evil in the world. What is YOUR plan on dealing with all the evil in the world? I think you would be wiser to stop criticizing and start praying for one of the best men in the history of our country. Pretty damn brave as far as I’m concerned.

      • Mohammad

        Spreading radiation that kills for sure is “some danger”
        Are you out of your mind?
        Killing your kids and grand kids is “some danger”


  32. STFB

    I’m with you Greg, and the Pres (I liked his subtle hit on them in SoTU) – Boycott the NFL.

  33. Flattop

    Am an avid football fan, who no longer watches, and will not watch the stupid bowl players.
    In my house, the NFL is history

  34. Jerry

    For whatever it’s worth I talked to a girl the other day who is in the army reserve, who said she was being called up to active duty for the first time in over ten years. It may be nothing but with tensions rising in NoKo I’m beginning to wonder.

    • Linda L

      It’s Friday, the memo is exposed and the stock market is dropping big time. Maybe the army reserve is being called up for Monday/next week?

  35. Southern Girl

    Love the run Forrest run comment! I think all the weasels will be trampling over one another to get out of the way. I also pray for Trump and his family for guidance from the Holy Spirit, protection of St. Michael, strength from Jesus, Son of God, the right vision of what we are suppose to do by God the Father.

    Fear shuts the mind down. Peace is a sign that you are aware that God is fighting for us.
    I have shared your site with some newbies who were not sure what was going on. Thanks for telling us all the TRUTH.

    • Susan

      You are absolutely correct SG! We sing a song in our church called “Fear Not” by Phil Pringle that paraphrases the scripture Greg read. need to sing it a lot lately.

  36. Brian heeg

    Hi Greg
    I agree with you 100%. There is going to be big changes coming and there will be some suffering with that. If we are going to get back on track the suffering is part of it but in the end we will have our country back. I am a big football fan until this year. I did not watch one game and will not until they grow a brain. The NFL needs to be boycotted by everyone. Wake up people!!!
    Keep up the good work

  37. Roger D

    The NFL is a poorly managed business. Its values are questionable. As consumers we can simply accept or reject its product. Yes we are free to exercise our 1st Amendment right to boycott the NFL. I intend to do just that. But ‘anti-constitutional’? Exactly who is breaking the Constitution and what clause are they breaking?

    We so-called conservatives love to get on our high horse and cry ‘unconstitutional’. Meanwhile we actually aid and abet the real oath-breaking traitors to America, Washington and its US military. We whine about at something as frivolous as the NFL while millions of innocent people are murdered, maimed and dislocated by 27 years of unconstitutional undeclared wars. And Trump sure as hell will extend perpetual wars as for 4 more years.

    Roger Goodell and NFL players took no oath to solemnly swear that they would support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Members of Washington and the US military did. Why are we not boycotting them? Ah, and there is the ugly truth. We so-called conservatives are very comfortable with “unconstitutional” when it suits our agenda.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Its not unconstitutional to not stand for the National Athene, its simply unpatriotic not to do so, and quite hypocritical to do so while taking the money as well. How about taking the knee and giving the money to charity, now that would really would make a statement & not be hypocritical; the old saying putting your money where your mouth is comes to mind but don’t hold your breath because these little minded athletes from the neck down are not into anything but themselves. Boycott!

  38. Joe

    I started to boycott NFL after second time they moved team form St. Louis. After kneeling this season even if a team was brought back to St. Louis would not support it or NFL. What I heard in SOTU that caught my attention was that Gitmo would stay open. Are some new inmates headed that way ? Thanks for everything you do Greg.

  39. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent wrap-up. As for the memo, while we wait for the release so we can feel the earth shift on its axis, the “news” of FBI Director Wray’s imminent departure should be examined by looking at who is pushing the narrative…

    “White House worried FBI director could quit over Nunes memo release – CNNPolitics”
    “Wray has not directly threatened to resign after clashing with Trump over the possible release of the memo, the source added, because that is not his style of dealing with conflict.” … No kidding.

    I suspect you are correct; if Dir. Wray had threatened to resign, President Trump would have fired him. Christopher Wray was selected to follow Comey in order to help drain the swamp at the FBI. For him to resign over this memo would be to utterly fail in the primary purpose of his selection. IMO, CNN is making it all up in order to cast more doubt on the memo and to make the decision to release it appear reckless. It’s all BS. I’ll believe Dir. Wray is leaving when the story is described in past tense, not as a possible scenario based on the dreams of CNN.

    Meanwhile, Disobedient Media is reporting that…
    “Trump to Release Memo Friday Morning Without Redactions”.
    I’ll take that over CNN’s BS any day.

    As for the Super Bowl, in past years I’ve noticed the local gym is almost empty on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m hoping it will be crowded with other folks also refusing to watch, but this is California…

    • Russ

      Memo has been released and can be found at:

      The ZH link above has an abbreviated summation, a Scrib version and a .pdf link to the the whole thing.

      • Russ

        Fox News “Outnumbered” is dissecting the FISA memo and what jumps out immediately is the “circular sourcing” with one report being used as a source for another when both were briefed by the same party. Much more being discussed, but that alone shines a bright light on the poor reporting on the dossier.

        • Greg Hunter

          Meaning the “dossier” was really the only thing in the FISA application and the basis for a total fraudulent investigation on Trump and his Administration. Thank you. The MSM has zero credibility now and the layoff in the not-so-distant future will be stunning.

          • Arthur Barnes

            Greg, a Federal Judge could not see through that application, get real, bet you a half dozen donuts that the Federal Judge(s) who sat on that FISA Court was a “liberal”, but of course, we all know how impartial the Federal Judges are don’t we, after all they swore to be so didn’t they? We need to take a better look at these so-called Federal Judges and stop assuming they are unbiased patriots, many if not most are simply deeply involved in the day to day operations and continuation of the swamp of which was the real oath they swore to protect.

            • Greg Hunter

              Please remember, the FISA court turned down the FBI and DOJ the first time they applied for a wiretap. This is why they bused the fake Clinton DNC dossier.

              • Arthur Barnes

                Greg, do we know if the same Judge(s) sat on the second application that oversaw the first one? I suspect they pulled a switch, made sure they got themselves one that would indict a ham sandwich if it came from a conservative hog.

        • Russ

          Circular sourcing in the authors own words…

          Michael Isikoff Says He Was “Stunned” To See His Story Cited In FISA Warrant

          ““Obviously the information that I got from Christopher Steele was information the FBI already had,” he said, noting that Steele began sharing information from his dossier in July 2016.
          “It’s self-referential,” he said of the article and its reliance on the dossier.
          “My story is about the FBI’s own investigation,” he continued.
          “So it seems a little odd that they would be citing the Yahoo! News story about the matter that they are investigating themselves based on the same material that had been separately presented to the FBI before I was ever briefed by Christopher Steele.” “

  40. Diane

    We’re boycotting NFL.
    Good report Greg Hunter.

  41. George

    Greg: Yes, Adam Schiff, et al “The FBI does operate with loaded diapers”

  42. Mohammad

    Today is Friday,


    • JC

      You were wrong this time Mohammad. They did release what they want us to see. It is big. Heads are going to roll.

      • Mohammad


        The real stuff is in the opposite direction, both are sliding silently the biggest threat to humanity ever rolled and that is 5G, and we are here sitting talking about a freaking memo while the towers with large black boxes are rolling to no returning back in every corner of the state of California by Verizon, they are burning forests there to remove the natural blockade to those killer waves, THIS IS HUGE…am so sad, so sad that even what is considered the alternative media is not talking about this threat to humanity, it is worse than GMO, worse than the chem trails or complementary to it to be more accurate when we are blanketed with Aluminum and they crank up the wave length to fry us like microwave, some of those boxes are emitting 700000 micro watt per square meter (only 1000 is considered extremely dangerous) where your grandchildren or my grandchildren may pass by, they will not stand a chance of surviving a killing cancer, AND HE F*&^ING SIGNED THE EO TO SPREAD IT JUST FEW WEEKS AGO….HELL, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE PEOPLE UP?


        • JC

          I am just now starting to learn about 5G. I can already see how it could pollute the soil for food growth. Some wild weeds I now eat will become to polluted to be edible.
          The young people will be the ones to stand up against this. IMHO.

  43. John

    I agree that if the memo actually says what it is rumored to contain, many people should be locked up. 4 problems:
    1. High profile politicians and gov’t officials have been protected for many years and will not go to jail. They will convict some low level flunkies instead.
    2. FBI and others involved with destroy or modify evidence.
    3. Trump hasn’t released the memo. Is he using it as leverage to get the wall, etc.?
    4. I don’t think there is enough power, perseverance, and desire at the top (Sessions?) to actually drive it to completion.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are totally wrong.

      • John

        We’ll see. The memo was a letdown.

        • Greg Hunter

          Just the beginning but how is it a let down when it confirms the FBI and DOJ made a felonious FISA application using material paid for Clinton??

    • Flattop

      After all they went through to attempt trashing Trump, do you really think He ( The Prez) will not get justice???

  44. Southern Girl

    Never cared for football at any time so no struggle for me to not watch the big game.

  45. andyb

    Greg: if the memo with all its truths is given the exposure that it deserves, the Dems are “dead men walking” and of course so is the NYT, WAPO and the rest of the disinformation media. Hard to do a 180 turn when the irrefutable facts emerge. This is not going to go over well with the Red Shield and its legion of political puppets who seek total control over all of us. I would imagine that in order to destroy Trump they will crash the markets before the midterms. Trump should never have bragged about the rise in the DOW or even the unemployment rates, as the former is quite ephemeral and the latter are bald faced lies and propaganda (see Shadowstats), both to be exposed in dramatic fashion, to the detriment of us all.

    Will the Deep State allow appropriate penalties for the criminals/traitors? Or will there just be slaps on the wrist? If no hangings, or 20 to life sentences, then we will know that Trump has been fully “captured; I hope not.

  46. brian

    I’ gotta say, its looking more and more like we should all start living our lives in a way that takes into realistic account the fact that we live in a lawless land. If we cannot get together and start to make meaningful and effective demands for the restoration of the rule of law than I suppose we should all consider why we follow laws that do not really exist, maybe we should be like the ruling elite and let only the laws we find within ourselves be the guides and restraints upon our conduct.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Brian, the ruling elite won’t be handicapped by the laws they enact, they are enacted to handicap the non-elite aka the rest of us out here. You are right that we should consider living our lives in a way that takes into account that we live in a lawless land. For me, that revelation happened during the 2008 crash where the bankers got paid 100 percent on the dollar and then some for their so-called loses and the masses got nothing, not even an apology for being ripped of by the system. Regards.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      I think you make a good point here, in that Americans should start realizing what kind of a world we live in, instead of being in their fairly land world. But, many Americans will not do that until the economy crashes and it will have been a little late to prepare. So, us that DO know a few things, need to be the leaders in helping people keep their wits about them. What we need is for people to stay CALM. We are going to need communities to WORK TOGETHER. We are going to need all families to plant gardens and do their own home canning. These kinds of activities need to be encouraged RIGHT NOW. People need to start being as independent of the whole system, as they possibly can. That means assuming that we won’t be able to go to grocery stores. That means relying on our neighbors for help and trading with neighbors for the betterment of the whole community. Staying CALM and WORKING TOGETHER. That’s where it’s at.

  47. Southern Girl

    On our church calendar today is The Presentation of The Lord…the memo has been released today. Not a coincidence!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good info SG!! Thank you.

  48. Lake M

    The behind the scenes American coup d’etat is 12 months old.. White hats black hats. Who is winning?

    The attack by the left, initiated to overturn the democratic result of the last election looks as if it is about to be unveiled. The ongoing political crisis in America is about to worsen as more treason, sedition, fraud and felonius corruption is exposed. Truth is emerging ever so slowly.

    Since the trun of the century we’ve had a major two major economic collapses, the attack of 9-11, the destruction of constitutional rights with the legislative creation of the Patriot Act and other laws, the militarization of the domestic police force, the theft of government funds, the theft of interest via zero interest rates on savings held by many Americans, the creation of numerous illegal wars and military actions, government policies bolstering the concentration of wealth and power of the oligarchs and golbal elite and allowing the State to monitor and spy on the world and its people…..are just some of the components in this drive to create a global Gulag governed by the global puppet masters. Wealth and power is now so concentrated, truth and freedom are duly threatened.

    As Greg says “Fear not”. There will be plenty of time later to be afraid if we let the evil
    ones take over in a totalitarian model of governance. Sadly, we are not far from that
    now. Allowing electronic currency/ destruction of cash and the censorship of the internet or the loss of free speech…. that’s a checkmate. Game over. We lost.

    Hopefully the truth shall set us free. Thanks Greg for your efforts to promote truth.

  49. mark

    Dear Greg,
    God bless you brother!! This WNW is for me personally one of your absolute best in terms of timeliness, relevance, content and clarity. Thank you for all of your efforts and thank You Father in heaven for sending Your Son as Light that shines in and overcomes the darkness, the One in Whom grace and reality in its fullness is revealed, so that we too may be joined to one another in Him as His very members having received the Spirit of son-ship in our hearts crying “Abba, Father” (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6) and be made truly free from the fear of death and slavery of sin under the Prince of the power of the air with his authority of darkness and tyranny of “social (in)justice which is nothing more than “communism”. As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit and with all those who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son and Fear not! For it is not a spirit of fear which He Who has overcome has given to us, but “a spirit of power and of love and of a sober mind”– a spirit of son-ship which is the Spirit of His very own Son, in Whom the Father of glory delights and finds His good pleasure cries “Abba Father”! Fear Not! For in Him we are well accepted having been graced in Him Who is His Beloved. Fear Not!

    • Beverly Kingsford


      I agree. One of Greg’s best wrap ups.

  50. Mike R

    MEMO content. Meh.
    Totally overblown on both sides. Am I surprised the FBI did this ? Heck no. Unfortunately this won’t lead to anything positive. (as in dismantling the FBI).

    Very disappointing.

    Will it end Mueller’s investigation ? Doubt it.

    Will Mueller still find something on Trump ? Probably.

    Will the Dems still try to remove Trump ? Yep.

    Will the Dems still obstruct justice and obstruct governance ? No doubt about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R.
      I totally disagree. Mueller and this investigating to try to unseat Trump is historic in the corruption especially considering the phony “dossier” was paid for by HRC and was the only thing used to spy on Trump and his campaign and Administration. It’s treason Mike–pure and simple.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Muller was the FBI Director during 9-11, no wonder we never heard about building 7 by that so-called incorruptible Agency.

      • Mike R

        I stand by my original statement of this being a big MEH.

        The memo is second hand hearsay by a partisan politico. Therefore We have no information from it. Nothing indictable. No real evidence of anything.

        Its MAYBE telling you that someone, who is not partisan should dig deeper, and get some real FIRST hand information and evidence.

        Listen to Alan Dershowitz. He knows the law, and at least TRIES to be objective. No one else out there even tries to be objective. Even fewer know the law like he does, and have a reputation worth considering that is in the public space, and willing to speak on it.

        Its rather unfortunate this memo made it out into the public space. Its worse than no information. Its unsubstantiated hearsay from a republican who is going to be biased for his own party. Now that its out, we get to unfortunately be distracted and subjected to more hearsay and biased opinion from the demoncrats. In their response to it.
        I say ignore the whole damn thing, until a real, non-partisan investigation is conducted. That wont happen while Mueller is still on his witch hunt.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike R.

          You can stand by whatever you want. This make Watergate look like a squirt gun fight. We will have to agree to disagree. By the way Alan Dershowitz is a huge Democrat who voted for Hillary. He is not Objective.


    • Tracy Welborn

      Your attitude is pure crap. Totally overblown? Are you serious? The FBI and DOJ working together to create a treasonous lie in order to thwart the will of the electorate? That’s treason jackass. I’m sick of these cavalier “Meh” attitudes from the “nothing will ever change” crowd. Just go watch TV or something and let the adults talk.

      • Mike R

        Until I see indictments, and people going to prison for the crimes committed, pensions forfeited, and a massive clean up of all the corruption in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA , congress, and more, this is nothing more than a memo to score ‘political points.’ A total nothing burger.

        This sort of nonsense occurs at every level of our Federal, state, and local crime bureaus and in everyday government itself. Do you have any clue how many lies are told by officials at every level to try to get convictions, warrants, arrests, and more ?

        You are naive as can be, and Americans need to get off their butts and scream louder at their representatives, for some heads to ROLL and NOW !

        The way that memo is worded, and with the average the IQ of Americans, they will rely on and believe just the spin from whatever mainstream media outlet they watch, and which political aisle they happen to be on. The media is equally complicit in these coverups, and treasonous activities.

        Are you just hoping and praying that Trump or someone in DC has the balls to do anything about any of this ? If so, why ? This has been going on for decades and for all to see, with many news articles and books written on it.

        Go here for more perspective on this…..

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Who’s gone to jail, or even been indicted, there, “treason jackass”?

        Talk, adult, talk.

  51. John M.

    Greg, you perfectly explained everything. I thank God for giving us a little taste of Heaven (and Truth) on this fast-spinning earth, from good honest people like you.
    I for one, cannot wait for the big curtain to be opened on all the criminality that has been happening in our country. I cannot be shocked or shaken, as I’m expecting everything from the boldest acts of treason to the most vile aspects of child sex trafficking and blood sacrifices to Baal.
    I know the public can only be given small spoonfuls of truth at a time, as it will be difficult to take it all in and accept that many things are rotten to the core in America. And we know the radical opposition and MSM in this country will act like rabid dogs and will fight the truth because they are the foot soldiers of the criminal cabal. And who knows what false flags the real commanders of this cabal are still capable of doing?
    But it’s up to Americans who really want total honesty and a chance at the American dream, to support Pres. Trump and take decisive action against these criminals who have been destroying this country.
    As St. Augustine said many centuries ago: “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”
    We can restore America to goodness with God’s help.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John M. for you comment!!!

  52. Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

    It would be difficult to NOT boycott the Super Bowl. A three hour show wherein the ball is only in play for approximately 11 or maybe 12 minutes if you’re lucky. That’s football. Boring game.

    • JC

      Speed football could be entertaining. No huddle, no rules, and no time outs. Oh and no way to rig the outcome for bookies.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Apparently you’ve never watched baseball, or worse-yet, soccer: the ball is moving for 90 minutes…of foreplay.

  53. Paul from Indiana

    I had already kissed off the NFL years ago with regard to being a regular viewer and/or supporter. It is a very unimaginative enterprise, and as such, it has become boring, much like the NBA. But I would occasionally look in on a game, particularly the playoffs or Super Bowl. When that phony jerk Kaepernick started the “take a knee” movement, I became an activist against anything related to the NFL. The shame and sorrow of the “take a knee” phenomenon is not the disrespect of the flag, the national anthem, or the country, but rather that those practicing and participating in this “movement” are demonstrating very plainly that they do not see themselves as Americans first and foremost. I guess this is why the rioters in Ferguson were marching under the Pan-African flag. One could say, “Houston, we’ve got a problem”, but it’s not just Houston, folks. No Super Bowl in this house, now or ever again. Best always. PM

    • Arthur Barnes

      Paul, the take a knee movement’s boy’s flag is their boxer shorts. Regards, a b

  54. Linda L.

    Hello Greg
    I’m with you! Boycott the NFL! No Super Bowl for me (sick and tired of the social justice crap and those who promote communism). Have a great weekend.

  55. Richard

    “The NFL, under Goodell, will also continue to condone kneeling during the National Anthem.”

    I’m not into sports but I view what they are doing is an arm of freedom of “speech”. I think Goodell is complying with our constitution in that area. We see how our rights have been taken under Deep State rule. As you suggested , if you don’t like what they are doing just boycott the show.

    • Greg Hunter

      why don’t you pick out something you want to protest and do it while you are at work. (Same thing with the NFL even though the NFL rules forbid this action.) Your boss can and should fire you as 1st Amendment does not apply to private business only government suppression of speech. Goodell is NOT complying with the Constitution and is pushing a Marxist/thought-shaping political narrative at an entertainment event. I for one will not participate and either will millions of Patriotic Americans. If these dopey players want to protest their phony “social justice” narrative they can do it on their own time and not include the fans with their Marxist/communist crap.

  56. Apollo

    Nothing will happen from the FISA Memo, business as usual tomorrow….

    • Arthur Barnes

      Apollo, hope & pray you are not correct, but if history is any guide odds are on you side.

  57. Mohammad


    The release of the memo was a great mistake, and it always to the Joyce of PUTIN to see this unfolding.

    So when the investigator was a bout to set a meeting with Trump then this?
    They knew about it long time ago, why to release it NOW?
    TO AVOID the meeting with Muller?
    Doesn’t that confirm the collusion with the Russians?


    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. Nothing gets fixed in the dark.

    • Benny Hill

      Mohammad 02/02/2018 •
      Doesn’t that confirm the collusion with the Russians?

      Most definitely Mohammad and gob’s of there there on Hillary’s Uranium for Russia deal and Bills 1/2 million Moscow speech. Hillary’s three stooges, Morell/Brennan/Clapper can confess to it all too!

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good wrap…but if you listen to the MSM , it’s all ONLY about the circular invent against President Trump, which is a distraction and narrow focus to keep from the wider and more important truth ….that they do this to ALL citizens and residents ALL the time and store the information for later use… Clearly as you now know from the lips of Klayman and source an HUGE file of mis-conduct was given to Comey about F.B.I. illegal activities…he had…and was given immunity if he would turn it over to Comey….AND ever since it has ‘also’ been lost to where ever things go missing? lol
    Oh- there might be a tussel to mull these ‘revelations’ over and then ‘back to normal’ if the people do not rise up! And I agree with you …if Director Wray truly threatened to resign… I can only hear that old adage…’do let the door hit ya on the way out’!
    That said, all eyes are now on President Trump…and it is suggested he either get ride of AG Sessions…or get Trey Gowdy in as Deputy AG , and Larry Klayman in as a Special Prosecutor pronto as ASAP…as the sharp knives and daggers are likely still aimed at his back. A lot of people say things …but a man like Larry Klayman ? If he said he handed over those files and papers directly to Comey…there is no doubt in my mind he did! And that only shows that this whole current affair is a charade of the wider cover-up of the ‘real’ deep and systemic spying on the people as posted in your last interview. The people must refuse to let this 4 page memo be the end of it AND now demand a wider investigation and a special prosecutor… I encourage your views to listen to this Larry Klayman interview and in particular at about @ 20:00
    and share it with the elected official of their state and friends…. They have to know —we all know…and we all expect them to deal with it. Including repealing or severely limiting the Patriot Act…much further and making the penalties of violation of the ‘safeguard’ much more severe! -AFTER of course being deliberative in their prosecuting those that already have! Without – the republic is lost and is degenerated to but a banana republic of thugs !

  59. Da Yooper

    Hi Greg

    Until Trump does something about the financial fraud the rigging & manipulation of the wall street bankers & their globalist masters Gold & Silver are going nowhere. The 6 people charged in Europe with rigging the gold markets were all for show look over here -look over here – while wall street gets a pass ( the SEC & CFTC still cant find their ass with both their hands despite all the proof to the contrary ). I dont think Trump has the stones to stop the rigging & manipulation he is in tight with the infestation on wall street & it is too easy to do nothing .

    Thanks for a great Friday wrap up

    As always just my .02 & YMMV

    • Flattop

      Da Yooper;
      Lets give our President time to concentrate on cleaning up the rat infestation in Wash DC.
      first. Call it, prioritizing

  60. Steve Twitchell

    Strong, calm, purposeful with facts and no prejudice. That is Greg Hunter. That is USAWatchdog. That is why I watch every show. Way to go.

    Steve Twitchell

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve!! I hope your Christian T-Shirt business is going well:

      • Steve Twitchell

        Thanks Greg. Slowly. Have several new designs AND still have USAWatchdog shirts.

        • Mohammad

          Wish you the best in your business Steve, coming from a Muslim on this blog.


  61. Matties

    A black heavy blanket is still covering Europe.
    Pray for us over there.

    May the Lord bless you and shine upon you, brothers and sisters.

    • Greg Hunter

      I pray that Merkel and Macron are removed form office and yes we pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe too!!

  62. Julia

    Hi Greg:

    Good report. I appreciate your differentiating between the economy and the banking system. I was making them one. Do you think President Trump is waiting for the banking system to collapse so he can deal with the Federal Reserve? I hope so!
    You are right, we will find out this spying included American citizens. You should hear the story of Jim and Joanne Moriarity. They had a business in Libya and were witness to what happened when the USA invaded Libya. You should see what the Obama Administration did to them.. The couple are very interesting. Here is their website:

    Hopefully enough Americans will be disgusted to do something.

  63. Benny Hill

    Homey Comey doesn’t think this is a big deal,,, yet he’s the problem!
    Homeboy now we know why you wanted to hide everything. To manipulate the American people during an election. Talk about collusion confusion!

    Our patriotic FBI, are only trying to protect us folks. From our freedoms and liberty!

    To do that effectively it’s best you don’t have any freedom at all and of course liberty has to be completely eliminated. Take down that statue in New York harbour.
    We the sheeple must submit, so the FBI won’t be forced to do anything illegal anymore. Where in the world did Hillary/Obama find these traitoresse bum’s?

    This is a movie for all you lying filthy politician/lawyers masquerading as boy scouts, in the stinking swamp known as Washington D.C.

    I once read about a case once when the judge asked all the lawyers in on a case to break it down into plain english, from all the legalise. Their reply, “it says your honor, that we stole this money fair and square!”.
    Billie Burke (Glinda, Good Witch of the North)

  64. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Shame on you, Greg Hunter!!! These single-mothers-by-choice (which is almost all single mothers) don’t deserve any sympathy and they aren’t poor. The reason that these single-mothers-by-choice and their bastard children are poor isn’t because the fathers abandoned them. It’s because the mothers were paid by the gov’t and feminists to drive the fathers out of the house and away from their children in exchange for money. The mothers and their children are poor because they’re for the most part bad at managing their exorbitant child support and welfare and enjoy profligate life-styles. They don’t save and invest. The fathers are really and truly poor because the gov’t stole the proceeds of their hard labor and gave it to the mothers (and other parasites) in exchange for votes and absolute power. That’s the case in more than 99% of child support orders. The mothers aren’t poor. They’re greedy and don’t understand the value of labor and its proceeds. They use the fathers as walking ATM machines.

    • Arthur Barnes

      You have made some good points, probably not political correct to agree with you, but astute comments need to be recognized; unfortunately, your statement is true for the most part. Glad you are not afraid to speak out even if its not politically correct to do so. Best Good fathers and mothers abound but we only hear of the bad ones & the Main Street Media continues to inform (indoctrinate) the public that most if not all men are bad to the bone, no pun intended. Regards, a b

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Truth seldom is correct politically.

    • eddiemd

      Title IV-D kickbacks to the state for collecting the support through employee withholding. It is a racket for the family court system and the state general funds. Funding the pensions.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Yes, eddiemd, I agree that Title IV-D is nothing but RICO. It can’t be fixed. It must be repealed.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Dr. Jewett,
      I don’t think Greg was trying to get sympathy for single mothers. I think he was saying that the ratio of women who are single and non-white is greater than those who are white. And, many of these women don’t ever get much child support, which means they live off of the government. This happens in every race. I agree with a whole lot of what you said. If women didn’t have the government to fall back on for support, then maybe they would quit screwing around before marriage. If women say “no,” men can either accept that or rape. People ought to be smarter than to get into those kinds of situations though. The Utah Pioneers came out here to Utah with practically NOTHING. And, what did they do with that? They turned Utah into orchards and gardens and beautiful buildings and homes. They worked their butts off because they had NO OTHER ALTERNATIVES, and they were good people who wanted to live God’s commandments. This is how all Americans ought to be: Proud to be paying their own way.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        “And, many of these women don’t ever get much child support, which means they live off of the government.”

        You misundrstand the system of child support. Women aren’t supposed to get ANY help from the gov’t. Let alone child support. That’s the point. Half of mothers in the US during the past 50 yrs are single-by-choice. You aren’t supposed to collect public assistance because of a bad lifestyle choice you made.

        The single-mothers-by-choice are supposed to be responsible for their own bad choices. (And no, almost no mothers leave their husbands or fathers of their children because they were abused – that’s a feminist myth -a large proportion of single-mothers-by-choice do however leave the fathers of their children for another man – it’s so common as to be normal.)

        And when the gov’t steals the proceeds of men’s hard labor and gives it to a mother, then that’s considerable help from the gov’t that exceeds greatly its Constitutional mandate (how do you not understand that child support is gov’t ordered assistance to the single-mother-by-choice?).

        The ratio of women of color or not who receive “help” from the gov’t is pretty much the same across all races. Yes, probably single-motherhood-by-choice is represented disproportionately more by blacks than whites, but it’s still greatly excessive for both races. And any help that they don’t need or don’t deserve is too much.

        Most women on child support also collect other public assistance too. And their lifestyle choices are excessive. They enjoy profligate lifestyles. The average single-mother-by-choice in the US collects more in child support per year than the average PhD earns on average per year in a career. Yes, this is true. That’s how excessive most child support orders are.

        The only reason they think that they’re poor is because they don’t understand where the money comes from (the proceeds of a man’s hard labor) and so they don’t value it, waste it, fail to invest and save, and are always without enough and need more. They’re not poor. They’re greedy. And the gov’t exploits these single-mothers-by-choice as a way to persecute coscientious hard-wroking men who support this country.

        Thomas Payne wrote: The purpose of a true patriot is to protect his country from its gov’t.

        Thomas Jeffersone wrote: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

        Benjamin Franklin wrote: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

        Plato wrote: Conscientious men don’t need laws to be conscientious and unconscionable men will always find ways to violate law.

        I wrote: Feminism is a hate movement where women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their imaginary victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting conscientious men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power.

        This last one is the engine of the US economy today. More than 50-billion dollar a year are transferred every year from fathers to mothers. And that’s just the amount transferred. That’s not the total order. Which likely exceeds 100-billion dollars annualy.

        Calculate the cost to tax-payers to transfer that money when you consider ivolvement by law-enforcement (hrs), agents of child support enforcement, courts, attornies, judges, HR depts, etc… and you’ll discover that the child support industry is the largest business in the US and in almost every country around the world.

        It’s completely destroyed all of western civilization. It’s almost as bad as another loony feminist invention: abortion. Where child support is essentially institutionalized child trafficking and abuse to absolve women of any responsibility for their bad decisions, abortion is institutionalized murder of children to absolve women of any responsibility for their bad decisions. The US truly has become a completely depraved society.

  65. Mike from the north

    This is a turning point.

    ACTS of DESPERATION will follow.imho

    We may soon see UGLY in it’s truest form.
    Time to pray not just for yourselves but for all the white hats.

    We did not get here by chance. We are here because many have been planning for years to take this country back from the deep state scum.

  66. zteve.0

    …don’t forget Muellers dancing israeli art students buddies – just here to document the event

  67. Flattop

    While we all are wishing that Wash DC will be cleaned up and Justice be served. Is it not time for us to take a look at ourselves?
    As citizens we should live our lives in the same manner we wish our Politicians would. There an old Chinese proverb that says, If every man will sweep in front of his door, the whole world will be clean.
    Stop the falsehoods, stop the deceptions, and treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated, then in front of you door will be clean

  68. Paul ...

    The banksters have come up with a “new pin” to burst the biggest bubble of all time …

    • Mohammad

      Nope it ain’t
      Crypto is the new monetary system, and Jp Morgan is among the first riders of the wagon, they just want you off it….Listen to what they say and look in the 180 degrees direction.


  69. Matt M

    Our actions, as an American citizenry, must include some type of physical support for liberty and justice. No longer can those that live and believe in the ideology of freedom, liberty, justice, and the rule of law sit on the sidelines. Those days are behind us.

    I’ve chosen to interpret the Constitution of the United States against modern day society and write about it on a seven year old blog. In addition, I am beginning to speak with my neighbors about sharing ideas how we can act, and not just talk, about supporting and promoting these most sacred of American values.

    Mr. Hunter, graciously and consistently, does his part each and every day through his USAWatchdog site. I feel his work is the utmost of importance, as it echos of a quote from my greatest political hero – Thomas Jefferson:

    “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

    Mr. Hunter is doing his part to keep us informed and I humbly thank him from the bottom of my heart. He is a journalistic patriot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt!!

  70. Mohammad


    I was waiting for this from Zerohedge:

    Confirmation of a suspicion i put on your blog Greg long time ago:


    It will not be long before the beard of bitcoin is removed and the real gold face is revealed.
    Bitcoin to AT LEAST 50000$….!


  71. Tee

    boycott super bowl yes pray for our president and leaders and country yes!

  72. eddiemd

    According to Newsweek, it was John McCain who handed of the dossier to Comey in December 2016. McCain has not been seen in publis in 2 months. Perhaps on his deathbed. Very soon we will receive the news that he is gone.

  73. villa

    Greg — thanks as always for bringing us the truth and insights.

    America is not $21 trillion in debt.
    That amount is interest on the debt.
    Interest paid to the private families who own the illegal federal reserve eho loan us our own money at interest.

    Subtract the illegal interest “owed” and there is no debt.

    On another topic, Jeff Sessions has been a Teump obstructionist since day one. He is aiding and abeiting the deep state. He needs to be prosecuted.

  74. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Baby-Boomers are the primary voting base for either party. To a lesser degree Millennials. Gen-Xers are the smallest generation in the history of the US. Boomers the biggest. Millennials the second biggest. The stock-market is where most Boomers have their money (for retirement). Either they’re already using it or they’re about to. It’s no coincidence that the Central Banks tanked the stock-market at the exact same time Trump and his administration released the FISA memo. The Central Banks are holding retirement money of the Boomers hostage. The Banks believe that tanking the market will discourage Boomers from voting Trump or Republican in the next election. It’s retaliation. It’s not a coincidence. The Banks are holding everyone’s money hostage. If you don’t do what we say, then we’ll starve you to death. Or deny you necessary health care. It’s a death panel. Literally. Right now, the Banks are selectively exterminating men in the US. But in response to election of Trump, other developments and then the FISA memo, they are targeting a much larger demographic. This never ends well for the little guy. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  75. H. Craig Bradley

    By the way,
    Nice Haircut, Greg.

  76. donna s.

    I only saw one comment about Sessions and it was favorable. What? None of this would have been allowed to proceed had Sessions not recused himself right out of the gate from the Russian collusion investigation and Let Rosenstein appoint Muellerwithout consulting the President. He Finally said that they are investigating Hillary but has sat on his hands while the statue of limitations runs out and some of it this month from what I understand.. He thinks we are stupid. Now today after the release of the FISA memo he praises Rob Rosenstein for being a great guy and doing a great job when he was up to his eyeballs in this total treason. Sessions must be fired OR do the right thing and resign.( which is doubtful he is man enough to do that) They have something on him or else he was another insurance policy should Trump be elected. He is obstructing Justice and knows exactly what he is doing. Trump has to see this especially after his absolute disloyal stance he took to stand up for Rosenstein today! What a joke. I am so pissed about all of this and I think if they don’t get prosecuted that this may be the red line in the sand for the people as it will show us once and for all that there is one set of rules for them and another for us. Also the judge who just ruled to not release the Comey memos was also on the FISA court. Is he the one who signed off on them spying on Trump and his associates . And did the judge know all along they were Bullcrap excuses? the snowball just keeps getting larger.

  77. Southern Girl

    Went back and listened to your interview with Mark Taylor, boy, he was so right on. Cannot wait for God to continue to help rid our Government of corruption . He said February and he was so right. Does anyone know when the indictments will be served??

  78. Diane

    WNWUP is my favorite read .
    Greg Hunter is my favorite guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane.

  79. Tad

    With a rather short-term search, $320 million in aid to Mexico per year seems to be a magic number.

    In trying to analyze the amount of USD that flows in Mexico from illegals and legals, to family members, a conservative number of 30 millions illegals sending home $1,000 per year approaches $30 billion dollars. I consider that to be a very low ball figure. If I wanted a more accurate figure, I don’t think the US government would supply it.

    How much of that number not subject to state and federal tax is a guess, but had the prospective jobs illegals had taken from Americans not occurred, those funds might have helped alleviate a deficit or been invested wisely elsewhere. One could label it, “A Tax Cut for American Dreamers.”

  80. Tad

    Perhaps these numbers from Pew Research will be considered accurate.

  81. Drew

    Another good message Greg and we always appreciate you including the spiritual aspect as we deal with the political issues at hand. Good analysis on the NF; No one I know watched a single game this year. Continued prayers for our President that God will give him the wisdom, strength, discernment and protection he will require to be successful against what has regretfully been determined to be a Treasonous regime. May God bless you.

  82. Ed

    The memo is being interpreted through one’s world view. It is not going to be the bomb shell that most conservatives are wishing. The “red pill-blue pill” paradigm is destroying our republic. As a Libertarian, I would sweep aside both the big government left…and the big government right. Alas, I must sit and watch this circus from the political sidelines.

    • Greg Hunter

      You got to be kidding me. The FBI took Phony research that Hillary Clinton paid $12 million for about Trump and took it to a FISA court to get wiretaps to spy on him and his administration? Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified under oath that without the phony dossier they could not have gotten the FISA Court to approve the spying. Oh, and the FBI and DOJ were turned down the first time the asked to spy on Trump by the FISA Court. Oh no, not a big deal at all when the FBI and DOJ commit sedition and treason. Hate to say this Ed but you are sleeping.

  83. Mohammad


    Trump’s EO number: 13823 signed Jan 30th:

    “Protecting America Through Lawful Detention of Terrorists”

    “(c) In addition, the United States may transport additional detainees to U.S. Naval Station Guantánamo Bay when lawful and necessary to protect the Nation.”

    Here Greg comes the mention of tribunals:

    “3. Rules of Construction. (a) Nothing in this order shall prevent the Secretary of Defense from transferring any individual away from the U.S. Naval Station Guantánamo Bay when appropriate, including to effectuate an order affecting the disposition of that individual issued by a court or competent tribunal of the United States having lawful jurisdiction.”

    I guess it is going to get really ugly from here on,
    The language is clear and it is opening the door for new on coming detainees that could be in the high echelon…..


    • Mohammad

      Please Greg add this quote from the EO to my post:
      “Nothing in this order shall prevent the Attorney General from, as appropriate, investigating, detaining, and prosecuting a terrorist subject to the criminal laws and jurisdiction of the United States.”



  84. Clare Doll

    Unfortunately, I am tracking ever so slowly this week …. About that last interview with Bill where you state that the cover-up may have extended beyond Hillary — she was just the stooge to cover up the real misconduct of Barack Obama who was using an insecure server — to hide . . . WHAT?

  85. Ken

    If this isn’t a fake then we now know how and why Seth Rich was killed. Picked it up first last Sunday off Jeanine Pirro look like she posted it. Took a screen shot.
    Link also found here

  86. DBCooper

    Greg, Great WNW … The way things are going it’s like you don’t want to go to sleep at night for fear of missing the next shoe dropping!! So I finally after nine years or so took down my Ron Paul sign, figured it was time. It was a 4×8 plywood sign I made that said
    “Ron Paul The Only Choice For President” … and the field it was in tends to flood in the spring so the local folks dubbed it … “Lake Ron Paul” !! All that is there now is a cross and that doesn’t bother me but I am thinking of acquiring one of those reader boards so I can put up messages to explode the snowflakes’ heads !! And that shouldn’t be too hard as they are really thin-skinned and waaay stupid … say, how do you spell stupid ?? LIBERAL !!
    We read the memo and while we already knew most of the content this makes it official on gubberment paper … Big-time ammunition and we agree w/ you completely that the calm has ended so strap in !! I also repeat my statement that I here-by volunteer to be on the delivering end of firing squads … I have killed alot of critters in my life and as long as there is a justification then that is what we do and we carry on with life tomorrow. Update from the redoubt. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  87. Chris S

    Love your site and everything you do!! I have been following this site for years and agree with most of your points of view. But on the NFL can’t we just relax a little? Most people that are bashing it were never really big fans of American football so it easy to say “ill never watch again”. Football was so good to me, my son when he was in school and so many others. It helps keep boys busy and off the streets and teaches good life lessons. The NFL is played by incredible athletes who most are really good people. You can find major faults with any sport or almost anything. All the banks are bad so don’t bank. All the oil pollutes the world so don’t drive. The list goes on and on if you want it to. Cant a fan find a little escape from the pressures of this world without feeling guilty? Your the best!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Goodell has turned the NFL into a Marxist propaganda tool to entrain the masses. It really is that simple. It’s not an “escape.” It’s thought shaping and entrainment. The NFL is counting on people like you. I am not trying to be mean but with plunging, ticket sales, falling ratings and falling merchandising the give Goodell a 5 year extension on his contract??????? Too stupid to be stupid.

    • JMiller

      All the banks are bad? Really? In what way are ALL of them bad?

  88. Mme Hedin

    “If we continue to undermine the rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him”
    – Senator John McCain

  89. JC Davis

    I did it ! It was hard, but I did not watch the super bowl.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me to JC!!! You did not miss a thing either.

  90. Occasnltrvlr

    How, exactly, is genuflecting during the national anthem disrespectful??

    • Greg Hunter

      Call it what Marxist/Communists/NFL call it: Kneeling, and yes, it is disrespectful because they are using an entertainment event to cram their social justice = Marxism down our throats.

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