Gang of Criminals Trying Trump – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR), former Assistant Treasury Secretary and international award-winning journalist, is worried about freedom and liberty.  PCR says with the latest arrest and prosecution of President Trump, freedom and liberty is dead in America.  PCR explains, “What they do makes it clear they have no claim that they are representatives of justice holding lawbreakers responsible.  They are the lawbreakers — they themselves.  You go to trial and it’s the criminals who are trying you, and that’s what’s happened in the United States.  This is happening to President Trump.  This is exactly what is happening to him.  The Department of Justice, which is a gang of criminals, is trying Trump, and they are getting away with it.  I can’t predict, but we are going to find out by the next presidential election . . . whether we are a country or not.  What’s going to happen?  Are people going to wake up and stop this?  If this coup stays in place, the United States no longer exists.”

PCR says, “What is being done is a lesson is being taught to all future political candidates.  If you try to represent the people instead of the elite, we are going to destroy you – period.   So, if they succeed in destroying Trump, and if the people permit that and don’t rise up and prevent it, then what you have from now on in the United States is tyranny.  If democracy cannot put into office someone who stands for the people who elected that person, then there is no democracy and there is no rule of law.  If you have no rule of law, you have the rule of whoever is in power.  In other words, it is the total end of any claim there is any freedom, any civil liberty or any accountability.  This is extremely serious.  This is an all-out assault.  The elite are attempting to completely destroy any accountability that would ever get in the way of their agendas.  So, this is only to be the agendas of the elite, and never ever any agenda of the people.”

PCR also warns, “The United States is the Constitution.  If the Constitution is destroyed, the United States is destroyed.  So, if they destroy it, they have destroyed us.”

PCR, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, also talks about the coming collapse of the U.S dollar and extreme inflation that is not a matter of if but when.  It could be sooner than you think.

There is much more in the 57-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for 6.13.23.

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After the Wrap-Up:

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  1. David Kiernan

    A president is as defined in blacks law dictionary.
    Primary resident to whom law has a status.
    The ABA and the BAR. Came about in and around the same time as the USA . 1871.

    • Shirl

      Today is Flag Day in America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 fly it proudly to represent American values of Freedom and Liberty that you have not forgotten…MAGA and America First!!
      “ “The United States is the Constitution. If the Constitution is destroyed, the United States is destroyed. So, if they destroy it, they have destroyed us.” Dr PCR …. spot on!!!

      • Will

        Please wake up, so you can act accordingly. As PCR said. There is no America, and we are not American citizens. To think or hope otherwise would be utter foolishness. The past country of America died long ago.

        • Shirl

          Will, move to North Korea… they love their citizens brow beaten and surrendered as quitters who have given to tyranny.
          Let us know if you get to enjoy the fish head with rice soup…if you’re lucky. Good luck 🙂

        • Tin foil hat

          I haven’t hung out the American flag once since Jan. 2021 but I’m not ready to throw it into the trash can just yet.

          • Greg Hunter

            never give up. Hang the flag!!!

            • Joseph Pastorie

              You have given up.

              • Greg Hunter

                Are you stupid? What do you think I am doing here providing a free site? Hint: NOT GIVING UP!!!

      • I Dig Au

        I wish people knew the difference between the “United Staes” and the United States of America. The former is a corporation and the later is a country.

    • Pete

      Hi Greg,
      Great interview! … It must be just about Bo Polony time to add another dimension to this discussion. Keep up the good work!

    • Jackie

      It is pure joy to have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the Usawatchdog news, because he cones from a governmental perspective from President Ronald Regan’s time in office that saw a return to a common sense political economy wherein Capitalism was made to work for the rich, middleclass and the working poor. Now, ruling parties in the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Banks and Washington DC seek exclusively the uplifting of their crony socialized wealth kept so tightly amongst themselves. The Bible declares that, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” whether it is Jan. 6th false insurrection charges for a thousand innocent American citizens or President Trump’s obviously criminally conspired false indictments. When this egregious kind of lawlessness comes to an end, as God puts down the despotism of the rulers, I believe that special Supreme Court Nuremberg Trials must be had in what is then left of America. These brazen crimes must be aired out before the entire world to view as lawlessness is put on a shameful display with the New York attorney being tried for “Crimes Against Humanity and God Almighty.” The Bible commands that, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” God is recording every lawless act that asserts itself up as law. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. The same God that Created the Earth and universes in six days, will judge rightly every act of lawlessness by the present Administration and its financial sector power grab over the people. It is my hope and prayer that some of the present lawless government members and Federal Reserve members and Wall Street Bankers will Repent from their sin filled dead works, which leads to their eternal death, and be Forgiven by the Judge of all the earth, The Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. Thank you for reading. God bless you.

    • TitanTrader

      Weird this interview never showed up on my Rumble feed. Only know it was posted as someone posted it in the Comments at ZeroHedge.

  2. Rodster

    Ep#3 Tucker Carlson and it is EPIC! He discusses the arrest of Trump.

    • Olde Edo

      Tucker speaks the truth that cuts through all the political fog, and suddenly everything from the first Trump campaign until now becomes crystal clear. MUST WATCH!!!

      • Tin foil hat

        Truth is dangerous.

        “Freedom & Liberty” is a relatively new western concept in the grand scheme of things. “Peace & Harmony” is the equivalence of that in the East.

        The Deep State/NWO wants to replace “Freedom & Liberty” and rules the world with “Peace & Harmony/Go-along-to-get-along” which is a philosophy engrained into the masses by the ruling elite for longer than anyone can remember.

        Too many folks in the West are embracing “Peace & Harmony”, not knowing the cost is their “Freedom & Liberty.”

  3. Baja

    💯 🤡🤡 🌎
    In overdrive now.

    • Paul

      The verdict will get both the fish and us off the hook. Biden’s and his band of thieves playbook. Resist.

      Paul from arkansas

  4. Anthony Australia

    This is the most unbelievable thing I’ve read all year.
    I pray that this madness will end soon.
    WEF Calls for AI to Rewrite Bible, Create ‘Religions That Are Actually Correct’

    Thanks for another positive interview Greg.

    • Rodster

      Klaus Schwab and his cabal at the WEF are all maniacal psychopaths. They are all wanting to play God. We are to become their little toy soldiers.

    • Ray

      Hi Anthony,
      Hope you and yours are well……..I am still to reply to your email mate….sorry for the long, long delay… bad!
      What a splendid interview. A ripper yarn.
      PCR firmly places a thermometer in the mouth of the US and takes its’ temperature…… the prognosis is bad, as all here understand.
      It’s much the same here in Australia, as you and I both know.
      I think our American friends might be pushed into a corner soon, and we could see them pick up their guns and fight back hard……good luck to them if they do.
      One thing that I thought really stood out though…….PCR right near the end of the interview mentions the word “diversity”.
      Western nations across the world are being constantly deluged with this word by their respective governments, as if “diversity” is a good thing……something that society should strive for, and if you don’t agree with “diversity”, you are somehow a bad citizen.
      For those that are interested in the English language, and how words are constructed from other pre-existing words, we know that the root word of diversity is “divide”.
      So when governments call for diversity, what they are really saying is, they want division within society, which is the very opposite of unity.
      They know… we know, that a united people would be their worst nightmare, and is likely their ultimate Achilles Heel.
      They therefor look to continually keep us divided with their “diversity” protocols, whilst our kids are being taught in school that diversity is THE essential element in realising a fair society and positive future “for all”.
      Recall a couple of years ago, the opening words of our national anthem were changed from “For we are young and free” to “For we are ONE and free”.
      How can this, or any nation be as “one” when the government is openly calling for division?
      Same old play book, isn’t it mate! Say one thing with the left hand, do another on the right.
      This is why I am big on the understanding of the English language, and people having the ability to not only use good grammar, but have / learn the capacity to grasp the structure of words and how they are used.
      For therein lie the keys to a deeper understanding of what is being orchestrated by those who actually laud “words” over us, hidden right there, in plain sight, as they bend society to their will.
      The novel 1984 is the best example of this.
      When people deeply understand words, they have a better chance of gleaning what is actually being said, and less chance of being fooled.
      Many people today just sign themselves over to something like “Grammarly”, and let the app do the writing for them. The written sentence may come out correct, however, the input isn’t 100% from the writer.
      More importantly, nor is there a fundamental understanding within the writer of what they have actually written.
      Anyway, hope your Universe is rotating well mate.
      Loving your comments as always Brother.
      Six more days to the Winter Solstice…….then the days start getting longer again 🙂
      Winter in Canberra………Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Ray,
        Agree with your commentary. Words are used to control us. Black’s Law Dictionary is a must for understanding how words are interpreted by TPTB in ways which entrap ‘we the people’. Example: For some reason or other you are in a police station. The officer in charge tells you something of no particular consequence and then asks, “Do you understand me? ‘Yes’, you may innocently reply – not realising that you have thereby agreed to stand UNDER the police officer. You have recognised the officer’s authority over you and voluntarily placed yourself under it!

        • Ray

          Hi PNG,
          Thanks for your reply mate.
          Yes……you have nailed it in terms of how language can be used as a tool for entrapment.
          Let me tell you a quick story of how one clever Australian guy used the words of a global corporation to take them for about $50,000!!!
          A TV commercial appeared way back in 1989 (could have been 1988…..long time ago!!) from Toyota Australia. It was a promotional advertisement looking to increase sales (of course!), and the hook of the ad was how Toyota were about to celebrate the sale of their 1 millionth vehicle in Australia.
          The TV ad went like this (I remember it well):
          “Toyota have a proud history of manufacturing quality vehicles in Australia. This year, between the months of July and August, Toyota will sell their 1 millionth car in Australia, and if you order it, it’s yours free”.
          That was the ad.
          Some crocodile walked into a Toyota dealership in Sydney a couple of weeks later and said, “Hi, I’d like to order your 1 millionth car that you plan to sell between July and August. I’d like it to be a Land Cruiser (their top shelf 4 x 4), and I’d like it for free. When can I pick it up”?
          The dealer principal laughed him out of the car yard…..told him to take a hike.
          Instead, the bloke took a lawyer, and in a famous court case, the judge found that the man had every right to expect the car for free, and he did indeed end up receiving the car for free.
          The judge found that Toyota Australia had, via the use of THEIR OWN CHOSEN WORDS IN THEIR OWN TV ADVERTISEMENT, provided a clear instruction that if a person ordered the 1 millionth car, they would receive it for free, and that was EXACTLY what the man had done.
          Toyota Australia provided the man with a brand new Land Cruiser, and paid for all his legal expenses.
          There you go……the POWER of words……and the POWER that is attained by those who clearly comprehend them.
          Take care PNG……I always look forward to your comments, and thanks for engaging with me here on this one.
          Best wishes to you and yours.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Self Exiled

      WEF Calls for AI to Rewrite Bible, Create ‘Religions That Are Actually Correct’ I had to repeat the statement because it is unbelievable to comprehend such pride, and arrogance.

      I will [in the distant future] overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of the kingdoms of the [ungodly] nations; and I will overthrow the chariots and those who ride in them, and the horses and their riders will go down, every one by the sword of his brother [annihilating one another]. Haggai 2:22

  5. Art Simpson

    Before the next election the U.S. shall be nuked to smithereens by Russia and China. We are no longer a nation, just a target.

    • Coco

      Do you really believe this…do you think the evil Rothschild want to destroy all the culture and architecture to smithereens…! I don’t think so…!

      • The Central Scrutinizer

        That’s only because you don’t know who’s pulling THEIR strings.

        Have you not heard? You may serve the Devil, or you may serve The LORD…but you WILL serve. There simply are no other choices.

      • Earth Angel

        Why would you say that coco? They’ve done it repeatedly before with numerous wars, nuclear detonations, practice detonations, etc, etc.

        • Diana

          They have for centuries Earth Angel. I am beginning to believe we have reached the stage where people no longer “have eyes to see or ears to hear”.

      • Self Exiled

        Art maybe correct, read Sam’s posted article. HE may substitute mercy and loving kindness for judgement.

    • Wayne

      Please tell me how you know this. Did you have a vision from God like so many other people claim?

    • Jeff

      I think you are correct, but it also maybe the Chinese.

    • Rick

      Art – If any State of the Union deserves being nuked like Sodom and Gomorrah “it is California” – California’s immoral queer Demon-rats have just proposed a bill “To Confiscate Parents’ Children” (if they dare oppose the State doing a gender change on their precious children) – – obviously – California is not a safe place “for normal families” to live – Get Out Now!! – as Russia probably also has California at the top of the Russian Target List for Total Nuclear Annihilation!!

      • Ted Nelson

        That’s a little extreme, Rick. I understand your perspective about this new law, which is atrocious and completely in line with some of CA’s other policies like mandatory vaccinations for newborns. But the difference is that with Sodom and Gomorrah, they delighted in evil. Today’s democratic party figures have been co-opted by forces of power that can take advantage of contradictions in leftist ideology, but they are being fooled into thinking they are doing “good”. They frame the scenario such that the defenseless child, is trapped within a body they feel is the opposite gender. However, research continues to show negative consequences of gender transition surgeries, and the lack of science showing it is something that should ever be done except in the rare circumstances of physical deformity or the need for hormone therapy due to a physiological imbalance. Everyone would agree there has to be an age limit to when such a procedure could be allowed, even with the parent’s approval, and there should be an interdisciplinary team that is all in agreement on the need for the surgery. California is continually improving but has to take on the assaults to parental autonomy, which I think will not be successful.

  6. Randall Rathbun

    Dr Roberts states “look what happen to people who tell the truth”. He’s right, the one I remember was left hanging on a cross to die 2000 years ago because he told the truth. I am praying and encouraging others to pray earnestly to God in heaven who is just and asking Him to move, for no one can truly live in a universe of injustice.

    • Rick

      If God the Father didn’t move to save his own Son – what makes Christians today believe that God the Father is going to move against the evil people killing their sons (and daughters) and cutting off their sexual organs??? – What God the Father wants to see from us: Is Humanity (those who still have balls) Take a Stand Against Evil – he wants to see Humanity vote to free Innocent Men (like Jesus, Trump, Assange, etc., etc., etc.) and not give a free pass to the Evil Crooked Rapist Pedophile Transgender Eugenicist Deep State Commies (like Barabbas, Biden, Bar, Beelzebub, etc., etc., etc.) who have stolen our freedom and used it to outright kill and “make living dead” millions of God’s children with their Bio-Clot Shot and now want the freedom to “make dead” additional millions by exploding their thermonuclear weapons or simply spreading “radioactive depleted uranium” in their tank rounds all over the richest farmland on Planet Earth – to make the richest farmland on planet Earth “dead” for billions of years – God the Father is patiently waiting – waiting – and waiting – and waiting for US to take a stand against Evil (especially those in the US who have known freedom) to round up all the Queer Commies (who call themselves Demon Rats) and send them to the Sun to be burned to ash (as Written in the Bible Malachi Ch4:1) – we must set them on fire before they set “us” (the animal world) on nuclear fire and burn down all the forests (the plant world) with their fire – seems like these Demon Rats have been brainwashed by some evil AI entity that has a deep hatred for all “Carbon Based Life Forms”!!! – so the question on God the Father’s mind is probably “When The Hell Are These Humans Going To Stand Up For Themselves”???

      • Rick

        Let’s stop asking “God to move and save us” – I think it is about time we all grow up “and save ourselves” – 2000 years ago we did nothing to save Gods Son (and instead freed Barabbas) – God the Father “is still waiting” today for US to move against Biden (who straight out tells us he is starting WWIII without Congressional approval) – we have not changed in 200 years – we are still “letting the Criminals go free” and “locking up the Innocent (to die in prison)”!!! – God the Father gave us brains so we can use them to protect ourselves – instead we close our eyes and pray? – while the prey is ripping us to pieces by injecting us with bio-weapon plagues, cutting off our children’s sexual organs, burning down our forests, creating famine and nuclear war??? – it is time for us “to Prey” upon Evil – then (once the Evil Demons are all burned to death in the Sun) we can Pray for forgiveness from God (who will likely say “Well Done My Children”)!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You got nothing without God the Father and Jesus!

          • Hubert

            Rick is right!!
            If we don’t fight ourselves and expect God to do the work for us we are not even worth the clay used to create us.
            If we have been created at God’s image, we should act like God: meaning for example with compassion and love BUT also by showing our determination. strength and courage and act against all “demons” -today called “The Elites”.

            By doing nothing and waiting for God to clean the earth for us we CAN NOT be called God’s sons and should be destroyed with today’s “demons”.

            “The Elite” has become “demoniacal” because we let them do their “satanic” and deadly work. However to call them demons or evil spirits is to give them a power they don’t have. They are just arrogant and depraved, wicked HUMAN BEINGS.. They are made of the same blood and flesh as all of us and therefor should be defeated by us and not God.

      • Rick

        If “we” don’t bring “the Evil Demons to Justice” by for instance placing them aboard a Space X Rocket and sending them on a one way journey to the Sun (to be burnt to ash as the Bible says should be done in Malachi 4:1) – then Putin will likely bring the Sun’s (thermo-nuclear fire) directly to the US (and burn to ash all the Evil Queer Demon Rats with his “Satan Weapon” – and simply accept the killing of any innocents as simply “collateral damage”)!!

      • Randall

        Hey Rick:
        When I said God move, I guess I left out something. For us to come against evil, we have to have divine authority. And in order for us to have the final top authority, we must have God the Father’s authority. I was praying last night about this, and God told me in my spirit that few have totally died to their own authority and made God the Father’s authority their own. This means dying completely 100% to our self will and obeying God’s will 100% Any takers? this is why we’ve not seen much movement here.. Jesus DID obey the Father 100% and God is waiting upon us to obey 100%.. so I will correct you.. this is actually the key to bringing the kingdom of God into the earth

        • Rick

          Yes Randall – “Jesus DID obey the Father 100%” – and God was waiting upon “us” to set this innocent man free instead of letting Barabbas run free (like Biden today) – “We Failed That Test 2000 Years Ago” – So we are being “tested again” today – will we set Trump free? – or – will we let the criminal Biden continue run free to lead our nation to the “Cross of Thermonuclear War” (just like the zombies 2000 years ago who allowed Christ to go to the Cross)? – Trump was a good choice by God the Father “to test us” (because Trump was the one who would not free Assange) – and so “if we fail the test again” and don’t do the right thing – Trump gets to rot in jail for 400 years just like Assange!!

      • Mario

        I think you really missed the point on Jesus dying on the cross. God could have stopped it from happening for sure but it was God’s perfect plan for redemption. It had to happen. There was no other way for God to have a relationship with sinful man.

        • Rick

          Mario – Jesus died on the cross because men would not take a stand and save him – instead they fixed the vote to free a pervert rapist criminal “Barabbas” (just like they fixed the vote to put Biden out on the street to do harm to humanity) – God the Father was not going to stop the Crucifixion as it was necessary to put “an indelible mark upon man” (that they would have to make amends for) – then after man’s sinful act God the Father immediately brought his Son back to life – now today – we were tested once again with Assange and now with Trump – will we do what has to be done to put a stop these Crucifixions?? – and as for God the Father “having a relationship with sinful men” – the relationship is one of seeing if man can in anyway be saved “by doing what is morally right”!! – if Trump and Assange are jailed for 400 years – that would be Strike Two in my book – and Strike Three will probably be us sinners allowing the re-election of that Criminal Pervert Biden – Three Strikes “and we’re out folks” – because we will bring upon ourselves Worldwide Thermonuclear War, Famine and Marburg plagues to annihilate all Humanity – in God’s eyes “Justice Will Be Served” to the sinful men who didn’t have the good sense “To Have A Moral Relationship With God”!!!

  7. Victor Showman Shokan

    No longer fake news, WSJ Crowe’s exclusive! You can’t make this B.S. up!
    “This crosses the line!” – Putin slams U.S. for sending depleted uranium to Ukraine | Redacted News 55,264 views Jun 13, 2023
    The United States has given the green light to Ukraine for the use of depleted uranium tank rounds. This groundbreaking decision is sending shockwaves through the international community and ignited a fierce global debate on the ethics, consequences, and implications of such a move. Russian President Putin slammed the U.S. over its decision and says it’s a red line the West just crossed.

    One particle from the dust of depleted uranium shells, fired and exploding, one particle kills and leads to life shortening suffering and illness! To the sender and the receiver! This dust in the breadbasket of Europe, will wind up in the air and soil, the Wheatfield’s, our bread, pasta, beer, wine and eventually our bodies. Like the clot shot, another enemy within our loins, destroying our very life and limb! This is a cluster freaking disaster, in the making!
    WSJ_ June 13, 2023 By Michael R. Gordon and Gordon Lubold
    U.S. Set to Approve Depleted-Uranium Tank Rounds for Ukraine
    The armor-piercing ammunition has raised concerns over health and it’s environmental effects/

  8. Dan Wilkinson

    Lawlessness causes the hearts of many to grow cold , trust for the entire system has been destroyed.

  9. Poochiwoo

    We are there.

  10. Sam

    very ENLIGHTENING…. Looks like we need to put a Fork in America……because we are DONE!…..(maby)…

  11. Ed Mustafo

    “ When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson. How do you wake up the people? Let them steal the election, and the people will see who the real criminals are. Plain as day, right in everyone’s face. No more doubts or questions. Perfect. Understand that you’re watching a show, and it had to be this way. Trump, the Patriots, and the military needed the majority of the people to get behind them before they can make a move to turn things around. Everything is right on schedule. Timing is everything. Military planning. Watch……🇺🇸

    • Rick

      Speaking about fear – this recent article about “a parasite” being able to change peoples “fear level” is very interesting – considering how all those who took the Clot Shot “seem to have no fear about it killing them” and “have no fear of the Evil Globalists actually doing it to them” and telling us right to our faces: “We Will Kill 99.9% Of You” – “You Will Own Nothing” – “You Will Eat Bugs”- etc. – etc. – etc.!! – – this cat parasite (and other parasites) may be the cause of the narcissistic personality disorders we are seeing in the Pride Movement like their open flaunting and displays of an immoral perverted sexual nature – although we may believe our decisions and destiny “are our own” – the latest science and research on parasites seems to suggest that these worms (devils) play a big contributing role in our conscious actions – so perhaps the WHO and CDC should force the “Gay Community” to take Ivermectin – the way they forced us normal people to take the Globalists bio-weapon (containing parasites) – seems other parasites (called Demon Rats) have been shaping human history ever more rapidly since the time they nailed Christ to the Cross – they are moving faster and faster now (shooting JFK, doing 9-11, spreading their Covid-19 bio-weapon) and very soon will hit us with their Marburg Virus and a Worldwide Thermonuclear War!!!

    • Earth Angel

      Yes but how many elections do we have to let them steal?? We’ve already been there done that and ..what??….WHEN will they finally make their move?… I think its PAST TIME!!

  12. Forrest Byers

    Have a debate between Paul Craig Robert’s and storage and Dough Casey on methods for saving real money, Gold and Silver by diversifying purchasing and storage with either Glint, a Gold Backed Mastercard Debit Card or Hard Assets Alliance. Save a place in Hell for the Elite

    • Wayne

      Just remember, “If you do not hold it, you do not control it”.

      • Rick

        I bet the Immoral and Sex Obsessed Queer Perverts in the Gay Pride Community think your speaking about “their family jewels” rather then Gold (which also can’t lick itself)!!

      • Rick

        Want to lick the Fed? – look at the following chart –×1024.png – what do you notice? – it is very clear “that you should buy gold when it is in the black” – and that “black debt curve” now has “no upper limits for a few years” thanks to the agreement between Biden and McCarthy – does anyone wonder where the “black death curve” is headed now that there is no upper limit for politicians to worry about?? – the price of Gold is Destined to Rise!! – gold will rise, follow and eventually exceed the black debt or black death curve which will drive the purchasing power of the US dollar to thousandth’s or more likely tens of thousandth’s of a cent!!

    • Rick

      North Carolina to better protect its financial position (should the devaluing process of the Fed “printing money we don’t have” pushes the value of the US dollar toward zero – in an easy to see coming hyperinflation) is now passing legislation to Save the State’s money in gold bullion – they want to buy physical gold bars and store it in a secure vault in Texas!!! –

  13. James

    Please have the vaccine police on your show. He’s had success fighting for our children and their grooming towards homosexuality and transgender. Christopher Key. He’s working hard to stop this perverse agenda and he is on our side.

  14. Jim

    Very good show. Scary to say the least.

  15. Anita

    Thank you both. Roberts is an excellent guest at this time. He could not have made it planner that we are lawless, the once United States of America is now gone. He did mention the next election, there will be no next election. We did not have one the last time or many times before. And even on local levels they are rigged & stolen. Mean while most people I know carry on as usual. No alarm clock will ever wake them up, period.

    • Tom C.

      Many will wake up only when they suffer on a personal level. When it affects them personally, they will wake up.

  16. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    I’m running out of superlatives. IMHO, this was simply the best PCR interview ever and the gravitas was evident in everything he said and the way in which he said it. In particular, you facilitated a most excellent PCR monologue in the closing minutes. Words of wisdom which should be written in stone for future generations – should there be any!

    There is a legitimate argument that states, civil unrest is what ‘they’ want – so ‘they’ can institute martial law. On the other hand, failing to protest is allowing a criminally intent oligarchy to override the constitutional rights and freedoms of ‘we the people’ at will. According to, “Martial law is the substitution of a civil government by military authorities with unlimited powers to suspend the ordinary legal protections of civilian rights.” These ‘ordinary legal protections and civilian rights’ have already been lost – not just my opinion but the considered opinion of PCR. There is an old platitude that goes, ‘If there is something to gain by success, and nothing to lose by failure, by ALL MEANS try – DO IT NOW!”

  17. Mick Goldman

    As President Trump has said in the past “I am the only thing standing between the [CABAL] and the citizens” against tyranny.

  18. Mick Goldman

    As President Trump has said in the past that he is the only one standing in the way of coming after you (the citizens).

  19. DocD

    You need to make sound only option for your programs; the videos are blocked for most of the time and we can’t really watch them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your end ids blocking the videos. Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like
      Tell me if it works. Sorry for the Big tech censorship.

    • Glenn

      Hi, Yes.
      On the go – it would be great to have only sound. I am often listening when driving.

      • Greg Hunter

        Try this, it’s on your end: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  20. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Roberts.
    The COMMUNISTS are out to destroy the USA and its people.

  21. Cliff Bondi

    A Slavic Civil War, in the heart of Europe? Yes! Part of Russia is in Europe and very much in blue eyed northern Europe!
    And who’s in the cat bird seat, watching the Slav’s killing themselves? Not western Europe, their European brothers and Sestra. They’re suffering too and dying a slow death. Then who? The US., that’s whom! Just ask old hayseed linseed, Lindsey Graham cracker himself! It’s so far the best investment of return, dead Russians, not to mention dead Ukrainians in the deal. There’s a lot of old Yank’s and Aussie’s like him, chomping at the bit, ready for some Slavic war brides, girls who now have no hope of finding a mate, mate! And who’s going to be stuck with them and Ukraine? If , and I don’t believe in if anymore! There is a negotiated settlement and not WWIII. Why Russia of course.
    You might not know it’ get your head out the sand or your derrière, the US., is in bankruptcy. We will be building back better, hopefully and in no shape to be the world policeman anymore, or any marshal plan for anybody, not even ourselves, for that matter! Were all, all ready divided, broke, busted and disgusted, with each other. Possibly on the verge of our own Civil War 2.0!

    ‘Huge economic pain’ in the US will spread across the globe
    Sky News Australia 37,868 views Jun 10, 2023
    Author and financial analyst Ed Dowd says the US will experience “huge economic pain” which will spread across the globe.

  22. Lada Aston Holden

    Joe Biden Might Soon Get Exposed For The Fraud He Is
    Joe Biden has not debated in four years. Often, Biden snaps at anyone who so much as questions in public. In a debate against someone like Donald Trump, that won’t work. By Brandon Weichert Published 9 hours ago

  23. lara bell

    Douglas Macgregor Sober Analysis | Who is Wining in Ukraine? | Russia Ukraine War Update GoTranscript Test 68,475 views Jun 13, 2023
    WOW! Truth rings true! LISTEN!

  24. Marie Joy

    My new neighbor believes everything the left says. When I suggested she listen to PCR she was upset. She thinks everything going wrong is “because of Trump”.
    The long term intent of communism is democide/genocide/mass murder and we continue to watch our own genocide.
    Rise up, quietly, or die. Stealth.
    One man cannot do it all but a group of like minded Patriots can change the world.
    He needs our help.
    Please, become politically involved.

    • Mike D

      Many people, such as your new neighbor, are not very smart and cannot be reasoned with. Sometimes it’s best to stay-off political topics with those types of people. If things become more tyrannical in the US, she may turn on you and become a snitch. That’s what happens in totalitarian regimes such as NAZI Germany, East Germany under the Stasi, Maoist China, etc.

  25. The Seer

    As a semantics expert, I figured this reinforcement of the negatives is the real agenda in PCR speaking. People think he is great but listen to his many interviews and he isn’t what people want to believe. Listen again with discernment to the agenda of his is to repeat the cabal agendas-hypnotic.
    He only offered repetitive already known negatives and only solution offered was “violence “
    Sneaky. And, as actions speak louder than words in his past government job he didn’t clean it up and transform the system.

    • Rick

      We don’t have to be violent – just non-violently round up the Committee of 300 and put them on a Space X rocket for one way trip back home to visit their father Lucifer!!

      • Rick

        I think I know why the Bible in Maliki 4:1 says: “evil men have to be turned to ash”?? – it is probably so “their evil genes” can never be cloned to bring these Demons back to life!!!

  26. Cmoore

    Great interview. I do wished you had asked him what in the world is holding the dollar up. They just announced they are printing up at least 4 trillion additional dollars and the only way they can pay interest on existing debt is to print up dollars. Maybe you could ask him that question and post it. But what a great interview…..

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Cmoore,
      Forgive me if I’m recalling a different interview, but I think PCR did explain the (bogus) method used to support the dollar. That is to get the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, and the European Central Bank to print oodles of pounds sterling, Yen, and Euros, and than arrange currency swaps with the dollar. This has the effect of keeping the dollar relatively stable within the basket of currencies against which it is measured. Despite this ‘smoke and mirrors’ fakery, the dollar should be depreciating against gold but this may awaken a slumbering general public. Hence massive NAKED* short selling of gold in the COMEX futures ‘market’. PCR covered this (bogus) methodology in the interview.

      *Naked short selling: writing futures sell contract/s for something you do not own. AI (artificial intelligence) interprets these sell contracts as bearish for the underlying asset (gold) and initiates sell orders. As the price falls to less than the selling price struck in the futures contracts, the issuing banks can pick up a profit by closing out their futures contracts. This market manipulation is ‘against the rules’ but nobody enforces the rules anymore. IMHO, only massive and sustained gold purchases by non-US / UK controlled banks, potentially by the so-called ‘BRICS+’ countries, will break the naked short selling scam.

    • Andrew

      It’s because of the reserve currency status. Check out “euro-dollar”/Jeff Snider

  27. J. Loughran

    “In America Democracy Is a Veil Behind Which the Oligarchy Rules”, the title of an article by PCR, Feb 2023, sums things up.

  28. Don W.

    Several comments about “we have to stop these people”. I totally agree, but we all need to know who the people are that need to be stopped and fight them directly.
    It is not biden, that is doing it, it is the ONE WORLD GOV. people that are really running this nation. They did not see Trump coming on so strong in his real election and so he won the election. They will NOT allow it again. So we need to get ready folks for a ONE WORLD GOV. running this nation.
    How do we get ready for it? By ALL of us that believe in God turning to Him and showing others how they can turn to Him to survive until He comes. The Bible is so very clear, that we will have a ONE WORLD GOV. in the end times when He comes for us. Just read the Bible and you will see that every day we see things happening that the Bible tells us about in the END TIMES. We have never had so many things happening at one time that show us it is coming SOON. I really feel that they are happening so fast that we will see the signing of the peace agreement at the starts the last seven years, by the end of 2024. Maybe sooner.
    Turning to our Lord right now is so important. Get to really know Him, and serve Him in all that we do. He is the real savior. He will take us all home to be with Him near the start of the 2nd half of the seven year agreement. We have a troubling several years ahead of us so it will not be a piece of cake to last that long, but knowing Him is so important for ALL of US.

  29. Roger Stamper

    yes bible already told the truth tks roberts greg

  30. Tomdeplorable

    If this goes forward as expected, I wonder how many write-in votes he will get on Election Day! Let’s start and 85 million vote write in campaign now! That will surely overwhelm the AI ballot scanners! LOL

  31. Mark

    I can’t believe people can’t figure out the scenario. It’s really quite simple. Masterpiece chess game. Plenty of pawns, rookes,knights and kings. No bishops,hmm. Pay attention to the next moves. Watch for the messages and visuals. Brilliant.

  32. Gisela

    This was so good I had to watch it twice. Also shared many times. My mother, who somehow survived Nazi Germany, told me this was coming 10 years ago…just before she passed. She said “you people don’t know the signs, but I do, please be careful.”

    • Mike D

      Your mother was wise.
      ***God bless her***

  33. Prospector

    Think they won’t , think again.

    AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE , a D.C. area think tank calls for arming Ukraine with Tactical Nuclear Weapons. Don’t take my word , look it up.

    • Rick

      Just like Hillary (who wanted to be close to the Council on Foreign Relations so “they” could tell her what to do) – go to nuclear war with Iran!! – Biden will be told what to do by the AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE (to more dangerously bring the US to nuclear war with Russia)!!

  34. Yock

    Dr Roberts has a way of giving a 40,000 ft view of reality like no one else can. He’s basically saying we’re finished as a republic unless we secede from the union and start our own constitutional government. Paul is pure gold and hopefully you can get him on more often as a guest. Great point about the Russian army not really fighting in Ukraine. Even the alternative media is not talking about the fact that these are militias fighting there and not the real Russian army.

    • Rick

      North Carolina has made a good start by breaking away from the Fed (by buying gold and storing it in Texas) – once the majority of States break from the Fed and go to gold – they will have successfully broken away from the Fed controlled (bribed) politicians in Washington and thus will have effectively accomplished “A Seceding From The Union” (by simply returning to Constitutional money)!!!

  35. youknowwho

    Trump is finished…completely. After this trial, they’ll go after his businesses. They’re going to make an example of him to kill any and all competition to the establishment. Think of orcas killing an injured whale. This sends a message to anyone running against the regime. They’re now also going after Texas — AG Paxton — and I think Abbott is a milquetoast leader who is only as strong as his supporting cast.

    A line in the sand has been drawn and if you cross that line to fight back, you’d better be willing to give your life. CBDC and AI will be checkmate for humanity…

    • Mike D

      Don’t EVER count Donald J. Trump out. He’s a fighter and survivor unlike any we’ve ever seen. He’ll come out of this persecution stronger than ever. The criminals and TRAITORS in the CIA, DOJ, and FBI are scared to death that if Donald Trump wins re-election, they will end-up in PRISON. THEY will be the ones ruined.
      ***TRUMP 2024***

      • Chris

        I don’t think the forces you listed are in the least bit “scared to death” by the possibility of Trump winning the next election. They want to take him out of action, and at this point that means anything short of what they (it’s basically the same cabal – different names, same agenda) did to JFK. It’s in your faces now. They don’t even bother hiding their intensions. If, by some miracle, he gets to run for and win a second term, they would do their best to make his administration unworkable (they obviously control all the levers). Remember, too, there is still a large block of people who would sanction any and all means to be rid of DJT. These are the Trump deranged. As PCR says, we (he might as well have said the West in general, especially the Anglosphere) are no longer a democracy. Anyway, Trump is a single individual. He alone cannot change an international system of Western fascist governments, at war with their people, and fanatically disposed to a depopulation, deindustrialization and dehunanization program, under the auspices of the WEF and its string pullers and flunkies. At some point it will come down to a replay of what happened to Communist dictator of Romania Ceausescu in 1989. This sociopathic moron stood on the balcony of his ugly, grandiose palace (built over the demolished remains of part of the old traditional homes of central Bucharest) to give his gathered, impoverished masses a lecture on the wonders of his communist-fascist utopia. However, on that fateful day, a murmur went through the crowd as if from nowhere in particular, and it became a tentative, smoldering, defiant sense of “enough!”. Suddenly, the masses began to shout abuse, and mocked the dictator and his vicious wife. The dictator faltered and retreated inside the palace. The Securitate read the crowd and knew it was over – 45 years of tyranny ended in a whimpering, 15 minute speech cut short. He didn’t make it to his helicopter. The Securitate held a kangaroo court, found him guilty of treason, took him and his dreadful wife out, lined them up against a wall and executed them. The elites suddenly found themselves on the other side of the fence. That’s how it can go. No Trump in sight. It was the people saying “give me freedom, or give me death”. As Celente says, when people have nothing more to loose, they lose it. That’s what’s got to happen. That’s how this thing ends. Not a nice thought; but these things never end well. Democracy is there with its checks and balances to see that such events can be avoided. But when the elite become so arrogant that they destroy those checks and balances and rule of law, they unwittingly sign their own eventual demise. Hubris, like Icarus, flies too high and his wings melt in the heat and he crashes to earth in a heap. The turn of the Western elites is coming, Trump or no.

        • Mike D

          I completely disagree. They ARE scared to death of Trump, which is why they are resorting to desperate measures to keep him from running or winning re-election. With a tough attorney general by his side, rather than a spineless wimp like Jeff Sessions, he can use his authority as President to fire the ENTIRE senior staff of the CIA, DOJ, and FBI. He can do this during his first few hours in office, using Federal Marshals if necessary. Then, he can begin the prosecution of CRIMINALS and TRAITORS at the 3 letter agencies.

    • Randall

      I understand your frustration. I would urge you to read the Old Testament story of Hezekiah when facing decimation by the Assyrian kings Sargon and then Sennacherib. He caved in at first, but then when Sennacerib send the Rabshakeh (supreme commander) to totally demoralize the Judeans, he overspoke and insulted the only true living God who then sent just 1 angel and 185,000 top notch Assyrian soldiers were dead the next morning. I am sure that Rabshekeh tip-toed out of there with perhaps some fear in his heart. ( I hope ) We are coming up to a similar situation here, so the best thing to do, is to intercede to heaven and ask God the Father to intervene. We really need to know what the Scriptures say and have faith in the only true living God.

    • Andrew

      You are not American.
      If you are, you are a Demonrat.
      Or at the very least, without a spine.
      WE THE PEOPLE will NEVER give up!
      WE are just getting ready!

  36. Jeff

    I believe the American people are to complacent and will not wake up. It is over with for this country.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet. So, give up someplace else and stay out of the way. You have made evil very happy.

    • Randall

      Please stop being so negative and start praying. If God can send an angel to rescue Peter in the middle of prison and walk him to freedom, God is willing to turn things around. The thing we need to do is to pray earnestly.

      • Rick

        Like a swimmer caught in a rip tide why simply wait for a life-god to save us – when we can use our own brains and swim sideways to the shore and get out of trouble ourselves!!

  37. Mike D

    Greg, this was one of your best shows ever on As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says throughout the show, we are truly in danger of losing our Constitutional Republic forever. We are on the brink. The CIA, DOJ, and FBI have been weaponized, and I believe President Donald J. Trump is the man most likely able to rip these agencies apart and restore our Republic. The weaponization of these 3 letter agencies began in earnest with Barack Hussein Obama, who embedded within them thousands of leftist bureaucrats. If, God forbid, demented Beijing Biden wins over Donald Trump in 2024, we’ll know that we no longer live in the Constitutional Republic we grew-up in. However, I don’t really believe that demented Beijing Biden will be running in 2024. He’s deteriorating quickly, and no amount of Adderall or other meds will prop him up a year and a half from now.

  38. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    Absolutely wonderful interview with Dr. Roberts! Informative, concise, straight forward and to the point. Thank you and God bless.

  39. The Ghost of Michael Collins Piper

    The REAL shock is when YOU finally realize there has NOT been a President since JFK who even made a moderate effort to “walk the walk”, and Dallas ended that in a hurry. Still, the herds did NOTHING.

    But the mind blower is when you accept the reality that the ONLY TWO presidents who ever really stood up for the AMERICAN people were THOMAS JEFFERSON and ANDREW JACKSON, both of whom pulled the plug on the ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANKING SCAMS (and attempted hijacking of the ENTIRE government and financial system) of their times.

    The THUG in the white house now is the MOST compromised potus since woodrow wilson, who brought you the FEDERAL RESERVE, FEDERAL INCOME TAX, WW1, and the LEAGUE OF NATIONS. But this potus is going to FINISH THE JOB, once and for all, cause if he doesn’t, the BILLIONAIRE BOYZ in the WEF will feed him to the woodchipper they have ready for trump.

    So when PCR talks as if this is ALL somehow new, that the “CONSTITUTION” is about to be KILLED, he’s talking a bunch of crap, cause he’s at least 100+ years too late, and maybe a whole lot more then that.

    NOBODY is coming to save you. And WHEN, not if, the party gets REALLY rough, you’ll finally HAVE to admit to yourselves, if no one else, that you went along to get along, just like all the other imbeciles who came before you….”VOTING” for the “lessor of 2 evils”, instead of grabbing evil by the throat and strangling it before it strangled you.

    • Andrew

      Lots of truth in your words. The ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANKING SCAM is global and at the core of humanity’s woes since Amschel. Then, only jews were dealing with money and charge interest, extorting real-estate, stock, mines and production facilities. And serfs. Not much has changed, apart from the fact that THEY have amassed virtually all wealth of the planet.
      And now it’s cattle culling time.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Andrew,
        “THEY have amassed virtually all wealth of the planet.”
        Any social system that enables a handful of dynastic central banking families to – own the world – is fatally flawed. There is therefore an urgent need for a ‘reset’, but NOT the one the so-called ‘elites’ are conjuring . . .

  40. DP Insider

    Trump supporters need not worry…this apparent ‘persecution’ of your dear leader is purely for show.

    The Obama’s are chomping at the bit to run Michelle against Trump, it will result in the biggest landslide victory since Reagan!

    Yes, Michelle Obama will be the next President and she will proceed to utterly destroy conservatives…

    • Sodom and Gomorrah

      Michelle is actually MICHAEL!

      Obama administration is running everything, that is why their is so many, transgender, and homosexuals in govt and cabinet positions.

      • Rick

        Sodom and Gomorrah was also run by queers and perverts and similarly under threat of nuclear extermination!!

        • Sodom and Gomorrah


  41. Susan R

    Paul Craig Roberts and Greg, thank you. There are no words to make sense of what has happened to our country. I do know a few very intelligent people, one of whom said “I think Biden is doing a good job”. I was at a loss but PCR’s confirmation has replaced that with truth. Knowing the truth is the only way to prepare for what is happening.

  42. J & B Smith

    food shortages –

    the following video mentions several items to become shortage this year. They mention beer for reason of lack of CO2. But they also mention corn. Corn is a huge component of whiskey making, esp Bourbon which by US federal law must include 51% corn.

    while beer prices have risen dramatically, one can still get some mid- and bottom-shelf American whiskey and bourbon at prices of yore. And unlike beer distilled liquor has a shelf life of centuries when stored properly.

    Clif High prediction for shorter summers and colder winters appears to be happening 2023. This wrecks havoc on food and corn production. And will impact the price of and availability of whiskey eventually.

    Bourbon (aged liquor) is barter money during times of strife and famine. Unlike silver coins, it is universally recognized by everyone even those who don’t imbibe.

  43. Hiram C

    image: the flag of Sodom v. the Masonic apron

    hiding in plain sight

  44. CatherineCronin


    • Randall

      I understand your frustration. 3 days ago, I and an evangelist found ourselves praying at 3 am to 4 am in the morning for the children. If God can touch people so that they pray during this hour (and in unity and without each other knowing what the other is doing) then this is proof that God is moving to bring a real change to the current situation which looks hopeless.
      Scriptures were written so that we would stand firm and not cave into depression or despair. If God the Father can rescue me from certain eternal death by breaking chains off me, just before I hit the lake of fire, God can do anything!!!!! We need to have more faith in this divine person. Please refocus from the despair to God and let Him fill your heart with faith.

      • Rick

        When confronted by a lion and you don’t have any weapons to save yourself and your family from certain death (you pray) – but if you have a gun in your pocket (and most Americans do) why not take it out to save your life and your children’s lives!!! – the Demonrats have “not yet gotten our guns” away – so we “don’t have to depend simply on prayer” – once all our guns are confiscated by the Demonrats – then OK – pray (for extraterrestrial help) – and perhaps like Peter we will be saved – if not – like Christ we will need to be resurrected!!

    • Self Exiled

      “The anger of the LORD will not turn back, Until He has set in motion and accomplished the thoughts and intentions of His heart;
      In the last days you will clearly understand it. Jeremiah 23:20

    • Tim

      Catherine, I don’t read comments which are capitalised. t’s a form of shouting and disrespectful, today the least.

  45. JOhn

    The United States is undergoing a profound and radical transformation in all aspects which point to the fact that it is disintegrating as a world economic and military power.
    America the once proud shining city on the hill is now a mass of homeless, drug addicted, filthy crime ridden cities and dumbed down people who can’t do critical thinking. What we are witnessing is the future of America, The Cloward-Piven Strategy. Yes folks, it’s worse than we think it is.

    • Self Exiled

      Not only the United States but also the Philippines. Their transition has not been a moral degeneration because they have not pushed HIM out of their schools, have not legalized abortion or same sex marriages. I still feel HIS Presence here. There are not as many people on the street, they are much more quiet and reserved. I think it might be the amount of deaths of older people and parents. The younger generation is also missing people and many are not feeling well. I have heard of one suicide of a student, unheard of the preceding 10 years. The number of children playing in the street has dropped dramatically, the traffic is less than half. I’m careful about verbalizing what I know about the shots. I have been testing the tolerance climate of the people who have had deaths in their families by warning them not to take anymore. They do not seemed shocked. I think generally people are aware of the danger, but not talking about it, maybe because I’m a foreigner and from the country which seems to be pushing this agenda. Also because the Health Department is still pushing the shots. My desire is to be like yeast in the dough, I have no anger, because there are so many last days scripture warning and guiding us to HIS desire for us and protection. I have been expressing my spiritual view which seems to be well taken, as three volcanoes have become active in the Philippines now at the same time.

  46. Michael Scott

    Cognitive Dissodance is what our government suffers from. The best definition I ever heard for this term came from the book – March of Folly. It say that the best way to describe this psychological state it with this statement, “Please don’t confuse me with the fact.”

    Seems this is exactly what the current administration is saying.

  47. Naomi Zentmyer

    Well, this is the most incredible interview yet. Roberts puts all of what is happening in a very clear context which allows us to see the big picture and the immense trouble we are in.
    Tucker Carlson also in another way says the same thing in the latest broadcast on twitter.
    What is being said to the American people is and any “President” following is: you cannot support the American people, Constitution and the truth. We will destroy you.
    Tucker’s comments on Mike Pompao on Fox News stabbing Trump in the back after all the sycophantic ass kissing that he did while we worked for Trump, sickens anyone who has a memory of any duration.

  48. LondonCenter

    Now What? Americans Endure Naked Corruption of DOJ Against Trump –
    The hard truths of the publicly announced global takeover! The Great Awakening is NOW LIVE! Alex Jones is LIVE breaking down the unprecedented psychological warfare globalists are conducting on Americans!

  49. Diana Liu

    Thank you Greg for interviewing Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He is a hero and a man of Integrity. My heart goes to everyone in USA and the world. Diana from Canada

  50. barsoom43

    The American people are not hungry enough to rise up.. We’re too fat, dumb and happy.. That could change with the USD losing reserve status.

    • Andrew

      Most reasonable comment.
      But wait for the carrot trick of UBI and CBDC.
      How dumb is dumb?

  51. John Duffy

    Lying FBI caught with their pants down!

  52. RickS

    Mr. Roberts, like everyone else who discussed Americas political problems, repeatedly mentions the “elites” who control the government and punish anyone who doesn’t follow their agenda. Yet no attempt is made to identify even one of these elites and we are left to guess who it is that has been able to overthrow our government.

    • Greg Hunter

      Alex Newman wrote a top selling book called Deep State. I have interviewed him many times.

      • Randall

        thanks Greg.. it must be hard having to read 1000’s of comments and try to correct bad assumptions like this Thank you for caring enough (but please don’t get all your hair gray from trying to deal with everything which is astray)
        – Randall
        p.s. You are doing a GREAT JOB!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Randall!

      • RickS

        In thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that we are involved in a transgenerational battle for the soul of humanity. Therefore personally identifying who the current members of the “elites” or “deep state or the “globalists” are will not help us but exposing their demonic agenda of attaining total global power primarily through our love of money, is a better solution.

        Thanks for your efforts!

  53. Julian Assange

    White House press secretary has violated rule against politics on the job, watchdog says [Yes! She’s as cute as a button, but!]
    Story by By CHRIS MEGERIAN, Associated Press • Yesterday 3:08 PM

    Russia releases video of captured German tanks, U.S. fighting vehicles in Ukraine: Story by Reuters • Yesterday 8:12 AM

  54. Anti-atomist

    John answered,
    “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven.”

    John 3:27


    • Rick

      What if we receive a bio-weapon Clot shot???

  55. Norman Byler

    What happens when Putin wakes up one morning and says I had enough, sets off a 100 ton Nuke in the Oceans by NYC, wipes out all of NYC/WDC, 2pm when all is in session, how will the government responded? More Nukes? We are Doomed!

    • Shiloh1

      Regarding Putin waking up –

      When the first NATO DU round hits Russia, then they will respond with hypersonics, not nukes.
      London first, then U.S. NE coast, from Boston to Norfolk.

    • Mike D

      Putin is smart and vicious, but he isn’t insane. He will not “wake up one morning” and decide to set-off nukes in the US. That’s ridiculous.

  56. Rick

    Breaking News: The Stock Market is falling following the Federal Reserve’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged – Why?? – One reason could be
    that although the Fed decided to hold interest rates steady at today’s meeting (and signaled it’s likely to cut rates “next year”) – it still managed to put fear in people’s minds of the possibility of one or two more rate hikes “this year” (that would bring interest rates up to about 5.6% – from its current range of 5% to 5.25%)!!

    • Rick

      When the Fed cuts interest rates next year (and once again expands the money supply) what happens to our fairy-tale economy and the “Humpty-Dumpty” Dollar (now clinging to the wall)?? – as we all know “the Dollar will take a big fall” – and all King Biden’s “Media Whores” and all the King’s “Fed-men” will not be able to put the “Humpty-Dumpty Dollar” back together again!! – as the Dollar lays cracked “spilling its yoke over the banks” it will no longer be trusted as collateral (and repo markets will reflect this) forcing the King’s Fed-men to be the buyer of last resort (of all the oozing Government debt)!! – But neither hundreds of billions nor hundreds of trillions will ever put the US dollar back together again!!!

      • Andrew

        “…as we all know “the Dollar will take a big fall”
        I don’t know. What will THEY create to off-set it? You’re not suggesting the cabal is giving up its bastion without a fight.

  57. Jeffrobbins

    PCR always has been a truth teller. I’m reminded of a line in Judges, actually twice,- each man did what was right in his own eyes. I think we’re headed to something like this- a break down of the existing order. I would expect infighting within the national halls, and It’s not to hard to see a resistance in many states to federal agencies coming. Turning our backs on the laws-if there is no ‘justice’. Example; who is going to register their garden with the USDA, or their chickens? Do we become like Greece and make avoiding taxes part of our conduct? What would happen if the ATF comes to a houses and the people call 911 for the sheriff because they see armed men who may or may not be who they claim? We are not completely impotent.
    I’d also like to add there are some interesting YouTube videos from Africa with people growing a Vietnamese catfish in swimming pools and ibc totes. About 8 months from fingerling to harvest with feed and good water practices. It would make for good garden water- winter would be the challenge. And apparently it’s not as easy to get fish to stock as it should be- i went with blue cats (ebay) in a lined pond. To tie into my upper comment- i just ordered crawdads that should be labeled invasive because they are clones and reproduce easily (supposedly) – banned in some places, but not here, not yet. My pond has no way to flow into any public water, but I received no approval, nor asked for any from any government agency for this purchase. They will be feed stock for the catfish and me possibly.

  58. Old Rancher

    Hard to believe we’ve fallen this far this fast and NO ONE will raise the alarm or if they do it falls on deaf ears as long as the “bread and circuses” keep going on.

  59. Jacque Calkins

    It’s way past time to spread some hope. This program has turned into non-stop doom and gloom. Have you no faith???

    • Greg Hunter

      I am here to report the facts. Christ did not pull punches, did he? And Yes, I have faith in Jesus.

      • Sandra Covington

        I think it in your nature to be doom and gloom.

        Having faith in Jesus – as wonderful that is – doesn’t come into it.

        Facts must stand up to rigorous scientific scrutiny and examination.

      • Rick

        To win over the Globalist Demons we can’t pull our punches – to win we have to “hit them quick and hard” -why suffer through “many rounds” of agonizing bio-weapon torture (Covid-19, Marburg, etc., etc. etc.) – we are in a fight and we need to fight “like Mike Tyson” – if we don’t – We Lose Everything!!! –

    • youknowwho

      I’m with Greg and hope is NOT a strategy. Hope is part of a strategy when a good plan and thorough preparation are already in place. Sitting on one’s hands makes one a victim. Greg is doing his part by exposing the evil which is stacking up against humanity so one CAN plan and prepare. Conservatives may want to research asymmetrical warfare — in the context of politics — so they know what’s in store down the road. It ain’t pretty…

  60. Brother Sledge

    The Real Joe Biden Scandal Is Far Worse Than You Realize
    Story by Brandon Weichert • Yesterday 6:45 PM And Brandon, Putin wouldn’t have gone into Ukraine because Trump wouldn’t have pushed NATO to the Russian border and not have allowed Soros to push Kiev to harass ethnic Russian eastern Ukraine. Remember how Soros pushed BLM to burn down US. inner cities, in Soros’s summer of love? The reason Putin claims for invasion of Ukraine are the same reasons, Iowa’s national guard are in Kosovo, to protect the Serbs in Kosovo.

    National Guard Troops, 100 US Planes Begins in Germany
    12 Jun 2023 Associated Press

  61. Arizona

    WHAT NONE OF YOU SEE..the devils are TRYING TO BRING THE BOOK OF REVELATION INTO ACTION,,OUR FATHERS JUDGEMENT ON AMERICA,but its not yet,BARACK OBAMA will come to power AFTER THEY KILL TRUMP..then MARTIAL LAW,and WAR in america,their going to make it easy for RUSSIA AND CHINA IN INVADE THIS GODLESS COUNTRY,there will only be a few survivors,THE US MILITARY AND POLICE WILL ALL BE KILLED…joining SATAN is their mistake,HE LOSES…AND SO WILL THEY…to bad they’ll all be killed in the war….

  62. Harvey

    After reading the comments I believe the people are beginning to wake up. The time is coming quickly when we will have to physically fight to regain our country.

  63. dlc

    I feel better after listening to Bo Polny’s vision of events going forward, observing his almost manic joy, but then I also feel better after a bowl of coffee ice cream with a side of pretzels.

    There are times that I more appreciate Clif High’s vision of enraged bioweapon victims “burning down subdivisions where the bankers live.” Here’s a guy who crawled from the grave’s edge to go on with his life’s purpose seemingly unaffected.

    Re Jimmy: Even a blind pig digs up a truffle now and then. I too could only handle Jimmy Dore about 5-10 minutes tops.

    He used to have 2 sidekicks who created a toxic atmosphere on his site. They were long-time (30 years) friends of Jimmy’s who will have nothing to do with him as a result of Jimmy starting to question the vax. He said recently, “they would forgive me if I turned out wrong about the vax; they will never forgive me for being right.”

    I do not agree with any of his solutions such as Medicare for All. There just does not seem to be any enlightenment with progressives. Here he was injured by the medical/gov’t cartel but still insists on them being his caretaker.

    I had a brother named Jimmy, same mindset, deadly outcome.

    I try not to be a follower of anybody in particular. Heck, I sit up nights watching landscaper guys mowing lawns for people for free. It’s as far away as I can get from current events. I’ll watch plane spotters in Manchester, Heathrow and Sydney. It all helps. Emirates Air makes our jets look like balsa models. Then there’s some wasted nights watching Amtrak and freight cars on something called Virtual Railfan. I need proof that something still functions in this country.

  64. C

    Why won’t you interview me. I have the answers. Putting CAF and PCR etc is the same old same old. None of your regular reoccurring guests have my approach.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who are you “C”?

  65. Backwoods Squirrel

    People don’t understand anymore simply because they are not taught, the US government was formed by the Constitution and without the Constitution there is no legitimate government. They simply have no power. The contract has been broken between the government and the people who formed the government from the Constitution which gives said government it’s powers in areas and restricts it in others.

    Again, the ONLY power the Federal Government has is what it was allowed in the Constitution and then after that, what the people allow it to get away with. “It’s not the chain of command I fear but the chain of obedience.”

  66. Jackie Pollock

    PCR says what all this going on with Trump is that it illustrates “you are in danger if you tell the truth and if you try to represent the people. You must represent the agendas of the elite PERIOD”
    And “we are already a totalitarian society ruled by the interests of a few people who are in power” who are members of the elites ruling over us all.
    PCR is sadly 100% correct and we do not even have much horsepower in the Republican House for putting a fighting front against this power battle.
    This evil power force has corrupted much of our government and is tearing our society down to the gutter and they will win if we don’t have a fighting power figure of our own and that seems to be what Trump is in his field of only One – no other contender for 2024 has what is driving him. Hate Trump or not, he is the only one who unashamedly stands for the American people and is fighting to get back to doing just that from the White House one more time.

  67. Randall

    I am glad that Greg Hunter interviewed Dr Paul Craig Roberts, who put his finger on the real problem, the breakdown of the rule of law. We Christians know this very well, it is called pride. And we all know who the original author of pride is. What is needed is submission of ALL Christians to God the Father so that His authority can get released to deal with the pride problem. God won’t intervene until asked, since He originally delegated authority to mankind. Right now I am pleading with the Heavenly Father that intervention begin, because we NEED His power and authority to deal with the evil that we face.

    • Rick

      Randall – We already got God’s authority (in Genesis 1-26) to deal with the Demonically Evil Globalists we face “in our own way” – so we don’t have to pray for it again – we already have the power to rule over “all living creatures” (but of-course that’s assuming the Globalists are living creatures)!!!

    • Randy Best

      Agree with you, but don’t count on it. The USA is a country that has fallen away from God.
      The USA is Babylon.

      • Greg Hunter

        No Randy, That’s what they want you to think. The entire country of America has NOT fallen away from God/Jesus. The evil bastards who stole our country are the minority and they want you to think they are the majority. This is so you give up, and hey, it worked on you!!!!

  68. Disgruntled

    Republicans are a bunch of cowards. 20 voted with DNC to let POS Pencil-neck Schiff off.

    No IDIOT-crats will ever be held accountable for 2016, 2020 & soon to be 2024 election fraud. DNC runs rampant over everything and RNC tucks their tail between their legs and takes it. It’s disgusting that McCarthy, McConnell do absolutely nothing. There’s more than enough evidence for impeachment but it’ll never happen with current RNC leadership.

    • Marie Joy

      Follow the money. Communists/Genocidal maniacs pay well.

  69. Irv

    This is very painful to watch our country be captured by these demon rats and I’m perplexed at how many people can’t see what’s happening even worse some people just don’t care, I’m telling people the jabs are hurting and killing people and they don’t even care or get upset ,Socrates said tolerance and apathy are the virtues of a dying society, and the LORD JESUS said 4 times about deception, it’s happening, prepare spiritually and spread the gospel, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about retirement and I hate to say these people that want to play god are in big trouble, can you imagine being separated from GOD for eternity for this sick world, Titus 2:13 MARANATHA

    • Greg Hunter

      Trying to wake people up.

  70. Sean

    The govt is behaving like the monarchy before its removal of power. As for the media, nothing is new under the sun except the internet allowed a burst of truth to shine the light on the criminal deception existing for all known history.

  71. WaiLani

    They may be baiting T supporters to demonstrate so they can do a Jan 6 repeat on a larger scale

  72. James Hall

    Our number one problem is the Federal Reserve is a private company, just eliminating this a lot of our problems go away. Try and interview Bill Still from “The Still Report”. He’ll explain how income tax pays the private bankers the interest on the debt. Most people don’t know this and you never talk about this. Alex Jones mentions sometimes.

  73. Really Awake

    Dr. PCR is correct. The ruling class is out to get Trump for telling the truth and trying to do something about it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to extrapolate that once Washington starts WW3 then it will become a federal crime for anybody (even the little guy) to tell the truth.

    And to those who think Jesus Christ is going to step in and save America: in my opinion you are sadly mistaken.

    Alex Jones is one of the few public figures who seem to understand that “the [evil] fruit has to ripen”… That’s what Alex said, “the fruit has to ripen”. Alex also gets right the context of the times we live in. These are the times that put men and women to the test. Alex really gets that.

    Moreover, there are probably a series of secular events that have to happen before Western Civilization becomes fully ripe.

    Almighty God doesn’t save an empire wherein millions of innocent babies are deliberately slaughtered. Almighty God doesn’t save cities that gleefully and pridefully become showcases for sexual perverts and gender freaks. Look around. Be honest with yourself. Is today really any different than a day in the life of Noah? – except men now have nuclear weapons. Did Almighty God or his Son, Jesus, step in and save the pre-flood civilization?

    On the contrary, once the evil ripens and sufficiently rots Western Civilization then (and only then) Almighty God will either let Western Civilization fall into a Dark Age or turn it into dust and then bring about the long awaited Kingdom Come.

    You and I can “repent”, but the vast majority will remain unrepentant. That’s what the Bible says. And anybody who reads the Holy Bible knows what happens to unrepentant sinners. It might take decades, but unrepentant, Godless, societies always reap what they sow. Always.

  74. Marie Joy

    Social Security has been delivering my electronic check 2 days early for a few months. I think it’s their way of trying to help seniors survive.
    I ordered groceries and they had very few days and times available. Vacations and the 4th? Is something, else going on?
    Time is short.

  75. Henry Ford

    Trump should play the same game as Jean Carroll. She could not prove rape and lost the case, but still continues to claim he did it. Sue her for liable. Give her back the same crap that she is dishing out.

  76. Prospector

    Cyber attack hits many US GOV agencies : Disclose TV

    Hacker group threatens Euro banks – Ian Miles Cheong

  77. Victor Showman Shokan

    Rep. James Comer R-Ky., joined ‘Morning with Maria’ to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Biden family as the mainstream media continues to refuse to cover the story.

    Multiple Witnesses Claim They Saw Fighter Jets Engage With A UFO Over Michigan / Story by Douglas Charles • 3h ago

    What JUST leaked out of Congress Today is DISTURBING!
    Stephen Gardner 152,802 views Jun 14, 2023
    The FBI admits Joe Biden took bribes while serving as Obama’s vice president. Covid is all but proven to have come from a lab funded by Dr. Fauci. Trump asserts a very strong defense for having classified documents. Plus the Federal Reserve pauses raising interest rates this quarter.

  78. Cliff Bondi

    ‘No Ukrainian Gains Against Russia’: Ex-Pentagon Adviser Shames Zelensky Amid Fightback | Hindustan Times 21,701 views Jun 15, 2023
    Ex-Pentagon Adviser Douglas Macgregor has refuted Kyiv’s claims about its counter-offensive. Macgregor said that Ukraine’s claims of retaking territory were “meaningless” and the areas where Kyiv made progress are not even close to the battlefield.

    Taxes For Thee, Not For Me? Obama SKIRTS INCOME TAX Using Similar LOOPHOLE He Decried As POTUS: The Hill 5.5K views 1 hour ago
    Investigative journalist Lee Fang weighs in on his recent reporting on former President Obama’s investment strategies.

    Russel Brand RIPS Bill Gates, WHO For BILLIONS Of Funding, No Oversight
    The Hill 55K views 1 day ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss Russell Brand’s latest video on where the World Health Organization gets its funding.

    U.S. Vs Russia In Middle East | Biden Sends F-22 Raptors, Slams “Provocative” Moves By Moscow/Hindustan Times45,035 views 6/15/23
    The U.S. Air Force has dispatched F-22 Raptor fighter jets to the Middle East in an attempt to dissuade Russia’s “unsafe and unprofessional” actions in the region. The deployment comes amid U.S. fears that Russian pilots in Syria run the risk of flouting long-established safety rules.

  79. Great Cause CommonMan

    MOTIVES, THE PROBLEM: The driving forces behind corruption are greed and self-interest. Government officials and citizens often display those negative qualities. In a department-store collapse in Seoul a few years, government officials accepted bribes from contractors who knew that paying a bribe would be less costly than using proper building materials and construction practices.
    To eliminate corruption, then, people must be taught how to overcome entrenched motives such as greed and selfishness. However, human governments and teachers unions, lack both the will and the ability to implement this type of educational program.
    THE SOLUTION: God’s Kingdom deals with corruption at its roots by teaching people how to overcome the wrong motives that cause it. That’s where Bible education helps them “to be made new in [their] dominant mental attitude.” (Ephesians 4:23) They learn to replace greed and selfishness with contentment and interest in others.—Philippians 2:4; 1 Timothy 6:6.
    SUBJECTS, THE PROBLEM: Even in the best environment and with the finest education in morals, some people will choose to be dishonest and corrupt. Experts admit that this is why human governments cannot eliminate corruption. The most that can be hoped for is that the scope and destructive effects of corruption can be limited.
    THE SOLUTION: The United Nations Convention Against Corruption states that to fight corruption, governments should promote “integrity, honesty and responsibility.” While this is a noble goal, God’s Kingdom does more than just promote these qualities—it requires them of its subjects. The Bible says that “greedy people” and “liars” will not qualify to inherit the Kingdom.—1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Revelation 21:8.

    People can learn to adhere to these high moral standards, as the early Christians proved. For example, when a disciple named Simon tried to buy a spiritual favor from the apostles, they refused the bribe and told him: “Repent of this badness of yours.” Once Simon saw the danger of his wrong desire, he asked the apostles to pray in his behalf so that he could overcome it.—Acts 8:18-24.
    We must and will all be overcomers, or as Ben Franklin so eloquently said, over 200 years ago, that. . .We Must Hang Together Or Surely We Shall Hang Separately SEE VIDEO!
    If they were to lose the war for independence, then the British government would execute them in a very painful and nasty way. Thus, although the spirit of the delegates, of the declaration. Were willing to sign, they’re flesh was weak. In the hearts and minds, of that hottest of day’s, on the 4th. of July. 1776.
    A day that will live in infamy! If our unique experiment, FAILS.
    Of, “all men are created equal”. By a higher power than mankind.
    WE MAY FAIL, BUT IT WILL NOT. The meek shall inherit the earth.
    Pray for Gods, Kingdome come!

  80. Sam

    The main reason why the mainstream media lies so big is not because they they’re that arrogant, it’s because they have the belief that most people think “well I know the media lies, but they would never lie THAT big, so it must be true.” And they are correct in thinking that because that’s the way most people think unfortunately. That’s exactly why they lie so big. That is not to say they are not arrogant, but it is not the main reason. It’s kind of the same mentality they use when they hide things in plane site, which they often do and have for many decades. People think “well why would they make it this obvious if it was true, it makes no sense” and that’s exactly why they do it. Wake up people, these people, the elites calling the shots are very experienced at deceiving the masses and are not playing checkers, they play chess.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Sam,
      Agreed – the ‘lie’ has to be BIG in order to be believed.
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels.
      Note the essential adjective ‘big’ in the quotation.

  81. Richard Commins

    I was subscribed to you channel and was getting your notices. Then those notices stopped so I resubscribed again. Now I just noticed I am no longer getting you video notices so I came here, listened to Paul Craig Roberts (very good) and tried to resubscribe and I can’t seem to find a way to to that. After listening Roberts, yes I am scared shitless.
    Try and get Tucker Carlson on your channel. He would make a great guest.

  82. Akoben Adinkrahene

    “They lie about everything” In ’72 when real money was removed from the system, and no one said anything forceful against it. At that time, they know anything was possible!

  83. Paul

    where is the interview????

    • Greg Hunter

      The video is up. It is on your end. Try this:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  84. Nick Reynolds

    Welcome to the New World Order, Rockefeller’s long-sought-after utopia for the bankers and their intellectual elite. PCR used to accept bitcoin donations. He needs to do that again.

  85. Paul in Oz

    Great job, thank you … an interview to share with everyone!

  86. paul Dodo

    Klaus Martin Schwab is a short sighted idiot

    thats all

    thanks greg good info

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Paul. The Bible calls these people “fools.” That is a nice word for stupid. Don’t be afraid of stupid. Romans 1:21-22

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