FISA Memo Tip of Iceberg, Economy Good Financial System Bad, Boycott Super Bowl

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 320 2.2.18) 

The FISA Memo outlining illegal and fraudulent spying on Donald Trump and his Administration is just the first round in the coming revelations. Before it’s over, America is going to be shown evidence that the FBI and DOJ not only committed crimes against an incoming President to try and get him kicked out of office, but massive crimes against other politicians it did not approve of.  The evidence will likely include spying on millions of Americans, and that will shake the Republic.  It will also send many traitors to the Constitution to jail.  The calm before the storm is over, and expect some wild things coming to America.

I have said the good news about the economy is the President is going to be successful. The latest good news in the Trump economy is a projected 5.4% GDP rate.  That’s twice the GDP in any year of the Obama Administration.  The bad news about the President is he’s also going to be successful, and that is finally going send interest rates higher.  Can that cause big problems in the financial markets?  You bet, and this bubble may finally have its long anticipated pop.

The NFL is holding its annual Super Bowl. The newly resigned commissioner (5 year contract) Roger Goodell is overtly stating the NFL is going to double down on the social justice theme, which is covert language for Marxism and communism.  I strongly feel this is anti-constitutional, anti-liberty, anti-freedom and anti-Christian.  The NFL, under Goodell, will also continue to condone kneeling during the National Anthem. Please Boycott the Super Bowl and the NFL. 

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Craig Hemke of will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.” Hemke gives his analysis on why the dollar is headed down and gold and silver are headed up.

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  1. JC

    Good WNW
    Greg if all this happens with the FBI it will make history, and change other countries that these oligarchs control. It branches into every part of government, and esp the MIC. All that said they will call it a national security issue, and show us what they want us to know. If Trump did plan to tell everything they would kill him. Every modern president has known what Trump is discovering.

    • Paul ...

      It’s Official … James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein have been declared “Traitors to our Nation” …

      • JC Davis

        Thanks Paul.
        The next level cons should go up to the top, and over. However I suspect the bottom workers will be the sacrifice of the day.
        Gosar focuses on the memo’s claim that the FBI and DOJ did not mention that Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 spy who compiled the dossier, was partially funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.
        Treason was committed by much bigger names.

  2. William Stanley

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, once again. What historic times!

  3. Elderlearner

    Don’t forget the Bible is the road map to our future, it has never been wrong. So if you want to know where we are going, the story has been written and we are following it. Let me share with you something that I read about 2 weeks ago that makes me wonder a little. I believe it was in Luke that someone asked Jesus (one was taken one will remain story) where are the people that vanished? Jesus answered to look were the buzzards fly in the sky. I’m still thinking about that response like was there this big war and not the rapture.

  4. Brian Schulz MD.


    I have been watching your show for many years. Very, very good. I do want to mention one thing. The founders understood that humans are corrupt, and the larger the size of the government the more ability they have to take away our liberties. Washington DC is a criminal organization/organized crime. The only answer is to drastically shrink the size of the DC criminal swam. The FBI in particular has been run as a criminal organization for decades. Some big ones were Ruby Ridge, Waco, The recent Las Vegas Coverup, the complicity in the JFK murder and many other biggest hits. Lets not forget all of the Dossier’s kept by the illustrious J. Edgar Hoover on all of Congress. The entire FISA court, National Security Letters, NSA surveillance mechanism is a centralized police state apparatus. We do not live in a democracy. We lost that long ago, if we ever had it. But as you like to say, Fear Not. God is in charge.


    Brian Schulz MD.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Most of the Founding fathers were Masons. That’s why the M